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    1. 8/25/14 Asian Hostess Club In My Hometown?? = DILD

      by , 08-25-2014 at 07:46 PM
      8/25/14* Increase recall due to RRC?!! Also better about staying still in bed going over dreams during awakenings. Also stomach issues. LD again. Little day practice. Mostly some RRC and couple of extended RC's.

      Determining if I am in the Serengeti by the sound (possibly due to much chirping IWL, window open). Some argument between others directing me to about where the Serengeti begins and visual of cloud shaped outline designating the borders of it. It seemed more like a forest in the dream.

      Using self diagnostic tools before going to doctor may be useful. I pull over on the way to hospital to check? Look up? (maybe not really...but maybe for me who doesn't like to go in unless I think serious or doctor can help me. I wake with strongish stomach pains...bloating? Read about supplement?)

      Adventure two boys. Me and #son ? Bundle of cash #money #treasure . Looking for place to bury it. Where did we come from? (RRC) Doesn't matter...son wants to get a map to mark spot to bury. Only matters where buried. Going all around, like childhood runaway adventure fantasies. This is great! Wife joins us later? She's shopping at garage sale. I'm waiting for her and kids playing in front of me. Protective dad comes. I say "hurry honey" so he knows I'm not just watching his kids, I'm waiting for someone. Now he's friendly. Go in his house with 3 guys inside, one from Apple software skinny curly hair comes up to me. Do you like smart games? Yeah...Hard sell for kids though. "Do you know X from Apple?", I ask. "He works with cell phones." 3 guys all overly friendly... gay?

      "Kyle Orton" is boss but I do not connect his name with the football player. job stacking stuff, falls, shirt untucks, he thinks I'd be good for lead academy...also CPA II position...he explains...ah like a buyer.

      #coins in quarter machine. 3 $5 bills..one fake...maybe all? Junk and coins and #money below in cabinet of machine. Machine gives tokens darn. Day residue. +++

      Someone is babysitting. black boy sleeping in closet bottomless. Not big. Someone pulls him out. He farts like crazy and laughs.

      Mild #earthquake or dream?

      Heading to #league game in WC. We have 20 minutes to get there. Rest of team goes in bus..I'll meet them there got to get something first. #lostMyWay in circular streets with artery down middle. See mall on GPS map, can park there and ask for directions. Lady says go out through there and if you get lost you can call the #police ? On way out on left there is an Asian club like they maybe have overseas (but here!?) with sexy hostesses or escorts?...I just know i'm dreaming! There are two #sexy women at entrance seated.
      Spoiler for XXX Content - Open minded adults only:
      I tear off the left one's clothes passionately. TK off my own clothes. I stick it in her mouth. She gives me excellent oral! Then we go to intercourse. I mentally direct the 2nd woman to lick her colleague and my cock at same time during intercourse with her colleague. It feels fantastic! Then I have an FA of wife doing oral...she says "I want your big cock inside of my pussy!"
    2. Day 8 - Some pictures, a talk, a drunk buddy, a science congress and my brothers.

      by , 05-08-2014 at 12:34 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      *Our guest left us early in the morning, no more wine and some more sleep...

      .../We're in a variant of my cousin's former neighborhood. It looks bigger than usual. My kids are playing running and going to different inner parks of the neighborhood. My wife asks for the little one and starts going nervous. We don't see where she went to play. We start looking for her. I see the older one running on a balcony. I'm still quiet because of there's a couple of parks left to look for. I think she must be there. I see two weird animals standing in front of a house. They move threatening us. They look like big porcupines. We get to the last park and find her, playing with a young girl around a pond. Once we are all together, I want to save some pictures. There's some confusion because of the machine starts to scan the pictures before printing them. I don't get it. The first one is very blurry. One of my daughters shows me she has printed some other pictures first. I think it's a great idea, just print them in stead of scanning first and then printing them! I mess around with the machine...

      .../There's a talk in my grandparents town. It's about two diseases which spread very quick. They show the whole region is affected with it. There's a pause between the talk. I take advantage of the free time to clarify to my wife, they are exaggerating the situation, due to those diseases, "Uta and Ata" are spread only in the region near the jungle because of the bite of a mosquito. I draw some lines in a map, and show to her, where the jungle zone is, which start to appear in green while I draw the limit lines. It's not too big but once again, some people tend to exaggerate about those kind of stuff I say...

      .../My cousin's brother got drunk and talks a lot. My aunt serves the food, I'm hungry but we have to wait until he goes to sleep or something. I don't see he's tired at all, and looks like he could talk the whole day. He gets in my aunt-mom room, sits on the floor, and goes on with the drunk chat. The other one of my cousins is in his room with some friends preparing a robot-hand for a science congress. He shows me he will use a rubber glove to cover the electronics. I go to his room which is connected to our university. I see some other friends, although from my school times, preparing another project. It's about an automatic sprinkler. Although it's not working good and a couple of them get severely soaked. They start to play with it in stead of trying to fix it.
      Another guy, who I don't know, shows a weird musical instrument, which at the beginning seems to fit on the shreds of a guitar. He folds it and starts playing some music that sounds Egyptian. I think it's nice.

      .../I'm walking on a known passage, when I notice something got broken in the sole of my shoes which doesn't let me freely walk. I find my brothers are doing something with their documents. I show to one of them what's going wrong with my shoe. Then I realize I didn't see him since a long time. I give him a hug, I'm happy I'm seeing him again. I notice he cleans something on his stomach, I think it's a wound or some. We start talking about the news. I ask his opinion about some recent news. We conclude they are exaggerating like the narrator of a football soccer game, then I try to explain those games wouldn't be the same without the narrative. I get confused, trying to explain those guys in front of the TV screen waiting to yell out their victory. He finishes my joke pointing a calm Sunday, we hear the sound of people in the stadium coming out of a TV, when somebody yells "GOOOAL!!". Then I think, they should better go to the stadium if they want to be unnoticed...

      * Without the fast notes right after waking up after each dream, I wouldn't be able to remember any but the last dream which I would forget along the day too. It was a little bit tedious to start writing down at the beginning once again, but it's getting easier while it turns into a habit again.
    3. Holes in the floor, looking for Spice

      by , 03-18-2014 at 01:46 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fragment 1. Being forced to make a pancake dish. Someone wonders what Iíll do (to make it stand out). I crack an egg over the pancake in the skillet.


      Iím looking for the pancake in the fridge. I ask dad if he saw it, because I wanted mom to try it, and he says he ate it. I find it anyway, because apparently he only ate the egg part.

      Dream 1. I go into a mostly unused part of a school, but there are people around. I ask a maintencance man whatís going on, and he says itís being put out of use. As I walk around, I see that the floorboards are missing in many areas so that there are holes.

      I carefully navigate over/around them. Iím looking for Spice, Iím afraid heís going to fall. I see him at a few points, as well as Smoke at one point. At another, I look into a small room to the right and see him sleeping on a chair across from someone.

      Iím reaching the end of the hall and my sister is with me. She falls through the floor but manages to catch herself on a ledge. Thatís when we see that the floor isnít far down, because weíre up on a hill now. I see a map in my head of the area, which looks like a dark field with a hill and flat part.

      -Jump- (Or maybe takes place in between looking for Spice and Rane falling.)

      Iím sitting in an audience watching someone talking on stage. I see the curtains moving behind them clumsily and I shake my head, because I know whoís there. A minute later, two girls(?) come out and start talking.

      There was something about a Ďstampí that people wore to identify them (or who they belonged to?). One of the girls had an almost see-through portion of her top as hers.

      Inspiration: Spice has been sleeping on the kitchen chair lately. Map from Pokemon stuff most likely. I have dťjŗ vu for the beginning when Iím wandering the unused area of the school.
    4. Hating my recall right now!!

      by , 02-20-2014 at 02:57 PM
      Had an amazingly lucid dream but parts I strived to remember... I can't.

      My dream started out where I walked into a town scene with houses everywhere. I knew I was being searched for and like I wasn't the only one being searched for. I looked around and it looked dead but I could sense it. I recall running trough several houses and seeing many scenes happening within the houses like they were happening without me really being a part of it. That was the point. I was being chased. My goal was to to blend in and not be caught. I went through a library. To a beach. To a subway station. The subway is where I about got caught. I looked into a subway window and for a second broke away from the buzz of the crowd and when I looked in one of the guys looked at me from right next to the window and as we looked at each other for the split second everything buzzed around us and I knew he was after me. My stomach dropped. I ran to the nearest door which came out to another small town with winter looking trees. I flew. I had to get away. Then I came to realization I don't have to to run if I don't want to. I got back to the ground and started walking the town. Everything felt so vividly real but I was fully aware I was dreaming. Like a virtual reality which my dreams are. Starting to take on. Even lucid many of my dreams still had that fuzzy feel. All the lucid ones except ones with me and Jareth intbe field. As I'm walking through this town I come upon this house that I have the urge to stop at. Part of me is questioning why I want to stop here. It's a two story old house. Has a covered porch on the front and the house has a bit of a yellow hue to it. Possibly painted yellow. As I walk up I notice to the right side of the house there are people. I walk around and without fear the little boy runs up and hugs me. It's my little Jareth. He looks up at me and asks me how I found his house. Then grabs my hand and takes me back to his family. There is a slightly darker complected woman with black hair sitting in a lawn chair. A couple of other kids running around not really paying attention. I go and sit on a bench on the side of the house and little Jareth says. "My dad couldn't me here today he had to work, but my mom is." He grins wide. He runs to in front of the woman in the lawn chair and starts playing with energy im front of her. Rolling it in his hands like it's a normal everyday activity. As I sit back I lean into a person. I look and it's my husband. I smile and lean back into him. I tell him I'm dreaming and he's in it and not in a bad way. He smiles. "Good" he says. Then the woman looks over and I decide to ask her "how does my husband appear to you? Like what does he look like?" My husband makes himself a bit more visible. She describes exactly what I see. The shirt which is one of his older shirts he always wears, a button down red and white stripe, jeans, and boots. Little Jareth joins in and says his face is kinda foxy looking. We all laugh. I ask about his hair. They say it's color and even mention the little bit of grey in it. My husband has shown up nearly identical to his waking self. I thought this was interesting and ask them how I appear. They say I'm wearing a blouse that has red swirls or flowers on it. A long skirt and barefoot with a bracelet on my ankle. My hair is long with black in the front and blonde in the back. My face is oval with a symmetrical look. My nose is wider than most but not unattractive. So I appear like me physically but not in clothes I ever wear and my hair is much longer than in waking life. All of this is interesting. The woman asks why I was asking. I explain to her. I'm a lucid dreamer and that this is a dream. She smiles like she already knew... That same smile Jareth would do. The more I look at her the more resemblance I see. She and him look so much alike but she has darker skin and dark eyes. She then asks what all I can do. I run up to the yard and start floating. She smiled that smile again. Then I got down and said here's a Cheshire Cat and I start petting the air but even I can tell it's not working. I can see a vague outline of it but it's not there. She says she doesn't see it. So I try something else. I think hard about the Cheshire Cat. Then we hear mewing. I grab little Jareth's hand and run around the house and the mewing gets closer and we look up to gutter and there are teeth looking at us. I grab the kitten out which resembles a mole with buck teeth. We both laugh about it. I put it down and as it mews it digs a hole. When I walk back to the woman. She pulls me to the side and Jareth runs off and plays. She talks to me. " I know you are here to protect him, please find out what is haunting him" as she says this i flash back to the guy I saw in the subway window. That eerie feeling I had when I saw him. Then I'm looking at her again. She has her hands on my shoulders, she's shorter than me which I'm only 5 foot 3 so I'm not tall. She then says "here's a map of this town, I know the answers to it are here" she walks away. I'm thinking answers to what and then like full screening something on a computer. I see the map. It has a you are here. I'm two blocks from the school. North of it. Just a little ways south of the school is a bridge. Under the bridge is written Faith Hill something. This is where my recall is ticking me off. The whole name was there the town and everything. When I come back to the yard with them. I see it getting fuzzy as I'm being pulled backwards. I then wake up.
    5. Lunch Time

      by , 10-12-2013 at 11:29 AM (CHiLLEN's Whacky Dream Journal)
      I'm walking to school, but I'm not walking the way I usually would walk, if I was to go to school. I'm heading in the direction as if I was walking to the basketball stadium in my home town.
      I see Matt H in the distance. I think about talking to him about an AFL (Australian Football League) team he barracks for, which I thought was Hawks, but in reality, he followers Demons. I decide not to talk to Matt and continue to jog passed him. I see Devon L in the distance, and I have a chat to him.

      I'm in a backyard shed which looks like (Sarah H)'s house, with a handful of people. We are throwing a tennis ball to one another, until a male starts throwing them at full power at me. I figure I should do the exact same thing, and throw them as hard as I can.

      I'm sitting outside at a table for lunch. I look around and see that there's a lot of people sitting around doing the same thing. I must be at school, but it's not school, it's Sarah's backyard. A guy comes up to me and mentions a few things to us upon leaving. He finishes off by saying that I'm a real good person, very nice. The guy dresses and looks like he would definitely listen to heavy metal music.

      The table I'm sitting at, is full of females, apart from a guy that's next to me. I look in front of me and see a mystery box from KFC or Red Rooster. Inside is two chicken burgers with mayo and lettuce, and some chips. I figured that the mystery box was something you buy but not know exactly what burger you will receive. I hear two girls near me, talking about someone in the distance. Someone interrupts what they're saying, it's the person that they were talking about, but they were not here, it was just their voice that finished off their sentence. They said you're fat. The girls are in shock, and are wondering how they could have been overheard. I said someone may have been wearing a wire, that were sitting around this table. The two girls are now suspicious of an insider.
      I begin to eat some of the burger and think of something funny to say. I say out loud, ''I'll tell you what.. this tastes like shit''. I'm not a fussy person, so I generally liked what I tasted. A moment of shock become upon me, I just realized I was eating something with gluten (I'm gluten free). I begin to pick the batter off the chicken, and leave the chips alone. It doesn't click for me, that the bread bun would contain gluten.

      I'm walking to class through the IGA shopping center car park. I'm curious to where my friend Daryl is, as he's in my class. I look at a map on my ipod touch, of where he could be, with no luck. I see a car which has Daryl's family in it, so I walk over to greet them. Jane (his mother) was talking to him on the phone and knew I wanted to find him, so she passed the phone to me. I asked where he was, and he told me he was locked up in some kind of prison, due to him mentioning a few issues to someone. I don't think he was in trouble though.
    6. A Journey To The Launcher

      by , 10-04-2013 at 01:13 AM (CHiLLEN's Whacky Dream Journal)
      I was travelling around a country. I had to complete tasks, so I could continue my journey. I remember seeing a map, similar to Candy Crush Game. My mission was to ride a horse to an area which had a launching pad. I was meant to ride onto the pad and it would launch me to my next location.

      I was travelling through an area which had a lot of soldiers. I must have been wearing the same outfit as them, because they were not bothered by my presents and I felt as if I was an outsider and would be told to leave.

      I made my way to an area which looked like a food crop. It heavily guarded and look, as if they were not going to let anyone through. I was watching there movements, and hoping for a obvious read on the movements they were making, so I could sneak passed. I was thinking of proning (army crawling) when I would make my move. The guards started walking back, all together. I soon realised, I was immune from getting caught, as I was wearing the same uniform. They looked like medieval guards, which were holding spears.

      Food Crop.jpg
      Food Crop

      Medieval Guards.jpg
      Medieval Guards

      As I reached closer to the launch pad I ended up waking.

      Dream Fragment:
      I was told to write exactly what I want down on a piece of paper for my goals.

      Side Notes:
      I remember exiting this dream, but forgot to DEILD

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    7. 18th July 2013 Fragments

      by , 07-18-2013 at 12:11 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was playing Doom coop with someone, to be exact, Brutal Doom mod. There was some level that was set up as multiple series of rooms and passages connected through central hub. I kept forgetting that enemies take less shots to destroy with mod and ended up using more good ammo than needed. At the end there was boss that looked like powered up version of arch vile and it used some kind of charged laser attack and summoning swarms of missiles.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      There was some anime discussion.

      Dream 3(fragment):

      I was looking at the global map, which looked similar to earth, but different, americas were separated. On the map were drawn dragon flying paths.
    8. The Heart Stone

      by , 07-14-2013 at 05:54 AM (Exploring the Dreamscape)

      Because I tend to dream from the perspective of other dream characters fairly frequently now, I feel like it would be easier to understand my dreams if they were written in some sort of first person third person mix.

      The Heart Stone

      This dream was from about 3 days ago, so I don't remember much of it anymore. I feel like it's important to the story though. Lucidis, Chris, and Claire were walking along a stone bridge above the sea. The bridge connected the mainland and a small island not too far off. On the small island was a stone tower. The tower was a sort of college where various things were studied and researched.

      Lucidis was holding and looking at a strange stone as they walked. It was blood red and you could see into it a little. It looked like there was something at the core of the stone, but it was unclear. Lucidis had apparently come acquired this stone on a previous adventure, but I can't seem to recall that moment. Lucidis felt like the stone had some importance to it. Chris had suggested taking it to a geologist so that the stone could be identified.

      Lucidis, Chris, and Claire crossed the bridge and entered the tower through an open doorway. They went down a set of stairs into a room below the tower. This was where the geologists did their research. There was only one man there who seemed to be the professor. He was sitting at his desk reading charts and graphs. He didn't notice them walk in until Lucidis placed the red stone in front of him.

      Lucidis asked the professor to identify the stone and asked what he should do with the stone. The geologist studied the stone for a moment with a lense. If I remember correctly, he said that it was a heart stone. He then said that it should be taken to Efile. Lucidis had never heard of Efile before, so he asked the professor what Efile was. He layed a map of the world across the desk and simply pointed at a part of the map. Unfortunately the map was somewhat blurry and distorted, but a white country labeled Efile could be found in the south east corner of the continent.

      There may have been other things that happened, but I think I woke up after looking at the map.

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    9. 3rd Apr 2013 Playing RTS, Distracted in the bathroom

      by , 04-03-2013 at 06:59 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragment):

      I recall an indoors area.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I recall some kind of jungle area. And i was having fun in it.

      Dream 3:

      I was playing some kind of RTS that buildings from C&C: Red Alert and KKND2: Krossfire, units from Starcraft and also a global map. Also there was a way to completely automate builders and set them to expand the base indefinitely. I selected a sector on global map and then i was playing versus some other player and he built base through whole map while i had only a few buildings. I then figured out that workers can almost instantly capture buildings if there's no enemy units near them, so i captured bunch of his factories and started amassing goliaths. Then i just steamrolled rest of the base with them, and won in the end. I was about to select the next sector to fight for but then i had to go off PC.
      I went to the bathroom, but family was distracting me alot from the thing and i accidentally dropped some of my clothes into the toilet... then dream ended shortly.
    10. Lucid: Treasure Hunting With Dwarves

      by , 03-26-2013 at 08:45 PM
      Practices: ADA, Mindfulness, WBTB, DEILD
      While falling asleep, mantra: "I am aware"

      Dream #1 - I am with my friend, R__. She's driving a car - one belonging to one of my relatives, according to my dream-memory, but in real life none of them own a gray minivan. We're driving around a mall parking lot. We can't seem to find a parking space. She accidentally hits another car while pulling into a parking space, and I cringe at the sound, but she's more angry about it than worried. She decides to try to use a note left on her windshield to explain why she parked in one of the restricted parking spots, by claiming she can't walk that far, but I don't think that will hold up under scrutiny. She finally gives up and parks pretty far away from the mall entrance. We can see it from where we are, but it's quite a walk.

      I briefly wake up from the dream and try to carry my awareness with me into my next dream, using my mantra.

      As soon as the dream reforms, I am instantly lucid. I'm inside of the mall from the previous dream, but R__ is gone now. The lucid dream has the crystal clarity characteristic of my lucid. Since I'm not outdoors (unusual), rather than the usual sweeping landscapes and storm-swept skies, instead the architecture inside of the mall is extremely grand. Super high vaulted ceilings, probably 80-100 feet high, with graceful arches carved out of solid pale pink marble and golden inlays. Intricate carvings and sculptures. White marble floors. The whole thing looks more like the inside of a cathedral than a mall.

      I look around and think, "This is definitely a dream". I inspect my hand - it's perfectly formed. I do a reality check by trying to push one hand through the other, but I can't. I shrug it off - I know I'm dreaming. I try to fly, and hover in the air above the crowds milling around the mall. My lucidity tends to fade very quickly while I'm flying, though - there's something about not having my feet on the ground that does that. So I land, and then crawl on the floor and inspect the marble tiles. There's grime between them and they feel a little gritty - this place needs to be swept and mopped.

      I decide to go treasure hunting. I reach into my back pocket - for some reason, I'm wearing a skirt with pockets - and feel around for a map. I feel crumpled paper and tug. I pull out a sheet of notebook paper, folded in half several times, and unfold it. There is a map on it, scribbled in blue pen, but I can't read what it says. It also has little pictures. I decide that I need to go find a dream character who CAN read it, and if I'm going to treasure hunt, I'm going to do it in style - which means having a whole group of treasure hunters with me. I run my hand along the wall as I walk.

      I walk toward the food court - well, an archway I have decided is the food court. The floor slopes downward between it in a ramp, heading underground. I can see tables in the distance. I decide that's kind of boring and want it to be something more exciting. As I approach, it morphs into a Viking style beer hall. I'm pretty satisfied - this is definitely more fun.

      I enter the beer hall, which is smokey and full of warriors eating and drinking. There is an empty space in the middle with a fire-pit that looks like it's used by entertainers - wrestlers, musicians, etc. The benches on either side are elevated on steps, sort of like bleachers, so everybody can see. Nobody is performing right now, though.

      I see a group of 5 or 6 Tolkein-style Dwarves over to one side. They look like they're having a pretty good time. I approach them and introduce myself. Their leader is a pretty buff looking Dwarf. He has long, thick braided brown hair and is wearing a sort of heavy brown leather harness that has what looks like a lion's mane stitched around the neck and shoulders. He greets me respectfully:
      "I am Lokmin, son of (I can't remember his dad's name)." He thumps his chest (which is more Roman, I guess, but whatever).
      I hold out my treasure map. "I've found a map to potential treasure, but it might be dangerous."
      The Dwarves deliberate over my wrinkled sheet of notebook paper, making sounds of interest and approval. Lokmin looks like he's about to make the decision to follow me...

      But unfortunately, we never got to find the treasure. I live near an airport - one of the EXTREMELY LOUD jets that I LOATHE flies overhead, waking me up and ending my lucid dream. I was pretty upset. Even now there's another really loud jet flying overhead. I hate those things, and the airport by extension (it wasn't always noisy here - they moved the flight paths).

      I go back to sleep, trying to re-enter the dream, but I'm too irritated to focus.

      Dream #3 - I dream that I am taking naked photographs of myself using my laptop camera and didn't realize the curtain across the sliding glass door in the living room was sheer. I figure either nobody saw me, or they didn't care.

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    11. Legos and A Map To My Doctor

      by , 03-09-2013 at 02:47 AM
      First thing I can recall is being in my doctor's office. Of course, as n most dreams, nothing is right.

      The interior of the building is appointed much like so many medical buildings...utilitarian furniture and carpet in shades of gray and brownish-orange. I'm on the ground floor of the building and behind me is a large waiting area, a large skylight illuminating the far wall and a patch of floor near the door that leads to the patient examination rooms.

      Something drew me to a desk in front of me, slightly closer to the middle of the building. A man (possibly a doctor) and a woman need to find their way to my doctor's office and I know I can help. I tell them...

      "I have an app on my phone for that. I can help!"

      The doctor and I both pulled out our phones. I watched him press a small recessed button below the screen of his phone and the display lit up with the time and some other useless stuff. I pressed a similar button on my phone and a map of the building appeared on the screen. Drawn on a white background was a pattern of the building in black and red lines, and peering closely at the screen revealed the names of doctors corresponding to where they were located in the building.

      At one end of the U-shaped building was the area behind me, Doctor Walker's offices, which was where the lost people needed to go. Following the map I saw the entire shape of the building, the map auto-rotating to reveal the other levels and the offices within. The 3-story building was quite intricate on the map though it was only three stories at one end of the building.

      I felt I had done a good job drawing the map, especially since I had done it on my phone with my finger an a drawing app. An overwhelming urge to build the structure came over me and I leaned down to my Lego box to begin assembling the necessary pieces. I started with a green base which I attached two large supports from the farm-kit my daughter had in her Lego box. I was slightly bothered because they were tan but I wanted them to be red. I knew there was nothing for it so I continued building, adding pieces to link the supports together.

      Unfortunately my building skills in the dream were less than stellar and my construction kept falling apart. My frustration is all I recall, though I believe the dream continued on.

      Oddly, drawing a map and working with Legos are both dream goals of mine for future lucids. I hope I can work these elements into a lucid dream.
    12. 28 Jan: Curse and ascending/descending in the dream plane

      by , 01-28-2013 at 03:39 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      On a cruise ship that gets stranded near the shore of an island. The captain and crew tell people not to leave the ship until we're rescued, but I feel that a storm is coming and it's dangerous to stay in the ship, so I leave with some close friends. The others are hit by the storm and of course the ship sinks and many die. But some manage to reach the island and they bring some sort of curse with them. As they set foot on the island, it turns into a desert. As I and my friends struggle to cross this desert, we see the others maybe a mile away behind us, being engulfed by a grasshoper cloud. We run to escape the bugs and I fall over a huge slab partially cover by sand, which has the map of the earth carved on. As I focus on a particular spot on that map, I feel pulled into a vortex and I fall, fall, fall into the darkness. I find myself in a dark place inside my head, I feel my "real" body outside and I realize I'm sleeping. I almost wake up but I hang in there and very faint shapes start to form. I seem to wander through a landscape as seen through a scanning microscope. I see microscopic life forms, very small seeds germinating, microbes, the detail of the "ground" with nanometric resolution. Amazing.
      Then I feel a force pulling me up and I rise, rise, rise. The darkness gives place to a white light that becomes brighter and brighter. I tumble through the light and then I am laid o a solid surface. I look around and I'm surrounded by ducks, a goose, water spouts, bits of grass, mud, sheep... I turn my head and behind me is a brown bear. I get scared and jump, but he seems to be more afraid and runs to the opposite direction. Then I realize there are animals of all species around me, herbivores and carnivores, all gathered, as waiting for something. I look beyond them and I see we're in the middle of some kind of square in a village, with an interesting mix of European style traditional buildings. I also spot some human beings in the distance, but before I contact them, I'm surrounded by three guys who don't seem to want to sing Kumbaya. They grab me and I use some kenpo moves in self-defense. Usually I use my dream kung fu skills, but this time I consciently applied the lessons from my real life training and it worked (I clearly notice that my left side is my weakness and that I must work it.) Also, the dudes didn't count on my ability to fly. I fly up, up, up, and the darkness descends upon me again.
      Everything is black, except for a faint blueish light from a window to my left. Something touches my back. A black cat makes an appearance and guides me through what seems to be a house at night. He climbs up some furniture and invites me to follow him, until we reach a door near the ceiling, which could be a door to an attic, maybe. I hear voices and lights turn up. Some guys are entering the room and I feel urgency in leaving, so I go through the door and I wake up.

      I get up from the couch, feeling so sleepy and my mom is standing at the door looking at me, commenting that I slept over today. "Yeah, I was so tired." But something doesn't add up and I do a RC. I am still dreaming. I think about using the opportunity but I feel the vortex sucking me again and I wake up.
      I did overslept and my mom had indeed entered the house, but she left when she realized I was sleeping.

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    13. Kidnapped in a Sinister Plot

      by , 11-17-2012 at 09:59 AM
      over 6 years ago I think

      I was kidnapped by a group of thugs and put in the back seat of some sedan. They had guns and I think hoods. My dad may have bin in the car. We pull up to a country home. It had a porch wrapped around two sides and was slightly run down. To get to the front door you had to walk up some stairs to the left of the driveway. At the top to the left was a yard and to the right was the house. Their was a tree in the yard, hard dirt, probably some chew toys, and bushy ivy covered banks that sloped down to the road and driveway below.

      Inside the house in the living room was a table with a large map. My parents were there with the thugs and kind of making fun of me. They all went over some plan with me and explained what was going on. I still thought it was messed up. We went back outside and the tree had pages from a book in place of its leaves. I think I was supposed to use them to break some code. I had trouble getting all the pages. END
    14. My Dreamworld Map (circa 2004)

      by , 10-13-2012 at 02:22 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)

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    15. Sep 16, 2012 - Rent a game

      by , 10-10-2012 at 06:06 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      LBRP + Sandalwood

      "I may be a poor man but I am very loyal." Robert?
      Lessons in a town. Trapped. A bookstore. Looking around. Saw a cute guy. Smoke. No more Marlboro Black. Tricycle ride. Going somewhere. Map. Town. Rent a game.
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