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    1. Mansion Party and a Bear Chase

      by , 04-12-2011 at 11:48 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      We moved into a large house with a pool, I guess you could call it a mansion. A housewarming party was planned for that evening. We were rushing around cleaning the house up, especially the pool area. There was a special painting that had to be put together and hung. My cousin did that.
      After that there was some sort of Bear chase in the trails behind the pool.
    2. The Game

      by , 03-21-2011 at 10:11 AM (I Have A Dreamspace!)
      Maya and I are in a house. Mom. This house is long and narrow. There is a yellow white lighting to the place like there are a lot of lamps overhead and about. It is crowded and cluttered. We are playing a game. I cannot recall how we entered the game but there is a dark, authoritative figure present and the game begins. We are chased and harassed by two huge dogs. Like pit bull, greyhound, wolf hybrids. They have snarling teeth and dirty mugs. We are scratched and bitten but never mortally or even severely wounded. I spot a large stuffy sofa below and open window. I look to a bite/scratch on my finger and see it bloody and bubbling with pus. Out the window is another row type house and and average neighborhood. Now I am lucidly aware that this is very much got the feel of my birth house on Alberta. We jump out the window onto the stuffy chair.
      Tags: bite, chase, dog, dogs, game, pus, sofa, window
      lucid , nightmare
    3. 02/15/2011 & 02/17/2011 - "Turtles in Time, Mudfish and Swine", Fragments

      by , 03-18-2011 at 11:10 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Turtles in Time, Mudfish and Swine"

      I was one of the Ninja Turtles, trekking through an enormous house. There was some kind of scenario going on, and I had to figure out how to get passed a certain point - though I can't remember exactly what the situation was. I remember going down an embankment, into a basement or something, and getting a phone call. The phone call was from us - the Ninja Turtles - from the future. We called back in time to ourselves to tell us how to gain some super-human powers. I believe that I was Leo, and Don was with me, while on the phone talking to ourselves. By the end of the conversation, I had 'learned' telekinesis and levitation. Don learned levitation and I think something else. That last part of that scenario I remember is rushing back into battle, with our new-found powers.

      Later on, I was no longer one of the Turtles (though I still get the feeling it was the same dream), but was myself again, tossing a football around with some friends, on an enormous field. While we were playing, the field turned to murky water, and we continued to play on, about waist-deep. (I've actually played mud volleyball, in a pit like this. I've played football in the mud, but this was actually in a water-filled pit, so I'm guessing the volleyball experience is what inspired this dream.) Apparently, with the water came the wildlife. There were these fish swimming around in the dark water, along-side us. At first, a few of us thought they might have been pirhana, but they weren't. I remember reaching down and grabbing one of the fish with my bare hands, and tossing it across the swampy field like a football. Someone on the other end caught it, and they tossed it to someone else. I remember G and G (V) being out in the crowd somewhere. I ended up talking to them, sometime after the game.

      More time passed, and I was now back at my house. Some girl had come by - either CC or R - looking for bud. I'd gotten her money and went to get some for her but, while I was waiting in the car, outside the dealer's house, an undercover cop car pulled up behind us. I was riding with someone else, and the cop went around to his (the driver) side first. When he went around in that direction, I tossed what bud I had out the window on my side. The cop saw me do it, and started taking pictures. I don't remember if he actually saw the bag or not. They brought a dog in, though, and the last thing I remember is being taken inside (I think just inside the house we were waiting at) for questioning.

      Dream Fragment One:
      I was walking around my high school, with two girls. Somehow, we'd gotten tipped off that there was a bomb in the building, which was going to detonate within a matter of seconds. Immediately panicked, I became lucid. Though I knew it was a dream, I really wasn't looking forward to getting caught in the upcoming explosion, so I grabbed the two girls' hands and flew up through the roof to escape the blast.

      That's all I remember.

      Dream Fragment Two:
      I was in a truck with Joe (At least, I think it was Joe), and we were in some high-speed chase. The only thing I remember is going way out into the sticks, on a muddy trail.

      Dream Fragment Three:
      I was chasing some guy who looked like Will Smith. We were both on bicycles, and I was tailing him all around town because he had stolen his from someone. I remember following him into a Wal-Mart parking lot, and then into the building. I never ended up catching him, though.

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    4. Preparing for a Cheap Scare

      by , 03-06-2011 at 08:04 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was chasing Austin around our parents’ old house in North Carolina. I lost sight of him upstairs, so I started checking hiding places – our bedrooms, closets, under beds and desks… I saw that it was oppressively dark in the hallway bathroom. Where else could he be but in there? I approached the shower curtain to draw it back. I knew what would probably happen, though… I would find some kind of shadow creature instead of Austin because this was a dream. My mind enjoys those kinds of cheap thrills, I thought to myself. I braced myself for the shock and pulled aside the curtain. I heard Austin’s laugh echo all around me. I couldn’t see anything in the shower except a twirling puff of smoke. Right… I walked out of the room.
    5. March 2, 2011 - The Facility

      by , 03-03-2011 at 07:20 PM
      I am in some sort of facility. It is colorful and futuristic. I am living in this facility.

      There is a man who works there. He is cutting my toe nails. I feel really awkward. I like this guy.

      I am in a large dark room. The walls are electric blue. There is a very large screen, it looks like a television screen and it is glowing. There is no bed and no furniture. I know that this is ‘my bedroom’.

      I am going up a stair well. I am not supposed to be in the stair well. I think I am going to see the guy from before. I am outside the facility. I am not supposed to leave the property. I cross a little creek. It is fall weather and all the plants are yellow. I am running away from the place and I feel like someone is chasing me. I begin to run like a horse. My run continues to evolve. I start to leap. I begin to be able to leap longer distances at a time. I reach a barn.
      Tags: chase, horse, running
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. weekend re-cap 2/3/2011

      by , 03-03-2011 at 08:44 AM
      We walk towards the door, which appears level with the path I slow down mid-sentence when I notice that the front door is ajar. A sense of dread. (perhaps linked to the story I was telling Frida last Saturday morning 26/2 about experiences of my childhood house being robbed consecutively and how I used to have recurring dreams about coming home to an empty house)

      Perhaps we approach the door quietly, listening if anyone is still inside, and we hear men’s voices speaking in Russian deep inside, because I panic and run as fast as I can, to the other side of the street, before we are noticed and devoured by danger. I run straight to the Coates’ house, knocking on the clear glass door, the mother approaches with a drink in her hand, smirking with her mouth full as if she’s having a party in the next room and they’re telling dark jokes. She answers the door mischievously at arm’s length. I smile and ask her if I can use her phone quickly. I call the real estate agent, and anxiety builds, anticipating (like when I called Stuart on Saturday night with only 88cents of credit) the credit running out, listening to repetitive automated messages, before finally I get an answer.

      I report to him urgently that someone has broken into our house and that they are violent (dangerous) and need to be removed. The man on the other end says that they will be prepared to proceed with the matter once I supply them with the arrest report and that he can’t do anything now, that I should’ve called the police first, and as I realise the mistake I’ve made, the stress returns, he questions why I was never taught that I had to do that.

      There are few scenes of us standing across the road from the house, indecisive on the Ash’s council strip watching for any movement.

      While I sit outside the Coates’ house, I see Mum come home, pulling up in the station wagon. She gets out, with Margaret, walking towards the house. I call out to her but she doesn’t hear me. I shout out in a hushed tone, so not to raise the alarm of the men inside, but she’s getting closer to the house still. In desperation I begin shouting for her to get away from the house, but only Margaret hears me, stopping on the lawn, shocked by the intensity of my voice, but my Mum has already entered the house stupidly, and I have to grab her by the arm and march her out, insulting her for not hearing my warning and ignorantly putting herself in extreme danger, and she apologises a little embarrassedly, thanking me cheerfully, still not realising the seriousness of the situation.

      There is another memory of sitting on the grass in the backyard of the Coates’ house, where I find 3 identical kitten, white with dark spots, and my friend tells me that they are dangerous. I ignore him, talking to them, so as not to frighten them, staring at me and shifting their formation slowly. I pick one up and it starts thrashing about, clawing at my wrist, trying to get free and lunge at my head, as I lean back and to the side defensively, as the others gang up on me at the same time.

      At one stage, sitting on the concrete, like a loading bay combined with an outdoor cafe seating area, next to the convenience store, there are two young men standing above us, arms crossed and necks crooked towards each other, talking in German, and I point over to my Mum, who is mid-sentence with Margaret, pursing my eyebrows to indicate the two men, and without further explanation she quietly translates their conversation in real-time, which is about us, judging us contemptuously.

      Sitting out the front of the Coates’ house, night-time, which is now a brightly-lit convenience store, and I go inside, filled with young people dressed up like a Friday night on King Street, perhaps because I spot Laura
      (who I saw at the Friki Tiki on Saturday night before the film screening) because I approach her specifically so I can borrow her phone to call the police. She doesn’t want to lend it to me, and not because she is broke, making up an excuse, awkwardly, saying thanks instead of sorry.

      I then ask Cordy in the other aisle to use his phone quickly, which he hands me without hesitation, but I realise that the criminals have sabotaged the emergency line, a strange mix of different voices digitally contorted, which I interpret as muffled laughter.

      I thank him and tell him that it was no use because “they’ve fucked with the [police] line”, at which point he suggests casually that I go up to the police station. I say it’s a good idea but I don’t know where the nearest one is, and he says that it’s just up the street.

      Enthusiastically with pace, I walk up Peacock Parade which is a dark, semi-industrial area, with lots of old brick warehouse fronts, and junk out the front on the sidewalk, broken wooden crates piled up against a telegraph pole, obscuring my field of vision, an illuminated sign on the other side, but standing discarded against the wall, when I hear one of the criminals screaming indignantly, running at full speed from the house, passed the bend in the road where I started at the convenience store, and I start running as fast as I can.

      The short guy catches up to me, around my age, and he runs straight to the bottle shop, open like a fruit market, and picks up a bottle of red wine from the rack, and threatens me, saying that he’ll bend my arm back the wrong way with the bottle against a chopping board, or something, a hard surface but unfixed.

      The police station is right next door and I suddenly make a bolt for the open doorway before he has a chance to block me off, and beat him to it, feeling invincible by passing the threshold, slowing down like a sprinter, down a narrow hall towards the shoulder-high wooden bench with a large authoritarian insignia printed on the front of it, even though there is no one manning it at that moment.
    7. New!!! Lucid Dream 172: Aqua Riders...

      by , 02-02-2011 at 12:16 AM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      Yeah, so I changed my mind. Instead of posting some of my old journal entries, I decided to just leave them be (there were way too many that I wanted to bring over, lol). So, from now on these will only be new entries. Hope you all enjoy.

      Late 2010
      Lucid Dream 172: Aqua Riders
      Series: Friends, Episode 1
      in the A.M.

      Category - Action/Light Mischief

      Though I haven't been recording my dreams since I have been away, I do remember a few of them quite vividly. This is one them.

      I am in a large school building with a couple of my friends (JT & Zach G). I could tell the building was old, but had been renovated several times. We are running to class when the late bell rings and we all stop and let out a few expletives. JT looks at us and says, "Dude, f*** this, I'm not getting b****ed at for being late again. Let's just skip today." We agreed and took off stealthily down the hall. After dodging a few authority figures we exited the front doors. We immediately stepped out onto a dock. The school was located in a small cove right on the shore of the lake. The dock we were standing on was quite extensive for the small cove area.

      There were many rows of boats anchored around the dock. We decided to hijack one and take a ride out to the main part of the lake. I spotted a boat that looked perfect, but once we got closer, the motor was gone. Most of the boats looked like floating ottoman's with motors. Finally after the third motor from an actually boat disappeared, I suspected I was dreaming. I looked at the school and saw a large crest depicting a man slicing off another's head. The words, "For the Greater Good" were enscrawled a at the bottom. Huge letters that read "Warrior Academyy" were written above the crest. I laughed at the thought (and the two "Y"s). I knew I was dreaming.

      As soon as I realized I was dreaming, I heard a crash, and the front door to the school had slammed open. The glass in the windows shattered and rained down onto the dock. The sound was magnified and sounded awesome. I began hastily searching/trying to summon a boat, as Mr. Greer (my old high school history teacher) came running across the dock after us. I remember thinking, "Damn, everyone is so fast in my dreams." He was closing in on us as I looked at the surrounding area. At the end of the dock was a large, half submerged, wooden shed. We hauled ass and leapt from the end of the dock and grabbed the ladder that attached to the shed. I climbed into the upper most level of the two story shed and saw two dirt bikes. As I got closer, I saw that they had ski/wheel hybrids instead of normal tire wheels. I told them to take the bikes and I'll find another one. The bikes had pull-string motors on them. After JT and Zach had taken off, I pictured one in my mind and began searching. I pulled a large piece of board off a pile of junk and saw one of the bikes. I picked it up and notice it was a bi-pedal one and didn't have a motor. I cursed as I heard noises from behind me. Mr Greer had made his way up the ladder...his nice clothes were soaking wet (I take it he didn't make the jump to the ladder, lol). I hopped on the bike and pedaled off the top floor and splashed into the lake. I was traveling at about the speed of a big wheel when I heard engines start up behind me.

      I glanced back and saw 5 or 6 guys on some crazy looking souped up bikes that had the words, "Aqua Riders" in shiny gold letters going down the sides. They all shot off the top floor at the same time and flames shot from their tailpipes. I thought, "Where the f*** did they get those!" I began pedaling as fast as I could, but was now going "nursing home wheel-chair" speed. I put my hands up as I was soon surrounded by the riders. They all had on black leather jackets and were each armed with mp5's. Mr. Greer was on the coolest bike of all. It had chrome spikes jetting out of the sides and the handle bars were twisting horns. I started to imagine a way out. I focused my attention on the water behind the men. Suddenly, the area I was looking at erupted and a huge sea dragon surfaced. Some of the riders were knocked from their bikes and the others were terrified. I leapt from my piece of shit bi-pedal and drop kicked Mr. Greer into the water stealing his bike in the process.

      His bike was fast a shit. I caught up to JT and Zach. The lake had now become a large "Wave Race" style course. The waves were huge as we raced around the track. The rack was marked, complete with short cuts and everything, lol. Several times I caught massive air on the waves. A couple times I flew so high that I wiped out upon landing. The handling on the bike was superb and very fluid. After racing for a while, I awoke from the dream.

      Series Details
      In the dream series, "Friends," I join the DC counterparts of my waking life friends and tackle the dream world. You never know what we will be up to next, but I guarantee it will be one hell of a time. Stay tuned for more entries to the series!

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    8. 01/29/2011 & 01/30/2011 - "Reptiloid", Fragment

      by , 02-01-2011 at 03:10 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I remember that there was a lot that went on, early in this dream, but the first thing I actually recall is being at a park with some friends. There was a small pond nearby, and a friend and I were playing some kind of ball game near it. We had some awareness that there were gators in the water but, before then, we hadn't really paid any heed to it. Then, we noticed some small animal - a duck or something - making is way toward the shore. Before it could make it, though, a couple of gators splashed into view and violently attacked the animal, tearing it to shreds. Then, they turned toward us...exposed snouts slowly floating in our direction. Not quite sure what to do, we waited for a moment, seeing the gators crawl up onto the embankment, stalking our way. We then took off, running back toward our group. Knowing full well that alligators aren't the fastest creatures on land, we never could have been prepared for what happened next. The gators actually extended their - once short and stubby - legs, sprinting after us like greyhounds, on thick, muscular, canine-esque legs.

      There was no way we were going to out-run them, and things looked even worse, when another two gators shot out from behind a jungle gym, far off to one side of us. They were closing in just as fast, and we were running out of places to go. We'd made it to the picnic table where the rest of our friends were sitting. Seeing us approach, with these mutated reptiles on our heels, the group immediately stood up. I took running leap and jumped up on top of the table, everyone else doing the same. We were now surrounded, these beasts trying ferociously to climb up onto the table, snapping their razor-sharp jaws at us, only to be kicked or beaten back with anything we could use as weapons. What's even more strange about these creatures were that they were coated with what, at first, looked like slime. But, after the gators were out of the water for a certain length of time, they actually began to melt, sizzling down to steaming piles of this sort of seaweed green goo. The creature were coated in some sort of organic corrosive liquid, like acid. I screamed out to everyone not to touch them, and that all we had to do with hold them off until they all either retreated or melted under their own secretions.

      I don't remember whether or not we all got away, though.

      (I completely forgot a lucid, last night. I hate when that happens. )
      The only thing I remember is something about having to run through a deadly network of traps, like in the new Predators movie. Later, I had become lucid. I remember showing off a couple of lucid tricks, such as walking across a pool of water, and sinking my arm into a wall. When I walked across the water, I found it kind of hard to keep myself levitating, and one of my feet actually dunked completely under, leaving my shoe feeling soggy and wet.

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    9. 01/15/2011 & 01/16/2011 - Fragments

      by , 02-01-2011 at 12:41 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      The only thing I really remember is that I was driving around the Lake Mary area with my dad and a few other people. It seemed like the city, but there were a few differences in the geography. Later, we were in a park, smoking bud. Afterward, we were driving back down Lake Emma, and I was only wearing my underwear. Someone in the car wanted some cigarettes, so we headed toward a convenience store, and passed by a bunch of cops, along the way. They were doing some kind of driving drills, on the road, and had caused a huge accident. The last thing I remember is trying to maneuver around the wreck.


      The only thing I remember is some chase sequence where I'm trying to catch this ninja girl (though I don't think it was the same girl that I was in my "Ninja Girl" dream, a while back). We were running around a dock/harbor area, and I had pyrokinesis. I remember throwing some fireballs at her, but she was just too quick and nimble; dashing and dodging around pretty much everything I threw at her, before taking off again and making me continue to chase her through the night.
    10. Blind Escape

      by , 01-26-2011 at 12:59 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Blind Escape (Non-lucid)


      This was an interesting dream, but it was sort of scary at the same time. The weird part is I'm just fed a lot of background information.

      I'm in my dad's old apartment (In real life my dad got re-married a year ago and they moved into a much bigger apartment after they were married. I should also point ouit my stepmom in real life is very nice and caring.) and I immediantly know that my step-mother is evil. I know that she is just mean and cruel. My step-mom is convincing my dad to do something terrible with me, I'm not sure what it is though all I know is that she is hitting him and forcing him to agree. An abuse lady came in and asked me some questions. I basically acted like I wasn't scared and loved it there, but I hesitated so when she left my step-mother beat me. (My dream recall is weak right here, but she looked a lot like Mihcelle Obama.) My step-mom told me to just leave the house and never come back so I left, inside the house my dad was yelling at her. I wa soutside and caught up with the abuse lady and I crouched down behind her car because I was scared they would see me. She basically ignored me so I started crawling away when I saw my dad come out looking for me. I crawled up to this girl and she was crawling too, I said "Exscuse me!" because she was slow and as she was moving over she said "All these new crawlers don't lnow what they're doing." Then she sucked her teeth. I was thinking about what she said and then I saw the road. (This happens a lot I would think about something and be close to being lucid but then my dream would distract me right before I put all the peices together.) I started walking down the road wondering where to hide. (I actually passed down all the stores I use to in real life.) I saw the gas station but said no because they were doing drugs in there, then I saw two other stores but I said it was too obvious. I saw a bunch of houses in the distance and thought about my mom's house and why she would even let that happen. (I stay at my mom's house on the weekdays and my dad's on the weekends. I would of thought about that if it wasn't for my dream distracting me.) Then I saw my dad across the street looking for me, so I was going to go hide in some trees but I was topped by what I thought was hobo. I pretended to be his son so my dad wouldn't know it was me, and it worked he boarded a bus looking for me. I tried letting go of the guy's hand but he wouldn't let me, so getting scared I called for help and my dad opened the window and said he's coming. The man said he thought I had the wrong idea and said he was blind and that he needed help corssing the street. I said okay and I helped him cross the street. When I started parting with the man my dad came up and we exchanged a mushy momement and he said he kicked her out. He also said she was making him do something which was making him lose all his friends. Me and my father watched the blind man run across the street back and forth, never getting hit and acting crazy. (I woke up and went back to sleep)

      I was observing what wa shappening like it was a movie. Threee girls were in a car and complaining about the air not working. The guy said they had to turn on the heat then the fan, they did. Heat blasted them and they shreiked, then it got cool. I realized that could help me solve something in real life. (I don't think it can actually help me but this time I was so close to being lucid.) They then started complaining about everything and how old it was. The guy got his friend, who I noticed was the blind man, and they started laughing about the girls.
      -These dreams were a mix of tv and a bunch of commercials I saw.
      -These dreams also make me want to go see my dad.
      -I was so close to being lucid so many times, but even if I was lucid I would be too swept up in the dream plot and lose it anyways.
    11. Tank Chase in Bollywood Mall

      by , 01-25-2011 at 03:04 AM
      I'm new to posting Dream Journal entries here, so if any aspect of this isn't correct, let me know!

      Now, onto my first entry:

      I and two friends, Chuck and Reg, were being chased down a seemingly endless stairwell by a "Tank," the muscular, hulking type of zombie from the "Left 4 Dead" video-games. We ran down the stairs for some time before suddenly hitting the bottom and entering a mall. At this point the pursuit of the Tank zombie behind us became somewhat secondary in my thoughts as I noticed an ad being played for an animated film that was, strangely, a crossover sequel to the cartoon movies "The Little Mermaid" and "The Pebble and the Penguin" and including a number of the "Disney Princess" characters.
      Suddenly Chuck, for some reason, launched a massive broadsword at me that hit a nearby bulls-eye and barely missed me. He seemed to be attempting to hurt and bother me for fun all of a sudden. As I attempted to escape he "trapped" me in a crowd by somehow causing everyone to abruptly perform a Bollywood musical number, and I was caught up in the chaotic yet choreographed-style movements of those around me amidst blaring Bollywood music coming from everywhere.
      I noticed my dad among the dancers as well and we escaped the dancing and entered a book store, possibly a Border's or Walden's. Inside, I found myself suddenly searching for "Venus in Furs," a book I've heard of but never read and of which I have only a vague knowledge. Some time after this I awoke.
    12. 1/4 Wed: A Vivid Lucid and American Psycho

      by , 12-31-2010 at 10:40 AM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      American Psycho Playground
      0524: I am in what seems to be a school playground in the middle of nowhere. Sandboxes, grassy areas, pull-up bars, chain-link fences, and so on. Christian Bale from American Psycho is here, chasing me and other people. Somehow he gets stabbed and falls to the ground. He calls an ambulance. The rest of us run and hide behind cover. He can't move but he's still throwing sharp things like knives and and pencils. One almost hits me. He is covered in blood. I'm not very afraid though. Just cautious to dodge the projectiles.

      short WBTB, just long enough to drink a glass of water with a B-complex supplement

      In bed, notice the nearby electrical outlet. It's making a noise like running water. I remove the plug from the top outlet and move it to the bottom, thinking that will somehow help.

      My mother is in the next room. I overhear her talking to herself. She says that I was talking in my sleep.

      Vivid Lucid With Some Tasks
      Method DILD (prospective memory), DEILD
      Lucidity B
      Vividness A
      Control B
      1134: Begin recall in my bathroom. The light is off and the door is open. Dim morning light coming through my bedroom window. I remember my own advice to look at my hands and count my fingers. At first they appear normal but I stare at them for a moment. A finger on my left hand starts to look distorted and wavy. Bingo, I must be dreaming. I also notice the orientation of the bathroom is backwards compared to the real one.

      I walk out the bathroom, through my bedroom, and on into the living room. There I see my father laying on the ground between the couch and coffee table. He's wrapped in a robe, like he's sick. I ask him a question, but move on. I peek in my roommate's room, but he's not there. I haven't stopped to think of a plan, so I'm just wandering aimlessly.

      I exit the front door and find myself in an unfamiliar stairway. I go down one flight and pass by two young women. I think I said to them: "Oh, you're pretty, and so are you." They are carrying piles of clothes. I reason that they are moving in to the building. I stop on the landing of the floor below. It's covered with boxes and more clothes everywhere. I say aloud: "Wow, this place is really messy." Then I think: Wait, this is my place. It is my own dream in my own mind. Maybe the mess is symbolic. I pick up some of the clothes to get a closer look. They are actually neatly folded. I say aloud: "I guess I like my place like this." I'm not sure what I meant by that.

      Now I exit the building and find myself in yet another unfamiliar setting. The building I was in is at the top of a rather steep hill. I am looking down a narrow street that goes down the hill with buildings, trees, and alleys on either side. It's only wide enough for foot traffic, no cars. I'd guess it looks a bit like San Francisco more than Los Angeles. Anyway, it's bright day and many people are on the street, going in and out of shops and sitting at cafe patio tables.

      About half way down the hill, there is an awning that catches my attention. I think to fly and land on it. I start to fly but sputter and lose height. I land under the awning. I sit down at a cafe patio table. Also at the table is a young man with dark brown "bedhead" hair and a scraggly beard. In a hip way, not an ugly way. He's holding an Amazon Kindle. He's talking to a nearby waitress. Neither of them see to notice my presence.

      Dream fades. I DEILD back.

      I'm back at the same cafe patio. The man with the Kindle stands up and walks away, never having noticed me. I stand up and now have more lucidity and control. I walk to the middle of the street and look around, thinking of what to do. I'm a bit distracted as I notice a older woman standing at a podium nearby. Maybe the hostess of a restaurant. Or maybe she's selling something. I snap back into focus and remember a few tasks. Meditate. Hmm. Risky. I decide I'm not ready for that. Laugh. I can do that. I enjoy a big loud "HA HA HA!" in the middle of this busy street. Everyone stops and turns to look at me. The noisy chatter turns dead quiet. Am I embarrassed? No, surprisingly.

      Now I have everyone's attention. What next? Cry and pick a fight. Not sure why I thought of these two things together. I look around the crowd and pick out the biggest, meanest guy. He's a tall, wide, Samoan-looking guy. I look up at him and taunt him with a childish "Boo hoo!" crying gesture. Then I punch him in the face with a right hook. He punches back but I block with my left arm and counter with another right. He tries a few more times but I block and counter-punch again and again. He swings once more, loses his balance and falls. I place one leg on him, like I'm posing on top of a mountain.

      I start to think what to do next, but the dream fades.
    13. 12/21/2010 thru 12/29/2010 - Fragments

      by , 12-30-2010 at 07:48 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      (My recall has been shit, lately. Really nothing but a few fragments, here and there.)



      All I remember is some kid drinking from the bottle of vodka that was on my desk.


      I was on a ship that was being rocked by massive waves. Standing on the deck, holding on for dear life, I was being relentlessly tossed back and forth, while someone looked on, from the shore (or a rock formation or something).


      I was discussing the Saw series, with my mom. She didn't understand the plot of the movie(s), and I was telling her about Jigsaw, and his twisted sense of "justice," as his reason for doing the things that he did.


      I was hanging out with J and her ex boyfriend. J and I were really close, and were sitting on the floor, hugging on each other. They were together in the dream, though, and her boyfriend (also a good friend of mine) wasn't to happy about it. He made it a point to get between us and space us out a bit.


      Something about being on a boat/dock at night with friends...and gun-play. I dunno.


      I remember being lucid, and looking at my hands to stabilize the dream. The topography of my hands had dark patches on them that were kind of swirling around, slowly, like the blots on Rorshach's mask, in Watchmen. At one point, I sunk my arm into a wall, up to about my elbow, and pulled it back out. I vaguely remember walking across a short body of water, my feet just barely sinking, about an inch or so, beneath the surface. I also vaguely remember having sex, and then standing on a structure, over top of the chick, and trying to recall the events of the dream so that I don't forget when I wake up.

      (But, unfortunately, I forgot. )

      Fragment One

      All I remember is having a bo staff spar with someone. I believe we were under a set of bleachers, and some kind of event.

      Fragment Two
      Todd and I had passes to actually be down on the launch pad, watching the shuttle being readied for launch. There was a set of chairs, for a small audience, set up in the pit, right beneath the boosters, and we were just looking on as the crew made the final preparations.

      There was a TV set up, off to our left, which was showing some show about the safety of the workers, showing footage of exactly what these guys do, and how meticulous they are about procedures. It also, however, showed what happens to the shuttle crew while they are in space, and the guidelines they have to follow, up there, as well. I remember a section on oxygen supply, and it showed an astronaut's suit pressurizing, and his head exploding, inside of his helmet. It was pretty graphic; a quick splash of red just popping outward and coating the glass bubble.

      After preps were made, we went out to a safe distance, to watch the actual launch. I pulled out my phone, and was video recording the entire walk - from directly beneath the boosters, all the way out to where the rest of the crowd was - not wanting to miss a bit of it.

      I vaguely remember watching the launch, but don't really remember any details of it. Later in the dream, though, we had taken a four-wheeler and were riding around areas of the space center that we weren't supposed to be in, being chased by personnel.


      All I really remember is being with a chick and the two of us having to run away from a pair of UPS(like) trucks, which had chain-guns in the back, and were firing at us. We then went to some house and had sex on the floor.

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    14. 25 Dec: The hidden treasure of the Town of Denn

      by , 12-25-2010 at 08:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      3:00 GMT

      Gore nightmares
      I had a long night of really gore nightmares. I didn’t made a huge effort to recall them, because they were so bloody uncomfortable, but some images were just carved in my memory.
      First I recall being forced to watch some guy being tortured to death. A group of men crushed and shredded his limbs and while he was being hanged from somewhere, they were plucking bits of flesh and bone slowly from him, to prolong the excruciating pain. I recall making an effort to wake up from this awful dream but not being able to do so right away.
      Later I recall being chased by some guys – possibly the same ones, from whom I had escaped – and they are trying to kill me with an axe. I’m inside some barn, jumping fences and what have you. They hit some innocent guy (caught in the middle) in the chest with the axe, which explodes in a shower of blood. I then fight one of the guys and get his axe from him. Then I’m forced to defend myself by using it against them. I feel really bad for using so much violence, but I see no other solution. I cut some arms and legs and kill or mortally wound them all. Then I don’t recall anything else.

      8:00 GMT

      Back to University
      I’m at a university, which is different from the one I attended, but I still feel It's my university. I’m visiting the corridor where I used to have some classes in the amphitheatres when a group of students passes by me, freaking out, because they were in charge of booking a room for their class and they messed up and the room is now occupied with another class. Before their professor arrives, I help them finding an empty room. They thank me and go inside. I continue down the corridor, feeling very nostalgic about college life.
      I am then invited to join a special class for ex-students visiting from all over the world on this special day. I’m sitting on the left row of tables a large room which looks more like a warehouse or a barn. It’s clearly an improvised classroom to welcome such a big group. I do a trick with a pencil, like making it stand up on the table, to impress a colleague next table and this triggers my lucidity. I decide to leave this place and go outside. I think about flying through the roof or crossing the wall, but end up just walking through the door, because I don’t want to disturb the other DC’s or dreamers’ dream. The professor calls for my name and either is asking me to go back to my place or for input on something. But I smile and say “No, no, I’m out of here. Have a good day!”

      The hidden treasure of the Town of Denn
      Outside I think I can use this opportunity to achieve the RPG goal. So I see some woods and think this could be the forest outside the Town of Denn, but there’s no town around so I must look for the real one, not settle for this weak version. But here there are no holes on the ground, no walls, no doors, nothing I can use as portal and I’m not so good at just opening portals yet. So I decide to simply spin over myself while wishing to teleport to Denn. It has the double function of making lucidity stronger.
      When I stop I am on top of a hill over the Town of Denn. There’s an earth road spiralling through some stone walled terraced gardens to the centre of the town. I see farmers working, I see people taking water from a well, I see merchants, etc. People are dressed in very colourful medieval clothes, mostly in brown, green and wine tones. There’s a lot of activity going on and I would have loved to just observe it, but I must not let it distract me or I will not finalize my task. I fly down over the city centre but I only stop at the outside walls to look around into the woods. Where to look for the treasure? It could be anywhere. I decide to go to an area where the fortress walls are breached. It’s as good as anywhere else and it is the place where the forest outside is more dense. But once I’m there I have no clue where to dig. I just try to follow my instinct. I see a stone at the very end of the wall, which looks completely different from the rest. It is whitish and smooth. I clear the dirt from it and find some inscriptions as if it is from a tomb. It clearly doesn’t belong there. I lift it up, hopeful to find something under it. I find nothing, just more dirt, but I decide to dig right there. But then when I turned the stone over to put it on the floor, I noticed some concavity on it and inside it I found a small box. I get it out and it seems made of plaster, because it is white and light. But it ain’t soft and malleable like plaster. It has some high relief patterns carved and some rest of paint in pinkish and bluish tones. The drawing looks like a Mayan design On the bottom right of this strange box there is a round button. I press it and it opens in two pieces. The two pieces have more carved drawings, on the left plaque more patterns, like stylized roses and crosses inside circles and on the right plaque carvings of animals, like a whale, a moose and you name it, floating between clouds in the sky and coming down to earth. The plaques then split up into 5 and then 10 parallelepiped pieces. But it wasn’t broken, it was some automated mechanism. I then started moving these little parallelepiped pieces in my hand and found out they were magnetic and could be put together again in different combinations. They kind of naturally started to rearrange themselves into a different sequence and formed completely new designs. On the left plaque there was now some kind of reddish monstrous creature and on the right plaque a different kind of yellowish monstrous creature with what seemed to be a monstrous robotic dog under his command. I was like “What is this about?” Then I realised there were probably many more combinations of the plates which would explain who these creatures were and what was the meaning of all this and what this thing was for.
      But I started to slip out of the dream and I woke up.

      10:00 GMT

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    15. 24 Dec: Julian Assange’s ninja spy team

      by , 12-25-2010 at 02:01 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      2:30 GMT

      With my BF on some guesthouse. There’s a murderer on the loose and we decide to go together all the time everywhere, including the toilet, outside the room. But I don’t keep the promise and in the morning I go alone to look for breakfast. I meet the owner and I get the feeling he is the killer, although he doesn’t fit the profile. I then go outside to the gardens, which are very Victorian. There are some people around, having breakfast outside or just chatting, but they all keep together, for safety. I for some reason, possibly to tease and attract the killer, get away, behind the garden tallest hedges, beyond the safety zone, all alone. Maybe the killer felt it was a trap, because I was safe and I reached the city with no harm done. I then met my mom and followed her to the subway entrance to go somewhere.

      4:00 GMT

      At a kitchen or storeroom. My BF is present but looking distant. I ask what’s disturbing him and he says he might have go to Spain.

      5:00 GMT

      Julian Assange’s ninja spy team
      I’m walking on some city into some street with a huge wall on my side. It goes down, to an arched underpass, when a earthquake hits. The road opens fissures and I fear the walls might fall, so I try to get away from there and reach an open space. I find a beautiful spot on the riverside, free from buildings. It looks like the Tames in London at the time of an amazing sunset. I am looking for a camera to take pictures when I realize I’m dreaming. I become lucid and realize there’s no point in taking pictures. I decide to just enjoy the amazing scenario. I then see a castle just behind me. There are some stairs going up a tower and I see tourists coming down, but when I go up I find that the stairs are blocked half way, not allowing the tourists to go further. I decide to fly and try to enter through some window or door on an upper level. I manage to get inside and I find that this palace is used and inhabited, not just a museum. But from then on I am chased by some ruthless people who try to kill me at all cost. Inside the castle, I have difficulties in finding any exit, so I go through offices, rooms, staircases, you name it and although I try to keep hidden, they keep finding me. On some last room where I was hiding and some royalty people are discussing important matters I would have enjoyed to listen, some back door opens and from behind some curtains some deadly arrows fly into my direction. I escape but I’m more or less trapped in this room and worried that they might get me, but then I’m saved by Julian Assange’s ninja spy team which was camouflaged on the ceiling, on a balcony, under tables. They also shoot some arrows to my attackers and help me escape.

      Delivery and more instructions
      Then I’m at some apartment again with my BF, but I hear some fight on the staircase and I just have the time to leave without even checking who was it. I take a train and arrive at some remote village. My instructions are to leave something at a locker in the station and then go to the number 800 on the same street of the station. I first go in the wrong direction and enter the village centre but then some guy on a booth tells me there’s no 800 in that street. I find it weird, because there are no houses in the other direction, just a road through the wilderness. But I go. And then I find an area by the side of the road that is cleared and there is a pole with a plaque with the number 800. I look around and I don’t get what I’m supposed to do there. I then find some creased paper on the ground and pick it up. Don’t open it, just go back to train station.

      7:00 GMT

      Black panther
      On the road with my parents through the mountains near my hometown. We arrive at some other town where some festival is taking places. Streets are absolutely crowded. We split up and I find my friend Lic inside some building. We decide to go outside but on the exit there is a black panther looking at me. I feel she is not going to hurt me but at the same time she looks a bit menacing, so I decide to act cautiously. I am scared but decide to pass by it. She never takes her eyes of me but lets me go. Then on the streets in the middle of the crowd,me and Lic find Zilla, Vera and Patty. What a surprise to have the whole gang reunited. Vera doesn’t seem happy though. She doesn’t even look me in the face.

      8:30 GMT
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