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    1. Silence and Snow

      by , 07-18-2010 at 09:14 PM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      I am in the kitchen of my research station. V is there as well, and I finally break the awkward silence that has been plaguing us in real life. I forget the details of the conversation, but it seems to go badly, and she exits the scene without another word. I follow her out the door, which opens out into a snowy urban landscape. I catch a glimpse of her and shout something about reincarnation, and she runs away from me. I try to track her down, but to no avail. I realize that the only release from my troubles is parkour, and I start running headlong into a tall hotel that seems entirely made of glass.
    2. Frozen Lake

      by , 07-17-2010 at 10:42 AM
      Second dream posted in here. Awesome! Well, here it goes...

      So me and every one of my cousins that I have ever known decide to go swimming. We all get our swimming gear on and head off to the lake. The thing was that when we arrived at the lake, the whole thing was frozen! Every bit! There were people ice skating, ice fishing, and building snowmen on the surface. All in winter gear. We couldn't understand, it was the middle of July! (BIG dream sign I missed ) But, none of the less, we all rush to enjoy the day anyways. I follow up and theres a point when the ice breaks and a little river flowed through in which we had to jump to get across. But right before I make my jump, I see to my right a large kid in a brown sweater with two white stripes sandwhiching an orange stripe attempt to jump across. Sadly, he Superman-ed and took a blow to the face by the edge of the other side and fell into the cold, cold drink. I laughed SO hard I almost didn't make it across myself. But something about a fat guy trying to jump an icy river makes me chuckle. Does that make me a bad person? Anyways, we get across and climb a small mound of snow. To my surprise, I realized this wasn't a river. It was an OCEAN. Frozen as far as the eye could see. We kept running until I felt the ice crack a bit under my feet. I said,
      "Whoa! Hold on! Let's not all go at once!"
      And we all went in three's. Except for one of my larger cousins. I let him go by himself hahahaha! I tipped-toed all the way. Then, as I was surveying the area, I hear an enormous crack! Dreamscaping-beach.jpg this is what I saw before the ice broke. I turned my head swiftly and I see two of my cousins drowning in the water! Somehow, they couldn't swim. I dash to the water and dive to save my family. The water was SO cold!!! It made me gasp and I took a bunch of water to the lungs but I continued to make my rescue. My first cousin wasn't that bad to get to the surface. He's real skinny. But my second cousin was a little chubbier. I was trying to pull him up to the surface but he kept kicking and using my face as a foothold. He eventually got up but mysteriously, I kept sinking. I was at ease for some reason. Like it was inevitable. I accepted it and closed my eyes. The last glimpse being the distorted sun hitting the water surface. The water was the deepest blue you could ever imagine! Suddenly, I open my eyes and I am sitting next to my girlfriend in her room.
    3. Hanging with W and Louvre Visit

      by , 07-17-2010 at 05:21 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I finally have returned from my research station, and I meet up with my old friend W at his house. He's suitably curious, asking all about my experiences, if I got lonely or bored and what I did for fun. I show him some of the things my parents brought me to make the time more enjoyable. This triggers a question of advice for his own presents, as his girlfriend's birthday is coming up. She's a nerdy actress, and he shows me two things he's considering.
      One is a portable stage light that casts a brilliant circle on demand. The other is a bath towel with a built-in calculator (numbers go crazy, so another failed RC). I laugh at both and suggest the light as better. We continue to discuss girls until my mom interrupts us. We adopt a stony silence and sit awkwardly until W breaks it with a cheesy one-liner. I laugh so hysterically I fall out of the dream!

      2. I make a trip to the Louvre in Paris with the students from my research station. I wander aimlessly along the corridors of art until I find a computer lab, in which everyone is hanging out. I feel mildly annoyed that we came all this way for everyone to ignore the art. In any case we all go outside, where Paris is covered in snow. This doesn't stop me from renting a bicycle and barreling down a sick hill with epic jumps. Eventually I wipe out in a crazy fashion, landing somewhat on my neck, even though the snow cushions my fall.

      3. I'm on an Amazon river canoe trip with my advisor, and tensions are running high.
    4. Gas stations

      by , 07-10-2010 at 12:24 PM
      It was night and I was wandering with Jimmy along some road that went beside several gas stations. It reminds me of a place in skellefteå which is just like that and I think this might be inspired by that.

      In some way it came to my knowledge that Kim was offline from msn. As I and Jimmy walked along the road, Jimmy suddenly requested a can of cola. I said that I could buy one for him so we headed for the gas station that was most far away of them for some reason. When walking there, two middle aged guys passed us and one of them said "hej!" to me. I got somewhat confused because I didn't recognise him at all. I still said "hej" back and for a while I kept pondering who he was.

      We locked our bikes (which we didn't have until then) outside of the gas station and went in. It didn't at all look like the interior of a gas station. It looked like some industrial storage room or something. Kim was inside standing next to some fence thingy that looked a bit like a boxing arena. She said that her bike was stuck in the boxing arena thingy (this makes so much sense, lol). Me and Jimmy helped her lifting out the bike from it but when we all tried exiting the "gas station" we discovered that the door was locked! Oh no, we thought! Then we unlocked it and went out just like that.

      Now it was snowy outside and there was a snowplough that looked like a black limo. Something was special about it. I went to a parking lot nearby and the snowplough was now a red-blue race car. I was supposed to enter it, so I tried to. But it was very very tiny or something so had problems when entering it. I had only gotten the legs into it when it started driving! I yelled to the driver to take it easy and wait for me to get in. Somehow I got in after a while and while the driver was some unknown, impatient and unpleasant guy, the person sitting next to the driver was my dad. I don't remember much of the trip except that my dad was angry and I argued with him.
    5. July 7, 2010

      by , 07-07-2010 at 06:09 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Confusing, multiple versions of the same dream again but managed a lucid. False awakening too. Enjoy. Oh and I took Choline + Galantamine a few hours after first falling asleep.

      Cold Feet (non-lucid)

      I enter my house and take off my shoes. I ball up my socks and place them inside. Wait, it is no longer my house. We moved out. I go up upstairs and see a scantily clad women cleaning the bathroom. I can't let her see me. I sneak into my room and see clothes stacked on the bed a floor. The closet and drawers are cleaned out. Posters overturned on the bed. I sneak back downstairs, grab my shoes, and head out back. Leaving the socks. It is snowing.

      I walk down the alley and there is this garage without a door. I go inside and there is a black leather sofa and some people through tinted glass. A girl rides by on a bike and I follow her. I pas a woman that says something about pregnancy and veins. The garage opens up to this sort of backstage area like I am going to a concert. End.

      Cold Feet: The Lucid (dild)

      I am lucid in my house. I don't remember how or why. I am upstairs and again there is a woman in the bathroom. I forget all about my goals and decide to kill her. I go into a bedroom and into a drawer. “There will be knife in here.” I think. I open the drawer and dig beneath the clothes to find a knife. It is weird. It is a Swiss thing with drill bits and cooking tools and all kinds of things I don't need. Fine, I'll just strangle her. “That should help stabilize anyways.” I think. I go inside but she is gone. I feel a cold breeze from the open window.

      I leave the bathroom and search for the women. I go into the attic bedroom but it is empty. I look in the mirror and see I've got this crazy dragon tattoo on my bicep (none irl). I examine it, taking the dream rather slowly.

      I go downstairs and into my living room. I phase through the window (something I've gotten good at, I'll do it again.) I am on my porch.

      It is still snowing. Snow covers the ground. Bro and a co-worker shovel snow. I then see my neighbors' house...

      and through the window covered with Christmas decorations I see my neighbor and his daughter sitting down to eat a nice, peaceful meal. “Jill” I yell. Nothing happens. I phase through, crash through their window and onto the table. I jump down and try to Force Push/TK him away. He smiles and says “I bet you just need to play Whiplash.” and smiles again. I have just enough time to think of the song before waking up.

      Whiplash by Metallica

      Notes: Yesterday I had multiple versions of the shark dream. Tonight, I had multiple versions of Cold Feet. At one point, in one dream, the scantily clad women cleaning the bathroom was my mother. Yikes. And I was on a cell phone or something. Confusing. After the lucid there was an FA. I was sitting on my porch watching the snow. I went inside any my family was there talking about dogs.


      I found some work equipment in the trunk of a car, there was something about the Nintendo 3DS, and the police were there.

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    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 07-07-2010 at 03:20 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Ideals (Non-lucid)

      It's been decided. Tomorrow morning, I am to be put to death for my rebellious actions against the Empire. My comrades share the same fate. As we leave the presence of our judge--Vader himself--each of us is taken in a separate direction by our respective escorts.

      It's night-time on the snowy planet; I only have hours left to live. The prospect is overwhelming, yet the only thing on my mind is an incredible yearning to sleep outside in a bed made of snow.

      Taken by my subdued charm, the female guard arranges for this final request to be fulfilled. Time lapses by and, sure enough, I am presented with a mattress filled with soft, cold, pure-white snow. They place it in a trailer, open to the elements, on a bed-frame adorned with heavy leather straps. Contemplating how my last night on earth will be spent strapped down to prevent my escape, I barely notice the giant commotion going on around us.

      A powerful being of some kind is attacking the base with huge doll-like creatures. Each guard around me leaves the area, assuming I'll do the right thing and strap myself down. . . It's a good thing I'm no idiot.

      Panting, I duck behind a broken concrete barrier as the cold air rips in and out of my lungs. Far from the main compound, it will take some time for them to find me, especially if they think I'm still in the trailer. Now a fugitive with no way off the planet, I decide it's time to sever my ties with the Rebels and start anew. . . . .

      Years pass, and in that time I become a distinguished officer in the ranks of Stormtroopers, to the point where everyone at Central knows my name. I had gotten to my position by infiltrating HQ years ago, assassinating a lowly officer, assuming his identity, and avoiding contact with Vader and anyone else who might have recognized me, all the while making the right connections and moving up the chain of command. I was determined to change the system from the inside out, and I'm well on my way. . . . .

      Walking slowly along the run-down, grey-paneled corridor, my dark blue cape flows behind me as I walk. Stopping before the rental apartment door, my age-hardened face smiles weakly behind this forsaken mask. Even now, I, a High General of the Empire, second only to the new Empress herself, find it necessary to hide my identity, lest someone from my past recognize me.

      Things across the galaxy have changed since I received this new power. This power, the power of Geass, allows me to permanently imprint my will upon anyone I so choose. I've found it useful in reshaping the Empire into a sovereign entity that imposes happiness on the inhabitants of the galaxy, forcefully if necessary.

      Unfortunately, while it was easy for me to bring down the original Rebel Alliance with my newfound ability and former connections, this new resistance to our mission of peace, prosperity, and blissful ignorance is proving more difficult to tranquilize. So, in order to further my our agenda, I 'convinced' the Empress to re-allow the training of force users, assuring her I'd handle any rogues personally.

      Behind these doors was one such rogue. Obviously, a full-on confrontation would most likely end in my death. Thankfully, my Geass has grown strong enough to work with almost no restraints. The door opens.

      Across the room, leaning on a balcony rail overlooking the city, is the force user. He turns quickly, eyes going wide, hand raising up--but it's too late. My Geass has already taken effect, wiping away this poor fool's mistaken ideals and replacing them with a more perfect set. A set that will ensure his obedience toward the Empress, but more importantly his undying loyalty to me.

      The deed done, I leave with my new pawn trailing behind me. However, there is no time for celebration, I still have a war to win, and an entire galaxy of people that need my help finding happiness.
      memorable , non-lucid
    7. Short but high awareness

      by , 07-02-2010 at 02:00 PM
      1/7 2010
      Awarness and logical thinking: super high
      I was going fast as hell on sliding in the snow on some mattress and crashed right into a building without hurting myself. I then realized it was a dream and was now inside some building that had marine inspired interior. I had full awareness, it felt just like in real life. I touched the wall with my hand and was amazed how real it was. I walked around for a very short while before waking up

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    8. Nighthog's Journal: 25th June 2010

      by , 06-25-2010 at 07:07 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      Gigantic Laser firing robots!

      It's a interesting dream. One I've had a couple times before if I recall correctly.

      I'm running around a city into building and out of them into other buildings. I try to be out of view and not hit by the gigantic lasers firing through the streets and buildings when the robots spot me about somewhere. It really burns to be hit by them. I'm supposed to avoid them to not be cut in two or several other pieces you would imagine the strong lasers do as they cut though bricks and mortar and steel as they do when they pass through the buildings. But only burn if they hit you.
      I'm running away from them and trying to go somewhere maybe. But to main idea is to run away and not to be hit to be killed. Mainly I spend my time inside buildings as it's more safe inside them as they can't see inside that easily unless they happen to see you through a window.

      I ran through some shopping malls and other businesses and to arrive at this larger complex where I request the fastest way to get to the ground floor. A employee recognizes and shows me instantly to take the large elevator used for goods down after she locked it up with a key. The workers know me. I'm some high dude who owns the place I think. I have some friends to join my rummage and T--- goes to go down below. and then we run a alley and I go to say some things to him about dreams. Soon I see this is a dead end as a giant robot is heading this way and we head back into the elevator shaft. But now it's just a dead end room with trash. We both note how it has changed from before.

      Later I'm running a street and see several lasers buzz by and I try to avoid them but get hit and feel the burning sensation but continue to go inside a building. Some laser zapped through the walls and floor for a while. People inside just looked strangely at me and didn't react to the lasers flying.

      One point I'm standing on another street clearing and I'm telling someone that the robots are only after me only. I'm their target. I'm the one who requested to have them built. But someone cracked in a last code to take them over and have me killed to clean the tracks. The robots are sky scraper sized. I'm some kind of rich scientist.

      Later I entered another structure and inside I decide I've had enough and start to use my telekinesis skills as smaller human sized units start to enter firing their lasers at me. I fly them in the air and crush them into them round easily here and there. I've had enough of running away as it's silly. I destroy several robots and people go to sheer at me for destroying them. Soon I walk outside and do the same to the gigantic robots of different sizes I spot there. They get crushed with ease as they hit the ground again.

      At a snowy mountain

      I'm walking in snow in thick warm clothing I spot a few others with me. We are traversing on a snow covered mountain. All I really see is we are high up and all is snow covered. I walk a few steps back and forth to then go and engage to try to talk to my companions.

      One is my oldest brother. But not? I later noticed he morphed to my other brother and other mixed characters. We were really confrontational with each other as I started to ask questions but never got any peep or squeak out as a answer... I demanded to know, the name, the day, the time, the month. Never got a answer to any question with silence and a bad stare back at me. He really looked uncomfortable trying to say a word.
      Lastly I just said I will hit him in the face if he doesn't answer. I did so soon after. It didn't feel like much but that I felt a slight feeling in my own face as I hit him, is it a DC? I just wanted to get rid of him and we were inside a building complex and had been to arrive at all the while me trying to get some answers from this morphing character. I pushed his face through a window after pushing a hole then decapitating him on the shard shards left on the bottom edge.
      Well at least I got rid of him I thought and went to walk away to see and do some other stuff. But no longer than a few moments later he was standing by stupidly like nothing had happened after I left the eye from that view.
      I just got pissed and disappointed and left it be.

      I can't now recall what I was doing for a while but it ended with me being with two kids. One my childhood sweat hearth and the other one of my brothers kids. I had just finished doing something with them and asked.
      "So, what should I set myself to do now?" Asking on what I should set as a goal for this lucid dream.
      "Buy a postcard and send it to ________" M--- said.
      "Buy presents for M--- & J---- for the 27th" my brothers children, one with me. A----- told me.

      I was surprised and was not expecting such a response. Dream faded before I could do anything much but stop and look at them for a moment and their answers.
      We had been wandering in the snow again.

      Wandering about My old friends house

      Should have wrote it down earlier, mostly fragments for now. I was lucid most of the time in this dream.

      Low recall being with my friend and being upstairs.

      One fragment was me walking downstairs at my old friends house nearby the entrance and the toilet, I had just walked quickly to check something in the toilet and was walking back. I noticed in the corner of my eye the reflection of myself in the mirror in the hallway. I had noticed something odd about my eyes.
      I went to turn back and check up on it more closely. I thought that my eyes had been blue coloured. As I inspected more closely they really were blue coloured I saw. It was unexpected. I didn't think that my dream body would have sky blue eyes. I have brown/grey eyes in waking life. Though I remembered my mother and brothers and sisters have blue eyes except my real brother who has same as me. My two elder sisters and oldest brother have another father and all have blue eyes. I thought maybe it had something to do with my heritage to show them as blue in my dreams.
      I made a mental note and went to continue the dream. I arrived in the living room. Vague recall on what went on there.

      At one point I wandered into the kitchen and once again saw that annoying bastard from earlier who had refused to answer a single question.
      I went to ask what the heck he was doing here again. I once again started to ask questions. This time demanding a name. He was now a another person. He actually answered with the correct name for that appearance this time. I soon went to confront him a little and went up close with mu face against his face. He was annoyed as me. It was a confronting attitude.
      It was weird though. As I went in close I felt this energy field around him and between us. It was a conflicting energy toward each other of hostility. It was distracting and also stability wrecking. I could feel it only around each others heads as they were close to each other.
      It made me disoriented and also to loose my dream stability and vision and other things. I didn't have such a thing intended and didn't want to start more hostility but wanted only to confront him a little as he had been such a bother earlier. I was a little wavery and lacking in confrontation and 'evil' intent but his for sure was quite constant in not letting back on hostility. I had thought in my mind about needing to do other things I had set out in the dream like engaging a little with the sister.
      As I left the scene with horrible stability I was afraid I would wake up but as I walked over to the living room entrance I remembered I really wanted to talk and be with her as the next goal. As I saw her I reafirmed my intent and refused to wake up the dream suddenly reaffirmed itself and the cloudiness from before vanished.

      I recall walking up to her next, she was sitting on the couch, I sat beside her. a little recall jump and...
      We ended up outside in the close proximity to the house. There was something to a kind of running competition about. I just got done with whatever I was doing with that and went to walk around with her now more again.
      We were getting closer and leaning into each other with heads together and me feeling the warmth of it. Soon I suppose I was carrying her on my right shoulder. We had a bible kind of book in our hands. It was black but it was rather about various details of history but with that thin paper and tiny text you usually find in bible kind of books.
      I was walking away with her around the street trying to think of a corner we could hide in to read.
      I asked her where she wanted to go.
      "No I don't want to be moving around, or go there" I was trying to go behind a bend to be out from view of her parents and others.
      "Where do you want to read then?"
      "Lets go sit by my father"
      I abided and walked back the street to where the others were. I noticed her father was sitting on a sunbathing chair on the grass next to the neighbourhoods shared community building. I walked over to sit with my back against the red painted wooden wall on the grass a couple meters away.
      She went down from my right shoulder to go sit down in my lap. She was sitting so I could see above her head and for a moment was struggling to get her hair out from my mouth. it was all cowered in saliva as I managed to get it out. I was a little worried but tried to ignore it. It hadn't been my intention.
      I took the book to hold it for her in front holding her in my arms at same time. I flipped the book around to see if there was something she wanted to read about. She found something and I stopped at one particular article about something from the middle ages for the local area. A kind of rumour. She wanted to read it. I soon turned a page but it turned like 20+ so I had to try find back to the correct one. She was trying to help but we had the book upside down instead. I turned it right and we found something that was as good to continue reading instead.
      We were reading about something related to dragons and soon my imagination started to run wild as we were reading it together and I was trying to suggest something in context of the dragon story. I was feeling the need to go pee for a reason and it interfered a little and distorted the idea and imagination to be back there with her.
      I didn't get to do much more as dream faded out.

      What my imagination went as we read the dragon story was something about a dragon and a post office worker. Someone was delivering mail with a flying dragon. At some point he boy had vanished and the dragon had been doing the work by itself. It was rather the boy raising a dragon and as a side also having to work as a mail delivery to sustain themselves and the dragon tagging along but soon having the boy die I think and then the dragon took up the work the boy had been doing.
      I saw a illustration of a dragon wearing a old style mail bag in the book page. It was like in the middle ages to a little more recent.
    9. Rabbits and Warlocks

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:33 AM
      I was in a snowy forest with a bunch of people. It was a few people that I knew but a lot of people I didn't know. Not much happened but I remember a few feet down the hill there were two animals: one was a bunny and one was an animal that looked like warlock. The bunny was on its hind legs and it was facing the warlock. They seemed to be talking and whispering something to each other. At this point, everyone was quiet and were watching the animals. Then they stopped whispering and kissed! And that is how the dream ended. Even though there were a bunch of people there, the only ones I remember were Tyler and Blair.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Odd Way of Hiding

      by , 06-10-2010 at 03:27 PM
      Thomas and I were playing some sort of intense game of hide and seek. It was snowy. And very cold. I run around some house and down a big hill. At the bottom of the hill there is a small shelter. Like a lean-to shelter. I crawl into and and Tom is right behind me. He tries to show me a good way to hide. He shows me to thrust your body under the the snow and hide under it. You put your body so far down into it that its just your head sticking out. I remember it being very, very cold. Then Tyler comes. He finds us so we go inside. Hes pissed. I also remember having cigarettes in my pocket and for some reason, they kept getting soaked and soggy (throughout the dream.)
      dream fragment
    11. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:12 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Part of an early lucid. The dream as a whole was fairly uninteresting, but this piece has stuck with me since I experienced it. Enjoy.


      They Paved Paradise (DILD)

      I struggled. Each time I lifted my arms up to find a new handhold in the snow-covered cliff-face challenged my fortitude. My breath shot visibly from my lungs into the chilly night air. Determined to complete my objective, I pressed onward. Soon enough, I pulled myself up onto the ledge overlooking the forested valley below me. Taking a moment to study my surroundings, I turned my head to the left. What I laid my eyes upon will stay with me for the rest of my life. Before me, amidst all this seemingly natural beauty, was a parking lot.

      And yet, the presence of the parking lot was not what caught my interest. You see, the detail overwhelmed me. The lot stretched out into the distance towards an indeterminable end, the light from the streetlights played perfectly on the dancing snow as it fell, and I could actually make out every distinct texture and color along the hard black asphalt. The amazing part? Everything I just described existed solely as a creation of my mind. I was dreaming.

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    12. Climb the Mountain

      by , 07-12-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Mom, Aunt Jenny, six-year old neice Miranda and I are going up huge, snowy mountain. I think my Dad, brothers and cousin Peter are there but they stay at the foot of the mountain for some reason. There are three plateaus where climbers can stop and rest, or catch a red tram that goes from the foot of the mountain to a chalet at the second plateau. There is a stop at the first plateau where people can take a bathroom break in a facility that has been carved into the mountain side.

      My mom and Aunt Jenny go on ahead while I am left with Miranda to walking up the first part of the mountain (which is also the least difficult). At the first plateau we have a quick rest and watch people getting on and off the tram before continuing on our way. Because the mountain becomes dramatically steeper, there are stairs cut into the side of the mountain to assist people who decide to walk up. We are almost at the second plateau when Miranda slips and begins to slide down the mountain side. I throw myself after her and act as a human sled so that she will not be hurt. We slide all the way back down to the first plateau on our butts (well, my butt actually). Miranda thinks it is great fun but I am sore and frustrated.

      It is very late in the afternoon and soon it will be dark, so rather than waste our time trying to climb again, we agree to take the tram. We quickly go to the bathroom (we only have two minutes before the tram leaves), get on and ride it up to the second plateau, where Mom and Aunt Jenny awaits us in the chalet. I want to stay there for the night but Mom and Aunt Jenny say that Miranda has school in the morning and they take the tram down the mountain. The entire family leaves and since I no longer have a ride home, I decide to continue climbing the mountain myself.

      The next day I am eager to continue on. Since the tram does not go up any further, I have to climb the steep stairs that have been cut into the side of the mountain. The climb to the thrid and final plateau is the longest and hardest, but it doesn't seem so bad because there is a steady line of climbers trudging up the mountain. I see a few people fall or slide off, but since there is nothing I can do to help them, I have to keep going. I reach a peak and grab the slippery ridge just as I lose my footing. I cannot see what's on the other side but I assume it is the final plateau because I can see what appears to be a wooden roof. A hand grabs mine and pulls me over the ridge and I find my self under a small gazebo where an elderly lady with pink coloured eyes is drinking hot cider with two old men. One of the men is completely blind and the other has one eye missing.

      Behind the small gazebo there appears to be a small town where many people are walking around. The buildings are just shells (four walls and a roof), with padded floors. There are no windows and no doors so the buildings offer little shelter from the elements, though I suppose they were better than sleeping outside. People can buy, sell and live in these building for as long as they want. I cannot see what or where the source is, but there is a steady and abundant supply of food. The little town sits in the shadow of the summit, and many climbers think it is so great that they forget about reaching the top and stay in the town instead. I have grown tired of the mountain and want to leave. I have lost my desire to reach the top but neither do I want to stay in the town. I buy some skis and start down the other side of the mountain from the plateau town. The view is exhilarating but the decend is long, isolated and dangerous. There is no one attempting the decent but me.

      I was only half way down the mountain when the dream suddenly ended and I woke up.
    13. Family vacation (with volcano and Bambi)

      by , 12-31-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with my family and I inside a volcano. The chamber we are in has a marble floor and display cases, against the walls, all around the room. It looks like a museum display for an ancient native culture, and in fact my family are there as a part of a tour group. In the south end of the chamber there is a set of stone stairs that lead up to a fissure, refered to as the "Offering Hole." On every third step of the stairs is a large guardian totem. There are five in total and they have been carved out of black obsidian. Beside the stairs are two native crafted containers that have five peices of gold in them.

      The tour group (of about twenty-five people, including my mom, dad, two brothers, sister-in-law, two neices, and I) is led up the volcano and into the chamber. Despite being built inside a volcano, the chamber is not that hot at all. The tour guide warns everybody against touching the gold at the base of the stone stairs, lest the volcano spirit become enraged, and the stone guardians awaken to seek out and destroy the thieves. We are all led up the stone stairs to view the "Offering Hole" and while most of the group is distracted, someone takes that time to steal two peices of the gold. The tour guide is alerted when two of the stone guardians come to life, forcing everyone back down the stairs. The culprits are quickly apprehended and removed from the chamber. The theives were a man who looked like James Bond and a woman who looked like a stereotypical Russian spy/femme fatal. The two stone guardians return to their specific steps when the gold is returned.

      When everything has settled down, two young women in the tour group are offered a chance to don native costume and participate in an offering ritual. They are asked to put two long and narrow straps of leather in their mouths. The thin straps seem to be attached to something across the room, but I cannot see to what. The young women have to ascend the stone stairs with the offering of fruit and meat held above their heads, and not let the straps fall out of their mouths. While the rest of the tour group is watching the ritual, I follow the leather straps across the room to see what they are attached too. It turns out that one strap is attached to the gentials of a male statue while the other strap is attached to the genitals of a female statue.

      As I am making this weird discovery and the rest of the tour group are watching the ritual, someone else takes that time to steal all five peices of gold and escape the chamber. When all five of the guardians start to move and the crime has been discovered, the tour guide panics and tells everyone to run for their lives. In the confusion of everyone trying to escape the wrath of the volcano spirits, the two women participating in the ritual either fall, or are pushed, into the "Offering Hole."

      My family and I escape down the volcano safely, and find an expansive, dark, gothic town. There is some sort of freakish goth parade going on and I ask my dad for the digital camera to take some pictures. As I wander the streets looking for a good shot, I end up losing sight of my family and becoming lost. I wander for a while in the dark and eeiry alleyways and streets and when I start to get cold, I go into a building that looks like a store. It is empty of people, but there is a stage with bright red curtains at the back. On the stage I see my cat Bambi, whom I know must be a ghost (because she died half a year ago) and she appears to be transparent. Regardless, I was happy to see her and took a few pictures with the camera. Despite being transparent and ghost-like on the stage in front of me, Bambi appeared completely solid and lifelike in the photos.

      I hear some voices outside and turn away for a moment. When I look back at the stage, Bambi is gone. I go outside and see my family being heckled by some goths. Once back together we find the main road and follow it out of the dark, gothic city. The area outside of the city is snow covered and very unlike the environment around the volcano. I looked back the way we came and I can still see the volcano looming over the goth city. (I feel that I should have become lucid at this point, but I did not.)

      I tell my family about seeing Bambi but no one believes me until I showed them the photos that I had taken. Even after seeing the photos they do not seem interested or excited and just want to meet up with the rest of the tour group. The remaining people in the group were now waiting at the base of a snow covered hill. There was some sort of building at the top that we had to get to, but the hill was steep, slippery, and in some areas large boulders and sharp rocks portruded out of the snow.

      The younger of my two older brothers asks me for the camera and I reluctantly give it up. The tour group slowly ascends the hill and makes it about half way when the path is blocked by a huge pile of snow. Everyone in the group, including my family, stands around and complains about the cold or the tour in general while I try to dig a path with my hands. No one seems interested in helping me and I have to do it alone. When enough snow has been removed so that we can pass, my brother (who is in possession of the digital camera) runs past everyone else to the top of the hill and smashes the camera against a rock. The camera does not appear to break completely, but I am upset because I think I have lost the picture of my cat Bambi.

      I run and try to catch up to my brother but he disappears into the building at the top of the hill. I cannot find him when I go in, though I do find the camera on the floor in one of the rooms. It appears to only have sustained structural damage but I notice something weird when I review the photos: though my cat Bambi appears solid and lifelike in photos, in images taken of my youngest neice (earlier in the tour apparently) she appears ghost-like and transparent while everyone else appears solid.
    14. Television Adventure (On the Inside)

      by , 04-02-1979 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of April 2, 1979. Monday.

      I am seemingly back in Florida, somewhere near Lakeland (possibly the front central area of Southgate Shopping Center), with no memory of having moved back to Wisconsin. There is some sort of ability I have to give trees the ability to grab people or even grow larger and stretch horizontally to capture someone (briefly recurring event during this year). This is related to trying to escape from several unknown males; either gangsters or the authorities (uncertain of which). I know that I have done nothing wrong, but there is a vague association with someone I knew who became a killer. This in turn, with only partial memory, places me in a “maze” of trailers in a large trailer park. The “maze” is probably only about three (trailers) by six or seven, though.

      At one point, I have this strange “realization” that I should lead them into a television - and inside of it - to trap them within the television. This may work when used in combination with the trees blocking them or grabbing them and throwing them elsewhere.

      After a time, everything becomes less problematic. I find myself in a field, though I am aware there are still people around. I eventually notice strange “lines” (about nine feet long) floating in the air horizontally and seeming like lines on a television. There is a vague association with snow on a television (relative to static) in a possible link with Winter Haven (and even an odd uncomfortable link to “Heaven”).

      I am trying to gather my thoughts but something is not quite right. Static and horizontal distortions cannot exist in a real environment - only on television (or in the case of static, a radio as well). I become semi-lucid. I realize that I must somehow be “inside” a television that is on. I even hear more short bursts of static from an undefined direction and more lines in the air to confirm my suspicions. I am somewhat wary of remaining where I am - thinking that if someone turns off the television I may cease to exist. There is a “reset” and a false awakening, but I eventually “escape”.

      It seems to be that anyone (even a figure of authority) who spends too much time looking at a screen (without a real-life passionate relationship to ground them) will face a future of “static” and little else. Life is vision. Love is life. An older person without a meaningful relationship is like a mirror without a reflection. Plus, the horizontal hold is wack.

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