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    1. War Veterans and Christmas

      by , Yesterday at 06:06 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Another kind of interesting lucid last night. Not as good as last. But I know a lot of people like my persistent DCs.

      Marcus was giving a conference on the Vietnam war. I was standing next to him on stage, but he was doing nearly all of the talking. He said that the war was very expensive, not just in terms of money, but in terms of human life, and showed a graveyard for people who had died in the war.

      He then said that war could be harmful even to those that survived it, and showed me that most of the people attending his conference were veterans. Most all of them had some kind of lasting injury, like missing limbs or eyes. I recall one man, who was short and skinny and looked rather young to be a solider was missing his right hand and had replaced it with a magnet. Apparently he put little magnets onto items he frequently needed around the home and could turn the magnet on and off with his nerves.

      A second guy had a rather strange configuration in where he had a couple of wires running from the stump of where his arm had been to a cart that had the base of a green robotic arm (like an industrial factory robot) on it.

      A third guy in the back who was bedridden and only had one eye left, and no limbs. He was interfacing with a computer through his brain that he could use to preform simple tasks and ask the doctors to bring him things. Marcus went on to talk about how the technology to create artificial limbs that interfaced with the nervous system already existed but was too expensive for most people. Even so, he wanted to give all of the war veterans in the room his model on a reduced payment plan, with the vets paying very little, if at all, even when other companies refused to do so.

      He then said that he was still working on it but could not yet create artificial eyes or repair the spine.

      My phone buzzed and I got a notification. My phone was holographic and I remembered Marcus gave it to me. The youtube user 'I Hate Everything' had posted a new video. 'I Hate the Nebulon B frigate from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.'
      I became semi lucid when I realized that Marcus had given me the phone and that I am not subscribed to that channel.

      After the conference Marcus took me into a back room where he was talking about how hard it is to eliminate war. He showed me a room where people were playing dungeons and dragons, then showed me a room full of video games and people playing, and then showed me a room full of toys and comic books and told me how violence was so engrained in our culture we tend to ignore it and never really think about the consequences.

      "Our culture devours violent media at such an alarming rate, faster than-" [he made a humorous some analogy to a fat guy in a place with a lot of fried food, but I forgot his exact wording.]

      Marcus took me back to his house. He said it was christmas time and that Manei's sister (who's name was like Kathalia or something) and her boyfriend were coming over and I had to help get ready. He told me to get a christmas tree and created a portal to my college. I did some rather sluggish flying around on my fire jets for a bit.

      I saw a guy selling christmas trees in the quad and just took one back through the portal without paying for it. I thought the guy would call me out as a theif at me but the guy turned out to be one of the people he had given prosthetics to, and he said that it was the least he could do to help him out.

      I took the tree back to Marcus' house and he set up a hologram projector that projected red and green snowflake ornaments onto the tree in very vivid light and color. I think he actually had two projectors, one that projected in a red light channel, and another green. I lost the dream staring at the decorations.

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    2. room with a new view

      by , 02-23-2017 at 09:36 PM
      I dreamt I was in my room from when I was a kid. (It had a bunk bed I shared with my brother and a big window the length of the wall.) I found myself back in that room but I was an young adult. The room was all white furnishings (as usual), with a bed and a section partitioned off with a computer desk etc.
      Looking out the window, it was more like an advert for 4D TV. There was a scene that was everchanging. It was part underwater scene and part other interchanging/swirling. There was some kind of underwater fauna or debris blackish in colour on one side swirling and a underwater turtle. The swirl kept on going from left to right, turning into pink tree blossom with a great big cherry tree on the right. It was very vivid.

      After this the dream went fairly normal, someone was on the phone asking me to do some work stuff. I realised I should be at work. Then after searching for a computer that worked realised I didn't need to worry as I had left that job many years ago, lol.

      I take the dream as a sign of my perception changing, and see it as a sign of some light breaking through.
      The water representing emotions and the tree earth or abundance.
      Tags: pink, water, white, work
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Lost in unsavory areas

      by , 02-23-2017 at 02:41 PM
      D1: I was searching for my grand daughter in this restaurant that catered to kids. It was very large & had one level but the big rooms where u had to go up a couple of steps through the doorways into each of the birthday party rooms & games rooms. I searched for her everywhere. I stumbled onto some unsavory characters as the place branched out into some other rooms. Then I woke up.

      D2: I was back searching for my grand daughter by I notice the place has changed w/ more unsavory ppl. I did run into a church group so I asked them if they had seen her. They said they'd help by it looked like the real leader of this group were some more shady characters. I kept coming across drug dealers & a room where they were doing some nasty shit to some little kids but I was so out of my element that I just wanted out of there. I had an idea that maybe my parents house was only a couple of hrs away & maybe the church guy at least could at least point me into the direction of a phone or some ppl who could give me money to get there. I finally got outside & was walking down the sidewalk when I woke up w/ a horrible stomach ache.
    4. Cooking

      , 02-23-2017 at 01:47 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 4:20am

      Yesterday there was an ad - one of those videos that go fast to show you a lot in a short time. So it was a video of making chicken calabrese. Looked good!

      I made chicken calabrese. Stuffed with cheese and something else. We were all eating it. My dad came home later and also had some.
      Tags: cooking, food
    5. The Nightmare and Ghost Girl in the Kitchen

      by , 02-23-2017 at 11:00 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      The Nightmare
      I find myself in another MMORPG. Reminds me of Night Elf starting area from WoW. It's night and some plants glow in the distance. We are next to a small stone path near some river. I'm just observing as my brother is logged in with my account and switches between characters. I see names above their heads. Immolation and Rohan were two of them. Rohan was some sort of lizard person.

      There's an npc next to us. My brother talks with the NPC, asking about "the Nightmare". Apparently it's like a red magical fog that spreads around this world. Everyone's experience in the fog is unique, but they all see demons. My vision wanders away from my brother. I find the Nightmare and step in, manifesting a physical form for myself as I do. It's not actually fog: air just seems to be deeply red/orange inside it. It's hard to see far away, a wall of red blocks the view. I see the outline of a massive demon emerging from the wall of red. Two horns, fur, hooves and a tail. The demon talks to me. Can't recall what he said, something intimidating I'm sure.

      I decide it's too early to face demons. I teleport to an area I can level in. I'm back in the Night Elf area. I follow the path and grab quests from NPCs along the way. I'm apparently level 4. I can get level 5 quests but level 6 ones are still invisible to me. I do the quest closest to me. It involves a lost letter. I find it a few steps off the path. I pick it up and put it in a mailbox. Some NPC sees this and advises me to leave a message in the letter so I get a reward. I take the letter and sit down on a bench. It starts to rain as I write the note. A baseball cap materializes on my head so I have some cover while writing. After that I wander in the nearby forest and overhear NPCs talking about dressing up in silly costumes.

      Ghost Girl in the Kitchen
      I'm at a friends house having dinner. The scene is not stable, at some point it looks like my parents' place, but then transforms into an apartment on the third floor and back to my parents' place. I put macaroni casserole and mandarin oranges on my plate. There was a third food item, but I can't recall what it was. Some of the people in the room I know. There was a black girl who talked to her friends in Swedish. I took a wild guess that she would understand English, when I chatted with her, and I was right.

      People were talking about the first three God of War games being free downloads, since they were so old. I focused on listening and my mind wandered into another scene. The new scene is a game. The room is full of pillars with needles sticking out of them. Some of the pillars have safe spots to stand on, but they are small. I jump from pillar to pillar without shoes. Landing on the needles hurts, but I can will the pain to be minimal. I reach the end of the pillars and land on a couch. It's a familiar blue couch. There's a cat sleeping on it. I'm at my parents' house. I walk into the kitchen.

      My parents and a couple of unfamiliar DCs are sitting around the table and trying to solve some young girl's problem. The girl claims there's an evil spirit linked to her. I notice some chocolate on the table and grab some. I walk around the table and see a dark haired girl with red eyes and a massive head lying on the ground. "You talking about her?" I ask. A lady, who I assume is the medium, sitting next to the cursed girl replies "You can see her?" "Yeah" I answer and approach the spirit. I pat her on the head. The spirit gets up. When she moves fast, part of her separates, like she's liquid. She quickly reformed though. I wanted her to look less scary. She transformed into a normal looking girl with long dirty blond hair and a big smile. She's not scary at all! We invented a secret handshake on the spot.

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    6. You are not welcome here

      by , 02-22-2017 at 09:20 PM
      I had a dream that we lived in our neighborhood and my 9-year-old daughter kept sneaking out and playing in outher peoples houses in the middle of the night. I was upset with her, but not too much, I figured it was a phase she would grow out of and she would stop after I told her too. Then a pregnant lady that looks like my 9 year olds teacher came to my house and rang the doorbell in themiddle of the night, she was very angry, she was returning my diaghter to me and said "your kid was playing in my house in the middle of the night!" I appologized, she said "this happend all of the time and everyone is sick of it!" I appoligized agian and then she said "We all just want uyou to know that we think you are a terribal parent and we want you to leave!" "We don't want you in our neighborhood anymore!" I started crying because it was so mean and I said- why would you say that? am so lonely, maybe if you just let me walk with you guys or do things I wouldn't be so lonely and my girl would act better. She got angry and told me that she did not appriciate me trying to manipulate her! Then she aksed me what I was going to do about my girl. I picked my daughter up by her ears!?? Ans was tellign her sh eneeded to listen and I was so angry that now we had to move and no one liked us because she wouldn't stop doing what she did. I was sobbing and breathing hard in the dream and my 10 year old woke me up because she was worried- hearing me breahting so hard.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    7. Potential first WILD

      by , 02-22-2017 at 02:13 PM

      Asleep: 11:50
      WBTB: 3:55, 6:30
      Awake: 7:45
      Techs: Autosuggestion, WBTB + MILD
      NLDs: 2
      Lucids: 1 (maybe, read description)

      1. I'm sitting in a college lit class. The office manager from the restaurant I work at is there. We are all taking a test. It requires you to draw and/or write your responses and is very challenging. Everyone is cheating as we are seated in a weird arrangement where we are across from other students. I have other tags written down. "salad", "musical note", "sequence of characters". But this dream happened before 3:55 and I don't remember these additional details anymore.

      2. This dream is fragmented. In one scene, I remember my friend M meeting with president Obama. In another scene, I remember watching a documentary about my dad being in jail. He had a ponytail. None of that is true lol. I was working on getting his name cleared.

      3. I need help classifying this experience. Read on, I'll provide commentary. I woke up around 6:35 (after my 6:30 alarm which I apparently didn't hear). I turned that alarm off and laid back down. I did MILD then turned over to go to sleep. I 'came to' still lying in bed. I didn't move as I felt like something was weird. I might have already been sleeping at this point. Quickly, I felt the same pulsating/vibrating feeling from last night. Suddenly, fractal patterns of light appeared behind my eyelids. I felt the sensation of moving/falling forward through a tunnel. I "knew" I was going to appear in a dreamscape. I thought of water but then I realized I didn't want to appear in the open ocean. So I very quickly visualized a pool. Suddenly, I found myself in a busy, suburban pool. I do a nose-plug RC and can of course breathe. I look around and the pool area is full of adults and children. I walk up to the first woman and we do sexual things together (except after a minute or two, I thought to myself I don't want to waste a whole lucid doing just this). Then I get out of the pool and walk through a grassy area. I decide to look at my hands. My hands look completely normal except that there are purple marker lines on one hand. I think to myself, that makes sense that they are represented like this since I was at work last night and sometimes my hands get marker on them. I decided to jump up and test gravity. I came right back to the ground like normal. I then walked over to a swing set. I tried to jump to the top but didn't make it. Then I decided to try again and willed myself up as I jumped. I reached the railing. I came back down and jumped again, this time with renewed confidence. I managed to jump all the way up to the top of the swingset. Then, the DC parents came around and asked me where I'm from. I said I'm from another place and I come here to have fun. They asked me to leave. That's all I remember. A few minutes later I woke up in bed feeling somewhat distant from this experience.

      Notes - I had work last night so was stressed out until I got home and went to sleep at 11:50. I was also tired so I didn't do any induction techniques until around 6:35. I'm still happy with this experience last night whatever it was.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Busy dream; Work

      , 02-21-2017 at 01:57 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed at 9pm - 4:30am but couldn't fall asleep till well into 11 pm


      I'm at work. We need to move boxes and fix things. Director asks me to do stuff so I'm running around with a small black shopping cart, putting boxes in their right places.


      I'm going to school on my bicycle. Ground is covered in deep snow, with tracks left by cars. It's a bit melted and so hard to go through. I see people cutting through a walkway between tall buildings, but I keep going, then turn left to my school. But the road is blocked by police with some K-bars. Now I know why everybody was cutting through the other way. I find a place where I can lift my bike over and I continue.

      At school, a very common theme is not being able to find my class. I'm wandering the building, up and down the stairs, asking everybody, checking the rooms, but I cant find where they are. It's already into second lesson, and I'm still not in the class.
      Tags: school, work
    9. [20-02-2017: Pal's motorcycle]

      by , 02-20-2017 at 11:14 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      It was a really early morning, late winter. I was a bit anxious about what I'd drive with to my school. I decided that I'd borrow motorcycle that belonged to my pal. I was almost ready to drive, but then I reminded myself that police can be a trouble on the way if I'll drive without a helmet. I went back to pal's room (as he's staying in our home for the time being), he was still sleeping in bed so I took quietly took the helmet and left house.
    10. 2 Lucids

      by , 02-20-2017 at 03:09 PM

      Asleep: 11:45
      WBTB: 4:04, 5:00, 7:30
      Awake: 8:30
      Techs: WBTB + MILD and SSILD
      NLDs: 1 + a fragment
      Lucids: 2

      1. Fragment - Woke up with the image of drinks in champagne glasses

      2. I had insomnia after last awakening. I did MILD and then SSILD to help me fall asleep. I'm not sure if this is an FA because I didn't realize I ever fell asleep till after. T said I was keeping her awake. At one point, I started typing loudly on a computer? She got mad and grabbed her pillow and said she was going to sleep in the guest room. She said, "I can't afford to not get sleep before work". After she left, I got out of bed to use the restroom and I brought my phone with me for light. The screen was very dim. I tried to adjust the brightness but it still wouldn't get much brighter. Then, I heard male voices coming from above me. But we live in a single-story house so I knew there couldn't be anyone else near-by. As I was leaving the bathroom, I thought both these things were weird so I did a nose-plug RC but I was still fully convinced I was awake. When I could still breathe, I rationalized it by saying that maybe I didn't hold my nose fully closed. I tried again. It still worked. I became lucid! Suddenly, the whole dream started to vibrate or shake. I tried to stay calm but I woke up and used the restroom.

      3. (FA) Again, I had insomnia. Eventually I must have fallen asleep. I'm laying in my normal bed. Now, the bedroom door is open which is weird. I got up to check and "it felt like a dream". As I walked out of the room, I did a nose-plug RC and became lucid. I tried to remain calm. I walked a few steps in the hall, then remembered to try looking at the ground. The floor was our fake-wood. I then looked at the wall and saw a light switch. I got up close to it and it was very detailed and impressive. After a few more steps down the hall, I started to wake up. As the imagery faded, I tried to spin. I remained in a black void for a few seconds after which I woke up.

      4. I'm watching a sci-fi movie that I've apparently seen before at an unknown house. There are cats roaming around. At one point, I let a cat in from outside and it starts hissing. I think to myself that maybe it is rabid. I let in another cat and it seems friendly but has long claws. It is playing with me, but comes close to scratching my arms several times. I remember one of my co-workers was present in the house. I then walk into a main area and see my mom, except she is black. (we're both white). Somehow I rationalize this as real LOL. And when I hug her I see she has a "new" tattoo on her back, in addition to one already there. It is for her mother (who is still alive). My mom would never get a tattoo!)

      Notes - Today was a great night. Two lucids and the 2nd one was the longest I've had so far. I feel so confident and excited. I did experience some insomnia which is frustrating and caused me to lose out on some sleep. Also I find it funny how I missed my mom changing races and getting a tattoo.

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    11. The Godforsaken Auto Shop

      by , 02-20-2017 at 12:08 PM
      I am with my niece's husband, Bryant. He is a mechanic. We are in an old car. The car needs a lot of work. We are pulled over on the side of the road and someone -- most likely a cop -- is asking us a bunch of questions. It feels like we are in Russia (I frequently dream of being in Russia). We suddenly translocate to an auto garage which is owned by John Hatcher, a guy I used to work for who owned a roofing company. The auto garage looks old, dingy and godforsaken. Bryant and I are getting the fluids checked for the old car. In this dream, Bryant is the driver, and I am the passenger. He tells the mechanic checking the fluid that the cap is brand new, thus the fluid should still be good. I am sitting on a bench in the shop and looking around. The ceilings are very high and I stare at up the rafters and widows. Looking up at them gives me a sense of acrophobia and creeps me out. Bryant has disappeared and I am by myself. I see gray electrical tape wrapped around the exposed AC flex snaking around the walls and rafters. The walls of the shop are made of gray cinderblock. Dreamt 1/23/2017
    12. Banshee Trouble

      by , 02-20-2017 at 07:32 AM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I was exploring a dark, empty hospital or something. I checked the room, put my flashlight on the table and scavenged some ammo and what not. I didn't have a lot of time before a group of 5 enemies found me. One of them was a massive muscular zombie. He was like a small car, barely fit through doors. The other monster I focused on was a banshee: blue ethereal woman flying through walls and wailing. I had a bunch of guns. I can't recall which weapon I had out first. Pistol or rifle? Something like that. I switched to a flamethrower but I didn't have enough space to back away from them. I was trapped in a corner and died.

      Dream continued from a previous save, like in a game. This time I knew where they would be coming from. I took out my shotgun and walked to the door they came from previously. In a small dark bathroom they were dormant and waiting. I shone my flashlight on the zombie man and he slowly turned to look at me. Then I started backing up and shooting. They were really durable. I regretted starting with a shotgun. Should've used a grenade launcher or something. I couldn't kite the banshee. She phased through the floor and grabbed my leg. I was done, again.

      That "monsters" tag gets a lot of use in my DJ Most consistent dream sign of mine, for sure.
    13. [19-02-2017: Lucid club fragment]

      by , 02-19-2017 at 09:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I recall a fragment in which I thought about starting a Lucid club on the forums, though not sure what it was about and why.
    14. Drunk Night

      by , 02-19-2017 at 06:04 PM

      Asleep: 3:30?
      WBTB: A couple times
      Awake: 11ish
      Techs: None
      Dreams: 2 + 1 short fragment
      Lucids: 0

      1. Fragment - T's friend Page is talking about losing weight through eating...

      2I am living in a dorm with T. I'm talking with my mom about us getting an apartment together once we graduate college. T and I never knew each other in college. The food was really bad. We also had no where to lay down. I remember trying to drape a shirt/sheet across a hallway to lay down on or something?

      3. I am on a police training compound. For some reason, the FBI comes to investigate the compound. 1 agent is killed. I remember wishing I had a gun. I've been researching which gun to buy IWL. I remember scenes of running away/being chased.

      Notes - last night was T's birthday and we through a big party. I was very drunk and didn't get to sleep till around 3:30ish.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Beautiful water; Murders

      , 02-19-2017 at 02:05 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed around 8:30 pm - 4:30am

      DREAM 1
      I'm somewhere outdoors. There is a strange looking swimming pool, with slanted, concrete sides, with grass growing from between the slabs.

      A kidnapper arranged 6 or 9 tied up girls in the slopes, with spaces between them. They are soon unconscious and slip into water. I know he doesn't want them to die, so even when I see them with mouth submerged, I somehow know or hope that they are gonna be ok.

      Now I'm standing in some other pool. It has beautiful turquoise water with gentle waves. I put my head at water level and all I can see is this gorgeous water. I tell myself I'll have to take a picture of this so I remember it and I can dream about it.

      Later I'm in a big city bus. Have a feeling it's NY. I tell the black woman bus driver about the girls in the pool. Then she whispers them to another passenger who is getting off, so they can alert the police.

      Some kids in the back of the bus are cold, so I find some blanket and a comforter and give it to them.
      Tags: bus, water
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