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    1. Bear, Boats and Other Stuff.

      by , 07-01-2016 at 06:24 PM
      I worked in cafe but it was a different building than in waking life, a nice big space. It was evening or late at night and we were getting ready to close. I was attempting to make vegan cookies and trying to find some vegan chocolate I could add. I remember seeing a Christmas tree that was in an adjacent room, and I unplugged, or plugged the lights in, I can’t remember. A lingering customer was remarking about how slow I drove my car, and I had an image of my [dream] car, with the entire front smashed, like a memory of a crash. I told him I drove slow because I had once crashed my car, and I showed him a fading bruise on my right inner bicep.
      Outside, me and co-worker (old friend?) were going to our cars when we noticed two suspicious men on the roof of the cafe. We ducked down and tried to hide behind some structure. I think the men could see me, and I decided instead of remaining in hiding that we needed to distract them. I made an urgent look to a customer that was also outside- some man- and he seemed to get it and we both loudly talked about something and started to go back into the cafe.

      Fragment: Editing some trailer or excerpt of a movie. Lots of problem solving dreams last night of this kind. Designing, editing, creating. Left me feeling tired when I initially woke up.

      Wrote down notes on dreams, read a little and went back to sleep. More dreams below.

      I was in my front room with my husband. We were sitting on the couch and a giant black bear was excitedly trotting back and forth between the couch and the front door, like my dog does when she wants to go out. In fact, the bear completely had my dog’s essence. I jokingly asked my husband, ‘Want to let her out?’ I got up and walked on the couch to reach for the front door, realizing that the bear could attack me at any moment. I opened the door and watched the bear run out and run down the street. I briefly wondered if I should warn the neighbors that a bear was running around.

      I was making a movie with some people- maybe I was related to the director? We were hanging out on an urban street sidewalk, in an area that looked like an east coast city. An old male actor was standing next to me, and a slightly chubby man (my relative?). After a few minutes of discussing the movie or something else, we went inside a door behind us and it was this old man’s apartment. The carpet was old and stained and there were various rugs around. He mentioned something about liking my dog, or enjoying having her there, and he had a large dog that came in and tried to get near my dog but she seemed defensive. In the kitchen on the counter there were 3 bubbling pots- one was a tea kettle I think, the other perhaps coffee? And the third was apparently and experiment I had going on in a giant mixing bowl. It looked like bread dough in water with cayenne pepper, and I added something like apple cider vinegar. I have the idea that it was fermenting, not boiling.

      I felt like an outsider. My mom and my brother were there. They each got a text from my aunt asking if they were going to the annual family boat reunion. I never attended this (dream event) but I was slightly hurt that I didn’t get this text as well. I was playing on my iPad/iPhone, editing movies or watching clips of a movie I was working on.

      I was catching rides on large cruise-like boats by walking into the center of a bridge and stepping out as the boat passed under. I was able to step directly onto the boat without jumping using this method. Soon though a boat came and I wasn’t able to get on, but I notice a crowd of people, including an attractive woman around my age, were able to get on that boat in a way I couldn’t access. Then another series of boats show up, these are smaller, and several groups of teenage girls are on the bridge with me. They are dressed like they are on a sports team, mostly red and white colors, and they jump into the water next to the boats, or jump directly on the boats themselves. I contemplate doing this and then decide those boats aren’t for me and I think it’s too dangerous to jump anyway. An old school friend is near me and she agrees. I decided to wait for the next boat.

      A lot of this seems mundane. Bears are a common theme for my dreams, they used to be nightmares, now they just show up randomly. Im not sure why this one seemed like my dog, if that means anything to me. I think bears mostly symbolized anxiety for me in the past, or my father…now they seem to symbolize something that I am slightly afraid of, but think I can get around.
      Boats and water are reoccurring a lot lately. These definitely seem symbolic, perhaps of subconscious emotions, or finding ways to navigate those emotions.
      I live far away from my family, and have for a long time. I love them but I don’t want to live where they are, and it’s hard for me to travel to see them very frequently. I suppose I do feel left out, and although I talk to several of them frequently, I worry if I will regret this one day. Or if they think that I don’t care about them as much as I do. I am very introverted and could go days without talking to any human and be fine. I often realize that I have gone a while without reaching out, and wonder if I’m more oblivious than others when it comes to maintaining relationships.

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    2. Half-Bridge Over Aurora

      by , 01-15-2016 at 06:26 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      I was in Katipunan-Aurora area at night. I was walking with some people. We were going to cross the bridge over Aurora but it was cut in the middle. It was as if the other half of the bridge was just gone. We had to go down, which was tricky.

      Daytime. I was trying to do some parkour flows in some ruins. I was with some friends. I watched S teach a new flow.
    3. I Think Its Jaw Moved...

      by , 12-20-2015 at 05:34 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I Think Its Jaw Moved... (DILD)


      So, here I am in this jungle that also has a base that’s structured as if there were human inhabitants; Aztecs and what have you. Looking up at the sky, it’s clear as day, and the atmosphere above is light sky blue with a few clouds that are close to dissipating. There’s a myriad of things I ended up doing, but I can’t seem to recall everything in a sequential order.

      It’s almost as if this area in the dream was a hub for other dreams to occur. Some things that came to mind were:

      - Using weaponry to kill off all sorts of monsters from skeletons, and other disfigured entities. An image popped up of a huge skeleton that’s wearing this maroon helmet with gold trimmings that are about 3 inches in width, and they’re wielding a generic round shield, and sword. I even glimpsed a few moments of a floating gun turret akin to one in MGSV.

      - I’m sitting, or trying to sit on one of many chairs laid out at another section in this grandiose environment, and I get a random mélange of entities flashing around me.

      - I eventually start flying for a little bit to land on top of the huge machinery to slay the creatures I mentioned in the first part of this list.

      Then, after all that, and then some, there was a resting period. I believe I was traveling with someone, but I couldn’t make out their visage at all. I tried to pay attention to their voice, but for all I know, they could be mute, or too shy to respond. I’m walking down a rectangular pathway composed of stone brick tiling filled with Nature’s wear and tear, and greenery. There’s this milky, yellow tint emitting off of these bricks, but it’s not emissive.

      I see a few yards ahead that there’s two pitchers with a red base, and a white top. One of them is opened up with all sorts of juices and sodas, and when I get closer to them, it looks like a lot of Fanta juices from red, orange, and yellow. The other one is closed, and it almost felt like opening Pandora’s box. I think maybe I was a little exhausted from the previous events, and the dream starts equivocating like crazy from this point.

      Firstly, the pitcher seemed to have either dissipated, or shifted into a dead, black, crab that’s fairly huge in size. The outer regions of this entity consisted of a light brown trimming, and it really looked like it was dried up in some areas of its body.

      Then, its composition becomes nuanced significantly, and it looks like it could be a skeleton for something else to take shape from it. And every time I glance at it, and glance over something else, the form starts accumulating into something else entirely, and eventually looks like an unconscious black panther.

      For some odd reason, I was predisposed into wanting to take my right hand to try and open its mouth; as if I was still in the process of opening that other pitcher that’s still nowhere to be found. I immediately start controlling myself, and retracted the hand movement with a subsequent jolt, and started to push it towards my body, and made this weird shivering body gesture for a few seconds.

      It was clearly a black panther, and I can see that the sunlight above contributes to some parts of the highlights being violet in some way. When I started to step back from it, I see its jaw move…

      I immediately made a retort towards my unknown dreaming comrade, “I think its jaw just moved…” We both naturally seemed to have wanted to walk back slowly just in case it reacted to sudden, powerful movements like say…RUNNING.

      After we reached a certain distance, we just turned around, and made a run for it. But as we’re doing that, I’m somehow looking at myself in front of me, and then zooming into the unconscious panther. I see that its visage is starting to have more nuances, and its body starts moving upwards a bit, and then its face starts shaking like crazy as if it’s becoming conscious again.

      The moment it woke up, and while it’s busy processing what environment it’s in, I felt as if my ability to run is slowly decreasing. Either through me zooming in too much to want to naturally slow down, or just the fear gradually building up, and slowly paralyzing me instead of getting that kick in adrenaline.

      I noticed that the section we’re at now is this short distanced, but grandiose brown bridge with some subtle hints of red bled onto it. I’m holding on one of the wooden railings, and its literally being utilized as a crutch for me to hopefully propel myself. I can feel myself struggling a bit to pick up some speed, and the view of the panther from afar only makes things worse.

      I told the dream entity at the time to just RUN….RUN…RUN!!! I noticed for a few seconds that entity was a female. She’s wearing a black jacket, white shirt underneath that’s a bit longer than the jacket, or maybe there was some physics involved of the jacket’s ends moving upwards as she’s running, and she’s wearing light, faded blue skinny jeans with some black boots. She has black hair, or at least that’s what I want to believe; she could be anyone at this point.

      As I’m trying to escape, the alarm from my phone starts ringing.
    4. November 22nd 2015 TOTM

      by , 11-22-2015 at 07:24 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Basic Task ii - Ask a DC to tell you a joke (Rodrodrod)

      Other things occurred earlier in the dream, but the first thing I remember was a character in tall snowy mountains. He kept walking around and yelling "wooliath" or something like that. The dream follows him up some steep slope in between jagged mountains to the very top. Then, I'm in the dream with my friend Terry. We speak about some random thing and then I'm looking over the cliff. Suddenly, I accidentally fall forwards off the mountain. My mind questions how far up I am and how far I have to fall. The first thought that pops in my mind is that I'm so high it's like I'm skydiving. Sure enough, I fall through some clouds and beneath me I see the earth. I'm miles in the air. This actually puts me to some excitement but I fear that when I hit the ground it might seem all too real and it will hurt. Anyways, my view is of a lot of water and some land masses on the edges. I'm falling closer and closer to earth when I realize that this is a dream. When I realized it, I just decided I could float up right as I got close to earth. Before I hit the ground, my momentum shifts and I'm flying upwards now. I look at my hands and decide to do some reality checks. First, I rub my hands together to feel some friction. Then, I do some math. "2+2 is four. 3x3 is 9." Okay, I'm solidified now. A thought comes up, "okay now what I do want to do?" At first I was going to just explore the dream but then I remembered the TOTM and decided I go onto the ground and look for someone to ask to tell me a joke. So, I fly towards the ground through the clouds until I see a bridge over water. I fly down and land under it now standing in shallow water under the bridge. I look over and see two people against a wall. I do not know who the person is on the left, but on the right is my friend JP. A smile lights up my face and also his as I walk over to him. I say hello and then ask him to tell me a joke. He refuses and says that it will disgrace his family and also the university that we go to. I lose interest in his story and turn around. My left eye starts to close so I try to look at my hands and rub them together but the dream collapses.

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    5. Winter Wolves

      by , 10-15-2015 at 06:36 PM (Dimension X)
      This was from yesterday, but I forgot to write it down... whatever.

      It had a pretty simple setting, it was like I was in a national park set in winter with a bunch of other random people from my high school I recently graduated from.

      Everything seemed okay, until everyone started running away from something. I didn't need to ask because when I turned around I saw a bunch of wolves far away chasing everyone. I began to run with everyone else through a tunnel bridge made of wood. There wasn't really anyone around me anymore though, everyone was separated by quite some distance. Soon enough, another bunch of wolves appeared where I was running to and cornered me somehow.

      I thought I was screwed, but one wolf that looked different from the rest went near me and fended off the other wolves. It kept me safe. The others were scared to approach it, and left.

      ...Maybe this is the first appearance of my Dream Guide? I certainly hope so.
    6. I Want to Ride My Bicycle

      by , 08-06-2015 at 10:20 AM
      Morning of August 6, 2015. Thursday.

      I am with an unknown male though also sense Zsuzsanna is around at one point. I am going with him to an unknown location, though I think it has something to do with recovering certain information on the other side of the river (possibly in a different town). We are both riding bicycles and it vaguely reminds me of riding with Kenneth W or James M at a distance (out of town or on the other side of town) that eventually seems too far, though my bicycle is functioning normally. There was another schoolmate that used to go with me most of the way home (only for a month or two), though oddly, I do not recall his name (one of the only names I had forgotten in my lifetime, in fact) and this may be the character I am thinking of. It seems fairly late at night and I can just barely make out land features.

      We reach a bridge over water and cross it about halfway and I soon see it is slightly inclined to where it goes down into the water, submerged from there. This surprises me, as I thought the other male knew where he was going, though now it seems he is gone (or perhaps somehow already got to the other side). I am trying to remember if he did get to the other side (with a brief impression that he was in the water for a short time). I am not sure what to do. I am not sure if I should ride my bicycle over the surface of the water, ride in while half-submerged (with the bicycle wheels half-submerged as I cross the river) or just keep going and see what happens (though I do not really want to ride completely underwater). My dilemma causes my dream to slowly fade. I have had numerous similar dreams of partly submerged bridges and docks throughout my life since childhood. I suspect it directly relates to the waking process or state of consciousness itself as many other in-dream predicaments do (for example, a car crash may solely metaphorically represent the waking process and the termination of the temporary dream-self).

      I might as well include another non-lucid dream with this entry since there is not that much to it. Caution: Violence at end. Skip to avoid.

      I am shopping in a store I buy food at in real life, though it is quite different. I am looking in a very large freezer (much deeper than in reality - and it seemingly has no shelves) where there are mostly meat pie packages and a few other frozen items. I hold the glass door open for awhile and am somewhat annoyed as there is not that much food in normal packaging in the entire freezer (which is nearly the entire length of the aisle). What little items there are, are sitting on large cardboard boxes (I assume they are unopened stock) and there are also a few smaller boxes on top (a couple being open) and I contemplate getting out whatever I need as I thus far only have one meat pie package (probably containing about four to six meat pies). There are only a few loose items strewn about the top of the stack that I want to look at or perhaps buy.

      I then see that there are three people on the other side of the boxes who are standing within the larger freezer area itself, the boxes of which are at least three rows deep and stacked to above the waist. There are two females and a male and at least two of them have clipboards and appear to be taking some sort of inventory. They are a bit to the left. I reach over to the right and move a couple smaller lighter boxes to get to another product, which may be the only one left.

      “Why don’t you go somewhere else instead of f–king around here?” asks the male (who may be the store’s manager), sounding very annoyed. This surprises me because I am a customer in a grocery store just trying to reach a product. I inform the man that I am leaving (and I do) and that I will make sure none of my friends or family ever shop there again. (In real life, I no longer shop in the grocery store that absurdly promotes self-service through the cramped and problematic small self-service section with a trolley-full of groceries while the cashiers just stand around gawking as all the normal checkouts are blocked off.)

      From here, I walk home (rather than continuing to do any shopping elsewhere), though the location and building is not that familiar, yet I know I live there with my family. It vaguely reminds me of some sort of unlikely composite of Duffy Street (Australia) and Arcadia’s North Monroe (where I have not lived since early 1968). There are many young people running around randomly in the front yard, perhaps involved in some sort of game (like informal soccer) or party, though there does not seem to be any order to any of it and some of them seem to be wearing very strange and random outfits. It may be some sort of high school or college event, such as a semester break (though I do not know why they picked this area as they obviously do not all live in the area).

      As I decide to go around and enter my home through the back of the building to avoid collision or confrontation with what may be a chaotic group of addled college or high school students, a (unfamiliar and unknown) girl who seems friendly joins me. We walk to an area near the back of my apartment building (which at this point looks a bit like the apartment building across the yard from where I lived at North Monroe). The back of my building has a door to enter the premises (at about the middle of the walkway from where we are), though directly to my right seems to be another tall building so that it is like looking into a narrow alleyway. There are several boulders and large rocks within the alleyway which are blocking my way to the door (though realistically, it would be ridiculous to assume someone or even several people put them there by hand). “Who did this? How are people supposed to get into their apartment?” I ask the girl (who is standing to my left) angrily. The girl leads me to the other side of the building where the rocks are now mysteriously gone just from looking through the opposite side of the alleyway.

      From here, we get to the back entrance where there is a screen door. A tall young unfamiliar male (though he seems almost thirty when I look again even though I first get the impression he might be a college football player) comes out asking “How are you doing, dad?” as if with mindless sarcasm related to my age (and I am at my own home after all and I assume he is not supposed to be there). At this point, I am annoyed, as I reach semi-lucidity and the waking stage at the same time. In previous dreams I used to shoot every annoying character during the waking process. This time I pull out a large knife and effectively run it across his throat as I wake.

      This last part was strongly influenced by the “Secrets and Lies” television miniseries filmed where we used to live (where the father goes to get his oldest daughter and is insulted and pushed and told to leave by the younger male as if he had no right to look after his own children), where the little girl turns out to be the clever criminal and killer rather than the suspicious adult males or other characters. Sorry for giving it away but at least I spared you the misery of watching it. And yes, it was supposed to be a serious detective show.
    7. Promotion and Play

      by , 05-06-2015 at 11:04 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in an office. There was an opening for promotion, and the management said that those who think they are eligible for the promotion should go in front. There were a few who went. One of them said that I should also go. I told her I'm not interested. Besides, I'm not into people management and leadership.

      I went outside with some friends. We went to an Internet cafe and found that it's closed. I then just realized I don't have time to play because I still have work to do. We went out looking for another cafe but I was already thinking I couldn't join.

      I was walking around alone. I passed by Keith talking to another guy. I went ahead and walked on all fours on a bridge. A few more steps later, I found that the bridge is ruined. I'll have to jump to the other side. I decided it'll be too much trouble to have to jump back again later so I went back. I passed by Keith again, but this time he's completely nude and lying flat on this stomach while still talking to the other guy.



      - 3 a.m. to 11 a.m. Alarm was at 8 a.m.
      - Spent a day barely doing any work.
      - Recently saw an ad for job opening at work.
      - A couple of people declined a job.
      - I remembered how I declined a job opening for a leadership position.
      - Keith posted about fangirling on a Backstreet Boy event.
    8. Hill in the Park

      by , 03-06-2015 at 01:52 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was walking away from a place. I saw buses. I was trying to choose one to ride. It's daytime. I see many buildings to the side, but no skyscraper.

      I was inside a mall of sorts. I went to a fruit stand.

      I was with Emman. We were in a park. He was walking up hill/bridge. He was wearing really short shorts.

      I was trying to fly using an airball (Avatar Airbender reference).



      - No alarm, slept at around 1, woke up at around 7 am, but got up at 8.
      - Slept listening to Game Theory. I let it finish.
    9. The Bird People, The Naive Boy, and the Dragon Curse

      by , 02-03-2015 at 11:37 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      (The dream is a "Mix." I don't know where it started and where it ended.)

      I was in a forest-like area where there are people gathering. It turned out to be a gathering of humanoid birds. They look very human except that they have feathers and wings.

      I was watching a guy (who looks like Nara Shikamaru) and a short... bird-doll-like person hiding. Shikamaru had to hide under a.. horse? He put on a wing-like object behind him so he won't be seen. He blended nicely. The other person became a female humanoid bird. The (real) humanoid birds (or birdlike humans) were male.

      The (real) humanoid birds spread out in a circle and missed them, then they started moving counter-clockwise with their eyes closed. Shika and the other person thought it's safe to walk away now, but somehow, one of the bird-people bumped into the female bird-person. The male bird-person kissed her (eyes closed?). Female-bird person probably thought it was Shika and kissed back (eyes closed?) and then realized it wasn't. The resulting commotion brought the rest of the bird-people's attention and they opened their eyes.

      Somehow, the two were just knocked out and thrown somewhere. I watched them dumped near a broken bridge (or else the bridge is still being built). It was starting to rain, so the head of the bird-people left them some cover. The "female bird-person" is now the doll-like creature again. I guess it's an ability.

      It turned out that they were doing a mating ritual, where a group of bird-people (all male?) go out in a faraway area and form the circle we saw, moving slowly at first and then flying away in a bigger and bigger circle (eyes closed). I don't know when but when they finally open their eyes, the first person (other race?) they saw will be their mate. On the other hand, the two idiots were there for revenge against the race. In a battle where the bird-people were involved, one of the doll-person's friends was killed. I don't know how.

      Next thing I know I was watching them walk on the bridge. It was a bridge for a super highway. It looks unfinished rather than ruined. I think they're still just building it. They walked and jumped over gaps while talking about a naive boy who died. He's a friend of theirs. He died young. One of them said maybe it's for the better. With his naive mindset, he would have died anyway. The other one said he would have been there to protect him. I thought of a gift.

      I was under one of the super-highway bridges. There was water down there. I think I was on a motorboat, but I wasn't the one driving. I was just directing it somehow. I thought of making a game but that I don't have the system for it, especially if I want to make 3-D games. The surrounding area looked like some place in EDSA (the part between Guadalupe and Taft, at least), but instead of the EDSA Avenue, there were water everywhere. The buildings are still there though.

      I directed the boat to a huge gate that opened. I thought of confronting a dragon. I was then inside a "dungeon" or a dungeon-like area: small corridor, small entryways, like in the old first-person D&D computer games. Someone was with me. Gerard (from PKPH). He suddenly bumped into the entryway of the dragon's hoard and he's inside. He shot flames towards us. The "door" was wooden and so I said it wouldn't hold for long. I jumped back and towards the edge of the "balcony." I hung on there so I can avoid the explosion of the door and the flames. Below that, there's an old arena of sorts, like where gladiators fight. Gerard was still up there, thinking the door would hold. It didn't. When the door was about to blown to bits, he jumped down and landed on the arena floor. I climbed down instead. I couldn't yet jump from a higher place and land safely.

      The dragon flew down on us. It has a smaller body compared to its head. Its skin was dried-lava red. The body size was human like, the wings were wide, and the head probably the length of its body. It's "young." We disoriented it (I think) by moving around. Finally, I thought somehow that it has just... 20 HP? Other PKPH peeps were there. We ganged up on the dragon. We held onto its limbs and huge head. I bit down on its arm/leg. Finally, somebody used a sword to slit its throat, its blood splashing. I caught the splashing blood on my mouth. Nobody else wanted to. This was a human cursed to become a dragon, not a real dragon. Drinking its blood meant carrying his curse. It meant I was going to turn into a dragon. I was already starting to feel the flame inside me and the others pointed out that I might "explode" after seeing the inside of my mouth light up from the flame.

      There was a part in the dream where I was playing something like a tic-tac-toe or a board game, except it looked like a fractal-floor-board game. Players jumped from "boxes" drawn on the floor. There were enemies, goblin-like creatures. Water area.

      (photo of New Bay Bridge)



      - No, I wasn't lucid.
      - It's an afternoon. 3-6 p.m.
      - I went to sleep after drinking paracetamol coz I wasn't feeling well.
      - I thought of putting up an alarm but decided against it because it might distract me from remembering my dream.
      - Kinda sad that the next dragon I dreamed of was an enemy. At least this time I was going to become a dragon.

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    10. An Adventure to the Underground

      by , 01-10-2015 at 04:14 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was on a trail with a "party," a group of adventurers. Some of us were knights, one in particular is out for revenge. One of their knights (or was it their king?) was killed. The other knight there is his best friend. He wanted to stop the other from doing something reckless like going off on his own. He went after him, so there were fewer of us. The two knights is reminiscent of two game characters from a Gameboy RPG I played years back.

      On the road, we passed met a group of characters... anthropomorphized animals riding regular animals. They were passing flyers to their event/celebration. They're from a nearby city/town.

      Backtrack: I was talking to a wizard of sorts (unclear image and personality) that gave me a quest to destroy a small collection of towns/cities (10 in all) and the crystal sphere that... holds them together? They're all on a bridge. I imagined their cities destroyed, by something like meteors.

      I also remember the place being so colorful and happy. Then when I went to their celebration, I was almost overwhelmed by the barrage of colors. It was a fun, happy place. I started thinking that wizard was a bad guy who just wants to destroy the place but can't do it himself. The townspeople are already wary of him. So I set out to make it my mission to help out the 10 towns.

      I "woke up." I was on my bed, and I was writing the dream so I won't forget. I was excited, thinking I should make that dream into a game. My bed position was different, closer to the door, and I was looking at myself wearing a white shirt and blue shorts.

      I was in our hometown. I kept going back to the city, for some reason, every few days. I also kept panicking about the clothing I was supposed to bring. I remember my stuff were near our deep well, and I keep dropping some of them off, but I have to hurry already. A friend, C, was already almost out of the gate. I ran after her.

      I was on a train. It was night. I remember worrying that if I lean too much inside the train walls, I might get hit by some object outside. We reached a station (underground). I saw C ahead of me. I was still trying to organize my stuff and realized I brought only one pair of (black) socks and they don't match. They also look too big.

      We stopped by an eatery. It's morning or at least daylight. I wasn't planning on eating, but then I saw the nice-looking fried chicken. I decided to order one: thigh and leg. There were a few tables in the open area (no indoors). The guy brought the chicken to our table. The guy on a nearby table was leaning too much towards us, so I moved a bit. I checked my money just in case I left that too. Then I saw the guy behind us (a bit of long hair, white shirt, and looks messy) drag C away. I ran after them but he opened a door to the "underground." The "door" is right in front of and kind of below the doorway of a house. I was about to go in but I got scared. It looks like a room, but colored... reddish? There were a few people inside, and they don't look threatening. There's another door across the room that leads to a dark place. (literally dark, and I can't see beyond it)

      The few people who were there look like they're just lounging about, not guarding anything, but I was afraid of going in. I decided to call a nearby policeman. I guided him to the house, and we went inside the house to the other room, but then I realized it wasn't supposed to be inside the house. There was a skinny guy there (he lives there, I think) who didn't seem to mind we came in. He has a bit of a long hair too. The police was skeptical of me.

      When I realized it's outside the house, I went back out and pulled up the door in front and below the doorway. I told him he has to call backup since it might be some sort of underground network of criminals, not just the basement. He ran in anyway, all confident, and I was beside myself in frustration. I thought of calling other police. I imagined where C was taken (I saw her going up and down a muddy place) after a few days, and I also saw a kidnapped kid.



      - I felt scared during the "awake" part of my dream.
      - I slept around 7 pm. I set my alarm to 1 hour and 44 minutes (or was it 3 hours and 44 minutes?), but I fell asleep again after I turned it off. I woke up around 10 pm.
      - My eyes were so tired when I went to sleep.
      - I still have pending work.
      - I inked a sketch I had that I labelled "Charlie."
      - I was thinking of buying chicken from Chooks To Go earlier today.
      - I think this dream shows how reckless my superego is at the moment.
      - It might also signify that I have to once again meet my shadow. It's been years since I felt scared and helpless in a dream.
    11. Ocean View Replaces Cubitis Backyard

      by , 12-02-2014 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 2014. Tuesday.

      Once again, I travel back into “history”, though my Cubitis backyard becomes part of a fictional composite; this time there is an ocean that is mainly south and east instead of the backyard itself, though our house is still there, otherwise looking the same somehow. A high commercial concrete bridge seems to extend east of the carport (with highly ambiguous access plausibility), continuing easterly as far as the eye can see (taking on the implication of my recurring “eternity bridge” regarded in my note below*). I am with my wife Zsuzsanna. Our youngest son Oliver had been playing near the water at one point. It is almost as if we were originally going to go see the ocean (several miles away to the south at first) but instead, the ocean “came to us”.

      (*Note: This more commercial bridge has something in common with an equally fictional wooden bridge in the exact same location and orientation from a childhood dream, where it was above a prehistoric swamp, which also seemed to be my backyard at one point though the overall setting was ambiguous as if bilocated.)

      I am not sure where our son is at one point, but I do not think he is in any danger. I get the impression that he may be under the bridge on a sandbar. Several items are floating south on the ocean’s surface, each of which our son had been using but had abandoned. There is an inflatable raft, two empty green wheelie bins mostly submerged diagonally, a half-deflated inflatable mattress for a swimming pool, and at least two other items I do not recall. The items are far apart from each other.

      Our view seems about thirty feet above the water at this point as I continue to gaze southerly. The floating items seem quite far away to the south as well as far below. I am annoyed at the prospect of having to go out and somehow bring all the items back, especially as they are drifting farther away. My perspective is quite skewed however, as it would be impossible for the view to seem that far away while still supposedly in range of our implied backyard.

      In a short time from this point, my dream quite drastically changes the bridge area where I am standing and mostly enjoying the view from - into then being a low section where my wife and I are lying down on a regular mattress floating on the water but our mattress being somehow fixed in position to the rest of the bridge as if it was a part of it. I do not even seem to notice this rather extreme change in height or the silliness of the design. Looking at the water, which is very realistic, I am aware of the approaching shadow of a very large fish about two feet under the surface, which I take to be a shark and which slowly swims easterly, past us. There seem to be a few larger fish, one possibly a tuna, but I mostly see only one at a time. I tell my wife about the shark and move back from the edge in case it comes closer to the surface (but it does not).

      I am eventually somewhat concerned for our son, but I seem to realize that he is probably not in the water at this point. Interestingly, I am eventually vaguely aware that I am creating the shark and the other shadowy submerged forms though I am not at all lucid. (This has often happened before, where I had a subtle awareness that I was creating my dream - even the eerie or threatening aspects - yet was not remotely lucid at any point - in a sense that I knew I was manifesting everything but did not actually know I was in a dream state and did not contemplate taking conscious control at any point. It sometimes seems more about “making a movie” or even avant-garde art.)

      My wife is to my right, though beyond that side of our mattress is a far less defined environment, which I am not sure is water (the ocean continued northerly) or a half-wall of the old shed (which would occupy the space in reality). I have a vague concern about the shark going in that direction but sense some sort of “barrier”. There is nothing nightmarish about any emotions I hold, even though the perspective is quite vivid. I turn on my side and wake from my dream (in the same position implied in my dream) though I had not moved at all in reality.

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    12. Hometown and Getting Beat Up

      by , 11-28-2014 at 12:01 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      I was in my hometown. I went to another house (the place is just outside our real house). It was Zy's new place. He asked me to help with something. I asked about the place if it gets flooded. He said no because there are... drainage or something. Yellow.


      I was walking on the street. I think I was told someone or some people were after me. I saw someone I recognized. He "guided" me to a "safe" area. In that area, I saw two other dirty-looking guys, like they have dirt all over the body. I thought they were just selling stuff, but I felt danger in the way they looked at me. I ran back and they chased me. I ran to the person I recognized and saw he has dirt around his eyes. He's also an enemy. They beat me up.

      I met up with my allies later on. They asked me who it was and they will check the area where I told them I first saw the guys. They also asked me who betrayed me. I mentioned a name but I thought it was wrong and told them maybe it was someone else.

      I was in an area near a bridge to the other side of the road/river. It was night. I'm wondering whether I should cross it. I didn't.

      I was in college. I keep missing my Probability and Statistics class. It's two hours after my class, so I keep forgetting it and I just go home. This time, I stayed. The teacher is a plump-looking Caucasian woman.

      I was on the field in school. I was on a field somewhere. In the city. BGC. I was looking for the bus. Asking around. There was a ticket area. Bought one. Blue/Violet colored card. I saw Rath. He also got a ticket. I checked the time and it's the exact time the bus will pass by the place (1:28 pm). A person near the waiting shed said out loud he sees it.

      I was "home." Or at least "dorm home." The place was HUGE. I think there was a second floor, but the first floor is wide enough. I went inside a "room" that was long. It's probably about ten people with arms outstretched wide and I can't even see the other end of it (I came in from one end). Chloe was there. I said something and she said something. She went up. I think I asked who else was here because I heard some movement upstairs. The mood was color yellow.
    13. Did WBTB, two dreams, one lucid, loads of false awakenings

      by , 11-19-2014 at 02:26 AM
      non-dream dream lucid

      I slept a LOT today. I could literally explain my entire day in detail here.

      I entered the day in what seemed to be a black void. Well not really. I'd fallen asleep at my computer and when I woke up everything was black. When I uncovered myself everything was still black. Silent as well. The power was out and all the lights were off.

      I went to the living room up stairs and started listening to my radio. An hour later I did the unthinkable and went back down into the black void known as the basement cause my antenna is down there! I spent half an hour down there before coming back up and laying down, still listening to the radio.

      Ended up experimenting, practicing SSILD cycles with the radio on Didn't work out so well. Actually managed to get numb in some spots but it just didn't happen other wise.

      Ended up listening to the radio all the way until 7 or so, when the power came back on.

      Turned on my laptop and came here to just see what was up. Then came to the question of whether to WBTB or not. I ultimately decided to, so I started my clock and went to bed.

      Ended up waking up an hour before the alarm, so I thought "good enough" and went back to sleep, practicing SSILD cycles as I drifted off.

      And here's where the fun begins.

      The PILD
      Lucid: yes
      TGMG: potentially, but ultimately no.

      I am in my living room, playing an NES game. It looks like Mario but the levels are nothing like I've ever seen before. I have a few false awakenings before I realize something is up. So of course I get up and my room is more or less the same as IWL. I then walk out the door and into the back yard. And this is where things get different.

      I look at the area where the shed was and it's a rather large ruin of a shed that was painted white. I look around and there's a bunch of wood everywhere. I look down and there's a piece of wood in the ground that sounds like there could be something under it. I start to pull it up and I see a bunch of duffel bags in the hole. I climb in and I pull the duffel bags out of the hole, but the wood falls on the hole and there's a bunch of spiders on the wood.

      I just look out of the hole, occasionally grabbing the dirt in the opening before I stop caring and just push the wood away. I carry the duffel bags inside and I open them up to find a bunch of old clothes. They're all completely dry and they even smell decent. Among the clothes I also find a bunch of old school stuff - binders and whatnot. I open those up to find orange text from when I was a log younger.

      I put it away and I then find a bunch of gameboy games and SD cards. I look at the gameboy games. Lots of black cartridges that I have no clue what games are on them.

      The SD cards are also black. I grab them all and start stacking them. "Damn that's a lot of SD cards! Look how tall this stack is!" I don't remember how tall the stack was.

      I have another false awakening.

      I'm back playing the Mario game again! I'm in a very dark level. Well the background is completely black. There's brown Mario styled bricks on the ground and ceiling. I'm also listening to the sound. Sounds like a Mario game except its in stereo oddly enough.

      I continue running down this corridor until eventually the game starts acting weird. The audio goes mono and becomes a bit watery sounding. The graphics also change as the bricks become round stones and Mario becomes Fire peach.

      Ah ha!
      This must be a dream! I immediately become lucid, and realize that I'm playing this on my laptop. I get off and get up. I take care not to destabilize the dream. I look around, looking at how real everything looks.

      The house is more or less the same as in real life except some of the lighting is different. This is more apparent in the kitchen.

      Timmy comes towards me as I'm looking around and asks me whats up. I tell him "I'm dreaming!" and open the front door. I then open the real front door with telekinesis apparently (It was just open).

      Timmy asks me what I'm gonna do, and I tell him I'm going out side. I look out the door, stabilizing the dream. I then walk outside. I start to think "Well I'm dreaming! So what goals do you want to try and do?". I try and remember my lucid list but the only goal I can remember is the one where I shrink myself.

      By this time I'm on the outside porch, (more or less identical to IWL) and I look around. Everything is quite icy, but I don't feel cold. I raise my hands in the air and look up. I then shrink to about a quarter my size.
      Well that's one goal done. No bonus points cause all you did was run to the corner store

      I run off the porch and into the road. The road is quite icy. My brother starts following me as I get to the corner. I look down ecorse rd and I see it's a lot darker than IWL. More houses, and it seems to end in a straight turn to the right. The store down the svc drive looks more or less the same as it does IWL. I continue to walk down, looking down every street that I can.

      I eventually get to where the chicken place is, and I walk inside. This place is pretty much the same as IWL as well. I look around and there's a bunch of food on the back counter. I want to eat some but I think "What if I'm not dreaming?" so I run out.

      All of a sudden I walk up in my bed. I had a false awakening. I get up and everything is blueish. It almost feels as if someone else is in the room but I don't know it. I get up and float across the living room. I say "Jesus christ!", and then I plug my nose. Only to find out I can still breath when it's plugged. "okay this is a dream you don't need to be saying that".

      This next part is a bit of a blur. I definitely lost lucidity.

      I walk into this room that looks like something out of Half Life 2 and metal gear solid put together. There's a DC in there explaining the SD cards to me. He says that someone made the SD cards work like that intentionally to put you to sleep. They don't explain why though. I do learn how it works however. Each SD card has a few DOS games on it as well as a batch file to load them. If you load the games without any batch file, it puts you to sleep, but you don't realize you've gone to sleep. Some of the SD cards, particularly the one I was playing, with Mario, had the batch file tampered with so it acts as if it's not a batch file.

      I have this huge blue monitor to the left of me, and a tunnel that you could crawl through? in front.

      I am then playing this Sonic game where I'm being bounced all over the place with flippers in what seems to be a futuristic setting. Then I'm in a spindash tunnel. I get stuck in it, but I want to go another way so somehow I make my way back up, and I get myself into a launcher and try to get up the top tunnel. It takes a few tries. I don't remember what's on top.

      I wake up some time around here.
      I recall it's now around 11 or so.

      After this I'm incredibly tired, so I end up writing down a lot of things about the dream (go tired me ). I really hesitate though because of just how tired I am. I make lots of mistakes as well.

      Well eventually I end up going to sleep again where I had another dream.

      The windy forest
      Lucid: no
      TGMG: no

      It's during the day time and I'm on a long road in the middle of the forest. No clue where this is but I do know it is quite windy, but not cold.

      There's no cars on the road and I never see any. I look up and the sky is overcast but it is quite bright out. Eventually the wind is so strong that I get picked up off my feet, and into the woods. I see a bunch of trees where I'm going, with water on the bottom. Obviously a swamp.

      I get close enough to a rather large tree and I grab on. It's too large for me to wrap my arms around but I am capable of holding on. As I'm holding on I get my first glimpse of the area. It's a swamp, with lots of large trees like the one I'm on.

      I start climbing up the tree until I get to a large branch. I climb on and sit down. Now I look around fully and I see a swing-like thing made out of tree trunks. There's also a bear laying down on it!

      I watch it for a moment. The bear is swinging back and forth on the branch.

      I look up the tree and I see a yellow rope laying down. I look up to where it's coming from and I see an incomplete bridge. It's made of wood and there's a odd black thing coming off the incomplete end. I grab the rope and start climbing up it.

      As I'm climbing I realize that I don't need much grip to stay on. I could get away with just holding it in my fingers and it would be fine.

      I eventually climb to a branch really close to the bridge. I grab hold of the bridge and I see it swaying back and forth. I then see a DC on the bridge. A female park ranger? They take the rope and throw it to me from the bridge. I climb on and I then see a toolbox the DC has. They're here to fix a bit of the bridge.

      They ask for help, and I start helping them. So they go into their toolbox and start grabbing small screws. Really really small. They then start screwing them into random bits of wood.

      They ask me to do the same so I get a screw and put it into the side of one board on the wall. I can't get it in though! So I try and get it in again. This time it works.

      By now its night time, so the DC thanks me and leaves. I'm alone now so I just get up and walk the path beyond the bridge. I the
      n wake up.

      Once I wake up I'm still really tired.
      Over the course of writing this DJ, I fully awoke and now I feel fine.

      Spoiler for Temp stuff:
    14. 11/2/2014

      by , 11-14-2014 at 04:11 AM
      False Awakening

      I was running some sort of time trial course at work with some people. Some guy was arguing with Adam telling him to chill out. We kept driving and some asian dude started arguing and recording us. I told him "We're not cops, so I don't care if you record!" Me and the other guy got in the driver's truck and sped off as the asian guy kept recording. Eventually, we came to a bridge where I saw a girl on a bicycle with a Spanish flag, because they had just won the world cup. I went through some stuff and when I came up to a broken bridge that was over some rough waters, I saw people jumping across to the other side. Some people failed the jump, even my grandmas. I stepped back and felt that I had boots on. I ran and jumped at the last second, which is when the bridge started to fall. I ran through the falling bridge and jumped onto some closed sci-fi looking doors. Too late.I knew I had to do it all over again so I grabbed my pistol from my belt and shot myself, falling into the water as my sight slowly turned black.

      I woke in a room with my sister. She was playing with one of those cup and wire phones and I told her she was doing it wrong, as I tried to write down my dream. My aunt was trying to sleep in the other room and the noise Valery was making through the phone made my aunt come into the room and start yelling.
    15. Blah Blah Bleh

      by , 08-29-2014 at 02:37 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I had a long dream about my family going on vacation in a tropical destination, and of course pretty much the whole thing was laced with personal elements so there is basically no part that is safe for dreamviews. I will make note that I nearly got lucid during this dream however.

      EDIT: oops almost forgot another dream!

      I was partially lucid directing this dream about a character named 'Jetpack Joey'. I was thinking of making this a comic when I woke up. Upon waking it doesn't seem like that great of an idea though. The dream had a cartoon/anime styling and told a story about a young boy (12 maybe) who builds his own Jet Pack and becomes a superhero.
      The climax of the story took place on a suspension bridge. A gunfight has broken out between the city police and a criminal syndicate and Joey and the mayor of the city are caught right in the middle. Joey's jetpack has run out of fuel and he jumps into the water.
      The clymax was not clearly explained, but he then somehow used a sparking electrical wire to turn the water into hydrogen gas and refuel his jetpack.

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