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    1. 16-07-16 Collecting Seashells, Underwater Cannibals, Lions

      by , 07-17-2016 at 03:25 AM
      First dream was me on a tropical island, scouring the beaches for seashells. There were 7 or 8 specific seashells I had to collect on the island. I found one, and a similar-looking one next to it. I wondered if I could "fool" the system by just taking random shells that looked similar enough to the ones I had to collect. I put the shell in my jeans pocket, and the other one in the smaller pocket below it. At some point I somehow gained Thor's hammer, Mjölnir. I figured it would be a great way of getting around faster. I tossed it, and was pulled along behind it into the air. It went fast, like really fast. I was afraid that coming down would hurt for a second, but gained courage to go higher and faster. I almost overshot the island. In a later scene, the island was a kind of reality show I was watching, and Evangeline Lilly (Kate in "Lost") was joining the show. The person I was earlier was now Matthew Fox, who played Jack on Lost. I anxiously awaited the reunion.

      Okay, how to put this... I was with a people who flew a kind of double-decker airplane, except it "flew" on and under water, not air. The pilot would be submerged below the waist. At one point, the "plane" went under water, and I was worried I would drown for a moment. But for the rest of the dream, which was all under water, I never once had issues breathing. Near the bottom of the ocean (we were swimming now, no more vehicles), I saw several of our "team" grabbed by a huge, featureless worm-like creature. It tore the man in half, and proceeded to rip apart the others, too. Then, the monsters turned out to be simply very big humans (twice the size of the average human) living underwater, and they ate humans as part of their diet. I conversed with one of them, and expressed my outrage/discontentment with them eating other sentient beings.

      I was with a large group of people walking through a park or garden-like area. I think someone commented it was a shame we didn't see any lions, because I pointed out I had seen a white lion just a little bit down the road we came from. They went back, and sure enough, there it was. The crowd was dumb, however, and got too close and too bold, trying to take pictures of the wild animal. It attacked, and started killing people (or trying to, anyway). I fled with the rest of the crowd. In the next scene, I was alone (I think) with several (regular, not white - also these were females, no manes) lions. Somehow, I knew I was invisible. I snuck to a small concrete stair leading to a higher level of the garden, and hid underneath - as I was afraid they would still bump into me, or smell me.

      I also think I had a dream featuring the full *REDACTED* of *REDACTED*, and I believe I interacted with some of them, but this incident has been completely forgotten.

      There was more to these three dreams, much more - but many details have been lost.

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    2. Tent City and Train Station

      by , 07-03-2016 at 06:16 PM
      I was talking to a person that Ive never met before but we were talking about how we were each other’s soul mates, how were were the perfect person for one another. He was very young looking, brown hair, deep blue eyes. It felt like we had literally just met, reveling in each others presence, but like we knew for certain that we were connected.

      Staying a tent city, had my dog and my cat. Each one kept escaping my tent periodically. Once I found my dog in a park with other dogs and wild animals running around. Once I found her in a store next to a stuffed cheetah or other large cat. The tents ere large, perhaps 10-person tents. Ailing closely next to one another, with paths for walking paths in between rows of tents. Sort of reminded me of a fantasy film, like this is just how people lived. There was a large tan stone castle or building nearby.

      fragment- strange gathering.

      I helped a man find/ save his wife. I remember running slightly behind him as he caught to her, they embraced and then continued running, me following. Were were supposed to jump on a train together but I missed the train and was left behind at this remote station at night in a foreign country.

      I didn’t sleep well, but was in bed for a while so I woke up feeling rested. I think there were a lot more dreams that I forgot.
    3. Tests, Tests, and More Tests

      by , 06-17-2016 at 05:29 AM
      It was the last day of high school, and we all had had a week-long break before hand (or perhaps it was two or three weeks). Everyone needed to find their home rooms, and once the bell rang a final exam would be administered. Because we had been gone for so long (and at my school we only went to home room three or four times a school year), I was having trouble remembering where mine was. I looked into one and seen Jacob C. and Metal, and decided to give it a shot. The man that was the teacher called role--I remember that Metal was making a reverse list of sorts, because he was hoping that that was my home room after all, and so every name that was called, he'd write it down. Finally the man was done and when I realized that he definitely hadn't called me, I got up to find another room.

      The bell hadn't rung yet, which was just my good luck. Standing in the hall way were a couple of other teachers, and with them was a mobile table of sorts that carried all of the tests. One of them tried to go ahead and give me my examination, but I told them that I needed to find my home room first. I could tell that they weren't pleased, but they told me to hurry and didn't ask any more questions. ("They" were a bit shorter than me, older, and had white hair, but I can't remember what their gender was supposed to be, or anything else about them, really.)

      Mrs. Tear's class was just right across the hall, so I stopped there first. Everyone was already seated, so I went straight to her desk and asked her if I was on her roll call; she checked, told me I was, handed me my test, and so I sat down and did it. It was difficult.

      After that, I was driving to college with my mom. At some point she pointed out that the people in front of us were having car troubles (I can't remember what with), and so I rolled down my window and asked them what was wrong, if there was anything that we would be able to do. I then just got out of the car and conversed with them. We were getting along well, but then their little boy asked me if I could go ahead and leave. I agreed and when I turned around I seen that there was a car behind us, waiting for me to move. I rushed in, told the people goodbye, and then drove away.

      Once we got to the college, it was my mom who was needing to take a test. It was a very short thing, but I needed to help her a bit. The last question either had to do with my dad, or her answer had to do with it. She didn't like the test-makers, because she felt that they were too intrusive in her personal life.

      Finally we're back home, and I can fly through things! I float through walls and through people--floating through people is a bit more difficult, though, because I have to first will myself to be invisible before I do it. I remember laying down on the couch in the living room for a time before getting back up again.
    4. Can't Find My Way

      by , 06-15-2016 at 12:16 PM
      June 14, 2016: #1 of 3: I find myself waiting for a preoperative patient at the nurses desk outside of the operating room holding area. I greet and shake hands with P**** R***. I grow bored waiting for the patient to arrive so I decide to go to my car in the parking lot to listen to some music. As I settle into my car I realize that my beeper has a broken button and is probably not operational.

      I suddenly grow concerned that I might be late in my arrival to the operating room. I struggle to find the correct entrance to the hospital. I wander around an area that closely resembles the outside garden area of the Home Depot and another area, seemingly indoors, which has corridor after corridor of home goods for sale, almost like a Target, Walmart, or grocery store. I asked several dream characters for directions into the hospital, but no one is particularly helpful.

      After a great effort and much fretting, I finally arrive at the doctor's lounge. I realized that I have dried blood on my right wrist from the prior case. A discussion ensues with the dream character who is evidently an anesthesiologist. As I wash off the blood I remark how easily body temperature blood can get on your skin without you realizing it. I wake. The time is 3:23.am.

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    5. the universe melds

      by , 02-23-2016 at 09:35 PM
      D1 - fringle the magician is making magic, his old friend mouse-fringle makes magic on the same wavelength causing a overlapping of waves of energy, enveloping all.
      Someone is bending to get through a white doorway.
      D2 - Staying on holiday in italy, trapsing through the streets, as staying away from the centre means the food is lousey.
      Everyone we meet is planning on moving as we head through the busy streets. Nice houses but we are quite lost if we venture further, but we are drawn despite the danger.
      D3 - ?
      Feelings of acceptance and non-resistance on coming out of third dream.
      By the time I came out of the third dream, i had strong feelings of acceptance and non-resistance, to everything.
      The dream and me were one entity, on waking the world and me were one entity.
      I now experienced what it meant to say that lightning and a drop of rain were one. All was the same essence. All me.

      I hope you can understand my feeling, my sensation at the time.
      The feeling you get when you get to slip back and the duvet for some extra sleep but without the exited emotion about the extra sleep and without the worried emotion about having to eventually get up. Just a lovely syrupy feeling like the world is one big glob of golden honey.

      People were talking on the radio, all I heard was words, people talking talking they didn't realise that it didn't matter what they said it was just sounds, They had talked yesterday and everyday of their lives, they're was no resolution to be had through words, they just generated more, like thinking just making more thoughts. Just a noise going on forever, talking was fine but not nonsensical talking.

      Anyway the feeling enveloped me further, and I was in a kind of beautiful daze as I had a shave, my mind was clear.
      In the shower I felt a breeze, as it was a chilly morning, the wind felt like it was a part of me. The water that rained down on me was also part of me.
      It was wonderful, but such a calm warm feeling. Just a constant emotion, if it could be called that, unbroken.
      Then thoughts tried to make ther way into my mind, my ego was returning, as soon as I started to fear this feeling would depart.
      So I experienced first hand that the ego is generated by fear.
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    6. Welcome to the underground

      by , 02-13-2016 at 06:36 PM (Here be dragons)
      Got lost in a big city of old stones and neons light.
    7. #179 - Trainer / Starry sky / Hiking in the bush

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:01 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 02:12
      Dream fragment - I remember having some images flash through my mind but I couldn't tell what they were properly.. Maybe something about being in the woods, perhaps a pine forest?

      SC2) 04:14
      Dream 1 - Trainer
      I'm in a barren place which is somewhat dark due to the heavily overcast sky. In the distance there is a person who is my trainer or friend and I can zoom in and out of him. I zoom in and adjust my workout routine then zoom back out. I think something happens and I need to adjust it again so I zoom back in and out. I know I'm dreaming as I'm doing all this and I feel like it's an nREM dream.

      Dream experience: 0 (pretty lame)
      Dream awareness: 3 (even lower than the second dream but still lucid)

      SC3) 05:18
      Dream 2 - Starry sky
      I was in a dark and barren place at night again, I think somewhere nearby there was a lone petrol station by a road. It was like I was in the desert or something. I become lucid and realize that there's no way to control this dream so I decided to try and enjoy what was already happening. I look up into the sky and see a beautiful starry sky behind clouds of violet and orange, as if the clouds themselves were ascending to become nebulas in our solar system. I felt my body just start fling around backwards and all over the place while I was looking up, the world was spinning around me. I could feel the wind on my body as this was happening, and I noticed my vision grow dim and the sky seemed to fade away. I then focused on the wind tingling against my body, it was so sharp and vivid that when I focused on it I felt like my body had an immediate sense of excitement shivering all through it. This was the last thing I felt as I woke up straight after.

      Dream experience: 5 (the sensations and sights were really quite powerful but it was still too short and no control)
      Dream awareness: 3 (low level lucidity)

      SC5) 07:35
      Dream 3 - Hiking in the bush
      I remember hiking uphill with some people. The route we were taking was off the trail and we somehow knew roughly where we were supposedly heading. I remember reaching our destination and we went around it and up the side to the top of a hill. On this hill I think we felt like we had no way of getting back home. After we sit around on the hill for a while I announced that I was going to head back and find a way home, my memory is pretty good so I roughly remember the route we took. I didn't expect anyone to come, and surprisingly some people actually stood up and decided to follow me. I felt a little touched by this . I walk down the hill with the others following me and look across to the forests' edge which we had emerged from. I saw the stony area which we had traversed to get here and told everyone that's where we came from. I then saw a pathway, hmm strange? We could probably take this trail back? I look around for a sign to get an idea for where it heads and see one off to my right. I can't really remember what it said though.. One of the girls following was a bit of an airhead, and didn't like that I was leading the way. She said that we should go around the hill and proceeded to prance off in that direction. Oh my god >_< that's the way we took to get on top of the hill you idiot . This annoys me a bit since she seemed to have forgotten that fact :/ I think I wake up after that though.

      Dream experience: 3 (not very vivid or interesting)
      Dream awareness: 1 (not very aware)

      I also had another dream which I recall was really sexual but I can't remember anything about it

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    8. The Castle

      by , 12-06-2015 at 12:13 PM
      sometime in 2014

      The Castle

      I woke up in an old castle where i would attend classes that were focused on me finding out what I wanted to do in life. The overall consensus was that I was not happy because I didn't know what I wanted to spend my whole life doing. But I think I began to question whether I really wanted to pick one thing. The monotony of spending the rest of my whole life doing one thing sounded like a hellish existence of repetition. I didn't even want to think about things before doing them at all at that point.

      I liked the idea of free choice and pondering all the options and directions to go so I left the class and went downstairs. I heard the door up stairs open as this other classmate came down trying to get me to go back to class. I resisted and went around back the stairs where i saw these glowing shimmering lights. I went underneath into the shadow cast underside of the staircase and reached for these glowing objects but when I was about to grab them they shot out like streamers all around the room. I turned a corner and the classmate kept following me. I knew he was trying to get me back; at this point it seemed like by force. I was getting bad vibes, like the whole thing was controlled and I was in a prison like loony bin where the caretakers where to ones who had actually lost their minds. I ran into a dead end, turned around and the classmate was blocking the way saying I had to go back to class. I told him I had free choice and ran passed him toward the glass doors to the outside. I started to pick the lock looking out through the frosted glass into the green hue overtones of the outdoors, but gave this up and smashed the glass with my fist to save time being that I was being chased at this point.

      I ran out across the grass and took an immediate left around the building where people were playing football as my classmate and a few others are chasing me yelling to catch me. The players are alerted and join the chase. I pick up speed and jump a fence into a hedge-maze where I take a few rights and a few lefts until i lose them. Then I realize that I'm lost myself and this feeling of being trapped for eternity sweeps in as I slowly loose consciousness...

      I wake up in a bed in a small stuffy room with my mother sitting above me reading off a list of the symptoms that I have like "paranoia, anxiety, depression, deranged thoughts, loss of will, short-term memory loss" She's trying to help but it made me feel like the very act of a assuming these problems projected them on me. I felt like I was being diagnosed to the point that the diagnosis was creating the very symptoms they were focused on treating. The forced help mentality of projected mental health issues was what was in-sighting my paranoia that thereby drove me to jump straight out of the bed and run downstairs, back out through the glass door I had broke. I ran straight this time across into a huge field of old recycled cans. I was literally wading through aluminum cans where my feet wouldn't even touch the ground any more. The cans formed a hill and as I waded on the light became visible as I could see that the cans were piled against a wall. On top of the wall I looked out across a bay with a lighthouse in the distance. I jumped down onto the beach and sat in the lotus position looking at the waves. It was at this point that my body felt weird like I was electrically charged and I knew I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and they started to melt like I was on mushrooms, the overexposed high detail of my finger prints shifting and changing sizes. I looked up and my friend Sarah was here and she wanted to go swimming. I wanted to fly so I began to float upwards over the water as she swam. As I looked down I slowly began to sink further and further down into the water where I sank and woke up in real life to my fellow dreaming black cat Phantom sleeping on my chest.

      This is just one of my lucid dreams that I've had that involves my main reoccurring dream-signs:

      Getting Lost (Normally underground in tunnels)
      Flying/ Falling (enjoy both when falling I like to land on my feet)
      Being swept away by water beyond my control
      A castle
    9. resurgences

      by , 11-16-2015 at 09:24 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a gigantic building, a mix of a old manor and a hospital or a lab. It's a university. I'm in a the great hall, the goes up to the fourth floor with pathways and lifts criss-crossing it. I need to go somewhere, to pickup my bag. I take one of the lift and myself going down instead of up. I walk around, slighly confused to how I got here. The underground is part of the old building; it's nicely decorated. I find a room with a incredible window: something going from the high ceiling almost to the floor, covering the whole wall down to a padded bench with a few cushions scattered on it. It open to a mossy wall, with water dripping from it, with light pouring in a thin, bluish curtain. I stay in from of it for a little while, drinking in the beauty of it.
      Then I remember my bag and I leave to find it.
      I walk to what looks like a drugstore, with quite a lot of people scattered around. I start to recognize them, and I realize that at leat half of my middleschool class is here, all grownup. We make a loose circle and start to catch up a little, but we simply don't have time. One of them keep talking to me while going back to his work as a cashier. I let him work and start really wonderring how I'm going to go where I need to. Finally I decide to get out of the building then re-enter, to find my way again. I go to the door of the store and I find myself in front of another building, where I know my bag was all along.

      It was quite a nice dream, even if I stumbled around being confused about everything XD
    10. Mermaids, apartment, lots of dredged up dreams

      by , 11-07-2015 at 08:30 PM
      I couldn't remember the night before when I tried, so I neglected making a post.

      Last night was pretty disjointed. I woke up partway through, trying to remind myself to remember my dream, but I'm not sure I really do. I do remember some stuff, though.

      I woke up partway through and considered trying WILD but I was tired and making up for sleep debt over the week. And I just didn't feel like putting in the effort. I'll definitely do it tonight, though.

      Anyway, I recall a fragment about... having Skittles, and eating them, and then I was digging through someone's laundry. I had dropped my Skittles in there.

      I was doing this outside, kind of in front of a beach area, and it was kind of dark out but not nighttime. Sort of after sunset but before actual night sets in. And it was kind of cold and rainy out.

      It was someone's brother's laundry. All of the clothing was a drab olive, or gray, or black, and there were skittles in them that weren't mine, and I was trying to be careful to eat only my Skittles and not the ones that were already in the dirty laundry, but I wasn't sure if I had accidentally eaten one of those, and it kind of grossed me out. I could sort of tell the difference because those skittles had gross spots on them, etc... anyway, I finally just spat out what I'd been chewing into a paper towel that I somehow magically found behind myself.

      Then, some of my friends had moved into some low-rent apartments. They were very nice. There were persian rugs all over the floors, the floors were marble and natural wood, there was a nice fireplace, etc. I was amazed by how nice the apartments were. They were a 2-bedroom and even had a nice balcony. My mom complains that "people trash them" so not all of the apartments are this nice.

      I wonder if it's possible for me and my boyfriend to rent one of these apartments, but we probably make too much money. I go outside for some reason that I don't remember, and walk a few blocks. I pass a little outdoor eating/socializing area with black cast iron tables and chairs, and think that it would be a nice place to hang out with neighbors. I'm trying to get back to mom's apartment, but realize that I don't remember which one it is or where it is, and it's very dark outside. The complex is mazelike, and I wander around for a long time looking for her building.

      Then, I dream about a movie that all of my friends and I have been anticipating, but it's also actually a TV show, and it's about a bunch of underwater people/mermaids. And the special effects are TERRIBLE. The actors just have badly painted face makeup, and the whole thing feels half-assed and unconvincing, and we all feel ripped off. I recall a scene of one of the actors surfacing from beneath the waves and the makeup just looked so terrible, and I was very disappointed.

      The next dream... now I am some sort of mermaid, and I live in a high rise, but I'm stuck there and don't have very much freedom, and the whole place is run by some millionaire.

      I stand in front of a glass window and look out at the city. I am also floating, because I have no legs.

      I sometimes steel a very small plane... but it's not a plane, it's more high tech, like a flying bike or something... and go fly around.

      Flash back to another dream I had that this one dredged up:
      I am in an apartment complex. It's a very run down complex. I'm going up and down the stairs, wandering around in this place. The carpet is very dirty, the walls are dingy, the whole thing is run down and it smells like food someone's cooking... that sort of general "I smell someone's food" smell where you can't figure out what they're cooking and whether or not it smells good or nasty. I remember the carpet being kind of... yellow brown...

      So I go up these stairs, looking for some apartment, but I'm also not really looking for anything. The layout is a lot like an apartment I lived in when I was 13. It is not exactly dimly lit, but not well lit either. The stairs are claustrophobic and narrow and enclosed by walls. And for some reason, there are no doors for apartments. I get up to the top and there's a ledge against the wall running between the stairs, and nothing else.

      Then, possibly in the same dream, I walk into an apartment building... it is dark inside... with the same sort of layout, but also falling apart.

      And now this leads to recalling a fragment of yet another dream. I don't know if I've written about this one already, though.

      I am in a sort of hospital place. Possibly a mental institution. The architecture is very prison-like, bars across the windows and everything is very washed out. I recall going down some stairs and gaining lucidity as I did so. I know this is a dream, but I'm not sure what to do about it. I go through a door at the bottom of the stairs.
    11. Moving Day

      by , 11-01-2015 at 11:56 PM
      So last night, I had a lot of trouble with inductions... again... I'm just out of practice. Frustrating, but I'll get back in the swing of things. I tried to go directly to Rome, but I'm just not familiar enough with the location, so I'll try my house next time.

      During my second attempt, I ended up with an Out of Body Experience instead of a lucid dream... yes, I know they're technically the same thing, but the OBEs always unsettle me. And I'm always blind during them, since they tend to send me straight into the Void, which I hate. So I got irritated when it happened and just reclined back into my body and went to regular sleep.

      I dreamed that my boyfriend and I lived in a different part of town than we do right now... in the dream, we lived really close to my brother. We were moving. My mom, my brother, and one of my boyfriend's friends was helping us. This particular friend is extremely chill, never gets upset over anything, is even more patient than my boyfriend is (patience of a saint), etc. I was in the car with him, and my boyfriend was in my car with my mom and brother.

      We were moving to a different section of the city... maybe even a different city further south... in any case, I lost the address of the house we were moving to, which was sort of like a ranch style duplex thing, and I don't have the directions either. The siding of the house was white. Houses in my dreams always tend to be white, for some reason.

      Anyway, so we get onto the wrong on-ramp, and we pass my boyfriend and my car and aren't able to turn around to join/follow them, so we're on the freeway straight to a different city (and no off-ramps along the way). His friend is getting progressively more irritated and pissed off. I've never seen this guy get pissed over anything, ever, and he kind of reminds me of one of my cousins as well, so I think this is hilarious and start laughing. Which makes him angrier, which makes me laugh harder.

      I was such a dick in that dream.
    12. More Needles, Bad Smelling Alleys

      by , 10-31-2015 at 03:12 AM
      Dreamed I was being sedated so people could "train" at doing it... There were people reclining in a long row with their heads wrapped in white gauze, and theur clothes were all completely white. The whole thing was very brightly lit and felt very sterile. Watched a woman - a pretty brunette with an oval face - be partially sedated and then her head was wrapped in gauze and syringes were inserted into her face really close to her eyes in a way that made me cringe. I didn't know how much of it you would feel. Then I was next... But it was some kind of ruse and they were actually planning on killing me or something. But they couldn't completely sedate me, which was a huge problem with their plan.

      That's all I remember.

      Then, I just remembered a fragment of a dream i had months ago. I was walking through a city with two male acquaintances, both pretty tall. Both of them worked for Amazon as tech people. We kept walking by alleys that smelled horrible, like full dumpsters and raw sewage. At one point I lost them and had to cut through one of those horrible alleys to catch up. It was between 2 tall brown brick buildings and paved with uneven bricks, and just generally gross. I think it was kind of raining, too.

      I was panicking about losing them was because they were my roommates, I had just rented the room, and I didn't know the address of the house, even though I knew it was nearby (at the end of a cul-de-sac). I had the key, but no clue where it was, and I was freaking out about never being able to find it - at least, for tonight - and having nowhere to sleep. I didn't have their phone numbers, either, so I had no way to contact them.

      I came out at a place that was a border between thick downtown development and a suburb. At that point, the sky was clear and it was nice and sunny. I went up and down the street until I finally found the two of them.

      I recall calling my mother because I was upset and freaking out. She sounded sympathetic but exasperated by how irresponsible I was.

      The house was messy... White siding, poorly painted white door that was a little warped - the yard was passable, with green grass but not well maintained. Lots of natural lighting in the living room.

      Anyway, the guys told me how to get there. After getting slightly lost, I found my way there.
    13. Josh May Have Fallen To His Death, Arcade Zone (8.11.15)

      by , 08-10-2015 at 11:58 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Josh May Have Fallen To His Death
      I'm with Josh and Dave at a house. People start rocking up, including my cousin Jon, Ben, Tommo. They have all bought Find Surfboards. I go check out Tommo's first, it's huge. It's a different sign to mine, from whah I can see on the packaging. The tail looks different and the logo itself. Once we take it out of box, I realize how big it is. It's absolutely massive, at least 12+ foot. I guess it makes sense as Tommo is a tall dude. The design kinda sucks, due to having his discount printed on the board. I rub my hand over it to see if the discount print is a sticker, but it's not. It's in yellow writing and it's up the middle of the board.
      I go into the other room and see that Ben has a box. I figure it's his surfboard ad help him unpack. I soon realize it's a side table for your bed. I didn't realize that Find did these.

      Im outside and I can see some surf. It's in a weird location. The waves are breaking cleanly and are a decent size. I imagine myself getting a few of the waves. I see a snowboarder in the distance, drop from the top of the wave, which is up on a mountain. The wave is elevated off the ground. The snowboarder hits the ground nicely.
      I'm walk towards Josh's car and he seems to be on a phone call with Rach. They must be fighting, because I hear the door lock. I'm sitting in another car, next to Josh's. I can hear his convocation, and it's about Centrelink payments. I wind down the window and Josh gives me the phone to explain. I can't figure out the paperwork u need to send it to get paid, but it comes to mind sooner or later. I send Rach a picture of what it's called. I can now hear Dad coughing in another car. It sounds pretty bad. Rach seems to have hung up. I think maybe because I was texting her while, instead of talking. A solid Arab guy comes up to the car and says goodbye. I get really good vibes from this dude. I shake his hand. A few people I know come up to him and give him a hug. I get out of car and think about doing the same thing. We begin to move on and I'm walking with the solid guy, I put my arm on his neck and massage if a bit. I ask if he gets massages much, due to him being such a giving guy. We are walking into a work sight. It's a bit dusty and can see machinery and steel structure. Im with Josh and both are looking for Ben, he's working here. I'm following Josh and he jumps straight off a vertical drop. I watch him fall at last 50 ft. I'm helpless and feeling terrified. I expect the worse. I try and get down somehow, but can't find a way. I begin feeling calm and carefree almost, which is odd considering my friends either dead or in terrible shape. I look closely around every corner, incase it has a drop like the other. Some do.

      Arcade Zone
      I'm tying to get home and am feeling a little lost. I look around and it feels familiar, I think I'm at down Germain's Court. Things look different
      I do a RC and it semi passes (nose plug), they Seem quite enhanced. I walk passed Shonnie's and he's on the steps with a women, which is probably Claudia. I hear him say that might be David, but I ignore and keep walking. I see cars at the end the court with people around. It's night time so, it's hard to see who's who . I reach a undercover area and see that my brother is talking to some girl that looks familiar to me. Looks like the girl that I went to school with. I tap my brother on the shoulder and he looks surprised to see me, as if he has been sprung cheating. I look closer at my brother and it's not him. I tell him I've got the wrong bloke. He's all cool with it, and she's I look like someone he knows too. As I am walking away, I see my brother and that girl, near the mistaken identity. Brother walks off shortly after. I get really excited and have a burst of energy. I run down which looks like a shopping centre. I begin yelling out.

      I'm at a house now, and I see Dennis.
      We're talking about something. He seems very relaxed. I'm sitting down next to Eddy, watching Bro on a car simulator. He's waiting for his Shot, as there's an elderly couple playing. Eventually bro gets a chance.
      He takes his time setting things up.

      Bro and I are in an arcade centre. There's machines everywhere. I do a RC again by trying to put thumb through hand, which passed again. I stop at an arcade game and try to see if it works without credits. It works. The game has a ski handle that u hold onto and u shoot water at the screen, it's a strange combo. Devin walks behind me and starts encouraging me. I show off and shoot the screen that's not meant to be sprayed. There's people rock climbing close by, and someone looks to be in trouble. They're trying to rescue them. There talking about noises of hitting the ground or bouncing against the wall when falling. The guy doesn't like the sounds if they were to happen. I look up and can't find the guy in trouble, but can see others.

      Dream Fragment
      I remember betting on Dad's horse he thought would win the Melbourne Cup. Josh asks me to put some money on for him, I'm unsure if I placed the bet or not. I use the money that's in my online account. I don't think I place a bet for myself, as I only have bros money in my account. The horse wins the Melbourne Cup at odds of around 13/1. The return of my bet would be around $1000+. I think to myself that I should ask Josh if he did in fact wanted me to put the $50 bet. I was eager to let bro know that he won.

      Side Notes
      Almost become lucid but failed both RC. Need to be more thorough with my RC.
    14. Three short LDs

      by , 06-08-2015 at 03:02 PM

      I had three lucid dreams last night...actually this morning before waking. All short. I will write details later. Did an unintentional WBTB.

      Basically I was lost in an unfamiliar big city at night. I was on foot. My phone was having issues and I couldn't make calls or pull up a map. Finally a lady came by and I was telling her my problems. Suddenly everything I was telling her was obvious. Those were common dream signs. I was dreaming. I immediately took off flying. I rubbed my hands together. I was wearing blue crocheted gloves...which I immediately took off. I also noticed how my teeth felt against my tongue, something that I have never noticed before in a LD. I flew, noticing things and taking off clothing until I woke up.

      But then went back to sleep and had two more.
    15. No Stop Sign DA + RAM + OST + (2)DILDS

      by , 05-01-2015 at 06:29 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in third person point of view, witnessing a woman quickly cut oranges while preparing a meal in the oven. After a minute of seeing her do this, I zoom in to 1st person point of view and realize that she could be aware of my presence now. I hid under one of the kitchen counter because I didn't want her to know that a stranger had been here. I pop my head up and notice she was still cooking.

      This was a good time to bail, I look around and found her front door a couple of feet away from me. I silently but quickly rush to the door in till I hear her foot steps hit the carpet. I glance at her to see she had just step in to the living room with a plate of food in one of her hands. I must've rush through the door as I went outside realizing that I had forgotten to lock her door. Now that I am outside I took the time to observe my surroundings. The clouds were greatly clouded and dark, appearing to be a thunder storm.

      I decided the first thing I should do is look for my family. I ran pass a couple of out of place houses. It was odd, all of these houses seem to be place randomly in the grassy field. There no streets or lights just houses spread apart in the middle of no where. I finally came across a house that look similar to my parents but not identical. It look different enough to turn me away from the idea of entering.

      After wandering around the grass more it came to me that I was lost. I decided I should knock on the door and ask anyone if they could help me find some directions. At first this seem like a good idea but I change my mind once I realize I didn't really knew the people around here. There's no telling what may happen and decided my best bet was to go back to the previous woman that had been cooking house to explain my situation.

      I continue running pass the houses in a attempt to retrace my steps back to her house. I noted to myself that these houses sure seem old on the outside. Not appearing 21st century at all. After several more attempts at finding her house again, I end up back in back in the large open field. I could feel myself becoming desperate in till I saw a man run pass me in a hurry. That's when I heard a lot of screams below the grassy field. This made me realize that I was on a large hill.

      I drop to the ground and began wondering what must be going on down there and why did I hear this just now. I then became lucid once I made the connection with the timing of my emotions. I got up from the ground and pursue the man that went down the hill. I found a bunch of the town folks on the bottom of a rocky shore yelling angry at a man who was holding a woman hostage by the neck at the top of a cliff.

      I was then spotted by the mob to where soon one of them order me to be captured. I tried to make my way to the man holding the hostage, but running on pointy rocks was no easy task. It took me awhile in till I could reach him. One of the angry people from the mob grab my arm and not too long I broke free from his grip. I then reach the man and quickly push him down the cliff in till he made contact with the rocks below. I continue to then push the woman all the way down in till she to landed all the down to the rocks.

      The mob now close enough to launch a direct attack on me proceeded to do so. One of the members in the angry mob said I was going to get screwed now. I didn't waste any time taking most of them out. I soon reach all the way to the bottom of the hill and they seem to be having trouble keeping up with me. Just as it look like I would have no problems escaping. There was one child standing in my way. He had white hair and was completely in white clothing.

      He appear to be dressed like me, the type clothes we wore was very different from the people living here. In his hands was a rather large dice with the one number being mark in red instead of black like the rest label in the dice. Was that his weapon of choice I wonder? Regardless I was not going to let a child stop me right now. I rush at him and threw a couple of punches toward his direction, he made no attempts to dodge and took all the blows.

      After that he made several attempts to hit me with his large dice. I dodge and dodge in till the next dodge I slip up and got hit by it on my head. The impact was much more than I imagine it would be. I was knock to the ground and could feel myself sliding in to unconsciousness. The last thing I could hear was the mob cheering loudly. I soon found myself inside father room, the lights were off. I then become lucid and stated I'm not ready to leave just yet.

      I open my father door to see the living room lights were also off. I began thinking back about the recent events that just happen. I told myself that yea I should have no problems waking up and remembering all of it. That's when I notice the front door to the house open by itself. I step outside to confirm that it was night and that the sensations I was feeling outside were incorrect. It did not feel cold at all slightly warm. I continue walking up the road passing a few cars park around in till I actually woke up. Lucidity Time: 6 minutes
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