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    1. Shark Bridge River

      by , 07-30-2010 at 02:42 PM
      I had two vivid dreams last night. When I first woke up, I recalled much more. But, I was forced to deal with real life almost instantly. My memory was reduced to only the very last segment of my last dream:

      I was standing with someone on a very rundown, overgrown, bridge. We were throwing explosives into a river about 15ft below. As we did, great white sharks the size of buses would spring out of the water to eat the explosives as they blew up! I remember their eyes rolling back into their heads in a somewhat comical way, but nevertheless, I felt extremely vulnerable like the bridge was about to collapse at any moment.

      I walked off the bridge, turned around to get a close look at it. I expected it to give way into the river, but it was stable. The weeds growing on it, and the cracked aged look was totally realistic.

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    2. The river push!

      by , 06-28-2010 at 05:43 PM
      I was walking home from a day of shenanigans. And then the bridge across the river comes up. It is filled with other kids I don't like. I hold on to the edges and shimmy my way over to the other side so the kids don't push me in. Cole is on the other side of the edge and I am scared so I push him. He then suddenly flies 100+ feet out into the river PLOP! I then go home..
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Butterfly Orangutan

      by , 06-20-2010 at 05:50 PM (From the Drowsy Mind of a Mouse)
      "Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man... Or a bowling ball dreaming I'm a plate of sashimi? Never assume that what you see and feel is real!"
      ~ Doreen, from Chrono Trigger

      Alas, I did assume that everything I saw was real. Breathtaking foolishness, I suppose, considering that if anyone told me that this happened to them in real life, I'd call them an idiot and walk away.

      I was sitting in my car near an old bridge when I looked out the window to see an orangutan looking at me. It was no more than 6 or 7 inches tall, but the coolest part was that it had wings and was flying! I was amazed. After all, flying orangutans don't live in North America. It must have escaped from a zoo or something. Anyway, there it was, just staring at me through the window. I smiled at it, and then it flew over to the bridge. Oftentimes, this bridge has many cars on it. Not in the dream, though! As it was crossing the bridge, I guess it lost its strength and fell into an old brown fisherman's boot. A man and a few other people walked over to try and help it. They took the flying orangutan out of the boot, brushed it off, and held it over the water under the bridge. In real life, there is a deep, moderately fast moving, somewhat polluted river underneath the bridge. The orangutan then jumped out of the man's hand was was flying slowly up the river until its wings gave out again and it fell in. I think it drowned. Then I woke up. That was weird, I thought.

      I saw this thing thought it was perfectly normal, just uncommon. Remember that if you ever comment on my sanity.

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    4. First lucid, sort of

      by , 06-19-2010 at 09:13 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Around 2006-2007

      I was hiking on the left side of a forest-covered valley, a very deep valley with very steep sides. The trees were absolutely huge, and I remember thinking it was one of the coolest dreams I ever had (hence the "semi"-lucid). The scenery reminded me of Rivendell in the Lord of the Rings films...
      I was in company of many people, among whom my father and one of my aunts, and we admired the landscape whilst walking...
      At one point we saw a very long, thin and fragile looking wood bridge that crossed the valley, like 200 feet above the river.
      It was winter and the top of the valley was covered in snow, but as we walked down the snow disappeared.
      The path was narrow, windy and in some places dangerous, the ground crumbling under our feet. As we walked down, we walked under another bridge, a real, solid bridge made of red bricks, we walked near one of its piles...
      Then the trees became even bigger, their roots were enormous, some bigger than us, and covered in green moss, and I remember thinking the trees had to be centuries old.
      Then the little girl downstairs started to have an argument with her mom and I was forced to wake up.
    5. Hanging off the edge of a Bridge?

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:08 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was apparently lucid somehow, and I had it in my mind that I was going to jump off a bridge - you know just to see what would happen. So I'm clinging to the side of the bridge (because apparently all bridges have ladders on the side of them) and I'm looking down thinking Dang that's a long ways down, so I go down the ladder a little further. A guy and his friend yell up to me and ask me what I'm doing. I tell them that I'm gonna jump off this bridge here. Right. He tells me that if I wait until July 4th to jump off the bridge then he'll video tape it. Well that sounds like a good deal to me, so I do one last reality check and find that I have 5 fingers on each hand. Good thing that I didn't jump off the bridge cause apparently I wasn't dreaming!
    6. Not quite lucid (23 July 2004)

      by , 06-05-2010 at 12:14 AM (Way of the Lizard)
      This was also last week. There was stuff leading up to it that I don't remember, but...I was on a freeway curving out over a large, still body of water with some trees growing out of it and lots of greenery along the banks. I didn't have a car, but was just gliding along the road at very high speed (a common dream sign for me). I was going so fast I flew off the road and was heading for the water, and for a second I flashed back to a childhood falling-off-a-bridge-and-drowning dream, and got scared, but then I thought "this whole situation seems familiar, I'll bet I can get out of this." So I slowed my fall, and looked around for a place to land. There was a stump sticking out of the water, and I aimed for it but missed, and I was still losing altitude, so now my legs were dragging in the water. I made another pass, and now there was a statue growing out of the stump, like maybe a statue of a saint in robes with one hand stretched out, and I missed again but saw a tree closer by, and got to that (waist deep in water) and climbed up out.

      So, I figured out I was in a world where I could slow down and control a fall, but didn't figure out it was a dream world.
    7. Link's water dungeon adventure.

      by , 01-12-2010 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with Link from the Legend of Zelda videogame series travelling to outside of a dungeon by a lakeshore with many flowers and ferns. I cannot remember what the dungeon entrance looked like or how Link got in. He is very muscular and "manly" and proceeds with confidence because he can navigate his way and defeat monsters with ease. There is a bouncy spring at the end of the first hall (which is made of blueish grey bricks), that bounces the person who jumps on it across a cavernous room to the next level, which is elevated beyound normal reach. Link jumps on the spring and starts to fly across the extremely large space but notices a floating bridge high up in the air and is able to direct himself towards it.

      Link lands on the stone bridge and walks to the end of it which is blocked by a partially fallen wall. There is a space to squeeze through just big enough for Link and when he's through he is in another extemely large cavernous room, but this one is even bigger than the last and the floor is covered in a deep pool of murky water. The bridge abruptly ends not far from where Link had to squeeze through and it looks as if it has been broken off or crumbled away. Standing at the edge of the bridge and looking to the right, Link can see a tunnel that sits just above the water line and he figures that is where he has to go.

      Just then an enormous sea monster jumps of the water and knocks Link off the edge of the bridge. He falls with the monster into the murky water and kind of panics because he cannot fight or defend himself while swimming and there seems to be no ledges at first upon which he can grab to get out of the water. The pool was calm and still at first but is now thrashy and wavy from the sea monsters movements, making it difficult for Link to keep his head above the water. Many of the waves slam him against the wall of the pool and he sustains damage.

      The movement of the waves forces Link to the opposite end of the pool from where the exit tunnel is and for the first time he notices that there are other people in the water, also trying to stay afloat. Link sticks his head under the surface and sees the bottom of the pool, which is shallower in this end than the other and there is seaweed growing on the bottom. The other people in the water consist of several men of various ages and a young woman with short brown hair. When the water has settled down the people and Link swim over to the tunnel and pull themselves out of the water.

      Link sees that the young woman is wearing a short skirt, low cut top and leather jacket and he feels attracted to her. She looks seductively at him then walks down the tunnel. Link wants to follow but can't because the old man starts talking to him saying that the people have to live in this tunnel because the sea monster has trapped them there. He doen't explain why they were in the water however.

      There are bunks on the side of the tunnel and some of the younger men and Link lay down on them. When it seems that everyone else is asleep, Link gets up and walks down the tunnel. He turns a corner and finds that it comes to a dead end because the tunnel is blocked by metal grates and stuff. The young woman is there and Link goes over to her and they start making out. Some of the young men from the group come looking for them and they stop what they are doing and try to act nochalant. One of the young boys asks Link to follow him.

      I cannot remember anymore of the dream.

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    8. The Wolf Pack

      by , 09-26-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am walking through the neighbouring backyards towards my parent's house. As I get closer to my parent's backyard I see that there is a large, suspended wooden and rope bride that goes back into a vast forest behind their house. The forest is like the one that existed there when I was a kid but this one isn't small and continues far out into horizon, what would in reality the rest of the city, now untouched wilderness. The day is bright and warm and their is a clear blue sky. It is close to the end of summer and some of the trees are starting to change colour and drop their leaves.

      At the foot of the bridge is a pack of wolves play fighting with each other. They are not small but seem not quite adults yet. There are about five or six wolves and they are wide varieties of colours. One wolf is almost completely white except for a patch of black on his face and left side. One wolf is completely black. One wolf is kind of brownish grey and the rest were grey and white. I have the sense that there are several species of wovles present, but they run and play together as if they were one pack, one family.

      A few of the wolves take notice of me but do not approach or make any hostile gestures but seem nervous. I think that it is so cool that not only is there an endless forest behind my parent's house but there are wolves living in it. The wolves stop playing and gather into a circle with their heads pointing in. I hear one of them say something in a strange mix of wolf growls and human speech, but the sound wasn't horrible nor hard on the ears. It was almost musical. When he is done talking all the wolves look up at me, then back at themselves, then back at me (which kind of freaks me out a little) before suddenly turning towards the bridge and running along it into the forest.

      Almost at the same time many people arrive with cameras and binoculors, from around front of my parent's house, and ask where they can find a newly released pack of wolves. They are tourists and they want to see the wolves in their new home. I suddenly feel very protective of the wolves and demand that the people get out of my backyard. I feel that they will not be able to survive if tourists are allowed to disturb their privacy all year round. I have the overpowering urge to run down the bridge and try to catch up with the wolf pack. I do not get on the bridge right away but wait until all the tourists are gone. I do not want any one to follow me.

      When it is safe I start running along the bridge and it twists and turns through the thick forest. I run for some time but do not seem to get tired no matter how fast or far I run, but running on the bridge is difficult because it sways and rocks quite a bit and I do not want to fall off of it (even though it is suspended, it actually is not that far off the ground). After a while a small clearing appears and the suspended bridge comes to and end at a small wooden stair that leads down to the ground and to a wooden boardwalk that continues on into the forest. My unlimited endurance disappears and it is now very tiring to follow this path. I continue on along the boardwalk anyway and as I walk I pass or am passed by all sorts of people dressed for autumn hiking.

      I suddenly become aware this forest is a national park. The wolves being reintroduced is a big deal or something because it is the first project of it's time (to reintroduce wolves into the wild so far south in Ontario) but the reason why most of my home town has disappeared and been replaced with a forest is not revealed in the dream and I am confused as to why the edge of the national park is literally in my backyard. Why is it so close to the edge of the city? I walk for a while and the boardwalk comes to an end. A well worn path in the earth continues on for a bit before splitting into two directions at the bottom of a steep hill. The path leading right circles around the hill along a marshy lake or pond. The left path is straight up the steep hill and over. I choose the path on the left because there are less people on it and it seems to lead back into the nature reserve. I am still hoping that I can find the wolves, though I start to feel that I am doing exactly what I want to save them from: constant disurbance of their privacy. I come to at what I first thought was a clearing but turned out to be the sudden end of the forest. I walk out into a parking lot for visitors to the national park. The sun is begining to set.

      The parking lot circles around the north park of the park and comes to an octangular tower, beyond which is a soccer field and a rose garden combination. There are many people standing around a fountain in the right side of the field. The fountain is covered with a rose bush that has large, bright red roses on it. The vividness and beauty of the roses seems to contrast the unusually large black thorns hiding underneath the flowers. I walk through the feild and on the other side is a street with houses along it. I see the pack of wolves running up the street towards an overpass that has a large drainage pipe that leads along the ground back into the nature reserve.

      I try to catch up with the wolves but they run into the drainage pipe. The wolf that is white with black patches watches me for a moment, like he is waiting for me to catch up before taking off into the pipe as well. I reach and enter the drainage pipe and find that there is ankle deep water and debris. I cannot see the end of the tunnel but parts of it are lit up by light shining through sewer grates along the top. The dream becomes fuzzy and I do not remember exiting the pipe but somehow I end up in the forest behind my parent's house near the suspended wood and rope bridge.

      I run along it again, and when it reverts to a path through the forest, this time it leads to an field beside a large cliff. On the side of the cliff is a glass display case containing a minature representation of a city which is labelled "Old London" and I know it is refering to my hometown of London, Ontario.

      I cannot remember anymore of this dream.
    9. Several stores and an island zoo.

      by , 08-07-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There are two shop keepers (a husband and wife) who seem really creepy and insist I view their wares. They hover over me at all times and are very intrusive. Their shop is outdoors and consists of only two large bookshelves loaded with vhs tapes, dvds, and many different versions of the Bible. The couple will not let me leave until I buy something. Because I cannot see anything I am interested in, I try to stall by picking up some chinese sweet and sour chicken balls which are sitting by a coffee maker on a little table betweeb the bookshelves.

      The shop keepers get upset that I am eating chinese food because it is "not very christian of me." I tell them that I am not a christian and they get extremely angry, but just then other customers arrive and start browsing around, taking the shopkeeper's attention off of me. I look through the dvds hoping to find something interesting and notice that almost all of them are in foriegn languages. I eventually find a nature documentary in english on tigers (my favourite animal) and hastily make a retreat from the little outdoor shop. It is not until I am quite far away from there that I realize I did not pay for the dvd, which I find amusing.

      I cross a large field until I come to a road. I follow the road and it leads into a temperate forest. I walk for a long time until I see a large big box department store in the middle of the forest and go in. The place is huge but I do not see anyone around. I walked past the eletronics section and picked up a set of headphones that has a super long cord. I put the headphones on and have the overwhelming desire to plug them in. I feel that I cannot leave the big box department store until I do so.

      I came across a large stereo system and try to plug the headphones in, but I cannot find the outlet. An eletronics department attendant suddenly shows up and plugs them in for me. I walk away from there, even though the headphones are still plugged in, and head towards the exit. The cord is long enough to let me make it to the other side of the store. When I exit the place, I discard the headphones and cross the small parking lot to a large highway that leads out of the forest. There are no people or cars anywhere in sight.

      I follow the highway for a long while before it dissapears around a large hill. I do not follow the road anymore and walk straight up the hill. There is another hill beyond a small plateau and I can see some sort of walkway or bridge at the entrence of some sort of park. The bridge looks as if it is made of bronze and has art nouveau designs all over it. I walk under the bridge and see that the park ahead of me is some sort of zoo or animal sanctuary. I turn around and see that the bridge has disappeared. The hills are gone as well and it seems that I am on an island as all I can see is water behind me.

      The animals of the park are not in cages and roam around freely like the people. I am afraid that I am going to see someone get mauled, but the animals are content to ignore the humans as long as no one bothers them. I see another hill and walk towards it (I am constantly going "up" in this dream). A white male lion chases a yellow male lion down the hill towards me. Just as I fear that I am going to get run down, the yellow lion turns suddenly. The white lion barely misses me as it attempt the same turn to keep up with his target. I lose sight of the lions behind some trees. I realize that there seems to be no more people or animals around and I feel like I am alone on the island.

      Suddenly, a huge anthropormorphic rhino wielding an axe, appears out of nowhere and starts chasing me. Despite its large size it is incredibly fast and I have no time to think about what to do other then run. Because I am not fast enough, and I tire quickly, the giant rhino quickly runs me down and I get an axe in the back. I die but I don't die. A reset screen appears infront of me, like a videogame, and I am given the choice of choosing a new character, or continuing as myself. The two other character choices are large muscular men in loincloths. After a brief WTF?! moment on my part, I select "myself" and get ready to run again. I am placed back at the part where the rhino appears out of nowhere and I automatically turn and start running. I can hear him closing in behind me but I jump and grab a low hanging tree branch and scramble up as fast as I can. This gives me a chance to catch my breath and plan my next move.

      The rhino cannot follow me up the tree but he circles it a few times before getting the idea to strike the tree trunk with his massive battle axe. I feel somthing in my boot and pull out a small combat knife. I jump out of the tree while he is distracted and circle behind. I stab the rhino in the small of the back with the knife, which cripples him, and he can no longer chase me. I walk up the hill and find myself surrounded by many lions lounging about. I assume they are male because they all have thick manes. In the distance I can see a white temple or castle and there is a large, black, winged dragon wrapped around the tallest tower.
    10. Domino Park

      by , 12-19-1999 at 07:03 AM
      Morning of December 19, 1999. Sunday.

      Zsuzsanna and I have our own land, it seems, which is somewhat like a public park otherwise. Access is across a somewhat shaky rope and plank bridge, seemingly over a “bottomless” ravine that does not seem that feasible or safe to use on a regular basis. The directional orientation of the whole area eventually changes, becoming perpendicular to its previous layout (for example, even the long cliff, running east/west seems to change to being north/south), and causes me to focus on, and vaguely puzzle over that more than other earlier aspects as I know it is the “same” location, though at that point I seem disembodied or floating high up over the region. I am not sure what town or area is on the other side of the ravine in either direction - though it is not that defined and seems a wholly fictional place anyway.

      We are mostly indulging in lovemaking, though I am wary of people watching (even with binoculars from the other side of the ravine - though they may be seeking to view something else, perhaps looking for rare birds). I am not as concerned about others using the bridge even though it is a strong possibility, I would guess. The “buildings”, which seem somewhat incomplete, are made up of very large dominoes, at least three feet long, and some of the structures are not realistic for habitation, and there is a slight awareness of what to do concerning the fact that there do not appear to be roofs on any building. I try to remain behind a randomly arranged set of domino walls, but then realize the view in the other directions are wide open. Some attempts are made to change the arrangement, in which case the dominoes are not that hard to move. The immediate area mostly appears as random single walls (single dominoes) at slightly different angles. There is no actual confrontation with the public.

      When I was much younger, I sometimes built structures out of dominoes (only in my room when living in Cubitis), such as isolated staircases up and through a hallway and small rooms with roofs within a larger “house” or “castle”, which I found enjoyment and even mystery in. In fact, I enjoyed it more than any sessions with Lincoln Logs or Lego. I had a few sets of dragon dominoes, though some of a slightly different shade and a few that seemed to be from another set or company (though most had the dragon design, others with a flower-like pattern).

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    11. Dream Interrupts Dream

      by , 11-03-1977 at 05:03 PM
      Morning of November 3, 1977. Thursday.

      This was one of the only times a dream seemed to be interrupted by a different dream in an atypical, somewhat startling fashion. I was in one dream and then another dream “broke into it” like a radio broadcast very suddenly “drowning out” another with a completely different degree of awareness.

      My second dream was much more vivid than the first (and with growing lucidity). In the first dream, I seem to be at a television studio yet not fully present (not disembodied, just not directly in the environment), the ceiling being about twelve feet high. The New Mouseketeers, all dressed in plain white clothes, seem to be involved in some sort of unlikely science-fiction movie or televised special (perhaps live) but they are also dancing on roller skates and moving past the camera several times without the camera panning in any way. When I look around, I mostly see very large white cubes, almost like steps (but too tall to use as steps and about three cubes high closest to the walls), but possibly containers. It seems fairly dark and isolated in some areas of the huge building (but not completely dark in any areas) and the otherwise featureless warehouse-like setting. Their dancing, motions, and singing (which I think the main line or title is “The World’s a Balloon”) becomes slightly annoying (almost perceived as bizarre) though they seem to be getting a bit more enthusiastic and practiced in their performance, almost frenzied in fact, but in a comedic sense.

      Suddenly, there is a clearer awareness of mood and location that jumps like a needle on a record and I am in a different dream flying over Key West almost as if I had been plucked from one dream (of a completely different level of clarity and awareness) and put into another. Even the depth perception seems quite different and somewhat enhanced. A very long bridge stretches out over the ocean as I watch the cars move over it as I fly along. It is extremely vivid though the ocean is a deep purple. Everything else looks normal including the sky. Dreams do have a tendency to jump from scene to scene in some cases, but this was actually like a different type of experience, like actually “changing channels” and a quite different mental awareness at the same time.

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    12. The “Frame-up” (with Huey, Dewey, and Louie)

      by , 07-17-1977 at 01:17 PM
      Morning of July 17, 1977. Sunday.

      Disney’s cartoon ducks Huey, Dewey, and Louie are all on one unicycle. Each one is on the shoulders of the previous. The duck sitting on the actual unicycle and steering it ends up going off the road after going over a bridge, and landing in the river. The other two blame him.

      “This is not my fault,” he says. “It’s a frame-up!”

      “What’s a frame?” asks another.

      “It’s something that holds a picture.”

      “What’s a pitcher?”

      “Something that holds wateh (water)!”

      “What’s Wateh?”

      “Something we’re up to our necks to in!”

      Although this short “adventure” was not much for precognition, it does remind me of a story I heard from someone else later in real life whom had recently also came to Australia. He said he had gone into a restaurant and said “water”. The person behind the counter acted as if they did not understand even when he repeated it. Finally, he said, he slapped his hand down, very loudly and “clearly” saying “WAH-TAH!” and then they understood. I viewed this dream as if floating in front of the scene, which is three-dimensional even though it is like a cartoon.

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    13. "Tiko’s Treasure"

      by , 11-29-1975 at 07:38 AM
      Morning of November 29, 1975. Saturday.

      Yet another one of the many thousands of rather pointless precognitive dreams I have had, this one from 1975 (there being a couple other more “sparse” versions in 1977). This one was based on a (at the time fictional in premise) sequel, or rather remake of “Ti-Koyo e il suo pescecane” which I knew at the time as “Tiko and the Shark” (1962). I always really liked the movie even though I later discovered that I had only ever seen the drastically cut version prior, on the “CBS Children’s Film Festival” a few times, and learned there was some postcognition involved as well. What is interesting is that I had not actually known that even the full original movie had Tiko as an adult later on from what I have read about it as in my dream, which was very accurate in parts as if I was seeing something actually real but only in my dream - to rectify a closer connection, validated only much later on, as with the majority of my childhood dreams, especially when relating to movies in a more trivial sense.

      My dream was yet again very precise in certain precognitive nuances but lacking in others. The (again, at the time) fictional remake had “Bora Bora” in the title (I did not even really associate this with the real-life Tiko movie at the time - but only with the term “south seas”). In real life, a few years later, the actual remake was out. Coincidentally, I had found myself watching it at a sister’s house and found it interesting, but not as nostalgic of course, as the original - although I was mostly quite used to detailed and multi-layered precognition on a day to day basis, it seemed very eerie that this obscure movie was even remade in the first place. The full title (the new version made in 1979 but supposedly not released until 1981) was “Beyond the Reef - Sharkboy of Bora Bora”. In my dream, my best friend Toby T and I were on an old and very long and no longer used bridge or pier in Bora Bora and discussing the movie from a sort of implied critical stance, and at the same time, we were somehow going into the future and reflecting on Tiko’s life, as we spoke, as if he was a real character with family and such. Once we were in the future (which seems strange, as Tiko was actually from the past), the bridge vanished (since I guess it had collapsed by then - or maybe we were going into the past and it had yet to be built, sometimes dreams are strange this way - but our talking seemed to manifest where we were going at any rate) and I was left in the water with a concern about sharks. I see many shark fins, but am not attacked (in the actual movie, Tiko had a “pet” shark that supposedly even “purred” like a cat). Somehow, though, Toby was still on the bridge in the distance. At one point, it seems I become Tiko (Ti-Koyo in the non-dubbed uncut version).

      There is another (fictional) movie suggested in my dream (which did not turn out to relate to anything to my knowledge and in my dream seems more like some sort of “making of” documentary) called “Tiko’s Treasure”. There is a weird scene where it seems that there are bowling balls floating around everywhere near shore, but also called “black pearls” (Tiko’s “treasure”?) and where a grass hut is (near the end of my dream). However, it turns out that they are actually empty coconuts that someone painted up to look like bowling balls for some reason, or maybe also as black pearls to fool treasure hunters. The grass hut also seems to be some sort of place to buy tickets for the “Tiko and the Shark” remake. There are also some “fake” villages (like movie sets) for tourists as apparently in real life (which I found out about years later).

      Once again, my dreams presented a highly unlikely idea with a few precise nuances in the otherwise mess that turned out to be precognitive after all.

      In an unrelated dream with a similar idea of going out over a long bridge over the ocean, I see a girl (unknown) standing near the side, on the walkway, but facing towards me. There are no cars, as it seems an unusual time late at night or early in the morning. When I walk towards her, though, everything vanishes from underneath me, and I fall into the ocean. This was a very vivid dream experience.
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    14. Anglerfish (exploring emergent consciousness autosymbolism)

      by , 10-02-1975 at 04:02 PM
      Morning of October 2, 1965. Saturday.

      My dream contains scenes of a red anglerfish of which I mostly perceive as just below the surface of the water each time. I am walking in Pettibone Park with Marilyn (an older half-sister on my mother’s side) and her husband Bob, mostly going southeast, from the Barron Island area. They do not seem to notice the fish or show any concern. I do not feel threatened at any point, only somewhat wary of being near the particular area of water it is in at different times.

      I am aware that this ugly fish is possibly a threat to nature in that it is apparently eating all the fish in a smaller pond. There is one point where it appears to be the only fish left. There is also an idea that it may be drinking all the water that it is in, although I also consider that the water is lowering naturally (though in real life, it is mostly only one main body of water in the area, though the water did rise and lower based on another area being used for barge traffic). There are scenes where the fish seems to teleport to different bodies of water ahead of us as we walk through the park, including a rut that I reason was made by a tractor, the rut having been filled with rain a day or two earlier. I also get the impression at one point that it can breathe out of water, at least for a short time.

      There is a thought that it has certain human characteristics and perhaps can speak, though it never speaks in my dream. Still, I consider that it may be able to communicate by thought with its “antenna” (esca). There is an expectant awareness when there seems to be a “channel open” in a similar way as a radio being on a station without an audible broadcast (a sparsely recurring dream state awareness caused by being subliminally aware of being in the dream state). This scene occurs while we all stand on a small bridge, which is an altered version of the South Pettibone Drive bridge in that it curves upward towards the middle (the alteration being a result of biological vestibular system dynamics).

      Key factors:

      • Water lowering waking symbolism, common autosymbolism for the cessation of the dream state, unrelated to waking life. Water otherwise symbolizes the absence of emotion and the essence of sleep and unconsciousness.
      • Bridge, autosymbolism for the imminent return to consciousness, unrelated to waking life.
      • Anglerfish as emergent consciousness autosymbolism whereas fish and other water denizens as emergent consciousness autosymbolism is otherwise very common.
      • This dream was primarily influenced by “The Outer Limits” episode “Tourist Attraction”, seen just prior to sleep. However, the fish-like creatures in “The Outer Limits” episode had arms and legs.
      • Some deep-sea anglerfish emit light from their esca. While this may simply be autosymbolism for the increase of neural energy in the waking transition, it may also hint at transpersonal communication in liminal space and what later in my life became the Blue Flame Event with Zsuzsanna. This is despite the influence of “Tourist Attraction” with the fish-like creatures emitting ultrasonic pulses.
      • The color red typically only becomes a factor of dream-self focus when I have slept too long.
      • My original childhood dream journal title was “The Devilfish”, not because I had any concern or belief in any “devil” but because it was red and additionally vaguely associated with Hot Stuff, the Harvey Comics character.
      • Obviously, there were no anglerfish in the region in real life.
      • To see the location of my dream’s last scene, Google “310 south pettibone drive la crosse wi” in quotes and select “Street View”, though the area has changed somewhat since the 1960s.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Run From the Brontosaurus

      by , 12-08-1971 at 02:52 PM
      Morning of December 18, 1971. Saturday. (Original date corrected and validated.)

      My childhood dream of being followed by a brontosaurus (apatosaurus) across a bridge until I decided to jump (and by which, after seemingly falling a fair distance, I then landed heavily on a window which then broke, cutting into my feet) was based on a hodgepodge of real-life experiences:

      1. The movie “Dinosaurus” (1960) which I first saw at my older sister’s (Marilyn) Rose Street apartment in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1966 as well as reading the Dell comic book adaptation at the time.

      2. The redundantly titled movie “The Giant Behemoth” (1959) which I first saw in the late 60s in Florida.

      3. An accident that I had as a toddler that nearly severed my left hand, caused by my fall upon a broken larger glass mug (including one larger triangular piece) from a higher distance that broke just prior to my fall upon it. I still have the large scar, which, amusingly enough, looks much like a reversed map of Florida (that winds around my wrist), where it happened.

      4. A real life location - the playground at my elementary school in Florida, which was quite realistic in orientation and overall appearance (unlike in many cases with other dreams).

      5. A real life location - the El Jobean bridge in Port Charlotte, Florida, but which looked much longer and more like a suspension bridge in my dream (probably with superimposed details from one of the many monster movies I saw when younger).

      6. My home in Cubitis, my dream starting near the front of the rabbit shed in the backyard.

      There is a brontosaurus (apatosaurus) near the front of our rabbit shed near the doorway very early in the morning (as it is still dark out). It was apparently somehow frozen and dug up during some work my father was doing to make a larger rabbit farm. Just as in the “Dinosaurus” movie, the brontosaur comes to life with a lightning strike and a somewhat quirky stop motion animation feel (which many of my childhood dreams had).

      However, instead of the brontosaur being tame and even friendly as in the more comedic “Dinosaurus” movie, it then assumes a presence of actually being more like the creature from “The Giant Behemoth” and, sensing potential danger (but at the same time having a vague awareness that in actuality I am instigating the chase for potential excitement as in almost all such dreams), I decide to take precaution and simply run as fast and as far south from my home as I can. Getting to the El Jobean bridge in Port Charlotte (which has somewhat of a superimposed location awareness as something I saw relating to a London bridge in a movie I think, as again, the El Jobean bridge does not have the features of a suspension bridge in the middle section other than in my dream), I decide to cross, as there are no cars anywhere (yet I also get some sort of fleeting impressions of almost toy-like cars of various colors such as green, blue, and red, from the 1940s being around somewhere). I get this feeling that such a large creature would not be able to cross the bridge and even if he/she did, the bridge would probably collapse (and perhaps I would then be safe on the other side). The dinosaur is of a darker blackish green color with sort of an oily appearance, not quite scaly. (The “brontosaur” in the “The Giant Behemoth” movie is actually more tyrannosaurus-like relating to head and such, but in my dream, it is still a bit more like the one from “Dinosaurus”.)

      I get about halfway to two-thirds of the way across the bridge when I see the brontosaur still following me - oriented somewhat more to the west than where I am. I am somewhat concerned that the bridge may collapse “too soon” (before I get all the way across), so in assuming some sort of “dream logic” I start to climb over the east side of the bridge (the side that would also be oriented towards the direction of my home) and jump, hoping the bridge, if or when it falls, will not fall on or near me.

      After I fall, I land heavily, feet flat and somehow standing (but knees bending slightly from the force), going through one of the panes of a large wooden four-paned window. The feeling and event is probably also borrowed (as well as from the toddler experience of the fall and the deep wrist cut) from real life events where I used to jump from the monkey bars at school as well as foundation pillars (a little less than roof level) of the shed my father was building and usually landing feet flat and standing (trying this later on, when a teenager, I felt a tremendous pain in my groin as well as hurting both my legs, so that was the last time I did that - so perhaps this dream was also a warning which I did not heed).

      I then briefly feel intense cold pain in my feet (similar to the feeling in my wrist I vaguely remember from the accident as a toddler). A sort of numbness is there but it does not really bother me that much. The “crash” of the window breaking was fairly loud to me but somewhat staccato (due to it lying on the ground I suppose). I look around and wonder why I landed in the western side of the playground of my school (seemingly on a weekend) and not the ocean. In fact, I am nowhere near the ocean and feel a bit puzzled. The dinosaur threat has seemingly completely vanished as well.

      However, I need to take care of the matters at hand so I then sit down on the ground and begin to pull the large, flat, triangular pieces of glass from the bottom of my feet (the glass sections covering nearly the entire area of both my feet). There is hardly any blood, curiously enough. It seems to be in the morning, perhaps around seven o'clock. The brontosaur was struck by lightning and came to life around nine at night, yet the bridge chase seemed to occur around late afternoon or early evening just prior to sunset, so this dream had unusual time distortions.

      There seemed to be a sequel years later. (See link.)

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