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    1. #61 - 3 lucid dreams on my first night trying again

      by , 02-14-2015 at 11:02 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      To get these lucid dreams I used the SSILD technique with WBTB after ~4-5 hours of sleep.

      Lucid #9 - Minecraft I guess
      I kind of wake up in the dream world knowing that it's a lucid dream, it's dark and I question whether I'm even asleep. I'm also pretty scared because I had some scary though or something before falling asleep, I just willed the emotion away which worked pretty easy. I use my willpower and the world around me becomes lighter and lighter and I manage to find an exit to outside. It's nice and bright outside now, I'm wandering around and the first thing I notice is that everything is minecraft-pixelated, everything is blocky and there are cliffs and trees all around me, even I'm made of blocks. This dream only lasts a few minutes.

      Lucid #10 - Sexy time
      Once again I'm just aware that it's a dream and my goal becomes more sexual, so I start kind of testing it since I've never tried it in a lucid dream. I was on a farm by a fence and I think there are 2 girls.. and I'll leave that part out .. After a while I just seem to wake up again, probably a bit longer than the last lucid, maybe ~5-10minutes.

      Lucid #11 - Sexy time again
      I wake up at about 9 and think that I should probably get up, but I end up falling back asleep. I'm lucid again and I'm at my parents house now, and I seem to be trying to have more sexy time, but then something happens and I'm off wandering around again. I decide that I should try find that girl again so I walk around looking for her, then I seriously start to doubt whether or not it's a dream... EVERYTHING is perfect, the house looks exactly like the real thing, it doesn't 'feel' like a dream and there's nothing remotely dreamlike happening around me... It just feels normal. I then rationalize through it, remembering where I should be and that there's no way I could be at my parents house, I then say in my head "it's definitely a dream damnit". I turn my head to the doors down the hallway and they seem to stretch out a bit as I will something to happen, the feeling that I know this is a dream comes back. I then run towards it (which takes a while because it was still stretching away from me) and push through the doors, I run outside and look for that girl and shout her name now, confident that my parents won't bother me since they're not real. She appears around the corner and I get her and take her back to my room. Sexy time happens again so I'll leave that out, also I was convinced it was night time in real life because the world around me was getting darker, so I willed the world to light up again and it worked.

      Notes: These lucids were pretty low level and I felt like I had a lot of control, they were progressively become more realistic with each successive lucid, but they weren't particularly vivid.
    2. Trigger to Full Lucidity - The Guinea Pig Tells Me So

      by , 02-09-2015 at 01:26 PM
      Morning of February 9, 2015. Monday.

      For quite some time I am looking at old family photographs on my computer. There is one part where there are also videos below the photographs, several full-screen ones, but columned down the screen, all playing at the same time, which is a bit annoying. Still, I manage to learn of an unknown (fictional) teenage girl having been a friend of the family for a long time. Meanwhile, I realize it is a bit cold and the front door to the apartment is open (though we live in a one-family house in reality). The heating is working but I think of telling my wife about the open front door instead of just closing it. (It is the opposite in reality - too hot and with a fan on next to the bed.)

      The unknown girl’s name is Stella Womack. This is likely a typical dream distortion, in this case, of “still a woman” (the name being completely unfamiliar to me otherwise though there are people with the name in reality).

      Some sort of intense in-dream mystery seems to build. This girl had photographs taken numerous times with members of my family and at a few different addresses we had lived. Somehow, something is not explainable, yet I do not become lucid over this nonexistent person having been photographed and filmed for so long. Perhaps my memory has failed and I had somehow forgotten about her. I decide to talk to my wife and find out more about all the photographs. Perhaps I had somehow just not seen any of these photographs and thus was unaware of her all this time. In the last image I see, she is standing in the kitchen holding a guinea pig and there is also a small dog on the table. Oddly, she has her mouth over the head of the guinea pig, but not so it would be unable to breathe.

      My wife is lying in bed and I walk in and talk to her about this Womack girl. I remember another photograph of her standing in a kitchen. I clearly see all the hanging utensils and other details. My wife seems uncertain about why I seem confused over the photographs. She suddenly shouts “you’re dreaming!” From here she either becomes, or is replaced by, a human-sized guinea pig with its jaw hanging open and with wide overly large glassy eyes (with the impression that it was the guinea pig that had yelled and “died” or became completely still). This image remains completely “frozen”. Even though it feels as if I am wide awake now, as “real” as reality, I also have a strange awareness which is almost like coming out of a fog. (This is at least a partial result of the “thank you for telling me when I am dreaming” meditation - but to where it is now a part of my normal thinking - yes, all it takes is simple thinking, as with anything else, which transforms into actual belief and automatic responses over time - though certain mental patterns and “abilities” seem to take over twenty years to hone perfectly with light three-minute affirmation sessions throughout every day, many thousands of which I developed over time since childhood.)

      Becoming fully lucid, I wander off into a typical random “let’s have sex” neighborhood - fully aware that I am always the maker of all my dreams (both lucid and non-lucid - something I have accepted since I was very young) - and easily rip the front doors off the first house I come to and throw them into the front yard behind me. Three perfect copies of my beautiful wife are lounging around in the living room. There are at least two other people around, somewhere in the house, but I ignore their presence at first. Obviously, full passive cooperation follows as I sit down on the couch and have one at a time over what seems about an hour. Only one copy is wearing reading glasses, the pair she has used only rarely in reality. Another copy is several years younger.

      At one point, another male walks out from the hallway and is standing behind the couch, almost like some sort of brainless Sims character meandering about - as I sense no intelligence or consciousness as I do with my wives. I do not really feel threatened or judged but I am somewhat annoyed by some sort of incoherent muffled vocalization on his part (he seemingly represents the typical imposing nature of everyman) - so I somehow fling my arms backwards, grab him by the shoulders, fold him into a paper airplane, and fling him back into the hallway.

      For seemingly about twenty minutes, I relax in my dream between sexual acts, cheerfully admiring my dream’s environment, sitting there and contemplating how amazing it is that I feel exactly the same as I do when awake (though this dream is far more vivid and with more conscious “depth” than typical lucid dream types - as I am in complete “automatic” control and focus throughout). I look around the room. There is a small bedroom on my left side. The hallway on the other side of the room is in front of me. The couch (near the center of the room) faces away from the front door. At no time does the room change size or change in any other way (as is typical in non-lucid dreams and even some lucid ones).

      I look up and behind me and see at least four large silver wind chimes hanging from the ceiling; the same direction as the couch is oriented but arranged over the length of the room, north to south. They are crescent moons and five-pointed stars. The ceiling reflects the very slight motions of the wind chimes perfectly, both in the cast shadows and the silvery reflections of each star and crescent moon, which captures my attention for a few minutes, it is so amazingly beautiful and bringing a deep sense of peace. I briefly focus on how it is possible for the movements to be so accurate. In fact, I deliberately study the reflections on the ceiling caused by a particular wind chime and watch the very slight movement which is rendered exactly on the ceiling in shadow and light simultaneously - just as it would be in reality. This pleases me and I amazed by the correct details. I could sit here admiring the designs for hours.

      I indulge in lovemaking three times before the telephone wakes me up in the middle of my third climax. It is a sudden shift from what seemed like an alternate reality - but the speed at which my in-dream awareness drops and “breaks” and then rises again as I wake gives me a slight headache. The first lovemaking is “normal” but the second (in reading glasses at first) involves a delay as she is wearing at least two layers of very sheer white cloth over nearly her entire body. It takes a bit of time to “scrape” the pieces off into various small shreds and the visual detail, both bodily and concerning the cloth, is extraordinary - I do get most of the first layer off - still, I lose patience and climax on the outside, still seeing her darker pinkness through the transparent but grid-patterned cloth. The third act involves the youngest version coming back from the bedroom (though she had been in the living room earlier) and this one gives oral - the beginning being almost like a “vacuuming” effect on me and with the enhanced “tickle” and eventual beginning climax - but then the telephone rings in reality.

      In my wife’s dream, she was looking at lady’s pajama pants with stars and moons, wondering if she wanted to wear them - not shared dreaming but still a linking element.
      Tags: sex
      lucid , memorable
    3. Hooping, Food, and "dueling"

      by , 02-07-2015 at 06:50 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 07, 2015


      I was entering a sort of church with my mom and dad. It was in some foreign country, probably Germany or Austria. I knew in my dream that I had visited this church before, with Zukin, but she wasn't here this time. As we enter the first room, we spot Jeremy from Top Gear sitting in a chair at the far end of the room. He talks to us a little, but doesn't say much, and I can't remember what little we did talk about. I had the feeling I was a little scared of him, maybe it was more awe-struck. At the front end of the room, where we had entered, there was a table against the wall with two hoops on it. I had picked them up and was about to start hooping with one of them, when a young boy ran into the room and tackled me with a hug. We had met this boy last time we were here, and he said he had missed me. He asked where Zukin was, and I said she wasn't here this time. He then asked me to do that thing we had done last time. He meant a thing where Zukin holds a hoop in each hand and twirls them around. It's fascinating to watch and I've tried it before, it's pretty tricky to do. I told him, "It was Zukin who did that, I'm not very good at it." But he insisted, and handed me to lighter hoops than the ones I currently held. I gave in and attempted the trick. At first I was doing it all wrong, but I knew what I was doing wrong; my wrists were bending the wrong ways. I fixed it and was about to really get in a groove when I woke up.


      When I fell back asleep, I entered back into the same dream (I was trying to enter it lucid, but it was a normal dream). The boy was gone, and Jeremy was also gone. My mom and dad and I went through the big double doors at the end of the room and entered another large room with tables all over the place. there were people all over, too, and it turned out it was a potluck day. I was excited for food, and realized I was ravenous. The back wall of the room had tables against it, covered with main dishes and sides. I got a plate with the best looking chicken I had ever seen, some pees, corn, and some bread and potatoes with gravy. I put my plate down next to where my mom was, to save a spot while I went to the dessert room. There was apparently a whole other room for desserts.

      In that room, there were two or three tables all pushed together in the center, piled high with plates of cookies and brownies and cakes and whatever kind of dessert you could think of, basically. I walked around it once first, taking it all in and deciding what I would pick... There was a whole section of three or four different kinds of red velvet cookies. One of them was apparently red velvet but without the food coloring, and it had tiny chocolate chips sprinkled on the top of it. But I didn't get that one, I went for a more traditional red velvet cookie. I got two of those, and then I noticed a table at the corner of the room, and there was a bag on the table. The bag had two compartments; in one were smaller red velvet cookies with a weird looking frosting, and in the other were HUGE red velvet cookies with a delicious looking cream-cheese frosting or something. I took one of the big ones and put it on my plate. But now it was full, so I needed another (they were small plates).

      I got another plate, and looked at the layered goodies. There was a piece the size of my hand of this layered fudge and chocolate and either coffee or peanut butter stuff... It looked delicious, but I assumed it was a tiramisu and I don't like those, so I left it. Next to it, though, was a foot-and-a-half tall layered thing of chocolate and fudge and vanilla and soft cakes and mints and it just looked so good. So I cut a super thin piece (maybe about half an inch thick, because it was so tall and I didn't need a shit ton of the stuff) and had to kind of scoop it out into a messy pile on my plate. I started from the top and scooped out 4-inch parts at a time because I was worried that if I just took it from the bottom, it would all topple and get all over the place.

      I drab one more cookie, and then they announce that the food lines were going to close up pretty soon, so I left and found my spot next to mom. I realized I had forgotten the other plate, though, and tried to get back in. The door to the hallway leading to the dessert room was locked from my side, though. I waited for someone to come out, but no one was, so I knocked on the door. A young man peeked from around the corner (I was looking through the small gap between the double-doors, or there might have been a window in the door...) and tentatively opened the door for me. I thanked him with a hug, and went to find my other plate. It was on the table in the corner that had the bag on it. I grabbed it, went back to my seat

      And then I started to eat. And oh my god, it was amazing. the chicken was the most flavorful and amazingly moist chicken I have ever had. I moved on to that layered thing, and it was so good. It's hard to describe what exactly it tasted like, but it was EXACTLY what I was craving (and am still craving right now). Like, think of your favorite childhood dessert, and it was that taste, pretty much.

      I was sad to wake up from that dessert.

      Romeo vs. Me: "Dueling"

      When I fell back asleep, I dreamed I was in a car on the way to a small town in the mountains of Germany or Austria (there was a theme this night... I was thinking hard about castles and balls all day so I could increase my chances of remembering some tasks when I got lucid). We were almost there, I could tell, but there was still another mountain to get over first. Right now we were driving in a valley, with the mountain to our left and farms and scattered rural houses to our right... But the building were all torn down. It looked like there had been a tornado or some other really destructive storm... and so I was worried about the town we were headed for. I was hoping it was an isolated event and that everyone I knew in this small town was alright.

      When we got to the town, I got out of the car and walked to the main town square. Someone was breathing fire (it was sunset, getting dark) and this was so fascinating but weird that I did a reality check... My left hand's middle and ring finger were kinda webbed-looking...

      I was dreaming!

      I looked around and started rubbing my hands together because my lucids have not lasted long lately... I felt the dream getting stronger, and I also took note of my surroundings. I remembered right away the challenge task for week two, and shot into the air to hover above the town square. I looked around the town for a castle that looked like it was having a party; it would probably be the Capulet's ball.

      On the edge of town, on the hills leading to the mountains beyond, I saw what looked like a fancy villa or something, and there were lots of lights around it, lighting up the grounds and whatnot. I assumed this was the Capulet household, and was about to fly off toward it normally, when I remembered my last three-part task. I thought about how fast would count as "advanced" flying, and pretty much decided jet-speed would do. I'm not really sure that I did anything special, I just kinda expected to be going super fast, and I did. I shot off in a bee-line for the castle and was there in pretty much a second. It actually kinda reminded me of Lord of the Rings, when Sauron zooms in on things happening far away.

      I land at the front door and because I am a Capulet, I just walk right in. I was greeted by a servant at the door, and handed something to drink. It was in a fancy glass and looked bubbly, so I downed it and continued into the main room. It was beautiful, really. There was the main floor, which was large, and then there were stairs on either side leading up to an upper balcony level where people were milling about and talking. I looked around, expecting to see Romeo. He was supposed to crash this party, yes? And then I thought, "My teammates and the other team should be here as well." So I called out the names I could remember: OneUp, Pickman, StaySharp, Spellbee, FryingMan. Five young men walked toward me from the crowds, and I asked who each of them were. "Which one of you is OneUp?" The one in the middle raised his hand. Though he also raised his hand when I asked who was StaySharp, and so it was a little bit confusing about which ones were which people (but my subC pretty humorously inserted clues about who was who). I eventually sorted it out, and grabbed OneUp (he had an arrow on his forehead, a little like Aang, but it pointed up, not down), Pickman (he had a flower sticking out of his head and wore an all red suit) and StaySharp (he was pretty nondescript), pulling them to my side. "You three are Capulets, right?" They nodded. "And you two are Montegues, correct?" I asked Spellbee (he was buzzing the whole time so I'm pretty sure that was him) and FryingMan (he actually had a frying pan on a rope around his neck). They nodded, too, and seemed troubled.

      I was about to try to convert Spellbee and FryingMan, when Spellbee's buzzing got louder and he grabbed FryingMan's frying pan and tried to hit me with it. "Hey now. Be nice." I made the frying pan shrink so it was the size of a normal necklace now. "You two should totally join the Capulets. We have awesome parties." They both looked a little uncertain, so I kept going. "You will join the Capulets." I waved my hand, trying to use Jedi mind powers. They squirmed a little and then both said, "Okay," and stepped over to stand behind me. "Now let's find that Romeo guy." They agreed to help me find him.

      I was walking around, expecting that I would bump into Romeo eventually, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the Face. "Do you know where Romeo is?" I asked him. He just shrugged and took my hand, taking me to the balcony. "Wait, I have to find Romeo," I said. He looked back at me, oddly silent, and just giggled a little, then disappeared. I watched the DCs around me, wondering which one of them was Romeo. Then I heard someone (I think it was Spellbee) say, "Oh, Romeo," behind me, and I turned to see who he was talking to. The young man I assumed to be Romeo had black hair and wore a fancy outfit, but beyond that I don't remember much about his looks. I approached him and said, "You're Romeo, right?"

      He looked at me, nodded, and said, "And who are you?" I told him I was Juliet (Romeo will obviously fall in love with Juliet), and he pretty much just leaves what he was doing, grabs my hand, and stands there holding my hand silently. It was like we were school kids playing date on the playground. I turned to him and said, "Romeo, do you love me?" He looked at me and smiled, nodding. "Don't you want to kiss me?" I asked, and he blushed, then carefully kissed me. Well, this should be enough for that task, right...? But I was also going to do the other option, which was to duel Romeo. "Romeo, I challenge you to a duel!" I said.

      He perked up a bit, grabbed my hand and lead me to a door. The DVers I had found followed us, whooping and yelling encouragement to me. Then it turned into this really weird sex battle. Apparently that's what a duel means here. Romeo pushed me down onto a bed and tore off his own shirt, and one of the DVers yelled "BULLSHIT!" I decided to let this kind of duel continue, and pretty much flipped Romeo on his back so I was on top. I think that was how you won. So yeah. We "dueled" for a while and I'm pretty sure I won because I was on top at the end and my DV following was ecstatic and jumping around and hugging each other as if their team had just won the superbowl. I was barely lucid at this point,
      and then I woke up.
    4. Bit of lucid sex

      by , 02-06-2015 at 12:34 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Bit of lucid sex (DILD)


      WBTB (+2 pts)
      Full Dream (+1 pts)
      Third DILD (+5 pts)
      RC (+1 pts)
      Flight (+4 pts)
      DC Interaction (+2 pts)

      I had a false awakening and I started to write the Yugioh dream. While writing it, I realized that I did write this dream during a WBTB and how come I was writing it down again from bed.

      I turned lucid and did a RC just in case. My hand looked okay, but very blurry. I jumped on bed and the gravity was odd, so I just took of to fly for a while.

      I landed to some big plaza and I saw a hot DC who approached me. She started kissing me and the temptation was very strong, so I just went all the way until I woke up (I wont provide details lol.)

      Tags: sex
      lucid , false awakening
    5. Sex at the beach.

      by , 02-05-2015 at 11:32 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Sex at the beach. (WILD)


      Full Dream (1 pts)
      WILD (10 pts)
      Stabilize (1 pts)
      Flight (4 pts)
      Basic Summon (4 pts)
      DC Interaction (2 pts)
      Teleport (7 pts)

      After taking notes from the previous dream, I remember how hot was the female gal on the early lucid part of the previous dream, so I started thinking about her to WILD.

      I was in a big room, I believe it was a hospital. I decided to take a flight to make the dream stable again, as this one was a little fuzzy. After a small flight, I decided to land and look for that girl from the previous dream. I pretended she was behind a door once I opened, and there she was. She was looking pretty much the same from the previous dream, maybe a little shorter. I hugged her and she was as loving as she was in the previous dream.

      I told her we could go to a different place, so I imagined a beach at night and held her hand. I felt for a moment I would wake up, but I did teleport to a beach and she now wore a bathsuit, she looked super hot and she kissed me and took her clothes again. We had sex for a decent amount of time, preventing myself to not wake up. I will not go into details, but I spent the entire dream like this.
      Tags: beach, sex
    6. Have sex with me and I will marry you.

      by , 02-03-2015 at 07:01 PM
      Date: 1/30/2015
      Method: WBTB MILD
      Total Sleep time???

      Dreams remembered
      1. I was working a 12 hour shift in a prison like organization. Everyone was mean as hell. A girl was really threatening this guy's ass, but I knew if she did, he would eventually kill her.

      2. I was being forced to marry this guy. His family held me captive. They made me lie down and they held me down so he could have sex with me to consummate the marriage, I broke lose and ran.

      3. I met a family from Germany. It was a couple with 5 kids. I was talking about how this 1 year old is a genius. Every time I asked her a question, she would answer it with the intellect of Albert Einstein.

      WBTB fail= 2 points
      Dreams remembered (3)= 3 points
      Total points= 5 points

      Total Competition points= 36 ½ points
    7. Barefoot Reminiscing, Power/Sexytime, Subnuclear Time Shift

      by , 02-03-2015 at 01:41 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      February 02, 2015


      I was at the old science and math center i went to in Highschool, visiting for a special day or something. I had signed up for two special classes for this day, and my old friend A ended up being in the first one too. We got to catch up and were sitting in our seats (the class was in the presentation center) for at least an hour after the class, and then it was time for the next class. We had started walking around and I didn't know where my shoes were, so I put the rest of my things in the room for the next class, at a spot I wanted to sit in. They would hold my spot while I looked for my shoes.

      I found my shoes but when I got back to that class room, it was packed and someone had taken my seat. I didn't even find all my stuff, either. I was like "Screw it." I decided to take off my shoes again and walk around barefoot reminiscing with A and coughing (my cough was persistent, man. It even shoes up in a half of my dreams)

      Power Struggles

      I was involved in this campus-wide power struggle of a water fight. Everyone had a huge water gun, but if you got hit three times you had to stop playing. I was running from my brother, B, and his friend, who had formed a small team and were after me. I got each of them twice, but then they both nailed me so I was out of the game for good. I threw my water gun to the side, a bit upset with myself for not having joined their team, and walked away.

      I was bored though, and wanted to hang out with my brother. I decided to go find their base, which had been somewhere in the center of campus. I was expecting a little hut or something but when I got there it looked like they had taken over most of the area, and gated or roped it off from the public. There were guards all over the place. B just happened to be at the main entrance. I told him, "Hey I'm not in the game anymore so can I chill here with you guys?" He took me to his friend, who was the leader, and vouched for me. Apparently B was the leader's right-hand-man, so he was like, "sure, welcome." So I somehow became the second right-hand-man. My first input was to help pick the color of the new sign to name the base. I had assumed it would be the leader's own name, but he named it after his mom instead. I thought that was kinda cute.

      After putting up the new sign in the entrance, I noticed that a computer that was along the wall was all wet. B said someone must have attacked it with a water-gun to sabotage them. I took a closer look and noticed sticky, green stuff under the mouse. "Guys someone just spilled Mountain Dew on it and then got it wet to cover their asses." The Leader came up behind me and reached past to see the evidence. "She's right."

      He found out who it was and punished them, not for spilling the Mountain Dew, but for being a coward and trying to hide it AND for doing a messy job of hiding it. "If you're going to blame someone else, do it so you never get caught!"

      So then, the Leader, B and I went down to the basement because we needed to fix some super important machine. It was this sort of vacuum thing, with a long tube coming from it. The tube was inserted into a glass cylinder of some sort, and that cylinder did something special. Leader held the cylinder and instructed me to pull out the tube so he could inspect the inside of it. As I was holding the end of the vacuum tube, I looked at it, and realized it looked a lot like a penis. Suddenly the Leader sticking his face up to the glass cylinder and sticking his fingers in it was very sexual and I was getting turned on. He finished inspecting it, and held it out so I could stick the tube back in it. I looked at it again, and then looked at the Leader and said, "If this penis were a real penis, it'd be a really happy penis because I'm holding it," and I he just kinda stared at me and blushed. I grinned and stuck the penis-like thing back into the glass opening, then walked back up the stairs passing various blushing young men who had heard me. The Leader and B followed me up and we all went into the main room of the base, which was having a party or something. The Leader had put the machine we just fixed on a table somewhere, and when I was at a table with a drink, I felt him come up against me from behind. We were about to leave and go to his suite, when there was a ransom call. He rolled his eyes though, because apparently it was just his aunt pranking him. She did that often I guess. Anyways, he took my hand and dragged me upstairs and we had a little fun.

      LOOK! A Subnuclear Time Shift!

      My little brother, E, and I were visiting B in some other town. We'd all left his place to go to the main street of the town so we could get some food or drinks. We were cutting through a park or backyard or something, and it was dark. When we got out of the park thing, there was a loud noise and behind us a large blue rift opened up in the air. B called it a "Subnuclear Time Shift," whatever that is. I didn't believe him, but I was scared of whatever it was because it was dark and it gave me to spooks.

      We got to the main street, and found two 10-ish-year-old girls who had lost their friend after walking home with her. I was about to go sit with them and try to comfort them and figure out where they lived, when I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see the 10th Doctor standing behind me. He held his finger to his mouth in the "shh" motion, and I was speechless and instantly horny. I was about to attack him when he turned me into the girl the other two had lost. I was supposed to pretend to be that girl to find out more about what happened. Apparently aliens were involved. So I went to talk to the girls and pretended I had just got lost and found them again. We didn't find out much but we got them both home and I said we would play again tomorrow and gave them both a drawing I'd just whipped up for them. They really loved the drawings apparently and promised we would hang out tomorrow.

      Then I woke up in B's living room from a nap. I wondered what that dream had been about. E and B came into the room and suggested we go get some dinner, so we all left B's place and took the same park path. Again, at the end of the path, a blue rift in the sky appears and B calls it a Subnuclear Time Shift. I realize how strange this is, and look down at my hands. They're normal-ish but there's a sort of aura-hand in them, too. So I was still dreaming! I look back at the rift and wonder what might be on the other side of it, but then I wait because the Doctor might come back and I can attack talk to him. I look around and then I spot him talking to the two little girls. I felt the dream destabilize but couldn't really do anything to keep myself in it, and woke up.
    8. Intimate moments with wife

      by , 01-28-2015 at 01:11 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Intimate moments with wife (Non-lucid)


      This is a full dream recall (1 pts) but I will not share details due maturity content as well as personal content, but think of a pretty long sex scene with my wife in different rooms and even different places (some public)

      Tags: public, sex, wife
    9. Competition night one Sat 24th Jan

      by , 01-25-2015 at 06:45 PM
      Dream one: Supermarket catacombs
      Somebody is ill in a large traditional church building.
      I call an ambulance, the person in the other end of the phone appears to be almost expecting the call and even knows the persons address, but I explain that the person is not at home but at the church. I go and try to spot the ambulance in case they don't know where to stop and see a variety of shops built into the edge of the church building, like a shopping arcade. I investigate behind the shops and find a large underground storage facility full of what looks like supermarket stock on dusty shelves with some yellow jacketed men shuffling around with clipboards and fork lift trucks. I snoop about a bit before realising I probably ought not to be here and heading back upstairs by means of a rickety old open lift somewhat reminiscent of warehouses in 101 films.

      Dream two: Naughty motorbiking
      I'm on a dirt bike flying through streets and tunnels doing wheelies through large puddles and trying to skim over deeper water.
      I get to the end of a tunnel and it opens out into a covered space on the bank of a river, it looks like this area is perhaps tidal or otherwise occasionally flooded with banks of sandy silt and puddles it feels a bit like the space under a pier or a large concrete pontoon. I carry on toward the bank of the river planning to use a RIB as a ramp to get over the river. At this point I think through the manoeuvre several times with variations as my dreaming mind is interrupted by the first flakes is lucidity. This repetition as my subconscious tries to decide how realistic the scenario needs to be to pass muster is a classic dreamsign and the lucidity grows until I opt to land in the middle of the river and sink down, enjoying the impossibility of breathing and riding a motorbike underwater. Unfortunately the darkness and minimal lucidity mean I lose the dream and wake up.

      I reenter the dream but non lucidly (boo!) I'm back on the motorbike coming up to a backstreet industrial area with a variety of garage sized units each occupied by separate concerns, mostly #full of boxes, some appear to be running repair shops of various kinds.

      I pull into one unit that apparently is where the bike belongs, but I get an uneasy feeling that these guys are up to nefarious activities and decide to go back out again. I see two motorbikes this time and realise a friend is with me and we head off to play in the streets and puddles again.

      Dream three: Lots of sex
      That's about it really, an awkward succession of stilted and vague sexual encounters in which neither party was all that interested and both seemed to be putting up with it for the benefit of the other. Eventually we stop because it's getting a bit sore. Heaven knows what Freud would make of that dream...

      Dream four: Tree in a car
      Leaving a large modern church building en masse to go and have lunch together. This is not the same church as in the earlier dream. I decide to take a chair with me for stone train, it's exactly like one of my table chairs. I head directly through the nearest door rather than negotiate several internal doorways, explaining the logic to Andrew on the way past. I ponder how in going to get the chair on my bike as I've left my car behind today. I overhear Maddie taking to somebody about how he wouldn't let a tree grow in his car and I investigate the subject of the conversation, pulling a small tree out of the suspension of some numpty's car. Freud would probably claim the tree was sine kind of sexual symbolism in this dream, too, I expect...

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    10. January Backlogged Dreams

      by , 01-23-2015 at 01:35 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      Wow. I've really let myself slide here... I won't post every single dream from January, but I will post the more meaningful/impressive ones. I've been trying Calea Z recently, so I'll mark the ones I had with CZ.

      January 01, 2015

      Poor Donna

      There was a really surreal moment in one of my dreams this night. I had been with Zukin, planning to go up north. We were driving, and then I sort of blacked out, and then I am in the water, doing a backflip through an innertube, or something. It was all slow motion and when I surfaced, I am in a lake. I swim up to the shore, where Zukin is waiting for me. We were apparently part-way to the property. We had stopped for a break, and now had to get back on the road again. There was a random young man at the beach who told us where we were out of the blue (we knew, and hadn't asked him), and wished us well on our way out. Flash Forward five years, and this man is dating Donna Noble, but was about to break up with her.

      January 05, 2015 (With CZ)

      Utter Forgiveness

      I was in the woods, running from some kind of wild animal. It caught up to me and was going to attack me, so I tried to strangle it... But then it turned into a human woman (who was now unconscious) and we were suddenly in my Oma's house. I was suddenly very worried. There were others with me now, and I feared (I was almost frenzied) that they would hate me and cast me out if they found out what I'd done.

      When someone came into the room and saw the woman, they calmly came to her and picked her up, carried her to the couch and set her down, and began caring for her. They didn't show any signs of being mad at me, and said no words of loathing, scolding, etc. They just understood. It was suddenly very calm and peaceful.

      Monsters and Climbing Naked

      I was in some sort of apartment building in what I think was my hometown. I was with a group of refugees, and we were watching for signs of the giants that were after us. They were a bit like Titans. We began making plans for how we would be able to get to a checkpoint of some kind, and then enacted the plan. After checking for an all clear, I watched the team zigzag across the lawn of the apartment building. The route was completely counter intuitive and it would have made MUCH more sense to just shoot right for the spot they ended up in... But oh well.

      I ran to where they were now, and we ran down the road for a distance. I ducked down an alley, which ended with a blank wall save for a door. I opened the door to find it was a door on the side of a 6th-or-so-floor of a building. And I realized I had nothing but a towel on now. There were stairs leading to the ground, and I had to go down them. I knew I had to, but I didn't know why. I started climbing down the ladder in my towel, and at some point I had to swap hand-holds completely, and it terrified me so much.

      January 6, 2015 (With CZ)

      Forbidden(?) Love

      I was at a fancy party, but had gotten there with a friend very early. There was no body in the round ballroom yet, so I went to the bathroom, which was for some reason crowded. I was in a huge black dress, and there was a rack for women's skirt cinches. Like, you took it off, put it on the rack, went to piss, and then got it back. I remember the bathroom being a bit steampunk (this whole dream was, really) and claustrophobic. When I got out of the bathroom, the ballroom was packed, and I could no longer find my friend. We were part of a secret rebel group, actually. We were here on a mission. The mission didn't require me to be with my friend, so I wandered about and mingled with the gentry, trying to get information from them. Then, I met a young man in a dashing steampunk-ish suit that looked like it was made to be with my dress. He was a soldier, or a security agent for the government, so we were supposed to be enemies, but I found myself so attracted to him. It was like electricity (yay, Clichés!) He almost literally swept me off my feet on the dance floor, and I was so worried about whether my friend/co-rebel was watching, for fear of being punished by the higherups... But at the end it turned out this man was also a rebel under cover. So it was alright that I had wild sex with him that night :D

      Forgot my Shoes...?
      For some reason this was a really striking dream. I went to a movie with my little brother and his friends, but realized as I got out of the car that I'd left the house without my shoes, or my wallet, and so he had to pay for me. After the movie, I got back home by walking through parts of the hospital in town. Like, I crossed town inside the hospital. It was like using the Nether to travel longer distances in the Overworld... The hospital is the Nether...

      January 07, 2015 (With CZ)

      Home for the Holidays

      I was working at some large, private Christian school (which, for the record, is SO not where I would want to teach) and it was the last day before the winter break. There were four or five classes that were normally held right in this huge hallway in the middle of the school, but my class was in a room down one of the side wings. I was walking out of the building and saw some old students and their Christmas projects at their tables in the hallways, and waved at them. I exited the building through the freight entrance thing, where someone was dragging a huge Christmas tree into the building... I wished them all a merry Christmas, and then saw my current mentor teacher in the parking lot. She wished me a merry Christmas, gave me a big hug, and then for some reason offered to wash my windshield for me. It smudged.

      I picked up my little brother, brought him to my place, and then our parents came and picked us both us. While in the car, my mom was telling a story of something I had done as a child. Apparently I had gone up to a boy in my class and told him we were going to pair up and do lots of shit together. I had used a specific phrase often, but I can't remember now what that was. During the story, I was showing my [b]MoonMoon[b] in the car; my head was like on the car seat and my feet were hanging over my face? We pulled up to the house I grew up in and my brother and I were fascinated by the renovations my parents had made; the retaining wall to the right of the driveway was now made of lots of petrified logs with the rings facing outwards. They were rainbow as fuck and shiny. The driveway itself was also different. It was now a sort of red brick cobblestone type pavement. There was an ultra hard and transparent bordering on translucent coat over it all so that it would not wear away ever. But there weren't enough bricks apparently, and so there was a huge gap in the driveway where they had dug out the space of the bricks but hadn't had enough. It was like a small trench, and the car had a rough time going over it. I got out of the car and inspected the bricks, really liking the way they sort of shimmered. My neighbor came out, and complimented me on my shirt (I don't remember which one I was wearing).

      January 08, 2015 (With CZ)

      Rich and Weird as FUCK

      I was a member of a very rich but EXTREMELY eccentric family. We had lots of cuddle sessions with some large animal (I think they were Alpacas) and at some point I was flunking a class because I had a secret poor boyfriend, and so my parents docked one cuddle session per day for a whole month, and I was so sad. But I was really falling in love with who ever this low-class boy was, so I was okay with it all. We thought we had to keep it secret from my family because they would want me to date a rich man's son, but when they ended up finding out, the family was actually very okay with it. They even gave me back that cuddle session when they figured out I was only failing that class because of love.

      My family invited him to come on our HUGE yacht (it was more like a personal cruise-ship) to play with the whales. We went to visit the whales at least once a week and they knew us well. they would do tricks and shit when ever they saw us coming. But this time they were all skittish and ended up swimming away from the yacht. We were confused but then a HUGE whale loomed out of the water and floated above the yacht. It had a shit ton of packed snow on its back somehow, and started slowly tilting sideways. I saw the snow start to fall onto the yacht, and panicked because it was enough to seriously harm us. I got knocked over the edge somehow but had hold of the railing, and managed to miss all the snow because of that. I apparently took a snap-video of the whole thing and sent it to my whole contacts list.

      I ended up having to go to the bathroom at some point but accidentally went into the men's restroom. And I found out I was pregnant I think. That, or I was on my period and didn't have any supplies... Either way, I was REALLY embarrassed when I found out I was in the men's room. :D

      January 13, 2015 (With CZ)

      Fuzzy Cars

      I had driven to a clinic for my dad, who was there. I went inside but got scared of something, so I waited outside, where I noticed that there were lots of cars that were fuzzy and blue with brown hoods. Like, almost every other car was like that. It was weird. As if they were living things... A nurse came out of the clinic and offered me some candy to make me feel better since she'd seen me being uncomfortable before.


      I was at home, and was having a sleepover in the hot-tub room so we could see a special comet that night. We saw the comet, and then also a double shooting star that arched all the way to the horizon, and stayed lit up for a few whole minutes. It was kinda beautiful!

      All that SEAWEED

      I was on a trip to Austria with my cohort. Apparently I had driven my car across the ocean, because when I got to the checkpoint, there was a bunch of seaweed all over my car and up in the rims. I remember driving through vivid, beautiful mountains, too.

      New City?!

      I was in Pokemon Omega Ruby, and was diving next to a cliff or something, and discovered a tunnel I had never seen before. I followed it and surfaced in a new city. I was ready to explore EVERYTHING like I always do in those games, and started talking to people. I ended up signing up for some sort of drawing, but knocked something over on top of someone right away and got disqualified, I think. I went into a store at the other end of this large town square, and talked to some cat-boy thing that had a piece of paper. He kept saying it said something, but every time I looked at it, it said something different. After three different paper messages, I got lucid for a very short time, and wandered around the town a bit. It was low-level lucidity and another of those ones where I just didn't feel the need to try to control anything and just watched what happened.

      January 14, 2015 (With CZ)

      August Meals

      I was on my way back home from a trip with my little brother, and two of my big brother's best friends, and one of my students who has Autism and his TA. (An odd mix of people)

      We stopped at a McDonald's near home because my student. who was in my car in the passenger's seat, was saying he needed a break. He and his TA nearly opened the door before I stopped the car and got out to walk around and screamed a little. I went to the counter (it was like a food truck, but it was a real Micky D's... kinda weird) to order a double cheeseburger meal. I called it by the number, but the lady at the counter was a little confused, and then said, "Ooooh, you mean the August Meal?" I was confused, and she showed me the menu above the counter. Apparently they had started calling their meals by months instead of numbers. What I wanted was now the August Meal. I got a huge rubber car insert that would hold a burger as well as a rubber car drink holder, for free? It was some promotion they were having.

      January 17, 2015

      Zuke's Acting Weird

      I was at Zukin's place but she was talking to some other guy, ignoring me completely. I was a little upset by this, so I left and went down the road to a different co-op. There was some sort of small-scale party going on, so at first I was held up at the door, but then they let me in and took me upstairs. Zukin is there, in a room that was right above the porch I'd had to wait on. The floor was a really interesting pattern of black metal supports with sturdy glass bricks in them. So you could see down to the porch. It was pretty cool! I find out Zukin is also HERE, with the same guy. She is still talking to him, and it's looking like he is being way too flirty. Knowing that Zukin had her eyes on someone else, I tried to sit with them and deflect this guy's attention away from Zukin. I sat in a triangle with the two of them, so not in between them but not letting them in their own world, either. They started to cuddle, and Zukin was like, "It's all good Kestrel, we're just sharing warms." I said, "I can share warms, too..." But she ignored me and he like crawled over her and started kissing her neck. I sort of glared at Zukin, and she looked at me with this look that said "get lost."

      I was so dejected by this that I just sort of wandered away wanting to cry. I looked around the room and had a strange feeling about the room... it seemed like something I had seen before, maybe in a dream... I had the inkling of something being off, especially with how Zukin had acted. She would never do that to me. I continued along the edge of the room and came to the entry to a stairwell with lots of stuff stored in it, and I tried to move stuff so I could go down these stairs... And realized I was completely naked. I tried to remember where my clothes had gone, because I had JUST been wearing them, and that feeling of things being off grew. I panicked, and rand own a different set of stairs to the bathroom. I was facing the door, wondering how I was going to get some clothes, when it hit me that I must be dreaming, which is why everything felt so strange. I looked at my hands and they were all nubby and gross looking.

      I left the bathroom not really caring about what I was or wasn't wearing, and left the building and this weird anti-Zukin, to go flying. I had remembered the "go backwards" task just after taking a step forward, which was a little disappointing, but I jumped to fly in search of a crystal ball, instead. It took a few attempts to fly, which is weird because usually I can just do it easily. As soon as I was in the air, something shifted and cracked and the dream ended.
      I was back in my bed at home. This was either as False Awakening or I actually had woken up. I didn't RC so I don't know.

      How Does It FEEL?

      I was on a bus in some city with a river running through it. The bus was under a bridge hen there was a siren. It was an air-raid test, apparently, and people started getting off the bus, even though the bus driver was telling them not to, because it as safer in here. About 6 people, including me, stayed on the bus, and the bus driver started driving us around the city more, not letting us off. He said the idea was to look natural, but that we shouldn't be outside at all. Inside the bus was slightly safer, especially if it looked like it was on its normal rounds.

      We got to the ocean shore, where there were some docks. He let us off here, saying we should be safe at this point. I looked up and noticed that the clouds were ALL animals. Like, giant sea turtles and eagles flying through the air, or giraffes or lions roaring. Some clouds were pretty patterns when I looked more carefully. I was now only with the bus driver and a kid, who looked a lot like one of my students but didn't quite feel like him. Then shit went down. Three drones of some sort were flying in formation above us, from my left to the right. Then another zoomed past, but stopped, and turned back to us. The bus driver told us to run for the buildings, which we did. The kid and I ran to the nearest building, which happened to be a public restroom. The women's one was locked though, and the men's one had lots of weird stuff stored in it, like a large plastic horse head... We kept going, trying to find places to get indoors while the drones were hovering above people, threatening them.

      Things seemed to be over shortly after the kid and I found shelter, and then we walked on a bridge over the river that went through the city. I told him that if we walked down a path by the water, we would get back to where the bus had been when all this had started.

      Somehow I ended up at home. For some reason I was laying down on the driveway, perhaps just glad that the "test" air raid was done. My eyes were closed, and when I opened them, there was one of the drones right above me. Like it was hovering less than a foot above my body, covering me completely. It tilted so that the end of it was touching my inner thigh, and it as saying things like "how does it feel to be violated? you space is penetrated, how does that feel, eh?" I was so scared but thankfully I woke up.
    11. Enhanced Kissing and more

      by , 01-22-2015 at 07:22 AM
      Morning of January 22, 2015. Thursday.

      Of all the “experiments” I have done in my life to influence, enhance, or alter dream states, I have ultimately decided that simple thinking is the key. I have tried a particular focused form of thought enough to know it is the most powerful technique, especially when preceded by “thank you for…” (without even needing belief in a deity). Just listening to something does not seem to do much unless it is with my own special technique and even that has certain limitations in certain states. Needing to hear something seems to limit certain states (plus, I have experienced a vivid lucid state where external sound and its influence is non-existent), likely because a part of the mind is still “grounded” in a particular way. (Once again, I should mention the lucid dreaming fiasco of years ago where I entered the most vivid dream state possible with a shorter audio loop, though once in my dream, solely tried to find the source of the sound to turn it off - the very meaning of “irony”). So what do I do that works? Three-minute very subtle mental affirmation meditations (not spoken aloud, just actively thought) throughout the day and night (sometimes in closer clusters), watching the clock and using an addend of four but only ever counting them as three minutes in my personal journal. In this case, it added up to sixty minutes overall.

      In my dream (and the ones which followed) I find myself in a full-body awareness that is no different from being awake other than the senses being enhanced and the depth perception intensified. This used to puzzle me - but I attribute it to being “closer” to one’s internal awareness in sleep. I have never had the slightest concern (as some people claim as possibility) about differentiating from the real world and a dream when awake - and in a vivid lucid dream, that concern is pointless anyway, so yet again, typical mainstream dream literature fails to impress me or even make any sense.

      I find myself in a dream environment in a larger room that I cannot identify, though it is similar in familiarity to (but much larger than) the larger southernmost room in the Loomis Street house. I am sitting comfortably on an armchair facing east. As with another recent dream, the increased sensuality, almost to a point where I would otherwise think it impossible, seems the most “automatic” and natural of all dream states, almost as if all nuances of my dream are “instantly surrendering” to a core subliminal whim. In fact, all I do is lift my arms up a bit and my beautiful wife materializes in front of me (only her head at first) and she bends down to indulge in passionate kissing with me for quite some time. The sense of touch is probably double that of reality and I am also amazed by the solid nature of her form.

      This is followed by making love on the floor, from the side and from behind, but holding ourselves up with our left arms, in some sort of otherwise physically impossible situation (well, at least for me). During the climax, I notice (as I have in several other dreams) that my wife has sparse reptilian scales around her hips and bordering the small of her back, which does not bother me. However, I soon take this into a forced scenario out of habit, relating to what I feel happens often in non-lucid dreams; that is, the dreamer forcing certain possible conflicts possibly regarding a need for increased “pulsing” energy as such for whatever reason (again, for example, maintaining the knowledge but vague memory that I was solely the one that instigated my own chase dreams even with dinosaurs following me, just to experience the event, although most people do not seem to remember the event horizon of when they planned this themselves, so thus you have people that believe in demons or similar entities - the case seemingly being that a particular section of memory was lost).

      My dream is not “fooled” though and I am too vividly integrated with my dream’s environment to be absentmindedly a “victim”. When I try to force a negative association for a dramatic movie-like scene, I illogically in the past tense speak to my wife, saying, “You had scales!” but she just cheerfully lightly laughs and shakes her head and levitates a bit from the floor, “rolling about” in midair and lowering herself again. I ask her “Why did you have scales?” and then I feel idiotic since it was me that gave her the scales in the first place. I try to get her to appear more aggressive, but that fails and she becomes about ten years younger and we make love again, “rolling around” in midair, at times like mists with various tendrils but I also become aware of where I am in reality.

      An odd false awakening occurs. I am in the computer room in Wavell Heights though the setup and room layout is different. My dream is almost as vivid as my previous but I am no longer lucid. There is a closed window near where the printer is. The printer seems more like an oversized typewriter. There are also what seem to be kitchen features in the room, including a faucet over the top of the printer (seemingly on the window sill as was strangely the case in our Clayfield apartment’s kitchen). I absentmindedly turn the faucet on (it is more to the right), realize that the printer is then filling up with water (almost in the manner of a sink) and then turn it off. The physical sensations of doing this are greatly enhanced and I briefly contemplate that real life is not this “close” in the sense of touch but do not become lucid again. Once again I catch myself having turned the faucet on in the semi-dark room. I again turn it off just as the water starts spilling over the top of the printer a bit. It then sits there still full, like a full sink, and I am contemplating when it could be used again. I then finally notice that the printer is plugged in, so I remove the cord from the printer itself, which is higher up on the front instead of the back area (this is likely because the back of my desk in reality is open to the path into the room as if it was the “front”). I then go to tell my wife about the event, planning on asking her to help with getting the water out of the printer by using cups, though this does not seem feasible. I do not think turning it upside-down would be a good idea, though.

      There is another false awakening, this one more intense, but ending up as some sort of parody of people who preach about the end of the world. Having heard about the supposed approaching “end of the world” in virtually endless scenarios since I was very young, any emotional impact or credibility has dissolved. I am watching a set of four smaller televisions in a column in an extended part of a doorway. Each television has the same show but with slightly different timing (this is based on a real-life event of years ago, where I was changing channels and noticed the same religious show on two different channels but one about a minute ahead of the other and I played around, sometimes getting unintentionally funny phrases with each switch over).

      There is a chubby preacher ranting before a live audience, loudly asking “What if the world ends tomorrow?” and he keeps repeating this for a short time with a terrified look on his face. I notice red flashing lights and other people crying out including a few from the choir on the stage. It almost seems possible that the world could end tomorrow but I do not feel afraid. However, he then shouts “What if the world ends the day after tomorrow?” with an even more terrified visage. This does not seem to make much sense as that would be one day later and less to worry about for a short time. However, he keeps going on like this, with his emotional anticipation illogically inverted, going into more and more preposterous and loud unrestrained queries such as “What if the world ends the day after the day after the day after three weeks from tomorrow?” seeming more and more alarmed each time, the longer the potential “doomsday” is from then - completely senseless. The audience keeps gasping and crying out to everything he says. I stand there in disbelief until my dream fades with a strong and clear attitude that it does not even matter if and when the world ends - why keep theorizing as such? This last false awakening seems vaguely influenced by the last scenes from “The Blob” (1988 version) - seen the evening before - where the traumatized preacher is shown as having the power to “end the world” from a piece of the life-form he has in a container.
    12. LD: Asking a DC a question...and sex...maybe.

      by , 01-16-2015 at 04:01 AM
      Catching up on some old dreams from my old Dream Journal:


      This one seemed to be long and complex, but I only remember the end.

      I remember waiting for this cruise type ship to arrive. On it were many important people. Finally I saw it pull up. Every one I saw was black.

      Later I ended up with the most important person on the ship. He was some kind of prince. He was not black. He had short sandy blond hair and was about 35-40 years old. And he was very nice looking.

      Somehow I ended up lucid.

      I tried to remember the Task of the Month. I thought it was "to ask a DC a question". So I asked the prince, "So do you know that this is my lucid dream?" He knodded at me knowingly and said, "Ah, yes."

      I felt like I needed to ask another question, so I asked, "Do you want to kiss me?"

      Next thing I know we are kissing rather passionately, and as we kiss I notice we have less and less clothing between us. I remember rubbing my hands on his bare back. At one point I even wondered if we were having sex. But I was never sure. Funny how that works in dreams.

      Then there is an unknown transition. I am trying to get dressed and my foot keeps getting caught in the stretchy material of the shorts I was putting on.

      I'm not sure if I was lucid here...or even where the dream went at this point.
      Tags: kiss, question, sex
    13. Flat Tires

      by , 01-11-2015 at 11:24 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #397 - DEILD - 7:08AM

      My WBTB was around 2:30AM and I kept it super brief. I was up only long enough to take some galantamine and wash it down with cold peppermint tea. This G night was a little disappointing since I didn't start becoming aware until much later in the morning. I suppose it was because I have been having back issues and I over did it with muscle relaxers pre-bed making me extra tired. Sometimes its hard to find that balance between dream and wakefulness that's required for LD and a lot of thinks factor into it.

      I partially wake from a dream and enter DEILD. I have vibrations and slowly float out of body. I see something odd made of red laser light but I ignore it since I feel really unstable. I exit the room and find myself in what looks like D's house (my mom's friend). I haven't been here since I was little and I am surprised it's showed up in this dream. I just want to get outside so I exit the front door. There is a lot of stuff out there and I spot a cat curled up sleeping in a cushioned chair. I reach down and pet the cat on the head. The cat responds with a low purring meow sound and I walk away. I step into the yard only to find the edge of dream world disappearing into the void. I don't want to deal with that so I try entering another part of the house. I open a door but there is void in there too. Instead of stepping in, I reach an arm in and feel around for a light switch. The dream seams to be breaking up so I look back at the well lit porch for stability. After flipping the switch, I look back to see nothing has happened. I enter the room anyway and find myself lost in the void. I try going back but the door I came in is no longer there. I need stimuli and go with the first thing I think of. Sex. I blind summon a naked female body and couple with her. Her face look sort of familiar but no one I really recognized. We make out and things start to become more sexual but I stop as I begin to feel a bit of guilt. The dream crashes here and I wake up.

      #398 - DILD - 8:53AM

      I am at the park up the road from my house looking at my old Ford Ranger that I used to own in waking life. There is a wheel missing and the other tires are flat. For some reason I have a push lawn mower and my mountain bike. I really want to ride the bike but I don't want to leave the mower here. I try putting the mower in the truck cab but it wont fit. I realize I drove my SUV and fit the mower in the back of that. I spot some tough looking men with colorful glasses strutting by. I worry that they are up to no good but they don't bother me or my stuff. I feel the need for some shades and spot some white ones in the front seat and put them on. I realize that I don't usually wear white but I figure I may as well try something different. There was a lot of time spent here messing around with things but I finally feel content and decide to hop on my bike.

      As I ride my bike toward the street I notice something feels odd. I look down and see the tires are flat on the bicycle. I decide to keep pedaling as I head in the direction of the gas station to get air. I tell myself that if I pretend the tires are normal then they will be. This thought reminds me of dream control and brings me to full lucidity.I am nearly into the street now and I decide that I will be able to ride super fast with the cars. Unfortunately, it's kind of slow and difficult like riding up hill. Although I can't pull of the speed thing, I know I can't be hurt so, I decide to mess with the oncoming traffic. I spy and orange car and pedal hard toward it expecting some sort of impact. Just before the collusion, my front tire jams up sending me over the handle bars and the car vanishes just before it hits me. This is disorienting but thrilling at the same time. I get back on my bike to experiment with this again but before I get going, someone makes a noise in the other room and wakes me up.

      I have two other instances during the morning trying to DEILD. I recall hitting vibrations and trying to move my dream body but not getting very far. I recall very little else and assume I must have lost concentration.
    14. Arcade Action

      by , 01-09-2015 at 06:42 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #262: Arcade Action

      I’m walking through an arcade, heading somewhere but in no particular hurry. It’s a huge place with a very high ceiling and lots of cool-looking games. I come to one beat-em-up game that looks sort of interesting. It’s got a pair of joysticks (one for each player) and a “Kick” button. The “Kick” button looks sort of messed up and mashed to one side.

      I notice an odd message flashing on the screen: “Press Kick to Start”. It looks like someone left a credit in this machine! I look around to see if the credit belong to anyone nearby. There’s a black guy in his late 40s walking by and I ask him whether this is his game. He seems confused by my question, so I turn back to the machine,
      and become lucid as I reflect on my good fortune.

      I press “Kick” to start the game, slightly nervous that the dream won’t be stable if I play games. I start singing an impromptu song about dreams and video games (in my lucid dream voice, which is much much better than my waking life voice!)

      The game begins and rather than a beat em up, it’s some kind of shooting gallery game where you have a little video game hand with a gun. The graphics look 8-bit, and there are these little circular targets that I’m supposed to be aiming at. When I move the joystick, the gun moves, and pressing kick makes the gun shoot. I miss a couple of times, and then hit a target, which shatters!

      The shooting gallery attendant walks out and resets the targets. Unlike the rest of the game, she’s completely lifelike, a petite Asian woman with a medium build, probably in her late 20s. I do another round of shooting. Aiming the gun is kind of a pain, but I eventually shoot two more targets, and the attendant walks out to reset the targets.

      I think about trying to change the game into a beat-em-up, but the attendant turns to face me. I see that she looks Thai or Cambodian, and her appearance is very vivid and attractive. She asks me…

      Spoiler for Sexytime:

      Afterward, I emerge fully back into the video arcade and wonder whether I can play the game some more. The attendant looks toward me, seemingly ready to set up another round. As I’m messing with the controls, the attendant wanders off, leaving the shooting gallery in sort of a half-ready state. I mess a bit more with the game controls, but I’m feeling less tied into the dream, and pretty soon
      I’m awake.

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    15. LD Meditation

      by , 12-31-2014 at 03:31 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #395 - SSILD - 5:00AM

      I somehow become lucid and have some impossible sex with my wife. At one point I am filled with something like guilt; I wasn't going to use a LD for sex. However, it is my wife and I am really enjoying it so, what the hell?

      Spoiler for sex details:

      I must have enjoyed myself a little too much because, I eventually lose lucidity and find myself in something like and FA. We are in my old bedroom at my parents old place and D.N. from work has set up his office in a small section of the room. He has interrupted my love making with my wife and I scramble to find my clothes. I am pissed and embarrassed at his intrusion and have a lot to say about it. My mom shows up and I loudly tell her how the "asshole" woke me up and hour early. I go downstairs to have breakfast but my dad is being obnoxious and I leave the house.

      *Memory gap*

      Something about being a truck driver. I need to unload my trailer but another trucker gets in first. My memory is bad here, but this is what I think must have happened: As I wait, I become introspective and aware. I end up having what feels like a tremendously long lucid adventure in a GTA 5 world though, I remember almost nothing. Something about being invincible and all around bad-ass while I fight some gang members.

      I have a pause in the action at some point. I feel energized and emotional about the epic adventure I just had. My lucidity reaches a high level now and I recall that I had a goal in mind. I wanted to meditate while in the dream state. I close my eyes and clear my mind. Suddenly I am weightless and my dream body dissolves. I become a ball and begin to spin as I bounce around in a tight cube. I say, "Ah this is just like SP sensations. It's really not that cool." I decide to see how long I can maintain meditation and go back at it. Of course, my concentration doesn't last long and I quickly have another FA. I should have anchored myself with a mantra or a sensation.

      I am in some bedroom. There is a Buddhist monk sleeping in a twin bed along the wall. I am now holding a dough-ball about the size of a baseball. I tap the monk's arm wanting to tell him about my amazing lucid dream. I am still really excited about whatever the hell I did in GTA Land and, In amazement I say, "Holy hell!" The monk only stirs a bit and rolls over. I decide that it's going to take more effort to wake the monk so I feel I need to put the dough-ball down. However, I need to preserve it and not let it stick to wherever I put it. I look for some flour but only find baby powder. Close enough. I powder the dough up and set it on dresser. I realize that I am not quite sure what my dream was about. I spend some time thinking it over as I wake up.

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