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    1. Nightmare: Evil Monsterous Party Crashers

      by , 10-15-2013 at 11:47 AM
      The visuals were realistic and colorful. The beginning of this dream is lost, as usual..

      I was at some sort of garage party... This was a garage made up of various garages and garage parties I've attended. At the party were a few people I know in real life, and other random dream characters. The place was complex and dingy. In real life I wouldn't have been thrilled to be at this party. I barely recall interacting with anyone.

      At one point I decided to step outside for a change of scenery. Outside looked like the backwoods of some remote county. There was a healthy green lawn, tall white-bark leafless trees, and only one neighboring house, which was really more shack than house. (*Recall gets hazy at this point*)

      Out of the shack, come the next door neighbors. Three men who looked like sinister cast members on the show Swamp People. (A show I've not watched a single episode of yet.) They were big, and glaring at me with absolute hatred. I realized that disdain for their appearance might be showing on my face, and fueling mutual repulsion..

      I looked one of them up and down for something to compliment him on. I thought it would lighten the mood. He was wearing dirty jeans. Muddy boots. A stained and ripped jean jacket. A very old darkened flannel shirt, and a vest that looked like it was made in the 1950's. He had wild hair. Yellow teeth and dirt on his face with very blood shot eyes.

      I said "I like that vest."

      He looked at it, somewhat taken off guard by my remark. He didn't thank me, but when he looked back up at me he had this half puckered expression that revealed his rotten teeth. It wasn't a smile, but it was better than the 'I want to kill you right now' look on his face before. I started to walk back towards the party, the three men followed me a ways.

      I said "We're having a party, you guys can probably come for a few beers." They seemed slightly curious, but not impressed.

      I walked back to the house, opened the side door and walked back in to the dark garage. The guy with the vest leaned inside to have a look. There was now blood everywhere, and no sign of the party goers. I felt very uneasy. I ignored the neighbors and bolted inside to see what happened..

      Near the back, there was trough filled with water about a foot deep. There were a number of people in the trough standing and fighting off what appeared to be something like skinless gremlins about 3ft tall. And the people were losing. Blood was splashing. Lights were flashing. Music was playing. It was like a twisted dance floor. As I watched in disbelief, a more powerful looking skinless gremlin with a bulging oblong brain leaped from a rafter and sliced another gremlin in dozens of of pieces with its steel straight edged elongated claws.

      I was fighting off being horrified. It turned and faced me directly. It was hideous. About 3.5 feet tall. Humanoid. It had yellow cats eyes. Wicked snaggle-tooth fangs and a huge visible brain. No hair. No fir. Just exposed. Bloody. Densely packed muscles. It looked agile and a little bit stocky.

      I said "Why did you kill one of your own?"

      It said in a raspy voice "He was going to die soon anyway."

      I pulled out a pocket knife and said "What happens if I stab you in the brain?!"

      It said "Try it."

      I stabbed it in the brain. He rolled his eyes up to look at me. I pulled out the knife and stabbed it again further back and with more force. It acted disoriented by the second attack. I staggered back reeling with disgust. After another moment, he regained composure and started to climb out of the pool to follow me. Now, I ran. Strangely into a small room with a TV. I looked at the TV remote.

      I said
      "I want to change the channel. I don't want to see these things anymore." --Then I woke up.

      I have not had a nightmare since I last posted one on Dream Views. When I woke up, I felt perfectly calm and well rested. This is the most complex dream I clearly recall in about the past year.

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      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare
    2. 6-19-2013 Football

      by , 06-20-2013 at 12:41 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Left 4 Dead:
      I'm on the back of my farm, and i'm with my sister and maybe my dad, hard to remember. Anyway, everything is covered in snow and my sister wants to explore so i lead them into the woods. As we go into a Radio tower like building , the concept of the dream changes to L4d2
      ( a video game ). Before i know it, i'm in an abandoned operating room and we accidentally summon a tank ( a really big zombie ). So we run back to the starting area and complete the mission just in time by turning in a ticket of some sort.

      I'm inside the garage of my house. I apparently signed up for football
      (american football, and no, i would never do this irl, i hate football xD ). But either way, the team is practicing in my garage, i'm #19. I tell the coach i don't know how to play and he looks angry. Next thing i know, The team is at a track. The track has a lot of buildings around it and inside the track ring. We are practicing running. I start running and see one of my friends. I have some weird conversation with him. As i'm running, i notice i don't even have to think about it, my body is automatically running, pretty cool!.

      After i run a lap, i hear a warning for a coming storm, it then starts to rain. I walk by the buildings at the track center. I look inside a place that's about to take off, i see people and wonder what they're thinking. I also look into a medical building and see a man that's about to die of a heart attack, he smiles at me, his jaw has been crushed somehow but i admire him for his ability to smile at death. I then decide to leave in a plane to, so i go into the airport but find i can't get a ticket because i have been accused of hacking security or something. I'm kicked out of the airport. So i then go outside and talk to a witch (A special infected from left 4 dead , Hmm geez, lots of left 4 dead, kinda odd ) i'm apparently dating her, but i come back with a flashlight and the light kills her and then i loot her body. ( so much for that relationship xD ).
    3. The Garage

      by , 05-21-2013 at 02:48 AM
      First of two from the morning of 05/18/13.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #95: The Garage

      I'm backing our SUV out of the driveway. As always, it's a little tight so I'm focused on what I'm doing. I catch sight of a bearded, creepy man advancing up the driveway toward the car. He makes me nervous, so I pull the car back into the garage.

      Once I'm safely back in the driveway, I look back out to find that the man has vanished. Relieved, I get ready to leave again. But now Wife's car is at a funny angle that blocks me from leaving. Come on, [Wife], why would you park me in like that? I try shoving the back half of the car so it'll spin around and get out of my way. Amazingly, this works!
      I'm immediately sure that I'm dreaming.

      I try turning Wife's car back and forth a few more times. It spins as smoothly as if it were on a turnstyle. I think about picking it up and flipping it over but realize that there are other things I need to be doing.

      I remember that I have a goal of getting to the Alamo for a shared dreaming experiment. I try to look outside and see that the garage door is closing. It's only about 3 foot away from shutting completely. Even though I should know that this doesn't present any permanent impediment, it feels important that I don't let it shut on me. I hurry to the garage entrance, flop down on my side, and log roll under the garage door.

      Outside now, I get to my feet on the driveway and look around. It's a cool, clear evening and the street's quiet. No weirdo in sight. I plan to Hulk-jump to the Alamo but as I begin to make my move,
      the dream ends.
    4. 12/12/12 Lucid

      by , 12-12-2012 at 08:17 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      (Non-Lucid) My friend Kolby and I were in a regular dream in my cul-de-sac. We had taken some drug that we thought was Molly (ecstasy) but apparently it was laced with something so I started to feel really trippy. My vision was blurred, my world was spinning, and I couldn't really think or move. I was depending on Kolby to carry me to my room so that I could just sleep it off, but I don't know if he was even there anymore. I started to notice that this dream was coming to an end, but I realized it was a dream so I started to imagine a new dream scene. Again, I picked the closest thing to me which is my room.

      (Lucid) The dream scene comes into focus as I'm standing to the right of my bed in the lucid dream world. I stare down at my hands, which usually have an A on my right hand and homework on my left hand but are clean in the dream, and start to say "holy shit I'm dreaming." At first nothing comes out, then I say it again and it comes out more clear. If anyone has ever seen the movie Donnie Darko, there's a character named Frank who speaks with a normal voice that has this creepy low voice under it, so when I said "holy shit I'm dreaming" it had that low voice. I didn't really think much of it so I decided I wanted to explore. I walk to my window and opened the blinds. It was daytime, so I levitated down to my street. I saw that there were these giant holes in the hill that leads up to the house across the street from me. I turned left and walked up the hill to my next door neighbor's yard. As I walk by the bushes in their yard, I look up to the sky to see it is looking very real. The sky is blue with no clouds at all, so I start to doubt that this is a dream and is probably reality. I look down at my hands to do a RC by pushing my hand through my palm and it goes straight through, so I conclude this is a lucid dream indeed. I turn around and walk to my garage which is open. I see that all four of my cats are lined up staring at me as I walk into the garage. I see them and laugh, then turn to see my dad is sitting in my mom's office which is in the garage IRL. This is odd because my dad doesn't live with my mom so he's never at this house. His dogs are laying down next to my mom's dogs in the garage, but half of them decide to get up and sprint away from us into the yard. One of them bumps into me which startles me...
      And that's when I exited my subconscious.

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    5. Crazy Lightning Strikes

      by , 12-02-2012 at 05:06 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: December 2, 2012 6:15AM (USA Eastern)

      I am standing in a garage talking with a couple other guys about car stuff. Suddenly, a couple strikes of lightning flash nearby. A brief moment later, lightning strikes the church steeple across a field behind the garage a few times. After a short pause, the lightning strikes repeatedly for about 10 seconds. It sounds like a machine gun firing as it is striking repeatedly and rapidly. Then, it stops just as quick as it started.

      The other guys in the garage don't seem impressed, but I'm a bit wired because that was the some of the wildest lightning I have ever seen. They are just acting like it happens every day. I just roll my eyes and go back to talking about car stuff. One of the guys asks me to help him put on a seat cover. I get in the back seat and he gets in the front. He takes off the head rest and starts to slide a cover over the back of the seat. I pull it down from the back and fasten Velcro straps at the bottom.

      Suddenly, lightning begins another rapid sequence of striking. It strikes the smoke coming from a smoke stack on a factory to the side of the garage. I quickly retrieve a small Flip camera, then I turn it on and begin recording. I hold the camera slightly out the window and can see the lightning arc travel from the sky and strike the smoke coming out of the stack. The lightning is striking repeatedly and so fast that it is nearly a constant arc. I can see the name Bondhaus on one of the stacks.

      As I hold the camera, some of the lightning strikes closer and hits the power lines beside the garage. I ask the guy in the front seat to wind up the window. He just gives me a funny look then continues to adjust the seat cover, ignoring me and the lightning. Suddenly, lightning strikes the camera. I look at the screen and it is still recording. There is another really bright flash, and I suddenly wake up.
    6. The Only Teacher is Experience

      by , 11-27-2012 at 10:29 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Slept: 11:35 pm
      Woke up: 5:02 am

      The thought came to me as I woke up: "The only teacher is experience."

      I was in college. I was hanging out with some friends. We were looking for a place to hang out after. It's night. Or maybe 3 am.

      I passed by the school's food court/cafeteria, and saw a classmate who was careless and she dropped a whole plate of palabok, a noodly meal. I cringed at the wasted food, and I moved on to find my own food.

      I saw some Archie comics there, and I really wanted to borrow and read them. But I don't want to be distracted. I saw one that shows them in the snow, Archie, Betty and Reggie.

      I 'finished' reading it, and I was in a different location. Some sort of garage. I felt like we're preparing for a battle, or had a battle.
    7. Ryuuji, Space Organazation

      by , 11-08-2012 at 01:05 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Ryuuji (Non-lucid)


      I remember being with Takasu, Ryuuji in the anime Toradora. We were pretty good friends (I guess I could have been considered Taiga). I remember we were both sitting on my bed in my room, talking and laughing about something. Suddenly he stops and says, "Hey... do you want to go out with me?"
      I gave him a puzzled look. "Like... out on a date?"
      "Okay, when?"
      I don't remember his reply.

      We walked outside together. It was raining, just a light drizzle. Ryuuji took an umbrella from out of nowhere and held it over me. I blushed. That was nice of him.
      We sat on a bench outside for a while, just talking about the future.
      I woke up later and missed it so. I thought it was real.

      Space Organazation (Non-lucid)


      I remember being outside where our garages are at my mom's house. This woman was taking some sort of photoshoot of a woman I didn't know. The photographer looked a bit familiar. She looked at me. "Will you go tell Miss _____ (can't remember her name) that the _____ (party?) is on ______ (a date)?

      I contemplated that sentence for a minute. I walked back through the garage, but then forgot it. I walked back out to the photographer and asked her to repeat it again. She growled at me but repeated it again. I then ran back inside so I wouldn't forget. My house was transformed into some kind of super galactic space organization where everyone had what looked like huge razors but were lit up, like light sabers.

      I walked to the back where a huge room was sitting. There were two double doors leading into it. One was closed, and the other was a little open, so I wasn't sure if I was allowed to go in there. To my left, I heard a man saying, "Oh no, I am so sorry, I ruined it all." Over and over and over again.

      A little creeped out, I walked away to find the woman. Instead I found a man playing with some kids on a playground set inside the house, and I asked him to get the message to her. He said he could, and left.

      I was watching him from a distance now. He was really clumsy. He accidentally hit a wall and his razor went through it, a clean cut. He did this three more times before somebody got a hold of him and told him to calm down.

      I'm not sure what happened to him, and I woke up.
    8. Staying the Night at Jake's Parents' Place, Car Washes, and Seeing Old Friends

      by , 10-08-2012 at 03:56 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Jake, staying the night at his parents' place, though it looked nothing like either of their IWL houses (they aren't together IWL either). The house was beautiful, clean, and spacious. It almost reminded me of a vacation home. I was lying in a bed that looked like it was in a big living area with these huge floor-to-ceiling windows. The colors in the room were neutral white and off white colors. I remember Jake being beside my bed as I was falling asleep.

      In the morning, I awoke to the sound of Jake's parents coming home. I was so tired, I didn't really care much. I peeked out from my sleeping mask to see if the sun was up yet, and saw that the room was very bright with sunlight. I gathered it was probably around 10am, a time I don't usually like to sleep in to. But I really just didn't care much that morning for some reason, though, I did get up and go walk over towards the windows.

      I then was in a wooden hallway near a sliding glass door that had lots of excited dogs on the other side. A girl was there. She opened the door just a little, I think just to get one of the dogs inside or something, and they all started to come in. She seemed overwhelmed and couldn't figure out what to do. I walked over to the door and the dogs and started commanding them back through the door, one by one. And one by one, they ran back through the door. I got them all outside, one doggy at a time.

      I then was walking back to my bed in the big living room area. I was coming from the direction of the windows. I then saw Jake's parents standing in the middle of the room, just looking out the window. I debated saying hello to them, but decided to just ignore them. They didn't say anything to me either. In fact, they didn't even look at me as I walked over to the bed, which now looked like a small pull out bed from a chair or couch. I curled up under the comfy covers, still very sleepy, slid my sleeping mask over my eyes, and that was that.

      Before I woke up for real, I remember briefly dreaming of chakras and auras, seeing aura photos with the chakras in them.


      I was with Jake again. This time, I wanted to go get my car washed. I told Jake this, but we rode in his car, which in the dream was an older, big navy blue car, to the car wash, which looked oddly like my waking life garage. We got out of the car.

      There were many people working in there, and there was another car pulled in on the other side of the garage as well. When we got there is when I realized that I had wanted to wash my car, but Jake's car was in there instead, since he had driven. I commented about this to Jake. One of the people, a guy, then asked Jake what make his car was, and he completely made up an answer because he wasn't sure. He told them his car was a "Minu (pronounced min-you)". As he said this, he was standing there facing the closed garage door.

      I was then in some room with some people I knew from high school, my friend Leigh being one of the people there. I saw Rachel B., a girl I used to be friends with, walk by with Cora, another girl who used to be my friend but is now just an acquaintance. Rachel B. and I don't talk anymore IWL. As they passed, I heard someone say "Hi, Krista!" I had, at first, thought it was Rachel B., but when I turned around to see who it was, it was Cora who had said hi. She walked past me. They were both wearing the plain black dresses we used to wear for choir concerts in high school.

      I was then in my garage, and I think Leigh was with me too. The garage doors were open this time, and it wasn't like a car wash anymore. In fact, no cars were there. I saw my friend Drew D. standing by the wall in the garage. I said hello to him and we started to talk. I noticed he looked skinnier than I remember him being IWL, and the right (his left) half of his face sagged a little. It looked like he had gotten Bell's Palsy, an infection of one of the facial nerves with the HSV I virus that can temporarily paralyze one side of your face (I've had this IWL). He just kept talking like nothing was wrong, like it wasn't a big deal, which was awesome, but I didn't say anything to him about it, though I wanted to. I just listened as he talked. Another girl then came up excitedly to say hello to him, and gave him a big hug. I figured that was my cue to cut the conversation off.

      I walked away, and out of the garage. It was a sunny day outside. I looked into the garage, and it looked like the floor had been filled with white concrete or plaster or something, some of it looked like it was covering up most of the tornado shelter that's built into the garage. It looked like the house was being completely renovated on the outside; I barely recognized it as the old house I grew up in, though it was still the same aside from the renovations.

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    9. Cardew garage museum

      by , 08-25-2012 at 12:43 AM
      In back yard of Cardew house. Some friends there. Enter garage from rear. Like a museum inside, talk with friends about how we might use the old things in there.
    10. Died But Respawned And Stayed In The Dream! :D

      by , 08-19-2012 at 08:11 PM (Dimension X)
      This dream was pretty long too... So it started out in a three story house. On the top floor there was pizza. I only had 2 slices and wasn't allowed to have any more. I couldn't go up there and try to steal some either because my dad and some other guy were up there too. I remember in the dream that I was just really hungry. So then it turned nighttime, and I decided to kind of army crawl on the floor towards the pizza. While I was where the pizza is, there were some other things there too. There was some kind of jar of something... And a random box of candies. They were spherical and hollow and were coated in sugar... My dad was on a bed nearby sleeping, and the other guy was across the room in a sleeping bag... Well... Sleeping. I remember I somehow starved to death in the dream and I died.... o.O But then I... Respawned...?! But after I did, I went a bit insane. I didn't care if I was caught trying to steal the pizza, I just made roaring and growling noises like some sort of monster and I ran up into the room as fast as I could, swiped one piece, and ran back to the second floor and hid in a corner to eat it. I devoured the slice in like 5 seconds. But I was still hungry and wanted more. My mom came out of nowhere, and decided to help me I guess, so then we were outside all of the sudden. My dad was in the garage and awake so we had to be quiet. My mom walked up quickly and took the box of candies and brought it back. She said something, kind of loudly too, and I reminded her to be quiet. But as we were walking down the driveway, away from the house and garage, my dad came out of the garage, and we started to walk over to him. Something else happened, but I forget what. Next, my mom and I were walking down a street with some random kid who was carrying a sword, and we were talking but then the kid turned right, and went down another street. And I remember saying "He better be careful. If you're caught with a sword on that street, you're killed."

      That's all I remember...

      30th Dream Journal entry
    11. Running in the Rain (DILD)

      by , 07-14-2012 at 03:09 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      Running in the Rain (DILD)


      I remember being in an old house. I think it was some sort of China house, with pagodas on top. I remember walking outside the backdoor. When you walked out, you were standing on a platform about 10 feet in the air. there were steps going down to the right side of me.

      Suddenly, a gigantic monster comes out of nowhere. He's taller than the platform where I stand. He charges at me. I scream and run back inside, squeezing through the door.

      I come through the house and out to the garage. I find my family and others gather around picnic tables. Light music was playing around. The garage doors were open and I could now see that it was a light drizzle outside.

      Suddenly, a thought occured to me. I MUST be dreaming. I did my nose RC, and I was!
      The thought that occured to me first was to get away from there. I looked outside at the rain again, deciding. Well first I should probably put on some shoes. I looked down at my feet. They were a light yellow color. My hand caught my eye. My fingers were bent up in a weird way. Disgusted, I looked up.

      I closed my eyes, and tried to "feel" shoes on my feet. No luck. Whatever, I can run barefoot. I ran out into the rain, feeling it's wetness slapping my face and neck. It felt pretty real. I felt the concrete under my feet scratch against my heels as I ran down the driveway. Once I came to the end, I looked to my left, then to my right. Which way should I go? I went right, so I would be heading to the end of the neighborhood.

      I starting running as fast as my legs could carry me. Faster, faster! I was so fast. It was exhilarating.

      I was almost at the end of the road. I saw a large car lot, like the ones you see in town with the ribbons/flags streamed across the lot. It was placed in an odd way, it wasn't supposed to be there. I saw a small tarp in front of me, I decided to pick it up. The wind started to pick up. I remember reading someone's dream on how they flew on a tarp, like a hot air balloon or a parachute. I ran a few feet and then jumped, my hands grasping the two corners across from each other.

      The tarp picked up a little bit, making me glide over to the car lot. I looked below me. Not 3 feet under me were 3 Mustangs (light blue, lime green, green) going backwards on their own, all connected on top of a tarp. The wind was blowing much fiercely now, so the tarp under the cars was screaming for release. I hovered back down to the ground beside the cars. I wanted to fly for real. I bent down, and then tried to jump up. When I did, I heard an "Ow!"

      (This part was very fuzzy. Apparently I "woke up" in my room and hit my mother [she was beside my bed] because I jumped up in my dream. I think this was an FA, because I don't remember doing anything else after "hitting" her.)

      I woke up for real and my mother was standing over me, saying that she was leaving for work.
    12. Zombies

      by , 04-07-2012 at 10:55 PM
      Writing my dream pretty late but will write all I remember. I remember it being a sort of zombie apocalypse and I was at my home with my family. I remember zombies being in our backyard and can't remember if they were non vicious or we were killing them I'm guessing with some sort of gun. At one point Dog the bounty hunter came to our back door and yelled for us to let him in. We didn't want to let him in because we weren't sure if we'd have enough resources to let more people in. But I think we eventually let him in. Later I remember being with him and a bunch or other random people in some sort of large warehouse or garage. At one point in the garage there was someone "bad" driving around and I jumped onto the hood of that car punching through the windshield. The driver then crashed the car and was dead inside. After this the dream got weird and I remember waking up in a bed in a room of that garage and asking everyone if that was a dream and people were saying it was real. For some reason I was convinced that smashing the car windshield was a dream even though I'm pretty sure the smashed car was still there.
    13. Vampire Hunting and Psychiatric Home - 03/04/12

      by , 04-04-2012 at 02:22 PM (My Wapped Dreamscape)
      Two dreams from last night
      The first I remember being in a large Petrol Station, I remember looking in the glove compartment and finding about 5 squares of chocolate from a box of chocolates wrapped in polythene. After eating them I decided I needed to go into the garage and get some more. Next thing I remember was being in a sub terranium corridor under the Garage with soneone, we knew were graves above us with vampires in, ready to wakeup. I looked about for any type of stick that could be sharpened into a steak and worrying about those graves where the dead had already decomposed.
      The next dream was very fragmented.
      I was walking arround a country area then led back to my room in a psychiatric residence. Jimmy and Cookie were there (my two cats, though Cookie is now dead in real life) and was worried that they weren't accustomed to their new residence and may wonder off and get lost, I put them in a basket to take them round the area outside, but after a time found that it was too much to carry. Next thing I remember was finding myself back indoors, my cats safely in the room, talking to one of the other residents, not sure what about, but he was writing something. At this point I woke up.
    14. WILD talk, Exam, Lucid and calling out my Subconscious but failing.

      by , 03-09-2012 at 03:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      Dream 1: WILD talk

      Something weird went on with DCs talking about WILDing.

      Dream 2: Exam

      I'm taking an exam an its crowded in the lecture room. It's mostly flat flooring compared to the sloped flooring I'm used to at my University to cover more surface area.

      There are long tables and seats to occupy many people horizontally. I don't do so well on the exam because I leave some areas blank.

      What do you wear under there?-etkhu.gif

      So I decide to go up to the proctors and staff to turn in the exam, and then some person gives me the second part to the test. I go back to sit down to take it.

      Then the dream shifts to where I'm a replica of where my Political 206 class is, and it's most likely a tutoring session for it, and I see a blonde to the left of me talking about something useful to study for the exam.

      She shows some items she uses, and I hear some black guy trying to talk to the girl with accent like, "Hey girl.." or something like that, but the girl seems to be ignorning him.

      The girl looks cute, but I'm not sure what happened after.

      Dream 3: Lucid and calling out my Subconscious but failing...(DILD)

      I feel as if I'm being pulled and transferred to the dreaming plane, and I question if I'm dreaming or not.

      I finally know I am without doing a reality check, I just know because the surroundings around me is related to a house I've been to during breaks in college, and I haven't been for some time now.

      I'm inside the garage of the house, and I see the vehicle in front of me with random things in it. The doors are open I believe, with the light inside shining a bit probably.

      For some odd reason, I decided to call out my subconscious a few times, but nothing happens.

      I open the garage and its fairly dark outside, either early morning or late night. I call out for my subconscious to appear again, and still nothing.

      I felt nothing, I even turned around with anticipation to see if an entity would be formed, and nothing happens...just emptiness. The whole environment was quiet, peaceful, but this was irritating because I really wanted for my subconscious to appear as a DG or something!

      I have a decent stabilized dreaming mind at the moment, but when that happens, my mind tends to be stupid and want to destroy that because I keep thinking that I could mess it up.

      Anyway, I give up and try to find Alyzarin and Kaomea, since the sky looks almost the same as our planned sharing dream location,
      but I wake up.

    15. Meeting Biochemists And Geneticists Females, Peeing, Mother Closing Garage, Party Time Calendar

      by , 02-04-2012 at 01:38 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)

      I was going to nap for a little while, but when I woke up to the alarm, I seemed to dozed off a little bit after I turned it off, and slipped into an accidental nap.

      OH, and I changed the format of the dates labeled on each dream, I'm used to the typical M/D/Y format, and it was getting annoying seeing D/M/Y from the default setting of the dream journal template that's available on the older dream journal settings thread I believe.

      (Just keeping this as a note so I won't think that I didn't have any dreams on February, since seeing 01.02.2012 would be Jan, if I go back to glance at my older entries and having it at 02.03.2012 might make me think it's from March if I kept conforming to the D/M/Y format instead of the M/D/Y format...just so those who read won't get confused.).


      Dream 1:

      The dream started out with me standing near a few sets of Buses belonging to the bus system at my University.

      They had variation in shapes and function. One was a classic and old school version (apparently), and there was an old lady trying to get the light to turn on, and it seemed she was trying to radio in to the maintenance or whatever to say the lights weren't working.

      I immediately ignored going inside of that bus because the old lady was having a hard time. I believe there was another bus in between, but I go up to the bus in front of it.

      I go in, and I find this bus is really short inside compared to the others. I believe it had 8-10 seats or so inside, excluding the driver's seat. Here's how the format the bus was.

      When you go up the steps to get in, there's going to be four seats or so on your left. And when you turn left to sit on the left side, in front of you is two to four more seats (that are on the opposite side of you), and if you're still sitting on the left side from where you entered, you'll see that there's two or more extra seats placed perpendicular of where you're sitting as the back seats.

      (This picture pretty much explains what I said, with those two guys sitting on the side(but just replace them with females), and I was the one sitting on the left. And there were windows on the sides compared to this picture).

      I couldn't remember if I was the first one to get on the bus, but I stumble upon mostly female DCs coming in. Of course, there weren't going to be many people, so I see a blonde come in, and the dream shifts to where there's probably 3 females on the bus, excluding the female driver.

      I introduced myself to them, starting with the blonde who is front ot me. I put my hand out to her, and she tells me her name, it starts with an "S," but I couldn't remember it. I do remember that I had to ask her twice though.

      Looking back on how she looked like, she was your classic MILF, I knew she had a lot of intelligence within her, and she was just so sexy to me. Her body build was so appealing to me, she was wearing the typical light blue jeans, and I believe she was wearing a blue sweater, almost like the one I wore today.

      How old are you?-cougars-cougar-life.jpg(Just putting this in because it matches to how the DC smiled at me when I greeted her, and she basically had the same upper region as the one in the pic too xD)

      I think she had lip gloss on, because I do recall a shine to her lips, probably was trying to attract me. She told me that she majored in Biochemistry, and then I realized she looked like professor (a really hot one that's probably around her late 20s and or early to mid 30s).

      I believe I greeted another lady, who was probably a younger blonde, I think she had really curly blonde hair, and probably had freckles as well, but I forgot the first letter of her name compared to the older one that was sitting to the right of her. And the younger one looked shy and timid.

      Then I turn left, and I see a Black female DC, I greeted myself to her, and she said she was a Geneticists. She started to tell me more on how she regretted not having Biochemistry as her major since Genetics majors would have to do more work if they wanted to switch or something.

      I agreed with her, but then something in my mind told me that something was wrong with that logic she was declaring to me. I explained to her that both Biochemistry and Genetics are about 95% related to each other, so the small percentage that makes them different wouldn't have made any huge changes in whatever she wanted to be.

      And I felt myself talking while explaining this to her as well, in fact, I would've became lucid if I was wondering why I'm on a bus when I'm actually taking an accidental nap.

      She agrees to my explanation and is like "Oh, really??!" in a surprised tone. Then she tells me she has to speak with one of her advisers to give her a piece of her mind or something.

      In my mind, I thought that it would be already too late for her to complain about how whoever advised her to do Genetics instead of Biochemistry since she looked like she was the same age as the blonde MILF.

      Then after a while, everything gets quiet, so I guess we're all just planning what to say next. Then I started to say how I wanted to major in Biochemistry because I felt I could also do small research on sleep cycles and dreaming, and all three of them looked at me and nodded their heads each time I explained a reason at the end.

      I talked about how Dream research is a science that remains untouched because people are afraid that their beliefs will suddenly be just a method of faith they placed on to define their reality, and other basic things you would say to people who don't look like they focus on dreaming and attempting to become lucid.

      They had that curious facade, and it was cute.
      (Even as I'm typing this, I'm still lured by the blonde MILF, she just had this aura that I could just hug her and smother my face all over her breasts while she gets her hands and holds my my head in excitement, just thinking about it gets me excited too...but let's move on).

      The bus stops I believe and we get off. This is the part where the dream transitions I'm not to sure of what occurred first or last.

      But from what I remembered first, I was inside a bathroom that was mixed, meaning that there was a section combined with male urinals, and you could walk a few steps to go to the female area.

      Of course, I assumed the area with the toilets that were concealed was for females, since I saw the blonde teenager's head that I met inside the bus getting ready to do her business. I think there was another female DC outside the concealed toilet waiting for her.

      Then I go to the urinal, and I took a really long time urinating, I'm surprised I didn't wake up feeling wet down there since I felt the sensation getting stronger and stronger as I urinate more. I wanted to be careful not to urinate too fast because I didn't want the liquid to splash back at me.

      Then the dream transitions to where we're inside some classroom, and we're all going to leave. I only see the teenager blonde I met in the bus with me, and she was doing her own business.

      I think I was searching the desk and drawers to make sure no one left anything. I think I found all sorts of things ranging from deserts, etc.

      That's all I remember for that all. I'm still having an attract to the blonde MILF I saw though. Maybe she wanted my attention, and I gave her it, but I just wasn't lucid.

      Dream 2: Mother Closing Garage Door

      All I remember from this dream was that my father was having difficulty closing the garage door, and he called a DC that looked like my mother to close it for him.

      I look at her try to close it, she detaches the right side of it, and slowly links it back to the grooves to slide it down, but by the time she did that, I ignored her and went somewhere.

      Dream 3: Party Time Calendar

      All I remember from this dream was being giving a calendar of estimated dates of when there was going to be a party that a specific group of older adults called the "Guyanese Club" I knew about in waking life.

      As I'm reading this, apparently some DC is telling me how one DC didn't tell the other DC about this calendar, and it was pretty trivial and petty things that I didn't want to listen to.

      I think I saw some numbers moving around the calendar, but that's all I remember.
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