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    1. #39: P.e.

      by , 11-25-2015 at 08:52 AM
      I'm at the campus, at the bicycle rack. I have to go to my former high school and follow P.E. classes. There is some technicality and unless I follow these classes my diploma is invalid. I see the image of one of the P.E. teachers in my mind. I know that today we're gonna do taekwondo. I consider not going. Why should I anyway? I'm not allowed to do martial arts right now anyway. I decide to go anyway. There's not much time though and it's quite a distance. I leave my bike and decide to take my moped.

      I ride with a couple of other people whom I seem to know. It's already dusk and we're driving on what seems like a highway. I've got a couple of plastic bags with me, some hanging from my steering wheel. This is totally not convenient, as I'm constantly worrying about the contents falling out. I also can't easily adjust them while driving. We all take a left.

      We're in a restaurant, taking a break. I know I shouldn't. There's really just a few minutes left. I join anyway. Somewhere early in the restaurant I have some chicken in a white paper bag. I throw it in the trash, since I'm vegetarian now. What a waste though. Maybe it would've been better if I had just eaten it.

      I'm sitting at a table with a few people. One of them is my former classmate, Bobby. I'm with his family it seems: a girl our age and an older man whose hair is moderately grey. They start talking in a language I don't understand. I presume it to be Afghan, since that's where he's from.

      We're in line at the register and as soon as someone gives his bill to the lady behind the counter I realise I have an issue. I think I threw my bill out with the chicken. There's also a language barrier. Somehow it feels like this lady speaks Indonesian, but there is no indication of that. I feel a bit helpless, not knowing how to communicate. Bobby quickly mentions something to her, but then leaves me to figure things out myself. I'm not sure what language we're attempting to communicate in, but in the end I have to pay 7.000 IDR, whereas I assumed it would be 12.000 IDR. There was an initial amount of 5.000 IDR. I think we're talking in English now. I have two wallets and we start talking about which bills I have to give her. She already starts handing me my change, as if she knows exactly with which amount I'll pay. I don't have the bill she aspects me to however, so I'll need to pay with a different one. The money looks a bit weird, not like anything I've seen before. There are also Euro's in my wallets. I have way too many coins to close the small wallet, so I pour them out into the bigger one. The lady starts going through my wallet. I'm apprehensive of this. On the other side I don't really care all that much. I think I have 3 tennis balls with me which I drop. I look for them on the floor, amongst the legs of the people standing in line. I hear a lady talking about an excursion trip to the Arctic. She's talking in English. I struggle with this idea for a moment. We're in Indonesia. The Arctic is super far away. Excursion? It's a bit of an older lady.

      Standing outside now, near a tree with many leaves. It's daytime. I'm with amongst others the girlfriend of my housemate. She's sitting on the ground, doing some kind of bicycling exercise. She's got her legs around my leg while she's doing it. Ehh, why? We're about to go. You're about to cyle for real. She tells me she won't. I tell her she will. I then tell the 3 people present that I really need to get to P.E. class. There are 4 minutes left until the class starts. I'll definitely be late. I knew I shouldn't have stopped. Then I wonder about this. So what if I don't go? They already gave me my diploma. And what if they revoke it? I've already done a bachelor and am now doing a master. This is ridiculous! I consider not going, but I'm too much of a rule follower.

      We're on the bicycle in my hometown. My housemate's girlfriend is sitting on the back of one of the bicycles. Ah so that's what she meant. We enter an intersection. The people in front of me are going left. I should continue straight for the P.E. class. I think I eventually take a left as well. I'm already late anyway. Might as well be a bit later.
    2. #30: Switcheroo

      by , 11-11-2015 at 08:26 AM
      It's daytime, a sunny day. I'm in front of the train station in my mom's city. I'm on my mountain bike and I just arrived. The area isn't completely the same as it should be. There's a wooden wall on the left, something like what's put up to shield off a construction area. There's no bike anymore. I'm walking towards the bike rack together with my friend Abby to the left of me. For a brief moment our hands touch and we both don't seem to mind walking sort of hand in hand, but not fully committed to really doing so. It's kind of a shy version. I think it's Abby who eventually pulls her hand away.

      I'm standing in front of the bike rack, putting my bike away. Now I'm with Jacintha instead. She asks me if I remember how to say something in Indonesian. I think she asks for 'happy birthday'. She gives a suggestion and I react along the lines of 'what? Noo. It's [...]'. It was something very basic. I then start to tell her about the idea I had of meeting up with the whole Dutch - Indonesian group, but that the guy I talked it over with was too busy (this is pretty accurate from reality). We start walking towards the train station.

      I'm in front of the station now, on my bike. One of my best friends is there. He goes into the station first and I follow on my bike. Once I'm inside I have a big pc on wheels with me and no bike. I think Jacintha has been replaced with my ex girlfriend. My best friend and my ex are talking with an elderly woman who approached them. They are talking about Indonesia. Something about a stop-over in France [I automatically assume Paris] and how France is the stopover place for Asian destinations. The elderly woman says something which I can't recall so well. It has something to do with a girl and that girl wanting to go somewhere to a zoo or something alike at the airport. The woman pulls something out of her wallet to demonstrate. I feel like it should be a paper bill, but it didn't look like money, though I didn't get a good look. I don't remember who, but I told someone about my plans to visit my grandma, because she's going away for a few months. I think I told Abby. I made sure to add 'a few months', to not make it seem like she was dying.

      Something about my mom..
      I'm with my girlfriend. I think we're driving around the city on a moped during daytime

      Great fragments
    3. #16: Driving / Leaking

      by , 10-22-2015 at 08:34 AM

      Dream 1: Driving
      I'm driving my old moped. I've got my Indonesian classmate on the back. We're going to the train station. She handles navigation but is not too good with left and right. It's mostly a curvy road with just a few options to go left or right. Ahead of us we see her [so she's there twice] going to the left on her bicycle, while the train station is on the right. I mention that that is what happens when you leave navigation to her. Luckily I know the way a bit. Just before the end there is a small uphill part. I struggle with it, as if I'm bicycling instead of using my moped. As soon as I'm on top I smoothly park to the right side, just left of an orange beat down motorcycle. Another Indonesian classmate and one of my best friends show up with another moped and park to the left of me. I open the seat of my moped and allow for them to put their helmets in. My helmet is too big to fit, but my classmate and my friend can easily stuff their helmets in there.

      It's daytime and I'm sitting on the couch with my girlfriend. On the right side of us is my little brother. My girlfriend and I get a little bit flirty. On the left is another block of houses. There's a dude with an afro who spots us and says something. I think it's about something sports related, though I don't remember what exactly.

      It's daytime and I'm riding a bicycle, with someone on the back. Perhaps my girlfriend. I'm going through a neighbourhood and a part of the road has been blocked for construction work. I take another route.

      Still daytime. Walking outside, I think with some friends. We pass an intersection where a car accident has happened.

      I'm having a fight with my mom, though I don't remember what the fight was about.

      Dream 2: Leaking
      Daytime again. I'm sitting in a public transportation bus with one of my best friends. It's just us and the bus driver. There is a pipeline similar to that of a sprinkler system on the left side of the bus, near the ceiling. It's leaking in several places, causing gas to come out. I mention that it's dangerous as fire is put out by taking away oxygen, exactly what this system does. I turn one of the handles to close it, but this just increases the pressure on a different leak. I don't wanna close them all, afraid of what all the build up pressure will do. In the end we exit safely. I remember the bus driver having brown hair, almost shoulder length. With curls. [aka: he had a mullet].

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    4. Low Gravity

      by , 03-30-2015 at 10:01 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Daytime/Afternoon and night. I and some others are literally jumping from island to island in some kind of world/planet. The place has lighter gravity than earth, and we (three of us) were always being blown away when the winds are strong. We were in the forests and other places. We were avoiding meeting other residents of the planet. I think they're aggressive.

      Morning. I was in a dorm of some kind. There were a lot of beds in one room that is shared. My name was there. I thought that it was a place rented by our company for us, but I didn't get to use the place since I have my own place. I thought it's a good backup plan though. I checked the bathroom, I think.

      Night. I was outside a hotel. I was ordering food. For some reason, they gave me a slip, maybe to pay it later. I was planning to pay it on the spot, but oh well.

      I went inside the bathroom. It was very small.


      - Slept at around 2 p.m.
      - Woke up at around 4:17 p.m.
      - Very tired.
      - No alarm
      - I'm thinking of the rent-to-own units sometime during the day
    5. Walking Downtown

      by , 03-20-2015 at 01:51 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with my sister walking down the street. Afternoon, or at least daytime. The place reminds me of downtown Bacolod or central market, or even that market near West Negros. We were looking for a place to go. We went through the market area. It's a long-distance walk, which I chose instead of taking a jeep. I felt like my sister was about the complain but seems she's fine.
    6. Going Down

      by , 03-16-2015 at 04:59 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in our condo. I went to the elevator. I wanted to go to the ground floor. There are a lot of people. I just remembered that I forgot to bring something and considered going back to our unit. Then, almost simultaneously, three elevators opened and people filed in. I went back to our unit to get whatever it was that I forgot.

      I was in a plaza/park in a school. We were doing QM (quadrupedal movement) on the rails. It was daytime.

      I vaguely remember something about an RPG. Nine squares on the screen to complete something. Riding horses up a cliff or plateau.



      - I went to sleep around 4 p.m. because I was feeling sick.
      - I woke up around 10 p.m., although I woke up around 8 p.m. as well.
      - Felt sick throughout.
    7. Hill in the Park

      by , 03-06-2015 at 01:52 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was walking away from a place. I saw buses. I was trying to choose one to ride. It's daytime. I see many buildings to the side, but no skyscraper.

      I was inside a mall of sorts. I went to a fruit stand.

      I was with Emman. We were in a park. He was walking up hill/bridge. He was wearing really short shorts.

      I was trying to fly using an airball (Avatar Airbender reference).



      - No alarm, slept at around 1, woke up at around 7 am, but got up at 8.
      - Slept listening to Game Theory. I let it finish.
    8. Scaredy cats

      by , 02-08-2015 at 10:34 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #409 - DIELD - 6:06AM

      I have a long and confusing dream about sleeping at my parents old house. The time keeps changing and I worry about getting up for work on time. The early details aren't important, but my parents eventually tell me they are leaving to go to a tomato festival. They leave my room and I lay there for a moment. Suddenly, I hear a terrible scream and cats fighting. I rush to the top of the stairs and see my cats running out of a bedroom at the bottom with tails fluffed out.

      I wake slightly and relax back into the dream. I am the stairs again and I go down to the room at the bottom. It's dark in there and I feel like something evil is hiding in the room. I spend some time calling out whatever monster may be lurking with various forms of profanity, but nothing happens. Then, I fearfully reach into the room and try the light switch, but, of course, that doesn't work either. I decide this is all stupid and leave out the back door. As I step out, the cats rush past me into the yard. This makes me worry that something is following me so I turn and walk backwards a while. Thankfully, nothing is there. The house seems extra dark now that I am standing in full sunlight and I turn to have a look at the dream environment. The colors of the trees are a extra vivid and bright green, but also very dream like and blurry at the edges of my vision. I feel awe and peace and this makes me want to fly up into the sky. Before I can do anything else, I suddenly wake without warning.
    9. High jumping in Grandparents front yard

      by , 01-04-2014 at 05:16 PM
      It was quite a weird night. I had just come back from a cruise and I was in this 5 star hotel. Except one strange thing was the room was incredibly hot. We couldn't find the thermostat so we just lied there in the heat. I woke up several times and I felt I had no need to go back to sleep but to pass time til morning. I had drank a shit-ton the night before. Anyways I only remember one dream from that night

      Black: dream
      [COLOR="#800080"]Purple:[/COLOR] lucid

      I had given unwanted sexual advances to a friend on the cruise and she was ignoring me and I felt horrible about it. For some reason I have a very foggy idea there was some part of the dream where 2 of the friends were sitting in the hotel room while I was sleeping. Anyways the first thing I remember clearly was being in my grandparents front yard. [COLOR="#800080"] I then became lucid and did not do any reality checks. I knew I was dreaming and I started trying to fly. I flew up about 30 feet in the air but I started to lose momentum and slowly fall back down towards the ground. I looked at my hands which looked incredibly realistic. I repeated trying to fly for about 15 more times then I woke up.[/COLOR]
    10. Saturday, August 17th 2013: "Repetition" (LUCID)

      by , 08-17-2013 at 02:49 PM
      [B]Saturday, August 17th 2013: "Repetition" (LUCID)
      Type: DILD/FA[/B]

      I had a fantastic series of false awakenings - three in a row, and lucid in all three of them, but many details have disappeared because the whole thing was followed by completely non-related non-lucid dream. However, this is what I do remember...

      Everything happens in the morning hours. It is daytime. I am sitting in my armchair in the living room, and I become lucid by doing an RC on the digital clock under my TV. - Because of the vividness of everything, I can't believe that I'm dreaming, so I repeat the RC two or three more times. I get very excited, stand up, and begin to laugh. I begin recalling some minor things I did last night. Then I turn around and look at the mirror in the living room, which is once again showing a somewhat different reflection. The biggest difference is in the hair, eyebrows, and eyes. Just for the fun of it, I pull on my right ear a little, and the same thing happens in the reflection. Now I point my finger in the mirror and begin laughing. The reflection does the same thing, but again, with minor differences. My facial expression in the mirror is very funny and unusual. As I'm deciding what I should do next, the dream appears to end.

      [B][U]FA #1:[/U][/B]

      I'm lying on my bed on my right side, and experiencing mild vibrations. After a few moments I become aware that it's a dream, and I just sit up. I push my right index finger through my left palm, and it feels like weak rubber. The finger slightly pushes through the palm. I laugh, and lucidly get out of bed. In my living room I encounter a friend, whom I ask to take me to an intelligent dream character, because I have some questions I need answered. He takes me into the yard, and we stand infront of the door that leads to my storage room. He tells me that this dream character is in there. I briefly see some figure through the door glass, but this is where I "wake up"...

      [B][U]FA #2:[/U][/B]

      Lying on my bed, once again on my right side, and again experiencing mild vibrations. I am pretty certain I feel my dream body and not my real body, so therefore I just sit up again, and do the finger-through-palm RC. Yup, I am still sleeping, and this is a dream. I get up, go outside, into the yard, and stand in front of the storage room, to attempt myself to generate this dream character. I try to expect many things, but even after two attempts it doesn't work. Now I decide to levitate a bit, which actually works great, as it always does in my dreams. A few moments later, I "wake up" again.

      [B][U]FA #3:[/U][/B]

      Same scenario. Lying on my bed, right side, mild vibrations. At this point I am 100% sure that it is a false awakening, and at the same time I laugh because it's already the third one. I sit up, do finger-through-palm successfully, and get out of bed. I go outside, into the yard, and I start saying the following out loud. "I will remember all of this. I must remember all of this. All the details I will remember." As I'm saying this, I look closely at the walls and all the details around me. It is very vivid. I laugh. Now I remember something from Patricia Garfield's "Creative Dreaming", and that's the claim that it should be pretty hard to say your name out loud in a lucid dream. In the book it says that this will cause many people to wake up. Now I try to do this, and I say my name out loud. To be honest it does create an unusual feeling perhaps because of some expectation effect, but it does not cause me to wake up. I rub my hands together, and decide to go for a walk. I walk down the street, frequently touching the walls of the houses as a sort of stabilization method. After a few minutes I notice that this town doesn't look like itself anymore. I seem to be in a completely different place. At this point the dream becomes unstable, starts to fade, and eventually turns into a non-lucid dream.
    11. 16th August 2013: 'Tug of War'

      by , 08-17-2013 at 11:50 AM
      Fragment: I was in my back garden having a barbecue with my dad, just me and him for some reason. Suddenly, out of nowhere, my neighbour and his son broke down our fence and they challenged us to Tug Of War. I don't really remember much about their appearance, other than they were both male and had quite short hair. We accepted and the neighbor went to get a rope, and he marked in the ground a line in the space where the fence was broken down, so the neighbours were in their garden and we were in ours. We all began pulling, and then i sorta got a birds eye view of what we were doing, and I could clearly see that there were more people than just us and the neighbour. I woke up before the outcome.

      My Comments: After waking, i did notice that some things were a little off, for example in the dream, they broke down our fence, but there is no fence in our garden, we have hedges. Also, non of my neighbours have any kids my age. My dad and I usually wouldn't be barbecueing alone, we would always have friends or family around. Hopefully if i keep noticing these odd bits about my dreams i may be able to work out some pretty solid dream signs.
      Dream clarity left much to be desired, again 'poor' to 'average'. Also this dream i remembered was longer than the previous one i remembered, which hopefully is a sign that my recall is improving.
    12. Older dreams (Part 4)

      by , 08-12-2013 at 07:06 PM
      [B][U]Sunday, 24. April 2011: "04:70"[/U][/B]

      In this dream it is nighttime, and I am looking at the alarm clock in the living room. It reads "04:70". My cousin is there. I laugh about it, and so does he. At first I think I might be dreaming, but then I decide that the alarm clock is malfunctioning, and I leave it at that. Later I remember telling someone that the alarm clock is malfunctioning.

      [B][U]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Movie script"[/U][/B]

      I am in a darker room, kind of like a cinema, but it looks like I am attending a seminar. People are going to hold some speeches or something. I remember the whole situation revolving around a movie script for a horror movie. There is a man who talks a little about the script, but I don't remember the content. I remember two guys, middle-aged, chasing each other in a playful way through the room. A few moments later they become serious again. The atmosphere is tense, but not scary.

      [B][U]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Teleporter cannon"[/U][/B]

      It is daytime, but the weather is not sunny. I am standing outside in some field, with some sort of teleporter machine in front of me. There is a numerical keypad, and several LCD displays, along with other buttons. Someone is with me, but I don't remember who. I am pressing some buttons on the machine, and programming it so it is ready to teleport me to some destination. After I'm done "programming" it, I realize that this is actually some sort of big cannon for humans, and that I have to get inside so it fires me out of it. As scary as it sounds, I don't get very scared. I feel uncomfotable, but nonetheless decide to try it out, only a "small" test, not a big distance. So I get inside, and it fires me out, I don't go very much in the air. I notice that I have a parachute on me, so I pull on it, and it opens up. Now I slowly fall toward the ground.
    13. A Journey

      by , 10-13-2012 at 01:36 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      We are outside. It is beautiful day. Sun shining. And near some sort of fenced lot when the animals begin to roam. They are huge and attacking everyone. As I head east, an animal tracks me down so I hold very still. I breathe deeply. The animal passes. I make it back to the dorms where I find myself in a room that is not mine. I'm only wearing a short dress as I peruse the closet. It is filled with a retro clothing may be from the seventies. I'd try on a mauve, long sleeved button up shirt. I know I'll need some sort of cold protection. I take the shirt and see that there's a dog in the room. I fear it is one of the wild alien animals and continue to treat it as such, however it doesn't seem to pose any threat. I take a shower hoping the dog will leave me alone. It just jumps in. Brian joins me. I'm in room 19. We start to have sex but here a jeep pull up outside of our window. The jeep crew some of whom we may or may not know, offer to take us to a refuge. However we cannot tell the leaders what we've done or we will be negatively judged. I think we refuse. Now we are in Brian's car driving north of the few companions on a busy street. We see through a foggy sky a fleet of quick moving UFOs do twisty curvy maneuvers. They are blasting some announcement over their communication form. Brian and I are making fun of the address because it seems very obvious. All of a sudden a blanket of snow and ice is on all you can see. We panic a bit and start looking for any extra clothing we can pile on. I still am sporting a short dress and the shirt from someone's retro closet. I spy a hat, one of those kind with fur on the inside. a girl we are with grabs at first but soon I spy and other like it. After driving for a bit we realize that there is no more snow. We've reached a mountain. The road to it, you can spot all sorts of perversely large animals. The results of the recent panic. We traverse a rocky path alongside the mountain. Inlaid eye level in the mountains are short wide windows. I look inside and see a classroom laboratory. The people inside don't seem to be concerned about the recent panic. Now I'm at Suzette Kenny's house. I into the basement and Kenny is sleeping on the couch. As I go upstairs I'm thinking about the safety of Maya and mom. Suzette assures me they are safe. There is a black man smiling at me on the couch. Sharon appears to be very frail. I tell Suzette I plan on walking back, but she insists on giving me a ride.

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    14. Hanging With Caitlin, a Lucid Flight, The Flooded Forest, and Big Thunder the Alligator

      by , 09-28-2012 at 04:03 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching my friend, Caitlin, walk in rhythm down a hallway to her singing the words "It won't take me awhile" over and over again in a deep Jamaican accent. She was wearing light blue bermuda shorts.

      We were then sitting on the couch, watching some late-night TV. I'd say it was probably 1 or 2 in the morning, maybe later. I think we were sitting in my living room. It was dark, save for the light from the TV.

      We were then walking into a kitchen that kind of looked like our neighbor's (from yesterday's dream) kitchen. We were in nothing but our underwear. I think we must have lived there, and were roommates again. I was trying to get my panties all the way on over my butt as we were walking. At the far end of the kitchen were some of our friends from high school, Kayla and Maegan are the ones I remember, though there were more. It was kind of embarrassing, but we were still having a good time.

      Then, all the sudden, I was outside on a wooden porch with my best friend MK's older brother, Adam, whom I rarely see or talk to IWL. Everyone else had disappeared. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Adam looked at me and asked
      "Where did everyone go?"
      I responded
      "The dream must be about to end."
      As Adam was agreeing with me that that must be why, I was thinking wait a minute. This is a dream! Sweet!!
      I didn't even do an RC, since I felt so sure already that this was a dream. I was really excited! So excited, that I wanted to fly with Adam! We walked up to the edge of the porch, and Adam started talking. I, however, was too excited to listen (something I desperately need to work on in my LDs -_-). I kept wanting to ask him to fly with me. He finally finished talking, and I asked him
      "Do you practice lucid dreaming?"
      "Yes," he replied.
      I grabbed for his hand.
      "Would you like to fly with me?"
      "Yes!" he replied, taking my hand.
      I felt our fingers intertwine as I took off. He trailed behind a little at first, but was then next to me.

      I felt kind of out of control as we flew for some reason, I think it may have been because I was losing the dream, and was trying to focus on keeping it. I had to fly in these huge circles. We were flying over a field with grass and some desert-looking plant life. I saw a patch of these purple flowers. Very pretty. Adam then separated himself from me and sank down a bit to fly with another girl. I spiraled down in my giant circle, trying to gain height again, but not being able to. In the sky, I then saw the moon rising in fast motion, though it was still daytime (think about when you can see the moon when the sun's still out--that's what it looked like). It was a 3/4 moon.

      Then, when I was close enough to the ground, my friend Raechel's son, Syler, took me by the leg and started to run with me like I was a balloon. I thought this was adorable, and laughed as he did it. I floated in the air, too, as if I really was a balloon. He ran up the stairs to the porch, and inside, where many people were.


      I was with my dad and my brother, I believe, outside in these extensive woods. It was beautiful. The tree roots were huge, and were everywhere on the forest floor. You could tell it was a sunny day, though not much light came in through the blanket of leaves above. Close by was a house, supposedly our house.

      I was really worried about getting close to any water or anything because of alligators. I was afraid I'd get bitten or killed, though the gators around that part weren't that big, they could still deal a pretty nasty bite. Also, apparently, when we were younger, my dad kept one underneath the stairs that went up to the porch of the house. I didn't want to get near that either, thinking the gator must still be there.

      My dad then told me that the gator was dead, that he had been dead for a long time, but, for my brother's sake, they had kept his body underneath the stairs for some time. Apparently, my brother really liked that gator for some reason. He wasn't around when my dad told me that.

      At some point, we were talking to some woman with short hair who was wearing nothing but what appeared to be a white dress/sack, and black knee-high socks. You could see her naked butt peeking out from beneath the dress/sack. We were standing in what looked like a town square. She took off her dress in one swift motion, and was completely naked underneath. I critiqued it as if it was a movie, thinking to myself that the movie makers did a bad job hiding the fact that she was naked underneath the weird dress/sack she was wearing. She then started to show us all her alligator bite scars. She had a ton of them. She was trying to prove a point with her scars, trying to prove how dangerous alligators really were.

      We were then running through the forest, climbing on the tree roots, having an awesome time! But every time we got close to some water, I'd start to get nervous about gators. We even saw one on a shore at some point. I just wanted to get away from there.

      The woods then started to gradually fill with clear, blue water. I was alright with that, actually, since it wasn't the gators' natural environment. We splashed through the water, which hadn't reached too far over the tree roots yet. The water level, however, kept rising. On the forest floor, below the tree roots, it was pretty deep. But on top of the tree roots, it was relatively shallow, reaching our knees.


      I was walking into my brother's room. He wasn't home. On his desk (which he doesn't have anymore IWL) sat this cryogenically frozen alligator kit. It was in a black box. According to my mom, who was in bed in her room, I wasn't supposed to do anything with it yet, not until my brother got home. It was supposed to be a surprise to replace the alligator under the stairs from his youth.

      Of course, being me, I had to push the limit a little. I had a bottle full of hot water. The instructions called for A FEW drops of hot water to unfreeze the kit and the gator. There was emphasis on the "A FEW" part. I dripped a little onto the kit, and the frost started to melt. The whole kit was shortly thawed out, and I opened it up. There was a TINY purple alligator in there. And I mean tiny as in could fit on the tip of a finger! I then proceeded to carry the gator on my right index finger and the kit over to the other side of the room, trying to figure out what to do with him, when he started to float in the air on a string, like a baby spider would. Shit! I had lost him! He was so tiny, it seemed like it would be damn near impossible to ever find him again.

      I then noticed, right in front of me, a medium-sized aquarium tank full of water and little colored pebbles. It was for the baby gator. Shit again! I had been RIGHT THERE. If only I could have made it in time to put the gator inside. Now I was afraid he'd die because he wasn't in the right environment. Plus, someone might squish the poor little guy.

      I told my mom what happened, and of course, she wasn't very happy about it.
      "I told you not to do that!" A typical mom thing to say.

      I was then on a search for the gator, which, somewhere along the way, got named Big Thunder, I think by my dad's disembodied voice (my dad would name a tiny alligator something like that IWL). I was with other people, though I can't remember who right now. We were searching by some rocks and water. It seemed like we were both inside and outside at the same time.

      We then saw Big Thunder (lol this Big Thunder thing was even kind of hilarious in the dream). He had grown quite a bit in the few minutes/hours I had lost him. He was now an orange-red color, was kind of short and stubby for a gator, and had creepy, huge black eyes. He looked less like a gator, and more like something you'd find in the deepest depths of the ocean.
      "Big Thunder!" I exclaimed. I was glad he was alive.
      Apparently, Big Thunder was an aggressive gator. He proceeded to latch onto my leg and bite down. It HURT. Whoever was with me helped me get him off. Damn, fuck, SHIT that hurt! I didn't seem to be bleeding, but you could see red welts where his teeth had been.

      We then wandered and climbed over the big, grey rocks by the water. Something then went to attack Big Thunder, who was kind of following us. We were worried about him, thinking he may not make it through the attack, when a giraffe came and ate the attacker, and at first, we thought he also ate Big Thunder. We didn't watch this happen, but we looked back when the attack was over, and the giraffe had his cheeks full and was chewing. It was kind of cartoonish. It was a big wtf moment.

      We then noticed Big Thunder was alright. That crazy gator and his escapades.

      I was then in my brother's room again, sitting on the floor and working on something, though I'm not sure what, I want to say it was either a cage or an aquarium, when my friend Mike then texted me, warning me he had charged this nitrogen canister bomb and buried it underneath me, and I only had 20 seconds until it detonated, killing me and anyone in the house, which would also be destroyed. The text read kind of smart-assy.

      My view then changed to a sillouhette of Superman with his arm extended going underground. It was me, apparently, and my view changed back as I saw the countdown on the canister. The digital number read at about 14 seconds. I pushed a button on what appeared to be a touch screen that the numbers were also on, and the countdown stopped, displaying a screen in digitized letters that explained how to re-initiate the countdown. I went back up to Blake's room, and called him to ask him what the fuck I should do about the buried canister, whether or not I should retrieve it, or leave it buried, which is what I planned to do. I just worried that the canister would somehow get jossled under there, and the countdown would re-initiate without anyone's knowledge until it was too late. I can't remember what he said. I asked him some other things too, like what do you even buy these things for (they were sold commercially)? Why would you want one? Is the explosion really that powerful? I really can't remember his answers at all.

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    15. Misty Clothes-Line

      by , 01-26-2012 at 09:30 AM
      This dream began in my old neighborhood in New Jersey.

      It was extremely foggy but it was also daytime. I was standing in the street in front of my house. Suddenly, in the distance, I see a figure of someone riding a bike. So I yell "Julian?" The figure comes into focus and it is my friend, Julian, with one arm controlling the bike and the other outstretched away from him. He comes in fast and clothes-lines me.

      I flinch and wake up.
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