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    1. 16 Jul: Stray kittens, duckling and vegan food

      by , 07-16-2019 at 09:28 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Some animal rescue organization tells me there are some cats at a derelict building, which they feed, but fear for them because the building was vandalized during the night. They ask me to go check. When I arrive there I find Rinpoche in casual clothing feeding some kittens and surprised to see me. There is no time to talk as some other people immediately also join us. We look after the kitties.

      Later I walk through a park and find a baby duck walking by himself in a strange place. I kneel and he jumps on my lap. I cuddle him in delight. Then spot a lake with other ducks and take him there. But he jumps out of the water and again to my lap. I feel like adopting him but not the best idea.

      Go to some expo, don't know what about, but spot some food area and go there. They have Mexican and South American inspired food, all vegan. I wait in line to order something. Try to read the menu but don't know what anything means.
    2. 16 Jan: Entering the Matrix and weird school

      by , 01-16-2019 at 08:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I have a FA in Riverstone's room. It's dark and I can't find any lights, There is a flashlight but also does not work. I hear scary monster sounds. I go check what it is,
      I get lucid, but still feel a bit scared. I see a dark figure, think it is the monster, hit it with the flashlight. Light comes up and no monster, just kittens all over, even coming from inside the walls.

      Mom picks me up, there's a job opening for plant expert at some small company in our hometown. I need to fill an application. Some kids come by. One steals some documents that were on the table.

      Me and some others enter the Matrix with Neo. I think we formed some kind of army to free others. Entering the matrix was fun and psychedelic, like riding a roller coaster while swallowing matrix code. Once inside, we have really cool looks, but not all black like in the movies. We are wearing mostly shades of blue. I have a dress with a balloon skirt, but a bit too short and later I find some fabrics to use as an extra skirt and feel more comfortable. When we enter we find ourselves on some kind of crosswalk on top of buildings, like a suspended terrace and there is a sort of giant wave wall to our right that looks like a tsunami coming to hit us but that never does. It is mesmerizing.

      Then we go to some kind of school to train us and it was very posh, looks like an opera house. Even the bathrooms are so very fancy and vintage-y. There are some true geniuses among us. One black kid, seems as young as six, presents us with a music piece he had composed and although it wasn't entirely original and innovative, it was incredible anyway. I could recognize influences of Vangelis, the Blade Runner OST and some other electronic artist. Nobody else thought so, but the kid confirmed. I told him, it is so very well composed, but because it doesn't sound original, it is not amazing. "You have to find your own sound and then you will blow our minds". I wanted to be honest but still encourage him. He felt both pleased and ego hurt, which is normal.
      Some people don't like me much, maybe because I am some teacher's favorite and it always feels awkward when I enter a class late and the teacher acknowledged my presence instead of letting me quietly sit like with everyone else. Even when they seemed to be reprimanding me, everybody could feel they were actually happy to see me.
      Last day of school and we're packing clothes to go home. My dog Bernardo appears out of nowhere and he has one eye out gouged and I freak out. Then he starts making weird electronic sounds and I see his eye is bionic. I find a way to open up the side of his head and fix the wires to put back is eye in place.
    3. Dream - The Kitten Craze

      by , 06-01-2017 at 02:20 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 1 JUN

      Dream No. 123 - The Kitten Craze

      All of the dream took place in my old house. I was in my bed with a giant Super Mario and giant Dr. Neo Cortex plush toy. While trying to give them equal amounts of affection, I heard my mum yelling at my brother somewhere else in the house. As I was in bed, I was planning what I was going to say to my mum in defence. I eventually got out of bed, swung the bedroom door open and jumped out of the bedroom while shouting “engarde!”. When I question my mum, she denied yelling at NB but I threatened her with something, I forgot what though, and she gave up on denying. I then went back into my bedroom to pick some clothes to wear. I had a range of clothes in my wardrobe but what's weird is that some of the ones I picked were size 26.

      I then was in the kitchen and our cat Geej was there. I look over to the Christmas tree in the sitting and the grey cat is sitting under it. I then came to the conclusion the Geej and the grey cat had kittens, five of them. I eventually got to see what these kittens looked like. They were all mostly white with just tiny patches of grey and ginger. Apparently there was going to be some sort of welcome ceremony held for these kittens. This ceremony was set up in the kitchen, with these kittens being in a tub of greeny-bluey looking, jelly-like water. One part of the ceremony is where my dad's friend GC was going to read a bible passage. On the completion of him reading it, my dad complains from the couch, saying he would have rather preferred a Christian passage than a Jewish passage.

      My mum went up to take the bible from GC and I followed. At the end, I ended up having the bible and reading the passage. I do remember that this passage was distinguishing between goodness and badness. The bible had more of a layout like a children's storybook with some very good artwork in there. I remember enjoying reading the passage. When I was done, Gavin was amazed and made the comment that he wanted to get me on TV. The dream then skipped to my mum saying that some of the kittens had to be put up for adoption and I was a bit sad about this. Apparently five young stranger girls came and took a kitten each out the front door.

      The dream scene then changed to something unimaginable. Both my grandma and Ms D were playing together in a playground! I came up to my grandma and was returning her sunglasses to her. Then my mum made a big fuss about how I was being so nice by giving them back. I don't remember if anything else happened in this dream.
    4. Strangness and charms

      by , 11-14-2015 at 12:24 AM (Here be dragons)
      I'm laying down on a couch, in a recess of a bigger room, next to a open french window. The sun is streaming in between white drapes fluttering. Their is a garden behind the window, green lawn with a tall dark green hedge and a tree that looks like a mulberry tree. The couch is warm and made of buttery smooth brown leather, I can feel the fines stiches on the cushions. The wall above me is cream and the ceilling white. The corner of the wall behind my head and going into the house is is covered up to maybe one meter and a half with smooth, cold ceramic tiles, longer than larger. There are this beautiful, deep red of chinese lacquer, and contrast very nicely with the wooden floor. I tilting my head, I can see a open door, going inside another room shrouded in darkness.
      I start to wonder where I am, and try to get up. My body is incredibly heavy and inyelding, and I fall of the couch. I ended up on a thick cream carpet, just in front of the open window. I can feel the warmth of the sun and a soft breeze. A little blond haired boy in a school uniform comes in from the garden. His hair are wispy and almost white, falling on his shoulders and fluttering in the breeze like the drapes. I ask him to find Eli, and he runs back into the garden without a word. I try to lift my arm, but my body still doesn't respond. I turn my head to look outside, and I see a tall man in the garden with the boy. I call Eli and he turns his head to me, smiling. He walks to me and stop right next to my hips. From the floor he looks impossibly tall, with his eyes shining in the sun. He kneels and wrap his arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug. I feel engulfed, warm, and above all, safe. In a crystal clear instant, I can feel his warmth through his cotton tshirt, his belt buckle against me, the smell of his skin and the tickle of his light stubble.
      I'm in the garden now, standing up under the mulberry tree. It's still a beautiful sunny afternoon, the walls of the house are a textured cream with white borders around the windows. I'm looking over the corner of the house, to the open portal. A wolf run in, followed by a pack of barking dogs. I pick her up and recognize my totem animal. Her fur is all matted and dirty, and she's pantting, but at least I've scared the dogs away. I plan to bath her and ask her what she thinks about the name I'm picked for her, but I lose the dream before I can do that.

      finally, I'm in my sister bedroom, she picked up two small orange stripped kittens, a male and a female. The female one is boncy and adventurous and quikly desappear into the house; the male meows at me until I pick him up and scarry him around with his fronts paw over my arm like a stuffed toys, making him purrs loudly.
    5. Backlog, 12/24: "Dezz Asks a Question," "Making Kitten T (not) Fly"

      by , 12-25-2014 at 11:09 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      6:30 AM: SinisterDezz has a question about LDing. He posts in the forum, and uses a box of black tiles with his question written on it as an accompanying picture. The forum warns him that this picture is creepy, and not to post it, but he does anyway. NyxCC answers his question. Dreamer shows up as well, but can't remember much else.

      In this same dream sequence, there is a machine that can cause a person to both LD and AP. I reason in the dream that the machine really does not need to send a soul anywhere to WILD (odd meta moment). During the AP, the soul bounces around in a triangular part of the machine (I drew a cryptic picture in my DJ, posting it would really not help much). Seth Rogan also shows up in this dream as the Green Hornet (a movie I have never seen). I
      wake up, feeling close to an LD. I MILD and then return to sleep.

      I am in bed. I pretty blonde girl is asking me all sorts of questions about how she looks. As she asks these questions, she is showing more and more skin--pulling up her shirt, putting a foot on the bed so I can see her legs, and finally spreading her legs above me. I suddenly begin to wonder if this is a dream. I close my eyes and nose pinch. Hmm. I lie here breathing, and thinking of goals. Ah yes, wanted to play with kitten T. Now I am in darkness., even after opening my eyes. I sweep the "hair" out of my eyes and the scenery returns. The blonde girl is gone now, and I head downstairs.

      I find kitten by the sliding glass doors, watching outside. I scoop her up and try phasing through the wall. I am going through easily but kitten is getting stuck. I duck down, see the opening in the wall, and tunnel out.

      Outside, I want kitten to fly so I throw her into the air. She definitely falls on the pavement, and pretty hard (her legs splay out from the impact). I have a twinge of discomfort, as I would not want to hurt my real life cat this way, but reason that this is just a dream, and throw her into the air again. Same result, except this time, after standing up, she turns into a tiny black beetle and flies away. I decide to do some flying myself. I try a couple of times (no success) and
      wake up.
    6. Mocking the dream without knowing I was dreaming.

      by , 12-20-2014 at 11:35 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Mocking the dream without knowing I was dreaming. (Non-lucid)


      I am on vacation at my parents, so this is more notes than anything... i am busy to write the whole thing down, but with this summary I will remember the dream. They were very long.

      I had several cats at home, many of them were kitten versions from my current cats. They did get well along and once I got one kitten version from each of my cats and upon showing to my wife I told her, "This is worth a reality check." I was mocking like if I was dreaming (without knowing I was dreaming.)

      I went to a catholic church to talk with a bishop and see how he would counter with fear about the benefits of psychic mediumship. He spoke like in togues and could not understand. I brought Buddha's and Lord Ganesha's statues and art and decored the church. The bishop seemed happy and I brought a lot of people. I wanted to take over the church and turn it into a Spiritualist church and remove all religion from it. I had people coming and they brought us free candy. I did four reality checks in a row and got false positives (used the same one) and on the fifth, I had six fingers, and yet did not turn lucid.

      This is rare for me, and happened two nights in a row. The energy in my house is very different from my parent's and I am not used to my old twin bed and not having my wife sleeping next to me (my paretns it is a small apartment and my wifes sleeps in the studio and me, in my old tiny room.)
    7. Backlog, 11/29: "The Wall" ; "The DEILD Philosopher"

      by , 12-19-2014 at 10:56 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      Scary non-lucid about losing my kitten. She jumps out of the car at a rest stop and runs off. I catch her once, but she gets away again. I call out to her but she does not come back. Some people seem to have found a kitten; it has spots though, and is not her. "That is not my baby," I say to the girl. She takes the kitten back. Awake from this and DEILD. Transition rolls me over and over and over. Unfortunately, don't remember a thing about what happened, except that I woke up, and DEILDed again, with a similar transition.

      I am walking through some building. I walk downstairs and up to a huge glass wall. I phase through easily. I then am outside in a grassy area (something like a college campus). There is a very thick brick wall near me. I am phasing through when I suddenly lose my confidence; wall is very thick and I worry about becoming trapped inside. Remember I wanted to work on flying. Just can't seem to get into the air. I try flying like Superman. Nada. I shrug.

      Wake up, try for another DEILD but reenter non-lucidly; a guy is sitting on me and talking about Emanuel Swedenborg. I tell him I'm not interested, and to get off of me, because I am trying to DEILD. A few minutes later I wake up.
      Tags: deild, kitten, phase
      nightmare , false awakening , lucid
    8. A kid false-awakens me and I find 27 kittens

      by , 10-17-2014 at 10:38 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      A kid false-awakens me and I find 27 kittens (Non-lucid)


      I had a false awakening when I found myself being false-awoken by a kid who was screaming at me. For some reason this kid needed help to find something in the house, but as he was sharing this with me, I dozed off back to sleep and I could see that he was placing a piece of manchego cheese on my mouth:

      I felt weird because I would not feel like cheese when I did not even got off from bed, but I was false-awoken once more from this same kid. Apparently, during my sleep I made a huge mess during the house, like if I was a zombie or something. I got out of bed and I found myself in a huge home, it had over 20 rooms and very high end decor, with a lot of upscale wooden furniture. Apparently, there was magic too at this places and there were some rooms under some spells.

      I toured around the house with that kid's parents (and I believe now I was that kid) and they shown a few rooms. One of them, had a smashed piano and a lot of food sitting around:

      In other room, it was like dark, with very dark blue colors and it was all messed up also. I was also taken to the kitchen, where the fridge was empty and open as well as damaged. The parents appeared pretty upset, but I did not understand what was going on. I tried to scape this place without success, so I was flying in confusion. I saw a huge crystal building, but I had no clue how to enter it, it had some sort of force-field.

      A voice told me to follow a magical fish so I started to swim and saw some rocks that I could break. As I followed this being, I realized that it was a way to enter the house, underwater. As I got in, the home looked well furnished and apparently, I was going to live there now, and my wife appared out of nowhere. Now it was me again (in my real dream body) and there were 27 kittens sitting one next to each other on a huge bookcase. My wife told me now we owned all those cats. I wondered how my cats would feel about living with 27 more.
    9. ToTM Attempt: "Big Boy"

      by , 09-06-2014 at 08:06 PM (Threecat's Dreamtime)
      (7:39 AM): On my sleeping bag, trying to fall asleep. I hear a "meow" and see my little kitten on the bed, looking at me. I start petting her, but then ask, "How did you get out of your room?" as she is not allowed in the bedroom. I nose pinch and can breathe. I immediately remember the toilet task. I phase through the bedroom door and enter the bathroom.

      There is a bunch of stuff spread out on the toilet seat, so I sweep all of this away and lift the lid. It's clean inside I realize I am wearing jeans so I strip these off (though I have some issues getting them off). Finally I am free, and go after my underwear, but I am having difficulties getting my legs disentangled. I finally realize it doesn't even matter so I jump into the toilet with my underwear still hanging from my leg, and squat all the way down. I then press the flush button.

      The bowl fills with water, but nothing is really happening. I try to spin my body around, to get some momentum, and I do spin now--sort of like a lazy turd. The spinning has also teleported me and the toilet to an outdoors location, on a small, wooden screened-in porch. I try to imagine one of those powerful toilets that just suck shit down with ease. No dice. The cookie task occurs to me, but I keep focusing on getting sucked down. I
      wake up.

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    10. Ripped Off, End of the World (Brief Lucidity), Drunk (Lucid), and Cheating with My First Crush

      by , 08-30-2014 at 04:08 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at a school, an elementary school I believe. I went somewhere else to go get these pictures made. I got there, and the people who were taking pictures were a bunch of young brothers, and when I say young, I mean kids. They all had black bowl-cut hair and solid-colored sweaters. They were lined up from tallest to shortest. They were posing us (I believe more people were with me now, Dallas's sister being one) in these weird, cheesy poses. The way they talked seemed kind of shady. I think one that was talking had a weird accent. There was also something to do with these multi-colored pies; there was one that was bright yellow, which I assumed was lemon, and then there was a blue, a pink, and some other colored pies. I don't recall what they had to do with the photo shoot though.

      Anyway, during the shoot, I had a vague feeling I may be getting ripped off, but it was too late now, I was already getting photos taken. They finished and left. I was talking to someone else afterwards, and they said I got ripped off.


      I was living in an older-looking house with Dallas. The inside was quite dirty; the sinks in the bathroom were supposed to be white, but had this grime stuck to them making them look off-white. I was laying in bed with Dallas for the night when his mom came up to us with some cleaning supplies, and was yelling at me about something to do with the cleaning. She left the room, and there was some white, foamy cleaning stuff on the carpet that she had spilled. Ugh.

      I then was scrubbing a small section of the sink with a rag in the bathroom, and noticed that the grime was coming off when I did so. At first, I had thought the grime was just discoloration from old age, but I could see the white that was underneath. I didn't scrub it all off however; I don't think I had time, or I just simply didn't want to finish it all up at one time. I thought about how the past tenants obviously didn't clean; I thought it was supposed to get cleaned.

      Later, I said something to Dallas's mom about the white foamy cleaning stuff on the floor. I didn't want to further anger her as I told her this., so I told her a bit cautiously. I don't think she got mad. She did start cleaning it up.


      I was looking at an envelope that had the name and address typed up instead of written. I saw my old roommate's name as the sender. Wow, why was she contacting me? Weird. I then thought about how I had heard that she had been married, and took another look at her name on the envelope. I saw that her last name was now "Garrison" (Idk what it really is IWL).

      I then saw pictures of her. There was one with her and some roommates. She looked a bit different, a little longer face and she looked older, but quite happy. There was another one of her on the floor kneeling by a couch with some guy and then one guy that she dated and his roommate, whom I dated at one point. She was looking up at them eagerly. I wasn't sure what she was doing. I thought it was wild that her new husband was friends with her ex and my ex. I couldn't imagine how her ex could even stand to be around her anymore, but it looked like they were all friends. Maybe she had changed.

      She had, for some reason, also given me a cellphone that looked like an old, beat-up Blackberry. I thought it was her phone. I then saw on the screen some words scrolled by. They said
      "Jared's phone"
      Jared was my ex (thought that is the wrong IWL spelling of his name), the friend of her ex from the photograph. Idk why she had given me his phone. I knew in the dream, but can't remember.

      I was standing outside of an apartment complex during the daytime, looking into the distance. In the sky, I saw these flecks...hard to explain. It looked like the sky itself was a mirage or something. I thought I must be seeing things. The flecks then started to come closer to where I was. They were then close enough for me to notice that they were HUGE hailstones; they were the size of soccer balls. I saw them hitting the ground and shattering. God damn, these could kill a person. As they got closer, it was starting to snow a little around me, with a few giant hailstones raining down. I needed to find shelter. I went to the nearest apartment building.

      I then was in an apartment. I looked out the window and saw huge lava waves slowly moving over the land. Well, this is the end of the world, isn't it?

      I somehow, at this point, realized I was dreaming. I was in a stairwell, I believe. I then saw Dallas in front of me, and said, as always
      "I'm dreaming!"
      He smiled and seemed excited.
      I sadly don't remember anything else about this lucidity.


      I was super drunk in a house made of light-colored wood. It was the middle of the night. I was trying to cook things on the stove, one thing was mac and cheese. I was by myself. There was something about a kitten and how it squeezed itself under a door and got stuck in a room that no one was in and that no one would be back at for awhile. I thought about how I was going to spend the next day, my day off, hung over.

      I became lucid at some point, and saw my best friend whom I consider a sister, Mk, there with me. She was sitting down with her head turned the other way. I wanted to interact with her, maybe ask her something deep and meaningful, but I couldn't think of anything. I got her attention anyway and said
      "Mary Katherine!" She turned her head towards me and looked at me. I continued
      "Tell me something meaningful!"
      She then replied
      "Heaven is real," she said with a straight face, and then continued with "I don't want to bullshit you by saying...." and continued on to talk about things she could have said instead or something. I don't remember anything else about it.


      I was heading to my first crush, Nick's house with my friend Caitlin. The house was located on the other side of the street in a different place than it is IWL. IWL, we were friends with his younger sister, but no longer are. She was supposedly having a party that night, one that she had told Caitlin about years and years ago, the last time they spoke. It was evening. We were there outside the front door, being cautious. We "remembered" the night before being really drunk and going into their house (a nod to my last dream; I "remembered" the events as if it had happened the night before), which had appeared to be empty at the time. We were looking for Nick, or at least I was. We were going to make out (a nod to my teenage years), but I would be cheating on Dallas. But for some of the dream, I was thinking it was Nick's brother I was looking for, not Nick. I dunno, it was weird.

      So anyway, we went into the front door of the house. We didn't see anyone at first. Nick's dad then came out of a room to the right, and looked very pissed. He told us to get out. We started to leave, walking down the concrete stairs of the front porch, and he was saying how he had been there the night before when we were drunk, and how he had been yelling from the room for us to get out, but we didn't listen. Damn. We didn't hear anyone at all.

      Then, it was nighttime, and I was with Mk and my mom about to get on a school bus to go to the party. We were outside my old friend Courtney's house, which, in IWL, is right next door to Nick's house. The bus came and I got on. Mk and mom already seemed to be on. The bus was full of small children, probably about kindergarten-aged to first grade-aged. Mom and Mk were sitting towards the front middle of the bus on the right side. I sat down and told my mom or Mk that I didn't want to do this anymore, I didn't know it was all these kids, and that I was going to get someone to come pick me up from the location we got to. The reason was that I wanted to go make out with Nick; I was supposed to meet up with him.

      All the sudden, the bus was back at Courtney's, and dropped us off. I don't remember if mom was with me, but Mk was. She went with me next door to Nick's. I saw a light on and heard drums; I knew it was him, because I "remembered" that he played drums. I was listening to him play, thinking about how he had been in band but quit.

      We were then in his backyard. It was still nighttime. I was barefoot. He came out of the house from the back porch. I don't remember what we talked about. I was walking around the back yard with bare feet though, and he told me to watch out for dog poop. I then remembered that they had dogs. I saw a small dog there as well. I then "remembered" stepping in dog poop back there before with bare feet. I started to run back towards the concrete, feeling the soft ground sinking a bit beneath my feet. I hoped it was just dirt and not dog crap.

      I was then walking with Nick in the back yard. I "remembered" us making out that night at some point, and how different it felt now that we were older. He then was yelling something to his dad, about how tonight he was taking a break from his girlfriend Gina (IWL I don't know his girlfriend's name, or if he even has one). He was cheating as well. I then was thinking about whether or not we had sex as we were walking back towards the porch, and I couldn't remember. I then "remembered" him having anal sex with a girl in his back yard. I saw it happening. It was graphic. I saw it close up.

      I then was leaving with Mk, going back towards the road so my mom could take us home. I was telling her that I didn't think that his parents liked me. I then heard his mom behind us say
      "I like you just fine!"
      I turned around and saw her. She seemed happy

      We were then in the car. I was sitting in the passenger's side seat. The car looked like Mk's mustang on the inside, but a bit different. I think my mom was driving. I was thinking about how I had just cheated on Dallas. I was wondering whether or not I should tell him. It was a huge moral dilemma in my mind. A song started to play on the radio. It was a female vocalist, singing something about the weekend.

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    11. An Expected Journey

      by , 08-28-2014 at 08:29 PM
      Type: Paranoia/Evasion
      Perspective: Mixed (initially Self, transforming to Character, male hobbit)

      NLD: The dream began with a long complicated plot set in a futuristic world. The antagonist was trying to find me and some other people; I had the codes to some device of his that would frustrate his plans. At this point my dream character was still me, I know this because enemy agents were using my name and even showing around a picture of me. (The prevalence of this "paranoia/conspiracy" theme in dreams is one of the reasons I suspect—pure speculation—that schizophrenia in waking life is a condition related to dreaming.)

      Enemy forces had located us, were closing in, we knew we had to run. We decided to split into two groups that would flee separately. I was with a group that was going to go on a very long journey. There was no perceptible shift in the dream or narrative, but by the end of the dream this was all entirely a group of male hobbits, and I, going with them, was also a male hobbit. There was no precise "moment" when the shift took place though, the dream narrative was continuous, and the transformation imperceptible: I was still "me' before the start of the journey then woke up remembering that I was one of the hobbits.

      I had anticipated that we would need to flee and already packed a backpack, so while the two group leaders were waiting for the rest of us to prep and join them, I went and grabbed it. I checked inside first to make sure I had the right bag. I saw lots of warm clothes—that was good, I'm always inclined to get cold. I grabbed a few more things from my pile: a fleece jacket, a wide-brimmed hat. I was already wearing a leather pouch around my neck with my ring in it. When I had noticed this earlier I had wondered why my ring was in the bag instead of on my finger; I assumed I had to hide it for some reason. (Source: the dream played out with an increasing LOTR theme, so this could be a nod to the way Frodo carries the One Ring; it could also be day residue, as the other day I had taken off my ring for a long time for some task.)

      On the table with the gear I was choosing from was a sort of talisman made of a round disk of leather, as well as a few masks which I grabbed at the last minute—they weighed almost nothing and might come in handy. I considered the options: should I put on a mask before we left? If I needed to conceal my identity from those who would recognize me it could be useful, but if we were trying to pass incognito among people who wouldn't already recognize me, wearing a mask might draw too much attention and be a disadvantage. But better to have the option than not.

      I was the third one to gather around the group leader, a male hobbit, and we were waiting on about three others. While we were waiting I went through the masks I had grabbed at the last minute to make a more careful selection, trying them on in a mirror. A couple were cheap plastic full-face masks, and I wasn't sure if they would stand up to the rigors of travel, so I set them aside. I kept one, though, because it gave me a scary monster face and I thought it might be handy if we needed to play a trick and scare someone. I kept a plain black eye mask and another one that was just a single sheet of light brown translucent plastic—it weighed nothing and could serve as sunglasses, I figured. For now, I decided to wear the simple black eye mask. When I put it on, I noticed that I was strapping it over the glasses I was wearing: they had huge round lenses. I didn't remember owning glasses like this, but that was just one of many, many clues that should have alerted me to the fact that I was dreaming—I had not an inkling of it.

      When our full group had assembled, the leader then instructed us to get rid of a lot of stuff that he figured we had probably packed. He had a list of very specific things we were supposed to give up, unnecessary objects that he said were a result of "emotional packing." Already on the table were a lot of little boxed games, like dice and tile games (source: Scrabble on Colbert last night). I worried that our long journey would get dull and depressing if we didn't even have a few games with us, but I understood his reasoning—we needed our packs to be as light as possible if we were to outrun our pursuers—so I reluctantly gave up some things as well.

      There was one item that I wasn't sure about, so I went to consult the leader. It was a boxed set (I hadn't opened it yet) containing a special kind of saw blade that could function as a lathe, cutting wood into round or shaped dowels. The leader and I opened the box and inspected it. I felt a tool like this might be useful at some point, though I couldn't think of a precise situation in which I would need to lathe a dowel to survive. The only problem was that the tool was made out of solid metal, a complex shaped piece about eight by eight inches, and it was extremely heavy. "It's about as heavy as a two-liter bottle of water," I estimated aloud. This decided it: the leader reasoned that water was more essential, so if the tool cut down on the amount we could carry, it would have to go. I reluctantly left it behind. Later as we began our journey, I thought back and regretted this: I realized that dowel-shaped wood might be very useful in making traps, and moreover that even if we had only brought the tool with us to sell, we could probably get up to 50,000gp for it, because it was an object from our futuristic world that would be completely unique in the fantasy world where we were going.

      I realized that we were pushing the limits of the time we had left and needed to leave right away. But as the leader and I stepped out from the room where we'd consulted about the saw blade, something caught my eye. It was a tiny fluffy grey kitten sleeping cozily on its back, lying in the hallway against to the wall on our right. "Wait—just two seconds," I said to the leader, "Look!" And we knelt down and tousled the kitten's belly. I explained, "It reminds me of something Sam said: this is what we're fighting for." I was remembering the line late in LOTR where Frodo is losing heart and Sam reminds him "That there's some good in this world... and it's worth fighting for." Naturally my version involved kittens.

      We then rejoin the rest of our group—which was more diverse in the beginning but by this point consisted of the full set of LOTR hobbits plus me as a random male one—and started down a lane. No sooner had we set out then I look behind us and see a group of fierce orcs, at least eight of them, less than fifty yards behind us and moving faster than we are, already closing in. Did we waste too much time with our preparations, losing our head start? I needed to act now, or our journey would be cut off before it began. Fortunately I recalled that I knew Ars Magica magic (all that practice in LDs paying off!)

      Twisting to look back while still running at full tilt, I held out my hand and blasted a frost effect at the group of orcs: it created a slippery ice slick on the ground where they were running and also iced their bodies directly, covering them with a pale layer of frost and slowing them considerably. I knew it wouldn't last forever so I was already trying to decide what my next trick should be. A grease trap on the ground might be useful: the lane was narrow and walled on both sides, so they wouldn't be able to bypass it. Then I was trying to remember the mechanics of Ars Magica spells: were they limited by a specific pre-set quantity (like in D&D) or could they be chosen freely but the rate was restricted by a mana pool, or could they cast at will but it was just really hard to succeed at the roll? Around this time the dream must have despaired of my ability to transform even a thrilling adventure chase scene into tedious decision-making and option-weighing, and I woke up.

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    12. Helicopter, Lucids, Kitten & Bank Robbery

      by , 06-08-2014 at 08:06 PM
      So, I haven't been keeping very good track of dreams.

      About a week ago - had a dream I was in a helicopter with someone. I looked down and there was fog rolling across a field, rolling in waves like an ocean. There was a storm in the distance, I could see it across several farm fields, but it was beautiful. On the edge of the fields there was a forest. The helicopter flew down until it was only a few feet above the ground, and we flew through a forest. I had a vague idea I was dreaming, and I wanted to share this with one of my friends, so I tried to turn the helicopter pilot into one of my friends. I looked away and looked back. When I looked back, her face was blurred out, but she hadn't fully changed. When this stuff happens, you'd think it would be super creepy in a Silent Hill sort of way, but when I am dreaming it's just a "this didn't completely work" sort of thing and doesn't bother me. I woke up.

      I've had a few lucid dreams over the past 2 weeks but I've also been bad about recording those, so I'll just record last night:

      Woke up ~8 am. Got up to use the bathroom. Went back to bed with the idea that it would probably be easy to transition to a lucid dream at this point.

      Fell asleep, as normal. At some point, I became semi-aware while I was in the grey fog. I am familiar with the fog, by now. I knew that because I didn't "have a body" at the moment, I wouldn't be able to enter a dream (this is something it took a while to figure out, and it's just the way it works for me). I decided to do my technique of "walking" forward until my feet took form I could see my feet. I looked down at where my feet would be and began "walking". After spending a while doing it, suddenly my feet came into being. Once they came into being, I decided to try to bring an environment into being. Suddenly, the world popped into place. It startled me so much that I fell on my butt.

      I was now sitting in a yard in front of a house. It was very clear. There was a house behind me that I didn't notice very much, and trees all around me. The grass I was sitting on was vibrantly green and soft. I saw some little flowers growing in it (like little daisies) and thought about picking one. Before I did that, though, I decided to look around. Everything was crystal clear, no "dream fuzziness" at all.

      I heard a car in the distance. It stopped at the curb next to me. Curious, I stood up to take a look. I could see the driver inside, his features were quite clear without the "dream fuzzies" that sometimes happen when I see a dream character. He opened the door and stepped out and suddenly everything became fuzzy and gray again.

      My body had disappeared again. I began to rub my hands together. After a while of rubbing, they suddenly appeared in front of me. I was pleased and tried to cause the landscape to reappear. Unfortunately, I guess I hadn't stabilized enough because my hands disappeared again and I woke up a little bit.

      I settled back down and tried to imagine walking while looking at my feet again, and holding the hand of a friend to try to make them appear with me once I "existed" again, as sort of an anchor (I am holding onto them and they are in the environment that we are both in, so they stabilize me and vice versa). It doesn't really work and I feel like I can feel my feet shuffling in my bed (I'm never completely sure if they actually are or it is an illusion that they are).

      It doesn't really work. I give up and drift into deeper sleep.


      I dream I am robbing banks as an accomplice with a dream character (Caucasian guy with dark shaggy hair, thin and generally unhealthy and unreliable looking). At one point we end up in a production room where people are packing up cocaine for distribution. I have a tiny orange tabby kitten and I am worried about its welfare. I carry it with me at all times. We are going to go rob a bank and crash at a motel and my fellow bank-robber tells me to just leave the kitten outside and it will be fine. I start to leave it there but panic and come back and bring it with me. It's a huge inconvenience, but I cannot bring myself to leave my kitten alone outside where something may happen to it.

      I see on the news that I am being listed as an accomplice for murders, but I haven't murdered anybody, and I didn't know that my bank-robbing buddy has been killing people. I decide I need to get away now, that even if I'm on the hook for robberies I'm definitely innocent of killing people. I can't leave my kitten behind, though, I am too worried about it. I'm also worried something will happen to it if my bank-robbing accomplice or the police catch up to me. I run through the woods (I don't have the van/car) and come upon a house there. I know that one of my IRL friends, James, lives in it, and that it would be safe to leave the kitten with him because I trust him. He opens the door and is friendly, as if he doesn't know I've been robbing banks (or doesn't care), and happily agrees to take care of my kitten.
    13. Nov. 17 Dream Journal: Cats, Thugs, and Rock n' Roll

      by , 11-17-2013 at 10:02 PM
      Before going to bed, I practiced MILD -- I noticed that the color red is a recurring theme, especially when it is on a person, like clothing or hair color -- and practiced making that a cue. As you'll see, I dropped the ball.

      Dream one had me in a Baldur's Gate-esque world, but the "graphics" are updated to at least 2010 standards, a la Dragon's Age -- which, by the way, I'd throw gobs of money at an updated Baldur's Gate. Anyways, my party and I are settling into a wooden house in the city, and we are turning in for the night. The house we are in had two rooms (which I never saw) to the left and right of the entrance in the "main" room, which sinks a foot lower and features a hearth in the middle middle (so it actually has a bit of a Warring States-era Japanese design). Straight across the entrance is a ladder that leads up to a loft area (which I'll get into detail later).

      Our party seems to be pretty big, as Dream Knowledge tells me that others in our group have settled into other houses nearby, and that I'm sharing a house, hostel style. Of note, two of the people I'm teamed with are a married couple in their late 20's-early 30's, and they are both pleasant spellcasters wearing robes. The wife is in a red robe with green trims (missed MILD cue alert), while the husband is in a navy robe with yellow trim. I think the husband resembles a classmate as well from middle school, who I want to say is K, that I never really was friends with, but hey, whatever you say, Dream Logic. It also appears that the town/city we are in is a little bit hostile, because there was an exchange where we are strategically planning how we should assign rooms (i.e. if we are ambushed in the middle of the night, where should we sleep so we are best prepared), and I say something like "don't worry, I'll sleep anywhere and decide what class I'll be based on that."

      I'm now suddenly climbing up the stairs to the loft -- I'm staying there, apparently. The loft area is surprisingly modern looking, including working electrical lights and a sliding-pane window. There is also a private bathroom in the corner. It's also a little messy, with a ton of clothes hanging on hangers all around the wall, and some piles of clothes strewn here and there. There's a giant bed in the middle (bigger than a King-sized bed) that takes up 75% of the available space, and there are some heavy-looking covers. In short, I would absolutely live in a place like this in real life.

      I also notice an adorable kitten in the loft, so I reach down to pet it. It's an orange calico kitten, and is really affectionate and playful. After playing with it a little, it lays on its back for me to rub its tummy. It's a trap. The second I do, the kitten snaps like a bear trap to love-bite/claw my forearm. I find it even more adorable at how cat-like this cat is, and after freeing my arm, I call out to the others to come see. I demonstrate by placing my hand on the kitten's tummy again, who reacts exactly like I expected. It's visibly trying to gnaw my arm (and it's soooo cute while it does), but it's just so small and tiny that it barely managed to draw blood (Red blood on my arm. Missed MILD cue alert).

      It still "hurt" though, so let that be a lesson: Cats are pure evil, no matter how cute they are.

      ANYWAYS, the scene changes, and now I'm alone in another house in the same town. I'm in the kitchen area, because there's a modern looking stove and fridge to my left. There's a small wooden table and two chairs against the wall, and the entrance is in the wall to my right. Straight across, by the fridge, is another doorway to a darkened room, and I emerge from what appears to be the storage/stable. It's dawn, and I'm aware that I'm in red plate armor (missed MILD cue alert), and my weapon of choice is a grey-white claymore. I'm pretty happy with my gear. I'm also alert, and as expected, I'm ambushed by assassins posing as villagers. I dispose of the first attacker, who is dressed like a villager from Might and Magic VI. I think I cleaved her, but she "disappears" with no blood, like I'm in a PG-13 movie. Another attacker runs in from the side, and I turn around and backhand him. Bloodless murder is the most morally-cleanest murder.

      At this point, I get agitated at all these assassins and yell out "I know what's going on. Just show yourselves." To which, maybe 8-9 people dressed as villagers meekly come out. I pan, "What am I, Abraham Lincoln?" (lol at my own brain). It's at this point that Dream Knowledge reveals that these villagers need my help. The dream fades at this point.

      Dream two posits me at my high school during an assembly in the gym. The dance club(?) is putting on a swing dance routine. For whatever reason, I think something like, "I can do the Charleston," and just like that, I'm suddenly part of the dance routine. I wasn't sure what the Charleston is before I Googled it, by the way; but apparently I'm rocking whatever swing routine my dream calls the Charleston on the dance floor. The "dance" evolved into a 50's rockabilly concert, and I'm now dressed like the band during the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. I'm also playing a red Epiphone Riviera (which I theorize I was able to identify so vividly because it's an actual guitar I have. Also, missed MILD cue alert) on a pretty modern looking stage. Everyone is doing the Twist. The dream fades.

      The dream picks up again with a snow theme. The following happens, but I lost track of the order of which came first:
      -I'm outside in the snow (pretty sizable amounts -- the snow blankets the field), and Garfield (from the comics) is laying down in the snow next to a snowman (snowcat?) of himself. He's saying/thought bubbling/captioning something like "perfection is the origin of stress." I don't know if those are wise words or dream gibberish.

      -I'm upstairs in a room (it resembles a room in my brother's house, actually), overlooking the driveway. I'm worried that the snow is going to make it hard for my mom to drive, even though she hasn't driven in years. But when I look out the window, I see that the roads are cleared up, and there's only about half-a-foot of snow (a snowplow is seen leaving my vision frame). The driveway isn't cleared yet, but I see tire tracks on it, which leads me to believe that the roads are accessible.

      I wake up, and I was really expecting it to be snowing in real life.

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    14. Rocket Man

      by , 11-08-2013 at 09:31 PM
      I dreamed that I was part of a crew that was going to ride in a rocket to the moon. The capsule we were going in looked very old, like 1960s era Soviet technology, and it was very tiny. It had one circular room. 2 men were operating the actual controls, and I was supposed to navigate. For some reason, I did this with old-fashioned looking blueprints. Our first mission was successful.

      Things went a little wrong during the 2nd mission. There was another woman, Sophia, who was training to be a navigator. They assigned both of us to the capsule for the next mission, but it was far too cramped for 4 people to fit inside... when all 4 people got in, I didn't have enough space to actually do my job. Finally, it was decided that Sophia would stay behind.

      Eventually, we docked at a tiny space station with a room with several beds built into the wall.

      Then, a perspective shift. I'm now a spectator, and Captain Kirk is leading an old-fashioned-looking starship. He's only doing it temporarily, until they pick up the "real" captain. They run into a very strange colony/organism, it's a giant, translucent, organic bag of liquid with worms and snake-like creatures inside of it. It reminds me a lot of looking through a microscope at a slide full of tiny creatures. Anyway, it engulfs the ship. Kirk leaves the ship and floats into a little air sac/bubble in order to try negotiating with the creatures, but they're sort of evil. Eventually, he decides it can't be done, so he punches a hole in the side of the sac and all of the fluid drains off into space.

      Then I dream that my mother gave me 2 bowls of popcorn. One is smaller than the other. I sit and pet an orange kitten, and we both eat popcorn.

      Dream clues:
      - I do not normally operate rockets
      - It is not the 1960s
      - "Spectator" perspective
      - My mother is 2000 miles away
      - I don't own a kitten
    15. Multiverse mute

      by , 07-02-2013 at 05:03 PM
      Comment: A bit behind with updating

      Date: 30 June

      Pre bed: 3mg mel

      WBTB: Some latte

      Total sleep time: appr. 6 1/2 hrs

      Early dream1: I am posting to our conversation in DV

      Dream Fragment2: There is an old apple pudding that I try to throw away in the sink but the apples won't dissolve.

      Dream3 Irritating Kitten: I am on the street where we live and there is a grey kitten that catches my attention. We play for a while but as I leave it starts to behave like a crazy cat, always coming back to me faster and faster. Its claws and little teeth are sharp, I want to get rid of it. Finally, I toss it aside and as it lands on the other side of the street, it turns into a dead rat, with its insides open. I have concerns of what will people think about hygiene, having a dead animal on the street, but then some guys come pick it up.

      WBTB: I was initially worried that I am not wakeful enough, so headed for the latte. It was not the best morning to do so as there were lots of distractions and I ended up very nervous, struggling to fall asleep for an hour and a half.

      Falling asleep/LD: I can't even remember where, it was a dream forming around me but I woke

      Falling asleep/LD: I appear walking down the street of my hometown. Some people are passing by, I try to hold on to a big tall guy but the dream slips away and I wake up.

      WILD (Nyx style): I find myself in some room with soft light, as the dream forms. For some reason, I attempt to control the dream by using a touchpad screen? I stop doing this and look around. The dream is unstable and I try to engage whoever is around. There are three-four DCs and I immediately recognize my parents there. The memory of quickly phasing through the walls comes to mind but I dismiss it, then run through some tasks that I remember and decide to ask the DCs there including my parents how to find Xanous. Unfortunately, these DCs are totally dumb, so I get almost no reaction from them, no matter how many times I ask. They go to sleep on the few beds that are in the center of the room. The dream is still unstable (possibly because I am super wakeful), so I start jumping on the bed (white bed sheets) to engage myself a bit more. I find it quite pleasant and I don't have to worry about breaking anything. I am bounce-walking now, trying to stabilize this way, as I notice the instability is still here to an extent. Then as I am jumping in front of a wooden desk, my leg hits some small item on the floor and it even hurts a bit. I find this strange.

      Finally, I calm down, look around the room and ponder my next action. The light in the room is very soft and pleasant, as if coming from a lamp. Lots of the furniture that I barely notice is wooden. I remember three wooden doors on the two walls in front of me. They are all closed. Initially, I decide to stay in the room and explore it, but then the door in front of me is open. It is dark but I think of playing a bit, open the door with TK, nice! I go forward, now there is light in the room. As I am slowly and carefully moving forward, I notice that there are windows showing the reflection. Very interested to check it out, I concentrate on it and worryingly see someone else's reflection there. So behind the door as I am entering is another DC that obviously corresponds to this reflection and she just...well I just didn't expect her to be there, so got a bit scared.

      I fully enter this new room and look at the DC in front of me. At this point the dream is super stable and vivid. I carefully examine her looks and try to memorize as much detail as possible.Ok, I now try to talk to her, but as she replies there is no sound. I continue asking her questions but can't understand anything, just that she answers "no" about something and she moves her head in negation. My speaking is more like thoughts and without sound, but she understands me. I truly start to believe that I have crossed into another multiverse and that this is the cause of our inability to communicate. I ask her if it is because of energy? Does she see me at all? Her mother comes around as well,I continue questioning them - do they see me, or can they only hear me? I realize that I am spending way too much time and concentration on this apparently useless conversation, and orientate myself in the room so that I can report in what kind of room I was. It is a kitchen, no, a dinning room. There is a large table with some chairs.

      My attention is caught by another reflection in the window. It is day outside. I am curious to see how I look so move closer and notice a white T-shirt with some red flowers on it, find the clothes interesting. These DCs are all around me still in another section of the room, now that might have been the kitchen. Going through tasks again. Ok, let's do "lucidity DC" just in case. I don't believe I will see these DCs ever again, but I still tell them that if they ever dream of me and see me they have to tell me it's a dream, etc. Since the dream is quite stable, I once again I think I might try to find Xanous. I ask the DCs to help me find him, pause for a moment and listen. There is no single sound in this dream. They are still trying to interact with me, saying something but in vain. The mother holds a roll of blue paper in her hands and I come up with the idea that they write down whatever they want to say. They take too long and as I wait doing nothing, the dream dissolves. I do a lousy DEILD attempt then impatiently wake myself up

      Maybe I should have been more persistent with my attempt to go back there but I was way too awake and overexcited.

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