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    1. Escape TO Hell!

      by , 07-22-2014 at 08:20 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      A friend and I are chased out of a Tibetan village by angry men trying to kill me with rocks and sticks. We run down a trail through the woods, straight into an old WWII tank, shooting directly at us. The tank shots don't go through big trees, but get stuck inside, and then explode, completely obliterating the trees. The same happens with rocks that we try to hide behind. We turn and run through more of the forest, off of any trail. Two people on a dirt bike are riding through the woods opposite of us, and 100ft to our right. I quickly drop to the ground so they don't see us, but they do. The person on the back of the dirt bike has a fully automatic rifle, and what appears to be lots of ammo.

      We take cover behind some huge trees. I can see through one of the trees, and notice the rifle being aimed directly at me through the tree. So I crouch down as a bullet grazes my back, burning and tearing some of my skin off as it passes. This motivates me strongly to find safety from all this chaos. My friend and I run to a rope-bridge that crosses a large chasm, but soon find that we are now surrounded, people who want us dead on both sides of the bridge.

      I kneel down, and draw a symbol I've never seen before, looking mostly like a 4. As I draw it, I say something about "We will be safe". It glows a bit. I trace it again, saying the same words, and it glows more. I repeat that a third time, semi-aware that we will be shot in a matter of seconds here on the bridge. The symbol glows brightly, radiating light all over, and I am immediately transported to Hell!

      Standing on an invisible energy floor in the middle of a ring of gnarly floating rocks, glowing red and on fire, this whole mass just floats far above what looks like the ground level. Lots of other flaming / glowing rocks float around, most are massive, the size of multiple cruise liners. There are stone bridges and passageways leading from one to the other. I feel safe here, because I doubt any of my attackers would actually go to hell, even if it was just to kill me.

      I seem to be alone in Hell, no one else around. All I hear is flames, and the creaking of really hot rocks. It all looks quite amazing. I walk down a rock staircase to a lower level, and find myself face to face with a massive demon. About 15 times my height, very thin, his feet and hands are massive blades, and he appears to be completely composed of strong metal. He steps on me, cleaving me in two rather effortlessly. Instead of dying, I find myself in one piece again nearby this same beast. Mostly still feeling happy to be free from those people shooting at me, I'm not afraid of this demon at all. Sensing this, he walks away disappointed. I walk along a rock path, either side of which is a vast expanse of molten rock, glowing bright orange and yellow, gently undulating as it flows around. I come across another giant demon beast. This one looks like a combination of a pit-bull, the incredible hulk, and a giant boulder with massive spikes on it. This demon is bulging with muscles and thick, rough skin, mostly black, but glowing red in the creases. Kind of the texture of a massive tree with big chunky tree bark. He has big spikes on his shoulders, and lots of pointy fangs, sort of drooling as he growls at me. Since I went to hell to be safe, I'm not afraid of him. He charges me, and I just watch to see what happens. He bites me, eating the top half of my body. Everything goes black for a bit, then I re-materialize right in front of him again, just watching curiously. He too gets discouraged and leaves. They seem to only enjoy mauling me when I'm afraid.

      I explore around a bit, taking in the massive mountains of glowing spikey rocks, and rivers of magma. The whole ambiance of this place is a rather soothing red/orange/yellow color. I find it pleasing to my eyes.

      I then wake up to my room being only a degree or two below body temperature, and I've sweat through everything. A similar temperature perception to the dream.
    2. Building Bridges

      by , 06-04-2014 at 06:11 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      March 17, 2014

      My family and I were on a long road trip; I can't remember where we were headed, though. I only really remember one part of this dream; we were driving through a wooded area in the mountains, and suddenly the road lead us to a bridge that had broken away years ago. We were stumped for a while, but we found a pile of good lumber nearby; it looked like people had been getting ready to rebuild the bridge but has suddenly stopped, leaving all the lumber there years ago. It was old lumber, gray, but still good and strong.

      So we rebuilt the bridge. Bob, Erik and I did the work while mom and dad tried to find people or a place to stay for the night in case we didn't finish in time.

      The scenery was really vivid, but hard for me to describe;
      it was wooded mountains (it reminded me of Mirkwood forest from the Hobbit) like I said before, but at the same time it was also a bit like a desert mountain with lots of spikes of red rock and arches under which the road wound.
    3. Dragon Bridge - Encounter

      by , 05-28-2014 at 09:23 AM
      In all my life, I can recall two dreams about dragons. The first was in childhood and the dragon was something more like Godzilla. The second is the following dream I had a few months ago and neglected to post to Dream Views.

      I was walking across an abandoned bridge. It was clearly abandoned as there were broken down cars and a number of makeshift shanty homes on it. It was day light and the sky was bright but completely overcast. I didn't see a single person on the bridge. As I walked along the bridge I looked over the edge. Below, on the shore was a forest and more shack-like homes. I saw this rouge-ish looking woman with red hair standing with a rugged looking man.

      They spotted me and started anxiously motioning to something in the woods behind them. Out from the woods, crawling on all fours was an enormous gray dragon. Around its neck was a frill of flesh like a lizard. It was around the size of a full sized bus. As soon as I got a clear view of it, I took off running further down the bridge.

      I recall thinking, "I doubt it can make it up here quickly." It looked too massive for much speed and it wasn't walking particularly fast. I got to section of the bridge that actually had multi-story apartment-like buildings. I ran to it, turned the corner, and hid behind a cement support column. I thought I lost it. I waited a few moments and peaked around the column.

      Rounding the corner, completely silently was the dragon. It was opening its mouth, which looked like an enormous black beak. Its eyes were black with some white showing and it looked intelligent. An enormous burst of flames came steaming out of its mouth directly at me. It was a furious fire filled with wind. The wind generated by the breath, apart from the fire seemed dangerous and absurdly powerful.

      I pulled back in time to avoid the flames but the cement column I was standing behind was breaking apart like cheap plaster.

      I suddenly had the sense that I was not just confronting a dragon. But something very evil. Perhaps even the devil. The fire was still blasting past me. Some strength started building inside me. I felt the power to strike back even though I was unarmed.

      I looked into my right hand and concentrated. A black energy started to draw inward to a single point in the center of my palm. An energetic black sphere started to form. It grew to about the size of baseball.

      As soon as the fire stopped, I leaned out from around the corner and threw the black fireball as hard as I could directly at the dragons face. It exploded with such force the dragons head violently flung backwards and it made an expression of shock. I took off running into the apartment complex. I came to a wood door which I entered and locked behind me. The door lock was very old fashioned, and weak. I looked around and was in a run down bathroom. I could hear the dragon forcing its way into the hall way. The flimsy wooden door trembled with its footsteps. I recall thinking, if it can smell me in here I am caught for sure.

      -Then I woke up.

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    4. The newborn

      by , 05-18-2014 at 01:18 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../after some activity I cannot remember, I get into a police station in the middle of a road. It has been a long time since I don't see those uniforms and stuff. I take a look around, refreshing my memories. It feels weird. It's daylight and we are walking together with some other people. We are in our old school suits.

      It's a tiny town after the police station. An elderly couple gets out from a house and have some discussion with us. Somebody says something like "You are not going to dream with your mother!" which sounded like an insult to the couple. We decide to go elsewhere. The couple follow us. They seem to be pissed off. We start moving quick to let them behind. There's a river and a small bridge structure. Some of the guys run along the river. I go through the bridge and get to a big house where a lot of my half brothers gathered for some reason. I don't know many of them. It's an heterogeneous mass of people. I understand this place as "the other side".

      There's a stand of electronics next to the house door. Two guys work there. I want to know where can I buy some electronic stuff to work with, I explain because of I couldn't find a proper store in this land. They tell me the name of a market, which real counterpart has nothing to do with electronics. I follow their instructions and get to a known place where I was before. I see a line of students buying some components. Somebody shows me some electronic stuff which looks more fanciful than useful. Now I know where I can find some components and stuff.

      I see a woman getting out from a house walking together with a priest, there's something with some pictures and his insinuation. I follow them, and see them getting into a near door. Then I get under the bridge. I see some stairs and go up when a group of delinquents gets closer. One of the guys shows me a piece of leather with a long nail in the middle. Pretending to slap somebody with it. The other one shows me his hand holding a piece of glass. I kick his hand with a fast movement and the piece of glass cuts his neck, I see a big cut and some blood flowing out from it. He got scared, covers it with the other hand and goes away. The other one follows him with a look of consternation in his eyes. I wonder if I'm in trouble.

      I get out from the bridge and get to the upper side of the big house. I can see the fields from above. It's a nice view when one of my sisters gives birth a baby on the terrace. We help her to hold the baby. It's all covered with blood, we clean it with paper for architectural drawings. Somebody says in the background it's the best way to clean a newborn. The baby can talk like a 3 or 4 y.o. kid. I don't like how it looks doing that, then I argue that it should babble in stead. It smiles in an evil manner which reminds me my little daughter when she pretends to be a witch.

      One of my older sisters says something about their last name. I remember another one and ask about its origin when some aunts tell me to shut up with an aggressive/scared gesture. I understand what was going on all the time I lived with them, and why we didn't get to know much about the other side of the family/...

      * Alarm clock went off.
      * I'm building a more consistent dreamscape map.
      * Some old dreams fragments come to my mind when I think about the market.
    5. Attempted Murder Under the Bridge

      by , 01-01-2014 at 06:26 PM
      I was with an older man who wished to show me something on an island of some sort in a truly abandoned and isolated territory with lots of vegetation and uneven ground. Large rocks...streams...and nature basically.He had me convinced with the sound of adventure to tag along.
      I recall myself having the appearance of a boy with short, dark hair. I followed him through pathways, in which collapsed afterwards. It made me uneasy, but he assured me it will be okay.
      This adventure had to do with some sort of treasure-hunt I believe, and there were traps involved...or more like hostile creatures. Over a streaming river, I followed him towards the bottom of a bridge and crouched down into that compartment with him. He told me to stay leaned flat against the walls.

      That made sense when a whole ton of wasps/hornets came flying with large stingers darting towards us, only to hit a stone wall. He stated that their speed prohibits them from controlling their direction. I peered up at the bridge and saw a flashing red light, only to realize it was a bomb. He told me to wait there...but no, I couldn't. I believed the bomb would destroy the whole place and kill us all. My family was here too. I darted out rebelliously and somehow knew another route in which wasn't blocked. He went after me, but not in a run or anything. Just a moderate walking speed. I lifted up a piece of wood as a ramp and used it to climb up, then dashed to my family by the cars in which should have been boats to me.

      I told them we needed to leave. Leave before the bomb set off, and leave before that guy came after me again. For some reason, he gave me unease.
      Of course, my family was slow and when we got into the car, he was at their window...I believe he got a ride in one of the cars, and I knew I failed miserably.
    6. The Bridge and Car Rides

      by , 11-26-2013 at 02:51 PM (My Dream Journey)
      My first dream I remembered wasn't a nightmare. It had nightmarish qualities. I was walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. Fog everywhere. Then the bridge started to wobble and pitch. I grabbed for support. I knew I had to make it across so I sprinted across. One of the "waves" of the bridge hit me up. I was falling through the air. I woke up after that. Last nights dream was about a car ride with my friend. My other friends were in the car. He dropped them all off at my friend's house. I was about to get out of the car when Kegan (the person driving) said to stay in. He was taking me home. We talked about hiim and the others not liking me and said I should find new friends. I've had this problem in the real world as well. This journal is open to analysis.
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    7. Flying Zsuzsanna Down From a Bridge in Winter

      by , 11-24-2013 at 05:24 PM
      Morning of November 24, 2013. Sunday.

      My wife and I are on a large, old brick bridge with arches, seemingly running north and south and likely in Wisconsin. It is very cold and in the middle of winter (although in real life here, it is unbearably warm). I make it so that the large winter jacket I am wearing goes around her so that she is able to put her right arm through the right sleeve while my right hand holds her left hand (my left arm still being in the left sleeve). We are then “wearing the same jacket” and also embrace so that we are fully inside the jacket after zipping it up effortlessly. After a short time, we slowly float down from the bridge onto the iced-over surface of a lake or river. There is a feeling of great love and joy. There seems to be a vague plan to eventually see my best friend Toby T as we go north into the city and we sort of half-walk, half-float to get there.
    8. Evil Clay, Murder Squid

      by , 11-09-2013 at 04:06 PM
      Original journal entry dated Feb. 9th 2002:

      I had another bizarre dream last night. In it, M and A were going to a college in California, and they were driving there. I was going to a college in Michigan, and bummed because I couldn't go with my friends. My mother and her boyfriend were going to a casino somewhere. Anyway, M and A, instead of using a map, rolled up a little ball of clay and gave it a face. It would shout directions at them and tell them how to get where they wanted. But it was EVIL. And its strength came from mirrors. So at one point, they smashed every mirror in the hotel room trying to kill it. But it WOULDN'T DIE! And they'd given my mother one of them, too. As for myself, I had stayed home trying to figure out how I could follow my friends, but they showed up at my house saying that they hadn't been able to get to California. And then my mother and her boyfriend came home.

      Original entry dated Feb. 1st, 2002:
      Regarding several dreams taking place over a period of time:

      Dream #1:
      I dreamed about a vampire who was actually a large anthropomorphic lion, only he kept falling into lava and coming back to life. And I dreamed that I was at the Russian Olympic games, where one of the sports was to swing around a pole and see how far one could vault into the water. This feat was performed by 6 foot tall 8-year-olds. I sat in the bleachers, only I didn't have a ticket, so when they came around looking at peoples' tickets, I forged one and tried to remain inconspicuous.

      Dream #2:
      I dreamed that we were in a car trying to cross a bridge, which was actually a large ramp across a channel - you accelerated and then flew through the air and landed on the other side - but we kept crashing and dying.

      Then I was on an ocean-liner with my aunt, and there was a murderer loose, and he would claim his next victim by slashing them on the thumb a day or two before he killed them. And my aunt got a slash on her thumb, so then she was really scared, and then my finger turned into a squid, so we all became vegetarians because we could no longer stand the sight of shrimp.
    9. Wooden Bridge Mishap of a Friend

      by , 09-18-2013 at 03:18 PM
      The following is a formal rewrite of a 2013 online dream journal entry with added supplementation on Tuesday, 14 August 2018.

      Wooden Bridge Mishap of a Friend

      Morning of September 18, 2013. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 4 min 58 sec. Readability score: 63.

      My dream contains features, in a typical composite, from two recurring settings that always vary, as do all settings. One has the appearance of an area in Wisconsin near Chipmunk Coulee (where I lived as a child), and the other is a partial model of the fishing pier in El Jobean, Florida (pictured above). It is inherently a model of subliminal dream state awareness. It is caused by deliberately entering into the dream state with lucidity and expectancy, the setting being a manifestation of this process, but losing the essence of the consciously aware self on the other side of liminal space, though while still maintaining the thread of dream state awareness and wonder if only subliminally. Its foundation is from the Enchanted Forest from Harvey Comics.

      The wooden bridge in this dream is a deliberate form of both dream state induction and potential exit upon which the basis is the vestibular system correlation of the otherwise illusory dream body. It stems from the concept of crossing over into a different level of consciousness while maintaining the balance of illusion and elevation from the real physical body. As with a porch, it is one of the most common buffers as such. This reactive representation developed from before I could read and write.

      Part of an offset dream before returning to the induction point involves me hand-washing about five darker pairs of my socks in the Loomis Street house in Wisconsin. (This is a subliminal thread of awareness that I am not wearing socks in my sleep.) I think that I will travel north. I have a familiar idea that I have had in many previous dreams - that I will fly about and live and sleep in the trees and fly around mostly only at night in a cloak or bed sheet. The false memory of paying $15.00 a month to live with undesirable males does not appeal to me.

      Eventually, I become aware that I will be exploring the Enchanted Forest with Rick, a friend from Chicago during my young-adult years in La Crosse. As we approach the wooden bridge, I see that it does not seem suitable for cars, as the wood is thin plywood. It also does not seem wide enough for cars and people to cross at the same time. I am aware, though, that they are probably still working on building or repairing the bridge at this time and the plywood is only temporary.

      Rick and I jog over the first sections and curves, heading east to the wondrous place, but there is concern from Rick that cars may be approaching from behind us from the west, though I do not see or hear any. I move along confidently, running over an area where a small section of wood is missing near the railing to my right. It is about as wide as a person’s waist, big enough to fall through if not paying attention. I soon realize, though, that Rick may not see it if he is not watching where he is going. Sure enough, when he reaches the small open area, he falls through to the ground below only a moment before I start to warn him, about twenty feet, immediately beginning to scream and moan in pain. For a short time, I think about going on by myself, especially as I am aware of a farm below where people may help him.

      I look through the gap to see that Rick had picked up the section of plywood that had fallen from the bridge a few days ago. He uses it to saw off the tail from a dog that is watching a flock of sheep. I feel embarrassed by his act as I see an unknown woman approaching him (from the east) to see what is going on. I consider that he will get into trouble. However, she does not seem concerned about the dog. I ask Rick several times if he had broken his leg, but I do not get a clear answer. Eventually, I reach down, and with the help of the woman, we manage to get him back up through the hole. At this point, the distance to the ground seems only about six feet, despite the view from moments before, when it was a very long distance down.

      He sits down to rest to look at his leg. I become annoyed that my dream may end before we get to the more secluded area that has beautiful scenery as well as healing energy. (This is interesting, as my dream self is not lucid.) There may also be treasures there. The left side of his left knee, by the kneecap, comes off in four or five smaller ceramic-like pieces that he turns around in his hand with a slight concern. I am not sure if we will be going to the hospital from that point when my dream fades.

      Most of what is in this dream is from autoscripting, developed over a lifetime, though which remains primarily subliminal after moving beyond liminal space. Unfortunately, people who believe in “dream interpretation” seem incapable of understanding that, so I will explain some threads here.

      Rick’s entry into my dream is a factor of the continuous persistence of dream state indicators (the subliminal, liminal, or lucid awareness of being asleep and in the dream state). For several months, one of the only status updates on his Facebook timeline was “Rick is going to the mattresses,” including a few times on the date of this dream. That was from updates from a Facebook game he played a lot. It is, of course, a play on going to sleep and dreaming of which I could not block once going beyond liminal space to a point beyond where viable lucidity could exist. Therefore, “Rick is going to the mattresses” was unintentionally part of the autoscripting, and his appearance resulted, not as the usual preconscious avatar but as a projection of my dream self. (The woman who helped him up through the hole was the preconscious avatar in this case.) I am often aware of what is scripting my dreams in real time, though without viable lucidity.

      The cutting off of the dog’s tail is from an induction affirmation, “I am made of the healthiest energies in the universe.” It unintentionally stemmed from “puppy dogs’ tails…that’s what little boys are made of.” His left knee being ceramic is a reminder that the physicality of the dream state is illusory. (Left is associated with the direction of sleep induction and dreaming, as I most often sleep on my left side.) It also ties in with one of my first recalled dreams about a ceramic chicken. In real life, the healing of Zsuzsanna’s right knee (beyond medical possibility) had been the result of healing affirmations and, by her belief, my presence (and us finally meeting). It all fits even as a typical distortion, as my original companion on the induction bridge was Brenda, who was proven to have been a stand-in for Zsuzsanna. In childhood dreams, I deliberately (for drama and adventure) fell from the bridge, landing in a prehistoric world, though there were many resets and alternate versions of that series that I used for years.

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    10. Three Lines

      by , 09-04-2013 at 01:49 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Sept. 3, 2013

      Chowking, a fastfood resto. I was ordering food from our hometown. I was going out with a bunch of people near the beach.

      There's a line of tables and chairs for eating. The left side is for straight guys, the middle line is for gays, and the one on the right is for girls. I was going around, talking to everyone and anyone, but I think only with the straight guys. 'Fran?'

      I was near the beach, elevated a few meters above the sea level. A calamansi plant grew on the salty waters near the cemented elevation (reminds me of the bridge in our hometown). It grew tall and reached a little beyond the elevation, but I heard or knew that the taste is bitter.
    11. Where souls live

      by , 09-01-2013 at 06:20 PM
      Date: 31st Aug

      Pre bed: 200mg valerian, calcium&magnesium

      Total sleep time: 7 1/2 hrs

      Comments: The night started not so well, as our guest was leaving and traveling in the middle of the night. No, we are not vampires.

      Early mini-ld fragment (+2hrs): I am in our family friends' building, it is dark at night and I am running from the thought of something like an alien that can't be beaten up. As I go up the stairs, the last floor keeps on changing. I become lucid but still involved with the dream, I try to figure a way out of the situation. Our family friends (she and him) also appear up there and there are some thoughts of realization? about them and talking. She then says something rude to me that I wonder how to post on DV.

      I wake up, still holding the memory of the dream in my mind, at that time fully accessible, but I soon fall asleep. I am woken up by our guest's alarm and we all get up, I have a very hard time falling asleep later. I go into unmemorable sleep for hours.

      Fragment: I am angry and break a coffee cup

      Fragment: I think I was trying to hook to a dream since I recall doing some repetitive movements in the scene and then the dream fading and I briefly acknowledge this in bed.

      Pre ld fragment: I am about the witness a heartbreaking family reunion scene

      Pre ld dream: We are in the tram/bus and this woman gives us some brochures with specific info about a female criminal. Nobody knows what this is about just me and my friend. Later on, I am in our old place and want to discuss the stuff with possibly my mom. However, before I do that, a classmate of mine gets me alone in another room, insisting to know what's this all about. I tell him I have no idea and get out the room. I see that he has some spy sound amplifying equipment and I go to my room and look for a some paper to write to mom that he is listening to us. He is also lurking behind the door. I grab a notebook and try to hide it from him.

      LD: I am on the street in front of our old home and as I look around, realize this is a dream. I decide I would try to speed fly down the street. I take off and fly at high speed, but the street is not quite straight and I initially have difficulty taking a turn and get off track, then do a bit of maneuvering slightly similar to turning while swimming and am fast flying on the street again. It feels great but the only problem now is I move faster than my expectations so it's a bit uncertain what's in front of me. The street changes to facilitate that and now all I can see is trees on both sides moving closer together and I aim to fly straight in the center of all this.

      I slow down, pass through the trees and end up facing something like a lake in the middle of an unknown neighborhood. I briefly wonder whether this would count for summon for the competition. There are houses and buildings to the left. I fly over the lake, feeling as if I am running out of fuel and try to land near the houses/buildings. There is a tall wall that separates them from the lake and I am looking for the right spot. I barely make it to the top of the wall with flying near a house that I like. I take a moment to relax and think about my next steps. The place where I have landed is not part of the wall anymore, but is the top of some structure, as if I am sitting on a chimney. I also perceive this thought as the image of the shadow of me on top of this place, right in front of me. The idea that I get rid of my human shape and jump/float ahead comes to mind.

      Before I do anything, I take a look around and see that now am standing on an old bridge where there are the remains of large elephant statues in Indian style as part of the structure. They are extremely beautiful, decorations carved in the stone. I look at another one in front of me and see a date 1995, try to memorize it and as I stare at it the 5 changes into 7. I feel it's not a very good idea to keep staring like this as this may destabilize the dream. I remember CL's tech of boosting dream vividness and want to do that and enhance stability as well. I turn around and now there is a small elephant statue in front of me, so I run fingers on its surface and pat the stone a few times.

      Right behind the elephant statue is a street that leads to a small plaza with yet another magnificent statue that I am not sure of what but there is an element that looks like wings with bits of gold on the edges/wing waves. There are lots of kids on the street, I notice they are dark skinned, assume they are Indian. A little girl with short hair and present day clothes comes to me and I decide I will engage in a conversation with her and concentrate as much as possible on that and her features (as if rl). She looks at me smiling, one of the happiest DCs I have ever seen. There is something about that little girl which fills me with both joy and sadness and I ask her "Is this where souls live?", she says yes and goes on that I also live here with her and shows me a building (perhaps close to Italian city style) to my right. She says we live together on the first floor. I am not sure I like living on the first floor, but accept this at the moment as I am very curious to see where I live.

      The dream ends and I find myself in bed, contemplating whether to try a DEILD but my nose itches plus I am not very sure I want to mess up this memory. Time to wake up...

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    12. Adventure date vs the linear guild

      by , 08-29-2013 at 08:33 PM
      I was walking around in a city with a girl (that I know IRL), we were friends and had decided to go exploring. But it eventually became more of an adventure date.

      I remember us walking across this huge dark concrete bridge, seeing skyscrapers in the distance.

      We passed by a small trapdoor that read "XS (as in extra small) storage". The girl shuddered and explained she once had to hide in one of these that was on a train. She had done that since she didn't had a ticket, she said it was horribly crammed and one of her worst experiences ever.

      We walked across the bridge and ended up walking past an old abandoned mining complex. We decided to explore it, even though we knew it was illegal, and climbed across the fence that surrounded it. The place were painter mostly in grey, and with large 2-3 storage buildings. I remember the terrain was that of a desert.

      But when I entered there I ran into Nale, from the linear guild! It is a fictional character from a online comic called "order of the stick". We talked about something, and it ended with him attacking and killing me while I was trying to protect the girl.

      But then I loaded a previous save and returned to the point when I just met Nale! For some reason I saw the world with an UI like Dragon age 2! (probably because I was playing the game the entire other day :p) Like in DA 2 I got several choices of what to do, and I managed to choose the one that allowed me to talk my way through the situation. I don't remember what I said, but he replied "well played!" and summoned me to follow him into the building. He then called for Thog, another member of the linear guild, and he came. He was grumpy and complaining and pushed past all of us.
    13. Narrow Bridge

      by , 05-31-2013 at 03:21 PM
      I was with Hannah in some kind of small stadium full of girls from my school. In the center of the stadium was what seemed like a tiny, treeless island, and the only way to get there was to cross a narrow metal bridge. Hannah and I went over to the island out of curiousity, and many others followed. What we found there was a large group of young children, apparently on a field trip, and a bunch of bushes shaped like Disney characters. We decided that was enough adventure for one day and went back. Almost immediately after we did, the bridge got so crowded that everyone still on the island was stuck. Hannah and I sat and watched as those in charge attempted to sort out the situation.
    14. Fun on a Bridge

      by , 05-01-2013 at 11:01 AM
      Morning of May 1, 2013. Wednesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children (although the oldest is eighteen) are in a matte silver bus (late 1950s-early 1960s) parked just beyond a large bridge (which is somewhat like a suspension bridge and sparsely covered), still somewhat on the road. It is possibly my father’s old bus he used in real life for a music studio, which was purchased from a church and had a small balcony at the rear and had most of the passenger seats removed. I have a sense that there may be some trouble (such as police officers, escaped convicts, or both). I look out the right windows and down and see a couple cars. Looking closer, I see there are two 1936 Ford Phaetons close to the right side of the bus, one parked behind the other (aligned to the bus), of a very deep blue, almost black, and very shiny and well-cared for. Ahead, also to the right, but more off the road, is another one. This one has a chauffeur standing just outside the door on the left. He is dressed somewhat like a jockey from the 1940s, but a bit more stylish and with more balanced (matching), darker colors.

      Zsuzsanna and I decide to leave the bus and look around. I notice that both sides of the road just beyond the bridge are partially blocked (about half on the road, half off); on the right by our bus, and on the left, yet a couple more Ford Phaetons of a darker color (so there are five in all - possibly representing our five children, and the one with the chauffeur - for our baby - or oldest son?

      As we are standing there on the bridge in a very peaceful state, my wife and I notice that a massive green algal bloom is covering much of the bridge, road surface, and river’s surface, yet it has an odd “fresh”, “clean” and almost foamy feel to it.

      A car (bluish-to-greenish-gray 1990 Lincoln) comes zigzagging and spinning (in slow motion) into our area from the other direction, going from one side of the bridge to the other in various out-of-control patterns. The car is also covered with green algae and slime; even over the windows so that the driver cannot see (the windshield wipers are not going, either). This does not seem unusual (compared to the typical real-life drivers in this region; one had even crashed into our house once and another at a different time into the church across the street, and there are “near-misses” all the time). I decide that perhaps the other cars should be moved out of the way (there is also a vacuum cleaner sitting just outside the bus, which I move out of the way).

      However, the 1990 Lincoln swerves violently (though it could have easily went between the other vehicles if the road was not so slippery or if the driver had control), and somehow (before reaching the area the bus and cars are) knocking out a seeming support column of the bridge as well as the side of the walkway. It then goes straight off and plunges into the water, quickly sinking completely, starting at about a forty-five degree angle. There are no escape attempts, so I guess the occupants drowned (similar to one of my last dreams where a car went off a bridge into the water). Soon, the green algae areas flow back again, covering the watery surface’s “hole” the car had made in their growth.

      “Very interesting,” I say during the sinking of the car.

      There is then a bit of enhanced “roaring” silence, then; insects, birds, a slight breeze rustling the trees, etc

      “That was nice”, says my wife sincerely, almost romantically.

      “Mmm-hmm”. I agree and nod slowly. I look back, hoping to see more fools drive off the bridge and make a big splash, but there is no more traffic this way. I notice that there was additional damage to the bridge, in that part of it is tipped and broken away. Instead of making a slight attempt at the short jump to get back to our bus, I tell my wife we should just walk around via the other route, which may take five or ten minutes. I wake.

      Although this dream was not precisely precognitive, I did see something similar on the news in real life later; a longer special-imaging video of some sort (from a police helicopter) showing people driving and spinning all over the road as a policeman talked about stopping such people. As I sat watching this video, watching the car go all over the road, onto the footpath, etc. and spinning around for what seemed like ages (and much of it was in slow motion), it did feel like my dream. I even almost expected to see one go off a bridge and into the water, but none did.

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    15. 16th Apr 2013 Bandits, Being cyborg is fun, Skybridge, Overpowered weapon, Weird 'show'

      by , 04-16-2013 at 08:30 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap.

      I was at home, i was discussing something with family and there were doors from my room, that apparently were leading into rooms inhabited by some bandits. I was opening doors and shooting bandits down using some gun, then was back to talking with family, and back to cleaning out another room. That repeated a few times.
      I was tired and everyone had to sleep in same room, and there was random horse with us apparently, and it was distracting my sleep so i went to check out the other door. Bandits there were more aggressive and i got hit before i could shoot them all down. I take a look at what supposed to be wound, but there's metal, i realized that i was a cyborg of some kind. With that in mind i manage to move out three metallic claws out of my hand and i finish off the bandits. I spend some time playing around with the devices i got, moving them in and out of my hands. Not only i had claws in the right hand, but also there was blade in the left hand. I also managed to make my skin semi-transparent so i could see all sorts of electronics below it.
      I decided to check another door and bandits became even more aggressive, one rushed me straight with a knife, hitting me alot and making me back out. Suddenly we were on an small wooden bridge, in the sky. I was annoyed and when bandit hit me again i grabbed him right by the knife, pulled him towards myself while moving out my blade and then started repeatedly hitting his neck with blade till he was fully decapitated. For whatever reason an working helicopter blade came out of the top of his head and it flied up into the sky( ). Shortly, another bandit attacked me from behind, but out of nowhere i got some kind of weird miniature gun in my right hand. As he got close i grabbed him and fired the weapon. In a split second, everything where i directed the gun was in holes, projectiles pierced everything, and that included my leg due to how i aimed it, didn't expected it to be that powerful, but i was obviously perfectly fine. Suddenly i remembered that this gun is that one gun that can pierce absolutely everything and that can tear whole dimension in half, and that it was a good thing that i have only pressed the trigger and didn't hold it...
      I walked the skybridge and found a door, through it i was back at home, which now apparently was on tropical island. There was big party and after it i was trying to figure out more about stuff that i could do. Then suddenly some dude wants me to participate in some kind of 'cyborg show', i agree. But as we arrive in the room, i realize that it was not the kind of show i was thinking about, but before i can do anything he uses some makeup and makes me look like someone who only pretends to be a cyborg and who's really bad at this pretending, while saying that it'll make me look more intimidating ( ). I try to do something but i have trouble operating the weapons for some reason. In the reflection, i notice that i have two sets of metallic teeth. Then dream ends.
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