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    1. 27 Nov: Lucid healing a friend and confirmed shared dream

      by , 11-30-2010 at 08:02 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      01:00 GMT

      Harassed at a temple
      I am visiting some new place. There’s a temple and pyramids and on this temple I recall seeing carved in stone what seems to be the Pokémon balls (I don’t know the name of the devices, ‘cause I don’t watch the series). I’m resting, sitting on the floor against a pillar, on a platform on the top of a tall staircase with a view to a square – actually it reminds me of the Inca or Aztec kind of pyramid temples, with view to a central square. A guy comes from behind me and he’s harassing me, trying to seduce me, but I know he is up to no good. Luckily there’s some other cute guy around with whom I decide to stick to get rid of the other and we leave together. Then some scene where I’m drinking coffee and writing a story for a newspaper.

      04:00 GMT

      Coming home
      Coming to my mom’s home by car, with my dad on the passenger side. I am hoping to find my neighbour Carla but she doesn’t show up. There aren’t parking spaces available, but a neighbour who was just looking through the window (I think) came downstairs and parked his car better so we could also park.

      7:00 GMT

      Leaving a friend's house
      I was at a nice home with some friends, maybe someone’s birthday party, but I was actually staying there for a few days already, when my mom and BF come to get me. I was surprised, like they came too early, so when I am at the door to go I remember I have left things behind, so I run back to a room where I was and see some of my clothes lying over the bed and some tupperwares with food. I gather all the food in one Tupperware and some guy who’s in the same room, looks disgusted that I’m doing that over there. I couldn’t care less about his feelings, but then the dream starts to shift and I realize I am dreaming. I almost wake up, but hold on to the flow of images passing by.

      Healing a friend and a confirmed shared dream

      I held on to the passing imagery and I entered a new dream lucid. My first thought was “Is this a WILD or a DILD?”, because I wasn’t really sure if I had woke up somewhere in the transition. But now in retrospective, I don’t think I did and I think it was a DILD.
      So the dream was an amazing Alps landscape. I fly and sit on top of a stone wall, with a view over the mountains and the green valleys. I start focusing to meditate but the wall starts to shake and some stones break apart. I almost fall and I almost wake up, but I remember I can hover, so I do that. I decide to sit back on that wall and hang on no matter what. Nothing will distract me from my intent. The wall shakes violently, like shaking me off and breaks apart and as I fall, I feel I’m being sucked by the dream and I am pushed through a succession of sceneries, violently thrown against walls, cars, trains and everything you can imagine. I keep still, I don’t lose focus and I meditate, hovering through this fast motion attack. Then all stops and I am standing in front of a mirror. I see my image reflected on it and don’t know exactly what to do. I should have continued focused, just meditating, but I remember there’s something I actually want to do. I want to visit Isabel and do something for her. She is a friend who is dying with cancer. So I cross the mirror but this time (lesson learned from last failed attempts) I picture she is right on the other side, no need to go through tunnels or worm-holes to get there. I cross and the only strange effect I feel is that the other side is upside down, so I fall with my head down in the other side of the mirror. The light is a bit dim, but I figure I am in an hospital. Looks quite nice, all the walls are glass and I have panoramic view. This building is in a valley surrounded by high snowy peaks. Looks like the Alps again. It’s still dark, like dawn. I see her in a bed just on the right external corner of this room. She looks sleepy and very skinny and weak. Much more than how I saw her last time in RL. I hold her hands, kiss her hands and kiss her in the cheek. She is happy and surprised to see me. I tell her I want to try something and ask for her permission. She says “Sure”. She gets up and sits on a chair by the side of her bed. I summon and try to visualize the Medicine Buddha coming to heal her and for some time nothing happens. I am getting desperate but then I see a blue star shining bright in the night sky outside. I focus on it and I notice it becoming bigger and moving. As it moves to the right in the sky, all of a sudden makes a U-turn and accelerates in our direction. As it comes closer I can distinguish a translucent blue entity. I don’t recognize a traditional Buddha shape though, but I’m open to whatever it is that is coming to meet us. Then it just crosses the glass wall in high speed, passes through Isabel’s body entering by her back and comes out through her chest and disappears in the air. I am amazed but she asks me “So? What exactly are you going to try?”. She didn’t see or feel anything. So I tell her I just want to do some reiki in her. I am still puzzled and preferred not to tell her the truth. I put my hands on her back for a while but then a friend of hers comes up and they start chatting. I hear her saying something like she would love so much to see Rinpoche (our precious guru) so I think about trying to help her on that to. I ask them to make a prayer with me to summon his presence. We call for his name and then a succession of characters that mildly resemble him enter through the door, but I know none of them is truly him, they lack his presence. But for a brief split second I did feel his energy and I try to pursuit it by flying out of the door and down the stairs. I feel him. I exit to the street and it’s early morning already. I can see the town square in front of me, a morning market being assembled by the locals and beautiful alpine houses. The air is cold but sweet. His presence dissipates in the air.
      I fly around a little bit the market and the beautiful amazing pastry store windows, with very traditional and fairy tale like cookies and cakes arrangements. I marvel at the amazing beauty of this and think that normally I would start a frenzy of eating all I could, knowing it is just a dream, but this time I didn’t feel the need. I fly back to inside the building and on the waiting room I encounter my mom.
      (SHARED)--> She is sitting on a bench, with a piece of cake on a plate, but not eating it. I sit by her side and she asks me if I saw all those amazing cakes and cookies. I smile and say yes. She ask if I want to share (she always does, not to feel so guilty, I guess). She says we can go get a dozen each and then exchange to try more flavours. I say I’m not interested. But then a friend of hers or a total stranger, I don’t know, comes to us and offers a plate with a half eaten sweet. She says she is full and that we can have the rest. My mom says why should she take it, when there are so many fresh cakes outside waiting for us. But I accept and eat it. She doesn’t get it, so I explain I’m trying to live according to this new philosophy: not eating unnecessarily, even if it’s a dream and I won’t get fat or won’t cost me money – and by the way, this is when I tell her this is a dream – but if someone offers me something with a good intention, then I accept it, no matter what, as a humble thank you for the meritorious action of the person. She is trying to digest that this is a dream. She doesn’t seem to believe, because it is so real, but I insist it is and since I am starting to feel it fading I tell her that as a proof, I am just about to exit this dream. <--
      (SHARED) And then I wake up.

      9:00 GMT

      Note: During the day I asked my mom if she had had any interesting dream (it was early morning, so I felt there was a high chance of recall) and she took some time to remember anything, but then she said “Yes, I remember cakes! Beautiful amazing cakes and pastry shops like those we saw in Belgium, those that looked like out of a fairy tale! But I didn’t actually remember eating any cake...” she said with a sad face

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    2. 22 Nov: Naked and robbing a temple again

      by , 11-25-2010 at 10:42 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      Well, the quality of my dreams changed a lot lately, but I'm cool. These things work in cycles. Now for some reason I'm having these steam-punk themed dreams and I'm kind of a Lara Croft type, stealing gadgets from secret societies and being "approached" by some really weird dark forces... Let's see where it takes me.

      03:00 GMT

      Naked in public
      I am at school or some public place surrounded by old school colleagues. I’m wearing a tiny skirt which looks more like a tiny towel wrapped around my waist. And I don’t think I have any underwear. I don’t feel uncomfortable though. I feel sexy. But then some of my colleagues start harassing me and it’s becoming too unpleasant so I leave the place. I take an elevator and notice two male colleagues (luckily not the harassers) also took it and they are also wearing only towels around their waists. Then as the elevator doors open, we’re taken to the middle of the street and I am now certain that I just have a towel around my waist and I'm also topless! I wonder how this happened. I still feel sexy. I think other people may be way more embarrassed than me.

      Vintage shopping

      Then I’m with my mom shopping at a really cool vintage clothes shop (I guess I really needed to buy some clothes, right...), but she is complaining that all the amazing dresses we see are 75 to 100 EUR. But I tell her they also have cheap stuff, we just need to look around. We then find a corner with stuff just 5-10 EUR, but nothing looks really interesting. For some reason she adores an outfit made of a top and a tiny plaid mini-skirt, in a red and white stripped fabric. I can’t even imagine myself wearing it, but she insists I must have it. I think, well, if it makes her happy, I might try it out with some red leggings.

      Stealing again from a temple
      A chase scene on a very old building which vaguely reminds me of a temple.(...) I and a few others are trying to escape our chasers and we run up and down stairs, we cross corridors and finally we lose them in this labyrinthic place. We get inside some room to catch our breath and we discover we just got into the office of whoever is the big boss around. We see a series of really cool gadgets – steam-punk kinda like machinery. On the desk I see what looks like an old-timer alarm-clock, but it actually indicates the perfect time, according to cosmic alignments and conjunctions, to do... whatever! The machine indicates whatever is the perfect activity to develop at certain moments in time – like... gardening or getting married or... rule the world, whatever! Really practical! It looks like those snow-flake globes but inside there’s a copper-coloured mechanism with pointers and gears. I grab it and put it in my pocket.
      Then we sneak out and we find a connection from this place to inside a museum. We try to cross it and get to the exit, but there are security guards looking at us suspicious – I guess because they didn’t see us coming in. A lady guide – I think she is the museum curator, but she comes to us as if she is a simple guide – comes to ask who we are. We say we’re a group of art students. She doesn’t totally swallow it so she asks us to comment some of the art works there. I use many expensive words to describe it but she then asks whose influences (from other artists) I think the artist picked up. I bullshit a bit more, saying the influences are there, pretty obvious, but so numerous it is really hard to pick one or two. Then I complete by saying the really important thing is that the artist mingled them all so perfectly and came up with something totally original, that his innovation is what bursts out more remarkedly. She makes a funny face but let us go. Actually she invites us to the next room, where there is a model of the temple – so it really was a temple! – they dug out and is still being recovered. She mentioned that only part of it was still up, the rest had to be rebuilt, or not.
      My sixth sensetells me that the alarm in my pocket is about to ring and I feel the urgent need to move but can’t do anything weird or they’ll notice. I excuse myself with something and go quickly to the entrance lobby. Many kids are there making a lot of noise and I keep the alarm in my pocket, so it rings, but nobody notices its sound. Because I’m standing in the middle of the lobby with a hand in my pocket holding down something firmly, the workers at the ticket counter are now looking at me, trying to figure out what I’m doing. Luckily a giant turtle passes by and I pick it up making it look like that's exactly what I was looking for. So I take the turtle to outside.

      8:00 GMT
    3. meditation hero, hoop cat, sudden storm

      by , 11-17-2010 at 01:41 PM
      Good morning, everybody. My dream recall has been terrible over the past couple days. It's probably because I've spent hours each night watching all the different versions of RC Succession's Transistor Radio on YouTube. Hitto kyoku!

      So these entries will be pretty fragmented.

      Dream #1

      I was watching a scene like a theatre production or a large-scale movie as if I were actually in the environment without participating in it.

      The scene focused on a woman who stood atop an enormous, colorful temple, which was somehow inside a much larger building. The temple was as colorful as a Buddhist or Hindu painting. It was decorated to the last inch with beautiful flowers in plates and vases. There may even have been colorful foods decorating the tables.

      The woman walked out of a room at the top of the temple, turned right, then sat on her knees on a cushion, facing the wall to the left (her left) of the doorway. (The doorway and the top room looked more like in a Mayan temple, not a Hindu or Buddhist painting.) My view was from behind, above, and just to the left of the woman.

      The woman didn't look normal. She was probably a dark blue. She probably didn't have a complete form. Her body may have had a stony look, like Jack Kirby's version of the Fantastic Four's The Thing, except with a feminine figure. She may also have had chakra markings delineated on her somehow.

      The woman was breaking some kind of law or rule by meditating. Apparently meditation was forbidden. So now there was a group of high officials heading out to capture and arrest the woman. But there was also a group of men who had taken it upon themselves to protect the woman. She was a hero to them, possibly because her meditation had some kind of power.

      I was now among the group of men, acting as a part of the group, not just watching. The men looked big and tough. One of them may have looked like Russell Crowe.

      We stood at the bottom of the temple, before a beige-colored stone gate. But it also felt like we were standing in a messy living room.

      I was happy to be helping the men. But I was also afraid. I was afraid of getting hurt by the officials. But I was also afraid of looking stupid with my usual clumsy actions. I may have said something regarding all this. The man who looked like Russell Crowe may have looked at me in disgust.

      Dream #2

      I was in my great-grandmother's living room. The room was filled with dim, yellowy light. The floors were strewn with sheets and blankets.

      I was with a few other people, possibly co-workers. We had just finished some task. Now we had to go to another task. But we had to change our clothes first. We were all running around to different rooms, as if playing a game, looking for the new clothes to wear.

      I was in my great-grandma's guest room (which us kids would sleep in when we'd spend nights at her house). I was taking off my pants or putting new pants on when I noticed that C, a guy from my work, was in the living room. I could see him from the bedroom because the walls now, apparently, only went up to about my waist.

      I thought C was going to accuse me of not doing any work because I was in the middle of changing my pants. I thought I would explain to him that changing my pants was actually a part of my job.

      But suddenly a cat with a black body and white belly and paws jumped down through the circle my arms were making with the pants. C was amazed by what the cat had done. I was amazed, too. It seemed so random that the cat would jump down through my arms like they were a hoop.

      Either I or C may have wondered if the cat had been trained to do that.

      Dream #3

      I was out on a street corner across the street from "my apartment building." It actually looked like the street corner at the beginning of Youth without Youth, except with really wide streets, as if the streets were somehow an entire horizon.

      There were a lot of young men and women out on the street with me. They were all beautiful and well-dressed.

      I had thought that this might have been a bad time for me to go out and do whatever it was I needed to do. Either it had been too early or the sky had been too dark due to clouds or else the clouds in the sky had been presaging a storm.

      But now I looked up into the sky to watch it clear smoothly into wispy, white clouds. I was amazed. But I also had that inconvenienced feeling, like when you realize that you now have to do something for sure, no excuses. I thought that if everybody knew how lazy I was about getting moving, they'd dislike me.

      I was about to cross the street with everybody else. But the sky suddenly clouded over heavily. It looked worse than rain: it looked like a terriible storm.

      I crossed the street back toward my house instead of heading in everybody else's direction (which would have been crossing to the corner caddy-corner from my house). It was already beginning to rain.

      I thought something like how lucky I was to be so close to my place, especially because I hadn't brought an umbrella with me. My building was a beautiful, peach-colored, stone building.

      I remembered that there was a woman who lived in my apartment with me. I knew she was planning to go outside for something she had to do. I thought I would warn her not to come out. The sky was almost black. It looked like the storm would be terrible.

      But I knew the woman would go out anyway to do her thing. I may have thought that I would at least offer her my umbrella.
    4. 14 Nov: Hacking a secret society temple

      by , 11-15-2010 at 09:46 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      01:30 GMT

      Hacking a secret society temple
      On an underground cell. My dad is sitting on the floor, looking hopeless. My mom and BF are also there. I am there to save them, but right now I also focused on opening a kind of secret vault on the stone floor. There’s a tiny iron ring buried on the stone, but I manage to turn it and start a mechanism that opens the stone slab, exposing a hole on the floor with a box. I take out of it tiny metallic plates with tiny precious stones incrustations. They look like chips, not exactly jewels. People around me ask what it is. I seem to know exactly what it is but no time to explain. Then I also open a secret passage on the stone wall and tell everybody to go in. It is pitch dark and they hesitate but there’s someone coming and I tell them to hurry. I manage to close the passage door just behind us, but our captors saw us. In the dark we can more or less see some very old stairs carved in the rock that go up. I take the lead. The stairs are very imperfect and I warn people to be careful. I clear the way from the giant spider webs and finally see some light. The passage ends on some place with a loosely fit wall slab. I push it a bit to the side and it leads either directly to outside, where there’s a parking lot or to just behind a column on the main entrance. Some of us manage to go to parking lot, but soon appear some guards and we can’t go there anymore. So the last of us, including me and my BF, have to go to main entrance and try to mingle with the crowd. There’s a lot of people around, because this is some sort of big event of some secret society, so we split and try to pass undetected.
      I end up in some oval room with amphitheatre seats around. Three guys in capes and hoods come inside and everybody bows to them. I do the same and sneak out of it very discretely, because once they start whatever they are about to start, I will get stuck there.
      I pass into another room, bigger, and more elliptical. Some ceremony is taking place here, but there’s an area for observers – like a small amphitheatre on one of the sides of the elipse – and I see my BF sitting there. Because it is the perfect time to escape but he seems to have chosen to sit there till the end, I decide to go meet him to warn him we must go now. But then I can’t say a word, I can’t make any suspicious signs, because we’re surrounded by these people from this order or society and they are all sitting straight, looking to the front, not saying a word. Through very discrete signs I make him understand we should go immediately, but some girls sitting below us look back and notice something strange. They ask me all sorts of questions, which I dodge wonderfully, but one of them didn’t buy it. She knows I don’t belong. But she won’t make a scandal, she knows I’m trapped. I review in my head how many steps to the parking lot, where the car is and I feel the adrenalin rush. I know as soon as we get up, the girl will warn about my presence and guards will be after us, but I must escape, because I have the whatever-it-is-that-I-stole.

      3:30 GMT

      Lesson on LDs to dreamers
      I enter a dream which I recognize as having had before waking up but didn’t recall then. It had to do with being in some classroom and it being invaded by wasps. First one, then two, then we are all trying to escape from them, cause an entire colony entered through a hole in the ceiling. As we go out and close the door, our teacher promises to go back and get our stuff for us. She gets some guys to go and when they come back they bring dolls. Each of us had a doll which is delivered to each seat on a new classroom where we shall continue our lesson (?).
      Then on the new room, there’s a long table, with the dolls on and we seat, more like to have a meal than to have a class.
      All of this is absurd and I slowly get lucid. Then I start talking to the nearby colleagues – I don’t know any of them, a girl and two guys. I am looking at their faces which are very clear and don’t change even when I look away. I tell them about lucid dreams, that I am currently having one and that I think they are not DC’s but actual dreamers. They seem surprised but interested. They ask how do I know it is a dream and I sank my arm on the table. They find it so cool and try to do the same with no success. I explain they first have to believe it is a dream and teach them the nose pinch RC. I do it at the same time as the girl. I tell her I am feeling my RL body breathing very clearly but she tells me she can’t. But I tell “OK, yet you are breathing although you’re pinching nose.” Sometimes you don’t feel it right away. Then she says she is starting to feel it. She looks very focused, she smiles and... I wake up.

      4:30 GMT

      Ecovillage sanctuary
      On some ecovillage on a remote area. It is somewhat closed and hidden from most eyes and it is kind of a sanctuary. I am listening to a lady with long hair who lives there and she explains that when the civilization collapses, everybody will turn to places like these and hope to be welcomed. But she says they can’t open their arms to everybody, so they’ll only be open to people who had previously a connection to them and contributed to their project, for example with donations. I find it a bit cold-blooded, but I totally understand and I start considering doing just that.

      Celebration of mission acomplished
      After a good succeeded mission (I guess the temple one?), I meet with some group of people from alternative underground movements I know. We’re all jammed into a very tight place, like a secret office bunker we have. It’s so crowded there we can hardly move, but we’re partying. I’m the hero of the day and get congratulated. But there’s some girl who is totally jealous of me and just wants to humiliate me, so she posted pictures of me on the wall. She says it’s in homage to me, but they are private, familiar stuff that wasn’t supposed to be exposed. On one I am totally fat with my belly showing (I wonder when that was???). She looks at me defying but I smile and go over it, totally not caring. We’re celebrating, so I hug her. She feels touched by my attitude and she looks embarrassed. She asks me sorry and ask if I believe she can change as a person. I tell her yes, she smiles and then she leaves. I sit and start writing on my DJ, once again forgetting to first wake up.

      5:30 GMT

      Guy looking for Celia
      At home with my BF. Some guy knocks on the door and I open. He asks for Celia. I say she doesn’t live there. He doesn’t believe me and insists this is her house. I try to recall who she can be and tell him she did indeed live there before us, but now we’re the ones living there for more than a year. He still can’t believe it and gets really angry. He gets inside without permission and starts looking around. My BF does not believe his attitude, but I make a sign to chill. I tell the guy I will look in my contact book if I have her number, so he can talk to her and find where she lives now. But I don’t know her full name. He tells me she is Celia Silene. But as I do this, the guy is picking up some papers we left on the table and starts making innuendos that my BF’s signature does not match in different documents. I say “Sorry, and what are you insinuating with that?” He says he is not saying anything but I read in his mind he thinks we’re liars and somehow kidnapped her or worst. He sits on the sofa and will not move any time soon. I ask my BF to be patient as I go look for my agenda.
      Our home is quite impressive, big, beautiful, stylish. Then I see we have a backdoor open and some people standing there. I am amazed at the house design – it is Japanese like, with a porch all around and sliding doors and we even have an altar full of golden Buddhas, turned to this backdoor. That is why some people are there. They look like Inuits. They are a couple with two girls. They are admiring the Buddhas and ask if they can come in, but I explain this is a private home, not a museum of some kind. Still, I tell them we will gladly welcome them there some other time as we have a “guest” in the living room that we have to deal with. I then cuddle the older girl’s head and she looks totally pissed off and gets away from me. I say I’m sorry and I wonder maybe it was just her teen attitude. Then I do the same to the youngest, but she also reacts badly and I feel stupid.

      7:00 GMT
    5. Auckland-College-2

      by , 09-14-2010 at 04:15 PM (The Midnight Train)
      I have come to debating. Dressed in Auckland-college-2 school uniform. Kids are sitting down in horizontal lines in front of me. I go to sit down with my teammates. One is Tom-3. Others from our group stand up and leave.
      So we go to ask Miss Apron-3 to join the math competition instead. She says, "Why haven't you come to see me?" and stared at me with wide eyes. I say that I came with Tom. But he says no, I came by myself. I thought I came in a taxi with Tom.
      Miss Apron takes us outside the school. She's wearing the girl scout uniform. There's a temple there. We walk past the temple. We are somehow back inside the school again.

      We find ourselves in a large hallway. With a tall ceiling. Very grand. Would have taken millions to build this place. So I ask her, "do you let kids come in here during lunch breaks?"
      She says, "your sister (who I see briefly) closes the gate to this place." (and she is wearing her school uniform)
      So we walk along. I see a whole temple inside. It's got read and gold colors. It fits in between two other things but not sure what they are. We walk along further. There's another temple. You have to walk up a staircase to get to it. It's foundation is surrounded by hand fans to decorate it. Inside the temple there are two statutes of the Chinese goddess. On the wall I see purple lights. Where the statutes are sitting I see other things, they look brown, lying about.
      We walk along even further to find a sick bay. To the left. Miss Apron goes into the sick bay. The other guy who is with us (used to be Tom but now it's just some guy with a dark skin wearing the boy scout uniform) sees a girl who is having a stomach ache and she asks for help. The guy just walks away into a room nearby. I offer her a seat. She also wears a girl scout uniform.

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    6. 24 August - 10 dreams

      by , 08-25-2010 at 11:51 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      This night, many of the dreams were actually continuation of the same long dream, because they always went back to the same referencial labyrinthic building. Still, I defined each change of scene as a different dream. Sometimes it is difficult to make a clear separation between them.

      23:00 GMT - Sleep

      I woke up remembering a long dream, but as soon as I reached for the notebook I forgot what it was. Something about capacities and expectations and achievements. I think I fell asleep thinking of recalling dreams and then made it into a dream, the rationalization around it.

      0:50 GMT – 1st waking

      Strange building
      I am on some weird building, apparently with many other tourists. My father and my boyfriend are also present. The building is actually modern and not so special but they have this wooden stairs leading to the top of some tower, that are a huge challenge to climb and there’s a huge queue of people waiting to climb it. I realise I’m topless and I feel mildly embarrassed. It occurs to me that I am topless in there because I am sleeping topless in my bed – still, this awareness wasn’t enough for me to become lucid (Bollocks!).
      I look in my bag for some clothes and find some t-shirts and even a bra, but the t-shirt is just fine and I wear it.
      Because of this topless incident, I lost my place on the queue and because I and my boyfriend are bored, we decide to come back later. My dad had already climbed the stairs.

      Girls with dog in parking lot
      We go downstairs and find ourselves in the exit of the building’s parking lot. A car with some sort of towbox is stopped in the exit and two girsl are speaking with the security guy about something. Then I think they get all happy when their dog appears – I understood he was on the towbox and must have jumped off or something. They put him back on the open box and prepare to leave but we engage in conversation with them. Don’t remember exactly what it was about, but we connected deeply. I felt a sense of communion with them and they smiled and said “We may live far away from each other but we are part of the same small global village.” They left but they stayed with me, like a spiritual connection.

      My cat and flirting with a singer from a band
      I then see my cat roaming free in the parking lot and then up the stairs. He is a home cat, not used to be outside, so I was worried he would get lost (and what was he doing there?) so I caught him and hold him in my arms. I’m back to the wooden stairs but without my hands free I can’t climb them at all. So I take a lift that I just realise is there. Instead of leading to some interesting place it just takes me to a floor with offices. Boring. There’s this guy there receiving the visitors and I recognise him as a guy from a Portuguese band called Delfins. (Strangely, it is like the 2nd time this guy appears in my dreams and I’m not a fan or anything.) Maybe because I recognised him and was looking at him fixedly, he thought I was flirting with him and responded the same way. It was funny, but I wasn’t really into it, so I divert from the visitors group – anyway, the visit was dead boring – and left through a door to outside.
      I recognised the hill where I ended up, as being the hill behind my old home and neighbourhood, but much more beautiful, with lots of trees with a golden colour of an immense beauty. I walk by it and start descending a stairway that exists (or existed) in the far end of this place, and the dream starts dissolving.

      1:59 GMT – 2nd waking

      Strange building again
      When I go again to sleep I am again in what seems to be the same building. Instead of the stairs I was descending on the outside, I was now descending some stairs and ramps inside that building but once again it didn’t seem interesting. The stairs led once again to a floor with offices. OK, the disposition of the building was interesting, like a labyrinth – it was impossible to go from one defined point to another, the ramps, stairs and elevators always took me to random places that didn’t seem to have an exit at all. That was the case now. The stairs ended in an office and there was no other option. But then I found an elevator and decided to take it.
      The elevator took me directly to the middle of a room where all the visitors from the beginning of this dream where all sit together listening to their guide. I decided to sit to. A friend of mine called Joan was there and I sat by his side. He jumped like he had felt an electric shock (that’s how he described it). He hadn’t seen me and was surprised when I sat by his side and he felt a shock. He was really amazed. Maybe he wasn’t a DC but actually sharing the dream with me (I will ask him).

      Yacht to an island
      The guide then took us all to boats (yachts) and took us to some island nearby. I loved the clear sky and the blue water and the sun shining and grabbed my camera from my bag but was disappointed that it didn’t look like my actual camera. I assumed I had exchanged it accidentally with someone else (another dream sign lost). I couldn't take pictures with this shitty camera and I feel frustrated. Just put it away and enjoy the amazing natural aquatic landscape.

      In the middle of a war
      But the beautiful fantasy island we were going to revealed to be at war. As soon as we arrived there we heard shots and I saw a group of armed people on the opposite side of a river from where we were. Instead of telling us to run away in the opposite direction, our guide told us to move forward, in the direction of the shots. I thought that was crazy but I didn’t offer much resistance to. I went, but at a certain point we had to get down behind this concrete blocks that could hardly cover us. A shot was fired that passed just in front of my nose and opened a hole in a window by my side. I thought I could have just died! I had a backpack that was then targeted and I felt lots and lots of shots destroying in and it was scary to feel it so close to my body. I really felt close to dying with the bullets, but miraculously I wasn’t shot. We kept going, crawling on the floor but all of a sudden when I thought I was out of danger, a girl appears out of nowhere and starts beating me. She is really decided to kill me. I don’t know her, but I have to defend myself so I fight back. Soon realise she is no match for me and I kick her ass badly. But I don’t want to kill her, so I take her injured to inside this place we’re taking hide out.

      A party
      Maybe we’re celebrating surviving the shooting (I have no clue), but now I’m inside a house and there’s a party going on. Not a huge party, more a like a funeral celebration actually, but there’s food and drinks. The injured girl is there, looking miserably embarrassed and angry. I go to the kitchen looking for some fruit juice, but can’t find a clean glass to drink or any juice.

      ??? GMT – 3rd waking

      A secret dream

      Peacock temple and the 12 stages practice
      I was somewhere in the middle-east (or so it seemed) and I find this beautiful amazing temple with the shape of a peacock. The façade looks like the feathers of the peacock. I “hear” that here there’s a strange rare cult with a background of deep philosophical roots. I “hear” they do something like the “12 stages of something” practice and that many people from different religions come to pray here and pay homage to their wisdom.

      7:00 GMT – Wake up

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    7. Lightning strikes and excavating metal temples

      by , 06-19-2010 at 09:57 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am outside in a semi-arid landscape near a concession building with a large knarley, leafless tree nearby. There are no clouds in the sky and the sun is setting but from somewhere in the sky lightning eminates and strikes at random places around the concession building. I am staning a few meters away but I get the impression the the lightning is trying to hit me. I am able to dodge many strikes easily but it is getting closer and closer. A huge bolt comes out of nowhere and strikes the large knarly tree, splitting it in two and setting it on fire. The lightning mysertiously stops and I go into a nearby tent to sleep for the night.

      The next day the remains of the tree and consession building are gone and in its place is a large excavation pit where a young black man with an afro and brown sweater over a white long sleaved shirt and excavating something. His partner is a Latina woman with long black hair, brown shorts and black tank top. We know each other in the dream somehow and they ask me to help them. The have half uncovered a metal framework of some kind and the man is telling me that it is an ancient Hindu temple that was made with metal pillars instead of stone.

      The woman starts to uncover some floor tiles and I help her. After many hours we have uncovered system of beautifully decorated floors that have brightly coloured mandalas and other Hindu designs on them.

      The dream ends there.

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    8. April 19, 2010

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:30 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Odd Mixture:
      I found myself in my country at a house that I didn’t recognize. It seemed to be a cross between different houses I’ve lived in with some new stuff thrown in as well. There was a balcony to my left with the doors open and I was sitting on some sofa facing a TV. There was something on the TV but I can't recall what it was. I thought that it was probably time for school dismissal. The dream shifts and I found myself crying in some house ruins. Some of the stone pillars were still standing but there was rubble all around me. I said something like “I don’t belong here” and then took some motocycle and left. As I rode on it, it was becoming darker and darker. I kept driving north following the sky which was dark blue and had a dark red line in the middle with some dark red dots around it. I drove past an Indian tribe which was holding a ritual of some kind on my right and my dad who was near a tent on my left with him saying as I went by “We can talk”. I continued, eventually, the sky was totally black and I came upon a temple. It was mostly white. There was a small staircase which led up to another floor which was pretty close to ground level. This second floor had no windows or anything, it was pretty much a meter or so above the ground. On this second floor, there were three doors to chose from. Two small ones on either side and one big one in the middle. The doors were the traditional kind of door where they were all white with no windows and they were similar to the doors of Japanese houses. Supposdly, I dreamt this before so I went to the left door and opened it slightly by sliding it to the right. Inside, I saw three columns of 7 monks or so each wearing orange cloth similar to what buddist's wear sitting down. I could see part of a guy chained in the middle at the back of the room and I could hear a very loud voice screaming at him, something ike a demon or something. I closed the door slowly and remembered that I haven’t saved him yet(did last night?). I also realized that I was still level 1 and had no experience fighting anyone. As I left this temple and went back to my motorcycle, I saw a dark figure appear on my left side and he was running towards me. My first reaction was to start running to escape him and thinking that if I was caught, I would be killed. As I made it to some bushes, I hid so he couldn’t see me. Then I woke up.

      Thoughts: Well, I woke up and upon remembering the dream and the temple, I was pretty excited because it seems that I might have had a similar dream the previous night based on the fact that I remembered that I saved him. My temple might be my dreamsign but have to get more dreams to truly know whether it is or not

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    9. Rosso and the Rollerblading Goddess

      by , 05-05-2010 at 06:31 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can't remember much of the beginning of the dream but it included a mixture of characters from Final Fantasy 7 and people I used to know in grade and high school, as well as many random dream characters. The setting takes place on a beach by an ocean and there is a huge temple by the waterfront. The building is open concept because it consists of gigantic stone pillars holding up a triangular roof and most of the floor is just made up of the sand from the beach. At one end of the temple there is a raised circular section which sits in front of a large altar upon which a scupted stone statue of a Goddess stands. The Goddess is attired in a toga and there are rollerblades on her feat. Her arms are outstreached and pours water from her hands onto the circular platform below when she wants to bless someone.

      The main dream character is Rosso the Crimson and she comes to the beach with the other FF7 characters. People are rollerblading in the circular altar below the Goddess statue and Rosso really wants to join in but she doesn't have any rollerblades of her own on top of not knowing how to skate. She talks to a few people and finds someone willing to lend her some blades (the person Rosso borrows from looks like my dream character Kalima) and tries to skate at the circular altar. Because she doesn't know how Rosso stumbles about and falls many times and the other people rollerblading get angry and throw her out of the circle, saying that the Goddess will bless only those who know how to skate and to try an enter the circular altar not knowing how is blasphemy.

      Rosso is saddened but determined to learn and she goes off to a parking lot outside of the beach to practice. Night falls and the beach and temple empty, but Rosso stays up all night learning how to keep her balance and eventually how to spin on her toes. When the morning comes and the beach and temple again fill with people, Rosso returns to the circular altar and shows off what she has learned. Most people ignore her until Rosso starts spinning around and around on her toe wheel and the Goddess statue starts pouring water from her outstretched hands onto Rosso below.
    10. Rosso and the Desert Temple

      by , 01-08-2009 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The main character of this dream is Rosso the Crimson and she is in an newly built temple somewhere in a desert. She is still a Tsviet from Deepground and they are fighting alien looking creatures reminiscent of the Predator.

      The dream jumps ahead and it is now many years later. The temple is now ruined and looks as if it has been abandoned for hundreds of years. There are groups of people doing excavations in the area. Rosso is with Vincent Valentine telling him about the fighting that the she and the Tsviets engaged in there before, though she is recounting it as if it were a dream. As she is speaking what she is describing appears as a flashback with her words as a voiceover.

      Rosso tells Vincent that she was commanded by Weiss to kill anyone she came across, alien or not, and to show absolutely no mercy. She gleefully fulfilled her orders, revelling in the bloodshed, until she came across two naked little girls in a courtyard in the center of the temple. They cower and cry in terror and she found that she could not bring herself to kill them.

      Back in the present Rosso tell Vincent that she does not remember what happened the the children, but being a homocidal Tsviet, she probably killed them. Vincent says that he doesn't think that is true, because the excavators have not found remains of any children, though they have dug up many alien skeletons, confirming most of Rosso's kill count. Many of the bodies are found buried in front of lion headed statues of the ancient Egyptian goddess of war and transformation, Sekhmet.

      The dream flashback again, and Rosso is leading the little girls out of the temple. Three enemy aliens approach and move as if to attack. Before they can Rosso asks if there is a safe place to take the children, but aliens tell her not to bother because the little girls are dying anyway. The creatures tells Rosso that she should creamate their bodies and bury their remains in the desert. Rosso praises the three aliens for their wisdom before slaughtering them.

      Back in the future Rosso again tells Vincent that she does not know the fate of the little girls, but Vincent again says that he does not think she killed them, citing again that lack of children's remains. Rosso fears that she did end up following the alien's advice and killed the girls somewhere out in the desert in which case their bodies would never be found. Vincent tells Rosso to stop believing in her fears.

      Dream ends there.
    11. Middle schoolers, hidden temples

      by , 02-27-2008 at 02:38 AM
      Original dream dated Tues. Feb. 26, 2008:

      Dreamed that I was stocking shelves, some woman wanted to buy a whole bunch of boxes of large furniture, I said we couldn't hold it - she'd have to just come back and hope it was there. Boss was upset that someone in receiving mis-spelled something important (a name, apparently Freddie Mercury or a singer from Queen). Then, I went to the bathroom, but the toilets were weird - in wooden boxes that looked like they belonged in a sauna, and your butt touched the toilet bowl - and I was really afraid I'd get urine on myself.

      Then the dream changed, and I was remembering being a middleschooler on my way to class, but we had to go through this weird forest maze thing, and some of the other kids ahead of us had played some mean pranks. The path was supposed to be lit, but they'd turned off all of the lights, so the other kids and I had to wander through the dark. We kept close together and made sure we could hold onto each other, but the path wound around a lot. Eventually, we found one of the light fixtures and turned it on. We were worried that we would be late and miss the tram, but we didn't. You rode the tram by putting a coat hanger under your clothes and hanging yourself on the tram, but we didn't have time - it was already moving - so I just grabbed onto a bar. My friend objected to this, but her alternative was to miss class, so she did the same. At the next tram (we had the transfer), we had time to hang ourselves up but I didn't really feel like it, so I just grabbed on again. The tram driver got very upset about this and wrote both of us up for it.

      Meanwhile (this is the same dream "universe") there's this very arrogant king who thinks the world revolves around him, and he has a stupid little beard... in any case his advisor (who is a pretty decent guy) takes care of everything for him. They were having their own morning, which involved riding flying birds (the advisor's was a different breed, and smaller) to a meeting with a representative from another country, who for some reason was an anthropomorphic wolf rock-star. The king actually wasn't a bad guy at all, just really deluded. "I'm very well-known, or at least, that's what my advisor tells me".
      The rockstar started talking about how he met his wife at a forbidden/hidden temple in the jungle that they had discovered, how he'd been welcomed by the priestesses and she'd danced for him, etc.
      The rockstar talked about how he wasn't really eurotrash, it was just a show for the masses. The king didn't really seem to believe this, sardonically commenting, "Oh, I see. The eurotrash act is just a front for the masses...?" But the other guy was oblivious and just happily agreed.
      The guy and his wife had 4 kids in this weird stroller which the mom was really proud of (she'd gone from exotic foreign priestess to soccer-mom in about 5 seconds, apparently) and then the guy mentioned how much his dad had paid for it. She started freaking out about the (insanely high) price and yelling about how she had become a rich white bitch. "Oh my god, I have become a rich white bitch!"

      That was the end of the dream.
    12. The Temple and the Tomb

      by , 01-20-1996 at 07:20 AM
      Morning of January 20, 1996. Saturday.

      There is a special temple which many people have visited once or twice and left gifts at, most of which are still sitting around, many unwrapped, including stuffed toys, bowls of food (such as strawberries), and what looks like wrapped Christmas presents. There is also a tomb fairly close to the temple. The tomb has supposedly not been entered for hundreds of years. It is really large and probably contains several bodies, even mummified ones, of saints, and supposedly even Christ, and there is also said to be the mummified body of the Virgin Mary inside a forecourt statue. There is also an area where there are five small holes somewhere on the outside wall of the tomb that looks just like the pattern of the five-spot on a die or domino. (An alternate occult, “secret” version of the Star of David points when the two triangles are moved apart from each other, and the mirrored - top to bottom - Mayan “22” symbol). However, this “five-spot” can somehow only be seen by looking through the hole of yet another building in the region, from a fair distance.

      A “living” Virgin Mary statue is said to walk around each night (when the Mary mummy comes to life and energizes the statue from within into a “real” human form), but there is controversy, saying it is actually someone carrying the statue around for cleaning, repairs, or repainting each night. The main building’s street number is twenty-two something.

      There is also a stray dog that is mistaken for the Virgin Mary statue being “alive” by somehow getting pieces of it stuck on him (apparently it was actually hollow) and people start saying prayers to the whimpering dog (no one notices the whimpering or asks why the Virgin Mary is “crawling”). There is also a part where the dog seems to have gotten parts of a griffin statue stuck on his head and body. He looks quite convincing as a griffin, but the Virgin Mary, not so much. A large bird tries to get at the dog, and the flapping wings make it look even more “real” and part of the one animal.

      Eventually, I enter the tomb as a part of some sort of role in a documentary - I seem to be someone else, perhaps that guy that made all those ridiculous fake and highly misleading “Chariots of the Gods” books (Von Daniken). There is then an idea that it may not be the tomb of saints, but Satan’s prison instead (I guess people are vague on the matter as usual, as different people say different things regarding what they see). I do talk to a couple of people who seem to have been living in the tomb for some reason.

      People need to be careful, because perhaps the “devil” could get out.

      I then find out that drawers - supposedly with the ancient bodies (but like a modern morgue) can be accessed from the outside wall. It then becomes more like a post office on the outside with post office drawers - the kind normally opened with a key - but accessible by anyone.

      It turns out that the ancient bodies and bones of saints (and Christ) are complete fabrication and misrepresented by a tourist brochure and hotel flyers; they are mostly just newer plastic white picnic forks and such, not bones, and I think other drawers are for large picnic blankets that visitors rent (which I think were listed as “holy shrouds” in one part of a brochure - the supposed “Shroud of Turin” has black and red modern plaid designs on it now).

      I notice a young couple enjoying a wonderful picnic in the park and get a sense that religions are distractions from having a meaningful life “in the now”. There will probably be people in the future seeing the plastic white picnic forks as “bones”. Both the temple and the tomb turn out to be an illusion, and are only modern places for entertainment and recreation.

      This dream was quite bizarre, but I still enjoyed it, especially the blissful temple scenes, where it turns out to be a bandstand at a park (the presents being part of an ongoing larger neighborhood party), and the “tomb” some sort of storage area for picnic utensils and such as well as a combined post office and modern “local celebrities” museum after all. (The park seemed in part like Pettibone Park, so there could be a play on “petty bone”.) My dreams colored my mood in a positive enriching manner.

      What does it mean to dream of a griffin? At the core level, a griffin is a flight symbol. A flight symbol is rendered in a dream in subliminal anticipation of the hypnopompic waking start. Additionally, a griffin is a mix of unrelated animals, which is likely to be a unique precursor factor of the coalescence of the preconscious and emergent consciousness.

      Some of my other dreams that feature griffins (links): (1) Griffin vs. Grandfather Clock, (2) R Brand, (3) Malfunctioning Griffin Game, (4) Making a Griffin?

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