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    1. 65th Shared Dreaming Attempt- BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      by , 02-05-2012 at 08:37 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      BiscuitHappyz's Dream

      I was V, from V for Vendetta. I vaguely remember asking somebody who was sitting in my room if I had their permission to break through my window. They approved, and when I opened my window I saw that is was pitch black night, and the neighbors were walking around with flashlights.

      This was unfortunate, because me being V, I had to pass unnoticed. My window made a lot of noise when opening, and the ground was littered with dry leaves, so I decided to hide in my house for the night. I went to sleep nowhere in particular, but woke up on the floor. There were three men in my room, looking anywhere from 13-20. One was perched on a chair next to the wall.

      He said something, but was interrupted by a loud banging on the wall coming from outside. He began knocking on the wall, as if trying to input Morse code. He knocked a very complex pattern on the wall, and the bangs outside echoed it flawlessly.

      At this moment, everyone was helplessly terrified, and scrambled throughout the house. I made it to the dining room, were I met my father, who seemed totally relaxed and knew what was going on.

      "What is going on?" I asked.
      "It's just an ant eater," He replied.

      I looked on the floor next to me, and there was an anteater scanning the wooden ground, and the house cat was giving it a strange look.

      "Will we keep it?" I wondered.
      "Sure," Answered my dad, nonchalantly.
      "What will we name it?"

      Unfortunately, the dream ended before I could find an answer to this question.
    2. The Temptation

      by , 01-06-2012 at 01:59 PM (Roving the Dreamscape)
      Last Night, I had a dream. I was inside my bedroom: Using my PC. I was already insane, I can't hold on much longer. So I attempted to go to this "corn" site. But I noticed someone behind me: it was my cousin. Afraid to expose him to the real world, I stopped my attempt. So I just went to DV and surfed the net. At one point of the dream, I started to gain lucidity, I questioned the atmosphere. But the good thing here is that, all of the RCs that I did failed, so I rejected the idea that I was dreaming and never became lucid. It's kinda like a double edged scenario of some sort , cause y' know, the 365 day challenge.

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    3. The Darkness

      by , 12-18-2011 at 05:16 PM
      I'm walking down the left bank of a river which has two thin trails on either side. Its night and I am walking uphill and upstream, the river is fast moving. A boat goes down the river, then a helicopter (flying of course), and then another smaller boat. The helicopter is one of those longer military helicopters. When the last boat goes down the river it comes to a T-section and turns left (my right) and then hits directly into another, bigger boat at which point I realize how ridiculous this whole situation is and realize it is a dream.
      Immediately I try to make it brighter because it is really dark and honestly I'm scared of what might happen in a dark lucid dream. I can't seem to get it to work like I have in the past so I change dream scenes, I think I closed my eyes and opened them again but I can't quite remember how. Out of the next two dream scenes one of them was in my room, in each dream scene I was unable to make it brighter and then eventually woke up.
      Tags: dark, lucid
    4. Second attempt to call the dragon

      by , 12-06-2011 at 12:18 PM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in my room at night and became lucid. I flew through my window and did some flying tricks in front of my house. I swooped down and then rose with a corkscrew.

      I wound up in front of a mall. It was really dark, so I tried changing it to daytime, with no success. I reached my hand into the air and called out to the dragon, but he did not come. I thought I heard something, but there was nothing there. I went inside the mall.

      I flew around a bit, and just played with the dream world. A lady walked past, so I made her levitate. It made me laugh. I tried calling again, and turned around to see a white, yellow and red dragon sitting motionlessly on the tile floor. However, it seemed sort of fake. As I tried approaching it it disappeared. I continued on throughout the mall. I tried shapeshifting into a dragon myself. The attempted was kind of half hearted, I'm sure I could've done it if I tried a bit harder. I looked down and my hand and clenched my hand, trying to form a claw shape. I pictured scales. My palm looked a little strange, like when you put your arm on a screen door, then move away, but I decided to give up trying and explore.

      I was in a hall near the central area of the mall. There was a huge tv that was as tall as the room itself. I put my fingers out in front of me and made a motion, which shrunk the TV screen. I continued on and came to a store. I hurdled over racks of clothes with low gravity jumps. it was pretty fun
      , but I didn't even notice the dream fade away.
    5. My First LD: Retold

      by , 11-17-2011 at 12:58 PM (Roving the Dreamscape)

      Just got the idea of posting my first LD even though it was short. But I must say, it was my first LD so it deserves to be mentioned in my dream journal here in DV.

      Anyways, that night, I attempted to WILD. Luckily, I was able to experience SP and pass through it. I got out of my bed, and it was dark. But the thing here is, every corner of the house was lighted by candles, which game me a sense of fear. But I put into my mind that it was an LD, a long awaited LD. I did an RC to confirm it. After a couple of RCs, I came to a conclusion that it was indeed a dream. I went to the door that leads to the out side world. With a feeling of excitement, I grasped the door knob, then, opened it. After that, was a mystery. But one thing is clear, it was the start, of a journey so large that it's beyond human comprehension.
      Tags: candles, dark
      lucid , memorable
    6. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 11-15-2011 at 09:48 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Contract (WILD)

      Journeying downward, into the dark, the depths, from which there will be no return, I make haste in my flight.

      Curved, snaking passageways, of naturally-hewn black rock, mark my ever descending path.

      At the end, at the lowest reaches, a god awaits me. And he's thrilled to see me.

      First, a test: a battle, versus a cloaked wraith.

      I draw my sword from my side, and begin my assault, flashing steel hitting it's mark, but to no avail. I toss it aside, as the wraith strikes with its own blade.

      Why do I bother with these anymore? I think to myself as the enemy's weapon strikes my flesh, and stops without making a scratch. It seems almost surprised.

      I grab it from the ground at my side. I draw it, five feet long, my true sword, white sheath and ornate, dragon-like grip, given to me by a close friend, so many dreams ago.

      My smile is demonic as I lash out, cutting through the wraith as if though it were nothing. Piercing and slashing, every cut is wonderfully perfect, joyfully precise. As I sever the wraith, bit by bit, the god is all but ecstatic.

      But there's a problem.

      Someone else is here.

      “I'll take care of it,” I say, preparing to wipe the man in the shadows.

      But the god responds harshly, forbidding me from using that ability in his presence.

      Probably for the best, I think, darting to the spy, eviscerating him, and ripping my blade across his throat.

      I switch to his perspective and watch myself stand there, powerful and absolute, long, beautiful blade in hand, the god just behind. I feel the warm blood erupt from his open neck, our neck, drenching us in a wet, red warmth. I solemnly experience his demise, fading as he does. . . slowly. . . painfully. . . without hope.

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    7. I.. Can't Explain This...

      by , 11-02-2011 at 09:12 PM (The Absurd Adventures of CWHunt)
      I'm not too sure what this dream was about. Thank god I am finally getting out of this sickness I've been having though. Its hard to recall dreams when all you want to do when you get up in the middle of the night to write down your dreams is continue sleeping. Well... not anymore!

      I just remember being in an underground and depressing area. Well.. maybe it wasn't underground. It was very depressing and dark though. It was also raining.

      I walked to an elevator and started to go up as the weight that helps to move the elevator up and down began to move back and forth. I don't think it fell, but I was worrying that it might. I then remember going somewhere with an uncle of some sort until I woke up.
      It just.. wasn't a normal dream. Boring too.
    8. Number 1! Endless halls.

      by , 10-27-2011 at 06:15 PM (TwinkleFairy Tutu)
      I am gong to start with a short introduction. Hi I am TwinklefairyTUTU (not "tut") and I am 21. I have not had fully lucid or vivid dreams. I have had some dreams where I realise I am sleeping and change one thing then go back into it. Well... actually i had one that I drifted in and out of knowing and then started controlling near the end. It took some effort to change things but I guess i did. I would however like to start off by sharing a non-lucid dream. It is a dream that has been in my head forever. The most vivid dream I have had and the only one in which I can remember every detail. I could not forget about it so i wrote it as a short story. I had planned on turning it into a ong story but did not get far. I have a lack of motivation, confidence and inspiration. Anyways, it is written in the form of a story so it may seem false but every detail is correct in refards to my dream. I hope you like it. I believe the only difference is that it is told in third person and I gave the runner a name, sort of. In my dream I was the runner and it was first person however I did not have an identity. Oh! and in the end of the dream I was a camera in the sky staring at bloody tire trails and such on the road. I decided to leave that out.

      I call it. endless Halls.
      He reached the top of the short vertical section of the vent. A small spot of blood sat near the top corner after his head beat off of the top and he landed on his feet. He did not have time to care about the gash which just opened up on the top of his head. The teenage boy continued to run through the large-dark vent, without looking back. He could not hear his pursuer, but could sense his presence. The boy felt a change of density in the floor and put his hands in front of him right before hitting a wall. He was in a hallway. The terrified teenager pushed away from the wall and headed down the corridor as his eyes slightly adjusted to the darkness and he could tell where the walls were. He ran past closed doors and barely missed multiple small tables. The boy took many turns in this seemingly endless and empty building.
      The number of residents in this hellish building was well known to be very large by all of those inside but kept secret from all outsiders. No one from the outside world had any clue what went on inside this building or what the kids inside had to deal with. Many scared children and teenagers sat behind the hundreds of doors. Many, too disturbed to sleep and most , too scared to lay awake. Two-hundred-twelve, was what the boy had been used to answering too. It was the number on his room door. All of these things raced through his head as he raced down the hallway, along with questions. “What do I do? What happens when I get to the end? Is anyone ever going to find out and help?” He knew that his master would be angrier then ever before when he was caught and he knew that more than one person was willing to catch him. What he did not know was if he would survive what they would do to him.
      Around the next turn sat several young children. A boy and girl were on one side of the hall and another boy on the other. There was a small table on both sides but still room to run between with no problem. The lonely boy sat, huddled against the side of the table, facing away from the direction of Two-hundred-twelve.
      On the other side of the hall the girl was also crying. “I’m scared. We should go back.”
      The second boy held her hand tight and led her forward as they constantly looked around. “I can’t. I’m scar…” His eyes widened. “Shh.” He dropped to the ground behind the table close by and pulled the girl to him. He stuck his face into the wall and stayed tight into the corner as the footsteps got closer. He held little doubt that the darkness would not hide them, but was still covered with fear. The teenage escapee bolted passed them and they froze in fear.
      Two-hundred-twelve had no idea where he was heading but he took even more turns. “These hallways can’t really be endless. I have to come to something else eventually. I think I have been all over this floor before and it has some other areas. Yes!” He could see light peeking around the next corner and followed it. The hallway grew brighter as he got further and the white end finally opened up into a large room.
      The room was well lit with all white surfaces and many tables. This white cafeteria had a straight wall along the right which led to a ramp to another eating area only a few feet lower. A beautiful woman in the lower area noticed the boy as he sprinted between the tables toward the rounded ledge along the left.
      “Hey.” The woman screamed a simple alert and the boys master emerged from the hall behind him. Two-hundred-twelve vaulted over the rail and landed hard on the lower area.
      “Stop him!” His master followed his exact trail. The boy began to feel hope and jumped onto and over the first two tables. The woman’s hand barely missed his foot and she grunted as her gut hit the second table and she watched him escape.
      Two-hundred-twelve could not help but let out a small smile as he stared through the glass wall ahead of him and into the dark city. He could see the rooftops of some of the largest buildings in the city. They were very high up.
      The master yelled as he attempted to reach his target but missed by several feet. “Stop!”
      Two-hundred-twelve lowered his head and covered with his arms, embracing himself for the next step. His feet push off the floor and the smash echoed through the room and nearby halls. He removed his arms and stared at freedom, hundreds of feet below. The streets were fairly busy in this part of town even in the middle of night. The black-velvet road was in his direct path and he suddenly felt fear. “Oh no. This the end, The painful end…” then his smile came back, “This is the end. The painless end.” Only freedom existed in the boys body as it smashed into the road and over an oncoming car, which skid to a stop.
      The smashed window was to high to notice from the streets and the master stared down at the scene. “Damn.” His handsome face was covered with anger. He needed to be in control and this time he was not, He made it clear that he did not like this, and his other subjects would pay for it. Kids were secretly watching from the nearest dark areas in the hallways and they knew things would get worse for them. They watched in fear and jealously as they attempted to create their own plan.
      “Get this fixed right away.” The master removed his glare from the roads and walked away. The audience scattered and retreated back to their rooms as quickly and quietly as possible.

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      memorable , non-lucid
    9. Fragment Collection 5

      by , 10-26-2011 at 01:19 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Cursed X - Terran Conflict book:
      I was in a really dark future, bloody knives everywhere and people killed and ate each other due to the lack of food. I was hiding and I had a cursed book about X - Terran Conflict with me. Someone found me so first I told him I could give him the location of others if he'd leave me alone but then decided to simply kill him, which I did. Afterwards I went outside and destroyed the book, I left the pieces in the ocean.

      Chasing Hitler:
      The dream started with me training in a some virtual reality, I was on a pretty low level and avoided fights, searching for something. Sometime later I started to chase Hitler along with some other idiots as the dream suggested to me, I arrived at a big traffic terminal. Going outside I found an icy landscape and a type of amusement park, it was constructed like a very long strip. I was jumping over the houses and attractions until I came to a house were a lot of logs were stored in the yard. I jumped over it into some type of jungle (the ice was gone) and the persons I chased were apparently attacking endangered species. I likewise started to attack the people I was chasing.

      Attacking Ultimecia:
      I was together with a lot of other people in a task force on a mission against a witch (very much ultimecia like [FF8]). We were all equiped with power armor and small handguns, totally fallout style. We could just take small weapons with us in order to get inside, which likewise was in order to end the mission successful.
    10. Leonidas like (Between 12th August 2011 and 13th August 2011) --- Second Dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 12:16 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am someone very similar to Leonidas ... I leave a fortress city, to its exterior. I see the city wall which extends through the endless desert ... the sky is very dark brown, very dark ... the whole dream is in sepia tones.
      I say something, but I do not remember what.
    11. Time Travel and Space Shuttle

      by , 10-21-2011 at 11:58 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Time travel. With people who looked like they lived in the 70s or 80s (what's the difference?). Bar. A suicide. Time dilation. Past affecting present. A room of... rabbits? Toy rabbits. That's what we use for time travel.

      We went "back" and found we changed stuff. A girl who's supposed to live is dead/committed suicide. Jealousy. Depression.

      Riverside Hospital at night. Eatery in Bacolod city. Front of Doctor's Hospital. Fish. Faded light. Faded yellow and black colors. Unsure of the food. Saw posters of Chowking on their exit. They said if I don't like their food, they can recommend another eatery, to help me.

      Run. Chase. We were chasing, or being chased. We tried using a shuttle that we've tried using before, but won't work properly because we don't have a tool to use it. The tiny bridge worked. There were four of us, but it only allowed three. I stayed behind/got locked out.

      As the shuttle started, I clung to the outside of the shuttle. It sped forward/up/down a dark tunnel. I can barely hold on, but I was able to. Then we spin really fast, and I almost flew off, but I was able to find a better grip. Then finally, it was about to enter a small "plastic" tunnel that can only fit the size of the shuttle. I let go and "landed" on the ground. I saw it was the "exit" of the shuttle, and saw smoke come out. My companions went out of the shuttle.

      25 miles in only 1.65 minutes.

      We were racing using the shuttle. There were other shuttles. We were about to cross a bridge. The water is high. A boat that usually passes under the bridge barely made it through. The water is high. Crossed (?) the bridge.
    12. Shady house (Between 21st July 2011 and 22nd July 2011) ---- Second Dream

      by , 10-20-2011 at 08:06 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      A house in the woods, the house is tall, made of wood, itīs like a church, the house is painted white and has a dark look.
      Tags: church, dark, house, woods
      dream fragment
    13. Its better to be warm...

      by , 10-06-2011 at 08:47 PM
      Alright well first of all its been a while heheh. but just last night i had some really vivid dreams that i actually remember pretty well. But im only gonna put down two because they're the most interesting and make the most sense heheh.

      Dream #1 : Broken Hearted No Minder
      This dream starts off at what I think was a grocery store, when it introduces me to the main character which happens to be this tired, kinda scruffy guy in his mid twenties im guessing. He had messy but cute brown hair, a little bit of stubble, and was actually quite good looking. He had a look of "i dont give a f*** about anything" writen all over him. But anyways as he's going through this grocery store he runs into and old friend; something gave me the feeling that it was an exgirlfriend. That he was terribly in love with but they ended up breaking up for some reason and left him broken hearted and in the condition he's in now. She's happy to see him and acts like they were just old friends and had no real connection. They pretended like nothing really happen. He was silent pretty much the whole time. In fact I dont remember him saying anything at all. But he deicides to help her shop and carry some heavy things for her. But shes not alone, she is accompanied by what i believe was a new boyfriend or some guy that was interested in her but hes pretty much this dweeby loser and isnt much of a help when he tries to carry heavy things too. The next thing i remember is them walking out to her car and put the groceries away in her trunk. Im assuming the other guy is already in the car while they were putting things away. As she puts away the cart, the guy comes across a scratch/dent in the car which i think was from some special night or something when they were still together. He stands there and messes with it really sort of meloncholy until she comes back. When she notices him looking at it she looks hurt. The guy shoves himself away from the car and with out a word starts walking away and back toward his house. The girl i can tell feels really bad and wants to say goodbye and give him a hug. But he doesnt look back at all and just keeps going. Then it flashes to him in a small, messy, dim apartment where he undresses into just his boxers and a tshirt and settles down on the couch with a dead look on his face as he turns on his crappy tv. Then the dream sort of just fades out. But i do know that he stays there a couple of days and doesnt see the girl again for a week but thats all i remember before the dream ends.

      Dream #2: In the light
      This dream starts with a group of richer people on a ship, its pretty much all women as i recall. Our main character this time is a young woman about 17. She has an over protective, pretty crazy mother. This girl was raised to be obidiant and proper without faulter and just be the perfect young woman. But what she really wants is freedom and to find love. I know there was a lot more detail to this dream, something about a curse and being left to freeze in the waters below but I really cant remember them. I think I had two versions of the dream but im gonna stick to the one that makes more sense and is easier for me to recall. So anyways one night this when theres some party going on on the ship and theres actually guys on bored. The girl happens to find this spanish boy and ends up doing the dirty with him later that night. Which unfortunatley the crazy mother hears right below her feet. I cant remember all that happens afterwards but i think the boy is thrown into the water and the girl is yelled at and whatnot. But all I really remember that happens next is the mother and the daughter sitting and looking at the moon. The mother wrapped a blanket around the girl to keep her warm and keeps and arm around her. The girl is broken and silent. Then the mother says "See, It is better to be warm than in the light..." its that quote that i remember the most. It repeated a couple of times and got me thinking before the dream fades out. It was really quite painful... thats what vibe i really got from this dream.

      And thats pretty much it, now that i look at it they're kind of similar in vibe and such. The quote is kinda confusing and doesnt really make sense but somehow i get it......
    14. Capture the Flag Mario Game

      by , 09-28-2011 at 02:05 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a Mario-type game, in the real world. I was jumping. Then there was a rex creature. I stomped on it and it became smaller. Koopa invader. It was in our college, out in the front of the coliseum. I was assigned to attach the "flags" (more like spears), that the creatures were after. I felt hesitation. I was told to attach them right out in the open. Shouldn't we be hiding them? I attach some near the bookstore. The sky is darkening.

      A replay.
    15. First fight

      by , 09-24-2011 at 01:59 AM (Taffy's Sweet Dreams)
      I was in my room and it was really dark. I don't remember how but I became lucid after doing a noseplug RC. I remembered saying yesterday how weird it was that in a whole year of lucid dreaming, I had never engaged in a dream fight. I decided I'd let my enemy approach me. In the glare on the TV I saw a man in a mask with a huge golden axe behind me. Normally I'd be scared, but of course, this is a dream. I tried to get an attack on him, but he was too quick. Every time I'd move in he would circle around to my back.*

      I can't remember what happens after that, but I do remember flying a few times.

      The dream skips and I'm at a gas station with my brother eating ices. We talk about dreaming but by this point I've lost lucidity. I think the new dreamviews update inspired me to have a lucid
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