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    1. Tinkerbell

      by , 04-21-2016 at 04:17 PM
      I had a dream that I was going to watch Peter Pan the musical and they needed a Tinkerbell so someone dragged me out of the audience and asked if I would do it. I didn't have a chance to agree before I was thrown into a costume and told to react like her (she didn't have any lines). So the whole play I'm just kinda jumping around like a maniac hoping my wig won't fall off. Weird.
    2. Random but fairly long or vivid bunch of dreams

      by , 12-17-2014 at 04:52 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 14, 2014

      Where's Zukin?!

      I was at Zukin's co-op, but it was actually my house back home. Apparently, everyone who lived there slept in a communal bedroom, which happened to be where my room is in the house IWL. The only guy in my master's program was my bed-mate (apparently everyone shared a king-size bed with someone else), but H and K were visiting, and took up too much space on the bed, so he had to sleep on the floor next to the bed.

      At some point during the day, I was looking for Zukin. I looked everywhere for her, including at her bed and even in a random grocery store (that, now that I think of it, was a pool. Hahaha!). I got back to the co-op, and see some people watching a movie. I asked them if they know where Zukin is, and one of them says they saw her in the kitchen doing dishes. I went to the kitchen, which was located where the family room is IWL, and finally found her as she was coming out of the kitchen.

      She opened a large freezer, and pulled out a tray of sorts. It created a neat little workspace or something. She cracked two eggs onto the tray-thing. At first I am like wtf is she doing, but as I watch, the eggs sort of freeze hard on contact, and then bubble and fizz and start cooking. Apparently if you get eggs cold enough they jump right to cooking :D

      Zukin and I go outside and head for a restaurant or arcade of some sort, and she is ahead of me. I say something, and she turns back toward me, and something behind me catches her eye. She ran past me and told me to follow her because she "suddenly remembered it was today."

      I turn and see her running toward a tractor and find that there is a corn field. We get on the cart behind the tractor, to ride Charlie's Pumpkin Ride through the cornfield, but Zukin rolled off the tractor and fell through the ground. I reached through the ground to help her up, but she rolls off the cart and fell through the ground again. Then I woke up.

      A is Starring in a Musical

      After falling back asleep, I dreamt that I was part of a play in which my old good friend A was starring. Apparently she knew some old guys who were like family friends, and who were famous play writes. They really wanted her to star in this play. So she and one of the old men were front and center on stage, with lots of men in identical black outfits playing instruments behind them. They were singing and dancing, and A eventually pulled up a group of women in red. She would reach out into the "audience" for one of them, pull their hand, and they were all attached to strings and would fly to one of the men with instruments and dance with them. I had a bird's eye perspective on one of the girls going haywire and crashing out stage left.

      Later in the play, A's character tragically dies, and after that I saw her in the bathroom vomiting. I asked if she was alright, and she said she was okay, but she got her clothes all dirty. I told her to stay there, and I ran to backstage and asked people if there were any spare clothes for her to wear. My dad was there, and apparently was in charge of hardware and equipment. He lead me to A's locker and helped me open it, but the dream faded before I had the chance to get the clothes.

      Grassy Mountain Ridge

      A beautiful fragment about riding a bike along a grassy mountain ridge. I went back and forth on a ridge, and then met up with some people near the top. We crawled through some bushes, and came to an elaborate gate blocked off with some weird scheme. We got past the blockade, and entered into a beautiful, grown-over ancient temple courtyard of some sort. There were four aqueducts that converged in this circular courtyard type place, but one of them was being diverted to a different area which we weren't able to reach. The rest of them powered and decorated the temple.


      I was in a large maze-like house with some people. I kept switching POVs in this dream so I'm not really even quite sure what all was going on. Someone had been murdered, I know that. I was either Yukina, or her friend, or Shigure (Yukina and Shigure being the MCs of a manga) throughout the dream.

      Basically, we were all in a house together because we were trying to protect Yukina, who was being suspected as the murderer. When I was her friend, I sometimes suspected her too, but when I was Shigure, I knew she was innocent. Yukina herself didn't know she was a suspect, though. We were trying to keep it from her or something.

      I think the one who was murdered was a girl who had been in love with Yukina's childhood friend, or something, and because people thought Yukina loved him as well, she was a top suspect. But when I was Shigure, I knew something most of them didn't: she was actually in love with Shigure and they were dating secretly. Or something.

      Anyways, there were lots of scenes flashing all over the place, some flashing multiple times at various points in the scene.

      It was all very cinematic and kinda trippy. I'm surprised I am able to make any sense of it at all, but I just knew what was going on in the dream itself.

      It turned out that another guy with us was actually the murderer. Apparently he was like SUPER obsessed with the school's basketball team. Yukina's childhood friend was a member of the team, and apparently this creepy obsessed guy had murdered any girls who had been in love with any of the key players, so that the players wouldn't be distracted by girls and be able to devote all their time to playing.

      But the childhood friend had turned out to be in love with Yukina, and so the obsessed guy was going to kill her next, because she was the biggest threat to the team yet.

      The scene in which I found this out was at the same time terrifying and just awkward, because I was Shigure in this scene (and yet had a POV of watching myself), and I was searching a sewer for some reason. The obsessed guy came up behind me and at first I'm all "oh sheesh you scared me there!" But then I spot the corner of a shirt underneath his sweater. "Wh-what is that shirt...?" I ask, putting the pieces slowly together as the obsessed guy slowly walks toward me with a grin. He takes off his sweater to reveal a team shirt from the basketball team, and I suddenly just knew exactly what had happened. It was just sort of... comical.

      Then I was Yukina's friend and Shigure alternating, both of them running through the house to find Yukina. But she is not in her room, and when we get outside, I think I am ME for once, and I realize we were in my Oma's house all along. I see my family waving an ambulance away, and they're all smiling for some reason. I yell, "WHY ARE YOU SMILING?!" And they said that Yukina-chan would be alright. They were grateful for some guy named Arthur who had sent her to the hospital because she would have died. But it was all part of the obsessed guy's plot and now she was in even more danger than before. I shoved "Arthur" down and shouted something about it not being his dicision to make whether she goes to the hospital or not. Then I woke up.

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    3. 9-20-14 "Check out this sweet telescope!"

      by , 09-23-2014 at 09:01 PM
      I was walking around downtown Chicago. There was this huge canvas tent that took up an entire city block. It was several stories tall and had different floors inside it. I stepped inside.

      It was like this huge antique store with lots of fancy, expensive stuff. One dealer came up to me, and he was like, "Check out this awesome telescope I've got for sale!" I checked it out. "Look at how easy it is to fold up! I mean, look at how smoothly all the little wheels work!" He showed me all the bells and whistles, but I was unimpressed, so I moved on.

      I went up to like the middle story of the tent. There were lots of naked women sitting around. I was totally unprepared for that, and it made me really embarrassed. (You bet.) They were apparently dancers in a musical that was happening in a playhouse across the street, and they were getting into their costumes. One lady with nothing on below the waist came up to me and took me by the arm. Apparently, part of her outfit were these flesh-toned pantyhose with pubic hair glued to the genital area, and it had gone missing. (Supposedly it was to make her appear to be naked without actually having to BE naked.) She wanted me to find them for her, but I couldn't.

      Then all the performers cleared out, except for about three people. One in particular I noticed. She was sitting on the floor, listening to one of the other two tell a story. It was apparently a funny story, and she laughed a lot and seemed to enjoy herself.
    4. College and the Bloody Musical, and Being Taught to Fill a Syringe

      by , 09-10-2014 at 01:55 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in college. It was the first day of the semester. I was in what looked like the break room at work putting things in a locker.

      I was then in a theater in a theater class. Dallas was the teacher. He was showing us footage of a musical that he wanted us to do. It was about this group of people who just went around and shot people. I wanted to be in the chorus, not a main character, and I said so to Dallas/the class. I then thought about Dallas and this was his first time directing a musical. I knew he'd be nervous, especially on opening night.

      We kept watching the footage. It was quite the bloody show. People would get shot, and there would be a lot of blood.

      I then was in the locker/break room again. I was sitting at the table in there. A lady gave me a sheet back with grades on it. I was doing really well! Not all perfect scores, but lots of good scores. I thought about how this time around I was going to all my classes, as opposed to all the other times when I would neglect a class all semester and fail it or have to drop it (this never happened IWL, but has in my dreams many times).

      I was then back in the class, but this time, I was on stage with some other girls. We were the shooters at some sort of outdoor party underneath a pavilion. I remember something about trying to load a silver gun for one of the other girls. I loaded it up alright, but was having trouble turning off the safety and getting it ready to shoot. Someone took it from me and did it themselves.

      I then was in some sort of formation with the girls. It was a T shaped formation, with two in the front and the rest of us behind in a single file. There were maybe 5 of us total. I was second, being only behind the two in the front. It was then like we were very deep underwater, thought the pavilion was still there and everything, and we had to link our arms together in a special way while at the same time plugging our ears because of the water pressure change. It was weird. We were being directed how to do so by some people talking to us, I believe my mom was one of them. I was looking in front of me, and saw that my dad was one of the people in front of me. He had this tube coming out of the back of his head by his ear with a plastic bubble around it. There was pink liquid medicine in the bubble. I somehow got it to go in the tube, because that's how he was taking his medicine, but it came right back out again. Um...not sure what to do about this. He had no idea what was going on with the meds, and for some reason, I didn't tell him. I somehow got him to tilt his head forward, and the meds went back in the tube. Some came out again. Ugh.

      Then, we were getting ready to go up to the surface. We linked arms in the weird way we were supposed to, but I couldn't get my hands up to my ears to plug them. It was too late though, we were racing up to the surface quite fast. I heard my mom's voice call out
      "Protect your ears!"
      I was trying really hard to get my hands to my ears. I got my left one, but my right one was still uncovered. I couldn't get my hand to it. My right ear started to ring and I felt a lot of pressure in it.

      I then woke up before we hit the surface.


      I was being taught how to fill a syringe with medication for shots. A woman was showing me how to do it. We filled this syringe with a medicine that looked like apple juice. She didn't have me tap it for air bubbles, and I thought back to seeing nurses doing that with syringes that had the glass shaped in such a way that it looked like bubbles connected together. I don't know how else to describe it, and I can't find a good picture on the internet to show you what I mean. I asked the woman about that. I don't remember her response, but for some reason, we didn't have to tap the type of syringe we were using for bubbles. I guess only the people with the bubble-shaped syringes had to do that. I assumed something about them also being amateurs.

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    5. Nothing much

      by , 01-15-2012 at 06:04 AM

      Nothing much. At one point, I was talking to this old guy, and later I was at a weird sort of musical instrument store. Not weird enough to warrant question, but how the guitars were arranged was weird.
    6. UBS, swimming pool and the lion king play

      by , 01-03-2012 at 07:05 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      This dream is an early one and I don't remember it very well....

      one part is that I am with some family and we go to a water park or so.
      We buy to the dad a big kind of trophy made of turkish sugar.... it looks like two twisting walls and a bar in the middle. At one point, when they start to eat it, I tell them that I wanted to weigh it as I believe it had more than three kilograms. They somewhat argue with me.

      Then we jump to the water.... I remember swimming under the water in the swimming pool.. it was pretty deep.

      another scene is in the garage on my house. I have parked our car and there is some other guy somewhat interfering with it. My mum wants something from me. I think there is some key hassle or so.

      I also remember going to a theatre that looks like the new building that is being build at UBS. I get there and there are two girls that I was supposed to watch the play with. I think it was The Lion King. But when I get there it is over. I suggest that we stay and watch another play, as they may play it again right after. But the stage is being all cleaned up and reorganised. Those girls say that this was the last time they played it. I don't feel very bad at all... I don't know why.
    7. Aug 29

      by , 08-29-2011 at 01:03 PM (Doctor's Dreams)
      A Long Message and Musical Numbers

      I was doing more college goodbyes. Basically I was hanging with my buddy Peter and it was late at night and we were telling each other jokes. I had decided to look at my facebook inbox and saw that Ian's message was actually a lot longer than I had thought it was. It was super long and instead of just being a regular goodbye, turned out to be a really touching long message about how close we had become. After reading this I realized that me and peter were in a circular building with a dome and a singular hallway leading out of it. The building was made out of white marble and was really extravagant in design. I saw Laura and Amadi come in and Laura put down a boombox , pressed play, and it played the background to a musical number on loop. It was almost a blues progression but the last 8 bars were slightly different. She was singing something stupid when Dani busted out of nowhere, pushed Laura out of the way (who looked slightly peeved) and started singing a different tune that didn't really match with the background. We all laughed at this (except for laura) and I decided to go down the hallway and run back in to make an explosive entrance and to improvise a song. The hallway was short and led out to a window which put me on to the street. I turned around to jump into the window, exploded through and started singing but I found myself face to face with 2 hispanic cleaners, one male one female. I had discovered that where I was was more of a small mall location with many entrances and I had jump into the wrong entrance. I ran back into the right entrance laughing and told the others of my mistake.
    8. Fragment

      by , 03-16-2011 at 02:22 PM (Book of Dreams)
      I am sitting in a classroom with some other students who are in the Spring show. We've already been casted, but we're finding out that the show is actually a musical, and we'll be re-casted for singing roles. There is no second audition, though, so we just have to wait to find out who will be playing what. I sit there anxiously with my friend Chris, who gives some encouraging words. One girl starts singing loudly, as if it wasn't too late to prove herself. The director doesn't seem to notice, though.
      Eventually, Mrs. Nardini (not the director IRL, but my consumer management teacher from first semester) posts a cast list, and I do not have a singing role. I am very surprised, and angry. Mostly because the girl who previously sang her attention-seeking heart out earlier got the main role, and somehow I know her singing out of turn landed her the spot at the top of the cast list. I talk angrily about this for a bit, and make my way to the foyer of the school.
      On the way, I run into a girl who I somehow know is the daughter of one of the directors, whom I apparently haven't seen in a few years. We catch up, and she tells me she just got pulled into the principle's office because she was found with a backpack full of alcohol, but she claims it wasn't her backpack. I'm kind of bored of this story, so I make my way through the secret hallway to the foyer. It is almost empty except for my sister and some friends. I sit and eat lunch while I catch people up on my audition and the girl with the backpack.
      My phone is out of batteries so I plug it into this giant computer screen in the middle of the foyer. I go on facebook (which is awkward because the screen is huge so everyone in the room could see what I'm doing if they wanted to), but there's nothing to do on there. I have something important to tell my friend, but I put it off.

      This is when I wake up
    9. Lucid and Singing to my Subconscious!

      by , 10-25-2010 at 05:49 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      October 24, 2010

      Synopsis: A nightmare is trapped in the back of my house. Later, I become lucid and sing silly songs to praise my subconscious because dreaming is so awesome. After wards, a DC tells me I have to wake up, and acts as if he has authority over me!

      Note: The other night I was thinking about how I should recognize that there is ANOTHER part of me that's really creating the dream. And that I need to give up this idea that my conscious self controls or creates the dream.

      A Nightmare Trapped
      I had a nightmare. Actually, I don't remember the nightmare. I only had vague impressions of it when I woke up. I remembered that several family members were involved, including my cousin cheskie. There was a female demon. And something creepy and gross involving human body parts.

      I remember me and my cousin were trying to get away, but we didn't get far. This part of the dream actually felt long!

      Later on, everyone is just chilling in the living room. When suddenly one of men starts throwing up! Being vomit-phobic, I quickly run out of the living room (and so do some of the younger cousins). He's running for the bathroom, holding his mouth! akljaal! He's gonna throw up on me, so I need to get further away from him.

      I end up running to my bedroom. Then I regret doing that. Because the nightmare is trapped in the back of my apartment. The entire back half of the apartment is dark, with strange glowing lights. And a weird metal box, which I assumed the demon was in.

      I don't remember what happens next, but I think I run out of the room and keep running all the way out of the apartment

      Lucid and Singing to my Subconscious!
      The sun is shining and I'm lucid!!

      I run across brick red roof tops, with another DC following me as a friend. From the roof tops, I leap towards a tree, and fly through its branches and green leaves. It felt nice to simply be lucid. I wish I remembered my lucid goals, but I didn't.

      I ran around a ghetto looking suburbia. Me and my DC friend hid in someone's front yard, protected with a tall chain link fence. When the owner comes home we realize we've been spotted, and like little kids we run for it! I fly out a breech in the chain-link fence, and continue flying down the street.

      I see a big building, it looks interesting so I go inside. It turns out to be some lame supermarket, filled with cheese and bored employees.

      Usually I would think this is lame and look for a new dreamscape. But last night I was on a lucid high, and thought "wow! my subconscious made all of these details?". So I walked around in a lucid high just admiring all the random details of this boring supermarket.

      Hidden in one of the isles was the tiniest little succulent I've ever seen! Complete in an equally tiny terracotta pot.

      I held the tiny thing in my palm and thought..."Its perfect!". My subconscious didn't miss anything. It was green and plump the way any succulent should be.

      At that point I start to praise my subconscious for having such creative abilities exceeding my conscious self. I started to sing a silly rhyme, somehow I managed to rhyme processed milk and manufactured cheese in the same sentence.

      I can't sing worth anything and my rhyme was dumb! Even I knew it was dumb when I was dreaming

      But to my happy surprise, suddenly all the bored looking employees break out in dance, and all together they chorus and repeat my rhyme. That was fun! I stay rhyming and singing to my subconscious for a few minutes.

      Until I ran out of things to rhyme processed milk and cheese with

      Once I stopped singing, the DCs went back to their boring routine as if nothing happened.

      Before leaving, I wanna try it again! Ahem- I have to clear my throat and my voice cracks as I come up with some silly rhyme. All is quiet, and then, the entire store mirrored back my rhyme in perfect melody! Woah!

      Happy and still lucid, I go outside and climb the big tree. I think how fun it would be to have monkey feet while climbing this tree, and like magic, I had monkey feet (I think at some point I took off my shoes). Then I try doing back flips, but I just ending up floating backwards instead.

      Suddenly a strange DC comes up to me, behind him was a group of aggressive looking men. I think I recognize this DC as a repeating DC, a not so nice one. He's a tall skinny black man, usually wearing a business suite. And he's always a jerk to me!

      He tells something I don't remember. But I remember him telling me "So now that you've learned what you were supposed to learn from this dream, its time to wake up."

      What? Wake up? End my lucid adventure?

      "No! I don't want to wake up, I'm having too much fun."

      "Fine, I'll give you an extra minute and a half. And then, I'm ending the dream."

      Who is he to tell me that he's ending MY dream? He starts counting "1.....2.....3......"

      Oh man! I run down the street, determined to get far away from this jerk and prolong my dream instead. He sends his minions after me, but they can't keep up with my speed.

      I wasn't worried about his minions. I was worried about his counting. Actually, it started to completely freak me out o_O. I didn't matter how far or how fast I went, his voice was still there, right behind me. Right in the back of my head!

      As if there is no physical space dividing me and this DC, who positions himself to be able to end my dream.

      I duck behind a bush and crawl into the thicket, losing the two boys. I can hear the men looking for me. I panic! What should I do? All the other DCs had voices that come from a distance, even far away if they were far away. But not this DC.

      The men get closer to me, scared that they would try to bring me back to the strange DC, I decided this dream ain't worth it, and wake myself up

      It was 6:30 am, hours before I needed to wake up!

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    10. Oct 21

      by , 10-22-2010 at 05:03 AM (Doctor's Dreams)
      I Wanna Be Forever Young

      I was pretty much director of music at a musical performance that we had going. We were in a giant white circus tent and in between scenes, the pep band would play different songs. I had transcribed a song that I wanted them to play, "Black and Gold to the Superbowl" and was waiting for the OK to play that. I snuck around so that I could watch a little bit of the play and when I could see on stage there was a fat ugly lady who was blue and had a horrible chin. I remember the chin was especially bad. Someone behind me said they couldn't wait til the scene with the lesbian knife fight. Apparently this was a popular musical in the World. I hope that the fat lady is in make up because of her chin and I agree with the anticipation for the cat fight. I walk out of the tent and make my way back to the band stand when parents stop me and tell me that they enjoy the job I'm doing. I thank them. Almost back, Adam runs up to me and at the same time a loud blaring alarm goes off. He says that something electric had exploded and caused a fire in the tent. Suddenly everything I see bursts into flames and I watch the sky go red. We ran through the flames trying to get to a clear place but the giant circus tent was surrounded by a high chain link fence. We find at one of the fences, a small kids play ground I say that we can climb on this and then use it to jump to the other side. I show an example by jumping off the side but not jumping over the fence. He tries it and hurts his leg. I climb back on top of the playground and find a place where the fence is bent so that we could crawl through but it was in a small gap in the playground. We're crawling through and we both sorta have a hard time to it. He starts crying and the sky gets a little less red and acoustic guitar music is in the background. He started bawling about how life was easier when we were younger. A singer accompanies the music in the background that was sorta a rip of Forever Young. I start crying too and we lay there probably soon to be dead.
    11. Rebellion

      by , 08-23-2010 at 03:43 AM (The Midnight Train)
      I rebelled against my Mom. I don't know what about but I just watched a musical and there was a part where a college girl rebels against her grandma. So I think it went something like that. I even did an RC and the dream is a lot longer but left it for too long before writing this down. So yeah.
    12. First Entry and First *Real* Lucid Dream!

      by , 07-04-2010 at 03:34 PM (GypsyDiver's Dream Bible)
      Last night I had three dreams and a lucid!


      I was with my brother and sister. We were in a trailer, and they were going to go out for the night. My brother has this tattoo he wanted to add to, and he had this idea to stick eyes in it. My sister hated the idea so I started to design a swirly design to go inside. Later, we were at the tattoo parlor and he came in and got it done.


      I was in a lesbian relationship with one of my (former) best friends (who is totally straight.) We had been holding hands in the hall and this girl from my high school jumped out and started attacking her. I tried to defend her, but the more I yelled, the more people came to hurt her. One person ran up and dumped a movable tray with a bunch of A/V equipment on her, and she fell over passed out. I started kicking and biting, screaming as hard as I could, but no teachers came. I can't normally scream in dreams, and this time it was because the girl had her hand over my mouth. They started beating me, and once I stopped screaming, someone came and helped us both. I even think the girl got in trouble, yay!


      It started out on a plane. There was a large group of us, and we were landing. We separated into groups, and I got the lame no-group group. There was a Pikachu group that my old manager from Waldenbooks led (all the kids in it had to wear Pikachu outfits XD) and there was a Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat group. A friend/musical rival from high school was going to play Joseph, even though she was only chosen two days before it started. She wasn't very good, and sometimes she wasn't even singing. I was pretty upset and wished I could have auditioned instead. I was going to sing after the performance stopped, but got embarrassed halfway through.

      My First (more than five second) Lucid!

      I don't remember much beyond the beginning of the lucidity. I was with a girl, and suddenly, can't remember what the DS was, I thought, "Oh, that's because I'm in a dream!" And I had to convince myself, like my mind didn't want to believe it. I tried sticking my finger through the nearest thing... I think it was a fence or a wall of some kind. It worked! After that, I tried convincing the girl with me we were in a dream (and in the process, totally forgot to center and look at my hands...) because we were running from someone. She ran ahead, so I went after her. Already it was getting really hard to focus, but up ahead I saw a huuuge building! I remember thinking, "Oh, yeah, this is a dream. I'm gonna run up it!" I had to psych myself up, because I wasn't sure it was gonna work. I picked up some speed, and I thought, "I'm running sooo fast, it feels so great, I can definitely do this!" I jumped to early, and my foot didn't hit the building, but I had gathered so much speed that for a minute, I was running about an inch above the building. All I remember thinking before I woke up was, "If I had a sword, I would be too badass right now."
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