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    1. Marathon Dream

      by , 06-15-2008 at 02:55 AM
      (original dream occurred June 14, 2008):
      I had a dream that my apartment got hit by a hurricane. It rained so hard that you couldn't hear anything, except in the dream, it rained so hard that everything was completely silent. For some reason, peoples' voices were as clear as bells. I couldn't see more than 2 feet in front of myself. My mother and her boyfriend had gone outside to look at the rain, as it was raining pretty hard - the sudden increase in the intensity of the downpour sent us scrambling inside. In the dream, the area must have flooded, because I remember there being a large lake where there hadn't been one, and people perched atop the hills on the golf courses.

      (original post titled June 16, 2008):
      I had a very, very long dream.

      First, I slept for around... probably 14 hours. It wasn't laziness, I simply didn't wake up.

      I dreamt that I was a student at some sort of academy, like a wizard academy, but not like Harry Potter in the slightest. This was in a fantasy-type city - first off, think elven architecture. Very elaborate architecture, mostly stone and some sort of golden stuff. Most of it was devoted to the campus of this academy, and the pursuit of wizardry in general.

      There were a bunch of other children there - I recall I was a child, just an older child. My brother was also at this academy, if my vague recollection is right. There was a stone ogre/troll in one of the more open areas, except that it was also roofed and fenced... in any case, all of the children who were up to mischief got together, including me, and poured some sort of oil in its ear, which brought it to life. It came to life and wreaked all sorts of havok until it was finally gotten under control. One of the head wizards (of the city) called me in, and told me I'd been the cause of a similar incident involving the same monster before. I remembered it, vaguely, and he showed me a document I'd signed.

      The eldest mage commented something along the lines of, although I had learned no magic I had a strong blood-line, and I ought to marry a dragon. I knew the dragon in question, a coppery, gold-colored dragon. Unfortunately, I don't think that giant lizards are very sexy. That was pretty damn weird, although I have to admit that wizards are usually pretty damn weird.

      In any case, as the dream progressed, I became the mastermind of some sort of coup of the city. There were rulers, a king and a queen, but their essence was contained in 5 spheres in the heart of the city, that were closely guarded. In the center of the city was a massive lake that was incredibly deep. Anyway, 3 of the spheres were King, Queen, and some sort of snow-man. I don't know what the remaining 2 were. The city's defenses were impenetrable as long as the spheres of the King and Queen remained in place, but I got ahold of all 5 spheres, and I threw them in the lake. The Snow-Man was some sort of guardian of the city, I don't know, but at one point I retrieved him out of the lake. I think the fourth sphere was that of the Master of Ceremonies - in order to actually take control of the city, I had to be sworn in as king. I needed the Snow-Man at my disposal in order to convince him to swear me in.

      After this, the dream got more jumbled. I also woke up briefly, although I don't remember much, and I know that I felt really sleepy so I went back to bed.

      After this, I had a dream about Cinderella, but not in the sense that we think of her, as this had absolutely nothing to do with the original story. Rather, it was about cinders. Something about a young man, and the girl in question was under some sort of death-spell, and he got a chance to save her by drinking cinders in some sort of potion. But rather than saving her, he wandered off into some sort of dream-land, and failed in his mission. Ever since that point he had been a very morose spirit.

      In the dream, there were 5 men who governed various Aspects of something - I don't remember what the thing was. In the dream, it presented itself as a web-page, but I know that it wasn't a web-page, that was just the manner in which I browsed it. It was like a collection of information, and you accessed it through these personalities, and he was one of them. He had a long face and ash-grey hair. Each man had an Aspect, one had the Aspect of Strength, but his was the Aspect of Death (or something like that) due to his history. I was considering switching from the guy governing the Aspect of Strength to this man and his Aspect, because of some information that I needed to browse, but I was reluctant.

      I woke up after this. I felt better/not as sleepy, although the dreams were very weird, but I had slept for a disturbingly long time. Usually that happens when I dream actively, and I felt like I'd been dreaming almost the whole time that I was asleep. I think these dreams were influenced by the fact that I've been playing too much D&D. Maybe I should ease off on RPGs for a while.
    2. Clarissa

      by , 05-19-2008 at 02:50 AM
      Original dream dated 5/18/2008:

      Had 2 nightmares the past 2 nights.

      One of them was about college. Sort of normal. The usual - I'm taking a class, paying for it myself and running myself into debt to do it, yet can't get to class on time and never get my homework done. I can't get the motivation to do it, and have missed so many classes that I can never catch up. I live 30 minutes away by car and want to move closer, but can't afford to. My lease is coming up, but I don't want to sign a new lease when I'm failing the class.

      Then, for some reason, I'm wheeling a motorcycle through the university buildings. Nobody notices. I get it up several floors, when I realize that the elevator I intend to use to get farther up only has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. and can't possibly support its weight, and the stairs are too rickety. Somehow, I wind up wheeling it across a narrow beam several hundred feet above the lobby floor.

      Which brings me to the weird thing about universities in my nightmares - I'm always on the edge of some high precipice, because for some reason they have many many floors but all of them end at sheer drops with no railings, or else they're in bizarre configurations that you have to climb from floor to floor like a bug... I'm almost always terrified of falling when I'm in a university-like building in my dream, and the drop is always hundreds of feet. There are always narrow, rickety stairs, or broken elevators, etc. It's an ongoing theme that bothers me.

      Anyway, the next dream involved Clarissa from Clarissa Explains It All, who was for some reason on a cruise ship fishing for squid, and was talking with her friend via text message before her parents showed up with her brother and her friend's brother. I have no idea what the point of the dream was.
    3. Investigation in the Schoolhouse Town

      by , 01-16-2008 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with me somewhere in the southern United States. The prominant colours theme of this dream are blue and orange. The sky is clear and blue. It is dry and arid and there is lots of dusty orange back country and only small towns scattered here and there. I am a private investigator hired to look into the murders of several young women because people are frustrated with the lack of progress from the police. I have a list of suspects and narrow it down to a man working at a remote gas station. I drive there at about noon (in a cobalt blue pick-up truck) and find the man talking to a police officer in a brown uniform, dark sunglasses and tan colored coyboy hat. The police man eyes me suspiciously when I ask if the suspect would like to answer some questions, but does not interfere. When I am done with my inquiries, the man quickly retreats into the gas station's office and the police officer wants to ask me some questions of his own. I do not remember what the questions were but they were personal in nature and irrelevant to why I was doing the investigation, so I decined to answer. I get into my vehicle (which is now a light grey four door car) and drive away.

      I drive for some time and come across a school in the middle of nowhere that looks like an old wooded train station. There are a group of boys playing out front and I stop to ask them some questions. I notice as I get out of my car that a police SUV passes by and the officer of the gas station is behind the wheel. He stares at me as he slows down and drives by. The first boy I talk to is blond and about 10 years old. He wears a blue sweater hand knit sweater with white letters across the front that spells "CHRIS." I ask him if he has seen anyone suspicious around or if he has seen anything weird. Chris shakes his head no, but his avoidance of eye contact and his arms hugging himself make me believe otherwise. Since I do not want to force the boy to talk, I tell Chris that if he ever needs to talk to someone, he can come to me. I give him one of my office cards with my cell phone number on it.

      The rest of the boys do not know anything, but one of them reveals that his older sister is one of the missing young women. The sun begins to set and the boys are called back into the school. I don't really think about why they are going into the school and not onto a bus to home. I get back into my vehicle, which again looks like a blue pick-up truck and drive for some time. The sky is a blazing orange when I find myself at a dead end. The is a large deep blue lake, and though I can see the road continue on the far side, there is no bridge and the land around the water is too rough for vehicles. I turn my truck around and head back in the direction of the school. When I get there it is dark and while the school is still in the same place when I left, a whole town seems to have sprung up along the road and some sort of carnival or festival is going on. There are coloured lights and decorations strung between the buildings and across the the buildings on the otherside. All of the structures look old fashion, like a set from an old wild west film or something. I park my truck on the side of the road and walk into town. While there are many people around, talking, drinking, partying, etc. I notice that the only other vehicle in the area is the police SUV I saw before.

      I ask a few of the people who are sitting on the porches of the buildings if they know anything about the missing people, but no one seems to know anything, or at least, anything they want to share. I observe several people shoot nervous glances at each other when talking to me and some just refuse to say anything, even that they know nothing. My cell phone rings and a deep, gravelly voice tells me to 'get out of town, or there will be trouble.' I ignore the threat and decide to enter one of the buildings and find that it is a small one room school house when I go in. Except for the desks and chalkboard, it is empty. The building beside is exactly the same, even though it says 'saloon' on the outside and has several men drinking on the porch. Upon investigating the rest of the buildings they are all singular unit school rooms. The original school looks like a modern gymnaseum with many inflatable beds, upon which many children sleep. I go back outside and find that while the town is still there, the partiers have disappeared and most of the colour has been drained from the world. It appears to be daytime again, and it is very bright, but the sky is grey, the dust under my feet are grey, the wood on the buildings are no longer browns and dark oranges but grey. The only colour I can see is the blue in Chris's sweater, as the boy is standing on the middle of the street and seems to be waiting for me. An extra letter has appeared on his sweater and it now says "CHRIST." I walk up to him and he says that he knows something about the missing people. He starts to say something which I just know is going to be really significant, but...

      ...the telephone beside my bed rings and wakes me up! D'oh!
    4. Flooding and my Telekinesis (lucid)

      by , 11-07-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There was some sort of gathering at a local school, which sits half way up a steep hill. Thousands of students were packed into the school with sleeping bags and other camping supplies. Apparently we were going to be staying there for some time, though there were no actual classes being held. I was there with a boy and a girl that I do not recognize and we pick a spot to camp out that is in one corner of a large room. I am not sure if the room was the gymnasium.

      At one point I was walking through the halls and I see some former friends of mine in the corner of my eye. Because we do not get alone anymore in waking life, I ignored them in the dream and kept walking. There is food venders down the hall, but the two people who run it cannot even bag a salad without arguing. I become upset because I am hungry and I want some food, but the arguing vendors will not even look at me.

      A bit later in the dream there is something to do with some nuns appearing at the school. Apparently they are have to supervise someone, or something. I cannot remember much of this part of the dream because it is very fuzzy.

      There is a sudden influx of people (both children and adults) from outside. The town at the bottom of the hill suddenly floods. There is water up the the roof tops the the houses and the water continues to rise. As more and more people try to get into the school, it becomes very cramped and chaotic. The little boy who I am with tries to climb a rope up to the balcony seats, to get away from the throng of people, but I unconsciously reach out my hand from across the room and the boy is pulled off the rope by an invisible force and is brought over to where I am sitting.

      It only takes a few hours for the water to recede, but because people's homes are completely destroyed, most end up staying inside the cramped school. The next day everyone wakes up and finds that all of the doors that lead outside have been locked. Panic ensues, as everyone starts to believe that they are going to die. I feel something in my pocket, and when I pull it out, it turns out to be a large silver key. As I gaze upon it, the boy and girl I am with say goodbye and vanish into thin air.

      I use the key to open the gymnasium door, but find that not only has the river flooded again, but the waters are much higher than before and has literally washed the town at the bottom of the hill completely away. I step out of the door and am up to my ankles in water. I have to dodge to the side to avoid being crushed by the hundreds of people rushing out of the school.

      I follow the waters edge for a while and find a large stone golem saving people from being washed away, but only if money if thrown into his mouth. I toss a toonie, but miss. Since I am not drowning or in danger, the golem and I just shrug at each other. I can see some office building further up the hill and I start to walk towards them.

      I walk through I parking lot and suddenly stop. Though everthing feels real, I sense something is amiss and try an RC. I plug my nose and cover my mouth and discover that I am still able to breathe. I attempt th same RC several times before I accept that, yes, I am dreaming.

      Immediately upon attaining lucidity, I see my mom walking towards me. She does not appear as she looks now, rather as she appeared in her hippy 20s (which I have only seen in photographs). She is trying to show me an orange and white shirt she bought for me, but I ignore her and continue on up the hill. I look back and see that my mom's face is sad and I feel bad for hurting her feelings, even if it is only a dream.

      I enter an office building and go up to the roof. From there I use telekinetic powers to lift the entire building off the ground and make it hover above the city, like a giant spacecraft. Some people come rushing to see the spectacle that I am creating and some of them claim that I am the alchemist they are looking for. I ask them what that means, but they will not answer and run away instead.

      A bunch of "bad guys" appear. They want me to join them so they can use my powers, but I telekinetically kick their butts and bend them to to my will. They promise to be my loyal lackeys if I spare them from harm, but I am bored of them and kill them with my powers anyway. I fly my building/spacecraft over to the top of a neighbouring building, where I can see some sort of party going on. I invite anyone who is interested to join me on my flying building, but no one seems interested.

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    5. Serpent Woman, Cave School and My Westfalia

      by , 07-27-2006 at 01:28 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I had two dreams this night but I can only remember minor details about the first one.

      #1) The first dream took place in a vast plain. There was a giant half woman, half snake creature that was battling another creature that I could not see clearly. The serpent woman was talking one hell of a beating and there was blood everywhere. I do not remember anything else, not even how it ended.

      #2) The second dream had me walking down a long cave-like tunnel. There were many rooms along the way that were like classrooms or workshops in a college. I was not in this place alone as there were many people participating in the classes and workshops. Most of the people were young adults and I did not recognize any of them as people I know in real time.

      Passing through the first few rooms was uneventful, but in one workshop there were many bandsaws and other electric wood cutting tools that were tightly cramed together, making it very difficult to get past (and I had to get past them to get the the next room). All of the electric tools were on, adding to the danger. I did make it through, but not before almost running into and knocking over a table saw.

      Another room I came to was empty of desks or tools, and the floor was made of a very smooth, reflective marble. There was a lady standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by many handsome young men lounging about on pillows. She was tall, graceful and very elegant looking. Her skin was a porcelain white and she had very long vampire-like fangs coming out of her mouth. She did not saying thing, but I got the sense that she was the caretaker of this cave-tunnel place and protected the people inside.

      I was not afraid of her, and she made no threatening gestures towards me. She just smiled at me, then turned to a young man laying on a pillow and reached for him. The lady took him in her arms and opened her mouth. The young man stroked her unnaturally long vampire-like fangs for a moment before she leaned in and bit his neck. The price for her protection I suppose, but I did not see what happened next because I was anxious to move onto the next room.

      I walked through a doorway and found myself outside. I was at the base of a mountain and there was a river in front of me that was draining into a vast ocean. In the river I could see parts of my family's Westfalia floating down the river. I panicked and dived in. Despite the size of the peices, I grabbed them without problem and easily pulled them to the rocky shore. A shadow fell across me and I looked up the see the procelain-skinned vampire lady and the young man she had bit smiling softely at me. I felt silly and said it was stupid to love a car so much that you would risk your life for it, but the lady said it was because I had a good soul and a lot of love to give or something like that.

      When I had this dream my family was about to sell our 1986 Volkswagen Westfalia and I was sad because I had a lot of good memories in it. I have been from one end of Canada to the other in that vehicle and I miss it, even though I know that it was "just a car." I think this is why I jumped into the river in the dream to retrieve the Westfalia peices - I was reluctant to see it go.
    6. The Mountain School and Wolf Spirit Guide.

      by , 07-18-2006 at 04:28 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      In a three story school, located at the base of a steep mountain, children were gathered there to be trained and tested. It was a special school for training in survival tactics or something like that, but it also focused on philosphy. There were no glass in the windows and it was winter time, so everything was very cold and everyone was dressed in winter clothing all of the time. There were no sleeping quarters and the children just slept on the floor of the classrooms in heavy arctic sleeping bags.

      In the dream I was an orphan and at the school only because I had no where else to go. I was a ward of the school, as much as a student. I felt like the odd one out, because I didn't have any friends and I had very bad vision, whereas all the other students were sociable and no one else wore glasses.

      I did not do very well at my studies and I really didn't like it there. At free time I explored the forests surrounding the school, while the other kids socialized with each other and played in the school yard. The teachers constantly advise students to stay out of the forests because there are monsters and enemies around.

      One day, after the daily studies were finished, I decided to explore the road that led up the mountain. Evening was approaching as I explored and I was suddenly attacked by three oversized crow-like birds. I had minimal training in fighting and I only had a small knife to defend myself with. As I fought the birds a wolf appeared on the road behind me, but it just watched from a distance.

      When I managed to kill the birds, I collapsed on the road and saw the wolf approaching. I was covered in blood and exausted and I was afraid that the wolf was going to eat me - it looked very hungry. I threw the bird carcasses towards the wolf (with the last of my strength) which it ate rapidly, then disappeared back into the forest. After the wolf disappeared, teachers from the school arrived and carried me back to the building.

      After the story of my encounter spread around the school, I suddenly had respect from the students and teachers, but my interest in my studies did not increase any and I still spent most of my time alone. Not even two days after the incident, I was back in the forest and the wolf appeared in front of me. It looked at me cautiously but did not attack. I sensed that it was hungry again and I threw it some meat from my pack. The wolf ate the meat quickly and when it was finished, he telepathically thanked me and dissapeared deep into the woods.

      I was surprised that I could hear the wolf's voice in my head, but I do not tell anyone of my psychic experience. I also figured that it was only a one time thing. Several weeks went by and I was exploring the forest and I once again ran into the wolf. When I saw him, I automatically threw him some meat from my pack, which he gladly ate. Because it was getting late I started to return to the school, but the wolf spoke to me telepathically and told me to stop.

      The wolf said it was dangerous to return to the school and that I should hide in the forest until morning, but I ignored his warning and started back anyway. The wolf followed close behind me but was silent. When I got to the edge of the forest, I saw that there were tanks and large trucks that had surrounded the school. Men in military uniforms were rounding up the students and teachers and putting them into the large trucks.

      The wolf grabbed the sleeve of my coat and dragged me back into the forest to avoid being spotted. When we were a bit deeper into the forest, the wolf let go of my sleeve, looked at me for a moment (his "expression" mysterious and unreadable) then he dashed off deep into the woods.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Art School Basement Imprisonment

      by , 06-01-2006 at 10:50 AM (Visions in the Dark)

      I was in some sort of boarding school for the arts. I do not remember any specific details of what the above ground levels looked like, but I do remember that the teachers were very strict and for the most part downright cruel. It was private, and not one designated a Christian school, yet strict Christian values were the rules of the school. Since I am not Christian I kept my spiritual designation a secret and went on with my studies (much like I do in waking life actually, because it is nobodies business but mine). I do not remember much of the classes but near the beginning of the dream I got caught by the head mistress of the school when the pentacle I wore under my shirt slipped out.

      The head mistress was old and wore a black victorian dress and had a perpetual scowl on her face. Her greying black hair was always up in a bun and she wore a large silver cross around her neck. As soon as she saw my pentacle she grabbed me roughly by the shoulder and started dragging me along, yelling that I was an "un-godly child" and heathens like me do not have the right to make art, or something like that. She took me to the far end of the school and pushed me through an old door, which she promtly locked behind her.

      I stumbled down some stairs in the dark and found myself in the decrepid lower levels of the school. It was not like a traditional basement in that it had many little rooms and a long spiralling hallway, (more like a bunker?) I quickly discovered that the lights and plumbling still worked. Each of the little bedrooms I explored had two beds and a dresser, and there were personal items from the previous occupants lying about, though everything was covered in dust or falling apart because it seemed that no one had been down there for a long time. One things that caught my attention was that each and every bed had an afgan blanket on it and they were all different by colour and pattern.

      At first I was alone and upset in that place but I occupied my mind by exploring the rooms and going through the personal belongs. I realized at some point that a lot of the items I went through belonged to teachers I have had (most were actually teachers I have had in waking life), and I got the sense that they had been imprisoned in that basement-bunker too.

      Then I discovered a room that I shall call "the Pit." It was like a second basement because it was lower than the bedrooms and it was more diamond shaped than square. There were no stairs down, the entire Pit was illuminated by a light source that I could not see, and there was water gushing down all sides of the bare concrete walls and draining into a small drain in the center of the room. Up until this point I had been alone in the basement, but near the center of the Pit, on his hands and knees, was George Stroumboulopoulous.

      He was on his hands and knees pushing a stream of water into the drain. He looked up at me and said something (but I cannot remember what now) and then he went back to directing the water (which wasn't really necessary because the water was going into the drain anyway). He made not plea to be rescued, or make any attempt to more from were he was, so I left him alone and explored some more bedrooms.

      I came across one room that kind of startled me because the dresser seemed to contain artwork that I had done in the past (in the dream - there was nothing I recognized having done in waking life). The art was really good and it seemed to be past the artistic skill I have now, but I checked signatures and writing styles and the art was definately mine. I also found indications of my past teacher who had overseen the creation of this art I discovered - but it was no one I recognize from the dream or in real life. He looked sort of like DJ Carl Cox, though that description might be a bit off because the dream becomes a bit fuzzy at this point.

      When I was done exploring that room I walked out into the hall and ran into my father. I was surprised and not really happy to see him and I knew the feelings were mutual. He started talking to me about something and we got into an argument (Ha! Just like real life!) and twice he had to restrain himself from exploding into a rage (something he does a lot in waking life too).

      There is a little bit more of the dream with some other people showing up while my father and I are fighting, and something more about the Pit but I cannot remember more than this.
    8. Old Dream: An Academic Nightmare

      by , 08-19-2003 at 06:14 PM
      This one's a common one. I've been having these for basically forever. For context, I graduated nearly a decade ago...

      Aug. 19, 2003:

      ...so I keep having this recurring nightmare, possibly one of the most ridiculous nightmares ever. But the point is, I keep having it. It actually makes sense... um, sort of, sometimes... which is more than most of my OTHER nightmares do.

      Basically, it's like this: it's the first or second week of classes. I have my class schedule, I know when and where all of my classes are. But for some reason I keep forgetting or falling asleep and missing all of my classes. And no matter how hard I try to go to class, something always happens and I can't.
      I admit, last night's version was slightly weirder than usual. For example, one of my classes entailed - get this - shopping in a department store. There was this JC Penny's on campus, which was where class was at. And there were all of these people out on the lawn dressed up as mascots, who were actually psychology students studying peoples' love/hatred/fear of college mascots. And my college algebra professor in the dream was a huge dick. No, not literally, although anything is possible in my dreams... he was just a big jerk. I finished my homework and tried to hand it in, but he refused it, even though he'd accepted homework from the 2 people in front of me, on the grounds that he'd already given out the answers, which he did while I was trying to hand in the damn assignment. Then there were these 3 professors who were, like, triplets or something, and they all looked exactly identical. Except one taught math, one taught science, and one taught something else... they had rooms right next to each other and were fighting over some sort of computerized marquis thingy. Then I had to put all of these clothes away in this one closet in a classroom.

      I was pissed that my algebra prof was being such a jackass, so I went to ask my uncle S if he could help me with my algebra, only instead of living in their regular house, my uncle and cousins lived in this weird mansion that was like a fun-house. And I wandered into this room with all of these gears and stuff in it, I was trying to figure out how to get to another room when my uncle's friend came in and told me to stop hopping on the gears... it turned out they were parts of this gigantic indoor ferris wheel. And then I was eating at a McDonald's with a bunch of my friends, and it was raining outside... but somehow all of this was still inside the mansion. And something or someone was chasing us, because we'd stolen something.

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    9. The Unpleasant Odor from Emil Eagle’s Laboratory

      by , 09-15-1979 at 03:15 PM
      Morning of September 15, 1969. Monday.

      As I ride my crowded southbound school bus on Highway Seventeen in early morning, there is a vague recall (without lucidity) of how I sometimes daydream (in real life) that my school bus is a rocket going to the moon. This becomes the case in my dream, though my school bus remains of the same appearance. I feel the sensation of my school bus moving through the sky.

      My classroom is in the same building, yet rendered as being on the moon. I sit in my classroom in the left-most row of desks in about the middle of the row, facing south. Farther to my left is a large singular window (not a real-life feature).

      Instead of an outside view, it seems to be a chemistry laboratory (even though I had been vaguely aware of the moon’s surface viewed from this window, the ambiguous change probably a result of a dream reset). The Disney cartoon character Emil Eagle is there, picking up and pouring from test tubes, seemingly planning something questionable, likely with bad intent, perhaps even an intent to poison all the students and my teacher (an unfamiliar female). (However, he may be trying to create a “hair-growing formula”, based on a comic book story I had read a few times. Emil Eagle first appeared in “The Evil Inventor” in May of 1966 as a balding industrial spy that sought to steal Gyro’s hair growth formula.)

      My teacher and classmates do not seem to be aware of what he is doing or even that he is present. I eventually discern an unpleasant odor, which is much like asphalt. I consider that the teacher and students might think I had passed wind, with a vague contemplation of the word “asphalt” as “ass fault”. However, I also consider that the odor is real asphalt from outside, unrelated to Emil’s experiment. I worry about the odor and hold onto a concern about possibly being poisoned by noxious gas, yet I do not leave the classroom or express my concern to my teacher, as I might be blamed for disrupting the class.

      I still contemplate passively pointing out that Emil Eagle is responsible for the odor (in case someone else says something first). I consider that they might think the odor is caused by smoke from a nearby fire or (as in real life) the supposed factory fumes from Nocatee (which was sarcastically referred to by schoolmates as “Skunkatee”). I neither make the connection that Emil Eagle is only a villainous Disney comic book character, not an entity I would ever see in real life, nor do I consider that being on the moon is unusual.

      Non-lucid dream control is evidenced by the association with daydreaming and my dream self not being surprised by my dream’s otherwise impossible events. Additionally, the main factor of this dream reveals non-lucid dream control in my partial modulation of the liminal space divider’s (the window’s) autosymbolism that is otherwise a result of vestibular system correlation (and liminally anticipating it as a negative consequence as evidenced by an ambiguous sketchy flight symbol rendered as Emil Eagle, as it has always been very common for me to have liminal anticipation of the waking process, typically experienced biologically as a falling sensation, as renderings of birds, airplanes, or related factors). All of the other dynamics, including the odor itself, have literal associations.

      Emil Eagle is this dream’s preconscious factor (which is often personified), always uniquely rendered. Non-lucid manipulation of liminal space barriers (or dream state “bulwarks”), the division between dream self and waking self identity, has been a very common factor in my dreams since early childhood, probably the most common form of non-lucid dream control other than generic summoning.

      Years after this dream, in ninth grade in high school, I found myself in a very similar classroom, sitting in the same orientation as I was in this dream (of which at the time did not correlate with real-life orientation of any classroom I had been in). My new homeroom teacher for this term reminded me of the otherwise fictitious teacher of this dream. In real life, this teacher had spent time one morning dramatically complaining before class started, about a bad odor. Considering the hundreds of times when Zsuzsanna and I inexplicably communicated in dreams before we made contact in real life, attributing a factor of this dream to a possibly prescient thread is certainly not unreasonable.

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    10. Banana Boat

      by , 09-02-1978 at 03:02 PM
      Morning of September 2, 1968. Monday.

      In my dream, in readying myself for starting school on Tuesday September 3, 1968, my transportation will apparently be a banana boat. It will seemingly be as such for about two weeks regarding the somewhat unclear back story, as apparently the school buses are all broken down and will not be fixed until a couple weeks from now.

      At one point, it mostly seems as if the cargo boat is somehow going over land rather than any body of water. There is the sighting of a mischievous monkey near the top of a crane that looks somewhat like a sketchy charcoal drawing at one point. At times, the many bananas lying around do not seem exactly like bananas, though many have likely been mangled or flattened somehow.

      At one point, there are a number of small columns, about waist high, each topped with at least two or three bunches of bananas. (It reminds me vaguely of the layout of a drive-in theater.)

      Students are wandering around, but soon, I do not see anyone but a few adults and they seem to be shopping (buying bananas only). I wonder if I am in the right place.

      It is only a guess that this dream was most influenced by “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” by Harry Belafonte (especially the association with the line “I wanna go home” in anticipation of an unknown new semester), as my sister Marilyn had the record, though I mostly heard it in 1966.

      Another influence might have been associations with my new lunch box for second grade (of the same kind as shown), as it was yellowish (but then so are school buses) and vaguely reminiscent of a banana (the handle was yellowish and curved).

      It is probably far more revealing to say “It reminds me vaguely of the layout of the desks of a classroom” than suggesting a drive-in theater here, though it was outside and it was a genuine reflection at the time - perhaps contemplating being in a classroom again yet still with the additional potential of outside freedom - though inside/outside ambiguity is fairly common in my dreams - though exotic and highly unlikely outside settings sometimes seem bilocated in an inside familiar location; for example, at one point (though not throughout that particular dream) the “large desert” in “Beyond the Martian Time Barrier / The Martian Casket” was seemingly somehow “of” and “in” the living room of my Cubitis home while still seeming like a “real” desert setting including even the larger expanse of land and the sky overhead - it was only as my dream was ending that I became more aware of where I “really” seemed to be mentally as walls and floor began to partially come into focus.
    11. The Giant Bittern (mapped)

      by , 07-01-1973 at 01:01 PM
      Morning of July 1, 1973. Sunday.

      I find myself peacefully moving through a beautiful marshy area (which I think I chose to “step into” during the slowdown of the hypnagogic state). (Water induction.) Over time, my dream’s original setting is slowly integrated with the West Elementary School’s school grounds (where there were no marshy features and where I am no longer a student in reality). (Critical thinking skills cessation). My dream self is presumed corporeal at times and incorporeal or intangible at other times.

      A giant American bittern (composite of premonitory back spasm symbol and anticipatory consciousness shift symbol) is eventually known of (with no discernible backstory) and seen to be present. The bird is about as big as a horse. Mostly while incorporeal, I watch this giant bird stalk a few schoolmates (individually) but there is no attack. Curiously, my schoolmates are seemingly not aware of it even when it is in full view just outside the perimeter of the giant reeds. I do not communicate with my schoolmates at any point. I notice that the marsh features, such as the tall grass, are to the scale of the giant bittern rather than in correct proportion to the school building, school grounds, and banyan tree in the playground.

      The giant bittern does not stalk or even focus on me at any time prior to my waking, and in fact becomes more distant in the final moments. The school grounds become less marshy throughout. (Water lowering as dream cessation metaphor.)

      The lower back spasm waking event was hardly noticeable. It appears that I had a certain level of subliminal control over the metaphorical waking transition and my lower back muscles, as I was not directly jabbed by the bird’s beak (as the waking prompt) as I had vaguely anticipated. There was no point where I was actively lucid. The bittern association came from a pocket book field guide to North American birds, which I had since I was very young.

    12. "Not My Fault"

      by , 05-16-1971 at 06:28 AM
      Morning of May 16, 1971. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 42 sec. Readability score: 59.

      In my dream, it seems to be early morning, about an hour before dawn. My mother and I are standing between two of the buildings at my elementary school, near the inward corner of one. We are the only people in the area. I am unsure why we are here, though I consider may relate to completing information in my school records. I am aware that it is the weekend and that school will not be in session today. We are looking toward the south.

      I see a church about three blocks away. (In reality, the school building would be blocking such a view.) I can see its belfry in the semidarkness.

      A big yellow bolt of lightning comes down from the sky, on the right of the tall church belfry. (It has an unrealistic appearance, as if from a cartoon.) It strikes it near the top, and flames begin to consume the tower.

      My mother glares down at me as if I had caused the event by way of pyrokinesis and the ability to control the weather and guide lightning. Her silent accusation increases my focus and the vividness of my dream. (The presence of fire increases the awareness of my conscious self identity.)

      “It’s not my fault,” I say, somewhat hesitantly (with a hint of self-doubt), and I remain unsure if my mother believes me.

      The school setting is relevant to relearning one’s way back to the conscious self identity as in waking life. (This correlates with the subliminal desire to ignite the conscious self awareness for lucidity.) My mother is present by my side as the witness (RAS mediation), as she is the one who usually woke me during early childhood and my school years. The lightning is neural energy that increases awareness in the waking process of which also sometimes serves as a lucidity trigger by liminal intent. The belfry serves as an emerging consciousness representation (rising above the dream), and fire is consciousness.

      Ultimately, this dream is an augmented factor of the “lighting a candle” metaphor to establish lucidity and dream state awareness. Dream control and lucidity are not dependent on each other contrary to popular misconception.

      I believe that I have coherently explained every factor of this dream and its causes and meaning as the emerging consciousness initiation and non-lucid dream control. There was also influence from the Nancy Sinatra song “Lightning’s Girl.” That developed into associations with dream control, as I had imagined controlling lightning as relevant to the song (though this was a childhood misunderstanding as to what the song meant).

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    13. "The War on Brenda Wilson"

      by , 04-04-1971 at 10:04 AM
      Morning of April 4, 1971. Sunday.

      My dream renders what is intended to be an area of the West Elementary school grounds for playing games, though it is in an incorrect (though not regarded as incorrect by my dream self) featureless location that is implied to be northwest of the elementary school building.

      It seems to be late morning. My schoolmates are sitting in a circle and a game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” is in progress. In the back of my mind is a vague idea that I am in a movie that is presently being filmed (which was a recurring aspect of my childhood dreams that suggests subliminal conscious self awareness of being in the dream state, yet without viable lucidity).

      In this version of “Duck, Duck, Goose” I am aware that the person who is caught is to eventually marry the person who catches them. I find myself walking clockwise in a circle around the seated group of our schoolmates, with Toby a few feet in front of me (even though there is only one “it” in “Duck, Duck, Goose”). Toby intends to tap Brenda on the head, much to my dismay. However, instead of Brenda being tapped and getting up to chase Toby, she dodges Toby’s attempt to tap her and the roles become reversed. Toby ends up chasing Brenda around the circular group of seated schoolmates.

      I decide to start running after her as well, to get to her before Toby does, though I remain at a distance. Still, Toby never comes any closer to her than about six feet. We run around and around and it seems to go on for a long time. The three of us never leave the circle to run elsewhere. For a time, I contemplate the adult paperback Western “The War on Charity Ross” (by Jack M. Bickham), which I had recently read. I start to contemplate that this event is “The War on Brenda Wilson”. There is a sense of drama and anticipation, though my dream eventually fades without a victor.

      The failure of my personified subconscious to perceive the setting as wrong yet still possess the memory of a paperback I had recently read is typical of the unusual erroneous neural gating of the dream state.

      My dream designates Brenda as the Vestibular System Personification (a waking alert factor which RAS mediates due to the biological vestibular system ambiguity of being unconscious), though she does not fall or fly but runs in a circle, though there is the implied vestibular-system-based flight symbol of being a “goose”.

      Even here at age ten, my dream self was thinking of life partnership. Brenda was validated, in a prescient sense, to symbolize Zsuzsanna long before we met (even though Zsuzsanna often appeared literally as herself, though sometimes as part of a composite which also integrated Brenda, even directly before Zsuzsanna first made contact with me, mainly because I did not learn that Zsuzsanna was a real person until March 1991). Zsuzsanna and I were married on April 9, 1994. (One of the stories she wrote when she was fourteen was called “Wilson’s Dream”, which was about dream state adventures into other worlds. Her first tribal name from the PAIA was “Magic Pen”, which I viewed as a play on female swan, which has a loose association with “Duck, Duck, Goose”.)

      This online dream journal entry was reformatted from the source material, abridged, and clarified on Wednesday, 21 February 2018.

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    14. Attack of the Giant Red Lobster

      by , 09-07-1970 at 03:07 PM
      Morning of September 7, 1970. Monday.

      A giant lobster is approaching my school from the west and we all have to leave (I had been in a class on the second floor). When I am outside, east of the building and at a fair distance from it, the giant red lobster approaches from the other side, but the scene does not look right. It is as if the school is now only one large wall with windows (and perhaps now implied as four storeys high), since I can see everything supposedly on the other side rather clearly as the creature bashes his claws on the building. Realistically, I should only have seen the building and not what was behind it through any windows to the other side, as I was down on the ground.

      Not only that, the movement in each window seems to be the exact same partial scene and movement somewhat like a fly’s eye view, including what is seemingly duplicated sections of the same pieces of blue sky and arc of lobster claw in the background in each and every window. The simultaneous imagery and movement in each window is almost ominous in itself. Still, I actually enjoyed this dream because of its unusual “rare” nature. Although the “fly’s eye view” has occurred in other dreams (this being only one of two more vivid instances over a lifetime), it seems very rare.

      This dream, I think, amusingly enough, was perhaps more influenced by the restaurant commercials shown during “Shock Theatre” than by any monster movies at the time, though “The Black Scorpion” (from 1957) might have had an influence.
    15. Museum Puzzle (Fox on Shelf)

      by , 06-01-1970 at 12:01 PM
      Morning of June 1, 1970. Monday.

      In my dream, I had been on a mid-morning school field trip with classmates in the southeastern side of the main part of Arcadia (and south of my school) but got separated and did not return to the group when I should have. It is at a very small museum (but which is more like a small empty family-run grocery store or knickknack store) with hardly anything in it, one of the only features being a stuffed fox (in the taxidermy sense). It is on a large shelf (like the kind in a grocery store) that faces west, the fox’s head on the south end. At one point no one else is around, not even the people who supposedly own the “museum”. I am trying to work out if perhaps the fox comes to life and prowls the local area to get food to keep it in a more pristine appearance on the shelf but that does not make much sense. I do not see much else at the supposed museum other than a few empty narrow crystal vases and at least one large urn. I should probably go home but do not know if I should go back to school instead though it seems to be on or near the last day for the semester. Nothing threatening happens at any point. There does seem to be some sort of vague mystery associated with the fox. There is a vague idea that I will visit there again soon but will be somehow invisible.

      Although this dream was precisely precognitive, it may have other layers of meaning. (Remember that only the dreamer can viably “interpret” his or her own dream. Do not let people mislead you.)

      On June 5, 1970, the following Friday after this Monday morning dream, it was the last day of school prior to summer vacation. My class went to a park as well as a small unusual museum (that looked as if it might have served as a knickknack store in the past) that I did not know existed (especially as it was in an area my parents never drove to south of the school) and I actually did see a small stuffed (real) fox.

      Of another layer, the fox could also represent the red-haired girl who was my close friend and next-door neighbor (also south of where I lived in the same orientation as the museum from the school). Even more obviously, her name was Lisa which actually means “fox” in Russian. She also had a somewhat sly demeanor. The fox was rendered as stuffed because she was not yet in her transitional stage into the teenage years (thus “inactive” at this point relative to a more mature relationship) and on a particular level on the shelf up from the floor as she was neither “beneath” me or “above” me in that sense. On another note, she was the only other one “with” me (in the museum setting), as she did not go to my school or know my classmates at this time, though was someone I spent the most time with otherwise. She primarily faced away from me, though her head was turned to the right to partly acknowledge me even though we were not always “face to face” or seeing “eye to eye” (though we did share dream work at times). This dream also has additional layers of meaning too personal to get into, relating to self-fulfilling prophecy on one level.

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