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    1. Jaguar

      by , 06-19-2010 at 04:30 PM (A World In My Head!!)
      April 23, 2010

      Synopsis: A couple of short dreams about visiting foreign places. Jaguar worship and monstrous bears.

      In the dream a friend of mine was explaining that EVERYONE who lives here has a jaguar statue. I didn't believe her at first because usually when someone says "everyone", it's an exaggeration.

      But she was right! We drove around the streets. The houses are on hillsides surrounded by big leafy plants. It reminds me of Puerto Rico, but I know this can't be Puerto Rico because I remember that I was visiting a country foreign to me. But it definitely has that mountainous Central American feel. And sure enough every house we drove by had a statue of a jaguar or a black panther. And each house sported their own style. Some statues looked mayan, some mimicked hello kitty, some look like that good fortune chinese cat. But every house had one!

      In the next dream a tourist guide is helping us find our cabins, and again I feel like I'm in a foreign place. We look on our cabin map and it looks like there's a couple of cabins we can choose from. What we didn't know was the cabins are actually caves. We find our first cabin/cave, and the first thing I see is a giant warning sign. The cave next to us has MAN EATING bears and a fast rapid cavernous river inside. Are we really safe in our cabin-cave, so close to the man eating bears?

      Theres no door, just a long cave entrance that winds it's way down to our living quarters. The cabin uses all of the natural walls of the cave and has a giant spiraling passageway leading to rooms. It would be beautiful, if it wasn't also extremely dark. We decided this cave-cabin was too big and dark. We look at our map and locate a smaller one to stay in.

      We only had to take a few steps inside this cave-cabin to find fresh corpses
      . Mangled and ripped apart bodies. The bear was here, actually, the bear is still here.

      I wonder what place I'll visit next
    2. Captain Aint in the House

      by , 06-18-2010 at 07:22 AM (A World In My Head!!)
      January 31, 2010

      Synopsis: Psycho with gun, turning into a fairy, Spanish school, lucid, trying to dream-share with Captain Sleepalot. Pre Dreamwheel dream. (wheelers, I forgot to share this one )

      Night Time Note: I think it's pretty clear now that all of my lucid dreaming happens only in those two hours before waking. I probably woke up around 6am remembering nothing. I told myself to have a lucid dream, but my mind went completely random. I woke up again around 7:30, and I tried again. I told myself to have a lucid dream, and this time I had a much more stable dream. I don't remember the first half much.

      Captain Aint in the House
      We have all gathered in someones backyard. It was supposed to be a pleasant afternoon. When someone from the group turns out to be a psycho, pulls out a gun and threatens to kill a woman. The woman is frightened and takes a step back.

      Then a man yells "Put the gun down!". So the psycho shoots him instead. Everyone shouts as he falls to the floor with his chest pooling blood. Another, much larger man approaches the psycho. The psycho holds the gun directly to his head. For some strange reason he doesn't shoot. Even though the larger man was yelling angrily, be aggressive and hostile. Was the psycho actually frightened even though he has a gun? The larger man grabs the psychos hand and apprehends the gun.

      Later on we are inside. Everyone is whispering and acting as if the psycho is controlling us. So I'm supposed to wait here and die? I grab this weird item on the table which represented the psycho. Voodoo?? Me and my sister run out of the place. I tell the item in my hand "We just want to go home!". I toss it into a swampy run off, and me and my sister kept running. We can have a head start at least.

      My sister who was running ahead of me suddenly disappears. I figured, she woke up. I started to fly instead. I flew over a gate and an area of town that was seriously ghetto, and everyone here was Mexican. Where am I? I didn't trust these men, so I quickly fly past them. I fly past a busy street crowd of giants. Or, I'm just the size of a fairy. I think I even remember people saying "hada". I guess I really am in Mexico because I enter a spanish speaking school. Maybe even a catholic one. Because that is one seriously strict teacher. She wouldn't start the class until everyone was seated where they were supposed to be.

      Well uh, there's one extra student, me. I try to hide behind the other students so the teacher doesn't notice that I am of a peculiar size. Plus other students thought that since I was hiding in the back, they can too. I'm starting to get annoyed. I grow larger and larger and larger. Now I'm bigger than a regular person. I fly past the classroom, past the teacher, and merge out of the door. I continue flying around in the campus for a bit, with no destination what so ever. And every time I came to a door I simply flew right through it.

      Wait a minute. As I come flying towards a sunny door I realize I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming! Yes I'm finally lucid! Outside was a gorgeous courtyard in the school. I perch on an old and thick tree. Looking at the sky I holler "I now bring awareness and clarity to my dream!". Satisfied, I look at the patchy ground. I want to see my dream wheel. Since my dream did not provide it for me, I jump down and start doodling in the dirt.

      I couldn't remember how to draw the start, but I at least remembered all the points. So that my mind isn't boggled with too many letters, and we all know how terrible that can go in dreams, I represented each person with only the first letter of their name. I clearly remembered that I was supposed to go visit Captain Sleepalot. Which is great for me, I have such terrible dream memory. I've attracted a crowd of students whose faces were disgusted at my hethen symbol. "Piss off!"

      I stand up, again looking at the sky I focus on Captain Sleepalot. "I now enter Captain Sleepalot's dream". I close my dream eyes and I can feel myself shifting. That thick watery feeling. When I open my eyes I am some where new, but it's not exactly what I expected. It's a very dark dark dark room. My eyes have trouble adjusting. I think I'm on top of boxes. There are people sleeping in this room. I ask them where is Captain Sleepalot. And they answer "He's not here. He's offline.". What's that supposed to mean? He's awake?

      My lucidity fades away and my dream descends into nonsense. I'm in a locker room that all of the Wheelers share. Larther was off in his own world humming as he organized his locker. Portalboat walked in, said hello, and left. Nemo was no where. And finally Captain Sleepalot walks in. Again, I'm not lucid so I think I'm awake. So I tell the Captain my strange dream. And as he fiddles with his locker he explains "Yeah, I was awake". Then I wake up for real.

      Random Highway Dream
      I have one other dream for the morning. I'm driving on the highway, when all of the traffic stops. What's wrong? Then I see a man continue walking on the hallway, with all of the traffic behind him (at this time, we are all carless). That's when I noticed why the traffic stop! The highway bridge was separating itself! It could collapse any moment! So I yell at the man "Stop walking! The bridge is collapsing!". He seems shocked that he didn't notice, and thanks me for saving his life.

      We all turn back. On my way back theres a table resting spot. Though it's right on the highway bridge. It overlooks the beautiful ocean, and it's complete with it's own red umbrella. I put my stuff down to have a seat. The wind is so strong here! If it wasn't for the chair my stuff would have blown away already. A man informs me I have no underwear on, or pants. So I wrap myself with my wind blown blanket, and take a seat. We are served the tiniest cups of soda. More like shots. Even the dressing was served in these tiny cups. The funnest thing in this dream was the realistic powerful wind. I woke up shortly after.

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    3. The Dark Forest and the Wolf Man

      by , 05-04-2010 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am walking through a hilly, temperate forest at night. The full moon illuminates the way and the sky is filled with brilliant shining stars. I look like my dream incarnate Kalima and I am wearing a lavender dress and heavy grey, hooded cloak. Occasionally I pass large jutting rocks from the side of a hill, some of which have small caves in them. I explore a few of the larger caves but find nothing of interest. I come to a small river and hesitate to cross because the thick forest on the other side seems ominously darker than the one I just passed through.

      The river is not that deep and I only get wet up to my ankles as I cross. As soon as I am on the other side I hear a rustling in the dark forest of something that sounds like it is moving away very quickly. I start to run and try to follow the sound, curious to see what it was, but not as much moonlight can penetrate the thick forest canopy and I cannot see the forests floor as well and keep tripping on rocks and roots and stuff. After a while I realize that I am very deep in the forest now and lost.

      As I continue to walk I get the growing sensation that something is following and, becoming a little paranoid, I start thinking that I can hear something creeping along the forest floor behind me. I walk for a very long time but eventually see what looks like the end of the dark forest. I start jogging towards the growing light and seemingly open space but have to stop abruptly as the edge of the forest stops immediately at a steep cliff.

      At the bottom of the cliff, for as far as the eye can is another forest which gives way to large snowy mountains in the far distance. Immediately below where I am standing is a small sparkling pool that is fed by a small waterfall coming out half way down the cliff. The water in the pool is very dark, but yet the surface of it glows with a soft bluish white light. There are few outcropings in the cliff that allow me to climb my way down to the pool, but it is kind of far and I am tired by the time I reach the bottom.

      When I have caught my breath I go over to the pool and look into it's deep, dark waters. The full moon just happens to be in a position in the sky that when I look into the pool and see my reflection, the moon is directly behind my head's reflection and it looks like have a halo. I am kind of amused by this but it is short lived as the feeling that something has been following me is suddenly confired. In the mirror image of the cliff side I can see a wolf looking over the edge at the top and making eye contact with me through the water's reflection.

      I look up at the cliff top and there is a wolf standing there staring at me. He is large and grey and black and stares at me hard with peircing yellow eyes. He suddenly leaps from the top of the cliff. As he falls through the air his body changes to that of an human shape, though he still has a wolf face and is covered in wolf fur. He has the strange bluish white glow of the pool and I know that he is the guardian of it. He lands, standing upright but doesn't attack or anything. He justs stands there staring at me, breathing heavily.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.

      I drew a picture of the Wolf Man as best I could. See the image here.
    4. The Gypsy Ship

      by , 06-03-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Most of the general items and fashions in this dream appear to be from the mid to late 1800s, though most of the transportation machines that appear look like they came from the 1930s-40s.

      I am a Gypsy and travelling but do not know my destination. I appear to be in my late teens and have nothing with me except for the ragged brown dress and light blue handknit sweater I am wearing. My meager worldy possessions are in a faded green corderoy bag. I am alone and very pregnant. I do not know where the father is as he is never mentioned in the dream. I feel mistrustful of most of the people that appear in this dream, as well as unfairly judged by them because of my youth and pregnancy.

      At the beginning of this dream I am sitting in a glass bus terminal on a deserted road in the middle of nowhere. It is night time and raining hard. The only nearby lighting is old fashioned oil burning street lamp which really does not supply a lot of light. Beyond the immaediate area around the lamp and a little bit inside the terminal everything is utterly, pitch black. I can see faint yellow and red lights flickering in the distance, but I have no idea what they are. I am waiting for a bus that will take me to a nearby port. There lies a ship that I know I am supposed to board but I do not know how because I have neither money nor a ticket.

      After a while of sitting a bus does come along and it appears that it came from the 1950s or early 60s. There are several unsavory looking men taking up most of the seats at the front of the bus so I head to the empty seats at the back. They all stop talking and leer at me as I walk by which makes me feel nervous and fearful. The bus is well lit and clean and I stare out the window as it travels, though I can still see nothing through the darkness outside. I am uncomfortably aware of the men at the front talking quietly amongst themselves then shooting leering glances in my direction and laughing coarsely.

      The bus arrives at the port and all of the passengers disembark. It then turns around and drives back the way it came, eventually disappearing into the darkness. The lighting of the port is dim but much better than at the bus stop. The only ship in the port is docked beside the only building, which is multistoried, made of concrete and painted white. I am not sure exactly where to go so I cautiously follow the group of men who also disembarked from the bus, but they do not head towards the ship like I hope and instead go to a pickup truck parked on the far side of port and drive off.

      There is a large group of people outside a set of glass doors and they appear to also be Gypsies seeking passage on the ship. A man with a goatee and dressed in a black navy uniform stands between the people and the door and is telling everyone that they cannot board the ship. Many of the Gypsies hand the man wads of cash or jewelry and he quickly waves them inside. It is not long before most of the people are inside and the few who were rejected linger around the port. The rain no longer pours and slows down to a gentle trickle. An elderly Gypsy couple arrive late and convince the man at the door to let me in along with them. He accepts only when they produce an acceptable bribe.

      Once on the ship we join with the rest of the Gypsies and are told that there is no rooms available and the only space available is on the floor in secluded halls and storage rooms or out on the deck. Everyone scrambles to find space inside and the few unlucky ones who have to go out onto the deck try to find spots out of the wind and rain. Because we are the last ones to board, the elderly couple and I try to make ourselves comfortable undernearth a lifeboat, but it is hard to crawl under for them because of their age, and for me becuase of my bulging belly.

      I do not know how much time passes, but the ship is far out at sea and though it is still dark, the ambient lighting of the scene allows me to see practically everything. The rain has stopped but the temperature drops drastically, almost to the point where I can see my breath. I am laying on the open deck looking up at the sky. It is overcast with thick, dark grey and maroon coloured clouds. I stand up and look over the rail. The water is choppy and dark, and I can see icebergs in the distance all around the ship. An old man who looks like the captain of the Titanic (as portrayed by Bernard Hill in James Cameron's film) dressed in a white and blue navy uniform comes out and asks me if I would like to sleep inside. When I say yes he takes me to a room with eight cots in it. The small beds look like hospital gurneys and have lime green burlap blankets on them. The room is devoid of people but seven of the beds look like they have been slept in and have bags and coats thrown around nearby I recognize the possessions as Gypsy in origin. There is one bed left and it is in the far corner of the room against the wall. I lay down upon it, using my corderoy bag as a pillow, and fall asleep almost immediately.

      I have a dream within a dream.

      I am sitting on a bench outside of the white building back at the port when an old fashioned pickup truck drives up and stops in front of me. The leering men on the bus are in the truck and they try to convince me to get in with them. I say no and try to ignore them, but two jump out of the back of the truck and grab me by the arms and try to force me into the vehicle. I kick and scream and out of nowhere a police officer with short black hair and dressed in a modern uniform appears and tells the men to let me go. He then warns them to leave and not come back. The leering men get back into their truck and mumble angrily as they drive off. The police officer encourages me to keep going on my journey before disappearing as mysteriously as he appeared.

      I wake up to a room filled with people. The other Gypsies have returned and most of them are not happy to see me as they paid heavily in bribes to get into that room and I was given a bed for free. Some of them also vocalize their disapproval of the shame of me being a single unwed mother, especially one travelling alone, but they speak to each other and not address me directly. I ignore their jeers and go out to visit the kind elderly couple on the deck, but they are nowhere to be found. It is still dark and icebergs still surround the ship but there are more of them and they are much closer. The ship seems to be heading for a large featureless landscape in the distance that looks like either a beach with cliffs or a glacier.
    5. Abandoned Church

      by , 09-23-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream I had last night took place in an abandoned church. The building was made of stone, which was badly worn by weather, and had many places where the roof had collapsed or a peice of wall had fallen in. The layout of the place consisted of one floor with a staircase that led up to a platform above the altar in one corner of the building. Even though it was daylight outside, the inside of the church was very dark.

      I was walking with my mom and dad and a few other people I do not recognize down a dirt road in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. The sky overcast and grey, but bright. When we came upon the abandoned church, my dad wanted to go inside and take some pictures with his digital camera. I felt something "evil" about the place but for some reason I was compelled to follow him in. Everyone went inside except for my mom, who waited outside.

      As soon as I walked into the abandoned church I knew it was a bad idea. The darkness that filled the place was not natural and seemed to be filled with ghosts or monsters or whatever unseen malacious entities would lurk in the dark places of an abandoned church. The invisible beings seemed to use the darkness as a cover. These creatures began pulling at my clothes and hair as soon as I crossed the threshold but my dad nor the other people seemed to notice anything.

      At one point the invisible monsters grabbed my ankles and left arm and lifted me in the air above my father. He did seem to notice at all, even when I was lifted near the roof, and I found myself unable to scream. I struggled wildly but could not free myself from the invisible hands that held me. I remember feeling more angry then scared and gritted my teeth and sort of half-snarled at the darkness. I don't remember how I got out of there but the end of the dream had everyone walking away from the abandoned church as I lagged behind. I looked over my shoulder and saw many pairs of glowing red eyes looking out at me from the darkness.
    6. Punk rock band and driving at night

      by , 07-08-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There is a punk or rock band doing an interview while walking through a dense field along a small, shallow creek. I am a camera operator trying to keep up with them as they walk and talk. I follow one of the spiky haired dudes into the creek and try to keep pace without getting my camera wet. As we trudge through the creek it slowly becomes wider and at one point (and quite suddenly) deeper. The band and other camera operators disappear as the sun starts to set and I am left to struggle out of the creek alone.

      I see my family's old 1986 Westfalia sitting a distance away, near the edge of a dirt road. Still soaking wet I drop the camera and get into the vehicle, where I find myself with Dad, Mom, and brother Ryan. It is dark now and we seem to drive around aimlessly. I cannot see where we are going. Ryan is doing something to annoy me (but I can't remember what) and I feel angry. We pass small towns or buildings in the dark that are adorned with lots of bright lights and decorations). We are supposed to drop Ryan off somewhere (he is to meet up with his friend James, I think) but he disappears from (or exits) the van before we find the destination.

      My parents drive past a few more small, brightly lit towns and then back into the dark country side. They suddenly turn off the van's headlights and drive in the dark. I can still feel (and vaguely see) the backseat that I am sitting on, but otherwise am completely surrounded by darkness. I can no longer see or hear Mom and Dad, but I assume they are still there because I can still feel the vibration of the van moving (though I can no longer hear the vehicle's engine as well).

      The darkness surrounding me feels thick and heavy and I feel like I am being suffocated.
    7. The Beach of Disappearing

      by , 11-06-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream takes place on a long stretch of beach at night. There are sticks and logs and seaweed all over the place that was probably brought in with the tide. I am walking with someone and even though I cannot see his face and he does not remind me of anyone I know in waking life, we are friends in the dream. He is wearing a grey, hooded sweater, dark knee-lenth shorts. I cannot remember what I was wearing. We seem to be the only people on the beach and there is no other illumination except for that of the moon.

      My companion and I are walking barefoot through the soft, cool sand. We carry our sandals and try to avoid stepping on beach debris. After a while of walking and talking (I cannot remember our conversation) my companion points out an orange light in the distance. We walk to it and find an old man has build a little fire amidst some piled up logs. I want to sit by the fire but my friend wants to keep walking. He seems upset that I want to stay with the the old man, and he slowly walks off into the darkness.

      I have a long and interesting conversation with the old man about various topics but I have all but forgotten our conversation. When I became bored of talking to the old man I walked off in the direction that my companion had gone. I did not notice until I was some ways away, but I had forgotten to pick up my sandals when I walked away from the fire. I searched the beach for what seemed like forever, but I could not find my friend in the dark. The old man's fire was a speck in the distance and it was becoming very cold, so I decided to head back.

      When I got there I found that the old man was gone and my sandals were missing. I was upset about several things so I sat by the fire until it almost burned itself out, waiting for someone to come along. No one does though, and the dream eventually ends.
    8. Dark City Circus

      by , 05-25-2006 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The setting is a very urbanized city that is old, crowded and dark. It is a city that felt farmiliar, but only subconsciously, if that makes any sense. There are lots of tall buildings and the entire city itself exists in perpetual night. Between the buildings and all across the skyline are bridges and ramps that make each end of the city accessable. There are a few roads that lead out of the city and any vehicle that takes these routes simply vanish into nothingness once they pass the city border. Everyone is essentially trapped in the dark city.

      The first part of the dream dealt with being in a car and trying to figure the maze-like crisscrossing roadways and bridges of the city, but the details are fuzzy. At one point I was trying to jump my vehicle on a ramp, near the edge of the city, without actually trying to pass the city border and disappear. I guess it was some sort of daredevil thing I was trying, or something.

      The second part of the dream happens closer to ground level. First there was some sort of circus parade going on in the lesser used roads of the city that actually touch the ground (the majority of citizens in the city prefer the skyway roads and bridges because the ground routes are considered like slums and ghettos). The parade winds it's way through dirty, dark streets and alleys and ends up in a rare open area, like a city square. There is an acrobatic show going on and there are no safety lines attached to the acrobats and no saftey nets to catch anyone who may fall. All of the acrobats are amazing performers (much like Cirqu de Soleil) but seem insignificant to me.

      There is one little boy, however, who seems no older than 8 or 9 and while he did not perform a overly spectacular performance, I was drawn to him for some reason. He had blond hair and blue eyes and I could see his spiritual light radiating from him in a blueish white light and I was sure that no one else in attendance could see it. He disappears into the crowd that has gathed to watch the show, however, and I never see him again.

      Suddenly I was no longer a spectator of the acrobat show, but now a performer, though not as myself. I was a tall, thin, pale man with long black hair and eyes are dark as the nothingness that surrounded and entrapped the city. I did not want to perform but I had no choice because there were monsters and demons prowelling the dark corners of the city and for some reason my life was threatened by these creatures unless I performed.

      As I started my acrobatic flips and turns I suddenly felt connected to some of the creatures hidding in the darkness and found that I had some control over their actions. The dream abruptly ended in the middle of the acrobat show unfortunately.
    9. The Clutching Hand

      by , 01-02-1970 at 07:02 AM
      Night of January 2, 1970. Friday.

      This dream was more likely into the very early morning of the next day, perhaps around one or two am of the (beginning of) third of January. In my dream, I am aware that I am “sleeping” on my right side and oriented with my head to the north though the bed is in the southwest corner of my room and aligned against the west large jalousie windows. The time in my dream probably reflects the same time it is in reality. Even though I am apparently “sleeping” I am still aware of a scene (still in my dream-body as such - in my in-dream “sleeping” role yet somehow fully aware at the same time), of a shadowy unknown presence moving quickly into my room, a bony hand (seemingly of an adult - I am only nine at the time) gripping me on my left shoulder, me suddenly being aware and “waking” and turning around to look - and yet the presence, perhaps a human being, is gone immediately. I am left with a strange feeling on who it could have been - perhaps my future self with an important “message” for me, but the “other older me” left because I was asleep - but in contemplation, no human being could move that fast - though there is no stronger fear or concern remaining in my thoughts a short time later.

      This is a rather unique dream in that it was a directly self-fulfilling “anniversary” type where, in 1977 on January 2, my dream reversed the roles; that is, I dreamt of touching a younger version of me on the left shoulder while in my Cubitis bedroom in the exact same setting and feeling of time. I do not really see this mundane connection of a self-fulfilling dream as remotely odd or unexplainable (even though others had when I was younger), especially in regards to the thousands of my dreams that did have unexplainable aspects concerning remote-viewing and precognition, which were always validated in very interesting ways.

      The name of the second movie on “Shock Theatre” this night was called “The Clutching Hand”, though I did not see it or know of its plot (I sometimes fell asleep before the second feature started), so the title alone could have been the trigger for this dream, though again, it was not horror-related.
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