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    1. Who's dream is this???

      by , 05-03-2012 at 07:34 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Enjoy my dreams and make your self comfortable.

      Dream #1 Who's dream is this???

      Im walking down a neighborhood near my favorite aunt P's house. Its day time out and sunny, and feels like 65 degrees out. I walk to the gas station to get me some chips, Reach in my pocket to grab my hawk coin totem. Im whistling and flipping it in the air catching it with one hand while my other hand is in my pocket. I notice a black dude on his bike riding past, nothing suspicious there. I notice a old white lady walking with a cane reaching for something in her purse, nothing strange there. I look down in front of me to notice a coin similar to mines. Hmm...i question it a bit, and look up to notice it is now night time. "Huh.? How did it get night time so fast?" Ah, only one solution to that! I continue walking and notice a white chic with sandy brown hair, wearing a burgundy t shirt, some black and white converse sneakers, some ripped blue jeans, and she looked to be in her early 20's with a sort of punk rock look to her.

      "Hey hows it goin?"
      "Good. Um..i know this is like gonna sound strange and all..but..lol Are you like a DC?"
      "Uh..noo. Im a real person."
      "Cool i am too. My names heather."

      "Uh..nice to meet you Heather. How did you get here?"
      "Get where? Here? Lol i walked here dude."
      "No no no no no. I mean..how did you get here..in my dream?"
      "Lol this is not your dream dude. This is my dream."
      >_< I reach in my pocket and pull out another hawk coin.
      "Whats that?"
      "A personal token of mine. Helps me determine if im dreaming, or sharing a dream with someone."

      I flip it in the air, it falls on the sidewalk spinning really fast and then creating more coins.
      "Whoa thats freaking awesome!"
      There are now 5 coins on the ground.
      "Grab one."
      "Cause if your gonna be sharing dreams with me, im gonna need to keep track of who you are, and whether or not to confirm in my dream records if your real..or just a projection."
      "But dude, i already fucking told you im real."
      I stare at her. We start walking towards a house and there is a tall white blond chic who is sitting down in a chair smoking out of a bong. I see this one black dude who looked mixed with something.

      (Blond chic) "Hey hey hey.. how the hell you two just walk in my house without (words sluring )with out how come knocking."
      (Heather talking) "Whoa..your defintely stoned!"
      (Blond chic) "Ye..yea...so what."
      Me and heather start looking around the house in search of something. (don't know what)
      Im rubbing my hawk coin totem, and tell heather to do the same to stabilize the dream more. We begin noticing stairs and roaches falling out of the ceiling.
      "Gross! Lets get the fuck outta this place!"
      "Hell this is your dream!"
      We run out of the house now in a crowded outside busy intersection. I mention to her that she needs to remember that everyone around us are just projections of hers. She tells me how did i get into her dream again. I mention to her that i am certain this is my dream and she is only a projection.

      We argue a bit and notice some people outside of a store ( A latino guy and a white chic with long black hair)

      We approach them.
      (Heather talking) "How does it feel to be a DC?"
      (The girl talking) "Uh..who's dream is this?"
      Me and Heather look at eachother, then look back at the girl and Heather hands her the coin and i wake up.

      Notes: I am still unsure to truly know if this was an actual person so to speak. But, i keep it mark as a shared dream just in case a heather happens to stumble upon this entry. I could've had more dreams so that i can do the TOTM. But could'nt sleep due to a car alarm from one of my neighbors goin off every other hour. I managed to find some earplugs though so i can get the proper rest. Overall, im happy with my recall, and want to continue getting my lucid dreams. More subconscious training is in the works for me today!
    2. Flying through the speckles

      by , 03-20-2012 at 04:15 PM


      The dream started outside around these old Greek ruins (like Assassins Creed). They were large marble white structures. I was battling this man that was my military space superior in a previous dream. He had taught me about space travel and using various weapons on the ship. We each had mortars and were fighting close range. I would hide, spot him, quickly fire, and move again. Eventually I reached the top of the ruin and leapt off. I tried to deploy my hang glider but it didn't work.

      Once I was floating through the air I became lucid. I propelled myself upward and flew over some more ruins. Suddenly, ahead of me, there were these white dots shrouded in small fuzzy clouds. They looked like stars at a distance but were just 30 or so feet above the ground. I flew in the middle of them and it was beautiful. I was completely surrounded. I floated for a second and just took in the moment.

      Eventually I landed and decided to sit and stabilize the dream. I sat cross-legged with my back on part of a ruin. Ahead of me, was this wall. I tried to meditate for awhile. At first, I had my eyes closed, but then I got worried that I would lose the dream. The wall had an interesting design. The center of it kept swirling on itself. I thought that I should try to make a jet pack so I could fly at super speeds. I imagined the weight of it on my shoulders. I put my hands up as if they were holding some straps. After holding this position for a few seconds I could feel it. I stood up and walked a few feet. I saw a mirror and thought, if I could see the jet pack also, it would help my mind believe it. This backfired. In the mirror I had a little battery taped to my back, despite it feeling quite heavy.

      I decided to fly anyway so I took off. About a second later I spotted a hot girl from my school walking below me. I decided to go for that instead so I landed and we started making out. Then I spotted Heather down the way a bit. Sweet. I brought the girls together and eventually a third joined and we fooled around for a bit before I woke up.
    3. Searching For Heather

      by , 01-12-2012 at 08:36 PM


      Notes: I was able to sleep in and ended up snoozing or resetting my alarm like 8 times. This gave me a lot of opportunities for DEILD or WILD. The dream lasted fairly long, but I can't recall a portion of it. Also, it wasn't very vivid; I had to stabilize a bunch of times to stay in the dream.

      I woke up and tried to DEILD. I felt the rush come on, but it dissipated quickly. I felt like I was still awake so I stuck with it. I am pretty sure the dream started in this warehouse. I don't remember the transition, but I recall that in the dream I was happy I DEILDed.

      The dream started in a large, gray warehouse building. There were a few people working around. There large crates on top of high shelves. I see a pretty attractive girl so I go up and start making out with her. The dream becomes pretty blurry so I stabilize by staring at one of the crates. I decide to try and find HM. I ask a nearby DC if she knows where HM is. She says yes and walks me under one of the shelves. It led to a narrow passageway that opened into another room.

      This was another storage area. There was a girl working on one of the shelves and the DC said that was HM. We make eye contact and it takes me a second to realize it isn't her. However, she is really hot so I take it anyway. Her face gets somewhat fuzzy when she gets close so I rub my hands together. They feel abnormally soft but it feels good. She starts kissing me and then goes down on me. We were talking dirty the whole time. I lose the dream before it finishes.
    4. "Reality" the movie.

      by , 08-31-2011 at 01:38 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in the grocery store shopping with my mom and heather.
      we need stuff for a picnic kind of thing.
      beside a river, under a hill a ton of people are eating in scattered groups all down the waterside.

      i'm in a room with a lot of people. on the wall, there are funny parodies of every movie you can think of.
      heather and i look at a harry potter parody. the harry potter actor is really ugly.
      off to the "side" of the scene, more like the "side of the dream" (unexplainable), a man beckons me.
      i question my surroundings, but fight knowing the truth. this is a dream...but i like this dream.
      i know this isn't real. he keeps asking me to come thru, wake up, c'mon.
      i disassociate from the dream and the entire scene feels like a veil has been lifted.
      a white screen remains where i thought reality was. he pushes the screen away.
      now i see "real" reality. i'm in a big lab with a ton of computers.
      there's a lady and her daughter (5 yrs old probably) messing around on one.
      heather is on one too. i'm told to go play on one.

      i have to "log in" with any name. make it up, etc. put your own in, someone elses, it doesn't matter. each name combination will be different.
      i don't remember what name i put in. on the screen, a model of the entire universe appears. it's the person's universe, as each person in our "Reality" has his or her own. this is how you can view them.
      using the middle scroll thing some mouses have, i zoom all the way in. it's earth, the persons perceived "home" or "center of the universe".
      as i scroll out, the seemingly circular planet (rendered 2D because its just a computer) spins and twists clockwise, unraveling and becoming the periodic table of elements. this is represented by a long line of blocks that turns several times, showing thousands of elements. the line keeps going crazy in every direction, in different shapes as it makes molecules, atoms, etc.
      supposedly, i am scrolling "out", aka trying to get the larger picture. confusing.

      i stop playing this game and go over to the man behind it all, the man who beckoned me.
      he looks friendly, just a cool dude maybe 30 or 35.
      "can i talk to you about the film you made or are you sensitive about criticism?" i ask.
      he laughs and says go for it.
      "i hated the part where i was looking at all those movies. it made it seem so real, which sucks because it was a stupid part."
      i talk like my entire life was a movie.
      he laughs about it and says some movie award organization said that's why he didn't receive some award for it.
      we talk about "making movies" and stuff, but all the time we know we mean making "reality".
    5. longboardin'

      by , 08-12-2011 at 12:26 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i live in a huge farm house in a new country town on "fog" street.

      i'm in the attic with heather and my mom and dad. we're all smoking a bowl. we get super stoned.

      heather and i go into a room in the attic, which is a blueberry field inside the house.

      "hey we want to be on a real field" we think and go outside and touch and experience the grass. it's nice.

      thru the woods, i see the color aqua and red. what the? two horses thoses colors come by into the field.

      it's heather's friends brittany and some girl. heather runs over and says hi hi hi and all of that.

      i get jealous. i talk to the other girl. i've met her once or twice, but as a kid i remember being friends with her. she says we were but not for long. i think it might be sarah silverman (? )

      they talk and talk and talk and i get too jealous and mad to handle it. i run away like a child.

      i run thru a door in the woods which leads to town. i walk around like i'm on a longboard. what the fuck i want to longboard!

      i go home and grab mine. it's shaped like a fish, and is colored very cool. i ride in town and on a big hill and zig zag on a main road, exploring places that i can go to now since i just moved here. i forgot about how sad i was.

    6. fragmented otherworld journey

      by , 07-29-2011 at 01:18 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      a long long epic of a dream scattered into fragments as i woke.

      i am in another world, no not really... like another dimension of our world. like a narnia but less fantastic.

      i follow a group of like 5 people i know, including heather and my mom.

      near the end of it, we enter this house. its a shitty apartment of two old folks, grandparent types. think florida retirees. but their house is all batty, literally they love bats and spiderwebs and soft goth decor. they show us pictures in an album of something, not their children or whatever like normal.

      i look at the pictures and hold the pages up. me and heather start tearing off the pictures like stickers. we tear off the borders like stickers too. we look at the lady and realize by doing this, we tore her apart and now she is very very thin and we see now she is made of photographs like a photo mosaic:

      for whatever reason we are being detectives, looking for something, trying to find these people guilty. we can't though, so we just make friends with them. when its time to leave, i immediately fear the outside. previously in the dream, it feels like, i encountered something spooky out there and now wanted protection from the door of the house to the car.

      i don't want my mom for protection so i ask the old lady. she doesn't want to really because she is so thin and worn because we took her photos. she agrees anyway and i take her hand. as we open the door, she says dont let the dog out. well, i do anyway on accident.

      the dog, made of photographs like her, runs out and into the fields surrounding the house. i don't really care and just go to the car alone, brave enough. while walking toward the car, the sky flashes lightning and i speed up and hop in.

      scene note: i want to describe the scene for memory's sake and future reference for myself.

      outside the house, there is a dirt patch leading to a shitty garage/shed next to it, attached almost. then about 200 feet of yard area/field. our car is parked at the edge of this, almost in the woods surrounding the house. the house is in a weird center of this giant forest. the trees are mostly dead looking creepy ones, a few coniferous here and there stretching up into the sky. its dark out and all very scary.

      in the car, heather in the back seat, my mom driving and someone else in front of me. there is a bee on this persons shoulder and i freak out. the bee isn't black and yellow though, its grey and black. he rolls down the window and it flies out.

      driving along, i look out and see a dragon. i keep telling heather to look. at first it was just a big white bird that i thought looked cool flying, but as i noticed/put my attention on it more, it "became" a dragon (looked the same, my mind just labeled it different). there were two kids flying on it and heather said it was Falcor (neverending story). my dreammind reminisced flying on a dragon.

      we drive to this room somehow, or maybe we are just there, or maybe i forgot a lot. but we are in this giant room like the room of hidden things in harry potter. there was so much junk in it, ceiling to floor.

      we play around for awhile and then i get 3rd person POV. we are not who we think we are! we are now players from guild wars, we are all in a dungeon (looks the same though). we beat up some bad dragon and hundreds of chests fall from the ceiling and onto the platform where we are. the characters all rush around (i have my own but am "watching", not actively participating and have no control) to get all the chests. theres a cut scene and it shows a final giant dungeonmaster boss ultimate chest fall from the mouth of a dragon.

      one lady rushes over to it and gets it. it transforms into a changing station, she goes in and comes out with the best armor ever ever ever. i've never seen it, but it looks pretty elegant.

      back to me, heather, my mom, and the last party member. we are in the room and i jump from the platform and fall to the ground. i look up at a godfigure who isn't there physically and smile. "its over isn't it", "yep".

      scene switch to me walking on a narrow newly paved road with nothing anywhere else around me except a "longboarding bar" where people take a break from boarding. this is the heaven of longboarders, a place of only new pavement and a snack shop. i am waiting for something.

      jack comes with his car/longboard (huh) and is telling me how to exit this world. i have to do a slide into the portal at the end of this long stretch of pavement. ok! i get awesome speed going down the godperfect hill and slide into it, transitioning into waking life! i wake up!
    7. to find the aura

      by , 07-26-2011 at 03:28 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am at my father's brothers house (none of this is waking life true). we come here twice a year, once for christmas and once for a birthday.

      its night time. i am inside with my two cousins and my half sister casey (fathers daughter). casey is an artist in this dream and is creating a 3D painted character on cardboard.

      i do the same. everyone jokes about how ugly mine is, but casey and I know it is pretty good technical skills.

      we go outside but casey stays inside. there are neighborhood kids out here doing something. we run around hills even tho we cannot see much.

      suddenly, all three (me and two cousins) of our ankles get clamped with a metal chain to lock us onto the hill. we are prisoners of the neighborhood kids.

      they come over and have this strange device. they ask each of us to find something to counter the spinning saw inside the device. if we don't counter it, it will saw thru our ankles.

      we all somehow manage to find things to counter it. we put metal things in front of the saw so it goes thru that instead of our skin. i find a pair of scissors. there is plastic around the metal part but i say "dont worry i got this", which i do.

      casey comes out and rescues us and shoos everyone off. i get in the car with her and my dad and we leave.

      i realize that the entire dream is actually a short story in a magazine. i continue reading.

      we drive to a big store. we get out and i never see my dad for the rest of the dream.

      inside the store i meet up with a few other friends. at the store, there is a big prize counter in the center. everyone has a certain number of points, points = money to spend on the junk inside the counter. a few carnie people are running it.

      i tell my mom to get me more paint with some of my points, and she gets me a set with the same color scheme as the one i used to make the character in the beginning of the dream. i ask for a refund and the carnie says no.

      i ask my mom how many points i have left and she refuses to tell me. i dont want any of the junk here so i walk away.

      i jump onto a cart loaded with soda cans. casey is pushing it and my friends are in it with me. we open all the soda at the same time and are propelled like by a rocket of de-pressurized soda thru the whole store.

      casey and i leave with someone else. there is another group of stores across the parking lot.

      while walking, i tell casey my idea: "i want to make a belt that begins at your shoe and comes up to yr pants vertically, on both legs and one small one in the middle." "that will make you look like you have a bulge" she says.

      my feet are burning on the tar and i realize i have no shoes or socks on. i skip into the store and lose casey.

      i want to find socks and the back door that i enter leads to the sock section. i find a pair i like and take them, but realize theres a worker here. she is with my friend chase.

      chase is trying to buy a bra. he is claiming to want a sex change (he always makes ridiculous claims in waking life). i tell him to buy heather's size, 36 C. he puts it on his body and looks at himself in the mirror.

      he is embarrassed because he still likes being a boy.

      i forget about the socks and walk thru the store. i see casey on a small red pedal powered truck for a child. it says "looking for a friend". i run up to her and she laughs and pedals away. i see another red truck with someone in it. i realize the game is to find eachother in the store.

      time warp. i hear casey saying, about the store i was just in: "we had three hard workers on duty today. thats the equivalent of 1000 pairs of sunglasses and 500 windows. how did we let this happen?" she was referring to a theft in the store.

      i leave wherever i am at this point and end up in the original store. i see holden, my brother.

      we talk about surfing and how i would really like to try it. he says he'd like to go on a trip to the west coast.

      my dream turns into a long strip of pavement surrounded by 50 foot waves on both sides. most cars get taken by the waves before they can reach safety on the other side.

      my sight follows a woman in a car like a tv show camera would. she is talking by herself, to the camera that is my consciousness.

      she tells about how gay people come here to find their auras. someone/something asks what that is and she disregards. she parks her car and gets out.

      this is a very brave act since the point of the area is to go as fast as you can to safety. to find the yr aura, you must park and risk yr life.

      she steps onto a median which runs thru the whole road for about 200 feet. there are steps into a little pool on it.

      she walks up the steps and says this is where the aura can be found.

      i wake up.
    8. college visit

      by , 07-26-2011 at 02:25 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      i am in a square room (normal). my whole class is lined up back-to the wall on all four sides.

      we are taking turns reading our final projects out loud. we had to write/publish a poem that was as long as a book and printed in the same fashion.

      i listen to a guy read his out loud. its plot follows a woman and her son.

      my friend chellsye is next to me. i whisper for her to text heather because my phone died. they are good friends in my dream and she was already texting her.

      outside of the room i am on a college campus. its a big field with little wood houses speckled around the area. there are tennis courts in the center.

      i go to one house. these are like greek houses. i know a lot of bitches from my real high school are living here, but i am still curious as to what it looks like inside (i'm not sure if i want to go to this college or not)

      there is a sign inside that says "9:00 pm sleep time/cannabis/meditation".
    9. a boarding school

      by , 07-16-2011 at 04:08 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      i'm at some kind of school or a boarding house with classes, really

      i keep touching this fat girls legs but get embarrassed and stop because i dont want her to think i like her, i just want to touch her.

      an asian girl named "12"

      we have to jump across rocks in a low-ceiling'd room

      in a third person pov, i make myself or my "character" move across a platform on a roof, collecting beams of sun energy. i'm good at this game. i keep getting "perfects"

      on a really thin piece of paper, "10" and "12"'s conversation is written down. "is this you, 12?" "no thats from 1864" i crumple the paper and pretend it never happened.

      i "wake up" and tell heather my dream, and say she was the fat girl. she wasn't really.
    10. Lucid Thrift Store + Dylan Returns

      by , 05-23-2011 at 12:55 AM (the Dream Almanac)
      Lucid Thrift Store

      I'm in some kind of thrift store, which is a regular living room but with a rack of clothes. I see Heather's new clothes she bought for her birthday the other day (in real life) on top of the rack.

      She wouldn't donate those, I think. I am instantly lucid. The dream is difficult to connect with for whatever reason. I rub my hands together for stability but realize I have mittens on. I remove them and try again.

      I sit on the floor for a moment, thinking of what I want to do in a dream. I try to recall my goals.

      An eastern women is at a cash register and is doing a little dance. It is very simple but she acts very proud, as if it took her months to perfect it. She looks over to me and offers me acid after she's done.

      I close my eyes and she places a tab of acid on my tongue (I "know" this happened, but didn't actually feel it occur.) Suddenly my body is knocked from a sitting position to my head on the floor. I lose lucidity.

      The dream spins into a different room, a different scene:

      Dylan Returns

      I am in my ex-beloved's living room (not a replica of real life at all). It has very nice hardwood floors which I admire. We are hanging out, catching up. He offers to bring me to the ATM with him or something.

      We are in his car. I ask if he has his license and he responds that he doesn't. He goes through the ATM and we drive somewhere else.

      We are now on a beach. He is tattooing Bart Simpson onto my foot. I look at my foot a lot and think of how sketchy the lines are and if I'll regret this.

      I have a discussion with someone else on the beach of how stupid water shoes are.
    11. Dream Memory + Hot Tea Fragment

      by , 05-16-2011 at 04:08 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Dream Memory

      I am riding my bike with Heather on the pegs. This is my "car", and in my dream it does feel like I'm driving a car. Somehow the pedals are the gas and break, it all works out. It's quite the illusion.

      I drive into the parking lot of my local cinema (the scene is very realistic, everything is in place as it is in waking life). Heather talks to me about something on Youtube. I explain how I have dreams where a building will be a major internet site like Youtube, and even recall about a "dream" (I never had this dream, though- false memory) where the cinema in front of us was Youtube, embodied as a building.

      I park my bike-car in a space and explain how sometimes I forget which pedal is the break and which is the gas. I then offer that Heather and I go to the south end part of town to see the big tent of wares (I had a dream once where I did visit this place, but it doesn't exist in waking life). We start to pedal away and I forget where it is. I get behind another "car" which is actually just Ken from 30 Rock sitting in the middle of the street. We go around him.

      Hot Tea Fragment

      I have a cup and pot of boiling water. It's really, really hot, the smoke is rolling out really thick. I pour it into my cup, but by the time the water is inside the cup, it has disappeared into water vapor. I keep trying to fill my cup but it doesn't work. Finally after several tries, I get enough for tea.

      I turn around from the kitchen area to see a big circle of people. I sit down next to my friend Chase and set my tea on the ground by my chair. (Memory loss of whatever happens here)

      Now I am in a dark auditorium full of everyone from school. I'm with Autumn. This scene lasts a long time as we converse with everyone. (Another memory loss )
    12. Ecstasy Field Trip + Homeless Shelter + The Mansion

      by , 05-05-2011 at 03:23 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Ecstasy Field Trip

      I've just done ecstasy somewhere. I'm in Barnes and Nobles, a bookstore. I "forget" that I'm on ecstasy and just feel really, really stoned. My school is here and we're on some kind of field trip.

      I'm being shown a science demo. An older guy is holding a glass full of some kind of liquid. When he tips the glass a certain way, the liquid drips out the bottom in a gelatinous manner. He tells me to touch it but I'm really sicked out by it and a little afraid.
      Where the magazines usually are in the store, there is a big empty floor. A few people are sitting around in a circle. I stay here and enjoy how stoned I am until a lady who seems to be in charge of the whole thing tells us to go to the Blank Journals Section.
      I follow the crowd into an area with the sections: blank journals, pseudo science, and Japan. We form a circle around these shelves. I'm standing next to the Japan books but I want to be by the pseudo science books so I make a little leap around the shelf to do so.

      Suddenly I remember I'm on ecstasy and go over to a music box. It's playing really soft music. I wonder how different music will make me feel so I press a little square with fractal album work on it. I don't hear the music change and feel no different.

      I walk around to the children's book section. The mentally disabled kids are hanging out here. A teacher begins to laugh at me and says I have an overbite. I realize that my teeth are hanging out of my mouth. It feels like I had fake plastic teeth over my real teeth for a long time and now I'm conscious of my actual mouth. It's bizarre and the feeling doesn't go away.

      Homeless Shelter

      I have no body or consciousness. I am watching my dream.

      My friend Pehry is in the homeless shelter. He's fighting with another boy. The boy says he wants to have a physical fight downtown in a half hour, and Pehry goes along with it. There's a mediator, an older women. She doesn't make him say no, and follows him as he walks downtown.

      I am now myself. I am walking around near the homeless shelter. I'm with Heather. Under my arm I'm carrying several rolled up colorful mats. We're dropping them off here.

      Heather is afraid to go in so I walk up to the place. I remember that it's only available for homeless people to go into at night, so I wonder if I can get in. I knock on the door and it swings in my direction, locking me between the door and the outside wall. It swings back in, I hop over the other way and knock again. I enter.

      A few ladies are here cleaning the place. It smells like cat litter. There's a calendar with a family photo as the month's picture. One lady comes up to me and asks what I want, politely.

      I explain to her I have a few "yoga mats'' she can have for the shelter. She replies rather excitedly but then questions if she needs them. I realize they aren't yoga mats but actually mats for sitting on while you draw with chalk outside. You put the chalk on the mats so the pieces don't roll away. I don't tell her this.

      The Mansion

      For whatever reason, I am walking into a big mansion home owned by a girl I went to high school with briefly. I'm wearing my hat really strangely but don't seem to mind.

      She greets me like we were really good friends and I do the same to her. We walk around her house and I ask her if it's haunted. She says "sometimes". Her boyfriend is a really gangster dude, very unlike her, and walks around us to go to the bathroom. She lets me wander around her house.

      I look up the stairs that are in front of me and see the silhouette of the bathroom. I see a rat fall out of her boyfriend's jeans. I go over to her and tell her this. When he flushes the toilet, the rat falls down the pipe and lands in a box under the stairs. She "changes reality" and when I open the box, its just an outline of the rat. She kind of winks at me.

      I get a ride home from here with Jack and Heather. The road is really torn up and we hit all the bad sections at high speeds, making us airborne for a moment. He drops me off at home.

      I play the sims and make the Brady Bunch's house. The girl calls my phone and asks if I want to hang out, but its like 11 at night and I don't have a ride. I tell her this and feel really bad.
    13. Jack's Flying Car

      by , 05-04-2011 at 03:33 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      I'm walking through a lot of sludgy snow on all fours down the street. I put my thumb out at every car that goes by but no one picks me up. One car slows down. It's a pink see-through "car" made of cardboard. It doesn't pick me up but I follow it.

      I arrive at some shitty little house. The hallway is so tiny I must walk sideways through it. In the kitchen, I pour myself a big cup of smoothie. My mom's voice from somewhere comes out and says "That's all pineapple!", and taste it. It is.

      I open a door and see a bunch of kids playing outside in the back yard. I don't join them. I open another door and now I'm in my basement from my childhood house. My kitten (that I have in real life) sneaks down the stairs and my mom tells me to find her. I look around and become distracted by noticing my basement.

      It has fused my memory of the basement and the house, and there are stained glass bookshelf cases right next to the stairs. I walk into a room behind the stairs. It's a giant library with our big bookshelf case (usually in the dining room) in a largely empty room. There's a middle room next to this one with three bookshelves, all filled with just two series: One fantasy series my mom read, and another Peanuts-esque comic series my aunt read (it doesn't really exist). On one of the bookshelves in this room is a big collection of all the art Graeme Base (of Animalia fame) ever did.

      I look through a doorway and see a bunch of people and Heather standing around. I do a weird dance and end up on the floor and a girl next to Heather does the same dance. I walk into the first room again and now it's a gift shop in my basement. All of my friends are here on some kind of "field trip". I start reading some holiday cards which are in a case.

      My friend Justine comes up to me and says she's upset that she's so mean. I say "Yeah, you're an asshole, but I am too," and we talk about we are mean and wish we weren't. I end up hugging her and Heather comes over and seems unphased by it, which I'm glad about because it wasn't a sexual move at all.

      I go back to the card section and really want to steal a Harry Potter "card" that is actually a really thick notebook full of original sketches by the author. I imagine that there are cameras in my basement because this is now a store, but end up grabbing it anyway. It's time to go so everyone, including me, walk through a new doorway exit to the driveway.

      I get in a car that Jack's driving and my brother Holden is supposed to be sitting next to me. He gets in for a second but leaves. Jack doesn't know that he left and speeds off. Time lapse to us driving on a main road in my town. I say "Jack, pull over here, Holden's there," and we do. I tap on the glass of my window and Holden looks up. We're on the other side of the road, though. He has an air of superiority so as he walks through the busy traffic, all the cars stop for him, some of them dangerously close to running him over (but he doesn't seem to mind at all).

      He goes to the sidewalk next to the car and starts running. He is challenging Jack to a race to wherever our destination is. Jack takes offense to this and starts speeding to make sure he wins and runs every red light. I'm kind of panicking and as I get more and more afraid, the car goes more and more out of control. Soon we have so much speed that the car starts to fly.

      We are in the air and I see we're going to land in a really bad place, in between some buildings in like a hedge or something. It seems really dangerous. We land....and I lose the dream.
    14. The Doorway

      by , 04-27-2011 at 02:24 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      (Straight from the dream journal)

      A house on a lake- the doorway is so small I must crawl and contort to enter. Jamie (who is sometimes Cole) own it with Tyler (dating Jamie, in real life and in my dream). Heather (who is sometimes Dylan) are moving in. Skeptical because I am insecure if they want us. Two bathrooms but space is limited.

      There was a lot more to the dream, but it trailed off into a strange "field trip" and I didn't write it down. However, later in the dream, I did come back to the house. Semi-lucid, I was tired of the small doorway, and tried to "will" it bigger. Still semi-lucid, I noticed that the reason the door was so small was because of the unfinished brick entryway. Never will I be able to explain how the entrance was set up, but it was kind of half buried yet fully accessible. Eh.

      I rarely do researched dream interpretation beyond what I think my dreams mean, but I did look into this one. My dictionary really helped me understand what this possibly (to me, what this DEFINITELY) means. Tons of gratitude to You, subconscious self.
    15. Underwater Chariots

      by , 04-19-2011 at 02:37 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      Heather and I get a ride to the beach. Its really dark out. The water has come up to the side of the road, so we get out to look at this strange phenomenon. Heather and I get into the water and try to catch otters. If you catch one, you pay $90 dollars and it becomes your pet. There are other otters for $100 and then $120. While we try to catch them in the ocean, I look underwater for a second:

      Beneath the water, we were not actually in an ocean. It was a bright room filled with water. There were windows looking out into a green country scene. The floor was hundreds of feet away. People were riding underwater chariots, being pulled by bears and apes who were held in rope all around their bodies, yet somehow they could still swim. I became frightened and looked back above water: we were still in the dark ocean at midnight.

      Similak to:

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