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    1. 8-6-2013 A Word not said

      by , 08-06-2013 at 05:10 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      The past couple of nights, i haven't been doing much with logging and dreaming so last night, i did some quick meditation before bed to get me focused. It helped a lot. I had about 5 dreams last night but they separated out into two main stories.

      A lost band with a laughing maniac:
      It's night, i'm out in the front yard and i'm practicing with my marching band. We play some songs and we then head to sectionals. However, i lost my section so i wander aimlessly around the house. My band teacher then comes around and tells me to do push ups later. As i continue around the house, i start hopping and manage to hurt my leg a little. I then get back to the garage and meet up with my section. As i meet up, i take a jelly donut from a trumpets shoe.

      We have to go back to full band rehearsal so i put the donut down and go play. Soon after, we eat lunch, as we sit down. Someone makes a joke and i start laughing like a guy i know and another friend notices this and thinks it's funny. The next night, i go out for practice and i realize i have no lunch packed and i haven't brushed my teeth. The scene then changes to my bathroom, apparently all the band kids are staying at my house and we have to share my bathroom, how fantastic D:

      So i get out of the shower and dry myself off in front of like 5 other kids and proceed to brush my teeth. I then go out into a cafeteria and realize i have no lunch again today. Then some weird guy starts yelling about how kids don't know how to put mustard on their food properly, he then demonstrates by comparing sliding the mustard bottle over food to sliding a greasy hand over skin. Then a very hairy man jumps up onto a table with no shirt on and burps loudly. The dream then ends with my mom bringing me a lunch.

      A Word not said:
      I'm at my house with some people. We have guns. We must be holding up at my house to defend against something. A car alarm goes off nearby and three of us go out to investigate. i'm still in the house and hear gunshots, i look outside across my farm and see a man with a shotgun walking away. The others come back inside and say it was just an accident, they mention nothing about gunshots and when i tell them what i saw and heard, they say i'm going crazy.

      Then, i go outside and start walking, as i'm walking, a kid comes up and tries to take my shotgun so i shoot him. Then the others try to kill me so i shoot most of them but one starts chasing me and i run, i jump over various obstacles and have a really intense chase.

      The dream then sort of restarts. I'm in the house and then some one randomly goes outside at night and opens fire. To my surprise, people were hiding in the grass around the house and they spring up and start shooting in our direction. The house is under attack. I run inside and lock the door behind me, i run to the front end of the house and grab a baseball bat. I exit out the front and start running again. Somewhere along the way, i meet up with some friends.

      We start running together and make it to a church, at the church is a man with piercings through his nose and a cool haircut. He hands us shurikens and leads us to a van. My friend takes the drivers seat and i get in the passengers seat. The man tells us to wait for a big lightning strike before we can leave, he also says that the lightning will be a sign from god to let us know when to head out. We look up and see a storm, we see some small lightning out in the distance and decide to take off. Mostly because the enemies were still coming our way with rifles.

      This seemed to make the religious man mad. As we drive, we eventually come up to his floating head which then explodes. As it explodes, everyone around me turns into a zombie. I get out and run, i make it to a small island. Then this girl starts chasing me, i run but can't keep it up and she eats me.
    2. 8-4-2013 A Snake Beneath the Surface

      by , 08-04-2013 at 06:15 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid

      A Snake Beneath the Surface:
      I was sitting with people i know from martial arts. We talked for a while. Then one guy started making fun of another for being fat. Next thing i know, a snake is attacking the man being made fun of. He was also sitting right next to me and since i didn't want the snake to attack me, i quickly caught the snake and threw it away from me.

      Other dream fragments: (Well, not really fragments, just what i decided to log last night)
      -I was looking for an ear plug i dropped on the floor. However, all i could find were old ear plugs covered in nasty ear wax.
      -I was in my room, but i left to go somewhere, in the cool summer air.
    3. 7-31-2013 and 8-1-2013

      by , 08-02-2013 at 03:47 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid


      Darkness light on the stage:

      I can't type much for this dream. The main reason being that the plot of the dream jumped all over the place, you could say it was super random. But i will list the bits i remember.

      I'm fairly certain that i had no clothes on and a bunch of girls walked into the room i was in. Then there were some bits of me practicing with my percussion section in an auditorium. Then the last bit was me in the auditorium, no lights were on, it was dark, i had a small light, i was looking for at least some one from my section but i could find none.

      Help- regression, obsession , I can't keep away from her touch
      Leave no doubt, to find out , It's calling me back to my home:

      I was lost. I was in asia, somewhere rural. There were forests, rivers, and small towns scattered all about. I always had the feelings about where i needed to go, and i followed those feelings, only to find myself lost again.

      I arrived to a dusty old town. I looked around. I felt to go to a church like place. Once there, i decided to leave. I found a car as i moved through the town. The car wasn't operational. That night, i crept into a house located on the edge of a cliff. The house had a hostile and noble feel to it. As i crept into the back part of the house, The room suddenly flipped upside down and i saw a man with a sword. I was certain he was going to attack me.

      I have a rifle, i'm walking along a road. It's still night. I'm trying to get somewhere, however, i'm being chased. Maybe i'm being chased by some law enforcement, why would they chase me? I think i hear shots up ahead, or maybe it was pure impulse. I run into the woods on my left. I see dead bodies of innocent people everywhere. I run. I'm about to get out on the other side of the woods when an armed police man appears, he moves his rifle into position to shoot. I get my rifle but the clip is out. I reload. I wake up.

      As i look back at this dream, i realize i'm where i need to be. Home is still home, at least for now, but now is fine enough.


      The Will, Desire, Curiosity , Idea, or even Chance to walk and break structured load:
      I'm in a car accident. Something of the sort. I find myself after with two seemingly broken legs and a broken wrist. I walk into a store with crutches and a cast on my right hand. I see people i know, it's sort of embarrassing i think, so i decide to walk without the crutches. After making that decision. I drop the crutches and free my right arm. Sure, it's a little weak, but i was walking fine and i could move my right wrist. Hehe, incredible.

      That's all i feel like logging on here right now. I'll likely post some more tomorrow.
    4. She tried kissing me with extacy in her mouth.

      by , 12-01-2012 at 10:57 PM
      This was a very enjoyable and exciting dream and I wish I remembered more about it. I had several dreams throughout the night and two lucids.

      There was a very exclusive band playing on a stage, there was a football/party vibe to the whole thing, only a few people in the world had seen this band play. I'm on top of a stand and there's a good looking female reporter walking around interviewing people, just getting a comment out of each person, I had no interest in talking to her. She's screaming out loud asking if anyone else has an interesting comment to share. All of a sudden the man married to my mother stands up next to me and points toward me and says "he has a comment" I had no interest in talking to the female reporter.. But I said "I'm just chilling, bro" while being somewhat nervous and excited. This intrigued the reporter and for the first time she took an interest in someone for longer than just a short comment. And she asked me something about female to male attraction.

      I answered with something like "I believe the most important thing is to be non-needy, and in order to achieve this you need to be able to show vulnerability. I believe a vulnerable man is an attractive man, and it's the most attractive attribute that you can have. If you show vulnerability and act like yourself, you'll not only disqualify yourself and seem non-needy, it will also display confidence which will later on end up in you not caring what people think of you, because you're comfortable displaying your vulnerable and true self. You wont be loved by everyone, but you will polarize people, to one side or the other, and very quickly know whether or not they like you or not, you will not only save time but once you actually find someone who likes you they will like you for who you truly are and not lies you've created to impress people." at the same time I think "I'd rather be hated for being honest and truthful than appreciated for my bullshit"

      This impressed the reporter, and all of a sudden everyone knew who I was. I had polarized people, there were men who were jealous of all the attention I got, and I was hated by many, but I had some people who were truly in love with me. I appear right in front of the band, on a grass field that was lit up by party lights. There were drunk people everywhere. One of my friends noticed that one girl was particularly impressed with my speech and he pushed me all the way to her until I was standing right in front of her. I could sense that see was very uncomfortable standing that close to me, I was intimidating to her. But I spoke to her for a bit, brought her with me to the stage that I was now leaning towards with my back as she was standing right on front of me, I had her full attention.. I took her number, and at the same time her friends were trying to pull her away from there, they were in a hurry going somewhere. I made sure she didn't leave before I got the number. As she was holding my phone, calling her own phone from it, this other woman I used to be in the same school with, came up to kiss me without saying a word. I kissed her back, and she had several pills in her mouth and a lot of coke. I assumed it was extacy and spit it all out immediately. Now everybody around me got angry with me, and they started punching and hitting me repeatedly as I fell to the ground. I appear in a futuristic corridor.
    5. Chance, Key, FAs, Ergo Proxy

      by , 11-16-2012 at 02:57 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      dream 1 - First I met Ryan Key from Yellowcard. We were talking. and then Greyson Chance appeared. I yelled "OMG Greyson Chance!" and I hugged him......<3

      dream 2 - I was a member with postrock band pg.Lost. I thought I was gonna play electric guitar but my role was acoustic guitar. We gathered around infront of huge concert place(there were amps everywhere) and went inside. We took escalator. And then we were at dark lit indoor concert place. I grabbed my guitar and someone helped me to plug it in with amp. I first played the intro of Head High.
      I was pretty nervous to play with them because I didn't know any keynotes and what I was supposed to play as if I had amnesia. My friend and bunch of people sat in the seats and the band gave me a sign to play it. Here I confessed to them that I didn't know anything of this.

      FA 3 - I was Re-l lying on my bed in my own room IRL. I could feel that Vincent was in my room too but he was nowhere. I got up and went to the kitchen. There was a delicous looking sandwich - it was composed of organic bread, white cream cheese, tomato, and some basils. I tried it and it was freaking goood!
    6. Fragment, Cute Spanish Boy (Nov 11, 2012)

      by , 11-13-2012 at 11:57 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      Fragment- a girl is making a band video or a video for band. A boy eats of the tip of a big ants head.

      Dream 1- Dream starts off with my family talking about going to an amusement park. My little brother gets in trouble when he says something about scaring my dad in an amusement park. I then remember being in my bed when I look outside and see this cute Spanish boy flirting with this other boy at his door. He is tan and tall with short dark curly hair. They then leave each other and next thing I know the Spanish boy is in the vent above my bed I forget what we say to each other but he was sneaking back into the house because apparently he was living with us. He then disappears from sight.
    7. Old friend on the bus home (Nov 9)

      by , 11-10-2012 at 12:17 AM (Realm of Insanity)
      After a bit of this dream I get on the bus to go home and on the bus is a friend of mine who move away about a year ago. I don't remember how our interaction on the bus went but I think that I was overjoyed to see her. Later on the bus ride a few people on the bus begin playing the final parts to our Opener band performance.
      Tags: band, bus, friend, school
    8. Band Games (Oct 13, Oct 14, 2012)

      by , 10-14-2012 at 02:36 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      The marching band and I are outside on the field when Mr Austin tells us that we're all gonna play a game in groups and that we should play with people were not afraid to get comfortable with.

      We then all go inside and get with our groups. I was gonna play with another group but I then play with the drumline so that I could play with the guy that I like.
      Tags: band, dream, love, no lucid
    9. Stage Band (Sep 30, Oct 1, 2012)

      by , 10-06-2012 at 02:12 AM (Realm of Insanity)
      I am at marching band practice and we are practicing our drill but instead of doing it on a field we are marching to our spots on a stage. There is a page of drill We are stuck on because our bass line keeps running into the snare line. Our instructor than tells us that on the step off we move up one then move backwards to our spot. We try this and it works perfectly. We then march our whole show on stage.

      The dream skips it is nighttime and the drumline is heading outside the school in front of a cafe section where people are. Some of the wind and brass section join us. Before we even perform for the people at the cafe the dream ends.
    10. Weird High School Reunion, and Quitting an Unjust College

      by , 09-30-2012 at 04:48 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching something that looked like Pokemon with Jake on the TV in the living room of my house. It was nighttime, and I was gonna try to sleep, so I paused the show. Then, Jake unpaused it. We kept going back and forth like that, until I got irritated and told Jake I was trying to sleep, and that's why I was pausing it.


      I was watching some movie, or was involved in some movie-like situation, where the woman who plays Dr. Cameron on House was a photographer, though she looked like the character she played briefly on How I Met Your Mother, Zooey. Yes, that's right, I was in the band again at my old high school. My old band teacher wanted some photos of apartments made. Apparently, this got done every year. My band teacher really liked her photography for some reason. She was supposed to be taking pictures of apartments for him. He started to look at them, and they were obscure pictures. Like weird pictures of inside the apartments. I remember one being of right outside the apartment, the stairs leading up to it and the sign above the door which read "APARTMENT".

      Well, the band teacher didn't like that. He was looking for pictures of the apartments from a bird's eye view, not this weird abstract stuff. He fired her, and then, someone told her she was going to die at 25. She didn't believe it, since she was 24, but apparently, she did end up dying.

      Leonardo DiCaprio was in there somewhere too, but I'm not sure where he came into play.

      I was going to some high school reunion thing (IWL a couple of weeks ago I went to a brief choir reunion to sing the National Anthem at my old high school's 10 year anniversary, where they named the football stadium). I remember Kayla being there. I put my purse in a locker in the girl's locker room, which, in the dream, was underneath the stadium. Many other people were there as well. The lockers were very tiny, and I didn't have a lock, so I just put my things in a locker in the middle of the wall of tiny lockers and hoped for the best.

      I also saw a girl I knew of in high school and actually met and had classes with in college, Megan H. In IWL, she's very conservative and Christian. In the dream, she was a photographer, and only put on the front of being very conservative and religious, though I seemed to be one of the only ones who could see that. She had apparently gotten in big trouble with the law at some point, like gotten arrested, but I'm not sure why. She still acted like her bubbly, Christian self in the dream, though it seemed almost strained. She came up to me with a smile and started talking to me. She was holding a camera.

      Megan, Kayla, and I all went up into the stadium, which was HUGE and very packed with people who had gone to the high school in the past 10 years. It was nighttime outside. As we were walking, I heard the brass players that were on the field play this one chord, and I got annoyed, because they were going to start playing some silly song that they always played in high school (the brass sections were such goof-offs in high school IWL -_-). They were a few of the brass players that went to high school with me. I remember specifically a trumpet player named Micheal being down there. They were wearing their high school band uniforms.

      We sat down on the far right edge towards the top of the stadium. Megan sat behind me, and I think Kayla as well. Megan started to talk and talk and talk to us. I turned around to listen. She started talking about weaves, and some black guy with, and I quote, "plastic in his hair". A big black girl with a weave and a white V-neck shirt that was sitting next to Megan (who btw is very white haha) turned to her and said "Mmmhmm!" as if she was agreeing. I then turned back around, and everyone around us was quiet and turned around staring at us, as if they were waiting for us to shut up so they could do the National Anthem or something. I felt a little embarrassed at first, but Megan kept obliviously talking, and I just ignored the stares since I had barely said a word; it was all Megan. I then thought about a waking life memory, how the choir alumni had been down there a couple weeks prior doing the National Anthem instead of the band alumni.

      Then, I wanted to check my phone for the time or something, but it was dead. I would hold down the button, but it wouldn't turn on. I had had a feeling it was going to die, since when I had gotten there the battery was so low. I got up to leave during this part for some reason, when everyone was waiting quietly for the National Anthem. I was the only one getting up to leave. I started to go down a stairway that lead to underneath the stadium, but the dance team was under there doing some slow, almost interpretive dance, and then behind them, I saw pom-poms and only a little bit of the cheerleaders. I went down another way.

      I was then back at the lockers, and lots of people were there again. Part of the wall and lockers had been removed, and you could see to the other side of the wall, which was the guy's locker room, I believe. It reminds me now of Minecraft; it looked as if "blocks" had been removed from the wall. I asked someone who did this, and I think they said some Freshman girl did it or something. At any rate, my locker was still there. As I opened it to grab my purse, I hoped no one had stolen anything. I felt the bottom of my purse to see if I could feel everything that was in there. I was especially checking for my wallet. At first, I didn't feel it, but then I did. Thank goodness!

      I checked my phone again, and it was still dead. It came on very briefly, and then died again.

      I was then riding home with Megan's family. Megan's dad was driving. We got into my neighborhood, and he dropped me off at where my street starts so I had to walk a couple houses down to get to my place. I got out, and was holding this blue notebook. Papers and folders were crammed into it and falling out. I was trying to get it all together, when I said to Megan's dad
      "I've been unemployed for 9 months," and I said other things as well, but I can't remember what. We had been talking about how I'd been, I guess.
      He responded with
      "Good morning, Superman." He smiled when he said this.

      I then woke up.


      I was at my college again, but it was like it was mixed with Minecraft. I remember going through some caves, seeing obsidian and torches and some wooden doors. I saw lots of zombies too, and they would change appearance randomly with the light levels. I killed them.

      Then, I was heading out of the cave and onto the campus. A tall, handsome, kind-looking Arab man then approached me. He didn't speak English very well. He offered me a single pink rose, and asked me to walk him to class. He told me his name, but it was something really complicated, so I can't remember it, and couldn't throughout the dream. Anyway, I took his hand, and I walked him to his class. We were walking over blocky, stone Minecraft terrain that was imposed on the campus. It was daytime outside. We talked while we went to his class.

      This happened again too, where he found me standing at another cave entrance, and asked me to walk him to his class. He gave me another single pink rose, and we walked around campus to his class. He was so kind, a very sweet person whom I really enjoyed being around. This time, before we parted, I gave him a big hug. It was so warm and loving, a beautiful embrace. We lingered for a while, just hugging.

      For a little bit, I thought about how JP had been represented in some of my dreams as an Indian or Middle-Eastern man. I then thought that this man was nothing like JP or the character that represented him, and carried on, walking by myself now that the Arab man was gone to class.

      Then, he stopped showing up. I was really upset, because I knew it was because the dean of the school, who looked like my old high school principal, Mr. Nolan, didn't like him because he was Arab, which automatically made him "suspicious", as if he were a terrorist or something. I was absolutely furious. The area I was in at this point was cave-like, and had another, older looking Arab guy around, and some other people as well. I think I asked him where the other guy went. When I asked, I simply referred to him as Ahmed, because I couldn't remember his complicated name. I don't remember what he said, though I already knew what happened. I was going to take action; this was absolutely disgusting and ridiculous.

      I went into the dean's office. Apparently, Mr. Nolan wasn't there that day, and the guy standing in for him looked kind of like an old assistant principal, Mr. Lichens, except for he had a bowl cut and was much skinnier than the real Mr. Lichens. He had the same color hair, red, and glasses though, as the IWL Lichens does. He looked up as I entered. I immediately started to go off. I began by throwing a small object, and yelling, filled with rage, (this isn't word-for-word, but it's as close as I can remember it)
      "I quit this school! You bastards, Ahmed is not a terrorist! He is a nice person who just wants to learn! You're just afraid! Not every Arab is like Osama bin Laden!"
      I'm sure I said some other things too. Lichens lookalike started to look angry the second I started to yell. I stormed out, and he immediately got on the phone with Mr. Nolan, telling him that I just quit the school, which I could hear through the door I had come through. God damn, I was angry. I was so very, very angry. It was so unfair that they did this! I turned around and yelled at the door, hoping he could hear me through it as I could hear him. I think I called them bastards again.

      I was then standing with some people, one I remember being a girl named Melissa that worked at the job I recently quit. She was standing with another girl, apparently her partner. They were so in love, it was so sweet. I hugged Melissa, and she was whispering to me about how happy and in love she was with this other girl. I was very happy for them.

      I was then getting some things out of a cubby in the band room from high school. My tennis shoes were in there. I thought about all the high school band kids there.

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    11. Blind Eye (Sep 19, 2012)

      by , 09-27-2012 at 12:11 AM (Realm of Insanity)
      I was at school with my pet beagle and I was there for some band event. I had something to do and handed her leash to a former band member and left to go do something and when I got back her left eye was bigger, like it would pop out and it was dark green. I asked him what happened to my dog and he avoided the question for awhile but he finally told that when he was practicing he sound his snare drum down and it hit her in the eye.
      We are now back at home and my brother asks what happened to her and I regale him. I then tell her to go to bed, but instead she jumps into the open dishwasher. I almost break out into tears as I try desperately to get her into her cage.
      Tags: band, dog, dream
    12. Dans l'eau (Sep 15, 2012)

      by , 09-16-2012 at 10:51 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      After a day at the fair, me and the band congregate on a beautiful cliff over-looking the ocean which was litt beautifully by the moonlight. It would of been incredibly relaxing had I not remembered this dream. As the band is talking I hear the water becoming agitated and I immidiately grab our drum major and run off to the side where the cliff circles a wall and a gap becomes clear. I get ready to jump it but stop just before because it was too large. I lose my footing and plummet towards the ocean and I know what monsters wait below. I then find myself struggling to escape the dreamworld. My window in RL becomes visible but the dream is still trying to take hold. I feel my bed start to shake me kicking It trying to awaken somebody so that they can come wake me. I finally manage to break free but unable to move as I am now in sleep paralysis for a few minutes until I finally regain control. (this was my first SP encounter)
    13. Band Sleepover Frag, and The Murderer

      by , 09-01-2012 at 04:10 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in marching band again. We were having some sort of sleepover. It was nighttime, and we were in a house. Next to me was this girl that looked like someone who was in band with me in waking life, Nancy. She was a freshman and I was an upperclassman. For whatever reason, I had taken her under my wing, so to speak.

      She asked me to pull a wedgie for her? I said ok, and she leaned forward, exposing the top of her panties. I noticed she was wearing two pairs of underwear, one peachy/skin-toned, and the other a bluish-green.
      "This one?" I asked as I tugged the peachy one.
      I pulled on it.

      More happened in this dream, but I can't recall what right now.


      I was in bed with JP. It was nighttime. We were in what looked like a hotel, but it was supposed to be at a school. We were both students. I'm not sure why we were in the same bed, there was another bed in the room but it was occupied I believe. I suppose it was like a dorm or something. The bed was next to a big window, with J being on the window side and I on the other. The window showed that we were on a higher floor, I think, and you could see trees and lights from buildings.

      As we were laying in bed, he was saying something about my birthday being the next night, and how he was going to give me "birthday sex". I don't remember what I said. I wasn't really thrilled at the prospect, but this guy was scary (and is in waking life as well).

      The next night, on my birthday apparently, I stayed in another part of the dorm/hotel. I was worried that JP would get upset because of this, but I didn't want to stay there with him. I then had this huge "flashback" of the college years ago, when a dead woman was found in an indoor pool, stabbed to death. They had to remove the body before they had a funeral service. I then made the terrible connection: JP was the killer from years ago. He was assuming a fake name at the college, the name James Holmes (the Batman movie killer from Colorado).

      I knew I couldn't stay. I was in him and I's room, and the light was dim; nighttime again, but there was a lamp that was on on the nightstand. Someone called him and angered him. When he got off the phone, we were then in the living area, and a man appeared from a doorway, looking panicked and concerned. JP went and stabbed a man in the chest. I was sitting on the couch, watching in horror. He came to me then, and carefully chose a short, fat knife from the many knives that he had, all the while talking to me in a cool, calculated, heartless manner. I tried to back away, but he had me. He stabbed me in the lower left chest, but not too deeply, since I was resisting. I felt the pain as he cut me.

      Then, it was like the scene was being replayed, only differently. We were in the room again, and his phone started to ring. I spotted a brown spider crawling on the floor with spindly, long legs. I got up to leave the room, and JP said
      "You better not leave, this phone call may make me angry." I left anyway as he got on the phone.

      I went to the living area and across the room to another door. I barged in and my parents were asleep in the bed there. My mom's head was facing the head of the bed, but my dad was sleeping opposite of her, with his head at the foot of the bed. I shook my dad first saying "Wake up! Wake up!" as I moved on to shake my mother. My mom woke up, and I frantically explained the situation. In the back of my mind, though, I knew we were doomed. She got out of bed, I'm not sure if she said anything. My dad was the only one of us there with the means to defend, and I could not wake him up. I kept trying, but to no avail. I then left the room and ran out the front door as fast as I could. I could run to the lights of the city, or the sparse, dim lights of some homes to my left. I went towards the homes, figuring he wouldn't be able to see me with the dim light. I tried to frantically think of what to do. Should I head to a house and try to knock until someone answered? Or should I run out to the woods? Either way, I felt doomed.

      I awoke this morning being quite afraid still, the feelings carrying over from the dream to my waking self. I'm still calming down, and it's been over an hour since I woke up.

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    14. Trying to remember to be lucid in dream - Getting hit by Van on bike - and some more...

      by , 08-31-2012 at 04:45 PM
      non-lucid commentary

      Went to bed tonight with a strong voice saying I'd be lucid

      Woke up. Had in my mind a list of things that I had to do. It was like I was trying to remember in my dream that I was supposed to do reality checks in my dream. It wasn't quite a dream though. It was more of a fixed idea that was posted onto my mind's eye

      2:45 AM
      Went to my old house in SP. It also had the feel of a place I work at. Two people that I'm familiar with were there. I considered staying and watching t.v. in the living room. Eventually I went to bed. My family was there in the morning. I woke up late. There were feet of snow on the ground surprisingly.

      Later I was in N.B. It was like a party atmosphere. A mixture between New Brunswick, Seaside, and some market. The bars were advertising specials. A guy told me to give him my bike in a joking way. Everyone was friendly. I wanted to see my friend MC again. In the dream there was a schedule that I was supposed to follow. It was a sleep schedule. There was only a small time frame devoted to REM sleep which disappointing me.

      5:55 AM
      I'm at the library watching t.v. when JL's band starts performing which surprises me because I was at the show that is being televised. The t.v. disappears and I am at the show. The band is really stoned. They are smoking bowls out of their mic stands.

      A girl from work is in bed with another girl. They are getting high.

      I see some dough in the refrigerator and I want to make some myself.

      6:45 Am

      A guy from my work breaks his arm and comes in to my office. I tell him to sit down but down put the chair beneath his butt and he falls down. The bone is sticking out of his arm. I try to call 911 but I can't figure out how to work my phone and I keep ending up calling the wrong person. I keep calling 811 instead. Trying to call 911 in a dream but not getting through is definitely another dream sign and it appears later as well.

      Later I am walking down George Street. I am at a crosswalk when I witness a girl ride her bike thoughtlessly into the street and get hit by a van. I go to help her. The van doesn't leave immediately but still nobody comes out. The crash causes traffic but nobody else is coming out to help. Nobody on the street at starbucks is coming to help either. It is just me. The people in traffic are beeping. I wait with her and try to calm her. I want to move her from the road but she can't move. I assume that somebody is calling 911 but we wait for a while and nobody comes. Finally, some of her friends arrive to comfort her and to help with her recovery. I try to call 911. I get through but the male operator doesn't believe my story. By the way, the girl is beautiful. I demand to speak to another operator. It is a woman. She doesn't believe me either. I go to some other friend and tell her to call 911 because they don't believe me. As she's calling, we're holding each other. The operator believes this girl. Afterwards, I go to starbucks.
    15. July 9, 2012 - Dream 2

      by , 08-24-2012 at 02:04 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Bus. A video. 5 videos. Japanese boy band interview. Porn vids. Escape. Boat to the beach. Sharks.
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