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  1. New way to use a Remee dream mask
  2. Philips Hue Smart Lights / Sleep Tracking
  3. Free Meditation Music w/ Binaural Beats & Isochronic Tones to Aid Lucid Dreaming
  4. Timing control
  5. Qualia Mind: long term support vs. short term induction
  6. Coconut Oil and/or MCT Oil
  7. Take It Easy Tea & Bedtime Powder by Golden Lung tea
  8. Transdermal dream-enhancing supplements
  9. Change of galantamine brand
  10. Huperzine A + nicotine + ?
  11. Vitamin b5 and Choline
  12. Sleep as android getting better? (New REM-detection algorithm)
  13. Halovision in machine vision
  14. Huperzine A + SNRI + Risperidone
  15. Aura Iwinks were scam artist, and if you did not respond to them by last May they stole your money
  16. Choline deficiency + veganism
  17. Mind Clarity Trick?
  18. I know what B6 does, but what effect does B12 have on dreams?
  19. Claridream PRO?
  20. iOS Recommendations?
  21. Supplements to Boost Dream Recall
  22. Dream leaf
  23. Using Tobacco and other herbs for WILD
  24. Iwinks Aurora "dream band" was not sent out, and I can prove it.
  25. Aurora VS iBand+
  26. Homemade Lucid Dream Induction Device
  27. Only's Easy Dream Character Creator [Warning - flashes]
  28. 5 HTP question
  29. At last a new EEG based induction device
  30. Galantamine and choline timing?
  31. FryingMan's EILD (Halovision) experiments
  32. Binaural Beats - Brainwave App IOS
  33. ADHD medication
  34. Halovision - Smart Mirror (Standalone )
  35. Muse headband -- on second look, maybe it's actually pretty good
  36. Supplements & results log (Galantamine, Alpha GPC, Caffeine, others)
  37. Valerian Root
  38. Dream Leaf
  39. Lucid dreamer
  40. iBAND+ A new EEG based dream headband
  41. Dreaming Mask Using Proven Brain Stimulation?
  42. Reputable Source of Galantamine
  43. What brainwave entertainment to use?
  44. Thinking of Making My Own LD Induction Device
  45. Supplements for DILD vs. WBTB Methods
  46. Modafinil for lucids aids?
  47. Calea Z tips anyone..?
  48. Substances which increase REM stage??
  49. Brain Wave Music
  50. Bananas and raw unfiltered honey before bed for dream recall/ lucid dreaming
  51. Should I buy a Remee?
  52. Tea(s) that affect Dreams?
  53. Reality Check Reminders for Android
  54. The Best Lucid Aid Supps...
  55. Hammocks?
  56. REM Dreamer Pro arrived today...
  57. Anyone want to try out a new dream journaling app?
  58. Oneironarium -- Android App for Lucid Dreamers
  59. What (if any) technology are you using to enhance your LD experience?
  60. Carisoprodol (Soma)
  61. B6
  62. Galantamine is hardcore
  63. When shall I take these?
  64. Is it safe?
  65. Tian Men Dong (Wild Asparagus Root)
  66. What are the best night time Lucid Dream phone applications?
  67. Need help from lucid aid pros
  68. Helping herbs
  69. Using suppliments to have more and more vivid dreams.
  70. Introduction and taking supplements right
  71. Supplements affecting in the long term?
  72. How do I make a proper Calea Z extract?
  73. RemDreamer - Is it safe?
  74. AURORA Lucid Dreaming Mask
  75. Has anyone bought supplements from SmartDrugsForCollege?
  76. Curcumin + 5-HTP
  77. Lucid Herb
  78. Using supplements ONLY to get started, is it possible?
  79. Growing Calea Z (non-bitter) from seeds
  80. Lucid dreaming pills???
  81. Modern WILD - Lucid Dream Inducer
  82. Energy Drinkst to induce SP?
  83. Aurora claims entering final production
  84. Valerian-Peppermint Tea
  85. Infinity Software
  86. Mixing Calea, Mugwort & Valerian Root
  87. Foc.us - Lucid Dream Simulator - EILD
  88. Safety of Consuming Herbs
  89. Which should I choose?
  90. Question about binaural beats(?)
  91. Sofia-EOG - open source software and hardware for REM detection
  92. Jayme's 5-HTP journal
  93. How much of Calea to take effets?
  94. Taking calea before sleeping instead of 4 hours after?
  95. Galantamine - Where To Buy In Europe?
  96. DreamLeaf Thread.
  97. So many supplements
  98. Mixing 5HTP, Melatonin, and L-Tryptophan
  99. LucidEsc - Huperzine A + choline
  100. Rem-Dreamer Mask
  101. B6 with 5htp?
  102. Going to try Galantamine
  103. Any Yerba Mate drinkers?
  104. Damiana
  105. Subliminal Lite App (Android)
  106. Blue lotus - who has experience with this and its effects on lucid dreaming?
  107. Peppermint tea
  108. 5-HTP questions!
  109. Galantamine disappointing :(
  110. Question about supplements
  111. DreamZ App
  112. does Valium inhibit recall or supress REM sleep?
  113. NPT lucid dreaming device, very interesting method. For guys only, sorry ladies.
  114. Lucid Supplements
  115. Pre-powdered African Dream root
  116. Do any of these products aid lucidity?
  117. The Danger of Lucidimine and its ingredients
  118. Choline without Galamantine
  119. The DreamZ app?
  120. Gymboss MiniMAX for WILD and DEILD purpose (test and discussion)
  121. Choline for Lucid Dreaming?
  122. What does taking galantamine and choline feel like?
  123. Entrainment Audio
  124. How long do the effects of food last?
  125. Storing Calea Z tea for later use
  126. Isochronic tones working !
  127. Supplements or Natural?
  128. Your favourite lucid dreaming supplement?
  129. Subliminal Messages
  130. 5-HTP and WILD
  131. Had an LD - Techniques or Supplements though?
  132. Not So Great News about my REM Dreamer experience
  133. Multivitamins / Peanut Butter
  134. Vitamin B-6 and numbness
  135. L-Theanine / Valerian Root
  136. anyone like mustard here?
  137. What should i use?
  138. Peppermint Tea
  139. Endorphins help with lucidity?
  140. Any ideas for a lucid dreaming VR app?
  141. Video game project to spark the mind during WBTB
  142. Lucidimine free trial
  143. Alpha Brain, Dreamleaf, Vivitamine
  144. wormwood is BITTER
  145. In REM Dreamer Pro, where exactly is the microphone?
  146. "Herbal Insomnia"
  147. 5-HTP and Dreaming?
  148. Dream Herb: Have you tried it? (C Z)
  149. How long should i expect a mask(REM Dreamer) to last?
  150. Looking to try an aid and want suggestions from those that use them.
  151. Anybody using piracetam to encourage lucidity?
  152. 5-HTP and Ginkgo Biloba
  153. Dreamamins site?
  154. Advil PM & Melatonin Question?
  155. I got Remee And REM Dreamer :)
  156. Vitamin B-6
  157. FILD Helper App
  158. Tried lucidimine last night...
  159. Ordered REMee, sooo Happy!
  160. Good lucid supplements for a beginner?
  161. Lucidimine - Y'all Have any Thoughts?!
  162. Very short lucids w Galantamine and Alpha-GPC?
  163. Effects of Mugwort
  164. Chronic herb smoking and dream recall
  165. REMdreamer Pro vs Novadreamer 2
  166. Silene Capensis just doesn't work for some people?
  167. Melatonin as an aid?
  168. looking for a reliable yerba mate supplier
  169. Cultivation of the Red Spider Lily?
  170. Long Layoff, then G + Ch + WBTB Success
  171. Rem Dreamer + Android (Calling Tech Users)
  172. Effects of Calea Zacatechichi and Mugwort on Dreaming
  173. Apparently Espresso helps with vivid dreams. Lol.
  174. Aurora Coming in November...
  175. Exciting new EILD device: Oneirics!
  176. Another Calea Zacatechichi Topic
  177. 3 OBE-like WILDs in 2 days. Was food an important part?
  178. Neurophone
  179. Labradorite's Effect on Lucid Dreaming
  180. Anyone tried vitaminewater? B-6 and B-12
  181. Adrafinil and Modafinil
  182. Marijuana
  183. Apple juice and problems dreaming in general.
  184. Galantamine Works!!!
  185. Flaxseed
  186. Low Dose Naltrexone promotes Lucid Dreaming
  187. A Melatonin quesion
  188. Galantamine, Alpha-GPC, Choline B./CDP, L-Theanine, 5-HTP, Valerian
  189. My Silene Capensis Experience
  190. Vivid/Lucid Dreams with Prednisone?
  191. marijuana before bed: LD aid
  192. Do Calea Zacatechichi capsules expire?
  193. Dreaming mobile app brainstorm
  194. About the DreamZ app
  195. Lucid aid bedtime tea?
  196. Galantamine makes me hyper..l-theanine knocks me out. Help!
  197. Anyone here tried ZMA?
  198. Any one knows how to make an ossilating-tdcs ?
  199. Lucid dreaming supplements induction DV study - Post your supplement experiment here!
  200. Choline bitartrate/b6/melatonin/5-htp
  201. Calea Zacatechichi and dream recall/awareness
  202. Relentless Improvement
  203. Electric Brain Stimulation via Electrodes on the Scalp induces Lucid Dreams.
  204. The loser Recipe for artificially inducing lucid dreams
  205. Now anyone can become lucid on command!
  206. Galantamine, B6 and melatonin IT JUST WORKS !!!! prepare to be AmaZeD
  207. Insanely Vivid Dreams after this Stack
  208. When to take supplements?
  209. Herb for use as Mugwort Placebo?
  210. Mugwort tincture -- fairly wild/bizarre dreams
  211. Homemade LD Goggles!
  212. 5-HTP sucks
  213. Green Tea and Prescription Medication
  214. Why do supplements boost dreaming recall, vividness, lucidity? Is it just WBTB in the end?
  215. Mugwort + Wormwood experience
  216. Does vitamin B6 build a dependency?
  217. Where To Get The Most Reasonably Priced Supplements?
  218. Electric Scalp Stimulation
  219. I need EEG machine! Help
  220. Please need advise on proper supplement order missing anything?
  221. What Sleep/Dream Apps Are You Using, and What Are Your Thoughts?
  222. Does Choline B work as effectively as Choline Bitartrate??
  223. Nova Dreamer 2: any word yet?
  224. When to take vitamin b6?
  225. Melatonin experience
  226. Has anyone tried the "Lucid Dreams" pill sold on amazon?
  227. REMee reconsidered
  228. Dream leaf?
  229. Lucidity, android app for lucid dreaming and analyzing your dreams : update !
  230. Rosemary oil helps Prospective Memory !
  231. Can I try vitamin B6 while doing WBTB?
  232. How much Vitamin B6?
  233. EMERGEN-C Packets - Vivid Dreams
  234. Little known Yuschak publication: Amino Acid Blend gives "100% LDs"
  235. Anyone used propanolol?
  236. Plain Salvia D. for Dreaming
  237. Nova dreamer repair?
  238. An app which shows your sleep cycles??
  239. Lucidity apps
  240. 5-HTP... How to use properly for dreams?
  241. Rosemary Oil as a Lucid Dreamimg Aid
  242. Lucidity, android app for lucid dreaming and analyzing your dreams : update !
  243. Lucid supplements and failed attempts (help request)
  244. More dreams with milk?
  245. Silene Capensis leaves and flowers
  246. Galantamind Melatonin and WILDing...
  247. Holy Grail of Lucid Dreaming Supplements
  248. Alarm clock help?
  249. I want to make iPhone app for WILD
  250. Out of curiousity what have people found more effective.