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    1. I'll Put It Back Together When I'm Done

      by , 01-25-2018 at 02:29 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I find myself in a room that’s like my bedroom in my old house in K---, more or less. I notice a stranger is there—a dark-haired boy, maybe between eight and 10. I immediately go over and interrogate him—who is he, and what is he doing here in my house? But then I ‘remember’—he’s the neighbor’s kid, and we’ve arranged it so that he comes over here when he arrives home before his parents do so he doesn’t have to be in the house alone. Oops.

      After that, I want to make sure he feels welcome here, so I invite him over to my desk to see what I’m working on. I’m reverse engineering a notebook, I explain. I have it there: the powder blue leather-covered notebook I bought yesterday. I’m going to take it apart, and then I’m going to use what I learned to make a notebook of my own that’s similar in design. As I speak, I’m actually disassembling it. He doesn’t say anything—not once in the entire dream, I think—but he seems to be listening.

      And when I’m all done, I tell him, I’m going to put the original one back together. It won’t be exactly as it was before, since part of it was damaged in the process—something I easily could have avoided, but it doesn’t actually matter that much. I’m going to sew together some colorful scraps of leather to replace that part, and it’ll end up looking nicer that way anyway.

      At one point, he takes an envelope that’s stuffed into my desk organizer—it’s made from a greyish recycled paper, like the kind used for official correspondence in Germany—and sets it on top of a pile of unopened envelopes. Probably trying to help, I figure. I take the envelope and put it back where it was. The pile is unopened mail, I explain. In between finals, visiting family, everyone getting the flu and all the work being done on the house, there’s a lot I haven’t had the chance to look at yet.
    2. Amusing Miss

      by , 05-08-2015 at 09:46 AM
      Morning of May 8, 2015. Friday.

      This dream is a very good example of how even the best, most focused scripting can go awry once entering a dream state (though it depends on the form of meditation, “automatic” affirmation acceptance, and concurrent imagery). Although over the years, I have often noticed more and more “automatic” personal control over many dreams (even non-lucid ones) and the growing knowledge (with increasing levels of precision) of how my mind and attitude creates dreams, there is often another facet of my real-time (present) experience that becomes triggered somehow, though which is still solely of my waking character. In this case, it was probably being annoyed in real life by thoughtless impositions on our family by NBN workers. Aligning the transitions between different levels of consciousness to more fluidly move through them (from the onset of fully conscious hypnagogia I have had since early childhood) while remaining my true self is not that difficult at times (even at some levels of otherwise disruptive environmental noise), but the most curious thing still is how memory completely fails on such a grand scale even after only a few seconds in some cases. Sleep paralysis is still usually a very pleasant experience (unlike what I have read from other sources) and is automatically triggered by exertion or so-called overexercise, and oddly, overexercise, even at my present age, brings feelings of being healthier and more relaxed even if I had earlier felt ill.

      In my dream, I am walking in an unknown area, which seems like some sort of composite between a part of this town (in the commercial district), the south side of La Crosse, and where I went to school in Florida. I am walking down the street, seemingly with the intent to study a large notebook I am carrying (probably a type of dream journal) while relaxing in a nearby park.

      I seem to be walking on Bourbong Street on the left side, heading east, growing closer to the edge of the urban area. As I walk, I notice a young Asian male on my left, who is seated on the sidewalk and leaning against the outer wall (near a corner) of a business building, fairly close to an intersection. He seems quite happy. On his right is an unknown female (though her appearance is not that clear).

      I soon find myself in a park that reminds me of the playground where I went to school in Florida. The park is very crowded though there are areas to sit down. I sit down and lean against a tree and open my notebook. Curiously, on the left side when I open it, there is a clear display page containing a large photograph (about two-thirds the size of the A4 page) that shows the imagery I had just seen of the male leaning against the building. I do not consider this as impossible or untimely at all. I look through my book and notice various pages that are “pieces” of my personal history and ideas.

      After a time, I notice the presence of an unknown female on my right, possibly a college student who came to the park to study, and who seems to be fairly “dominant” and self-aware. I eventually notice that I am somehow sitting farther from the tree (with no memory of having moved) and feeling a bit imposed upon. I turn back to the girl and bring attention to the fact that she had supposedly been pushing me away from where I was seated near the tree (and I supposedly only moved little by little out of politeness and to avoid any potential confrontation). I seem a bit angry, but not aggressive in any way. She does not react other than giving me a curious look as if perhaps I have lost my mind and simply moved away from her on my own for no particular reason (in fact, she is facing perpendicular to where I am and had probably not really pushed me physically at any point). She remains where she is, appearing stoic and not offended in any way. I notice she has a notebook much like mine and seems to be studying the pages carefully.

      In fact, I had deliberately scripted such a scene (up until the time when I become annoyed) where I would be given healing energies as well as answered questions and possible information about the future by a representation of the universe when “she” appeared. This is certainly not the first time that I threw a monkey wrench into my own unfolding script (though this does not happen in fully lucid dreams) and it likely will not be the last.
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    3. Steamboat Sinks

      by , 02-16-2015 at 01:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My recall is back and running. Thank goodness.

      I entered the dream already fully lucid. Manei said she was going to help me to align my chackras. There was another dream character present as well, but I didn't take a good look at them. I remember visuals of some white/light colors. She put her hand in the middle of my back.

      I had two autosuggestion notebooks, a red one and the black one I have IWL. I was trying to figure out which one had my list of dream goals. (Good, my autosuggestion notebooks are being recognized by my subc as important.)

      I had been hired to work for LEGO. They wanted me to make a bunch of themed sets called Alpha Centuari that were supposed to center around realistic/scientifically plausible means of traveling into outer space and other stars in the future.

      I designed a bunch of sets such as a toroidal space station, spaceplane, and SETI telescope. All of the people at LEGO really liked them and they looked really cool, but when we released them into toy stores they were a flop.

      I was on a small yellow inflatable boat in the middle of a lake. It was somewhat foggy. Off in the distance, at about my 5'oclock was a large river steamboat. The structure of it looked very modern though, like a cruise ship, but it had a large paddle wheel on the back.

      I wasn't quite sure what I was doing away from the boat, but I knew that my family along with S were onboard.

      I remember hearing the captain of the ship say that they were going to hit a wave and that people on the lower deck might get splashed. A nice sized wave (about 10 feet) hit the boat and thoroughly drenched everyone on the lower deck.

      I somehow knew the captain, or remembered his face. He was a nice man of about 30 with a long, pointed face, greenish eyes and short ginger-brown hair.

      The yellow boat handled the wave just fine.

      The captain said that there would be another wave, this one could rock the ship pretty bad. It hit, and it was a pretty large wave, about 30 feet this time and thoroughly drenched all but the uppermost deck. If I remember correctly, the boat was actually a floating hotel, and every deck above the bottom and the roof were hotel rooms. I remember thinking about how the water was probably leaking through the glass and getting everything wet in all of the rooms.

      The captain said that there would be yet another wave, and that everybody should brace, because this one will be really bad. I looked out in front of me and the boat and nearly wet the bed. There was a huge wall of water heading for us. (For those of you who have seen the movie 'Interstellar'... yeah, that's a good idea of what the wave looked like.)

      The yellow inflatable boat handled the wave fine, it just floated up to the top, but I saw that the wave was starting to crest and came crashing down ontop of the steamboat, and it sunk it pretty much instantly. I saw a few (10ish people) come to the surface.

      The fog lifted and I saw that we were in fact on a medium sized lake. My dingy drifted into the shore on some smaller waves. I managed to hop up onto a dock and then ran a safe distance away from the water. While I waited for other people I looked at the lake we had been on. It was no more than a mile or two across, and there were mountains on the other side. I asked how a lake so small could produce big waves, even if it was windy.

      The other people came to shore. One of them was the captain. I asked if we should mount a rescue and see if there are more people. The captain said that would be suicide for us because another giant wave could spawn at any time and the water was really cold and we could get hypothermia and the boat was already hundreds of feet down. He told me that the upper levels of the boat were actually watertight and that anyone in them was probably fine, we just had to send a proper dive team to lift them out before the oxygen ran out.

      Somebody got a cell phone and called a proper dive team. They showed up almost instantly and started bringing up survivors from the air pocket that the boat had created.

      My aunt appeared and asked me to find my cousins. Everyone from the boat was taking refuge in side of this museum/hall area. There seemed to be a lot more survivors than there were people on the boat. Most of the people there were actually worried families of the people from the wreck.

      I can't really recall what happened after this. I think I went into the museum/hall where the rescued people were drying off and warming up. I chased a kid wearing a cloak who I thought was my cousin, but turned out not to be my cousin. When I exposed his identity he bit me. I slapped him and he started crying. He told me that it was his secret identity and nobody should know it. I tried to explain to him that this was a rescue situation and that this was no time for being a brat. Then my real cousins showed up and asked me what was going on. I explained and they started yelling at the kid as well.

      He kept crying louder and louder about his secret identity, saying that I was the worst person ever for chasing him and trying to remove his cloak. Eventually he aged in reverse and became a small pink baby about the size of my hand. I set him in the windowsill.

      His mom showed up and yelled at him for biting me and then for using his special power to age in reverse. Apparently now his mom had to go through all the work of raising him from the beginning now.

      I asked my cousins if they knew where everyone else had gone. The said that they didn't know and didn't care. They both pulled out laptops and started playing DOTA 2.

      I started to get absorbed into the game. It was this tundra map that I had never seen before (For the record, I haven't even played DOTA 2, I've only watched my cousin play.) And this character who could rapid fire multiple streams of arrows. The character seemed really overpowered and was killing everyone else.

      Spoiler for Interpretations (I'm gonna start doing these daily.):

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    4. 24 Mar: karma and the time of my death

      by , 03-24-2014 at 10:55 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) An incredible coincidence happens in Riverstone's life, which makes him aware of a mistake he was about to make and puts him on a path that is extremely favourable to him. He makes a comment like he is thankful for the path correction but wondering how many sentient beings will suffer in consequence. I don't understand wht he means and he explains his view that karma balance is in pyramidal hierarchy. The more merits you accumulate the better karma you have but the universe has to balance it by distributing equal ammount of bad karma to those with no merits. "I find that hard to accept. Is karma like entrophy? So what happens when you accumulate endless merits and you tend towards budhahood? The rest of the world plunges into darkness, so you can get enlightened. And then what? Big bang happens?" He just points out that I should see how the beings who are close to enlightnement, magically don't need to worry anymore about providing for themselves, there's always people attending to their needs and that gives them more freedom to meditate and pursue liberation, like in a positive feedback loop.(...)

      (...) A lost man appears at my front door, asking for a place to spend the night. I let him in, he seems harmless. But later on I think he kidnaps me, because there's a gap in my memory and I end up at some place where they seem to be making experiments with humans andhibridation with something else. I watch a baby being born and starting to talk soon after and growing up in one day the equivalent to at least 5 years.
      I wake up and start writing down this dream, just to realize I'm still dreaming.
      Next thing I am trying to escape this place, it's a complex labyrinthic building. They don't lock me up, they just keep me in some living area where others like me are kept to do a seemingly normal life until whatever.
      I find Zilla and some other girl I know among them. I tell them I found a small hatch under some stairs in a discrete place where few people go and invite them to try to escape with me through there. They accept to take a peak. I go inside and find a tunnel that opens up like a funnel and seems like a promising getaway route. But when it's their turn, someone else passes by and they just run away. I decide to go alone and see where it leads.
      I find myself in a different area, where other people are confined, most of them of african descent. I am welcomed by a group of Angolans and one big lady shows surprise when I tell her my name. She says she has a notebook, where she rights down information she gets in her dreams and that recently she dreamt of a girl with my name.
      I get half lucid, not entirely aware I'm dreaming, but very much focused and I can clearly read from her notebook and even when I look at different times, the information on it does not change.
      She shows me the page and it adds up. She wrote my name, my approx. weight in kgs (60), my height in feet (5.4) - and I just had to check online how much that is in meters, cause I use metric system - my day and month of birth and... the date of my death! I was shocked, because it is 14 June 2014. I turn to her "That's just a little more than a couple of months away! It can't be!". She says " I don't make the rules, I just get the information". "So, I do I die?". And she touches me and I have a vision of an accident, some heavy metal piece falling from a scaffold over my head. There is only one thing that does not add up, the year of birth: she wrote 1964 and that is more than 15 years before I was born. I tell her that maybe it's not me, but someone else with my name and older than me. She says, her visions are not always 100% spot on and some numbers might get confused, but if every other number is right, there's good chance it is me.

      So, obviously, I'll avoid any construction site and scaffolds around that day!

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    5. Quarter Dodgeball, Marching Band, and an Emergency Surgery

      by , 08-14-2012 at 04:10 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      I was on some large street intersection in a coastal city, it seemed like California. I was with a group of people who were apparently my friends standing on one side of the intersection and there was another large group of people, around their low 20s, standing on the other side next to some sort of toll booth. There were about 5 people on my side 10 on the other side. We walked towards the other group a little bit until we were about 25 feet away from them and then stopped to listen to a new person who was standing next to the toll booth. "Good luck!" he yelled, "GO!"

      At this point we all dashed to the side and started running around. The other group of people starting throwing things ad us. One person and I locked eyes right before he threw something at me. It hit my side and then I ended up catching it in my elbow. "You're out!" I yelled. It must've been some sort of dodge ball game only instead of dodge balls we were using quarters. He looked at me with a smirk, laughed, and then threw another quarter at me though completely missed. For some reason, as he was laughing, I started to think this was a dream. I started to question things and looked around, paying a bit more attention. Then somebody threw a quarter at me and the guy sitting by the toll booth yelled, "You're out!"

      I walked over to the curb, a bit annoyed at what just happened, but as I was walking I did a quick reality check, plugging my nose. Ah, that feeling of being able to breathe with your mouth and nose closed, awesome .
      I sat down on the curb, looked around and stabilized a little bit, rubbing my hands ad then observing the area. There was a large city behind my with skyscrapers and other large buildings with a rather decrepit building directly behind me, some sort of old warehouse. Out to my front there was a beach and then the ocean with a boardwalk not too far up the coast.

      I thought of what to do, maybe flying, maybe get into a big fight with all these guys, but I decided to do the TotM since I had only done one last month. Both came to mind, the surgery and the dream journal, so I just looked around for ample opportunity to do one of them. Much to my delight there was a notebook lying on the sidewalk, one much like my waking life DJ. I grabbed it and opened up to a page in the middle only to find a pen! Thanks subconscious . Most of the pages in the book were blank except for a few in the beginning which seemed to have little doodles on them. Nothing really jumped out on me, it just looks like somebody got bored in math class.

      I thought of what to write and kept thinking of my MILD mantra (did a WBTB/MILD last night) but I wanted to do a real waking life thing. Then I remembered that we had had a marching band practice that night and did a run-through of our show for our parents, the "parent preview." Once I thought of marching band all the details came to me and I just quickly wrote down something along the lines of, "Went to marching band practice, did parent preview, woodwinds rushed and got off the beat in the first song, rest went smoothly." Thinking back about it now that's actually pretty accurate. There, one down, lets see if I can get two! The dream still felt well stabilized and fairly vivid so I just went for it.

      I looked around only to realize that while I had been writing in my notebook I had moved to the high school where our practice took place. I was sitting on the curb looking out at our parking lot where we did out run-through. Nobody was there, not even a car. I got up and figured the best place to preform a surgery was at a hospital so I walked towards the main set of doors and imagined a hospital on the other side. The fact that these were glass doors (i.e. transparent) made the whole thing a little interesting. I stopped the door while it was only half opened and saw the school through the glass but through the part that was open I saw what looked like the ER of a hospital. I closed the door a little and it was just school. I opened it a bit more and it was hospital. It was pretty cool seeing the whole dreamscape change right in front of me like that but I knew that I should finish the TotM before I lose lucidity/wake up.

      I walked in through the door and noticed a bunch of nurses running around. One of them stopped in front of me, looked at what I was wearing and said, "good enough," in a very rushed and hurried voice. She grabbed my arm and dragged me through the hospital to a sink, "come on, wash up!" she said, "Hurry!." I washed my hands and put on a pair of gloves that were right next to me. They were rather large, reaching up past my elbow but before I could really take anything in the nurse grabbed me again and dragged me into a little room and closed a curtain. I looked around a little bit and noticed that it was an emergency operating room with a table in the middle. Lucky for me there was a patient on it. Oh boy, I am not looking forward to this .

      I looked at the patient and he was already unconscious, whether it was from anesthesia or passing out I didn't know, but he was out cold. The nurse who had dragged me through the hospital told me he had been shot twice with a 22 caliber pistol in the thigh but luckily it missed the femoral artery. I looked at his legs and noticed two small holes in the right thigh (he was laying on his back). I looked around the room and saw a pair of tongs, perfect! I grabbed them and went over to the patient. When I got a closer look at his leg I could see the bullet just about an inch under the skin and spread the whole a little bit with my fingers giving me enough room to fit the tongs in. Thank god I had gloves. There wasn't a lot of blood, however, at least not the amount I had expected. There was some but it wasn't all rushing out. It was like if you prick your finger to test your blood sugar or something, one drop every few seconds.

      I reached in with the tongs which were more like what I had used in chemistry class than any surgical tongs I've ever seen. It was quite easy to grab the bullet, just like picking something out of jell-o, but the bullet wasn't deformed or anything. It was still perfectly intact, as if it had never been shot from a gun and just broken off of the cartridge. I dropped it in a little tin the nurse had been holding next to me and grabbed the other one which was a few inches below the first one. This came out just as nicely and in perfect shape as well. Having no clue how to stitch a wound I asked the nurse if she could. She nodded and grabbed a needle and this weird thread. She sewed up the wound in just a couple seconds and did so just like one would to a blanket.

      Being finished with both TotM's I wondered what to do next. I didn't have any specific goals or anything and was out of ideas. I decided I would just walk around the hospital a little bit. I walked through the ER which still had a bunch of nurses running around as fast as they could in it, and headed towards the waiting room to see what the DCs in there were doing. The waiting room was just outside the ER and there were only a couple people in there, an elderly woman to looked a bit crazy, and kid about 12 years old with a pickaxe stuck in his shoulder. Yes, he had a full sized pickaxe stuck several inches into his shoulder. The woman pulled out a mouse from her pocket and started feeding it a little square of cheese that she now had. Wtf, my DCs are freaking weird!

      I walked over to the person sitting behind the desk and asked what I should do next. "Well doctor," she said a little smugly. I guess I was the normal ER doctor there, "I think you should wake up." At first I was a bit confused, but then I started getting angry because my DCs and dream objects always did this to me. "Oh what the hell!?" I yelled at here, though the dream was fading. I tried spinning and spinning but I could hear her say, "Sorry, spinning doesn't work in times like this." Damn it, she was right.
      I woke up. I did a quick RC to be sure this wasn't just a FA but I was indeed awake.

      Jeez, my DCs are not only weirdos but also jerks!

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    6. I must be an idiot in my dreams.

      by , 03-28-2012 at 11:38 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at school, and it was between my second and third hour classes, where I go from Spanish class to algebra. I had to go to my locker and get my notebook for algebra.
      I went to my locker and my friend was there and he distracted me from getting what I needed. I started to walk away from my locker to go get my notebook again. I went back, but forgot to get it again.
      The warning bell rang, so I only had one more minute. and I realized that I still did not have. I went to my locker and got my notebook. But I somehow forgot it in my haste. The final bell rang and I still had forgot it. I just told myself that I was going to be late and that I should just take it slow and get my notebook.
      When I got to class, the teacher took no notice to the fact that I was the only one in the class. he was standing up at the front of class. He had a binder and held it in front of his body with both arms.
      He shoved it out in front of his body, facing the class. For some reason, this scared the crap out of me. The teacher repeated this a couple of times then started laughing at me because I was scared of him.

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    7. 01/17/12: A Stealing Spree

      by , 01-18-2012 at 07:11 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      School Stealing
      I am at school at Pima Community College, which is where I am taking a couple classes during the spring semester. I am on my way to class. I know exactly where class is, and I am running a bit early, so I wander around a bit. The more extra steps I take the better it is for my diet. As I wander I am thinking I forgot to bring any supplies to school… no paper, no pencil… I see a wall with lockers on it. The lockers can be rented by students to keep their books in between classes as opposed to carrying all the books all day. One of the lockers is open a bit. It looks like someone didn't want to spend the 50 cents or so to rent the locker so they just left their stuff. I am curious, so I peek in there. There is a backpack there and nothing else. No one is watching me, I take the backpack and walk away as if there was nothing strange. I figure this backpack surely has some paper and a pencil in it, so my problem is solved. I wonder if I might find a jump drive I can use as well. I go to class and sit down, waiting for class to start. I open the backpack to take out some paper but I find there are no school supplies in the backpack. It is stuffed with cash! Stacks of $20 bills, and lots of them! Wtf? I had thought I was jacking someone's books and notebooks and stuff and I find all this money! I glance around to see if anyone is watching me. No one is paying any attention to me. I close the backpack and wonder where I might be able to find a pencil and paper now…

      I am with my mother and we are visiting a friend somewhere in town. This person is really more of my mother's friend than mine, and I quickly get bored. I say I need to use the bathroom and I leave to do so. I wander around a bit as I go, I figure the friend won't mind. After all, she gave us a tour of the house when my mom and I first arrived, so there's nothing here I haven't seen before. I am looking in the different rooms when I get a bit nosier than I probably should be. I peek in a jewelry box to see what kind of jewelry our friend likes to keep. Some of it is quite pretty, but nothing especially catches my attention. I close the box and peek in a couple other places. Still being nosey. I peek inside a closed roll top desk and find there is a really old looking book there. Cool! There's actually several of the books in a small pile. I open one of the books to see what is inside. It is blank inside, a blank journal. It is such a cool looking book… I slip the book into the waistband of my jeans, hidden under my shirt. I close the desk and then leave the room, heading into the bathroom. There are cute little fluffy stuffed animals, about the size of a mouse. I put one in my pocket without even thinking about it. I take care of business in the bathroom and then return to the living room where my mom and her friend are chatting still. My mom is ready to leave, so we say our goodbyes and head out. In the car my mom asks what that is in my pocket. She sees the stuffed animal I stole. She is mad about that and says I had better hope our friend doesn't notice or we will never be invited over there again. I wonder what will happen when our friend notices the journal missing…
    8. Notebook

      by , 06-19-2011 at 01:15 PM (cinema of the mind)

      I'm sitting in the grass with a few friends and have my notebook with me. I'm playing around with the desktop on my notebook. In the taskbar there are two dreamviews icons, something seems odd. i shout out "increase vividness" and all colours of my surroundings get much brighter. I think, it's cool to have another lucid dream. As i think about my current goal, i stare at the screen. My goal was eating something. Now i notice that my surroundings got lost, because i focused too much on the screen. When i turn away from the notebookscreen i black out and wake up.

      I intend to DEILD, so i stay calm and lay still. Soon i feel the tingling everywhere and just wait until it finishes. Should i now open my eyes or wait for a dream? last time it worked fine with opening my eyes so i do so.
      My eyelids are very heavy and they are opening only barely. I can see my room now, but whats this t-rex doing there? In the next moment it vanished and i am now fully awake.
    9. This Aint No Garden Party

      by , 03-08-2011 at 02:32 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      There's a party at my Grandparent's house, and I'm sat at a table with a few other girls out on the lawn, facing the ocean. One of the girls is getting married soon (shock and surprise, this dream sign did not shake me), and I tell her I have some advice for her as I got married recently (I didn't). I go looking in the house for my notebook (actually the one I was looking for looks just like my dream journal). I find my cousin in the kitchen, she's really drunk and irrate. I see that she's trying to make a small plate of nacho chips for the ladies, but for some reason she's put a dollop of whipped cream on the top. In her drunken state, she's accidently squished that dollop under her chin. The remnants of the whipped cream are still hanging there, off her chin. She's ranting about something, now she seems more upset and sad. I tell her she should slow her drinking down as we will be going all night, and she needs to pace herself.
      I go back to the table to impart my wisdom upon the girls and the dream ends.
    10. Barnes and Noble

      by , 06-24-2010 at 05:20 PM (Mespia's DJ of Doom)
      I was going to Barnes and Noble with my friend for school.

      "I used to go a Roman Catholic church, but now I go to a Christian church," she said.

      "Ok," I said. "So what church do you go to?"

      "St. Joe's," she replied. She then handed me something. It was a piece of platic grid about the size of the palm of my hand, with fake flowers woven into it. On one of the bottom corners, there was a small balloon, about a quarter of the size of the grid, maybe larger. It was a happy face balloon.

      "Remember when you made this at my party last year?" she asked.

      I didn't remember, but I thought it was cool. "Oh yeah." I pretended I did. "Thanks."

      We walked over to a long table amid the large bookcases. There were several laptop computers on it, and we both sat down and got to work. After awhile, I wandered off to the end of the table, where there was a turning rack filled with various things. There were a couple of strange looking notebooks, labeled "miniature notebooks". It was a square with about two inch sides. The covers of the notebook were wooden, and you pulled them apart pulling one up and the other down. The paper in the middle opened like a post-it stack. I checked the price. It was five dollars. I thought that was a bit too expensive, so I set it back down. My eye caught something else, though. It was a balloon on a stick.

      It was small, the stick being maybe eight inches tall. The balloon was very tiny, smaller than a baseball. It was a yellow happy face. I immediately wanted this, but the price was $9.08. I thought that was way too expensive, so I set it down sadly and went to look at some books.

      I saw a search computer that you could use to find books in the store. I searched first for a book on lucid dreaming but I found it had bad reviews, so I searched for another book on it. This one looked good, so I went and found it. It seemed way too short, though, and not something I wanted to buy, so I put it back. Then I remembered that I had wanted to read Ender's Game. I searched for it and didn't find anything. I saw this guy I know also looking at books, and then I went back to the table.

      By this time, other people were there, and I had to squeeze in. The computer that I had been looking at before had been closed, and the top of it looked like a Nintendo DS. I thought this was a bit strange - why would there be a large DS on the table? But then somebody flipped it open and I saw that it was a computer.

      A few of the people at the table and I went back to my house, because I was going to have a party. I grabbed my sweatshirt.

      My other friend, Michelle, came up to me. "Only you would wear that sweater," she said.

      I thought about it. Maybe I shouldn't wear my sweater after all. I set it back down and went home. We went up to my room where this other girl, Jessica, and I sat down. She put down her bag, and I put down mine. I was a bit jealous of her bag, because it was prettier.

      Several other things happened, and I'm not sure what they all are.

      However, after that I was sitting down, thinking that my party that was supposed to be so fun was a complete failure. I was upset, and then I woke up.