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  1. Bed time anyone?
  2. Notes from an "alternate universe": Meeting in the new Dream reality
  3. It's probably none of my business.
  4. Did I have an OBE?
  5. Help in staying awake through the entire process.
  6. Cluster of OOBE's...
  7. How do you find someone during an out-of-body-experience?
  8. Love: Our Ultimate Dream
  9. Strange night with obe...
  10. I want to learn Invading Dream
  11. Help in ways to increase REM Atonia
  12. Was it telling me that shambles will be the new DOTS?
  13. Nightmares after meditation: is it normal?
  14. We Die To Remember What We Live To Forget
  15. Could be lucid dreaming world a real world with real creatures?
  16. Dream or out of body experience???
  17. New mission to have a shared dream.
  18. I forgot who/what I was
  19. Scientists unlock mystery of out-of-body experiences
  20. Dream Sending
  21. How are Dreams Related to Shamanism?
  22. Wanted to share a dream
  23. take something out of lucid dream :D
  24. My intuition/ spirit guide is extremely accurate..but in the wrong way?
  25. Leaving the body forever
  26. Lucid Dream/Nightmare/Sleep Paralysis
  27. What are great ways to make your physical body relax?
  28. Could Lucid Dreaming be a method for preparing for Death?
  29. Astral Ramblings
  30. Having OBE in dreams.
  31. For beginners. Is Insidious right about Astral Projection?
  32. Remot Viewing 2005 Target 2
  33. Can you change your appearance in real life due to lucid dream?
  34. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 10
  35. What does the astral plane look like?
  36. Free booklet on shared dreaming.
  37. Astral Voyage
  38. Seen yourself in a dream?
  39. The woman I've never met
  40. Spirit Dream
  41. Strange dreamlike OOBE?
  42. 2005, Open, Remote Viewing Experiments
  43. Scared to Astral?
  44. Is it possible to have a town to dream in?
  45. Advice needed: Spiritual intentions in LD
  46. On The Nature of Shared Dreaming
  47. Out of body experiences & Lucid Dreaming...Perspective?
  48. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 9
  49. My OBE
  50. AP Beginner here - couple questions
  51. DreamWalking While Awake
  52. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 8
  53. A Thought On Dream Sharing ^ w ^
  54. OBE confusion??
  55. What happened to me when I was trying to astral project? (Details below)
  56. Lucid dream for literal time travel using your soul?
  57. OOBE or dream?
  58. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 7
  59. Lucid dreaming as a developmental tool toward higher brain function
  60. My Grandfather's Near Death Experience
  61. Going back Into Body and Waking Up In Dream?
  62. Advantages and disadvantages of being able to predict the future at will?
  63. Abnormal Sleep Paralysis
  64. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 6
  65. Dreamwalkers sub-forum
  66. 2nd out-of-body experience
  67. While reading the forums here, I remembered that I did shared dreaming in first and second grade.
  68. Constant ringing?
  69. Are these OOBE's?
  70. Dreamworld Explorer Society: January Targets
  71. Dreamworld Explorer Society
  72. Sperm from hell
  73. Stay in a dream for eternity! part 2
  74. Is it rude?
  75. wk 5 rv. Post you dreams here, Everyone
  76. All rv thread Links
  77. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 5
  78. Am I close to astral projecting?
  79. Cartoon Characters Are Real
  80. "Dream Demons"
  81. how many hours a week do you practice LD, AT, RV etc?
  82. wk 4 rv. Post Ur dreams here, everyone
  83. Fifty Week Remote Viewing Experiment: Week 4
  84. Presidential Security
  85. Impossible
  86. Body hurts when trying to astral?
  87. Precognitive dreaming
  88. What is a thought form?
  89. AP: SP or REM Atonia?
  90. Relationship between Sub and Conscious Mind
  91. Fifty Week Remote Viewing Experiment: Week 3
  92. Trouble with obe
  93. Can I ask for a help with meaning here? Possible tarot cards involved.
  94. Entering The Obe Vibrational State Before Intentions are set
  95. Pyramid Dreams
  96. Legit Worthwhile Info Obtained
  97. Astral Projection Induction | Binaural Beats
  98. Astral wildlife questions
  99. Were these precognitive dreams?
  100. Deep sleep - an interesting idea
  101. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 2
  102. Need Help With Sleep Paralysis?
  103. Predicting the future (non-lucid) - Real or coincidence?
  104. New, need some HELP regarding a shared dream.
  105. More of a meaning question, I feel deeper answers are available, a tad lengthy and I am confused.
  106. "THE GOD HELMET" device for OBE
  107. Lucid dreaming/Astral projection
  108. Healing others through dreams
  109. Scary Sleep Paralysis OBE what the...
  110. Deja Vu
  111. Creepy shared dreaming experience.
  112. Spontaneous Appearance
  113. 50 Week RV Experiment: Week 1
  114. Pagan Pizza
  115. When's the best time to attempt inducing an OBE?
  116. Ghosts / life after death
  117. Fifty Week Remote Viewing/Telepathy Experiment
  118. Communication with the dead
  119. Scope of SD and beyond
  120. What dose this mean?
  121. Is it fake Astral Projection?
  122. Learned something weird while trying to have a obe.
  123. how do i astral project
  124. Accidental OBE?
  125. Have you ever seen this man in your dreams?
  126. Interested in astral projection. Is there way to induce it?
  127. Question about dream exchange between 2 persons
  128. Shared Dreaming Club
  129. Dreamsphere Chronicles: Shared Dream Game
  130. Tell us about your Shared Dream
  131. share a dream with a bird
  132. DMT/Salvia Trips
  133. Shared Dreaming, Fake and Real Shared Dreams.
  134. Exploding Head Syndrome
  135. Feelings of inadequacy in the morning
  136. Is becoming lucid really just our conscious realizing our 5th dimenson life?
  137. Are Astral Projections dangerous?
  138. A physical projection?
  139. The future or wishing?
  140. Dream Sharing Danger
  141. Dream within dreams?
  142. How To Activate Your Third Eye / Brow Chakra
  143. Curious about Bathin
  144. I dream about people who will die
  145. Back Again With A More Intense Need Than Ever
  146. how to maniple time to go faster?
  147. Using LD for past life regression?
  148. 54 Birthday dream
  149. Entering other peoples dreams?
  150. Help anyone?
  151. Extremely strange sleep experience
  152. The stronger the belief the stronger the vision
  153. Day after day I realize that waking life is more of an illusion.
  154. Ever had a dream that have come true?
  155. Shared Dreaming?
  156. thinking outside of the box
  157. auras
  158. DJ Motivation
  159. Proof of OBE
  160. Cloaked figures
  161. In Reality. In All Reality.
  162. Do You All...? OBEs
  163. Jerking awake theory- any opinions?
  164. Slight adjustment to climbing rope technique.
  165. Shared dreaming study
  166. Trying To Understand What This Is
  167. Is this possible?
  168. Shared dream, is it possible?
  169. so has anyone tried to become like super human?
  170. Talking to the dead
  171. Random Shared Dream?
  172. Remote Viewing / OBE / Astral Traveling - Experiment
  173. a few thoughts about demons
  174. Getting stuck whilst trying to get out of body?
  175. Dream of future self?
  176. Meditation and the senory? Weird question.
  177. Lucid dream or OBE
  178. I am a illuminati Member
  179. What happens if I open my third eye while dreaming?
  180. Experiment lets man use his mind to control another personís movements (Washington Post Article)
  181. Aura help!
  182. when lucid dreamers are witches
  183. Bedtime meditation into different stages of sleep
  184. remarkable precognitive dreams
  185. Wake up speaking of things you don't know...
  186. Astrology
  187. Shadow people?
  188. Path's of Courage
  189. My spiritual connection to this man? 10 points?
  190. Being more than certain of a deja vu momentq
  191. Having repeated dreams from way back?
  192. Precognition and Precognitive Dreams.
  193. How does it work?
  194. Astral Projection techniques throwing off my chance to Lucid Dream?
  195. You know what would be funny? SD
  196. Inception - Place a number in someone's mind
  197. Astral Projection Validity?
  198. Question about shared dreams
  199. Best method for beginners to Astral Project?
  200. dreaming of a shapeshifter?
  201. Changing the Physical Self through Lucid Dreaming?
  202. Weird Feeling While Meditatitg
  203. Obtaining Information From Newspaper Media,Books,Cpu's, Radio, Tv,Etc. Through Obe Experiences
  204. Healing in Dreams
  205. i need help
  206. Astra projecting. Mastered, and open to all. What would you do with the gift/ability ?
  207. Questions for the Astral Traveler
  208. Shared telepathy with animals?
  209. Why does this keep happening to me? Overwhelming wave of fear when trying to astral project.
  210. NyQuil Effect?
  211. Forced OBE's and very strange sensations....please read
  212. How can I easily reach Sleep paralysis?
  213. Tulpas?
  214. Is it possible to save someone from lower astral plane?
  215. Thought I had a hallucination the other night...
  216. Bad experience....
  217. Precog Dreaming, an example.
  218. New! #BeyondDreaming on DV Chat
  219. When you dream of someone they are dreaming of you.
  220. it seems far fetched but i think it might come true
  221. Twin flame
  222. Pro-Tip for APing
  223. Metallic Crinkling Noise?
  224. Just a weird coincidence?
  225. Who is your dream guide?
  226. Translucid Dreaming
  227. What is this?
  228. Unknown ET who became my friend
  229. First Time & Have lots of questions
  230. For interpretation
  231. How to imprint your own impression onto the physical plane?
  232. How exactly can I Astral Project?
  233. The future of Lucid Dreaming
  234. $50 for 5 Targets
  235. There Is No Quality But Awake Quality
  236. I wasn't sure where to post this....
  237. Bad Experiences, Every time...
  238. Astral Projection and String Theory
  239. Chakra Induced Lucid Dream (CILD)
  240. dreaming more than one dream at a time
  241. Dream Walking?
  242. Ways of astral projecting, Links, anything???
  243. Any Astral Project Tips?
  244. Past lives
  245. I found the difference betwin LD and AP. every head, gather round and get things straight
  246. Vibrations
  247. Dream experience and sleep paralisis
  248. a question or two about astral projection.
  249. Would you always behave ethically towards a real life DC in a shared LD ?
  250. Questions?