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    1. My first lucid dream

      by , Yesterday at 07:29 PM
      When I first discovered lucid dreaming, I was spending all day for weeks doing RCs and reading LD related content on the internet. But nothing was working for me(I guess I was trying too hard), and out of frustration I thought that LDing isn't real and decided to stop.

      On the same day, I woke-up at the middle of the night, looked left and right, then went back to sleep and BOOM, I found myself sitting on the couch which was at the other side of my room. I was confused and looked at my hands and I saw that I had six fingers on my right hand. I immediately realized that I was dreaming and was amazed by how real it felt.

      The room was dark in my dream, so I couldn't see anything in details, but just the thought of being inside a dream blew my mind.
      Unfortunately, I got too excited and woke-up.

      That experience made me truly believe the LDing is possible. I haven't had any lucid dreams since(I couldn't focus on it much mostly because of school and exams), but I won't give up!
      lucid , memorable
    2. 2017-03-23 some decent vividness, recall still sort of meh

      by , Yesterday at 07:26 PM
      To bed later than I wanted but not crazy late.
      Need to meditate before bed, and do LD reading. I need to start my "prep for bed" ritual earlier in order to finish it in time.

      + escape and rescue from Grampa's house. I approach the hedge/fence and hop/skip and gain speed and go into a gymnatic cartwheel. I'm thinking about that gymnasts do it this way. I cartwheel up and over the fence on to the side of the house. I enter the house, there is a child cowering against the wall where the dining table used to be. I lead the child out. I get everybody into the getaway car. I'm in a big hurry because I know the bad guys are coming. I rush in to the car and start to drive away but notice a child was left on the curb, too late, the bad guy is here.

      + ... I grab my friend from the back and fly into the air to survey the surroundings. Outside/daylight. There are many mounds/hills in a grid spreading out into the distance, things are sort of dilapidated. We approach one hill in particular and notice that long tunnels/mine shafts have been dug into it. We're both outraged by this and want to find the parties responsible for this. I land and there's a fight with some guys?

      + in a room, dark, with ex-gf SB, she offers sex, I think "already? again?" but go along with it because hey, why not. Sort of vague genital contact. I notice there are open windows, I'm concerned about being seen [major DS], I look out and see run-down women standing around on a balcony on the building next to us. "That's the drawback of being in a separate bungalow, windows all around". Another woman is looking in nearby.

      + in some common room in a hotel, there is a half-height fridge opened and I'm looking in, people in this hotel have taken their food/snacks and stored it in the fridge for later with their name on it so it would be rude to eat it. There is a small table to the left with a large dish on it and people have put (money?) in there to pay for the snacks from the mini-bar, the dish is full. I think "Only Germans would be so honest to reliably pay for the stuff from the mini-bar."
    3. variety

      by , Yesterday at 04:40 PM
      Lots of dreams last night but the best one was where I was playing a game where you could mix elements to create powers, kind of like Magika, and then I slipped into it and it became my reality. Instead of mixing powers into beams and shards they were more like spells, giving me certain abilities or spawning different levels of creatures to fight for me. The lowest level were the ice powers, then swamp, then water, and so on all the way up to wind which gave me flight among other things. I went into a dungeon and fought some demons with my friends, but they all left early. When I flew back home I came across the most striking part of the dream. There were some small rain clouds hovering very low above the city, breaching the buildings. But for some reason, two smokestacks in the city were billowing the thick black smoke of storm clouds. This was entering the clouds and juicing them up, making these massively dense and powerful and terrifying black clouds that obscured all view into the city. I flew above them, and then after holding my breath and praying, I dove straight in.
    4. Hi Again

      by , Yesterday at 04:56 AM
      Wow, It's been a while since I've been on here....Gotta get back.Back to the past when I was active I suppose. Yeah, I made a reference to Samurai jack season 5. Anyways, Ive been having interesting dreams lately that have purposeful meaning to me. I still haven't found what I'm looking for but my control has increased do to some creative ideas and it has been nice to encounter quality dream characters more often. I find it interesting to observe how even the most believable characters can be controlled too.

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    5. Last Night.

      by , Yesterday at 03:02 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Terrible News

      I dreamed I was watching news on TV. It seemed to be a couple decades in the future. Obama was on screen and looked fairly old. forget what he was talking about. Next was more threats of WW3, and a gigantic earthquake in Europe.

      City Girl

      I was in a very Advanced city. Much of it was in the sky on platforms with walkways connecting the city. I flew over to one block and landed. I spotted an Asian girl with long hair who was smiling at me. Ignored that and walked around a building, I saw her again in the same place. She was wearing a dress with nothing underneath because she kept "accidentally" flashing me her goods. This was so weird she seemed like she was a stranger. My initial impression was that she was very young like 18, but also seemed to know what she was doing. She was on steps and would walk up and down them slowly looking at me, there was a wind effect on her dress and she seemed to be doing that deliberately.

      I broke down and quietly said, "Let's go find a room." She nodded and I followed her upstairs through a door. We were in a sort of motel hallway. We entered a room and the rest I will leave out.

      Fa, And I'm in a room with my brother. He is showing me pictures of the same girl, He is telling me to maybe stay away from that girl, he thinks she has a past and maybe likes it a little too freaky. He shows me a picture of the girl with scars in her legs. I say "That's Jamie, she showed me them herself from when she had an abusive boyfriend! but the girl at the motel was somebody else." We have an argument about who the girl in the photos really are.

      FA, I'm in a hammock outside my house and notice a black kitten on the railing. The sun is shining out. I reach out and pet the kitty and it purrs for a moment and then takes a huge bite into my hand. I feel it go right through my hand. I yell and fling my arm and the cat flies off and scurries into a corner. I'm yelling, "What the fuck! why did you, why did you..." I seem to have many memories of this very cat biting me before. It's cowering and slowly moves away and actually gives me a very guilty, human and apologetic look and walks slowly away.

      Harry Potter Dream Magic

      I was walking in a city on a busy on a street or square. A big thunderous cloud appears out of nowhere right on the street I am shocked and a lot of people seem frightened. In the cloud a red archway appears with a black door in the middle. A grey haired man emerges from the door wearing a nice suit with a black and red cape. He is holding a wand with a long pink glowing ribbon or string at the end and is waving it around in neat shapes. In one final swoop with his wand ribbon and the archway, door and cloud disappears. He puts his wand away and bows, everyone starts clapping.

      Something else is off... I see all sorts of wizards walking down the street practicing magic with their Wand ribbons. The man seems to know me and I seem to know him, I recognize him as a professor at Hogwarts. He bids me a good day or something and walks up the street..

      I pull out my wand ribbon. "It's been a while since I practiced." I say and try to remember a spell I twirl the wand ribbon around and around, it neither glows or does anything amazing, but instead winds up tying itself in an knot and someone yells, "amateur!" or something.

      He turns around and looks at my tied ribbon and half smiles, "Yes, indeed it looks like it HAS been a while!" He says and keeps walking.

      Movie and transit WTF.

      I'm in a movie theater watching a movie but I am not interested so I leave early. I wind up in the back of the building in some outside parking lot. a lot of metal bars are kind of in the way so i have to jump/fly over them.

      I go into a street and get on a bus. The vividness increases. In the bus a long set of bleachers pulls out. I try to climb them but they are far apart. The bus starts moving which makes it harder to climb. I somehow manage to make it to the top and begin staring at someone's reflection who is sitting above me. It's the girl from the dream a few nights ago where I was Lucid and threw something at her. She smiles at me through the reflection and I notice she has HUGE teeth. I smile and turn my head to look at her, but it is not a girl but a boy. A younger boy with glasses. He gives me a stern look and says, "Did you fart?" I realize I've just been dream trolled when I wake up.
    6. Dream that got me interested in dream things

      by , Yesterday at 01:38 AM
      This dream is posted in the dream interpretations area for fun of interpretations. I'm posting it here for myself as it's one of those dreams you don't forget.

      I had this dream months ago:

      I was in land that felt like a real place, very beautiful. Very green and lively. I felt like it was some part of heaven. I was in awe!
      It was grassy and I was by a willow tree with the green leaves hanging down. I looked towards the tree and I saw quite a bit of humming birds. Blue and purple. They were unique because they had rabbit ears, 2 on each side of their head- the one closest to the eye was smaller and the one farthest away was bigger. It didn't look funny on them, it looked like they belonged on them- natural looking. They also didn't go above the head. They were flying close to me and the tree, I wasn't far from the tree at all. It's trunk was dark brown. The tree was big. My pet bird- a cockatiel named Specks- was flying right beside my head the whole time in this dream. I felt like we were communicating. All of a sudden a bee came our way. I am scared of bees in real life. So I felt afraid in the dream but I remember trying to control the fear away so the bee would leave me and my bird alone. It didn't work, then the bee came in-between me and my bird- but I tried to get my bird closer to me so he would be safe. Instead it was as if my bird was ushering the bee towards me and in-between us and the bee flew in my ear- the buzzing got really loud and I woke up as the buzzing went away. It also felt as if the bee was physically in my ear Caz I could feel him go in before I woke up. And I knew my bird had the bee go in my ear on purpose.

      I woke up scared that a bee was really in my ear. I felt my ear and was just freaked out.

      I'm pretty sure I have exploding head syndrome- I have had other sounds that woke me up. Things that sound like they come from inside my head and even outside of my head. It happens at least once a month.

      My birds wings are clipped so he normally wouldn't be able to fly like he did in my dream.
      I wondered if he was really in the dream with me Caz I just felt like he was. It all was so vivid and real like.

      I don't really recall what was on my mind or what I was dealing with in particular when I had the dream.
      I do know Ive been obsesing over a few things and feel overwhelmed a lot. Other than that I can't say what was going on in my life.

      Also after I had the dream I felt like I needed that dream due to being in a magical land it was just nice.
      I didn't like the bee being there but everything else was great.

      I've had a lot of dreams with animals in them lately, also I saw the bee again in another dream after this one.
    7. Flying Car, a UFO, and Lemon Tea!

      by , 03-22-2017 at 10:49 PM
      Flying Saucer Attempt #1:

      WILD in bed (a couple days ago). I started in what was supposed to be my house, but there was a massage parlor with a lot of scantily clad young ladies waiting to be massaged. I ignored them and walked downstairs so that I could get outside. There were about 7-10 doors that I had to open, all lined up, quite obnoxious! I was worried that more were going to appear but luckily I didn't have to open too many. My front yard was what looked like a car junk yard. I walked around looking for a UFO and found one on a grassy hill that was overlooking a highway. It was a pretty tiny flying saucer, it kind of reminded me of the Rick & Morty one. I hopped inside and adjusted the seat, then made a glass bubble cover my head. I pressed a button and told it where I wanted to go and it started to fly at hyper speed. Then I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep.

      Giant Jenkees and Lemon Tea:

      WILD in bed (last night). I slowly got out of bed and waited to open my eyes until I was pretty comfortable with how deep I was into the dream. I remembered that I wanted to do some tasks tonight! I strolled out of the bedroom and saw Jenkees in the kitchen. He is normally a pretty tall guy (~6'7 I think), but in this dream he was more like a 8' tall giant treant.

      (I know, the image isn't perfect, Jenkees is actually quite skinny, but I thought it was funny We have very narrow halls and that's often how I feel when Jenkees is walking down the hall in the opposite direction and at the same time as me!)

      He was holding a bowl of cereal and walking down the hall. I asked him, "Hey, Jenkees? What does my DV avatar represent?" He responded, "What is your DV avatar again?" I told him, "You know, it's like...a bunch of leaves on a tree!" He ignored my question and started talking about poo as he walked past me and into the shower with his cereal. lol weird.

      In the dream I thought to myself, "NAILED IT!" haha that's okay, I did that task again later in the night.

      I moseyed on over to the kitchen, very relaxed, and tried to summon a cup of tea. Instead of a cup, I ended up getting what appeared to be a pitcher of hot water. I guess my unconscious didn't want me to be too lazy. I searched through the cupboard and found some green tea leaves and threw them in the pitcher. I tasted the tea, it tasted like sugary, lemon flavoured green tea, yum! I drank it down really quickly as I was starting to get a bit stressed about rushing to do tasks
      and then I had a mini-awakening and got back into another dream pretty quickly.

      Flying Car:

      I got out of bed again and walked outside to find a car to fly!
      I found what appeared to be a car frame with no inner mechanical stuff, but it did still have wheels. I first tried to make the tires fly off, but they didn't even budge. So I tore the frame away from the wheels instead, leaving merely a car frame with bare axles. I jumped inside and made it start flying, but it still made a mysterious engine noise. I was talking with ~Dreamer~ about the car noise thing the other day - neither of us usually hear an engine noise when we are making cars fly and we thought that was a weird detail for that task. But that car frame was sure sputtering along.
      I didn't fly anywhere cool with the car, I was actually struggling a bit to get any elevation but I still thought it was fun! I did a few flips in the air before waking up and writing down the dreams.

      A Task of the Month:

      I struggled a bit to get back to sleep and spent maybe an hour trying to sleep again. I eventually found myself in the middle of a parking lot, in the middle of the night, with the fading intention to go get a haircut. Haha dreams are weird.

      I was lucid but I still decided to walk into the hair salon because I figured...I was already there...so why not! And I was hoping that there would be some people in there so that I could retry a task of the month. I went inside to find a completely empty room with gray walls and a white floor. There were three people in the room - a blonde lady behind a counter, a dark haired man sitting at the counter, and a little brown haired girl sitting next to the man. I asked them all, are any of you able to represent my unconscious mind? I felt a strong, loving aura coming from the little girl. I knew that she was the right DC to ask. I asked her the question - What does my DV avatar represent? She told me, "It represents hunting, dreams and excitement! Lucid dream hunter!" I looked outside and was about to ask one of the people to come to the road with me so that I could escort them when I woke up slightly. I waited to slip back into dreams.

      Flying Saucer Success!:

      I started in my room again and I heard a voice that was accompanied by a written message. The message suggested that I should do the crossing road task last. The voice said I should believe in myself because I can definitely do the alien ones! I felt really happy about that and, even though I was still a bit uncertain, I wanted to try the space flying saucer one again!

      I walked outside and there was a really bright light in front of the house. A plump british woman in victorian garb and her two red-haired children shoved me out of the way as she made her way into my house with groceries. I love when random stuff like that happens.

      Unfortunately, she turned off the light and it was very dark outside again. I tried to make the sun rise and a few streaks of orange and red light spilled over the horizon before quickly disappearing. I thought to myself, "Oh well, I can do this!!!"

      I ran down the street, hoping to find a flying saucer when, in the middle of a cul-de-sac, it dawned on me, there was probably one above me right then. O_O

      I started to slowly float upwards. I looked up and there was an enormous UFO above me, seriously, ENORMOUS, it looked like the mothership from independence day.

      I was suddenly inside, there were dark, metallic corridors all around me. I stood by a window and started controlling the UFO. I made it fly super fast into space, through an asteroidfield, and then past numerous stars. It finally stopped at an orangish-yellow star with many gigantic rocks orbiting the star in a spiral pattern. There was a green-brown planet hidden among the rocks and I sent the flying saucer to land on it.

      I was outside, my hands and face lying on brown soil, with green vegetation and strange looking plants all around me. I surveyed my surroundings, hoping to find an alien to talk to. A man that looked very human popped his head up from behind a mound. I had the feeling that he was either a farmer or a vagabond. He walked up to me. He appeared to have stumps for feet, but upon closer inspection I saw that he just walked on the tips of his toes, and he only had four toes on each foot as well! I said to him, "I come in peace! Please teach me yours ways!" He started pawing at some plants with his toes while he said in a strange accent that I could only describe as mix between accents from Louisiana and India, "Iron your food...iron your food is good it mix fats. It's CURRY!" I laughed really loudly, I don't know why but I thought that what he had just said was the most hilarious thing that I had heard in a dream in ages
      . I was scared that I would wake ~Dreamer~ up and I intentionally woke myself up. I was relieved to find that my body was still paralyzed and I hadn't actually burst out laughing and woken her up. Phew!

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    8. Dentist much?

      by , 03-22-2017 at 08:25 PM
      I had this dream that I was racing to the dentist office to get there on time. 9 or 10 am.
      When I got there, there was a whole bunch of people waiting as well. I was shocked at how many.

      My mom and son were in the dream somewhere doing something- like maybe my mom was watching him? I can't remember.

      I sat down and when the dentist came in he called a lot of people to the back. I was curious as to why so many were called back all at once. Like maybe 10 mins later I was called back and there was all the people he called sitting in dentist chairs in 2 rows facing each other.

      I sat in the first chair on the left.
      The dentist was working on the lady next to me.
      When he was done he asked everyone "who's next?"
      Then He turned to me and said that I was right next to him so he's going to work on me, I said the other ladies were sitting before me and he said something like it doesn't matter. So I assumed we all had the same appoinment time.

      He was going to clean my teeth but I told him I was only there for cavities. Then I thought it was weird I'd have him work on uncleaned teeth but I only had a cavity appointment. Everyone else was there for a cleaning, I don't know how I knew that but I did.
      I told him I havent been to the dentist in a long time, I said that I bet I had like 10 cavities since I didn't go to the dentist regularly.

      He looked at my teeth, counted my cavities . There was 7 or 8 on bottom and 3 or 4 on top. He laughed and he said I was right there was 10.

      He then went to fill them. There was a blue light he used to have the cavities dry, he pointed it in my mouth. He then used a brush and got the white cavity fillers ( like if you were putting on acrylic nails ).
      He placed the fillers on the cavities and a lot of them were in the middle of my teeth, in front, behind my teeth.

      It was a quick thing- filling 10 cavities and I remember thinking that.

      I was done, he told me to go to the front.
      I paid and then left.

      Then I woke up.
    9. Football Flashbacks

      by , 03-22-2017 at 08:09 PM
      Lost focus on my mantra wall falling asleep. Meaning, I could not even form a complete sentence in my mind. Damn. Had a vivid dream about football. I was on varsity. Not something I wanted to dream about. Visited old weight room.
    10. The night I conveened with the Gods... And was one.

      by , 03-22-2017 at 04:22 AM
      I walk into a room that contains a large bridge. Either side of it was darkness, but only for a while, it eventually ended at a wall, a dark navy blue-ish stone. In the middle of the bridge were men and women in battle armor, all unique, all with their own personal weapons. Their armor was gorgeous. One woman wore maroon, another blue, one green and so on, it was awesome. I look down and see cloth robes worn in a type of roman fashion. Understandable, I am no god nor warrior. I approach them, and one speaks, "We aren't sure what exactly is happening, we just know a war is coming against beings of evil, and we gods lesser to the creator, and those humans who have ascended to god-hood are also here. Thank you for coming"

      I say "But I'm neither? Why am I here?"

      Everyone turns to me in shock, and one screams out in anger "Not only is the strongest of us a living human who ascended, HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HE'S A GOD!"

      I guess he was born a god.

      But this is one awesomeeeeeeeeeee dream. I'm a god? And not only that I'm the strongest? No way.

      I say "Well, where's my armor? Why am I just in a basic robe?"

      The woman that spoke first draws out her spear, and jumps back a few feet from me. Then lunges almost faster than I can see and jabs me with the end of the spear. I hear a loud explosion, and feel air behind me get forced even further behind me due to the sheer force of the blow... But the spear didn't even break skin.

      "That's why" She says.

      before I can reply my vision changes. I'm now looking through the eyes of someone else, and they're coming from the other end of the bridge, and I see myself. Not only am I wearing robes, but there is a golden thorn-crown on my head. On my back? A golden Bo staff, beautiful. I take it off my back and do a two spin, and end the spin with a fighting stance. (I find Bo's fascinating, and have even practiced with makeshift ones all my life, practicing the spins and stances)

      My vision changes back to normal, and I see the figure. It is some being made from smoke, and looks mighty. He attempts to speak to us, and I wake up.

      I am seriously [--] this close to recreating a part two of the dream lucidily and actually fight these beings. Cause that was the most badass dream I've had to date.
      Tags: bo staff, gods, war
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Recurring dream

      by , 03-22-2017 at 02:20 AM
      Hi, I am new to this sight. So i have this dream and id like to know the meaning behind it. it's the same thing everytime. It starts out by me driving up to walmart(i live in the country so the town is small), it's almost dark outside and it is summer time so it is nice and warm, i can also feel a storm coming in but it is not windy it's calm but eerie, i proceed inside the store and i just walk around, i feel as if something is about to happen, something bad like on a mass scale, invasion type of deal(not aliens but like another country) i just keep walking around in the dream looking at random stuff and everything is fine. Then my dream switches or i guess i start having a different dream? in this dream i am inside of a room that is dark and its has a swimming pool like you would find in a hotel, this room is part of an old looking glass warehouse type of deal that sits high up on-top of a lake in the mountains(it is rather creepy setting) in this room it is me and a woman, we arent trapped in this room were there by choice because we are being chased by some sort of military group and we are using this room as a last stand i guess. but the main thing about this dream is the feel, the room is dark but has windows on one side looking down at the lake but the windows are not noticeable in the dream,the walls although very dark are green and the water is green(i am rather frightend by green dark water in real life but i am the type that doesnt admit to being afraid of anything so in the dream i tuff it out without saying anything to the woman), the room is a rectangle shape and doesnt have walk ways on the sides of the pool and the room also only has one entrence and me and the woman are on the other side of the room so that this pool is between us and the door. me and the woman talk to eachother like we are about to die, but in my head i know that i am going to survive what is coming, but in the dream as i think about the fact that i am going to survive i am not happy about it, i guess because i know that the woman that i am with is going to die but i will survive somehow through it. in the dream i am depressed by this because i guess it has happend over and over again to me(in the dream) but this time more so because i guess in the dream i am attracted to this woman, but this attraction isn't probably what you would think in a way. in real life ive never been with someone and i probably wont ever be with someone(by choice i like doing things and living by myself and alone it makes me feel different and free and also happy i like solitude) but i guess she understood me and how i am is why i was depressed that she was going to die. then i just wake up and go about my day lol. i guess what i dont understand is why a small room? why is there a pool? the pool is also weird because when i think about this pool i think about memoires of my past and their all good memories why do i think about good memories when im actrually afraid of dark green water? and also why does it have to be dark outside? and why is it so eerie? and most of all why do i have this dream over again every so often.
      memorable , lucid
    12. Answered Prayer.

      by , 03-22-2017 at 01:40 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Welcome to DreamJournal 2.6 (Note)


      Went to bed, gave a prayer and asked Jesus to restore shared dreaming with Raven. I got some surprisingly unexpected dreams.

      String of False awakenings 1

      I was playing guitar somewhere on an acoustic that sounded distorted. I was playing riffs that sounded like Linkin Park but not one of they're actual songs. I was going over a main riff, then a sort of chorus riff, the whole song seemed to be in the E major key.

      FA, I'm in bed in a house that seems to be mine, but it is dark. I look to my right and there's a stand with a cup, and a piggy bank? But the piggy bank is trotting around.

      FA, I'm in the same bed and room but when I look to my right where the stand was is a doorway over looking a hall. I see a sillhouette of a woman in a Kimono walking towards me, she has her hands clasped in front of her kind of like the pencil drawing I did of Asuka.
      I become semi lucid as the dream slips. I reach out to her for a moment and the vision comes back, it's the same figure but closer. I wake up.

      I try to stay still and DEILD but have a strong urge to turn over. I do and briefly slip into another dream.

      Raven and Jesus go to White Castle

      I am in a dream which looks like a pencil drawing. I see Jesus standing over Raven knight's bed. She is asking him, "but why me? I am worthless" or something.

      He answers, "Because I called you by name..."

      The dream slips and I am awake listening to a youtube Chuck Missler video, where he is quoting Isaiah 43;1 "Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you. I have called you by your name. You are mine."

      I slip into the dream lucid for a second but now I am Raven Knight, I am her looking through her eyes and I am telling him (she is telling him.) "I was afraid and was hiding in my white castle."

      Dream ends. I now have a new lucid goal: Accompany Harold and Kumar on their epic journey to White Castle.

      String of False Awakenings Pt. 2

      I arrive at work. But it's not my usual job. It's on the third floor of a building and I am in boots that aren't appropriate for the job. My usual boss is there however and she hands us some sheets for tasks to be done. I get confused on where to go and what to do.

      FA, I'm in a bed in the same building. I find flight of stairs and on the next floor is a large yellow room. I remember that it was recently under construction but my job is on the next floor. I cross the room and head for the next flight of stairs

      FA, I'm in the same bed. I am slightly paralysed now. I see a ghostly figure of a man enter the room. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DcOGe6tYqaI/hqdefault.jpg

      FA, I'm in the same bed again and I look up and there's a weird wooden creature statue near the bed. I look into the room between the statue's arm and armpit. and see the same ghostly man there. I am terrified and start saying, "No, no no," I want to call on Jesus.

      I wake up and realise i was actually saying, "No" out loud. My dog was on the other end of the bed looking at me funny.

    13. Detective

      by , 03-21-2017 at 11:29 PM
      Hi everyone!

      I had another dream last night that I remembered..!

      It wasn't a nice dream at all though, it was set in olden times.. I was a detective (I was myself yet again..!), who was trying to find evidence towards the convicts who were due to be executed.

      Unfortunately I was unsuccessful, and had to watch them all on their way to the guillotine.

      Despite having failed them, none of them had a bad word to say to me. They were all grateful that I had tried to save them..!
    14. Dusk Rider // Lockers Upon Lockers

      by , 03-21-2017 at 09:08 PM (anti_nations Re-entry.)
      I dreamed I had a light up skate board. My friend Tommy was there along with several other dream people. I was riding up and down this smooth road at dusk. Is pick up a good bit of speed before deftly maneuvering around a few small potholes and pebbles. It was getting late so I was going around telling everyone in the area goodnight, and that I was about to skate home. There were two girls digging through a pantry for something. I knew them, so I said goodnight. I remember seeing a big Tupperware tub filled with small, peeled onions.

      I then remember being in a locker room trying to find a toilet. I wandered around the vast space filled with lockers, stalls, and people changing. I kept my eyes up and made sure not to look at anything I wasn't supposed to be seeing. The toilets I found were at an unmarked coed section. I approached hesitantly, thinking how strange it was that both men and women of all ages were using these six stalls together without thinking anything was out of the ordinary. What REALLY caught me off guard was the fact that the stalls were only half there! It seemed like someone took a chainsaw and very neatly cut off the entire top half of the stalls, leaving them only waist high.

      I went with the flow. I took a leak and left.
    15. First Lucid!

      by , 03-21-2017 at 05:02 PM (My Attempts to Lucid)
      I was dreaming. I looked at my hands and suddenly realized I was dreaming. I did a few cool things, such as sticking my body through a window, and using telekinesis on one object. Interestingly, it felt like I could feel pain in the lucid. The dream ended.

      Yay for my first lucid!
      lucid , memorable , dream fragment
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