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    1. School and Work Combined...Really?

      by , 02-28-2011 at 05:50 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was in some building at a computer. It looked like one of the computer labs at my college. I was checking my email and my school assignments. I realized that I had not done 2 assignments for my bosses at work. I figured I would be able to make it up and they wouldn't care that I was turning it in late.

      Then, one of my bosses announced that all the people in the room needed to split into 2 groups, one who had completed the homework, and one that was behind. I joined the one that was behind. My boss was the leader of that group, and said that he would give us half credit for completing the assignments late. I figured half credit was better than no credit at all, so I decided to get going on the assignments.

      I was then back at the computer, and one of the assignments was posted by my coworker, Jessi. She had written it all in lowercase letters, and wherever there was the letter 'i', she had typed two 'i's" ('ii'). Then, at some point I was talking to my other boss.

      Then, I was in the shower, and Jessi was outside the shower, reading the assignment to me. My assignment was something creative I think, and I had to be in the shower to complete it. In front of me was a 11 or 12 year-old-girl. She was kind of big with medium-length brown hair. I only ever saw the back of her, but I was helping her shower or something. I was talking her through it. She got out of the shower, and I realized that I had been in the shower for a very long time, and I had barely showered myself. I think I had only cleaned the top half of my body. The water started to get cold, and I felt like I needed to get out even though I wasn't finished.

      I stepped out of the shower, and there was a lot of excess water pooled in the bottom of the shower. I drained it. I was in front of a classroom. The kids in the classroom were talking about how long I had been in there, and it was about time I got out. In the front of the room, I spotted a guy, Steve, whom I was friends with in the 8th grade, and haven't seen since in waking life. He looked exactly how I remember him. We talked for a bit. Then, my friend Courtney came up, and Steve asked her to get coffee with him.

      Then, I was at Steve's house for some reason, and he was laying on a couch. He said something about getting coffee, and I said "Oh with me?", but then, I remembered that he had asked Courtney and I said "Oh, you're getting coffee with Courtney. You guys will have fun!"


      I was driving, looking at the stormy-looking clouds. I thought I saw a tornado forming. The clouds looked really cool.

      Then, I was at a local restaurant where my coworker Jessi had apparently started to work (her boyfriend works there in waking life). She was training on the register with a manager, and I was talking to her about the new job while I ordered my food. Then, she said "Oh, are you a student?", or something like that. I said yes, and she handed me a cup. She said something about me getting another drink for being a student. She started to ask me another question (I realized she was going to do this 3 times total), and I realized that she had charged me $3.89 for the first drink. I thought that I was supposed to get it for free, so I told her I didn't need another drink, and I didn't know I was getting charged for it. She took it off my bill.

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    2. dreamBirthday Party + Fragments

      by , 02-28-2011 at 01:13 PM (Dream Archives)
      dreamBirthday Party

      I’m in the car with Pehry. He’s driving pretty recklessly with someone else in the front seat telling him to slow down. We take a sharp turn into my dad’s auto shop. The parking lot is full of tiny cars for children but exact versions of their bigger counterparts. I keep saying I want one, and then remember that I “have” one, a tiny tan minivan. It’s parked out back.

      We get out and go into my dad’s shop. It’s a party inside; it’s my birthday! My family and friends are all inside. No one pays too much attention to me, but in my dream world this isn’t strange and I am content just walking around looking at the things in the shop.

      I walk over to my Nana who is sitting around a turntable. There are old nursery rhyme records all stacked on it. I go through it and each one is colored and decorated with story elements: one is green with a frog, one is red with a pony, one is blue with a bear, etc.

      My mom comes over to me and gives me a little ticket. It says “dunk house” and I interpret this as a ticket for me to go into one of those dunk booths at the fair. I quickly give it back to her, and she explains that my Nana is in the dunk house at the fair this year and with this ticket I can dunk her no matter if I hit the target or not.

      Everyone keeps doing their thing at this mini-party and Autumn comes in from somewhere. She has her school bag, and I “know” that the door behind me connects to a few classrooms. Because she’s really big, everyone gets nervous and kind of moves towards the middle of the room to make room for her (she’s not THAT big).

      She comes over to me and talks about missing a certain project that she’ll have to re-do.

      “What? No, that project was that we had to listen to records in class. Why would you have to do that out of school? It’s so easy and dumb,” I say. She has her usual bad attitude and just shrugs her shoulders and says mean shit about everyone around us.
      Someone outside is driving a specially-made car.

      “Isn’t that the car Marty made that runs off blood instead of gasoline?” I say.

      “Yeah I know about Marty,” Autumn retorts as if it’s “cool” to know Marty and she wanted to make sure I knew that she knew about him. We talk about how the problem with the car is that the blood soaks through the seats and stuff so your clothes get bloody and you can’t keep papers on the seats and stuff like that.


      I walk into a really small classroom. There’s a substitute teacher (who is an actual teacher at a school I went to) and a chocolate cake sitting on the only table in the room.

      “Fuck yeah!” I say as I come in and sit down. The kids behind me are excited too: cake and a substitute. I have déjà vu (or perhaps I dreamed this before, or perhaps a dream memory) that I had been to this class and had cake before.

      I get a little embarrassed because I don’t know how to sit without being too close to anyone. Kate (a…friend of mine) is here. We all take big slices of cake and talk about dumb things.

      We have a project to do in class: listen to a few certain records. The teacher changes from the substitute to my old U.S. History teacher.


      Jack, Heather and I are looking through a big dumpster of metal scraps, looking for good pieces to put into a trash compactor. We are having a lot of fun doing this.

      Fragments of Fragments
      • A room made of zebra print. Not painted over or wallpapered, but the structure is the patterns of zebras.
      • I check a letter written to Morpheus, looking for a response. I go through sheet after sheet, looking for markings.
      • I go downstairs and make myself toast.

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    3. Dream 6 - Play nice

      by , 02-26-2011 at 12:17 PM (Struggle for Lucidity)
      Dream 6 - Play nice (Non-lucid)


      I was walking home from school and I turned around and my friend was surprisingly angry. I'm not sure what he was angry at but he was swinging his bag around like a flail or some shit. I ignored it and kept walking through the trees and ended up in a heath which exists in real life. What I didn't notice about this heath is that there were a hell of a lot more trees all around it. The nerdy kids were all walking in a group and then one of them dropped the other to the ground. I turned around and my friend's step-brother ran at me and jumped like 3 meters in to the sky and the dream ended before he tackled/belly flopped me.

      I used 100mg b6 about an hour and 20 minutes before sleep (I couldn't sleep. I was supposed to sleep within 40 minutes.).

      (Also, this is the first dream published using the dream journal programs actual publish button.)
    4. Wednesday, February 22-23rd, 2011 - (3 Dreams)

      by , 02-25-2011 at 08:25 PM
      School Mall and Water Park (Non-lucid)


      Log: 9:30pm Wednesday, February 22-23rd, 2011
      Hours: 8:30m Alarm: 6:00 Audio: None
      WILD: No

      Yet again i woke up naturually, but this time it was at around 2 in the morning, and a second time at around 4 in the morning. When i did the waking up, i immediately and alertly sat up and said, " Yup, i woke up." And then checked the clock.

      I was on the second level of the school, and i needed to go down to the first floor. As i was walking down the steps that lead into the East Atrium, the step wound more than usual and there were numerous couches lined up in the outside of the stairs. They were out of the way so people wouldn't trip or be blocked by them. There were names engraved in the couches. The intercom was saying something along the lines of the fact that the names of really scholarly people and people who have achieved great things at Lakewood High School. I aspired and knew that i would be on ther ein the very near future. So as i got closer to the bottom of the stairs, i saw Mr. Castagna and another administration official. I was fairly far away and i could hear them anyway. They were talking about me as i walked down. They said things about how well behaved i was and how shocking and delicious my smell was. I smiled and kept going trying to avoid them so they wouldn't see me. I saw a glassed in room where there was a water machine thing. It was a water park of some sort. My whole family was there, and i wanted to avoid them, so i went in, tried it out, and left before they could see me, and afterwards i was out in the hall of the mall and as they came out i ran to hide form them. And that's all i can remember.


      New Semester Math Class (Non-lucid)


      This dream starts out in my math class. It's the start of a new semester and all new people are in the class. Jacob was there, and for some reason i came in late. I was flustered as i looked for papers and things and tried to get ready. People were talking around me and there was one girl in particular who was talking to me, i was listening, but not intently. Jacob was talking andi could hear him talking in an extreme New York accent, and it was relaly entertaining. But the thing is, he only did that when we had a class together. I was talking about it and laughing about it as the class went on. And then it ended.

      Afterwards, i had a false awakening in which i told Jacob about the dream i had with him in it. I've done this a few times before where i tell people about dreams i've had with them, but in a False Awakening.


      Walker's Diary (Non-lucid)


      This dream was short and sweet. Walker and I were in my living room talking with some other people, and he was writing in a diary that had the word "Wednesday" on it. I was curious as to what information was going into his dairy. So i wanted to grab it. Before i did i figured things in it would involve what he has done wrong and what he's gone through. So i grabbed it, and he chased after me, and instead of trying to get me, he grabbed MY diary, causing me to give his back. Then it ended.
    5. Oakmead

      by , 02-25-2011 at 01:22 PM (Struggle for Lucidity)
      Dream Lucid Sleep Paralysis Non-Dream/Side notes

      This dream was scary and yet fun. I don't remember what took place when. I dreamt that I was joining a different school, Oakmead (this school does exist in real life, however I have no idea what it looks like). I was being shown around by some old guy and I remember two buildings kind of like the ones in the level of THPS2 called school II, and I remember at some point being in a classroom/office on a second, higher floor with huge crowds of people protesting against something.

      The place that reminded me of school II from THPS2

      The road to the school and the second floor.

      The road to the school I also remember. The crowd stopped halfway down it. I remember being in a crowd of students entering the school too but it felt like I had been there for ages.

      I was reminded of this dream by stumbling across the name of the school on facebook.

      It really irritated me that I didn't reality check during this dream because what happened in it definitely isn't normal.

      Update, 2016: I went in to their sixth form. It was nothing like the dream. Hilarious though, reading back on what my 13-year-old self dreamed about.

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    6. Longest Lucid Yet!

      by , 02-24-2011 at 08:48 PM
      There are some earlier dreams from last night that I only have vague recollections of.

      1. I'm at my parent's place, and my ex boyfriend comes over to see my mom. I'm super pissed about it.

      2. I'm in some self-serve cafe trying to figure out how everything works. The deserts look really good.

      3. My mom has entered me in some pageant for goth kids or something. This is confusing to me as I do not consider myself goth at all. My mom and I argue about it for some time. I get up to use the bathroom. In the mirror, I see that I am myself at 14 years old. Black hair, black lipstick, black eyeshadow and all.
      I go back and sit with my mom. I hear them call my name which means it's my turn to go up for the pageant. I don't want to at all. I don't even want to be here. Everyone is watching me as I stand up, and I just start running as fast as I can. I'm out the door, outside, running through the parking lot and into the nearby woods. As I am running I somehow realize that this must be a dream.

      I stop on the path I am running on and fall to my knees. I feel dirt and chipped wood of the pathway and it feels just like it should. I look up to see a large stage coach rounding the corner up ahead and coming towards me. I don't feel like dealing with this for some reason, so I hurry off the path and start to spin. When I stop spinning, I find myself at my old elementary school playground. There are kids playing everywhere and it seems to be recess or lunch time. I walk into the playground and it all seems so real. So much so that as I pass a kid, he bumps me and knocks my bag off. Even the sounds are real. Kids yelling and laughing, whistles blowing, seagulls, everything! I see an old teacher that I had when I went to this school. I am surprised she is still here. I walk over and start talking to her. I ask her if she remembers me, and she says that she does. "But, this is a dream, right?" I ask. She nods. I ask her if she ever lucid dreams and she says that she does all the time.

      I decide to go in and explore the school. I start to walk around the side of the building, and I notice that the gym door is open. I walk through the gym and it is much as I remembered it, although not quite. A few things were changed. No matter. I continue through the gym and come out the other side by the office. The secretary is young and I do not recognize her at all. I have a sudden mischievous whim and I decide that I am going to piss off the principal. Walking just into the doorway of his office, I see that he is on the phone. He looks up at me, and I make an obscene gesture. "Can I call you back?" he says to the person on the phone. He starts to chase me through the hallways, and I laugh because I know he cannot catch me because I can run as fast as I want. There's a big janitors cart in the hallway and I push it on it's side as I run past, creating a barrier. Then I start to spin again. I want to keep exploring!

      After spinning, I end up on a beach somewhere. It's nighttime and it's so dark I can barely see. I am only sure that it's a beach because I can feel the moist sand and hear the waves. This is not as interesting as I had hoped, so I start to spin again.

      I have a false awakening, where I spin so hard in the dream that my real body starts to spin too, and I roll out of bed. I get up and start updating my dream journal, only to really wake up shortly after and realize that I had to start all over.

      I know I only explored an elementary school, but damn if that wasn't the coolest thing I have experienced in a long time! I think I am finally getting the hang of staying lucid for more than a few seconds!

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    7. Dream Graduation + Fragments

      by , 02-24-2011 at 05:08 PM (Dream Archives)
      Dream Graduation

      It’s the first day of my senior year. Most of the student body is sitting on a giant multi-tier bench system that isn’t quite bleachers. It’s in the middle of a giant intersection downtown. All of us are seated by popularity, with the most popular at the bottom with no one in front of us so we can see the “show” that’s going to happen. I happen to be in the very front row (though I was never that popular). From where the benches are, we can see upper main street which trails off and turns a corner. It’s sloped quite a bit more than usual.

      The “show” starts. All of the “really really cool” fashionably dressed kids come out and use main street like a runway. The first is this big black guy who was never dressed nicely at all, but he was wearing some classy clothes (classy in dream terms: truthfully it was quite wacky). A few more people trickle out of some building passed the curve of the street. None are girls!

      As the fashion students strut around downtown, the whole world turns, or at least the benches we are on. If one starts walking down the street instead of up, all of us lean toward that end of the street. I am so scared that I’m going to fall off the bench which would be really embarrassing. Whenever the benches turn, I grab onto the girl next to me: a girl I know in waking life, Hilary. Behind me, my ex-boyfriend Dylan is sitting. In my dream, they are dating, so it’s awkward that I’m holding onto his new girlfriend pretty tightly.

      Once the show is over, all the fashionably dressed popular students are allowed to look around main street alone; we are all here to visit the new shops on the first day of school. I realize that we will be able to join them row by row and I’m in the first row. I panic because that means all the still-sitting students will watch what I look at. My row is dismissed.

      I walk around kind of hazily and embarrassed for a few minutes, waiting to see someone I know on the street and for the rest of the rows to come join us. Eventually they do but I can’t find anyone I know. I decide to spend my time as I should: looking at the new places.

      The first place I see is a new tattoo shop right next to our older one. It’s called Astral Tattoos and it isn’t an actual store, it’s a pink and green painted wooden booth. They’re selling body modification, tattoos and henna tattoos. I don’t pay attention to what else or what specifically the tattoos are, but I imagine they’d be interesting.

      I find my brother Holden (who doesn’t go to my school) and follow him around until we are all brought into the big building at the end of the street. It’s the high school (not where it usually is, it also looks very different).

      Inside, we are all wearing our caps and gowns now. Everyone’s color is maroon; it’s our school colors (not in waking life). I follow a few students who are in front of me, because we are arranged alphabetically. Steven and Jamal are before me and Adam is in back of me, although all of them have last names that are in back of where I would have been. I’m really nervous and walk into the bathroom for a moment, look at myself and walk back out. We are led into the auditorium of the school which is absolutely huge and decorated with maroon everything.

      I sit down in my row with Steven next to me. Jamal isn’t here so there’s an empty seat. As the students are being shuffled in, I question where I am.

      “Is this a dream?” I look around but make up a history to make sense of where I am: yes, the graduation memory that comes to mind is actually when I graduated junior year. Now it’s senior year, so this is real life. Wasted dream check.

      Behind me, Martin who is a junior but is sitting with the seniors is handing out camera kits for us to use. I go to grab one but realize that I don’t talk to him a lot and that would be weird and he’d want someone he knows to have them.

      While I sit and wait for the ceremony to start, I look at a pamphlet that I have in my hands. It has a bunch of activities we were supposed to do while downtown. They include things like woodworking, pottery, volleyball, etc. I didn’t sign up for anything. I wake up.


      Heather invites me to her house. It’s a huge place and her room is the size of a usual upstairs area in a normal sized house. We go passed her room which is quite barren. We seem to be in the attic. In back of her room she has a big stage that’s halfway on the house, halfway on the roof with wide glass windows containing a backstage area. She begins to dance with life-sized puppets as her back up dancers. The music plays and she steps into the darkness about half-way on the stage, the dancers follow, and everyone glows in the dark.

      Fragment 2

      I remember eating a lot of maple sugar through a straw out of this tiny dollhouse. I drained it of maple sugar and felt sick. I could see all the sugar particles in my thigh which was where I would gain the weight if I didn't start running. The radio started to play and a commercial was discussing weight gain.

      "Usually when people eat fatty foods, they will gain weight. However, some people have a large amount of bridges in their body which distributes the fat evenly, so they don't gain any weight." I knew I had a lot of "bridges" in my body and didn't worry.

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    8. Night of 02/23 - A dream date

      by , 02-24-2011 at 11:28 AM (Grischkaja's world of dreams and mysteries)
      Hours of sleep: 9
      Vividness: 5/5
      Recall: 4/5

      I'm at home and it's summer. I putting on a bigfoot-costume because I'm going to a costume party. It's really hot and I start sweating a lot. I open the front door and it's suddenly evening and it starts getting dark. I'm at a parking there are some bungalows. A few friends of mine are also there and they're wearing suits and dresses. I now also wear suit now, but I still feel the costume under the suit.
      Apparently we are looking for some one to pick up, but we don't find the right house. So we abort our search and go to my old school, that surprisingly is in front of us, but in reality I don't know this place and my old school is located somewhere else.
      We are in a big hall and there are friends from university and also old classmates. But there are 3 or 4 girls I don't know and apparently they are friends of a friend. There is one girl that looks familiar, although I don't know her.
      There is music and we all start to dance. The girl, let us name her A., dances with my best friend and I realize that she is constantly looking for body contact. My best friend, behaves like a jerk and get slapped by A. in the face and comes towards me. She wears a beautiful dress and she wants to dance with me. We're dancing some standard-dance, but it doesn't fits to the music. It looks like she floats over the floor, I don't hear her steps.
      So we danced a long time together and it feels like it were at least 3 hours. The music gets more silent.

      Me: Being in your company is real fun. Do you want to go out together some time?
      A: Yeah you're also great. What do you propose?
      Me: I don't know. What about cinema?
      A: That's sounds great I'm really glad you asked
      Me: Just a little question: no-one told me about you. What's you're name?

      She's a bit confused.

      A: My name is (I don't remember because I don't remember easily names). I'm a bit shocked that no-one told you. Do you know at least the other people?

      I say Yes, but she does'nt understand me and introduce my self to all my friends and I just keep repeating that I know them. Funny fact: apparently she even doesn't know the names of my friends and just keeps saying wrong names, I correct her al the time and she repeats the name and apologises.
    9. The Glowing Forest + Lucid Beach + An Anonymous Present

      by , 02-23-2011 at 03:55 PM (Dream Archives)
      The Glowing Forest and a Coaster Ride

      I am in a really junky part of Maine, although like always, it’s beautiful. This time its exceptionally pretty: the car I’m in is traveling through a dark forested area on an old road. The moss on the great redwood trees illuminates our way enough so we don’t have to use our lights. Little glowing worms and luminescent animals scurry around. I see a moose with glowing green antlers in between the giant trees. In the car, my mom and I are discussing how much money the houses here cost.

      “About the same price as living in the library,” my mom says. I nod as if this makes sense. It does in dream world I suppose.
      Our friend Alice Louise is taking us to appraise a house for a guy and his daughter. Along the way she points out some noticeably pretty houses. Most of them have been built into the surrounding landscape; some are carved into trees, some are half sunken into muddy swamplands. One that she points out she’d like to live in seems too small, perhaps the size of a fairy house but a fairy mansion.

      We turn into the driveway of a pretty normal trailer; one of the only normal houses in the area. It’s unfortunate that this is what we came to see, not one of the prettier houses. We meet the father and the daughter. The daughter is Abby (an acquaintance in waking life). All of us step into the sunroom which is attached to the side of the trailer. Suddenly it moves, detaching itself from the trailer, and rotates all around it to the other side. This was the “appraisal” that we came here for with Alice Louise. We’re ready to go.

      Strangely, when we leave, it’s just Alice and I. She’s driving and I’m in the passenger seat. We’re in the country now, surrounded by low green fields and a big blue sky. The occasional farm passes by my window and there are silos on the horizon. In front of us there’s a guy running manically. He has long scraggly black hair and barely anything on except skin tight white running shorts. If he had a shirt on, I don’t remember. He seems to be running for fitness comically. We kind of catch up to him and slow down for some reason. He comes to the window.

      “This is still Washington even though it’s not snowing,” he says, leaning into the window on Alice Louise’s side. She nods and they keep talking about how we are in the very middle of Washington where there is never snow or rain. He gets a little aggressive when he speaks, as if we aren’t particularly welcome right now. We drive off and he begins to run again.
      Now the country road we were on has a four lane high-way coming the other way.

      “See, we’re not even in the country anymore. We’ll be home soon,” Alice says.

      The scraggly-haired man is ahead of us again. We see that he’s throwing sandbags on the road! That will definitely stop the Jeep we’re in. We dodge one but the next is in the center of the road and our front right wheel hits it dead on and we come to a stop. Now the only way home is to use…the roller coaster that is running along the road on the shoulder.

      We each get into one of our own coaster cars on the ride. They are cartoon dinosaur heads; you step into its mouth, with the eyes and the nose above you as a roof. Mine’s blue, Alice’s is red. They not only run forward on the roller coaster track, but turn 360 degrees with inertia. I don’t like this. There’s a big hill that we are going up. In front of me, I see other coaster cars. They are jumping from track to track; we are on a similar four lane high-way but this side of the road is a roller coaster. I want to jump tracks like those cars, so I do. It’s easy with intent. When I jump, the coaster car does a flip mid-air and lands on the next track. Sometimes, the cars jump over other cars. It’s kind of a nice sight.

      I realize we are going uphill faster than I expected and I don’t want to feel the fall. Although I like roller coasters, this hill is steep: twice Superman, if you will. I close my eyes and forget the dream. I become aware of my sleeping body. Yes, still asleep, not on a roller coaster, not about to fall…

      I become aware of my dream body again once I am at the bottom. Alice Louise is gone from my dream. I am now in a gift store: the final destination of the coaster cars. There are a few wooden racks of hand-knitted things. I look at a pair of mukluks that my brother Holden had (dream memory, not in waking life) and remind myself to ask him to buy them for me. A girl comes over and looks at a rack of facial creams. They all have a certain element to them, but I forgot what it was specifically. She debates if one of the creams has that common element with the store clerk.

      Kayla (a girl I know in waking life) is buying a pretty unique pair of gloves. They have the fingers cut off hobo-style and are black with Nightmare Before Christmas things sewn onto each finger. The back of the hand part of the gloves have a big skull sewn onto them. She is dressed all gothic-esque and has an air of “I don’t give a shit if I’m retreating back into this style.” (She dressed the same way years and years ago). I lose the dream.

      Lucid Beach

      I am on a beach with Heather. There’s a ton of people all taking up the shore space, but we find a little sand-muddy area. It’s not particularly nice, but it is the beach (and its winter in Maine, so its pleasant to dream of). Heather starts having an anxiety attack because of the people so we go to the “next” beach, a few feet from this one. They are distinctly not the same beach, but are very close. On this one, there are no people. We have sex, but it doesn’t really work out and we end up laughing and leaving.
      There’s a sign on the beach that says there’s a sale going on at “B♠N”. What a weird name for a store I say to myself! We look up and B♠N is right in front of us. In the parking lot area of the store, which is all sandy and car-less because of how close it is to the beach, my mom’s kind of disembodied voice begins to talk about Zelda. Heather responds by saying she’s played all of them, which she has (in dream life, not waking life). I feel weird because I introduced her to the series and still haven’t played all of them (I have in waking life). I become lucid thinking of the name of the store. Jack and someone else are with Heather and I now and we all go into the store. I retain my lucidity but simply watch the events and notice the surroundings. In the store Heather says something about dreaming.

      “This IS a dream actually!” I try to convince her and she laughs and kind of “knows” that it is, and I keep pestering her about it. I touch her and really feel her skin.

      “It’s weird how I can actually feel your skin,” I say. I’m not amazed about the act of feeling it, but at this point I’m thinking of how my mind is either creating the feeling of her skin, which is an exact representation of the feeling in waking life, or I really am feeling it…on the dream plane.
      My cat jumps onto my sleeping body and I wake up.

      An Anonymous Gift

      I’m in my high school. For some reason I take my pants off and put them on the janitor’s cart. I have my white long johns under them though, so I don’t look too strange. I begin walking to my class. Someone in the rotunda says my mom is embarrassed in her classroom (she doesn’t work here in waking life) so I go see her first. Her room is where my 11th grade English class was. It’s set up the same way. She tells me I have a package in the office and I should get it soon. I don’t remember to ask why she was so embarrassed.

      I go into the bathroom. Heather is here. Somehow, she ends up out the window, trying to crawl back inside from two stories below on one of those fair game ladders that twist and turn as you climb them (usually horizontally). She’s crying manically and saying the ladder is slippery and she’s going to fall. I somehow manage to take all her limbs and with the help of the janitor who comes in to clean, we get her inside. She’s really distraught.

      I leave the bathroom and Heather is now Autumn. We go into our classroom. My 5th grade teacher is our teacher now. Lynn, a friend of ours, laughs when we enter the class an hour late. The teacher is really upset with me in particular and tells me to go get a late pass if I have a good excuse for my tardiness. I leave but have no excuse; I just want to be gone from the room.
      I walk downstairs and take a drink at the fountain. My teacher had been following me to see if I was going to the office to get a late pass or not. I casually stroll into the office. I don’t like being in trouble, so I intend it to be the end of the day so I can get off the hook. The bell rings and all the kids scurry out of their classrooms. I sneak into the back area of the office and call UPS from the office phone and tell them not to deliver my package if it’s going to be late. I don’t know why I do this, since my package is already here. It’s nicely wrapped and has a stamp with my name on it.

      I bring it upstairs to the benches and open it. It’s a pair of goggles, like steampunk-esque but modernized. They’re red with orange accents. I close the box and leave the school.

      My mom picks me up and we begin to drive on back country roads. It’s raining pretty hard, but I’m having a nice conversation with my mom and we don’t mind it. I show her my goggles and she likes them. Neither of us know who got them for me or where they came from. We arrive at this old trailer that I used to know in waking life. In my dream, it’s where Heather lives. Without getting out of the car, my mom somehow knocks but no one comes to the door. I know Heather is home. We just leave.

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    10. Killer Math

      by , 02-23-2011 at 02:59 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I felt like posting this one because it interested me and I don't want to forget it.

      Killer Math
      I was in school and late for math class. When I walked into class, the room was dark except for the light of several projectors being projected(idk if I said that right) on the walls. There were math problems everywhere on the walls and I saw a student from my class working intensely on a math problem on a wall with the light from one of the projectors. For some reason, it felt as if I had already been to class that day because I knew how to do all the problems like I had just learned them. As I looked around the room I saw kids from my class fainting, just dropping on the ground looking all disorienting, and kids were throwing up everywhere. They had focused so hard on the math that it was making them physically sick. I sort of fainted myself, but it wasn't because of the math.. I'm really not sure why I did, but then I just laid on the floor for awhile as more kids around me puked and fainted from too much math. I looked at the ceiling and saw the math teacher, who appeared to be laying on the ceiling times, facing us from above. Something on his face was bleeding, his eyes maybe. He said something about how he missed his brother, who happened to be a janitor who worked at our school. It was sort of a depressing/confusing/intense scene. Then I woke up and went to math class later that day.
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    11. My Old Friend and The Swimming Pool, and a Couple Other Dreams

      by , 02-22-2011 at 04:30 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid - AP

      I was at some sort of weird bar/night club. I think I was there for a pretty long time. I saw Katherine, and she was trying to approach me, and I was cautious about it. She was very drunk. She came up to me and started to calmly talk to me, though she was slurring her words. I saw her a few more times throughout the dream, but I can't remember many more details.


      I was trying to look up summer classes to take, and I kept typing stuff in, like MATH2030, MATH2530, etc...and none of them were showing up on the list. The ones that did were closed. I was kinda irritated, because I need to graduate, and I need those classes to graduate.

      Then, I met up with my very old friend, Jennifer, whom I rarely ever talk to any more in waking life, but we grew up together. We were walking around on campus, next to the stadium, when she told me she was worried she wasn't going to make all A's this semester. I told her she'd be fine. I knew she would be, she was always a straight-A student when we were growing up.

      Then, we decided to go swimming. In waking life, she didn't know how to swim when we were younger, and this thought carried over into the dream. I decided that she must have learned somewhere along the way. We were going to go outside, but there was ice and snow on the ground, so we started discussing where some good indoor pools were. I suggested the YMCA, so that's where we went. We were sitting on the edge of the pool, looking at the water park-type structure in the pool. It looked like something you'd find on a playground. There was also this one structure that rose out of the pool every half hour or so for a few minutes. It had a slide on it, and, again, looked like something you'd find at a playground. It was supposedly the most fun thing there.

      I was holding this small, gold key chain, and it had two key-type things on it, and a bigger, circular piece. I understood it to be some ancient Indian mood gauge. It would tell you how you were feeling, or something like that. There were two young Indian boys sitting next to me, and one of them showed me how to use the mood gauge. He flipped it one way, and he said that meant you were happy. Then he flipped it the other way, and he said that meant you were sad.

      Then, I got in the pool. There was an underwater entrance to the structure. I was afraid to enter it, thinking I may run out of air while going to it. Looking at it though, that didn't seem like it would be a problem. The entrance was pretty close to the surface, and once you got under it, it was only a short trip to the surface. I still didn't enter it, despite my observations. I "remembered" being scared of that every time I had gone to the pool previously.

      At some point, I did go on the structure with the slide that rose out of the pool every half hour.


      I was at work, and I was at the register. There was a line, but there was one lady who was standing right in front of me, behind the register. I was confused; was she a new employee? What was she doing behind the counter? She then started to ask me about our milk, and if we use the same brand of milk consistently. I told her no, but we try to stay as consistent as we can. We just buy what our providers have at the time. She said something about her boyfriend in the car, and that she needed to tell him that.

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    12. Lucid Pigs

      by , 02-21-2011 at 08:28 PM
      1. I'm in an apartment that I don't recognize. I know that for some reason I have to get all the way across town very soon. I have a large beer that I am trying to finish as quickly as possible. There are large bowls of ramen noodles. Someone makes a toast and they say that it is for "the most boring man in the world".

      2. I'm going to class. I don't recognize the setting of the classroom. I sit down at a desk away from most of the people in the room, because I do not know anyone. We have to watch a video, but from where I am sitting, I can not see at all. Some of the dream characters notice this and beckon me over. I grab my bag and I sit at a table full of DCs. The instructor hands out some papers. I look up and notice that the instructor is my old boss. This confuses me for a minute. "But I was fired... Wasn't I?" I ask. He doesn't seem to know what I am talking about.
      I look down at the papers that he has handed out. The heading of the text starts moving in a psychedelic way. This should have been a dream sign, but instead I think that I am having an acid flashback or something. I hear someone laugh, and I look up to see a girl about my own age with dark skin, dark hair, and grey eyes. She is smiling and laughing at me. "I know that look." She says and winks.
      We talk for a while, and when I look back on it now, it seems like she was trying to hint to me that I was dreaming. She tells me that her name is Zenia or something similar. I also talked with a few other DCs but none of them are quite as memorable.
      I go outside for a cigarette, even though I have quit in real life. I run into a friend of mine, and we wander for a bit and end up in some strange mall. I realize that we will probably get in trouble for smoking in the mall so I suggest that we head back the way we came. We pass by the class again and Zenia and her group of friends are still hanging out outside. I go over and say goodbye to them, then I run back to my friend and continue on our walk.
      We turn down one street and come across a family of wild pigs, inexplicably living in the town. The babies are very cute. When they see us, they run out into the street, and my friend and I desperately try to save them from being hit by passing cars. I grab one and it struggles to get away from me, and even tries to bite me. I run and put it down on the other side of a nearby fence. As I am running around to try and save the others, I realize how absurd the whole situation is. I think that I must be dreaming. As soon as I have this revelation, the dream starts to fade. I get down on my knees and feel the ground. At first it feels like concrete, and I breathe a sigh of relief. Then it starts to feel soft like the sheets on my bed. I start to worry that I am waking up. Suddenly it feels like I am standing on my bed in the dark, holding the headboard for support. I can't figure out if this is really happening or not, or if this is part of the dream.

      It was part of the dream, as I got rid of my headboard several weeks ago. Another lucid though! Even though I'm still having trouble making them last, the fact that they seem to be becoming more frequent is encouraging.
    13. Class BBQ, guitar session

      by , 02-20-2011 at 08:03 PM
      2/19-20. 12. 9. In class. Looks like NHS P buildings. Engineer Dxxx is teaching the class as a sub I think. Kristy Xxxxx is like D.O. or something. We’re correcting papers/ homework. Dxxx leaves and Kristy starts to dance. Dxxx comes back in and Kristy is able to recover and look like she was just standing there. Dxxx asks what’s funny. We say Kristy was dancing and she dances again. Then she’s sitting in a desk. She makes herself fall out of it. Then we’re having a BBQ lunch. I’m at a table, the desks have disappeared and become long tables, and eating with Kristy. Some guy that looks like Dodd sits with us. An Asian guy sits down too and shows us that his yogurt moves his spoon. He lets the spoon sit in the cup and it starts to slowly move around the cup. He says it’s because of the bacteria that’s in yogurt. “Take a look!” I look but can’t really see anything.

      918. Going to record a song. I grab these lightsaber looking things, but they’re short sticks of color (I think they’re practice guitars?). Head to Dan Xxxxx’s house. His house is farther down the main street than his actual one is. We talk. Then go to the box I brought and see it only has the colored sticks. “Damn it! I forgot the guitars! Do you have any guitars we can use?” “Yah, I’m sure I have some.” “Crap! I forgot the cords too! And the amps!!!” We walk to another room. “We’re going to need… 4… 5… 6… 7 cords.” (Actually 6 would be fine, no clue why I said 7). He’s rummaging around in a closet and I see this TV/ computer screen on the wall called an electric window. Looked like an actual window. Move my head a little to the side and see that there is no window and it’s a wall behind it
    14. Integer Dance and Unknown School

      by , 02-19-2011 at 08:00 PM
      Integer Dance and Unknown School (Non-lucid)


      The dream started out in a school that was foreign to me. It was a High School, and it was fairly close to my original school in location. Jacob and i were walking through the halls of the school. As we did so we noticed that a lot ofthe poeple in the school, teachers and students, had somehting on their head, whether it be a bandana or a hat or something of that sort. I was suddenly jealous of their rules and was in awe. Then Fran either met with me or called me, but i knew i had to go back to Goldcrown for some reason. I told Jaocb that i didn't want to go back with Fran becasue i was so close to Belmar and my house, that i didn't need a ride. But regardless, he and I went wih Fran and the other two members from my Integer group, Jason an Magaly, down the stairs and into Goldcrown. When we got their i told Jaocb that i didn't mind because i needed to pracice anyway. The thing i needed to practice was a dance that we had all been aparently working on, because as soon as we got there Fran told us to get our CD's out and line up ready for the dance. I got mine out but she had already gotten one from someone else so i set it down on a desk. Then we lined up and i could remember a few things form the dance but basically blanked out everything. So when themusic played i did nothing. Then i politely asked if anyone knew the choreography. There were two replies form people sitting in desks beyond the front of the room. One was Kelly, and the other was a girl of which was way more attractive, but i cannot recall. So i chose the random girl, and Kelly came up too. They couldn't both teach it to me, so i said sorry to them both and Kelly ended up being the one that would teach me. But then the dream ended without warning.

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    15. The Contest

      by , 02-19-2011 at 04:09 AM
      Log: 9:30 January 22-23, 2011
      Hours: 13:41 m Alarm: No Audio: No

      People: Jacob, Franklin, Tessa, Chloe, Erin Janov, Kaia

      I walk out from class and head towards the atrium. I am called by Tessa and Kaia to come over with them. Today at school was Dress-up like someone famous or something day, everyone was just dresses weird. I had jeans on, my florescent yellow shirt and a cape. Everyone kept getting on my case because i wasn't wearing clothing up to my potential. So apparently there was a contest, where you get a certain amount of time. Everyone was standing in a line for the teacher to pick the groups. The groups had to have people in them that were a team or went together. Jacob and Franklin were a team that had something to do with a little Indian. Unfortunately, i was standing with Chloe and Tessa, and as the teacher asked them what they were they awkwardly added me into their name. I wasn't very thrilled to work with them.
      So when we broke apart to start our dance routine practice, i went with Jacob and abandoned my other team. Then i was standing there discussing the fact with Jacob of whether or not i should be with him and ditch the others. As this was going on, there was a group of girls farther down, and i kept secretly looking over at them. They were talking about me, whether or not i was gonna come over there, and whether or not Erin should date me, and she kept saying she didn't know me well enough, and that maybe i was more of Joslyn's type. Then i finally came to the conclusion that i was going to work with Jacob's group, so i climbed the railing and jutted myself up to the balcony. As soon as i did this, a few girls came from the other teams and they had cake as they climbed the stairs to get up to us. I knew they were about to shove cake in my face, so i took it like a man, i just said, "DO IT!" And they shoved it in my face while i ate some more that fell on the ground. Then they went away in defeat, disappointed. I then gave an idea about someone being Spider Man, because there was a Spider Man costume right there next to us. But then i became aware of the playground that was next to me on my left, so i left Jacob and the dream shifted.

      I was on the playground, and all of the sudden i was surrounded by many tiny blue bunny rabits, those of which are from the video game about all the crazy bunnies. They were turning nasty and turning into sort of Zombie Bunny creatures. I had to run to get away from them all, and i was jumping from different parts of the playground trying not to get eaten. I finally, somehow, made allof them explode into a giant, mushy, blue mess of goo. Then i pulled myself out fom under the playset. Then it was over.
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