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    1. Train of Destruction, 2 Pink Fro’s, Washing a Boat, and Gold Tea Strainers

      by , 03-02-2011 at 05:35 AM
      March 1, 2011

      I think this peanut butter I am eating for increased vividness is not only working very well it is helping me increase my recall. This first dream is very long and is chaotic which is characteristic of dreams earlier in the night which usually are not remembered. Nothing lucid though.

      Dream 1 : Train of Destruction
      There was some random stuff going on before this.
      It was dark at night and I could barely see things happening. This was a place like Alaska in the summer, rural, tons of pine trees, and small town feeling. Me and some of the malcontents of the small rural town created a crazy rail-mega-truck thing. The center was a rail car that had old trucks connected to it on both sides, it was huge and we got it to go really fast and then burst off the track into the woods busting itself and anything in its way to hell. This was done just outside of town and may have killed people but we obviously didn’t care, the town’s people were scum. I felt bad at this feeling after thinking about it, ‘would I feel OK if there was a little girl killed in there?’ I decided to get away from what we had done and the jerks doing it by leaving town.
      Under the few street lights I saw police cars looking cars over looking for the people that created that crash in the woods. They saw me but let me pass so I figured they didn’t know me or my car yet.
      I am now in the dark metal like room and there is a guy there trying to calm me. He says something about “it taking effect soon” and figure I have been drugged somehow. There is a metal chair that looks like people could be strapped into it and I have to wonder if I have been made to talk about what happened before.
      Then I am in a New York suburb in an empty lot. The lot is surrounded by apartment buildings and a typical chain link fence. There is an oldish guy looking like a retiree sipping iced tea in his lounge chair on his tiny back porch. I went over to him and he said something like he was impressed with my progress. Then I feel that he and others have “made me” like I am some kind of clone. I plan to escape. Figuring he may know what I would plan to do I do something totally random and ad lib and I run to the other side of the lot and then hide down under the very tall weeds and crawl to the other corner. When I come up there are 2 women looking for me frantically. The leader of the 2 says regretful “we were stressing him” to make me better. I ran out of the lot at inhuman speeds and out to the street. I had no idea where this was even though the lot I just came from seemed oddly familiar. I took a right and ran up the street than I started walking fast to not attract attention. I knew I had to get more distance between me and those people in the lot. Passing some shops and pubs to my right there was a street corner just up ahead. Then I recognized the guy on the corner [Charlie Sheen], could he be one of “them?” He was talking to other on the corner and turned to see me and nodded at me knowingly. His nod was one of ‘I got your back’ but I was too paranoid to care and ducked in the door I was at when he nodded at me. It was dark in here I could barely see anything but rushed down the hallway. Then at the end the light was visible and I recognized this as what I call ‘proximity light’ which is light that is only visible at a certain distance, a dream world invention and a little extra vividness entered the dream, I was more clear now. I hurriedly opened the door at the end of the hallway and slammed the door shut but it didn’t close but I didn’t care too much I had to get to the phone. There was a guy standing there reading the paper like he was minding the place [he was dressed in 1930s brown pants and suspenders and vertical stripped dress shirt] he just moved out of my way. There was a box on the wall that held the phone I pulled out the one piece ear piece to the old phone and was worried that I couldn’t say something into the phone and put it to my ear and looked for the piece you talk into. Before anything else, I heard a voice on the other side say in acknowledgement “I got the car”. I knew I get my way out and instantly calmed down.

      This was in a wooden wall box.


      Dream 2: 2 Pink Fro’s
      I was looking at 2 strange looking guys all in pink. They where white guys with huge pink afros, pink shirts, pink pants and shoes. There faces were made up to look peach colored in an artificial way. They just stood there looking like there was a camera watching them, posing.


      Dream 3: Washing a Boat
      I was washing a boat in a dream world that was very familiar to me. I had some friends that came into a lot of money but never showed it too much but this was a dream world created to express their desire to flaunt their riches. In their driveway they had a Cadillac and an expensive boat up on the trailer thing. I was washing it and getting paid of course but it was ridiculously easy and fun to be around so much wealth. Then the father of this wealthy family came out to see a friend of his [I have no idea who this guy is] and after saying pleasantries,
      Friend: “how’s it going these days?”
      Rich guy: “not bad, just have some gambling debts to pay off.”
      The friend didn’t answer knowing that there was probably going to be a mention of money.
      Rich guy: “You wouldn’t mind loaning me some money would you?”
      Friend: “No I really don’t have any money after my family.”
      Rich guy: Smiles, like a mob boss, knowing that now he knows he can lightly threaten the “friend’s” family to coerces him to give the loan.


      Dream 4: Gold Tea Strainers
      I am seeing gold tea strainers that look a little like little globes of vertical lines. I can feel they are 99% gold and like looking at them and moving them in my hand.

      Wow didn't know these existed till I Googled them!
      I knew what they were but kept thinking they look like earrings. Getting a good look at them again I can see why.

      There were 3 more very short dreams which I didn’t feel were worthy getting up to record.

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    2. 8 Sep: two towers town, meeting friend and social contrasts

      by , 09-09-2010 at 01:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      0:10 GMT – Sleep

      The two towers towns
      Was having a funny dream about being in this fantasy village in the woods – looked like out of Tolkien’s. On this village there was a big wooden tower and I go to it’s top. From there I can see great distances and detect that there’s another twin town of this one, with a similar wooden tower with the same height. They are like defying each other.
      I am sitting on the stairs, looking through an opening on the wall, seeing the villagers down there, the canopy, when a lady appears and I ask her about this other village and the meaning of the towers. She says it’s taboo to talk about it, they just ignore each other to avoid trouble. I find this ridiculous and I want to know more. So I fly down the tower and decide to go to the other town. I take a car and drive there (yeah, dream idiocy).
      The other town is surrounded by a fortress and I have to go up a tight zig-zag road to get to its gate. When I arrive there nobody opens the gate, nobody seems to hear me calling. So I go back in the car and fall asleep on the back seat.
      Finally at dawn I wake up hearing this guy talking to some girl, outside the car. They are looking at me and wondering what I want. I recognise the guy as being Paulo (a guy I know in RL) but he doesn’t recognise me. He seems unfriendly and upset with my presence and I want to tell him “Hey, it’s me”, but in this context I feel it would sound absurd (I am more or less aware I’m in a dream), so I just stay quiet. He decides to allow me in, but he supervises each step and actually I can’t leave his side for a second. I still have no answers and actually haven’t yet asked any questions, because he is definitely not open to conversations.

      6:30 GMT

      Meeting a friend
      I’m somewhere in a countryside town, surrounded by farmed fields. I have this impression that villagers are not very open or friendly and I just dwell. I then find this group on which I recognize H.E. (a friend I don’t see for some time).
      I remember I used to have some funny dreams with him, when we were together in college, on which we flirted
      [I believe they were shared dreams, because on the next day he would be very smiley to me and even call his real girlfriend my name by mistake, pissing her off big time. LOL. But I never asked him, afraid of looking ridiculous.]
      Because he is now working on politics (he is in RL) there’s a bunch of people around him, wanting things from him, wanting to be his friends and so on. I ask him if he can spare some time for his old friend. He is not with much availability but he agrees and we go for a walk. We talk, we fly over what seem to be daisy fields. Then we cross some tiny village streets, with clothes hanging dry, very pitoresque. He needs to go to the toilet and enters some house. I wait outside. I cross and arch at the end of the street and find a road leading out of the village. Then I see a bunch of stray dogs strolling down the road. All is fine, but then 2 or 3 cars are coming and not very slowly and I fear for the dogs, so I run to shoo them. One of them is almost hit, but escapes. Then from behind me a procession of strange animals, looking like dogs and pigs, but with geometric coloured patterns (blue, green, yellow) on their skins pass by. I wonder what is this and I follow them. Passing another arch leading to an entrance to what seems to be a farm, there’s a bunch of kids sitting on the floor, with glue, fabrics, inks and other materials. They are making these animals, like stuffed animals and when they are finished, they become alive and walk around! I find it lovely.
      I go back to get my friend to see this and then we join them. I am helping this kid making a big animal that looks like a cute monster. When his head is ready, I put it in front of my face, as if it’s a mask and make funny remarks to my friend, and it almost feels like old times. But then I get into physical affection (as a friend, not with second intentions) and he gets dead serious, not so amused anymore. He is clearly trying not to get too involved emotionally. I guess now he’s taking his relationship with his girlfriend a lot more seriously and he’s afraid we might fall into flirting like old times. I think there was no need to be so worried about it, but that his choice.
      I actually start feeling bored and again fall asleep in the dream, but since I am sitting, as soon as I feel the fall, I wake up (in the dream).

      Social contrasts
      I’m walking to some place and I pass in front of a 5-star hotel, when some handsome middle-eastern filthy rich guy gets out of his limo to go to the hotel. For a moment I feel a bit intimidated of my colliding course with him, but then I think that the sidewalk is still a public place and why should I feel intimidated just because the guy is rich? So I keep moving normally. We pass by each other and the guy actually looks very interested in me, he can’t take his eyes of me. I enjoy his attention, but know that it would never lead anywhere. For him, I might be nice to look at, but not good enough for actually get inside his life. We live planets apart. Still, I feel that this guy is about to say something to me when I hear someone shouting my name. I look around, curious and find that behind this guy’s limo is now a really ugly and old car, full of guys and they are calling me. I don’t recognize them but apparently they are my friends. They ask me if I want a ride, since we’re going to the same place (which I have no clue where it is). I think about this other guy still on hold, looking at me, but I decide to accept their invitation and hop in. I think this will show the guy I'm not really interested in his money.
      There’s not really any empty space in the car, so we basically stack on top of each other. I feel amused – there’s this guy alone in a huge limo and here we are in a tiny car like sardines in a can, but in the end I decide this life is so much more fun and rich in experiences!

      8:15 GMT – Wake up

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    3. Rich family piano visit, rap album with G

      by , 08-03-2010 at 01:18 PM

      I'm visiting some rich, "upper class" family. I don't know how I know them.

      There is a mother - 50s, slim, narrow face, short brown cropped hair, well mannered but stern, a cold personality... and a daughter, who looks like someone I very vaguely know IRL.

      The house seems to be based on two locations from my past, one from my childhood and one my father's current home. Kind of both at once, as dreams often seem to weirdly do.

      I practice on their piano (in the kitchen area from my childhood house)... meanwhile in the next room, the mother is teaching the daughter piano (living room, right across - where there used to actually be a piano IRL).

      At one point I crawl into the room toward the corner opposite from them (there is no other furniture other than the piano), where there is a picture of the daughter leaning against the wall on the floor. I "fix" the tilt of the picture. As I do, I'm more or less staring at the daughter. She pretends not to notice.

      As I'm crawling back out, I realize that I was staring and that it must have seemed creepy, and think to myself that I should completely ignore the daughter for a while to compensate.

      After a while the mother comes in and asks how I'm doing. I pick up on the subtext that it's time for me to go, and say that I was actually just about to head out.

      As I'm leaving I notice I'm wearing a bulky green-ish jacket I've borrowed from them. I hesitate, wondering if they'll ask for it back, but suppose they let me keep it for now as it's raining outside.

      I think the original reason I borrowed it had something to do with what took place before I arrived, some sense of danger, but can't remember. I remember something about playing in an orchestra...

      On my way out (now based on my father's current home), where there is usually a closet by the front door, I notice it's a door into an entire room that is in fact a giant checkers board, with giant checkers pieces to play with and everything.


      Piano is one of several arts I've been considering to spend my time on while not working on my meditation project, so I'm sure that association is primed in my mind.

      Crawling into the room... this could certainly symbolize submitting to their "higher status."

      Fixing the tilt of the picture... this could mean trying to improve her self image, perhaps repair damage done by the harsh mother figure.

      The checkers room... this could refer to decadence, extravagance, this rich family having a whole room just for checkers.


      PART 2 - RAP ALBUM G

      I'm talking to my IRL friend G about releasing a rap album. I say that I'm not super motivated to release one at this point, otherwise I would be "working my contacts," that it's "just a hobby right now."


      Perhaps trying to qualify myself, essentially trying to prove, "I could if I wanted to."

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