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    1. Old Dream: Breaking A Curse

      by , 07-22-2003 at 04:02 AM
      Original entry dated July 21, 2003:

      First, I dreamed there was a fire in Tucson, Arizona, and this woman was trying to beat back the flames and save her house, and she wound up getting horribly burned.
      Then the dream changed and we lived on the plains in Africa, or it was in Australia, and there were all of these fires, and animals were running away, etc. and as soon as we thought we'd put them out the fire would come back again...

      And there were these reservoirs/waterholes... made of concrete, or something... that used to serve some sort of purpose, but now people just swam in them.
      Then we were driving through the country in this horribly beaten up truck and stayed in this house... the houses were like 10 miles apart and most were deserted anyway... anyway, the one guy's great grandmother was dying, and they were sure she was gonna go tonight. I'd been being pestered/tormented by ghosts and spirits and stuff and the house itself was actually particularly bad in that respect, but he said to go in and talk to her before she died, about some sort of ritual that was supposed to help me, where I walked down an aisle with my head down and the priest prayed for me... or whatever... I don't remember the specifics, only that it was done a certain way and she knew the right way.
    2. Blocked fire hose

      by , 12-21-1996 at 06:21 PM
      Morning of December 21, 1996. Saturday.

      This was a long dream but with not many clear events. The location is ambiguous and somewhat of a fifty-fifty rendered composite of our Gellibrand Street apartment (in Clayfield - Australia) and my sister’s house on Loomis Street in the USA.

      A fire starts in the house across the street, which seems to be some sort of “poetic justice” in-dream and not a personal concern. Eventually, it is discovered that firefighters are using our water supply to put out the fire. I notice this when I close the front windows and two fire hoses are then blocked. In a short time, I am ordered to reopen them by a few authorities that come onto our porch.

      Instead, I turn off a cassette player that is playing a cassette tape of my personal affirmations that my brother Jim is listening to at a loud volume and otherwise ignore their request.

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    3. The Eternal Fire (precognitive and life-enriching)

      by , 09-13-1990 at 03:13 PM
      Night of September 13, 1990. Thursday.

      This was a partly recurring dream a few months prior to making first contact with my lovely wife-to-be.

      The world is ending. Or is it only a play/movie from the mind of Ödön von Horváth? (who I had read of at the library, based on an earlier dream). There is supposedly a true story (at least possibly true relative to the quote if not the event itself) - Ödön von Horváth was once walking in the Bavarian Alps when he discovered the skeleton of a long dead man with his knapsack still intact. Von Horváth opened the knapsack and found a postcard reading “Having a wonderful time”. Asked by friends what he did with it, von Horváth replied “I posted it”.

      No, the world really is ending, apparently. There is a fire that is consuming the world. It is a fire containing the souls of all of the people who had died under Hitler - or so this seems, as some sort of epic movie-like plot. Their shadows move (walking about) within the fire as it spreads across the planet. It reminds me vaguely of certain concepts from “The Fog” from 1980. Though it has been a common theme since earliest memory to attempt escape from something by going around the world away from it, in as straight a direction as possible, and sometimes back from the other side, this particular scenario is new and unique to this dream series.

      For some reason, they are moving in the United States towards Wisconsin (from the west), where I am living at the time of my dream. There is great awe and fear near the seeming opening of my dream, although not quite nightmarish. Also, for some strange reason, only my brother Dennis and I are actively planning to get out in time.

      There seems to be enough time to get away at first. They seem about two blocks west of where I am living (but the fire stretches north to south, as far as the eye can see in both directions).

      My brother and I get on our bicycles to leave. We start to ride south (not really away from the fire, but parallel to it for some reason).

      Suddenly, as we are riding our bicycles, with knapsacks as well as a bit in the back bicycle baskets (I am even aware of the “Having a wonderful time” postcard in his knapsack), my brother somehow immediately has a glass of water which he throws in my face from his left hand (while still steering the bicycle with his right hand). As it splashes my face, I become much more aware and my dream more vivid, but still not fully aware that I am dreaming. This, in turn, causes me to think a little more clearly…why in the world am I riding with my half-brother who has a swastika tattoo on his hand? Wouldn’t that “attract” the supposed entities in the fire in a negative sense? However, at the same time, I get the strange impression I am “leaving” my girlfriend (”mystery girl”) or wife and am starting to question the nature of the setting.

      We come to an area on the south-side of La Crosse where there has been some sort of earthquake damage. It is too hard to ride a bicycle there, so I get off and walk. There are “brittle” burned plants everywhere even though the main fire is still behind us.

      I turn and look at the fire, which is about as high as a five-storey building. One of the “souls” in the fire is female and now seems quite alive and passionate, seemingly having spent her lifetime looking for me as I, her. I stop and decide to become a part of something I could not possibly have “escaped” from, anyway.

      Then it seems that I got it all wrong. These people were not the “ghosts” of those who died under Hitler, but the energies of spirits looking for their partners in life or “twin flames”. Fire is life. Ashes are death. Should I tell the world that there was nothing to fear after all? I wake…

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    4. Around the world...

      by , 08-17-1985 at 06:02 PM
      Night of August 17, 1985. Saturday.

      This was probably one of my most common dream themes during certain time periods as a young adult. It usually involves either erupting volcanoes or meteor showers. I would say the volcanoes are a bit more common.

      I would not call them nightmares for the most part (depending on the particular dream of course). They are more like some sort of meandering exercise in futility while under a sort of odd stress - yet sometimes turn out very nice, actually. The usual idea is, volcanoes are “approaching” (or rather more and more are growing and becoming active) and it is that way from north to south and no way to escape except by going, say west or east as fast and as far as possible, with no option to go back. Somehow, I and others manage to do this (do not ask how we get across the ocean, no logic in that, really, as this is not usually the type of dream I perform the act of running over the water in as is common in other dreams).

      There is some sort of idea that when we go all the way around the world and come back from the other side, the volcanoes will be cooled off or inactive by that point. I used to think this type of dream was fairly common with most people, but really have not read about it that much. It is almost humorous in its implication if not seemingly futile regarding some scenes.

      Strangely, there is almost always a group or two of people who believe that going towards the danger is somehow going to be better than running away, something to do with getting to where the danger has “already been” (but also usually still there or very close-by, to be honest), which is similar to the logic of going all the way around the world and coming back from the other side but perceived as far more risky even in the dream. I am not quite sure how it would be done, and do not recall dreams that revealed what happened to these people with alternate views.

      Sometimes, the world is “safe” again, but mostly barren. Other times there is an uneasy feeling that the danger is growing in both directions and we may eventually reach where it is approaching from the opposite direction and be caught in the middle (which is often only related to fires). In one dream, with meteors, the large meteorites (all bigger than basketballs) rolled along the ground for a considerable distance, which of course would not happen in reality.

      In some versions there is a weird notion of whether to run straight away or to go at some sort of angle, say forty-five degrees, due to “covering more distance”, which of course, in this case, is a ridiculous concept. Covering more distance does not equate to getting farther away in a continuous straight direction. You might as well run horizontal to the line of destruction using that logic, until it reaches you. This is similar to the idea of running in a zigzagging pattern to escape a tyrannosaurus in a few childhood dreams.

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    5. The Future Delegates (Prescient)

      by , 09-11-1982 at 03:11 PM
      Morning of September 11, 1982. Saturday.

      Dream Series: The Experience of Prescience, the Inexplicable Dream State Phenomenon. Part 7

      I seem to be living in the future though I am unsure of what the implied date is. At any rate, it seems to be (at least at first) an odd combination of the television series “Hogan’s Heroes” and George Orwell’s “1984” (as well as influence from “Logan’s Run”). There is a large room full of computers (reminiscent of NASA) where everyone is watched. It seems sad and strange that public surveillance is everywhere. Still, there is a focus on the question of who is watching the people who are watching everyone else. The group in control of the world government is called “The Delegates”. They mostly drive around in black jeeps and black limousines. The unfamiliar town in my dream is called something like Maryborough or Marlborough.

      I become aware of my “mystery girl” (precognitive wife-to-be character) over time. Photographs are somehow made by computers. However, it is illegal to keep photographs older than a certain date. There are barbed wire fences throughout “ordinary” neighborhoods. I want to be with my dream girl, but it seems we may have to find a region beyond the reach of these “Future Delegates” (the term being used in my dream relating to younger politicians who are training to control large groups of people). I discover photographs in a drawer of features of the past that the government does not want people to know about. Some of it seems Biblical. At this point I seem to be in a movie. Werner Klemperer (an actor from “Hogan’s Heroes”) seems to be in charge of looking for my “mystery girl” and me near a beach. A number of black vehicles are in the area.

      In the last segment, I am somehow standing atop an airplane (without any fear of falling) while hugging my “mystery girl”. In the distance is Manhattan. A tower of the World Trade Center is burning. It seems like “the sky is falling”. I perceive, on some levels that it may be the end of the world. However, I still think it may be possible to reach a livable region where government does not exist.

      In the end, we jump into the ocean, still hugging.

      • Zsuzsanna was a fan of “Hogan’s Heroes” before we met though she did not know one of the stars (Bob Crane) had been murdered. (For some reason, I had a precognitive dream of Bob Crane’s death, which had similar dynamics as this dream).
      • This dream had some influences from “Logan’s Run”. The precognitive dream about Bob Crane, I “cleverly” gave the title “Hogan’s Run” (before his death).
      • When I went into a library for the first time with Zsuzsanna, in Maryborough, I saw the same edition of a book (right on the top of a stack of books on a cluttered table) called “Space Opera”. This had the story “Tonight the Sky Will Fall”, first seen on September 11th, 1966 (about a week after starting school for the first time in La Crosse). My father and brother-in-law used to get various books from a nearby landfill. This included science-fiction digests, “Outdoor Life” magazines, and adult cartoon digests, all of which my reading skills increased through. With “Space Opera”, I had “Friday the Thirteenth”. This included a story about a girl riding a white horse (and who had special abilities relating to telepathy and remote viewing). Zsuzsanna was born on Friday the Thirteenth and was photographed atop a large white horse as a child around the same time as another related dream.
      • There is a redhead in “Tonight the Sky Will Fall” named Leila. Zsuzsanna has a red-haired half-sister named Lelia. A main factor of the story is that his dream girl turns out to be real and that his dreaming brought the universe into existence.
      • The level of surveillance and items like webcams, I never thought could reach the level it was in my dream, yet it has gone eerily beyond that which was featured in my dream. Still surveillance as such supposedly lowers crime in at least some areas. This is probably more related to connecting to the collective unconscious than solely personal insight.

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    6. House Fire Rescue

      by , 05-19-1979 at 08:47 PM
      Morning of May 19, 1969. Monday.

      My best friend Toby T and I rescue Brenda W (a female friend and classmate) from a burning building in Arcadia. (There does not seem to be any back story - my dream seems to start as we are already grabbing Brenda and fleeing the scene without the otherwise extensive fire being very close to us.)

      As we are running, the scene becomes very vivid (about as vivid as a dream can get - but it is then as if I am seeing myself from in front of the scene, I on her right, Toby on her left - we both have a strange look of surprise on our faces when kissed, though my expression seems happier than Toby’s, his being more of a confused nature). She kisses us both on the cheek as we are running and holding her arms, saying “You boys are wonderful!” (the sound being very clear and vivid here) I clearly see both her left and right profiles during this time as my dream becomes lucid but only upon awakening. (Fire has a tendency to increase both vividness and sometimes lucidity - its glow actually “lighting up” the dream in most cases.)

      Although it seems to be a wooden house and slightly like Brenda’s, it also seems we are in the southwest area of the West Elementary school grounds, the house being farther northwest as we flee towards the southeast where the playground is in reality. (The actual area is not that open or expansive.) This is the original dream journal title from age eight (which was never changed when copying to newer journal pages).

      In real life, Brenda lived north of me on Highway Seventeen in Cubitis; not in Arcadia as here in-dream. This time period had me more closely thinking of the different types of dream perspectives, such as the unusual differences between dream sections where you are fully in-body (such as how this started out) to either where you see yourself (as if disembodied) or not directly “in” the dream at all. This dream was possibly influenced by the fact that there was a very large house fire just north of my home, though not near Brenda’s house. Brenda was later validated as a common stand-in archetype for the (precise precognitive) “mystery girl” (wife-to-be), also included in “mystery girl” three-way composites. Here, however, there is nothing significant to indicate or validate her status as such. This dream also occurred before she ever kissed me in real life (she never kissed Toby as far as I know), though I certainly would not call that precognitive.
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    7. Amelia Earhart, my “mother”… (long-term precognitive)

      by , 08-15-1977 at 02:15 PM
      Morning of August 15, 1967. Tuesday. (Daughter Amelia’s birthday in 1998.) Rough overhead “map” now included. Confusion stems from the fact that Amelia is supposedly in the airplane as well as on the ground with me (though on one level it may be her spirit on the ground with me rather than her implied physical form otherwise “duplicated” in the airplane) and we are facing away from the event even though it is also “clear” that we are watching it somehow.

      I dreamt of being in my yard with Amelia Earhart. This is in the southern part of my yard at North Monroe Street in Florida. We are facing directly to the south even though the plane seems to need to be viewed north of us, but it seems as if I am (while disembodied) viewing the scene at one point from south of where I (physical form) am standing, my “real” incorporeal self looking northward and seeing myself (that is, my “real” incorporeal me - and my actual view - is facing the other dream-rendering of me in my physical form) and the plane is gong down to the left from my “real” view - yet she acknowledges this as if facing the event (rather than it being behind her as it is in my dream view). Amelia stands on my “other self’s” right. An old-fashioned Lockheed plane is going down diagonally in the sky as if in distress, with sparse smoke trailing behind it somewhat. I am somehow aware that she is my mother, even though I am informed by her that she is my daughter, which creates an intense puzzlement in the dream state, as it was also as if she was watching her own plane (with her own self in it) burning out and falling from the sky (with the likelihood of crashing somewhere in the distance). She is telling me how she crashed (or possibly only landed roughly without that much damage) on an island and something about the Japanese possibly shooting her down. There is an unusual mood that she may have been my “real mother” (possibly implied by the idea that on this date Will Rogers, a relative on my mother’s side, died in an airplane crash with Wiley Post, the first pilot to fly solo around the world and Amelia wanted to be the first woman to do this). Near the end, the imagery of Amelia and myself takes on a sort of grainy monotone appearance.

      In real life, before we met, Zsuzsanna and I had decided our first daughter (if we had one) would be called “Amelia”, but not because of my dream (and it was in fact the name Zsuzsanna already chose and gave me over the telephone before she knew of “my” Amelia and dream history). At any rate, the August 15th marker regarding the foreshadowing of my daughter’s birth exists every year from earliest childhood up to the time she was born, as do most precognitive markers and is something I have never seen other people honestly address (other than with shortsighted denial and no viable understanding of dreams).

      For a closer look at this dream and its real (native) meaning (as well as lifelong markers that many dreams have as well as unexplainable synchronicity related in the next paragraph), it is a very basic and very common (for me) “failed flight” waking transition; that is, something falling from the sky as representing the dreamer waking up (a subtle variation of the primary biological waking mechanism sometimes inclusive of a falling sensation and a hypnic jerk). The airplane (which most often represents a deeper potential of the dream state) is on fire because fire also represents light of day and dawning consciousness in this case. “Failed flight” does not typically mean anything negative as it simply means naturally waking from the “flight” (and “displacement”) of a dream (and this same waking transition can be seen in tens of thousands of other dreams, including those with meteors which is directly analogous to this dream’s content as well).

      Additional layers and long-term markers: Wiley Post and Will Rogers (my mother’s cousin) died on this date in a plane crash (and information on my family connections, father as well as mother, can be found in books such as “The Papers of Will Rogers: From vaudeville to Broadway” and “Cowgirls of the Rodeo”). That does not invalidate the synchronicity with our daughter’s birth date; in fact, it confirms it since there are over fifty other date-relevant markers for her birth, most prior to my meeting Zsuzsanna.

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    8. The Giant Lobster-Man (“The Story of a Broken Heart”)

      by , 03-04-1977 at 06:00 AM
      Night of March 4, 1967. Saturday.

      After extensive research I discovered that the movie that mainly influenced this recurring eerie dream was “Blood Beast from Outer Space“, also known as “The Night Caller” and “Night Caller from Outer Space“, first seen at age six. I also finally learned that it was a deformed hand, not a lobster claw as in my dream. I find it interesting how the last few minutes of a movie (seen in early childhood) can create such an intriguing recurring dream scenario for several years (though not nightmarish for the most part). I very much enjoy learning more and more about what influenced my dreams throughout my life and pinpointing dreams and trends. (Note that the IMDb date for this release is incorrect, as it was first shown in America prior to the listed November 1966 date.) I had this dream while sleeping in the matte black 1950s camper we had at the time in the space above the cab. Seeing this footage after so many years had a rather odd emotional effect on me.

      In the actual movie, the alien was not a giant, but I was easily able to determine where the long-term influences came from, almost like traveling back in time or greatly stimulating old memories with an enhanced clarity. I am not sure why this particular few ending minutes of a movie had such an impact, while many other movies I have seen seem to have had little or no impact at all.

      In my dream, I am outside at night with my parents seemingly during a long trip from Wisconsin to Florida (we do not have much with us - just enough to fill the otherwise empty areas of the station wagon - as the camper I am sleeping in in reality is not featured in my dream for some reason). It appears to be near a very long shopfront in a parking lot, including a used car lot on one side. A giant man (about twenty feet tall) with a burned face and with one arm being that of a lobster threatens the whole town. Fire seems to be involved and he seems to glow eerily in a pale green at one point. For some reason, we have to leave everything behind in the car, including my favorite coloring books. My mother assures me that I will have new coloring books at our new home (in Florida) when we get away from this danger. (I am not sure why we have to find a different car to leave in - perhaps there had been fire damage, or the engine stopped working or it was wrecked at that point in some other way.) Whatever state we are in at the time (which is uncertain in-dream) will no longer exist as a state because this giant creature will live here within the fire. (In the last scene of the movie, the alien stands in front of a large fire for a couple minutes.)

      There appears to be some sort of odd (nostalgic) connection to the Johnny Cash song “The Story of a Broken Heart” (as if it were part of a monster movie and descriptive of this giant creature - it is possible I heard this song on the radio around this same time period). For some reason, coloring books seem to be my most important possessions in this dream. There was a motel we stopped at, at night, where I really enjoyed looking through an (as yet unused) over-sized (seemingly) dinosaurs coloring book.

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    9. The Jeep (meaning given)

      by , 01-27-1974 at 07:27 AM
      Morning of January 27, 1974. Sunday.

      I am at my middle school in Arcadia. For some reason, my GI Joe jeep is a lot bigger than in reality, but not quite big enough to really drive around in, it seems; perhaps about the size of a child’s pedal-car toy. However, over time, it moves around seemingly on its own through various areas of the large school’s halls or as if by remote control (though I do not think I have the remote).

      My good friend Johnny C is in the middle school cafeteria with me. We are seated near the end of a table. The jeep is there, but there is some sort of electrical problem near the dashboard. An area near the front seat starts to spark and sizzle (which I can clearly hear) and melt a bit (though in reality my GI Joe Jeep neither has the electrical features nor can it be controlled by remote). At this point, I am not sure if the jeep is mine or belongs to an unknown group doing some sort of test drives or experiments in our school. I watch and see it very clearly when it stops in a more open area between tables and see small embers and fire emerging from around the gas pedal and parts of the dashboard.

      A car or truck (or in fact, any vehicle), the primary vehicle in a dream if linked to the dream self, represents the conscious mind (through the dream self’s perspective) and its implied linear path within the dream state (though is considered as the transformation of the dreamer’s bed as a “vehicle”). The fact that it is a toy here (a downsized vehicle) is an augmented clue that I am in the dream state (though I do not become lucid). My dreams, since earliest childhood, typically downsize even “real” automobiles to where I cannot often even get inside of a car.

      The remote control suggests a level of contact between dream self and conscious awareness. The setting may be incidental or may relate to subtle hunger (that was unacknowledged) prior to sleep. School settings are very common and likely relate to the dream self needing to learn more about the particular dream (or the nature of dreams in general) due to the typical lack of awareness that the dream self has within the dream state.

      Anything that emits light (including fire) in a dream represents growing awareness or threads of consciousness (just as you start to see light when actually waking up assuming it is during or after sunrise). The jeep seeming to malfunction and have fire in it it is the waking transition (the end of my dream’s linear events).

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    10. Poor Little Eek

      by , 01-18-1974 at 07:18 AM
      Morning of January 18, 1974. Friday.

      I “wake” (within my dream) seemingly in the middle of the night (in Cubitis). I get the sense and false memory that Eek (the sketchy comic strip mouse) is wandering about in my room. The electric heater is rattling away in the center of my room at one point (it is very cold in reality) and there is at least one false awakening. This “incomplete” awareness (especially of the weird mouse that walks on two legs) seems “wrong” to me and very eerie on one level.

      Eventually, I seem to somehow teleport from my bed and immediately kneel down upon taking notice of an odd form on the wall near the floor. Just to the left (less than a foot) of my bedroom door is a toasted Eek. He is stuck to the wall, almost two-dimensional. (There is no hole anywhere in the wall to imply a mousehole.) He may have been set on fire by my heater and thus got stuck on the wall when trying to run away, though he may also have been electrocuted somehow.

      There is a level of creepiness as I try to pry him off. I do not want to be considered responsible as having something to do with his demise. Briefly, it seems I am actually just trying to peel a sticker off the wall rather than a “real” dead and somewhat anthropomorphic mouse.

      I decide to hide him inside a toasted cheese sandwich (a common breakfast for me), made by my mother as I am getting ready for school. It is somewhat bitter. No charred remains will be found and questioned about.

      Regardless of the level of creepiness (although comedic to be honest), this is frankly quite possibly one of the silliest waking coalescence events ever experienced for this particular dream type (extreme vividness, primarily in a dark setting with augmented tangibility, but no viable lucidity, apparently through a partial awakening followed by an induction into a false awakening).

      My dream self is projected secondarily, downsized as a little mouse (that is not “real” so something is at work that acknowledges I am dreaming but not my direct perspective). He did not make it to the door (waking point). He was “burned up by the fires of whole consciousness” (or reality itself and the subliminal acknowledgement thereof within the dream state). Finally, I eat him to represent the waking stage (waking coalescence; that is, the path into whole consciousness from the dream state, the basic goal of the waking transition in all dreams, always rendered metaphorically other than when it is literal, for example, dreaming of waking up and then actually waking up).
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    11. Explosion on the Sun

      by , 04-26-1972 at 10:26 AM
      Morning of April 26, 1972. Wednesday.

      I am walking in a large field, apparently in an area in or near Arcadia, traveling north with Steve J, Tina L, Kenneth H, and a few others. The sun is to the east at about fifty degrees altitude and it seems to be about noon or earlier. There is one area we pass that seems to be a cornfield. I do not see any buildings at this point. Much of the landscape is featureless.

      After a short time, part of the sun “explodes” into sparks of about three different small sizes that almost immediately seem to be in Earth’s atmosphere as if the sun was just a large burning feature hovering in the sky not that far away. I hear a sizzling and notice a few small grass fires farther to the east.

      We all start to run, but I go in a different direction more to the northwest (while the others mostly run north). I eventually hide in an unfamiliar old barn which is fairly dark. I decide to squat near a wooden half-wall of a stall. I eventually start to hear what sounds like older ladies talking. There soon seems to be a series of rude critical comments and gossip about other ladies who are likely not present, such as a particular hat being out of fashion, though there are nice comments about necklaces made of daisies and the merits of wearing the “right” cowbell and so on. This seems very strange and the supposed catastrophe eventually seems almost like a false memory within my dream - or at least something not to worry about.

      The “ladies” that are talking (none of them notice me at any point and I do not directly see any of them) turn out to be cows and horses idly chatting in the barn. Oddly, this does not trigger lucidity and I mostly sit and listen to their gossip as my dream fades.

      In a very similar dream or “reset” during the same morning, this time, right after I start running northwest, I seemingly become disembodied while taking to the air and then hover closely over an image of a small seemingly prehistoric lizard (it actually seemed to be a sort of olive-colored Florida chameleon) “frozen” in rock almost like some sort of powerful mystical fossil. It is me. It is apparently who and what I had always been - though maybe I am now in transition. I “realize” this as I wake. It almost seems hypnopompic.

      The lizard scene is a waking precursor as a sunrise metaphor. I am coming out of my being “embedded” in the fossil, analogous to waking, and the lizard represents the circadian rhythms symbol as such because lizards come out to sun themselves on rocks. The chameleon association relates to the dream self “changing” into the whole conscious self.

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    12. Run From The Volcano

      by , 04-09-1972 at 12:58 PM
      Morning of April 9, 1972. Sunday.

      Whenever it starts to rain, or especially hail, I feel a bit strange and then notice it is not rain, but a volcano erupting in the distance (always south of my Cubitis home) and little bits of lava or perhaps small volcanic rocks hitting the roof. This volcano seems to be in a similar location as another later volcano dream - “Heart of a Volcano”. I leave the house and start to run north (I almost always ran north in dreams when living in Florida, even though the main town itself, including schools and stores, was to the south, because I think I was somehow aware that Florida eventually came to an end if I went too far south though I had moved from the north as well - though there are exceptions regarding dreams where I was looking for a partner of the “mystery girl”). I suddenly find myself stuck inside a tumbleweed-like bush and cannot move much (no bushes or larger plants were anywhere in that area in real life). I just somehow sort of “popped” into it, as if I was just suddenly there as I was running. Later on, I am designing a coloring book (with me as the main character on many of the pages) with this scene as one of the pages (recurring), the line underneath reading “caught in the bush”. The threat from the volcano at the point is almost nonexistent.

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    13. "Not My Fault"

      by , 05-16-1971 at 06:28 AM
      Morning of May 16, 1971. Sunday.

      Reading time: 1 min 42 sec. Readability score: 59.

      In my dream, it seems to be early morning, about an hour before dawn. My mother and I are standing between two of the buildings at my elementary school, near the inward corner of one. We are the only people in the area. I am unsure why we are here, though I consider may relate to completing information in my school records. I am aware that it is the weekend and that school will not be in session today. We are looking toward the south.

      I see a church about three blocks away. (In reality, the school building would be blocking such a view.) I can see its belfry in the semidarkness.

      A big yellow bolt of lightning comes down from the sky, on the right of the tall church belfry. (It has an unrealistic appearance, as if from a cartoon.) It strikes it near the top, and flames begin to consume the tower.

      My mother glares down at me as if I had caused the event by way of pyrokinesis and the ability to control the weather and guide lightning. Her silent accusation increases my focus and the vividness of my dream. (The presence of fire increases the awareness of my conscious self identity.)

      “It’s not my fault,” I say, somewhat hesitantly (with a hint of self-doubt), and I remain unsure if my mother believes me.

      The school setting is relevant to relearning one’s way back to the conscious self identity as in waking life. (This correlates with the subliminal desire to ignite the conscious self awareness for lucidity.) My mother is present by my side as the witness (RAS mediation), as she is the one who usually woke me during early childhood and my school years. The lightning is neural energy that increases awareness in the waking process of which also sometimes serves as a lucidity trigger by liminal intent. The belfry serves as an emerging consciousness representation (rising above the dream), and fire is consciousness.

      Ultimately, this dream is an augmented factor of the “lighting a candle” metaphor to establish lucidity and dream state awareness. Dream control and lucidity are not dependent on each other contrary to popular misconception.

      I believe that I have coherently explained every factor of this dream and its causes and meaning as the emerging consciousness initiation and non-lucid dream control. There was also influence from the Nancy Sinatra song “Lightning’s Girl.” That developed into associations with dream control, as I had imagined controlling lightning as relevant to the song (though this was a childhood misunderstanding as to what the song meant).

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    14. Golden Dragon

      by , 04-11-1971 at 10:11 AM
      Morning of April 11, 1971. Sunday.

      In my dream, my best friend Toby T and I enter the “Castle of Riddles” (which is seemingly modeled after my school and loosely related to “which classroom” I will go into on the second floor - though this changes and it then seems to be set in the basement near my dream’s ending). It actually seems to be part of some sort of (fictional, obviously) new game show for television that is being filmed at one point, though this idea remains more in the background. There were a few versions of this one - one did not have the “game show” atmosphere at all. One even seemed like a slow-motion replay and less vivid, watching disembodied from above the last scene, our bodies appearing somewhat distorted or “warped”. Toby and I are the only human characters present throughout.

      We are each to choose between one of two doors - one of us can only choose one door for ourselves out of required mutual agreement - in other words, each door must be for only one “contestant”. One door supposedly leads to gold coins, the other to “death” (or implied doom or bad fortune). It seems rather strange that my best friend and I are supposedly agreeing to this, but such is the case and I do not seriously reflect on it that much.

      Eventually, I pick the door on the left (numbered “one”) and Toby picks the door on the right (numbered “two”). As soon as I open the door, I find myself falling and sliding down a steep incline of gold coins (possibly an Uncle Scrooge comic book influence). I am very happy, as I look to my right and notice Toby is also sliding down the hill of gold coins at the same speed I am. We joyfully pick up coins as we are sliding and let them flow through our hands. I get the impression that they are golden American coins, though am not sure of the value. We continue to express our happiness as we slide. However, we both hear a loud roar (somewhat lion-like) and notice that, at the foot of the hill of gold coins, is a living golden dragon (that actually seems made of gold but is somehow organic at the same time - there is also an association with a furnace with a dragon-head-shaped door). It seems like we will die (thus to be eaten - though one version has the dragon’s head perpendicular to the direction we are sliding, thus is experienced and unresolved as ambiguous), but I wake up before I reach the open mouth, which in one version (even the original had at least one “reset”), turned out to be a large and stylish antique andiron, and in another version, a large school furnace (the setup actually seeming to take place at West Elementary in one version).

      This dream has the sunrise event rendered as a golden dragon that is set to swallow my dream self and my middleman (Toby T). The two doors are a similar dream analogy as an intersection (the concurrent “choice” between dreaming or waking, though here both doors can obviously only lead to waking). Sliding down the hill of coins (a dream sign position that renders my dream self as in a lying-down position) is a redundant coalescence event and in this case it (sliding down) is also a variation of the natural waking mechanism. I wake before the actual point of being swallowed (coalescence of dream self into whole consciousness, which all larger animals typically symbolize).

      Even this dream was precognitive in the sense that I saw a comic book story with some of the same elements and names after my dream (which happened fairly often though is more correctly called “postcognition” in cases when something has already been published). A Harvey comic book story seen later related to Casper the Friendly Ghost and involved characters trying to decide which of two doors to open and ending up as “mindless servants” when touching both doorknobs at the same time.

      In my childhood, I was somewhat intimidated by a fifth grade teacher, Mr. F, as well as the “King Midas” story which I despise, as it seems like an attempt to brainwash children into associating money with being “greedy". There was also a story about a treasure being “cursed”; an annoying theme with a “moral” unworthy of a rational human being (especially for these times, as one needs a larger amount of money just to survive at all).

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