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    1. 25 May: Private cinema and actress in a film

      by , 05-25-2019 at 10:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In Victorian times, I am spending some time at some kind of resort in the mountains. They have a kind of cinema complex but it is actually several small rooms, very cozy, with sofas, for very private screenings of only a half a dozen people. There is a table with tea and coffee for self-serving. Oh, and I am famous. I just had to run away with my friends to reach the room (nr 10) that we had booked, while being chased by curious fans.

      At the set of a movie. Something historic. Being filmed in a big building where the story actually happened in RL. It is the first day of shootings and the actors and dozens of extras are getting into their places for a rehearsal. But I have no clue about my character. I got an envelope with papers with that info but there is no time to read it. I go from room to room asking people to help me out, but the team of directors and other professionals are so busy they don't even care. I find a room which seems like a courtroom with people seated and decide to sit in the back and read the papers. They say my main character is Caribbean and my name is N'iogo Kagada. That makes no sense at all and I talk to someone in front of me who also finds it absurd. Then I read further and it says my actual name given by my parents is Karen Vans, but I adopted a new name and nationality later on. Still doesn't make much sense. I also don't have the script and don't know where to stand and what are my lines.
    2. Dream - Not The Same Driver & What About Me & I Work For The AFL

      by , 10-23-2017 at 10:46 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 2 OCT - 2017

      Dream 205 - Separated Sections

      Dream 205 A - Not The Same Driver

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, I was doing something at Brandon Park Shopping Centre. I went outside one of the exits and thought to myself ďI want to be picked up nowĒ. I was standing at the end of the car park, on the nature strip, repeatedly calling for Dreamy WB. This has got to be the most times I've called for Dreamy WB in a dream. I was calling and calling like in Dream No. 93, the first two cars drove right by. Also like in Dream No. 93, the cars were exactly the same colour... The shiny navy ones went past.

      A dull black one then came and by the way it was driving, I thought it was going to go past too. It was just swinging out and then it parked right in front of me on the kerb. The back door of the car opened and she was inviting me in, but something wasn't right... She wasn't acting normal. As I went in to hug her, she pulled away from me with that look of disapproval on her face. She then climbed over the box compartment in the middle of the car and got into the driver's seat, leaving me at the back by myself, not even talking to me. I mentally made my conclusion... This wasn't Dreamy WB. Rather, it was WB taking Dreamy WB's car for a spin.

      She ended up dropping me off at the top of Gladstone Road, linking to Police Road. I was walking along a granite path and I see something in the ground. I dig and find that it is a completely ruined Mario plush. The worst thing is that there is no nose on it. The nose was completely ripped off and looked like it had been thrown onto the ground. I can't remember anything after seeing the destroyed Mario plush.

      Dream 205 B - What About Me
      walking around the area of the local primary school. An event was taking place there with Killester girls. I was walking around casually for a while until the dream scene restarted. I was on a bus with a very few girls, being driven to the school.

      Once I was there, I saw another bus pull up. I looked into the bus from the parking lot and saw lots of girls in that one. WB was with a big group of them at the back, having a huge conversation and a laugh. In the dream, I could actually, literally feel my heart sink because I couldn't be with them. I don't remember what took place in the school hall. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 205 C - I Work For The AFL
      I forgot how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at some random shopping centre when I was asked to do something for the AFL teams playing in the grand final. I was asked to draw up rough sketches to eventually make a PowerPoint presentation of the teams. I was then at my old house in the kitchen, doing some of the drawings. There was this sketch I apparently did of a red teddy bear and it got half a mark from the supervisor. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Oops I slipped (interact with WB when she's angry 1 time)
      >> I hugged her and she pulled away really quickly, not talking to me for the rest of the drive.
    3. Dream - Celebs At Your Doorstep

      by , 10-01-2017 at 12:41 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 28 SEP - 2017

      Dream No. 202 - Celebs At Your Doorstep

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was in a Sportsgirl shop in some unknown suburb. I was walking around, looking for clothes with WB as she followed me, having an unimpressed look pasted onto her face.

      The dream scene then changed to my family going to visit relatives in Geelong. We were walking along the Waterfront when I got subconscious notice of an event nearby. TH's brother (who does not exist in real life) was holding some concert at a big cafe. My family just wanted to go home after the walk but I had other ideas.

      When we walked past the cafe, I secretly derailed from the rest of the family and went to the door. Only at the doorstep, TH's mum SH sees me and comes up to talk to me. My dad comes in and acts all starstruck, saying that this event deserves so many photos. The rest of the family outside couldn't wait and so continued home. I don't remember the rest of the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None
      Tags: cafe, family, famous, shops
    4. Dream - Fear Of The Furry & Elements Vs Economics (Addition: Trophy Adjustment)

      by , 08-05-2017 at 10:41 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 30 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 164 - Separated Sections

      Dream 164 A - Fear Of The Furry
      I was back at Killester for school and there was a mixture of Killester girls and Chisholm girls in the class. I had one of the TAFE teachers for English. I then had Mrs TB for financial maths but the dream was always making me come 10 minutes late to class, no matter what I did. At one point, I never came back to class. I was then at my house, having piano lessons with my high school tutor PH. There was some weird homework that he had set for me but I forgot what it was.

      I had left home to go to this random milk bar and when I came back out, I saw FT on the streets. She told me she had some meeting to attend with the members of the St. Kilda Football Club. I followed FT up the hill and discovered that the members were in my driveway. I got so excited and told FT that this was my house. Then I left her in the driveway and proceeded into the garage myself.

      In the garage, I saw a grey kitten walking around and it would occasionally hiss at me, which would make me scared. I kept calling for Dreamy WB but there was no answer. The kitten would keep hissing and I got more and more scared. I eventually centred myself and came up with the new technique for summoning Dreamy WB. I spoke to myself, saying that she was going to be behind grandma's car. I then walked to the far side of grandma's car and indeed she was there, leaning on the driver's window. I remember she was wearing a white t-shirt with a black cardi and black trackies, with her glasses on.

      So I went up to her and showed her how much I was freaked out. She then got up and put an arm around me, slowly walking towards the other side of the garage while holding me in a full on hugging position. The grey kitten was still menacingly hissing but then there was a black kitten and a brown kitten who were minding their own business and being all cute. Every time Dreamy WB would loosen and then tighten her grip on me, there was this ďcounterĒ that would increase. Once I was in the house and on the stairs, the counter was at 9 and then went to 10. Before we got to the top of the stairs, I woke up.

      Dream 164 B - Elements Vs Economics
      One of the TAFE teachers had given us an assignment for our economics class, except he's not our economics teacher in real life but rather the real life teacher for company accounting. For this case study, I wrote down and drew the symbol for what element suited each scenario. Some I remember were ice to freeze the money in place and then for another scenario, fire to stop the thief from getting away with the money. The dream then skipped to me getting the assignment back and there were crosses everywhere. I was really embarrassed with the result but then discovered that the teacher made corrections with red erasable pen, so I rubbed all his corrections out. I don't remember what else happened in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

      EXTRA NOTE - Trophy Adjustment/s
      After reassessing some of the dream trophies, I don't think I'd be able to simulate the dream environment required with my current abilities, so I'm making some changes to the dream trophies so they are somewhat achievable, starting from future dreams.

      Snowed In - Use your Ice abilities in 1 dream
      A Sprig Of Time - Have Mrs O'N use her Earth abilities in 1 dream
      Sparkie - Have EG use her Electric abilities in 1 dream
      Burnt To A Crisp - Have LB use her Fire abilities in 1 dream
      The Ice Age - Use your ice abilities in 3 dreams
      The Hills Are Alive! - Have Mrs O'N use her Earth abilities in 3 dreams
      Power Surge - Have EG use her Electric abilities in 3 dreams
      Black Friday - Have LB use her Fire abilities in 3 dreams

      Snowed In - Use your Ice abilities in 1 dream
      A Sprig Of Time - Use your Earth abilities in 1 dream
      Sparkie - Use your Electric abilities in 1 dream
      Burnt To A Crisp - Use your Fire abilities in 1 dream
      The Ice Age - Use your ice abilities in 3 dreams
      The Hills Are Alive! - Use your Earth abilities in 3 dreams
      Power Surge - Use your Electric abilities in 3 dreams
      Black Friday - Use your Fire abilities in 3 dreams

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    5. Dream - The Celebration & Choir Competition & I Got A Reply

      by , 05-19-2017 at 08:46 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 19 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 115 - Separated Sections

      Dream 115 A - The Celebration
      My mum and I were driving when I saw a really bright rainbow in the sky. When I told her to look at it, these really dark clouds started to cover it up but then a second rainbow had appeared. As we drove closer to our local area, more and more rainbows started to appear until there were heaps of them. The sky also started to have other signs of strange, colourful light in it as well.

      When we were within our streets, I noticed that a lot of houses had their Christmas lights on although it wasn't Christmas season. My dad suggested that it was this annual celebration that was taking place. We went up one backstreet and got out of the car. My parents had presented someone with this massive bag of Easter eggs. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 115 B - Choir Competition
      I was in an unknown building that looked like the reception area of somewhere like a clinic or a hospital. Just outside the doors, there were all these primary school students lined up wearing blue and yellow uniform. Apparently they were one of the schools involved in a choir competition. When they came back in, they sat on the chairs close by with their teacher sitting right next to me. I kept trying to get the teacher's attention to say congratulations but everyone kept ignoring me.

      The next school to go outside for singing was Killester College. The dream must have skipped their repetoire as straight after, the choir was leaving the place. As they were all walking along with Mr. H, WB saw me and we frantically waved at each other. She had then pulled out some sort of polaroid camera and was trying to take a picture of me. I thought didn't know what she wanted and so I tried to avoid being snapped. She desperately tried to get my attention and said she just wanted to say bye to me, so I then deliberately smiled for the camera.

      Dream 115 C - I Got A Reply
      There were two instances in this dream where I got a reply. The first one was fan mail that I had sent to SML in waking life but in the dream, I actually saw that there was a reply! (no reply in waking life). My dream mind had pieced that Logan had composed the reply and there was this gibberish in which the only part that made sense was something about my music.

      The dream then moved to me messaging TH on Facebook (I have not done this in waking life). Shortly after, I get a message from someone else, I have forgotten the name of this account. I eventually suss out that this is Taylor's aunty and that's all I remember about this dream.
    6. Famous player

      by , 04-20-2016 at 08:43 AM
      I go to a place I do not know. There I meet a famous football (soccer) player who lives there, he's with some friends and his girlfriend. Although they speak a different language to me, we understand each other well. The site in which they live is something like a ghetto where people who are of nationality are, it is a dangerous place where those coming from outside can be assailed and attacked. I am safe because I am a friend of the player. We move through the area and talk to his girlfriend who is a very nice person and we become friends. When I decide to get out of there, she comes with me to leave the place and not have problems with people who live there.
    7. 1) Robbery at the bank. 2) New car

      by , 04-08-2016 at 08:38 AM
      I'm in a bank. There are many people celebrating something, they are also the heads of the bank. I'm with a small group of people, one of them is famous. No one has noticed, but we've done a robbery at the bank, it has been some kind of operation performed using computers, I have not actively participated in the robbery, but I'm an accomplice. Now, for some reason I do not know, may they discover us and we must flee and leave the building. We got out and the other attendees seems a bit strange that we are gone so fast. When we left, we are in a beach area with palm trees and the group of people who was with me get into the sea, they are very happy because they have managed to make the robbery and escape, but I will not go into the sea and I keep walking because I think we have not really escaped and at any time they are going to arrest us and I'll get in big trouble. I have a pretty big feeling of being overwhelmed!

      I bought a car. Although it is powerful and is in good condition and also looks nice, I realize that it is an older model and when I start to drive it I realize that the engine fails.
    8. At home of a famous politician

      by , 04-06-2016 at 09:05 AM
      I go with my wife to the home of a famous Spanish politician who is now retired. There are many people in the house and they received us very well. We all sat around a table and my wife begins to tell her story when she was working in a construction company, she says to them issues of economy. Meanwhile, I'm eating, they have offered me a dish that I find delicious, I look at the ingredients that attract my attention, I think it takes peppers and some other ingredients that can not identify, I like it very much, the dish has a large amount of food, but I think I'm going to eat it all. Then I go out with the host outside the house, there is a large garden and have many animals, on the far side I see a group of young cows playing with some children, near me I see several dogs and cats. We go back into the house and my wife is still talking to several people, she is excited and she is crying because the topics that she talks about are important to her. I sit back down at the table and I eat again, this time is something sweet, a kind of chocolate cake stuffed with pistachios and I like a lot. They treat us very well and we are at ease, I think it's great that a person who is known publicly invite us to his home and also my wife can unburden telling her stories.

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    9. Street Basketball/Dream Fragments/A Struggle When DEILDing

      by , 09-20-2013 at 01:14 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment
      David was in hospital with his hands wrapped. I saw a few photos of him. He was being congratulated for staying calm?

      Dream Fragment
      I was at the basketball stadium outside.

      Dream Fragment
      I was on a jetty. I think I may have been with someone that was famous.

      Dream 1
      It was night and I was playing basketball by myself in the middle of a street. A car drove passed and they must have said something to me or they were hanging out the window. I shot the ball and it went over the backboard. I jogged after the ball as it was rolling down the street. I could see the car in the distance, I thought maybe they were thinking I was chasing them. I saw them crash into a ditch, but I ignored them and went after the ball, which rolled into a houses front yard. I couldn't find the ball.

      Dream 2

      I attempted the DEILD and I must of only just been conscious or struggling to get the scene to become clear, as I could only feel sensations of body contact at some points.

      I was at Daryl's house and I remember my ex being there (Marls). She had gone to the toilet and I must have been in her bed. I could hear someone calling my name. Silly me responded ''Yeah....?'', but I said it out loud from my waking body, as I wasn't in the scene completely. I remember her in the bed with me, and I was intending to have Sex. I could feel her pushing my body away as I was taking up too much of the bed. I even took off my pants off at one stage.

      (Could have this been because I was blinded by my sleeping mask?)
    10. Famous

      by , 01-11-2013 at 02:55 AM
      I was spending a few nights out in Vegas. I'm not sure how it happened but I felt famous when I was on some kind of flying transportation flying over the city viewing all the shiny night lights.

      Later, I landed in front of a parking lot somewhere in the middle of the city. It was this time when I knew I had a lot of attention on me. There was this one guy who was with me, trying to convince me to sign a sort of contract that can change the way I look like when out in the public. I listened to him and for some reason I thought of the name "Altaer" at that time.

      Later, I felt in a whole new place. I was somewhere in the city exploring. I saw this man who was trying to sell me something. It was something that I've seen before. It was a box full of cards, albums maybe. I'm not sure what they were. I decided to get one just to see what they were. The man told me that there was something special about these things. It had something to do with a girl, I think of Janna but I'm still not sure. This girl, she doesn't seem so special but it did.
    11. Tattoos (Oct 15 - Oct 16, 2012)

      by , 10-16-2012 at 09:32 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      I am in a room with a large group of people and they're all sporting their new tattoos. All that have been shown have just been black ink then someone that may have been Will Smith showed off a tattoo that was on hid back and it was in full color and outshone all the others. After that he went downstairs with his mother and down there was a cafe type deal.
      A policeman was leaning against the wall. Will sat down as his mom started to make him a drink the policeman sat down a few moments after.
    12. A long day in Texas

      by , 08-18-2012 at 03:03 PM
      A dream I had this morning (18 August 2012) - much vivid detail.

      I was finally on TV. Not sure how it happened, but it was a 6:00 - 6:30 pm segment for children, in which I appeared in the same manner as in a YouTube video discussing the longest words in several languages.

      If you message me, I'll send you the link - unless I actually become too famous and you'll know right away.

      My Facebook friend, initials DL, was on the program as well. Later, I remember talking to him on Facebook about how he saw me on the program, too!

      Cut. Something about a beer store.

      How did they get my video, anyway? This other kid was one year younger than me, but this appeared to be some kind of educational program, as the credits rolled in, displaying our names, and that of one other teletubby-like creature.

      It gave out the following messages...


      This was strange for several reasons. First, they spelled out a nonexistent word: udd. Perhaps they meant "odd"? They couldn't have meant the same word for both of us, considering D and L are on opposite sides of the keyboard, I thought.

      Wait a minute. Does this mean they wanted me to die young?

      Or perhaps, die young as late as possible?

      I bent down and ate my soup. I thought about that valedictorian speech that I had long prepared, but never got to speak in front of an audience.

      Sometime later, I go to bed. The same teletubby-like creatures that hosted the show were now anthropomorphic talking animals that sat on the right of a ledge and bookshelf in the corner of my room. They were discussing a most unusual subject as I proceded to sleep.

      They were talking about what happens when somebody's testicles get twisted and "suffocate".

      "So, a new female is created?!"

      Somewhere in the voices was a hint of judgement and contempt. I thought that if I discussed a so-called 'nutshot fetish' I had with the producers of the show, they'd be upset. They were part of Family Studios, which was a spin-off affiliate program of a North American charity very similar to Focus on the Family. Both programs were very pro-life, conservative, and anti-LGBT rights.

      As I was thinking about, or perhaps actually did, write about my experience on a somewhat-gay Facebook forum, the transwoman wrote back something neither demeaning nor incredibly strange. However, my instant thought or response was, "you broke me", an attribute that I couldn't have thought possible for a transsexual person, whoever he/she was.

      Later, I was watching the news, or maybe being part of it. A huge storm had stirred up sand storms and haboobs in Texas, A facade of a cattle ranch being "roughed up" appeared. On the news, they said the ex-storm (or ex-low, or something like ex-nor-easter) had made its way to Japan.

      This had never happened before, but this year, this was the third time. I thought, how could a storm track that way, if it was moving the "opposite" to a regular storm?

      Most storms would track from Japan eastward toward Oregon, then sink south toward Texas. If this storm was heading the other way, it must be over the Arctic.

      Perhaps it was 2012. Or maybe the physical year didn't exist, as the dream state was on a floating timeline.

      The news then reported that, after recently 100 young boys had suddenly gone missing in Texas, most of them were found alive. The families, and the communities, were praying for the safe return of the rest.

      The next segment featured a part about the abortion controversy. It showed a woman with brown tape over her stomach area, the commentor saying, "the crosses heal the wounds of young women who were photographed having an abortion in the woods".

      Previously, there was a case where a pro-life activist photographed the aborted fetus of a woman who had aborted her child secretly in the woods. This time, women all over the country who were not pregnant were wearing this brown tape. Any time a photographer passed over, they were instructed to openly state they were not pregnant, and question what the hell the photographer was doing there.

      And they did. The photographers were apprehended by police and security, and taken away.

      As both a Liberal Christian and a Christian Liberal who was often pro-life but in major cases also pro-choice, I was torn about this segment. First, I thought, "were these crosses false prophets"?

      My mind then wandered over to a kitchen when I was five years old, but that was a facade again. I thought about pro-life protesters in the streets, and what was to become of them.

      I remembered a certain video on Godvine about how anti-abortion protesters convinced a mother not to abort her baby. Would these now be a thing of the past? Would pro-choice people now try to convince teen pregnancies to abort rather than say, seek adoption?

      I asked somebody, "would there still be anti-abortion protests? Or are those protected indefinitely under the constitution?"

      On the pro-choice side, why were these photographers mobilizing in the first place? Perhaps they were agents of a new Romney-Ryan administration that opposed planned parenthood?

      I personally supported the rights of the women who were violated. What about people who needed an abortion to save the life of the mother and then were violated as they were filmed, filed and reported?

      Browsing through my Twitter, I saw that Pastor Terry Jones was following me. I doubted whether I should follow back, as this was apparently the pastor who had led the Qu'ran burning controversy at the Dove World Outreach Center in Florida.

      I wake up at 4:43 am. Proceding to write these down now, and after another half hour I fall asleep again.

      I remember nothing about what happened.

      Sleeping again from about 8:15 - 9:15 am.

      Only remember the ending this time. George Shrinks was on a mission somewhere, and saved a girl on the sub-11th floor of a basement. Flying in his Zoopercar, he stages a show.

      His mom is holding a secret egg. However, she wears it on a fake turban-like mummified head gear, which George then unravels and pulls out the egg.

      The contents turn out to be a prize. Apparently, a group was awarding us more than $8.26 million for defending gay rights.

    13. 19.06.2012 - WILD attempt semi successful, several non lucid dreams.

      by , 06-20-2012 at 11:37 AM
      Date: 19/06/2012
      Place: My holiday caravan
      Time of getting into bed: 11.50pm
      During the day I drank 1 x 500ml Monster energy drink

      WILD attempt (first ever)

      Strangely enough I decided to try it without prior sleep (don't ask me why) this took a good hour before I really felt the effects, but here is the results;

      Went to bed, relaxed, tried to get sleepy and restful. Took some time but finally felt in the right place. Found sleeping on my side the most comfortable (my sleeping position of choice)
      Was continually interupted by random banging noises - was sleeping in a caravan and sounded like the walls moving / creaking? Never noticed this before so really annoyed me!!
      Each time I was awoken I ignored it, and relaxed again - partners loud breathing kept me awake but after using it as a beat to keep my own breathing slow, it became unnoticeable. I found this bit easy.
      After some time I was clearly getting close, I could not feel my body, I kept experiencing swaying / floating sensations and my 'mind' was totally immersed. It felt a bit like I was mildly drugged up, I couldn't feel my hands or even the quilt around me. I didn't feel the need to swallow (which I have a bit of a habit of doing) I continued counting to ten, and saying ;I am dreaming' each time. I often lost my place and had to start over but remained calm.

      After an unknown amount of time, my body lit up as if on fire, but not painful. I had vibrations running through my body, which I tried to feel and control (sort of worked) it was not a bad sensation, but so real and intense that it did 'light' my brain up. Almost like going from sleepy and hypnotized to being conscious and SWITCHED ON. My ears popped as if I was underwater, and I tried to enjoy this strange sensation, telling myself I was about to enter a lucid dream!

      This sensation was exactly the same as the sensation I had when getting lucid a few nights ago. I feel like I know that I'm lucid, but I have to DO something to break through the barrier. Last time I raised my hand and pulled myself out from my 'body' so to speak. this time I didn't get a chance to. My initial idea was to 'roll over' into a dream. I didn't do this in time.
      Unfortunately I must have gotten too excited as I 'woke up'. I did a quick RC to make sure it wasn't a FA, which it wasn't. I jotted in my journal and tried to re-enter, but by then my heart was racing so fast and I was wide awake.

      It did give me incentive to try WILDing again though!

      Dream 1 - Non Lucid dream

      I am at a festival, trying to get back to my tent. There are lots of people walking around, and a large queue of traffic blocking the way. It is also very dark and very muddy, however I am not worried, I just keep walking.

      Dream 2 - Non Lucid dream

      I am somewhere, and trying to get home with my partner. We have no money to get home, but a limo pulls up looking for some famous people. We get in, pretending it is for us so we can a free lift home. It takes us to the home of the famous film stars who own the limo. We get out the limo and go in their house. Their house is big, spacious and obviously they are rich. We help ourselves to their stuff but we are not trashing the place as that would be rude. Someone knocks on the door and we panic, and hide. They soon go away and we decide it is best to disguise ourselves as the film stars so that no body suspects us. We put on their clothes, for me this consists of a dirty, white string vest and some large boots. I then have a string necklace around my neck, with beads and random bits hanging from it, a bit broken and messy. I also wear a long, dirty, thick trenchcoat. We then put egg yolk all over ourselves. No idea why. I believe we got these from the fridge.

      Dream 3- Non Lucid dream

      I am going through a drive through, although the actual company is not one that I know of (made up?) the men who work there are nice, but incompetent. They wear police helmets, and apologize for the delay. I finally get the food and drink but after drinking the fanta, it is warm. I hand it back and complain and they are nice, and agree to replace. However it takes so long to get a replacement that we decide to go for a short walk. We step out the car and see a strange gift shop. It is clear we are in a place I am unfamiliar with in my dream as I sort of explore, like a tourist. The gift shop is brown and had a big skeleton outside, it appears to sell strange and bizarre gifts. I don't go in, however, I turn left towards the main shopping area, across a square where people walk / talk / go about their lives. Here I see someone watching me / staring. I try to ignore them but I have a feeling they are going to talk to me and I really don't want them to. I am not scared, but don't like them so I try to mingle with the crowd and hide. It works. Next thing I know I am in a pub garden, playing pool (or snooker) with a friend. I notice my partner isn't here and ring them, trying to get them to join us. He will not join us because he cannot bring his own beer into the pub. I tell him we have water and this sort of changes his mind.

      Dream 4 - Non Lucid dream

      I have got some baby rats as pets. They are in a cage but I take one out to hold, it is fast and I drop it on the floor. I then try to pick it up but it is so small I lose it in the fibres of the carpet, I then search for it and find it - it is now an insect but I do not seem to be bothered by this transformation in the dream. I follow it a while then carefully pick it up, putting it back in the cage.

      The sensation I describe as 'lighting up my body' was present again
      Ears popped during WILD
      I love rats and had many pet rats in the past
      I recently attended a music festival
      A festival and a drive through have been been in my DJ recently
      I recently played pool with a friend
    14. Lucid Dream 213: MVP

      by , 04-20-2011 at 07:58 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      April 11, 2011
      Lucid Dream 213: MVP
      Series: Sexcapades, Episode 4
      around 8:30am

      I was in this huge, expensive looking hotel room. There were tons of people there and we were all partying. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with cC (girl I know) watching the huge, wall-mounted, flat screen t.v. It was on a sports awards show. cC asked, "Did you get MVP?" I replied, "Yeah, but they haven't announced it yet." She slipped her hand into my pants and began rubbing on me. The t.v. announced that I had won Major League Baseball's MVP award. I laid back and cC started giving me a full blown hand job. She told me to hurry up and get off because she felt uncomfortable with everyone around. I told her to go faster then. She replied, "Why don't we just become aware?" I immediately became lucid and performed a nose pinch to confirm.

      I sat up and rolled over on top of her. I took off her shirt and began fucking her tits. She got nervous and aske dme to stop. She then rolled away from me. I looked at her and said, "We are lucid, remember! What is the problem?" She said, "Oh yeah, I forgot." We then returned to what we were doing. After a few more moments she pushed me off, got up and said, "No, not in a public place like this!" I was aggravated now. I said, "Fine then." I just walked up to random female in the party and began kissing her. I guided her over to the bed where she started blowing me. The dream started to fade and I prepared to DEILD. One of my roommates woke me up in the middle of the DEILD attempt because my grandma was at the door :O.

      Luckily, she didn't want to come in, she had just stopped by to give me some birthday cash.

      Series Details
      Class is thrown out the window in the dream series, "Sexcapades." Not unlike your favorite porn video, I unleash my inner "Ron Jeremy" and give those DCs what they are looking for ! Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    15. 7 Sep: a portal and a long lucid (both wasted)

      by , 09-08-2010 at 10:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      In general, these last days I have been recalling fewer dreams and totally missing good opportunities when they arise, but we all go through these stupid phases, I guess.

      23:20 GMT Ė Sleep

      Canít really recall a dream, but I woke up with obsessive thoughts about dream control and the serial dreaming RPG tasks, so either I was dreaming something related to that or not at all and felt frustrated on waking up.

      3:58 GMT

      Random fragments
      Iím with a group of kids, brothers and sisters and apparently we are very famous. Thereís a huge group of fans stalking us and we just have time to hide in some house. Inside thereís a maid who becomes our friend and keeps our location secret. For some reason we stay there for the night and it is absolutely imperative that nobody find us there.
      Then I am on some balcony trying to disentangle something (?)
      Then Iím on top of a skyscraper in N.Y. I feel a bit of vertigo.
      Then I am with some blond guy and we are making a pact to help each other keep some secret only to ourselves.

      4:30 GMT

      From a train to a slaughterhouse
      Iím on a train station platform and from inside a train a friend calls me, says it is last call for this train and if Iím not getting there immediately Iíll have to go on the next. I donít know where weíre going, but I hop in. I sit and realise that in the seat in front are my friend R., L. and some other person. They are bragging about their dreams. One of them says she can easily use the train ride to snooze a little and will surely come up with at least 2 lucid dreams. Initially I feel envious, but I shudder this feeling, don't want to give in to envy and just ignore them. I look through the window and I see bulls on some field. Half-lucid I start thinking which animal suffers the worst: the bull that roams free his entire life and is then slowly tortured and bleed to death in a bullfighting arena or a cow that lives an entirely miserable existence of pain in some factory farm but then dies supposedly quicker? My doubt lies now in the effectiveness of stunners that are used to leave the animals unconscious before slaughter. So I find myself in a slaughterhouse holding one of such devices to test it. I thought about trying it on myself, but I felt a bit scared of what I would feel, so I just test it on an apple Ė not a very clever idea, it just gets some burning marks on it. [chicken!]

      A portal
      Iím on some house of an old couple and their son. Weíre in the middle of an empty room and thereís a portal open in the centre of the room. It just appeared out of nowhere. As it shines and waves in the air, in tones of blue, like water, we wonder what it is and if itís dangerous to cross it and what it is on the other side. The boy gets behind it and throws something across it in our direction. It was like a piece of garbage. Instead of crossing, it just stays there, suspended in the portal, but it performs a strange mystical dance and then becomes a perfect circle form. Then I don't remember much, but I had no will or courage to actually cross it and think I just left this room and house and continued dreaming outside. [idiot!]

      Buddhists and new agers
      I'm in this foreign country and my mom came to visit me and I decide to show her around. Iím dressed in orange, top and long skirt and with my purple hat. I tell her lots of monks and Buddhist teachers are also in the city at the moment, for some gathering. We see a group of people waiting for a bus on the other side of the road and I tell her ďSee over there, itís Mathieu Ricard with some other Tibetan Buddhist monkĒ. A bit further we pass by another group of monks, and I tell her ďAnd see, look whoís in the middle of these monks, itís Tich Nhat Hanh.Ē
      Then we see a large entrance to some place, like a garage, not entirely inviting, but lots of new agers gathered there. They invite us in, they are eating what seems to be lentils and vegetables, so we join them. After the meal they behave a bit childish, like when they start doing this clapping hand game I used to play in camps with other kids.

      5:30 GMT

      Alone in the city
      I am again in this foreign city and I know my mom is visiting, although not with me at the moment. I know it is quite far from home and I wonder how she enjoyed the flight. I feel that flying is becoming quite normal to me and I wonder if Iíll ever be afraid of flying. Then it occurs to me that maybe if I fly to Nepal, I might feel scared because lots of planes fall in that area as their flying companies are not so safe.
      While I think about all this I am entering a building, following two other girls who enter a public toilet. It is quite big with large mirrors on the wall over the sinks. The girls are mocking me or something, but I ignore them. I go to the mirror and I spend a lot of time there, looking at something in my face as I continue thinking. Because Iím abstracted, the dream transforms and I am now on top of a hill sitting with a guy and a girl on a few steps and the mirror transformed into a glass wall by my left side. Through it I can see a road down the hill and a city on the other side of the road.
      Me and this guy and girl are so packed together (donít know way, as thereís lots of space around) and the guy is flirting me thinking Iím interested.
      But I couldnít care less, I get up and decide to move. I go downhill and cross the street. From there I see than on the side of this little hill, there's a bigger mountain with a forest and old houses in the horizon, outside the city and for a moment I consider going there. But hesitated, and decided to just fly around the city. I am lucid but honestly canít really tell when it started (think it was gradual, from the moment I moved away from this couple of friends).
      For a moment I find myself inside a house with a bunch of other people and I change clothes Ė now I wear a sexy transparent black shirt. Then Iím outside again and Iím a bit distracted and a car almost hits me. I pause on the sidewalk for a while, just looking to the sky and the buildings around. Itís all so luminous. Then I see lots of jets lifting off and I have this impression thereís a lot of rich business people on this city. The jets lift off, one after another, thereís maybe an airport nearby. But then they start behaving strangely, like they are not flying in a straight line, but a bit randomly and then they transform into giant metal birds, with colourful painted wings.
      A Russian guy wakes me up from my mesmerisation and tells me he will drive this car, which is parked right by my side and Iím sitting on the sidewalk, so heís just warning me to get out the way. He is a bit rude, but he is actually concerned about my safety and I feel he is a nice guy. He is a driver, not the owner of the car.
      Then I cross the street on the pedestrian walkway. I didnít look to see if it was green for pedestrians and a wall of cars comes in my direction from both sides. But I am not afraid. As they approach I think "cars keep coming at me but this is my dream and they canít hurt me, Iíll be like Moises opening the red sea and crossing safely to the other side". It didnít quite happen that way. It just happened that the cars would pass in front of me or in my back without ever colliding with me, very elegantly. That was nice, but not awesome, so I stay there and decide the cars will lift in the air and freeze and make a wall of cars. This time I point my hand to them to make it happen, but all it happens is that they started levitating, but not with the desired effect. I think ďOh crap, I really suck at this control thing.Ē, but it wasnít that bad - at least it was a very sucessful levitation of cars.
      Then for some irrational ďreasonĒ when I am in the sidewalk I decide Iím not over with this gimmick yet and I walk a bit further down the road until I find a spot that for "some reasonĒ looks good. There I decide to send a purple light ray Ė actually more like a laser, hard to explain - to the ground, marking an invisible line where the cars will create this wave or wall of cars, when they reach it. But by this time, the traffic diminished a lot. Itís already dawn and I also realised thereís very few people on the street. A guy coming out from a building Ė looks like a bank Ė just saw me sending out ďlaser beamsĒ and with his eyes wide open he freezes on the sidewalk and moves back inside. I canít believe he is afraid of me!
      I lean on some raised flowerbed outside a building, waiting for some car to pass, but nothing! They totally disappeared. Now I feel pissed. I was sure this time it would work! Then I feel so incredibly lonely, as if I was the only one of my kind in the world - nobody with whom to share my reality and my tricks. Then my cat appears by my side and I hug him, but I donít feel much better.

      [Then I felt totally disappointed that I didnít remember to do any of the tasks I was supposed to do!]

      7:15 GMT Ė Wake up

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