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    1. August 22, 2012 - "Deadly Train"

      by , 08-25-2012 at 04:09 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      8:14 a.m.

      1: underwater zoo. Everything's wet. Slide. Animals. Marine life. Friends. Felt homely. "Leave my love alone." Dark. Afternoon.

      2: A train station. Dark. Abandoned train station. Walking. A train is about to pass. Crossed. There's another train on the other side. A friend fell. Thought he was stuck. He was not. Relieved. He shouted RUN. We did, but why? He said go upstairs. Why? Won't we be trapped there? Why not down? There seems to be light outside. Upstairs. Dark. There were dolls. Or hanged people. Decoration. Torture chamber? Parallel. I stayed behind. The two went up. The train's light disintegrates flesh. I'm a robot. I am fine. The people in the train asked me what my program was. Stay at home. Look for job. The two upstairs watched from the dark. They're safe.
    2. August 21, 2012 - "Battle At Night"

      by , 08-25-2012 at 04:03 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      NOTE: Used subliminal audio 1 by ninja in DV. Jasmine tea before sleep. Reverse day recall.


      Dark. Lightning. People fighting. Super powers. A small child with super strength. A giant cross. Night. Fighitng another being with a giant cross. "I" threw the giant cross at him. After fight. Dad stays behind. "I" was unconscious for a few days. The strong woman. is there.

      Walking. Night. LRT station. Morning. Walking down the street. A school. Roman type. Architecture. Some people. Formal clothing. Yellow. Golden. Inside building. A guy in tux. Looks lost.
    3. August 1, 2012

      by , 08-24-2012 at 02:28 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Home. Aunts and uncles from Manila visits. A lot of talking. Unclear. Bathroom. Complained. Left. Rainy. Dark.
    4. Very Vague Fragment

      by , 08-12-2012 at 03:37 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was in a dark house, and the mood was kind of solemn and troubling, but nothing intense. I remember my brother being there, but that's all I can recall.

      This is sad. I used to be able to recall every dream in pretty good detail. I guess we all go through ups and downs with this stuff though, right?
      Tags: dark, house
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Night 4 + 5: Almost nothing of value..

      by , 08-08-2012 at 04:03 PM (The Nightflare Chronicles..)
      Ok, so, REALLY bad recalls recently- I've got next to nothing. I can remember a few keywords but no specific events or details.

      ***NIGHT $ FRAGMENTS***
      I'm cycling long distance; I enter an abandoned 'haunted' house with my sister (That's the odd bit; I don't actually have any siblings) and meet a bald man wandering around. We tell him to go into a cupboard and lock the door. He then goes crazy until we let him out

      ***NIGHT 5 FRAGMENTS***
      I'm walking along a cliff with my father, and we meet a man carrying a branch with strawberries hanging from it. I then find myself at an ice-cream shop, and a girl is trying to barter there. She is offering an army of rhodok soldiers (I have apparently been playing Mount & Blade too much recently) for some ice-cream, but can't afford any; I tell her that's why rhodok is no good. I'm then walking up a mountain.
      At some other point in the dream I'm in a furniture store with my cousin.

      Dream recall, why do you vex me so?
    6. Night Time Fly Time

      by , 08-06-2012 at 03:31 AM (Dimension X)
      This dream is from a while ago... I was with my parents and they said that we had to go visit someone. So we left the house, but next thing I know I'm in a big log cabin in the woods and it's night time. My parents are talking to someone. It's pretty dark inside the cabin too. At this point, I realize I'm in the dream and I go lucid. Since I'm lucid, I decide to practice hovering/light flying inside. (The log cabin itself was big, like LONG) So I was jumping like a 20 ft distance. and was like 8 ft off the ground. Almost like there was no gravity. Then my mom or dad asked "What are you doing?" and I said "Trying to fly.", and then they all laughed... Meanwhile I was floating in the air when they asked. That's all I remember from this dream.
    7. More Fragments

      by , 07-14-2012 at 02:44 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      When I woke up, I couldn't remember any dreams from last night. After a few minutes or so, I started to vaguely remember a couple fragments. It took me awhile, but I think I've managed to recall all that I can. I still can't remember any of them too clearly, but I'll write down what I can, and I'll try my best to keep them in order.

      1. This one I can remember fairly well. I was playing some sort of computer game. However, my field of vision was limited to what was on the screen (as if it were actually there in front of me rather than on a screen) - the only way video games ever seem to work properly in my dreams. It was one of those point-and-click adventure games. On the screen for the main area at the beginning, there were at least three different paths I could take. One led to an underground tunnel, one led to the basement (which was actually below the tunnel for some reason), and one, in the bottom-right corner of the screen, went to some kind of storage room or something.

      I selected the tunnel, but I couldn't continue because it was too dark, so I went to the storage room to get a lantern, which I brought back to the tunnel and just... left it there. Then, I went to the basement instead. I encountered the same problem here - it was too dark. I went back to the storage room for another lantern, but there wasn't one. I checked my inventory screen in case I had one (or anything else I could use for some light), but all I had was some milk and some other stuff I can't remember. I went back to the basement anyway and found that there was an electric light already there, so I switched it on.

      2. My mom and I were in this little convenience store. I was hungry. We were waiting for my dad and my brother to arrive so we could have supper, since the store had like a mini-restaurant area where you could order pizza and ice cream. That closed at 8 PM, and the store didn't sell any other food (what kind of convenience store doesn't sell food?!), so, when my dad and brother finally arrived, we had to go find somewhere else to eat.

      3. My friend had a giant hotdog. It looked to be about two or three feet long. She offered to share it with me, since she didn't want to eat the whole thing, but I said I didn't want any of it.

      4. This one was actually fairly clear. For some reason, I had to go find a bunch of items, like a scavenger hunt. My brother did, too, but we weren't working together; we were doing it separately. My dad somehow knew what I was supposed to be finding, so he would help me by giving me hints. I remember having to get the Stone Mask (from the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask). For some reason, it was on the living room wall, as were a bunch of other masks. I couldn't reach it because it was too high up, so I stood on the arm of the chair and reached it from there. I wish I'd realized that this wouldn't have worked IRL - in the dream, the window was a few feet to the right of where it should be, and I think the chair was a bit to the left, but, in real life, I only would've been able to reach the window, not the wall. Anyway, I got it. Wearing the mask, I went onto the deck to show my dad. He waved at me, and I told him he wasn't supposed to be able to see me while I'm wearing the Stone Mask (in Majora's Mask, it actually does make the wearer invisible).
    8. Alternate Realities and Worlds Alike

      by , 06-06-2012 at 09:18 PM
      I have 3 dreams to share, happened this past week. Been having a dry-spell til recently (practicing ADA, helps a lot).

      The Monastery Date: 6/2/12
      I was with two females. I was female myself in this dream. It was dark outside, cloudy, mucky, generally nasty looking. The two females and myself were wearing skin tight suits (not latex or anything, something along the lines of evangelion suits.). We worked with some private company or government of unknown origins. For some reason, our mission was to find some type of artifact in the Monastery (as it looked). It was a dark building with a spire and a few colored windows. While searching through the building, we must have triggered a trap because giant stone guardians we looking to fuck our shit up. We were not equipped with any weapons, thus we split up and hid. I found a nice dark corner behind a wall of glass that had vertical white plastic blinds hanging down them. I knew one was following me and smelling for me. However, on the opposite corner of the room, another one appeared and as it turned its head around, scanning the room, I ran out the nearest door and hid under a large stone table where it was dark. To my surprise, the other two females were there, though they were very battered. We called in two medics to assist us. -End-

      Plains of Clouds Date: 6/5/12
      Very strange area in my dream. The sky was overcast, yet the clouds were about 10 feet off the ground (~3 meters). I witnessed a strange phenomenon, however. The underside of the clouds were a bright, golden yellow, as if the sun was shining from underneath; the sun could not be see. People had ladders leaned against the clouds and were climbing on top of them. The clouds seemed so dense, you could walk on top of it, as if they were solid.

      Star Ocean Battleships Date: 6/6/12
      Several others and I were on some raft, like a military raft about to board onto a ship. The ships we were about to board were huge, about twice the size of a U.S. aircraft carrier. I do not know the ship class however (freighter, carrier, frigate, battleship, etc..). The ships were in front of us, one on our left and right. The ship on our right was a silver-blue with strange sails underneath the ship, as its mode of transportation. The ship on our left was red with beige lining and seemed to float like a normal ship. I could not tell whether the ships were fighting each other, or meeting face-to-face. Both seemed to sit there, about 150 meters apart. There were little islands to the north-east of the blue ship. It had small islets that you could walk on and a rocky shallow that was about a couple inches deep that bridged the mini isles. As our raft approached, a "woman of the sea" boarded our raft. I say this because she came out of the water, randomly. No one on the raft seemed to care, and she found a seat next to me. She was naked, yet beautiful. I couldn't make her out in detail because the sky was dark, filled with bright stars. Our craft landed and the crew that was with me seemed to disappear. The woman and I walked across the islands where we passed a cabin that was filled with warm light. We did not enter the cabin, for it was not ours, and we instead walked around it onto a longer stretch of island. We proceeded to have intercourse, though I do not remember what caused this to happen. It was dark and I couldn't see where she was in terms of her position atop of me. As I grabbed my genitals so I could insert into her's, I could feel her, what I presumed to be, vagina against the back of my hand. It felt accurate in detail. Then we proceeded to do what mammals do best, in terms of production.

      These dreams were semi-lucid, I could feel parts of the dream yet I had no control over them. I was not even prompted to do the reality checks because they felt natural and real, regardless of the situation. I am practicing ADA to overcome this problem.

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    9. Old dream 1

      by , 04-23-2012 at 08:41 PM
      Note that this dream contains incerdibly little lucidity and I wasn´t really lucid enough to know that i were.

      I was going to walk over to a neighbors house in the middle of the night so it was very dark and the lights were out on the sides of the walk way.
      Suddenly it struck me how scary it would be if one of the monsters from the Amnesia game appeared here and saw me!
      Since I´m in my head of course one does and here I was lucid for a few seconds before being distracted by the fact that some kind of human abomination wanted to kill me.
      Luckily though the basic mechanics of the actual game worked so when it came close I just looked the other way and he walked off.
      At my neighbors door he actually spotted me somehow and chased me around in their front yard and I managed to dodge him long enough to get indside.
      Then all of a sudden I´m in school and there´s a test in some subject that I don´t have to do and I´m like: "Yes!".

      After that I either woke up or just don´t remember anything more.
      The Amnesia game part of the dream might have occurred because I had recently discussed it.
    10. Recurring Dream: Black Cats Behind Doors

      by , 04-15-2012 at 02:43 AM
      When I was about 9-10, I used to have this recurring dream. I would be lying in a partially darkened room because I usually had a nightlight on somewhere or my blinds open. But at the time it seemed dark.

      I would dream that I had fallen asleep (which I had) with my left arm hanging off the bed. I would wake and realize something was watching me. I knew it was behind the cracked door. So, I would stare at this space behind the door.

      Out from behind this door, walked a black cat, with huge green eyes. I didn't have such a cat at the time. He would seem friendly and casually walk towards. When he was just beneath my arm, he would lunge and attack my arm.

      I would wake up.

      This dream occurred for months. It happened the same way, every time.
    11. *Smbdy. had died and I was crafted with a dog's DNA

      by , 03-16-2012 at 04:05 PM
      This is all a dream I had this night.
      1: Smbdy had died and I was half human
      Walking up the streets with A-T, not talking much.
      "You know, I was glad it happened with you." I said, referring to her and the rest of the "flock"*, as in, her IRL friends. And saying that, I was actually subcon. quoting something she had said to me earlier IRL.
      *False memory- Me and the rest of us, as in A-T and some of her friends, had been made into part human part dog, as in Maximum Ride where the characters are 2% avian.
      change of scene
      My friends and a couple o' their new friends were gathered at a kind of wood montage at a hill. We were mourning, especially me. I was not only mourning, inside me was a aching empty black hole, wondering how I could go on in life. If there ever was more for me. How could this be possible? It can't be possible. Please no.
      Smbdy had died, *** had went gone. Gone. Maybe in a car crash or some accident. But it just couldn't be true.¨
      A friend of mine, M., that has no real connection with smbdy ran off, up in a three. And I was the one to go after her. She cried, and it was something about boy she'd liked before, Choco we call him. And I had to bring her back up from her sobs, and to get together with the rest.
      No one agonized with my pain, or even knew how much I was suffering.

      Later in the dream, I was having a presentation before a gathering of my class. They were circled around me and the powerpoint. My teacher were writing notes on how good I did. The presentation was in aftermath.. There I stood, sobbing in my words, having nothin' to really come to say about it. It was tough.

      2: Curling iron
      My mommy had invented a curling iron, and she said that just one curl on one of the sides of the hair was just perfect. But that's what I already have, I thought.

      3: E. and N. "Have a clue what I dreamt?"
      Me and N. and E. (my old best friend) was standing in the end of the hall with wardrobes in my school. I lent towards the window. N. was standing to my right, seemingly behind a window, outside, yet I could hear him speaking. E. was standing on the other side of the entrance, in front of me.
      I decided to test 'em a bit, I think.
      "Have a clue what I have dreamt?" I mouthed, looking at N. in a side glance.
      "Wha?" he asked, looking at me dumbly.
      "Know what I dreamt?" E. said shortly. He had understood. I was not shocked, but a very lesser degree of it. More like accomplishment.

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    12. Shades, figthing and losing.

      by , 03-15-2012 at 06:06 PM
      Okay, so I had many dreams this night. Glad I didn't forget 'em...
      Two where fighting for my life, and two fragments of other stuff..

      is it scary the first time you wild?-zeldacopydreamwolf.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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      1: The dark wolf
      I was in a desert, with a dog, a labrador retriever I think. There was some grass there, and a tower. I went up in that tower. And I think this is where fragment One belongs, but I'm not sure. I might aswell had started outside the tower and the desert, and then went in.
      Cause remembering now, I went downwards.
      There were kinds of birds there, that wanted to attack me. I think they were supposedly Zelda inspired, though I hadn't played it in a long time. They couldn't reach me as I went downward, as my dream-logic said that since they were birds they could not fly down.
      When I got to the bottom of the tower, I stepped out in a patch of grass. The dream kinda led me forwards.
      (memory;There had been somekind of time-lapse effect in the tower, so I had been in that exact time and place, and I knew that we had been attacked.)
      We= a labrador, me, and possibly a werewolf (if that also weren't me)
      A black wolf was attacking us. The lab and something important. But all in all I think it was after me.
      The labrador came to my rescue as I struggled with the monstrous dark wolf. It had point fur, yellow, shiny round eyes, and long, white claws. The labrador came into the scene in a glorious, hero scene. It jumped on the back part of the wolf and bit. It left red, sore marks in a circle on the wolf's waistline. The wolf quickly shook the loyal dog of.
      And then it came back on me. I remember seeing a brown male were-wolf with ripped pants and a four or six pack on it's stomach. It was human like, with hockey-hair in a darker more complete shade of brown.
      I don't know if the were-wolf was me, some part of me say yes, some part says prob. not. I saw the wolf in a third person view, so maybe I had already lost the fight.
      I am very certain, at least, that in some point in the fight, the wolf won.

      2: The hall
      I was in the hall. Maybe this was on the top of the tower. Maybe the tower was like a collection of dreams I was scheduled to enter this night
      The hall was kind off set up like a mirror hall, just with no mirrors. The walls had golden list-work on the top and bottom. The floor were tiled, I think, but not white. The walls were beautiful, I think, the light and the setting
      But that's not important.
      My parents were kinda outside of the scene, but they were there, back a fence, as miniature figures in my vision.
      A shadow figure is fighting me. I never get to see his face, once I see a glimpse of his hair, as if his shadow slipped for a moment. It is dark oak brown.
      I am spawned behind a fence in the hall once, so that the fence was between me and him. I tried to get back to enter the intense fight again. For some reason I really felt like I HAD to fight him, that I must. I couldn't get past the little fence, as in a video game. Midna (from Zelda; Twilight Princess) appeared by my shoulder and teleported me back to him. Midna was like half the size of myself, and a little rounder.
      And the fight went on.
      In dreams, I usually go on unfrightened. But this one really scared me. Especially when the knifes was brought up, from a wase on a little table or something. He threw them at me, but I managed to duck, and I threw them at him. I think I might got hit by something once or twice during the dream, but didn't really recognize. At all times I was afraid that he would hit me, instead of me hitting him. I was afraid it would hurt, afraid he would win.
      I shouted for help, and my mom and dad came after being confused for a bit. They seemed very distant, and un-understanding. They took some spoons and carried them outside of the scene again.
      I ran and reached for some sharp knifes on the floor, and picked them up. Shadowman was after me, but I got up and spun a 180 before he could touch me. His final brick was laid when I threw them in his shoulder. They hung on in his flesh. I think there might have been four or five, even seven, sharp steel knifes in his left shoulder. . He didn't bleed. He didn't moan in agony, or scream as if in intense pain. He stood there, and lifted his right arm to reach them and drag them out. This was about the time I won, he died.

      Short Dream 1: Party
      My brother was going to a party in a trunk.
      I didn't know why.
      Also, outside my bedroom window, I could see a corner of a pool. Thats where the party was held.
      I was held outside, as in, I weren't allowed to join.

      Short Dream 2:Chocolate and Actor ranking.
      Me and a friend (N.) was going down to a cafeteria at my school. N. was going to buy something, and I was going to buy another friend of mine (A.) chocolate. Me and N. went down. They sold converse shoes there, and I was determent to try some on.
      We tried blue ones (the ones everyone have..) and it turned out I had bigger feet than him. I felt like I was really, chunky footed, .. And then we bought the food ad went outside the store.
      After a while I discovered I was still wearing the blue converse. I was starting to panic. Didn't I buy them? I had no memory of buying those, almost not even being in the store. I checked my pocked to see if my 100dollar bill was still there, or if I'd used them on buying the shoes. They were still there. I checked if I was carrying a check-out note or something, but I couldn't find something. I was too embarassed to go back to the store (yep, u heard me) so I went home, confessing to family.
      ... At another scene with my friends we were walking down a road outside. A. said said that the teachers were ranking the actors for our school-play from 1-3. (as in 1 best, 3 worst)
      "And what am I?" I asked, feeling like pushing it.
      There was a short, but noticeable awkward hesitation among the gang.
      "You, you're 4." said G.
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. The Green Rooms

      by , 02-18-2012 at 08:40 PM
      I run into my ex-girlfriend. She is walking so fast I have a hard time keeping up. I ask if she is avoiding me. She says yes. I say one more thing and then leave her alone.

      A series of rooms. In each one, there is a challenge involving fighting (or possibly fishing) before the next door will open. More than one room has a stream with eels. A lot of these rooms are quite large and have natural type features- streams, animals, trees, plants, etc. The room I'm in now has giants. The lights go out. Fighting in the dark is difficult and scary.

      I journaled in my dreams again, so I missed writing down the other part of my dream because I thought I'd already written it. I've forgotten it now. I hate when that happens.
    14. Harry Potter, Love Triangles, Fire Goddesses ... and a Lot of Other Crazy Stuff

      by , 02-15-2012 at 01:20 PM
      Wow, one of the most detailed dreams I’ve had in a while…

      It’s one of those dreams where it’s like, I’m kind of watching it but I’m sort of a part of it also. I don’t know, it’s confusing. So, I’m supposedly watching a Harry Potter movie or something. There’s some part where Harry Potter is standing on this big stone wall and looking around, and he’s talking with this guy in a yellow raincoat. But that seems to be the only part that’s actually about Harry Potter.

      Then it switches to some subplot about some love triangle thing. Like, there’s this goddess lady and her husband is cheating on her with this other lady. So like, the three of them are in a bunk bed. The goddess is sitting on the bottom bunk, while her husband is making out with his girlfriend on the top bunk. So, the goddess lady gets super pissed and catches the house on fire with her mind powers. And her husband is all like, “Oh no! My beautiful mansion!” And she’s like, “I’m going to burn this whole house down unless you come down here right now and make sweet love to me!” And he’s like, “Uh … no.” Then he and his girlfriend jump out of the top bunk and run away.

      The goddess lady is very angry about this and jumps out of her bed, too, and starts chasing them. I’m chasing after them, I guess, but I’m not really a part of the story. The goddess also has a younger sister apparently, and she starts running around with all of them, too. She has this magical glowing purple dress, and it’s the only way they can all find their way around in the dark. So, I’m going after them but then I lose track of them and go into some random room, where I run into Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. And somehow I know that the house is full of “Alice in Wonderland” characters, and that they were supposed to be kept in captivity but now the goddess lady has freed them all. So, it’s absolute mayhem and whatnot.

      I run out of the room and across the hall to this other room, and go inside. At this point the dream seems to change plots or something. Basically, there are all these people in the room throwing toys at each other. The whole floor is absolutely covered in toys. And somehow, I know I’m supposed to join in. So, I go to one side of the room and start throwing toys at the people on the opposite side of the room. I’m standing behind this dollhouse for protection, but it falls down. Then I find this plastic Pegasus toy, which I used to have when I was younger. Just like in real life, its wings are always falling off. Only the dream version of the toy is much more complicated and the wings have like, multiple parts. And I can’t find all the parts to put it back together again.

      Maybe another dream? Or just another part? I’m at this My Little Pony fan club, and I have this miniature figure of Sweetie Belle that I’m playing with. I’m sitting at a table with some other girls and we’re all talking about the ponies and which ones are our favorites, etc. We get into a conversation about some robot pony that doesn’t actually exist on the real show… (I knew it was only a matter of time before I started having My Little Pony dreams.)

      Another part, or another dream maybe … I go into my grandparents’ house while they’re on vacation. I go upstairs and open the attic door. I notice that the stairs are suddenly different; they’ve been replaced with this blue, spiraling staircase. And I’m like, “Huh, that’s new.” Well, then I call upstairs for their cat, because I know she likes to hang out up there. I hear her meowing and she comes running eagerly down the stairs. I pick her up and start petting her, and I take her downstairs to the first floor.

      When I get downstairs, I find that my grandparents have gotten back from their vacation and are sitting in the living room. My uncle is with them. He starts this conversation with me about all these stupid books he’s been reading. But I haven’t read any of them so I’m just like, “Uh huh…”

      Then I have to go, so I go outside. I step right onto my college campus. I realize I have to go pick up a package, so I head towards the mail room. But, then I realize I don’t have my wallet, which has my I.D. card and other such important things in it. And I figure I must have left it in my grandparents’ house, so I try to go back there.

      And, that’s all I can remember.
    15. 17th January 2012

      by , 02-13-2012 at 01:05 AM
      Last Nights Dreams
      Dream 1

      I'm in a long, dark hallway and I realise I'm dreaming, I don't have any controll I just realise I'm dreaming.
      There are doors on both sides of the hallway, I look through the glass panels in the doors as I pass them, I'm looking to see what's in the rooms but it's just dull and I can't see a lot atall. I carry on walking down and I say to myself "I'm dreaming" this is just so I don't loose lucidity. I now come to the end of the long hallway and there is another long hallway leading left and another leading to my right. I can see a small group of people to my left, a woman and 2 men. I again say to myself "it's just a dream" I look about and it's still dull, this is now really frustrating me. I try to open my eyes wider but it doesn't help and it's still dull.
      I decide to go down the hallway to my right and I think "this is mad because I'm dreaming and I know it!!" ((it still amazes me every time lol)) I walk along the hallway on my right and try the doors but they are all locked. I now peer through the glass again and I can just make out that there are chairs in there. I carry on walking and then I wake up.

      Dream 2

      I get sleep paralysis again. I wake up and have the "swooshing" noise in my head and my head feels all fuzzy, this is sometimes scary but I have no choice but to go through with it. I shut my eyes and it feels like I am going 200mph. I can't remember what dream it threw me into so prob just a normal one.
      Again I wake with sleep paralysis then go back to sleep, then I get it again then wake up out of it, then I get it again it's an amazing feeling I love having it but sometimes it can be scary but that's very rare for me now
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