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    1. Stopping a Fire by Turning off a Light

      by , 06-18-2018 at 01:18 PM
      Morning of June 18, 2018. Monday.

      In my last dream of today, I enter a short but very vivid scene. I find myself back on the second floor of the King Street mansion, with no memory of my present life other than a subtle recall of Zsuzsanna being my wife. It seems to be the middle room of the east side of the house, where I once lived in real life. Moments before, I had full memory in partial wakefulness of where I was, but this is completely lost upon my short return to sleep.

      The room’s west wall is deeper into the room than the doorway, resulting in a short wall to the right of the doorway when entering the room (a fictitious feature which my dream self does not recognize as wrong). I notice an irregular hole in this wall of which is about a foot above the floor. This puzzles me. Over time, I start to realize that something inside the wall is on fire. It relates to the electricity. Smoke billows from the corner of the wall for a short time (which of course would not be possible as the bottom of the wall is solid to the floor). I sense that the wiring, farther inside from the wall’s outer surface, is on fire. I look at the hole and see it is somehow growing (though is not visibly on fire). (This does not make any sense, as is often the case with dreams. If the wiring is burning, farther back from the wall as such, how could the hole being growing larger on its own?)

      The hole grows downward, elongating and curving right, and soon resembles a reverse J-shape. The hole grows bigger, with a slight sizzling sound. It does not expand outward much, but “burns” downward (yet with no sign of flames) in a line. I decide I need to turn the light off. I flick the switch off and immediately wake.

      A light switch, as with a door, is autosymbolism for reticular activating system mediation of the sleeping and waking process. Typically light, lightning, and fire are consciousness augmentation and initiating the waking process. (Even in real life, if I accidentally drop something on my foot and become suddenly more aware, I will “see lightning”.) However, since early childhood, it has also become analogous to achieving lucidity and dream state revivification through non-lucid dream control or non-lucid manipulation. (Many forms of autosymbolism of reticular activating system mediation can be used to increase lucidity and, by way of the virtuous circle effect and with countless legitimized experiences, result in an entirely different dreaming process than many people experience, including continuous non-lucid dream control where bad dreams are very rare other than when biologically premonitory). In this case, its analogy is simply turning the potential for lucidity off and waking at the same time, as I had already slept a little too long this morning. Otherwise, fire is one of my most common dream features, especially of microdreams and very short dreams. (There will usually be at least one inconsequential microdream of a small fire at the beginning of every sleep cycle, which has been the case since early childhood.)

      Some people, when not wishing to achieve conscious awareness in the dream state, or simply wanting to return to sleep, will have dreams about trying to turn the same light off repeatedly, with little or no success, or of turning off a large number of lights in the same room, resulting in the room being as lit as ever. I have experienced this myself, and ultimately, it is hilarious, despite the intense frustration of the dream self.

    2. Goddess of Wine

      by , 05-13-2015 at 12:24 AM
      Backlog: 28 April Part II

      I do a quick mental review, briefly think about tasks, toss around and then fall back to sleep.

      About 60-75 mins (timed) worth of sleep, with about 3/4 of it lucid. Yet, I remember only fragments here and there mostly of some of my actions.

      Earliest point. It seems I became lucid in the first couple of mins after a brief nrem period. No distinct bodily sensations upon falling asleep. I immediately recall a number of the tasks. The speck of dust totm comes to mind again and I allow myself to be lifted up in the air. I briefly think about the bird glide dream flying mode and that it actually doesn't involve active flying but using the wind as well (in the case of no flapping). The wind carries me over the streets of this unknown town. I then get down to street level and try to recall other tasks. The only thing that comes to mind is Earth bending where you have to create a mountain. I look ahead thinking about a mountain appearing and as I stare in the distance I begin to distinguish the features of a mountain and the view is quite clear too! Feeling very excited about this!

      Near the same location as the mountain totm, on the streets, I wonder what to do and think that I should try the totys. At the moment, I don't remember almost any of them apart from the (God of Wine) drinking contest task. I spot a nearby bar just to the side so I enter ready to get drunk. I'm trying to pick what to drink, not remembering if the task required a particular alcohol or not. There is a large beer glass waiting invitingly on the counter. Yet, the DCs around look terrible, and this whole place smells like spirits in a rather unpleasant way. I don't like the atmosphere so I leave and walk around allowing the place to change. In the end, I opt for entering another place altogether like a bar again, but looking much better. At this point I am aware that am supposed to have drinking buddies or rather the other competitors Hercules and Dionysus.

      A number of DCs join me and I think they are appropriate, wearing antique clothes, though Hercules isn't as muscular as I would like him to be. And the other DC (God of Wine) turns out to be Leonardo DiCaprio! I find this particularly amuzing and think that he fits the role of Dionysus. I then finally correctly decide that we will be drinking wine and grab a bottle from the rack near the wall. Slightly confused as to whether we are supposed to be sharing the same bottle or each should have his own, I pause for a minute. Then a couple more bottles materialize in the hands of the DCs. There is also a third DC. We raise bottles for a cheers and then the other DCs drink some of their wine. I start pouring the contents of the bottle in my mouth. This takes longer than expected for a dream, but other than that is extremely realistic in terms of sensation. It really feels as if I am drinking, and pouring the contents of an entire bottle, hence the length in drinking time. This even worries me that the dream might end from too much focus on only one thing, but the bottle is finally empty. The other DCs have no more desire to drink and I emerge as victor in the contest!

      End of memory. Dream transition.

      In the next part of the dream I do not do almost anything actively, but rather try to spend as much time in the dream simply walking and looking around. The strategy is successful, but overwhelmed with the amount of information, I don't recall amost anything in particular detail. As I go from one place to the next I am convinced to have discovered the key to spending max time in the dream without interruption, that you can have an entire REM intact without the fade outs.

      Actually, I do remember now that I feel the need not to look for too long at particular objects. My clarity was much better when I was moving and only paying minimal attention to specific objects, as compared to when I was paying more attention to them. I felt like I had no interest in them whatsoever either, I saw no point?

      Fragment: I read a female name somewhere and I repeat it many times out loud because I want to remember it upon waking. I even make some DCs shout it. No idea what the name was.

      At some point I find myself inside this place and recall another of the element bending tasks - to set something on fire. Me and another DC are in a building so I try to set one of the corridors on fire by summoning flames on the walls. I also get the other DC to do the same, but neither of us is fully successful - though we manage to get the corridor to be covered in orange colored fire like decorations.

      I continue walking around, trying to maintain my attention, but notice this is becoming quite tiring. As I enter the next room, it is a dark room and everything is very blurry. I immediately begin to feel that this has an effect on my attention (especially after so much exercising it) and that am starting to lose the dream. I try to flip a light switch, but of course it does not work. At this point I try to will the lights to turn on, which lights up the room, but by increasing light coming from the outside. Nevertheless it has the effect of restoring the balance in the dream. I am rather mentally exhausted at this point to keep focusing on the dream and thinking what else to do. There are a few DCs in bed and after some contemplations, decide to enjoy some side activities, which are unsuccessful as the male DC is not very interested

      I lose lucidity and then this becomes a non-ld scenario with me and the male DC with confusing explanations from his side. We continue exploring the building.
    3. Dreamscape connection

      by , 05-06-2014 at 03:48 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      * This day was more complicated. I went late to bed after some cups of wine...

      .../It's night and I'm running around a stadium. There's strange people around. I see a fake taxi getting too close. I decide to go back. In the way I find some wooden toy wagons. I want to try to finish the round riding one of those. It moves fine, although I go in another direction because of it's fun to turn it with my thought. I end inside a supermarket at the end of an irregular queue. I get to a better position in the queue, close to the cash register. The guy behind me doesn't like what I did and he's decided to tell the cashier to take me out of the queue. He points at me while asks the other people if they saw what I did. I'm feeling a little bit embarrassed, although I will try not to pay attention to him...

      * The importance about this dream is that I'm starting to make connections between the dreamscapes from other dreams which took place in the same "city". I didn't realize until now, that I could build some sort of map of the whole city which could help me to move better when I get lucid and don't know "where to go".

      * After waking up from that dream, I tried to WILD, lying on my side with my arms in front of me, due to some times the dream started when I was lying in the same position although looking at my arms very clear.

      .../I'm lying on the sofa when I feel one tooth moving out from its place. I wake up and go to the bathroom. I want to rinse my mouth out. I feel the blood starting to flow. When I get into the bathroom I see the window is open and an old friend of mine, a black cat who lived in the creepy lady's house, is there. I want to turn on the light, although I can't push the switch correctly due to the rush. I try it once more but this time I don't find the switch in the middle of the dark. I see the cat taking a walk inside the bath when I remember he used to do some nasty things to mark his territory. I don't want him to mark his territory on the laundry basket! So I gently tell him to go away, with some drops of water. He goes out through the window...

      * Nap after work...

      ...driving in a highway...
      ...residual porn advertisement on the screen when I close a window...
      ...drops of water falling on a light-green and pink leaf...

      .../my oldest daughter, climbs on the furniture, jumps and fall on her knees. It makes a loud noise. I want to draw her attention...

      .../I hear somebody getting into the house. I wake up and hear something on the floor has broken. I see one of its wooden planks is broken. I want to see how much is it broken. It's about to fall inside a hole beneath the floor. I hold it carefully and see how deep is the hole. It's not too deep. I'm interesting to explore there, but first I have to see who got in the house...

      * Sometimes I dream about this place where we moved a couple of years ago.
    4. Older dreams (Part 3)

      by , 08-12-2013 at 03:04 AM
      Another entry from my WORD (.doc) dream journal:

      [B]Monday, 18. April 2011: "Sunlight" (LUCID)
      Type: WILD/WBTB[/B]

      After about 4 hours of sleep, I get up, and go back to bed a couple of minutes later. I get sleep paralysis, then get a little uncomfortable and will myself out of it by trying to move my head as hard as possible. That always works for me. After that, I get it again, then I get the illusion that my head starts shaking and banging against the pillow. I also feel slight pressure in my entire body. I keep saying to myself that I will have a lucid dream. The next thing I know, I am in a dream, laying in my bed in the same position I fell asleep in. Everything looks the same. I get up, and start walking a bit around the room, reminding myself outloud that it is a dream. I start paying attention to the details, particularly the light switch on the wall. A few seconds later the environment begins to fade. I try to relax and rub my hands against one another, and the dream stabilizes a bit. I walk into the living room, and the door is open, I see the sunlight outside, and it is also shining onto the floor.

      However, looking at the sunlight destabilizes the dream and it begins to fade even more. I go back into the bedroom, which is darker, and the clarity improves. I focus, remind myself once more that I am in a dream, and then walk again into the living room. The sun once again causes the dream to begin breaking up so to speak, and losing clarity very much. Now I decide I will start spinning in order to stabilize it. So, in the living room, I spread my hands out, and start to spin and spin, expecting and hoping that the environment will stabilize. However, it continues to fade, and eventually... I don't know what happened after that. I did not wake up. It seems there was some kind of pause after that, if that's possible. Some kind of non-dream period? After that I only vaguely remember a non-Lucid dream.
    5. LD Patchwork

      by , 06-22-2013 at 10:55 PM
      Pre bed: Gingko, l-arginine

      Total sleep time: 6 hrs

      Dream quality and recall: Very vivid, unstable, hard to recall all details and honestly didn’t notice them as much

      WBTB: >1/2 latte, insomnia mostly caused by heat, dehydration and discomfort due to heavy junk food consumed at dinner

      Technique: In the approx. 2 hours of insomnia, I faithfully did all possible techs I could think of, including mantras, SSILD, WILD, noticing dreamlets, initially to induce an ld, but mostly just trying to get back to sleep. As I was dehydrated had to drink some water then go to restroom several times, which made insomnia worse.

      Dreamlet: some kind of palm tree as it is being painted

      Pre WBTB dream impressions: high vividness, flying, friendly dogs in hometown (can't remember anything, just there was some strangeness involved)

      Post WBTB LD Pack 1 (DILD+ 2xDEILD): I finally fall asleep, and find myself in a bus in a familiar city. My bf is to my right and there is a woman in front of me with a baby that she is about to feed. To her left is man, just another passenger that reacts to her moving around. I want to remark that there is not enough space for any action but then notice the hand of the man, he is now a woman and on his palm, slightly below the little finger is what looks like an eye.

      An eye on his hand? Alarm! This can only be a dream! I am more excited than usual, possibly because I spotted this eye. I keep looking at it with interest. The eye on the hand is following the movement of the woman with the baby. Soon enough there is a whole face on the palm of that DC. It looks really crazy and cool! I am overjoyed and for some reason decide to shout out loud exactly "Dreamviews", this stabilizes the dream somewhat. Then I begin to ponder about undressing when the dream fades, I quickly pass through the void, and then feel my physical body.

      I wait a bit and the dream picks up again. It is as if I am following a dream scenario so my dream self is on the way somewhere. This is very close to where I was previously in the bus. There is a small garden next to the bus station, so I am there, trying to hold on to the dream. I concentrate on the ground and look at the ultra detailed and vivid grass. Reminding me of the movie Gladiator, I have a moment of enjoyment touching and playing with lots of beautifully looking grass ears. They have a slight pinkish hue and are not like any grass type I have seen. As I move my hand from one grass ear to another, the dream slowly fades, I go through the void, and am back in bed.

      I wait some more and the dream is back, but this time it is super unstable. If I remember correctly at this point I also get some of my dream paralysis, being unable to move my hand/shoulder (right one this time), but I try to ignore it, adjust my posture and it somehow disappears. I am more or less on the same place, I am trying to make my dream body behave according to a fake dream scenario and pretend that I am going somewhere again. On the street, facing a traffic lights pole, the dream is slipping away. I hug/grasp the pole and try to hold on to it, feel it, etc, then remember all that discussion about making out with the dream. I stretch out my tongue and start licking the pole with all might, but initially don't feel anything. I keep on licking until finally there is a distinct sensation of my tongue and the pole is more solid.
      The dream fades and I am back in bed - I have been moving my real tongue as well!

      I decide to visit the restroom and continue with my efforts to fall asleep.

      Random lucid fragment: I remember looking at the sky and seeing some strange white transparent ghost-like bird. I follow its flight and remember the other lucid where birds were transparent. My thinking is that maybe this is an OBE and real creatures look like that. I try to interact with the bird by calling it, exerting some kind of dream control on it.

      Non-ld: Some kind of a FA, in our bedroom, with bf and Angela Merkel comes in. I am very happy that I will finally have the chance to ask her a few questions about her meetings and the state of the world economy. My memory is vague, but we talk about something, the dream fades and I wake up.

      Struggling to fall asleep again.

      LD Pack 2 (WILD + 2xDEILD): Because of the going in and out of the void, my memory is really elusive with this one, although it was very vivid and each part lasted a while.

      I find myself in what vaguely reminds me of my ex-room. My boyfriend is sleeping in the bed. I notice that it is kind of dark (but not totally dark), so more out of habit than rational thinking, I head to where the light switch is, find a different looking light switch, give it a bit of a thought "What am I doing, expecting the room to become better lit after using a dream switch?", find this absurd, but turn on the light nevertheless. There is a slight change and some more light. It's ok. I am in mischievous mood, so decide to wake up my bf's DC. No way this DC puppet is my bf, it looks like him but I know it's not him. On with my task "assign a lucidity DC", I engage in a long talk with fake bf DC, explaining to him that he should keep on reminding me that this is a dream. He looks kind of dumb and doesn't respond anything and there is something creepy about him as well. I am starting to have regrets about waking this DC up. There is also some aggressive buzzing, some object is pushing me just next my right foot, I can feel it there, and really don't want to have anything to do with it or the fake bf DC. I look down trying to brush the small aggressor away, but there is nothing there, just my clothes and body....the dream destabilizes, passing throughout the void....I remain still.

      Back to the same room, but of course it has changed a bit. It is on the ground floor and leads to an inside yard. One other thing that is worth noting is that I also heard some music playing in the background while in the room, it stopped while in the void, and then resumed with the dream. It is bright and sunny outside, autumn hues lit by the sun. My mood reflects the scene and the scene my mood. I am holding a bottle of coke, wonder whether I should leave it, but notice how much better I feel with my hands around an object. I continue walking, there are residential buildings surrounding the yard and it is raining and sunny at the same time. I want to have some fun with the rain, enjoy the scene. I lift up in the air in exhilaration, this lasts a while and as I am midair the dream fades and I am in my bed.

      I know what to do, I wait and then wait some more. This time it is harder, but the dream comes back (same place). I feel my head touching the branch of a tree. It is as if I landed on the tree with my forehead. I shortly wonder whether this sensation may come from my physical body, but dismiss the thought. On the ground now, and happy to be back in this nice place. I notice a puddle and sure enough there is my reflection staring back at me. My dream reflection looks great, smiling, and my hair is just perfect. (It rarely looks that well styled irl) Naturally, I am impressed by this and especially by the flawless hairstyle.

      Then it dawns on me that this was TOTM and I remember CL's comment that it seems like I always try to do all TOTM in one dream. At that moment, I am super confident that I will be able to do all the tasks even if the dream interrupts. The problem is I never memorized all 5 because of my task flexibility goal this month, so I try very hard to remember what they all were. I remember that with the dinosaur egg and look around. The yard is merging into an open room with all kinds of junk objects on the floor. I am looking for an egg. There are two balls, and one changes to have the hard surface of an egg and elongates slightly and there we have it - a perfect red egg the size of an ostrich's egg. (Finally some positive side effect of dream instability). I put the egg under my butt and start hatching it, holding it with one hand. It cracks and I expect something to come out and then of course the dream destabilizes and I am in the void in a strange position and feeling my body as well.
      I wait and wait but nothing happens this time, so I wake up and try to remember as much as possible before it fades.

      Counted as 2 Lds (official) and 1 micro ld (info only).

      PS: Writing this whole thing took much longer than dreaming it.
    6. The DreamViews Drive

      by , 03-19-2013 at 03:43 PM
      This was a fun little WILD and attempt at Advanced Task of the Month. It's been a while since I've had to navigate my house and I'd forgotten how challenging it can be. Darkness seems to lurk around every corner and I'm always trying to just get out. Couldn't do that for this Task of the Month -- had to head further in.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #78: The DreamViews Drive

      I'm getting consistent hypnagogic imagery of the den of our house, so I feel like I'm getting close. I focus on staying aware, and after a few more flashes of the den, a fully three-dimensional picture emerges. I will myself to roll off of the couch, and my dream body complies. I check my hands and feet and everything looks normal. No extra fingers or troll feet. The carpet feels very realistic as well and I mentally confirm that there's no reason I would have fallen asleep downstairs.

      I give the coffee table a little shove with my foot and it glides over the carpet. Okay, now I'm really sure it's a dream. I walk through the den past my computer, stepping on a bunch of the kids' toys as I go. Strangely, there's a laundry basket in the middle of the floor. I give the laundry basket a hefty kick and it goes sailing into the air and flies straight out the window. I'm quite amused with myself.

      Outside there's just a hint of light, like it's the early morning. I don't think it's possible that the sun's up yet, but it makes me feel more urgent and focused. Since I'm in the house, I want to find the note that I left for myself for Advanced Task of the Month. I have to get back up to our bedroom. I wonder whether I'll find myself there. The thought of my sleeping body makes me feel a little wobbly, so I imagine instead that Wife is lying in the bed by herself. I wonder whether Wife's DC will be interested in "victory celebrations" if I can complete Advanced Task of the Month.
      (Menthol, is that you?)

      I walk through the kitchen, dining room, and den, past the pool table to the stairs. For a moment I think about trying a pool shot, but decide that I'd better stay focused. I'm pleased that the baby gate is missing from the bottom of the stairs. Halfway up, though, I see that this dream house has the baby gate installed in the middle of the stairs. "That's not real," I think, and phase through it.

      The upstairs looks really, really dark. I notice a light switch on the wall next to me. I try both of the switches several times, but each of them just controls the air conditioner instead of the lights! Every time I flip one of them, the air conditioning rumbles to life and I feel a light stir of wind.

      I'm not sure what to do, so I just charge ahead. The darkness starts to get really bad, and I realize that I'm about to lose the dream. I grab onto the banister as darkness sweeps over me. I produce a gladius in my right hand and start swinging it around in the void, still clutching the banister. I stay like this for quite some time, not losing the dream but also not going anywhere. It feels like at least 30 seconds. I fail to formulate a good transition to a new scene (or a way back into the existing scene), and I either fade to black or lose lucidity...

      It's a clear morning. Wife and I are in a car, pulling up to a two-story brick house to pick up my best friend F. F greets us at the door and comes out to inspect the car we're driving, an amazing classic car that looks a bit like a '55 Chevy Belair. Wife goes inside the house and I tell F that he and I should go for a ride. I hand him the keys and he drives.

      As we start down the street, I tell F, "Man, I just had a lucid dream before we came over here. I've got to enter it into DreamViews." He says cool. There's something like an old-style typewriter embedded in the car's console. I know that if I type the dream into this typewriter it'll automatically get posted to DreamViews. I marvel at how convenient this is. I congratulate myself for renting such a wonderful car.

      While I peck randomly at the keys, I ask F whether he's had any lucid dreams lately when he's commuting on the train. He says no, and we talk dreaming for a bit. I say something about dream signs and I mention that one of mine is "really bad driving." He laughs and says, "You mean like this?" He hits a quick 3-point turn and floors the accelerator, sending us streaking back toward the house.

      "It's a rental!" I whine. "Be careful, man!" It's a residential street and he's doing 60 mph, easy. We're almost back to the house now and he hasn't slowed down one bit. I'm distracted, too, because I'm still trying to type my DJ entry into the car's typewriter-thing. Now I realize that I don't have a seat belt. I alternate between blubbering "It's a rental!!" and "There's no seat belt!!" As we hit the driveway, I throw in, "I don't want to die!!"

      F cuts the wheel hard to the left. There's a squeal of rubber and the car stops a few feet from the house. I'm relieved to be alive. I'm not angry because I assume that he just didn't hear my complaints. "I was trying to tell you, man. I don't think my side has a seat belt!"

      He laughts. "Nothing's going to happen to you, man!" I get out of the car and see that it's turned into a convertible.
      I get it now. "F! This is a dream, isn't it?" He's walking inside the house and I hurry after him, the dream growing dark. Fade to black...

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      lucid , false awakening
    7. Paranoia

      by , 11-10-2012 at 04:51 AM
      Interesting little converted nightmare. Producing the .44 out of thin air seems sort of like lucid dreaming techniques bleeding over into my non-lucid dreams, which is interesting.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #27: Paranoia

      I'm in a false awakening where I'm a kid living in my old room at my parents' house. I sense some terrifying presence in my room so I jump out of bed, crouching down in fear. I reach under the bed and pull out a long-barreled, Dirty Harry-style .44 Magnum and hold it in front of me, searching wildly for whatever is after me.

      I suddenly have no idea what I'm doing holding this gun and I'm afraid that I'll wind up shooting myself or my parents with it. I duck into the bathroom and close the door behind me, trying to figure out what to do. I try the light switch but it doesn't work. Something reaches out in the darkness and starts wrestling with me for the gun. My fear combined with the craziness of the scene is enough to
      make me lucid.

      I gently pull the .44 back toward me, no longer believing that there's any lurking presence trying to pull it away from me. I try the light switch again but it doesn't do anything. I'm trying to think of some way out of here when the scene suddenly shifts to a cluttered basement. The basement is a roughly ten-foot cube and walls are gray concrete. There are no doors or windows but benches, tables, tools, and other assorted pieces of junk litter the room.

      Seeing no way out, I float up and try to phase through the ceiling but the concrete stops me cold. I shut my eyes and imagine the Great Pyramid, but nothing has changed when I open them again. Next, I try some Stephen Laberge-style spinning but I move with an odd slowness when I spin and the scene won't change.

      Just then I notice a tiny surveillance camera attached to the ceiling and I feel like the presence that I sensed earlier is watching me through the camera. I float to the camera, determined to phase through it and see who (or what) is watching me. I push myself through the lens but immediately
      find myself awake in bed.
    8. The Power Of Love & Light Switches

      by , 05-15-2012 at 05:13 AM (Three Fold Utopian Dreams)

      Light Switch Rave

      I am VERY lucid in some house with my daughter. I grab her and kiss her all over face because I know she’s outside playing at this moment (supervised) while I'm inside napping on the couch in waking life and I wanted to shower her dream self with love because for some reason I knew it's magnified on the dream plane which would flow over to her waking life body…. Or at least that was my theory at the moment. I laugh to myself as she smiles… I can tell she doesn’t know what's going on but is enjoying herself. I give her a silly face and run around the house flicking light switches on and off because I know they won’t work and I think this is funny? (dream thought process may be a lil’ fried) Finally, I stand in the middle of the house and create a light show with all the lights in the house for my lil’ one. I laugh to myself at the irony of being able to control the lighting with my mind yet not the switches on the walls….
      Silly Dream Plane….

      P.S. My lil’ one came in from playing outside after this and I woke up to her giving me a bunch of kisses while tickling me & telling me she loves me….
    9. Blonde Nicole being Sporadic, Grizzly bears, Blonde w/ Yellow Hoodie, Mini-theatre, Bathroom...

      by , 03-07-2012 at 03:28 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Blonde Nicole being Sporadic, Grizzly bears and Blonde guy in Yellow Hoodie, Building w/ white floors, Mini-theater, Mini-Mall with Fast Food chains, Bathroom (Non-lucid)


      My recall is kind of crap, because I slept later than usual, and my Biology Exam starts at 10:20 AM, and it's 8:30 AM right now, and I spent almost an hour typing the dreams before posting it here.

      I hope I do well today, because I'm going to have a really horrible day....oh well.

      Dream 1: Blonde Nicole being Sporadic

      There's this girl who looks like Nicole that I knew in waking life from Art class. She's a skinny girl, which makes her a little fragile. She's fairly short for her age as well. (maybe around 5 feet or a little less than that).

      She's blonde, and she's probably wearing a jacket.I think I take on the perspective of her, and I'm probably just seeing her move on her own.

      I think she does a front flip several times in the air and falls on the ground, probably face planted on the concrete too. But she stands up and still keeps going, despite the small yellow stars that shows that she's obviously dizzy.

      Is it possible to Link with someone for a combined LD??-9043028-3d-dizzy-guy-stars-around-head-isolated-over-white.jpg

      I think I still retain first person perspective of her doing some weird things, she was acting like a monkey by jumping all over the place, and jumping on the tables you see outside of places like Starbucks or restaurants or bars with outside eating.

      That's all I remember for that one.

      Dream 2: Grizzly bears and Blonde guy in Yellow Hoodie

      I'm in a random area where I see some baby Grizzly bear and a big Grizzly bear together, and they are at least 5 feet away from me. The baby is giving me a hard time, but I don't know if I killed it or not.

      Is it possible to Link with someone for a combined LD??-grizzly-bear-sow-cub_4140.jpg

      It probably disappears and the bigger grizzly bear just walks away, but keeps an eye on me. Then I see a bunch of random DCs that make themselves apparent after this.

      I'm worried for some reason, and I see some blonde guy in a yellow hoodie trying to grab me as I'm backing away from him doing a short dash towards me.

      He fails and ends up finishing the action of trying to grab someone by clenching his fist. He didn't look mad, he just looks at me, but I just couldn't register anything from this person, I just didn't know how to react to him.

      I keep running and going all over the place in this area.

      Dream 3: Building with white flooring

      I'm in some building with white flooring, and I met a female but it's too hazy for me to remember.

      Dream 4: Mini-theater, Mini-Mall with Fast Food chains, Bathroom

      I'm in some type of mini-stadium, or maybe a mini-theater. It's fairly dark, and I'm trying to find a seat. I check on the right side, and I go through a few people to get in the middle section of what I thought would be an empty seat, and I asked the person sitting near this empty seat if they were reserving it for someone.

      Is it possible to Link with someone for a combined LD??-movie-theater.jpg

      They said yes and I go back to my left, and I see some Asian guy, and asked if anyone is sitting next to him, he says Yes as well.

      So I end up getting out of that section and move on to the left section, I see that the front section has one empty seat probably 2-3 feet away from the same Asian dude on the right section.

      I ask the person one seat to the left of it if anyone is going to sit here, and they said no.

      I sit down and watch what seems to be a video on doing hand signs. It almost looked like this was going to be a Mnemonic to remember something with your hands.

      The person in the video was doing some complicated hand gesture, almost as if he was going to do a Jutsu from Naruto Shippuden or something, it was really difficult making the exact formation that he had.

      I don't know what else goes on in the video, but I guess it's just someone making hand gestures or hand signs for random things.

      The video ends, and I think the place lights up. Everyone leaves, and I think the dream shifts to where I'm sitting on a stool near some kind of eating area.

      The area had several fast food chains (food court) within this area, so it felt kind of like a mall
      (I know Alyzarin had some dreams about schools with mall structures).

      Apparently it's break time and everyone goes to get lunch or just leaves the area. I see a lady in front of me, and I'm talking to her about something, but I can't remember.

      I see another female going to another fast food area to get something inside some white package, and I think there's a few small BBQ packets she gets with it as well.

      I decide that I should go to this fast food area probably 5-10 feet away from me. Then I realize that when I look down to where my hand is on the table near the stool, I see a meal right there in front of me.

      I think I said "I guess I'll eat lunch with this then."

      I can't make a good call on the facial features on the female sitting next to me. I think she was wearing dark clothing, but that's all I remember.

      Then the dream shifts to where I think that I'm late for something, and it's most likely afternoon outside. I don't feel myself sweating, but it looks like I'm sweating, so I probably get a rag out of something to wipe off.

      I was walking by the edge of the building before I got to the entrance, and tried to play is calm instead of showing that I was sweating getting somewhere.

      Once I go in, apparently I'm brushing my teeth, and I need to find somewhere to spit this Colgate in my mouth.

      Name:  iuEqZs.jpg
Views: 2
Size:  5.4 KB

      So I go to the Men's Restroom, and I go in and see a bunch of black dudes inside. One person was talking about how some other guy was talking behind his back, typical crap you'd expect from people worried that people actually give a damn about their being.

      He was speaking in a ghetto accent, and I just try to ignore everything and just spit out the Colgate, finish brushing my tongue and washing my mouth and maybe dabbing some water on my face.

      Then when I'm done, I had the odd habit of turning off the light switch.

      Then I had a "Oh shit" moment because I remember the wannabe thugs were inside that bathroom, so I quickly try to flip back the switch, but the lights do not come on.

      I know there are two light switches, one for the fan, and the other for the light, but nothing works
      (could've used a RC :<).

      I tell the guys that there must've been a blackout or something, and I see some kind of blue light somewhere, but it was really really dim. Then I realize there's another switch somewhere near the switches I was flipping.

      So I turn on the new set of switches that I find and the light comes back on the bathroom.

      I leave and don't remember anything else.

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    10. great grandmother's house

      by , 02-20-2012 at 02:19 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was out in front of my great grandmother's house in the daytime. I stood looking in through her front window, which IWL was too high for me to look right into.

      My great grandma appeared in the window. I probably knew that she was dead. I think I had the feeling that this was either a dream or some kind of paranormal experience allowing me to see my grandma. So I just told myself to keep calm and let things happen.

      My grandma slid up the window, as if this were a double-paned window, which it was not IWL. I believe I asked my grandma how she was doing. I didn't believe she would give me an answer, as my "imagination" wouldn't be good enough to "create" a spontaneous answer from her.

      But my grandma did answer. She very gently said she was doing fine, but that she was here more to get an idea of how I personally was doing. She told me I should be more concerned about that as well.

      My grandma said she had to go take care of something in the house. She may have directed me to come into the house.

      I was now in the house, alone my grandma's "guest room," which I spent a lot of time in as a kid. The lights may have been off, but there was natural light coming into the room.

      Suddenly I was aware that my mom and my oldest nephew were under the bed. I could hear them talking. I must have felt that they weren't actually quite my mom and my oldest nephew. I felt like they were supposed to scare me somehow.

      The lights now went out in the room. I could hear a switch click -- like the daylight coming in through the windows was controlled by a light switch. The room was now dark as night, with just a bit of light coming from the hallway.

      My nephew's voice began laughing insidiously, like he was really trying to scare me. I got the feeling that he wasn't really my nephew, but a demon.

      I yelled at the voice, "I'm not afraid of you! You can't scare me!"

      I got the feeling that the body for the voice had actually transformed into a monster like a Chinese dragon, with something of a human body, and that the monster would soon jump out from under the bed to attack me.
    11. The Jurassic Park Induced Lucid...

      by , 02-07-2012 at 07:52 AM (My brain and I)
      dream : comments : lucid
      7th of February, 2012

      Another big one! Sorry they're so long- I just have to include everything for myself.

      I took a Galantamind pill at 8:30am and tried to get back to sleep but failed miserably.
      I went and lay on the couch and watched a bit of Jurassic Park and kept trying to doze off but the TV was keeping me awake and my brother kept disturbing me.

      Then I had a false awakening where I looked at a clock and it spontaneously occurred to me I was dreaming. I went into the hallway and heard noises from a nearby room. It was dark inside so I tried to turn a light on which obviously didn't work. "Duh!" I thought and casually left.

      At that point I found myself in a backyard and jumped onto the roof and was touching everything. The clothesline was higher than the roof which I thought was a pretty cool thing to randomly think up. I tried to fly a bit but couldn’t really control myself and landed in the back yard where I was rolling around with Nooks in clean clothes like a little kid.
      I could still hear the TV playing so I yelled to increase lucidity and Nooks said “okay! SHUT UP!” and woke me up.

      I attempted a DEILD while focussing on running and
      materialised outside a small block of apartment buildings surrounded by grass and trees. I was running still and realised that I needed to settle down and just sit and focus on relaxing for future endeavours, even if it did mean wasting this dream.

      I went looking for a nice place to sit but everywhere was a bit too... urban.

      I eventually settled on a little patch of grass near a tennis court. So I sat on down and just looked around at the sky and the dirt and my hands and the trees and the grass and the clouds and really focussed on my senses.
      Nooks, Courtney and Byron joined me and I began to feel myself swallowing in real life so I dove into the ground but rolled around in blackness and came back to the same spot. Didn’t wake up though, so I suppose it worked. I sat for a bit longer then dove again into the ground.

      SPLASH! I emerged from water in a bath with Nooks. Who had a Captain Planet mullet haircut. We had sexy bath times and then she started drowning and I was like “OH! I could have sex with her while she’s dead!” Then I realised that was really creepy and picked her up and took her into a bedroom instead. On our way, Jono came out with exactly the same haircut and I laughed.

      So I sat on the bed and thought I could still hear the TV invading my dreams and watched as the wall glowed in time with the sounds. I noticed that there were little green glowing arrows on the walls as well, but still got bored pretty quickly and went out a window onto a deck.
      It was night time and the decks were all interconnected. I had to ninja myself in and out of windows and over railings to get outside. While I was doing it, I was dictating out loud how I’d write it on DreamViews but I forgot on waking up.
      Outside, my vision was a bit blurry so I commanded lucidity and it helped. After some insignificant stuff it was day time and a bunch of cloaked people were around. We were standing on a huge raised platform made of dark redwood. There were benches and small doors around that I didn’t explore too fully. The people started getting restless so I thought I’d show them who’s boss and I Fus Ro Dah’d* a bunch of them.

      It was really funny and ineffective, like my brain couldn’t make it work so instead they just pretended it worked and jumped back making “ooh” noises. I got irked and made one guy fly up to the roof and attempted to make a fireball which sort of worked.
      After that, the Imperial March started playing and I felt tough so naturally they followed me.
      I went to a ledge and wanted adventure so I looked out over quite a serene bay. I saw an island and said “let’s go!” and flew to it.
      I landed at a little boat which quickly turned into a buoy which I sailed to the island.
      There, three identically dressed men were lying on top of each other in the sand. Wanting to just see what my dream could do, I pleasantly asked what they were up to. They replied they were trying to fix a telephone cable but had no mobile reception.

      “No worries!”
      I said I could help and lo and behold there was suddenly a giant pole on the island stretching upwards but all bendy. They began attaching bags to it for whatever reason and suddenly there was a highway over the island.
      Mitchell and Jono were now there smoking weed. He offered me and Nooks some and I said sure but it didn’t eventuate.

      “Wanna come over for breakfast?” Mitchell asked.

      “Nah thanks. I don’t need food here.”

      “Breakfast in bed then?” He continued.

      I smiled. “I am in bed!!”

      We walked about for a minute or two longer and then I moved my leg which
      woke me up in real life 15 seconds before my alarm went off.
      Which was weird, because in an earlier dream which I now forget I’d said “PHONE!” just before Nooks’ alarm went off as well.

      Oh. And by the way. I never went and watched Jurassic Park. That was all total false awakening.

      It’s a bit annoying in a way because due to that, the rest of the dreams seemed a bit light, like I was trying hard not to wake up. I realised later that if I’d just let myself wake, I would have in fact been in a far more stable dream instead.

      I do also hope I'm not becoming reliant on galantime to become lucid, though it does have a really good induction rate! I imagine if anything it's just helping me recognise signs... Hopefully.

      *one of my lucid goals. Skyrim is awesome.

    12. Aftermath / Flashback / ToTMs / Epic FA / OOBE

      by , 09-24-2011 at 06:24 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: September 24, 2011 – 5:15AM (USA Eastern)

      (Note: I drank a full glass of mixed organic tart cherry, pomegranate, and apple juice about an hour before going to bed. Additionally, during WBTB, I drank another half glass of the same, then repeated the following mantra while falling asleep, “Earth, Air, Fire, Water: I will lucid dream tonight.”)

      I awaken on a couch, stark naked, trying to figure out where I'm at. I ask myself, “How much did I drink last night and who ended up taking me home with them?” I rub my eyes for a moment, then look around the room while asking myself, “Where the fuck am I? Why does my head hurt so much? Did someone put something in my drink again? Have I been raped again? God, I hope they at least enjoyed it, because I can't remember anything.” As my eyes start to clear up, the living room triggers a lot of distant memories. This is a place I have been many times before.

      I sit up on the couch while looking around the room, trying to put the pieces together. The familiar medium oak wood paneling on the bottom half of the walls and light floral wall paper, separated by a dark chair rail. The large wooden console TV adds a hint of familiarity, as well as the classic 1970's dishrag color scheme sofa. A familiar canary yellow Western Electric rotary-dial phone is hanging on the wall and I've seen these yellow and pink floral curtains before. The circular textured tan and brown ultra-shag carpet only appears in one place in my memory cells. After a brief moment, I fully realize that I am in my grandmother's old house-trailer and quickly become lucid.

      I look around the living room and kitchen for my grandmother, but she is nowhere to be found. The couch is not comfortable to sleep on, so I pick up my pillow, blanket, dream journal, flashlight and a couple bottles of water, then wander toward the bedrooms to find the spare bed. The master bedroom has a king size bed with 2 people sleeping in it. Strangely, neither of them is my grandmother. The guest bedroom has no bed at all and is packed full of random junk. I go back into the living room and drop everything on the floor, and then say to myself, “Let's try this again.”

      I look at the floor and watch my feet lift off the carpet. I hover slightly off the floor and look toward the bedrooms again. I feel the dream collapsing quickly, so I look back at 'the floor and rub my hands together. My vision is almost completely blacked out, so I slowly close my eyes and yell, “STABILIZE NOW!!!” as loud as I can. I gently open my eyes and see that I am back in the same room and the clarity has improved significantly. Now, I can smell the mold in the air conditioner and the woody smell that the house-trailer always had. My eyes are able to perceive the flickering of the circular fluorescent ceiling light and my ears can detect the soft buzzing from the ballast. The extra plush carpet tickles my feet slightly as I hover just slightly above it.

      I glide my way back to the bedrooms again. This time, the master bedroom is absolutely huge with four king size beds in it that they are all empty. I float through, then turn around and go towards the guest bedroom. The guest bedroom is even bigger than the master bedroom and it has a king size water bed next to a couple of windows. On the opposite wall is a huge sectional sofa with a low table and some lamps. I turn back to the bed and decide that this is where I am going back to sleep at. The water temperature is perfect and its covered with a huge, fluffy blanket. There are several pillows stacked up and it looks really comfortable. The headboard has bookshelves on both sides that are full of antique books and various ornamental items.

      As I stand there looking at the bed, something sparkles in the window. I walk over to the window and see nothing but darkness outside. Deciding that I must see what's on the other side, I try to open the window, but it's stuck. I look around the room for something to break the window with, but there is nothing solid enough. I hold my hand in front of my face and summon a baseball bat. I put my hand down and see a wooden baseball bat leaning in the corner. I pick up the bat and whack the window, knocking a small piece of glass out. Realizing that the glass is going to put up a fight, I draw the bat back behind me and pummel the ever living shit out of the window. After several strikes, the glass gives way and falls out of the window frame.

      I float up and climb out the window. There is a ledge under the windows which connects to a large 3rd floor deck. I hover around for a moment, and then do a nose pinch RC to reassure my lucidity and validate the dream state before I do something stupid, like jumping off a 3rd story ledge. I step to the edge of the ledge, then jump up and fly into the sky. My first thought is that I want to fly as high as I can and see if I can still see the house. I start to fly and the dream starts to fade. I stop and rub my hands together again and stabilize once again.

      Suddenly, I remember the tasks of the month: walk on water and control at least two of the elements. I look down and see a swimming pool. I fly down and hit the water, but sink quickly. I jump out of the pool, and then look to my right to see a couple of DCs hanging some very large balloons on a clothes line. I take a couple of steps toward them and they immediately stop and look at me with a frightened look. I raise my arms into the air and command the air to fill one of the balloons. The balloon quickly inflates and floats upward on the clothes line. As this happens, the DCs eyes get wide as they take a couple of steps back and stare at the balloon, gasping in disbelief. I look at them and say, “What's wrong? Wanna see that again?” I inflate a second balloon, but the others will not take any air because they have large holes in them.

      I jump up and fly past the balloons, then realize that I need to control another element. I turn around in mid-flight and look at the balloons that wouldn't take air. While in flight, I raise my left arm and clench my fist, then point my fist down toward the Earth. When I raise my arm, there is a hole in the Earth and the displaced dirt is floating just above me. While keeping the displaced piece of Earth up with my left hand, I use telekinesis to push the balloons and the clothes line into the hole, and then I bury them with the dirt that I was keeping elevated with my left hand. At this point, both DCs shriek in terror and run away.

      Feeling quite satisfied, I start to fly away, then realize that I should try the pool again. I fly over to the pool and land on the deck by the water's edge. I stare intently at the water for a moment, then take a step onto it. The surface gives way, but I am able to walk about ankle-deep in the water. The water is very squishy and soft, but it supports my weight. As I walk, the water makes a sound similar to that of walking in wet shows. I walk across the pool, then I turn around and raise both arms, commanding the water to solidify. Instantly, the ripples in the water stop moving and the surface takes on a matte finish. I carefully step onto the surface again and it feels sort of like walking on a water bed. The surface feels solid, but it's squishy underneath. I walk across the pool again and step off onto the deck.

      Being thoroughly satisfied with the accomplishments, I decide that I should wake up and write it all in my dream journal. I close my eyes and say, “Wake up! NOW!” I awaken into my bed and reach over to grab my dream journal. I flip open the cover and slide the pen out of the coils. I reach up above my pillow to turn on my flashlight and it won't turn on. I think to myself, “Shit, I must have bumped it last night and the batteries are dead.” I open my eyes and see a dark room. I press the switch on the flashlight again and the circle of light appears on the ceiling, but no light is reflected onto my journal, nor the rest of the room. I look at the flashlight and the bulb looks like a black hole which is sucking in all of the light around it. I press the switch again and the bulb lights up brightly, but there is no light in the room.

      I give myself a nose pinch RC and it passes. Becoming a bit confused now, I look at my left hand and count 7 fingers and a thumb. I say to myself, “Nice! False awakening strikes again, dumbass!” as I become lucid once again. I quickly jump out of bed and turn around to see myself still laying in the bed. I think to myself, “This is very nice, but I don't have time for an OOBE.” I slap myself in the face a couple of times while yelling, “WAKE UP AND WRITE THIS SHIT DOWN BEFORE YOU FORGET IT! ...WAKE UP NOW! ...DO IT! ...DO IT NOW!”

      I wake up in my bed once again and pass both a nose pinch and finger count. I reach over and grab my dream journal, flip it open and slide the pen out of the coils. I reach up and press the switch on the flashlight that is wedged between the mattress and the wall. The flashlight lights up properly and I commence logging this entry.

      (Note: My maternal grandmother passed away about 17 years ago. She was the only relative that would listen to me and what I had to say. She was always interested in having conversations about anything I wanted to talk about. Most of my other aunts and such were not open to hearing anything that a younger person had to say. They would always say things like, “Children should be seen and not heard.” My grandmother was also the only relative that was not obsessed over the fact that I had no interest in girls. My aunts and uncles would always harass me and ask when I was going to get married and start having kids. Needless to say, it was always an enjoyable time to visit with her, and it was a very sad moment when she passed on.)
    13. 13th June 2011: Dream then FA.

      by , 06-14-2011 at 06:20 PM
      I had a dream about my next-door-neighbours, i was in their house, the bloke was shouting as if he was really angry at me for something then he stormed off and shut the door, ((they were in one room and i was in the next room)) There was a little triangular window in their door so i creapt up to it and peered through, i could see a wooden table and chairs and the bloke and his mrs were talking about something. The bloke was very very angry, i remember something about "breaking" ((not sure if i broke something or if they did)) The bloke kept shouting at me, i remember thinking he was going to kill me because of how mad he was.

      Lucid dream

      Ok so i woke up about 3 am, i kept my eyes closed and didn't move and i got the buzzing and slight twisting feel, anyway i woke up ((FA)) i thought "ahh never mind maybe i'll do it next time" i decided i'll go to the loo and get a drink, anyway i got out of bed and my hubby's hand tried to grab me i thought "thats weird, i thought he was fast asleep" anyway i thought nothing of it and walked to my door to reach the landing light and turn it on, i felt for the switch and "clicked" it and NO LIGHT!!! at that moment i thought "I must be dreaming" i thought "ok ill try the girls light and see if that works" so i leant across trying to reach their light but before i did i felt someones fingers tickle the top of my head and a scary noise at the same time like a "woohhh" sounds at that moment i thought "ohh god, this IS a dream" still a little un-nerved from the fingers that touched my head i panicked and rushed to the side of my bed, i looked at the floor and thought "i need a hole in the floor to teleport myself somewhere else, to a nice place" i watched waiting for something to appear but nothing ((i thought if i just thought about it it would happen)). Anyway i then made myself away from the bed, i walked towards the open wardrobe we have, my sight had gone a little fuzzy and blurred again now but i remembered from reading on here how to fix it so i rubbed my hands together and said "clarity now!" OMG it worked...my sight got alot clearer and it was like a light came from somewhere making it brighter and my vision was clearer yet still a little hazy. I then touched the bedroom wall ((i could actually feel the paper)) i remembered peeps on here have said to do that as it helps stabilise your dream, my vision got hazy again and i woke up but OMG I done it after about 2 years of trying, now i need to work on staying calm, the fingers on the head really freaked me out though LOL.

      Being able to controll a dream and not having a horrific experience is so amazing, i have achieved this a few times but not many, the other lucids i have had i have not had much controll in them and i always have the bloody grimreaper out to get me LOL
    14. New Apartment / Classic Doom Game / Dream Fruit (ToTM)

      by , 03-20-2011 at 02:22 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: March 20, 2011 – 7:30AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: · NON-DREAM · NOTES · DREAM · LUCID ·

      (Note: During WBTB I was a bit hungry, so I drank a full glass of apple juice and are a PBJ sandwich. I always thought the claimed effect of these was placebo, but this may change my mind. It was extremely vivid and detailed, although I lost most of the fine details during recall and logging. ...If only I could connect a DVR to my mental image sensor...)

      I am walking through the main lobby of a huge apartment building, looking for my new apartment. The main lobby is open all of the way to the fourth floor and there are large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. As I walk down the hallway, I see that there are numbers on the doors, but they are constantly changing. I walk up a large set of stairs to the second level and walk down the hall, looking at the numbers on the doors. One side of the hall has paintings between the doors and the other side is open into the main lobby area. At the end of the hallway is a common area with a couple of chairs and a fireplace. I go up another set if stairs and arrive on the third floor. It also has a common area, but there is no fire in the fireplace. I walk down the hall, looking for my apartment.

      After quite a bit of searching, I find my apartment. It has a huge main room with several smaller rooms that each have a fancy wooden door. The top half of the walls are green and the lower half is a medium wood paneling with a chair rail separating the top and bottom halves. The kitchen is very industrial looking as it is mostly stainless steel. There is a fireplace off to the side in an attached dining area. A set of double stained glass doors leads onto a large balcony that overlooks the main lobby. There is a small stairway off to the side of the balcony that leads up to the fourth floor, but the door at the top of the stairs is locked. I look through the window on the door and see that it leads into another large apartment. I turn around and go back down to my balcony.

      As I come back in from the balcony, I run into a friendly middle-aged black lady that walked in from the apartment next door. She tells me that she is the apartment guide and would like to show me around the new place. She walks me all around the apartment, then shows me where the laundry room is. All of the rooms are empty except the laundry room, which has a washer and dryer in it. She sees that I don't have any furniture yet and offers me her futon to sleep for the first night. I accept her offer and follow her back to her place. I take off my shoes and sit down on her futon. She walks away for a moment, then returns with a glass of water. When I lay down, I close my eyes and transition into a different dream scene.

      I an the main character in a first-person shooter game looks a lot like the classic Doom game. My health and stats are in my field of vision. I say to myself, “Wow, I'm in a video game!” I quickly become lucid and summon a keyboard so I can enter some cheat codes. I hear some shots being fired in the distance, so I enter IDKFA and my weapons repository fills up. I enter IDDQD and I feel a tingling sensation throughout my body as my health meter flashes, then expands to about three times the normal size. I select the grenade launcher and walk into the next room. There are a three characters in the room that look like the creatures from Aliens who immediately turn and start walking toward me. I fire the grenade launcher and blow one of them to pieces. I shoot the other two then run to the door on the other side of the room. I push on the door with my hand, but nothing happens. I tap the space bar on the keyboard and the door opens into another room.

      This room looks like an IT closet. There are racks of servers and networking equipment all over it. I put away the grenade launcher and type something on the keyboard which morphs me into a small fly. I fly around in the room for a moment, then find a hole in the ceiling. I fly around above the ceiling tiles until I find another hole that leads me into another room. This room is very small on one side and there are cable management trays going through it. The other side of the room is about normal height and has some metal shelves against the wall. There is a fluorescent light on the ceiling that is flickering badly. I fly around the corner into another room that has a couple of empty metal shelves along one wall.

      Suddenly, the door opens and a long blonde haired woman walks in. She looks straight at me and starts talking about something. Her words come out as total nonsense and I can't make out any words she is saying. Thinking it is a foreign language that I can't understand, I decide to keep exploring. I fly up into the ceiling and start looking around for another hole to fly into. Suddenly, I false-awaken back to the futon in the original dream.

      I stand up from the futon and notice that I am wearing some kind of martial arts uniform. It's a thick, dark material and is formed like a sleeveless cape. It has some graphics on the front that looks like a couple of sword fighters. I look around for a bit, then reach up to rub my eyes and see that I have only 3 fingers on my right hand. This irritates me a bit, so I put my hands in my pockets, pull them out and look at them again. Now they have 4 fingers and a thumb each. I nearly lost my lucidity, but I pinch my nose and can still breathe through it, reaffirming my lucidity.

      I walk out of the room into a large social area. There are several others wearing the same uniforms and they all look at me strange as I walk through to get to the bar at the other end of the room. A couple of them are practicing fighting with rubber knives. They both lunge at my throat with the rubber knives as I walk by. I extend both arms with my hands pointed upward and use telekinesis to shove them into the opposing walls as I walk between them. They both fall to the floor and quickly dissolve.

      I arrive at the bar and ask the bartender for the House Special. As he mixes my drink, I look at the ceiling and see that all of the lights are off. I can barely see anything, except that there is a light switch on the bar. I flip the switch and nothing happens, so I look back at the lights and say, “Lights Now!” and a couple of the lights turn on very dimly. I repeat a couple of times and about half of the lights reach full brightness. The bartender comes back and hands me a very unusual looking drink. It's a slightly green margarita that's in a large fish bowl shaped stem glass and it has some dry ice in it. There is heavy steam bubbling out of the drink that is rolling down the glass and across the bar. I take a sip and it tastes like a green Jolly Rancher. I blow into the steam and see that there is a strawberry on a stick in the middle of the drink. I smile and remember the basic task of the month, then grab the stick and eat the strawberry. It tastes like chocolate and has a very gritty consistency. Once I swallow it, I set the stick down and look around the bar.

      I look to my right and there is a younger guy who is becoming partially transparent and is looking around very nervously. A girl standing nearby tells him that he is destabilizing and he must spin if he wants to stay in the dream. He drops to the floor on his left hand and starts to push himself around in a circle with his feet, sort of like he's break dancing. After a moment, he fades back to normal and stands up again. He rubs his hands together for a bit then walks off with a smile on his face.

      I finish my drink and walk back to my apartment. It appears that my furniture has showed up, but it is still in boxes and plastic overwrap. I walk back to the apartment where I slept at and look for my shoes. I find them, but the laces are untied. I try to tie them, but there are like 5 loops and at least 7 lace ends. I spend a while trying to untangle them, but the dream suddenly fades and I wake up.

      When I wake up, I think to myself: What a perfect way to waste a really good lucid dream... ...tying my damn shoes...

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    15. Light Switches / Dream Fruit (Basic ToTM Fail)

      by , 03-15-2011 at 09:41 AM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: March 15, 2011 – 4:00AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: · NON-DREAM · NOTES · DREAM · LUCID ·

      I am standing in my old room in the basement of my parent's old house, looking at a fluorescent light that's barely working. There is one tube missing and the other is only glowing at the ends. I walk over to the wall where there are three light switches and flip the first switch. This changes none of the lights, but starts an electrical buzzing sound. I flip the second switch and a couple of flush-mount ceiling lights light very dimly for a moment, then go back out. The third switch makes a loud contactor relay click in the electrical panel, but no lights come on. I walk back to the fluorescent fixture and wiggle the tube around a bit, causing half of it to light up almost completely while the other half stays dark. I go back to the switches and there are at least 12 switches in a row. I stare at them for a moment then say, “Ain't that some shit...”, then become lucid. With both hands, I randomly flip the switches around for a while, but none of the lights work. I laugh a bit as I walk over to the first light, point at it and say, “Illuminate!” The light immediately turns on. I do this to each light and they all turn on. I walk out of the room and into the hallway looking for the light, but there is only a hole in the ceiling where the light once was. I walk into the bathroom and before I can say anything, the light springs to life and starts emitting light. I smile then look at the mirror.

      The mirror is black at first, but then I can see that it leads outside through a long tunnel made out of metal HVAC duct. I climb up onto the sink and crawl into the tunnel which leads me into the yard just outside the house. When I turn around, the tunnel is gone but there is a strange looking bush next to the house. The branches and leaves are several shades of orange and red, almost resembling flames. There are several fruit on the bush that look like strawberries, but they are bright yellow in color. I remember the basic task of the month and reach for a fruit. As I reach, I hear a loud rumbling noise and
      wake up to the sound of a truck going down the road in front of my house with its Jake Brakes on. I can't help but to cuss out loud.
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