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    1. Gecko in Garage Sticking on Me

      by , 12-21-2014 at 05:57 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Gecko in Garage Sticking on Me (DILD)


      I’m inside of a garage, and I see a Gecko is on my hand, and its means of sticking onto me was literally wearing black suction cups. I tried shaking it off, but the little guy just keeps sticking onto me. I eventually managed to get it out to the side of the front yard to the left of the garage.

      Then for some odd reason, I needed to find the gecko/lizard, but had a hard time searching for it since it was night time, and it seemed to have blended well with the grass.

    2. Children Blocking the Street

      by , 10-21-2014 at 03:19 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Children Blocking the Street (DILD)


      The foundation of the dream environment is similar to one I’m residing in waking life. The weather seems to be very ideal, with more clouds forming around than usual, almost to the point where it might rain later on in the dream.

      The garage, vehicles used, and the dream characters I’m close to most of the time are almost picture-perfect copies of those in real life. But this is a presumption based on magnifying my peripheral vision, and getting pretty bleak conceptions of their visage, but I get sensations that makes me feel it’s them, and I feel I’m shifting into third person perspective every now and then.

      I’m not sure how the first event occurred, but it was either my relative backing out their vehicle from the garage, or me backing out with the vehicle’s front facing what would’ve been the perimeter for the garage to close down completely. Whatever the case, let’s focus on me taking the vehicle out.

      I can sense there’s at least two people inside the vehicle, excluding me, and it feels like I’m driving my relative’s vehicle instead. The reason being is that it felt a bit more spacious, and the engine seems to be running smoothly; this could just be my mind rendering out an ideal portrayal of my vehicle, though.

      As I’m driving out of the garage by making a left turn, and then preparing to turn the wheel to go straight out, I see another vehicle coming into the garage. It doesn’t seem that my relatives are shocked by this, in fact, one of them suggested for me to keep going, and don’t bother minding what’s going on. I take a look of who’s inside the vehicle, and I noticed it looks a bit like who I’ll nickname as Amb.

      Same visage, except she looks like she’s stressed out, and had a rough morning/day/whatever time the dream is emulating. I get a strange sensation glancing over her, and with the confusion still lurking about in my mind, I’m not as fixated on what will be going on beyond the neighborhood. I eventually snapped out of it, and continued to drive along to the street perpendicular to the driveway.

      I drove slowly, mostly out of habit to watch out for children that may be going to school, or may be randomly playing. At this point, I just let predispositions roll out as I’m watching myself and controlling my movements on and off. As I’m turning to the right side of the vehicle, I didn’t hear any squeaking sound as the vehicle is landing on a flat surface from a highly curved highway.

      The transition is so smooth, that I briefly reveled in the thought of said transition, and I felt this subtle moment made me cling onto lucidity a bit since being victim to psychosomatic experiences in my dreams, and predispositions from waking life are going to be the “vehicle” of my movements and processing what’s going on.

      I can literally feel the gravity as the vehicle is landing on a flatter surface, along with the rolling, and then the abrupt stop from the curb, and then the vehicle gradually picking up pace. Naturally, I presumed there would be a stop sign just a few feet ahead of me, and using my peripheral vision validated this belief.

      From here on out, the perspective changes completely, and just when I thought I would have to make a deep turn to the right to straighten out, and be perpendicular to the stop sign, the vehicle is already straight. It’s like the transition was like what you would see when playing a Need for Speed game on the GameCube where you would press the “Z” button to reset the vehicle in the straight position after crashing, slowing down, etc.

      And before you know it, a band of children are forming a barricade, making it seem impossible, at first glance, of passing through them unless I ran over them. I didn’t want to do this, obviously, even though it was a dream. The children were diverse in race, though the ones that seemed to have been leaders that enticed this weird human barricade were Caucasian. There’s a boy wearing an open light sky blue dress shirt with dark shades of blue stripes forming a checkered pattern (but only having the light sky blue as a filling within the borders).

      His hairstyle seems abnormal for a little child, and it looks like he had applied too much hair gel. The hairstyle consists of random spiked hair with curved spiked hair that looks like it’s very close in becoming hardened to the point where I wonder if his hair literally his part of his whole skin for his visage.

      The more I observe this child, the more I feel as if I’m on the ground just to be able to look up and see him entirely. He’s probably wearing slightly baggy jeans with the soft fading blue colors along with white shoes. He has his hands in his pocket, and his visage twisted at an angle just a bit to exhibit a serious demeanor that I won’t be able to pass this barricade for quite some time.

      Then one of the dream characters in the vehicle told me to keep going, even though I knew I wasn’t going to take action…until I looked more to the right, and that some of the children to the right were gone, or were a bit slow in making a completely impasse for us all. I take the chance to go to the right, but going at low speed even though it was a perfect chance for me to just swoosh through them.

    3. Breaking Her (26.8.14)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 09:26 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm with Sammy K, and we're both walking on the footpath leading to the park near the skate park. It's night time, and I see that people have locked up their trailer and bikes at the skate park.
      We reach Jamie Smith's house and we begin to make our way into his backyard, when I am approached by their dog. I think it's a Rottweiler or Labrador, it's hard to see in the dark. I hope it doesn't start to bark or attack us, but ends up being friendly enough to let us pass it.

      Spoiler for Mature Content:

      Before I could really get into the massage, I can hear noises and voices outside the garage. I thought it may just be workers coming in to feed the horses or something.

      I see the door open to the room we're in and see two men who look to be twins or brothers at least. We have a brief convocation,

      Man: ''What are you doing in here? you better not of had sex in here''

      Me: ''Sorry, I didn't realise this was your room, and no we're friends, we didn't have sex. I'm Jamie's friend and needed a place to stay for the night''

      I get out of bed and continue having a convocation with one of the men. I get a close look at them both and they're ugly looking. The man doesn't really come off as a friendly guy, probably due to sleeping in his bed.

      Dream Fragment

      I mention about the best part was when you were bring attached to the car.

      Side Notes

      I've decided to change to a more basic lucid dreaming technique which is MILD. I'm going to be consistent with performing MILD before bed + MILD with WBTB + Dream Yoga during the day. A fair bit to do, but I will fit it in.
    4. Being Pursued By Murderers, Brief Lucidity, and a Crowded Skating Rink

      by , 08-08-2014 at 03:12 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a grocery store with many other people. Two people had been let in that wanted to murder us, an older guy and a younger girl. One person had already gotten pretty much killed; his head was being held on only by this full body cast. I knew that once that was gone, his head would fall off. I "remembered" it as if it had happened before. I was being pursued by the girl, probably of about 18-20 or so. She was skinny and had her blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail. I was on the ground in one of the aisles, and she was trying to stab me with this sharp, yellow crystal. I kept avoiding it and was trying to fight her off. I think I may have gotten hit a couple of times, but I can't remember for sure. I was yelling for help quite a bit, hoping someone would hear me.

      Eventually, I fought her off. I got the crystal from her hands, so now, she had no means to kill me with. We were both standing up now, facing one another. I remember looking at her face and she just had this evil smile. I also noticed she was wearing some sort of uniform; I remember dark red being one of the colors in it. We somehow got her and the guy out of there. I remember speaking with the guy whose head was beheaded and being kept alive.

      Later, we locked the front glass doors. We were standing by them, and I saw the two murderers standing outside, trying to get in. I was talking to someone, telling them NOT to let those people in no matter what. They would try to coerce their way in. They'd try to play on their pity. But they were NOT good people and would kill us. I knew the girl would come back after me. I thought about her getting another crystal. I believe the guy fought with a crystal as well.

      I remember at one point seeing the guy who got beheaded without his body cast. His head slid off his body, or almost did.

      I then was in a garage somewhere. I saw Dallas in the doorway, and realized, out of the blue, that I was dreaming. I said
      "Dallas! This is a dream!"
      He had started to speak to me during my exclamation. I wasn't sure if he had heard me. He then said something about it being a dream, so I knew he had.
      I went up to him, and felt the dream was going to end soon; it felt a bit unstable. I examined my hands, focusing on their detail, and it worked for a little bit. I was standing with him and started to remove my clothes, when everything around me gained a faint white aura.

      I then woke up.


      I was at the skating rink I used to frequent in my youth. The rink was much smaller than I remember; they had re-done it so it now it was much more cramped, and you could barely skate on it if there were too many people. There were many people there, mostly kids. I looked at the rink from the side area and thought about how cramped it looked, and that it wouldn't be nearly as much fun now that it was like this. I'm pretty sure I had skates on. I remember seeing some of the employees that patrolled the rink, skating around on the crowded rink with the kids, guiding them over hurdles and such. There were just too many people. I wanted to skate freely, not cramped up with a zillion little kids. I also had a point where I wondered if I was too old to be there. I felt kind of weird being one of the oldest people there.

      I was there at some point before the rink opened. I wondered if I could skate even though it was closed. There was no one there at least, so I'd have it all to myself.


      I was dreaming something this morning when my husband was about to leave for work. He was stroking my shoulder IWL, and I kept falling in and out of sleep. I finally woke up so he could tell me goodbye and that he'd see me later.


      I know I dreamed way more than this last night, and I told myself I'd remember, but alas.

      Though I am happy for the lucidity I've been having lately, even if it's just brief. I have been lucid WAY more lately than I have in a very long time, dare I saw ever. Usually I'm lucid on average once per week when I'm focused on it. I've been lucid every other night just about. It's been a huge change of pace. I'm happy for it. Hoping it continues. I guess I just need to keep doing what I'm doing, meditate more regularly, and use more intention.

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    5. Three Beds, Three Cars

      by , 04-13-2014 at 10:13 AM
      Morning of April 13, 2014. Sunday.

      I am wandering about seemingly on the north-side of La Crosse but not in or near any places of people I know. I am apparently looking for something, but I am not sure what. I am absentmindedly assuming I am near my (fictional) home where my wife Zsuzsanna and our family live (even though they have never lived in America).

      I eventually find myself near an area that looks sort of like a very large garage that comes out from an area covering at least half of three different backyards. It is fully open on one side to the east. There are three beds with the head assumed to be to the west wall. There are a couple cars also parked on the south side from where I am, parallel to the beds. I decide to lie down on the northernmost bed to have a rest from all my walking. The beds are clean and seemingly recently made.

      A short time later, a car pulls in and parks at the southern end near the third bed. A male and female get out of the car. The girl of about twenty or so comes over and lies down in the bed I am in without paying much attention to me. She is pregnant, seemingly about eight to nine months, possibly nearly ready to give birth. The man comes over but is involved in something else and remains standing. I say something about not knowing that the bed was theirs but no one else says anything or seems to notice. I wake up before I get out of the bed in my dream.

      This dream is mostly a dream sign in itself (a bed being the most obvious dream sign). It also hints that a car in a dream is a residual memory of the dreamer’s bed. In this case, the garage is the liminal space. The otherwise unknown characters at the end are an “opposite” play on my wife Zsuzsanna and me waking up.

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    6. Looking for the Lawnmower

      by , 04-06-2014 at 05:02 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Looking for the Lawnmower (Non-lucid)


      One of those dreams again where I feel like I'm in some kind of alternate hyper virtual experiential reality of waking life again.

      I felt as if I was in waking life, and could feel every sensation of my body, or in this case, my dream body. I'm entering to the garage of a house that seems to be close, or an exact replica of the one I'm currently residing in waking life.

      It seems to be early morning within the dream, and the lighting seems a bit bright, which may have suggested that the temperature would go up gradually over time. I'm wearing a light gray shirt that seems to go all the way down to the mid-thigh region, and I'm wearing a dark blue pants that has very small dark blue, or black vertical lines spread out maybe a quarter to half an inch away from each other.

      I believe I'm wearing a light vanilla cap as well, probably to protect myself from the heat and light. I ask a relative of mine where the lawnmower is, and I believe they stated that they didn't know. I didn't notice until later that the format within the garage was completely different than in waking life.

      I have to proceed through this area by moving one foot a bit higher than usual to go over a few objects, and make a few torso twists to get by. I see the lawnmower is hidden behind some wooden objects wrapped in some kind of transparent material. The perception of how I saw the lawnmower seemed to have changed pretty frequently while I'm on the way of trying to get it.

      First it seems like it's a regular sized lawnmower, then it looks like it's way too small to be of any use for whatever the front yard could be. Then it felt as if there wasn't a lawnmower in the first place. I have to move the wooden objects, and all sorts of things just to get the lawnmower out.

      I can't remember what happens next, things felt too much like waking life as well.
    7. 00:00 Saturday 2013-12-28 comp #16 night #16 LD #15

      by , 12-28-2013 at 09:35 PM
      00:00 Saturday 2013-12-28 comp #16 night #16 LD #15

      01:08 bedtime

      golf, thte queen and the humulus, crazy dogs, dales in the garage, starry moonlit night

      1) game of golf, a father is hitting his golf ball, which knocks into his son's ball, the announcer says "if it goes down the right hill the son will be the winner." there is a small mound about a meter high with various slopes going forwards/backwards and left/right. The ball is like a small tribble, a furry ball with white/brown patches. The son is watching the ball rolling down into the target "hole" (more like a large bowl), so he is the winner. I'm also watching, up close. I imagine it would be stupid for the son to knock the ball out of the hole since he'd lose points.

      F1) the princess/queen is waiting for someone. I'm with her. She's going into the back of the library, I follow and sit down with her. She sits down and reads a story. I see "the princess and the humulus" written on a wall. The "humulus" is some other woman.

      2) MD is driving down the driveway into my childhood home's garage where I'm standing with my wife. There's a refridgerator there, low, long and rectangular. RD has been coming to spray the things growing inside the refridgerator with water. My wife is asking my why I can't do that, she was upset that I wasn't doing it and someone else had to. I couldn't find the spray bottle which is why I couldn't do the spraying. I say if I could have found it I could have done it. ND is up at the top of the driveway (on HC). M's car comes into the garage and manages to turn around in a tight circle without having to back up, it turns around several times. He manages to avoid hitting my parent's car. I tell my wife she could leave a message for RD on this other refridgerator in the garage.

      3) sitting with a bunch of people outside. There had been some battle. There were crazy attack dogs like little Tasmanian devils whirling around that are posting signs on fences about their enemies. I'm standing next to an open furnace. I'm indicating with my head towards the furnace, several times, and I say that they could soak their enemies in oil and through them in the fire. They said they tried it before and it didn't work, but I know it can work.

      F2) guy in a car with a date. If all else fails, they could look up at the stars and the moonlit sky. I look up and see a beautiful night sky with silvery moonlight. They need to find a place to park, though.

      F3) there's a cord leading up to a security camera high on a street pole on the street.

      06:04 MILD and SSILD.

      06:57 still trying to sleep

      07:35 still trying to sleep, get up get a snack, BTB

      08:57 LD #15

      4) walking/running through well-lit narrow office corridors with white walls and blue office carpet, I realize I'm dreaming. I continue walking a few steps. Dream feels unstable (dizzy?), I rub hands together, I hold them up in front my eyes and feel the rubbing and see my hands (they look normal). I do my stabilization kata: pat down my dream body with my hands while counting to 5, I see my torso and legs, I'm just wearing my underwear, so my hands are slapping on my skin, it's effective, I feel my hands on my body. I hear someone behind me in the corridor, I don't want to encounter anybody while stabilizing, I count to 5 again turning around, I don't see anybody. There are lots of intersecting corridors (at right angles). Vision is clear and vivid, dream body is well-lit. I have good memory of dream goals, I have a huge point-fest all planned. I feel stable, vision is clear. I say "OK, Pickman, time to get down to business!" I reach my right hand behind me to summon him and fade to awake in bed. Total time, about 45 seconds. Lying on stomach, head to the right.


      5) On ski lift with sister, brother-in-law, and parents. We're looking at the snow paths down below. The path has gently rolling hills, my sister says that it looks like a really attractive path for beginners. Lots of bumps to do little jumps if you want to. The lift reaches a 90 degree turn to the left, and I say "here we go up the mountain!" We're up very high there are large snowy mountains. I feel like I'm starting to slip off my seat. I wonder how my folks will get back down since they're not skiing.

      01:30 wife woke me up

      6) in the neighborhood a few blocks away from childhood home, down below. I'm standing in a clearing, looking down towards a circle. I see houses and a playground beyond the circle. There are houses in the distance, I'm studying them, they seem to be under construction. I'm trying to remember if those houses were they before or whether they were new. There are lots of open arches in the design, I'm thinking they're building more and more houses down there. There is an opening leading through some trees to the playground. I say "that playground must be for everybody who lives around here" I go into the playground. There is a drinking fountain there. It's low to the ground again a brick wall, in a tight spot, I turn it on and bend down to get a drink. There were some small kids thre playing.

      F4) Frickin' awesome flying scene. I'm *imagining* that I can fly. I'm flying from the hills down to the city. I'm It is superman-style flight, powered, will-controlled speed, not just gliding. I see the trees and the ground passing beneath me, I'm ecstatic, and say "oh yeah!". I'm astounded at how well I can "imagine."

      I almost didn't remember the flying fragment. It's amazing how much we forget every night.
      lucid , side notes
    8. Conspiracy Theorist Becomes a Belt During a Fight

      by , 12-26-2013 at 06:26 PM
      Morning of December 26, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am in an unfamiliar garage in Wisconsin, it seems, although my wife Zsuzsanna is with me. There is a tall, thin stack of smaller boxes of books that falls over without causing any damage. We seem to be moving a few things around. I notice a heavyset man staring at me from the opening to the garage (the opening apparently to the east). He walks into the garage and stares at me intently, looking into my eyes.

      “Why are you an alien?” he says in a way almost implying cross-examination. He seems to have a special gift to see the “different wiring” within my physical nature and brain design - something people usually seem to sense but do not comment on, or maybe they recognize that I am only pretending to understand what people are saying to avoid confrontation.

      “Because I am not you and am not like you,” I say calmly, but in a slightly patronizing way. I do not like him at all and do not look away from his intense and unduly patronizing gaze. He seems to be of the conspiracy-theorist “everything is doom or devils or aliens” mentality; the type who spends time considering all manner of fictional systems and completely unfeasible potential of the countless fraudulent “lunatic fringe” websites. (I recall a small plastic “device” from a New Age magazine years ago which I got just to see what it really was. It was supposedly designed to improve health by having some sort of “protective field” move out from the wearer’s body. When I took it apart, I saw that all it was was a small circuit-board in which the sole function was to make the small light flash on and off. Hilariously stupid.)

      The chubby unknown male soon attacks me physically but I grab him and stretch him out somehow until all that is left of him is his belt. I go to the garage entrance and throw this belt out into the alley as two girls are walking by, heading north (I believe we are at the north-side of La Crosse). He somehow screams for help (as a belt, but changing form a bit, including a brief period as a rattlesnake) but they do not notice. Eventually, he is able to “regenerate” himself, but is more overweight than before and dressed in mismatched clothes, some of them women’s clothes - in about three layers. He is also wearing a periwig and starts yelling about aliens again, while shaking a golf club at me. I also notice, at this point, he is about a foot shorter than before.

      I tell him sternly and very seriously, “the fact that people like you are allowed to run around promoting false systems and false ideologies and leading other people astray is proof enough that humans are not fit to occupy this planet”. (By that, I seem to be perhaps illogically inferring that both the con artists and the victims are “unfit”.) From here I wake.

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    9. New garage dream (with remote lock), strange apartment

      by , 11-30-2013 at 08:01 PM
      Morning of November 30, 2013. Saturday.

      This is a shorter but more vivid dream with a very clear awareness. It mostly involved an older (possibly out-of-use or even abandoned) commercial/public garage. There is an awareness of new work being done, though. An unknown man in overalls (possibly a mechanic) walks up to me and gives me a key (on a smaller chain or necklace of some kind) in a friendly manner. The key is shaped like a gold-colored triangular prism with the triangular structure having a notch in the middle of each side. I discover that I had been (apparently absentmindedly) holding a remote lock, or rather a lock that activates something from a fair distance with some sort of radio signal when activated with the key. It apparently allows access to a room of the garage when unlocked, the garage being about a block or two away and more of a rural surrounding. The lock looks a lot like a Toblerone container in size and dimensions (triangular prism chocolate bar). It is of a higher technology yet seems somewhat mystical in association. As the man walks away, he whistles in a vivid loud manner, so loud that it seems like a louder hypnopompic sound pulse. I wake fairly quickly wondering if the sound was actually real and in my immediate environment, but it was not. It was very similar to a faster version of the second (four-note) phrase from “The Other” (1972) whistled theme but with the first two notes seeming of the same pitch. I am wondering who the person was and what was going on. He seemed cheerful and helpful (seeming to demand my attention) but nothing happens after that. It almost seemed like he whistled that way to wake me up from my dream, which in fact is what actually happened, so I did not have the opportunity to explore the garage although I did insert the triangular-prism-key into the lock and was aware that it was then sending a remote signal to open a door somewhere.

      In an earlier dream, I was living with my family in a large, unusual apartment (on at least the fourth floor), apparently in a larger city. In the most vivid part of my dream, a large flock of birds seems to be “invading” the area. They seem like some sort of stork, but of a smaller size. They get in through a couple vents, but not through any windows. I am aware that they are leaving a mess, droppings all over the floor, somewhat (four-leaf) clover-shaped, which become almost like a design in the tiles of the floor, almost integrating with the other patterns. They fly around filling nearly the entire apartment (near ceiling level). I ponder on how long it will take to clean the floor. There are other issues as well, but not as unusual or dramatic. The birds do not pose a direct threat but are noisy and messy and it seems strange that they do not prefer being outside in the open sky. At an earlier point, there was a minor association with the “Victoria Rose” character from years ago. This was an attractive witch who rode a closed umbrella like the standard witch’s broom. In this case, it seems to be my wife. There is also a generic Igor-like character (by pop culture myth), somewhat like Peter Lorre.
    10. Nov 16 Dream Journal pt 2: Time to enter the DANGER ZONE!

      by , 11-16-2013 at 10:40 PM
      I woke up from having to go pee. When I crawled back in bed, I decided to practice reciting "I'm going to be dreaming" mantras for WILD practice. It usually takes me a really long time to fall asleep, but I think I was out within seconds. So that endeavor didn't go as planned.

      Dream two plopped me in a situation where Dr. Who (Matt Smith version. I'm team Tennant. This confuses me.) is having a witty argument with some other dude in a chic suit and vest. There is a problem with space time or whatever the dire situation is at the moment, and I vaguely recall the argument is about how much crappier the Doctor's TARDIS is compared to the other guy's device. I think the other guy called the TARDIS "it's a time tomb" derisively -- not the biggest burn, but it's the one line I remember.

      ANYWAYS, something something, because now they time-materialize the other guy's machine into what looks like the garage in my old home in Canada. Dream Knowledge tells me that in the room next to it is some sort of walk-in closet (I recall a lot of clothes hanging in the room), and there's Mallory Archer and a really old man in a wheelchair (he's someone's father based on Dream Knowledge), and Mallory is just berating the old man because she's drunk. The scene switches back and forth between the Archer scenes and Dr. Who scenes (though they are in the same universe), and I know whatever situation it was is being resolved.

      I wake up, and regret the life decision to watch the Archer Top Gun remake on a loop before going to bed.

      I attempted keeping a WILD mantra going for dream three, but my brain turned into a five-year-old and kept asking what Archer's first name is. I kept thinking "Sean?" even though I know it's not right. Clearly, my brain refused to let me sleep, so I hop out of bed.

      It took me all of 15 seconds after deciding I'm up for the day and leaving the warmth of my bed that my brain goes "Lol! His name was Sterling."
    11. Neighbor (19.10.13)

      by , 10-20-2013 at 09:32 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm in my garage and I can see my Brother and my Dad on a scaffold. Brother asks me to make him some mixture out of water and flower. I see a scene of 3 balls of dough.

      I'm in my house searching for items and I have a hard time getting things sorted. I look down and realize my pants are down to my ankles. I walk passed my Dad with my pants down, and it feels somewhat normal for me to be doing this.

      I'm in my TV room and I'm mixing up ingredients in a big bowl. I look over to the rumpus room and see Dad and brother working. I look into the bowl and notice I'm mixing peanut butter with water, which is making me a bit confused. I hear a knock on the back door, so I go and see who it is. It's my neighbor, so I let him inside. He walks over to the couch and starts fixing up all the cushions. I tell him that it must get annoying seeing the couch like that on a regular basis. I notice Dad hasn't acknowledged the neighbor at all. Neighbor finishes making the couch and now lifts up his leg and farts. We hardly know the guy and he seems to be very comfortable around us.
    12. Nightmare: Evil Monsterous Party Crashers

      by , 10-15-2013 at 11:47 AM
      The visuals were realistic and colorful. The beginning of this dream is lost, as usual..

      I was at some sort of garage party... This was a garage made up of various garages and garage parties I've attended. At the party were a few people I know in real life, and other random dream characters. The place was complex and dingy. In real life I wouldn't have been thrilled to be at this party. I barely recall interacting with anyone.

      At one point I decided to step outside for a change of scenery. Outside looked like the backwoods of some remote county. There was a healthy green lawn, tall white-bark leafless trees, and only one neighboring house, which was really more shack than house. (*Recall gets hazy at this point*)

      Out of the shack, come the next door neighbors. Three men who looked like sinister cast members on the show Swamp People. (A show I've not watched a single episode of yet.) They were big, and glaring at me with absolute hatred. I realized that disdain for their appearance might be showing on my face, and fueling mutual repulsion..

      I looked one of them up and down for something to compliment him on. I thought it would lighten the mood. He was wearing dirty jeans. Muddy boots. A stained and ripped jean jacket. A very old darkened flannel shirt, and a vest that looked like it was made in the 1950's. He had wild hair. Yellow teeth and dirt on his face with very blood shot eyes.

      I said "I like that vest."

      He looked at it, somewhat taken off guard by my remark. He didn't thank me, but when he looked back up at me he had this half puckered expression that revealed his rotten teeth. It wasn't a smile, but it was better than the 'I want to kill you right now' look on his face before. I started to walk back towards the party, the three men followed me a ways.

      I said "We're having a party, you guys can probably come for a few beers." They seemed slightly curious, but not impressed.

      I walked back to the house, opened the side door and walked back in to the dark garage. The guy with the vest leaned inside to have a look. There was now blood everywhere, and no sign of the party goers. I felt very uneasy. I ignored the neighbors and bolted inside to see what happened..

      Near the back, there was trough filled with water about a foot deep. There were a number of people in the trough standing and fighting off what appeared to be something like skinless gremlins about 3ft tall. And the people were losing. Blood was splashing. Lights were flashing. Music was playing. It was like a twisted dance floor. As I watched in disbelief, a more powerful looking skinless gremlin with a bulging oblong brain leaped from a rafter and sliced another gremlin in dozens of of pieces with its steel straight edged elongated claws.

      I was fighting off being horrified. It turned and faced me directly. It was hideous. About 3.5 feet tall. Humanoid. It had yellow cats eyes. Wicked snaggle-tooth fangs and a huge visible brain. No hair. No fir. Just exposed. Bloody. Densely packed muscles. It looked agile and a little bit stocky.

      I said "Why did you kill one of your own?"

      It said in a raspy voice "He was going to die soon anyway."

      I pulled out a pocket knife and said "What happens if I stab you in the brain?!"

      It said "Try it."

      I stabbed it in the brain. He rolled his eyes up to look at me. I pulled out the knife and stabbed it again further back and with more force. It acted disoriented by the second attack. I staggered back reeling with disgust. After another moment, he regained composure and started to climb out of the pool to follow me. Now, I ran. Strangely into a small room with a TV. I looked at the TV remote.

      I said
      "I want to change the channel. I don't want to see these things anymore." --Then I woke up.

      I have not had a nightmare since I last posted one on Dream Views. When I woke up, I felt perfectly calm and well rested. This is the most complex dream I clearly recall in about the past year.

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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    13. 6-19-2013 Football

      by , 06-20-2013 at 12:41 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Left 4 Dead:
      I'm on the back of my farm, and i'm with my sister and maybe my dad, hard to remember. Anyway, everything is covered in snow and my sister wants to explore so i lead them into the woods. As we go into a Radio tower like building , the concept of the dream changes to L4d2
      ( a video game ). Before i know it, i'm in an abandoned operating room and we accidentally summon a tank ( a really big zombie ). So we run back to the starting area and complete the mission just in time by turning in a ticket of some sort.

      I'm inside the garage of my house. I apparently signed up for football
      (american football, and no, i would never do this irl, i hate football xD ). But either way, the team is practicing in my garage, i'm #19. I tell the coach i don't know how to play and he looks angry. Next thing i know, The team is at a track. The track has a lot of buildings around it and inside the track ring. We are practicing running. I start running and see one of my friends. I have some weird conversation with him. As i'm running, i notice i don't even have to think about it, my body is automatically running, pretty cool!.

      After i run a lap, i hear a warning for a coming storm, it then starts to rain. I walk by the buildings at the track center. I look inside a place that's about to take off, i see people and wonder what they're thinking. I also look into a medical building and see a man that's about to die of a heart attack, he smiles at me, his jaw has been crushed somehow but i admire him for his ability to smile at death. I then decide to leave in a plane to, so i go into the airport but find i can't get a ticket because i have been accused of hacking security or something. I'm kicked out of the airport. So i then go outside and talk to a witch (A special infected from left 4 dead , Hmm geez, lots of left 4 dead, kinda odd ) i'm apparently dating her, but i come back with a flashlight and the light kills her and then i loot her body. ( so much for that relationship xD ).
    14. The Garage

      by , 05-21-2013 at 02:48 AM
      First of two from the morning of 05/18/13.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #95: The Garage

      I'm backing our SUV out of the driveway. As always, it's a little tight so I'm focused on what I'm doing. I catch sight of a bearded, creepy man advancing up the driveway toward the car. He makes me nervous, so I pull the car back into the garage.

      Once I'm safely back in the driveway, I look back out to find that the man has vanished. Relieved, I get ready to leave again. But now Wife's car is at a funny angle that blocks me from leaving. Come on, [Wife], why would you park me in like that? I try shoving the back half of the car so it'll spin around and get out of my way. Amazingly, this works!
      I'm immediately sure that I'm dreaming.

      I try turning Wife's car back and forth a few more times. It spins as smoothly as if it were on a turnstyle. I think about picking it up and flipping it over but realize that there are other things I need to be doing.

      I remember that I have a goal of getting to the Alamo for a shared dreaming experiment. I try to look outside and see that the garage door is closing. It's only about 3 foot away from shutting completely. Even though I should know that this doesn't present any permanent impediment, it feels important that I don't let it shut on me. I hurry to the garage entrance, flop down on my side, and log roll under the garage door.

      Outside now, I get to my feet on the driveway and look around. It's a cool, clear evening and the street's quiet. No weirdo in sight. I plan to Hulk-jump to the Alamo but as I begin to make my move,
      the dream ends.
    15. 12/12/12 Lucid

      by , 12-12-2012 at 08:17 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      (Non-Lucid) My friend Kolby and I were in a regular dream in my cul-de-sac. We had taken some drug that we thought was Molly (ecstasy) but apparently it was laced with something so I started to feel really trippy. My vision was blurred, my world was spinning, and I couldn't really think or move. I was depending on Kolby to carry me to my room so that I could just sleep it off, but I don't know if he was even there anymore. I started to notice that this dream was coming to an end, but I realized it was a dream so I started to imagine a new dream scene. Again, I picked the closest thing to me which is my room.

      (Lucid) The dream scene comes into focus as I'm standing to the right of my bed in the lucid dream world. I stare down at my hands, which usually have an A on my right hand and homework on my left hand but are clean in the dream, and start to say "holy shit I'm dreaming." At first nothing comes out, then I say it again and it comes out more clear. If anyone has ever seen the movie Donnie Darko, there's a character named Frank who speaks with a normal voice that has this creepy low voice under it, so when I said "holy shit I'm dreaming" it had that low voice. I didn't really think much of it so I decided I wanted to explore. I walk to my window and opened the blinds. It was daytime, so I levitated down to my street. I saw that there were these giant holes in the hill that leads up to the house across the street from me. I turned left and walked up the hill to my next door neighbor's yard. As I walk by the bushes in their yard, I look up to the sky to see it is looking very real. The sky is blue with no clouds at all, so I start to doubt that this is a dream and is probably reality. I look down at my hands to do a RC by pushing my hand through my palm and it goes straight through, so I conclude this is a lucid dream indeed. I turn around and walk to my garage which is open. I see that all four of my cats are lined up staring at me as I walk into the garage. I see them and laugh, then turn to see my dad is sitting in my mom's office which is in the garage IRL. This is odd because my dad doesn't live with my mom so he's never at this house. His dogs are laying down next to my mom's dogs in the garage, but half of them decide to get up and sprint away from us into the yard. One of them bumps into me which startles me...
      And that's when I exited my subconscious.

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