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    1. Paintings, Bad Jokes and Abandoned Temples

      by , 12-07-2014 at 04:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with a painting that I was really interested in. It was a painting of a solar system. It was a binary star system with a yellow sun and a white dwarf. There was a large green planet with rings and a red artificial planet (like the death star, only red.) There were also a couple of spacecraft and small rocky planets that I cannot recall.

      I was on a wooden boardwalk, with my dad. There was a huge ocean out all around us. I was partially lucid here and I was trying to waterbend. It was actually working. I created three huge towers out of water, at least fifty feet high, and then let them fall down into the ocean. My dad made some joke that they were literally 'water towers' like the ones that give running water to a town. I made the towers a second time but this time the water formed into the shape of water towers with girders and a tank on top.

      Something to do with being in this temple or monastery. I was in a mountainous area, but it also felt like a desert. I was leading a bunch of people who had survived some disaster here. I was hoping to find some monks or priest who could help us but the temple was deserted. The temple had some strange architecture and rooms. It seemed to blend middle-eastern design with a more oriental look. I also recall this underground/cave room that was a huge pool with all of these lit candles floating on little wooden boats and a platform in the middle.
    2. Sonic Boom while Flying

      by , 10-23-2014 at 03:07 AM
      I knew the dream was about to start (using WILD technique), so I flew hard and fast right into the dream, unsure of what was ahead of me. The first part of the dream was very blurry, but I was flying as fast as I could. I thought ‘increase lucidity’, and then suddenly the clarity was perfect. I was flying over a city at supersonic speeds, just above the buildings. There were buildings everywhere in complete detail, as far as I could see. This was a massive city. Off in the distance, in the center of my view, I could see a temple, complete with a golden dome, and a large opening at the entrance. Light was shining through the entrance, so I figured I could fly right through the center, and out the other side. I challenged myself to fly through the opening at high speed without crashing. I was flying at the speed of sound, and I was going so fast, I could hear the shock waves bouncing back at me off the buildings. There was a sonic boom! The vibrations shook me.

      As I neared the temple, I could see wide stone steps going up to the arched entrance. I tried to fly right through the opening, but some strange force sucked me down and I landed on the steps perfectly. There were 100's of people standing on the steps and inside the temple’s entrance. They were all dressed in beige and white robes. The temple had amazing stonework. Some people were clapping and cheering (I guess from the sonic boom?), and some were looking at me like what the #%@* are you doing? I tried to fly again, but couldn't, so I walked into the temple. There was a large pool in the middle, with people everywhere, and I headed to back where it was less crowded. In the corner was a beautiful garden with a fig tree. There was no roof in this area and over the pool, and the sun was shining brightly. I could feel clarity fading. I bent down and picked up a hand full of soil from the garden, and rubbed the soil in my hands observing the fine grains of dirt. The clarity greatly improved. I turned around still rubbing the soil, and then I walked down steps into the pool. The water was cold and refreshing. I kept rubbing the dirt in my hands. I waded through the pool up to this guy, who was standing behind what looked like a pool bar. I asked him if he could announce something for me. I said, “Please wish my daughter Happy Birthday over the PA.” He looked at me and said no. I asked him again, but I could tell in his eyes it was no! I then started to feel upset, and then I woke up.
    3. Temple of the Dog

      by , 07-29-2014 at 06:07 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #225: Temple of the Dog

      It’s the middle of the night and our dog keeps escaping out through the house into the neighborhood. Our house contains a labyrinthine series of tunnels that passes through an old stone church, and I’m convinced that the dog is escaping through some back exit of this church.

      I step into the church. It’s mostly dark outside but bright light pours in through a stained glass window to my right. It strikes me as ridiculous to be looking for my dog in an old church that’s somehow bolted onto my house and
      I become lucid.

      I leave the church the way I came in, heading into a dark tunnel. The dream feels wobbly, so rake my hands along the wall to engage my sense of touch. My fingers feel numb and I’m not engaging as much as I’d like. I start scooting sideways down the hall so I can keep my hands locked on and hopefully get this dream to hold together.

      The hallway’s starting to get really dark now, though, and I decide to head back for the light. I break off from the wall and rub my hands together as I make my way back into the church. The light’s even brighter now.

      I see my dog looking down at me from a previously unseen wooden platform high above. I turn toward the stained glass window, now almost unbearably bright and start moving toward it
      as the dream ends.
    4. Unfair Fight.

      by , 07-27-2014 at 08:12 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My parents have sent me to some summer camp for 'gifted' children along with my cousin E. The summer camp is supposed to teach us to use our gifts to fight demons or something. The camp is held in a remote part of Florida.
      There was sort of a long chunk of time where I completely forgot about what happened.
      We find a magical portal in a tent, and decide to go through it. I find myself deep in a jungle area and E is nowhere to be found. I come across this large aztec-like stone temple.
      A number of dream characters emerge in a formation. All of them are wearing white robes. All of the men are playing drums and all of the women are waving large palm leaves around. A man appears in the middle who looks like the conqueror villain from the fantasy battle dream awhile back. He pulls out a large curved sword and challenges me to a duel. I accept. The dream characters form a circle around us preventing me from leaving.
      It dawns on me a few moments later that I am about to fight this guy unarmed. One of the dream characters surrounding us gives me a knife. I think quickly and decide to try and throw the knife, but it seems to be stuck to my hand. My opponent slashes me and I wake up.

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    5. The Australian Odyssey

      by , 07-24-2014 at 08:20 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #222: The Australian Odyssey

      I’m standing in line with my friends SC and MR along with some other people that I false remember as people from my past. I’m trying to introduce these “old friends” but it’s hopeless because I can’t even remember their names. Very embarrassing, and to my relief the line moves ahead and we walk into a large video arcade.

      SC, MR, and I watch this one game for a while that’s a cross between a sandbox-style game, a racing game, and a platformer. I get confused after a while and wander to another part of the arcade, when some creep elbows me aside and then flicks me on the back. The creep stares at me as he walks by with a “what are you gonna do about it?” look. He’s a short little guy with a mustache. “You’re short,” I observe out loud.

      This enrages him, and he charges at me, taking an unbelievably slow swing at my head. I push him gently aside and he falls to the floor. “Stop it,” I tell him. “I don’t want to get arrested.” I move away from him down a hallway but he chases me down and tries to hit me again. I scoop up his right ankle and he falls backward to the floor.

      I say, “I’m not hurting you because I don’t think you can hurt me.” As I’m walking away I start doing some pondering out loud: “But… what if you try to hit me 5000 more times? Wouldn't all of that practice make you dangerous to me?” Convinced by the dream logic, I pick up a toddler-sized chair and say, “Next time, I’m going to hit you with this chair! In the face!” I shake the chair for emphasis. He ignores my warnings and again comes charging for me. I smash the chair into the center of his forehead and he crumples to the ground.

      I walk off down the hall, hoping nobody saw me do that. Something about all this strikes me as completely crazy and
      I become lucid. I walk down a long hallway lined with school lockers, and at the end I find a dirt ramp leading downward. I follow the tunnel downward into a large temple built with big stone blocks. There are gaps in the stonework near the high ceiling and shafts of sunlight cut across the room from above.

      It’s a beautiful place and I begin slowly flying around the room, overcome with joy to be lucid. “Fucking lucidity!” I say, feeling like I might cry with emotion. After flying around for a bit, I walk outside of the temple to find myself in a Venice-like city of canals. A few boats drift gently by.

      I look back at the temple and see a large, golden statue of an angel sliding down a ramp from the ceiling to the door right in front of me. From somewhere a voice says, “Although we recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we believe this church is powered by the Holy Spirit.” I get the sense that the voice is trying to explain what they use for electricity. After admiring the statue for a few moments, I step into one of the boats and set off.

      It’s not long before I find myself at the edge of the city, heading out to sea. I get the feeling that I’m in Australia and the beauty of the story and the scenery eventually
      drain away my lucidity. Dreamer starts narrating: “Parts of Australia are dirty, polluted, and not as nice as you might think.” As she says this, I notice oily water lapping against the side of the boat.

      I set sail away from the city, staying close to the shoreline, Dreamer narrating here and there. The water is clear and beautiful now. Dreamer says that I’m trying to find my way to the islands of the “Hawthorne Formation” but I don’t know my way there. The sea is calm and I feel peaceful and relaxed. Eventually my boat lands on a sandy beach where Noah Bennet from Heroes is working at a carpentry table. I think he’s my dad and that he’s counting on me making this journey to the Hawthorne Formation to get help for my mom and sister. (100% false memories and characters.)

      “Son,” he says, “draw me a map of where you think you are.” I draw a globe on a piece of plywood and sketch out Australia. I think it looks pretty good until I see all of the lines of longitude converging in its center. I realize that I’ve put Australia where Antarctica is supposed to go and feel really embarrassed.

      Noah Bennet sighs. “Here’s the Hawthorne Formation,” he says, drawing a series of 4 islands off the southwestern coast of Australia.” He draws an arrow pointing northeast into the middle of these islands.

      I thank him and return to the boat. “Good luck, son,” he says, and
      the dream fades.

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    6. The "Adrianna Effect"

      by , 06-22-2014 at 03:45 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I go into a house, and get bit by a diamond back snake, grab it and throw it across the room. It bounces off the wall, but comes back fast to bite me again. Running out of there, unsure of whether or not they are poisonous, I pass a few people I know, then end up where I started before. This time, I decide not to go in the house again.

      I go up a hill in the woods with lots of old, some dead trees, and see someone sitting behind a fallen down wall, inside the barely recognizable remnants of an old house. He tells me to not make any sudden movements, as he's discovered a rare molecule that has never before been found. Using a microscope that's about a meter long, and as thick as a pineapple, he stares into it while he talks to me. I congratulate him, but this seems to distract him from his work, as he now uses the microscope as a telescope, and tells me about all the things he can see far away. My head is next to the middle of the micro/tele scope, and for some reason, I can see what he sees through it, even though I'm not looking through it, but next to it. Kind of like that illusion where you can make it look like you have a hole in your hand if you hold a tube next to it and look past both with both eyes, only with magnification, and without actually looking through it.

      I then notice that I can also hold my hands in front of my eyes, and still see everything past beyond them. The scientist guy tells me that this is the "Adrianna Effect" which gives all this a legitimate sense of normality to me. I play with this as I walk back down the hill and find myself in a temple with a few monks. They are wearing karate belts for some reason, and ask me to help color in one of their stripes with a permanent marker. This turns into a big scene with a river and I'm shading it in using colored pencils very nicely.

      I get offered some free coffee, but don't really want it. Going back into the temple area, I sit down in front of a tiny table, with a tiny house on top of it. Inside this house is an enlightened being, radiating pure energy. I decide it is better to focus on this than on the picture I was going to draw, and just take it all in.
    7. 2/1/2014

      by , 02-20-2014 at 08:16 PM

      I was swimming underwater thinking I was playing Super Mario. I was wearing the red plumber suit and hat. I remember an underwater temple and its ruins, along with mossy floating rocks in the area with objects on them. There was a big water snake that left its cave, took my hat, and retreated back inside the cave. I had to punch the snake to get my hat back. The last thing I remember was swimming to the surface where the sun was shining bright. A man was looking down on me, waiting.
    8. 06 Feb: in Japan remembering another life

      by , 02-07-2014 at 12:27 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I am at some kind of school. I see western kids practicing Kendo with eastern kids. I realize I am in a dojo. Besides the kendo, I watch some lady playing a really silly sport, consisting of throwing a watermellon and other similar fruits to fit into some very tight fitting baskets far away. It seems hard, but hardly elegant. Until I realize the level of precision and strength necessary to actually fit the watermellon on the basket without bouncing or breaking or anything else. Fitting it with perfection is something that can only happen by chance 1 in a millionth, but she makes it at the first try and I realize the level of skill necessary to achieve it. She is in a perfect zen state. When I realize that, tears start falling from my eyes.
      I cross the room to a big balcony and I see a breathtaking view over a hill, a big river below and a mountain right in front on the other margin, with a complex of shinto temples on top.
      The beauty of it is beyond words. It's surreal. It's Japan but I can't really say when. It looks both in the past and in the future, but in relation to what?
      I am taken by boat up river. As I slide through the waters and approach the mountains, I start recognizing places and emotions take over me. I have been here before or will be here later (it's hard to tell). I pass through a Tori leading to a village, I don't know its name, but it feels like home. I start crying like a baby. We pass by a shrine with homage plaques with names on it. I can't even read what's on it, but I fall on the ground, sobbing, with sorrow, with a sense of unforgiving loss, with memories of a life I don't even know if it's past or future. And I cry for an eternity.

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    9. Snowman D

      by , 12-27-2013 at 01:40 AM
      Date: 25 Dec

      Wbtb: sleepy so only 5-10min with 35-40 mg caffeine (Red Bull)

      Dream quality: vivid, shifty items, recall evading

      The ld part is preceded by a short non-ld FA fragment I barely recall.

      LD Frag: In the next scene, I am walking down the street lucid. There was something going on here, not sure what. I decide I want to have some fun (part habit part task) climbing up a building. The dream is already very shifty. I go up climbing this building where I easily place my hands even though the distance between the frames of each window fitting my left and right hand separately is out of day life proportion. I keep on climbing but when I reach the end of the building, last floor, another one appears, I climb it, this repeats two more times, then I think about the roof and finally reach it. Some thoughts about having to draw the wall of china, looking for a place to do it. Evading recall at this point but I want to go down and the whole thing happens quite quickly. I descend but at the same time am still holding on to the building with one hand. As I almost reach the ground I stop and look to see what's going on - my hand has stretched all the way down to where I am. I have some more thoughts about this and as far as I can remember the dream soon ends.

      Not sure if I touched on my body to deild or chained in dream. Don't remember.

      LD: In an office building now, want to cross over to next building, very distracted as something is going on in the building, announcement to all employees which are going somewhere. Between the two buildings are a few red wires and I am confident that I will be able to walk on them. As I try to adjust them for an easier use, they change so that there are two additional wires I could eventually hold on to with my hands.

      Not sure if I cross the entire distance or just a part of it, memory is hazy, in the next moment I also do some vertical climbing. This time I have the realization that there are invisible horizontal lines that have been helping me with my climbings all along, therefore it should be easy to climb even on empty space. I touch the air above me, trying to feel an edge or something to hold on to. Initially there's nothing, then I hold on to something, although I also summon some sort of intangible wall/building part as well. I climb a bit upwards in the air.

      I finally recall the snowman task. It's dark and there is already some snow on the street but it's not enough. I scan the area, looking for a place with more snow. Initially see these kids that are playing with the snow, in the process of building a snowman. I have a mix of real and false memories, where I remember that this is how Steph completed the TOTM, she built the snowman together with some kids. I don't want the task execution to be exactly the same, therefore I go to another place.

      Here there's also lots of snow on the ground, cars and there are two snowmen in progress. I'm also thinking about journalling at this point and whether it is ok to use the half-ready snowmen. I decide to add the finishing touches on one of them and decorate the head. Conveniently, there are a number of items right next to the snowmen, so I just pick up the carrot nose and also put a woolen blue hat on it. I get some sort of dream memory from the hat and remark that the snowman looks very much like D (a schoolmate, who also makes lots of appearances in my dreams, come to think about it he does wear a blue hat). Two other classmates are now here and we are discussing this, while I am also thinking about how to journal this dream.

      Without much effort and while I am not looking at him, the snowman turns into the real D and looks kind of pissed off. We irritate him more by making laughing noises behind his back. Can't recall the conversations. Another classmate appears, D is now friendlier I address them both to help me draw the wall of China. Me and the other classmate turn to look at what's across the street where I want to make the wall of China appear. He tells me he doesn't quite know how to draw it but will try.

      With no further involvement (apart from comments I can't recall) from his side, I find a spot in the distance and make a few predetermined moves with my hand. Immediately, I get a sort of a large long rocky structure, obviously not what I want. I look away, say something to my classmate then try again in another place. This time the result is better, it is a close match to the Great Wall, although its existence is uncertain/shifty. Some thought processes going on again, do not draw it again or you will change it, do not lose it out of sight, now I need to get there. It shortly disappears, after couple more thoughts and looking appears again. Now it is on a much more convenient place.

      We are are at the bottom of an overcrowded with items hill and the wall of China, which has a middle age touch to it, slightly lighter stone color, is stretching from the bottom of the hill to the very top. I enter and get on top of the structure, which is made of small steps in the middle. Some task confusion, I take a couple of steps to make it count (even though this wasn't part of the task). Then remember what I was supposed to do - vandalize.

      I look around, the two walls to the side are made of lots of lined statues and I take a heavy metal statue and use it to start breaking the rest. Then I come across a miniature with one of the Sumerian gods/guardians wondering what's that doing here. I don't want to break it. In the meantime, next to the wall the surroundings have changed and I am now in some sort of open air Asian temple, where they honor the ancestors. There is also a creepy dark female deity statue near the part with the wall of China. I feel bad for recking havoc in this place. It surely is enough for the task. What was next - apologize? (I truly think this is part of the task). No, I have to fight the authorities. But then, let's apologize anyways, I do so. Ok, now I have to find some Chinese to fight, I try to summon them, but the dream thins out and I wake up.
    10. Chariots in the Sky

      by , 12-17-2013 at 11:35 PM
      This dream is from the morning of 12/15/2013.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #176: Chariots in the Sky

      I have a false awakening in a fancy hotel room. My kids E and R are running around as I sleepily come to my senses. Wife gets out of bed first and I think that I should get up to help her with the kiddos. But I somehow “jump” to being on my feet and I realize that this is the start of a lucid dream.

      I head for the window, phase out, and find myself clinging to a steeply slanted rooftop under a dark, cloudy sky. Everywhere I look are other rooftops just like this one, very steep and dotted with lit windows. The texture on the roof shifts oddly, jumping from one repeated pattern to another.

      I leap to another roof. There’s nothing but dark void below. Each building is about 50 feet apart and floats freely through the sky. I make a couple of more leaps, and as I look around I note that there are flying chariots with large passenger cars flying through the sky. These flying chariots feel like my ticket to a less hostile scene, so I leap onto one.

      As I crash onto the floor of the passenger car, the DCs on board look at me with surprise and shuffle away before returning to normal. Most of them are dressed in a mix of medieval and classical Greek garb.

      I’m willing the chariot to encounter something handy for me as it flies through the sky, particularly something I could use for Task of the Year. I’m mainly looking for the Great Pyramid or the Colosseum. We fly past lots of cool-looking buildings (including the Temple of Zeus and a series of huge medieval castles) but they’re not quite the ones I’m looking for. I’m contemplating just jumping for one and exploring when we pull up close to an arena that looks like a shorter version of the Colosseum!

      I glide off of the chariot toward the Colosseum when I see an attractive but angry-looking woman in her early 30s dragging a red-haired teenager off of the chariot by his collar. She’s dressed in what looks like a Roman toga and she’s giving the kid an earful: “Do you know how shameful it is to have a knight running around in an enemy chariot?”

      I don’t know what she’s talking about, because the kid looks way too young and (frankly) wimpy to be a “knight” of any kind. It also seems like she’s a little young to be his mom. The kid’s cowering and whimpering as she drags him along. I turn back toward the Colosseum and move only a bit further before
      the end of the dream.
    11. Heroic Puppy

      by , 11-26-2013 at 10:21 PM
      Feb. 16, 2003:
      I had some dreams I really don't remember,except that they weren't nightmares. Then I had dreams about woods, but they were nice dreams. Then I had a dream about a puppy. It was sort of scary but the end was happy, so it doesn't qualify a nightmare.
      Then I had a sort of semi, psuedo-nightmare, but the puppy was still involved... hmm... oh well.

      In my dream I was walking through the woods. They were more like deciduous woods, though. Not sure if they were Florida woods at all. I embraced a tall man with light brown hair. I can't remember what color his eyes were, or if they had a color. All I remember is saying "I remember you" and asking him his name. He wouldn't tell me his name

      Then there was the dream about the puppy, I don't remember much except that the puppy was going through a temple to save some people, and in the end the puppy managed to save them. It was smallish, sort of like a terrier, with silvery black fur, only it had floppy ears. It was a VERY cute puppy, though.

      Then I had a dream I was in a car with J following another car through some sort of theme park, and his brakes gave out. Somehow, though, we made it through that alive, mostly because the guy in front of us used the back end of his own car to slow us down (everything was mostly downhill so we would have kept gaining speed). The guy was NOT pleased that he had to total his car, but... hey... we didn't die.
    12. 19th Nov 2013 Short lucid, wall glitching and more fragments

      by , 11-19-2013 at 02:48 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's WBTB/naps.

      Dream 1(fragments):

      I am doing some stuff at home and then go through corridor into my room. Upon entering i feel that i am dreaming, but it fades.
      Some person 'wakes me up' and i still feel the dream, i notice that bed is huge, taking like half of the room. I get up and look around, i briefly notice some anime person but he disappears very quickly. Then i look into mirror and i look completely different and apparently blonde. I try phase/teleport through wall but i get stuck midway and world starts glitching out like when using noclip in video game, shortly dream fades.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing dodonpachi daifukkatsu and it was way too easy.

      Dream 3(fragments):

      There was something about flying island on which there were dragons of light-blue scale color.

      Dream 4(fragments):

      Some story about cartoonish gods of greek mythology searching for a traitor through some places, including temple with marble pillars.

      Dream 5(fragments):

      I was at home, listening to some music. Then someone distracted me with talk and after i looked at monitor and there were danmaku patterns firing out of it.
    13. Connecticut is the Roof of a Temple

      by , 09-18-2013 at 11:15 AM (The Redeeming Dreamer)
      9/18/2013, 10:00-6:00

      I tried to say mantras to LD in bed before going to sleep, but no lucid dream. I woke up once at 1:49 till 1:52.

      Dream 1:

      My family and I were driving to Connecticut. We ended up at a forest. There was this temple. My dad was driving on top of the temple when he said that we've made it to Connecticut. I wanted to get out of the car, so I did. Then the car fell onto the other side of the temple. It started to tumble down the temple and into some trees, with my dad, mom, and brother still inside. They were then outside of Connecticut :/. My family was perfectly fine.

      I then found an opening into the center of the temple (Connecticut) and I jumped inside. I found this little statue, a few pedestals, some statues on the pedestals, and a window looking outside. My brother J was then outside the window. I grabbed the one statue not on the pedestals and put it on one. Immediately, there was a Canadian goose that flew down and started attacking my brother. There was blood everywhere. The dream had a sad feel to it.

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    14. 9th Sep 2013 Video game dreams

      by , 09-09-2013 at 11:29 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was playing some game with SilentEternity where we had power to create things.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was watching some yogscast video, they were playing some kind of RPG.

      Dream 3:

      I was checking out some custom level for some game, as i was selecting character the level stated that quadruped-type characters are not allowed and it was highly disappointed, either way i've continued with the level. There was some female character with psionic abilities that i had to escort through a garden and there were other various characters that were talking about story and there was some old man following us. Then we ended up in the underground crypt and there had to do some platforming to reach the exit.
      Ofcourse it was just the first level of the mod and the next one was some kind of japanese temple, this time i was controlling some different character and there was platforming on rooftops and solving puzzles, in one of which i had to find some gems and insert them into statue in place of eyes, all while getting attacked by two monkeys who had some kind of special abilities.
      After finding the exit of the level i've finally found the team which then captured the monkeys into the bag, but as we continued the way further they've escaped literally through the bag and one of them said that something is about to get attacked. There was city ahead and soon buildings start exploding, we hurry up here and soon join the battle along with an army of wolves led by some girl in the helmet, enemies are various and include some huge mechas and apparently dinosaurs. In the end there was a boss fight versus even more huge mecha.

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    15. Hope

      , 07-06-2013 at 02:30 AM (Hyu's Adventures)

      Crow and I find ourselves in some sort of temple.
      It seems like the room we're in was entirely carved out of some kind of bright stone.
      Even though everything looks very clean, it has a neglected feel to it.
      Nobody has stepped foot here for a very long time.
      Some plants appear to have made the rather futile attempt of growing on the walls.
      They were doomed from the beginning though. There is no soil here, no himidity...
      Makes you wonder how they got here in the first place.

      "Nobody home."

      I walk around a little to get a better feel for the place we've found ourselves in.
      It seems like this is a single room without any doors or windows.
      It is huge though. The ceiling must be at least 20 meters high.
      The walls and the floor are engraved with all sorts of things, reaching from long forgotten animals to oddly shaped symbols that I don't recognize.
      Even though everything is made from the same material, there's a lot of variation to the place.
      It's kind of beautiful in it's own way.

      "No way in, no way out, what is this place? Who would build something like this, this place makes no sense."
      "What's the purpose of a room without an entrance?"

      I think I get it. Sort of. A little bit.

      "I don't think this is a room Crow."
      "A truly fantastic obvservation Hyu. Your sense of deduction never fails to amaze me."
      "So tell me friend. This... ROOM here, you know... if it is not a room, than what is it?"

      "... It's... like a doorway."
      "A doorway... Listen Hyu, you're not making any sense."
      "You said it yourself, there is no purpose to a room without an entrance."
      "So naturally, if the room has no entrance it must be a doorway? Whaaaat?"

      "Well, there's a little more to it than that."
      "Look, we're pretty much at the exact location that you found, right? But it still feels like we're off somehow."
      "Yet there is no way to get any closer..."
      "Not because there is something preventing us from physically getting closer, but because there is no point in space closer to the location than where we stand."
      "But clearly, we're still at some distance."

      "Whaaaaaat? That is a clear contradiction."
      "It's... shifted."
      "I don't know what to call it. We're in the correct location, but not quite in the right... dimension?"
      "Right... what?"
      "There's more to this realm than what is physical. Your spirit for example, it interacts with the physical world, but it is not located in it."
      "Oh. Yeah. That kind of makes sense actually."
      "How do you go to another dimension?"

      Yeah... about that...
      Oh hold on a second. I have done this before haven't I?
      To go to a non-physical place you have to leave behind the physical.

      "Crow, can you mind my body?"
      "Mind the... Hyu what the fuck?"
      "What? Phoenix abilities and stuff."
      "But why would you voluntarily leave your own body? Isn't that dangerous???"
      "HMM??? YOU DON'T KNOW???"
      "Oh calm down, It probably isn't. I've done it before."
      "Probably he says..."

      I sit down in the middle of the room and concentrate on my own aura.
      I then begin to gently separate it from my body and let it drift towards the location Crow found.
      And just like that, I find myself in the same room, except... well... it's kind of different.
      Everything is much brighter and desaturated. I also feel an odd out of place sensation.
      I also have no body, and more importantly, I'm not alone.

      There's another person sitting right in front of me.
      I say person, but it's kind of difficult to tell.
      It's more like a body of light in the shape of a human but genderless being.
      Whoever he or she (I'll go with she because of the feminine hair) is, she has her eyes closed, like she's meditating.
      I feel like I'm intruding. It seems kind of rude just to enter this place without asking for permission first.
      Then again, I wouldn't have known how to do that. I should at least say something though.
      But what do I say? I'm not even sure what I'm here for exactly...


      Smooth Hyu. Very smooth.
      She looks at me, revealing eyes of pure light.
      She answers with a soothing yet assertive voice.

      "Here you are."
      "Erm... yes?"

      Awkward... now what? Oh well, might as well just say it.

      "I... I'm not entire sure why I came here."
      "You are here because twelve men are after your life, and you are uncertain as to how to deal with that situation."

      12 men. The templars. She knows.
      I get the feeling that I am yet again dealing with someone who knows more about my life than I do.
      But I suppose this is a good thing. If she knows about my situation she might be able to help me.
      Suddenly there is hope again...
      but... I don't feel it?
      Shouldn't I be excited? Shouldn't I feel hopeful right now?
      All I feel is eerieness. Everything feels off.
      I have no time to deal with those feelings though.
      There are more important things at hand.

      "I need help."

      She takes some time to reply. I can see that she has a difficult time processing the things I say and formulating her thoughts into words.

      "Yes. You have come here for help. Your path has stopped in this very location..."
      "... There is a decision you have to make."

      Usually I'd ask a thousand questions right now. But today is different.
      I just go with the flow, not minding that I do not understand.

      "I will offer you an item. An item of great importance..."
      "You will take it. And then your path will inevitably lead to death."


      She doesn't seem concerned about this at all.

      "But... you said I had to make a decision."
      "Yes. You will take the item."

      For some reason I jump to a conclusion expaining why she expresses herself the way she does.
      It seems perfectly obvious to me.

      "You... you aren't experiencing time the way I do."
      "Yes, I see what can be. I see the paths connecting the present to the future."
      "But time is always in motion. There are so many possibilities. And every action taken, every decision made has the capability to reorganize the web that is time."

      "Yet you already know which decision I will make. You already know that I will take an item from you."
      "Yes. Some paths are more likely than others."
      "The men that are after you. That is why they hunt you..."

      I had a feeling the templars weren't after me purely because I was a dragon. What does that even mean? Being a dragon.

      "There are special points in time. Fixed points in time. Points that will always occur."
      "So many paths lead to them that some of them will inevitably cross at this very point."
      "The men after you must have seen that your path intersects a point that is of great importance to them."
      "While it is impossible to foresee the future, one can remove all paths that are not beneficial to oneself, thus increasing the chance of a favorable outcome."

      So that is why they are after me. It makes sense. They are going to do something of great importance.
      And they have seen that my timeline crosses that event, so they are killing me ahead of time, ensuring that I cannot influence the event.
      You cannot forsee the future. But you can influence it in your favor.
      But this doesn't matter right now. Nothing matters besides them. I have to deal with them as soon as possible.
      I have a few days at most. Maybe only a few hours.

      The being summons a small orb of light in her hand and makes a gesture suggesting that I should take it.

      "So this is the item that I will take. A decision that will lead me to death."
      "Yes. As promised."
      "But... will I win?"
      "All I can tell you is that it will influence your path greatly."
      "And... as promised?"
      "You do not remember."

      I've heard that a few times too often. "You do not remember". But this time it doesn't matter.
      This time I don't care about all the unanswered questions.
      She is right. My decision is already made, even if I do not know why.
      My right hand is already grabbing towards the orb.
      I only hold onto it for a brief moment before it is absorbed by myself.

      "Thank you."

      I say... in a rather faint voice.
      Everything is clear now. At least everything of importance. There is no need for further questions.

      I know what this orb is... and I know why I am going to die...
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