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    1. Bob’s Fishing Mishap

      by , Yesterday at 08:36 PM
      Morning of July 24, 2017. Monday.

      I am firstly not very aware of my dream’s environment (and I do not become lucid at any point). I eventually become aware of being on the outer limits of a dense forest encompassing a small lake or wide stream, seemingly late at night. I am not aware of anyone else in the region yet. I walk around in the semidarkness, uncertain of where I am, though there is no sense of danger. My dream’s setting seems loosely modeled after Mink Slough, where my brother-in-law Bob and I used to fish up until 1990, though never at night.

      After a short time, I see a strange event. A car goes flying over the trees away from my viewpoint but eventually falls in another area of the forest.

      I enter the forest with uncertainty as to what is going on, but without wariness. I get the impression of my brother-in-law Bob having tossed his car over the trees to get attention, as it seems he was somehow injured while fishing and the flare gun was either too far away for him to reach or he was out of flares.

      I find him lying on a blanket on the ground. It appears as if he has been bleeding a lot. It also seems that he may have gotten fish hooks stuck in a few parts of his body, though this detail is not fully discernible.

      About five unfamiliar males of about forty years of age emerge from my dream self’s body to offer aid as I remain more at a distance. They approach him. Bob seems somewhat cheerful, but cannot get up. My dream fades from this point as I reason the other males will give him medical attention as well as call an ambulance.

      • Induction form is water induction (most common form as water symbolizes the real-time dynamics of sleeping).
      • Dream state symbolism as entering a forest (subliminal reinduction, as it occurs after the implied but precursory waking symbolism of the car in flight).
      • Subliminal reinduction resets dream state, no additional waking symbolism, dream is truncated, no emergent consciousness event.
      • Biologically premonitory waking symbolism present as an atypical event, partly initiated by subliminal awareness of having more blankets on my body while sleeping.
      • Car (symbol of sleeping physical body in this case as it is without a driver) thrown over the forest (very common personal symbol of being in the dream state) as a subliminal annoyance of blanket weight (though it is too cool presently to sleep without them).
      • Ambiguous failed flight waking symbolism is present (Bob throwing his car over the trees as analogous to a flare gun and a flare gun would be a potential waking prompt).
      • Atypical personified preconscious as uncompleted emergent consciousness precursor, bleeding and lying down in need of aid (rare, though Bob usually appears in this form now).
      • Dream state indicator of preconscious lying on ground (analogous to lying in bed) requiring aid (needing to leave the dream state; to coalesce back into whole consciousness).

      Detached threads:

      • 1) A human being cannot throw a car through the air, let alone over trees or while bleeding and lying injured on the ground.
      • 2) I have not seen Bob in real life since February of 1994 and I am unaware of his present health status (possible precognitive thread present).
      • 3) Other dream characters (all unfamiliar males) emerge from my dream self’s body upon me seeing Bob on the ground. Bob does not “return” to my dream self’s body or coalesce in this case that I recall.

    2. New weapons, Sage Attempt & Farlands Bunker

      by , Yesterday at 06:25 PM (Ereos)
      I was on some sort of train going towards Harbor City, I was with a few friends and we were about to go shopping but in my mind I needed to shop new weapons and stuff like that.

      We arrive at our destination and get out of the train, and initially we go to some shop that sells pretty much anything. We look around for a little bit but my attention is caught by the few guns they are selling.
      I go look around over there for a little bit, and I notice in a neat package a brand new Glock gun, it's one of the new generations and all. But then one of my friends come to me and tells me that if I need guns we can go to the shop next to this one which just sells guns and military gear.

      Anyways we all go to the checkout, I pretty much bought nothing but the other guys did, and the total price came to a whopping thousand euros! A little of an awkward talk ensued when I told the other guys that we needed to stop to the gun shop after this.

      We get out of the store and we go to the gun shop now, as we enter it, I notice that it's pretty big and that they're well equipped. I quickly go to grab one of those Glocks I saw earlier and finally find 'em, however I also need a rifle or a shotgun.
      We look around a bit more and I find an AUG rifle, which is the standard issued rifle for the Ereos Army and National Guard.
      I take it in my hands to see how well it handles but I don't really like it, and in the end I go for a neat shotgun instead.


      I am now in my bedroom when I suddenly notice that I am dreaming without any reality checks whatsoever.
      However it is pretty dark and I can barely see, I look out the window and it's pretty dark aswell, so that means that I'll have to go down the stairs and go through some rooms (Effective technique to slowly get light)
      So I open the door of my bedroom and go right out of my bedroom and right down the stairs and into my living room.

      It's still a bit dark but by now I see that outside there's some more light at least so I go right outside and stabilize for a little bit by yelling: "More clarity!" and the dream got much more stable and clearer.
      I see that my 2 dogs have been following me because I probably looked kinda excited, I was finally about to attempt properly to see the sage. So I tell myself: "I am going to see the sage now", and I proceed to spin very fast but a few turns and when I stop it turns out that I am still right outside my house.
      But then I forgot that I have to close my eyes for the process aswell. So I started spinning, this time while closing my eyes and I spinning for a few turns and then I opened my eyes...

      I was now lying on some kind of weird bed, unable to move, I tried to move but without success. And then I was transported to some kind of other space-time dimension where there was this gnome dude telling me that I've accidentally got stuck in time or something. And now we're in his time machine and we're about to meet his people in this really weird place with a bunch of gnome people who speak a completly new language I've never heard before. And the gnomes were talking about me, I just had this feeling they were and I was just standing there kinda "ashamed" in a way.

      But then this gnome guy I first met accepted to help me out and bring me back to Ereos, because I was definetly not in my world anymore.
      So we both go into his time-machine thingy, while explaining to me with some sort of graph where the "time-loops" have occured and he's gonna undo them, however he tells me that there might be a few side effects.
      But just before I could ask "Like what?", he just started up his time-machine and I got transported back into Ereos, right in my home, as if nothing happened.

      However it seems that I have aged a little bit, I now have this big beard so in the end I just go ahead and shave it.


      I was in a group of people, it seems that we were in the northern Farlands judging by the landscape, pine trees pretty much everywhere. We were near a big entrance of a nuclear/fallout bunker/shelter it seems like, but it was closed.
      I noticed that there was a dog following me and it looked like the dog from the sage guy that I was trying to see since a little while now.
      After a while an argument broke out in the group, with guns drawn and everything, but then the bunker doors started opening, and we ventured inside of it, it looked pretty desolate and dirty.
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    3. Nap Lucid Dream

      by , Yesterday at 04:27 AM
      I had a headache so I decided to take a nap and ended up with a lucid dream.

      I was waiting to enter the dream when I feel myself transition to the inside of a invisible car. The setting is kind of faded as well but I can tell its the path to the beach. As im thinking of what might happen next I hear a call for help and I am pulled to the the edge of the beach water.Someone not visible pulls a pair of keys that appeared in my hand to try and get me inside but I pulled away. I called for Dawn next and appeared inside a white setting with nothing but us present. Except Dawn wasn't visible. I asked Dawn if I could relax in the dream next to him but I end up being pulled into another setting where I can see small houses below the passing clouds. "Ok...I dont want to go any higher"I said. The dream shifted again after that but I had a false awakening.
      I got up to see my family and brother's friend in the living room table. He had brought a huge chocolate cake to share with everyone. I felt excited to have a piece after my mom asked me if I wanted some but I was too shy to thank him and looked to his unsure face, not knowing what to say. "....Is it someones birthday?" Is what came out of my mouth instead as I moved a cardboard happy birthday banner for what seemed like a little girl's party. Woke up after that.

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    4. On His Spirit Blog

      by , 07-23-2017 at 05:55 PM
      I was younger and at a big park chatting with my mom and brother.As we chatted a average man wearing a white t shirt and short pants approached us and asked us what we thought about life. We chuckled and I responded with that it was good but brought his attention more to my younger brother. As we talked he took his white phone and began filming us than said his goodbye and left. The scene than changed to a house where I was looking at my phone. "Imagine he uploaded the video with us at the park?"I said to my mom. After curiously looking around I found his video and was like "oh shoot. I found it". When I played it I saw the part where he talked to us and i noticed I mentioned something dum about a pollo. I felt embarrassed so I skipped to where he was walking up to a man at the park and sat down to play the guitar with him. He than got up and began talking about how the world around us is filled with life, spirit. I than paused the video to see 3 likes and 8 dislikes. "Why so many dislikes? Hes so nice and peaceful". I than looked to the comments and saw negative things about him being dum and that the people in the video were retarded.Turning it off my other brother asked to see the video but I said no cause I said some embarrassing things

      The Lucid Test
      Inside an unfamiliar house I was told by mom to go out and buy milk. I was going to but it was night and storming. Not to mention there was a large tree branch on the living room table. "Where did that branch even come from?"I asked. "Where all branches come from. Outside" My mom responded. I than shrugged it off and decided to avoid my doom by not going outside.

      I become lucid at a point in the dream where i see my cousin who I haven't seen in a long time. As she stares at a screen with her sister the dream setting changes and I come across my dream guide who appears out of no where. He tells me something than unleashes a dc for me to find. I feel something behind me than run fast to test my dream control. I entered a city as I ran than met up with my dream guide again who unleashed a group of angry boys at me. Using ninja moves with shurikens and exploding kunai I manage to make them run away but end up with a bloody dream guide. I hug him and apologize but he says its okay and than I become distracted.

      My grandma, older brother and mom are next to me looking at a machine that is a cooking timer and another smaller device that looks like a can opener. They don't believe I know how to make it work and my brother is struggling so I turn the switch and the machine begins ticking. They thank me and than the dream ends

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    5. 22 - 07 - 17

      by , 07-23-2017 at 04:24 PM
      1: Surfboard and a truck
      I’m walking towards a beach in The Netherlands. It doesn’t actually look like any beach I’ve ever been, but it’s perfectly normal in my dreaming mind. I’m walking on a path and the beach starts on my left. I am carrying a surfboard (which I’ve never used in WL) under my left arm. There’s three people sitting on towels on the sand right in the corner of the beach. I walk towards them and I think I ask them whether they would watch my surfboard while I go do something else. They agree very kindly (at which I am slightly surprised) and I lay down the surfboard and walk away.
      *Now 6 hours or more have passed; all I remember from these 6 hours is that I regularly think “I hope they’re still there with my surfboard” *
      Once again, I am walking towards the beach, wondering whether the surfboard will still be there. Just before the corner where the beach starts and the people were sitting, there is a truck with a small trailer on the road. I fumble in my pockets for keys, find them, and get in the truck. While driving it, I decide I have to turn it around, so I am looking for space to perform this manoeuvre (I have never actually driven a truck in WL). I manage to turn it around partly, and get out. A man with a ring of keys in his hand walks up to me and asks me whether the keys are mine. I search my pocket for the keys I need to unlock the surfboard that suddenly appears besides me, and find them after a while. I tell the man that I have my own keys, and he walks away. Here the dream ends.
      2: Game of Thrones video game

      I am playing a game that is supposed to be about GoT but doesn’t resemble it in the slightest way. It is a colourful platformer. At first, I think I control a female character, walking through rooms and jumping on mushrooms. The idea is to land on the mushroom with the most spots on it without falling to the ground. I succeed marvellously, and then my sister walks in. I explain to her what I am playing and feel a little embarrassed for liking such a childish-looking game. I start again (or the next level?) and I control a chicken or a duck now. It can fly a little, but not long, and cannot walk up steep slopes. This adds a nice difficulty to the game (the level has changed completely). I first send the bird from one cliff to another which is lower and I barely make it. Then I fly down to a riverbank, but it is quite steep and I have some difficulty keeping out of the water. Then I wake up.
      3: Pissing

      I am standing at a row of urinals in a bathroom, supposedly of a school of some kind. To my right is Emiel, to my left is Mauro, both of whom I haven’t seen in years. There’s some chatter between us I can’t remember. I wake up with a desperate need to go to the bathroom.
    6. Cheap items,Heavyarms war broken, the hellbringer

      by , 07-23-2017 at 03:42 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream at school. Something is going on and I'm with some people who are selling things. I look to see what it is and it is a lot of models of the G1 Optimus Prime Masterpiece, that is strewn out on to a table. I look at them a see the details of his chest, arms and head. I realized that I'm at a store which was dimly lit with florescent lights, most of them were off or burned out while the others were on but far away from where me and the shadow DC was at. He was selling them for a very cheap price and seen a shelf with more supposively expansive this there but were also a very cheap price. The person handed me one and said that I can keep this one for free, but the next one you'll have to pay 5 dollars for. I happily took in the Masterpiece and now I would have two of them at home instead of one! After that I took the figure and put it into my bag and also seen other things that I liked but didn't want to get too many things and decided to wait another day. I left from there and then as I was walking to another room I seen a TV on. It was on the TV guide and someone was going through the list of channels and seen that there on one of the sales channels in the list seen it was listed as Optimus Prime something. The item there was the same thing but was being sold at a ridiculous price of like 300-400 bucks. Oh how lucky I am to have gotten this for free.

      After that I end up in a different room. This room was well lit and had a projector there. There were desks there but they were empty with no students in them. Then I see a Zaku from Gundam and thought what on Earth are the Zeon Pilots doing here? He walked across the doorways but at the last minute turned its head and caught glimpse of me. He poked his head back into the door way with the red, glowing eye looking at me. It starts walking towards me and I avoided it and ended up outside where I find the Heavy arms! He was in a heated battle and his other people were there, Death scythe and Sandrock. Heavy arms was on a rocky cliff shooting his gattling gun up into the air and at anything that came near him. Duo who is in the Death scythe ran up to Heavy arms and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder in an attempt to calm him. Almost immediately Heavy arms swung around and almost back handed him in the head with his cannon. The death scythe got thrown to the ground next to Heavy arms and heard him say. "He's out of control." Heavy arms had been fighting for quite sometime and was in the heat of battle. This has clouded his judgment of who is friend or foe, his mind was destroyed by war. Heavy Arms looked over at Death scythe realized what he has done. He closed the doors on his chest that is smoking from being over heated and then he kinda slumped down. He realized the mistake of what he was doing and caught on before he ends up doing more harm to his allies then good. He walked over to the Death scythe and assisted him.

      After that the dream shifted and I ended up in spectator mode. Someone had been shot by what looks to be a massive 3 to 4 feet long ballistic arrow in his chest and falling backwards. As he fell backwards two doors opened up from the ground and he fell into them. It showed his body falling down into a fiery pit that looking like the one on Indiana Jones where the man had his heart ripped out as he was burned alive. His body ignited and disintegrated before it even got to the bottom.

      After that scene a large man about 7 or 8 feet high appeared. He walked from the shadows with a smile on his beast-like face. In his hand he held a huge wood and metal bow that span 4 feet across and already he was loading up the next arrow. Anyone hit by those arrows will not only suffer the impact of a thick 1 inch metal rod piercing through where body but it was summon the gates of hell to swallow you up and while you are alive will plummet into total and utter suffrage. He looked down into the arena and seen the two doors closing and disappearing back into the ground. I then hear someone else challenge him. "Why don't you take me on without the weapon of yours!" The huge thing snorted at the offer and jumped down into the arena where a man stood. As he jumped down he drops his bow that lands with a thunderous sound and then he says something to the man but I don't know what it is.

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    7. Murder mystery

      by , 07-23-2017 at 03:03 PM
      I've been very inactive here in the forums, but I still had some LDs (not in my DJ here) a few weeks ago. I lost my motivation after those LDs and haven't been recalling that many dreams lately. Like, still atleast one per day, but not as clearly as usually. But I'm getting my motivation back. But I'm getting my motivation back slowly. Here's my dream from last night anyway:

      I'm not any character in the dream. I'm just watching it like it's a movie. There are two young boys (like 10 years old or younger). The other has blond hair and is very kind but seemed to be a little weird and weak and easy to bully on. He had a white shirt. The other has brown hair and seems more of an extrovert and stuff unlike the other, but is still propably not the most popular boy in the school. He has a white T-shirt. The boys are friends. They are somewhere near my IRL house. There are lots of detached houses there. Outside one house there's a girl and her mother. The girl is the boys's classmate and has a braided blond hair and a simple white dress. The mother is really obese and seems evil. She also has a purple T-shirt. Then there's some part of the dream where the boys deal with some code name or something. It was "LunNiMax". Really weird, but turns out it's related to the girl's name. Her first names where Ninni and Max apparently, but her surname is unknown. Then the boys find out Ninni has been murdered. The boys want to find out who did it. The dream ended very soon after that, but I felt like the blond boy might become the next victim.

      I tried to put more detailing to this than usually, so that's why the text seemed quite long for a short dream that wasn't even remembered properly. I found the dream interesting and after woking up I kept thinking about it and what could have happened next, what where the murderer's motives, how did the girl and the blond haired boy die, did the boy even die afterall, etc.

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    8. No money, no food

      by , 07-23-2017 at 05:46 AM
      July 22nd 1:00am-8:00am
      Set at my current home, I believe..honestly I can't quite remember the first half. But for some reason we were low on money and weren't allowed to buy food from other places. I think it was also something to do with we couldn't drive the car out anymore, the person that told us this said to just buy from locals. But we don't have local stores or they carry bad food. So as mom and I are sitting in the diesel in a parking lot, a lady comes up and says she will help with money and food problems. She takes us to a store and we buy stuff, I forgot the terms of her agreement but afterwards we went to a room. In this room some people came through a portal and we started talking about stuff, I think it was about the new rules of people not being able to get food from other places. We also had these weird lights that were dim because the bulb didn't work. But when you take the bulb out, the light was much brighter. Anyway that was pretty much what I remembered, the room had tan walls and a portal in the left corner near the door entrance.
    9. Battle on the Roof

      by , 07-23-2017 at 03:37 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      Battle on the Roof
      I was at some party, Negan was there. We were on a roof.
      I made an idea, I grabbed the glass that was protecting everyone from falling down to the hard ground.
      Someone else did the same, I said whoever is knocked off loses (and dies). I held the glass as a shield and a stick
      as a weapon. Negan is amused.
      Later, a girl is pushed off by someone, the someone has her back exposed so I hit her with my stick, the stick breaks.
      I sense someone behind me, I duck. The girl with a fire weapon (?) tripped over me and knocked the someone off.
      She was holding on the edge, I say "Sorry" and knock her off.

      Hey guys it's been awhile, alot of my dreams have been...weird lately and I didn't want to share them. I'm happy that I got a dream that had Negan, he's my favorite character on the Walking Dead. I had another dream today but I'm not sharing it.
      July 22nd, 2017
    10. Friend at my house, getting ready to move.

      by , 07-22-2017 at 10:32 PM
      So in real life I'll be moving to Idaho for college. The second dream was about what I've been doing; clearing out my house and getting ready to move.

      First dream I had was a really weird one where I was living in a gated community and there was some weird mystery going on with my female neighbor, a D.C. not someone I actually know, and it was something about her going missing but still being there and me skipping around time. I remember feeling like I was uncovering a scheme against me, it was really complicated. I then woke up and went back to sleep, this time having a more straightforward dream.

      In the dream two of my friends are hanging out with me at my house. It somewhat felt like it was connected to the previous dream because I remember thinking about the previous dream as if it had actually happened. I then leave my house with one of my friends and realize that I can't leave my other friend in my house because he can't lock the door when he leaves and I don't have a spare key to give him. I then go back to the house and find him in my room playing a computer game, maybe Overwatch, while listening to "Danger Zone" and watching an episode of Doctor Who. We talk briefly about all the packing I had to do and I look out my window and see my dad is home and selling things from the garage. I go outside and see he isn't giving away bikes with electric motors and a pick axe, and I'm wondering why he's giving it away. The dream ends with me riding one of the bikes uphill.

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    11. Not much.

      by , 07-22-2017 at 08:25 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I've had some decent dream recall these past few days; I just haven't had time to log on here. There was one dream where I got close to being lucid, but wasn't quite there.

      Despite this, I've still been really off my groove lately. As in, since high school, which was a long time ago. -_- I used to LD a lot more often. I need to be restored to my full lucid dreaming glory, and get even better than I was back then.

      I only have one dream recalled from last night, and I can't read my writing from my paper journal very well. I need to invest in a better flashlight, I think, and actually sit up to write. I was in a "horror hotel" of some sort. My brother was there, and he was doing something that starts with an R. I can't read my half-asleep handwriting. T_T
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    12. Avalanche

      by , 07-22-2017 at 05:20 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #513 - IDWILD (In-Dream-WILD)

      I am in some strange SciFi dream and sleep lab with a huge viewing screen of some mountainous scenery with some woman. The Doc/scientist gives me a list of items. I read through not sure why I he gave me this. Someone states that its to see if these things will pop up in my dream. We lay down and start to WILD.

      I immediately and lucidly transition into another dream which feels just like a real WILD. I am in some version of my house but its way too dark so I phase out a window. My vision is nothing but bright white light for a moment, but I concentrate to see. Quickly, I notice that I am surrounded by deep thick snow. I laugh and play in the snow a bit. I notice my house is almost covered completely in snow but there is also a huge mountain or hill right behind it covered as well. I shout and a small chunk of snow falls. Now I want to see it I can be loud enough to start an avalanche. I shout again. More falls but then it changes course and hits my face. I laugh and shout even louder giving it all I've got. The whole thing comes down on me. I try to move out of the way but I am quickly buried. I struggle a bit but quickly relax because I know this is a dream and I can just make it all disappear if I want. I try to think of something, but suddenly I "wake up" in the dream lab.

      I lose lucidity and go back to believing the whole initial scenario (did I ever question it?). I recall the dream in the dream and tell the man that none of those things in the list appeared in my dream.

      It's worth noting that I have had two other LDs that I didn't record but have added to my count. They were just my typical OBEs with my normal G-forces and trippy things happening to me. It's still amazing when it happens but I didn't feel the need to DJ; maybe I was too lazy.
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    13. Yes!!! First dream in a very long time. :)

      by , 07-22-2017 at 04:39 PM
      Success!! I was able to recall not one, but two dreams, although the first one's a fragment.

      Dream 1 (fragment)
      I am walking down a hallway. and I see someone. But before I can tell who they are, my alarm goes off.

      Dream 2:
      I'm in a.... Duel? It's a YuGiOh duel. I ply my cards for a while, but as soon as i try to go lucid, the dream ends and I wake up, and my heart's pounding, from excitement or other emotions I can't tell.

      Both of the dreams were surprisingly vivid. Also, I think these were triggered by video games, because the last game I was playing before I went to bed was YuGiOh GX tag force, and both of these dreams matched it. So could this be a dream trigger for me?

      At least my recall's improving.
    14. Weird feels

      by , 07-22-2017 at 10:54 AM
      Started out at studio. Went home did something. Someone wanted to jam so I went back but there was a keyboard player that asked if I was playing bass. For some reason I didn't want to play with him and got mad said no, fuck me right? He asked if anyone learned his song. Erich pulled out a piece of cardboard that had some of the chords and structure written out. They started to play but I left. I found myself in this big field, supposedly by my house, it was early morning, a bunch of people were outside waiting for the shuttle launch. I was sitting on a roof waiting. Saw it fly through the sky in the distance as a small white light basically. I was kind of disappointed it didn't blow up. Someone started singing about the successful launch. I started walking home, ran into my dad. We turned and walked to a circle of people and I saw Christa and her dad. I said hey. Someone had a huge rc dragon and flew it around the area in a big circle and it came to a stop and hovered upside down in front of the guy controlling it. Christa and I were wondering how it could fly when its so big and clunky, and she asked me if I was going somewhere. I said yea and was then in a car with Dan on our way. We were driving down Mackenzie and I saw the same light that was the shuttle falling backwards in the sky. I wondered if it was failing or if time had started reversing. The road we were on took on an ominous feel. The houses were no more and on either side of the road were fields of dead trees. I asked Dan if this was Mackenzie, he said yea. I said, I don't think so. I think I'm dreaming....dude I'm sleeping on my couch right now. He said naw man he's driving Down Mackenzie. I said, are you sure? Then the road came to and end at a little white house, road covered in hay. The road went into a big lake I thought was lake eerie. I told Dan this was weird, it felt weird, really scary for some reason. Told him I was gonna wake up this is weird. So I thought I did. I was laying on my couch and I look around. I hear that high pitch TV sound turning on and off. I look at the clocks and they're flashing. I think its weird the power went off wondering if the surge was what threw me and Dan off course for some reason, convinced it must have. Still laying on the couch I see a mirror with a seemingly shadowy figure. I try to call out to make it go away but only weak sounds came out. This frightened me for some reason and the ominous feeling came back. I got up and inspected the clocks which were flashing in classical "power was out" form. I thought maybe we were robbed and that's why power was out. I went to check on my parents as I noticed the sun was starting to come up. I went in their room as my dad scrambled to the bathroom and my mom walked out to ask what's up. Told her I thought we were being burgled and was scared for them, was making sure they're safe. I headed the high him of TV going on and off again and asked them if they heard or noticed when the power went out. They did not. I looked at their clocks and they were solid, so power in their room didn't go out. I thought it was strange and got confused. I went back into living room with parents and the TV was flashing static and weird patterns. I asked if that was because of a power outage. He said no but it was acting broken. We were all looking at a painting or picture ha nging above the couch that I've never seen before. It was a kind of earthy tone image of so e comedian in a bar or something and as I stared it started moving around like an acid trip. I got losdt in it for a minute then remembered we were being burgled, and I saw the guy try to take off. I chased after him and we were running around the house. He jumped to the roof, then I remembered I was dreaming, I can stop him easily so I held out my hand to freeze him but he just jumped over the house anyway. I was momentarily sad my powers failed but happy to know I'm dreaming and safe. I started thinking about the dream and wondered how it started. Thought about waking up to write it down and I kept going back to my body on the couch but couldn't make it roll over and pick up my tablet and write. I was so comfy I thought, fuggit, that scene with Dan on Mackenzie was so intense for some reason, no way I'll forget. I went back to sleep and someone was talking to me out in that dead tree area and said they needed more time with my parents. Waves started splashing up where we were and I thought the next wave will wash out the scene and I will have summoned my parents for him. But then the guy jumped out of view and I thought,onh duh, were going to them. Another wave came up and washed out my vision to white and then I woke up for real.

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    15. Some non lucids

      by , 07-22-2017 at 03:57 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I was in some park on a hill. Bjork was off in the distance singing and walking towards me with a cameraman behind her. She kept looking at me and smiling. I was wondering how she knew me and why she was walking towards me. she had hair down to her chin.

      Money confusion.

      I was getting a ride with C who lives with my aunt. My cousins girlfriend was outside the window and handed me a large envelope filled with cash to give to my aunt for a car payment or something. C offered to take it for me but my cousin's GF said that I should take it instead indicating that C might pocket it for herself. I agreed to take it instead.

      C grumbled and let me out of the vehicle. I seemed only to be a block away from my house and started walking. I noticed K from work standing on a lawn and staring at me. "Are you stalking me?" I asked her. She said nothing for a long moment and said, "yes," jokingly? she started walking with me. I was saying, "nothing really to see here... After work I go home here and do basically nothing." I went in and forget what happened after.

      stay safe

      I was in my inner world house. Asuka and data were around. I thought there was going to be and earthquake. I saw some knick knacks on a corner shelf wobbling. I went into a door way and held on to it. Asuka asked me what I was doing. I said apparently this is the safest place to be in an earthquake. everything wobbled for a bit and then stopped.
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