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  1. I dreamed a dream too real to be called a dream
  2. Where does it come from?
  3. Higher beings in LDs
  4. Have an OBE/AP in a Lucid Dream?
  5. Vibrating method of induction
  6. If You Could Control Reincarnation!
  7. Tulpa Induced Lucid dream!
  8. PLEASE help me with Spirit Guides
  9. I'm freaked out to do AP and OBE
  10. I need help opening my 3rd eye!
  11. The Super Transient
  12. telepathically induced Lucid dream?
  13. A few questions for those who have shared a dream!
  14. can anyone tell me what it means
  15. OOBE/AP helpp
  16. Rope clibing technique
  17. Precognitive dreams and Hypnagogic Hallucination
  18. I am here for an answer...
  19. summoning a succubus
  20. I need help
  21. Questioning higher entities
  22. Possible to astral travel but not remember?
  23. When in sacred spiritual consort with another
  24. more original astral philosophy?
  25. Using Crystals for Dreams
  26. Not a Dream, but a Premonition
  27. I need some help with visualization and self-hypnosis.
  28. extra-dimensional travel in lucid dream :eek:
  29. Hypnosis and self hypnosis
  30. OBE/astral projection
  31. Dmt
  32. Possibly talking to my dream guide
  33. Dreamwalking
  34. playing in the hypnogogic state
  35. Need help, scary shit, again...
  36. What position for astral travel / OBE?
  37. Rapid Eye Mouvements are only indications of dream activity that is closely connected to ...
  38. Precog-Dreaming Mechanism-Model (!!!)
  39. State between lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis! - What is it?
  40. Personal Opinions: Dreaming, Magick, Psychedelia & The Other
  41. Yo-Yo Technique
  42. William Buhlman OBE videos on youtube
  43. dreams don't need interpretations in order to be meaningful
  44. Reality Creating From Lucid Dream (pick 4 lottery)
  45. What if life actually is all a dream?
  46. questioning what can and can't be learned from a dream
  47. How can you prevent OBEs?
  48. Strange experience happened to my mom.
  49. the soul, the consciousness, maybe foreign in nature a parasite?
  50. Searching for a how to OBE or Astral lprojection thread
  51. EXPOSED !!! Lucid Dreaming : A Satanic Spiritual Practice - by TheVigilantChristian
  52. What's going on??
  53. Exploring Delta Sleep
  54. Dream invader
  55. Beyond dreaming
  56. a thought relating precognition to dream telepathy
  57. A Way to Increase Chances of Shared Dreaming!
  58. Prophetic Lottery Dream? Maybeee.
  59. $$$Targets$$$
  60. OBE books reviews and recommendations
  61. First OBE Breakthrough?
  62. An idea how to find out if shared lucid dreaming is possible
  63. Meditate in the lucid dream
  64. Magnetic Pineal Gland Stimulation Experiment
  65. Odd LD Experience
  66. First inner body experience in 48 years.
  67. Tried to find Spirit Guide...but he's in trouble?
  68. A Guy In Spain Dreamed The Pope Would Be Named Francis A Month Ago
  69. Astral Projection?
  70. OBE? or just Sleep Paralysis? what is this? please help.
  71. Precognition - seeing your future in your dreams
  72. a unifying theory - fictional realism, the astral, information and the multiverse
  73. shared dreaming and biothythms
  74. AP Help
  75. Book Recommendations for Vibrational Energy
  76. Discuss Van De Castle and Synchonicity.
  77. How can i increase my Hypnotic Susceptibility?
  78. OBE randomly while awake?
  79. Higher planes and how to get there
  80. Looking for people that are Advance Dream Controllers for simple experiment
  81. lucid dream or other world?
  82. The Old Lucid vs OOBE Debate
  83. Has anyone seen this visual?
  84. Was this a genuine OBE?
  85. Mapping your dream world
  86. Dream Share,anyone did it?
  87. Lucid or OOBE?
  88. no obviously paranormal dreams lately
  89. Seeing stars with my eyes closed.
  90. 2 peoples dreaming 1 dream
  91. Why a pain in my chest?
  92. Dzogchen Clear Light Yoga!!!
  93. how do you get to the astral?
  94. There is no difference between obe and a lucid dream.
  95. Precognition: second coincidence
  96. Open Your Heart Heart Chakra Frequncies
  97. DMT vs Astral projection
  98. Past life through dreams
  99. Possible out of body experience during NREM1?
  100. Precognitive Dream - My Grandad's End
  101. Astral projection and the Akashic records
  102. Anyone practice Lucid Dream Shamanism?
  103. Third eye
  104. Precognitive Dream?
  105. Most interesting Astral Projection Entinty You've seen
  106. Broken wrist from a dream or obe?
  107. Ignorance of sleep paralysis in hospitals
  108. Sleep Paralysis Hereditary?
  109. Black Aura In A Lucid Dream
  110. Did this happen because of Astral Projection
  111. Question about astral projection
  112. Precognitive Experiences?
  113. Strange LD experience
  114. understanding transcendent experience
  115. Michael Raduga's The Phase?
  116. Obe help!
  117. Is OOBE an INTERNAL experience?
  118. Interesting video you should see
  119. Made a wish, could it come true?
  120. induction technique based on buhlman and faith
  121. Dreaming while on the border of being awake/asleep
  122. Cards (Dream-Game)
  123. Robert Monroe and OBE course at his Institute USA
  124. Interesting LD to OOB last night
  125. Meeting people spiritually in your dreams or just wishful thinking?
  126. Tunnel of Light
  127. Visit deceased pets & people?
  128. some questions about the astral dimension
  129. cant get to vibrations
  130. Astral Projection..How to do it and why?
  131. So I'm reading a book about OBEs
  132. Weird experience...not sure what to make of it.
  133. Shared dreams?
  134. Reoccurring dreams of Man as a child, Met him as an adult, think he may get in a car accident?
  135. The after Life might be like a lucid dream,
  136. Strange experience
  137. So, what are these meditation realms
  138. The Third Eye?
  139. Energy movement
  140. I woke up dead
  141. LDs and psychedelics
  142. Applied Telepathy
  143. Do not be afraid of eveil entities during sleep paralisis.
  144. the "after we die we live on in a dream world without waking up" idea...
  145. Exit techniques and visualization
  146. Spending time with the deceased?
  147. what I experiece are OBEs ?
  148. My first OBE
  149. Captured in dream and injected with a substance that prevents lucid dreaming??
  150. Dream -> SP -> OBE -> LD
  151. déja vu? o.O
  152. Is extraction real?
  153. Amazing Impossible Dream Connection Made Between Me And Girlfriend!
  154. If Astral Projection is a Lucid Dream so why ...
  155. Please Help, bizzar situaton with OBE
  156. best book on dream yoga?
  157. The buzzing is now painful
  158. First Foray into Beyond Dreaming Stuff
  159. wierd experience when i get into bed and close my eyes
  160. 2012 Dream Party In the City of Nowhere
  161. There is a sense....
  162. Meditation/REM manipulation of vibrations
  163. Intentionally not getting back to the body when obd-ing ?what will happen?
  164. Leave something behind
  165. Earliest dream / hallucination
  166. Lucid To Astral
  167. This boy keeps appearing in my dreams! IS IT A SIGN?
  168. I need help!!! (Lucid dreams are mind fucking me]
  169. Crazy Reoccurring Girl IRL
  170. help with seeing purple stuff
  171. Question about meditation
  172. OBE going to bed? and some beginner questions!
  173. one of the strangest experiences on my life
  174. OBE VS Astral Projection VS Lucid Dreaming (especially WILD)
  175. Sleep paralysis on purpose?
  176. shared dream w brother with deseased dad 30 days ago 10.16.12 i. got to ask questions
  177. this came to me in an awakening
  178. Those Odd Moments
  179. My introduction and experiences
  180. A way to prove/disprove if astral projection works
  181. Medium of the Universe ? Positive energy
  182. OBE or something else?
  183. The Guaranteed Method to OBE Tonight!
  184. Meet my subconscious
  185. Auto-Suggestion
  186. WILD- Astral Projection? Or Lucid Dream?
  187. My OBE
  188. Someone Say Dream Sharing?
  189. I might have actually seen my third eye Chakra.
  190. Anyone remember a massive shared dream gathering last night?
  191. Almost had an OBE, again...
  192. I Need Help and Understanding
  193. Mouse
  194. The Twentieth Practice (does this work in LD?)
  195. Dreams Are In Our Head
  196. Into the light......
  197. I either had my first OOBE or my first WILD
  198. Need Help With Entities
  199. Question about shared dreaming?
  200. Need Astral Projectionsist
  201. Astral Projection with something else controlling me?
  202. daytime OBE sensation???
  203. Bringing Dream Objects Back Into Waking Life
  204. Perceiving the real world from inside the dream (accounts)
  205. Sexual urges get in the way of meditation
  206. Generouse Man = Robert Bruce
  207. Record for Current Password psi-dream experiment
  208. Astral Projection?
  209. Experienced LD'er needs help with Astral Projection! :)
  210. Interviewing a Natural OBE Friend Part 2
  211. My first (short) PROPER Astral Projection and how I did it
  212. Password Shared Dreaming Experiment Part 2
  213. Dream within a Dream
  214. Shared Dream :D
  215. Lucid Dreaming-Gateway to the Inner Self
  216. Shared dream experience?
  217. Leaving the Body
  218. Ridiculous Lucid Nap
  219. 3rd and final dream event for the 2012 Online pdc. Register here
  220. Anyone stick to LDing, not AP?
  221. Question about Astral Projection
  222. 2nd Psi-dream Event begins tomorrow. Register Now.
  223. Ways to test OBE's
  224. Communicating with the Dead using LDs
  225. What does the vibrational phase feel like?
  226. can you visit a visitors dream if they have taken you there before?
  227. Out of Body Experience with assistance?
  228. failing at my OBEs
  229. Astral Projection/ Lucid Dreaming Motivation Video
  230. OBE and Alien Spieces
  231. Failed Shared Dreaming
  232. What a day! :)...
  233. Do you experience this when you look at your hands in darkness?
  234. Testing your subconcious
  235. My Non-lucid dreams almost ALWAYS include what will happen during the day.
  236. Can astral projection occur outside of REM cycles?
  237. Astral Projection?
  238. Interactions with your deep subconcious?
  239. Meditation and signs
  240. Reoccuring Character
  241. Dreamed in Serbian (I speak only English)
  242. Journey of my soul during Out of Body Experience
  243. A girl I have dated.
  244. Dream or OBE
  245. Why do some people like me, once had the same exact dream at the same exact time?
  246. Thoughts about astral projection / OOBE
  247. Meditating yesterday morning; saw a memory of my past life.
  248. What is astral projection?
  249. She saw me too!
  250. would this astral projection technique work?