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    1. Girl, Portal, Tomatoes, Asuss Power, Minecraft, Run

      by , Today at 04:28 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-here was this girl that walked in place at night for some reason, which prevented the escape of some characters. Trying to reason with her was futile. I opened portals for easy travel to her parents, which signed up for all the things. These things would reveal the girl's location if she came within range of one of them. Reasoning with her was impossible.
      [New Scene]
      I was sitting at a wood table eating salad with lettuce, cheese blocks, and...tomatoes? I hate tomatoes. Why didn't I become lucid then?
      -2-A cool antagonist I forgot about had a source of something called Asuss Power. The source looked remarkably like a Minecraft Wither Skeleton Skull. I took it and ran into the ocean, then insta-mining my way down and away. I was getting chased by another antagonist unsuccessfully.
    2. Spellbee Spring Competition Night 8

      by , Yesterday at 04:31 PM (dolphin's dreams)
      WILD #1-I was trying to fall asleep when my peripheral vision seem to expand outwards and I felt some light vibrations. A scene of a room formed. I saw a DC with a camera. I realized I was on tv! I said hi to the camera. I could see myself being filmed on a screen. I looked like an elderly person. I woke up.

      WILD #2-I was trying to fall asleep when my body lifted up off of my bed. I got back down and found an open area. I turned my hand back to summon an orca and felt a mouth. I turned around and a full size orca was floating there. I got on its back to ride it and told it to go outside. It was going slow for some reason so I told it to hurry up. It seemed frustrated. I woke up.

      DILD #1-I woke up in bed and noticed that the numbers on my alarm clock didn't look right. I got out of out bed and found an open area. I turn my hand back to summon an orca and felt a mouth. I turned around and there was a large reptile of some sort, about 12 feet long. It was like half turtle and half crocodile. A turtledile! I told it go away it walked away. It went around the corner to go down a hallway. Happy I finally banished something, I jumped through the floor into a void to teleport. I kept falling in the void as I waited for a dream scene to form. I saw I was going to fall into the ocean, right next to an orca. I figured it was the same orca from my last LD, so I stopped myself midair to float above it. I sensed that it was not happy with me because of how I demanded it to hurry up. I asked the orca if it was mad and it aggressively blew air through its blowhole. I figured it was no use running away from it so continued towards it to let it eat me. It opened its mouth and I went through it. I phased through the back of its mouth. I was now underwater as I swam through past some sort of organs which looked like white kelp. As I continued, I was no longer underwater and instead was in a cavern. I heard some sort of Latin dance music playing. I woke up.
    3. Something?

      by , Yesterday at 12:15 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      This guy from Chicago just showed up at a wedding he wasn't invited to, and he didn't know anybody there. He walked over to the dance floor and passed out. Suddenly, it turned into a YouTube video. One of the comments was, "Should have said Never giving up, Livin on a prayer"
    4. SpellBee Elements Competition #7

      by , Yesterday at 03:42 AM
      Like Ice Skating On The Ocean

      I forgot this dream but when I read Elements on SpellBee's competition thread I remembered. There was a small moment of lucidity at the end.

      Anyways, in the dream I was with a dc that was telling me what story he wanted me to make. He apparently wanted a story where power would be the main theme and there would be a character that resembled him. I was animating for him too but after I sketched out a animated scene of a girl dancing in the ocean I felt myself be pulled into the scene.

      I became aware it was a dream there and slid on the ocean top with my feet as if I was a graceful ice skating dancer. I did a twirl jump and continued but woke up after something else I can't recall happened

      Just A Tad Bit Creepy

      I was non lucid in my old house putting fresh peaches into a pot than mixing them together. As I slowly turned the spoon and fruit, it melted and turned into a smoothie like substance. I wondered if it was the same reaction you'd get by whisking an egg yolk than poured some oats and fresh berries inside. I wanted to make some sort of oatmeal with berries now. After putting some milk in I stopped though.

      My older brother was at the dining table and coughing as if he was about to choke on his food. He ended up being okay but I noticed his stomach was puffy and had a huge inner gap where his belly button was supposed to be.I was confused by how he got that way but than realized it was a dream.

      Walking away from him I thought of Eye and how in the past he would have what seemed like territory or a hang out downstairs. It's like all my guides had a room they appeared in often. Dawn and Eye were downstairs and kiro usually upstairs or outside on random streets. Well, after thinking of Eye he appeared and began hovering around me than towards the stairs. I found him to be somewhat creepy at the time. After noticing a white board in the kitchen with a french sentence "Elle Sapelle Charlotte or Chattate" I ran and watched as he jumped downstairs and began gesturing for me to follow him.I told him no but he just kept gesturing. Eventually I thought I would end up with eye downstairs and suddenly we appeared in a room downstairs. As I watched him, I heard a knock on the door and thought it was Dawn. "I know you two are in there" he replied. Wondering what to do I eventually decided to leave the room and gently pushed Eye out of the way and ran out.

      I ended up in an unfamiliar house where Eye also appeared flying towards me. "You can't run from me" he replied. My brother who also happened to be there got in the way and told Eye to stop.But Eye wouldn't back down so they started wrestling. Feeling unsure of what to do I put my hand on the ground and lifted it in front of me to shield myself from eye as I flew backwards. But Eye just flew closer to me when he pushed my brother out of the way. The setting also became wonky as this unfolded. What caught my attention is when a portal opened showing the statue of liberty in the ocean, covered all the way up to her shoulders. "Is this a symbolism of how freedom is going down the drain"I thought when it appeared. But anyways my brother jumped to Eye again so I used the opportunity to run and push myself through a wall and into a room.

      Eye managed to stop my brother from fighting though and went up to me telling me something about his authority.I didn't bother disagreeing with him though and let him say whatever he wanted.After that something I can't recall happened than I woke up.

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    5. XIII

      by , Yesterday at 02:24 AM (Sleep Land)
      I was laying on my stomach behind a truck. Those things couldn't see me like this, correct?
      There was shattered glass on the ground, glistering on the ground by the street lights.
      To the right of me is a box, the top of the box opens. A guy is mangled inside it and tells me: "You idiot you're supposed to be in a box, it's safe in there." The top of the box closes.
      I now go into a "Safe" room, it's a libary of somesorts; three other guys are in the room with me.
      This 'Skater' like dude looked me dead in the eyes - "You only have 10 hours to live." but isn't that only if I go outside where the zombies are?
      The room is now covered in cardboard because, the guy in the box said 'it's safe inside a box.' Not the whole room is covered in cardboard however...some bookshelves and the shower in the bathroom are not covered. In the bathroom I look at the shower thinking that for somereason Zombies could teleport to the shower.
      I dismissed that thought.
      I looked at the bookshelves, "Maybe the bookshelve is a secret door to someplace?"
      I was right! A entry did show up!
      I start to walk down the steps and I said: "I don't believe in DLC 5 anyways..." the skater dude held me back by grabbing the back of my shirt.
      The room started filling up with water. I saw two guys jump down and swim. I can't swim but I had no choice, the water kept filling up the room. I dived down into the water and floated up to the other side...
      What happened next...? I don't know I forgot - but I think it involved an AI similar to the one in Resident Evil...
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Hidden Attic, Dark Steel Boots, Glider, Paris

      by , 04-21-2017 at 02:57 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-In a high-tech building, I opened an attic door that had nothing special in it. Then, I discovered a hidden door that led to a secret room in the attic. Everything was old and dusty, and looked to be around 200 years old. Also, fitting National Treasure music played in the background. After I left the attic, Riley from National Treasure showed up at the front door. He said, "Are you kidding me?" And ran inside. Next, I found myself entering a room near the attic with the help of Riley's hacking skills.

      -2-I was at the top of a skyscraper in Paris. I checked the charge of my Dark Steel Boots. They were nearly depleted. (They completely negate fall damage when powered.) Because of this, I readied the command to toggle the glider function on my Dark Steel Chestplate. I then jumped off the top of the building, and shook my phone to open the glider about 10 stories from the ground.

      -2 scenes were lost.
    7. Spring Competition day 4

      by , 04-21-2017 at 03:05 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Nerimeno again (frag)

      Think I was watching another dream battle scene with Nerimeno in it.

      Getting back from work (full nld)

      Started I was leaving work and found a truck waiting for me with two people in it which may have been Data and Asuka. Asuka looked like T for a bit. I may remember some other woman in the car.. because I remember having some conversation about how guys dick size doesn't matter? Not sure. After a while asuka looked like R a manage i use to know from Walmart.

      Data pulls the truck to my house apparently but he drives through the back yard. It looks like a total mess, and to be honest the whole place looked like choppy graphics from GTA San Andreas. In fact my house could have been CJ's house on grove street.. It looked really rundown and ghetto. Half the yard was dug up as if Ryder had been there looking for his secret stash. I thought it was all weird when I woke up.

      Co worker prank (frag)

      Brief frag of being at that house. The next part is gross so will put it in a spoiler
      Spoiler for gross:
      I was spiking a nasty co workers water bottle at Burger Shot with semen or something.

      WBTB at 3:45 am. Probably slept around 4:50

      Back to school (full nld)

      Dream of Asuka, data, finding my dad in the school from the night before. We were walking my waking life dog Buddy around.

      My dad mentioned how he was inheriting money from his friend R. I thought that was wierd. My dad went through a door to a class but instead it was a house and street... maybe his inner world? We walked on a bit and turned to a stairwell that also had an elevator. We went in there and I was just with my dog and some other dog. My dog fell asleep in the dream and I did the same.

      FA, somewhere in the school, started walking around again but woke up.

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      non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment , side notes
    8. SpellBee Elements Competition #6

      by , 04-20-2017 at 09:53 PM
      I don't really feel like writing this dream down since I barely remember it or did anything but it was a tiny bit interesting to me.

      I was somewhere where I was discussing something with a group of dreamers and guides. We were trying to figure out how to fix a world that was ruined and lost its color. I tried creating some colorful blue, pink and green plants in order to give the place more life than realized I was in my old home where my dog use to sleep at. It was near the yard entrance and I became lucid but was distracted by a scene that began to envelope the setting.

      The setting became a black world with green lines that went horizontal and vertical. Kind of like a virtual world. On top of a circular platform blending into the background was a rectangular thing in the middle and Dawn in his anime form but wearing a lab coat and looking shorter than he should be. On the left to the platform sat a sort of transparent alien with a black cloak on. He was the height of two tall men stacked on each other and was kind of big.

      Dawn mentioned to a small group in front of him that the world needed a giant silent monster, the one with the black cloak, to bring out something of the world. He than passed the object in the middle and became invisible. He mentioned something about the invisibility afterwards but I can't recall.
      I ended up losing lucidity though and began drawing a anime girl with a ribbon in her long braided hair, wearing a Japanese sailor suit.I was thinking of making a story about her fighting off vampires to save her younger brother but than changed my mind .There was also something about blood being hidden in her hair.

      lucid , non-lucid
    9. white out

      by , 04-20-2017 at 08:25 PM
      D1 - Car needed repairs so my wife put a large slab of Styrofoam into the car, so it looked like some kind of sandwich Oo

      D2 - On a boat at night, some people were planning some kind of a party. They had a giant tub of some kind of white drugs. I consumed a big of heap of it. Then I needed to pee real bad, I went along a path and couldn't hold it anymore, so I had to pee everywhere. But this did not stop my urge to pee so I had to keep going every few minutes. I realised it must be something to do with the drugs. The man on the boat found out about it and offered to pay me money for my pee as it contained high amounts of the drug xD
      Tags: white
    10. 19/04/0217 - 20/04/2017 (2 fragments)

      by , 04-20-2017 at 06:03 PM
      Was inside a space capsule which didn't stop moving trying to WILD.

      Had to steal a bunch of weapons from a group of Vikings and ended up hurting myself in a sword.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. 17-04-20 Kids Battle on Desert Island

      by , 04-20-2017 at 04:36 PM
      I was on a desert tropical island with a bunch of others, mostly kids of varying ages. There was also large hangar with airplanes, strangely. Something had divided our group, and we were preparing for a major fight, "tribal war". I don't even know what it was about, but it was serious. We had everything ranging from improvises clubs to slashing weapons. Even the smallest kids, aged 6 maybe, wanted to take part. I used a pen I found as improvised weapon, but said to the guy next to me that I wished I had my gun. This was in the tense moments before the "battle" in front of the hangar, were both groups (maybe 20 kids each) were lined up in front of each other. I suddenly decided I wanted no part in it. I wanted off the island, and this fight seemed to me a barbaric way of wasting time. In the next scene, we'd sent out two of the aircraft to scout the environment around the island. I "knew" we were near Tenerife. I saw the world from the perspective of the nose of the plane, and noticed the pilot was flying way too low. I could see the bottom of the ocean through the crystal clear water. I think he was looking for more islands instead of civilization. I just wanted him to go higher so I could spot any inhabited islands.
    12. Paralyzing Destabilization

      by , 04-20-2017 at 04:17 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -I was in my old house with a backpack and headphones on. I had to put on a bunch of extra clothes, and then take off the backpack and headphones. It was annoying. Suddenly, I was back in my current house, about to leave on a trip at night. We turned all the lights off. Next, I went downstairs and clapped once very loudly, which indicated my need to escape for some reason. Then, the dream destabilized and it paralyzed me, which is the most annoying conclusion to a dream or sorry excuse of a "nightmare."

      -At least 2 other scenes were lost because I'm not at home.
    13. short recall

      by , 04-20-2017 at 02:14 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Did a failed wbtb at around 4:30 am

      cleaning (frag)

      Some dreaming about sleeping in some man's room, and when I got up he started making me clean the place.

      School (full nld)

      I was at some sort of school where the classrooms were also places that people slept. I got up and then left the classroom. I wandered into a foyer and got something to eat from some vending machines.

      I realized I forgot something, but can't remember what. I start walking down a hallway by the main entrance and Scott, a guy i know in waking life walks beside me and says, "What's up?" I say hi and all that. He mentions that he has seen my dad walking in this school every morning. I mention that I haven't run into him yet.

      I go back to the class room but the door is locked... I knock and a woman with brown hair comes out and asks me for the password. I say i can't remember any password but I left my bag or something inside. She agrees and lets me in. I notice lots of people in class eating at tables while I look around for my things.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. 17-04-19 FreshBlush ASMR, 'Work'

      by , 04-20-2017 at 12:44 AM
      This dream took place a month or a few months in the future. It felt like a flashforward, no time-travel this time. I was in the US, staying at a hotel where you share a house with a few strangers (common areas, anyway, like the bathroom). I was on the phone with an ASMR girl (FreshBlush) I was listening to in real-life at that moment (I fall asleep with ASMR playing on my laptop next to me). Her lines in the RL video was what she said to me on the phone in the dream. In the dream, I was in love with her, and I was trying to convince her to meet me again (apparently we'd met before). I was willing to do do anything to see her again. I started to wake up mid-conversation. That's when I started suspecting it was happening again - reality bleeding into the dream. And yes, even if I didn't speak, she would keep saying her lines, confirming it was not real. I felt really bummed out, as I finally had something good happening to me, a date, and it wasn't real. Sigh.

      I was "at work" (not my real job), and my father worked there too. We were going through some kind of concrete canals, killing vermin. My dad used a large knife to kill a few small animals that resembled tiny greasels from Deus Ex. So did I. But then dad killed a chameleon. I was angry, as my father loves lizards and other animals like that and I never expected he'd hurt them. I thought he'd pick it up and release it into the wild, but instead he just stabbed it. I leave the 'canal' using some metal stairs, and wurm my way past some piping and machinery. There was a girl there. Then I saw an old colleague (Luc de Jong?). He saw me and said something. I walked after him, into an office full of people, and told him "I don't work there anymore" (I'd changed job again, he didn't know). My former-former-former boss, Stefan Klink, was there too. He got mad at me, and said my comments about "shooting down a plane" were distasteful. I think I told people if terrorists attacked our seasteading by hijacking a plane, we ought to shoot it down before the terrorists crash it into something important and kill even more people. I think Stefan misunderstood, and thought I meant we should shoot down any passenger plane entering our airspace. A woman, probably someone rather important (HR?) started shouting at me. I tried to laugh it off, but everybody else in the room started yelling loudly too, and I couldn't hear what anyone was saying anymore. I yelled out that I wanted them to shut up, because I wanted to hear what that woman was blabbering on about. I think someone suggested we talk in a separate room.
    15. SpellBee Elements Competition #5

      by , 04-19-2017 at 10:25 PM
      ^^" Sorry if I made spelling errors. Also, I forgot my tree task goal.

      Dream 1

      I was walking down a path in the park thinking about how sunny it was. For some reason I was holding a scooter too and tried hurrying towards the down steps before a cyclist passed by. When I got on the steps I kind of hopped down slowly while paying attention to a woman trying to get her child to go down. She also had a son next to her. When I reached the bottom the scene changed and I was now sitting at a table with the woman, her very young daughter and her son. As we ate our dinner she began discussing a marriage contract with I and her son. I said okay wearily while I thought about how I didn't really want to marry him in the future but since the woman was older than me I thought I had no choice but to agree respectfully.

      After that the scene changed again. I was now in a car with my family and my younger brother was trying to draw a picture of a anime guy with spiky hair with a red pencil. It looked too simple and kind of wonky. I told him we couldn't use it to get a free pass on the road. After taking the sketch pad I got an idea to draw a anime girl pointing at the sky happily and started with her hands. My brother complemented me as I drew which made me feel we had a good chance. But than the car shook and someone said it was too late and that we needed to head back.

      Next thing I recall is I'm at my old home and my father tells me to hurry and Exit through the backyard door. I exit with sketchbook in hand and than look to my father who tells me the green robot suit is going to fly down from the sky and that I should board it after he goes around the house. When he left and it arrived I became aware that I was in a dream and ditched the robot suit.

      Changing my outfit into a cute fluffy short dress than hopping onto the fence I saw the sunset btw my old house and the other."Pretty~" I said out loud than began running on top the fence till I reached the front porch than jumped onto another shorter fence. "I wonder if anyone like Eye will pop out of no where" I thought than turned to see people in the distance. Hopping onto the sidewalk, I ran towards the group of people. One woman began talking about a Barbie thing which confused me and than after someone else responded I became non lucid.

      The woman shape shifted and became another woman who started talking about a 2 year old named Quataun. I watched as she handed the little boy to me. Thinking he couldn't walk I supported him and tried helping him balance but I almost let go because his weight felt heavier out of no where. After the woman took his hand a whole group of really young children began walking to a brown door, opened by a group of woman. Still holding Quataun who had a short blonde Bob hair , the other woman let go and I watch as Quataun walked out of the door. Someone else helped him at the last minute too. The scene than changed and I was looking at a pamphlet of dogs as a voice talked about a job for prestigious dogs.

      Dream 2

      I don't remember where this dream started but from what I remember I was non lucid laying on my bed in my current house, thinking about summoning someone or going to an interesting setting. As I thought on it I felt myself being pulled into a yellow void.
      I became lucid and pondered about where it would take me. Soon I saw a white bright light at the end and ended up in a small home where a girl was holding me. After I stood up I asked her who she was but she was silent. Next I left to find myself in an unfamiliar spacious street filled with lots of different people. I thought the people would get pretty crazy there though. Mostly because there was a group of teenagers who seemed like they were going to ride a white jeep recklessly. Randomly trying to avoid them I jumped onto a stop sign and thought of what to do when the dream setting changed.

      I was now in a building apartment and walked through the hall to enter a room where I saw a fox standing on a tree. The fox and tree than changed to a scene of an old man with his grand daughter. They were at the park along side some other people. Bored I got close to the window and shouted really loud "OmG!" to see if I would lose my voice. But I didn't and the dream remained stable. After that the granddaughter tried giving me a turtle from the window. I pushed it back and told her to keep it than left the room.

      When I left I thought about how I wanted Dawn to appear again. He than came up from behind and pushed me to a room. He loses visibility though so I take a pillow and swing it where he was. It hits him and we play fight till I hear music coming out of no where. "I haven't really done much for the spellbee competition"I thought than grabbed Dawn's now visible self and began a simple dance with him. He than told me that he was 6'3 and that I wanted him there more than he wanted to be there. I let go tired of the dancing thing and after that woke up.

      Notes-Ehh...How is it I keep summoning my old DG? Anyways I think my fav part of this dream was seeing the fox on the tree. Lol

      Competition Points

      Dild 10
      2nd Dild 5
      Interact With Dc 2
      Unspecified Dream Control 5
      (High Jump)
      Practice Waking Life Hobby 5
      Basic Summoning 10
      (Dream guide)
      Partial Transformation 5
      42 Points
      lucid , non-lucid
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