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  1. Waking, Sleeping, dreaming, life, death, rebirth
  2. I think it would be safe to post this here, too...
  3. Seeing images.
  4. How to tell Precog dreams from normal dreams?
  5. Shared Dreaming Recruitment Center
  6. Shared dreaming with family?
  7. What/Who Is Your DG?
  8. can i astral project through meditation?
  9. I think i met my Spirit guide...?
  10. astral projection????? what is it
  11. Shared Dreaming/Making Other People Lucid/ Entering Dreams
  12. OBE vs. Lucid Dreams
  13. Entities.
  14. the past?
  15. On dream guides and shared dreaming:
  16. quantum jumping???
  17. Can I explore 'higher' places through dreams?
  18. Was This My Dream Guide?
  19. Looking for others with this "exploding head" experience
  20. ???
  21. Possible shared dream
  22. my first OBE.
  23. Mass Shared Dream
  24. Dream Telepathy, The Maimonides studies
  25. Was an OBE? Or related? Or just a physical hallucination?
  26. Warning - Not for the faint hearted
  27. Invintation..
  28. Think about this....
  29. Interesting Concept
  30. Shared Deams
  31. OBE, Projections and Resources
  32. Ethics of....
  33. If you could ask you dream guide / spirit guide 3 things, what would they be?
  34. Access the record of your future in dreams?
  35. Precognitive Dreaming
  36. Was this an OBE or what, why was the scenery so dark?
  37. Share Secrets With Me
  38. Okay, what are OBEs?
  39. Hello I am Oscillator
  40. I think I had my first OBE
  41. Verbally Speaking During An LD & Prophetic
  42. Almost an OBE?
  43. Anti-Healing?
  44. scary premonition
  45. Strange muscle sensation
  46. They do not want you here
  47. Non-local thoughts
  48. Was this an Astral Projection?
  49. Shared Dream Experience
  50. Seeing what you have not seen
  51. Dream Analysis Wanted
  52. He's been drawing my initials his whole life
  53. Just need some confirmation here
  54. My weird experience?
  55. Spirit Guides
  56. Further connection in shared dreams
  57. Unintentional OBEs instead of getting a wild
  58. yinyang, shared dreaming pairings
  59. My dream guide?
  60. Asklepeion - The Temple of Dream
  61. Dream or Astral Projection?
  62. When first encountering a fellow Dreamer...
  63. Is it Possible To Link LD's?
  64. Peanuts
  65. Why I believe shared dreaming may be unlikely...
  66. crazyest story ever! plz read!
  67. Seeing the future in your dreams
  68. Astral Projection
  69. Shared Dreaming Experiment: Space Explorer and Waking Nomad
  70. Anyone else have this?
  71. Conversation in meditation - "You opened Pandora’s Box"
  72. Lucid Crossroads
  73. Just Wondering
  74. Booklist Booklist Booklist!!!
  75. Can someone clear up information about shared dreaming?
  76. Accesing the astral plane/other planes of exsistence
  77. An experiment... don't pass it by!
  78. Shared Dream Discussion: MoSH and Nomad
  79. ways to tell if the dream is shared while dreaming
  80. Simple AP Experiment
  81. Subconscious Forecasting
  82. Tips on Lucid Living: Increasing Awareness in Waking Life
  83. Dreaming and Waking coincidence, or clairavoyance?
  84. Premonition that came true
  85. Meditation is a way to have instant communication (shared) dreams
  86. Auras
  87. Can you guys do this?
  88. shared dream at the same time?
  89. I was sent here:
  90. LD - Spiritual Perspective
  91. Make peoples around you lucid tutorial
  92. Connecting with my friend who wants to lucid dream - truly weird story
  93. Group dreaming dangers
  94. Seeing the future?
  95. Amazing UFO footage - MUST SEE!!!
  96. Breaking into someone's dream?
  97. What Was This?
  98. I have a new understanding of dream precognition
  99. Possible projection?
  100. Uncanny
  101. Memory being overlapped by a dream?
  102. Having SP at Will...Normal?
  103. Dream Battle Tutorial
  104. Shared Lucid Dreaming Tutorial
  105. My First Vivid SP
  106. Ghosts?
  107. Am I a hypocrite?
  108. Best way to induce OBE with Audio?
  109. hypnogogic sleep almost leads to obe...thoughts?
  110. Anyone feeling weird tonight?
  111. Precongition, what good is it?
  112. dejavu flashbacks from dreams?
  113. The Rise and Fall of Dreamhackers
  114. Hypnosis video
  115. Not jumping to conclusions but would like opinions. Demonic posesion?
  116. Spirituality in my eyes. part 1 open mind vs closed mind.
  117. An OBE is NOT a Lucid Dream
  118. Non-Lucid Escape from underground gov. facility
  119. quick question.
  120. Is this Obe?
  121. Possible ufo?
  122. Ever dreamt of this man?
  123. gardenias, death
  124. Alien Abduction or Sleep Paralysis?
  125. Hey Peeps check this out.
  126. Dreaming while awake
  127. 3,2,1 Sleep!
  128. Dream sharing
  129. 911 UFO Commotion
  130. kind of weird?
  131. I'm Back!
  132. Message from a Dream Guide
  133. Astral Projection and Spirit guides
  134. Anyone else blow up their alarm clocks?
  135. Help me win the Lottery!
  136. I woke up with something sitting on me?
  137. Lucid Dreaming - Miracles
  138. I Ching
  139. Dream/Reality Synthesis, Interaction,
  140. Hypnagogic Voices!
  141. SP
  142. Dream Channeling
  143. Remote Viewing of Jupiter by Ingo Swann in 1973
  144. Dream Precognition
  145. Dream Traveling - I need help!
  146. Introducing (transcendental) meditation
  147. Easy Telekinesis - Cloudbusting
  148. de ja vu - reasons behind it and some experiments
  149. Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming
  150. Meeting a real person in your dreams?
  151. Breaking the Fear Barrier: My first Astral Projection
  152. Dreamhackers
  153. OBE's with others?
  154. Contacting my daughter's guardian angel
  155. Past Life Dreaming?, Storming the beach nightmares.
  156. Something I just realized about the Astral Projection vs. Lucid dreaming thing.
  157. Chakras and Healing
  158. Night stalkers..
  159. Past life memories in dreams.
  160. Can a night stalker physically hurt you?
  161. So I was watching Criss Angel..
  162. Astral Projection Interesting Question
  163. I just realised a visualisation I had was a prediction.
  164. shared dreaming- AN EXPERIMENT
  165. HELP--how to keep others out of your dream
  166. Very frightening futuristic dream
  167. Prophecy vs. Precognition
  168. sensless chatter
  169. Area-51 Alien Interview?
  170. Castaneda inconsistencies/controversy
  171. Psionics
  172. What Is This Exactly??? [ Details Inside ]
  173. Dreaming About The Near-Future
  174. Pyrokinesis
  175. Help
  176. Astral dynamics and EWOLD
  177. Pagan/ Celtic myth or legend visited me in my dream ?
  178. Is there a way to accurately predict events through dreams
  179. Using LD's to find repressed memories
  180. Looking For Mutual Dream Partner 8d
  181. Possibly Precognitive/IrisRavenstar
  182. Waking Dreams?
  183. Dream Alteration - "Entering the Mirror" Technique
  184. how to get to the lucid crossroads?
  185. shared dreams...possible? read on...
  186. what do you think? :)
  187. Q,,,
  188. Pre 9/11 Dreams
  189. Is this still a lucid dream? Please read.
  190. Lucid dreaming versus O.B.E
  191. Third Eye or Mind's Eye
  192. question for auras I havnt seen
  193. Man emits heat from hand using qui gong
  194. Lucid dreaming is much more we ever imagined - a key to external life.
  195. Awesome meditation website
  196. Stretching when horney... is it metaphysical?
  197. If you were told you were going to die...
  198. Your dead.
  199. What if 2 people LC with eachother :O
  200. Train/Become Stronger in AP's?
  201. LDing with a Partner
  202. Beginning AP
  203. I have a freakin question anout O.B.E's and WILDs
  204. Apnea during an O.B.E.
  205. The Mind Out of Body?
  206. Astral Projection
  207. The physiological experiences of near death
  208. Very Odd Meditation Experiences, Input very much wanted!
  209. The Experiences of Near Death
  210. Deep Dreaming continued.
  211. Stimulating the pineal gland
  212. Anyone looking for a good read?
  213. The Wizard and the Ballerina
  214. Dream sharing...
  215. Recruiting for Deep Dreaming sub forum
  216. LD Hallucination
  217. Dreams that hurt...?
  218. Proving paranormal abilities, OBE's, NDE's, and dreams. Where do they take place??
  219. Taking dream mind to waking life
  220. Kangaxx's guide to Mind Resetting
  221. Good Coast2Coast dream story
  222. It was easier when I was seven
  223. Learning astral projection
  224. Just a reminder about Perception
  225. Beyond dreaming, is the waking world... something to make you smile.
  226. Looking for Answers
  227. obe 2 ld
  228. Near-death experiences: Is there a rational explanation
  229. Scientists proves Near Death Experiences same as WILD transitions.
  230. Best book on Astral Proj/OBE?
  231. Consciousness and OBEs/NDEs: Sorry guys, its all in your minds. Literally.
  232. Could astral projection really be lucid dreaming?
  233. Skepticism
  234. Ghost cup...
  235. Happy Litha(Summer Solstice)
  236. Ever met somone in the Astral realm?
  237. Is something trying to awaken us from sleep paralysis?
  238. What is Astral Projection?
  239. The Turn it upside down debate No.1 - ASTRAL TRAVEL AND OBEs - Skeptics and Believers swap roles.
  240. Becoming a nightstalker
  241. Something strange happened last night...
  242. Sharing Dreams?
  243. My Jade Buddha amulet crystalized?
  244. Crown and Anchor: Money where your mouth is challenge
  245. Self-hypnosis
  246. A proposal
  247. Skeptics Corner
  248. Is astral projection (OBE) real? ...and other questions.
  249. lady channels aliens...wtf
  250. So, What Do You Guys Believe?