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    1. The Dream of the Escape from the Island and the Introduction into a Secret Society Bank

      by , 12-07-2010 at 12:31 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      I was on Belle Isle island and I was wanted by the evil authorities, so I had to flee, but I knew that if I took the ferry they would catch me easily, so I had to find another way. A relative told me of a fisherman who often took people to the mainland, so I went to the beach and found him. His ship was really a small rowing boat. He agreed to take me to the mainland and didn't even ask for compensation. Thanks to him, I crossed to and fro Belle Isle many times.
      Later, I was in my grandparents house, which is on the peninsula closest to Belle Isle. I had taken a clandestine cat with me from Belle Isle and I had to hide his presence from my relatives, but for some reason the cat had to stay outside in the front yard, so every time my aunt came out I had to go and shoo the cat away so she wouldn't see it.
      Later again, me and my friend/crush John managed to get introduced into a secret branch of my bank. But then, we had to get out to spread information to other underground resistance members. We had pretended to be a couple, so stay in character I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and he was all embarrassed, saying something like: "You've done enough now!"

      Influences: my research into Resistance in occupied Finistere during WWII
    2. 28th / 29th September 2010- Being an air nymph

      by , 09-29-2010 at 04:21 PM
      I am an air nymph. I am in a group of about 5, all of us very beautiful (if I do say so myself haha ) and we decide that we'd like to go to a lagoon. We go there but get bored quickly and move onto the sea. I fly off to find my pets; 5 hippogriffs, which fly so fast, we trail fire behind us. When we get back to the sea, one of my friends is face-down in the water. My friends are trying to get her back to land, and I help.
    3. The shipwreck and being stranded with Galou

      by , 09-24-2010 at 09:23 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      I was woken up at 6:00 by a noisy male student's voice. I opened the curtain and saw that a flat on the floor above and in front of me had its door open and light flooding out. A girl was standing on the deck and noticed me. i went back to sleep, ready to put my ear plugs on, but the girl must have asked to boy to shut up because the noise ceased. Thank you, unknown girl! The dream occured next.
      I was on a small ship leaving Central America for Europe. Not too far from the shore, I noticed several people in the water (over a dozen). None of them seemed to panic. It was weird. I hesitated to offer them to get on my ship because they were so numerous that they might cap-size it. There were other small ships and I wondered which they fell from.
      I soon realized that the ships (and the castaways) had been involved in some conflict between drug or illegal immigrant smugglers. I decided not to get mixed in because those people can be troublesome, but then I saw my friend Galou in the water. She was trying to hold on to her two young daughters.
      (In truth, Galou only has a 5-month-old baby boy)
      Then my ship disappeared (?) and I was in the water. I helped Galou by holding one of her girls. The sea took us to a tiny sand beach surrounded by rocky, sharp cliffs. The girls were not with us anymore, but that didn't distress us.
      We were tired and cold and hungry. A strange, chaotic rock formation sprouted out of the sand. We tried to find shelter in the rock chaos. I climbed on top of the formation. Two electric wires connected to a small light bulb. The night was falling, and I realized that the light was too weak to be seen from hypothetical rescue ships. However I had my laptop, and I thought to use to power to power it (because it's a magical laptop that can resist sea water!) and maybe send someone a email to tell our relatives that we have survived.
      When I got down from the rocks, Galou had prepared driftwood to light a fire. I made sparks with the wires to start the fire. Galou had collected seaweed to eat, but in a small cave we found canned food that had either been stocked here or that came from a shipwreck.
      We spent the night there. We were still scared of the smugglers, because, as witnesses to their dealings, we could be seen as threats.
      In the morning, we noticed one of the smugglers' ships coming towards our beach. Uh oh... We decided to try and climb the rocks to get away. Galou went to the west, and I went to the north, more or less along the shore. But since there were many boulders I felt like I could hide.
      Some gunmen landed on the beach. I hid behind the boulders but one of them saw me. I knew it was hopeless so I didn't move. He found me and shot me twice, once in the back (and the bullet went through my chest) and one in the bum
      (probably inspired by the horrible bruise I got on my backside falling down the stairs while moving furniture out an attic). It hurt badly but I realized I could perhaps survive my wounds, so I played dead. The gunman was satisifed and left.
      The rest of the dream is in 3rd person perspective as I follow Galou.
      Galou has managed to reach almost the top of the cliff. There's a half-ruined castle which we couldn't see from the beach. She is also pursued by the gunmen. Nearing the castle, she has to cross over a precipice on a single stone beam to reach safer grounds.
      She then tries to hide inside the castle, and realize that it's not empty. There's a nun living there. A cat nun from New Earth (Doctor Who)! The nun agrees to hide Galou. She tucks her in a shady corner.
      The gunmen get in and ask the nun if she's seen the runaway. She says she hasn't and pretend Galou is a statue, using her as a stand for her tray, as she offers the gunmen drinks.
      She has her servant bring the tray in. It's Jar Jar Bink,
      and I remember thinking as I watched his feet on the carpet (through Galou's eyes): that CGI is rubbish, it's scintillating!
      Later, after the gunmen are gone, I manage to get up (back in my own body) despite my wounds and limp back to the beach, were I am reunited with Galou.
    4. The dragons, The cricket and The fonz bunny.

      by , 09-15-2010 at 06:27 PM
      I was on a pebbly beach, white pebbles if i remember right. To my right, the beach extended for a while before meeting a tall cliff which then went out to sea. My left was completely clear. The sea was completely covered in strange white seaweed, which closely resembled those curly bath balls you can get for washing. As the waves came in they gently rose and fell. Far out I could see some water. The sky was an overcast grey, with dull clouds soundlessly drifting along. I turned round to face a cliff with several outcrops spread unevenly across its face. I managed to reach one of these, though i dont know how. A small girl in a light orange dress was looking out to sea through a telescope. I asked her if I could use it, and she said yes. I sat on a rock and dug my feet into the gravel, because for some reason I thought that someone might push me off.

      I then turned around to find the cliff gone and replaced by a lush green grassy hill leading to what seemed to be the white house. I went inside and found out that it was actually my familily's house, and so I headed to my room. The door was built diagonally, and on both sides there were baulstrades. Never heard of privacy i guess... I walked down the small flight of stairs and found myself in a bare room with white walls and a beige carpet. There was a large pair of doors leading ouside, and i walked out to find myself in another garden.

      In front of the house was a large area of grass, but further out were rows after rows of 1cm thick hedges. I explored the gras and found a blue dragon who needed me to feed him crickets. I found hundreds in the hedge but picked only three. I felt them tickle my hand, and one tried to bite me. Turns out the dragon dissapeared. Figures... I then met the duracell bunny dressed as the fonz, who asked if I wanted a beetle from the hedge. They were realy beautiful, so I got one and came back. However, I had apparently failed some kind of test, so my schools field would be.... GASP! CONCRETED! I actually couldn't give a f*** so I went back inside. I sat down in my room but then woke up.
    5. A Mysterious Beach

      by , 09-14-2010 at 05:49 PM (Morbid's Abode)
      A Mysterious Beach (DILD)


      - Beach

      Time Occured:
      - Around 3:00 - 3: 45pm

      Dream Characters:
      - My family (mainly my mother, sister, niece, aunt and her daughter)
      - KC (initials)
      - TG (initials)
      - GV (initials)

      After 6 months of having a dry spell due to my lack of sleep and hectic schedule, I had a lucid dream again!

      It was a dark, rainy afternoon, and I was relaxing at our hammock while smoking. I realized I haven't have much time relaxing recently, so I decided to listen to one of my favorite binaural beats. A few minutes after, I felt sleepy so I decided to take a nap at my bedroom.

      I fell asleep, and soon I realized I was dreaming.

      With my family, I was in a beautiful beach. The sun, the birds flying around and the sound of the waves, indeed, a relaxing dream it is, I said to my self.

      As I was preparing myself to take a plunge, my mom called me and said that she's still preparing our lunch. I took the opportunity, and dived.

      What happened after I dived was like in a fast-forward, and when i rose up to gasp for air, in front of me were to lovely Filipina celebrities, and we're in the middle of the sea!

      As we all know, lucid dreams are far beyond what we imagine and anything can happen, I wasn't surprised seeing those two in front of me and they're having a live broadcast of a musical show. As I looked at them, KC (I prefer to not mention her name) started to sing holding a microphone that came from nowhere. Minutes after, she started to scream and claimed that her legs were bitten by snakes. I dived below to check if her wounds were deep and as I rose again, it's like I was carried by the waves, and brought me a few meters away from them.

      Magically, there was a dike that seemed like it rose from below the sea. As I swam to it, to have a better view of the two, another celebrity appeared (this time a famous male singer) behind me. He insisted that he'll help me and tossed me into the air, falling at a perfect spot to view KC and the other one. But to my dismay, my mom was calling me again and telling me that we're going home (we didn't have luch at all!)

      As I came near them, I was shocked that my whole body was covered in sand, and looks like mud because I was wet. I decided to take another plunge to cleanse my body. Everything went slow motion from here on, and everything was shifting to greyscale.

      I woke up, and grabbed my mobile phone (since it's the nearest thing beside me) to recall my dream, and jot it down. As I opened the text messaging menu, I noticed something weird. It turned into a black screen, and a "Exit" button below. Without thinking, I clicked on it and bam! I woke up!

      It was a false awakening after all.
    6. The Dream of the Children stranded on Two Islands

      by , 06-20-2010 at 08:12 AM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      This dream has two distinct parts, but they are definitely related through their themes.
      In the first part, I am one of the inhabitants of two islands. The two islands are pretty small, but high, maybe of volcanic origin. They're pretty preserved, as far as I can see, there aren't many tracesof human settlement.
      Deep on the sea bed, there is a tunnel joining the two islands. The tunnel room closest to West Island is room 2400, the room closest to East Island is room 2100. The workers of the tunnel have decided to go on a strike that day. I work in the tunnel too and I wonder if I should work that day or not.

      There are several children living on both islands, but mainly East Island. A baby is born or has been left on a beach to the north-east of West Island, and a child from East Island comes to pick it up in a little boat. But since he doesn't want to be seen by any of the adults (maybe because they would take the baby), he asks a teen girl to come with him. This teen girl has an identical tween who has a young child, so if they're caught, they can always claim that she is the twin and that it is her child.

      Part two

      The children have all been forced to flee to a beach on the south side of East Island. They all live on the beach, which is closed off the rest of the island by foredunes and cliffs. They've built shelters out of driftwood and seem to have settled quite some time ago.
      I then realize that it is silly that they should be locked off the rest of the island just by a dune, so I decide to fly over it (metaphorically, since I'm not bodily present in the dream) to see the other side of the dune.
      I can see that there's a sort of desert with a few trees and bushes sprouting here and there, and a little pond near the beach. I assume that's were the stranded kids get their drinkable water.
      A caravan is coming. Some of the men are wearing bedouin clothes while others are dressed like Westerners.
      I then decide to embody an adult man. I talk with the head of the caravan. He tells me about the two Westerners, one at the beginning of the caravan, one at the end. The one in front is sick, while the one in the back has a broken arm which needs to be put back together.
      I nominate myself doctor of the stranded children and decide to help the two men while the kids deal with the caravan. I hear the leader of the kids tell the leader of the caravan "Welcome to Thoninnio", so I gather that's the name of the settlement.
      The first man is in his late thirties and has short, light hair with blue eyes. He looks very kind and, while I auscult him, tells me that he broke the other guy's arm. They were previously lovers but they had a row about the children of one of them (I think his, but I am not sure) and in the row he seized the other's arm and accidentally broke it. He wishes he could help but his ex won't let him near him. I'm a bit disappointed because he was so hot and kind, I would have liked to hook up, but too bad!
      I ask if there's anything I can do to help them reconcile, but he explains apologetically that he went too far in the row and that he deserves what he got, and there's probably no way to fix things between them.
      I then move to take care of the second guy. He's younger, late twenties or early thirties, with jaw-length hair, and looks vere bitter. He doesn't want to chat, so I just pull his arm and snap the bone back into place.
      And then I woke up and quickly found a trick to remember the name of the settlement before going back to sleep.

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    7. The Dream of the Prehistoric Village Isolated from Modern World

      by , 06-19-2010 at 09:10 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)

      I am a member of a scientific expedition who regularly goes to a beach, which you can reach only by foot after hours of impossibly hard paths. On this beach is a village where people still live like in the prehistoric times, isolated from our world. For us, paleontologists, historians and so on, this is a treasure, of mine of information.
      I have already been part of this expedition once. I am going back in the hope of meeting a young girl with which I got on very well.
      Unfortunately, we had to admit that our visits had a negative influence on the villagers, since some of them got used to the (rare) modern products we brought along with us, such as cornflakes.
    8. WW2, the elections, the Japanese underground and the cruise ship

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:14 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)

      At the beginning, I was a nun, in the 1930s-1940s and for some reason, me and the mother superior had to hide from other people. She guided me down some staircase that went very deep underground. The walls and the stairs were made of a beige stone. At some point I noticed a room, to the West of the stairs, that was strangely light for something so deep. Then I somehow got separated from the older nun and decided to go back up to the world of the living.
      I somehow turned into a young, typically post-war looking young lady. I was in a city that looked like Paris, and I was reunited with a young man I had tender feelings for and whom I hadn't seen for a very long time (because he was a soldier?). He looked like one of my mates from high school, Vincent. Vincent and me went for a ride in his (or mine?) car, a coupé from the 1940s too.
      We started to discuss the result of the upcoming (actual) French presidential elections, being worried that Sarkozy would be elected. I worked in England and was back in France for a short time only. I wondered if he would accept to come and live with me in England if Sarko was elected.
      Then we went back to were we came from, except that for some reason we were driving on a railway now. We arrived at a station where he disappeared and I hooked up with 2 older male friends. We went in the underground part of the station, which happened to be in Tokyo. There were all sorts of little shops selling pointless gadgets such as only the Japanese can make! Among other, I was amazed to find little porn figurines with the face of Emma Watson! But my mates were delighted.
      Then we took a corridor to go upstairs and the station turned into a ferry, and I was with my parents. It was a very luxury cruise ship, the kind we couldn't afford anyway. We saw that restaurant which looked very expensive, and had a French name which I have forgotten, except that there was "jeudi" (Thursday) in it. We asked if we could have a table, and the waiter ask if we'd booked, to which we said yes, even if it wasn't true. He gave us a table someone else had booked. Unfortunately, the cuisine was pretty poor, and I protested, he said there were some sort of restrictions. What's more my parents and I were worried the people who had rightfully booked the table would come and we would be uncovered.
    9. The dream of the flooded valley and of the drowned boy

      by , 06-17-2010 at 10:03 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)
      Date unsure, before or around 2002.

      One of the longest and most detailed dreams I have ever had.

      My name is Marion and I am antarcticologist. It's night-time and with my friends François and Elodie* aboard our ship, I am en route to the South Pole. We "park" near the ice cap, and François and I take to measure the thickness of the ice cap while Elodie, hands in her pockets, is observing us from far away. The ice cap is 3 metres (10 ft) thick. We then decide to go back to the closest harbour: Cape Town in South Africa (we can already see the lights from Antarctica). Once in Cape Town, we must navigate between the wharves to find a place to park our ship.
      When it is done, I stroll a little in the docks. There are stacks of wooden boxes everywhere, on which you can climb like on a mountain. While I am having my little walk, I see a young man** hiding in one of the empty boxes, the side of which is missing. People are looking for him, calling him a thief. He hasn't seen me and, feeling some sort of sympathy towards him, I do not denounce him.
      Later, my dog and my cat*** go to the hotel to prepare the rooms we had booked. (yes, they can talk). When my friends and I join them, the hotel manager gives us a tour of the hotel. It is built on the side of a valley, near what looks like a big lake, and it also is a camp park. But there is not pitch whose number is under 26, because all these pitches were flooded when a dam broke, and the valley has been flooded since then: there was no lake before. There is also a football field (soccer, for you Americans), which is half flooded too (it is not plane). We are told that 10 years ago, a child tragically drowned there.
      Back inside the hotel. While walking in the corridor, I see a door which is ajar. Inside, the thief is negotiating with a babushka for an expensive object. When the deal is done, I see the old lady putting her money in her shoes' heels. It is a very well known technique among thieves (although I have no idea of how I know that). The thief sees me and kind of wink at me, and I wonder if he may have seen me the first time.
      Then I go back to the football pitch and I have a flash-back of the little boy's death. There was a match between two children's teams on the pitch, although half of it was under water. In the "deep end", there was up to one metre of water (3ft). After the match, one of the boys, the goal, went looking for the ball, under water**** He knew the ball was on the other side of the fence, so he bent under water, slipped his hand between the (how do you call that ???) lozenges of the fence to pull the ball towards him, and his glove got stuck in the fence, and he drowned. When people realized he was missing, it was too late.
      Back to present time. I am leaning on the concrete rail with Olivier Atton*****, thinking about this drama. Oliver is positive, it is a murder disguised in accident. How could the football be behind the fence? It was too high for the ball to get there.
      Another flashback of my own childhood : I was on a train stopped in the middle of a flooded nowhere. There was water up until the wheels. It was raining. The train was empty, except for me.

      *who do not really exist. Exceptionally in this dream, original characters have names.
      **looking like Sidney Bristow's fair haired friend in Alias.
      ***original characters again. I don't have a dog, and none of my cats can speak anyway
      **** Yes, I know. But in that world, footballs don't float. (I should have seen it as a dream sign, just like the talking dog and cat, or seeing Cape Town's lights from Antarctica, but I didn't even know about LD at the time)
      ***** the French name of Captain Tsubasa, a manga football player.
    10. Vivid but Fragmented

      by , 01-09-2009 at 05:18 AM
      I had another dream last night that I know was very vivid, unfortunately I can't remember any of it beyond the fact that there was some sort of house, and my mother and brother were involved. It's noteworthy that although I think the house may have been run-down, it wasn't haunted or scary. I also have fragmented impressions of lots of greenery (lots of plants and trees, perhaps in a greenhouse) and maybe a short man in a suit. I know that I didn't want to wake up this morning because there was something in the dream I needed to resolve. Also, something about traveling along a highway in a car, and the highway may have been near the sea.

      More fragments may come back, sometimes fragments of dreams I've 'forgotten' have resurfaced after a while.
    11. The Sea King

      by , 09-25-2008 at 08:33 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This is the second dream I had on September 25th, 2008.

      I am floating above a large inland sea surrounded by high cliffs and thick forests. There is a long winding railroad track that runs along the circumferance of the sea by I do not know if it is used because some parts of it dip down and are sumberged. There are two islands near the center of the sea where tiny humans live. Or at least they seem tiny compared to me and everything appears in minature. I am invisible and no one can see me. There are two groups of people that identify themselves by colour; the red people on the eastern island and the blue people on the westen island. The people have different cultures and beliefs and though they have everything to survive independantly of each other, they constantly war with each other because of their differing spiritual beliefs or something.

      I suddenly find myself at the same scale as everything else and walking along the train tracks along the northern edge of the sea. After a while the track dips down into the water and heads towards the center of the sea. I keep walking and find that I can continue walking along the track without drowning or becoming bouyant. I follow the track down to the center where a submerged but seemingly abandoned city exists. Some of the buildings look modern, even futuristic, while others are made of a slightly glowing coral. There are many colourful lights around the city and they illuminate a giant bearded merman sleeping in the very center. He looks a lot like the classical sea god image but he makes me think of the father from Disney's The Little Mermaid, King Triton. There is a mighty golden trident at his side which is almost as large as he.

      The is suddenly a great deal of tension coming from up above and I can sense this telepathically. The energy of the tension is so strong that it wakes the giant Sea King, who sighs wearily. He sits up and grabs me with his massive right hand (though very gently, and I know somehow that he isn't going to hurt me) and grabs his trident with his left hand before surfacing quite rapidly. On the surface nighttime has come and the Sea King and I can see that the two islands of people have amassed great armies on their respective islands, seemingly to destroy the other once and for all. The giant merman quietly tells me that he is the god of these people and protects them, and that they fight each other because each believes that they are more favoured by the god over the other, which they believe makes them superior and that the 'lesser' island should submit. Thus the fighting never stops.

      The Sea King tells me he is tired of the fighting because he cares for the red and blue people equally and though he wishes neither any harm he is considering letting them destroy each other so that the constant warring will finally stop. He places me on a giant clam shell and sends me towards the islands, to warn the warring sides of the god's growing apathy. I am visible again and I talk first to the red people but most ignore me while others threaten me. I then go over the the western island where the blue people live. They are suspicious because they saw me come from their enemy's island, but are more willing to listen to my warning. In the end though, the blue people say they will still fight, partly because they know the red army is going to attack anyway.

      I return to the Sea King and tell him what happened at which point he becomes very angry. He swims between the two islands and raises himself up out of the water as far as he can and towers over the tiny islands, whose people cover is fear. The Sea King declares loudly that neither island is favoured over the other, that they are both equal and that the fighting has to stop. He also says that their unique and seperate cultures should be celebrated as complements to each other, not as opposites.

      The red army suddenly lunges forward and makes its way over to the blue island. They continue from their little boats and charge forward as if to attack. They reach the blue army and it looks as if the two sides are going to violently clash with each other, but instead the armies merge and walk through each other as if they were transparent. As this happens the blue and red peoples become different shades of purple. The armies and people mingle together and laugh and hug and dance. There is a drunken reverie to celebrate their coming together as the Sea King returns to his place at the bottom of the sea and goes back to sleep. I watch the partying from afar, feeling like an outsider and do not participate in the celebration because I seem to have become invisible again. My last feelings in this dream were of isolation and loneliness, then I woke up.
    12. The Sunless Isles

      by , 07-20-2007 at 07:28 PM (Folqueraine's Oniric List)


      There is a sandy island or archipelago off the coast of a mainland. The population isn't very large. Life used to be normal there. Now, a few generations later, people don't know about the sun. There is only the sky, which sometimes is very dark with stars, and sometimes is light enough to see. But they don't make a distinction between day and night, there is only "the sky".
      A visitor is surprised at this and finds out that it is actually the mainland people who, in order to punish the islanders for some reason, years ago, modified the orbit of their planet so that the islanders could never see the sun, while the mainlanders could still enjoy a low sun. The visitor put things back right, and the islanders, many of whom where on the beach, facing the mainland (which is too far to be seen), are amazed at the appearance of this light ball and the heat that is emitted from it. I am one of them, and I take off my jumper (but keep my yellow tee-shirt) to go swim in the sea.

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    13. Island Air Raid and the Translucent Stones.

      by , 07-17-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off on some sort of island. There is one small town near the north side of the island, but it is a very poor slum. Most of the houses are small trailers or huts that are dirty and barely standing. The town is surrounded by a temperate forest and the entire island is elevated several meters above the sea level. Because there are only steep cliffs along the sea sides, crudely constructed wooden piers and ladders have been built to allow access to the water. It is never explained why or by who, in the dream, but the little island is subject to frequent air raids.

      I am standing outside of my hut/trailer and I am looking at the clear blue sky. I can hear an air raid siren blaring through the town, and even though I can not see where the sound is coming from, I know what it means. I can see black dots in the distance and they are rapidly approaching the island. Everyone in the town is scrambling to find shelter, most heading for the forest because they know that the slum town is the target of the on coming attack. I run into the forest also, but still feel exposed being so close to the town and head for the closest pier on the seafront. I am hoping to escape the attack by boat.

      When I am at the outside edge of the forest (at a cliff that overlooks the sea) and I can see the on coming attack planes. There are about 12 of them and they are flying in a diamond formation. Most of the planes look like WW2 bombers, while two or three look like sea planes. All of them are painted entirely black except for the wing tips which are painted bright red.

      I am afraid that I will be seen and scramble down the cliff side and underneath the long wooden pier. I remember that the wood of the pier was dark brown and smelled like it was rotting. The planes suddenly decend rapidly, break formation and start bombing everything in sight that is moving. My plans of escape by boat are thwarted when several people attempting a similar escape in their watercraft are obliterated by the attack planes before they can get very far. The very end of the long pier I am hidding under is blown apart by a bomb and I am too afraid to move from my spot.

      I cannot see what is happening to the town but I can hear a constant barage of bombs, planes wizzing close by and screams from people in the forest behind me. To my right I suddenly see one of the sea planes land in the water and come towards the pier that I am hiding under. I panic and try to climb up the cliff but it is suddenly muddy and I slip down and into a large cravat. There is an outcropping of the cliff that I can hide under and I do so.

      While still aware of the sea plane coming towards me, I feel something hard in the mud below me and thinking it is a rock, I dig it out. It turns out to be translucent yellow stone about the size of my fist. It's not shiny and cut but I think it is jewel and I put it in the pocket of my tattered pants. I try to adjust my weight in the mud underneath the outcropping but doing so causes me to slip out from my hiding place. I grab onto something that I think is a stick to steady myself and discover that is a cylindrical, translucent red stone. There are actually three of them sticking out of the mud but I only grab one and stick it in my other pocket.

      The sounds of the air raid have stopped, though I can still hear several bombers flying overhead. The sea plane reaches the wooded pier and because I think I can be seen I make another attempt to climb up the muddy cliff. I am successful this time and dash into the forest. I do not look back and see the face of the enemy. The forest is thick with smoke from things burning and I am quickly lost. I run towards where I think the town is and trip on several bodies or body parts. I do not see anyone alive along the way.

      I do eventually find the town but the damage doesn't seem to be as bad as I thought it would. My home has been destroyed and I scurry between burning ruins and debris until I find a trailer that is elevated off the ground with cinder blocks. I crawl underneath the trailer and dig a small hole. I rip off a peice of my shirt and wrap the yellow and red stones in it, which I then bury, believing that they are valuable or will be useful to me later. I remain hidden under the trailer, even after I can no longer hear any bombers flying overhead.

      People start emerging from the forest and return to the town. I don't know any of them nor do I feel anything for them. Even at the beginning of the dream I felt very detatched from the other people in the town. I watch from my hiding place as people try to find anything valuable to salvage or their loved ones. I am chased from my hiding spot when the owner of the trailer returns and yells at me to get lost, probably thinking that I was going to try and move into his place or something. I make a mental note to retrieve the stones later.

      I don't know if it is the next day or later in the week but the dream skips ahead a bit and I am talking with someone in the middle of the slum, most of which is still smoldering ruins. There are a few people trying to rebuild but many people don't see the point since they know the island will probably be bombed again in the near future. The young man I am talking to says that there is a man who lives in a cave on the other side of the island who grants wishes or something to anyone who brings him rare or precious items. I remember my yellow and red stones (having forgotten them until now, apparently) and wait until night to try and dig them up.

      Thankfully the stones are still there and I make my way along the island's outer edge to try and find the cave. The full moon is large and supplies ample lumination for me to find my way. The muddy cliffs give way to icy formations that are just as difficult to traverse. I slip several times and almost drop my stones in the sea, which seems to have gone calm to violent and frothing the farther I get from the slum town. The sea is also freezing and I assume that is why the cliff face is covered in ice.

      I feel like I have been walking forever, and indeed the sun starts to rise before I see the cave in the distance. The icy cliff gives way to sand, but not before I pluck a peculiar looking stone from the frigid ice. It is similar to my yellow and red stones, being translucent and about fist size, but is a bright blue. I put it in with the others and continue on my way. I am happy to reach the sand because it is warm and soft, though I have to avoid being sweapt away by large waves that are crashing onto the beach. The tide must be coming in or something because even when I walk directly away from the sea, the waves still reach my feet no matter how far inshore I go.

      What looked like a cave from a distance now looks like a large door made of gold and encrusted with shining jems. There are gold and silver gears and chains surrounding it and there does not seem to be a door handle. I think at first that it is some sort of puzzle but before I can get much further in my thoughts, the gears start turning, the chains squeak and the door swings open. It is all dark inside and I cannot see anything at first, but with the sea level rapidly rising behind me, I do not hesitate to go inside.

      I am exhausted and cold and am hoping that this journey has not been in vain. I feel my way through the dark until I find a wooden door. I open it and am stunned by what I see behind it. It looks like a standard, modern day home (kitchen to my right, living room dead ahead, bedroom to my left), but everything is made of precious material and jewels. The walls are solid gold, the light fixtures are made of crystal, the carpet under my feet is soft and luxuriant. I am appauled by the excess of the place, thinking of the utter poverty and slum conditions in which my town on the other side of the island exists.

      As I walk towards the large high ceiling living room. A tall, handsome, muscular man (in his late 20s/early 30s) comes out of no where and greats me. A woman appears by his side and offers to make me some tea. She seems kind of "empty," and does not even look directly at me. She is forcing a smile. I can not see them, but I can hear children playing somewhere. Still overwhelmed by the opulance of the place I forgot what I had come for, even thought I still clutched the stones closely to my chest. Despite their apparently welcoming demenor, I do not feel safe because everything feels "fake."

      The dream ends there.
    14. Pirate Gang in the Wharf Town

      by , 06-21-2006 at 11:39 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There are several old "tall ships" lined up along a huge wharf, which was the base of a Gang (they all looked like stereotypical, scruffy pirates). There were buildings in the middle that ran from the land all the way to the end - sort of like a small town built right on the sea.

      There was even an alleyway that runs between many of the buildings. I looked like an oriental lady with a long dark brown skirt and a wooly tan-coloured sweater. I was with three men I do not recognize from waking life, and they were unnamed in the dream but they each had a distinct appearance: the youngest man in his late teens was blond; the man slightly older than him had dark brown hair, and the oldest man had fiery red hair and a goatee to match.

      In the beginning of the dream, the three men and I were in the hull of one of the ships, even though we were not a part of the Gang. I think we were prisoners or something but I cannot remember now. Somehow, the four of us got to the deck of the ship and found out that the only way off the boat was jumping motorcycles off a ramp. The three men I was with had no problem with this but it took me a few times before I had the courage to take the motorbike over the ramp (even though it was not that big of a jump at all) - when I finally did it I was to short of the goal and almost fell into the water, but the blond and the red-head grabbed me and pulled me onto the wharf.

      We avoided running into the Gang (who were patrolling the wharf but did not see us escape the ship) by going between some buildings and into the alleyway. The three men told me to find a hiding spot and stay there while they dealt with the Gang. Before they took off, the brown haired man gave me a small knife for protection and I hid it in my sweater.

      I sat between some shipping crates for a while before I became bored and wandered the alleyway to pass the time. Just then a Gang member (who looked like an ordinary old fisherman) ran around a corner and grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and started running. I pulled out the small knife that I had hidden in my sweater and stabbed him in the back. He yelped and fell forward, and I went flying into the crates that I used as a hiding spot before. I got up and went over to the Gang member, who was writhing in pain on his stomach, rolled him over with my foot and held the knife to his face and threatened him.

      This dream marks the first appearence of several characters who appear often together in my dreams. The chinese lady I have named Chun-li. The red haired man with goatee is Walter. The young blond man is Trevor. The brown haired man I have named Vincent but he has only appeared in this dream as of yet.

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