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    1. Spooky Comp. Day 3 - on the move with brother, TK, some Fire, listening to music, summoning my Cat

      by , 10-17-2016 at 09:56 AM
      had a lot of fragments with some wakings over the night but didnt write anything down till morning.
      after GF left the house i did SSILD and felt asleep again even though it was already 8:30 and i had around 9h of sleep... cant do this every day but yea... earned a decent lucid with not too much access to memory..

      i cross a street with my brother. i think about jumping up a pretty high wall, some lucidity streams in. i see two pretty ugly women, fat and with a stupid look in their face hearing music thru earphones. one of them has one in her ear and one in her nose. all this results in me being lucid.
      i sing a song about how stupid those two are and continue to move with my bother. i dont do any RC... but i jump up the wall i saw. my brother continues to walk on the pavement. i jump down where a gap in the wall is and smash down pretty hart on something loose on the ground. i smile to my brother and repeat it one more time. i jump next to him and start using TK. with a simple hand gesture i let a parking truck behind me levitate. i wonder shortly that its so easy but i keep going and "throw" it some meters in front of me on the pavement on a cat/dog of an owner... i instantly feel a little bad. but we keep moving and the car and the "accident" disappeared. i let a older chubby man float around and turn him in air. but i dont want to do any harm so i try to let him down softly on his feet but he has problems to stop turning around and so it needs some more seconds and mange to set him down save. we continue walking and i think about how to make some points... for some reason i just dont remember my 3 step task or any of my incubated goals what so ever.
      so i decide to make some fire in my hands. as some of you know this is not a specialty of mine. while walking i imagine energy flow into my right hand and visualize a fire but its not working. to concentrate better i stop moving. and use both my hands. i hold them like i would hide a ball in between them and slowly pull them apart. i have a small flame in my right hand but i cant expand it and it turns off fast. i repeat it and my palm is burning a litte but again cant do anything with it. i concenrate a little more and now i have a small ball of fire in between my hands and while i pull them apart the fire is expanding. i hear a background noise that says something similar like " Plz dont do any fire here (so nothing starts burning) and nevertheless the pro guy who do flames is in town so there is nothing to win here" ignoring the voice i feel satisfied so far with my fire bending and i continue walking with my brother.
      i tell him i want to hear some set of Sigil. while we approach a house (of a previous dream i think) i ask him if he could ask out loud for some music by sigil. he asks and as we enter the house i hear some music. we approach a girl and i ask her if we can turn on sigil and she answers "this is sigil already" i am not sure but go with it and listen a little. i ask loud what to do now. i think about my personal goals thinking if i already did one by coincidence but i cant remember any and remember to summon my cat. i know cant say what was first. the idea of summon my cat or the black cat that sits next to the door. i see it now and think yea that is not my cat. i want to make mine appear right infront of me. i make a wipe around with my hand and blur the background a little and try to see my cat. i see some patterns but not really a cat. i stop and see my cat sitting right next to ne black one. nice i call him and he comes to me. i pet him a little and decide to wake up
      what i do

      so far not so satisfied with my commitment and outcome of the competition but i will try do to some decent daywork and incubate some cooler stuff. tomorrow i have to get up early so probably no lucid again... :/

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    2. July 30th 2016 Spacecraft, Astronaut Lucid, Sivason and Daniel Love Experiments

      by , 09-24-2016 at 07:48 AM

      Catching up on my DV dream journals, posting one LD for now instead of getting hampered trying to do one huge post compiling everything up to date.

      Sat, 30 Jul 2016:

      ~~!! Late a.m. !! Using GF incubation MILD, what I'd do got my mind thinking dreamy possibilities: Another later morning success around 7am!~~

      There is this 2 part flying spaceship-like craft, I realize after first thinking it was two separate ships, one smaller with 2 pilots and a large one with many crew and passengers perhaps. The smaller part is trying to pilot the craft out of danger and I'm down below on a platform in a giant rectangular water reservoir of some kind like an enormous swimming pool. Someone is flooding it with a ton of water all of the sudden and my platform is being swung around wildly in the water. I call up to the people in the ship what is being done and that's when I see it is 2 parts connected and I see lots of crew/people in the larger section below the smaller section. The platform I'm on is pushed against a rocky wall with vines hanging down and I start thinking I should climb out and then get the more dreamy idea that it will be easy, and then heck I can just fly up out of here. I climb with ease and then fly andI am very joyful I have been liberated from a dire situation into a lucid dream!!! I am just away from the edge and don't hesitate to jump out over the turbulent pool and think about how wow I'm really sure I can fly over it and not fall in and then I suppress some emerging doubt (Sivason's lesson: http://www.dreamviews.com/dream-yoga/139475-advanced-skill-1-suppressing-emerging-thoughts.html ) that could drop me down and make me lose lucidity, and I move on with confidence! I fly up to a few smaller buildings and then up to a larger building to see what's going on inside. Nothing interesting to see really. I start to get a few dreamscene fades where the whole scene is dropping out but I use the seeding ideas based on Sivason's but the opposite effect, flowering them instead of suppressing them - there is a time for each... and the ideas from Daniel Love about seeing patterns in things and I stabilized. I am getting very good at bringing back the same building or a building that looks a lot like the building that just faded away. I'm thinking about this while I do it and I am amazed at how well it is working and how clear my thinking is. Perhaps this is one benefit to late morning when you are closer to getting up for the day your head is more clear but the dreams tend to be more wispy so we need to incubate them and to feed them and keep them going with seeds of thoughts like "oh that didn't fade I see a tree emerging I see it for me…here!" and "that pattern over there even if that pattern is not there yet I create it and it grows." Before long my scene is stabilized. I am floating down a residential street with large 2 and 3 story properties and I see an old guy walking and I have a slight thought regarding messing around with him in some way but I decided instead to talk to him and see if he seems like an intelligent DC. I greet him and he says his name something like John Clare. I asked him what he represents and even think as I'm saying it in the dream, I think to myself that the question is not very clear if you're trying to ask something about your subconscious. The answer was he was an astronaut. I think about the astronaut reference recently in waking life and figure that's where this answer must have come from. It was an astronaut speaking on TV. I look up at this large two-story apartment house it seems it has a fairly large flame and smoke coming out the back right corner. I think I can be a hero in my dream and I fly down to see what's going on. The room next to it and the one before it look completely unfazed and I knock on the windows and tell the occupants there's a fire in the next room and I start heading down toward the fire. When I get to the window with the fire I can't see anything so I fly down to the entrance and go in the house and tell the mother of the house that they have a fire up in one of the rooms and I flew up their staircase and up to the room and lead a few other younger folks out from upstairs and down. The mother comes up and I see a tampon pad and say someone must have lit it but it looks like it's under control now. The mother says some of these birds were already here. We all head downstairs and as I'm about to leave I tell her "sure you can show your appreciation
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      There is another beauty across the way and she gets my attention. The mother, good looking in a "girl next door" kind of way starts
      Spoiler for sexual content:
      as if to bring my thoughts back to her. I tell the other one she can jump on, in a moment, but the scene starts fading and I seed the thought that she has walked over to me and hopped on and I can feel it a bit
      before I fade completely back to bed smiling big!

      The day after I noted in my dream journal: "Try heavy visualization and incubation again for late morning chance…"
    3. Searching for “Ghost Riders”

      by , 09-14-2016 at 03:14 PM
      Morning of September 14, 2016. Wednesday.

      I am using a notebook computer as well as accessing the Internet in an unfamiliar residence which is apparently where my family and I live. Our oldest daughter is present at one point and she is also using her computer. The large room does not have much furniture and I am seated on the floor, my daughter also seated on the floor on the other side of the room. The common distortion of somehow “using the Internet” in an actual notepaper notebook occurs (where images sometimes move on the paper, though not in every such dream, and in this case, actual type appears rather than handwriting).

      I try to search for the term “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. I seem to have forgotten how to perform a search, at least in a more feasible manner. I type “Ghost Riders in the Sky” with a small keyboard so that it appears on the notebook paper. I then move the computer mouse across the notebook paper to near the top of the page and watch the image of the print move in line with the mouse. I seem to remember that by doing this, it activates the search. However, nothing happens. I then reason that one has to move the computer mouse more quickly so that it creates a sort of “momentum” as the print on the paper is then somehow “flung” into a virtual but unseen search engine box on the surface of the paper. I cannot seem to do it correctly. I reason that there must be a virtual impetus setting (for the computer mouse) of plus or minus and in a context menu but I cannot remember where it is.

      I ask my daughter if she can get the search function to work on her computer. She seems to discover that the search function is offline and informs me of this. Still, I decide to try a different computer, which I recall is in a different room off to my right. There is a very large rectangular wooden table that holds six computer workstations (the narrower end of the table parallel to the doorway), both towers and desktops, each with a large CRT monitor, which are arranged as three facing outward on each side.

      I decide to use the middle workstation on one side of the table; the side where the doorway is then to my left. The search still does not seem to be working after I type in the phrase “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. I notice that the USB cable that is required for the search function to work is at an angle, halfway out of the electrical outlet (which is a white upright surge protector power board with three outlets), but tipped to the left (which is based on two absurd notions; one, that a USB cable needs to be plugged in somewhere for an Internet search to work and two, that a USB cable would fit in an electrical outlet).

      I adjust the USB cable to push it down fully into the outlet which is on my right. It is in the outlet between where the desktop computer is plugged in (left side) and where the CRT monitor is plugged in (right side). Soon, there is a sizzling sound. I am not sure what is going on. I see an orange glow coming from the monitor without paying much attention to the side of the monitor looking more like a vent with equidistant horizontal louvers. Soon, there are sparks flying out of the outlet along with a bit of fire and more sizzling from the other workstations. I soon realize that I had better turn off and unplug everything. First, I turn off the switch on the power board, but the noise and fiery glow seems to grow and spread and I wonder if I had turned it on instead of turning it off (which is illogical as I had just been using the computer). I go around the table attempting to turn everything off. There is even a power board with three outlets hanging to the left of the doorway at about chest-level, which I also turn off and pull plugs out of. My wife Zsuzsanna comes in. Our youngest son and daughter come in and playfully walk clockwise around the table cheerfully and I tell them that they should leave.

      Although the fire becomes brighter and the sizzling louder, it does not really spread that far. Each fire mostly remains inside the perimeter of each computer workstation, which is looking more and more like an arrangement of tall vents with equidistant louvers that I mostly watch the fire through. There is hardly any smoke.

      Soon, the crackling and sizzling becomes a very strange metallic music. It is firstly an instrumental version of “Ghost Riders in the Sky”. The metal of the burning workstations “plucks” the song, though is not that loud. The gremlins (from the 1984 movie “Gremlins”), though remaining unseen, are “singing” - though not the actual lyrics, just “ya ya ya ya, ya ya ya ya” to the melody, though for the chorus, they sing “yippee-yi-ay, yippee-yi-o, ghost riders in the sky…” the title being mostly muttered and somewhat indistinct as they go back into the “ya ya ya ya” verse. As I stand in the doorway, I marvel at what seems a “frozen moment” of perfection (even though I know it will cost a lot of money to replace the computers). The thin metallic plucking of the melody sounds very distinct as each louver of the vents snaps, though the workstations (and vents) still appear as complete and undamaged through the fire. (The equidistant horizontal lines of light have appeared in previous dreams, akin to venetian blinds and relating to the nature of liminal space, including with the potential of greater clarity or lucidity, between dreaming and waking.)

      Although I consider this a beautiful and unique dream (analogous to the dream-self identity as the phoenix), it carries the same core meaning (and sleeping, dreaming, and waking components and inherent symbols) as the majority of my dreams since early childhood. Firstly, my unconscious dream self seeks to return to whole consciousness (which is often the primary goal of most dream-self incarnations though in many cases the dream self attempts to “escape” from the “interference” of whole consciousness, or does not want to wake yet) through use of computer technology (as only the conscious mind has viable thinking skills or a stable system of logic). The common “return flight” aspect is here, but in this case as the “ghost riders in the sky” (the sky often being symbolic of the conscious mind as being “above” the dream self), where fire is mentioned in the actual song, fire of which represents emergent (waking) awareness (or if one prefers, the emerging sun or light of day). Orange is also a factor of sentience (and the need to wake up) between yellow and red (which also represent states of consciousness when dominant, yellow or gold being the “softer” phase and red often indicating more of a need to wake, in my case, often after sleeping a little too long, relative to circadian rhythms). The color red increases the pulse and heart rate, and raises your blood pressure in preparation for waking. Red, orange, or yellow are typically the final dominant colors in my dreams (depending on the type), where blue typically serves as the opposite, that is, dream induction itself (or the calming of consciousness which transmutes as the “sky” but focuses via the “sun”).

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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Just some non-lucid dreams

      by , 09-07-2016 at 06:52 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Killer Whales and a Forest Fire
      I was with three friends on the shore of some large lake or an ocean. It was probably an ocean, considering there was four killer whales wandering close to the shore, almost like they were waiting for us to get in the water. (I have dream of killer whales a lot. Well, I've seen them in like 7 dreams in the past 3 years.) My mind is not focused. My thoughts wander, trying to make sense of the scene and for a moment the dream becomes a mess. The gist of it was that I was in a movie. I saw really short scenes of people going into the water getting away from the orcas. I think flying was involved.

      I focus and the burst of disjointed scenes end. I continue walking with my friends. We climb a hill and sit down to talk and enjoy the view. The friends I'm with were some of my oldest, but one of them was a girl I met on 7th grade. I didn't like her that much in school, but in the dream we enjoyed each others company.

      We continue up the hill, away from the water, and enter a pine forest. My friends start to run. I notice that I have no shoes, but I still run after them. Then suddenly some bushes near me catch on fire. The fire is small enough that we could probably put it out. We look for branches that we could cover the fire with and remove oxygen from the equation, I guess. The fire dies down on it's own. Some other DCs wander around in the forest and talk about some new type of paper being problematic.

      Another Monster
      I'm outside, playing a game similar to capture the flag. The twist here is that the flag is an orange glowing cube partly inside the player who has it... and the enemy team has a monster as a player. He's a big, long armed loosely humanoid monster with glowing eyes and sharp claws. He has no mouth, ears or anything like that, just glowing eyes. His body is completely black, it absorbed all light.

      The monster is fast. I take the cube from him and try to run, while my teammates try to buy me some time. I have the ability to boost, but it takes a second to start and I have to stop to start it. The monster is right behind me so that's not an option. The monster catches me.
    5. Sturgeons, Gars, and a River on Fire

      by , 08-24-2016 at 02:24 PM
      Morning of August 24, 2016. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,146-05. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      I am with my family in an unknown location near a small oval pond of an area of about ten feet by six feet, seemingly late at night. There are no other discernible environmental features. Zsuzsanna is off to my left, our two youngest sons closer to me on my left, our youngest the closest.

      Our youngest son is fishing, but I eventually help him reel in a fish. It turns out to be a small pale bluegill (even though I had considered that there were no fish in the pond) with the hook stuck on the outside of his mouth on its right side, which is difficult to pull out. The tangibility and sense of movement and weight of catching a fish are amazingly realistic. When I throw it to my right instead of putting it on a stringer, I see a second pond, about the same size as the first, perpendicular to it and about two feet away from it. The water is only inches deep. There is a pile of bluegill about three or four high, almost covering the far half of the side of the pond, most caught within the last day or two. About a third are alive. I wonder which fish came from which body of water, but the second one is not deep enough to fish in now.

      Later, we walk near a ravine in an unknown location (where there is only part of a guardrail) near an urban area. It seems to be late afternoon. The scene is clear and detailed, with plenty of light to see at a distance. I see puddles far below and three big parallel fish on their stomachs about five feet apart, facing away from us. They are about four feet long and still alive. I tell Zsuzsanna two are sturgeons, but one is an alligator gar, but the imagery changes to feature the opposite. The scene is ambiguous, as they are similar in appearance. We teleport to the area near the fish far below. I warn our youngest son not to put his hand near the mouth of a gar, but he does after patting its back, seemingly preparing to take it home with us to eat. He appears to have cut his fingers. However, this is not the case, and he seems cheerful.

      We walk through a long but narrow park, adjacent to the road. It is late at night again. There are about five other people around (of questionable repute), and they are setting up an overnight camp in the closed park. They gather under a park shelter nearby. An unknown male in his forties, who may be lighting a cigarette, throws a lit match into the river close to where he is. As a result (and as I vaguely anticipate), the river’s surface somehow catches fire with a bright flash and tall flames, and they are startled but unharmed.

      Not wanting trouble from the park rangers, Zsuzsanna and our children, under my lead, turn to go back in the opposite direction with a steady gait, though not as if fleeing, but assertively. I am aware that there may be a game warden or two near the boat ramp directly opposite the entrance (where we first came in), but this is uncertain.

      Now we are going home. It seems to be around the same time as the previous scene. We reach the perimeter of a parking lot, about one-fifth the size of a city block, adjacent to the sidewalk. We may walk through it diagonally from here (off to its right) rather than go around at the intersection. However, the declivity might be too challenging for us to traverse, especially for Zsuzsanna to manage the pram.

      We walk through a high school instead. Even though it is late at night, students are walking on the grounds. (At least one is wearing an American football uniform.) We use the entrance and the exit but go back around and up to a fence that blocks our way. We walk around it and continue from here as I wake.

      Dream signature: Water induction, seeking correlation of dream state awareness (fishing), water lowering (melatonin mediation), vestibular system adaptation (walking near ravine), water reinduction (river), lit match and river on fire (precursory consciousness initiation; choice to “go home”; wake), liminal space entry (parking lot), vestibular system correlation (anticipation of walking through declivity; wariness of waking process as potential falling sensation), emerging thinking skills (going through high school), wall mediation (fence).

      Tags: fire, fishing, park, ravine
    6. [08-08-2016] #10th competition entry

      by , 08-08-2016 at 09:31 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a cold night. With group of people we entered some abandoned mine shafts. Looking down an elevator shaft we saw fires raging on the bottom of the mine. Suddenly we've been teleported to some kind of beach, from which we went aboard a yacht. There was a heavy storm on the sea and it thrown an enormous, black shark aborad. We've all hidden on the lower deck, while the shark was hunting on the top. One woman from the group was unable to hide with us and had to escape from jaws of the black shark.

      Second dream

      I was in school, at english lesson. It was in my current school with current classmates, though teachers were from previous one. The lesson was boring, everyone was repeating and writing down some words. I couldn't find the right page in my book, so I kept searching and searching for it. When I found it, the words were different than other's.
    7. Summer Comp. Day 2 - freeze/reverse Time, summon Sivason, Fireball

      by , 07-31-2016 at 11:49 AM
      Remembered: 5 dreams (1 semilucid) and 8 fragments; 1 lucid dream

      i move thru a street and see a bike chained to a lantern. the saddle is off and the bike is somehow filled with water. i think maybe to make it even more theft secure? i think about how to picklock it, thinking about what spell might work for it and how difficult it would be to learn it [i hear a lot of Harry Potter audiobook at the moment] i decide that i am more of a dreamcontrol guy who affects his body and surroundings instead of using spells and a wand. while thinking this i start flying instead of walking anymore and fly only a meter over the ground thru a street. and wake up.

      i am in a restaurant and sitting with some people at a table. we start eating and i am sitting at a corner of the table. the guy next to me needs a hell lot of space for his arm. i make myself as tiny as possible and eat my food. after some time i ask him if he would like me to go around the corner with my plate so he could have even more space. he declines and i make a joke like "hey but you need more space every minute, i cant see my food anymore because your arm is around it..." i smile and tap his back. he nor anybody else find it funny and i stop smiling and finish my plate... he wants some licorice and bubblegum so i stand up, go to the next room and get it for him.
      while in the other room i start to get lucid and do a nosepinch. i cant breath in but i can breath out a little with some snot noises. close enough i think and i start to put on some cloth because if i want to fly outside it might be could. i put some weird cloths on i wouldnt wear in waking but there is nothing else so... i enter the room again give the guy his licorice and bubblegum after taking two hands full of licorice out into my pocket and eating some and tell them i leave. i kind of dont know where to because i am confused where i am exactly i decide to go to the "anne ecke" a bar and tell them i wont be out to late because i am alone but i want to go drink a beer and maybe i find someone. they tell me they will message me when they leave (so i might get a ride if i like to). i leave the restaurant and go up the street. i stop and my awareness rises to fully lucid. i remember the competition and dont want to waste this lucid like yesterday! i am highly motivated to collect some points and i start with random dreamcontrol. i see some people at the end of the street and i use Telekinesis to make a elder guy fall over. he falls and rolls down the street. i instantly feel bad to do something like this to an old man and shout out: "STOP" and time freezes. i do a hand gesture and time reverses. he rolls back, stumble and walk some steps backwards. time is running forward again and i see from the corner of my eyes how he stumbles again, falls and rolls down the street again. i ignore it, go past him and stand between some DC´s.
      i make a rising hand gesture with both hands and say "you all might have superpowers now!" some of them start smiling appreciatively. i approach a woman who is holding her baby stroller and tell her to jump because she now can jump pretty high! right next to her someone jumps up like two meters. she wont let go the buggy and i tell her the guy there will hold it. she tries hesitantly and jumps normally. i tell her "no, jump higher. jump up there" and point to a window terrace at around 5 meters height. i jump with ease and she jumps up also. because the terrace is small she has some problems with balance and instantly falls/jumps back down but because of the hight he hurts herself a little. i feel a bit sad to not thinking about that and jump down without any pain.
      now i remember my incubated goals, put my hand behind my back and say "hey sivason take my hand!" a second later i feel a hand and turn around. a guy with a little longer black hair around maybe 35-45 years and some funny cloth that reminded me of a football tricot stands in front of me and smiles at me. "hmm i thought you would look different... and is this a football tricot?!" "no its not" i look a little closer and agree that it is something unique. its color is blue with some lettering on it. it has an asian touch. next to me is one of the DC´s that stood around me previously and wants my attention and to say something. i ignore him and push him slightly aside and say to sivason: "nevermind, hey i wanted to ask you, since you have a lot of experience with dreamcontrol if you might show me how to summon a fireball between my hands, something like a miniature sun" he smiles again " ah i know exactly what you mean." behind him a guy with a costume? appears i ignore it too and focus completely on sivason [i regret this a little because i cant remember how the person looked. in some way it reminded me of someone or something?]. i hold my hands like holding something in between and expand my hands a little like holding a ball. he ignites the space with a lighter and some fire appears between my hands and i form it to a ball. it is pretty weak. after he uses the lighter he moves away and i follow him. because of the moving the fire goes out again. we approach a table and i tell him "ah you use an external lightsource too... i thought i could do it without and make it appear just like that. i can do without problems lightning and water" i hold my hand next to something like an mp3 player and some bolts come out of my hand to the mp3 player and it turns on. i squeeze my hand and water drips out of my hand. " i already can do some fire when putting in some liquid and ignite it..." i show him how i pur in some water into my palm and ignite it with my thumb imitating a lighter. the water in my hands starts burning and its hot. i startle a little and shake my hand so some of the liquid falls down on the table and the fire gets smaller. sivason says something to me but we are at a funfair and it is really loud. i cant understand or concentrate on his words.
      i start loosing awareness again and look around for a calmer place. i move some meters away and look around a corner but there is a concert too, i look into a building but there is something like a self-help group. i go back to him and start getting uncomfortable and unbalanced which lead to a
      FA: i am half sitting half lying in a back of a bus and try not to move to DEILD back in. i imagine the last dream but it feels uncomfortable and crooked so i move straight and then try to get into the same position after awakening. i give up and want to note down my dream. i look around for a paper and take a something hard that is in a saran wrap. someone enters the car and i tell him i am not scared of some guy? i have another FA and wake up for real.

      to bad i lost myself in doing fire and getting distracted by the noises. i incubated a lot more after the fire but i forgot it :/

      this night was better but considering the huge amount of energy and intention and microawakenings with journaling i put in i am a little disappointed that i had only one lucid. i did two bigger WBTB´s one with a WILD attempt and one with SSILD. the first half of the night i was a little pissed because recall was tough and needed some effort. but after 5h of sleep i woke up with a lot of dreams that just like that came up. so thats okay but considering old days where i was more in practice i got 3-4 lucids a good night with way less effort... maybe within some days it gets better. i think i over complicate it with wanting to get a save lucid with techniques instead of just setting intention and fall asleep with mantra like i would normally do.

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    8. Night of July 7th, 2016.

      by , 07-08-2016 at 04:52 PM
      In this dream, Louisiana was trying to take over the United States. I was in Louisiana visiting some friends/family in a house that looked a lot like my grandmother's with my friend Sam when they started to attack. Sam and I were driving my mother's car, which was a big grey minivan. Some oil began to spill from our car and a line of fire raced up to our car. They set the car Sam and I were in on fire, and we walked back. We found a woman I guess we were friends with's home and we asked to borrow one of her cars so we could drive back home and out of the state. She said yes and we got a purple car. Now, we were outlaws or something in the house/state because we had to sneak in and out to get our stuff. Eventually I stood up and pretended to be someone else and the guard believed me and let us through. We went upstairs where we asked our siblings if they wanted to come with us, which I can't remember whether or not they did.

      I was riding some sort of thing and in front of me was a really cute guy and we randomly started kissing then the ride stopped and I went inside of a building.
      Tags: attack, fire, flee, outlaws, war
    9. 16-07-05 Conspiracies

      by , 07-08-2016 at 04:32 AM
      I was outside an ancient structure/temple at night. I had played Tomb Raider Anniversary before I went to bed. There was a square pit, and someone tossed a match in it. The pit caught fire immediately, as if it was filled with gasoline. I saw a strange round shape over a dune (the environment looked barren, desert-like, dunes and all), and told the other guy I would go and investigate. When I got to see the whole thing (it looked like... something I forgot), I knew it was part of the "set". Then, the round shape became a giant clock face on the side of a large clock tower. I went inside. The lobby looked really modern, more a hotel/company HQ than anything else. A woman at reception spoke to me. She spoke of a conspiracy involving many corporations and governments.

      I was in a tunnel, which was completely submerged with water. I had to swim, of course, but don't recall having to breathe. It all felt like I was playing a game rather than experiencing it myself. I took a detour to avoid a certain section of tunnel in which I knew monster was lurking. I had to go "AFK", and decided to park my character on the other side of the tunnel. It felt creepy to be so close to where I knew the monster was, but I knew that in a game, NPC's don't move unless provoked. Later, I found myself in a school environment. I think I was in the wrong classroom or something? I don't remember much of this segment. It's possible there was another reference to the "conspiracy".

      In the last one, I was was Samuel L. Jackson, who was a police captain from the Midtown Precinct of Manhattan - and, might I say, a total badass. We were in a very poor and dilapidated (not to mention dangerous) area further north on the peninsula. We busted through a gate, and Sam blasted several confused bad guys with his shotgun. We had the element of surprise. We fought across a courtyard, through a passage between low-rise buildings. We busted into one of the structures, shooting (I think) a scientist in a lab coat. He wasn't dead, and sat up against a wall, scared and/or wounded. The guy was an evil henchman, that much I knew. I wanted to interrogate him. Knowing we had him (and he had nothing to lose), he played ball. He spoke of a terrifying conspiracy that would shake the very foundations of the world if it ever came out.

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    10. Being a Superhero and the Great Sun Barrier

      by , 07-04-2016 at 10:34 AM
      Morning of July 4, 2016. Monday.

      At first, I am wandering about in what I first think is a business building though there are not that many people around. There had been a slight focus on catching a bus (from the La Crosse post office area - even though I now live in Australia), but my attention shifts. I see an unknown male walking towards me in the dimly lit hall. I notice in one large office I glance into that Terry O'Quinn is standing in semidarkness near a desk as if ready to go home. I say “Hello Anthony” and wave and he seems slightly startled and annoyed by my presence and simply responds with “Huh?” I keep walking thinking that I should have called him Mister Quinn. I do not catch that I had called him by the wrong name (and although he has a brother named Thomas Anthony Quinn, I got the name mixed up with the other Anthony Quinn, the Mexican-born American actor who died in 2001).

      I am now a young female flying in a loose-fitting superhero costume. My very large cape has narrow vertical red and white stripes (which is an obvious association with the American flag and its waving though I do not perceive this as such while in my dream, although a cape itself is a dream sign that represents being under a bedsheet or blanket). I feel good as I fly through an area between tall buildings. A young male approaches me from the opposite direction and he is wearing the same costume as I am. We end up on the ground where there are several other people, which seems somewhat of a family reunion in a metropolitan park. After a time, he seems in awe that I am flying without aid. It turns out that he had been held up by wires (I assume, linked to all the buildings). I can see a number of wires that are attached to him from different directions (which is an obvious play on the dream self as being a “marionette” of the unconscious state in non-lucid dreams), almost as complex as a spiderweb. Eventually, he seems angry that I can really fly and he cannot. Suddenly, I am a different character, myself as I am now. I am now apparently the father of the previous female character who is still with us. I tell him that I had flown all my life and he seems surprised and annoyed. I tell him that I had flown a lot in Wisconsin when it was too cold for others to be out, though it also seems that my family is the only one with members who can fly. Eventually, my female character is now me again, but later becomes a male flying character (though not the other male who “flew” with wires).

      In the next scene, I am going to Terry O'Quinn’s house (its location of which I somehow know though none of this dream’s settings are familiar in any way) to, I think, as a courier, get some documents relative to a business venture. It still seems to be in the afternoon. A group of about ten or more males are standing in a sparse arrangement (somewhat equidistant) in his front yard. They seem to not like my special abilities, including my flying ability, and start to approach me aggressively. I blow lightly in their direction as I am going onto the porch and somehow they are all knocked down by an invisible force and do not get up.

      I look into Terry’s bedroom (obvious dream sign; the dream self reflecting on the conscious self still being in bed), and see that he had been sleeping, and as such, he again makes a sort of frustrated “Huh?” sound. Deciding not to annoy him any further, I walk back out onto the porch, which is now perpendicular to where it had just been seconds before (that is, rotated ninety degrees to the right - and this is a long-recurring sudden illogical setting change) and facing the street instead of the large yard at the side of the house. Soon, a male in a business suit comes out to talk to me. I try to discern if this is Terry, though I ask him if he is Tony, but it is someone else. He is a younger male (perhaps about twenty) wearing horn-rimmed glasses. He is talking to me about Terry and his tax forms (relative to business) but I do not quite understand the last sentence. He says something with a very strange playful tone (though as if also being sarcastic towards me) that sounds like gibberish. I ask him to repeat what he had said and he repeats it more loudly than before. I still cannot make out what it is as it sounds more like just a fast “nyah nyah nyah” noise. I tell him in a playful though assertive manner, almost as if talking to a child, “I can’t understand you and I don’t think I ever will” and then begin to hear lightly dramatic music playing in the background as if my dream has an overhead “soundtrack”. He just sits on the wall of the porch grinning sheepishly.

      As I am walking down the street, other people are looking at the sky and something seems wrong with the sun. It is supposed to be afternoon but is slightly darker than it should be. After a short time, the sun appears as a goldfish drawing etched into the sky in bright orange strips of fire (which almost seems natural and normal). A circle of fire is around it. However, this fire seems to hit an invisible spherical barrier a short distance out from the sun. “There is a barrier around the sun,” several people begin to note and say as a small crowd gathers around near one intersection. Everyone seems concerned. I am not that concerned considering that if this were real, it would be the end of the world.

      Time passes, and eventually there are images in the sky of witches in a circle, from about the waist up, holding their hands out vertically and trying to match the fire shooting out of the now crystal ball sun by sending their own fire (from the palms of their hands) back into the “sun”, which seems to “explain”. the supposed barrier There is a loud sizzling sound that also seems to have elements of hissing, breathing, and snoring.

      What a long bizarre and surreal mixed-up dream. What is unusual is the goldfish, as a fish is typically an induction symbol (which directly represents the dreamer in the dream state), though here is the waking precursor and light-of-day symbol (dawning consciousness as sunrise and circadian rhythms metaphor). I guess this is because gold represents conscious activity in the dream state, so the goldfish oddly serves as this dream’s flight symbol (that is, the main consciousness displacement representation that occurs in the majority of my dreams). Fire represents emerging conscious awareness within the dream state and as such, sometimes causes the dream’s dissolution (unless lucid).
    11. Musical Distractions

      by , 06-22-2016 at 10:54 AM
      Morning of June 22, 2016. Wednesday.

      In the first part of my dream, my family and I as we are now are seemingly living back on Stadcor Street in Brisbane. However, it seems (or eventually becomes) more like a public venue. Our house is also a little bigger and fancier. I find myself playing an electronic keyboard in our kitchen. I am enjoying the sounds for a few minutes. My music sounds mostly like a reed organ with sustained one-note tones around the 440 Hz range.

      Eventually, I notice that I am likely annoying a group of people who are performing in a small orchestra in our living room as well as distracting their small audience. I did not even realize that there were other people in our house (other than the members of my family). There are at least six members of the orchestra. I can clearly hear the beautiful music though it does not sound familiar or recognizable as a known work. My keyboard in fact, is almost as loud as the orchestra at first. Even though these people are technically trespassing (though I do not focus on that fact) I decide to stop playing. I remain passive and receptive and eventually go to the living room and the scene shifts.

      Now I am sitting on a couch in an unfamiliar setting that seems only partly rendered. On my left though, there is ambiguity in whether I am outdoors or indoors (though the implication seems logically indoors). An unknown male of about sixty is on my right. He seems to be talking about the history of a particular musician though I am not sure who he means. In fact, he may not even be addressing me as he seems to be speaking to an invisible audience presumed to be facing our location. I have an old softcover music book with yellowed pages and scroll and seashell patterns on the cover (possibly from the 1800s) and this book may be relevant to his oration but he seems a bit distracted and perhaps he is even an eccentric homeless person. There seems to be something “off” about him. He seems angry about the musician of his speech not having an accurate representation in published works. That is, the books published on his life contain mostly erroneous details. However, it may also be that he is completely wrong about what he is saying in his speech.

      The scene changes again and I seem mostly uninvolved as I watch Burl Ives blowing on a harmonica in short intervals. The members of the orchestra at the beginning of my dream are chasing him down a hallway. Every now and then he stops and cheerfully and defiantly blows into the harmonica. The orchestra members wave their fists and continue to chase him down the long hallway and around corners but he continues to elude them, mostly remaining about three feet ahead of them at all times. Eventually, they catch on fire but still continue to pursue him, not seeming to notice or care that they are on fire. I watch the flames leaping mostly from their upper backs and shoulders.

      Now I am watching Zsuzsanna sitting on a park bench. She is looking at a small neat oblong garden bed which has smooth white stones around the shrubs and flowers. It is parallel to the bench and about eight feet away. The head and shoulders of a young male pops up from the ground, but it vibrates and quivers and seems to be a movie prop as it is pale, almost colorless, and clay-like. Its purpose seems to be to fully emerge from the ground but it keeps going down again to about neck level. Another (unknown) person to her right seems to be laughing intensely at the scene and I start to feel a strange cheerfulness as well. It seems to be part of a movie being filmed but they cannot get the prop to operate correctly.

      Burl Ives has a special symbolic significance for me. He played the skeptic and eventual victim as a result of his own skepticism in “The Bermuda Depths”, which was a movie that signified my path to my “mystery girl” as being a real character (rather than just a dream character as I had originally thought when growing up). Water and fire have always appeared in dreams he has been in. Fire usually relates to dawning conscious awareness and the nature of sunrise (as relevant to day to day reality).

      The first part of my dream relating to the orchestra seems to be relevant to a time (and as a reminder) for both lucidity and non-lucidity. Although I indulge in apex lucidity on a night to night basis (the type of dream I rarely post), I also find joy and great interest in non-lucid dreams regardless of their content and my excessive familiarity with many component types. Here, I am making music and then decide that the orchestra (the Source or the natural flow of the unconscious realm) should be heeded and heard.

      The last part relates to a prolonged waking transition. My dream goes a bit haywire. One way to look at it is that I am trying to wake up but I am too amused by the surreal imagery and cannot quite “emerge” from the unconscious realm even though I have been downgraded to a “movie prop” (a movie being analogous to the dream state).

    12. A Cat, 2 Dogs, Roommates & a Fire

      by , 06-16-2016 at 04:07 PM
      Dream 1: Non-Lucid dream fragment. Meesha was rubbing up against my feet while I was in bed & I woke up. She wasn't there in real life & she never does this, lol.

      Dream 2: Non-Lucid dream. I went to this apartment & was babysitting a small dog. The owner came home. We were talking & then we heard something coming from the back part of the apartment & these 3 people who were apparently hiding there & they found another dog there that had just been born in the back of the apartment. They were friends of the owner. Suddenly there was a fire in the back of the apartment. We put it out but it had opened up a wall & area that wasn't there before. The owner suddenly said, okay you guys can fix this part of the apartment & you can live there. It was funny.

      I listened to a soothing subliminal Lucid Dream tool while I was sleeping & I woke up in a good mood. It actually let me use the WBTB method.

      Explanation of details-Blue
      Side Notes-Purple
      Astral Projection/AP-Brown
    13. School Fire LD 6-5-2016

      by , 06-05-2016 at 04:31 PM
      I haven't had a dream set in this location before. Typically my dreams are in more familiar locations or completely fantastical.

      It was a three story brick building, like an old New York Firehouse, with fire escapes on the outside. It was a school setting, and each student only had three classes per day. I remember sitting through one of the classes, and the desks were crammed very close to each other. I was doodling on a pad as I half listened to the professor and the other students. I knew that I wasn't a student there and didn't belong, but the others accepted me. Suddenly, I had a bad feeling. I left the room and ran up to the top story. There was a fire that began, but it wasn't a normal fire. It was sentient. As I walked through the smoke and flames, that's when I gained lucidity and realized it was a dream. I put up a forcefield to keep the sentient fire back, and began barking orders at students to get out of the building and back up, because it was going to explode (even though I realize it's a dream, I still like to play it out). Some students didn't listen and I had to go back up and get them down. A couple students had their face melted off by the fire, the faces literally melted like rubber or putty to the ground. About at the point, I woke up to my alarm.
      Tags: fire, lucid, school
    14. FIRE!!!!

      by , 05-15-2016 at 08:57 AM
      My dream starts off with me working at The Boys and Girls Club, I was the server at the snackbar making and passing food to the children. It was closing time and I was supposed to start walking home. I walk outside and see a shooting star, and next to that a blimp starts to crash and fireworks started shooting off at the same time. because of the crash I hear an ambulance in the distance. Some of the children where left behind so I started to walk them home, I take them through the park and I see fire in the distance, as I get closer I see that it was a house on fire! One of the children run inside then run back out, I grab the water-hose and run inside. there was allot of smoke so I start spraying the hose, I look down and see a toddler crying so I grab him and run back outside and give him to one of the children. I run back inside and get to a recliner and see a blanket with a figure under it. I pull back the cover and find a 1 year old baby, looked dead but then looked up. next to that was a cradle with another blanket and a smaller figure. I pull the blanket and find a newborn , grab him and now I had 2 babies in my arms running back outside and give the babies to the children. I run back inside and in the kitchen I find the mother dead on the floor stabbed in the heart. (looked like a suicide) . I run upstairs and there was even MORE smoke. I hear crying in the bathroom and open the door, I found a 3 year old little girl in a bathtub of water, I grab her, I hear another cry coming from a room, I open the door and find a teenager tied up to a chair with rope. I cut her loose, run downstairs with both of them, pass their dead mother and take them to safety. I run back into this burning house 1 last time to make sure everyone was out and safe. I get to the master bedroom and found the father stabbed to death and the knife plunged into his heart and is set on fire. I came to the conclusion that The wife killed her husband then she killed herself after hiding the babies and setting the house on fire. I ran outside grabbed the newborn and cried. I had all the children surrounding me, the fire department finally arrive and end the fire. The news reporters start showing up and ambulances come to help bring the children to the hospital.. I wake up
    15. Stove on Fire in Bathroom

      by , 03-26-2016 at 09:26 AM
      Night of March 26, 2016. Saturday.

      Sometimes I think that if a dream ever rendered a setting correctly, without a feeling of bilocation, or indoor and outdoor ambiguity, or of a unique composite or changes in directional orientation or colors or other details, I would not to know what to think at all. In this dream, I am technically looking at my old family home in Cubitis yet with the idea it is our present home even though my dream occurs directly after falling asleep for a short time during a nap this night and I had not been inside that house since mid-1978.

      Not only that, the Cubitis bathroom is an altered setting as it is. It is larger to where the west wall (where the doorway also is) is long enough for both a large squarish porcelain sink and a stove (with large oven) with four heating elements, both features on the door’s right (and the right of the stove being directly near the northwest corner, it seems). The setting remains in semidarkness (with no implied light source other than apparently the hallway light). I do not focus on the east side of the room at all - I am only ever aware of the basin and stove that are next to each other. (In reality, the sink, which was much smaller than the one in this dream, was on the north wall, near the northwest corner.)

      Fire is one of my most common dream features second only to water. There have been other dreams of attempting to put out a stove fire with water. In this case, curiously enough, the fire starts from behind one of the stove’s dials (rather than a heating element or pan being on fire). The dial itself is extended horizontally outwards a bit more from the top of the stove than would be logical (or perhaps it pulled out a bit farther than intended) and the four dials are located beyond and behind the heating elements rather than above the oven.

      Concerned about this event, I flip up both switches on the wall (which are next to me, immediately to the right of the door and above the sink) even though I am not certain about which direction (up or down) is on or off (as up was always “on” in places I lived in America, but in Australia, it sometimes varies even within the same house, though up is often “off”). I “know” that the switch on the right is for the stove and the left one is apparently for the hot water availability for the left faucet/tap (which of course is not realistic at all). Still, this is illogical enough to cause my dream self to become puzzled for a short time (though not lucid). Does the switch turn off the water completely or only the hot water?

      I am able to fill a glass of water and throw it at the fire. It takes about three attempts before the fire is under control (even though it is only around the dial).

      Fire usually relates directly to growing conscious awareness within the dream state (and some fire dreams trigger lucidity), which seems validated by the concept of growing awareness of the light of day (including sunrise or dawn even though this dream was at night) as well as being “brighter” in clarity and perception. Awareness of fire seems to make a dream more vivid. As I put the fire out, my dream loses its vividness and I soon wake.

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