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    1. The Phase

      by , 02-26-2015 at 04:51 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I've been sitting on a write up from www.obe4u.com. The technique they have outlined is basically DEILD but with a SSILD like twist. All you do is do the normal DEILD effort and then apply various "OBE" techniques in a cycle. The idea is that if one doesn't start to work after about 5 seconds then you move on to one of the others. It's best to give it a full read to understand. Anyway, I finally started to seriously try this method last night along with the beginner exercises from Mastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide pre-bed — I'm only reading the Google Play sample for now. I don't know if my intention was strong, but I have several awakenings all night and remembered to give this a shot. I kept moving when I woke up, but after the 4th or 5th awakening I finally got it.

      #415 - DEILD

      I wake from a dream a bout the braid machines at work. I accidentally move as I wake, but go ahead and do my version of Robert Monroe's technique and focus several inches above my head. Nothing happens right away but I feel some very mild onset of a body shift so I stay at it. A few seconds later I get vibrations. I'm pretty much in, but I go ahead and switch to dream body hand rubbing. Something new happens at this point. It feels like my hands are being pushed away like opposite magnetic poles. I am able to make my hands slowly meet, but they are quickly pushed away again. After some more effort I am able to do some hand rubbing as I watch for visual cues.

      I am not sure how the transition happened, but the next thing I recall is walking down the hallway at my ex-in-laws house. I'm not too happy about this, but I make the best of it. As I walk forward, I feel like some presence is following behind me. I have some random thoughts about the person teaching me better OBE techniques. Then, the idea of being follow get creepy so I try to forget it.

      The house is too dark and I am drawn to a light in the kitchen. There is one small dim light from under a cabinet that doesn't even light the whole room, so I stay there for a moment with expectation of more light. I listen to a lot of music during the day so naturally a song comes to mind. Without really trying or thinking about it I start singing Wallpaper's Evrytm We Do It. While I sing, I look around for more lit areas. I see the front porch light is on and I head outside. Like the kitchen, only a small area is lit up so I wait just a bit to give the dream a little more time. Soon dark void beyond renders the nighttime neighborhood.

      I see something pass quickly down the road. I look, but it's already at the bottom of the hill. I wish that I could go back and remember to look soon. This thought brings the object back up the hill. I see an old Buick backing up the hill, but the driver has the door open and is pushing the car while manning the steering wheel. This is a really odd sight because it's all happening in rewind at real-time. For some reason this is only mildly interesting and I randomly decided to take a walk down the road. I start asking myself what my goals were, but I only drawing a blank. I quickly notice that I am still singing a line from the song, "Every time... we do it... I wanna do it... again. I'm shocked at how clear and tone perfect my voice sounds and I wish that it could sound like that in waking life. The dream instantly fades at this point and I wake up. I try to DEILD back in but nothing works for me.

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    2. Storm and Song (DEILD)

      by , 02-11-2015 at 03:16 AM
      Ritual: wtb 1am, woke 5:45am, wbtb about an hour, take supplements (piracetam, bacopa, choline, alpha-gpc, l-theanine), lay on back, doze off, turn to side, woke 8am to record dream.

      DEILD: I half-wake from an unremarkable NLD and realize I can DEILD. As I transition I can distinctly hear a woman's voice speaking, though she wasn't saying anything memorable. After a while I hear a new voice a man responding, and figure this is a good sign, suggesting that the hynagogic state is deepening toward dream. As soon as I feel like I am fully transitioned, I get out of bed. I remember the task I had intended: the storm TOTM. I go outside, intending to summon it, but the dream does not yet feel stabilized and my surroundings become vague. I retransition and realize that there's no reason I should feel constrained by concepts like "inside" and "outside," and decide to summon the storm from right in my bedroom. I look up at the ceiling and it becomes transparent, so that I can see the sky overhead. It is half-lit, with faint stars and gauzy clouds: I will the clouds to thicken and darken.

      After another spell of vagueness, maybe a retransition, I go back outside to see if there is evidence of a storm yet. It is working! There is a patch of very heavy dark clouds overhead. It it not yet a full-blown storm so I work on it a little more. I raise my hands and shout, "Wind!" I am modeling this on the scene from the film Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) where he conjures the clouds so it will get dark faster. I decide to add a little more panache: "WIND AND FIRE!" I yell, still gesticulating at the sky. The clouds are roiling and I do see patches of fire, so when it is sufficiently apocalyptic, I fly directly up into the cloudbank.

      The effect is disappointing: I have no real sensory impressions apart from sight, and the visibility is very poor. It is hard to distinguish the greyness inside the clouds from the greyness of unformed dream, except that I notice that the fire has coalesced into vaguely anthropomorphic forms that resemble elementals or demons. Although they are distant and none moves to threaten me, I feel vaguely anxious and start singing to reassure myself. The dream destabilizes and I retransition.

      I go outside again, and find myself on a slightly elevated walkway; just below is a middle-aged white guy who seems to be gardening. He looks up at me and says with an air of disappointment: "You can do better than this." I feel as though he is chastising me for summoning the storm, and feel a pang of guilt, although there is no rational basis for this. After entering a building, I look down and notice that I am carrying a phone. It is not a contemporary model but resembles those old Nokias with the small monochrome screens that can render text but not graphics. Distinctly legible on the screen is the word: "SmarKu," a mix of lower-case and capital letters as though it were abbreviated from something. The word intrigues me, so I ask:

      "SmarKu, what are you?"

      "A phone," it answers simply.

      Well, duh. I try rephrasing my question, "I mean, what do you represent?"


      Since the phone seems confused or reluctant to answer, I finally resort to a term I dislike, speaking forcefully for emphasis: "What do you symbolize?"

      "A pimp and a whore," retorts the phone with an edge of sarcasm.

      I can't help but laugh at the inexplicable rudeness of the reply. What is this, a dream version of Tourette's syndrome?

      I retransition and go back outside, running across two gentlemen having a heated discussion. I find their conversation boring and don't make any particular effort to remember it, but this reminds me of the thread (I think it was last month's TOTM) where we were discussing the fact that it feels different to "think" something in a dream versus saying it "aloud," even though it is hard to conceptualize the difference. To test this principle, I comment inwardly on how dull their conversation is, and pay attention to how this manifests. I do not "hear" the words with my dream ears, nor do I seem to "speak" them in my dream voice, so it feels no different from thinking something in waking life. I walk over to them and think it directly in their presence, to see if they will respond: "How dully, sir!" (In retrospect it seems like an odd turn of phrase, but it felt natural at the time.) They do not react to me, so it still feels like a private thought. I decide to try a little experiment: I silently will one of the DCs to say these words aloud for me. Without a moment's hesitation, he pipes up to his companion: "How dully, sir!"

      This was so successful that I'm encouraged to try again with the second guy. Mischievously, I select the same words that the SmarKu used earlier. Sure enough, the guy says out of nowhere, "A pimp and a whore." At this point I go right up to him and ask, "What do you mean by that?" I expect him to be confused or uncertain about why he said it, but instead he starts explaining himself. This is really unexpected: he is taking responsibility for the phrase as though saying it were his own idea! All I could think was... so DCs rely on dream logic? I... guess that makes sense.

      There is a destabilization, and before my eyes I watch the environment fluctuate from brilliant light and clarity to hazy vagueness. I suspect this is due to my own lack of mental focus, slipping too close to wakefulness again, and I tell myself that I don't have to wake up if I don't want to. Back in my bedroom, I maintain dreamstate through a rough patch by singing again and focusing on sensual impressions. As I sing, it feels like my voice is joined by invisible others, singing with me in harmony. This reminds me of my lucid dare—from last year—which I've never quite completed to my satisfaction.

      I go back outside, willing it to be stable. I frame my arms around empty air as though around an unseen person and dance, hoping the invisible owner of one of the voices will manifest. No such luck. I notice a DC standing nearby, a middle-aged black man, and ask him, "Have you seen an elf around here?"

      "Yes," he replies. Okay, I realize I might have willed him to say that using my new trick, but if it conditions my expectations into manifesting the damn elf, it will have been worth it.

      "Who?" I inquire further, a specific name in mind.

      "Thranduil," he says promptly, just as I anticipated.

      "Where is he?" I don't have an answer to this one, so I'm hoping he'll say something helpful.

      He points behind me. "Right over there."

      I turn and look, hoping my expectations are primed enough that he will be visible. Afraid not. As I squint into the distance, the man explains helpfully, "You can just barely see him, in the edge of the forest."

      I still don't see him but I'll take his word for it. The man goes on, "If you hurry, you might be able to catch him. The best way is to go left up those stairs."

      I follow his instructions, wondering I should summon a horse to cover the ground faster, but I don't want to add unnecessary complexity and figure that on horseback is not the best way to climb stairs anyway. The stairs are very rustic and appealing, constructed of irregularly cut slabs of old grey stone, with small plants growing out of the cracks, and a low stone wall on either side. They turn to the right and continue to ascend. I'm climbing as fast as I can and observe that either the steps are getting smaller or I'm getting bigger, because now I'm covering at least a dozen with each stride, but I'm still only halfway to the forest's edge when I wake up and sense that the dream state is unrecoverable.

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    3. Lost Music (DILD + FA)

      by , 01-20-2015 at 09:41 PM
      WTB 3am, woke just before 7:30am. Although I had set no alarm, it must have been intention that woke me, since I needed to take my car to the mechanic this morning, and 7:30 is when they open. So I drove in, did some grocery shopping across the street, and then walked back home since it's not too far. Returned to bed around 9am and focused intention to get lucid since I'd had such a good WBTB.

      I was at a party in some guy's house. (The "party" theme must be WLR because last night I did the party scene in ME3, though none of the details were similar.) I was younger, maybe even a teenager—I think so, since the guy hosting the party was living with his parents—and wasn't really "me" in terms of identity. I was lounging on the floor with some other kids. A guy next to me joked with someone else about me taking my clothes off, and I reprimanded him sharply.

      Vague scene change; it was the next day, and everyone else was gone, but I was still in the house—only now I didn't have my clothes. Obviously I needed to get them before I could leave, but this was complicated by the fact that the host's mother had come home, together with her young baby. I was sneaking around, hoping not to get caught, because I was afraid of how she would react if she found a nude girl in the house. I didn't recall doing anything inappropriate but she would naturally assume the worst.

      I managed to sneak into the bathroom and thought that from there I could maybe call her from the door and make up some story about how I had taken a shower and now needed my clothes—though I worried that it might be hard to explain how my clothes had ended up in another room, and it didn't help that I wasn't exactly sure where they were. But my anxieties about this were resolved when I looked down and noticed that I was fully dressed after all. (Thanks, dream!)

      Now my only challenge was sneaking out of the house. But the dream was even more obliging in that regard. The mother caught sight of me as soon as I entered the next room, and I was afraid that she would respond with horror and alarm at discovering a stranger in the house. Instead, she just called me over in a friendly way as though we were already well-acquainted and she expected me to be there. We went into her large walk-in closet, where she wanted my opinion on some clothes as she changed. She put on a lower garment that was made of two separately patterned pieces of cloth, one for each leg, that fit very loosely like Thai fisherman pants. Attached to the upper part was a horizontal band of cloth, at least six inches wide and several feet long, in a third contrasting color and pattern, that she could wrap around her waist to secure the garment. The cloth and patterns were lovely and I complemented it; she said that she had made it herself. Next, while she was putting on a top, I noticed how beautifully flat her stomach was in profile and complimented her on that as well. She laughed and said modestly that it had just looked that way because she had been holding her arms over her head.

      After that she and her husband went out to an indoor mall and I tagged along. As I glanced around at the various shops, I reminded myself that since we were dreaming I should make sure to attempt one of the tasks, since it had apparently slipped my mind until that point. This made me wonder when I had first realized I was dreaming. I thought back and couldn't figure it out. In retrospect, I don't think I really was cognizant of the dream until that point, but at the time it felt much more ambiguous, like it had been a latent awareness all along. (I get this a lot—I think there is often a latent awareness of dreaming on some level, in which case lucidity requires becoming aware of the awareness!) That might explain why earlier the dream had soothed my anxieties rather than exploiting them, even though I hadn't been aware of directly controlling it.

      I figured that since it was the New Year's holiday in the dream, it would be a great time to try the fireworks TOTM again, since there were bound to be fireworks tonight anyway. Again, it's hard to say if I had really "known" all along that it was the holiday, or if I had only just "realized" this when it was convenient to my goals. I was lucid enough to know that in WL it was much later in the month, but remembered it was still January at least... so close enough.

      I walked back to the front doors of the mall, which were transparent glass, and looked out over the landscape. I didn't see any fireworks yet—it was dark out but it seemed like it was too early in the evening—and I hoped my intention could make some appear. I scanned the horizon but nothing manifested. I decided maybe it would be easier to spark them directly from my hand, so I turned around and started walking through the mall again, willing some kind of visual display to manifest from my palm. This should be easy, since in the past I've practiced summoning all the basic elements, and fireworks just seemed like a variation of this. But again, nothing happened.

      I tried to figure out what the problem was, and wondered if maybe I was too distracted with the music. Here's another case where I can't say for sure when I started singing. Often I deliberately use music in dreams as a way to channel focus into particular tasks, a method that has worked very well in the past, but right now I felt like I was singing for sheer pleasure, and the music was of unearthly beauty. Now that I noticed it, I put aside my other goals for the moment to pay attention to what I was singing. I was using my voice, but there were no real words, just abstract vocalizations emerging spontaneously in a lovely, lilting melody. The most distinctive thing about it was that I was singing in harmony with myself, as though I had several different interweaving voices, at least three, maybe more. I've sung like this before in dreams and once again had to wonder: what does it mean? When the music manifests like this, so complex and ethereal, it feels like it has some primordial significance.

      Most of my attention was now focused on the song, and nothing else seemed so important. I wanted to be in the open air, so I returned to the front doors of the mall and walked through them. I sang for a while longer, until the world around me faded in color and substance and I knew I was waking up. My first impulse was to grab my phone and try to record some of the melody as best I could before I lost it entirely. However, my phone seemed to be stuck on camera mode, and although I was insistently pressing the button and even trying to close the window manually by clicking in the upper right corner (a PC reflex, obviously this doesn't work on phones!), I couldn't get back to the main screen. Problems with tech like this are a dreamsign so I even wondered if this was an FA. However, my main concern right was to preserve any shred of the music intact, so I didn't want to distract myself with an RC, but tried to keep as much attention as possible on preserving the song.

      Even though I now only had a single voice, I was surprised how easily and spontaneously the music was still flowing, and figured it was because I had just woken up and retained lingering traces of the dreamstate. More than traces, I realized, when I woke up again and knew that it been an FA after all. I once again reached for my phone and was gratified that I could now access the main screen. But I was still having difficulties: I looked through all my apps for the voice recorder and couldn't find it! I went back and forth from screen to screen, cycling through them all three or four times, and it was nowhere! I was forced to question if this was yet another FA, even though I was now sure that I recognized everything around me from waking life, and the dream memories and music were fading rapidly. In the past I've sometimes had trouble recognizing the voice app icon because it has such a bland appearance, but I had made a point of remembering that it resembled a microphone.

      After taking more time and deliberately examining every icon on every screen, completely baffled by my inability to find it, the mystery was finally solved. I found it at the very end of all my apps, where I had placed it deliberately with the notion of making it easy to find, only I had misremembered its appearance: the last OS upgrade had completely changed the graphic to some wavy lines. It was too late to salvage the music. I tried to record the one line of melody that I could still vaguely recall, but it sounded completely wrong. I couldn't get my real voice to match the way the song sounded in my head, either in terms of the general register or even the specific notes.
    4. A Beautiful Song and Dance (Jan 8, 2015)

      by , 01-09-2015 at 08:15 PM
      I’m not exactly sure how to describe this dream, but it felt like I appeared in somebody else’s lucid dream in the fully lucid state. I had a similar experience once before (which I need to journal), and it sort of feels like the dream environment is different than how I would normally perceive it. It has very distinct edges and boundaries, seems very solid, and feels like I’m in a large fish tank, because there’s very little background, if any. Usually my dream environment is as large as the universe itself (literally) with no boundaries. Here’s what happened.

      I appeared in the backseat of car with my wife as we were being driven someplace at night. I was facing my wife. I was perfectly lucid, and the clarity and vividness were perfect. I thought to myself this sort of feels like an OBE, but I didn’t do an OBE exit, and this doesn’t feel like an LD, so how did I appear here perfectly lucid (I was confused, but loving it). My wife was young and beautiful, and she looked the same as she did when I first met her 30 years ago. I was really taken back by her beauty. My father in-law was driving; everything in the interior had warm lighting, and I could only see blackness out the windows. Then I saw some hair sticking up above the front passenger seat, so I leaned forward to see who was there. My dear daughter was there! She was half turned, tucked down, with her face pressed against the seat back, and she looked like she was hiding! I said her name with excitement, and then she sat up smiling at us. I reached my left arm around the front seat and gave her a warm hug.

      During the lucid dream, I remembered wanting to hear my daughter sing her new song. As a bit of background regarding this; my dear niece is also a lucid dreamer, and a couple of weeks ago, she said my daughter sang her a song in her lucid dream that she had written in Heaven. I leaned forward in the backseat of the car and asked my daughter to sing the song her cousin (my niece) told me about. Next thing I knew I was remote viewing, or 3rd person, in front of a nicely lit, little, wooden stage, surrounded by blackness, and my daughter was standing there ready to sing in her cute dress. I was totally unable to move around or change the view, and it felt like I was looking out somebody else’s eyes. There was a couple of stage props neatly placed here and there. She started to sing a melody by repeating a phrase like ‘A-Meah-Ah’ over and over, and then she went into the verse, all while she danced and spun around the stage and props. It sounded absolutely beautiful and very modern! She made it to the start of the chorus, and then she stopped singing and said, “Oh crap, I forgot the words.” I then woke up, and I didn’t try to stabilize the dream because it didn’t feel like I was driving. I really enjoyed her song and dance.
    5. Arcade Action

      by , 01-09-2015 at 06:42 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #262: Arcade Action

      I’m walking through an arcade, heading somewhere but in no particular hurry. It’s a huge place with a very high ceiling and lots of cool-looking games. I come to one beat-em-up game that looks sort of interesting. It’s got a pair of joysticks (one for each player) and a “Kick” button. The “Kick” button looks sort of messed up and mashed to one side.

      I notice an odd message flashing on the screen: “Press Kick to Start”. It looks like someone left a credit in this machine! I look around to see if the credit belong to anyone nearby. There’s a black guy in his late 40s walking by and I ask him whether this is his game. He seems confused by my question, so I turn back to the machine,
      and become lucid as I reflect on my good fortune.

      I press “Kick” to start the game, slightly nervous that the dream won’t be stable if I play games. I start singing an impromptu song about dreams and video games (in my lucid dream voice, which is much much better than my waking life voice!)

      The game begins and rather than a beat em up, it’s some kind of shooting gallery game where you have a little video game hand with a gun. The graphics look 8-bit, and there are these little circular targets that I’m supposed to be aiming at. When I move the joystick, the gun moves, and pressing kick makes the gun shoot. I miss a couple of times, and then hit a target, which shatters!

      The shooting gallery attendant walks out and resets the targets. Unlike the rest of the game, she’s completely lifelike, a petite Asian woman with a medium build, probably in her late 20s. I do another round of shooting. Aiming the gun is kind of a pain, but I eventually shoot two more targets, and the attendant walks out to reset the targets.

      I think about trying to change the game into a beat-em-up, but the attendant turns to face me. I see that she looks Thai or Cambodian, and her appearance is very vivid and attractive. She asks me…

      Spoiler for Sexytime:

      Afterward, I emerge fully back into the video arcade and wonder whether I can play the game some more. The attendant looks toward me, seemingly ready to set up another round. As I’m messing with the controls, the attendant wanders off, leaving the shooting gallery in sort of a half-ready state. I mess a bit more with the game controls, but I’m feeling less tied into the dream, and pretty soon
      I’m awake.

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    6. Dryspell broken! (DEILD)

      by , 12-10-2014 at 01:17 AM
      Went to bed at 2:45am, cat woke me for his breakfast at 6:30am, then I went back to bed. I had a few more minor wakings, but wasn't doing any particular dream practices as I needed to get up by 9:30 and wanted to maximize my sleep. However, at one point when I woke up—around 8:30am as it turned out—somehow things felt different.

      I woke up, or thought I did, and there wasn't anything to distinguish it from all the other wakings over the course of the morning, except that for some reason the thought occurred to me that I might be able to DEILD. I didn't even have any particular impressions of having woken up from a dream, but somehow I felt instinctively that it would work. So experimentally I tried to move one of my hands, very small movements at first until I was confident that I was moving my dream hand and not my real one, then I reached up to touch my face. The sensations were lifelike but somehow I was certain the DEILD had worked. "Why don't I do this all the time?" I thought. "This is the easiest thing in the world!" That's how it seemed then, at least, as I got up out of bed to explore the dream.

      I walked down the hallway and passed the cat. In my dream logic I assumed that this encounter was really happening, that I was walking past my real cat even though I was dreaming, and I was curious how he would react to seeing me in my dream state. How would I appear to him? Ethereal? Responding to my expectations, the dream cat reacted with an air of uncertainty to my presence. As I continued into the kitchen, I felt like dancing so I did a few random steps, pleased with how well-intregrated I felt in my dream body and in the environment.

      As I approached the sliding door that leads out to the back patio, I thought I heard the neighing of horses from somewhere outside. "Could that be real?" I wondered. "Where could it be coming from?" I had to remind myself that not everything I hear in a dream is bleedthrough, and that a real horse in the vicinity of my house would be highly improbable. Looking outside, I saw a dinosaur skeleton that resembled a triceratops go ambling by. I didn't think much of it, though it was a pleasant reminder that I was definitely dreaming. Eagerly I went outside. It looked nothing like waking life: instead of my fenced-in back patio, I was in a wide grassy space bounded in the distance by trees and low hills. It resembled a bright and sunny day, but still felt dreamlike in that the bright sunlight did not aggravate my eyes the way it does when I'm awake. I looked around and felt pleased to note that my visual perceptions were crystal clear, since during my long dryspell even my NLDs had become murky and vague, at least in recollection. What was the source of this marvelous clarity? "This really is a third state, neither dreaming nor waking," I thought to myself.

      I had not expected to get lucid so I had no real goals or tasks in mind; I was just thrilled to be lucid again. I walked forward through the landscape, wishing a DC would come and greet me after my long absence, but I couldn't see anyone else. As I walked I found myself spontaneously singing a little snatch of song. The pitch I was singing was too high for my voice, even in dream, and I could hear it cracking on the high notes. I hadn't put any thought into the words, but I noticed that I was just singing, "I love you... I love you." There was no one on my mind; if I was directing those words to any particular object it must have been dream itself. The melody was simple and I was sure it was music I had heard before in waking life, as I could anticipate how it should continue, and even recall some words ("...any night, any day...") but I couldn't remember what the song was. After I woke up I thought about it for a while and then realized that the melody I was using closely resembled the opening bars of the song "Bali Hai," from the musical South Pacific. The only reason I'm familiar with the song is because I was involved in a school production of the musical many years ago, when I was in seventh grade. I ambled on through the environment a bit further, still with no real purpose and nothing much happening, just delighting in the dream.
    7. The Prancing Pied Piper

      by , 12-09-2014 at 03:39 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #260: The Prancing Pied Piper

      A false awakening takes me downstairs where I putter around for a bit doing silly "chores" like moving chairs around. Then I head back upstairs, totally focused on having a lucid dream when I “return to bed”. Just so that I’ll get in the right mindset, I do a nose pinch reality check and oh hey, check it out, I’m already having a lucid dream! I hold the nose pinch and start leaping and prancing about, waving my other hand in the air. I sing about lucid dreaming while I do this.

      I head into my youngest son R’s room, but instead of R, I find my 5-year-old son E sleeping on his bed. “Daddy, what are you doing?” he asks getting out of bed.

      I keep singing, prancing, nose-pinching, and waving one arm. I sing, “Lucid dream, lucid dream, lucid dreeeeee-eeeeeeam!” E laughs and says, “Daddyyy!” I think about returning to the master bedroom in the hopes of finding Wife and enjoying some sexytime. But those plans fall through when E gets out of bed, and starts following me around, prancing the same way that I am.

      I reflect on the joy of being lucid and this emotion takes me to a desire to hear beautiful music. (I’d chained these feelings together using Dreamer’s goal memory technique.) This is in pursuit of Jenkees’ dare to do cool stuff to a lucid orchestral soundtrack. E and I go prancing into the master bedroom as I realize that I need to stop singing if I’m going to get a new soundtrack.

      The lights are on in the bedroom and instead of me or Wife, my friend KS is lying in bed next to some blonde guy with surfer hair. KS gets out of bed and rubs her eyes like it’s the morning. I ignore her and surfer guy, instead phasing my face through the shutters so I can look out into the night. I start creating an orchestral soundtrack in my head.

      It sounds nice, but I realize that I’m forcing every note manually and composing it as an act of will. I want it to emerge organically instead. Maybe if I go do something outside. I phase through the window and leap out into the night with a yell. As I’m preparing to take flight,
      the dream ends.
    8. Adobe

      by , 11-10-2014 at 05:52 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #254: Adobe

      I’m driving through a city, looking for some place to park. My dream family is here with me -- a dark-haired woman is my wife, my young daughter is in a car seat in the back, and there’s maybe a 2nd child (a son?) as well. We’re exhausted and homeless, living out of our car. I pull into a parking space next to a hill and sleep for a while. A cop car pulls up soon, though, and we have to move on.

      Now we’re driving down a dusty freeway that’s under construction. Workers wander back and forth, while a thick cloud of tan dust obscures my vision. I can barely see 30 feet in front of me and I’m really scared that I’m going to hit someone. A worker walks right in front of the car and I swerve, barely missing him. I’m so afraid that I’m going to kill somebody and I panic myself into…

      … a false awakening. I believe that I’m anotherdreamer and that I need to write this dream down before I forget it. My surroundings are alien to me, though, and I’m feeling super lazy, way too tired to get out of bed to journal. Something seems odd, though, and I flow into…

      … another false awakening as myself! :canislucidus: I still feel really tired and lazy, but this time since I’ve “really woken up”, I decide to do the right thing and journal. I grab my DJ and walk into the bathroom, but as I’m holding the DJ I notice that the journal isn’t as thick as it usually is. (I keep a pen jammed in it.) I try the nose pinch, blow through, and
      now I’m lucid. I walk back into the bedroom and my vision dims until I’m in the void.

      I rub my hands together, recalling the idea to try a little singing the next time I’m in the void. I sing a line about how “this is a lucid dreeeeeeam” and my voice comes out like half-badass/half-joke rock like Tenacious D. After some more singing and hand-rubbing, my vision comes back and I’m in my bedroom closet. I walk back out to the window and try some air guitar. It’s lame at first, but after a few tries, I hear some distant chords of electric guitar that actually sound pretty good.

      I look out through the bedroom window onto a nighttime desert scene. As far as I can see there are rows of adobe buildings lit by neon signs. It looks like fun, so I phase through the window and hulk-jump off the side of the house toward the buildings. I do some mid-air guitar playing during this jump, too, and kind of flail my legs around like I’m trying to do some kind of rock star jump thing. I land between one set of restaurants and buildings on a dusty street, then hop into the air again.

      While I’m up in the air, I decide that I want to try summoning Dreamer to hang out at one of these places to talk and pig out on a bunch of dream food. Out loud I say, “Okay, I know we’re supposed to meet here…” and then “Don’t be late!” I nag. When I land, though, the DC waiting there is a woman I don’t recognize, tall and pale with short brown hair, a pierced nose, and multiple piercings on each ear. She starts speaking to me in this really caustic, unpleasant American accent, berating me about my guitar playing.

      “Your guitar playing was all bullshit,” says the woman. “That wasn’t even you!” She walks up to me, continuing to scold and complain about my guitar playing, telling me that my playing sucked, etc. I find this pretty annoying but for some reason I don’t think to just leave.

      I don’t find this DC appealing, but I decide to turn things around by saying, “There’s no need to be so weird about it. If you wanted to have sex with me, you should have just asked.” As I say this, she takes on a different countenance, her hair darkening, her body growing a little shorter, a little more athletic-looking, and a softer, more attractive face, probably mixed-race. She approaches me and we kiss. We awkwardly lose our balance and do this not-at-all sexy fall onto the road. I make an attempt at escalating things to sexytime, but my vision has faded out. There are a few more seconds of void-kissing before
      the dream ends.

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      lucid , false awakening
    9. Open Your Eyes

      by , 10-22-2014 at 12:23 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #250: Open Your Eyes

      There’s a long sequence where I help set up a first date between a male friend and the twin sister of a female friend. Proud of having helped, I wander off to a hallway adjacent to where they’re having their date. There’s an old lady here staring at a set of wall hooks and commenting about how she’s a lucid dreamer and always checks wall hooks “just in case she’s dreaming.”

      Interesting idea, I say, and notice that the shape of the hooks keeps changing. I spot a wadded up piece of paper and decide to make it float, just to see. It takes some effort, but float it does, and
      now I’m lucid. I walk through a nearby door into a warehouse stacked with boxes, intending to encounter Dreamer here.

      As soon as I enter the room, I see Dreamer carrying some huge, heavy-looking cardboard box. She seems to be doing grunt work for some kind of retail job and there’s a disagreeable-looking young woman behind her shouting at her to hurry up her work. Dreamer sees me and gives me an apologetic look as this supervisor hustles her along. I approach the pair of them and tell the supervisor, “She’s all done with her work now, isn’t she?” The supervisor seems to accept this and wanders away.

      I grab Dreamer’s hand and we run as I babble to her about how this is all a lucid dream. We leave the way I came in, but now it’s a marble entrance hall. Then we’re out on a crowded street, people walking in either direction down the sidewalk and cars rolling up and down the street. I shout something bold to the dream world about how this is my dream and nobody’s going to cause me any trouble. A lot of the DCs stop and turn to me at this, and one of the cars veers off of the street and comes rolling toward us.

      Dreamer and I leap onto the hood of the car, run along the top of it, and jump into the air as we reach the trunk. She hangs on as we take flight, wrapping her arms around my neck and left shoulder. I comment on how silly it was of me to start thinking about dreamworld hostility when everything had been absolutely fine. Fortunately, none of it feels like a big deal, and we say something about how it should sort itself out.

      The flight’s a lot of fun but at some point I lose my sight. Dreamer says, “The dream is still here. Open your eyes.” I’m nervous about this, but I try it. For a second they feel like they’re glued shut and I think this has to be my real eyes opening. But a little more effort and they’re open! We’re high above the clouds now, and I do a hard dive back to earth, determined that this time everything will be easy and peaceful. I somehow hit the ground sooner than expected and faceplant in some grass. Dreamer seems to be gone now.

      I feel the grass a bit with my hands, and it feels phony, like mini-golf grass. A couple of DCs I know from another dream pass by, greet me, and I follow them into a building, through halls into a glass-walled office on the 2nd story. Somehow it’s night outside. An easy-going guy named Gary (black dude, friendly, on the tall side) joins us and I incorrectly remember that the Task of the Month is to pull a prank on a DC! (Oops, this is one from a previous month! )

      As a prank, I decide to pretend that the window is sucking me out into the night. I act scared and start shouting as I phase through, landing on the corner of a nearby section of roof. I complete the prank by humping the corner of the roof. The guys inside start laughing uncontrollably and I float down to an outdoor restaurant patio that’s just below.

      I think about whether I’ve got a chance to encounter Dreamer again and think about doing either another task or whatever the heck I feel like. As I think this, a woman seated at one of the patio tables turns to face me, and it’s Dreamer! She’s wearing a dress and has long blond hair, but otherwise looks and seems like herself. I talk a bit about tasks, but again lose my vision.

      In response to this, she starts singing a strange Australian song about “marching around” and tells me to try marching around myself. As I’m flailing about, I feel myself kick over a table or two and I hear some people shout in surprise. “See how silly that is?” she says. “Just open your eyes!” I have some trouble at first, but after a little encouragement, my eyes come open just fine and I’m still in the same scene. Dreamer runs up and gives me a big hug before we walk off together, talking again about what we should do next. We never get around to anything before
      the dream ends.

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    10. Happier!

      by , 10-18-2014 at 06:37 PM
      This is an interesting lucid that happened about 40 minutes or so after first falling asleep. These are very unusual for me! Also had a much more nightmarish start than most of my lucids.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #247: Happier!

      I’m standing by my pool, which looks distressingly green and nasty. While I’m stressing out about how this happened, a large snake comes slithering out of the pool toward me. “Whoa, are you kidding me?” I shout, running a few feet away toward a stone wall that’s about eight feet high. I scramble up to the top before the snake can get me. I notice that this felt easier than it should have, and I become lucid.

      I let go of the wall and float away, my feet rotating gently upward until I’m lying on my back, looking up at the sky. I’m in some kind of miniature canyon, and the green water is now just a calm pond rather than my pool. I fly down toward the only exit, which seems to lead into a cave.

      The cave interior is well-lit but feels sinister. The walls are stained red as if they’re covered with blood and strange growls echo off of the walls. Further down the slope I see dim, hulking figures shambling through the fog. I think that they look like zombies. I remember that I want to summon Dreamer but I want to wait until the environment becomes more pleasant.

      I walk further down the slope and a huge, crazed-looking man with a black beard charges at me, his hands outstretched for my throat. That’s not real, I think, and I feel only a dull impact as he passes through me. Out loud, I say to Dreamer, “I know you’re here with me. I’ll call you in soon.” (I still don't want to call her in while the dream's still going all horror show on me.)

      Another crazed figure charges me, decayed flesh hanging off of his face. Yuck! Why is this dream trying to be so scary? I turn away, knownig that he’ll pass right through me, and he does. I emerge from the cave into a large tiled room that looks like an industrial kitchen. About a dozen or so zombies are in here, rising up from the floor, shambling forward, and then collapsing with a sigh into a heap of bones. Then the cycle begins again. It’s gruesome to look at and I really want to fix it.

      I decide that the zombies and I are all going to sing together! I come up with some song where the chorus goes, “Happier! Happier! Happierrrrrrrr!!” I belt it out with all I’ve got, and the zombies join in with me. Each cycle they look more and more normal, until after about 30-40 seconds, all of the zombies are now blond guys wearing shades, suits, and sporting 80s looking haircuts.

      I keep singing with these guys for a while, really enjoying the turnaround of this dream. I realize that I should think about other goals, and as I’m making my way into the next room, the dream thins out
      and fades.

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      lucid , nightmare
    11. The Third Arm

      by , 10-12-2014 at 09:53 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #245: The Third Arm

      I’m sitting next to Wife at a little craft table, both of us working on our laptops. I don’t know what she’s doing, but I seem to be writing some code for the game. My iPod is laying on the desk next to me, and I try to cue up some music on it. I swipe and poke randomly at the screen, and a song starts playing. Horrifyingly, the performer in the song is me! I’m braying out some horrible-sounding song that’s a cross between “Tribute” and just random squawking.

      I desperately stab at the screen to try to make this stop. Now some British synth-pop is playing instead, much better. I note how strange the screen appears, and I remember to
      look for the dream. I stand up, and find that both Wife and the craft table appear to have vanished. I remember my intention to summon Dreamer and attempt the bonus Task of the Month (to find and play a musical instrument that doesn’t exist in waking life.)

      For some reason, I have this very strong belief that the dream is taking place in my childhood home and that it’s completely empty. I affirm that Dreamer is already here in the room with me but I don’t believe it. I walk from room to room, saying things like, “[Dreamer], you’re right around the corner…” but never quite believing it.

      I look down at my hands and say, “[Dreamer], you’re walking right beside me.” As I say this, a third arm extends right out of my chest, lining up its palm with my own palms. The upper part of the arm is covered by the sleeve of a purple polo shirt. I wonder whether this is Dreamer’s arm…? The purple sleeve seems really promising, but the arm kinda has a man-hand that looks more like mine. I think about what I can do with this to complete the summon, but can’t quite figure anything out before the arm vanishes.

      I proceed into the den, saying out loud again that I’m expecting to find “[Dreamer]” here (using her waking life name.) I say something about her being “purple”, and expect to see her. As I turn my gaze around the room, I spy a purple director’s chair in the corner, but no Dreamer sitting in it.

      Again I expect to see “purple” Dreamer, but instead I summon a purple trampoline, leaned up against the wall! And now look, there’s a purple wall hanging over one of the windows. I peer through the window, seeing only darkness beyond. I feel like there’s no certain dreamworld beyond this house right now, and even though I consider the idea of leaving, I feel nervous about trying this.

      Maybe I just need to try calling her “Dreamer” instead of using her waking life name. I try this for a while, too, but I’m having a terrible time shaking this idea that the house is empty. I sense that I’ve let myself get stuck and that I should be able to think my way out of this. I call out a few more times, noting that I’ve actually had quite a bit of dream time. I worry that I should have done more with the third arm or that cool-looking purple trampoline. It isn’t long before
      the dream ends.

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    12. James Road Rage, Singing Teachers (3.9.14)

      by , 09-03-2014 at 01:31 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm with Josh and Daryl either on bikes together or in a car, travelling down a dirt road. I see James Graham in front of us, in his ute. He's tormenting another person that is in a larger car. I think James felt as if the other driver was hogging the road, but it didn't seem that way from where I am. I tell Josh that it would be funny if I drove passed him or next to him to annoy him, and that I would end up on one of his YouTube videos. As I go passed both cars, they all stop on the side of the road. I turn back to see why and notice that people are walking in my direction.
      Eventually some of the people reach where I am. The first person I see if Michelle Sinclaire. I don't say hi to her and wait for her to say it first, but we both hold our ground. The scene changes a little and I can now see Jarred Frase. I envy this guys skill at picking up the ladies and hope that I could be one of his apprentices. Jarred walks over towards a door.

      I have a False Awakening either before or after this dream. I'm in my bed and I hear Daryl and Dad in the kitchen talking to one another. I start recording my previous dream with my voice recorder.

      Dream 2

      I'm In my rumpus room and 1up has written out on a white board a method to become lucid. If consisted of listening to something upon falling asleep. There was 3 steps.
      The pictures he had drawn in step one had someone laying down and shooting fire out of their mouths. Im unsure on the others steps drawings but step 2 had music artists written down. Some notable ones were skrillex and slipknot. Im sitting on the ground for some reason and Rachel, Josh and Ruby are with me. I try to make Ruby feel less left out by making her part of what we're doing.

      The scene changes and a group of people who're meant to be my primary school teachers, are not them. Some are famous people and some randoms. I remember seeing karl stefanovic as one of the teachers, except his hair was more curly and fuller. They all begin singing a song that has the word FUCK in it. It's a common word of the song. They feel they're breaking the rules, and shouldn't be singing such a song due to being primary school teachers, but they're having a good laugh about it and don't care.

      Scene changes and I'm now with a female. Someone comes to the door and makes the female feel loved. The man leaves shortly after. I can see the man near a car at night and he's talking to the father of the female who is on the front of his boat. I over hear them and realise the father had paid or made the man to act as if he was interested in his daughter.

      I'm now on the boat which feels like it's made out of blow up material which is filled with air. As I'm moving around I'm acting about how the owner of the boat (a large man) struggled to move around the boat and would almost fall overboard in the process. I think I fall down a hole or the scene changes.

      I'm in another room with a black man (think his from the beats by dre review on YouTube that I watched this morning). Two more black men come into the room. I have a feeling they have bad intentions. I think I call the first guy that's with me a nigger in a friendly way. I may have even said "what's up niggers" to the other two guys. There's some strange stuff on the walls.

      Dream Fragment

      An X Factor dream. It's down to the bottom 2, with one about to be eliminated from the show. Tee and another strong contender are standing on stage to wait the announcement of their fate. I find this crazy as they're both great singers and shouldn't be here. Tee gets eliminated.
    13. Inconclusive Pregnancy Test, Performance With Dallas, Fox the Beagle, and Angry Mashed Potatoes

      by , 08-22-2014 at 02:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at this restaurant that had just opened. The inside was wood, and it was small. I was with a group of other people. We were going to work there. It was a small business. I wondered how they would do, if they would get any business or if they'd end up having to close, as so many small businesses do.

      I then was with my old roommate, Katie. We were about to take pregnancy tests. I went into a bathroom stall and sat on the toilet to pee on the stick. Before I could pee on it, I noticed that it was already a little wet from something. I hoped that didn't affect the results. I then put the stick underneath me and peed on it. I waited for the little test area to turn blue. After waiting a bit, I looked at the stick. There were two red lines. I thought it meant a positive result, but one of the lines was crooked, which meant an inconclusive result. I started feeling panicked about the inconclusive result, and wanted to take another one right away. I remember telling someone it was inconclusive.

      I went back to the restaurant thing again. I can't recall what happened.

      I then somehow got a hold of another test. I went to pee on that one, making sure nothing got on the stick before then as to not screw up the results. I peed, and the lines were blue, meaning not pregnant. At least now I knew for sure. I was kind of disappointed though.


      I was watching either a video or I was in third person watching Dallas and I play music together on a stage. I was seeing us from a top view. We had 3 or 4 songs that we did. I sang and he played the electric violin (like he does IWL). My voice sounded airy, but clear and pretty. I had the lyrics to at least one of the songs in my head after I woke up in the middle of the night, but I can't remember them now at all.

      I asked Dallas if there was such a thing as an electric cello. I wanted to learn to play it. I then saw his violin, and even though it was a violin, it was big and upright like a cello. I wondered if the electric violin was this big, how big is the electric cello? I figured the electric violin was so big so it would have a bigger range.


      The beginning of this dream is kind of jumbled. It had something to do with computer viruses.

      Then, I was walking in one of my old houses, though it didn't look anything like any of my IWL old houses. I was walking up some stairs into my old room, which had all of my old toys and furniture still in it. I entered the room and saw an orange fluffy cat with slightly elongated, pointy ears. She was running around the perimeter of the room. I immediately knew I wanted to keep her. I decided that, since she looked like a fox, I'd name her Fox. I thought about calling her Foxy, but I had already known an animal named Foxy (IWL, an old man who lived in our neighborhood had a corgi named Foxy Roxy). I called out to the cat:
      Then, a beagle walked out of somewhere in the room.
      "My name is Fox," she said in a soft female voice, though I think she said it telepathically.
      I went up to her and knelt down in front of her. I put my arms out in front of me to hug her. She smelled of dog, but it was ok. I wasn't sure if she'd hug me back, but she did. She put her paws on my shoulders. I was delighted. Telepathically again, she said
      "I'm sorry if I smell like dog."
      I don't remember my response, or even if I had one. We hugged for a bit. It was such a perfect hug.

      I decided to keep both her and the cat, but I was way more excited for the dog (IWL I've never owned a dog, and would consider myself to be a cat person more than a dog person). My parents were with me now, and we were outside. I had Fox on a leash, though I kept calling her Foxy. I was telling Fox that I could now have a guard dog to protect me. Either she or my dad said something about opening the windows when I leave her in the car. Of course I would. I imagined her in the car with the windows open. I was so, so excited for this new companion! I felt very close to her.


      I was sitting in a restaurant with my old boss from the coffee shop, Teresa. She was asking me if I'd take over the jewelry counter for Emily, because I knew better what I was doing. I looked over to the right and saw Emily's back. She was setting the jewelry cases. I told Teresa I would do it, but I had only set jewelry once. Emily was now Ashley, and she was close to us. She said something to me that was sarcastic as she walked away.


      I was playing some Mario game that wasn't very fun that you had a time limit on before you had to pay a fee to keep playing. That would happen constantly. I decided to stop playing, and this little girl started to play instead. Sherry, my old boss from Kohl's, was there as well. The girl seemed to be doing things on the game that I didn't figure out, like talking to characters in certain ways. A pop-up menu would come up when she interacted with another character, asking who she wanted to respond like. I remember she chose Tingle (from The Legend of Zelda) for one of the responses. I started to walk away as it played. I read a little bit of the text, but I don't remember what it said.

      Now, the girl was a kitten, a black kitten with pink stripes and purple color blocks. I stared at her for awhile. I knew it was very unnatural, but it just made me think about cats breeding with each other that had unnatural colored fur in their blood lines.

      The kitten was then the girl again, and she got into some food on the kitchen counter. I thought that she probably shouldn't eat that since she was a cat. Then, I heard Sherry's voice say
      "She eats angry mashed potatoes. ____ women shouldn't eat angry mashed potatoes!"
      By angry mashed potatoes, I understood her to mean she pouted or was angry when she ate them. Sherry then started to tell me a story about the girl eating angry mashed potatoes in a restaurant.

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    14. Think I'm Tough, Johnny Rollins (28.7.14)

      by , 07-28-2014 at 04:05 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      Recorded at 8:00am

      I'm at my old house and I'm sitting on the couch with my brother. Across from us is someone my brother knows who is also sitting on a couch. I'm playing a game on a device where you beat the other person up while they're eating. I tell my brother i would beat up his friend in this game. Deep down I think I would lose to this guy, but I keep acting as if I could. Brother friend says he's not feeling too well and I begin to think i have scared him out of a battle. He farts and says he's feeling much better now. I feel as if I need to fight him now that he's not pulling out.

      I'm outside a house, about to leave in a car. I see my bike near the door and notice it's not locked up. I walk over and lock it up to something. I put the lock through the spokes in the rim.

      Dream 2

      I see Johnny Rollins from 'The Voice' Australia. He's in a studio was Kylie Minogue. He's singing and gets up on the bench and really gets into his singing. Kylie and her famous friends start digging his performance. Kylie gets on the drums and starts singing along with Johnny.

      I see Johnny showing a game he's been working on. It's not fully finished. He has a hand in the game that reaches over to the enemy's side of the map. He shows some fruits in the game that are lined up. He mentions a few are coming out the same due to coding problems in the game. I see a donate button in case anyone wants to support his game.
    15. Sportscars and Lady's

      by , 07-03-2014 at 12:48 PM
      Sportscars and Lady's
      Lucid #3


      I lam in a car with two very good looking ladys. It is a black, very expensive sportscar as I notice soon. I am in the front seat and one of the girls is sitting in the backseat. I ask them if I can drive and they let me. I have some doubts because at that point I didnt have my license yet, but I do it anyways. We drive arround a littlebit until I see a military barrack infront of me.
      They seem to be training and I fear they might see me and take me to jail.
      I am in my school, in class and try to sneak out. I check out at the front office and go outside, just to see my teacher waiting for me. The next thing I know is that I am on the roof of a driving van singing some song.
      I become lucid and try to jump but I wake up soon..
      lucid , non-lucid
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