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    1. Hippie Rock and The Nightmare Before Christmas

      by , Today at 02:38 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      Lately, my dreams have been less and less vivid and I don't know why.

      Fragment 1: I was watching a TV documentary where there was a rock band that consisted only of hippies. The drummer/leader of the band said that "We are willing to indulge ourselves in this absent minded spanish music"

      Fragment 2: I was in my art classroom watching the nightmare before christmas with V. When the opening was about to happen, V said "this is the best part" and then the narrator who would normally be telling us about halloween land or whatever was instead singing something to the tune of hotel california but one octve down. I then woke up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Snow idea what's going on

      by , Today at 11:49 AM
      D1 - In a school building, planning a lesson, I am suited and there is a headteacher observing me and we have some discussion.

      D2 - I am trudging through snow. I feel the wetness and cold, and see the lumpy footprints i am leaving behind as I make my way uphill.

      Notes :
      My dream usually have about five common people in them. So I decided I would use them, obviously as dream signs. But when I set that as my intention last night, it meant they did not appear in any dreams whatsoever.
      This happens regularly, I choose a dream sign, so my subconscious filters it out of my dreams. How I can use this to my advantage?
      Tags: school, snow
    3. End of the World and Discovering the Sleeper (yet again)

      by , Today at 06:17 AM
      Morning of September 26, 2017. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children, mostly as we appear now, are living in a house that is similar to our present home (and in fact implied to be our present home), though has a fictional second storey.

      Eventually, I am aware that the sun is too hot. I mostly become aware of this upon going to the second floor (with Zsuzsanna), which is mainly featureless and resembles the second floor of the Loomis Street house when the apartment was empty, as there is a singular window on one side of the large room and a ceiling sloped on both sides. (I have not been in this house in real life since 1994.) I feel intense heat and realize we need to go back downstairs. I guess the world is ending, but I am not very emotional. I tell our youngest son that we will be burned up, but it does not seem like a bad situation. Still, I want all of our family together for “the end”.

      We go into our oldest son’s room. Our other children are present in the room. Our oldest son does not seem present. Eventually, Zsuzsanna and our youngest son slide out a cardboard storage box from under the bed. Our oldest son is sleeping in it.

      This dream is easily recognized as a mix of factors, dynamics, and inherent dream state symbolism (unrelated to waking life other than as real-time environmental alert dynamics via RAS) that have occurred regularly since early childhood. As a result of having studied and validated up to nine dreams a day, every day, all my life (not even including apex lucidity and long sequences of hypnagogia) there is rarely anything “new” I dream in terms of core symbolism, and yet the individual uniqueness of each still amazes me.

      “Discovering the sleeper” dreams are common (but are not always so literal as here, as even a dream of yesterday, “Hierarchy Artifacts” was basically of this type). This is somewhat related to a type of subliminal lucidity (but not of the type where conscious self identity subliminally creates and controls the dream). In this case, The Sleeper was our oldest son but of course still is a dream state indicator that I am asleep. “Discovering the sleeper” dreams (mainly when as literal as here) are quite different from dreams where the preconscious is more active and dominant and are hardly ever the last dream of a sleeping period. Obviously, this type of dream is not inherently waking symbolism (unless the preconscious becomes active via RAS activity either by environmental noise or internal circadian rhythms), but somewhat the opposite.

      “End of the world” dreams typically have no waking life relevance (and if they did, no one would still be here to know anyway) other than at some levels (including reading too much negative news in the media). In this case however, the sun being too hot and coming to an end was based on environmental factors where it was uncomfortably hot in real life. When I went downstairs from the second floor, after becoming more aware of the ambiance and dynamics of my real environment, this was a form of dream state reinduction.

      Common dreams where there is “something wrong with the sun” usually also more accurately feature current associations with present conscious self identity (and do not typically incur extensive loss of memory of the present conscious self as many other types of dreams). This is evidence for the sun symbolizing the waking self (and current conscious self identity). There is “something wrong with the sun” when the conscious self identity subliminally realizes that it is sleeping, which of course is validated here by actually discovering The Sleeper. My favorite dream of this type was from childhood, “The Day There Was No Sun”. In that dream, I used bottle rockets tied over Highway Seventeen (a highway of which typically symbolizes the cerebral cortex in real time) to bring Earth back into orbit (to deliberately initiate waking). The preconscious in that case was passive and friendly, due to me initiating waking on my own.

    4. Pearls deal & Being watched

      by , Yesterday at 07:39 PM (Ereos)
      (I was semi-lucid the whole time, dream lasted about a day total)

      I was with someone trying to gather around all the pearls that we have found for some kind of deal.
      Pretty much every pearl had this grey/beige color and they were opaque but not quite, more like very very troubled glass looking.


      I was at Gemili again, the big infinite mall. It was day-time but it was about to be night-time in an hour or so.
      I look around for something to buy in pretty much as much of the mall as I can, I take about a good hour looking through pretty much everything but I don't really find anything of interest.

      I make my way to leave Gemili, I am in this big hallway, plenty of stores/snack shops at the sides of the hallway along with ads, I notice to my right a person that is looking at some ad, I realize that it's my history teacher from high school!

      Anyways I keep going towards the exit of the mall, I arrive in this central little park area thingy with plenty of benches and all, I notice some of my friends are there and I go ahead and chat up with 'em.
      We're talking about how Baptiste got his driver's license finally but he had to do something called a "driver's workshop" before, I told him that it was pretty odd as I never had to do that.

      After 10-15 minutes or so I say goodbye to 'em and I make my way back to the exit of the mall. I had some trouble with my jacket as it turns out for some reason I had 3 bonnets with me in my pockets, a white, gray and black one.
      I try to put 'em in my pocket, I notice a security guard of the mall and he's watching me in a kinda funny way.
      Anyways I finally manage to put my 3 bonnets somewhere and I finally reach the exit of the mall. Right in the middle of the doorway, there seems to be this big guy that honestly looks like a stereotypical bully, he eyeballs me as if I looked funny trying to put my bonnets in my jacket but I ignore him.

      I am finally outside but then this big bully just yells at me: "Hey you!".
      I hear him but I still ignore him, thinking that I have far more urgent matters to attend to, like defeating the Hooded Man.
      But then as I look behind me I notice that he's coming after me on his weird hoverboard/bike mix thing that doesn't look like much, but it is indeed hovering above the ground.

      He's coming at me with this hoverbike thingy, and right at me too! I gracefully dodge him as he was going to run me over with it.
      "What's wrong with you?" I asked him.
      He didn't answer at all for about 10 seconds, just being pretentious with his hoverbike, hovering around me a little bit. I just thought that it was pretty stupid.
      "What's up with your bonnets there sir?" He asked.
      "I asked you first." I said. But then he just grabs a bonnet out of my jacket and throws it pretty far from here.
      I just rolled my eyes, I didn't have time to deal with this bullshit, so I just turned back and left.
      But then he's approaching me with his hoverbike again, almost running me over once more.
      "Just fuck off." I tell him while pushing him off his hoverbike.

      I make my leave again but he becomes just a tad pissed, he catches up to me by running towards me and grabs the neck of my shirt stereotypical of a bully once again, trying to look real threatening and telling me bad stuff.

      I grabbed him by the neck and pushed him a little bit. "Look, just stay away from me, I am an Ereos official on duty."

      I turned back and left again for good this time, I could notice the security guard from earlier and he asked me if everything was okay.


      I was on my way to Los Angeles but I stopped a bit on the way to appreciate the scenery, I could see the eastern mountains of Ereos in the distance.


      I was in my governement-issued car and I arrive at some small city near Los Angeles and it seems that something's wrong in there, I see plenty of military personel all around, and at some point I see what looks like a very high grade person of the military, but he had a rather strange flag on his jacket, it wasn't the Ereos flag at all. It was one:

      I'm not sure what that flag is but it sorta reminds me of the United States flag.
      Anyways right before leaving the car, I leave my military gear in there, don't want to attract attention and I want to find out what's going on.

      I explore a little bit and go down this rather weird road, there are plenty of parked vehicles right in the middle of it.
      This big swole dude approaches me, he's in a black suit and has dark sunglasses along with a bluetooth speaker/phone on his right ear. I figure he's in the Secret Service or something, I actually haven't really seen much of my secret service buddies but he approached me in this very creepy way and he starts asking:
      "Hey, give me a list of names of your fellow buddies.".

      I felt pretty creeped out by this, I just knew I had to lie as this whole thing was mischievious. I try to think up of something...
      "Come on, names! Now!".
      "Uhm...right, first names only though okay? I don't have a good memory. So uhm...Michael and uh Speedo." I said.
      Those were completly random names I made up and he seemed satisfied by my answer, I just walk away from him.
      I notice one of my friends walking around this area, I approach him and tell him: "Hey, we have to talk." in a rather quiet tone. We go into another smaller street connected to this one.
      "What's up?" he said.
      "Yeah right so...I think we're being watched or something. They're onto me." I said.
      A garbage truck passes right by us, making a lot of dust in the street in general. I look a tiny bit right behind me and there is this big swole dude from earlier following us.

      "Run!" I yell to my friend, while we start running pretty fast.
      My friend manages to get away pretty quick, I seem to be rather tired and have a rather slow running pace than usual.
      This dude catches up to me in the matter of about 10-15 seconds. And grabs me entirely with his two strong arms in a very tight manner, to the point that my feet don't even touch the ground.

      I struggle to get off of his grip, even my arms and trapped, I get pretty damn angry at this point and partially transform my face into one of a dragon, to the point that I get super sharp teeth.
      I bite his left arm pretty strongly to the point that I just tear off a 15cm wide, 7cm deep chunk of flesh off his arm. I spit it off immediately, eww I don't want to taste human flesh at all.

      That dude just falls down in pain and I just run away from him, after 30 seconds or so of running, I take a time out, spit all the blood out of my mouth, trying to not look like a freak.
      I arrive at some kind of lottery/bar thingy and I notice another friend in there, I just go right into the bar.
      lucid , non-lucid
    5. Evolution

      by , Yesterday at 04:26 PM
      Meditation + WBTB procured me two lucid dreams. Throughout one lucid dream I was rubbing my hands to stabilize. It worked to some extent. When I walked outside my house, everything was overcast like it was a rainy, depressed 7AM in Texas. It felt quite cold as well. Tried to change the sky, but things just got darker. When into some houses; I was looking for someone.

      Onward and upward.
    6. Hierarchy Artifacts

      by , Yesterday at 10:28 AM
      Morning of September 25, 2017. Monday.

      In my dream, I find myself with a personified version of the preconscious that I created in the 1980s. Although this form is active every now and then, like most forms of the preconscious, there is typically no connection to waking life or the pretense of “interpretation”.

      This male in my dream as the role of the RAS (reticular activating system), which is what biologically controls the waking transition and its symbolism between consciousness and unconsciousness, is of the “Hierarchy”, a term I created in the 1980s for the nature of the dream state and its various core components and real-time symbolism including circadian rhythms symbolism. Its inherent waking symbolism is of a necessarily biological authority, unrelated to waking life. (Dream symbolism is more about the nature of being unconscious than being awake, kind of a no-brainer really, yet most of society presently completely ignores this truth.)

      Alex (Alexander; chosen because it means “defender of men” or “protector of mankind”, a good analogy for RAS) and I are in an unknown building. It may be a library, as shelves and dividing walls that do not reach the ceiling are present. There is an unfamiliar elderly woman present. Though I am never lucid (or even subliminally lucid), we are here to research the nature of the Hierarchy, and the woman mentions some sort of ancient document, which supposedly relates to this organization that secretly rules and protects mankind.

      At one point, Alex and the woman are on the other side of a shelf that is almost up to the ceiling. I can hear him confirm that the document is genuine. Wondering what my role in all this is, I decide to climb up to the top of the shelf.

      I look through a few boxes on the top shelf. I look down and see an unusual anthropomorphic crescent moon cookie cutter, though it is vertically oriented rather than of a logical cookie cutter design. It has the essence of an ancient artifact and I find it interesting. I ask Alex if I can have this and use it in my work.

      He informally tells me that there are “no cookie cutters” in the Hierarchy, more so referring to the prospective role of being a cookie cutter in the Hierarchy.

      Later, I am with my older brother Dennis (who still lives in America and last seen in real life in 1994). I tell him about the Hierarchy and about Alex. I say that Alex has “limitless diamonds” and owns whatever he wants.

      The moon represents the circadian rhythms factor of dreaming (as night is typically associated with the dream self while daylight and the sun represent the dynamics of conscious self identity). Its being a cookie cutter signifies the nature of lucid dreaming under conscious self identity creation. The fact that there are apparently “no cookie cutters” in the Hierarchy translates as RAS being of a biological factor and that one should not have full conscious control of circadian rhythms cycles, which could damage the physical body. This does not limit or suspend any potential for apex lucidity of course, which mostly occurs in the morning anyway within my last dream. The cookie cutter’s position on the shelf is more about the dynamic of this part of the sleeping and dreaming cycle, the moon’s crescent form signifying my percentage of unconscious awareness and percentage of vividness of the dream state (for example, a full moon would indicate full awareness while in the dream state). Liminal space dividers in the dream state are symbolized in real time by walls, fences, or high shelves. My act of climbing the shelf is symbolic of my dream self (subliminally) seeking more understanding of RAS and the preconscious.

      My comment to Dennis about the diamonds relates that the preconscious and RAS are of the main biological power behind sleeping and waking transitions. Being within a large diamond is one of the Mastership meditations that in part represents clarity of thought even when unconscious (though again, I do not have viable lucidity in this dream).

      This dream is mainly the result of a new variant of affirmation-based dream preparation. Instead of using “after” and doing the count after a particular affirmation, I have changed this to “anytime after” for a number of reasons. For example, “anytime after” is far more powerful than “after”, as “after” would otherwise denote “immediately after” or “soon after” while “anytime after” would be far more likely to integrate into the continuity of a later dream, either literally or symbolically depending on the desired outcome.

    7. Early morning Apocalypse - commonality: colours, control

      by , Yesterday at 09:45 AM
      D1 - Abstract kind of dream, different persona are fighting (a bit) over whos incharge of me. I see them as floating heads, in groups of 4, sort of in bubbles. The group in charge have a woman head honcho, she is distinctive as her face is white and green due to the lighting and her eyes are blue & green but the colours are split like when people try and get a 3d effect by splitting the colours on the image (to be reassembled via 3d glasses).

      D2 - There is an election going on with a load of people gathered in a park. I have had this park before in a dream about a college, in this dream however the white stone building in the centre of the park is a hall for voting.
      The campaigning party are represented by a fluorescent light Greek blue colour, which is floating around in the air (kind of).

      D3 - Had a rambling dream of travelling somewhere by bike I think.
      Then I set off to work early morning, feeling quite pleased with myself that I am organised and will arrive on time before rest of family are even up.
      I then look around in the early light and notice that in every direction there are towering plumes of black smoke, on the horizon. I think "oh shit, apocalypse" and hurry back home.
    8. 2017-09-25 few short moments

      by , Yesterday at 06:39 AM
      + football play, I'm playing! [a lot of the time normally I'm just observing the play]. I line up on the right side at the line of scrimmage, looking down the line towards the center and the ball, seeing the heads/hands of the players on both sides. I'm keeping my eyes only on the ball and ignoring the snap count, because I know there are deceptive snap words. In fact I do see false starts/offside movements by both sides a little and wonder if there will be a flag, but no the ball is snapped and I start running. I make my way down the field to the defensive secondary line and there I'm blocked by a big defender and I just can't make my way around him. The ball does not come to me but to a teammate, but he reaches me and I wriggle free to receive a lateral handoff from him. Then I start running [I now realize] the other way back down the field.

      + in the car, a guy is in the back, and my dad, I'm in the front seat (standing), I notice LB is there too, in a revealing peach colored outfit showing a lot of skin including a thong showing off a great asset, and I catch the guy in the back staring at her behind.

      + parking a car in a spot that may be a bit hard to get out of (hard to turn around), there is a parking attendant there. Talking with a woman about how I'm going to get to a certain spot, she's indicating I need to take one mode of transport that I think goes too far in the wrong direction, I explain that I've parked my car in [city Cu].

      + in a bathroom, walking back and forth, I see the toilet seat I want is covered with a seat guard ring made from a washcloth, I think this is a great idea rather than using a disposable toilet seat guard, someone in there asks me why I'm going back and forth all the time

      + [DO] I'm floating along the path of some vehicle with an unobstructed view out the front, it's driving over grass and curbs made from packed gravel, there is a conversation (me talking?) about how there are too many enumerated values for a certain variable in a program, I'm realizing that the uninitialized value can fully take the place of one of the enumerants, and I'm pondering this trying to think if it's really true or not while the vehicle continues on, making left and right turns
    9. Took a nap today

      by , Yesterday at 04:40 AM
      The events in my dream are kinda random but remembered a lot.

      I'm trying to get into what looks like an elevator.

      I'm hanging onto a rocky grassy area underneath something maybe like a bridge trying to get my girlfriend's attention.

      There's a crowd of men in suits somewhere.

      I ask my teacher if it's too late to turn in my homework and it looks like there's no one in the room we're in.

      I see an old friend and I don't like what he says to someone.

      I'm in a forest or tree area but I wasn't aware enough to know what I was doing there.
    10. Return from the Dead

      by , Yesterday at 02:17 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I really want to get back into actively practicing lucid dreaming. I miss being on here and discussing dreams with you people! What follows are a few of the most interesting dreams I've had lately.

      Lonliness (Non-lucid)


      Something has occurred that causes Cheyenne and Jake to forget about me. It's something like a spell or an alternate timeline where we never met and became friends. All I really recall is a rainy night, incomprehensible lonliness, and finally speaking to Cheyenne again even though she does not remember me.

      Foolishness (DILD)


      Note: This was basically expected. I took one 4mg tablet of Galantamine before bed and another during WBTB at 3 am. That is always a recipe for intense sleep paralysis, which was my goal. I'm trying to use it as a gateway for astral projection, or at least a good lucid.

      I'm lucid, walking down the street where I grew up at night. Still affected by my previous dream, I summon Cheyenne to keep me company. I call out her name--- my usual method of summoning. A voice calls back from the darkness, but it's distorted and wrong. "YOU'RE not Cheyenne," I accuse the voice.

      "Yes I am." The voice is normal now. Cheyenne approaches me from a dark path out of the trees by the edge of the road. Foolishly, I assume the original distortion must have been an effect of the sound bouncing off the almost tunnel like grove of trees. I am too desperate for companionship after my previous dream to question it further. I figure, this is a dream, so it's not REALLY her anyway.

      Cheyenne walks with me back to my childhood home, where I lay down on a hammock around the side of the house. I am laying with my back to her, but it seems for a moment as though she has disappeared, much to my disappointment. If only that were the case...

      Because suddenly I hear a demonic voice shriek from behind me, "FOOLED YOU!!!!" as a creature latches onto my back, cackling madly, its arm coming around to dig its long claws painfully into my chest. It falls with me into the dark void of sleep paralysis, mocking me with its shrill, shrieking laughter all the while.

      My first thought is that I definitely had this coming to me. Despite my fear and pain, I remember telling myself NOT to try to wake up if I have SP tonight. I hold out for as long as I can, but eventually I give in to the fear and force myself awake.

      Final Destination (Non-lucid)


      The early part of the dream is a bit vague. I'm helping someone with computer stuff. There's also a girl I like with pretty blonde hair.

      It's as I'm leaving this place that things start to go downhill. My boss has gotten himself mixed up in some Deep Web murder club with an invamous serial killer/hacker named "Sabine." He's going to one of their meetings right now (apparently they meet in a physical place?) and I make the mistake of walking with him to his truck, which is parked outside the convention hall. He asks if I want to come with him and I almost do, but change my mind.

      Unfortunately, during this brief span of time, I've drawn the interest of Sabine. I have the option to join or die, and I refuse to do either. But Sabine is seemingly everywhere, with eyes in all forms of technology. I have no idea how to stay constantly vigilant agains a club of murderers who are determined to stalk and kill me. There is also a paranormal aspect to what is happening, but I fear the Murder Club humans much more.

      There is a person I'm trying to protect who is also being targeted. I think it's the pretty blonde girl from before. I remember holding her hand, and we might have kissed. Can't really remember this part too clearly. She is involved with the paranormal part of this--- she is a Star who has fallen to earth and needs to find her way home. She is missing a lot of her memory, though. In turn, I have "memories" of these events happening before, in alternate timelines.

      I have a conversation with who I think is one of the murderers about what's going on as he mocks me and prepares to kill me. I realize that he's not actually one of the human members of the club; instead, he is a Reaper. I laugh at him, saying I'm not afraid to die at the hands of a Reaper and that he can just go ahead and kill me. He swings his scythe at me mut it hits an invisible barrier. I laugh again. "Looks like you can't do it." I know I am protected against the likes of him, because I know how to use my spiritual energy to defend myself. He wonders out loud what could have caused this. To throw him off his game, I say something about "the Frenchman," apparently referring to the fallen angel Asher.
      (Asher was a character of mine back in high school. An annoying French angel. In the dream, however, we knew each other from one of the alternate timelines.)

      I end up in a bar with my Star friend. Asher bursts in the door, but he looks different than how I remember him. His famous blonde hair is dyed black. He also does not yet remember me from the other timelines, but I know that he will.

      I'm now with Asher outside my current residence. Evil vines come from the woods and try to strangle him, but I set them on fire. They scream like banshees as they burn.
    11. Showing off my Frances the Mute CD at School

      by , 09-24-2017 at 04:00 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      I was on the blacktop at school. Everybody was doing a bunch of crazy activities when I saw the only teacher who has a PHD in teaching, who we'll call Dr. B. I went to him, showing off my Frances the Mute CD.
      "I have an album that I want you to listen to" I said. "it's an album called Frances the Mute by The Mars Volta. You won't be able to play it here at school because it's kind of inappropriate, but I want you to listen to this as soon as you get home." Or at least I said something like that.
      "Ok, then. Sounds like a plan." He said. I then woke up.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. "In the Deep Down, you know them."

      by , 09-24-2017 at 09:16 AM
      In my dreams, I am almost always about 17. Sometimes I am 21. I am 37 IRL. In my dreams I visit people, I just hang out with them. I did this last night. I was lucid. I rode my bike to a friends house, it was a couple of guys, not guys I was interested in, just friends. One was working on his car. Something boxy in the late 90's fashion. The other was checking his phone. They were kind of nerdy, D&D type of guys. The one working on his car was a heavy set neckbeard type of male, in his early 20's and the other was a skinny, ginger with curly hair and an Adam's apple that screamed not my type. But we were friends, it was fun just sitting there smoking cigarettes, asking what they were up to and seeing if they were going to go to the "arcade" later. They weren't. He shared something important with me before I left, and I will share it in a minute. The arcade is a place I visited in another dream, over a year ago, but I visited it twice since. Everyone is there, all of my old friends from highschool, and all about 19 - or 21 is years old. Even dead friends are there, in the dream world there is no distinction. Dead or alive, we all exist as we were. I had never seen these two boys before in waking life, but I know that I know them. I know them. I know their souls somehow, we are friends, we are at ease with each other. The kind of ease where there is no sexual tension, the kind of ease when you can just hang out in silence looking at Facebook (even though 20 years ago FB didn't exist) on your phone and it is cohesive. After about an hour I took off and said goodbye. I told some other friends that I wanted to go to the Arcade and asked if they thought people would be there. They said yes. I knew that when I got there I would see several people from my past and it would be easy, like old times. Maybe have a beer and play a game of pool - even though I am an alcoholic and haven't picked up a bottle since 2013. But it is different there. This morning I learned that this place has a name, it is called the "Deepdown." There we don't age, the dead aren't dead, and alcoholism isn't a thing. There in the "Deepdown" we are young, we are immortal, the feeling of friendship and love prevails. The Deepdown is what I call the dreaming place, the lucid place. It is a real place. I know it's real, it is more than the firing of random neurons pretending it is real. I know it's real because I know my way around the Deepdown. There is a theater I can find, an old town that used to have people in in it before 1998, but they moved along to keep up with the tourism and the big box stores, the old ladies in Flo caps and aprons smoke cigarettes and point to pictures on the wall that show old pictures of big holiday parades, people lined up on the sides of the street to watch the floats, and the celebrities and to peek in the store windows. The restaurants are mostly empty, their decor is old Ponderosa Pine and Wagon Wheels, and cobwebs. Most of the store fronts are boarded up now. In the Deepdown my parents are young, they are in their 30's or 40's. They think I am a kid. I have to sneak out and being under the stars, smelling the grass, hearing the crickets as I zoom on my bike towards a place to meet my friends is exhilarating. Only in the Deepdown do I get to see these people, do I get to remember the thrill of being young and of being free and the smell of the night when it smelled like endless possibilities. Not all dreams take me to the Deepdown, some are shallow, some barely scratch the surface, you can tell-they are superficial. I don't know the people there. But in the Deepdown, when my subconscious has plunged through layers and layers of whatever it is that constructs the dark spaces between memories, I am in a real place. I've seen my friends who have passed from this earth, there they don't know they are dead, because there I guess they aren't. I'm totally lucid in this place, I could effect things, I could change the color of the sky or tell my parents I am 37 years old, but I don't. I just enjoy it. I marvel at how young they look. Call it what you want, I call it the Deepdown. Because that is how it feels, it feels like a whole other Universe, way Deep Down inside of the layers that constitute my awareness. I know it is called this because that is what my friend told me. I looked up at the stars and I smelled the sweetness of being young and out in the night with people I liked. I said- What is this place? The boy looked up at me, he looked through huge thin brass aviator glasses that had smudges on them and he took them off to clean them. He put them back on and he smiled at me. He said - "This is the Deepdown" He ran the words together just like that. I could see the words in my mind as he said them, they were together, not separate like we would say it here, but one word- the "Deepdown." "Why is that important?" I asked, excited to hear him say something I felt was significant. He looked at me bored. "In the Deepdown, you know them." And I did- I do. I know them. In the Deepdown, nothing changes, I know them, they know me. I woke up knowing for certain that the people I speak to, the friends I see in that place that he calls the "Deepdown" are people I know, just as I knew them then, unchanged and it is comforting to know I will go back again.

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    13. a JRPG and Two of my Friends

      by , 09-23-2017 at 04:05 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      I was playing what looked like a JRPG. I was in the process of making a ship in the game which had a TV that you could play another JRPG on. Meanwhile, N and another friend of mine who we'll call V were talking when N noticed what I was doing.
      "What are you doing?" She said, quickly stealing the WASD keys from me and moving my character off of the raised platform he was on. I responded with "i'm playing an RPG" and then moved my character to the right. This character's speed was so fast that I moved across the screen in less than a second. I then continued with what I was doing. I then woke up.
    14. Failed WILD, Semi-Successful DILD

      by , 09-23-2017 at 04:04 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      I was up in my room at night time when I looked at my hand. My pinkie finger bent like my thumb and I had six fingers. I then gained lucidity. I then went into the kitchen and straight to mmkk. "Dude, check this out!" I said to him a couple of times because I was so exited. I didn't do much after. Either that or I just don't remember it.

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      lucid , dream fragment
    15. Chip

      by , 09-23-2017 at 04:03 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      Me and a friend who I had actually talked to in real life after a couple of years -we'll call her MB- were talking possibly through the phone. I was in the middle of a suburb that almost had a cartoony aesthetic to it and I was playing a game on my phone called Chip. In this game, you controlled a Dorito shaped black chip as you maneuvered through obstacles on a black and white checkered rotating cylinder.

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      dream fragment
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