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    1. Fragment: vision(s)

      by , 07-23-2013 at 08:34 AM
      Something about vision(s).
      Tags: vision, visions
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Fri Nov 9 (12:37-9:50)

      by , 11-10-2012 at 07:15 AM (Glieuaeiel's DJ)
      Farmyard Races

      I'm watching a bunch of farmyard animals in outdoor races. Then I join a race to get back to the instructor. (The other racers are people in this same class.) I'm one of the first people to get back, which makes me rather proud. But then class starts, and things don't go too well. He's throwing balls at us, and we're supposed to catch them. But I'm having trouble following the ball with my eye, and once, somehow in the exertion of trying to watch the ball, I get saliva all over my glasses. I tell this to a teaching assistant, trying to explain my poor performance.

      Demanding Customers

      My parents have roped me into distributing materials to the people who came to attend an event. When it comes time, I go down to the basement, to the table behind which I'm supposed to work. Almost immediately, a demanding customer approaches me. She doesn't seem to understand that it will take time to fulfill her requests.

      • something about Seattle (which is interesting, because recently I was whimsically thinking what it would be like just to up and move to Seattle after graduating)
    3. Bad Vision Induced Lucidity

      by , 10-15-2012 at 07:20 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      I am with a group of friends at a movie theater. I feel like we're going to see something special like Harry Potter, or some fantasy flick. My group needs to do something before we head into our film and I know that if I don't go now, I will not be pleased with my seat. So I make some sort of excuse to do something like go to the bathroom or I just ninja my way in the door before anyone has time to notice. Suddenly I am in a large mass of people all trying to enter the theater. I struggle around for a bit but eventually find a good seat. Staring at the screen I notice my vision is blurry. This triggers nistant lucidity (for I wear contacts and glasses in real life). This was the internal dialogue that followed:

      Do I have my contacts in?
      Of course I do I'm at a movie theater.
      I wouldn't go see a movie without vision.
      I can't see the screen very clearly so I must be in a dream movie theater.
      If I'm in a dream does my vision need altering?
      Does it dpend on my lucidity?
      Wait...OMG...I'm dreaming!"
      *wakes up
    4. First lesson in time dilation

      , 04-20-2012 at 09:17 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      A similar music track played during the training part of this dream:

      I'm some sort of private investigator, and I'm searching for evidence with 2 coworkers in an apartment.
      I quickly realize that I don't seem to have any gloves on me and ask one of my friends to give me some.
      After putting on the gloves I go to the kitchen and start opening all the cabinets.
      I wonder what I'm looking for...

      "Hey, what are we looking for again?"
      "Are you serious?"
      "Uuh... yeah..."
      "*sigh* we're looking for a quantum accelerated pipe."

      ... wait what?

      "Like, for smoking?"
      "For smoking weed, yes."

      A quantum accelerated... wtf?
      I keep searching and end up finding the most glorious of smoking devices I have ever seen.
      It seems to be made out of some sort of glass and it glows in all kinds of colors, depending on how you angle it against the light.
      But then finally it dawns on me... a quantum accelerated pipe... yeah... right...

      I rub my hands and further investigate the pipe.
      I am sad to find out that it isn't loaded. I would have loved to smoke some weed.

      I remember that Yuya told me that I should break out of the dream plot when I become lucid.
      Oh! And she wanted to teach me about time dilation!
      I become very excited and quickly teleport myself to Teraluna.

      I end up in a flower garden. Yuya is attending to some flowers right in front of me.

      "Yuya Yuya Yuya"
      "Hi! Time dilation and stuff!"

      She grins.

      "Calm down! You're going to wake up."

      After attempting to get myself into a calmer state I take a look at my surroundings.
      The flower garden is beautiful. All of the flowers are very colorful and they smell great.
      I touch and smell some of them until I decide that the dream is perfectly stable.

      "So... the thing you call time dilation."
      "Well, for starters it isn't really time dilation."
      "I guess. I couldn't think of a better word to describe it."
      "Right. So, there's quite a few ways to approach this."
      "I'm pretty sure I know which way works best for you, but first of all we need to work on something else."

      "Well, it's sort of directly related."
      "Sure, what is it?"
      "Your awareness in dreams."
      "I've noticed that you sometimes are extremely aware when you're here, but only for short periods of time."
      "You experience awareness in short bursts rather than continuously"

      I quickly realize that she's spot on about that.

      "Yeah, now that you mention it, it's pretty bad."
      "Good, so first of all I am going to show you a technique to hold a certain level of awareness."

      She drops the flowers.

      "Let's go for a walk!"

      We walk through the flower garden and talk some more about time dilation.

      "Alright, stop!"
      "I want you to tell me the color of each flower on the plant we just passed, without looking."
      "Err, sure? Let's see... it was green, yellow, blue, yellow..."
      "No, you're cheating."
      "I am?"
      "You're using your sense of global awareness to tell what color they are without looking, what I need you to do is to remember what color they are."
      "What? All of them?"
      "Yes! I want you to remember every single detail of what you experience."
      "Let's keep walking and pay attention."

      This is going to be hard... like, really hard.
      Is it even possible to do this?

      "Sure it is, especially since you're dreaming. Remember when I told you the difference between focusing on something in waking life and in dreams?"
      "Oh yeah, that's right."

      I focus really hard on everything I see, even the smallest of details, and try to take mental note of them.
      We walk past a similar plant, with approximately 50 flowers on it.

      "From top to bottom, go!"

      I try to remember and surprisingly, accessing my memories feels natural and easy.

      "Red, red, yellow, blue, yellow... err, ultraviolet?, red, blue, blue..."

      I keep going through about 20 of them until Yuya stops me.

      "Hey hey, awareness!"
      "What? Was I wrong?"
      "No, but you're neglecting your awareness. Have you noted the details of the things we just passed?"
      "Oh... oops. Wow, this is hard."
      "Haha, see, just memorizing and remembering is easy."
      "What I want to teach you is to remain aware of your surroundings, even if you are focusing on something else."
      "If you can do that you should be able to continuously remain aware much more easily."

      This makes so much sense!
      Yuya is so amazing, why haven't I asked her about this before?

      We keep doing this. I memorize all the flowers including other details and try to recite them from memory without loosing awareness of the new surroundings I encounter through walking.
      It's really hard at first, but then it becomes surprisingly easy.
      I feel like a genius, having such amazing memory all of a sudden.

      Since I focus so hard on my vision, it becomes more and more intense.
      I can see beyond the color spectrum visible to the human eye.
      Ultraviolet and infrared, I can see them so clearly.
      They aren't red or violet at all, they are entirely different colors.
      The now 5 base colors start merging together to form new ones.
      Everything is so beautiful.

      It is so hard not to get distracted by this beauty. I have to remain aware of everything.
      But it works! I can quite literally feel my awareness leveling out and remaining strong as I go along.

      Yuya keeps asking me more and more difficult questions.

      "How did this plant smell like?"

      I can no longer answer these question with words, so I project my memories towards her, showing that I remember clearly.
      We go on like this for some more minutes.
      I feel like I have just achieved something major.
      I have never ever experienced such an amount of focus.

      We finally reach the end of the flower garden.

      "And stop!"
      "Yep, time to relax, you cannot possibly keep this up much longer."
      "Oh, I can't? It started to feel natural some moments ago."
      "Still, if you keep that level of focus up for too long your brain will just spontaneously break out of it."
      "You'll either loose all your awareness or even wake up."

      "So it would be a bad idea to try and do this all the time?"
      "Yes. You can do it for a limited period of time, for example during a battle where you need the extra focus."
      "What I'm teaching you is to remain at a constant level of awareness."
      "The important part here is that it is constant, not that it is on a level where you have surreal perception and memory."
      "The goal is to never let it drift below a certain threshold, this way dream stability should remain high."

      I understand her so well, her explanations are perfect.

      "It's just more efficient for you to learn it this way."
      "Not everyone is capable of achieving such a level of focus."
      "It's something you often find in dreamers that are experienced with dream battles."

      Dream battling has so many uses, how amazing.

      "So dream stability is directly related to your level of awareness?"
      "Well, yes, sort of. It's complicated."
      "It always is."
      "Actually, it is really simple... like most things."
      "Yeah right."
      "It's the painfully simple things the human mind cannot comprehend."
      "After all your mind is trained to understand the complexity of the waking world, not the simplicity of the dream world."

      Wow. That is deep.
      I have never thought of it this way.
      Yuya never ceases to amaze me.
      She just drops these mind blowing ideas on me, as if they were the most obvious things in existence.

      "Should I try to do this awareness technique in waking life?"
      "No. At least not right now. You said you have constant headaches."
      "Yeah, probably a bad idea."

      She smiles and gives me a big hug.

      "We'll continue this next time."
      "Wake up and write this down so you don't forget it."
      "I will! Until next time!"

      Wake up... Have I ever tried waking up from a dream that wasn't a nightmare?
      Heck, even a nightmare I haven't tried to wake up from in forever.
      I close my eyes and command myself to wake up with my inner voice.
      I feel a tingling sensation all over my body.

      I open my eyes.
      A quick nose plug RC confirms that I am awake and I start taking notes, excited to have taken my first step towards properly long dreams.
    5. First WILD + First DEILD Chain, same night!

      by , 05-31-2011 at 12:06 AM
      Another oldie.

      Dream Goggles (1/07/2011)

      I woke up in the middle of night. I think it was about 4am, but anywho. I had taken a bit of B6 and B12, and went to sleep. I awoke with no recall, but felt wide awake. Since I had nothing else to do that day, I decided to stay up. I made a cup of coffee and played Elder Scrolls: Oblivion for about a half hour. I suddenly got incredibly tired, despite the coffee and decided to go back to bed.

      I wasn't exactly trying to WILD, but ended up monitoring my thoughts anyway as I fell asleep. I imagine that's why it worked so well (caffeine probably helped.) I was pretty much watching HI of Oblivion, going through one of the caverns and fighting shit, etc. I slipped in and out of consciousness a few times.

      Finally, I found myself in total darkness. It sorta felt like floating. I imagined myself floating up. It began as a sort of "tug" but then I was launched up with incredible velocity and found myself lying in my bed. I got out and looked around. I was astounded. I'd never had dreams this vivid, or this accurate. My room was precisely as it was before I fell asleep!

      I slipped out the window, and began climbing down the hill of my house and my vision started blacking out from the edge, as it often does. On impulse, I pulled down a pair of goggles that I just "assumed" would be there, and my vision was back. However, everything was covered in snow, and instead of the town, there was a futuristic city. I walked down to a building that had a radio tower on top, and a helicopter went by as I jumped down. I realized at this point that there was low gravity, so I moon-jumped down the street

      I remember hopping down to a massive drainage pipe, and I found a dead body, with a cigarette nearby, blood on the filter. I was about to investigate, but woke up. I managed to DEILD, and found myself in a void again, and got tugged back up into the dream world.

      Part 2: It took me two more DEILDs, as I kept losing the dreams to blackness, nearly waking. But...finally I was back in my bed again, but things were different. it was a combo of the room from my house, and from my dorm room. I was in a bunk bed, which wasn't right, and knew I was dreaming.

      I hopped down and ran into the living room. My mom was there, and said " glad I didn't have to wake you up again." I ignored her as I noticed that the kitched was different, but I promptly left through the living room door and walked down to the road at the bottom of the hill I lived on. I saw a small red cabin and headed for it. There was only one room, and my aunt and cousins were there, and my grandma was sitting on the porch. (mind you, there was no cabin IRL at the road)

      My lucidity faded out and I was observing myself pointing a gun at my dad in the cabin, but I left, with my cousin following me, and my lucidity returned! We walked past the cabin and there was a series of wooden steps leading up a cliff/hill and I jumped up flights at a time. I approached my cousin to speak to him, as he was ahead of me, but I heard a strange beeping...unfortunately, it was my alarm. As soon as I realized it, I woke up...
    6. Haunted Lost House

      by , 05-26-2011 at 04:53 AM (Trial and Error)
      It started in a field with a group of people.

      I see a door and a porch sitting in the field not attached to anything. I am the only one who can see it, and I can not see it very clearly. I go and open the door and as I enter it seems as though I am walking into nothingness to everyone. As I enter, the inside is clearly a house made completely of hard wood. The door closes behind me and I feel the room begin to shake. I assume the house does not want me there.

      I turn and look out the widows to see a vision of the past the house is giving me. I see a car wreck with a school bus in a terrible rain storm. People begin running the injured, bleeding teens inside the house in a frenzy, but it seems like none of them survived.

      The world returns to how it was, and I understand that the house is sad about the tragedy that occurred there. I let more people into the house (for reasons I don't remember). One of them ends up being a crazy ghost hunter that continually tries to get the house to react.

      He has a large, shallow, yellow, rectangular, wooden tub filled with water. He starts to flick the water onto the floor, and draw pictures of rain that he hangs all over the house. The house begins to shake more and more violently and I try to stop the ghost hunter. I tell him that he is freaking out the house by reminding it of the rainstorm the kids died in and he should stop before the house turns on us. He didn't believe me. I try to reason with him about how he should listen to me since I was the only one who could see the house and I soon start yelling.

      That's when I wake up.
    7. You are Dragon

      , 05-22-2011 at 01:19 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      I'm on Teraluna.
      Yuya is teaching me about dream bubbles, or temporary dimensions like she calls them.
      We've done this before, but this time she's telling me how to create a completely customized bubble, with my own rules at will.
      She's explaining that using the 'natural bubble' we spawn in when we dream requires little to no energy, but it is also impossible to fully control.
      We can definitely influence it to a great extend, but the control is limited.

      Creating a custom bubble whilst in the dream plane requires a lot of energy, and it is fully customizable, but unfortunately they are very small and somewhat limited in features.
      You can create a simple room, and apply some rules to this room, but you cannot create a beautiful outdoors environment for example.

      The idea is quite basic, create a custom room and apply the rule "create gradually more powerful monsters attacking myself".
      According to Yuya this is a rather high level training method, and quite effective.
      Not only do you have to stay alive, but you also have to keep the dream bubble up, which requires a high degree of concentration.
      Maintaining such concentration during a battle is very hard.

      I don't understand how it works, but I somehow understand how to do it.
      It's quite complex and requires delicate energy manipulation and a lot of willpower.
      You have to fade into the new dimension at the same time you're creating it, it is a very weird and confusing experience.
      My first few attempts are quite unstable, and the dream bubble breaks twice.
      When it breaks I simply fall out from the spot I created it.
      But then I get a feeling for it, and suddenly it seems very straightforward.

      I am fighting waves of increasingly more powerful monsters, using my dragonic powers and my katana.
      Even though the monsters are very realistic, there is no blood or anything.
      When I slice through one, it simply fades away.

      I'm trying to push myself to the limit, to see how powerful I truly am.
      My own aura causes massive vibrations throughout my body, it feels great!
      I move at an incredible speed, and the heat of my aura leaves burning trails behind me.
      The dragon tattoo is fully grown and glowing in a bright blue.
      Even though when I fully focus, time progresses so slovely I can time every one of my movements perfectly,
      I still occasionally manage to move so quickly that my mind cannot keep up.
      It's a fantastic experience.

      I'm at my limit, I cannot keep up with the monsters anymore, at this point I'm just reacting instinctively to stay alive.
      One scorpion like monster manages to pierce me with its tail.
      It feels really cold for a split second, then the dimension disappears and I fall back to Teraluna.
      I check my chest, I haven't hurt myself, this really is an amazing way to train!

      ... I'm now at Yuya's place.
      I'm exhausted and we go to bed... I feel myself falling asleep very quickly...
      I know this feeling from waking life. The numbness of my body, the heavy blanket feeling, the lightheadedness, I'm beginning to dream!

      I am floating through darkness. I do not have a body, I am pure energy.
      A scene starts to form around me.
      The ground is volcanic, there are small crates everywhere and colorful plasma is streaming out of them.
      There are a few lava streams as well.
      I realize I cannot be on a planet. The horizon has no curvature and there is no atmosphere, I can see directly into space even though it is daytime.
      Somehow this place feels oddly familiar.

      I feel a presence behind myself and turn around, I am still floating in the air.
      A white and blue dragon approaches me. He is very beautiful but also very fear inducing.
      He has two pairs of insanely large Wings, and two tails with white blades on them.
      He stops right in front of me, gazing into my eyes.
      His voice is deep and so strong it is resonating in my body.

      "You are Dragon!"

      I am surprised by this statement, even though people call me Dragon all the time.
      I always figured I was somehow using dragonic abilities, but I never considered being an actual dragon.

      "I use the powers of a Dragon."
      "No. You are Dragon. Always."
      "You were born Dragon. Appearances are irrelevant. You are Dragon!"
      "I am here because you need to know this."
      "You are near the age of waking. When you do, your powers will fully awaken."

      His presence is absolutely overwhelming, I feel that whatever question I would ask would be inappropriate.

      "Thank you."
      "Remember... you are Dragon... ALWAYS."

      I wake up in my bed at home. I want to tell Yuya about this dream, but when I turn around I realize my mistake.
      I am not on Teraluna, I am at home... I just woke up... stupid me.
      I take some quick notes but then my eyes start to itch.
      Rubbing my eyes, I walk to the bathroom to check in the mirror if I have something in them.

      I am shocked when I see myself in the mirror. My eyes are glowing lightly... The same way Yuya's eyes do, the same way mine do when I look at myself in a mirror on Teraluna.
      What is happening???
      I am Dragon... always? Shit... this can't be!
      I turn around to look at my back in the mirror, searching for the dragon tattoo which I know cannot be there.
      But there it is...
      It is not fully formed yet, my skin is bleeding in the spots where the dragon tattoo is in my dreams, and it is slowly being filled with color.
      Holy shit... am I really a Dragon? Am I awakening?
      I can't decide if I should be amazed or be worried about the consequences this would have on my future life.

      But then I realize that I'm wrong.

      Of course... I am still dreaming, holy shit!

      I wake up again, this time for real.
    8. Messing with a Garden table and kicking the moon

      by , 05-04-2011 at 05:06 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Messing with a Garden table and kicking the moon (WBTB)


      After a while awake, I went back to bed thinking over ToTM. It was already the 4th in the morning and I was not done yet. I also recalled that it was time to dream with Dreamer and based on my time, she was sleeping, so I could catch her. I fell asleep pretty fast.

      I had a FA in my bed. In fact, it felt like if I never felt asleep. However, I had no vision at all. I focused on my surroundings and on my own body. I felt my body in bed like when I am awake. I could also hear my ears buzzing, but I considered is was normal because I wore ear plugs. I got out of bed, slowly, still without vision. I decided to jump and see if I levitated. Most of the times it works, but I just jumped. However, I made an odd noise when stepping the floor. I decided to jump again, and it was the exact same noise, so I wasn't sure. I took off my sleep glasses and walked to my living room. Everything was normal, even my cats behaved normal. I was not satisfied so I looked at my hands. They looked and felt normal, but when I counted my fingers, I counted eight, in addition, they were super thin.

      I turned lucid and felt it was funny the resistance my mind was opposing this time, and how I overcame it. I looked right away in the sky, but it was day and I saw no moon. After a short flight to make my dream stable, I landed on a field. I started to look for Dreamer, but I could not see her. I saw instead a lot of zebras walking. I felt like some psychokinesis so I pointed at the zebras and taunted them. The zebras started to walk towards me, all of them, they were around eight or nine. I found it funny but I knew it was no psychokinesis. My dream was not stable enough and it had no quality, so I felt like more flying was appropriate. I flew at a hight speed, I could feel the wind in my face and the heat (not much) of the Sun on my skin. While I was flying, I lost vision only on my left eye. I focused on how to dream feels on my body when I recovered vision.

      Suddenly, the quality of the dream dropped dramatically. I lost vision on both eyes and I knew that was going to wake me up. I kept feeling the wind on my face, so I anchored myself to that feeling. I also focused on Dreamer and our field, to take profit of the imaginary lost. Blackness was all I could see. I tried to use conventional dream recovery abilities. I knew that those never worker for me, as I was used to do my own recovery techniques since I was a kid. I started to spin, but I did not feel I was fast enough and it had no success. I also tried to rub my hands as last resort, but I recalled one lucid that I tried, and just ended into a faster awakening. My hands felt like if I had plastic gloves on, so I took them off and kept rubbing my hands. A few seconds of complete nothingness of feeling and seeing happened, until I started to see some sun light. I though I was awakening and what I took previously, were my sleep glasses. However, I started to feel wind on my skin, so I realized I was not in bed indeed. I could see a big field, made out entirely of grass. I saw mountains around me. As the imaginery recovered completely, Dreamer was in front of me and told me, "Finally Mister! It was about time! I missed you!" She hugged me. I told her the both of us have been very busy and we did not focus as much.

      Dreamer grabbed my hand and we started to fly. She told me to go and mess up with the moon. We had a few minutes (or felt like it) of flight, however, I recalled that I needed to do psychokinesis first. We landed in a high end neighborhood. Dreamer told me that she wanted to speak with some guy and make a joke on him. Dreamer told the guy about something on his house, so this guy entered his house. When he was going, I saw a white garden table.

      I opened my palm facing the table and channeled energy the same way I do in waking for energy healing and PSI Balls. The table started to shake and it soon levitated. I rose the table about eleven feet (four meters) and kept it floating right over the door of that guy. As he came back from the building, he grabbed the table without surprise and placed it around his neck. Then he walked to the left site of the patio and said something to Dreamer. I started to focus on the table again and it started to move, but the guy grabbed it hard and did not move. I focused on the feet of the guy and did the same hand movement. The guy (with the table) started to levitate and freaked out. Dreamer laughed and suddenly, grabbed my left right and started to fly saying, "Moon time!"

      I was curious how my mind was going to handle not one, but two flying to the moon, holding hands. I knew Dreamer was dreaming, but I was not sure if we were sharing the dream. We got pretty fast to the moon. Dreamer told me we could kick the moon and set it right into the Earth. However, we were on the actual moon, so it was going to be hard. I told Dreamer, "You are good in growing your size! Let's do that" Suddenly, we were on Space, and the Earth was about four times our size. The moon, was three times as big as a basketball, but it still looked like the moon. I told Dreamer we could kick the moon. I also told her I actualy suggested that over the boards. I kicked the moon with my left foot and Dreamer with her right foot. The moon started to move at a fast speed towards the Earth. Suddenly, it became a fireball entering the atmosphere of the Earth. A few seconds later, the Earth itself started to crumble and exploded.

      After it was done, Dreamer told to just enjoy our mutual company and fly together, so we did, but shortly, I woke up.

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    9. Lame Thing to Do.

      , 04-07-2011 at 09:41 PM (My Nighttime Experiences)
      Key: Non Lucid Lucid
      Random LD
      I don't remember how I became lucid but I was at a dinner table and I knew I was dreaming all of a sudden. Then after some time I rubbed my hands together and my vision went all weird... Then I jumped across the table and punched or kicked my cousin, Zack. He pushed me back or something.

      Then I was at my computer and since DV is in my bookmarks bar on the first spot I clicked it. Then my bookmarks kept changing and I kept clicking on them. That's all I think I did.
      Verrryyy lame way to spend a lucid dream lol.

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    10. Who Are You Supposed to Be?

      by , 03-27-2011 at 01:55 AM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was on a train. Two guys noticed that they both had Swiss Gear backpacks. I showed them mine, and they laughed when they saw I had one, too. I realized one of the guys was Eric Weller.

      “Eric?” I blinked. He pointed at himself as if to make sure I was talking to him.

      “Yeah, I’m supposed to be Eric. Who are you supposed to be?” The phrasing of his question was bizarre. I replied in a manner that struck it down.

      “I’m Josh.”

      “Oh! Right!” Awkward silence followed. We got off the train and came to a room with strangely shaped windows… It was painted purple throughout. I thought about how much I wanted to realize I was dreaming. Then, confused by the origins of the thought, I looked around. I was dreaming! I grabbed Eric by the shoulders.

      “Dude, we’re in a dream. What do you feel like doing?”

      “I dunno…”

      “Neither do I! Let’s fly!” I threw him out the window forcibly and jumped out after him. He didn’t know how to fly, so he just tumbled toward the rugged mountain valleys below us. I swooped down and pointed a finger at him to levitate his body in the air.

      “What are you doing?!” he cried, waving his arms.

      “Try moving. Float up.” As I spoke, he drifted upward. He panicked when he couldn’t change directions, however, and I had to bring him down with my magic finger. “You’re bad at this…” I brought him down to a boat on the side of a mountain. I gave my intent to summon Nicole, and voila! There she was, standing on the deck. She looked around, then at me. “Welcome to my dream,” I said. “Is it really you, or are you just ‘supposed to be’ Nicole?” Eric didn’t seem pleased by my teasing question.

      “I’m me…” Nicole said. “So hold on, we’re dreaming?”

      “Yes. I saw a portal while I was flying around. Let’s go into it!” Nicole agreed, so we flew up to a purple vortex in the sky. Darkness spiraled into it as it seemed to spin. We were both sucked in. Hopefully, dream Eric didn’t starve in the middle of nowhere – we left him behind. The vortex filled my vision.

      I had a false awakening. I sat up in bed, staring down at my hand. My arm was incredibly long – at least five feet – and each of my fingers branched off into two. I felt like I was going cross-eyed. I couldn’t focus on anything properly. After a while, things stabilized, and my hand was normal.

      “I guess we’re not dreaming,” I told Nicole.

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    11. Visiting the Taj Mahal, and telling somone how to talk to spirits ( kinda)

      by , 02-21-2011 at 07:10 AM
      Very fragmented vision/dream. I woke up only after a few hours sleep know I just had a real awesome dream and should write it down. Sadly I was so tired I decided to stay sleeping.. damn it now I can hardly remember it.

      I was very tired as I went to bed as I had a very big day a lot of psychical and emotional work.

      HI starts very quickly, it quickly becomes very very vivid. I see vision of the 'Taj Mahal' there is the most magnificent garden at the front with an amazing fountain and pond leading up to the temple.

      I want to go inside but from no where the big gates appear as I approach the gate a 'spirit' approaches from the left, it is a floating triangular mask with a smoke body. I think why does it look like that, I don't like it, it should be a beautiful woman.

      She transforms into a goddess brunette hair with amazing beauty, 'You can not pass through these gates', she says so calmly I feel weakened by her presence. 'why not? I want to see what is inside.'. 'I must teach you some lessons first' 2 other 'goddesses' appear they grab me and we float up into the air. I think rose pedals start to fall around me.

      A fragment .. I am talking to someone I am explaining to them how they should talk to the spirits I mention they should close their eyes and roll them up in their head, when they see a flash like a camera flash, this is when you can speak to them. There was more but I can't remember

      I wake up and want to write it all down but am to tired so I go back to sleep and forget most of it .. damn it !
    12. Chinese food induces spiritual visions

      by , 02-13-2011 at 08:02 PM
      For my tea last night I ate LOADS of chinese food. Much more than usual... I was feeling hungry
      I felt fine after but all that greasy food must have had a bad reaction....

      Anyway, I went to bed as usual that night and awoke midway through the night with the most terrible stomach ache, I thought I was going to be sick. I sat up in bed and my girlfriend said something to me (I asked her about it today and she said I just mumbled some incoherent reply)...
      I was definately awake, but at the same time when I closed my eyes I saw a bizarre vision.

      In my vision I was sitting encased in the centre of a mountain. My aching belly all bloated up like I was pregnant. The pain would shoot out of my belly and crack the rock around me. The cracks opened up into wide burrows through the mountain (I saw it as a cross-section from the side. Imagine a mountain shape with wide cracks opening up in a semicircle from my belly, like a cartoon sun with rays radiating outwards).

      One the surface of the mountain, where the cracks emerged I saw chinese dragons in a figure 8 shape. Upon looking at the dragons I was able to feel the rise and fall of many ancient civilisations.

      The whole vision was very engrossing. I was aware that I was awake, and that it was just a dream/vision, but it was as if I was right there when I closed my eyes. Like existing in 2 places at once.

      After a while the vision faded and I went back to sleep.

      Also, this was my first day trying Silene Capensis. I wasnt expecting any results from it this early so I am not sure what this was. Most likely it was something similar to a fever-dream brought on by my bad stomach and too much greasy food... but very strange!
    13. Mugged and Strange Awakening

      by , 08-04-2010 at 03:44 PM
      I was mugged!

      I drove to an Aldi for groceries. It was night time. I saw an ad for cigarettes on the side of a bus. I'd heard somewhere all tobacco used to be called "Inuit" brand. The Inuit used to be the main tobacco growers before the big corporations took over. Someone said the Inuit ad campaign had pairs of fire flies flitting in circles near stores at night. Suddenly it was true.

      I was in a bad part of town because that's where the cheapest groceries live. I don't know why but I decided to cross the parking lot. It was very dark. I think the street lights were out on that side. So I could see the fireflies clearly. I believe that may have been why I walked that direction in the first place. There was a playground nearby and a working street light beside it. I was getting scared so I headed toward it.

      Out of the shadows stepped a figure. I couldn't make him out yet. I was afraid but I smiled, waved, and said hello. I was scolding myself for my stupidity. Phillip told me this part of town isn't safe. I could get killed.

      I got closer, and so did he. He was white with a tall black mohawk. And he was holding a gun. Aimed at my head.

      "Hi," I said. "Nice hair."
      He smiled. Thanks. You too."
      "You can have my wallet. Just stop pointing that gun at my head." He didn't. He motioned for me to come with him. I was terrified but not showing it much. I kept being friendly and he seemed taken aback.

      We went to some shop close by. He put the gun away. I think he had my money at this point. It was daytime. It turned out he wanted my money for a donation. People had been killed at his old middle school, including a close friend of his. There was a memorial ceremony happening. He seemed upset or perhaps uncomfortable with the social situation so I took over. There was a form to fill out. He asked if a candle could be donated in his friend's honor. The woman taking the donations thought for a moment and said that he could fill out a Mother's day ceremony candle donation form. So I did that. I think I hugged him or otherwise gave my condolences and then we parted.

      It was night again driving home, which was Mom's house. I was so *sleepy* going up the hill that I could no longer see the road before me. Sight is an effort for me in dreams. I was straining but I just couldn't do it. So I decided to let someone else drive. Now this part's very odd because I was alone. I did let someone else take the whleel, but the someone was *me*. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's like I let the me who had been driving go to sleep and woke up a me who had been sleeping. It was a sudden change and immediately I could see more easily. I was still sleepy and it was still difficult, but I was no longer blind.

      When I got home I told Mom I'd been mugged. I asked her not to tell Phillip because he'd be made that I went to a bad part of town alone.
    14. Vincent Valentine and half Subterranean City

      by , 11-04-2006 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream takes place in a city that is half subterranean (half above ground and half below ground). Most of the shops and recreational areas are above ground, while the living quarters of the civilians are mostly below ground. There is a vast tunnel system that connects the entire subterranean area to the above ground city. The main character of this dream is Vincent Valentine from the Final Fantasy 7 franchise.

      The dream starts off in Vincent's living quarters. Unlike most other homes, his residence is above ground. He is laying down on something (I can no longer remember if is was a bed or a sofa) and having a dream or vision:

      He is exploring the subterranean area when he stumbles across a woman being brutally murdered by a knife wielding man in a remote area of the tunnels. The murderer, who was wearing a green shirt and black pants, takes off and disappears around a corner. Vincent tries to give chase by he cannot find the culprit. Soon, Vincent finds himself in the tunnels underneath a tea shop in the center of town and he sees another woman being murdered by the man in the green shirt.

      The vision or dream ends there and Vincent believes that he has seen a vision of the future. He spends the next few days patrolling the areas where he saw the murders occur but comes across nothing suspicious. He goes into the tea shop one night and finds that it is devoid of people. In the tunnels below the shop, it is unnatually quiet. Vincent checks out the living quarters in the area but all of the homes are mysteriously empty of people and furniture. There is a commotion above ground and when he goes up to investigate, Vincent finds that there is a group of people fighting in the street outside of the tea shop. Amidst the group of people who are fighting is the green shirt man that Vincent had seen in his vision. Rather than become involved in the steet brawl, or even find out why it started, Vincent just watches from the side lines until it dies down. When Greenshirt breaks away from the fight and enters the underground tunnel system, Vincent follows close behind.

      Greenshirt seems to wander the tunnels aimlessly for a while but he does nothing suspicious. After wandering around for a while, they end up in the tunnels below the tea shop and it is there that Vincent is confronted by the man, who demands to know why he is being followed. Vincent tells him of the vision he had a few days before where he saw Greenshirt murder two women with a knife. The man seems a bit perplexed but then laughs and invites Vincent to his residence. When they get there Vincent sees that the man's home is actually one very small room with only one chair, a television, and shelves on each wall, cluttered with various random stuff.

      Greenshirt puts in a horror movie that depicts the deaths of two characters in the same manner that Vincent had seen in his vision, and says that he had just watched that film a few days before. When the movie is over, the man pulls out an old videogame system that looks like an old Atari, except that it has "Azure" written on it instead, and starts to play old-school Tetris. Vincent sees thrity-one cents in change on one of the shelves, takes it and leaves.
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