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    1. 0/1 Thu: Fragment

      by , 10-15-2010 at 07:55 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      I buy a building and fill it with arcade games and stuff to make it a rec room for me and friends. Friends are playing video games on a big screen TV. There's a fridge full of beer and I install a mounted bottle opener in the fridge. Then I buy a different building? Then Ben is showing me this long document he made. He's arranging a deal with his former high school.
      Tags: alcohol, friend
    2. 0/5 Sun: Short Dreams

      by , 10-11-2010 at 08:45 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Like yesterday, several short dreams mostly late in the morning. I woke up more times and recalls some other tiny dreams and hallucinations but didn't write them down.

      Fire Breath
      0328: D. In a movie/video game. Stars David Duchovny and Jennifer Aniston. Though sometimes I sense the female character is my mother. Fighting hordes of evil demons. I choose one weapon and it's fire breath. It's super effective. Something about smelling like Patchouli oli.

      Frisky Girl
      0449: C. I'm in a hotel room but it's really big. There are four queen-sized beds lined up. It's dark. I'm on one of the center beds with a laptop, playing some classic game. A couple stumbles in and gets on the other middle bed next to me. The girl is Asian, the guy is middle-eastern or Indian. They start having sex. I feel a bit awkward. I watch for a bit, then turn away. I turn off the screen of the laptop and try to sleep. They finish and then the girl jumps on my bed. She's really friendly and frisky. She straddles me. Again, I feel weird but start to go along with it. The other guy doesn't seem upset. The girl and guy push our two beds together. But the guy lays in his bed while the girl lays with me in my bed. I'm showing her something on the laptop. Then I want to turn it off but I have trouble pressing the right button.

      WBTB 60 minutes, B-Complex vitamin

      Chasing Game
      0753: D. Watching Ben play a game. He runs around a sports track chasing a monster. He is a deer. It's overcast and the ground is covered with snow. He quickly taps one button to speed up but he keeps accidentally pressing the Start button which pauses the game and breaks his rhythm.

      Stationary Tactics
      0835: D. I'm in the game Counter-Strike. The old one. The map is Office. I'm CT. I think I'm just playing with bots. I don't move. I just stand in the spawn and wait for the bots to find me. When they do, I headshot them with my pistol.

      1102: F. Some cultural debate about Europeans?
    3. 1/5 Sat: Hangover Dreams

      by , 10-10-2010 at 07:36 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Enjoyed a lot of alcohol the evening before, so no recall for the first several hours. Then I had some REM rebound and recalled these short dreams. In bed for a total of 12 hours.

      Chelsea Clinton Playing Lacrosse
      0527: C. I have to write a report on Chelsea Clinton. I am looking at the wikipedia page, but I am upset because someone deliberately removed all the images. Later I realize that it's just a written essay and I don't need images. Then I'm watching a women's lacrosse game on TV and Chelsea is the star of one of the teams. Her team is up 7-2 and she gets taken out to rest. The other team scores two quick goals to make in 7-4. I think I'm watching with my father.

      GTA in SAV, Hangover
      0630: D. I'm stealing cars and escaping cops in SAV, like Grand Theft Auto. Not much recall.

      False awakening that I totally missed. I'm in my own bedroom and I'm still drunk (day residue). Everything is really weird, but I account for it as drunk stuff I did last night. I'm under the bed comforter but not under the sheets. I get up. I'm wearing a heavy jacket and a pair of swim trunks. My bedroom door is wide open. The water in the bathtub is running. I walk into my closet to change. I see something in the corner of my eye to my right. I think maybe it's my own reflection in a mirror. I move, but it doesn't which freaks me out. Turns out to be Dave who was hiding in my closet.

      Comedy Show, Wrong Page
      0808: D. I'm at a Dane Cook show in New York. In the first part, he's in front of a small crowd. Then as part of the big opening, this small section of seats separates and moves down into a large theater. Dane Cook continues with his act but it's like a classroom and everyone is following along with books and notes. I don't know what page we're supposed to be on and I panic. There's a girl sitting to my left and one in front of me. I guess we are in a group. They are upset with me and trying to get me to the right page. As I flip through the book, it becomes my dream journal. This happens a few times. Now Dane wants someone to read aloud from the book. We are at the far right of the theater and there is a microphone nearby. The girl to my left is supposed to read but she has lost the page too. I am embarrassed.

      Touch Football, Libido
      0921 D. I'm with a group of people. I sense they are friends but I don't recognize anyone in particular. We are in a convenience store, goofing off. Running through the aisles and knocking things off the shelves. The employees are upset. Then we divide into two teams to play football (day residue) in the middle of the store. I'm on a team of another guy and a girl. The other team is 4 guys. I don't think that's fair.

      We have the ball first. Me and the other guy on my team alternate as quarterback. We basically ignore the girl and just pass to each other. The first time I catch the ball, I turn and see the other team running toward me. I think, wait, we said touch football, right? Not tackle, I hope? It's touch football and no one gets hurt. My team is successfully driving down the "field". The endzone is the freezers at the end of the store. I get the ball, run to the freezers, open the door, and place the ball inside among the frozen pizzas and ice cream. We win!

      At some point I become lucid. I'm still in the convenience store but no longer in the group of friends. I have no control and the dream is not very vivid. I just know that I'm dreaming and there's no consequences for whatever I do. So my libido takes the lead. Naturally, I look around for the nearest woman and tear her clothes off. She looks to be in her thirties but I'm not bothered. Her underwear turns out to be some rather scandalous light purple lingerie. I move in and kiss her but this narrows my field of vision. I close my eyes and the dream fades away.

      Lucid Supermarket, Libido
      1021: C. I'm in my car, driving at night. I'm hungry and stop at a supermarket to get something to eat. The supermarket claims to specialize in lucid dreaming. I think at one point the store is called Lucida Monica Market. Then later it is La Lucida Market. But it's in Culver City (day residue), not Santa Monica. Inside it looks like a typical supermarket. I search up and down the aisles for something to eat but nothing seems appetizing. There are quite a few DCs browsing the aisles and also way too many DCs behind the counters working. It seems like they are all staring at me, waiting for me to ask for help. I feel a bit paranoid and shy.

      Then I come to the aisle that is supposedly for lucid dreaming. The signs above mark the sections with various lucid dreaming topics. The one I remember is "Expectations". But the items in this section are just a bunch of mirrors, knick-knacks, and craft supplies. I struggle to see exactly how this is relevant to lucid dreaming.

      Once again, I'm bored and my mind turns to sex but I'm not lucid as in the previous dream. I scan around me for the nearest woman. Like the food, nothing seems particular appetizing, so I continue to wander for a woman. Before long, the dream fades.
    4. 0/4 Sun: Uneventful

      by , 10-04-2010 at 11:39 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Switching Places
      0649: D. Gotta work on my handwriting. I had half a page of notes but all I can gather is: Dreamed of switching places with a bum who looks like Cheech Marin. We're on some kind of country club? Somehow we have people fooled. I also remember having a strong deja vu during this dream. Like I knew it was a dream and I had dreamed this scenario before. When I woke up, I almost didn't write it down because I felt like I already knew it.

      Jumbled Mess
      0805: D. Dreamed of talking to Rachel about missing work. Something to do with taking Grandma to get her hair done. Then I'm eating cereal out of the bags at the grocery store?

      Then I'm in the desert and I see Rachel walking along a path towards a baseball stadium. It's the Angels. I follow her. There are two friends with me but I can't recall who. As we get close, I see Joe Pesci. I say "Hi Joe!" as if I knew him. He replies "That's Mr. Pesci to you," but in a joking way like he knows me too.

      Had to drive a friend to the airport. I was up for about 2 hours and returned to bed.

      1211: Arguing about dream?

      1239: Looking up "butterfly" in the index of a book. The book is about dreams. This leads me to that quotation in the book about dreaming of a butterfly or the butterfly dreaming of you.
    5. 0/3 Thu, Both Sides of the Law

      by , 09-17-2010 at 08:41 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Good sleep habits lead to good recall. Zeo shows just three really long sleep cycles and I recalled a dream from all three. This is the first time I've recalled a dream from the first cycle. My pen is running out of ink.

      I was really confident I'd have a lucid and I had a few tasks lined up to do. Oh well. Tomorrow will be even better.

      0445: Sleep

      0635: C. I sense that I'm at work but the building is more like an apartment. It's dark outside, maybe raining. I am sorting laundry in a bedroom. I came to the office to work on the weekend? I was hoping to be alone. I have a bottle of Jack Daniels. Hugh is there. Lucas also works at this place. I am actually an undercover cop and Lucas is a criminal. We are both using aliases. I tell this to Hugh. He's getting ready to leave to drive home. I ask to wait so we can leave together but he leaves without me. Then Dave pops in (with Laura maybe?) He is going to a dinner party or something. I also tell him about being an undercover cop. I show him two photos are me and two of Lucas and tell him the real names. Lucas looks like Wolverine in his photos. Another couple enters the office. I vaguely recognize them but don't remember their names. Dave blurts out "Hey, Michael is really Lieutenant...!" but I forget the name I used. The couple doesn't really hear this from across the office. I shush Dave and he stays quite.

      0655: Back to sleep after WBTB

      0916: A. This dream was quite vivid and I felt I had an above-average degree of reasoning capability (although what I do in the dream is pretty stupid). Zeo reports that this dream happened during a epic 75 minute long REM cycle. But what I recall seemed about 15-20 minutes. I'm in a house in a nice suburban neighbor, but it's unfamiliar. I'm in a bedroom on the second floor. It's night outside. I'm talking to a girl who is leaving for a house party in the neighborhood. She suggests it's going to be really wild. She leaves. I look out the window and see two plastic baggies on the sidewalk near the lawn. I go outside and pick one up. Inside there is pot wrapped and labeled in plastic wrap and in vials. There's also rolling paper and a condom. I sense that these are for the party. Someone is spreading them around the neighborhood for people to bring to the party. I take them back up to my room and look at the them, reading the labels of the strange ingredients. I hide them under my bed, go outside to get the other bag, and bring that one up too.

      I open a laptop and find a live streaming video of the party. I join a live lecture. A guy is going to explain how to use the things in the bag. I feel nervous so I take the stuff down to my car which is parked at the curb across the street. I hide the bags under the passenger seat and lay down in the back seat. I see police cars rolling through the neighborhood. I pretend to be asleep but I know I'm going to get busted. A cop opens the front passenger door and takes the stuff from under the seat. Then they open the back door and I fall out. They charge me with... burglary? It seems the pot was bought with stolen money so having the pot makes me an accomplice to the burglary. I ask, "Isn't that 'accessory to buglary'?" The cops laugh and say they've never heard of that. I argue, "What if you're the guy driving the car from a bank robbery?" Then they say, oh, that's a good point.
      (IWL, I don't think any of that law or logic makes sense). I am walking with the cops down the street and they are friendly. It's starting to get light as morning comes. They are talking about gambling.

      1135: D. I think my recall was good but I was disturbed by my alarm and the dream faded very fast. I tried for several minutes to remember because it felt so close on the tip of my memory. All that was left was a fragment. Something about cooking food and wrapping it in bags.

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    6. 0/3 Wed, Get hobbly!

      by , 09-16-2010 at 10:42 PM (One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy)
      Notes: Got to sleep early and woke up in the middle of the night. Tried for hours to fall back to sleep and finally gave up. Watched a movie and eventually returned to sleep for a few hours.

      2215: Sleep

      0215: B. I am in SAV. I am hanging out with Ben. He lives at the sound end of the complex. I think I am helping him move. He gets upset and I want to leave but I am still at his house. He and his older brother (doesn't exist IWL) are starting th make other plans for the evening. They want to go smoke pot? I feel left out but I can't leave yet for some reason. I keep thinking about how JavaScript doesn't have statics. I think the statements var s = 0; this.static = s;.

      Now it's Dave in the house instead of Ben. He is dressed up in black and white. He's leaving soon and is looking for a sweater. He yells at his mother but she doesn't have it. She is pregnant and moves slowly. He yells "Get hobbly!" to tell her to hurry. I leave and start walking home. I pass by a playground. People are talking about how it is new. From the second story of the apartment building, there is a slide. People are saying that a slide is safe for kids than stairs or a ladder. A young girl is saying this as she is climbing a ladder.

      0815: Back to sleep

      1030: B. I'm in a big indoor mall. I think the whole mall is sports themed. I'm there with work people and old school people. We are at a sports bar. Somebody has a giant old typewriter in front of them at the table. Lucas is there and we are trying to avoid him. He wants to be called "Lazurus" or "Laz". I change tables a few times to avoid him. Each time I close my table with my credit card. I'm drinking beer, something pale. At the last table, my credit card doesn't go through. I look at the card as the waitress hands it to me. It's a white(?) American Express card. Something to do voting? It has some letters on it that are supposed to say how it should be used. I open my wallet and it's all messy. I pull out my green AmEx card (from the wrong slot IWL) and everything is fine.

      There is a competition among some people in our group. I'm not participating, just watching. It's being televised by ESPN. The events are outdoorsy things, like chopping wood. There are three events in different parts of the mall. The whole group walks around the mall between events. My teeth keep falling out and I try to stick them back in and hold them in place. I don't stay until the end of the last event. I don't know who wins. I wander around the mall trying to find the exit. I reach a dead end, which seems familiar for some reason. I turn around and head a different way. I run into Ashwin. He was in the competition. I guess he didn't win. He asks me about the ESPN broadcast. I think he wants to be sure that his mom sees it. Then we talk about tennis.

      1248: C. I go to work, but it seems like a car wash. It's just me, Frank, Lucas, and a faceless artist. They are debating with the artist about the color of a couch and some 2D images for characters that can be pieced together for different poses. The couch is in the car wash tunnel. I say nothing. Lucas suggests going to Costco to buy more couches. He leaves. Then a bunch of young kids enter the room. Frank comes up to me to confront me about missing work. We try to talk over the noisy kids. He says "You're not well." I say "No, I'm not." He says "We were comparing you before and after and you're not the same. You're dressed like a kid." I look down and see I'm wearing the company baseball jersey. Frank is wearing the same thing.

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    7. 9 Sep: encounters with friends, hacking a building and groceries

      by , 09-10-2010 at 04:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:50 GMT Ė Sleep

      Lucid imagery and tasting words
      The first sleep is always hard to recall but when I woke up from this I knew for sure I had been lucid. I think I fell asleep focused on the hypnagogic imagery and didnít really enter a dream, was just staying lucid observing the sequence of images and then I tasted words. [Iíve heard of people tasting colours, but this was new for me]. Unfortunately I can only recall this but not describe the actual sensation.

      2:20 GMT

      Library encounter
      I am at this roundabout close to my momís home and I discover a new library opened right there. I recall when I was in high school and spent so much good time in the municipal library and decided to go inside check the conditions and maybe start coming frequently. I check the novelties shelf in the entrance, I pick some book and sit on a couch. I notice this guy JF, whom I know from college and havenít seen in a while (although we communicate by email), but decide not to go to him and wait to see if he sees me. He comes to say hi, we talk a bit and then he asks me if Iím staying longer, because he is leaving and could give me a ride.
      I say Iím still staying as I just arrived, but then he ask if I came on foot and points out that it is starting to rain and Iím not prepared for rain. I look down and Iím wearing skirt and sabrinas and the weather is definitely becoming nastier. So I say, ok youíre right, I accept the ride.
      But when I looked down I also saw I had pantyhose on one leg but not on the other and they were also quite dirty. What the hell! So as we leave the building, I first sneak behind the entry desk and try to take off the pantyhose. He comes back looking for me and finds me with skirt up, pantyhose down and trying to adjust my underwear who also got out of place with this tricky move. Embarrassing, but he just does his best to ignore and tells me I forgot money on a table in front of the couch I was sitting on. I did? So I go back and find a lot of coins on the table. Think it was not so much and shouldnít really care about it, but he says that it doesnít matter, it is my money, I should take it. Ok, ok. As I start putting it in my purse, the coins transformed into pieces of fruit and in the end my purse was full of fruit salad.

      Hacking a building
      Thereís an announcement about the day with no cars (happens every year) and immediately I see the roads with no cars and a family cycling around the neighbourhood. They go up a ramp and I follow them Ė until now I was just watching but now I materialize. On top of this ramp is actually a dead end so I wonder where they disappeared into. When I turn back, this is no longer a street but actually a closed precinct, like the backrooms of some public or governmental facility. Then I find myself with 2 other friends and we make a challenge to each other Ė break in, do the tour of the building and leave without a trace. There are vigilance cameras everywhere, so it wonít be easy. As soon as I leave this room, the hallway has a camera and I know it is just a matter of time until a guard appears. I just have enough time to break in the door at the end of the hallway, my friends follow me and we close and block the door when the guard is about to catch us. Now we face a new challenge as this room has no other exit. We decide to go through a vent and get out on the control room, where the guards should be, but since they are still trying to break in the first room we blocked, now we can hack their computers and tapes and delete all recordings about our little adventure. As my two others friends are deleting the files, my attention goes to a corner where there is a basket full of teddy bears. I wonder what they are doing there and canít resist to go through them, looking for one that is cuter and eventually take it with me, but in the end, they are all cute but none really stands out so I leave them, wondering why guards need teddy bears.
      The door of this control room is locked electronically Ė so nobody enters or exits, while the guards are out Ė but my friends broke in the code and tell me a sequence weíll need to insert on this door and a next door we will find. But hey, Iím distracted with toys, so I donít recall the numbers. Fortunately my friends are better concentrated and remember it for me. When we unlock all the doors, we find ourselves moving to an entrance lobby with visitors and a kid notices weíre coming out of a restricted access area and asks us if we should be there. I smile at her and tell her no, that weíre hackers but we didnít do any harm, we were just having a bit of fun and ask her to keep a secret.

      Buddha Neo
      Someone tells me ďDid you know thereís a secret short movie that is a crossover of Little Buddha and Matrix?Ē No, I donít know about that!!! So then Iím showed this amazing film with Keanu Reeves playing Neo (of course) and then he finds the truth inside the truth and becomes the Buddha (he also played Little Buddha) and the Buddha hacks the Matrix and kicks some asses, but also sits to meditate as Neo. Weird stuff but awesomely cool. I would love to see that movie!

      4:45 GMT

      A very quiet friend
      I am at a lobby of some building with my dad, close to a desk. Weíre waiting for someone or something, but itís totally deserted. He makes some remarks how he feels uncomfortable with these places, especially when some weird people comes by Ė better beware of your purse - like... for example this guy that is coming in now! I wonder why he says that, itís just my good friend H.L. from Estonia, whom I donít see for a few years. I donít mention this to him and simply go to my friend, also to scare my dad a little. He recognizes me and smiles but when I hug him he is distant and not really replying the hug. Then a blond girl with a kid appears and I wonder if they are together. Ok, but thatís no reason to be cold towards a friend. The girl finds this corner for kids, with a little castle for kids to play inside, and she leaves the kid there. I try to break the ice by saying how I would have loved to have one of those when I was a kid, but all I had was chairs, blankets and a lot of imagination. But she also doesnít reply.

      Sharing memories from Brussels
      Iím in the middle of the street opening a letter that just arrived in my mailbox and Iím surprised to see itís a renewal card for going to the cinema with discount, in Brussels! I donít live in Brussels for more than 3 years and I also wonder how they got my new address.
      Coincidentally, I see this lady which I know from tv, she is an actress and I know she lived in Brussels to and misses it a lot. So I start talking to her showing her the card and asking if she knows whatís about. She was totally surprised and didnít first understand what I wanted. But as she looks closer to the card, she knows what I mean and makes a big smile. I tell her I also lived in Brussels and we start walking together exchanging stories about this city. Itís so rare to find someone who lived there and actually loved it, everybody always complains about the weather. As we walk we pass by this abandoned lot and I notice a lot of garbage, a few vegetable gardens and 2 dogs who soon start fighting. When I look again to my way, we encounter a friend of hers whoís waiting her with a car, we say goodbye and she leaves.

      Buying groceries
      Iím shopping on this little town grocery shop some food for me and taking to some group Iím hosting. I buy some tomatoes, eggs and I see these amazing carrots that are labelled organic but cost only 90 cts/kg. I find too cheap and ask the grocer if these are locally produced, by some villager or so. He confirms and goes about saying how amazing these carrots are, delicious and that he misses when all vegetables were so tasty and not these plastic chemical-filled things we eat nowadays. He starts talking about the wonders of organic farming and I smile. I want to tell him he his preaching to a converted, but he is now turning to some other clients, some villagers who are asking something about his ham. The grocer goes to the backroom and comes back with a piece of ham. He cuts bits for others to taste. But first he tastes it itself in a very ritualised manner and I realise the guy is a gourmet an totally obsessed about quality food. Before he also offers me some ham and then I have to explain why Iím vegetarian I turn away and pretend to shop some more stuff.

      7:10 GMT Ė Wake up

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    8. 8 Sep: two towers town, meeting friend and social contrasts

      by , 09-09-2010 at 01:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      0:10 GMT – Sleep

      The two towers towns
      Was having a funny dream about being in this fantasy village in the woods – looked like out of Tolkien’s. On this village there was a big wooden tower and I go to it’s top. From there I can see great distances and detect that there’s another twin town of this one, with a similar wooden tower with the same height. They are like defying each other.
      I am sitting on the stairs, looking through an opening on the wall, seeing the villagers down there, the canopy, when a lady appears and I ask her about this other village and the meaning of the towers. She says it’s taboo to talk about it, they just ignore each other to avoid trouble. I find this ridiculous and I want to know more. So I fly down the tower and decide to go to the other town. I take a car and drive there (yeah, dream idiocy).
      The other town is surrounded by a fortress and I have to go up a tight zig-zag road to get to its gate. When I arrive there nobody opens the gate, nobody seems to hear me calling. So I go back in the car and fall asleep on the back seat.
      Finally at dawn I wake up hearing this guy talking to some girl, outside the car. They are looking at me and wondering what I want. I recognise the guy as being Paulo (a guy I know in RL) but he doesn’t recognise me. He seems unfriendly and upset with my presence and I want to tell him “Hey, it’s me”, but in this context I feel it would sound absurd (I am more or less aware I’m in a dream), so I just stay quiet. He decides to allow me in, but he supervises each step and actually I can’t leave his side for a second. I still have no answers and actually haven’t yet asked any questions, because he is definitely not open to conversations.

      6:30 GMT

      Meeting a friend
      I’m somewhere in a countryside town, surrounded by farmed fields. I have this impression that villagers are not very open or friendly and I just dwell. I then find this group on which I recognize H.E. (a friend I don’t see for some time).
      I remember I used to have some funny dreams with him, when we were together in college, on which we flirted
      [I believe they were shared dreams, because on the next day he would be very smiley to me and even call his real girlfriend my name by mistake, pissing her off big time. LOL. But I never asked him, afraid of looking ridiculous.]
      Because he is now working on politics (he is in RL) there’s a bunch of people around him, wanting things from him, wanting to be his friends and so on. I ask him if he can spare some time for his old friend. He is not with much availability but he agrees and we go for a walk. We talk, we fly over what seem to be daisy fields. Then we cross some tiny village streets, with clothes hanging dry, very pitoresque. He needs to go to the toilet and enters some house. I wait outside. I cross and arch at the end of the street and find a road leading out of the village. Then I see a bunch of stray dogs strolling down the road. All is fine, but then 2 or 3 cars are coming and not very slowly and I fear for the dogs, so I run to shoo them. One of them is almost hit, but escapes. Then from behind me a procession of strange animals, looking like dogs and pigs, but with geometric coloured patterns (blue, green, yellow) on their skins pass by. I wonder what is this and I follow them. Passing another arch leading to an entrance to what seems to be a farm, there’s a bunch of kids sitting on the floor, with glue, fabrics, inks and other materials. They are making these animals, like stuffed animals and when they are finished, they become alive and walk around! I find it lovely.
      I go back to get my friend to see this and then we join them. I am helping this kid making a big animal that looks like a cute monster. When his head is ready, I put it in front of my face, as if it’s a mask and make funny remarks to my friend, and it almost feels like old times. But then I get into physical affection (as a friend, not with second intentions) and he gets dead serious, not so amused anymore. He is clearly trying not to get too involved emotionally. I guess now he’s taking his relationship with his girlfriend a lot more seriously and he’s afraid we might fall into flirting like old times. I think there was no need to be so worried about it, but that his choice.
      I actually start feeling bored and again fall asleep in the dream, but since I am sitting, as soon as I feel the fall, I wake up (in the dream).

      Social contrasts
      I’m walking to some place and I pass in front of a 5-star hotel, when some handsome middle-eastern filthy rich guy gets out of his limo to go to the hotel. For a moment I feel a bit intimidated of my colliding course with him, but then I think that the sidewalk is still a public place and why should I feel intimidated just because the guy is rich? So I keep moving normally. We pass by each other and the guy actually looks very interested in me, he can’t take his eyes of me. I enjoy his attention, but know that it would never lead anywhere. For him, I might be nice to look at, but not good enough for actually get inside his life. We live planets apart. Still, I feel that this guy is about to say something to me when I hear someone shouting my name. I look around, curious and find that behind this guy’s limo is now a really ugly and old car, full of guys and they are calling me. I don’t recognize them but apparently they are my friends. They ask me if I want a ride, since we’re going to the same place (which I have no clue where it is). I think about this other guy still on hold, looking at me, but I decide to accept their invitation and hop in. I think this will show the guy I'm not really interested in his money.
      There’s not really any empty space in the car, so we basically stack on top of each other. I feel amused – there’s this guy alone in a huge limo and here we are in a tiny car like sardines in a can, but in the end I decide this life is so much more fun and rich in experiences!

      8:15 GMT – Wake up

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    9. Ghosts n' Greenhouses

      by , 08-27-2010 at 06:50 AM
      Ok i used to live in a ministry home with a bad ass pastor who helped people get off of drugs and u know took in people off the streets n gave em a good home, it was for a few years when i was 13-17 years old.
      anyway last night i had an extremely vivid dream about a huge school that was like the fusion of the last two schools i went to, but also the place where our entire school went for a field trip, go figure, the hallways were filled with people and i dropped in on a few classes meeting up with a few people i knew and whatnot. soon though the school changed scenes to a house on a hill near my actual house the house is huge at least two or three stories tall with two floors going below ground as well and super coushy, and well furnished but missing an entire wall basically, its late at night and i go outside cuz i can't sleep i find some sort of treasure in the trees, i go to get my best friend to tell him of the treasure and we go out but instead of the trees there's a greenhouse attached to the house. This whole while there are ghosts walking around, their the ones who kept me from sleeping, also notably ironic seeing as how it was a dream, and video cameras are set up with the feeds going to random screens throughout the house, the ghosts popping up doin creepy stuff randomly. After the greenhouse bit i wake up.
    10. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-18-2010 at 03:44 PM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      °Single Sentence Sizzler!ģ

      Security War (Non-lucid)

      Quote Originally Posted by Mzzkc View Post
      I battled wits with my good friend and RA, as he tried to use the knowledge he gained during his internship to lock me out of the school's system, while I used my own summer experiences to subvert his plans and bypass his security blocks; by winning the inevitable arms race, I eventually won the entire war.

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    11. Underground City

      by , 08-01-2010 at 06:17 PM (Burke's Nightly Escapades)
      Last night I had two very similar dreams in that it was the same place, same people I was with, and the same "goal" of the dream, or what I was tying to do.

      #1: I was in some sort of city that was underground riding my bike with me sister and a friend. There were houses to the left and a thin platform about 2 feet wide that we rode our bikes on. To the right was about a 5 foot drop into a river that was really murky and smelled funny.

      We started riding along the small path that was much like thin 2x4s laid next to each other. We drove past a few houses and I say another friend of mine siting on his porch just staring off into the distance. I waved to him and he said "Hey, what's goin' on?"
      "Just riding our bikes," I replied, "Wanna come?"
      "Nah I can't" And so he stayed there, sitting on his porch.

      We rode down this small ramp that was there on the trail and had to make a small turn to the right only the trail narrowed to about 2 inches wide. I was the first to go and just sped through it hoping I wouldn't fall in. Then came my sister, and third was her friend. About 15 feet down the trail it ended into a very narrow alley which was about a foot wide, just enough for a small adult to fit through.

      I started to squeeze through it only to notice that it got narrower as it went. Worst yet was that when I was about 2 feet from the outside I got stuck and a giant spider about the size of a CD started walking towards my face from where I just was. I'm normally not afraid of spiders but this one was a bit too big and out of my comfort zone.

      I started wriggling as hard as I could and right before it got to me I managed to squeeze all the way our and was in another alley, only this one was of normal size and a good 10 feet wide. Before I could get a good look around
      I woke up.

      #2: Later that same night I had a dream that was very similar, only this time it included more of my friend and stayed underground.

      It was the same setting as last time, even the same spot we started at and the same people were with me. We started riding up this hill and once we were at the top we noticed somebody was there and was taking a sobriety test. I couldn't tell who it was but I noticed that he had to walk in a straight line placing one foot over the other (Like a normal sobriety test would)I couldn't tell who it was since it was so dark, so I went behind the housed on our left and started looking around for a flashlight. I noticed a wooden table with some tools on it and there were also two flashlights, a red and a yellow one. I picked each up to see if it had batteries in it and the yellow seemed rather heavy so I grabbed it and walked back over to the officers.

      I shined it on him and noticed that it was my friend who was taking the test. I said, "Hey, whats going on? Were you drinking or something?"
      "No," he replied cautiously. "Not a lot anyway."
      The officers then decided to let him go and walked away. I asked him again, "You wanna come for a ride?"
      "No thanks" he said again.
      "Okay, how about just a walk then?"
      "Alright, that sounds good." And so he started to walk with us.

      The same narrow part in the trail was there still but since we were walking, we just jumped right over it. We came to the same narrow alley and this time I noticed two spiders, both as big as the last. One was black and fuzzy, like a tarantula. The other was a yellow and black combination with black on part of it's back and yellow every where else.
      (If this sounds like an actual type of spider please say something) I decided this time I would kill the spiders first and then go through the passage. I stepped down near the river and grabbed a remote control that was laying on the floor (?)and smacked the black spider once and knocked it off the wall. My friend then grabbed my hand and yelled, "What the heck are you doing!?"
      "Killing the spider so I can go through," I replied, a little confused. It was at this point that he started shaking me and I could feel the dream fading. I then knew it was a dream but it was too late
      (No, this doesn't count as an LD since this is how all my dreams end
    12. First lucid dream after 8 days! and another non lucid dream int he same night! :D

      by , 07-29-2010 at 03:34 PM
      First lucid dream. My first lucid dream was pretty long it started non
      lucid. So I was at my old school and it was night and we were about
      leave to go home. Then my brother saw a guy walking down a trail
      beside our school and told us that guy is trouble. But then I was hope
      and I looked out my window and I could see the judges for Americas got
      talent in my front yard and Sharon was standing on a floating car and
      I though, I have to be dreaming so I plugged my nose and I could
      breathe! I screamed at the top of my lungs "I'm dreaming!!" but I
      didn't wake up from the excitement. But after that part is kinda
      blurry then I was outside and it was still night. I tried to fly. I
      lifted a bit off the ground then fell back down then I lifted again
      and I went higher but I fell again then I was walking on this trail and
      decided to try and make it day so I closed my eyes and. Thought when I
      open my eyes it will be day time and I opened them and there was a
      sunrise I thought that was good enough then kept walking and there
      were bad guys coming at me(I guess I wasn't fully in control) so I
      remembered that yesterday I thought about having a lightsaber in a
      lucid dream so I tried yo make one appear in my hand but I was
      basically just imagining it and it wasn't there and then I finally got
      it and I started fighting the bad guys off but this part is kinda
      blurry too then when I was fighting them I saw a group of people
      looking at me then I finished fighting the bad guys and continued
      walking. Then I thought is it too soon to summon my dream guide? I
      guess I'll try so I close my eyes and say summon dream guide! Or
      something like that and when I open my eyes I see a bald Black man
      with a bluetooth headset then I remembered I saw him in the group of
      people and I asked him, "Are you my dream guide?" he calmly says, "I
      am" I was excited at that point and I think I lost lucidity then there
      was something about fighting people in a big glass building.

      And the second dream of the night(non lucid):The back of my old school
      (I'm thinking my old school is a dream sign I see it in a lot of
      dreams) was all pools and sort of a water park and I was talking to
      some of my brother's friends that are girls. And then there is the big
      weird drivable machine thing. So I get in and my friend's girlfriend
      (which is also my best friend) was watching as I laughed driving it
      then someone that worked there said something to me and pushed me down
      this big hole while I was on the machine and I was falling and it was
      like a ride and there were colourful coushions as I went down the ride
      then when it ended the machine was gone then I was back by the pool
      then I remember doing another RC and YErp I was dreaming but I didn't
      become lucid then I remember arguing with a guy at a corn dog stand
      while people wait in line and then that's it
    13. Rains Boats and Automobiles

      by , 07-26-2010 at 08:29 PM
      I was walking through the parking lot of my old elementary school. It was raining and a very dark Grey out and for some reason there were many people walking through and around the area and driving through the parking lot. My friends mom came by in her car and told me to get in. I saw to my right that her oldest son, my really good friend, was walking out in the rain towards my house. I said, "where are we going?" and she told me that we were going to her house in Mississauga, which is a good 40 minutes from where we were. I told her that her son was walking out there in the rain and that we should pick him up but she insisted that she drove me to her house first then she would come back and drive him.

      >> We're on the highway and it's still pouring. She's a terrible driver because she's kind of afraid behind the wheel. She would just stop in the middle of traffic and wait until enough room builds up for her to change lanes. I grab control of the wheel because I cannot stand how bad she is at driving and eventually I switch places with her and continue driving.

      >> flashforward again....we're all on a boat.
      Tags: boat, car, friend, mom
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. June 25, 2010

      by , 06-27-2010 at 01:22 AM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Pokemon and Friends:
      There was a pokemon battle going on. I think a friend was the one who was battling and needed some help but don't recall much of who was winning or what was happening. The hall was circular, red and the ceiling was pretty low. It stretched out a bit kinda like a tube and was full of people. Who I preceived to be me was standing at the end of the hall raising a pikachu in the air who was supposed to me, take it to help you my friend. He also had a pikachu, possibly in play. I think we started communicating with people saying "2 pikachus". Then there was something regarding a comment on a website changing "a to something else" but can't recall what this was about.

      Thoughts: Totally random and quite weird Guess its good that I remembered it considering that I didn't get 8hr or so for the recall I have no clue what the website thing was about and I think I was in 3rd person here, so, I was seeing this occur from the side instead of being directly involved.
    15. Book Shorts

      by , 06-24-2010 at 01:35 AM (Mespia's DJ of Doom)
      I was sitting in my room, on a couch covered with a blue plastic-like material. I was chatting with a relative of mine, and there were a few markers lying around. This unknown relative uncapped a marker and made a small dot with it on the couch. It was either green or blue.

      "I dare you to test out one of the markers, too," she said.

      "Ok," I responded. I picked up a red marker and made a small dot on the couch. Suddenly, my relative leaped up.

      "You wrote on the couch! I'm telling Dad!" She ran out of the room, still threatening to get me in trouble.

      I didn't mind, considering she made a mark too and how much trouble could I get in for this offense, anyway? Then I thought of something. I licked my finger and rubbed it on the dot. It disappeared. That's right, I thought. This is Crayola washable marker.

      I finished cleaning up the couch and grabbed this pair of silk shorts I've slept with ever since I was a baby. I wandered out of the room, not really sure where I was going. My bra was annoying me. I pulled it on more comfortably over and over again. My mom walked in in front of me.

      "Is your bra annoying you? You should really get a new one. Why don't you go shopping tomorrow?" She said.

      "Ok," I replied, happy that I wasn't in trouble for the marker dots. I wandered off again, still holding the shorts.

      I sat down after a while, and talked to my little sister and her friend. I didn't know her friend, she was completely fictional. She was about about eleven years old, same as my sister. She had reddish hair that was pulled back in a low ponytail, freckles, and glasses. She and my sister started making fun of me for something, and I got really upset. I walked away into what was probably a dining room.

      I sat down on the floor, looking down at the silk shorts. There were all sorts of words on it, like a book. This seemed completely normal to me, I actually "remembered" it being like that before. I was a bit bored, and I didn't know what to do, but then I remembered the shorts. I could read those to pass the time!

      Looking at them more closely, I saw that the words formed a rather long table of contents. Apparently, the "book" included all sorts of topics, from merits to how to host a graduation party. Some of the sections had the word "new" next to them in big letters (presumably because they were newly added to the book). Here, I had a bit of a nagging feeling. Sure, my shorts had always had words on them , but I didn't remember parts of the table of contents. Last time I checked, half the stuff hadn't been on it. I dismissed it, though, deciding that I just hadn't paid enough attention.

      I decided to start reading, but then I realized that these shorts only had the table of contents on them. I'd have to get another pair if I wanted the actual content of the book. This annoyed me, because I never remembered having another pair of shorts like that. Then I woke up.
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