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    1. Let's See What's in My Backpack! (DILD)

      by , 01-30-2017 at 05:58 PM
      Ritual: Woke at dawn after about 4–5 hours sleep and complex but dimly remembered dreams. Considered taking galantamine but decided against it, as my motivation was not sufficiently high. I didn't want to completely give up, so I took a quarter teaspoon each of piracetam and bacopa. Woke at 8am with dream.

      DILD, "Let's See What's in My Backpack!": I was walking through some type of institutional corridor when an odd plaque on the wall caught my attention. It was a rectangle of flat grey stone like slate, about a foot long and a few inches high, with block capital letters incised, reading: "AWAKEN."

      Like what, into a dream? I thought wryly. For that to work, I'd have to be... oh wow... am I dreaming? No sooner had the suspicion arose than I immediately recognized it to be true. I immediately went into dream observation mode, taking the plaque into my hands and examining its details.

      Feeling grateful that the dream itself had given me a clue as to its nature, I was reminded of a similar incident that had happened just earlier tonight: this was the second time I had gotten lucid due to events in the dream. A DC had said "lucid" and that had triggered me. No wait, actually it was the third time... I remembered briefly getting lucid in an even earlier dream, but I was embarrassed when I realized how quickly I had lost that awareness.

      Of course, the fascinating thing about these memories is that I have no way of knowing if they are real. I'm more than half inclined to think that they are false memories, the kind of deja vu that is so common in the dream state. Then again, I still forget such a great portion of a full night's dreaming, even now, that the possibility remains that these incidents actually occurred. There's no way of knowing for sure, which is interesting in itself. It is the perfect epistemological quandary.

      Now aware that I was dreaming, I continued walking through the institutional corridor, and felt that I had been walking through similar corridors in my just-remembered lucid episodes earlier tonight. If the memories are not false, there is nothing surprising about the coincidence: for some reason bland institutional corridors seem to be my default dream space.

      I wandered aimlessly for a bit—I think I passed a cafeteria—until I realized that if I wanted to stay lucid this time I would need to perform some deliberate action. During my WBTB I had not felt motivated to attempt any DV tasks, so that is probably why none occurred to me now. As I continued walking and wondering what to do I noticed a familiar sensation, and realized that I was wearing my backpack. Since 2001 I have been using the same leather backpack, seemingly indesctructible, every day at school and on every journey I travel. I was amused that it was with me even here in a dream, and surprised by how distinctly I could feel the impression of weight on my back. Wondering what might be in it, I realized that this could be a fun spontaneous task.

      I passed from the corridor into a very large rectangular room with walls tiled in squares of light blue glazed ceramic. The room was completely empty, with no features or furniture or people. I walked to the very center and announced loudly, even though no one was in sight: "Okay, everybody! I'm going to play the game of 'Let's See What's in My Backpack!'" I unslung the backpack from my shoulders and held it upside down, dumping its contents into a pile on the floor.

      The first thing I pulled off the pile was a winter jacket, made of smooth synthetic cloth with a quilted core. The inside was a rich royal blue, and the outside was bright red with black highlights. It was very clean and new, and resembled no jacket I have ever owned, nor would be likely to purchase.

      The second thing I picked up was a clear plastic bag with a zip lock, one of the medium-sized ones that is deeper than it is wide. It was full of coins. I looked more closely at the coins and it was clear that they were all Thai, though they resembled no WL Thai currency. "I wonder if I just got back from Thailand," I mused—meaning within the context of the dream.

      The next thing I grabbed was a plastic bag of similar shape and size, and this one also contained flat pieces of metal, but instead of being round like coins, these were engraved rectangular strips. I decided that they must be some decorative pieces I had picked up in Thailand. This idea had evidently taken hold, because the next few items in the pile were cheap Thai souvenir gifts, like decorative little pouches and other small assorted knickknacks. I set these aside impatiently.

      Next was a book, evidently a journal, titled A Wonderful Compendium of Lessons of Life Learned. I regret now that I was not inspired to open and read it! I must have figured that if the lessons were already learned, I wouldn't get anything new out of it. It did not occur to me that my waking mind might be really interested in what my dreaming mind might think to put in such a book.

      After this I pulled four different water bottles off the pile, one after another. One was a hot water bottle like you use in bed. One was military style canteen that I thought I recognized as one I used to own. Another was a flat drinking flask, fairly large in size. I think the last one was just an ordinary plastic bottle of water. My impression was that I needed all four bottles because they each served a different purpose: hot water for warming, cold water for drinking, warm water for drinking, and flask for drinking. But I realized that it was terribly inefficient to carry four separate water bottles, and I wondered if I could consolidate them down to just two, so I would have less to carry around. I decided to worry about that later.

      The last thing I pulled from the pile was a very large duffel bag, the size of the one I use to carry my HEMA gear. In WL my bag is plain black canvas, but this one was (not inappropriately) emblazoned with the Tournament of the Phoenix logo. It occurred to me that given how much stuff had been in my backpack, perhaps I should be using this duffel bag to carry it instead—but I remembered what a pain it was to lug around a huge unwieldy duffel bag, and decided to stick with the backpack.

      At this point a huge crowd of people suddenly thronged the room, all seemingly in a hurry to go somewhere, and they were sidestepping me and my stuff with annoyed expressions like I was in their way. "Hey! I claimed this space first," I protested. One DC paused to look at my Tournament of the Phoenix duffel bag and asked another DC standing across from me something about martial arts training in the area, talking right over my head (I was still sitting on the floor with my stuff). "You'd think you'd be asking the person with the duffel bag," I muttered, slightly miffed. I noticed that whereas I had initially occupied the very center of the room and had not moved, now I was all the way over near a side wall, and yes, right in the path that everyone was trying to walk through.

      I had time enough to wonder if I should wake and write or dream on a little. I decided the latter—I usually do—but found myself waking up anyway.
    2. Traveling with weird gadgets

      by , 11-05-2014 at 09:38 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Traveling with weird gadgets (Non-lucid)


      Lately I have been having very long dreams, but being to tired to write down down... I've been exhausted for some reaon, so this is what I remember without journaling.

      I was traveling and I had a backpack full of gadgets that were lent to me by a scientist. I was walking at the airport and I had a very weird cell phones. It was like two flipphones that they were attached one to each other, but it was just one cell phone.

      My dad was around and the service at the airport was extremely poor.

      From her, I went to a hotel and my dad was asking me how many calories the food from a restaurant that he was pointing out. It seems that I programmed a device that could tell just as I pointed to a food item or menu.

      The hotel had an awesome service.
    3. Sarek likes me

      by , 10-22-2014 at 03:50 AM (Delenn's dream journal)
      I haven't been paying attention to dreaming much lately. Life has been getting busier. But last night I thought, "I'm going to lucid dream." And I did! It was a little different from other LDs I've had; there was no point at which I consciously thought, "I'm dreaming!" I just gradually became more aware. It was a very long dream.

      I was part of a group of people who had to recapture some kind of relic from an underground place. It was being held by enemies of some kind, maybe orcs. I see it--a small glowing thing--on a ledge about 50 feet away. We manage to sneak by the orcs and capture the relic. Suddenly Sarek of Vulcan appears. I say something like, "Sarek, it's an honor to have your here." He replies, "Your name is no less esteemed." (Seems like a very Sarek thing to say.) I get the impression that we are doing a good job on our missions vs. the bad guys.

      We casually walk out of the place without anyone stopping us. We might've had disguises; I don't remember. Just as we're going through some large double doors, there's an uproar behind us. One of the group, a white woman, shoots up in the air and starts flying. I think for a second that, "Whoa, she just did that. Maybe I can too." So we leave all our bags behind and just shoot up in the air.
      It was around this time that I became lucid. I was thinking that my dream-flying was different from any other time I've done it, that I was more "floaty". I was really enjoying myself. I thought about how I was really lying in bed, and I knew I was starting to wake up. I focused on the face of the woman beside me, in an attempt to stabilize the dream. I don't know her face. The stabilization works, and I stay asleep!

      Later we are in a shopping area, a cute strip mall or something. I think, "I want my backpack." (The one I left behind.) I hold out my hand and make it appear beneath me! This is another 'first' for me. I felt like Q from Star Trek, making something appear just by willing it to happen! Later we are in a different shopping area. I remember the pumpkin challenge for October. There's one pumpkin right in front of me, but it's already broken open and there is trash inside. I go looking for another pumpkin. There's a nice orange one. I plan on using my hand to cut it open, but then I think, "This isn't my pumpkin.. maybe I should ask if I can cut it open." I smile at this person, a black woman. I ask if I can open the pumpkin and she says yes. But at that time the dream abruptly ends.

      I have some funny dream logic. What do I need with bags in a dream, anyway? And do I really need permission to open a pumpkin in my own dream? Silly brain.

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    4. The Search For My Bag (28.10.13)

      by , 10-29-2013 at 02:58 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm at a Safeway shopping center and a lady comes up to me and asks if I'll be much longer, cause the shops are about to close.

      I see a back pack which isn't mine but I take it.

      I've now realized that i lost my real back pack and try and find it.

      I'm home now, and I feel gutted that I lost my bag again, which means I lose my wallet again! I look around my house with no luck. I'm searching through something and its my brothers ex girlfriends stuff. I see some kind of device which is like a vibrator. Dad thinks he finds my bag and points at it. It ends up being that bag I picked up earlier.

      I walk back towards the shops and I see 2 cars. I see a piece of paper which has some stuff written on it. It's like a message board about lucid dreaming and people dare each other to complete something LD related.

      I'm in a car with Josh D and we're driving somewhere during the day. I notice that the scene is very weird, as if its bugged. As Josh is driving, we loop through a glitch. I think to myself, wtf am I dreaming, and think it may be a dream. I get scared as Josh is driving blind through the glitch. Josh tells me Jessie James broke out of prison and is on the run. I think he was the reason why the scene was fucked up, by using a smoke appear through out the dream. Josh shows me a video of Jessie James. Its news about him getting out of prison.
    5. 6/14/12

      by , 06-14-2012 at 06:17 PM
      I had a dream about being in High School, sitting to the side of the hall, and there were desks just set outside one of the teacher's rooms. I walk over, set my backpack down, and listen to a lecture. I remember cracking jokes with someone at some point. Didn't recognize any faces.
    6. Backpack, Plug, Circular Waterfall, 10 Reports, Alyzarin, Spike Spiegel Dies......

      by , 05-07-2012 at 04:56 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I took some Melatonin (3mg) last night to help with sleeping. I heard the alarms I set, but since I had some good sleep from the Melatonin, it was kind of hard to stay a conscious for a WILD. For the WBTB, I think I tried at least two times, I had the temptation to sleep quickly.

      Woke up for the final time, and I feel like a new person. Remembered a lot more dreams, some where so long that I should've woken up for a while to write them down. Oh well.
      Left my Backpack (Non-lucid)


      There was a huge dream shift that I probably forgot, making this dream confusing.

      Basically, I go into some random men's athletics room, and I see my backpack to the right of me resting on a bench.

      I had a herp derp moment, and took the backpack just like that. I move forward to left side to rest my backpack on the left bench. There's a guy already at a locker, and he has a bunch of crap to put in, or put out, not sure what he's trying to do, but he has a lot of clothes and stuff in a pile.

      He looked like Felix in waking life that I used to know in Middle School and High School. There was a guy named Brian, who was his friend in waking life as far as I know, who came in. Felix tells him that the locker that Brian is trying to go to is occupied, and Brian says in an almost scared tone towards him,

      "Oh okay...."

      I don't know, either he was afraid of me, or he was doing crack or something, because he was kind of twitching a little too much for my taste.

      Lady with Plug (Non-lucid)


      Some lady is our teacher, and I don't know who I'm hanging with at the time except for her. I think we're in a computer lab of some sort, and the floor is white, and the room is a kind of dark, I was wondering who is going to turn on the lights in here.

      There was some lights from the outside hallway that provided enough to see what's going on, but it would've been a helpful to still turn on the lights.

      A girl has a problem doing something on the computer, and I think the teacher takes the time to help her. There's some other stuff I can't remember to well, but there's a dream shift to where she explains to some girl that the plug, as in an outlet, is prone for error if not inserted correctly in an outlet.

      I guess it served as some kind of flash drive in an abstract way, and it was white all over. It looked like your basic plug-in with a chunky white layer hiding the wires and all that, with the two outlet connections sticking out.

      There also seemed to be something she utilized to protect those same ends sticking out, and when she did, it would light up a small bright green light, probably to confirm that things are in place.
      Moving Circular Waterfall? (Non-lucid)


      Uh, I don't know how to describe this waterfall, not even sure it's a waterfall, it's the best I can come up with. I googled what a circular waterfall was, but that wasn't it...too lazy to edit it out with a different name....

      I believe I'm walking on a Circular moving waterfall? It's kind of hard to describe it any other way, but it feels like I'm walking, or someone is walking while I'm looking in first person perspective on a waterfall that's moving.

      I think I slip down one of the holes after going high to up, and it's basically seeing a person slide left and right in third person view now. Apparently, before the small shift, I think the reason that as each time the person went down, things started to fade more.

      I think they needed a specific amount of points to go to a certain afterlife, but I'm not too sure on that, because even though things faded, the person still went deeper.

      They finally reach the bottom, or at least a good surface point for now, and they start moving a bit. I'm not sure if I'm playing a video game, and watching the character move that I'm controlling or whatever, but it feels kind of weird. I think I'm at some kind of Game Expo or whatever like E3 or even Comic Con.....not sure, just hearing a few people talking, but their voices are diluted while I'm focusing on the video game.

      Oh, and the person seemed to be in some kind of sky city, because the bottom level, you can clearly tell that if they fell off, they would be falling for a pretty long time from above.

      I can't remember anything else from the dream.
      10 Reports (Non-lucid)


      The dream is kind of confusing to me....having a little bit of gaps in recall as well.

      Some parts of this dream I remembered was being underwater I think to see how some kind of demon male can pretty much eat any kind of creature for some reason I can't remember.

      The demon, or at least I thought it was, was dark violet, and when he turns around, he opens his coat layers or whatever it is, and there's a bunch of pink penises on each side. He had white hair too I believe, along with blue horns.

      (The closest picture I can find is the demon girl made by uthstar01 in a certain gallery online)

      The chick on the right...white hair, purple body, except it looked like a male in the dream.

      There are other parts of the dream like me looking for some small animal in the grass, and then trying to kill some guys who want the same animal or object as well.

      The dream shifts to where I'm inside a room, and I see a person that looks like my Biology 111 professor. I had a hunch I had to give my reports on the experiences I had before with the animal searching and all that stuff with the demon.

      I remember a girl being next to me that looked like Linda, a Hispanic girl I knew in waking life. I was giving the professor my report, and the first one was kind of short, seeing how he read it so fast. I think he is getting more impressed each time he sees another report, and Linda is nudging me as if I got this thing for sure.

      She was wearing a sleeveless black shirt and light blue jeans. She had black hair instead of light brown hair as well. I can't remember much after that.

      Swimming to Alyzarin? (Non-lucid)


      All I remember was that me and Alyzarin, at least I assumed it was her, underwater, and she looked like she was unconscious as she's descending. She's still near the surface though, maybe 3-4 away from it.

      I'm trying to reach her by swimming as fast as I can, but I'm going to slow. I assumed it was her because the entity looked a lot like the person on her avatar. Green hair, wearing a light colored full dress. etc.
      Spike Spiegel Dies (Non-lucid)


      All I remember for this dream was Spike Spiegel and some girl who looks maybe 6-8 years of age walking together at some random park. They're on some stone road, and I believe there were Pink blossom trees, and some of the leaves are floating in the air.

      I think Spike decides to kill someone, but I'm not too sure on that. Whatever the reason or action, this causes the girl he's walking with to pull out something that looks like a lipstick of some sort.

      It actually is a mini-pistol of some sort, and she shoots Spike. Spike grunts, and says something like the lines of,

      "You little....you took it while I grabbed your.." something.

      That lipstick trick reminded me of a scene in MGS3 where Sokolov thought Eva was going to kill him with some weapon that ended up being a lipstick...lol.

      (From 0:00-1:15)

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    7. Crappy WBTB (LD #7)

      by , 05-01-2012 at 10:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was leaving school and walking to my bus when for no reason, my backpack got insanely heavy. I started dragging it towards the bus and blundering around.
      I was almost to the bus and I yelled to the driver to just hold on for a second. But they closed the door and drove off without me. My backpack was light again and I started running after the bus. They stopped and to turn onto the main road and I was almost caught up with them but they drove away.
      I started chasing them down the main road when I fell into this small cave. It was made out of dirt. I had to crawl though it in order to keep following the bus.
      But I woke up at this point.
      Then I fell back into the dream and crawled though the cave some more when I woke up again. This time I decided to try and re-enter the dream lucid. It took a little longer the second time, and I experienced some hypoganoic hallucinations that I can't really remember in detail.
      When I re-entered the dream, this time lucid, I managed to crawl out of the cave, but I think that my recall cut out or the dream ended because I cannot remember what happened after that.

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    8. 01/17/12: A Stealing Spree

      by , 01-18-2012 at 07:11 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      School Stealing
      I am at school at Pima Community College, which is where I am taking a couple classes during the spring semester. I am on my way to class. I know exactly where class is, and I am running a bit early, so I wander around a bit. The more extra steps I take the better it is for my diet. As I wander I am thinking I forgot to bring any supplies to school… no paper, no pencil… I see a wall with lockers on it. The lockers can be rented by students to keep their books in between classes as opposed to carrying all the books all day. One of the lockers is open a bit. It looks like someone didn't want to spend the 50 cents or so to rent the locker so they just left their stuff. I am curious, so I peek in there. There is a backpack there and nothing else. No one is watching me, I take the backpack and walk away as if there was nothing strange. I figure this backpack surely has some paper and a pencil in it, so my problem is solved. I wonder if I might find a jump drive I can use as well. I go to class and sit down, waiting for class to start. I open the backpack to take out some paper but I find there are no school supplies in the backpack. It is stuffed with cash! Stacks of $20 bills, and lots of them! Wtf? I had thought I was jacking someone's books and notebooks and stuff and I find all this money! I glance around to see if anyone is watching me. No one is paying any attention to me. I close the backpack and wonder where I might be able to find a pencil and paper now…

      I am with my mother and we are visiting a friend somewhere in town. This person is really more of my mother's friend than mine, and I quickly get bored. I say I need to use the bathroom and I leave to do so. I wander around a bit as I go, I figure the friend won't mind. After all, she gave us a tour of the house when my mom and I first arrived, so there's nothing here I haven't seen before. I am looking in the different rooms when I get a bit nosier than I probably should be. I peek in a jewelry box to see what kind of jewelry our friend likes to keep. Some of it is quite pretty, but nothing especially catches my attention. I close the box and peek in a couple other places. Still being nosey. I peek inside a closed roll top desk and find there is a really old looking book there. Cool! There's actually several of the books in a small pile. I open one of the books to see what is inside. It is blank inside, a blank journal. It is such a cool looking book… I slip the book into the waistband of my jeans, hidden under my shirt. I close the desk and then leave the room, heading into the bathroom. There are cute little fluffy stuffed animals, about the size of a mouse. I put one in my pocket without even thinking about it. I take care of business in the bathroom and then return to the living room where my mom and her friend are chatting still. My mom is ready to leave, so we say our goodbyes and head out. In the car my mom asks what that is in my pocket. She sees the stuffed animal I stole. She is mad about that and says I had better hope our friend doesn't notice or we will never be invited over there again. I wonder what will happen when our friend notices the journal missing…
    9. being passed, messy underwear, sitting behind mom

      by , 12-05-2011 at 01:53 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was walking out on a street like in the neighborhood I lived in as a teenager. It was daytime. I was walking along one of the main roads. A lot of cars were zooming by to my left. To my right were the parking lots for shopping centers and gas stations.

      There were a surprising number of people out walking on the street. I was in a hurry to get somewhere, and I was impatient with the people around me, as if they were blocking me.

      A group of older, Chinese men walked up behind me. They were all speaking in Chinese. One of the men edged up really close to me and then passed me. The man's two or three friends were just about keeping pace with me. But the man himself was blasting ahead.

      I thought that it would be weird of me if I let this guy pass me by so much, seeing how I'd been so annoyed at everybody I'd had to pass up just a few moments ago. So I tried to catch up with the man. But I couldn't. He'd already blasted away through some gas station and around a corner.

      Now a white woman walked past me. She also passed me quite easily and headed around the corner to the right.

      I was feeling pretty bad about myself. I'd thought I was a fast walker. But now people were constantly passing me.

      I was now at the corner. I went straight and crossed the street, to a block with an enormous parking lot for a huge shopping center. I walked toward some small mound of lawn bordering the parking lot. I figured I'd just cross over the lawn and go into the parking lot.

      But now the woman who'd passed me a couple moments ago was now crossing up and in front of me again, from the right. I thought she must have been waiting just around the corner, trying to get an idea of when I'd be passing, so she could sneak up on me and pass me again.

      I was now sitting on an L-shaped couch with a couple of "friends," whom I don't recognize now. One was a woman, maybe in her late teens or early twenties. She sat directly to my right. To the woman's right, possibly on the other edge of the L-shaped couch, or maybe right in the corner, sat a young boy.

      The woman and the boy had a backpack between them. The backpack was apparently mine. The woman and boy were joking about some girl who was attracted to me. I wasn't really attracted to her, and my woman "friend" knew it. So she teased me a lot about how much this girl liked me.

      The woman now said something about, what if she took my backpack to the girl, so she could really show the girl what I was like? My clothes were in the backpack. And, by what she'd said, the woman meant that she was going to pull my clothes out of the backpack and show them to the girl.

      The woman illustrated how she was going to do this by pulling some clothes out of the backpack. But a pair of my underwear, some black boxer briefs, popped right out, before everything else. The underwear had a big glob of semen, still wet, right on the inside and front, just below the waistband.

      At first the woman seemed a bit disgusted by this. Then she thought of it only as a reason to tease me even more. She made fun of my personal hygiene, for just throwing a dirty pair of underwear in my backpack. She wondered what the girl who liked me would think of that.

      I was now sitting in a car, in the backseat, on the driver's side. It was daytime. My mom sat in the front seat of the car. She seemed to have her seat moved back as far as possible. I felt pretty smashed in the backseat.

      But somehow I felt comfortable. I was myself, as an adult. But back here, smashed into the seat, I felt comfortable, like I was a little kid all over again.
    10. India (between 7th December 2010 and 8 th December 2010) --- First Dream

      by , 10-16-2011 at 04:20 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I dreamed I was somewhere in India, and was preparing myself for a long journey around the country.
      I began to walk the path ... there was some obstacles involved, some natural and others not.
      I was jumping a yellow wall between two gardens of a poor Indian neighborhood, and when I landed on the other side a bag with food, water and some other belongings was ripped, dropping food and other goods.

      Suddenly a typically Indian-looking kid (dark skin) appeared, he had a dirty white shirt, and helped me get the things that had fallen from the bag. He built a cardboard box, and he put it all the food in that box and gave it to me ...

      I started thinking about the difficulty that I would go to cross the country with a box and not a backpack.
    11. 11/10/11 Tuesday DILD - Aliens in the Institute

      by , 10-13-2011 at 05:25 AM

      I was at my Nanny’s house. There was a toddler/baby there that I was to look after. We had fun singing Fireflies by Owl City in the garage and playing on bikes and scooters in the driveway. But then it began to rain. The rain was torrential. My Nanny put the baby in a cot/box, but it began to fill with water and the baby began to drown. With little time to spare, I picked up the baby and held it upright, banging on its back so that it coughed up water. It was then that I was captured.

      I was in some kind of large building/institute. There were many people my age. I was waiting in line for something that everybody wanted desperately, but I was towards the back of the line. I decided to hop out of line and go sit in a corner by myself. It was just my luck that the head of the institute called random people close to him up, because I was sitting on the edge of his office/platform. With the selected few, he decided to send us on a mission.

      Aliens. Our mission was to investigate and befriend aliens. This went quite smoothly at first. My team and I continued along on foot and found a few aliens. Some of the team were given special upgrades such as wolverine claws or sticky gummy string that came out of their hands. But when we went on the boat to find a certain type of alien, it all went wrong. The aliens looked like red daleks with three heads. Not the robot daleks, the flesh on the inside. The aliens were in a red blimp in the sky. The girl with string powers tried to fly her string up, but it was too short. Somehow, she figured out how to stretch it, and wrapped her string around a tube above her from which she swung herself up like Tarzan would swing from a vine.

      I ran. I jumped. I was going to escape these terrible aliens. I don’t know how I knew they were terrible, I just knew. Somehow, I was teleported to the place in the institute where they held the trouble makers/evil children. I sat next to a girl with wolverine claws. There were lots of aliens around me that we had already researched. I got up to go investigate. There was a passage way with an adult and a small army in neat rows. Somehow I knew that the terrible red aliens would give an electric shock and do something to them, so I yelled out. But they wouldn’t listen, so I ran. It was too late. I was shocked by the wave. It appeared to be electric yellow sparks buzzing around everybody and everything. However, the wave only caused me to keep repeating my previous actions, like a glitch. I figured out how to bypass it, and then fixed the girl with wolverine claws. It was quite a task managing not to get cut by her claws.

      Time jumped. I was on the second level of the institute. My friend Amsie was bragging about what she could do in a dream. She was talking about going to the dream academy and air bending. ‘Pfft, I already know about that!’ I thought. Then she continued talking about finding the portal to the dream academy. That was what triggered me to become lucid. I quickly pinched my nose and found I could breathe in. My dream was becoming unstable so I rubbed my hands together which began to fix the problem. Racing down the stairs I held onto the cool metal of the stair railing, gaining awareness of my surroundings. I examined the person in front of me in detail, indulging myself in my surroundings. Forgetting my dream goals, I decided to fly. It was quite easy, but I had a nagging feeling like I was forgetting something. I decided then that I wanted to try something that I hadn’t succeeded with for ages. I went down the stairs and pictured my friend coming around the next corner. They did, but they ran away and I never caught their face. I kept chasing but they disappeared every time I caught a glimpse of them. I believe this made me lose my lucidity somewhat.

      All were called to arms. Everybody was in the institute and grabbed their backpacks from the massive towers that held backpacks. We all jumped up to the third floor of the institute. I followed an boy, even though he was slow because his backpack was heavy. I didn’t take a backpack because I figured it was a dream and I wouldn’t need it. We ran along a metal grid towards something.

      Side notes: This was the only night since discovering Dream Views that I did not attempt any lucid dream induction techniques. I recall briefly focusing on a dream recall mantra, but nothing else. Next time I will lay out in my mind very clearly what goals I wish to achieve in my next lucid dream. In relation to the friend who ran away, I have received advice from a few Dream Views members and believe that I will be able to handle the situation better next time.
    12. 6/10/2011 - Fly away, magic backpack!

      by , 06-10-2011 at 01:28 PM (TheNinja's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I am in a room that resembles a fancy hotel room, along with 10 or so other people. The door is barracaded and someone outside is trying to break the door down. There is an open window overlooking a three story drop to a manicured lawn below. It is dark out. Everyone is heading toward a big backpack type thing that is hovering in midair. most of them are crawling into the backpack, which is obviously magical, because although it is really big, it can't logically hold the eight people that are climbing into it. It is also hovering in midair.

      "Hurry up Ninja! They'll break throgh the door any second now!"
      Sure enough, the wood is beginning to splinter. I ran over to where the others were waiting, but one of the people climbed into the backpack before I got there, and when I tried to climb in there was no more room.
      I and the girl who had told me to hurry up climb on top of the backpack and hold its straps, which act as the steering (at this point, the backpack doesn't resemble a backpack as much as a speeder bike made out of cloth). We turn to the window just as the door is slammed off it's hinges by this burly security guard. I gun the engine and we shoot out the window as he yells at us to stop (it almost reminds me of the beginning of the second harry potter movie) we hit the lawn and speed off, trying to get to the exit on the grounds. The setting is now changing to my elementary school near the blacktop. We go on, dodging security and I think we escape.

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    13. Fragments...On the Weekend?

      by , 04-22-2011 at 04:02 PM (Typho's DJ)

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      non-lucid , dream fragment