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    1. Abandoned Church

      by , 09-23-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream I had last night took place in an abandoned church. The building was made of stone, which was badly worn by weather, and had many places where the roof had collapsed or a peice of wall had fallen in. The layout of the place consisted of one floor with a staircase that led up to a platform above the altar in one corner of the building. Even though it was daylight outside, the inside of the church was very dark.

      I was walking with my mom and dad and a few other people I do not recognize down a dirt road in the middle of what seemed like nowhere. The sky overcast and grey, but bright. When we came upon the abandoned church, my dad wanted to go inside and take some pictures with his digital camera. I felt something "evil" about the place but for some reason I was compelled to follow him in. Everyone went inside except for my mom, who waited outside.

      As soon as I walked into the abandoned church I knew it was a bad idea. The darkness that filled the place was not natural and seemed to be filled with ghosts or monsters or whatever unseen malacious entities would lurk in the dark places of an abandoned church. The invisible beings seemed to use the darkness as a cover. These creatures began pulling at my clothes and hair as soon as I crossed the threshold but my dad nor the other people seemed to notice anything.

      At one point the invisible monsters grabbed my ankles and left arm and lifted me in the air above my father. He did seem to notice at all, even when I was lifted near the roof, and I found myself unable to scream. I struggled wildly but could not free myself from the invisible hands that held me. I remember feeling more angry then scared and gritted my teeth and sort of half-snarled at the darkness. I don't remember how I got out of there but the end of the dream had everyone walking away from the abandoned church as I lagged behind. I looked over my shoulder and saw many pairs of glowing red eyes looking out at me from the darkness.
    2. Two of three dreams - August 16th, 2007

      by , 08-16-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      #1) First dream takes place in some sort of aquarium museum place and I am there with my parents. Even though most of the displays are situated indoors, my parents and I are dressed in winter clothing. I cannot remember anything about the beginning of the dream but I thought the end was significant though I do not know why.

      As my parents and I were leaving the aquarium we stepped outside into some sort of courtyard. There was a waist-deep, square-shaped pool in the center and it had four square styrofoam floating things in it. The styrofoam things wear painted to look like rocks and had a elaborate "V" design carved into the very tops. There was a fat old man wearing a bright yellow waterproof rain pants and a white A-shirt standing near the far edge of the pool. He had a long, narrow black stick in his hand and seemed to be looking for something underneath the water.

      I approached the edge of the pool and saw a young seal hidding underneath one of the floating styrofoam rocks. The seal would surface for a moment and look around, then use its teeth to pull off guaze bandages from its body, before quickly swimming back underneath the styrofoam. My parents didn't seem to notice and kept walking. I tried to ask the old man about the seal but he ignored me and kept scouring the water for whatever he was looking for, which I assumed was the seal. I watched the young seal surface and pull of some more bandages before the dream ended and I woke up.

      #2) The second dream takes place at Lake Whittaker, a trailer park where my parents go every weekend in the summer. The dream seems to take place a few years ago when my parent's trailer was situated at the top of the hill by the lake side. I remember stepping out of the trailer and looking to my right. There is garbage and debris spread across the neighbouring trailer's lot. People I don't recognize from waking like are standing around looking at the mess. Even though it appears to be summer, everyone is wearing winter clothes. I walk up to the nearest person and ask where the mess came from. He says "It was a bear."

      I think that is odd because bears are not native to the area. I go back into my parent's trailer for something and even though I am only inside for a few seconds, when I go back outside, the mess on the neighbouring lot has been cleaned up and the people who had gathered are dispersing. There is a bit more I think, about trying to find someone who will help me find the alleged bear or something, but I cannot remember now.
    3. Native American ritual

      by , 08-09-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream fragmented, I can't remember much.

      - can't remember any of the the beginning, but it was lengthy.

      - driving in Mercedes on parkway outside of city with with mom and dad.

      - dad turns off road and onto elevated monorail/train track.

      - real train coming. We get out of car and mom and dad go down to ground.

      - I pick up the two tonne Mercedes by the bumper and hand it down to my dad! It's as light as a feather, though in the dream my thought was that it was "light as a wicker basket."

      - mom and dad disappear when I get down to ground. I am now in some sort of sidewalk market. The streets are empty until four Native American people appear, surrounding me.

      - greeting/bowing ritual with four natives. I think there were two Innuit and two Ojibway. Ritual consists of me standing between the two Innuit, linked arm in arm, and bowing down on my knees to the Ojibway. Repeat same bow a second time only linked arms with Ojibway and bowing on knees to Innuit.
    4. Dream in the Middle East

      by , 07-18-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream take place somewhere in a middle eastern country but I do not know which one. The area was very poor and all the buildings were made of local materials, like mud bricks.

      I am about quarter of a kilometer outside of a small poor city. It is about midday and very hot. The atmosphere is arid and no vegetation of any kind can be seen. Clusters of people in varying degrees of Islamic or Western clothing surround me. Some people are sitting, some laying down, some standing, but no one moves very much or talks loudly. Everyone is of Middle Eastern decent except for a small group of people with whom I am following. I do not recognize anyone at first and they slowly make their way towards the city in the distance.

      Several men from outside the group are staring at me with angry or contemptuous expressions and I uncomfortably look around to try an figure out why. I soon realize that all the women I see are covered up with burkas or hijabs, save for the two or three non-Middle Eastern women in the group I am with. I get the impression that I am the only one being stared at and I lower my gaze though I am angry and frustrated that people are staring at me.

      When the group of people I am with are nearing the small city, someone from behind me says that we should avoid going there because American soldiers are about to initiate a fight with some insurgents. I cannot see who said that and the group of people continue on their way, even when I hesitate. Some tall building near the center of the city suddenly explode and sand and debris flys everywhere. I can hear bombs and gunfire but am not scared. I remember feeling more annoyed then anything.

      I head back out into the desert where the dream started and suddenly it is nighttime and I am back with the group of people I had been following before. This time however, my mom and dad are with the group and we are being lead by a tour guide somewhere. The group stops for a moment under a large wooden frame, on the egde of what looks like a dry creek bed. There is a wooden billboard that is half standing and half collapsed and a young boy in a white shirt and red baseball cap that is climbing over it. Tangled barbed wire fence separates the group I am with from the creek bed, but I find a spot that I can jump over without getting caught or cut on the barbs.

      I start toward whats left of the billboard because I want to climb too, but my mom stops me and tells me that I have to stop acting out and behave or I am going to get kicked out of the group. I reluctantly and begrudgingly rejoin them just as the tour guide leads us between some more indescernable wooden structures until we reached a tall, elaborate building with a large tower in the center. I get the impression that it was a mosque or something but I am not sure.

      The tour is stopped and everyone is interrogated one by one by several men in clerics robes. I cannot remember why we were being questioned or what the questions were, but if we answered "correctly" then we were allowed to continue on with the tour. When I was being questioned I kept my head down and did not make eye contact with anyone. I figured that there was no way these men would allow me to continue on because my face was uncovered and every man in the room was staring at me because of it.

      They did let me go on, however, and I immediately led up the narrow spiralling staircase of the central tower. The stair went up about six or seven stories and the entire way was intricately handpainted with natural scenes. At the very top of the stairs was a circular room that looked like an art store. There were display cases containing paintbrushes all around the outside and a Middle Eastern woman in the center giving away free art supplies. She was uncovered, dressed in blue, very pleasant and greeted my parents warmly. I noticed at this point that no one else in the group had been let into the tower. I was intrigued with an elaborate painting that encircled the entire room and studied it intently as my parents and the woman in blue talked. When the woman tried to offer my father some paintbrushes, he told her to give them to me because I was the artist in the family.

      I do not remember anymore because I woke up.
    5. Day trip in old Westfalia and the Red Door

      by , 01-10-2007 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      In the dream I appeared as I looked at about age 11 or 12. I was with my mom and dad and we were in our old 1986 Volkswagen Westfalia. We were driving down an urban street that was lined with old Victorian and Edwardian style buildings, as well as many trees. In the dream, this was supposed to be our hometown of London, Ontario, but the areas we travelled through looked nothing like any area of London that I recognize. I don't remember many of the buildings, but one stuck in my memory for some reason. It was a three story bulding made of dark grey bricks and a black tile roof. The front door was a dark red and there were vines growing up the entire front side. This building sat opposite of a three-way intersection and I recall noticing it the first time my parents and I drove past it because my dad had to make a left turn. Though it had a unique and vaguely farmiliar look in my dream, I cannot recognize it as anything I know in waking life.

      My parents and I drove out into the country, though it did not look like the country surrounding my hometown (as I know it in waking life, anyway). We drove for a long time and came to a thicket of trees which seemed to have a picnic area in the middle. My dad drove the van towards the picnic tables but the westfalia got stuck in some mud that we had not noticed before. My parents got out of the van and walked towards the picnic tables and it was then that I noticed an old man in a blue uniform. He looked like a thin Captain Highliner. I walked amongst the trees while my parents talked to the captain. I found a little stream and noticed something moving in the water, but my mom called me back to the van before I could get a look at what it was. As we drove out of the grove (and almost got stuck in the mud again) I watched the old man walk towards the little stream with a blank expression on his face. He waded into the stream before the van turned onto the road and I could no longer see him.

      We drove for miles again, past farmland and forests. I noticed that we travelled fairly far without seeing a single building. Soon though, my parents spotted group of white houses and they wanted to go check them out. Parking the westfalia behind one of the houses my mom and dad got out of the van and started snooping around. I was afraid of being caught doing something illegal so I stayed in the van. When my parents had not returned for a long time, I got out of the van and went to look for them. From the window of one of the white houses I could see someone looking at me and I was afraid that they were going to call the police on me for tresspassing. I started back to the van but I suddenly heard a group of people laughing and carrying on. Following the noise I came across my mom and dad and some strangers on the front balcony of one of the houses, opening champagne bottles and having some sort of celebration. The old man in the blue uniform was there as well. Apparently it was his house and he had just won it in a sweepstakes or something (and that is why everyone was celebrating?).

      My parents had one glass of champagne before returning to the van and heading home. The trip home didn't seem nearly as long as the trip out there, and I don't recall seeing the picnic grove on the way back. When we returned to London, it again was the strange London with all of the Victorian and Edwardian building. When we came to the three-way interesection and my dad turned, I watched the vaguely farmiliar dark grey, three story bulding grow smaller and smaller in the rear view window. When we were some distance away I saw the dark red door swing open, but I woke up before I could see what was behind it.
    6. Flying between Toronto and London, Ont.

      by , 10-28-2006 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There is a large three story house on the side of a dark hill (I don't know why the hill was dark, it just was). People are vigorously running from room to room and from floor to floor. I cannot remember why now but it had something to do with music, (like musical chairs except on a house-wide scale or something?) I kept seeing several boys from my past (including a boy I used to call Rob "Pigwater") and some men that I like now, regardless if they are real or fiction. I did not feel really connected to anyone, like they just saw through me and I was just watching from a distance.

      Before all of the music and running around started, I begged my parents for my own room, because I had to share one with two people I don't know or like on the third floor. There is a small room on the third floor that is empty and hardly used and I wanted it. When I finally get the room, I do not keep it clean and this leads to a house-wide hide-and-seek or something, though I can no longer remember how.

      I tire of the noise and craziness going on inside, and especially of a dark, unidentifiable man who was following me through the house, and I crawl out of the tiny window in my new room and onto the roof. I suddenly realize that I am not in my hometown of London, Ontario and I need to get back there so I can attend my theapy session when the morning comes. It is dark out and there is several hours before the sun will rise, so I am confident that I will make it.

      Large, flowing white wings srpout from my back and am excited to have them, but my parents appear in a window and tell me that they don't think I'll make it and that I am wasting my time. I spread my wings and jump from the roof. While I can fly, I have trouble staying at a certain hight. I cannot seem to get above the powerlines, not because of the lines themselves, but because of an invisible force that keeps pushing me down when I try to fly at a certain hight. I am also disoriented at first and have trouble figuring out which way is west.

      I try to fly so that no one sees me, but that becomes impossible when the sky begins to lighten as dawn approaches and I have to to ignore anyone who stares or hollers at me. Not long after people start to notice me flying through the air, I sense a sinister force behind me and I am forced to land in a field that has a large hole in it. I dive into the hole hoping to lose my pursuer. There is an extensive underground cave system and I run into Vincent Valentine (from FF7) while trying to navigate it. Vincent attaches something to his belt or penis (I cannot remember which now) and asks for oral sex, saying that it will give him the power to defeat the sinister presence that is chasing me.

      Somewhat unsettled, I leave the cave without providing requested service and fly away. The sinister presence seems to be gone for now so I just try to enjoy gliding through the sky and feel the morning chill in the air as the sun begins to rise. Even though I am facing west as I fly, the sun is rising directly infront of me though I think nothing of it in the dream. As the sun rises, I begin to feel heavy. It becomes very difficult to fly without intense concentration on flapping my wings. I can do it, but I also become very disoriented direction wise, and because facing the sun all the time is blinding me.

      I see a tall building made of golden coloured glass ahead of me. It has a very gothic, yet modern design. I sense the sinister presence getting close behind me again so I fly to the building and land on a ledge. I try to move around on the glass surface discreately, but only end up drawing more attention to myself. The people on the inside of the building gather and stare at me. Feeling uncomfortable, I fly away from there and continue towards London, though I am forced to look down a lot because the rising sun is directly in my eyes. It is at this point that I suddenly realize that the sun is rising in the wrong place. I know that I am heading in the correct direction but I am perplexed as to why the sun is rising in the west and not the east, like it is supposed to.

      I finally reach London but because I am very tired, I can only fly a few metres above the ground. I end up flying underneath a steel bridge that is painted bright red, trying to avoid pedestrians and cars. Somehow I have aquired a red hardhat, though it is conveinient because I kept bumping my head on the bottom of the steel bridge.

      I do not make it to the hospital for my therapy session because I am suddenly back in Toronto laying on the bed in my new room. I am trying to explain to my dad that I am going to attend my session through astral projection and I will write everything down when I return to my body, or something.
    7. The River Bus (lucid)

      by , 06-17-2006 at 11:33 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      My first lucid experience!!! Well, it becomes lucid only near the end, anyway.

      This dream starts off about a block from my house. All of the roads in the dream are deep waterways and traffic consist of a variety of boats and other watercraft; there are no ashphalt roadways or land faring automobiles. My parents and I were standing at a bus stop waiting for the "bus" boat to pick us up. There were other people waiting there as well but they did not have any significance as far as I can tell; just random people waiting for the "bus." Apparently we were going to take a boat tour for somewhere but at this point in the dream, I had no idea where.

      When the boat tour arrived, it consisted of three small, old-looking, wooden boats rather one medium or large sized modern boat, which is what my parents and I had been expecting. The three craft were tired together with ropes and I could not see what drove the boats forward, as there were no sails on the masts or engines on the stern. The first of the three boats was full so my parents and the group of people got on the middle boat. Since the middle boat was filled to capacity I had to get on the last of the boats by myself. I was kind of resentful at first, because I felt insecure and I wanted to sit near my parents.

      The boat tour/bus boat (whatever) started down the um, street... er, waterway... and at first the scenery around the boats looked like how the neighbourhood actually appears in waking life, but the farther we went the more the scenery changed from an urban landscape to a natural one. Soon there were no human-made buildings or other boats and it seemed that we were in some thick temperate forest. No one on the boats was upset because this all seemed to be a part of the tour.

      Not long after the scenery changed into the forest there came a bend in the river. There was an old, dilapitated wooden mill at the bend and the three boats pulled up to a small dock and stopped. Most of the people disembarked and dissapeared into the forest. My parents stayed on the middle boat and I stayed on the last boat. I could have gone up and sat with my parents at this point and I do not know why I did not do so. As we waited for the boat tour to get moving again the water began rushing like rapids and tore the boats away from the dock. It was not scary at first, just unexpected, and no one panicked or anything.

      The rushing water pulled the boat a long for a while and soon we came to a fork in the river. The left waterway was clamer and seemed to lead to an opening in the forest. The right waterway was very eeirie and seemed to lead deeper into the forest. There was also strange blue-grey mist above the water that lead down the river on the right side of the fork.

      The boat tour turned towards the left river but just before it went past the actual fork, the rope holding the middle boat and last boat snapped. The first two boats drifted down the left waterway, but the last of the little wooden boats, the one that I was on by myself, got pulled down the river on the right side of the fork. I yelled to get my parents attention, but they did not seem to hear me. A few of the other passengers on the middle boat glanced at me, but then looked away and ignored me.

      My little boat was pulled into the deep dark forest and I remember feeling really scared for a moment but the fear soon passed. I became more curious then anything because the forest seemed to thin out a little and it did not seem so threatening. I do not know how far I travelled but it seemed like I was on that little boat for a long time. Eventually it became standed on some rocks in shallow water and I was able to step out and walk to the shore. Right off the shore there was a path that led into the forest and to a small Oriental looking building.

      It was as I was walking along the path that I began to question my reality (mostly because there was an Oriental style building deep in a northern Canadian-looking forest), so I did a RC by plugging up my nostrils and I could still breath! I realized that I was in a dream and became excited! I did not seem to have control over anything except move my own body so I ran into the building, which was very much like an ornate Zen garden on the inside. In the middle of the room there was some sort of small, stone statue that some Oriental looking men (I do not know if they were Chinese or Japanese) were sitting around smoking pipes. They all sort of looked at me and laughed and I tried to say something to them but the dream ended and I woke up.
    8. The Rattlesnake (full personal version)

      by , 06-12-1975 at 12:12 PM
      Morning of June 12, 1965. Saturday.

      I am my present age in my dream (four years old), riding in a familiar car with my mother and father. My father is driving. The car windows are all down and it is seemingly a nice sunny day, around nine o’clock in the morning. There is a very mild breeze. I am sitting in the back seat and looking out the window on the left side (thus I am seated behind my father, though this is not a fixed orientation in dreams where I am riding in a car with my parents). We are going up a winding road of about a ten degree inclination, which curves slightly to the left, which seems to be Mohawk Valley Road in Stoddard, Wisconsin, not that far from where we live. However, there also seems to be the essence of the landfill near Fort Ogden, Florida that I had seen when very young.

      As we ride over a small bridge made of logs (seemingly unrealistic for a car to go over) which crosses a very narrow and shallow stream, I notice an old mattress lying mostly flat along the left side of the road. It is close to the bank of the stream. I clearly see a couple large holes with parts of the material missing and part of at least one spring. There are a few other features that indicate that this may be a small landfill.

      A rattlesnake sits coiled at the top of the hill to my left, though unrealistically remaining in perspective near the horizon of the slope (even though my dream otherwise seems nearly as vivid as wakeful reality). Its head and upper body move up and down slowly as there is a soft hissing and soft rattle sound which integrates with the sound of the breeze in the trees as well as the nearly inaudible sound of crickets. There is no fear; only a sense of curiosity. The rattlesnake is too large in perspective relative to distance and it is also unrealistic in the sense that it is moving up and down in more of a loose vertical spring-like form, reminding me of a mattress spring.

      Dreaming dynamics and first-level dream meaning:

      • Many dreams utilize biological foreshadowing of the hypnopompic jerk. In this case, the rattlesnake is the hypnopompic jerk precursor and a “dream sign” factor (mattress spring symbolism) of my emergent consciousness. This is validated by how it is moving up and down on the close virtual horizon of the hilltop. Note that a rattlesnake moves and strikes while a mattress spring (which it symbolizes) does not. This is because the rattlesnake is alive and directly linked with the organic dynamics of a hypnopompic jerk.
      • The close virtual horizon of the hilltop symbolizes the implied waking point in real time, that is, the event horizon of the emergent consciousness, though no confrontation is rendered in this case and no negative energy is perceived at any time.
      • Driving or riding in a car in a dream represents the viable threads linking back to conscious self identity (reflecting the goal of the fictional dream self to find its way back to full consciousness). (The road is winding due to both my body sometimes moving randomly in sleep and as being analogous of the rattlesnake’s movements.)
      • The landfill setting relates to the extraneous thoughts (“junk”) that occur during the rising of wakeful consciousness, similar to the random and fuzzy nature of various thoughts occurring prior to sleep, when critical thinking skills eventually cease.
      • The rattlesnake is also clearly a visual symbol for a mattress spring in this particular case in its unrealistic fully rising and coiling upwards and downwards. Despite my dream having no negative energy, it is still seen as a warning of sleeping on a torn mattress with an exposed mattress spring (which I soon learned to be careful of and which a folded pillowcase was placed over). (This is probably because of my very young age and not fully realizing that both a rattlesnake and an exposed mattress spring could be very dangerous.)
      • My dream’s meaning and message is validated by my torn mattress being seen in my dream just prior to seeing the rattlesnake on the hilltop.
      • The nature of my dream is additionally validated by the shallow stream, implying a “water getting lower over time” event, which is both biological and symbolic, representing the waking transition. Note that my (presumed to have been discarded) mattress is near the stream, the stream representing continuity of sleep, as water represents my real-time sleep dynamics, while the road represents continuity of potentially wakeful emergent consciousness. This dynamic has occurred in at least one of my dreams every night for over fifty years (and with water often being the induction factor).
      • A bridge is a real-time symbol for a shift in consciousness within the dream state. Note that we cross the bridge after seeing my torn mattress and then see the transmuted form of the mattress spring as a rattlesnake up ahead. Despite both being potentially dangerous, this is primarily a visual transmutation rather than implying any sort of connection based on a non-existent “dream language”.
      • It might be thought by some people that my father driving the car can be “interpreted” as a focus upon the one who mainly controlled the direction of my life at the time of this dream. Even so, that is completely irrelevant to my dream’s main precognitive message. Also, I have had hundreds of dreams where the driver was either unknown or an imaginary character.
      • This dream also has the “contrived convenience” that many dreams have. In this example, I am on the left side of the car looking out the window. My mattress is also on the left side, and the rattlesnake, despite the car implied to be on a winding road, is oversized and remaining on the left in direct view on the hilltop. This viewpoint would not have been possible in reality, where the rattlesnake would otherwise have been impossible to see this clearly and my viewpoint would have kept changing on the winding road.

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