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    1. (March 5, 2015) Truck crash

      by , 03-06-2015 at 06:55 AM
      March 5, 2015

      I was driving down some very twisting a winding country roads on a small mountain in my truck. The rounds had tight turns almost one right after another. It was in a pine forest with the uphill side on our right and the downhill side on our left. For some reason it was extremely difficult to see out my window, like it was fogged up beyond belief, or the glass just distorted the images coming through. Also i was on the right side of the vehicle(normally my passenger side) driving rather than the left, which I found strange but didnt become lucid. I tried turning the defroster on, and opening a window to clear it up but it didnt work. Eventually after not being able to see and the turns being to sharp to turn on safely, the truck rolled over on its side, then its roof. I got out and looked around and had no injuries. I was in a big pine tree forest standing on a dirt road. I saw a cell tower but as i got close it fell and some kid ran away who had cut it down. I eventually decided i needed to move to get cell service and walked through the trees and made it to a busy highway. I called 911 and told them what was going on but they were of little help. Once I told him i was at "Cedar Falls" he stopped for a moment and said that would be difficult to get there.I stopped by the highway and these people started throwing berries at me for some reason. I didn't get mad at them, i just kept calm. It was weird at first but they were nice and could help after I explained my situation. I started walking back to the vehicle and went to call the county sheriff but my phone was dead! (Somewhere in here i lost part of the dream)

      I was hanging out at my Fraternity's Annex property and the rooms didn't look at all like they should be. There was a lot of clutter, like clothes lying around, a big red carpet, a fish tabks, and i was on a bed with a black blanket on it. The room was square in shape. I was just talking to some friends, not sure who, when one of my other "sort of" friend came in and asked if i wanted to go swimming at a lake and i said sure after some time to talk about it. I spent a lot of the dream looking for the right clothes for swimming that were decently warm because i remembered its cold out. I left the Annex and went back to the main house. In the front yard at lot of people were playing some kind of sport, maybe whiffle ball. I got into the main house and everything looked as it should at first, but when i went into my room it did not look like my room but i didn't become lucid, even though i stared at a feature and questioned it but passed it off as normal. I was still looking for the right clothes but then i woke up. Thats twice in this dream i questioned something and passed it off as normal. Its more progress
    2. Crash In The Keys.

      by , 01-26-2015 at 01:17 AM
      I am driving down to the Florida Keys with my ex-girlfriends family, riding in the rear right of the car. I hate that I have to be there. We drive on the land bridge along Highway 1, everything is very junky: potholes, large pieces of metal sticking out of the water. We drive over the edge of the road and the car is submerged. I open the door and notice that there is no water pressure on it. I swim out on top of the car then back to land. There is a response crew there and they give me a towel. I walk away

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    3. Car Crash (minor)

      by , 01-08-2015 at 02:09 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I'm driving my mom's car for the first time in a while, and am having a grand old time doing 360s on the snowy road, while avoiding crashing into the other traffic on the road. I turn up a hill to my right and the back end of the car whips around half way, I turn the wheel the other direction, slam it in reverse and put the pedal to the floor, causing the car to do 2 complete spins. I'm heading toward a big snow bank, so I turn the wheel the other way and keep the pedal to the floor. The car starts going back down the hill toward the road. It's really slippery, so I start turning about a hundred feet before the road. Sliding sideways pretty fast now, I keep my foot on the gas and power slide out into the main road. Another car is coming the opposite direction. I do some fancy maneuvering with the steering wheel to get out of the power slide and just barely avoid the oncoming car. Close call there. Now on the main road, I'm just driving normally. Another car comes, but it is really straddling the center line. I move over to avoid it, but it's too far on my side. I spin my car sideways to avoid a head on collision, and just tap the front headlight of the other car with the rear bumper of mine. I pull over into the nearby store to see if the other car is damaged or not. She has already pulled in, and the store owner and her are looking at the car. I get out, turn the car off, and walk up, seeing a bunch of fluid pouring out of the other car. It looks like radiator fluid. At least it's coming out of the radiator, it really looks just like water. The store owner says, "You might want to add some oil or antifreeze to it." The other driver looks at her, gets a really upset look on her face and yells back, "Really?!? Obviously I'll have to add more coolant to it! How could I not?" I notice a pipe has come completely loose. If that pipe could just be welded back on, she'd be good to go. I think about possible repair costs and mechanic labor. Looking at the pipe again, a new pipe might not be that expensive, it's a straight tube going between two fittings. So one pipe, one fitting, and an hour tops to weld it, can't be much more than $200. I'm relieved that it won't be very expensive because I'm broke. Although it's really ironic that I didn't crash at all while messing around, but only when I started to drive safely that something happened...
    4. The Plane Crash

      by , 11-14-2014 at 06:12 PM
      non-dream dream lucid

      Had that nap, practiced SSILD cycles, had a really vivid dream that could've turned into a LD if I'da noticed a few things.
      Went to bed around 8:30 or so, woke up around 11:45 or so?

      Dream fragments:
      Looking at Twitch, Twitch not working, Looking at Youtube, youtube kinda works and I learned of a gaming marathon. This was being advertised by some guy who had >1m subs on youtube. I think this is what I was doing on the airplane.

      The Plane Crash
      Recall rating: 9

      I'm in some huge airliner. I don't even know how I got here.
      I'm on my laptop though. Pretty soon after I need to go to the bathroom, so I start looking around.
      Eventually I find the area where they do laundry (I'm not sure they do laundry on planes, but they do here). There's some DC with me, and we start looking at these washing machines.

      I'm in a medium sized white room with pinkish coloring. There's two rather large white machines in front of me with green pipes heading into them. Looking at the pipes I notice a yellow ring around the green pipe. The green pipe is also really wrinkled, as if it's just a green cloth covering it.

      I look at it whirr for a few minutes before wondering how the machines are loaded. I then notice a passageway around the machines. I walk towards it, noticing that the passageway has quite a few steps in it. The floor at the bottom is a bit more dank than above. I then notice the fronts of the machines, which looked a gigantic front-load washer and dryer. I notice they both have windows.

      I look through the windows, and next thing I know I'm on a huge white disk with a gap near the edges. I look around and above are some twisting pipes.
      Next thing I know after that I'm looking at the machines again, and some of the backs are gone, revealing a huge window where you can see a huge tank of water with clothes in it. It's actually pretty blue water and you can see out the window the other side through it.

      The DC that was there told me that it could withstand the plane doing loops without any malfunctions.

      After that, I walk out, and I look around. It's like a mix between a house and an airplane. Drywall walls and ceiling bits, but it's obviously a plane! I want to get to the staff area cause I didn't know how I got here. So I find the stairs to the next floor, near a row of seats. The stairs have the same dry walls (with a window on the landing), and gray carpet floors.

      All of a sudden I hear a loud sequence of beeps from the PA system. It was 5 repeats of a 5 beep sequence. After that it said "Please return to your seats and fasten yourselves in. This thread has been hidden from view." in a deep woman's voice, almost robotic though.

      I immediately start running back towards the bathroom/laundry room. Once I get there I hesitate going in because the machines will be all over the place.

      So now I'm in the corner between the stairs and the laundry/bath entrance. That's when I hear a muffled explosion from somewhere in the plane, and feel a hard rumble. I bolt for the stairs, but the plane starts rotating slowly (almost ominously) and before long those stairs aren't stairs anymore.

      I grab hold of the railing of the stairs. I then look out a window while holding on (I guess I changed position?) and I can't see anything, just sky. Before long though I see an airfield start rotating into view. You can also see some woods surrounding it. We're really up high above the air strip so I don't know how they'd land it. At this point it's quite obvious that we're out of control, and if we're not lucky we're smashing into that airfield.

      We continue rotating, now starting to dive while rotating, and we can see the field in more detail. There's a black airstrip with gray markings. I have loads of anxiety from this, quite understandably. I was breathing quite heavily. Miraculously the pilot manages to stop the rotating and begins to level the plane out, but there's too much vertical velocity and we smash into the airfield.

      At this point, everything freezes, goes white, and then I
      wake up, thrusting my eyelids open with quite a bit of force.

      I notice I've not moved once, so I try to recall some details about the dream, and then I try to DEILD. Unfortunately it doesn't work as I'd opened my eyes already.

      I give up and start writing this.


      "beepbeepbeepbeepbeep, beepbeepbeepbeepbeep, beepbeepbeepbeepbeep, beepbeepbeepbeepbeep, beepbeepbeepbeepbeep, Please return to your seats and fasten yourselves in. This thread has been hidden from view."

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    5. Spaceship Crash-Somewhat Lousy Recall

      by , 10-28-2014 at 12:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something shocked me into remembering many a more details about this dream.

      Something to do with some comedy movie that was mocking character tropes and cliches.

      I was exploring the outer reaches of A solar system with a large, highly advanced spacecraft.
      If I can remember correctly it was a single star system and a subsystem of binary gas planets, a green one and a milky white one. The green one was much smaller. Each one had an inner system of moons in its own gravity and there was an outer system of moons orbiting the common center of mass that both gas planets created.
      Eventually I found a moon with earth like conditions in a tight orbit around the green planet.
      I entered the atmosphere and intended to land near the ocean at the north pole, but as we were coming in near the shore, there was some kind of malfunction and we were coming in way too fast. I think the ship had wings but they were malfunctioning and not generating any lift. Landing there was going to be impossible, there were all these black rock towers amid the sandy beach area. My only choice was to turn the ship completely around and use the main engines to push us the other way. Two of them struck a rock tower as we came in and the ship 'landed' on its rear end with two less engines than it started with.
      Me and the others got out and saw how bad the damage was. Pretty bad. Two of the engines were completely gone, and the ship was pretty banged up from the impact. The hull entire hull had bent about 10 degrees, so we basically had no hope of every flying again.
      We figured it was good that everyone had survived and that at least we were on a planet with earth like conditions. We made contact with 'base' and asked about rescue.
      I began looking around at the different plant life on the planet. There were these fern-like plants with green and pruple pineapple like fruits on them. I asked one of the scientists if it was possible that we could use those as food; I didn't know if they were poisonous or not.
      I recall this scene were everyone got out of the spacecraft. It was very strange because there were only like twelve of us and the spacecraft was huge.
      The atmosphere became foggy and grey.
      I should really draw the ship we were on. It looked really cool...

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    6. Plane crash

      by , 10-17-2014 at 10:37 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Plane crash (Non-lucid)


      I was inside a plane and there were a lot of people in it, more than normal. I felt uneasy and I had a bad premonition about something nasty about to happen (I love to fly and I have taken a plane hundreds of times during my whole life) Then, the dream turned in third person and I could see the plane sideways and about to hit the ground with a wing, until it did, crashing big time, but the impact did not hurt and neither the people freaked out (despite some of them were injured.) The dream now went back into first person and I was at the airport and I could see the plane in very bad shape, but only, on the wing it actually crashed:

      I needed to wait at the airport to provide energy healings to people as many as I could as well as to heal myself (apparently, now I had a wounded arm.)

      From here, I became a personnel of the airport and I was taking to a co-worker about the big mess and wondering how long it would take to cleanse everything.

      I also told him that I won a $15 million jackpot on the lottery and I wanted to travel around the world. I could see that there were many people at the airport, but they all were outside, running around where the planes were landing and taking off (now the airport apparently was functioning like if nothing happened.)

      I also saw cars driving and there were some criminals shooting people. I felt at peace because somehow I knew I was not in danger.

    7. WTC Prevention Sim, Snow Day

      by , 09-19-2014 at 12:51 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am taking part in a scientific study that looks at how to prevent another 9/11 type attack. They are researching building materials that can resist aircraft crashing into them.
      The test takes place on a flat, tropical island that is mostly an open, grassy plain. There is a small base in one corner of the island and there are mock skyscraper frames, two of them nonetheless erected in the center.
      And I am to pilot two defective military UAVs into the towers, one into each tower, just like 9/11. I remember it being like some sort of video game, where I was controlling the UAV in third person. On my first pass, I actually missed, so I came around and stalled the aircraft above the tower coming down on top. The test was still conclusive and the scientists said the material seemed strong enough. They wanted me to fly another aircraft into the other tower though.
      I lined up the aircraft and gunned the engine full throttle wanting to put these materials to the test. I hit the tower hard enough that I managed to bend a few of the supports.
      The scientist appreciated that I did the second test at a different speed. He said that he had gotten some good data.

      FA. My roomie (we'll call him D) says there has been a snowstorm. Three inches of snow. All classes cancelled. I look out the window and see that he is correct.
      I drive home from college on weekends, so I may as well drive home now. D says the storm is going to continue all the way to sunday. I tell him that If I don't leave now, conditions are only going to get worse. I get my keys and start to leave.
    8. 9/6/2014

      by , 09-17-2014 at 02:45 AM
      I was in my car with Laurie driving in a suburban neighborhood that was on a hill. She was speeding and made a turn that had no exit and ended up crashing the car into a house. I got out of the car and started running, worrying that the owners of the house would come out but I went back to file an insurance claim.
    9. TILD Attempt

      by , 08-06-2014 at 03:05 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      This time, on the toilet at work. Barely even 2 minutes in, my mind started to drift all over to things I was doing earlier in the day. I was watching a video of some crazy mountain bikers riding down mountain spines and doing back flips off huge jumps on the mountain.

      Suddenly, it takes a turn into fiction, and I see the announcer before me speaking into the microphone as he looks at me through the camera. "Unfortunately, he killed his daughter..."

      The camera cuts to a mountain biker in mid-air half way through a back flip. He lands it a little rough, but no one seemed hurt. Then he becomes pregnant, and in the next moment, the baby girl is on the handle bars, and then flies off the bike in front of him from the force of the landing and hits the ground.

      Mid exclamation, "Holy Shi-" I wake up, still on the john.

      Maybe lasted about 10 seconds. Longest duration yet.
    10. Drowning

      by , 06-09-2014 at 09:14 AM (sparkley guy dream journal)
      Had a dream 2 nights ago that I was in a bus. The roads kept getting thinner and thinner until it finally disappeared, we went crashing into the water and the bus driver had to open the emergency door. We all went out that way and had to swim up... It was taking very long and then I remember when I was out of the water, I was telling my mom what happened and how it was in the bus and how long it took to swim out, I remember I felt like I was out of breath. It was scaryyy. <-- That's how I was swimming up haha.
    11. Lost Island

      by , 05-17-2014 at 04:41 PM
      Lost Island


      Im in a plane with a nice girl and Kato, the guy from the hunger games.
      We're having drinks and the interior is one from a private plane. It starts crashing and I can hear loud noises. I find myself in the water with the girl and the guy. The water is really warm and I start swimming. The others follow. We crawl onto the beach and start walking arround. It's an tropical island with palmtrees and colorful birds. We climb on soe trees to get a good view and find out we're not alone. There's a village like the one from lost. We hear noises and turn arround and everything goes blank. I wake up in a prison cell. I break the door in and run out. It's night and it's really dark. I hear birds and my own steps. I run to the beach where a water-plane swims. I hear people chasing after me and wake up...

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    12. Early April 2014

      by , 04-20-2014 at 03:13 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The last few nights I have dreams of planes crashing.

      Date unknown - The first dream I was on the plane that was crashing. It was a small passenger plane, with about 6 or 7 other people, that was trying to ascend over a mountain after take off. I knew there was going to be trouble because the aircraft tilted heavily to the left as it left the pavement. The plane struggled but it did not make it over the steep mountain and crashed near the top.

      Date unknown - In the second plane crash dream I can't remember the plot but I remember looking out a large window in an old Victorian style building that overlooked a large modern city and towards a river. It was night time and as I gazed out the window a large passenger plane fell out of the sky and crash landed nose first, where I could see it in the distance. It caused a huge explosion not of fire but of light and it illuminated the whole sky before it faded and everything went dark again.

      April 20th - I don't remember the subject of the dream I had last night but one image stayed with me when I woke up: I am looking down on a wooden coffin. It is open and inside lays a deceased woman wrapped tightly in a white shroud so that only her face is visible. Her body from head to toe is covered in brightly colored flowers of all sorts. The flowers around her head are arranged to look like a halo and the flower over her heart is a large sunflower. She looks peaceful and her pale skin contrasts the bright lively flowers all around her.

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    13. 03 feb 2014

      by , 02-03-2014 at 11:26 AM (Mindraker's Dream Journal)
      • I'm commenting and singing sarcastic comments during a Harry Potter movie. The theater is not dark. A train crashes through the wall and I say, "the evil duuuude... the evil DUUUUDE!!!" (I probably heard the nearby train in real life.)
    14. Megs In Trouble/Dream Fragment

      by , 10-24-2013 at 02:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Whacky Dream Journal)
      Dream Fragment:
      I'm racing and my car flips often. I go over a ramp and crash land. I'm with someone else that is racing.

      Megan M, is in trouble and so are her friends. Another group of girls want to beat them up. I call up Megan and she won't let me come over, as she's paranoid.

      Some of Megan's friends are black.

      It's night time and I'm walking near Ben F's house. I walk up to a window and knock. I see Megan peaking through the window and I keep repeating my name so she can let me in. She lets me inside. I look around and it's a very small apartment. I see a bed, couch and a TV. Megan is under the blankets with some of her friends on the couch. I see the bed and there's a person underneath the blankets but I can't see their face.
    15. Crash Derby at the Colosseum and learning a new Stabilization technique

      by , 10-19-2013 at 04:02 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Crash Derby at the Colosseum and learning a new Stabilization technique (DILD)


      I was in bed, it was night and my wife was awake in the living room. i went to the living room and it looked very dark, it appeared to be a starless night. My wife was in the kitchen and I wondered what the hell she was doing in the kitchen. She started to speak fast and she appeared mad at me.

      I realized I was dreaming as it made no sense that my wife could be in the kitchen at the middle of the night and mad at me out for no reason. I realized that we had a balcony and I recalled that I do not have a balcony in my house, so I opened the doors and I stepped on the edge of the balcony, above the safety bars. My wife told me what I was doing and I told her that we were in a dream. She started to become more angry saying nonsense and told me I was going to kill myself and that I was crazy wanting to go back home to the Pleiades (very long story here, PM if interested) I told her that nah, that we did not even have a balcony and thus, we were dreaming. I jumped off the balcony and realized I did not even do a reality check, but I knew it was a dream, looked at my hand and confirmed.

      As I was about to touch the trees, I glided and started to gain altitude. My dream was very bad quality and I was loosing it fast. I have never been good at stabilizing dreams, usually flyign does it. So I tried to typical "Dream Stable" but it only went to get more blurry "More Clarity" but it did not help until the dream started to fade even more.

      I had a false awakening in my bed and I told my self that I had to do better, so I woke up and went to drink water. As I was going to drink water, I felt the dreamy feeling and looked at my hand. One of my fingers was about a foot long and very thin. I also touched it and followed it with my hands. I laughed at my mind trying to trick me again. Now I was in my regular home, typical place where my lucids starts, so I opened the door and took off.

      It was night and the sky was full of stars, as if there was no city lights contamination. I was in awe as I love the stars as I am never able to see so many. I also saw the moon and a clock with 7:83 time, the clock was like a modern alarm clock, floating around.

      As I flew to the stars, I saw a huge weird mall and decided to land. As I landed, it became day again. I realized that the dream was blurry, so demanded for Clarity with a bit of success. As I went inside the mall, it looked like a Costco store, but I realized it was outdoors, as I felt the wind and the sunlight.

      The dream started to fade,and asking for Clarity did not work. So I told my self that I would pretend to put my glasses on and so, have a better view. I had to do this a few times, and I went from very blurry to a bit more clear, like when you visit the eye doctor. This was not working, so I told myself I would pull my actual glasses out from my pocket, I did with success and the dream went very clear.

      I was walking by some tourist area and there were families having coffee in a terrace and kids running. I went to an area that were selling wine and I saw a bottle of "Vina Tondonia Rioja" labeled as "California Wines" I was like surprised and then reminded myself I was in a dream. A dream Character told me, "Drinking american wine is like drinking water with sugar, this ain't no wine and you know it, go European." I laughed and left.

      I was now next to some expensive liquor and jewelry and there were some security guards looking at me and saying in a whisper that I was suspicious, but I could hear them. I just kept exploring the mall and reminded myself of the Task of the Year... I realizing that being mid October is late to get started, but I wanted to push my self, so I recalled I had to go to the Colosseum and fight a Gladiator.

      I went through some doors and told myself I would find the Colosseum, to only find the female restroom! I tried twice and only found toilets and the janitor room. However, I saw an older door, very rusty. I focused on it and opened to find the colosseum.

      It was kind of buried and in a much worse shape than it is right now but the roof kind of blew away and suddenly, I was in the real Colosseum. I saw a chariot with two horses attaced to it standing in the middle of the Colosseum

      There was a gladiator looking at me and there was a second chariot that was empty. There was no one else and I said out loud, "Public!" And the Colosseum started to fill up with people, cheering at a high volume. I was surprised to be able to summon so many DCs, as that is not one of my best abilities.

      As I was going to jump on the chariot, some other guy did first, but I knocked him out as I had to do the fighting. Rather that the usual Colosseum fights, this one was more of a crashing fight. The horses were gone and even though I was still in a roman chariot, it had now an engine and we started to drive, hitting each other and forcing each other to crash, until his chariot blew up, giving me the victory.

      I was happy I completed the firs ToTY and decided to wake up myself to write it down.

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