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    1. Lizard Girl Skin Grafts

      by , Today at 09:34 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2017. Sunday.

      Curiously, the setting seems to be in one of the portables (classrooms set up in large trailers) at my high school (though I also attended one in fourth grade). However, there are no associations with school.

      An unknown (at first) girl is present. She has reptilian skin, though it is of a colorful floral pattern (of the type on curtains and bedsheets and such, thus this may be a dream sign, that is, an association with Zsuzsanna being in bed next to me).

      I become aware that she has some sort of inherent biological function in her body where skin automatically grows over certain parts (in a similar manner as a lizard tail growing back after being cut off). There is one part where I watch the process. The tip of her tail had been apparently injured (and even partly cut off) by someone slamming the door before she was through the doorway. The new tail section has a slightly different floral design and colors. At another point though, there is a rectangular band-aid shape protruding from her forearm (somewhat like oversized loose skin). It is more like unneeded skin growing out due to a biological glitch. She shows mild concern.

      Later, she becomes a young version of Zsuzsanna. I stand facing her and she now seems mostly human though has a vivid dominating presence (typical of the personified preconscious during the waking stage). We hug and I kiss her neck. This eventually brings about the coalescence waking symbolism that has been quite common in my dreams since early childhood (where a main dream character unites or “melts” back into me with a very pleasant feeling).

      Oddly enough, based on the setting, there seems to be some sort of insignificant recall of an event from fourth grade where I had my fingers slammed in the door of the portable (though they were not injured). For some reason, this seemed transmuted into the lizard girl having her tail clipped. I even recognized her state as “mine” for a very short time.

    2. Water From the Wall (into Mixer or Humidifier)?

      by , Today at 06:54 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2017. Sunday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children and I are living where we are now in reality. It seems to be late at night. I eventually hear unusual gurgling sounds, like water being pumped through a pipe or sprinkler system. I am puzzled by the nature of the sound and what it could mean. I listen to the sounds for several minutes. At one point, it sounds somewhat like a coffeemaker (though we do not have one or ever drink coffee).

      On the far end of the counter, where the small oven is in reality, is some sort of machine that resembles a squarish mixer, though no bowl is present. I have a false memory that it is some sort of humidifier that keeps our house cool in summer. There is also the clear but false memory of having taped over the plug on the end of the electrical cord to keep it more secure in the outlet.

      I tell Zsuzsanna about the sound. Eventually, water sprays out of the “mixer” from the area where the wire whisk would be. It sprays down in a circular pattern (somewhat like a shower head). I am aware that there is a system of pipes behind the wall but that something has malfunctioned. I worry about water getting into the outlet. Even though I had taped over the plug to keep it secure, I decide to unplug it for now, which will supposedly stop the water spraying out.

      The water and water sounds within the wall (liminal space) are common dream state induction factors. The mix of water (sleep) and electricity (increased neural activity within the dream state) is a bit unusual, though still directly symbolizing the dreaming and waking process in real time. There have been a number of similar dreams throughout my life featuring these dynamics but in different ways.

    3. Dream - Never Enough Time For A WILD & Keep Her Safe

      by , Today at 05:46 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 28 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 121 - Separated Sections

      Dream 121 A - Never Enough Time For A WILD
      The dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School but it was all Killester students. I was walking around with JS and at the same time, looking for WB whom I thought would most likely be in the library right next to the office area. I then had an idea that I was going to go to sleep and attempt WILD. So JS walked off while I found somewhere to lie down.

      I eventually found a wooden bench in the main area of the school and lay on it. I started to fall asleep and try not to move at all so I could be aware if I was to enter a dream within this dream. At one point, I did feel like I was about to slip into another dreaming state but then for some reason, I automatically woke up. Apparently there was only two minutes left before classes would start again. When I got off the bench, I saw WB standing beside the unit of the multipurpose room and her appearance seemed smaller and cuter compared to real life. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 121 B - Keep Her Safe
      At the start of the dream, I find I was doing something strange and unusual with chocolate chip cookies. That soon passed and the dream scene went to something else. There was this gravel landing/taking-off strip in a desert and there was a smallish looking metal aeroplane on it. Apparently, mum, NB and myself were returning from our Croatia holiday.

      When on the plane, I figured that I wanted to sit about two seats away from them as I did have Dreamy WB with me. She was in the form of a small plush toy with her hair in the style of two braids. Still, my mum sat next to me and my brother sat behind me, so I quickly had to whisk Dreamy WB away from my lap and have her under my left arm, against my body, on the side next to the windows. I was pressing her really hard to make sure no one could see her until our destination was reached.

      The dream scene then skipped to me showing random people holiday destinations like I was on some Getaway show. One place was this deserted lighthouse-like winery that was all dark inside. I don't remember anything else about this dream.
    4. A Streetcar Not Named Desire

      by , Yesterday at 11:27 AM
      Morning of May 27, 2017. Saturday.

      This may be part of a longer dream, but I become more focused while driving a car in an unknown neighborhood. My wife Zsuzsanna is with me. The driver’s side is on the left, so America seems implied as the location. It seems to be afternoon. It is mostly taking place in a residential area, though there may be a few smaller commercial buildings in the street perpendicular to the one I am on.

      Up ahead, at about half the length of the street, there is a streetcar that is not on rails. It is on the left side. On my right is a truck. Oddly, there may not be enough space to drive between them. This would mean that the street must be narrower than a typical street, but it is not implied to be (as it seems like a normal street in every way, in memory and perspective).

      I drive between them and there is an odd brushing effect that I can feel through the car and my body, as if I rubbed against the streetcar while going through. It is not jolting in any way; it is rather smooth and does not impede my progress.

      Looking back, the streetcar (which is empty), starts rolling back towards the intersection and I am aware that I caused this to happen by pushing against it as I had gone through. I am concerned that it may roll into the intersection and cause an accident. This does not happen. Instead, it slows down right at the end of the street and then turns to the right (my viewpoint). A man shows up who seems to be the conductor. The streetcar slows down at this time, soon stopping. He does not seem confused or annoyed by the event. In fact, he starts talking to an unknown female about the streetcar as if nothing had happened.

    5. Short lucids.

      by , Yesterday at 04:04 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I hate working hard to have lucids only to be lucid for 2 seconds long!


      Me and Raven remove a Dark energy Symbiont from Bjork. We heal her with music. She apologizes to me and promises to keep the dreams with me a little less. There is forgiveness on both sides. Yay!

      Dog walking

      I was walking my dog in a weird landscape. Some guy emerges from a cave/underpass and warns me not to walk ahead because it's too difficult to travel through. I walk down into where he said, It's a weird pit that looks scary but I find a neat set of stairs up. I go up them and find a bunch of underground walkways to explore. Me and my dog walk through it until the dream ends.

      After work

      I'm in the office at work but it's like 3 times as big. I'm leafing through files then R an J walk in. they don't seem to care that I'm in their office. I go outside and find a seat to sit down on. Xereniak is there and we talk, but I forget about what. R walks out she smiles at me and says, "Okay crew get to work on blah blah blah" Sounded like difficult work. Xereniak leaves and I wonder why I am sitting there and not working. I realize my shift must have ended.


      Asuka brings me upstairs and gives me martial arts gloves for some reason. They look very sporty. I put them on and she leaves. I begin practicing the opening moves to a kung fu form. It feels weird in the gloves. I practice for a while until the dream ends.

      She's Stalking me

      Data convinces me to hover outside my one window. He says He's going to tell Asuka I just had a false awakening in that room. When she comes in I'm supposed to jump in through the window and surprise/scare her. sounds like fun.

      I wait... someone is flying nearby. I look and see Bjork hovering a distance away. My dream awareness isn't that great and just thinks, "pretty lady I know and like... CHASE!" So I fly after her. she looks guilty and zips through a portal like she wasn't supposed to be spotted. I fly after her but she is gone. I'm by a house A man is outside who I recognize as her boyfriend. I ask where she went. He said she just left and he looked sad. While I ponder if he meant she just left his house, or she left him? I wake up.

      After WBTB.

      Forgotten lucid

      Became lucid somewhere but forgot what happened after.

      Black Jesus

      I'm in a house with a bunch of people. Jesus is there but he's black and has short black hair, he's also wearing a suit. I find it odd he would look like that. I become lucid and go over to touch him. I do and he looks surprised. I can feel insurmountable energy inside him that feels foreign. It intensifies and knocks me out of the dream.

      Fa, I'm in bed with that spider thing again minus Bjork and the dark energy. It doesn't seem to be doing much harm. I'm wondering why it's still around.

      Dark Tower

      Me and Asuka are watching an early version of The Dark Tower starring Idris elba. She says, "Look there he is," and The Gunslinger is crouching in the desert sneaking up on someone.

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    6. Dream - The World Is Unfair

      by , 05-26-2017 at 01:37 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 26 MAY

      Dream No. 120 - The World Is Unfair

      My grandma (this time from my dad's side) invited us to go to a family party. Once we were there, I found out that there were seating arrangements, so I started walking around the tables to see where I was. I saw dad and NB's places on one table, but when I walked around the whole table, I noticed that there was no place for me. I soon realised that I was on another table with strangers and this didn't make me happy. I also notice that Karla M took my place where I thought I was supposed to be. Another thing I realised is that my mum wasn't invited to this party and I'm thinking to myself “how rude of grandma”.

      The dream scene then changes to some bushland area, like the old towns of the gold rush with the ranch like buildings. Most of this scene is rusty for me but I can remember some small details. I was a part of a primary school, in grade 4 but I was still 18 years old. The teacher comes by and asks me what I am doing. I tell her I am lost and I am trying to find my way back to the party. I eventually come across all these bathroom cubicles and feel the need to use one. Most of the ones I walk by are male and so I go past them. There were a few female ones but they were locked. >> Sensitivity Warning: If you want to skip this part, read after the red line: There was only one that was free but the area was very cramped. Additionally, the toilet was in such a strange angle that I couldn't sit on it. I released so much piddle that the toilet was actually overflowing and pouring over my backside. I was cringing and soon as I was done, I raced out of there. |

      I was than at my house and I noticed that RK, my brother's university friend was over. I could hear the conversation through the door of my brother's bedroom and he was telling RK how apparently the Turnbull Government was destroying the world of MYOB. When they came out of the bedroom, I once again told NB how I was upset about the seating arrangements. All he tell me to do was get over it, he did add something else to that but I forgot what. That's all I can remember about this dream.
    7. Danger

      , 05-26-2017 at 11:54 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:15pm.

      This dream was full of danger, and I didn't think of it as just a game. I was really worried.

      It all revolves about a guy official. We are in his house, being chased around. 2 of us make it to the gate, open it and go through. I think they closed it behind them and it locked, but I get to the back door and run through a short yard to this heavy red metal gate and manage to open it. Just in time, because a woman who was chasing us is right behind me. I close the first set of the gate doors and the second one as she runs up to the gate. I don't want to waste my time closing it, but I hope it will lock and she has no keys on her.

      Now I'm with my best friend M, she is leaving. Someone very young is giving birth so we are taking her to the town house. There is a dilemma weather to put her on a large white sofa in the lobby, or in some other room. A woman who works there says "other room", coz that huge sofa is so hard to clean.

      We hear that dangerous guy and the woman talking. She just told him how we escaped. We put 2 and 2 together and now we have a better picture about who he is and his connections. I am scared, we have to get out. I get to an opened window and across a small courtyard there is another opened window and that guy is in there, talking to someone. I start yelling at him that I am coming for him. I throw a few tangerines at him to make sure he can hear me. I'm scared, but I do this often in my dreams. Instead of running away, I confront and charge at the scary stuff. I imagine running up to him, knocking him over and beating the crap out of him.

      Not a very good dream, the danger was not pleasant.
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    8. Flying Sub Fleet

      by , 05-26-2017 at 05:41 AM
      Morning of May 26, 2017. Friday.

      My dream’s setting seems to be of the Barolin Street house (where we have not lived in years) and the street. However, the area is also modeled after Cubitis in some ways (including the large backyard and beyond). This makes the directional orientation unresolvable (that is, the Cubitis backyard would be east, but as Barolin Street, west), but I will base it on the Cubitis region.

      There is some sort of unusual event perceived to be in the distance to the east. My wife Zsuzsanna is carrying a shotgun (which is curiously the first time I have seen her with a shotgun in my dreams, including as the “mystery girl” in early childhood). She heads toward the backyard after leaving the house. I assume she perceives danger.

      I look to the east horizon. I first see a number of what appear to be normal airplanes. Later, they appear to be duplicates of the Flying Sub (from the “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” television series, which I have not seen in a long time). They are approaching our direction. I am not sure if it is an alien threat, the American military, or both. We go inside.

      Later, looking out from our front porch, I watch a couple strange objects move through the sky from north to south. Something is fired in my direction but misses. Even so, I have no fear or even wariness. An unusual cannon rises from the ground directly in front of our house. It is a vertically-oriented cylinder but the cannon opening is on the curved side rather then the end (which would be the top here). (I do not consider how wrong this design is.) Bursts of partly visible transparent “bullets” emerge as it rotates (starting from the south and turning towards our porch). Even though the bullets are eventually moving towards me, I do not react and remain unharmed. (This may be due to growing subliminal lucidity, but my dream self has no awareness of the dream state or what a dream is).

      The flying subs are probably a residual link to water induction, which is my main type of dream state induction since early childhood as water symbolizes the dynamics of sleep (and the dream state) in real time, though the fact they are flying is a shift towards waking symbolism - in fact, this scene could be the representation of event horizon waking symbolism (actually utilizing the horizon symbolism in this case) which is basically what the majority of dreams are rather than having “interpretations” by way of the usual misuse of the word.

      I would not be surprised if the “impossible cannon” is some sort of skewed phallic symbolism based on the ambiguity of my dream self standing up in my dream whereas my real physical body is horizontal. There have been many times when a dream’s ambiguity seemed based on distortions of combined dream self orientation and real physical body orientation and some people believe this is what causes falling dreams (with hypnopompic jerks), which are purely biological.

    9. Not much to recall

      by , 05-26-2017 at 03:17 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Had some semi lucid Hypnagogic imagery of a woman in a creepy mask with nothing but black pupils.


      Vague memory of the woman being in my room. She is shrouded in black smoke and almost resembles a spider. She is sticking a tube in my chest and feeding the black smoke through it. Or maybe it's more like spider silk sticking into me.

      All other dreams almost reached the surface but were pushed away by a black cloud.
    10. Dawn

      by , 05-25-2017 at 05:37 PM
      I was playing melee with my brother and in it you would get points for jumping and landing on the small island playforms in the sky. I managed to do it many times with DK as we fought but than I became lucid and left the room. My brother than shouted "vampire!" and bit me in the neck. I pushed him away and as I hurried away told him never to do that again.

      Next I ended up non lucid and walked into the street. As I got in the car I told my mom to hurry up but than suddenly two guys jumped in the front seats and locked the door. "Good thing we got the keys" one of them said as they began to drive away with me. I kept trying to unlock it but couldn't. I contemplated calling my mom but than they would see me. I than felt like breaking the car window but it was impossible. They than drove me around the corner and into an alleyway, next to a red building. After worrying about them killing me there I became lucid. "I can go through the car!" I shouted than went through it than into the building.

      I ended up walking into a school lab where steven universe characters were secretly alive and Rebecca Sugar was the evil genius contemplating how to use them against society. I wasn't lucid as much there.

      Skipping that part I exited the place non lucid and bumped into a boy who wanted to give me a free yellow textbook from his bag. It was raining though and his books in his bag got wet. I tried to tell him to forget it but he brushed it off with a laugh. Next his friend who was also a guy ran him into the ground to hug him. He laughed, hugged him than pushed him off. Somehow another book ended up on the street. I gave it to him than went on my way.

      It stopped raining and I found a girl jogging home and singing. I saw her before so I ran behind her playfully as I was going to race her. She smiled, said hi, than kept running home. I stopped at a street light than waited to cross impatient since it was now dark. Right when I crossed a truck was turning. It tipped over than a man approached me to tell me it was my fault in Spanish. I said no than hurried away. It got to be afternoon again where I heard a guy mention he was going to get his neck shaved. He went into a woman's barber/hair salon and I kept going my way.

      I ended up on a narrow street that was interesting in layout. The color on the ground was like a golden rocky color. Next I touched the side of a platform to find sticky blood.Lucid now I kept walking noticing a fence than saw Dawn with another anime character. They were dressed in white robes and were searching the area to clear an entity. Seeing my panties on lines I felt uncomfortable though."Do you have to attract it with my panties?" I asked. I just got a serious stare so I said nvm. I managed to catch the entity with a small white staff than the other guy with Dawn grabbed onto it with his staff until we broke the blue entity and he snapped in pieces.
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    11. FB group and the magic mirror

      by , 05-25-2017 at 04:48 PM
      This was an interesting dream. It was very existential. I was at some giant mall with a girl who reminded me of brittany. We were getting pretty close, when I noticed a guy next to me vomit extremely hard into his backpack. I puked too in solidarity with him

      I went downstairs for a bathroom and found some bunk rooms that I knew were mine, and Lotts and the shitty shed boys were all hanging out together. I emptied the puke and checked facebook messenger and found out that Lotts had added 120 of his shitty friends to the dankerton chat, and ruined it forever. What the fuck. I freaked out on him and spent a few minutes using advanced tools to kick them all out at once, but it was no easy task. We could not abandon that chatroom and all it's history.

      When I finished I went back to the bunks to talk to them and they were gone. I caught them outside leaving to their cars. When I confronted lotts about it he was being a bitch. His ghetto friend started asking me if I knew how hard he was and brought out a big bag of shrooms. It was at this moment that simon messaged me. It was his graduation party tonight and he was calling me asking me where the fuck I was. Lotts' bullshit cut me off from the information. I teleported back home and found the boys in suits. When I walked down the hall, I saw chris and his date for the night. She was beautiful. I immediately felt a pang of jealousy. Chris finally had a girl, and now I was the only one left. Why me? Why am I not good enough?

      I entered the bathroom to prepare and escape the envyous view. But when I looked in the mirror, she was standing next to me. So beautiful. An amalgamation of all the girls I've been attracted to in recent months. As I stared in the mirror, something incredible happened. She was gona and replaced by me. I could look at myself from a side angle, a new, unbiased look so different from that head on view we get used to every day. I began to think out loud. "Is this who I am?" I looked deeply into myself, and admired my hair, giving me a devil-may-care look at that moment. I tousled it a bit, and suddenly I was an entirely different man. An older man, with facial features highlighted so differently I may as well have been a stranger. I looked at this man and admired him, but decided to go on. Another tousle, and my hair was long, slicked back, and I had the features of someone in slytherin. I could not recognize myself at all. I began trying to return to my old self. Feverishly messing with my hair, trying to find my way back. I never could. So I just gave up, and accepted this person I had turned into through random chance, and walked back out that door to go to this party. Maybe on this night I would find something or someone.

      I wake up.
    12. Dream - The Hairdressing Scam

      by , 05-25-2017 at 06:47 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 25 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 119 - The Hairdressing Scam

      My mum and grandma took me to the hairdressers to get a haircut. It was when I sat down on one of the chairs next to a wall that the lady put some glasses on me and started doing all these optical tests on me. Then all a sudden, this lady who is doing my eye tests is yelling across the room at another customer. She yells something like “Stop disrespecting the need of the business!”. Only then did I realise that this wasn't a hairdresser. I felt scared that the lady would yell at me too but anyway, I said to my mum, “This isn't a hairdresser, it's an optometrist!”. My mum started crying from shock and I got out of the chair and walked out of the store with her. As we were walking away, my mum was making all these remarks at the lady. One I could remember was that we weren't giving any of our money away.

      So we joined my grandmother back in the mall and decided that they would go back to the car early and have their chips. I followed them down a strange looking street with all these op shops but I was distracted all these racks of jewellery and I soon completely lost them. I eventually came to an area that looked like normal housing suburbia and there I noticed a complex where the lift to the car park was. At first, I was thinking of going down by myself but when I stood and looked up at the big metal doors, I started freaking out and said to myself that I couldn't do it.

      I went outside and once had the idea that I would call for Dreamy WB to help me down the lift. I walked around all the streets, calling her name but nothing happened. A few times I'd call “Dreamy WB” with the loudest voice in dream history. In this dream, I found that my voice was very loud and clear and was not restricted in any way. Also, every time I called out, I found myself trying to imagine that she was behind a corner of an object and that she would eventually come out if I called her enough times. Still, there was no change and so I decided to call out for her by her alternate guardian name, Miss T. There still wasn't any response and so now I was panicking. I went back to calling out “Dreamy WB!” until I was back at the lift complex.

      I now noticed a ramp leading downwards as well but I still wanted to call her just to what would happen. Then this room, looking like a public bathroom, appeared next to the lift. All these young girls were coming out of it, including a handful of Killester girls amongst the unknown ones. Still, I couldn't see Dreamy WB anywhere. I went outside again to wait for her. Then when EL comes out, I ask her, “Where's WB?”, she tells me she's coming. It takes a while but WB is one of the last girls to come out of that bathroom and when she's outside, no one else is around anymore. I tell her I need her help. She said she would go with me but she had something else to do first. WB pulled out her phone and used one hand to text someone. She invited me to stand next to her and so that's what I did. I full on hugged her while she put her unused arm around me, while she continued texting. Once she was finished, we walked up to the lift complex but I woke up before anything else could happen.

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    13. What did I do?

      by , 05-25-2017 at 03:53 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Orange is the New Bjork

      Bjork and I are thrown in Jail because we broke into Donald Trump's dream a few nights ago. I am in a visitng/cafeteria area. Bjork is at a table with her boyfriend and they keep whispering and giving me dirty looks. Don Juan from the Castaneda books is sitting at my table laughing.

      "You should know..." Don Juan laughs and almost chokes on his own laughter, "That Three pronged Naguals and Four Pronged Naguals don't belong together." He laughs uproariously at his own joke? and then he starts slapping his knee. "You didn't think that would actually work did you?"

      me, "No, not really. I mean once I considered the 'reality' of it I tried to stop dreaming with her. It didn't work and after I told her she followed me into every other dream and convinced me to continue dreaming with her. I did what she asked, I was just trying to make her happy and now look at the mess I am in. I am done with this!"

      "No, Youre not done yet." He said and laughed again, "Oh you wily sorcerer of old! You're not finished with dreaming and neither are you finished with her." He said and looked serious.

      "Oh I'm finished with her. I should have been finished when I first realized it was a mistake. But no I had to listen to her and not reason. These drams were driving me mad! Literally mad. Well I'm glad the madness is finally over."

      Don Juan chuckled, "It's not over yet kid, In a way you'll always be after her, and her always after you."

      me , "What does that even mean? Because she's CLEARLY after me." I said sarcastically indicating to her table. They looked at me all confused, "Look I'm done with Nagual BS. and I'm done with draming about Bjork, 'cause that is also BS. You're BS and your eternal life with your energetic nod past the eagle is BS. I already have Eternal life with Jesus Christ!" I began yelling. At some point I had stood up but not remembered when I did. I looked down and saw that Don Juan had vanished. "See," I said, declaring to everyone in the room. "His spirit even flees at the mere mention of Jesus, what does THAT say?"

      "Shutup!" Someone yelled and complained I was disturbing their visiting time.

      "You know talking to yourself is the first sign you're going crazy!" Someone else yelled.

      "Oh yeah?" I said, "And what's the second sign genius?"

      Bjork grunted and threw her tray at me.

      SJW school

      I was wandering a highschool after leaving home room. I wandered and tried to find the class again but couldn't.

      I wound up in a cafeteria with some event going on. Some Transgender and non binary people sat at my table. some guy/girl was hitting on me but I was ignoring him/her.

      Some girl was talking on a microphone. The thing seemed to be a wedding reception. She started talking about meeting her... and that got my attention. The rest of what she said was garbled in tears. Her and her new very tall wife began dancing to a slow song. The tall one was twirling the shorter red head around.


      I was walking down a street outside. Bjork and her boyfriend walk past me and she spits in my face.

      I guess I got what I deserved? In other news: Freedom!!!

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    14. Captured.

      by , 05-24-2017 at 02:50 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just a dream of arriving at a casino to play a poker tournament. some players I know from lethbridge were there.


      I'm in some out door rooftop. I'm tied to a chair and so are two other women. There is some government hired swat team guarding us. I fall over in my chair and try to crouch run by a short wall. I feel it's safe if I just wait and see what happens. Someone else is fighting the swat team and gasses them. They all begin to fall over. I get free by untying myself somehow. I notice my companion (Can't tell who it is exactly since I never see her. I just know her.) Has a black knife in her hands and is cutting herself free.

      The other woman stands up and revealed she wasn't really tied. she was supposed to interrogate us. I ask the other woman to hand me the knife for a second. She gets scared and drops the knife. I pick it up and stab the other woman and she vanishes as soon As I stab her. The other woman gets free and we run and wind up on a street.

      We go into a Burger King, but my friend coworker J is there, and he's in his mcdonald's uniform. I talk to him for a bit and he comments on the woman I am with. I go yeah whatever. We leave the restaurant to find a motel to sleep, but halfway there the woman vanishes. Soon after I wake up.


      Dream of standing outside of standing outside some townhouses apperently close to where I live. I am playing a 12 strng guitar trying to figure out a song by ear.
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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Dream - A Dysfunctional Shopping Trip & Owner Of This Auditorium

      by , 05-23-2017 at 12:04 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 23 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 118 - Separated Sections

      Dream 118 A - A Dysfunctional Shopping Trip
      From where I can remember, I was at the shops with my mum and I walked past a Review store that I then wanted to go and look in. My mum was not too keen on this idea, she was constantly hurrying me up and saying that looking was not important. Still, I tried to look at as many clothes on display as possible as that's the main reason I was at the shops. I then noticed that some clothing racks had heavy discounts applied to them, still, this didn't change my mum's mind. When I was finally rushed out of there, she said she had to go to the bathroom and she told me to wait for her just outside in the mall. For a few minutes, I waited but then the thought came to my mind that I was going to leave her behind as a payback for not letting me look at the things I wanted to look at. So I walked home.

      The dream scene then skipped to me being at home with dad. A notification appeared on this random tablet and that's when I asked my dad “Where's mum?”. He goes “She's coming home from Parkmore”. In the dream, I was pretending like I didn't know anything about what happened earlier. He added “I don't think she'd be too keen on seeing you”. In the back of my mind, I knew she could make her way back because she still had the car. That's all I can remember from this dream.

      Dream 118 B – Owner Of This Auditorium
      I was in this large hall, although the dream seemed to call it an auditorium. All these schools were coming over for a music competition with their various bands and choirs. All throughout this dream, I had a feeling of joy and nostalgia. The majority of the ensembles were from Killester and I told everyone I spoke to that I was the owner of this auditorium and that I was also hosting the competition... The Killester students didn't appear to know this, so it was a nice surprise for them.

      The dream was doing some weird things though, like introducing one pushy girl who tried to be an imposter hosting. Although she was making her moves, I was still overjoyed, telling everyone I saw what I was doing. At one point, Mrs G had the school camera and called me over for a photo. I then saw the choir and there were a lot of faces I recognised, one most prominently being WB's. Other faces I remember were WB's older cousin AD and a little year 7 that started to adopt WB's facial features as well as her bomb of an afro.

      >> Sensitivity warning: Stop reading if you don't want to be grossed out | The next scene of the dream was a bit disturbing though. There was this woman that was wheeled into the auditorium who looked like some sort of pale zombie with all these scars and small bits of pus on her face and body. As the manager, I said to wheel her into this small room while we waited for an ambulance to come by. That's all I can remember from this dream.
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