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    1. Japanese Temple and Taco Bell 5/5/13

      by , 05-06-2013 at 01:08 PM
      Didn't become lucid at all last night, and my dreams Saturday night were too sexual to post here xD


      Japanese Temple and Taco Bell
      With my mom and sister looking for a place to eat the dinner my dad just finished cooking. ( I have no idea why we didn't just eat at home ) We found this old Japanese temple and decided to drive there. It only took a few minutes and the road had a lot of crazy sharp turns, we almost drove into the water that surrounded us. We got out of the car and walked up to the temple but it appeared to be burned down so we had to go back home.
      "We should save it here just in case we drive into the water" I told my mom, as if it were a video game
      So we "saved it" somehow and got back in the car, but instead of driving home, we drove to a Taco Bell. Inside, President Obama was our cashier, which was really strange. When we got our food, it turned out that Taco Bell was now selling burgers instead of just tacos and we drove home to eat them. ~
    2. Games, Babies

      by , 04-15-2013 at 05:28 AM
      #1 - I dream that I am playing a new sort of MMO. Gameplay wise, it functions more like a side-scroller, but it looks a lot like World of Warcraft. Guild recruitment in it is really weird - if you're unaffiliated and somebody defeats you in battle, they can force you to join their Guild. It sucks, because I end up in a Guild full of jerks that I really don't like.

      Another thing is that once you enter certain sections of a stage or a boss battle, you can't back out of it, and you're severely penalized for attempting to leave or dying. My teammates all think I suck because I'm low-level and new to the game.

      #2 - My family is eating at a diner, like Steak & Shake. I see an older woman sitting with what appears to be a newborn baby and a little girl. I smile at her. She starts a conversation with me, asking me what I do for a living and things of that nature. To be polite, I answer and ask how old the baby is. She starts talking about the baby. I thought she was its grandmother but she is actually its mother.

      When we go home, she comes with us, bringing the baby with. She hangs out all night long and never stops talking. I notice that something is really weird with the baby. Its skin looks wrong and tight and its face looks weird, more like a doll; the more I look at it, the more it looks like a roast pig, except for the face, which looks like one of those creepy shrunken heads. It never really moves or cries. I ask her if her baby is o.k. She waves me off and says it will be fine.

      At maybe 5 a.m., she asks us for a ride home. It turns out that she lives a whole city away. I manage to wake up my uncle and talk him into driving, because my sleep deprivation and medication has made me unable to drive. We drive through the mountains for maybe an hour and a half, and the sun comes up. The woman lives in kind of a run down green house on the edge of a lake. It becomes apparent that the baby is sick and might die, but she doesn't really seem to care. We drop her off and wave goodbye. I'm glad to be rid of her.

      I guess I should have had a clue that this was a dream, because my uncle was actually nice to me. On the highway, he pulls the car over and asks me to look at the mountains. I do so. He tells me to look in a specific direction, and I do. He says that in that direction is a major temple, and I might be able to see its outline against the sky. I look harder, and my dream-vision zooms in, and I can just barely see the temple. He says something to the effect of, when I don't feel good, to look in that direction and try to find it.

      I wake up.
    3. 19th Mar 2013 Temple fight, False awakening manages to convince me that i was sleepwalking

      by , 03-19-2013 at 07:11 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap, including very confusing false awakening and failed DEILD attempt(but i was close i think).

      Nap #1:
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was visiting some kind of sky lands.
      Then i woke up with eyes closed and decided to try to DEILD.
      There was hypnagogic imagery(i think) of my room as it was daytime, and some objects were missing, i tried to 'grab' into it but it disappeared, then different version of it appeared instead and disappeared shortly as well.

      Dream 2:
      Then i suddenly lost awareness and fallen into non-lucid dream without noticing it, i was in some hill/forest area searching for something and then talking to some bald kid. Then there was cutscene in cave with asian dude in black clothes, he had two curved yellow energy blades and he was preparing for something. I was back at hill/forest area and i heard battle sounds coming from direction, i quickly went there and there was some kind of japanese temple with red roofs. The fight was going on between some dude who was in full metallic suit and group of people who were protecting temple. The metallic suit was black and somewhat resembled some kind of humanoid lizard, also he had two yellow energy wings. He quickly defeated opposing group and then started flying away. The bald kid that was with me quickly reacted and threw dagger into that dude. He managed to hit him exactly into base of the left wing, it transformed into yellow energy blade so it was obviously dude from cutscene earlier, but he was still able to fly after that, and he quickly flied out of my field of view. I ran to pick up the blade.
      But then i woke up back at my room, items in the room were misplaced, there was weird anime doll on the ceiling and on monitor of my PC YouTube was playing last part of the let's play that i was watching before, i have absolutely no clue how, but that somehow convinced my dream self that i was sleepwalking(which i don't do IWL for sure) and thus i forgot to do reality check, i got up still looking around, i closed eyes and that automatically moved me into 'classic hands forward' sleepwalking position against my will, then i opened them and everything was fine. And then i was thinking 'Wait a second, why there's this weird doll on the ceiling', and then i
      woke up.
    4. Pool Care in the Temple of Zeus

      by , 12-18-2012 at 06:05 PM
      This was one of two lucid dreams that came out of an experiment with caffeine during WBTB that I tried last night. (Thanks, Xanous!) My beverage of choice was green tea.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #44: Pool Care in the Temple of Zeus

      I'm standing outside of a pool where people are swimming around having a business meeting. They're fretting about the now-green condition of another pool that's one story down and perhaps 100 feet away from the one where the meeting is taking place. I jump into the clean pool, swim toward the meeting, and explain that all we'll need to do is get the Ph and stabilizer levels fixed up and then shock it with liquid chlorine or even household bleach. They're relieved and grateful, and I have one moment of contentment before I realize that I jumped into the pool wearing a backpack with a laptop in it and have probably ruined it. I'm pretty distressed by thus until I realize that I'm dreaming.

      "Got to go, everybody! This is all a dream." The other swimmers seem mildly surprised by this but they quickly accept it and go back to their meeting.

      In the distance I see that the pool ends at what appears to be a sheer drop-off. Past that, I see the skyline of a city in the early morning. Eager to explore, I try to rise out of the water but somehow have trouble getting into the air. I yell out that I am going to fly into the air and nothing will stop me. I employ some probably-unnecessary profanity in my speech. I shoot out of the water, knifing through some overhanging tree branches
      (where did these come from?) and land on the roof of a stone temple in the style of Ancient Greece.

      I'm overlooking a large, open-air courtyard that's surrounded by Doric columns. Past the courtyard is miles of grassland and a sky that's dark with storm clouds. The clouds are lit up with occasional bursts of sheet lightning and I hear low rumbles of thunder.

      There's a strange platform of gray stone suspended above me and it's hung low enough that I can't stand fully upright. I decide to phase and begin pushing my hand upward against the platform, which feels solid. I push harder, and my fingers start digging chunks of stone out of the platform. I'm somewhat pleased by this but I decided to refocus my efforts on phasing through the platform.

      I push my hands and head into the stone and this time it feels cottony and insubstantial. My vision goes black as my head disappears into the stone and I feel my feet leaving the temple roof. I float upward through the "stone", gradually becoming disoriented. I feel like I'm in a bed now, but I don't believe it. Still blind, I reach out, grabbing onto a pillow. I suddenly become very aware of my sleeping body and
      wake up in my real bed.

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    5. Tibetan Prayers for the Dead

      by , 11-25-2012 at 05:54 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Nov 25, 2012
      9:13 a.m.

      I was joining a Tibetan Buddhism puja. They were offering prayers for the dead. I walk with the monks instead of with the rest of the people. We're in the last batch. I think the monks are wearing yellow and/or red robes. I don't see myself. I think we were in a temple building or a sugarcane field that was recently cleared out (not burned), although there are still some left standing. I remember a river nearby. It was a procession.

      I tried lighting a blue candle with just my fingers before I looked for another candle to light it with. I lit it but I'm not sure whether it was because of my fingers or I lit it with another candle.

      I recognized Thai language being spoken by the people there. Someone was describing the teaching as both too fast and too slow, and with the words "Like lovers walking on the beach of (unknown location) with its calm waves, eyes downcast but knowing, holding hands."

      I heard singing in an unknown language, sung by women. It was soft, mellow and slow. The sounds are indistinct, but I think it sounds like "Um-muh... chew..."

      A set of oracle cards were also mentioned, but not sure what kind.
    6. [We Defeated The Swamp Monster / Honey-Fizz]

      by , 10-15-2012 at 12:36 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Sunday, October 14th, 2012]
      (Around 3AM and I wake up and remember quite a bit. I've been sleeping for along time. A LONG TIME.)

      <dream had more before this, but this is where I started to remember>
      I remember being ontop of a building's roof with a few other people. There is a small lake between me and the rest of the land. In the small beige-mud lake, there is debris everywhere and people scattered through out. Whenever I come close to the edge of the roof, a giant tenticle shoots out of the mud and tries to hit me. I hit it with a weapon before it sinks back down. Eventually, it becomes like WoW... when the tenticle pop's back up- I command the rest of my "raid" group to attack, and all of the people drowning in the mud all leap out and attack the tenticle. I begin to shoot it with some kind of range attack as this is happening. It sinks back one more time before I lure it back up for a final attack. We did it! Everyone is teleported to the dry land. There's a neat looking Mage Staff with a star at the end of it for loot. A few people "roll" for it- in a new way that I don't recognize. I leap from piece of debris to debris all the way across the swamp and as I'm climbing up a small hill to get to the land, I realize that I'm a low level but also the leader of the group. I walk up to the loot on the ground and try to right click on it, but nothing happens. I try to ask how to roll, but I'm teleported to Stormwind or some other city in real life before I have a chance.

      In this other city, I try talking to the Raid but realize I've left the group and that it was a Guild group- that I can't talk to since I'm not in it now.


      I'm leaving town to go up Yarnell hill with my Mom and maybe Casey/Nathan. We're on our way up the hill, and we must have been walking. We walk up the hill faster than usual and we notice that some parts of the railing going up the hill have been smashed and damaged. There've been reports of someone vandalising the rails. We make our way up the hill and we find a cave. It's a giant cave temple- that I tell my Mom is a "Shaman Training Temple" inside, we see people who look like WoW characters all standing around, as if they're really Shaman Trainers or people to buy things from or Questgivers. We walk up to the middle of the giant cave/room and one of us talks to a questgiver. One of the quest involves stopping the man from damaging the rails, apparently its Virgil from McDonald's management.

      We leave and start walking up Yarnell hill more. Now I'm not with my Mom or Casey anymore, it's Nathan and Tyler. After awhile, we become thristier than ever and have to stop at a random convenience store. Inside, I grab a cup and fill it with a little ice and water. Its not enough ice though, so I hold the cup against the icemachine more and I notice how I can fill the cup up with ice without the water overflowing. I turn around and see a few kids I know selling some new drink ideas. (There was a peanut butter & honey snack- and there was a "Honey-Fizz" drink, as I'd like to call it, was handed to me. It was a dark yellow bottle of "Honey"-flavored soda. I opened it and downed it quick. It was AMAZING. It was one of the best drinks I've ever had. I made this known to everyone around me. After awhile of talking to Tyler and Nathan about this, I wake up.
      <woke up>
    7. Stars, fireworks and dragons

      by , 08-25-2012 at 11:39 PM
      Walking home at night, possibly on holidays. Saw stars far more vividly than before, crystal clear. They were moving around the SCP, as if time were sped up. Suddenly became aware of fireworks, following the stars. Near home, getting phone out to take some photos when I heard rustling in long grass. It was Nikolas (4yo), playing with an empty Pringles can. Brought him in, why was he out in the middle of the night? Where did he get those glasses? Went outside again to see stars and fireworks.

      Saw some girls sitting around watching the show. Wife came out wanting me to hear the song on the radio, forgot the words while she was trying to sing along. We all laughed. Saw beautiful (and huge) temple, lit by fireworks. Phone out again to take photos. Not working too well in low light. Suddenly, a huge procession of oriental warriors poured towards temple. Dancing started, with enormous lion dragon dance.

      Low battery warning on device which is now an iPad. Can't turn it off for some reason. Show Rohan (for some reason it's now his iPad). Eventually close apps and turn off. Now Rohan, Imogen and I are leaving from a friend's house.
    8. Lucid Chains, Lions, and Evasive Olympic Dreams

      by , 08-21-2012 at 03:04 PM
      Tonight was my first chained lucid dream (achieved via DEILD.) The first lucid segment was induced via SSILD. I chained from this one into my second with DEILD. This was a very cool experience but it came with a price: I lost almost all memory of how I became lucid in the first dream!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #11: Lucid Chains, Lions, and Evasive Olympic Dreams

      I'm standing in the vast courtyard of a Shinto-style shrine. There are signs to guide me but they're all written in Japanese. It's early morning and the sun is just beginning to rise. Dream characters mill about peacefully in the courtyard.

      I walk by a dream character that I recognize as DK, a very old friend that I grew apart from in childhood. I had not thought of him in a long while. We shake hands and exchange pleasantries, reminiscing about the past (especially the "Quest for Glory" game series.) However, when I ask DK what he's doing with his life and what sort of career path he took, he will no longer answer me. He looks guarded and embarrassed.

      We walk to the edge of the courtyard and find a waterfall. Next to this is an enormous rollercoaster here that goes along a track which is somehow made entirely of water. I leave DK behind and grab on to the roller coaster. It immediately starts rocketing along the track, spraying water on me and rushing alongside the temple wall. I realize that the roller coaster car has no seat but only tiny handholds that I must cling to for dear life. Feeling completely exposed and unsafe, I jump off, falling about 30 feet to the ground.

      A nearby sign is in Japanese but has a tiny bit of English text warning me (in big red letters) that this is a "Nature Preserve". A few feet away from the sign, a dangerous-looking lion has his eyes locked on me. I try to remember what you are supposed to do when you're close to a lion. I have no idea, so decide to try backing slowly away. This isn't good enough and the lion charges at me, knocking me to the ground. The jolt is enormous but I'm seemingly unhurt. I choose "flight" over "fight" and run back toward the temple wall, the lion charging after me. He bashes me again just as I'm running through a door into a poorly-lit room with a single table in the middle of it.

      I wake up but don't open my eyes. I decide to try to chain back into another lucid dream via DEILD. I think about that little room for a while and seconds later, I am lucid again. The room's better lit now but otherwise the same. I decide that I'm going to try for the Olympics again. There are four exits from the room and I command the dream to show me the one that will lead me to the Olympics. Obediently, one of the exits is illuminated and I step through it into an auditorium full of howling spectators. There's a table tennis table in the middle of the auditorium -- so table tennis it is, then!

      After approaching the table, I find that rather than a proper paddle, I have an old, deflated latex balloon in my hand. I put it out of sight and will it to turn into an excellent paddle with top-notch rubber. This works. My opponent comes bounding down the stairs and the crowd goes wild for him. They're all cheering for him rather than me in my own dream! Ah well, doesn't matter. This is my dream, so it will be his butt receiving the shellacking.

      The crowd starts performing this ridiculous, choreographed rump-shaking dance in celebration of my opponent. I command them that "You will stop doing that stupid dance!" They obey but my opponent runs up into the stands, whoops once, and starts doing laps, refusing to come down to face me. I'm exasperated by his obnoxious behavior and soon
      wake up.

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    9. Past, present and future - Shinave

      , 06-06-2012 at 12:38 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Too much conversation.
      Some things are going to be phrased incorrectly etc, I tried to patch it up as well as I could.
      Usually I use pink and brown to color code female and male DC voices, but there's 2 women this time,
      so I'll use pink and green, pink being Yuya.

      There's no more messing around.
      Going anywhere but Haven feels dangerous.
      Whenever I'm on the plane I can feel the Templars scanning for my aura.
      It is inevitable that they will find me if I linger for too long.
      Haven is one of the only places I feel safe. The barrier prevents them from locating my aura when I'm here.

      But I cannot remain here forever.
      Not only am I imprisoning myself here until I tackle the Templar issue, I'm doing the same to Yuya.
      The Templars are after her as well.
      In fact they're probably after everyone, the whole team from back then... back when lucids still came naturally to me.

      There is only one solution.
      I will fight them.
      But not alone; that would be utter suicide.
      I will gather the old team, the team with whom I fought the evils of this world back in the days.

      I feel like a hero, about to embark on a long and difficult journey.
      First I will gather a team capable of surpassing the strength of the Templars.
      And then I will have to come up with a plan to beat them.
      Because this is what I do. This is what I have always done.
      Regardless of how much more powerful my enemy is, regardless of what it takes, I will beat them.
      Because I am dragon.

      "So... who will we find first?"

      It is scary being in company of a serious Yuya.
      I'm used to her playful and innocent self.
      Not the one capable of carrying the weight of a world.
      The whole atmosphere has changed.

      "... No. We will find Silver last. I'm not sure how to convince him to join us yet."
      "Will he not want to join us?"
      "I'm not sure. Back then he fought with us to pay for his sins. But he has already given back so much to this world."
      "I will convince him. You know I have my ways with words."
      "Yes. If there's anyone who can motivate him it is you. You're the only one he listens to."
      "So, if not Silver..."

      "You're making me meet her again huh?"

      "Yes. We will meet with the goddess of ice."
      "Alright then... I know where she is. I sure hope you know what you're doing."

      I most certainly do not. Why is Yuya somewhat reluctant to meet with her again?
      Did we part on bad terms?
      Meh, it will come to me eventually.
      These memories have a habit of popping up whenever I need them lately.

      Yuya opens a rather odd looking portal and it seems to take her quite a considerable amount of energy to do so.
      Right... we'll mask our auras. It should buy us enough time for a meeting and to get back before the Templars find us.
      We hop through the portal and end in a rather odd looking place.

      It's an old temple of sorts. Parts of it are covered with rather beautiful ice crystals, but most of them are broken.
      Right. The goddess of ice. Or rather the person who used to be the goddess of ice.
      Back then two gods fought together with us.
      The goddess of ice: Shinave; and the god of fire: Ifrit
      Yeah... there was 6 of us I think.
      The 3 gods Shinave, Ifrit, Yuya, and Silver, Selene and myself.
      I will reunite all of us... somehow...

      We walk through the old temple, searching for Shinave.
      I have a feeling that she's here somewhere, even though I cannot sense any aura besides Yuyas and my own at all.
      I can feel the Templars scanning the entire plane though.
      Their searching pattern reminds me of that of a computer rather than that of a sentient being.
      They are perfectly coordinated.
      But it will take them hours to track me down with my aura masked.

      "You have some guts to show up here after what you've done."

      The voice coming from behind caught me by surprise, but I'm not showing that I was off guard.
      I turn around slowly and full of confidence.

      Her eyes look young, but she's clearly older than Yuya or myself.
      She has long white hair, deep blue eyes, very similar to Yuya's, and a rather pale skin.
      A wise woman, once one of the most well known gods.
      But now she lives in a seemingly abandoned temple.
      And somehow I get the feeling that it is my fault.

      "How are you?"

      She answers me with a small hand gesture that's not really saying much.
      Is she mad at me? Is she mad at us?
      I feel that she is in some way, yet it also feels like the complete opposite.

      "And how are you... Yuya?"
      "I'm alright... mother."

      mo... Mo... I... wait what?
      Oh shit.
      Fuck my life.
      Goddess of ice, goddess of water... yeah. Am I fucking retarded? How did I not remember that.
      And I have... with Yuya... oh my god...
      Yeah, I might be screwed.

      "You haven't talked to me in a long time."
      "I have not. Not after you suggested that I shouldn't try to bring Hyu back."
      "It was a bad idea."
      "Yet here I am."
      "Yet here you are."
      "I guess I should be impressed that you managed to find your way back after what happened."
      "I should also kill you for what you have done."

      She approaches me without changing her facial expression.
      I'm at a complete loss. I can't tell if she's serious.
      Well. She is. But there's something more. Something she isn't telling.
      She stands right in front of me and stares into my eyes.
      I don't blink.

      She hugs me tightly.

      "I hate you Hyu. I hate you so much."

      She starts crying and grabs more tightly onto me.
      I'm getting mixed signals here.
      But somehow I understand. She wants to hate me, but she can't. She cannot help but love me for whom I am.
      She looks deeply into my eyes again.

      "You've sent my daughter towards certain death you know."
      "Stop! It's too early."
      "Yes it is! It is too early for him to remember!"
      "Maybe. But there's no choice. He must remember."
      "And then what? What if he does remember?"
      "What if he realizes that he has cheated? Then what? What if he dies if he remembers that?"

      "If he abides by the rules then yes, he will die."

      ... yeah.
      I don't like everything I'm hearing, but I do want to know.
      And I am so close. I can remember parts on my own. The puzzle is fitting itself together as we speak.
      A tiny nudge in the right direction and I'll remember everything.
      I look at Yuya and say reassuringly:

      "Am I the type who abides by the rules?"

      She can't help but smile for an instant, but then quickly puts on a serious face again.

      "It's too soon."
      "Yes. And bringing him back is impossible, yet here he stands. And yet here you stand."

      I'm beginning to remember on my own.
      Because I need to remember.
      Because now is the time to remember, even though Yuya suggests otherwise.

      "We all fought together. We fought many evils. But there was one we simply could not beat."
      "... the Templars."
      "13 of them there were, and only 6 of us, but that was not the issue."
      "The issue was that one of them was a true immortal, and the 12 others had their lives linked to him."
      "All 12 of them were unkillable as long as the 13th was alive. And he had perfected the art of combat."
      "He was supposedly unbeatable. And even if he would be killed, due to his immortality he would just resurrect."
      "So I came up with a plan."

      "You did come up with a plan."
      "You always did, regardless of how hopeless the situation was."
      "But this plan I did not like."

      "This plan I did not like."
      "But it was yours."
      "It was mine."
      "I didn't choose it because it was a good plan, I chose it because it was the only plan."

      ... what a horrible plan it was.
      I have trouble saying the words, but they must be said.

      "... Yuya would give her life to allow Silver to cast the ultimate spell."
      "I would hold the Templar in place."
      "And Silver would kill him with this spell, and the both of us in the process."


      "This would send the Templars soul to hell. Because that's where immortals go."
      "But immortality means you only have to spend a single minute, and then you are reborn."
      "And I have the phoenix wings. I can move through the realms. I can go to hell once I am dead."
      "Even after dying, my soul should have an afterglow of energy, enough to go there and challenge him."
      "One minute to do the impossible. One minute to kill the soul of the only one who ever perfected the art of combat."
      "And all of that without any energy left."
      "But if I would kill his soul, he would truly die. You cannot be reborn without a soul."

      "The plan was ludicrous. All of you would die for certain, for a glimpse of a chance to do the impossible."
      "But it would cripple the Templars for years."
      "It would... And it has."
      "But things did not turn out according to your plan."

      "Fortunately they did not. If they did we would be dead."
      "So how did you kill him? And how is my daughter still alive. And how are you?"


      "How I won the fight in hell... I truly do not know."
      "I do not believe in miracles. But if they do exist, then this was one."
      "We were joined in hell by our swords, and fought for a full minute without any energy."
      "A true old-fashioned sword fight."
      "I didn't stand a chance of course. He had figured out the perfect technique."
      "But for some reason beyond me, as we danced in the fires of hell with our swords clashing..."
      "I stabbed him in his chest."
      "He never made a mistake, there was never any opening. I never figured out the perfect technique."
      "Yet it happened. Neither one of us did understand. And I released the last bit of energy I had left in me into my blade..."
      "And his soul evaporated. He died the true death."

      "And then...?"
      "And then I died."


      "But how?"
      "If you die you have to pay the price. Unless you are immortal you have to pay your soul."
      "That is what dying is."
      "But I never had a chance to give my soul."

      Shinave's expression changes. She understands.

      "The dragon within me. The dragon soul I shared my body with."
      "He gave his soul before I had a chance to give mine."
      "And with the price paid, I was no longer bound to the world of the dead... so I left... so I came back."
      "And then I approached Yuya's lifeless body. And I summoned the true phoenix wings, and I brought back her soul from the dead and resurrected her."

      "So you did use your one resurrection."

      She sighs.

      "So not only is the dragon soul, the one who taught you the ways of the dragon, no longer with you; but you also sacrificed your near infinite source of energy. The phoenix catalyst."
      "That is the price the phoenix must pay to perform a resurrection, and the reason why he can perform only one."
      "But these were the reasons why you were so strong. The dragon soul and the phoenix catalyst. And now you have none of them."
      "A small price to pay."
      "A truly huge price to pay."
      "Perhaps, but the choice was an obvious one."
      "It was not. You could have used the catalyst to destroy the remaining templars."
      "And let Yuya be dead?"
      "It would have been the logical choice."

      "Pff... logic. Yes, I might have noble goals, some people may even have called me a hero."
      "But I truly am a fool and you know it. I do not regret having made that choice."
      "And I love you for having made that choice. You saved my daughter."

      "We all paid a huge price back then. Selene died. Silver managed to get back for some reason which is beyond me."
      "The council of gods was destroyed."
      "But the Templar died. And now they are mortal."
      "And they are after you."

      I shrug.

      "And I am after them."
      "You're mad."
      "I am Hyu."

      Yuya has been awfully silent.

      "I understand how you were able to come back and revive me."
      "Your soul is taken when you die. But for you, 'a' soul was taken, but not yours."
      "But still. After that you should never have been able to come back to this world."
      "You are supposed to be dead."

      "You have tried quite intensely to bring me back though. Surely you must have believed that it would work."
      "Maybe... but what now that you know that you are supposed to be dead?"

      "But... what if death comes for you."
      "There is only one thing you do if death comes for you."
      "... give up... ?"

      I give her a disapproving stare and raise my voice.

      "You look death straight into its eyes and you say: 'not today'"

      Shinave smiles for the first time.

      "It is good to know that you are still Hyu. It is good to know that you are still the fool I remember."
      "Can he do that... just like that?"
      "How would I know? Do I know anyone who has tricked death itself?"
      "What I do know is that he is Hyu."

      "He is..."

      Shinave inspects me from top to bottom.

      "You have aged."
      "You are weak."
      "And you come to me now, which means..."

      "I will ask you the impossible."
      "After all that has happened, you really dare ask me?"
      "And what do you suggest we do if I agree?"
      "We will be a dead man walking and 2 gods that are no longer gods up against the Templars."
      "How is that going to work?"

      "You're forgetting about Silver and Ifrit."
      "Ifrit? You are more insane than I thought."
      "But even then. That's 2 dead men walking and 3 gods that are no longer gods. My question remains."

      "I will come up with a plan of course."
      "Because you are Hyu."
      "Because I am Hyu."

      For the first time in what feels like an eternity I put on a certain smile.
      It is a somewhat dark smile. A smile looking forward to a battle that seemingly cannot be won.
      A smile that challenges all beliefs. A smile that says that we can do the impossible.

      "Will you come with me, oh goddess, and fight with me again?"
      "Of course I will."

      She looks at Yuya, then at me, back at Yuya, and back at me, clearly understanding what is going on.
      Then she faces me and says:

      "Back in the days the gods would have killed your for this."

      But she doesn't say it in a serious way. I'm not sure if she approves, but I do know that she does not mind.

      "I wonder what Ifrit is going to think about this."

      I turn around and start walking towards the portal and shrug.

      "I'd rather not."

      We laugh, even though it isn't really that funny. He's one of the very old gods. He can never know. He would indeed kill me.
      I stop.

      "As long as we can still laugh like this, the world isn't lost."

      That puts a reassuring smile on Shinave and Yuya's face.
      Ha. I still have it in me.
      I am still a leader.
      And I will do this.
      I will end what I have started 15 years ago. I will end the tyranny that is the existence of the Templars.
      I just have to figure out how.
      Preferably without killing half of us in the process this time.
    10. Lady with no hands, liquid of immortality , and meditation

      by , 05-24-2012 at 08:14 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Woman with no hands.

      Im in a house with some kids, there is a woman who looked french. She spoke french, and a man shows up and says he loves her even though she has no hands. I tell the man that he can always Imagine her with hands or something like that.

      Dream #2 Liquid of Immortality.

      Im walking down a sidewalk, its sunny out and i stop in front of a crowded temple. There are a bunch of different people standing outside talking with one another. One guy was saying how it is this drink that is said to give you powers, and it is called liquid of immortality. One guy mentions that it has liquor in it though. I tell the guys i don't drink anymore.

      Another guy says..

      "But dude, you got powers and immortality! What more could you ask for?"

      "Hmm...i dont know about that."

      Another guy tells me that we can go get something close to that that cost thirty five dollars. I look at the men then shake my head and walk away.

      Final dream. Meditating.

      Im walking in this temple with a bunch of different shaolin monks. There is a huge Buddha statue in this one room i am in. I decide to sit in the middle of the floor and start meditating. Thats all i remembered and woke up.

      Did'nt do much subconscious training or reality checks yesterday. Soo guess i should have seen this one coming. Well its ok, will go hard tonight and get back on board!

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      dream fragment , side notes , non-lucid
    11. Don't wake the sleeping monster, The game of life, And twin flames.

      by , 04-30-2012 at 10:46 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now grab a snack or something and enjoy!

      Dream #1 Don't wake the sleeping monster.

      Im in some house in a kitchen looking for something to eat, when a lady (Possibly Italian)
      Walks in and starts telling me careful not to wake the sleeping monster. Im pondering who exactly is this sleeping monster and ask her.
      "Uh...who is the sleeping monster and where is he?"
      "Oh no, it is not a he..it is a she." And she, is my daughter.
      "Uh..so your daughter is a monster?"
      "Only if you wake her."

      Now feeling a bit afraid to even be in that house, the lady assures me to stay and that she is off to go shopping. She asks me to stay because of something about me meeting some people or something. (Damn i should've did a reality check)

      So i decide to fix me some cereal and i accidently drop a spoon on the floor and it was LOUD!

      I froze as i hear it coming from a bed room. I hear footsteps sounding like a 808 drum walking towards the kitchen. The whole house shakes and glasses and plates fall off of the counter, i am trying to hold my balance and keep from falling. I hear the footsteps getting closer. I turn my head towards where the footsteps were coming from i look.

      Its only a barefoot hot teenage blond girl in pink booty shorts and a white sports bra.
      "Oh, im sorry its just th.."
      "Stay here."
      "STAY HERE!!!"
      The windows shatter and car alarms go off when she yelled.
      (Gulp) "k..."
      I remember her coming back with a long whip and chasing me around the house until i woke up. =/ (Damn i was such a pussy in that dream!)

      Dream #2 Chess the game of life.

      Im in some huge temple or empty church, sitting at the very center across from a man who looked like a Guru or a guide of some sort. He had long grey hair down to his stomach area, He looked possibly Indian, had a long grey silky shiny grey beard he kept stroking each time he made his move. And wore a long white and red robe, with stripes on the shoulder parts. We sat in chairs across form eachother playing on this medium size table. There were animals in the temple walking around casually like nothing. There were deers, lions, tigers, bears, panthers, monkeys, and all kinds of birds just fying around in this huge temple we were in. It was as if every animal in there was tame, and was just as calm and were just roaming around the temple. I remembered a wolf came up next to the table and i petted it on the head, And a hawk came and landed on the Guru's shoulder while we played.

      He was explaining to me, about chess being the game of the Gods, and how it relates to life. He mentioned something else to me about, how chess pertains to life, and the paths that we come across while meeting certain people. I remembered moving different pieces and he would tell me to really examine each move i make, as it pertains to life.

      I don't really remember what else was said. But i did wake from that dream feeling like i learned something new.

      Final dream fragment: Twin flames/Twin spirits

      Don't really remember much here. Only talking with a Native American woman about Twin flames/Twin spirits. (Wish i would've remembered more)

      Notes: The second dream really had alot meaning in it. And even though i was not lucid in any of these dreams, i am still happy with what i got. Only wish i would've remembered more of the third dream. As i am aware of Twin flames/Twin spirits.
    12. A visit from KristaNicole

      , 04-12-2012 at 02:49 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      After waking up from the last dream and failing to DEILD, I notice that it is still not time to get up.
      I decide to go back to sleep in the hopes of landing back in my old dream.

      I'm walking on a beach.
      Except... it is not really a beach.

      I am in fact in one of the classrooms at my uni, and the ground is covered in sand,
      and the walls are painted with ocean an palms.
      Many led's on the ceiling make it appear as if there was a night sky.
      It looks as if someone tried to reconstruct a scene that occasionally appears in my dreams:

      Realizing that I am dreaming, I check how stable it is.
      I grab a hand full of sand and let it slowly pour down back onto the ground.
      It feels very real, and even though it is dark inside, the contrast of my vision is so strong that I can see everything clearly with ease.

      My thoughts on where to go are interrupted by a female voice behind me.


      I turn around and see a familiar face.


      She holds out a hand to me.

      "Come with me?"

      Which is similar to how I invited her a long time ago:
      Taking KristaNicole to Teraluna - Dream Journals - Lucid Dreaming - Dream Views

      I grab her hand and follow her out of the room.
      There's a portal on one of the walls which I assume she has created.
      We go trough it and are sucked through a tunnel, full of odd lighting effects.
      There appear to be insect-like creatures on the outer walls, but they don't seem to take notice of us.

      We come out on the other end, and fortunately for once I don't land on my face like an idiot.
      I don't know what it is with portals, but I have a tendency of coming out upside down on the other end.

      We are on what appears to be a set of floating islands.
      It's beautiful, and there is some type of temple not far away which looks very interesting.

      "I've been thinking about you yesterday, I haven't heard from you in a long time."

      She doesn't look like she heard what I said.

      "Aww, I wanted the portal to lead to the temple."

      I pick Krista up, which clearly confuses her.

      "... What are you doing?"

      I concentrate on the temple and blink both of us towards it.
      I put Krista back down.

      "What was that?"
      "I call it blinking, it's a short range teleport kind of thing."
      "You call that short?"
      "Yeah, I can basically blink as far as I can see."

      "How does it work?"
      "Uuh, it's kinda weird. You concentrate on the spot where you want to blink to."
      "Then take a single step towards the location, but at the same time land a second step in the location where you want to end up."
      "That... that doesn't make any sense."
      "I told you it's weird, you basically take a single step but end up taking two."

      I see Krista concentrating on a location not too far away. She is trying to blink.

      "Hey, be careful, it's easy to loose your orientation and end up in a..."

      I hear a loud noise as Krista crashes into a thick decorative pillar.

      "... wall ..."

      Small bits of the pillar are falling off as she peels herself loose.
      I can't help myself and I start laughing.
      Krista does not seem to be amused.

      "It's not funny!"
      "Actually it kind of is."

      On a second thought, she's finding it amusing after all, but she doesn't want to show it.

      "Let's go to the center of the temple."

      She starts walking towards what appears to be the main building.
      I feel like fooling around and start hovering over the ground, and enter her field of vision, floating on my back just a few centimeters above the ground.
      I wave at her as I slowly pass her.

      She starts laughing.

      "What the hell are you doing? You are insane!"

      She grabs me and turns me upside down and sits down on my back.

      "Much better."
      "To the temple!"
      "I ain't no taxi service!"
      "To the temple!"

      Fine, I fly us both to the center of the temple.
      This would look absolutely ridiculous to an outsider.

      We end up in a really amazing location.
      There's a pool in the middle of a platform, with a few holes in the ground, creating waterfalls that go all the way down to the surface of the planet.
      The water source appears to be infinite.

      "Did you make this?"
      "... Yes."
      "It's beautiful!"

      I start walking on the pool.

      "Hey! How do you do that?"
      "What? Walk on water?"
      "What do you mean? I just do it."
      "But... you're supposed to go under."
      "No I'm not."
      "Tell me how it works, I want to learn how to walk on water."

      "You don't need to learn how to walk on water, you need to forget how to fall through water."
      "What? That doesn't make any sense."
      "Sure it does, think about it."

      She's saying something that I cannot quite comprehend.
      I turn around to look at her, but I cannot find her anymore.

      "Hey, where did you go?"

      No answer...
      I notice my vision is very blurry, the dream is falling apart.
      I wake up.

      A month of near zero recall and then two cool lucids in a row.
      Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my brain.
    13. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 04-08-2012 at 08:28 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Deal's a deal.

      New color, to boot.

      íSingle Sentence Sizzlers!«

      Enter: Unknown (????)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc
      After some hypnosis shenanigans, I fly off to a dangerous area off-campus, one guarded and maintained by ancient spirits of the past--and predictably end up needing to defend myself; as I'm failing to cut through some obstacles with a Katana I manifested, a woman appears and and teases me about it, making me rethink my approach and attack the problem differently and much more successfully.

      Holding Back (????)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc
      After a town-wide Nerf war, my GF and I find ourselves traveling through a temple in a strange society filled with warrior-like scholars who challenge us each to a sparring match; my GF handles herself well against one of the school's intermediate disciples, but when I ask to face their best fighter--the head-teacher's second in command--I'm forced to hold back everything to avoid killing him, which makes him feel insulted.
    14. 14 Feb: Sacred temple at a secret valley

      by , 02-15-2012 at 10:28 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I heard about some sacred temple where I could seek some guidance from the sages, but it was located in a hidden valley. I had to go to the top of a mountain (a long, risky journey) and there find the path to the secret valley.
      I met two other warrior ladies who were also seeking that temple and together we decided to make the journey. We found some guy with a truck, willing to take us to that mountain. He was handsome looking, blond, eastern European type, but a bit rude. When we finally reached near the peak of the mountain, he dropped us off, saying he couldn't go any further - the truck could not pass that road; even walking there was a bit dangerous
      . Then he asked us for four times the price agreed, arguing that if we didn't pay, he wouldn't come back for us. I refused to pay more than what previously agreed, but the other two girls were seriously considering it. They really wanted the ride back. I couldn't care less. I would find a way, but I would want to go back with him anymore. So, with the guy yelling at me and making all sorts of threats, I got off of the truck and went look for the mysterious path to the secret valley.
      Soon after, the two other girls followed me. We were at the very peak of the mountain which was encircled by a cloud sheet a hundred meters below us. There was apparently no path leading anywhere, but I finally saw what seemed like a vertical path behind some rock, down the scarp. I thought I could see what seemed to be a rope ladder. They weren't very convinced, but I made a dangerous bet and climbed down the rock until I found indeed a rope ladder. I told them to follow me and soon we were slowly descending through the ladder.
      After maybe 100 mts or so, we reached a platform carved in the rock. We were at the very altitude where the clouds encircled the mountain. I looked around and saw some oval shaped, black obsidian steps going down into the mist. I waited for the girls to reach the platform too, when I was surprised by 4 figures in white hooded capes slowly approaching from within the cloud. They seemed to be wearing masks, but it could just be they had very white faces with strong features, I don't know. They seemed to come to welcome us, but before it happened, I woke up.

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    15. The dragon in the temple

      by , 01-17-2012 at 02:55 PM
      I remember this dream better that usual, probably because I woke up right after it and remembered to take the time and go trough it. Other things happened before this, but they are too hazy to gather in a text. I didn't notice it was a dream at any point, but I didn't think it was real either. A movie perhaps, that I was immersed in.

      I was walking on a curved ridge with water on both sides, an ocean on the right, I believe, and a lake on the left. There was a temple, or a shrine but a large one, on the left side of the ridge, halfway in water.

      It was a rather beautiful old building with white marble pillars and I stopped to have a look. It was dark and I didn't see far towards the lake, the water was still. After looking around I heard a voice proclaim that the temple was devoted to an ancient, powerful creature, and on the table in the middle of the temple, large scratch marks appeared.

      Behind me, there was a large dragon-like creature, a large lizard with wings and bone spikes in it's tale. (These kinds of things happen in movies, no reason to be afraid.) I had a sword, or maybe a dagger is more like it, and I faced the creature, standing on the ridge a bit farther from the temple.

      It approached and tried to swing its tail at me. I tried to cut it while backing away, teleporting a bit further on the ridge. I didn't even touch it, and it came flying over the water. It came toward me and for some reason, crashed to the ground, causing me to fall next to it.

      I was a bit disappointed I couldn't beat the lizard. A swarm of daggers appeared flying, sent by my friends and protectors, leaving behind a golden glow in the air, took a dive into the sea and finally hit the lizard trough its back.

      The lizard complained that they shredded some organ. I felt a bit sorry and woke up, the alarm was ringing.

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      Tags: action, dragon, temple
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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