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    1. A couple non-lucid dreams but then DREAM CONTROL

      by , 11-03-2014 at 05:14 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I don't remember much from the first dream I can remember from last night. I do remember being at a museum where supposedly the first "selfie" from the year 1010 could be found. It wasn't taken with a camera, of course, and it was actually a complete accident. Apparently a family had gone skydiving and the imprint from where their faces had hit the ground became fossilized, so this "selfie" was just a fossilized impression of people's faces. I was disappointed when I saw it, though. It was just a chalk outline of where the people had fallen, and someone had actually drawn these people on the piece of rock, which I thought was kind of wrong because it was in a cartoonish style and therefore inaccurate.

      After that, I recall talking with some guy about Cruisin' USA (an old N64 racing game I used to have; I eventually traded it in a few years ago because, every time nostalgia told me to play that game, I was let down by the awful graphics and the cars' terrible handling). We then heard music from that game coming from somewhere nearby, so we started wandering around the floor of my residence hall trying to figure out which room someone was playing it in.

      I woke up from that and had another strange dream when I went back to sleep. My parents were both visiting me at college, and I recommended that they see the Rocky Horror Show (my school's theater production this semester). I haven't seen it yet, but I've heard it's awesome. At some point, I remember noticing that my parents had left, so I started looking for them to see if they were still around. I ran out through the back door (I was in my house now for some reason - technically my old house, but my family just moved this summer, and I've hardly spent any time in the new house because I left for college a few days after we moved and have only been home for one weekend since). When I didn't see my parents there, I ran out the front door and saw my mom's car still in the driveway... packed full of my fraternity Brothers. That was confusing at first, but then they all shouted, "Thank you for helping your mother!" It turned out my mom was in the car too and had recruited them all to say that for some reason.

      I woke up again but went back to sleep again. In this next dream, there was a floor event in my residence hall. I saw Jackie, one of my fraternity Brothers (we refer to everyone as a Brother regardless of gender), which surprised me because I didn't know she lived on my floor or even in my building (in reality, she does not). Anyway, the "event" was that everyone would be given a big crossword puzzle to take with them and do throughout the day, and whoever finished it first could return it to get a prize.

      For some reason, at some point, we ended up outside by a road intersection off-campus. I decided to leave early and return to campus, which is when things started getting strange. By the time I was back on campus, I found it really hard to walk forward. There was some slight wind at the time, so I thought that could be attributed to the wind, but the wind didn't seem strong enough to interfere with walking. I thought it was strange, but I saw that everyone else was affected in the same way, so I figured it was probably just the wind after all.

      When I got back to my dorm, I realized I'd forgotten to take a crossword puzzle from the event, so I decided to text Jackie to ask her if she could bring one back for me, but I didn't have her number, and I didn't know who else I could ask. I also remember getting a bunch of texts from my boyfriend throughout this dream and the last that I felt kind of bad about not having the time to reply to.

      The dream suddenly because a Sims 3 game, and, since time can be sped up in the game, I accidentally fast-forwarded time (on the fastest setting) to a couple hours later before finally pausing it. I knew for sure now that I wouldn't be able to ask Jackie to get me a crossword puzzle because there's no way that "event" would still be going on. I also felt bad about not replying to my boyfriend's texts now that even more time had passed.

      I realized after awhile that something didn't look quite right about the game interface, though I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was that was different. I did an RC when I noticed that and counted six fingers. I was dreaming! I counted again just to make sure. Seven fingers. Definitely dreaming! Instead of being all clueless as usual when I become lucid, I said out loud, "Now, this is where the fun begins."

      Since I had no plan for the dream, I ran around, looking for something fun to do in a dream (I was no longer playing Sims anymore). I found a buffet table. I could eat! No, no, that's something I can do while I'm awake. Then, I spotted an empty glass and an empty silver pitcher on the table and decided now it was time to learn to exert some control over the dream. I decided that, if I poured the "empty" pitcher into the cup, I'd be pouring a drink out of it instead of nothing. I decided it'd be "something like eggnog" (the first thing that came to mind), but not quite the same, because why drink something in a dream I can drink in real life? The drink that came out was white and a little thick, but it didn't taste at all like eggnog. It was creamy, though, and kind of sweet, and... fizzy? I was actually surprised when I tasted something that was slightly fizzy because I wasn't expecting that.

      I realized while I was drinking it that I was wearing my retainer, and my reaction to that was my one fatal mistake. I decided I should take my retainer out, but, instead of doing something quick like tossing it on the floor (who cares what happens to it if it's a dream and not real life?), I decided to find the case for it and put it back in its case. That was my big mistake because everything went dark, so I realized I was waking up because this had torn me away from what was keeping me occupied. Once I started to feel myself lying in bed, I knew that was it. I opened my eyes, disappointed I'd caused myself to wake up because of something so silly but also proud of myself for having had some control over not just myself but the dream environment itself.

      I did one final RC just to ensure I was awake. Five fingers. I counted again. Five fingers again. Yep, definitely awake this time.

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    2. 9-8-14 "Yeah, it felt good, man!"

      by , 09-18-2014 at 05:43 PM
      A young man got fed up with his girlfriend, murdered her in her sleep, and vlogged about the experience. They were the proverbial "cute couple", very affectionate. They looked sort of like hipsters. They lived in like a hotel that didn't have any doors. You had to climb into your room through the window via a ladder. The man must have been unemployed.

      One day, the man just got tired of her. Maybe she annoyed him or he just didn't like her anymore. So he settled on the obvious solution to his problem: to kill her. Before she got home from her job or whatever, he drenched her side of the bed in some sort of toxic liquid that her skin would absorb.

      She came home. She was obviously utterly in love with him, and she was sooo happy. She loved him more than anything. After they had talked for a while, they went to bed together. In the morning, she was dead. He started making videos about what it was like to kill someone. He seemed really happy and excited. I remember him saying something like, "Yeah, it felt good, man!"
    3. Father chasing me down for Lethal Injection

      by , 07-14-2014 at 05:31 PM
      it was my dad and I don't know what I did wrong but he had a lethal injection and was trying to kill me. and my boyfriend (lets call him John) was by the chair where I was supposed to be and we were in an office like setting only the entire side of the building wasn't there and when one would walk out it was a huge interior of another building with a skating rink and a hockey game was going on. My dad had me and was trying to pin me to the chair and John didn't do anything, but I didn't care, I was just trying to live. I broke free of my dad and quickly went to these two ladies across the room in a panic and tried to tell them what was happening to me but they didn't do anything, they said they couldn't help me. then my dad was coming after me and so I ran to the other building/ice rink thing and there was a hockey game going on, and I was running and my dad was catching up. For some reason, he was extremely upset that i was going across the ice and interrupting the hockey game. I passed this girl who i've always kinda hated growing up, for some reason. Then I was running across the ice in the middle of the hockey game (there were no walls around the rink) and I got to the other side and there was nowhere to go. I tried yelling and my dad and trying to get him to understand that whatever I didn't isn't worth killing me over and he said if he didn't it wouldn't teach me a lesson, and I said I wouldn't learn anything because I would be dead. Then I ran back to the ladies in the office and I was looking at John, and I was explaining to them how in love with him I was, and I got all teary.. then I woke up.
    4. tsunami

      , 05-10-2014 at 12:43 AM
      I had tsunami dream second time.

      In first dream. I am lying on the beach sunbathing with friends and boyfriend and i notice tsunami coming. It was soooo huge. And it seemed so real. I run to them and start running. I quickly realize I didn't wait for my boyfriend and feel bad for it. And he catches up. We run together toward the hill/mountain and start climbing. All the rocks around are light red-sand color. We are fast, but some rocks are not stable and fall as we grab them. At the end we made it. We climb the top and only a puddle came to near our feet. I think after, when all was over, I went back to that beach, not sure who was with me. But it felt like I am there for some reason.

      Last night I had similar dream again but including other guy. (my sort of ex boyfriend, but situation is complex so am gonna call him boyfriend too) Me and my boyfriend were at the shore. Again it was rocky ambient. Again I noticed tsunami coming. We were in this caffe made out of glass, and i pulled him in the other room which was more inside (but all glass walls around). And when the wave was closed I though myself in front of him to protect him. The wave came and it broke all the glass. I saw little pieces of glass flying in front of water like in action movies. I dont remember the result but i think we were fine, both of us. After everything was over, I came back with my parents to that place. At the shore there was a tap sticking out of rock and empty bucket under it. I was sitting with my brother a bit further. There was something scary in the air. There was kind of waiting for some information. Maybe even I could hear radio in the background. Something bad was about to happen in the world. We were waiting to see if somebody out there is going to do that bad thing, and if he did poison would start to drip from the tap. There was even something apocalyptic in that dream.

      I'm sort of going through rough period emotionally. And I think dreams (I dream a lot of weird and exhausting things lately) are trying to help me but I just don't get them. The thing is I am kinda on the fence between these two guys from two dreams and have to pick which way to go in my life - first dream is with newer guy and it feels so light and nice to be with him, and in second dream is old boyfriend, relationship with him drained me but he is (used to be) my love maybe i need to try harder. This is first dream that repeated with different 'actors'. That's why it might be important to me. If anybody feels inspired for any interpretation I would greatly appreciate it.

      Hope I am posting at right place.
      Thank you
    5. Hot guys fighting

      by , 01-15-2014 at 04:01 PM
      I remember being somewhere outdoors and there being an evil hot guy and a hot good guy. The good guy was my boyfriend and i remember i kept kissing him. You k now when someone is about to say something but you shut them up with a kiss? Well something like that. I remember i was doing that because he kept telling me i couldn't crown me and him as the queen and king of whatever party we were at so i kissed him to shut him up and then asked him " Were you saying something?". Then he shut up. Then i was taking a walk and the hot evil guy picked me up bridal style and was carrying me away. Then he challenged my boyfriend to a sword fight like in the old days and who ever wins gets me. Then i don't remember what happened

      But also i remember having a dream later that night about me being in a hotel and i was resurrecting a doll into a real girl. Then after that i remember eating and there was a huge open bouffett and there was a lot of amazing food. I remember i was really creeped out. It had an over all creepy vibe to it. Also i remember there was a lot of pollution they were throwing in the water so i went up to the thing collecting pollution and i made sure it didn't go in the water. Then i don't really remember much.
    6. Lucid Twice Over

      by , 10-27-2013 at 06:18 PM
      The dream began in my bedroom. The moment I opened my eyes and looked around I knew I was dreaming. As usual I rushed to the window and climbed out (somehow this always seems the logical course of action o.O no doors for me). The landscape beyond my house was very different, so beautiful. The grass was lush and green, there were patches of tiny purple flowers everywhere and those patches are abundant with life, even the insects are a similar shade of delicate purple. I walk around the side of the house, there's a sharp wedge of land jutting upward like a ramp alongside the highest level of terrain. It's wonderfully green. There's a gap on either side of the ramp, so I have to climb carefully. I can hear someone moving around above. I'm curious and start to climb. It's too steep to walk upright, and I have to use my hands. There's a thick lacework of roots attaching the high level of terrain with the wedge of land I am on. I use the roots to steady my climb, and when I get to the top I think I see a gap large enough for me to pass through. Large trees line a lawn that someone is mowing. I pass to the other side of the gap, a trick of light making it seem like it's on the point of the wedge. When I realize my mistake and go to the other side, I realize there is no gap. I take the roots in my hands and try to part them, but they refuse and I only succeed in breaking them from the earth. I've put all my weight on the roots, when they come free I start to fall into the narrow gap between the cliff and the wedge. It is a very long drop. I tilt my head back and remind myself not to be afraid because fear would be admitting that some part of this is real, and if I believe it is real then the impact could hurt me. I close my eyes, feeling the air around me as I plummet to the ground, holding onto the roots, wondering when they will become taut. My feet hit the ground and I allow myself to crumple into a roll...

      My mind sinks to another layer of sleep. I get out of bed and try to turn on the lights, the switch feels like rubber and keeps collapsing under my fingers, the lights won't come on. Disconcerted I lay back down. Someone else goes to try the lights and I explain that the switch is broken. I hear something moving on the other side of my closed door and I have a slight shift of perception. My boyfriend retreats a step from the door and I get out of bed just as the door slowly swings open. I make the sun rise so daylight floods the room. The shadow in my door remains a shadow, all hard edges, the suggestion of claws and teeth and horns. It is tall, taking up the entire doorway, and is carrying a hatchet. It kills him before I can react. I cry out and rush forward, disarming the creature with a quick swipe of my arm and killing it with its own weapon.

      I'm a little unclear what happened next. I walked down the hallway and killed another shadow goblin. I end up in one of the houses I grew up in. I make the sun rise again so that the eerie dusk light is gone.

      I wake up and roll over and I find I want to return to the dream. So I do. It's a combination of the two, I'm in my bedroom. I make the sun rise. I tell my boyfriend to stay away from the door and pick up two knives that are laying on the floor. I open the door and kill the thing on the other side, saving my boyfriend's life.
      "How did you know it was out there?"
      "I've already done this. Since I knew what would happen I came back to save you."
      "Want to see something pretty?" I say, smiling. I hand my boyfriend the creature's hatchet and open the window. On the other side is the beautiful green terrain with patches of pale purple flowers. "Come flying with me."
      "We can't fly..."
      "Sure we can. Do you remember why?"
      "Because you're dreaming?"
      "That's right. Because I'm dreaming."

      I briefly remember returning to the wedge of cliff and my vision going dark and then being replaced by my room. I close my eyes and take a few breaths, I can still feel the dream. I can even still see a little green.
      I think "That was good advice they gave me about stabilizing the dream, just close my eyes and take a breath. Allow it to continue, don't force it to."

      I don't actually remember getting that advice, but it makes sense.
    7. Maelstrom

      by , 10-10-2013 at 06:44 PM
      The sky looms heavy with storm clouds, the ocean roars in seething restlessness below. I am standing at the edge of
      the city, which is situated in cluttered layers. The lowest layer is one diamond patterned metal grate secured by chains. I overhear someone saying that there is another hurricane vortex forming at the base of the city and they are worried it will grow. Curiously, cautiously, I move to the edge of the grate and peer over the side. I see a swirling vortex a few hundred feet below, with each moment , the center deepens and the eye widens. I back away, suddenly the ocean rises to the underside of the grate, slapping at my feet. I grab a plastic bag that has a pair of rain boots and my cellphone as I hurry away, climbing up up to the next layer of yellow concrete. I run a few steps but feel like I'm forgetting something, so I turn to look and realize that the bag I keep my dream journal in is still down there. The roar of the water is tremendous, I drop back down and grab the bag by the strap, but it was caught underneath so when I tug on it the bag spills open. Cursing, I stuff the contents inside...and my phone slips out of the plastic bag.
      I throw the strap diagonal across my chest and bend down to grab my phone, the water immediately absorbing the platform. With a surge of panicky triumph I throw myself up three more layers before the water gets me.
      Here I am on the edge of lucidity, somehow the way I move my body, and the way I have my arm extended
      overhead, keeps me from being submerged, I manage to surge with each new wave and stay above surface.
      The ocean consumes everything in great cross-hatching fluctuation. There is one extremely tall central yellow building and I progress toward it, I'm lucky enough that the water leads me to the mid-building entrance. I see it's a hotel, and many people have fled here as the roof may be the only high ground. I run up the stairs and pass by a hall with 8 elevator doors and go straight to some sort of check-in table. I kneel down in front of it and put on my boots, stuffing my phone into my satchel. I wonder if I should bother taking it with me, my journal is ruined now. I stay there for a long time, falling into a kind of distracted lull.
      "What the hell am I doing?!" I think, surging to my feet, I have to get to the roof before the whole building is submerged.
      I see my boyfriend swept away by a crowd of people, all headed for the elevators, a woman and her small son are at the tail of the group, all trying to press themselves into the only open elevator. I step to another one and push the button quickly several times. The doors slide open and I throw myself inside, punching the button that will take me to the roof. The elevator rises but water begins to filter in through every seam.
      "Oh, of course!" I think sarcastically.
      I am spat out onto the roof which is waist deep in water, there is no one else on the roof. I start swimming, noting the many ships out on the water exploding or simply sinking, then turning into dark blotches in the water. I paddle past one boat as it is bursting violently into flames and I'm worried that the oil in the water will catch fire and I'll be burned to a crisp.
      I realize that I have separated from my body and am watching myself from high in the sky, and that I can choose to be above instead of in the water. So I do. My escape is that easy. I sail onward with effortless speed, the wind roaring in my ears.There are two boats not sinking, one is speeding out of view over the horizon and looks like a clipper ship. The other is a little motor boat pulling up to a fenced cliff's edge that survived the watery cataclysm. I direct myself toward it, a familiar Japanese man extends his arm to me, I reach down to take his hand and he guides me soundly to the deck.
      "You're alright!" I cry, happy to see him again. With sweet amazement I realize that his boys are with him, part of me knows that
      they died years ago in an accident but somehow this event has returned them to his care. Though they are extremely pale and a little grey. The youngest is three, there is a middle boy of about fourteen, and a nineteen year old. They all look so familiar but I can't figure out why. The two other boys greet me like a long lost family friend, and take turns giving me a hug before climbing to the other side of the fence with their father. He leans on the top board and tells me that the return of his boys was meant to be, then earnestly asks after my boyfriend.
      "I don't know, I saw him on the sixth floor before I got in the elevator, but no one else was on the roof." I start to say that I
      think he is dead, but there's a painful wrenching in my chest and I can't get the words out before I cover my face and cry.
      "Maybe it wasn't meant to be?" The man asks me. I don't want to believe that though, I want him to have escaped.
      "Maybe he made it to that other ship..."
      "Sure, maybe." He smiles at me.
      I look out over the water and on either side of it, like the banks of a river, there are great water-logged expanses of land. He explains that the waves overtook that too, but immediately began seeping away after stripping all the trees bare.

      There's something about seeing many people crammed into a small space and getting ready to go on or are returning from a hunting trip, and ordering fast food. I wonder how long the stores of easy, familiar food will last and what these people will do when it runs out.
    8. Boyfriend with Half a body in Jail Hotel

      by , 09-17-2013 at 07:12 PM
      My boyfriend, Steven, is in jail. But the jail is an all white, old, rundown motel, with boards loose and nails poking out, (similar scene of a few of my recent dreams). I decided to visit him and stay the night with him. There was a matress with no sheet laying on the floor of his room/cell. I lay with him and noticed that he only had a torso, no hips or below. We lay talking for a while, and after talking for a long time, i started crying. he comforted me, and asked what was wrong. I told him i was upset because since he only had a torso we could no longer have sex. He look sad, but told me that that was why he told me before that he would (you know, use his mouth) and i said, oh ok then. And stopped crying and everything was ok. I turned over and lay on my stomach and he put his arm around me, i felt his torso end at my hip, but i felt extreamly comforted and started to fall asleep. I then woke up, with the sensation of him still laying by my side.
    9. 19/07/13 - christmas shopping, trouble in toronto

      by , 07-19-2013 at 02:24 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      i had to put together some christmas-themed gift bags for my classmates. i was walking to the dollar store, which i understood was in downtown toronto although the area seemed more suburban. it was sunny outside and obviously not winter. i entered the dollar store, which was more like a warehouse. i wandered around for a long time looking for gifts. i purchased some small things. i had to be careful because i didn't have much money. one area contained some creepy old dollhouse furniture. i left this area and found out that my boyfriend was here. we looked at stuff together. i found a pair of fleece pants with airbrushed bears, owls and eagles on them and i thought they were amazing, but the tag said 'size 46' and i didn't know if anyone in my class was that large.

      there was a 'computer room' in the warehouse and i wanted to use my computer for some reason. i tried to turn it on but the screen was blank. a tall guy was laughing at me.

      i decided to leave, so i walked a block over to the other dollar store. i hadn't gone inside when i realized that i didn't tell my boyfriend that i left. i sat down on an outdoor bench outside of a bar and tried to get wifi on my phone. i sent him a message but i wasn't sure if it went through.

      then i saw a bus and i got on it for some reason. the bus took me back home in about a minute (it would be at least an hour in real life!) and i felt really bad that i had left my boyfriend in toronto.
    10. 15/07/13 - fragments - poem, nature video

      by , 07-15-2013 at 02:11 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      in the first dream i was in a kind of forest area with a river (i think)? i was reading a poem that was accompanied by victorian-style engravings. i felt that this poem/drawing was incredibly significant. a sense of nostalgia pervaded this segment.

      in the second dream i was on a beach bordered by a forest. it was sunny and bright. i was recording a wildlife video with my phone. i recall swimming in the water while two swans followed me. later i was editing the video to add a title and credits. the graphic design was kind of 70s-esque.

      when i had finished recording my boyfriend showed up and i showed him the video. soon we were inside of the video. we were both swimming with the swans when my boyfriend noted two penguins in the water. we were surprised that there were penguins here. these penguins had a large yellow crest and a dolphin-like beak. we decided they were emperor penguins. my boyfriend wanted to go closer but i was afraid they would attack us. i had a vision of large, fanglike spines on their undersides, which were arranged in concentric circles. this prompted me to leave the water and watch them from the edge of the beach.
    11. Weird girl fragment

      by , 05-19-2013 at 03:16 PM
      My friend Chloe was saying how she loved her boyfriend Joe and that he like gave her a present and she was going to thank him for it like and she said that last part kinda horny so they were going to have sex. I remember her and and her friends like sitting around her talking and she was smiling thinking about it. I think I was a little jealous but otherwise pretty detached from the dream.
    12. 19/04/13 - fragments - department store and gross kfc

      by , 04-19-2013 at 12:30 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      i had earned some "points" on a website which could be redeemed for real life goods. i went to a department store and found a pair of Yelle-themed footie pyjamas that i wanted (why?!?)

      later i was at an outdoor pavilion with my boyfriend. the pavilion was apparently a kfc restaurant. we wanted to order sweet and sour chicken but then the guy showed us how they made the sweet and sour sauce: they mixed together ketchup and ranch dressing. we felt sick and ordered something else.
    13. 15/04/13 - fragments - at mall with boyfriend, amateur tattooist, giant sushi

      by , 04-15-2013 at 03:03 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      very mundane dreams

      i am outside the mall with my boyfriend. the sky is overcast. later we are inside the mall, in a banana republic store. i want to buy some clothes for him but they are too expensive.

      later i am tattooing a tall, thin japanese man with long hair. now that i think about it he kind of seems like a young version of merzbow? i am using a strange looking pen to tattoo him. i tattoo a strange grid pattern on his chest and some other small designs on his arms and torso. i keep asking him if he really wants this, if he thinks it looks ok, etc. his answers are generally affirmative. he is very hard to understand -- sounds more like someone with a severe speech impediment than a guy with an accent.

      then the sprinklers in the "tattoo shop" go off. there is water everywhere. i leave.

      outside the shop there are various fast food kiosks. one of them has a rack of 'sushi burritos' on the counter. i grab one and walk off without paying. it tastes quite savoury and delicious. someone behind me calls me a "fast food slut". i turn around and it is a guy and girl that i recognize to be my friend. we talk about various inconsequential things.
    14. 06/04/13 - finland & thailand, nicki minaj, pointless sex, chemistry mishaps

      by , 04-06-2013 at 02:22 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      i am with two imaginary friends. the dream begins in the park across the street from my school; it is winter and thick snow covers the ground. we are going to go to finland so one of my friends can get a scholarship for music. we have to walk lightly so the police won't be able to track our footprints.

      we reach finland in a couple of minutes and enter into a large building with beige stone walls, great windows, and domed ceilings: the university. my one friend goes into the music room, leaving us free to explore other areas. i go into another room and find a shelf that contains papers on the history of finland & what i believe to be the earliest documents written in finnish. next i enter another room whose walls are covered in racks of clothing. i understand that these clothes are being given away for free, so i take some, although it is difficult to find clothes in my size.

      later, outside the university, i meet my boyfriend. he jacks off and ejaculates on my thigh. there are no emotions or sexual sensations associated with this.

      then i am working at a "record store" - a large, disorganized shop that seems to sell everything except records. nicki minaj comes in and asks for some vodka. i cannot serve her because i don't have a license: i feel awkward and incompetent. however a man who works at the store ends up serving her for me.

      finally my two friends and i decide to visit thailand. thailand, evidently, is a large country home owned by an old lady. we are hungry, but the food here is strange. after several unappetizing choices the lady offers me a dish of fruit pieces and flowers in clear jelly, which i gladly consume: it has a delicate, sweet and light taste.

      i enter into a bedroom in the house. it has blue walls and the layout is similar to my bedroom in real life. there is a sunflower on a yellow vase in my dresser. i have several vials of chemicals. i want to use a chemical that causes genetic mutations on the sunflower so that i can grow different varieties. i have to be very careful while handling this chemical because if it makes contact with my skin i will get cancer. i empty the vial into the sunflower pot but then i look at the label and realize i have just poured a great amount of acetic acid into the soil. i do not want to kill the plant so i use a vial of ammonium chloride to 'neutralize' the acid (dream self is not good at chemistry). however i quickly realize that this reaction produces chlorine gas (again... terrible chemistry...). i freak out. i get short of breath, light-headed and my vision begins to fade.

      i wake up.

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    15. 04/04/2013 - floating dawkins, astronaut milfs, lithuanian pig roast, lucidity and literature

      by , 04-04-2013 at 10:51 PM (vignettes from a different world)
      extremely fitful, disordered sleep. probably withdrawal from desvenfalaxine 100mg + other health issues. surreal and vivid imagery tonight. fell asleep for 1st time around 11pm, woke up every hour or so until ~3am, woke up at 7ish and fell back into fitful sleep until mid-afternoon

      around 11-12pm
      i am upstairs in a version of my house. i realize that my house looks different and suspect i am dreaming, so i do a reality check (breathing through plugged nose). it succeeds and i become lucid. i run outside (it is sunny and beautiful) and begin rubbing my hands together to stabilize the dream. unfortunately, it fades quickly and i wake up.

      i had other dreams during the night but i do not remember them.

      6-7 am
      the entirety of this dream takes place downtown. the atmosphere is somewhat bleak - it's grey and snowy - but the sun is out.

      first i am having a debate with Richard Dawkins and a Christian theologist in a parking lot. the debate is on the subject of marxism. many people are watching from the main part of downtown, which is several miles away; the geometry in this scene doesn't make very much sense. dawkins keeps attaching balloons to himself and floating miles into the air, carrying his debate on from the sky. at times it becomes night; the sky turns deep blue and stars come out. i complain to a friend that i can't hear dawkins from up there and she chastises me, saying i should pay more attention.

      next there is a new attraction downtown: a massive tower which houses a gigantic transparent tube. you enter the tube and it shoots you up to the top of the tower, then back down. my boyfriend decides to try it. a team of middle-aged women in black uniforms pack him into the tube and i watch as he jets into the air then falls down at an astonishing speed. afterwards he mentions something about "astronaut MILFs".

      then i sit down at an outdoor table where a group of unfamiliar people are eating. they arent bothered by my presence, surprisingly. i pick up a menu: some of it is in english, some of it in the Cyrillic alphabet. i decide that the cyrillic language is lithuanian (does lithuanian use cyrillic? i don't know... anyway...) i have no money to order food but the people let me eat some of their food. it tastes delicious: savoury and sweet. the dishes were primarily meat-based. at one point the restaurant owner comes over and asks me if i have any questions. i cannot reply because my mouth is full of food, but i point to an item on the Cyrillic menu for which no price is listed. she explains that this is an entire roast pig and due to the quality of the meat and the preparation time it costs around 900 dollars. she gives me a meatball from it as a sample. it tastes nice. there is a tripadvisor rating in the window of the restaurant: 5.0/10.

      later i am walking through downtown with my red-haired imaginary friend from a previous dream. i complain that i am sick. she tells me i probably have problems with my liver and i disagree with some recondite explanation involving the amount of water in my body. as i discuss water the windows of an adjacent skyscraper seem to turn to segmented/striated bodies of water.

      finally i am walking behind two men and overhearing their conversation. they are talking about a man who was found murdered in a dilapidated house. an old woman found him, rebuilt the house and made it amazingly beautiful, but she had left his corpse in its original position. these men had been hired to clean corpse secretions off of the furniture so the house could be sold.

      9-10 am
      i am in a large, disorganized country house in which the dominant hue is deep yellow. several teenage boys live here. at some point i begin writing a short story about living in this place. as i write the story, by narrating it in my head, the scenes play out in my vision.

      the opening scene is rendered in Poser-style primitive CGI. a generic model of a man -- hairless, no identifiable facial features, no genitalia -- jerks around erratically within a cubic matrix formed by grey rods which connect red, yellow and blue spheres to each other (think of a 3d molecular model). the background is blank white. there is a soundtrack of erratic, metallic electronic music, something like aphex twin, but more aggressive.

      the next scene takes place within the country home and involves the boys. i cannot remember specific events, besides one where a boy accidentally burned my arm with a cigarette and i punched him in the face, but i recall that this scene was very long and involved a great deal of violence + homoeroticism.

      the final scene is staged in a massive, darkened room. there are two glowing crystals here, one green and one blue; i understand that these represent Zeus and Hera. one of the boys is here too, floating naked in midair and dwarfed by the dimensions of the room. the crystal discuss various things. at one point a thunderbolt strikes. there is no definitive conclusion to this scene.

      the story replays over and over in my head, at least 5 times, in the perseverative manner of some fever dreams. i am very proud of the story i have written -- to me it seems to address lofty, complex themes and it takes me on an emotional journey; i recall being impressed by the complex syntax and clever wordplay of my writing. my story, i believe, transgresses and deconstructs the entire institution of contemporary western literature...

      in another dream i am at a swimming contest of some sort. i need id to enter the changing rooms and i do not have id. i try to sneak in through the back door, and i succeed, but i become lost in the maze of changing rooms: there are dozens of different rooms, separated by ages as well as by gender. i eventually find the correct one. i get changed, go into the pool and begin the contest which apparently involves me tackling people while demanding they tell me what subgenre a random metal band belongs to.

      the winners of the contest are me & my friend M.M. the prizes are books -- a compilation of Hesse's Siddhartha & Steppenwolf and some imaginary tome of Faulkner's. (my subconscious loves namedropping, apparently.) M. chooses the Hesse book and I am a bit disappointed because I had wanted it (in real life i would have preferred faulkner!). i look inside the Faulkner book and there is a picture of a beautiful blue-walled estate with exquisite Gothic architecture, which takes up the majority of a small island. i am awed at its beauty. this is Faulkner's home, I understand; the island has some absurdly long and comically French name.
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