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    1. Parkour 07/18/2010

      by , 07-13-2011 at 02:13 AM
      7:36 AM

      A large building similar to a mall but with the exterior masonry and such on the inside. Running around, jumping and grappling through different paths. Bricks, colors, textures, etc keep changing. Need to get to the parking lot to my nisan because trucks are beginning to crash through walls. I reach my car have. Have to crash through a wall to get out.
    2. Serial Killer Chase Turns into Radical Street Sledding Experience

      by , 06-17-2011 at 07:52 PM
      The first part of the dream that I remember is being in the mall. We were leaving a hurry because I sensed that this guy was a serial killer and that he was following us. He was going to kill me because I didn't believe in God. Another man from the store ended up approaching me. He claimed that the government was going to be putting a chip in my brain, they had already done it to him and I was next. I assumed he was a schizophrenic and hurried to get into my mother's car.

      We, my mother and I, were leaving and we saw these kids getting busted. This cop started searching their truck for what seemed like no reason. They strted finding all kinds of pot and the cop was giving them a hard time calling them all sorts of horrible names and stuff acting like they killed someone. I remember her saying something about them getting their weed from Jamaica. We were waiting to get out of the parking structure and my window was down so I started to talk shit. There were a bunch of people around so I was being loud. The cop looked like Becky from my lab. I said, "Way to arrest people for delivering people's medicine. A law gets passed and then our bitch governor goes and delays it so sick people can't get the medicine they need, and now here you are ruining a couple kids lives and treating them like shit for deliveing what the law said shold be allowed." Everyone was cheering for me and stuff.

      Some guy walked up all pissed off and was giving me shit, telling me I'm a pot head. I told him I don't smoke weed because I have a busy life and put it behind me for that reason. He said he use to smoke weed too and us having to quit is proof that it's bad. I told him that some people are different, some people can smoke it once in awhile without smoking it every day. People are different. Just because he can't handle it doesn't mean it's evil and that no one else should get to use it. He got really pissed, and I felt threatened so we rolled up the window and pulled forward.

      We were trying to get out of this structure, but their were two cars blocking us, the first was backing up over and over and pretending to go forward and then stopping. A guy walked up and put a gun to our window. I started looking for another gun so I could prevent him from hurting my mother. Somehow I got one and I put it up to the window, aimed at his chest, and pulled the trigger. It just clicked. He started sticking his gun through a hole in the car door. I'm not sure what happened at this point, the next thing I remember is being in a back seat next to my mom with some crazy guy up front. He was apparently the true target of the police and since I had created a scene he didn't get caught. He was a serial killer. He said some garbage and I was extremely afraid. I felt like since I had to open my big mouth, now my mother's life was in danger. It was my fault. I was so angry at myself. I started searching for a way out I thought maybe this is all just a dream and closed my eyes in an attempt to collapse it, when I opened them I found myself outside and the vehicle drove away with my mother inside. I became more angry than I've ever been. I shouted, "Fuck this! My mom couldn't have been kidnapped, this can't really be happening! This has to be a dream!" I started slapping myself, trying to figure out if I was dreaming or not, I couldn't tell.

      I decided, dream or not, it didn't matter anymore. I had lost the most important person to me in my entire life and I had to get her back. I would do anything to do it, no matter how illegal. So I got in my vehicle and floored it after the car. I was going to kill this man. I got on the freeway, and began accelerating until I hit full speed. I was weaving in and out of traffic, but I couldn't find the vehicle anywhere. I went up a hill and then down. While going down I thought to myself, "I wonder if I could skate down this somehow..." All of a sudden I was riding one of those disks that you sled on in the snow. I was skating downhill on it, and would hit the uphill part right after and launch into the air. I began skating down this freeway at extreme speeds, down and uphills, jumping them when going back up. That's when I realized I was definitely dreaming. Not only because I was skating down the freeway on a sled (it would seem that should have been the duh moment) but because of the amount of air I was getting and the lack of pain caused by the fall from it. It did feel like my ankles were getting soar though, it was really weird, and that made me start to question it again haha. Basically I just continued skating until I woke up. Skating down the freeway at mach 5 on a sled disk is intense!
    3. 6/11/2011 - Knife fight in an office

      by , 06-12-2011 at 01:08 AM (TheNinja's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I am in an office room at a school next to a muddy river. There is a large mohagany table in the center of the room. I remember something about talking to coach rodriguez. I then go to the river and instead of trees surrounding me there are a series of uniform apartment buildings that look exactly the same. I remember something about thinking how realistic they look, but before becoming lucid I bump into an odd guy in a tent. I tell him I can't talk to strangers and then he starts chasing me. I run into the school (I am much faster than him), and run into the office. I tell Mr. Rodriguez, but he just says, "Fascinating," and goes into the other room. It is now dusk, and I lock the doors. The stalker tries to get in, and when he finds the doors locked, he punches throught the windows and climbs in. I crouch out of sight behind a table.
      "Ninja, I know youre in here. Come out, come out, wherever you are!" He cackles maniacally. I bumb my head against the underside of the table and he chuckles. "It seems I've caught the rabbit in its den. I see you, Ninja." He lunges for a kitchen kife and advances on me. I grab an exacto knife and take up a defensive stance. He lunges at we and slashes at my left side, and I unsuccessfully parry his strike. He slits open the back of my hand, but I manage to put a deep long gash down his calf.

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      Tags: chase, duel, knife, running
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. 6/10/2011 - Fly away, magic backpack!

      by , 06-10-2011 at 01:28 PM (TheNinja's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I am in a room that resembles a fancy hotel room, along with 10 or so other people. The door is barracaded and someone outside is trying to break the door down. There is an open window overlooking a three story drop to a manicured lawn below. It is dark out. Everyone is heading toward a big backpack type thing that is hovering in midair. most of them are crawling into the backpack, which is obviously magical, because although it is really big, it can't logically hold the eight people that are climbing into it. It is also hovering in midair.

      "Hurry up Ninja! They'll break throgh the door any second now!"
      Sure enough, the wood is beginning to splinter. I ran over to where the others were waiting, but one of the people climbed into the backpack before I got there, and when I tried to climb in there was no more room.
      I and the girl who had told me to hurry up climb on top of the backpack and hold its straps, which act as the steering (at this point, the backpack doesn't resemble a backpack as much as a speeder bike made out of cloth). We turn to the window just as the door is slammed off it's hinges by this burly security guard. I gun the engine and we shoot out the window as he yells at us to stop (it almost reminds me of the beginning of the second harry potter movie) we hit the lawn and speed off, trying to get to the exit on the grounds. The setting is now changing to my elementary school near the blacktop. We go on, dodging security and I think we escape.

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    5. Beach Blog

      by , 06-08-2011 at 06:39 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a beach of sorts. Somehow, I "felt" that it was a beach south of our hometown (Manapla), but I can't quite pinpoint, and it didn't matter anyway.

      I was traveling with some people, and I believe we were trying to run away from some people. The mood at this point was yellowish, and so is the color theme.

      Then I was in one of the cottages by the beach, and Ms. Monique was there, talking to me about business or job. I'm not quite sure. I was looking at people arriving and having fun by the beach. There was narrow "river" in front of the cottage, and I thought it was deep, until a kid ran over the length of it.

      Then I was looking for Reggie. I wanted to talk to him. I looked for his blog and left a message.

      I was also surprised that there are a lot of people there. I did not expect it to be that popular.



      Reggie (haven't seen him for more than a year, and he lives elsewhere)
      Monique (haven't seen her for quite some time)

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    6. Kids these days....

      by , 06-02-2011 at 10:54 PM (Flying Spaghetti Dreams)

      so im in an airport minding my own business and i hear some commotion from somewhere. i look to see this kid (like 8 or 9) stealing the shoes (literally) off some helpless traveller. im shocked and i want to do something about it but the kid is getting away. hes already gotten outside but when he looks back into the airport through the glass walls i make eye contact with him and point to let him know this shit is unacceptable.

      then (very much like last nights dream) shit hits the fan and i know this little gangster kid is going to beat the crap out of me. so...I RUN! another chase dream. so im running through this airport with this kid on my tail but my useless smoker lungs are holding me back and the kid catches up and he fucking stabbed me man! and it really hurt. up until now i had no idea how much real pain can be experienced in dreams.

      at this point i black out and there some kind of game over screen. it looks like a close up of the metroid helmet (not sure if the image actually exists in the game, haven't actually played metroid) and i am re-spawned sitting on a bench in this strange stone maze. i can still feel the pain from the stabbing and i lift up my shirt to see three nasty looking stab wounds. touch them and become more and more aware of the pain in my internal organs.

      i awake and still feel like ive just been stabbed and have to check my chest again hahahah
    7. The Cancelled Speech

      by , 05-31-2011 at 01:59 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was supposed to be part of a show on stage. I will be the last person to "talk," even though the show is something like dancing and singing and stuff, and I don't understand why I was just going to "talk" in the end. Perhaps I was assigned to give a closing remark, or something.

      I was observing the whole show, organized by a Ms. Mon, and I said that I'll observe first before I give the closing remark. However, I left in the middle of the show, thinking that I seem to have no room in that kind of show. I told my agent/manager to tell Ms. Mon that I cancelled my speech as we went to our room in the hotel. He told me that we'll have to pay for our hotel and food if that's the case. I told him that's not a problem.

      Then I went on an incoherent travel, in a school, with a lot of hiding from enemies in dark suits and stuff.



      on stage

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    8. 0/1 Thu: A Nightmare

      by , 04-30-2011 at 10:55 AM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      A Nightmare
      Nightmare's are rare for me. It was frightening at the time but now just interesting in retrospect. I'm outside and it's night. It's a scene like Night of the Living Dead. I'm on the back porch of an old house. There's a low fence around the backyard, maybe a graveyard. Beyond that is a bit of grassy field and then a dense forest. I'm with some other people but I don't remember who they are.

      So, I'm in the ominous setting and monsters start walking out of the forest and walk slowly toward me and the old house. It's just like the zombie mode of Call of Duty. They aren't really monsters. I know they are people dressed up in Halloween costumes. There are some ghosts, zombies, and guys dressed like Jason. The ones I remember most clearly are the big pumpkins. You know those pumpkin trashbags you fill with leaves and put on your lawn for Halloween? Like that except it's walking slowly toward me.

      Mostly I recall that the other people with me are very frightened. I am trying to keep them calm. I reassure them that they are just kids playing a Halloween prank and nothing bad is going to happen. As the monsters get close, they seem to give up because we aren't afraid and they go away. But new waves keep coming from out of the woods and we are all getting more and more nervous.

      Finally, I've have enough and want to leave. I yell at the monsters, telling them I know they are just people dressed in costumes. I walk away from the house and find a parking lot. I see my car and pull out my keys. But as I'm walking, the people are following me and I overhear them talking. They failed to frighten me with their costumes but now they are getting violent. They pull out hatchets and start swinging at me. Now I'm really scared. I duck their swings as I try to open the lock on my car door.
      I wake up. I was pretty scared for several minutes as I couldn't get the memory of the dream out of my head.

      I guess my interpretation of dream is that the violence of normal people is more frightening that the scariest monsters or places.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. First Lucid (7 Years Old, Dream Chain)

      by , 04-30-2011 at 02:20 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)
      General text non-lucid awake lucid

      I decided to go ahead and put my first lucid dream into my dream journal. I also added the dreams that led up to this lucid. These dreams happened over 3 days when I was 7 years old.

      In the first dream I had, I was standing out on my school's playground. The sky started to turn red. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at the sky. I remember there being a large cloud over us, and I think it was skull shaped. There was a sense dread and impending doom. Everyone was looking up at the sky horrified. (They looked kind of funny staring at the sky with their jaws dropped actually. ) I went back inside the school and I walked up to the library on the 3rd floor. There was another kid there staring out the window with a book. I asked, "Why is the sky red?" He responded dramatically, "The world coming to an end!"

      I woke up shortly after that. I thought this dream was kind of weird and creepy, but I didn't pay much attention to it until the next day.

      In the second dream, it was a continuation from the last dream, but it took place on the day after the sky turned red. The sky was still red this day with the large cloud in the sky. I started my dream in front of my school. I didn't see anyone around the school or on the playground, so I went inside thinking that I was late. I entered a hallway, but it was dark, empty, and a mess inside. There was still no one in sight, no noise, and no sign of life. Desks and chairs were knocked over in the hallway, there was rubble on the floor, the wall was half destroyed, and the floor was cracked. At this point I was really starting to feal fear because I felt like the last guy in the world, I was scared of whatever destroyed everything, and I remembered the kid from the last dream saying that the world was coming to an end. Despite my fear, I continued down the hallway to find my classroom.

      My dream ended and I woke up right before I would have entered my classroom. This dream felt more realistic than the last one and it was scarier for me. I even watched the sky half of the day wondering if it would turn red.

      The third and final dream continued right about where the last one left off. It started with me sitting in the dark room at my desk. There was still no living thing in sight. I again started to wonder where everyone was for a few seconds. As I was thinking about this, the lights flashed on and all my classmates and my teacher seemed to flash into view with the light. They just walked around the room and worked on a project as if they had been there the whole time. I got up from my desk and asked my teacher, "Where did everyone go?" Everyone just turned and glared at me with angry expressions on there face. As they focused on me, their eyes started to glow red. In my mind all I could think was they wanted to chase me and kill me. And of course, they started to chase me out the door.

      I ran back out into the hallway and then out to the playground. As I ran up the hill on the playground, I stared up at the sky and noticed it was still red and had the large cloud. I remembered this from the past 2 dreams and said to myself, "Wait! I'm dreaming!" I stopped at the top of the hill and turned to face the mob. I wanted to wake myself up before the mob could get to the top of the hill. Without giving it much thought, I started screaming, "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" As I said this, pictured my real body hidden behind the red sky until I could feel it. I then tried to kick my legs and lift my arms. This required a lot of effort though. As I tried to lift my arms and legs, it felt like someone was pulling them back down. When the mob was about half way up the hill, the dream faded away.

      My eyes opened and I was punching and kicking the air with ease. I was sweating and my heart was racing, but I knew I was now sitting safely in bed. I soon got really excited after that because I never had a dream where I knew I was dreaming before. As I started to get more dreams like this, I called them "super dreams" because it felt like a different side of me took over and played as a super hero. They were mostly triggered by nightmares, and this new part of me was like a self defense mechanism against nightmares. It wasn't until I was 13 that I learned there was a name for these dreams and they didn't have to be related to nightmares.

      My Thoughts on these Dreams

      Aside from the apocalypse aspect of it, that was awesome! A couple "super dreams" later, and I learned that I didn't have to run from nightmares. I could fight them! Always felt awesome. This is one of my favorite dream chains even though it was a continuous nightmare.

      I think the reason why whenever I try to wake myself up and something pulls me down is because of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis isn't my best friend when trying to get away from a mob.

      Induction Type: DILD/NILD (Nightmare Induced Lucid Dream)
    10. 26 May 2011 Dream 4

      by , 04-27-2011 at 08:15 PM (Lunar Chronicles)
      I was at the tuckshop at my junior school and I was being chased by some people from the lower grade. They were really pissing me off, and they chased me for ages.
    11. 009: Bitchy evil twin

      by , 04-22-2011 at 09:23 AM (Tides of Sleep)
      April 22, 2011

      After forgetting my dream last night, had 3 dreams tonight, one lucid. Went to bed at around 1am, woke up several times but eventually at 1:30pm. Great dreams tonight, some of the typical weird stuff that happens in my dreams. Attempted control at the end of the lucid dream, almost succeeded, blocked by some creepy projection of myself. Very memorable at the end of the lucid, very unsettling. Reoccurring people, which I've never noticed until I started this journal, and of course my dog Riley shows up again. Motifs of weird adventures, futuristic settings, otherworldly experiences, school, etc.

      Entry 009
      My first dream begins in a house. It's my house, only my room specifically seems to be bigger, with a really strange wall shape. The room sits kind of like a townhouse, on the second floor of some other apartment and only loosely attached to the main house. The atmosphere inside is just like my room-- books scattered everywhere, clashing color schemes and fabrics, random nic nacs on every surface. I'm sitting by the window, looking out at the street below. There's an eclectic shop across the road, filled with antiques and dried squid hanging from the ceiling (what?). I see a friend walk into view, maybe Sejal, maybe not, I can't really remember. She waves, I wave back then open up the window and jump down to the street. We go inside the shop for awhile. There's an old woman who looks like some kind of cartoon gypsy or one of those old fortuneteller machines sitting behind the counter, watching us like a hawk from behind her round spectacles. We leave and I go back up to my room, only to find everything either gone or covered in a white sheet. My mom comes in and said she did some "cleaning" and that she's packed up all my stuff for me to go to college.


      Another dream in similar setting to the first, only without the previous one ever happening and with the place that was my room now being a classroom. We live in some futuristic world, with tall white skyscrapers and even a couple flying cars here and there. Despite all the modernity, there are still places like the antique store with dried squid cramped along the narrow paths between buildings.

      I'm walking, then I stop at a towering building meant for residential apartments. On the first floor I can see Burell, but I'm not here to see him. I am at a different floor in the building. I ring the bell and Donahue answers. There are already some students waiting inside. I get the impression that we always have school in these residential apartments for some reason, even though the classrooms are more like personal houses of the teachers than classrooms at all. We have a lesson, but I'm hardly paying attentions. My gaze keeps shifting to the wide, floor to ceiling windows which give a panorama view of the world outside, flying cars and all.

      Eventually, one lesson ends and the majority of the students file out of the apartment. Only myself and a couple others are leftover, and we're all given instruments. We practice for awhile, then Donahue says something about us "being ready". Apparently there's some kind of festival around a bonfire today (something that seems strangely uncivilized for a nation with flying cars, but whatever...) and they need musicians so that the dancers have a beat. I leave, stop in at the antique-squid place again.

      When I come out of the shop I look up at the sky and see it's getting dark. I have to hurry to the festival. Someone or something is with me all this time, but I'm not sure what it is. When I (we?) get to the festival, all of the other musicians have already taken their places in a horseshoe of black chairs set upon a hill. I kind of lurk in the back of these chairs, but never sit down or play. I have an ominous feeling, like something sinister is happening. I see Donahue front and center playing a tuba or something like that. The people around the fire dance.

      As I'm walking back to the building, Burell sees me and intercepts. As we walk back together, I tell him I have some strange feeling about Donahue and the festival. Burell then tells me that I was right to, then reveals some dark past of Donahue's; why we have classes in his apartment, why there's a festival, why we were made to play music in the festival. When we get to the building, Burell slips in to his apartment on the first floor. As I'm standing there, staring at the place where Burell was standing only a second ago, Donahue sneaks up behind me and taps me on the shoulder. Is something wrong? He smiles.


      Final dream. I'm lucid. I'm in some kind of futuristic world, an underground society connected by dim, floating lights and wide tunnels of whooshing air used to travel. I've just moved in to a new, comfortable home and I'm inviting people over for a party. We're playing video games, watching TV and talking; just generally having fun. Eventually, however, some neighbors come over to complain. They're already holding a grudge against me for not inviting them, and so they want to interfere in our fun. I invite them in and I get some impression that I shouldn't have. Riley is here, and she's snapping at their heels. The floor is made of large multicolored tiles that light up underneath your feet and I can see myself backing away, lighting yellows, purples, reds, as they move forward.

      The dream gets fuzzy here, I think I may have temporarily lost lucidity, but I get the impression they severely beat me up and that one of them rapes me.

      When the dream comes back to me, they've switched my new home in to some kind of place of indoctrination. A bunch of brainwashed kids are sitting around me, my previous party guests, all wearing bathing suits, raincoats, tutus and other bizarre clothing. Occasionally a new person tries to enter the room and join us. If we find them attractive we let them in, and if we don't we beat them to a bloody pulp. One fat little girl in a purple bathing suit tries to come in. The room tenses. There's no way we can let her in.

      Just as we're about to strike, I stand up and shout "NO". I'm wearing some kind of cosplay or costume with a tutu and a crown. It's very scanty. I run to the front of the room and tell the girl to quickly leave, and she won't get hurt. This action seems to somehow snap the rest of the people in there room out of their daze. I notice the original neighbors look furious. I also notice they don't seem to have human forms any longer, but are more like purple shadows with glowing eyes. I run out of the house with them chasing me. Somehow I am faster or more quick-witted than they are, so I can easily escape. The problem is how determined they are. They never stop chasing me for even a second.

      I come to one of the air tunnels people use to travel in this world. There is a slight breeze coming down the tunnel, and floating in the air are things that look like orange lifesavers used on boats. I jump into the tunnel and the wind catches me before I drop to the bottom. I'm still slowly heading to the bottom, however, and I realize that you have to grab the lifesavers for the tunnel to effectively work. I somehow control the wind with my mind to blow harder, and then I'm swinging from lifesaver to lifesaver like a monkey, the wind at my back driving me down the tunnel.

      I do this for a long time, sometimes running through crowds of people at entrance to a movie theater, one time skating down an underground waterfall. I have to keep running or else I will be caught. Eventually I'm just walking through a crowd, aware that my enemies are far behind me. My lucid mind starts to wander. I remember that I need to try and control my dreams sometimes, and then I remember that one of the tasks of the month was to gather some flowers, and so I decide to create a field of red flowers. I see a door up ahead and open it. As I do a field starts to spawn ahead of me, an endless field of roses and poppies and other, unidentifiable flowers. I look back and the door is gone. I realize that there is some kind of presence with me. I look to my right and see a carbon copy of myself, grinning malevolently. "You can't control this." She says. I fall flat on my face in the field, and I can feel myself losing the dream. I try to feel the texture of the ground, like I've heard can stabilize the dream, and for a second it works. I can feel myself getting a grip back on the field. Within seconds, however, my twins face is between me and the ground and she's laughing at me. "It's already gone," she says. She's right. My eyes are flickering open, and I'm getting glimpses of my bedroom and the field alternately for a couple seconds. I try for several minutes to re-enter, but all I can see is my own face glaring at me, laughing.

      I wake up.
    12. Mansion Party and a Bear Chase

      by , 04-12-2011 at 11:48 AM (Brainy Vapours)
      We moved into a large house with a pool, I guess you could call it a mansion. A housewarming party was planned for that evening. We were rushing around cleaning the house up, especially the pool area. There was a special painting that had to be put together and hung. My cousin did that.
      After that there was some sort of Bear chase in the trails behind the pool.
    13. The Game

      by , 03-21-2011 at 10:11 AM (I Have A Dreamspace!)
      Maya and I are in a house. Mom. This house is long and narrow. There is a yellow white lighting to the place like there are a lot of lamps overhead and about. It is crowded and cluttered. We are playing a game. I cannot recall how we entered the game but there is a dark, authoritative figure present and the game begins. We are chased and harassed by two huge dogs. Like pit bull, greyhound, wolf hybrids. They have snarling teeth and dirty mugs. We are scratched and bitten but never mortally or even severely wounded. I spot a large stuffy sofa below and open window. I look to a bite/scratch on my finger and see it bloody and bubbling with pus. Out the window is another row type house and and average neighborhood. Now I am lucidly aware that this is very much got the feel of my birth house on Alberta. We jump out the window onto the stuffy chair.
      Tags: bite, chase, dog, dogs, game, pus, sofa, window
      lucid , nightmare
    14. 02/15/2011 & 02/17/2011 - "Turtles in Time, Mudfish and Swine", Fragments

      by , 03-18-2011 at 11:10 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Turtles in Time, Mudfish and Swine"

      I was one of the Ninja Turtles, trekking through an enormous house. There was some kind of scenario going on, and I had to figure out how to get passed a certain point - though I can't remember exactly what the situation was. I remember going down an embankment, into a basement or something, and getting a phone call. The phone call was from us - the Ninja Turtles - from the future. We called back in time to ourselves to tell us how to gain some super-human powers. I believe that I was Leo, and Don was with me, while on the phone talking to ourselves. By the end of the conversation, I had 'learned' telekinesis and levitation. Don learned levitation and I think something else. That last part of that scenario I remember is rushing back into battle, with our new-found powers.

      Later on, I was no longer one of the Turtles (though I still get the feeling it was the same dream), but was myself again, tossing a football around with some friends, on an enormous field. While we were playing, the field turned to murky water, and we continued to play on, about waist-deep. (I've actually played mud volleyball, in a pit like this. I've played football in the mud, but this was actually in a water-filled pit, so I'm guessing the volleyball experience is what inspired this dream.) Apparently, with the water came the wildlife. There were these fish swimming around in the dark water, along-side us. At first, a few of us thought they might have been pirhana, but they weren't. I remember reaching down and grabbing one of the fish with my bare hands, and tossing it across the swampy field like a football. Someone on the other end caught it, and they tossed it to someone else. I remember G and G (V) being out in the crowd somewhere. I ended up talking to them, sometime after the game.

      More time passed, and I was now back at my house. Some girl had come by - either CC or R - looking for bud. I'd gotten her money and went to get some for her but, while I was waiting in the car, outside the dealer's house, an undercover cop car pulled up behind us. I was riding with someone else, and the cop went around to his (the driver) side first. When he went around in that direction, I tossed what bud I had out the window on my side. The cop saw me do it, and started taking pictures. I don't remember if he actually saw the bag or not. They brought a dog in, though, and the last thing I remember is being taken inside (I think just inside the house we were waiting at) for questioning.

      Dream Fragment One:
      I was walking around my high school, with two girls. Somehow, we'd gotten tipped off that there was a bomb in the building, which was going to detonate within a matter of seconds. Immediately panicked, I became lucid. Though I knew it was a dream, I really wasn't looking forward to getting caught in the upcoming explosion, so I grabbed the two girls' hands and flew up through the roof to escape the blast.

      That's all I remember.

      Dream Fragment Two:
      I was in a truck with Joe (At least, I think it was Joe), and we were in some high-speed chase. The only thing I remember is going way out into the sticks, on a muddy trail.

      Dream Fragment Three:
      I was chasing some guy who looked like Will Smith. We were both on bicycles, and I was tailing him all around town because he had stolen his from someone. I remember following him into a Wal-Mart parking lot, and then into the building. I never ended up catching him, though.

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    15. Preparing for a Cheap Scare

      by , 03-06-2011 at 08:04 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I was chasing Austin around our parents’ old house in North Carolina. I lost sight of him upstairs, so I started checking hiding places – our bedrooms, closets, under beds and desks… I saw that it was oppressively dark in the hallway bathroom. Where else could he be but in there? I approached the shower curtain to draw it back. I knew what would probably happen, though… I would find some kind of shadow creature instead of Austin because this was a dream. My mind enjoys those kinds of cheap thrills, I thought to myself. I braced myself for the shock and pulled aside the curtain. I heard Austin’s laugh echo all around me. I couldn’t see anything in the shower except a twirling puff of smoke. Right… I walked out of the room.
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