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    1. A Brutal Murder, Being Berated, Cars and Spiderwebs, and a School Project

      by , 07-28-2014 at 03:59 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, but it looked different. We were behind the counter. I was there with a couple of other people. There was one girl there who looked very tired. She had long, straight light brown hair and very tired eyes. She was probably about my age (25) or a bit younger. She needed a ride home from work. We got into my car. I was kind of tired too. The car was driving, but I noticed that I was sitting in the back seat with the tired eyed girl.
      "I should probably be sitting in the front," I said to her. I stopped the car as we were going through this gate and got in the front seat.

      Then, there was this lively old woman with us. She was quite energetic. She wanted us to drop her off on the side of the road so she could walk to her vehicle. We did just that. We got out though as well. We were walking on the sidewalk with this woman. She had a cane, but she wasn't using it. In fact, she started to jog! We couldn't keep up with her. We then were approaching her vehicle, or at least what we thought was her vehicle. It was a golf cart. It had a black bag with a big bow on it strapped over the seat. I thought she had been very trusting to leave that outside. Upon further examination, the golf cart had this HUGE control panel. It was so big, it took up the entire front window; you could not see out of it at all. I figured that maybe it drove itself. The old woman sat down in the seat, and was wondering how you worked it. I guess it hadn't been her vehicle, but a special vehicle that the public could use to get from place to place. There was a guy there that I assumed she was asking. We walked past her and the cart.

      I dropped the tired girl off, but noticed something as I was driving. I noticed that the cart with the lady had not moved, but there were dead bodies strewn on the street by the car, about three or four of them. Holy crap, someone came and murdered them! I thought maybe a fight had broken out and gotten taken too far. I returned to the area where the cart was and saw what I had feared: The old woman was dead, along with a few others. I think I asked someone who was there if she was dead, and they said yes. I told them I had seen the scene from a distance. I started to cry.

      Then, one of the people whom I thought was dead, a blonde guy who was probably in his twenties, opened his eyes. He looked like he was in so much pain. He said nothing, but his eyes told me everything. I was broken down crying now at this point, kneeling on the ground. I started to stroke the guy's knee to comfort him. I was so happy he was alive, but I still could not stop crying. It was then that I noticed that all the other people were literally torn apart; I saw someone's head detached from their body, an arm, and other torn apart body parts. The man with his eyes open in front of me was the only one who was not torn to shreds.


      I was going to my friend Cherie's apartment. It was daytime outside and sunny. My husband may or may not have been with me, I can't quite remember. I think we had just gotten back from a vacation.

      We got to the apartment. It was much different than IWL. It was more of a town home than an apartment, and was white and clean on the outside. There were many others that looked the exact same, as you would see in a town home community. I went inside, and Jeremiah and Cherie' were there in the living room. I went into the middle of the living room.

      Then, I noticed Cortney D., a supervisor from my old job. She was standing behind the couch (at this point the apt looked a lot like my current one IWL). I "remembered" that she lived in the same complex as Cherie'. She had her hair pulled back into a small ponytail, and was wearing a black shirt with a colored shirt (can't remember the color) underneath; it looked like an outfit she would wear to work. I was excited to see her, because I always really liked her, but was afraid she would be mad at me because of the way I quit. I got her attention, and she said
      "Krista." She walked up to me with a sense of urgency. She continued,
      "Why did you do that?!"
      I tried to explain to her how awful that job was, how bad I felt we were all treated there, but she kept countering me, asking me what did I expect, it's retail. She then stormed out. I was sad that she was angry, and I kept thinking of other things I should have said, but none would have made her feel differently. I didn't understand how she could continue to settle for such a crappy job.

      Other things happened after this. I remember leaving the apartment, but nothing else.


      I was driving to my old college's campus in a new car. It was a dark grey sedan, and very nice-looking. I felt weird and tired. It was morning. I don't know why I was going there. There was some kind of big event taking place.

      I parked in a gravel lot, and walked over to where the buildings were. I sat down on a bench underneath an overhang. I noticed that lots of college kids were walking around dressed up like it was Halloween. I saw people in knight costumes, and I think some Mortal Kombat costumes as well. I did not know what was going on.

      I then realized that they were in the marching band, and today was the day that the college hosted Contest of Champions, a high school marching competition, and that they always performed a show at intermission in their Halloween costumes (this is true IWL). All the college kids then started to dance with each other. It was like they were a flash mob; they all just seemingly spontaneously started to couple off and dance. I knew that they had planned it.

      I got up to go back to my car. I went into the field where the cars were. There were many, many more now. I clicked my clicker on my keys, and some tail lights light up, so I figured I had found my car. But then, another man, an older, heavier black gentlemen, got in the driver's side. Whoa, I thought, there must be some mistake. I opened the trunk to the car, which was actually more like a minivan than a sedan. Not my car after all. I felt embarrassed for trying to get into another person's car, though he did not say a word to me about it. I kept walking.

      I kept on clicking my clicker, and I noticed that when I did, other cars' headlights would flash. What the hell? How was I ever going to find my car now?

      I then was at an impasse, literally. I had approached a fenced in area. The fence was wooden and old, and actually relatively short. The only way I could get to the other side of the fence was to open up the old wooden gate. I then called an old friend, Tori, and asked her about the car, because I knew that she had had a car like mine. She said that hers had done that too, unlocking other people's cars instead of hers. When I got off the phone with her, I went to go open the gate, but it was covered in spiderwebs! I could not get a hold on it without touching one. I saw the webs up close, and noticed that lots of ants had gotten caught in the web. I saw one get caught in it towards the top of the fence. Ugh. So gross...I hate spiders. So I looked all over the fence for a place I could touch it without getting web on my fingers, and there was none. I put my hand on it regardless, and immediately took it away again. I saw the holes in the web where my fingers had pierced it. I then briefly opened the gate, but I couldn't even go through it without walking into webs. It only opened on the bottom anyhow; I would have had to push to get it to open all the way. I considered climbing the fence. I don't remember if I ended up doing it or not, but I knew it was an unacceptable thing to do for some reason.

      Then, I was in some sort of bakery/coffee shop on campus. The interior was all wooden, and since it was summer, there were only a couple of people there. I thought maybe it was closed for the summer. I then noticed the manager, a middle-aged woman, standing in the doorway talking with another woman who looked a bit younger. She was blonde with glasses. I thought to myself that the manager must have to be here every day, even during the summer when their hours were limited. The table I was sitting at was one with Eileen, a woman from my old job. She was a regular there. I think she was eating doughnut holes. She was talking to me about coming to that place every day for breakfast. I don't remember anything else from the conversation, but we talked a bit. I think I also ate a doughnut hole. It was glazed. I think they were homemade.


      I was working on a project for a class at my apartment. I was working on it on the bed. It was supposed to be a circular cut out with whatever we liked to put in it in the center. I decided to do mine like a collage, with cutouts from magazines in it. I was going to put some pictures that I had of me, friends, and family on top of the magazine cutouts. I also was painting it. I had painted the edges of the circle green, but noticed I had gotten some paint on the sheets and on the pillowcases. Nothing I could do about it now, though. I painted some shades of blue on the inside as well, and noticed that I had made the top of the circle a light blue, and it gradually faded to a darker blue. It wasn't my intention, but I liked the way it looked.

      I had made the inner circle separate from the outer. The outer was a cut out of some construction paper that I painted green. I made the entire inner circle, and put the outer circle around it to see if it had the correct measurements. It wasn't perfect, but absolutely workable. The outer circle was a little big or small at just one area, the bottom right corner. I knew it wasn't going to be a difficult fix. I think I asked my husband about how it looked. At this point, it kind of looked like a pokeball.

      I kept thinking about the assignment, and wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not, but I didn't remember the teacher, who was the black man from my precious dream, saying anything too specific.

      Someone else was then in the apartment, a girl who was also a student. I asked her something about the assignment, about the specifics. She wasn't sure either.


      You might see my recall of last night and say "Damn, Krista, you must have gotten some good sleep to have all these dreams." That would be my first thought too, but I actually did not sleep well at all. I kept waking up every hour, and would have a lot of trouble going back to sleep. I know I dreamed way more than this too, but these are the only ones I remember. My husband also was having trouble sleeping, and he had a lot of vivid dreams as well. We made turkey burgers last night, and never have made them before. That's the only thing I can come up with for why neither of us could sleep, and we both had super vivid dreams.
    2. The green Chicken

      by , 07-03-2014 at 11:30 AM
      The green Chicken


      I run arround in our with my friends and dream about being lucid. We decide to go home. We open a browser and open gmail. We mail a teacher of ours if she would like to meet up.
      Weīre back in our school, but this time it looks different, weird and longer. My dad stands with a group of teenagers. He shows an american buddy of mine how to fight. They talk about head-budds. Were about to leave when my dad and the teacher we mailed come running in our direction. They tell me full of panic that I am wanted for steeling a chicken. I start laughing and ask what color it has. They tell that it is green. Before I can say anything
      I wake up
    3. Found egg, and green snake staring

      by , 05-27-2014 at 07:44 AM
      I had a dream couple of weeks ago, where my Aunt told me that she found an egg in the basement where we used to have in a hen house. So, I went to the basement and found the egg. When I picked up the egg, I saw a green snake beside me, just staring. I stared back, and then woke up.

      Few days after I had this dream, I was at that same house (in real), and my Aunt told me she found an egg, and I picked it up and threw it away, since it was too old (several months).

      How can that dream be interpreted? And does finding the egg in reality have anything to do with the dream (or even throwing away that egg)?
    4. Runway

      by , 04-14-2014 at 04:00 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #200: Runway

      Iím walking out through the exit of an airport when I realize that Iíve left my cell phone inside, possibly on the plane. I want to turn back to get it but Iím feeling disoriented and canít find my way back inside.

      Now Iím walking along the runway as planes taxi back and forth around me. I know that this is a bad idea but I canít figure out what else Iím supposed to do and I wonder why they make airports so confusing. A plane rolls by on my right, uncomfortably close, and as I cringe away from it,
      I realize that this is all a dream.

      Calmer now, I walk along the runway toward an odd series of doors set into a metal frame. The frameís set up right next to a long patch of grass and seems to lead nowhere, but when I walk through one of the doors, now Iím standing in the lobby of an ornate hotel.

      Thereís a fancy, circular bench covered in some sort of red pillowtop. I walk around it to the foot of a grand staircase. For some reason I decide not to go up and I walk down a hallway around the side of the stairway. I realize that a group of people including my cousin SU is following close behind me. I donít turn to address them but instead continue on slowly and deliberately, enjoying the vivid, stable feel of the dream.

      I come to a large glass window and I move toward it to phase. As I approach, I vividly see the reflections of SU and the 2-3 others behind me. I take the phase slowly, marvelling at the detail of not only the reflections behind me but the sensations of the phase itself. The glass feels like a cool, insubstantial liquid as I pass through it.

      I make my way into a busy, two-floor restaurant. Itís a fancy place and I stop to study it. I notice that the waitstaff is all women in their late 20s or early 30s wearing a long brown ponytail.

      I remember some snatch of an earlier Task of the Month that I think has something to do with wearing green. As I recall this, all of the waitresses turn to look at me for a moment, all of them now dressed in green pants and a white dress shirt. I notice no transition to the green pants. Itís just as if this is what theyíve been wearing the entire time. I know that Iím not remembering anything relevant about any task, so I let it go and the waitresses turn their attention back to the other DCs in the restaurant.

      I walk up the carpeted stairway to another row of tables full of nicely dressed DCs enjoying dinner. It doesnít look like thereís a free table in the whole place. I walk along for a bit, wanting to explore further, but
      the dream ends.
    5. wonderland and cooking competition

      by , 01-09-2014 at 12:01 PM
      1. I was on some spiritual travel. It is hard to describe.. everything was green and brown.. weird looking stone buildings, caves.. elephants were crossing roads.. and everywhere i went i always ended in a shop where they sold coffe.. and a girl came in everytime in that shop. this dreams were quite long.. but ufortuantely i cannot recall them so good.

      2. Fragments I was thirsty and i opened kitchen element doors.. they just fell off.. then started to pure water into a glass.. and the water was hot for a long time before cold one appeared.. and i was watching a music video.. which transformed into a weird porn movie.

      3. I think i was in a cooking competition. I guess i was in the finals, because there were only 2 of us left. My competitor was a really nice looking indian girl. She was teaching me how to make a chilli powder. She used oil and chilli together until the mass started to crumble.. and some curry i think.. but she started to hide it from here. And later i was selling chilli with an automated machine. I was working as a helper, because no one knew how to use that machine.. but of course neither i could use it. All the buttons were written in cyrlic alphabeth (russian) which i can read partly but not in this dream. And a japanese woman was trying to buy the chilli. and she was getting restless because it took so long. And she didnt have her own bottle to put it in. .so i had to charge her some extra for this.. and i always forget what she ordered because it took me so long to read those buttons.. And then it was another exam infront of a chef.. I was told to skin the chicken. ANd it was not a chicken at all .. it was some weird beef meet. And i skined it quite good.. but of course not good enough.. so i was listening to another lesson how i failed the chef.
      Tags: cooking, girl, green
    6. Lucid Twice Over

      by , 10-27-2013 at 06:18 PM
      The dream began in my bedroom. The moment I opened my eyes and looked around I knew I was dreaming. As usual I rushed to the window and climbed out (somehow this always seems the logical course of action o.O no doors for me). The landscape beyond my house was very different, so beautiful. The grass was lush and green, there were patches of tiny purple flowers everywhere and those patches are abundant with life, even the insects are a similar shade of delicate purple. I walk around the side of the house, there's a sharp wedge of land jutting upward like a ramp alongside the highest level of terrain. It's wonderfully green. There's a gap on either side of the ramp, so I have to climb carefully. I can hear someone moving around above. I'm curious and start to climb. It's too steep to walk upright, and I have to use my hands. There's a thick lacework of roots attaching the high level of terrain with the wedge of land I am on. I use the roots to steady my climb, and when I get to the top I think I see a gap large enough for me to pass through. Large trees line a lawn that someone is mowing. I pass to the other side of the gap, a trick of light making it seem like it's on the point of the wedge. When I realize my mistake and go to the other side, I realize there is no gap. I take the roots in my hands and try to part them, but they refuse and I only succeed in breaking them from the earth. I've put all my weight on the roots, when they come free I start to fall into the narrow gap between the cliff and the wedge. It is a very long drop. I tilt my head back and remind myself not to be afraid because fear would be admitting that some part of this is real, and if I believe it is real then the impact could hurt me. I close my eyes, feeling the air around me as I plummet to the ground, holding onto the roots, wondering when they will become taut. My feet hit the ground and I allow myself to crumple into a roll...

      My mind sinks to another layer of sleep. I get out of bed and try to turn on the lights, the switch feels like rubber and keeps collapsing under my fingers, the lights won't come on. Disconcerted I lay back down. Someone else goes to try the lights and I explain that the switch is broken. I hear something moving on the other side of my closed door and I have a slight shift of perception. My boyfriend retreats a step from the door and I get out of bed just as the door slowly swings open. I make the sun rise so daylight floods the room. The shadow in my door remains a shadow, all hard edges, the suggestion of claws and teeth and horns. It is tall, taking up the entire doorway, and is carrying a hatchet. It kills him before I can react. I cry out and rush forward, disarming the creature with a quick swipe of my arm and killing it with its own weapon.

      I'm a little unclear what happened next. I walked down the hallway and killed another shadow goblin. I end up in one of the houses I grew up in. I make the sun rise again so that the eerie dusk light is gone.

      I wake up and roll over and I find I want to return to the dream. So I do. It's a combination of the two, I'm in my bedroom. I make the sun rise. I tell my boyfriend to stay away from the door and pick up two knives that are laying on the floor. I open the door and kill the thing on the other side, saving my boyfriend's life.
      "How did you know it was out there?"
      "I've already done this. Since I knew what would happen I came back to save you."
      "Want to see something pretty?" I say, smiling. I hand my boyfriend the creature's hatchet and open the window. On the other side is the beautiful green terrain with patches of pale purple flowers. "Come flying with me."
      "We can't fly..."
      "Sure we can. Do you remember why?"
      "Because you're dreaming?"
      "That's right. Because I'm dreaming."

      I briefly remember returning to the wedge of cliff and my vision going dark and then being replaced by my room. I close my eyes and take a few breaths, I can still feel the dream. I can even still see a little green.
      I think "That was good advice they gave me about stabilizing the dream, just close my eyes and take a breath. Allow it to continue, don't force it to."

      I don't actually remember getting that advice, but it makes sense.
    7. Shooting for the Stars

      by , 09-17-2013 at 01:13 PM
      I been here before... This was a home where I resided after a long drive through the great plains surrounded by a tremendous forest filled up mostly with roads! There were so many layers one could come by driving all the way through it. Each layer of road would take you higher up until eventually you reach the clouds fogging some of the roadways up there. Fortunately, I was at the very bottom and at the center of this gigantic stadium of roads.

      There was a home located there, I've been there before. It made no sense to me how I got there, but I paid close attention to how it felt being back at this same place.

      Unlike the other dream, there was no one at the residence this time. This time, I'm leaving the land and I'm only back here to make sure everything is fine before I go. I saw the same layout of the home as I did in the other dream. I didn't have time to check for specific items or details of the room, so I continued my way outside, where I had discovered a new place to explore.

      I walked outside to see if I found anything interesting. I saw parts of the gigantic stadium of roads, and I also saw a group of women outside the home performing religious chants. I also noticed the weather changing slightly from sunny to a bit misty. I walked past the religious people and made my way towards one of the most beautiful scenes I see in a lot of my lucid dreams!

      Once I entered a new scene, I noticed a whole class of students walking towards the area I was heading to. Some of these people, I already know but a few others, I do not. We were walking on grass now, beautiful, brightly green covered grass. We walked alongside a fence that eventually led us to a dead end. At this dead end, there was a wall set horizontally from it. This wall had a faded yellow color to it. I also noticed that this wall led towards a gap between one side of a fence, the one where me and the class where standing by, and one end that was about 20 feet away from the fence next to us. This made me recognize something. I looked up to get a better look at the view across the other fence and noticed a big green, grassy field, along with a set of buildings and playgrounds beyond it. At that moment, I realized I was at Fairfax Elementary School.

      Fairfax is like the death bed for me. Dreaming of this place over and over again, experiencing astonishing events with past relationships with people, and remembering it to be the beginning of my timeline, I am truly motivated to keep lucid dreaming to keep my spirits up.

      I stood on this field and witnessed its wonderful moments of peace. Me and the others had then finally decided to go back home. There were people I seen across the field around the playgrounds. They all clapped their hands as we were heading towards the back of a school. We all clapped as well. I raised my voice and began shouting out of happiness. My voice raised the excitement from the others on the playgrounds. We would longer able to see them after entering the exits of school grounds.

      Although it may not seem so beautiful now, this next moment had me really joyful minutes after waking up from the dream, especially when I was in it. I saw one end of the school to my left and the other classrooms at my right. There was also a forest in the direction we were heading. I noticed a lot of vividness at this time. I paid close attention to the quietness of this area, as well as how many people were there at the time. There was a janitor walking around the back of the school and a few other students walking towards their classes. I heard almost nothing while I was walking past this scene. I ponder over it only because this was the first school I ever attended, and I happen to dream a lot of it. If I could, I think I could thoroughly remember what it all looked like...

      Before I knew it, I entered the forest and discovered a new set of fears that eventually made me want to wake up out of the dream.
    8. Pokemon Bodyguard

      by , 08-12-2013 at 06:19 AM
      Dream 1
      I'm in a little flat, my dad's house. My uncle and cousin are visiting. My uncle J was unable to bring food, so my dad bought food for dinner (tacos?). Later that same day, not too long after we'd last eaten, J brings in a box of pizza that he'd bought. He seems proud of it, as if it was an accomplishment.

      Whenever they first came in I am oddly embarrassed and can't look my cousin straight in the eye, and vice versa. We talk while focusing on something on the table, and making offhand comments.

      Anyways, J had brought in the pizza, but I was already full from the previous meal. I ate two or three pieces and started feeling guilty because it wasn't too healthy, and the pizza wasn't even that good. It had no taste. But I thought, what the hell, and grabbed another slice. Then I dumbly made a comment about how the pizza wasn't as good as the previous meal, or something that implied that. Uncle Jeff hesitated, looking upset, and I backtracked as fast as possible, feeling like a retard.

      Lucid Dream 2
      I'm sitting on a chair in a baby blue room. Something happens that I find suspicious, and I think, "This is something that would happen in a dream." I see myself in third person as I do a nose RC, which easily turns up positive. I immediately stand up and start to fly, outside.

      Unfortunately I don't remember most of what happened. I flew along the road, heading south from my dad's house. I started to imagine scary things, just after I dropped something I'd been carrying, maybe a bandanna. I looked behind me as I flew and thought, "Wow, that'd be terrifying if that tree came alive and ate that bandanna". The tree's roots reached forward and grabbed it, twisting around. I saw a black, pumpkin-face in the bark. This really terrified me. I started shaking and was really scared, and my fight-or-flight instincts were activated. I was just about to bolt and probably cause something to start chasing me. Fortunately, a voice in my head told me to calm down and fly quickly.

      I remember searching for a partner, and smirking at someone as I quickly took off my pants. I was pleased that I could actually feel my pants, tight around the waist, and actually had to shimmy out of them. In most dreams everything happens in a blur; I want my pants to be off and they're off. Or more often than not, I don't even register that I had pants on in the first place. I want to fly and I'm instantly in the air, not even getting the pleasure of starting to run and then taking off. Everything happens too fast. But in this dream I was wearing my old pair of skinny jeans, the pale gray ones. I kept on trying to speed up my flying but it didn't work.

      I remember flying without any care, but also being slightly worried about a dark creature approaching me. To curb my fear I held out my hand and imagined a pokeball. It appeared, and I grabbed it out of the sky. I used it to capture this gigantic, hulking, furry creature with a snout. It seemed to be some sort of real-life Tepig (minus the real-life). I threw the ball, and the creature disappeared in a flash of white light into the open pokeball, which then quietly closed. I threw the pokeball again and the creature appeared in front of me, except I wasn't afraid of it anymore and it seemed to protect me. It made me feel safe. It ran behind me on all fours, snorting and bucking its head. It had these huge tusks and a wet, pink nose.

      I realized that the Tepig had been missing for a while, probably because it had been behind me and I'd forgotten about it. I told myself that I'd let it run in front of me now so that I wouldn't forget about it. I held my hand out and imagined the shape of a pokeball, again. It appeared, faintly. I 'pulled' it into life, and it popped into 3D. I grabbed it and threw it, and Tepig popped out.

      A witch trapped me and kept me tied under something. Every time I tried to escape my heel got rubbed raw. I finally did succeed in escaping, but my achilles tendon felt so weak that I had to limp and felt as tho it was broken and bleeding. It really did feel rubbed raw. This all occurred sometime after a popular girl's birthday party.

      I remember being inside a trailer and pausing for a moment. I look over and see cake piled on a white plate. I feel disdainful for a moment, but then think why not and pick one up. Something made me think that it wasn't going to taste good, I think that the edge was burned or the plate was grimy. The cakes themselves were good looking, with pale rainbow colored M&N's. I tried it, and couldn't taste it. It was as if my taste buds were miles away, it was really weird.

      I tried to find a city full of people to play in, but didn't succeed. I did manage to conjure a few shops and around fifty people, tho.

      I was flying with someone and remembered when I'd flown into a green lightning storm, but wasn't too scared. It's seems to always be too dark in my dreams. Always a dark, cloudy sky.

      I see signs along a road and read them as I soar along, while thinking of my first real lucid dream. The letters are strange, they seem to be shapes similar to hieroglyphics. Anybody know why I can't feel or taste things in dreams?
    9. 2013, July 28 (Sunday): My house was a wreck; Then, Is this "Heaven" As it were?

      by , 07-28-2013 at 01:50 PM
      There are some deep (And "Above") Ones here this morning. I do hope you accept them as what they are, For that is what I posted them for.


      Earliest dream I recall now:

      I went into the kitchen of my house and the gas stove was on quite heavily, Blowing flames out the front and I didn't turn it off but scooted past it so I'd not be burned. The water-boiling kettle may have been on too. I then went into the basement and my Father said something about a support to the building or that it was removed. Part of the floor had fallen through into the basement and there were no stairs to the second floor in the hallway now; There was a way to get into the first-floor hallway from the basement as well as the second floor, Though. I went to the second floor and there was no stairway to the third floor so my workshops were inaccessible along with the heavy tools.


      The basement seemed bigger than it is in waking life.

      The house as a whole was still standing but it desperately needed repaired.


      Second dream:

      I do hope this is OK to post here. I was on a **** site, Sitting at my computer with the curtain open and a thought which was "Perhaps I should close the curtain" came up and I was about to M--------e with a sock - I seriously did not realize I was asleep, Things seemed so real - And then I thought "God said none of that!" And I woke up. (This is the turning point.)

      Then, I fell back asleep and the third "Dream" Happened. I'm not so convinced it's actually a dream now.


      So, I was in the "Office" room (On the second floor) and my car was there along with my dog. Later, I went into the hallway and my dog was there too, Laying on a box that may have had CDs in it. We went downstairs and my grandmother was in the kitchen - She died in late June 2012, For you readers who weren't aware - And she asked if I missed her and I said yes then she started talking to me about some things and they're not all recalled now. My Father was also in the kitchen but in hindsight he may have looked younger in the dream. My Mother was also there in the dining room at first (Which was not as clean as it could become - It was cluttered.) and Grandmother said something about Mother's van windshield fogging up and also of "Bad Bacteria" and things that look like food which are actually people. For some reason I then saw hot dogs and not sausages. She turned into my mother later and I think talked some more and I saw some deep green bananas on the kitchen counter and one had a "Medicinal" Sticker on it.

      My dog was in the kitchen too and at this point I must admit I was somewhat "Lucid" Yet somewhat not "Lucid". It was as if my vision was not fogged up so much and I could see but I didn't go and start "Controlling the world around me".

      Anyway, I went outside or was outside and there was a tall fence around the house. I wonder if I put it there? Anyway, I looked out around and I saw green plants and plains in a lot of places around the house and I said, "There's green everywhere!". As I looked around, I noticed that the house of my next-door-neighbor wasn't there and I was rather sad about that and I looked off into the distance but I don't think another neighbor was there either - And he goes to the same local Church that I've attended, I note - Then, I saw the equivalent of the main road that goes through the town I live in. Some people were going around in white clothes and I thought I'd wave to them and did but I don't think anyone saw me.

      Then, I saw a little kid - He may have been about four or five - Standing on the fence in a corner and I thought I'd talk to him. I don't think I did but then a lot of other kids started climbing over the fence and onto it from both sides of it and I looked to see if I could recognize anyone that I recalled off the top of my head, But I didn't. Then, I was a bit confused as someone stuck my fingers in her mouth - And somewhere at about this point, A short-haired girl talked to me and I also looked towards the house and saw some people by a door, One who was sitting - And I don't know where I got a hat from but apparently someone took it off me. I then got off the fence and on the ground and someone took off a sandal I was wearing and my foot may have touched the dead leaves on the ground and I woke up.



      - Have you ever woken up and felt as if your vision was cloudy compared to how it was in a dream? I have, And this last dream is similar. With what my Grandmother told me in mind, Possessions also have people's hands tied in with them so how many people do you have "Invited in your room" Now through connections with stuff?

      - And years ago I thought that the whole "Heaven and Hell" Thing has something to do with dreams. And, Even in July of last year after my Grandmother had died I'd been having dreams of her and was surprised and relieved that she wasn't dead.

      - I changed the title from "My house is a wreck" to "My house was a wreck" on December 14 2013

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    10. Uncomfortable

      by , 05-01-2013 at 05:25 PM
      I don't think I want to recount the first half because it was kind of...pornographic and that makes me uncomfortable. The last half had to do with a clothing store/sewer. The scenery was vivid at the time but I can't remember it now. I try to get past this young woman and her friends. She keeps making fun of me.
      "Why don't you like me?"
      I see myself as she sees me and I'm a little disgusted. I've always been well endowed in the chest area, but to her it looks grotesque. I'm wearing a pale green shirt, my breasts look huge.
      "You're disgusting, that's why." She looks me over critically and I feel a stab of shame. "You're not even wearing a bra!"
      "What do you mean, of course I'm wearing a bra." When I see myself from her point of view it's obvious I'm not, but as soon as I say that I am. She grabs one of my breasts and I slap her hand away.
      "Fine, turn around." She rolls her eyes and exchanges a meanly amused look with her friends. "You're not wearing it tightly enough."
      I frown and I decide to leave. She mutters something and I yell back at her.
      "I'm only a 36--" I realize that isn't true, "A 3...a 32G."
      "She can't even remember her size, obviously she's lying."
      "I'm not, you can look at the tag on my bra if you don't believe me."
      "That isn't necessary."
      "Why do you have to be so mean, I only wanted your help. Is it so difficult to help someone instead of ridiculing them?"
      She frowns and stares at the floor then smiles a little, it seems genuine.
      "Fine. Whenever you get to the end of the road, go and see Dr.______, he can help you."
      "Thank you so much."
      "Whatever. Don't talk to me again."

      I remember pushing a cart through a clothing store and thinking that I need to buy some shorts for summer. I wonder if they have anything I like.

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    11. Blue

      by , 03-12-2013 at 02:22 AM
      I'm having some trouble remembering this one. I was at work, following a storyline about a murderer. An old story that matched up with current events. Something about a bloody pipe?
      I run around a corner by the garden doors and there's a man kneeling there gathering items he had dropped. He gives me an embarrassed smile. I'm stricken by the similarities between him and the dream character Liam, what I call a Liam echo. Meaning that he shares features with the DC, even evokes the same emotions, but I know it isn't him. Even kneeling I can tell he's tall, his hair is dark red. He has the same general face shape, eye color, smile.
      "I almost ran over you." I say as I pass him, I hope he thinks I'm pretty and then I'm annoyed with myself. I'm taken, I can't think this way.
      "No worries, I'm the moron on the floor."
      I keep walking fast, I want to go back to talk to him, but I have to follow the storyline of the dream.

      I'm outside, walking with a housing agent and my friend L. We're looking for a place to live together. We find an old apartment building, there are two apartments near the back and right next to each other that are for rent. We think it's perfect.

      I'm standing in a bathroom, looking in the mirror. I'm blue all over. A deep sky blue. The color of Liam's eyes. My hair is slicked back, also blue, in a long braid down my back. I'm wearing a matching blue dress with oblong gold beads at the waist and in intricate patterns down the skirt. It makes my eyes look a glowing, impossible green. I turn to my boyfriend but he isn't paying attention. "Hey, look how green my eyes are." ((I'm amused that neither of us care that I'm painted blue))
      He still isn't paying attention. I lean close to the mirror and look at the brightness of my eyes. "Hey, look how bright my eyes are!" I say to him again. He waves dismissively and goes back to whatever he was doing without looking at me.
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    12. Mantras in the Green Valley

      by , 03-08-2013 at 04:11 PM
      I was talking with NewArtemis yesterday about mantras and lucid dreaming and apparently the conversation stuck... well, for me at least. Popped a B6 and chowed down on some raisins before bed and got this pair of dreams. This is really a micro-lucid followed by a full LD, but they're so related that I'm just journaling them together.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #74: Mantras in the Green Valley

      I am in a large, brightly lit room of white marble. There are a lot of strange, rectangular foam blocks lying around. I decide that they represent sleep cycles or maybe chunks of REM. I say out loud, "You will have a lucid dream!" I feel like this mantra is very important. Who am I saying this to?

      Now I see NewArtemis perhaps ten feet away, standing there looking sleepily around, apparently not noticing me. She has one or two foam blocks at her feet but I think she needs more. I toss a couple more of these at her and they bounce off of her and land nearby. I'm disappointed that I can't seem to add REM (or whatever) to her sleep. I say again, "You will have a lucid dream!" but it seems to make no impression on her.

      I decide that she's already asleep and dreaming. "You're dreaming right now!" I tell her. "Don't you remember your mantra?" I put a hand on her left shoulder and she gives me this bleary-eyed look.
      I suddenly get it straight that I'm the one who's dreaming. "This is a lucid dream! Okay, now you!" I say, but she stares at me uncomprehendingly. I quickly wake up.

      Try to DEILD but accidentally think about work. (Gah, rookie mistake!) Awake for a while. Then back into a non-lucid...

      I'm in the back seat of a jeep that's pulled over on the side of the road. The jeep is being driven by my friend TB. Someone I don't know is in the passenger seat and he's pouring his heart out to TB because he had to shoot someone in self-defense. TB tells him not to worry about it and makes some sort of slightly offensive joke about it. The passenger gets even more upset, but TB calms him down.

      TB puts the jeep back on the main road and ahead of us is a one-lane bridge with 10-feet concrete walls on either side of it. Looking further out, I see that we are in the most beautiful green valley that I've seen in my entire life.
      I feel like it's the most brilliant green that I've ever seen in my life and realize that I have to be dreaming.

      Now the jeep has become a long van with four or five rows of bench seats. I float out of my seat and swim toward the front of the van. TB is still driving, but the passenger is someone else. I think it's Xanous.

      As I pass the third or so row of seats, I see NewArtemis to my left, looking out the window at the green valley. "[NewArtemis]! This is a lucid dream." She looks at me, then looks back out the window, then back at me again. But now she has transformed nto a blonde woman in her mid-40s. I decide that this isn't working, so I swim further up.

      I make it to the second row of seats, w/ TB and (presumably) Xanous right in front. I look out the window and see a mountain rising in the distance. Now I realize that we're driving toward Angel Falls for Task of the Year! Things start feeling unstable, and I reach out to grab onto something. I grab onto a nearby female DC (a stranger) to bring myself back into the scene, but things don't stabilize. The skin on the lady's face begins to glow slightly orange, and everything fades out but this glow. Then
      I'm awake.

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    13. Blue and Red Voodoo Doll

      by , 12-06-2012 at 06:38 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      6:17 am

      Key phrases:

      Religion, Maranatha, group meeting.
      PLUS meeting today instead of Sunday. Running, in a hurry. There's a hole on the ground. EM also joined. It seems she lives nearby. We were running along a street. I parkoured my way while facing on the tricycles head on. Bea? Talisay?

      8:09 am

      Cell phone. PC. Blue and red voodoo doll. A path of square stones in the park near our place. Green grass. I used the sim or microSD cards with music on the ground as a guide. Someone helped me.
    14. Brief Lucidity, Missed Couch Giveaway, and a Very Dirty Fish Tank

      by , 10-02-2012 at 04:33 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was standing in a room with a brown-haired lady with a perm. She was sitting in the back of the room on a chair, and I was standing next to her. I feel like the room was predominantly wood. We were talking, I don't remember what about, but I realized I was dreaming during the conversation. I then looked at her, though she was looking straight ahead and not at me, and said
      "Well it doesn't matter anyway, this is a dream."
      I don't remember what she said back to me after that. She may not have said anything at all.
      I then looked straight ahead, and there was a doorway into another room. I wanted to head in there.

      I then either woke up or simply lost lucidity.


      I was at what was supposed to be my house, but it didn't look like my waking life house. Blake, my brother, was there too. Oddly, I felt like, in the dream, it was a very temporary house, a temporary stay. It was a weird concept.

      Well, a chubby older woman with permed grey hair was walking around in the yard looking for something. She was wearing a lime green button up shirt with a white flower pattern. I can't remember what pants she was wearing. I went up to her, and she told me she had wanted the brown couch we had put out there to give away for free, but it was gone. She had wanted to come back and get it. She then named some other things that we had been giving away that she wanted, but none of it was there. She talked a lot. In fact, when I had walked up to her, she was talking to herself, just saying things about the couch and such. She had come back days after we put the stuff out to give it away, so no wonder she had missed it all. I told her it had all already been taken. She kept talking to me about it.

      I then saw, or maybe she mentioned, that she had kids. I saw the van she had driven to the house, and there were a couple of small children in there, a little boy and a little blonde girl. She eventually got back in the van with her kids. I remember telling my mom about what had happened on the phone.

      Then, I was looking at Blake's beta fish tank. It's really tiny IWL, with no filtration system, so it had to be cleaned quite often. The water didn't look bad. Not perfect, but it was definitely alright for the fish. I then looked above it, and there was another tank the same size with these longer, small silver fish swimming in it. The water level had sunk a bit, and it was filthy and cloudy. I didn't know how the fish were even still alive in that mess! I then looked back down at the original tank, and the water was pretty clean in comparison. I also didn't even see the beta fish in there, but instead, some small, round fish were swimming in there. I do think one was silver, but I can't quite remember anything about the rest of them.
    15. A Very Large Buffalo

      by , 10-01-2012 at 03:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with my dad and I think my brother. We were outside doing something (vague statement is vague). It had something to do with all of our "homes". We were all in our separate spaces, but they weren't separated by walls or anything. I feel like we were decorating our spaces or something to that effect. Something about some game weird game I was playing with my dad. My dad seemed really happy.

      I then was walking past a big, vivid, slightly sloped, green field underneath a beautiful, clear blue sky, and I saw this HUGE, vivid, light brown-colored buffalo inside a fenced-in area. He was indeed quite large, even for a buffalo. I exclaimed my finding to the people I was with (it may have not been my dad and brother anymore); I was excited!
      "Look! A buffalo!" I said.
      I watched the buffalo walk down the slope, and some epic music was playing. I thought it was fitting, and then, at the end where the fencing closed off, I saw a guy putting a buffalo head mask on top of his own head, and wearing all black on the rest of his body. He was standing on the other side of the fence. He was trying to rile up the buffalo for some show. It was weird, like they were supposed to fight.

      I then remember talking to this guy later, when the buffalo mask was gone, though he was still wearing all black. He was an old, ex-military guy with many wrinkles and grey hair. He was very particular and strict about things, and kind of crotchety. He was talking to us a bit about the buffalo, and some other things which I can't remember right now.

      When we were talking to him, more people showed up. I then heard
      "Krista, do you remember me??" a voice said, loudly.
      I looked across from me to see who it was, and it was Lindsay, a lady I know IWL, but haven't seen in a long time, who is, in fact, normally quite a loud talker. I looked at her eyes. They seemed small, but pretty, a beautiful light brown color like her daughter's eyes. She was smiling. I acknowledged her.

      Right before I woke up, I dream skipped to talking on the phone to a female doctor about scheduling an appointment.

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