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    1. Rock candy and classified files

      by , 10-27-2013 at 10:05 PM
      Fragment of a previous scene involved a boy covered in words and strange designs related to a demon (or demons). Now, elsewhere, his father's poured something over himself which causes his flesh to melt and transform him into the image of a demon. Another man speaking to him says "Why did you do it?" "Because! I wanted to know his pain!" 'Him' referring to his son. The other man says something to the effect that this was a very foolish thing to do.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      The words "If you could know, wouldn't you?" and a paramedic getting annoyed at a woman who keeps trying to kill herself.

      I'm standing in front of a checkout counter, looking at the rows of rock candy, picking one out and talking about nostalgia with the woman behind the cash register, the vampire who made me. I ask her how far back her memory goes, and she says she still remembers her mother. Talking about some other vampires, we agree that their method is much more sensible than ours, them being able to make more than one vampire, which is something we can't do unless the previous one dies; we can't support more than one at a time.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Something about a 'Lazarus Door' for resurrection, and fog and some kind of danger.

      A car that won't turn off. The owner's already taken the key out of the ignition, and for a moment I wonder how it's still running, but then I wonder why I thought keys in the ignition have anything to do with turning a car on or off. We take the car into the woods.

      A fragment involving two teenage kids in the woods transitions into a sort of flashback showing the parents of one of those kids, back when they were still alive. They're both some kind of doctors or scientists, the wife has this mass of curly hair, and they're sitting at a table in some kind of office or lab and going over a file acquired by the husband's brother, while he stands across the table from them. The brother is "not like others," which is related to whatever the husband and wife are working on, and he's frustrated by working together with them, he's used to his freedom.

      On the file they're looking at, there's a stylized drawing of two humanoid figures, one with the head of a bird, the other the head of a wolf, and although the husband and wife don't realize this, I'm aware that image represents the two teenagers from the previous scene, who are "not like others" in the same way as the brother. The wife is saying, "But what's really (some word meaning something like 'strange' or 'unusual' or 'notable' or 'attention-grabbing') here is that the bird has a Double Hartford rank, ten pages in. I can't open it up."
    2. Lucid menthol night

      by , 05-24-2013 at 06:34 PM
      Date: 24 May

      Total sleep time: 7 hrs

      Pre bed: SJW, 100 mg B6

      WBTB: 2x200mg peppermint oil tablets

      Dream quality, lucidity and recall: My dreams were extremely vivid today, I dare say, more vivid that real life. I believe this was the reason why I got a number of lucid moments during the night. While being aware that this is a dream, I continued to engage in the dream, soon losing lucidity. My recall has been rather poor again, which made it harder to figure out how it all happened.

      Sleep schedule: I had trouble going to bed on time last few nights, but avoided taking sleep aid supps (mel and valerian) for a number of reasons. Messing up my sleep schedule has made me feel very sleepy and possibly affected my recall.

      Dream zero: lucid, happiness, no other memory

      Fragment1: some kind of game, rocks, I am walking around

      Fragment2: my parents at some event

      Fragment3: FA, in my bed recalling the previous dreams and happy I just had a lucid. I am between dream and waking state and I realize that this review is taking place in my head. I drag myself out of the dream and wake up to dream journal properly.

      WBTB: upon wake I notice how sleepy I am. I try to recall the lucid, but only remember the feeling and no other details. I hold the memory of Fr1 and fr2 in my mind. I go to take some peppermint tablets, then back to bed. I quickly fall asleep forgetting almost everything.

      Fragment4: I want to make tea, I am looking at an unused teabag of green tea, which becomes a box, containing two black teas and one green. On the green one is written "blue goddess" and also "hotel memorabilia"

      Dream5: We are at some party and it is really late. Lucid moment. I meet a classmate that I like and I want to tell him something. (something like shared dreaming attempt residual that I keep on doing in some lucids). I tell him to come with me in the other room for five mins, but he refuses. I am thinking about my dad coming to pick me up when the party is over, etc. Another classmate of mine (f), we talk with her, she is one of my best friends. She shares that she is really unhappy with her life, and so on. Very emotional connection with her irl and dreams. She begins to cry, and I embrace her, we stay like this for a long time. Another friend of mine (f), comes and joins us and three of us are holding hands in some silent act of consolation...Lucid moment. Memory gap. We are arranging to meet at our new dream apartment, which looks really nice.

      Fragment6: someone has bought a toy, it is a car that behaves like rat because it can climb on the windows

      Fragment7 DILD: I am in the suburbs, a familiar place but it looks like it is in the past, so I become lucid. Someone is after me, I am running, climbing a fence. . I think I was trying to figure out a way out of the situation, but I cannot remember anything else.

      Dream8 DILD: I am on the street and see a small boy and his mother. The vividness is incredible. He throws large stones at me, I am worried that he will break my ipod with the stone, but it is ok. He continues throwing stones, while initially concerned about my safety I realize this is a dream, so no need to worry that much. The stones are very colorful, lots of them on the ground. I pick up one and go menacingly to the boy. I can't bring myself to throw one at him, so I decide to threaten him instead. I do so, in pseudo French. It is really hard to express whatever it is that I am trying to say, so I end up making strange words that don't exist. At this point or a bit later I lose my clarity. I go over to his mother and begin apologizing about my French.

      Dream9 DILD: Family and other relatives are discussing politics, I try to remain impassive. I am indulging in a chocolate cake and then drink some mayo salad that grandma has made. It doesn't taste as usual, and I say it out loud, grandma is a bit offended. Family is leaving somewhere. I am on the bus station in my hometown, cross on red light, and continue on my way to our old home. As I am walking, the dream kind of jumps forward, so I find myself in front of our door. I think to myself "Why did I decide to walk, when I know I could just teleport here?", Hmmm, teleport here? I am aware that this is a dream now. I still want to go in the place so I start unlocking the door. Then suddenly I hear a slightly scary metal sound, like movement of keys. I remind myself not to pay any attention to it, and that it will disappear. Instead it gets louder, comes closer.

      I concentrate on unlocking the door, but even as I move the key, the door won't open. I begin thinking why is that, the sound is now really close. I decide to face it, and look down the stairs. Pfuu, it is just my dad! He comes and opens the door and we are in! I am in the corridor with dad, it is dark, and kind of...too dimensional. I am talking to him, but it is hard, and my voice sounds really distorted. I try again but the effect is the same. My prospective memory finally activates, recalling the first two of three step task, interact with a DC, ok. Then eat something. I see a small plant in front of me, and think no! I head to the kitchen to look for food. It is dark, the furniture is different and I cannot remember where the fridge is. I finally find it. At that moment dad comes with some strange foamy orange juice cocktail drink. I take it and think for a while whether that counts as eating something, then have a drink. Before I can enjoy any taste, the dream totally falls apart and I am back in my bed.
      I remain still and wait a bit, but nothing happens, and begin to think too much, so I wake up. Note to self: maybe be a bit more patient next time?

      Comments: I have been getting more of these lucid moments but I really don't know how to account for them in my private dream count as well as on DV, because they are kind of short and I'm having problems with lucid recall.

      At the end of the month, I probably will be including a total count, with a reference how many of these are micro-lucids. Before, I counted every lucid I had as plus one, but now I look more at the length and quality. This is getting so confusing. Anyways, I still think it is a very good progress for the past two months. If my dream control ever gets really good, one day I would like to go back and relive those dreams and remember them in full detail.

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    3. A Plane Going Down

      by , 01-14-2013 at 08:28 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      A Plane Going Down

      I was on a yellow air plane. It had gaping holes as though large doors and windows were missing. It was as though we were in a huge, plastic, childs toy plane that was really flying.

      There were a couple other people in the plane. The pilot was flying low, and going lower. The terrain was mountainous and jagged. The pilot was now flying along the inside face of one of the mountains. Then the pilot said, "I'm going to get out" or something like that.

      A passenger objected, then the pilot explained how everyone would be fine. "All you have to do is go like this" and he flew close to a ledge and skid on his but along a smooth, flat ridge.

      I ended up getting out in a similar fashion, but I was just all of a sudden outside. Then I was busy trying to keep wild dogs away. (I saw several dogs IWL yesterday) I somehow obtained a chain with something on the end which I used to protect myself from the dogs.

      Then I saw a woman that had another chain weapon thing, and I wanted it. The woman was an extremely attractive cinnamon girl with dark hair up in a bun. She was wearing a white bath robe. I walked up to her and held her in my arms and said what she was thinking, "When will this stop happening?"

      Then there was a dog in front of me. I took the chain with the weight on the end and swung it. It wrapped around the dogs mouth.

      Then there was a scene with my son , my keys, and I was trying to get the keys or show him where they were for him to pick them up. There was a dog there and we needed the keys. I tried to get the keys with my chain thing. Then I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Giant monster and my missing shoe

      by , 10-28-2012 at 01:18 AM
      Me and some strangers are on stage. I think we are singing but we are acting disorderly and this lady comes up and says "You are disqualified!" We all get sent home. As we go to our bus stop I realize I forgot my shoe. Something weird happens. We all begin to start walking backwards as if time is reversing but it isn't. We are all just walking backwards. Then the bus comes and they go in the bus but I run into the locker room. The locker room guard says "You have been gone for two months." He then directs me to a machine. I step inside and I see a vision of a giant monster that is coming. I then hide under the table and then I get crushed and die. (Ouch)

      I appear in a house made of mostly wood. I fight some fat guy that says "My stomach hurts, must've been something I ate" I then defeat him and look at his plate on the table. I see keys in there. I pull them out and I wash the goop off.
      Tags: fatty, food, keys, monster
    5. Saving My Cat from Magma, and Seth Rogen to the Rescue!

      by , 09-16-2012 at 04:29 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at some kind of meeting or function. There were lots of people there. I want to say we were outside. I was sitting against a half a wall. Not quite stairs, though the wall could function that way; it's hard to explain. I'll just call them wall/stairs. There were some rooms or other areas up there.

      It was then dark outside. I was still at this function, when I noticed that the wall/stairs was leaking magma in certain areas. There were people, scientists or something, inspecting it and taking measurements. No one else seemed really concerned about the magma except for me and the scientists. I remember seeing some magma flow out onto a black scientist's thumb while he wasn't paying attention, and I thought for sure it would burn him, but it didn't; he didn't even seem to notice.

      I then got up and saw that I had been sitting with my back to a lot of magma flowing from this wall/stairs. I hadn't felt any heat or burning or anything at all. Odd. I watched the scientists some more as they collected samples. Some of the magma being examined had an unnatural glow to it. I watched one of the scientists walk by me with rubber gloves on covered in a reddish residue. I figured it was from the magma. I then watched some of the wall crumble as more magma slowly flowed out.

      Then, on two TV screens up above me (now we seemed to be inside instead of outside), there was a warning being flashed because of the magma, which also had some weird chemicals in it that made it even more dangerous than regular magma. We all needed to evacuate. That's when I realized my home was in danger. I ran up the short wall/stairs and into one of the rooms. There was a guy with me helping me out. He looked like the blonde scientist from Dark City (watched the movie last night IWL).

      The main thing I wanted to rescue was my cat. Apparently, I kept her in a big hamster/bird cage? Anyway, the blonde scientist scooped her out of her litter box. I was glad she was in there at that time, because otherwise, I was afraid I'd lose her. I took her from the scientist, and we both grabbed as much of her stuff as we could. I then walked over to my bed to grab some more things, like clothes and stuff. I sifted through a pile of pajama pants, trying to decide which ones to take. I was saying out loud that I couldn't decide which ones I wanted to take. I wanted to take the ones with Thumper the bunny on them since I saw them first (a pair I actually own IWL, but rarely wear), but there were others that I actually really liked and wore more often that I would rather have. I was in a hurry though, and didn't feel I had enough time to go through them all and decide that way. I just grabbed a bunch, the Thumper ones pink being some of the ones I grabbed. While we were running to a safer place, I noticed I was holding onto the cat too tightly, and loosened my grip a bit. She didn't struggle or anything.

      At some point, we noticed that my key chain had some keys broken off from it. I examined them, and noticed it was only the keys to Jake's apartment, the ones that no longer worked since the locks got changed. All the keys I needed were there.

      We were then in this quiet apartment, though in the same building as we were in, it was safe for some reason. I set up the cage, put her food dish in it, and told the blonde scientist that was with me to open the top of her cage to get the litter box in it. The litter box didn't seem like it should fit at all; it was way too big. But it fit. We put the cat in there too. I then told the scientist I needed to go get her water dish. The scientist picked up a small green bowl that we could use instead, since it was so dangerous where I had previously been. I said we could do that if I couldn't get her original water dish, and to myself, I thought I could grab some more things, like more clothes, out of there as well while I was over there. I ran off.

      When I got to the magma scene, I ran up and down the aisle, looking for my previous location. I could have sworn it was here. I looked to the wall/stairs to my left, and noticed a line of guys standing on top of one of the wall/stairs that was accumulating more and more magma. I had no time to think about why they were doing this; it was total chaos here anyway, the reasons were endless. I ran up and down the aisle a few more times, then, to my right, saw a hallway. I ran down the hallway, and it was light there, more peaceful, no smoke or chaos. At a desk sat my friend, Rachel. We talked about the magma for a second, asking one another if we'd heard about it. Then, I was where I needed to be.

      As I entered, it was smoky, and lots of people were running around in the craziness. I saw a huge section of fold-out chairs in front of me. At the front of them, whom I almost ran by, was Seth Rogen. He was just standing there. As I went by, I said
      "Seth, I need your help."
      He then agreed to help me, while saying to his friends
      "I'm going to go help this girl," with emphasis on the girl part. It was like he was trying to impress his friends, saying he was going to help a female, or something like that.

      I then ran with Seth behind me, looking down the aisles of chairs that were on my right. I knew the water dish was down one of them. There were a few people down all of them, panicking, trying to figure out what exactly they should do. We came to some of the middle sections, and I was sure the dish had to be down one of them. Though I was worried the panicking people would get in the way, I told Seth to go down to the end of one, and the dish should be there. He went down the aisle to look for the dish.
    6. Monday 4th June 2012

      by , 06-19-2012 at 10:18 PM
      Dream 1

      We are outside by a big Market, we are standing by a tunnel. There is a big crowd around us and all the people are pushing past trying to cause mayhem this way 2 men that want to grab my youngest J can grab her without me noticing and take her from me. My hubby and my other Daughters are with me. One man says something, my hubby replies sarcastically "yeah mate" the other man now says something and my hubby says "come on then!!" but the 2 men carry on through the crowd and they go into the tunnel. Me, my hubby and my eldest L need to try and catch the men and other baddies. L is in a room with my hubby and my hubby ties L to a chair as bait for them. I do the same but I have to sit on some sort of stapler and cover it up with flowers. Myself and L are both in seperate rooms but I can see L. I'm feeling really depressed and I'm making flowers up. My hubby tries to talk to me but I don't talk back, he's being really nice to me but I'm feeling so depressed and won't respond. ((Dream Skip))
      My hubby takes us somewhere in the car and my Mom & Dad pull up beside us. I get out the car and run to my Dad, I hug him tight & cry. ((Dream Skip))
      We are now back in the rooms. L is on the chair in one room and I am in the room next to her. I try and sit on the stapler to hide it ((it's our weapon )) I put flowers over it aswell but the flowers suddenly catch on fire, I move them and they are ok again. I look at where I'm sitting and realise that I'm actually sitting on our big silver bin. I put the flowers back over the stapler again, and again they set on fire, I move them and they are ok again. I think to myself "the metal bin must be too hot for them!" there is lots of smoke about from the fire and I'm trying to waft it away. My hubby comes in and says "where's all this smoke come from?" I'm scared incase he goes mad because I burnt the flowers but he's not angry he's just nice to me. My hubby pouts for a kiss and says something funny and I almost smile.

      Dream 2

      I'm in a house and there is a man trying to kill me. Someone now says that the House is Haunted and I think it's his fault. The House now shakes and everything moves, I say "ohh my god look at the floor, it's wrecked!" the floor is all cracked and split. I am now sitting in a car inside the house, the bloke driving rams it into the wall of the House. Everyone gets out of the car but they have to lift me out. I pretend to be dead but a girl says "look, she's alive" so after a few minutes I pretend to come round. I get up and rub my eyes, I see the mans keys hanging from a hook high up on the wall so I fly up to them and hover above him and I tease him with his keys . I now see an opportunity to kill him so I get close behind him and snap his neck. I'm so angry with him that I pick him up ((he's now turned into a small doll)) and I squeeze the dolls head untill his eyes pop out!!! ((Dream Skip))
      I am in a hallway and there is water everywhere, it's a market place but in the isles full of water people are paddling and swimming, the water is quite deep. My hubby is in the water next to me, he dives under and I quickly move away from him, I'm scared he might pull me under. I go to the sweet stall and look at all the sweets, I look for the old TCP flavoured bubble gum that I used to love as a child, after a short search I see some. I now see my Mom & Dad in a camper van, my Dad asks what I'm up to but I don't answer and just wander off.
    7. Hiding & Attempted Murder

      by , 04-11-2012 at 02:23 PM (Hey, Look... A Dream Journal)
      Around 5:30am

      Genre: Random

      First thing I remember was that I am in a different time period and a different world from what it is today. I believe I am in either the Game of Thrones world or the Skyrim world. I was in a house, which was a large amount of distance away from anything else. With me was three other people, one man and two woman. I don't remember who they are at this point though. I get the feeling that we are hiding one of the girls from someone. Next thing I remember is that I am looking out of a window, with a pair of binoculars. I see someone in the distance, I can't tell if it is a man or women, all I know is that he/she is wearing a red jacket. I can tell this is the person we are hiding from.

      I tell the other guy in the house to go get the girls and go upstairs. We start to panic, he takes one of the girls up the stairs while I try to convince the other girl to come. I believe this is the girl that is hiding from that person on the road. She decides that she is going to run, and see if she can get away. She goes and I head upstairs, just incase the person on the road decides to check the house out. I remember I a set of keys which are used to lock the bedrrom doors. I head upstairs and go into the room. I close the door and try to lock it. It takes me a couple of tries, the lock has now changed from a regular lock to a lock you would see on a bathroom stall. I finally lock it and turn to the other two.

      The two are sitting on the bed, and I get the feeling that the man is my brother, I don't know why though. The women tells me that she just got a text from the person on the road. I turned around, and the door wasn't there anymore. Instead, the door had turned into just a thin plank of wood going across where the door would have been. I wake up at this point.


      Around 7am
      Attempted Murder
      Genre: Action

      I am in my old college, I think. I am in my old Psychology lecture. The class becomes really boringthat I resort to doodling on my paper. I am getting worried that the lecturer will notice me because I am not supposed to be there. The lecturer asks a question, and a girl that I know answers the questions. But she is in the back of the lecture, so the lecturer has to move to see her, and she moves to just in front of my desk.

      I decide to wait until the break, before I leave. Once the break comes, I begin to leave. Next thing I remember is being in an argument with someone I don't know. The argument eventually escalates and we begin fighting. I start to get the better of him, but then he decides to take a knife out. I decide to get the hell out of there, because I don't plan on dying in college. The guy chases after me and corners me in a stairwell. He lunges at me with the knife, but I manage to grab his wrist and force him back. Suddenly, a police woman shows up and helps. I notice she looks like Louisa Lytton.

      Now, I can leave. But as I walk out the door, I realize I have left my bag in the lecture hall. So, I decide to run to the room to get in, so I'm there before the lecturer comes back. I get to the room, I take a quick look inside to make sure she is not there, she's not so I go in and get the bag. I walk down the corridor with the my bag, and take corner carefully incase the lecturer is around the corners. She's not but I now notice I am in my old High School. I see one of my old teachers, and he begins chatting to me. We chat for a bit before I attempt to leave once again.

      I begin to walk down a flight of stairs, but there is a group of people there with me. It seems to be the basketball team, the reason I think this, is because one of them is throwing a basketball around. The guy throws it against a wall, and it returns back - hitting another guy in the face. I notice one of my old friends from High School is there. We begin chatting for a bit and when we get to the bottom, he asks me if I want to come to a club later with two other people. I tell him to give me his number and I'll tell him later.

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    8. 8th December 2011

      by , 02-10-2012 at 01:12 AM
      I am in the woods and I hear a noise. I look across and see 3 wood pigeons in a tree, I go over to take a look and all 3 of them fly away. I now take a walk through the woods and in front of me I see blood all over the floor and pieces of thick jelly-like skin stuff. The skin stuff is shaking, I get a stick and poke it and I can't understand why it is shaking when it's not alive. I walk forward more and then I see 2 dead whipped up Pigeons on the floor amongst the blood, pieces were everywhere and feathers were scattered about all over the place, it is an awfull sight.
      I now see a purple bird hobbling away and I fear for it so I quickly reach out and catch it, it now turns into a Puppy and I think "uh!, I thought it was a bird!" I now look again and realise tha it's a fox cub and not a Puppy I can see red fur on it like what some fox's have.
      I get to the vets with the fox cub and put it safe in an open top box and place the box on the floor. I now go and get a urine sample bottle for something and then go to my car, I get in and drive to Telford. I park up and go into Telford vets, I'm looking for something but I'm not sure what. As I'm going through the drawers I suddenly think " ohh god, I had better get back to the other vets, the box hasn't got a lid on it and the fox will get out and wonder around the vets and might get hurt!" There is another woman with me, I tell her we have to get back so I get the keys and fiddle about with them as I try to find the key to lock this vets up. I say to the woman " I hate messing about with keys!" we get back in the car and head back home. ((dream skip))
      We are back in my vets now, I open the door and go in. I see a Nurse putting my Fox into a cage and I'm really relieved that it is ok. The Nurse is struggling as she tries to put the Fox into the cage so I go over and help. I stroke the Fox and say "it's ok" the Nurse pushes it in and ends up in the cage herself the Nurse manages to climb out and I stay and reassure the Fox that it's safe and ok now lol
      The Fox is now inside a bag inside the cage and I'm trying to stop it from getting out of the bag I now walk away.
      The Fox now turns into a Man the Man is talking to me and tells me that he come's from a place called Llandudwee, I say "you mean Llandudno, that's a place in Wales, I've been there" He say' "no, it's Llandudwee, it's a place on another Planet"
      I now need a wee and a Nurse tells me that I need to do a stool sample and hands me a tub to put it in ((what the hell!! LOL!!)) I'm very embarrassed about this and wonder why she want's me to do this but I carry on. I see the stairs and they are quite wide and in an open area, the stairs get smaller as they go up. I walk up to the top of the stairs and there is 1 door at the top which is a toilet door, I shut this door and walk back down the stairs. The man now walk's towards me and goes to walk up the stairs, he laughs and say's something about me going to the toilet and shutting the door, I say " no I've not been yet but I don't want anyone behind me looking at my arse , he says "ohh" and laughs again.
      The toilets are now at the bottom of the stairs, there are about 4 of them and they are all open for everyone to see you. I have my short dress on and lean over knowing he will see my arse, my arse is now showing and the Man is looking, I feel really sexy and want him to look and for everyone else to see me LMAO
    9. Luca and a cake

      by , 01-03-2012 at 06:58 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      there were several dreams but the two most important were those:

      I go down the road near "stodola" towards the football pitch. There I see Lucie P sitting down. I think are supposed to meet up. I go there and I sit new to her. We started to talk and I ask her what she is up to, whats new, whats old. She looks good. Her body looks very firm. I know that I want to ask her somehow whether she has someone or not. I have some kind of sweets... it looks like little flowers and I offer her some. She says not at first. As I am eating... I pour some more on my palm... a bit too many.. so I gesture her so she stretches her palm so I can give her a few. She does so... but offering just finger tips... i make a gesture that somehow looks like i want to put them in her mouth... yet I just want her to open her palm. She looks at me kind of weird. I laugh a bit and tell her, that this is not what I meant.

      Later I go t visit her to her hotel. There is some problem and when I get there none is responding on the door. I go down to the reception and the receptionist tells me that she has already checked out. There are keys (looking like my house keys) in the pigeon hole. I ask for the keys and go upstairs. As soon as I want to open the door, the door opens and she is there. She looks at me with that kind of look, as if she was waiting for me. She is leaning on the door frame and does all those seductive moves and looks. I go inside.

      (at this point I wake up and try to re-enter the dream..... somewhat I did)
    10. 50th Shared dreaming attempt - Thebeastofold's dream

      by , 01-02-2012 at 02:07 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Thebeastofold's dream

      Didnt get lucid..so couldnt look for nightspy2 again...

      It started I was in a huge dining hall type place, and everyone was wearing orange....no matter what kind of clothing everyone was wearing they were all colored orange..and there were people wandering all around the room with giant roasts on huge 2 prong forks....and anyone who wanted some they would hold the roasts over the table and everyone would use their own knives to hack off a hunk.....and i kept thinking of the line from the grinch "roast beast" they were carrying them around as if they weighed nothing...i asked a girl with a giant ham on a fork if she could put it inthe trunk of my car..i even tried handing her the keys..but she laughed and danced away.....i went around a corner to the left and came to a very dark, windy and cold dead end with a desk attached to the wall and a huge window cut out of solid rock.....and scrooge mcduck was sitting at the desk writing with a feather pen furuiously, he had a giant stack of the old fashioned library card file drawers stacked haphazardly on the desk to his left...and there was ominous music playing in the background, and it was very windy..every time the wind would pickup he would flop face down across the desk to keep whatever he was writing on from blowing away...the only time i could clearly see him was when lightning flashed..i look out the window while he was face down on the desk and noticed we were on the top or nearly on the top of a huge sheer cliff..and it looked like a huge winter storm was happening outside....i turned to walk away and woke up...
    11. shy nephew; car keys; concert memory and play

      by , 11-15-2011 at 02:23 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in some place like a restaurant. It may have been on the second floor of a bulding. The wall to my right had a couple windows, which may have had thin, white curtains over them. I sat at a small, round table. There was a larger, round table in front of mine.

      My family sat down at the larger table. Somebody, possibly my mom, sat down with her chair pulled slightly out and to the side, so she kind of faced me.

      My oldest nephew, as he looked when he was young, maybe nine or ten years old, crept up and hid behind the woman's body. I saw him do it. I was pretty sure he'd wanted me to see him, like he was only acting shy so I'd come right up and talk to him.

      So I stood up and walked behind the woman. I may have started talking to my nephew.

      Dream #2

      I was in the driveway of "my family's house." The driveway was on the left side of the house, unlike IWL. My sister had a huge SUV. She and her kids were already inside it. My sister was apparently going to take me somewhere, possibly home or to a hotel. But she asked me to go get some keys out of the house for her.

      At first it seemed like these keys may have been for the car, or for some car I was being taken to. We couldn't leave without them. But I may have found these keys.

      At some point I was in the hallway, probably on a threshold to a room, talking with my mom. My mom may have seemed to be a lot taller than I, as if she were a giant or I were a kid.

      I may have gone back outside to have my sister send me back into the house again. This time my sister needed keys for something for one of my nephews.

      My nephew apparently needed to go to the doctor. But the keys were necessary for something regarding either the doctor's office or my nephew's actual body.

      I went back into the house. I may have gone into the basement. It seemed like it was taking me a really long time to find the keys. I may have decided to give up and tell my sister that maybe she should look.

      But then I was in the kitchen. I opened a drawer and found the keys inside, laying on a blank pad of sketch paper. There were three keys on a ring. They may have been inside a clear, plastic baggie.

      Dream #3

      I was at some theatre. At first I was in some part of the lobby. I was getting ready to watch some performance like a college or high school performance. Some kids who'd be performing were in the lobby, talking with each other. One of them was a tall, black boy.

      Now I was in the theatre with my friend H. We sat in the very front row, on the very left end. The stage seemed normal, though slightly elevated. It was all black, and a blue spotlight shone on it. There may have been something like a wooden-barred cage on the stage.

      Something about this performance may have had to do with Kiyoshiro Imawano and, possibly, Ryuichi Sakamoto. My friend H seemed to be really excited about this. But I got mad at her. I told her, "I've seen Kiyoshiro Imawano and ----- (possibly Ryuichi Sakamoto) performing here before!"

      I was so mad at H for once more forgetting the details of my life that I had her twisted sideways, down on my lap. I had her head twisted up at a really painful angle toward the stage.

      Now the play began. A bunch of kids kept coming out and introducing themselves. The play seemed to be about a bunch of cool, artistic kids all living together. As each kid took introduced him or herself, he or she would take a spot somewhere on stage.

      A few black boys walked out and introduced themselves. I recognized one of them as one of the kids talking in the lobby. The stage was now low and bowed out in a kind of wide U-shape. I felt like the stage was smashing against my knees.

      I remembered that my friend H had said she didn't have time to come to the show, and how she'd see me to the show and then leave. But, I happily remarked, H had come in and sat down with me. Now the show had started, and H still hadn't tapped my shoulder or anything to let me know she was leaving. She must have wanted to stay!

      But I now looked over to H's seat. H was gone. She had left without telling me. She may have left a book in her chair.
    12. October 14th, 2011 - The Doomsday Machine

      by , 10-14-2011 at 10:36 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am some a future version of our world where severe economic recessions and war have devastated most countries and much of the human civilization has reverted to Mideieval era technology and feudalism. There are pockets of technological advanced socities still in existence, but they have isolated themselves from the rest of the world with cities surrounded by walls and drones to kill people trying to break in. Many countries have become lawless and chaotic because religious zealots and warlords and their tribes fight for land and resources, including most of North America, and at the beginning of the dream I am fleeing my home and I end up on a ship headed to India.

      I though India would be just as chaotic and poor yet fortunately there is religious tolerace and peace, and unlike most other countries, there is often running water and electricity availble in some cities. I end up living with a friend who fled North America years ago and she shares a cramped apartment with several other families above a rare bookstore which went out of business the day before I arrived. The first floor then becomes a communty meeting hall for the small village and the local Imam (who is also the head man of the town) gathers people every night to talk about relevent issues and to bring his television in so everyone can see the little bit of international news that is broadcast every now and then.

      One night the broadcast is interupted and highjacked by a powerful and rouge warlord in Iran who claims to have a Doomsday Machine, which will obliterate all other countries in the world except his and he is going to set it off on the next full moon, a few days from now. To prove the effectiveness of his machine, he turns it on the Australasia continent and literally wipes it off the map. The remains of the continent are smoldering boulders and much of it falls into the sea or is completely unlivable because it is desicated wasteland. The crazy warlord gives no ultimatim and so later news reports tell of how many places become even more chaotic, mass suicides occur, or alternatively some places that were so violent and dangerous before suddenly become peaceful as people resign themselves to their fate.

      Some how I meet a man who has just come into our village who claims to have worked on the Doomsday Machine and fled Iran when he learned what its true purpose was. He has made copies of the three electonic keys needed to gain access to the machine and shut it down, but unfortunately lost one in Pakistan while he was fleeing. He gives me the other two keys and a map of the place where he lost the other key and sends me on my way. I easily cross the border into Pakistan because there are so many people heading towards Iran, trying to get in, that no one really notices me.

      The small village where the lost key supposedly is lays in the ruins of what once looked like a very industrialized and technologically advanced city. I search many abandoned and decrepid old office buildings and come across a gathering of people sitting in what used to be a cafeteria or something. The floor is tiles and the roof is high, and there are rusted counters and sinks all along the walls. There are no tables and chairs any more and everyone is sitting in a circle around a few men and one woman. The men are talking about making peace with yourselves before you die and the woman sits silently admist them and yet seems to emit waves of warmth and compassion that penetrate the heart of everyone in attendence. She is filled with great love for us all, but also with a great sadness and a feeling of helplessness. She is ancient and beyond any human entity in the world and I think that she is a Goddess of some kind. She is weaving black hairbands and wristbands with scraps of yarn and passing them out to everyone in attendance.

      I recieve one and instantly the location of the lost electronic key appears in my mind, as if the information is being chanelled directly to me from the goddess -like woman. I head up to a higher level and find it hidden in a desk in what looks like used to be some rich CEO's office. When I go back downstairs to the cafeteria, everyone is gone and the place is dimly lit and covered in dust, like no one had been there for hundreds of years. I still have my hairband though so I know the experience was real.

      I follow the throngs of refugees headed for the Iranian border, but it is extremely dangerous as criminals and other unsavory characters prey on the desperate people. Many people are robbed of the few belongings they have, and many more or killed or tortured for fun. No one is safe from being kidnapped or raped and almost all who make it to the Iranian border are immediately turned away and have to go back and face the human monsters waiting for them outside of the border crossing. Those who make it into Iran do so because they bribe the guards with everything they have. I have nothing to offer so I have no idea how I am going to get in. One of the border guards asks me for my hairband and as I pull it out of my hair I see that it has turned to gold. I am let into the country and finding the Doomsday Machine isn't hard because it is being advertised on fliers and billboards in every street corner and I head to the capital (in my dream it was called Karachi, which is not the capital city of Iran but a port town in Pakistan).

      The dream becomes fuzzy and I cannot remember much more. I do end up shutting down the machine, but there is no big confrontation with the warlord or anything heroic like that and I thought this dream ended kind of anti-climatically.
    13. 37th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Vesterguard's Dream

      by , 09-26-2011 at 11:53 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Vesterguard's Dream

      non-lucid - Notes - lucid

      26-09-11Again planned on doing a wbtb, but this is just not the technique for me unless it happens naturally, which it does quite a lot. My recall has taken a dip, like a massive dip. I only remember forgetting more dreams than actually recalling them.

      My intentions were same as before, decide what to do once I am awake during the wbtb. I only managed to think of Chichén Itzá firmly a couple of times. Anyways here goes.

      “Mountain temple, in my honour”

      The dreams starts out in birds eye perspective and I am looking at the mountains. In the midst of all the dark grey cliff tops covered in snow there is this temple to me, it looks a lot like La Sagrada Famila and there is a small city below.

      I was a warlord or deity/demigod. I had constructed a temple high in the mountains. Some of the walls leading up to the main temple building from the city below looked a bit like the artwork of the original front entrance of La Sagrada Familia. The walls kept growing longer and longer throughout the dream.

      Below the temple there was a city that I had constructed and continued to develop through the course of the dream. The houses were mainly constructed out of brick walls though it looked crude and pelleted and less like actual masonry.

      I am walking through the city trying to find a spot where I can build more homes. The way this works is by me finding a piece of wall and trying to put down a house where I want it to be constructed. I am walking under this bridge, I think I have a brief moment where I think to myself that it is completely illogical that the bridge is where it is. The bridge means that there are only a few selected places where I can put down the housing. The invisible plan I am dragging around for the house lights up in blue when I find a suitable area.

      I can only put two or three rows of housing under the bridge and I abandon the idea and start walking out in the city again. I then look up and realise that I haven't utilised the upper floors of most of the buildings I have already placed. This will be a great way to achieve more space for my followers. I don't think I actually need more, but more space might lure more, which might have some sort of benefit.

      As I am standing contemplating the difficulty of what I am about to endeavour into, Guilermo of weeds walk up to me with a Glock in his hands. He is out to get me, though I can't exactly remember why so, but I know he has a fairly good reason. I look around and see that it will be difficult for me to run.

      A stranger shrouded in darkness comes up and somehow wrestle the gun from Guilermo, think in retrospect he might have used telekinesis because it happened from a far. The stranger proclaims that there is only one shot left in the gun and it is useless or something. Guilermo pulls the trigger into his own finger and one shot is fired but doesn't cause him harm or even pain it would seem.

      I flee back to my flat (apparently forgetting that the temple is for me). And soon thereafter Michael L comes knocking on my door. He has basically assumed the role of Guilermo and is out to get me now. I think I manage to beat him up a bit and wrestle the gun from him.

      I go to bed and wake up shortly after to the sound of Michael and another bloke in the room. We take a trip down strange lane as Michael explains that he has found a neutral party to rationalise why he has a right to kill me. This guy Michael explains is called Jesper and he knows both of us.

      I explain that I don't know him, and then Michael explains a bit more about him. It turns out that Jesper is a good friend of Michael's family and that he has once been in their house with my dad when they were working as builders. So I object to this allegedly “neutral” party and start beating up Michael again. I end up punching the wall pretending it to be Michael's head, which seems to work as I am gradually getting closer to the wall with each successive punch. In the end I have bashed his head into oblivion with my knuckles and I am making holes in the wall.

      I then start talking to Jesper trying to justify my actions, and maybe keep him around a bit so he doesn't go running straight to the cops. Jesper tries to explain that Michael was just disappointed in me. I say “Why did he always bring a gun when he came seeing me then!?” Jesper replies with suspicion in his voice. “It was a Glock” I say. “Shit” Jesper replies. I think he just figured out where his Glock had gone.


      I am talking to Jesper that I bought this car in a second hand shop and that it was quite a good deal. Still in the room as the violence went down. The car came with a purse a rather large red handbag and I am a bit embarrassed about this. I do hope the keys are in there as I am rummaging through the bag. I pick out a bundle of keys and notice that not only are there keys to the car, but also a hell of a lot of other things. I remember one key in particular being fairly wide and blue/green. I was excited in finding out what these keys were for.

      Wake up.

      Notes: That stranger surrounded in darkness could well have been another dreamer. I had no idea why he was there or what he intended. I always seem to have a vague idea what DCs are plotting, though this guy/girl was a complete blank.
    14. sisters dog and ???

      by , 08-13-2011 at 05:23 AM
      i walked through the front door and into the living room and mom was there and she said your sisters dogs are here, be nice.... ummm..ok.....i went into the back bedroom and there was Chazz, my sis's cocker spaniel, only he was the size of a german shephard, and a small black fluffy dog, and try as i might, i couldnt get them out of the bedroom. woke up

      2 of my late dogs......and teenage mutant ninja turtles?!?!?

      i walked through the living room and decided to take my dog out int he backyard, i called her and she started following me downthe hall to the back door. i looked out the window inthe back door and saw my late black lab sitting onthe porch, i got excited about seeing her and opened the door, she got up and went down the back stairs, i followed her into the yard and then saw my other late dog, my cocker spaniel...i got really excited and gave her a good petting, she shook and started running around the yard... i noticed a white germanm shephard following my still living dog, golden retriever, around the yard...i started walking towards him and noticed all my pine trees were gone, replaced by junk cars scattered all over the yard......then i noticed a table inthe center of the yard, it was covered with the cardboard backing of teenage mutant ninja turtles figures from when they first came out......i started rummaging through the huge piles of cardboard, then i noticed the german shephard was trying to mount my dog.....shes fixed so no worries, only worried he might hurt hurt, or attack..so i ran over, put my keys on the hood of a white car and shooed him away.....i got my 3 dogs to go to the porch then i was going to open one of the gates at let the shephard out....only i couldnt find my keys..i started hunting all over for them and the while i was talking to the german shephard, saying things like, i jusdt had em..where could i possibly have left them......and as soon as i find my freakin keys i'll open the gate for ya and you can head on home...i'm pretty sure theres no hoep for her ever loving you....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eh?!?!?!?!?!?! ok..whatever.....and i looked over at the shephard and he said to me, in plain english..."seems like a sticky nick situation!" then I awoke...
    15. Previous Home & Lucid at the Airport 07/17/2011

      by , 07-17-2011 at 08:39 PM
      5:30 AM

      Previous Home
      Found myself out on the curb talking to my old best friend, Danx, and a few other DCs. It was dark and mildly warm outside. It was something of a chance meeting so the conversation dove directly into the "so what'cha bin' up to?" mode. Come to find out, Danx had bin living right around a couple corners on the road where I used to live. Oddly enough, we spent some time debating on where exactly this house was. We talked about what road it was on, where on the road was, how Long ago it was that I had lived there, and what it looked like. I remember saying that I had lived there about six months ago, however in reality It has bin over a year. Not sure what name of the road was in the dream but I think it was the correct name. The other odd thing was the features of the house. In the dream world there was a dome and such that don't exist in the real world. When all was said and done, we both agreed that he was living in my old house.

      Lucid at the Airport (used to work at this airport in the rectangular building)
      It was a bright, warm summer day just off the end of the runway at the tiny local airport. The was a Large rectangular building further away across a mostly abandoned and gravel cluttered parking lot. On the opposite side of me separating me from the airport was a tall chain-link fence. A familiar set of hills stood just behind the airport with their green oaks, dry brush and golden leaf and grass build up.

      I had just walked out of the rectangular building and toward the fence accompanied by my Grandma. She was looking remarkably well and was bright and wise as ever. I don't remember much of the conversation but I remember that I was talking about all of my cares and worries. My Grandma looked at me as she handed me some keys and said "Oh you'll do a good job." (Note: The keys were for a small plane just like my Uncle John might fly and somehow I knew how to fly one in my dream. )

      I headed toward the end of the fence in order to get to the airport and my Grandma headed back toward the rectangular building. "She was always so awesome" I thought as the realization that my Grandma had recently passed away and thus I must be dreaming. I remained calm this time and quickly checked my blurry left hand. The dream was fading fast and I felt myself tipping back and rotating sideways. I tried to stabilize by rubbing my hands together but they felt far apart and so I compromised by rubbing my thighs. I woke up anyway. Second lucid experience.
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