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    1. scaredy-cat

      by , 12-07-2017 at 07:37 PM
      I was with my daughter (as a toddler) on my shoulders. I was trying to cook something but her eye was caught by the orange ring on the hob and she tried to reach down and touch it. I stopped her of course, but like in howl's moving castle she was able to wipe the ring away like it was a magic mark.
      We go to a market selling all sorts of odd ments and she grabs hold of a wooden ornament that she thinks is a toy. I try to get it off her but she has ir hidden in her hat somewhere.
      Next we are at the bank of the stream at my parents house in the countryside and she sees a cat and wants to play. She jumps down and morphs into a cat and starts playing and wants to scare the other cat by hissing. But the other cat pays no heed then when she is persistent the grey tabby starts to get up. It is twice the size of her and starts to stalk her so she morphs back and jumps up onto my shoulders again.

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    2. The Cat Returns

      by , 10-28-2017 at 10:32 AM
      At my parents house ..memorable bit was where my cat from when I was a kid returned from outside, like a frozen carpet.
      I cuddled it till it got a little warmed up, it was a happy reunion, if a little teary.

      Also girl with candfloss flame hair in my dream
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    3. Strange Feline Visitor (doorway waking symbolism)

      by , 10-15-2017 at 08:11 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2012. Thursday.

      I become lucid in a slow entry transition (the usual lucid and willfully manipulated hypnagogia after making love in real life) and our bedroom takes on different features.

      Of course, there is still the residual energy of wanting more intimacy and sustained harmony. Zsuzsanna and I eat strawberries (on a small yellow plate) at one point.

      After our romance and intimacy, I am somewhat in a non-lucid state now. I become puzzled, more over my decreasing level of awareness (but which vivifies in the last scene) than by the fact our bedroom is rendered with the wrong layout (not directly linked to the lounge room and kitchen as it is in real life). The paint on the horizontal wall boards is peeling (yet it was not before) which I vaguely recall means that my dream is beginning to ebb, yet my lucidity is no longer viable.

      I feel an urge to see if the door is open and it is. I approach the doorway. There is nothing visible beyond. I feel puzzled by an anticipatory mood emerging from within me.

      The Cat in the Hat’s hat appears in the doorway, though with no cat. It floats in the air, tips slightly forward and I feel amused, waking with cheerfulness and humor.

      This dream has the usual dynamics as have been in the same sequential components (through tens of thousands of dreams) since early childhood, though I have grown to appreciate, enjoy, and greatly respect how the nuances are always slightly different.

      Firstly, it is doorway waking symbolism, where a doorway is rendered as the dream’s implied exit point as an emergent consciousness factor (sometimes triggered by real-life environmental noise but not always, as the reticular activating system often uses the memory of a door knock or door-opening sound to activate waking, though no door knock occurs in this case).

      Secondly, the sense of puzzlement is what causes the stovepipe hat to be rendered. Although “The Skunk” is an early childhood dream from 1965, it has very similar dynamics, where the white part of the skunk formed a question mark when I entered the higher liminal space of unconsciousness while becoming closer to consciousness (and also ends with doorway waking symbolism). Stovepipe hats represent the emergent consciousness and the concept is related to “put on your thinking cap” as analogous to waking from the dream state (emergence of thinking skills which the non-lucid dream self does not possess). They have featured as such in a number of my dreams since childhood.

      Finally, the essence of a cat is linked but not fully. Depending on the dream of course, cats often serve as a liminal space symbol. This is mainly because of my childhood association of a cat sitting on a fence, a fence being the division between unconsciousness and emerging consciousness.

    4. Starting a Fire and Tools under the Door

      by , 08-07-2017 at 11:34 AM
      Morning of August 7, 2017. Monday.

      I am once again in Cubitis, in the house I lived in from 1968 to 1978. I am in the living room, mostly sitting on the floor near the southeast corner. However, the layout and size is different, and my main focus is only on the front door and an area implied to be north of the kitchenette.

      At one point, I am aware of my father being on the carport. My dream self does not remember that he had died in 1979. There are no direct thoughts of my mother, but there is a vague understanding that she is still alive (though she died in 2002). I am not sure of what time it is, though it seems to be afternoon at one point.

      My father does not come into the house from the carport. Instead, he slides several objects under the door (which would not have been possible in reality, as the bottom of the door went over the external side of the threshold). There are at least three metal open-end wrenches he slides under the door, presumed to be different sizes and from a set. There are also a few other items, such as at least a couple flat pieces of metal. I consider that he is doing this because he wants me to put them in the hallway closet, as he no longer has space for them. I can clearly hear the sounds of these acts.

      In the last scene, I have two irregular stones, which seem more like large crystals at times. Although mostly opaque, they seem translucent at times and become more translucent when I knock them together. Some facets are reflective and shiny. They have a bluish tint for the most part, though I notice that one looks gold at a later point.

      I believe I can make a fire, though I do not have a specific reason for doing this. I strike the stone against the other, sometimes doing this when the other is on the floor, other times, holding them both in my hands and striking them together. The stones sparkle more when seeming to partially ignite on parts of the surface.

      There are brief curls of smoke and small flames coming from the surface of the stones at times, though more light-colored smoke than fire. (This happens at least four times with varying amounts of smoke and small flames.) I get a folded piece of notebook paper and hold it near one stone as I hit it with the other. The paper catches on fire and burns. The stones are also burning more at this time. I am only slightly wary of the fire spreading, though I have no real concern.

      Prior to waking, I notice a very small unfamiliar cat resting to my right, right near an area of the floor that had been burnt. It is an orange tabby. It is no longer than my hand, and I do not consider its impossibly small size as unusual in any way. It moves a short distance from the smoke and flames. The small fire seems to go very close to it but does not hurt it. Its tail goes over an area of the floor that had burnt moments before. It does not seem concerned or show signs of fear or injury.

      In attempting to fully understand this dream, I have to ask questions based on what I already know from having studied and correctly decoded tens of thousands of my dreams since early childhood.

      • The waking transition is initiated with a potential precursor of doorway waking symbolism, a common form of waking symbolism since early childhood. A door is rendered as a potential dream exit mechanism but not always utilized as such. It seems based on anticipation of a specific type of hypnopompia (biologically premonitory) related to involuntary abdominal muscle movement, which I have validated can be consciously activated by forced anticipation (even when the anticipation is solely pretense). However, just as I can easily wiggle my ears and entire sides of my head, not all people can do this, just as not all people can easily control certain dream states (or for that matter even remember their dreams as I have done in every sleeping period for over fifty years, the only exception being when I was under anesthesia, though even then, the surgeon said that I was swearing at him about the pain when I have no memory of this). Although the association with doorway waking symbolism and the muscles near the navel may relate to the dream self’s subliminal viewpoint of “being born back into the real world” (assuming a non-lucid dream only), it may also simply just be the association of going through the doorway to be elsewhere (especially when being chased and deliberately using a doorway to exit the dream, which I had often done in early childhood).
      • The doorway waking symbolism in this case transmutes into subliminal consciousness activation symbolism (my dream self attempting to start a fire with two stones is translated as deliberately, yet subliminally, attempting to increase neural activity and to potentially increase conscious self awareness, even though, as my dream self, I am primarily clueless of where I really am and how old I am), which implies that the thread of subliminal lucidity that linked from the preconscious sliding tools under the doorway (without me directly linking to the preconscious) is fully active even though my dream self otherwise has no memory of my father having died in 1979.
      • How is the above (preconscious presence linked to emergent consciousness precursor, yet still with no memory of my father having died) resolved? I could theorize that it is because threads of conscious self identity and presumed age are so random from dream to dream, it has no feasible explanation. However, because subliminal lucidity is validated by my non-lucid dream self’s deliberate attempt to ignite consciousness, there may be a thread where my conscious self remembers that my father had died (even though my dream self does not) and so thus blocks the preconscious in a certain region of liminal space. This must be incidental, as it does not happen this way in all dreams, that is, patterns of viable memory are always unique from dream to dream.
      • Looking back, the majority of my dreams show at least some threads of subliminal lucidity, and many are lucid in the last moments where I then can decode my dream and grasp its specific meaning in real time (other than threads of prescience, which may not be acknowledged until years later). I see continuous evidence of both subliminal reinduction attempts and consciousness activation symbolism (as in this dream), which would only be possible with real-time conscious self threads even if they are subliminal. I see little evidence of ideas like “the brain starting to recount the experiences from the previous day” other than in certain dreams every now and then.
      • Cats have appeared on a regular basis in my dreams since early childhood. They are often unfamiliar, though sometimes based on a real pet. One common form of symbolism is based on their strong association with liminal space and the so-called Underworld as analogous to the dream state (not in a negative sense), almost like some sort of “guide”, “guard”, or alternate form of the preconscious (especially as cats, including lions and tigers, have transformed into people in the last stage of a dream).
      • Once again, the waking symbolism is oriented to my right within the dream state, which has been validated to be far more common than to my left. I have theories on this, but the real reason can probably not be fully validated. It may or may not be from the subliminal memory of getting out of our bed from the right side.

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    5. Malice in Wanderland

      by , 06-07-2017 at 07:15 AM
      Morning of June 7. 2017. Wednesday.

      The first main scene of my dream involves going to a very large unfamiliar post office, though there is the common indoors-outdoors ambiguity. There are a number of rows of post office boxes and drawers, though no interior walls or discernible building features. It seems to be late morning. The sky is overhead; no ceiling implied for the “post office”. It is somewhat like a simple maze in the last part of this scene. I see a group of about six police officers between two rows. In another area, there is an unfamiliar male in black appearing with a gun, though he is not a direct threat to me. Still, I do not want to be near him or the people he aims at from time to time. From an unrealistic distance, I am still able to read a yellow strip of writing below one post office drawer (in about the middle of the feature) that has something to do with needing a special code as well as the key in order to open it. It seems related to a business. I have a curiosity over what might be in the drawers, though I also consider there might not be anything.

      Several unknown males join me as I move around the rows of post office boxes to be out of the viewpoint of the man with the gun. He is not after us specifically but I consider that he may not want any witnesses regarding his activity towards others. He does not fire the gun at any point.

      Eventually, I leave the area and find myself in an unknown neighborhood. A young version of Zsuzsanna is to my right (though I am seemingly much younger as well, perhaps only about twenty). It is as if we have only been together for a short time. Walking ahead of us and to our left is a thin female with short and curly gray hair. She is unfamiliar and seems at least sixty years of age. She is wearing light-colored slacks and a blouse. She is carrying a large black-and-white cat on her right shoulder (which I assume to be male).

      Suddenly, there is some sort of change where Zsuzsanna is now somehow sitting on the lady’s right shoulder and I find myself carrying the large cat near my left shoulder. The old woman somehow caused this because she wants us to have a meal with her at her house and talks to us about this. Her cat was also apparently becoming difficult for her to control, which is why I am now holding it. I am holding it up and out with both hands and it struggles a bit but does not get away.

      We reach the area where she lives. She has one neighbor (also an older lady) to our right. The chicken-wire fence is lying on the ground, rolled out to where one must walk on it to get to another gate where there is a small enclosed garden area (which is about the same size in area as our bed and probably a real-time play on “garden bed” as a dream sign). It almost seems like it rolls out automatically (somewhat like an irregular carpet) by the will of the person going to the old woman’s house. I do not really feel like walking on wire mesh, so I hover slightly above it and slowly fly mostly in a vertical position to the enclosed garden area.

      Zsuzsanna, being already behind the first gate, is partly lying on her right side on the ground near the right internal corner of the garden fence, holding herself up with her arm. There is soon distorted imagery to where a couple large blades of tall grass partly block my view of her face, but this seems like some sort of “story” related to “Alice in Wonderland”. The old woman talks about a man who tends to her garden, but this becomes like a dream within a dream. The man is also seemingly playing a televised role, dressed as a farmer or a minimal clown as a farmer, but being called a “demon” in describing what he is doing in tending her garden and also having unusual snakes on display to the public. I consider if he feels odd about being called a “demon”, as they do not exist and there is nothing threatening or negative about his persona or activities. He seems to tolerate this in playing a role in a television show. He holds up a couple different snakes that he has cared for. One has a catlike head. The other has a black head on a light brown body but the head of which is like a miniature shark. There are no negative emotions of any kind in seeing this impossible imagery.

      Dreams do not really have “interpretations” in the naïve popular usage of the term but they often do have layers of meaning, primarily based on real-time levels of consciousness which may or may not relate more directly to the present conscious self status.

      There is a preconscious precursor here. Although he has a gun, it does not create enough of a sense of danger to activate the waking mechanism, which is a major function of dreams (though not the only function as some “experts” claim). The simple maze relates to finding specific threads of my conscious self identity for my temporary fictional dream self to find its way to the waking threshold. The post office probably has two underlying meanings, real-time communication between different levels of the self while not fully awake, and possible links to the collective unconscious (or even collective conscious). It may also relate to precognitive threads with someone the dreamer is not yet in communication with (and may not be for years), something I validated from childhood dreams relating to my “mystery girl” (Zsuzsanna).

      The dark cat represents a real-time factor of being asleep (and often represents an aspect of liminal space), as cats are known for sleeping a lot (as well as being active at night when people sleep).

      The personified preconscious takes on the form of an older woman carrying her cat. Her giving it to me relates to activating my emergent consciousness precursor. “Beyond the fence” is a metaphor for a shift in consciousness while in the dream state. The first fence is on its side because, in reality, I am lying down (sleeping) instead of being awake and standing up (thus it is a second-level dream sign). I often hover or fly very well and effortlessly in the final stage of a dream and without giving it much thought (which relates to lessening the hypnopompic jerk and waking more softly as it is premonitory of the biological falling sensation). My emergent consciousness (as a projection as the gardener with the snakes in some sort of skewed television role) is illogically called a “demon”, but in a very matter-of-fact sense, with no associations with negativity of any kind. This probably relates to my status of being in a world full of superstitious people who have little or no understanding of the dream state. The imagery, though slightly grotesque (primarily the snake with a black miniature shark head, which is a “less water” factor of which has continuously occurred in my dreams on a day to day basis for over fifty years and is both biological and symbolic on a number of levels) has no effect on my perception or emotions, just as with hypnagogia visuals (though this becomes more of a hypnopompic state). I wake very slowly and softly, with no physical hypnopompic effects.
    6. Eye of the Tiger

      by , 05-17-2017 at 06:45 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-16

      Eye of the Tiger

      I am in my bedroom at home. I am sitting on the bed, and I get up to walk out to the other room. My mom is out there petting a cat… a BIG cat. She isn’t petting a house cat, she is petting a full grown tiger! I am about to ask her what is going on when there is a commotion outside. My mom looks out the window and then tells me I need to hide the cats before they are taken away from us. Hide the cats? She says they never check bedrooms or bathrooms, so I should hide them there. But don’t crowd them too much or they’ll fight! Still confused, I lead the tiger my mom has been petting into my bathroom. It’s small, but the tiger sees the bath tub as a box and lies down in it like house cats will do in a sink. I shut the bathroom door and see another tiger coming from my mom’s room. I lead that tiger to my bedroom and shut the door. The tiger is on my bed… so much for my waterbed mattress. I leave the bedroom and find another tiger. I think to put the cat in my game room but my house cats are in there. The front door is opening so I can’t take time, I duck with the tiger into the bathroom. The other tiger is sleeping in the bath tub, and the one I just brought wants attention. It is rubbing its head on me and purring so loud that it wakes me up… it was Princess purring in my ear!
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    7. Sudden Performance

      by , 04-25-2017 at 06:29 PM
      It’s the day of our show and we don’t know any of the dances or choreography we’re doing. We try to quickly come up with things and remember them during the short rehearsal. I’m not feeling confident enough to do my solo because I haven’t been practicing enough. I wish I would have practiced more. I consider doing my dance without the sword. We’re told that the solo winner will perform in NY. My instructor is really worried that our dances will be too similar, she really doesn’t want them to similar. She tastes each of our cakes like the Great British Baking Show and seems to like mine a little better, although neither are perfect. I wonder why Cleo decided to use savory focaccia to make her cake? I try to find space to practice and use the windows outside, then I see a large mirror. But the mirror is magnified and the sword I’m using is the wrong type and will not balance. D tries to give me advice. I look for Cleo and see her in the distance sitting on the face of a random but attractive, tan guy. I continue to go on a walk. She approaches me eventually when I’m in some type of curved outdoor corrido. I tell her I’ve been looking for her. I don’t remember what she says. Later I tell D about what I saw and that the guy didn’t look like her boyfriend. D then does it to me.

      I remember something about being at my house and the neighbors are walking outside. They say hi to me. They seem to be preparing for a camping or fishing trip with friends who brought large coolers. They’re walking around right outside our windows. I feel as though I’m naked or exposed somehow. I feel like D and I had sex at some point. I also see their kitten and hold it.

      MONDAY 2/4
      +The next time write anything down - Success at first, forgot in the later part of the day
      The next time feel pain - Not technically a success, but I did get a few times
      The next time I hear someone say my name
      +The next time I drink something - Success for the first part of the day
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    8. March TOTM - Keep on growing

      , 03-09-2017 at 01:23 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 10 pm - 3am

      3 am - 2x300 GPC

      set my alarm to 4 am for a WBTB

      LUCID before WBTB and galantamine

      The alarm woke me up from a lucid. I just had to giggle as I had no idea why the alarm is beeping since I'm in a lucid already and it was awesome.

      LUCID - TOTM bonus - Grow Big - didn't finish it coz alarm

      I don't know how I realized I'm dreaming. But I start walking through some rooms. They are well lit, but no exit. Looking through medial cabinets to find a flashlight and maybe something to open the locks with. Finally there is a window. I get out.

      Walking on a street, trying to remember the TOTM, but I didn't read them yet, because I didnt do the WBTB yet. I see a beautiful cat. Long hair, stripes of brown and black, white socks. It's playing with a tennis ball size ball of same color as he is. I rejoice, yeey, a cat in my dream! I start calling it and as I'm getting closer, I realize that the ball is another cat, perfectly round ball, with a face on it, blinking at me. Haha.

      I'm still walking but now there are buildings on both sides of me. Now I remember one of the TOTMs - Grow yourself big, above the clouds, step on the moon.

      I look up, but buildings have overhanging roofs, so I keep walking till I see the skies. Looks like buildings are trying to close in to take the access away from me, but I'm having none of it. I think "grow big" and I'm starting to grow.

      I'm past the roofs now and the view I get is INCREDIBLY beautiful. I see distant rolling hills, rocky, orange soil, like in american southwest. I see an Arch, and another one, much bigger one closer to me. They are incredible. They skies are getting dark, clouds are gathering. I see wind turbulences on the bottom of clouds, wind whipping them like mad. Wind is picking up, now it's getting strong and I see pine trees getting bent and branches flying off. All this time I'm saying 'Keep on growing". And I'm growing.

      Now I have reached the clouds. It's dark grey in there and warm. I realize that's how it's suppose to be. I see small particles flying by. I realize that usually when flying high up, that's where I lose lucidity, because I lose view of the dream scene. So I figure quickly, I will have to look at my hands to not lose reference as to what I'm doing. I keep saying "keep on growing" when my alarm wakes me.
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    9. Large Cat Swimming in Fish Pond

      by , 01-10-2017 at 07:10 AM
      Morning of January 10, 2017. Tuesday.

      After exploring an unknown but interesting region in an unfamiliar rural area, I eventually start thinking about fishing. It seems to be late afternoon. I find an area where several others are fishing, mostly males in their thirties. There is a building on one longer side of a pond with a pathway just wide enough to walk on. The rectangular pond is about three-fourths a city block in length though only about half that length at the ends.

      When I decide to fish, I see that there are too many bobbers on the water’s surface near the side I first go to. As I walk along the pond’s length near the building, I see bobber after bobber on the surface (as well as the trailing fishing line) and a number of fishing poles along the bank that extend over the entire length of the pond on that side, the setups of which apparently belong to the group of three men who are sitting at the end of the pond. This annoys me but I do not become very angry.

      I walk back to where the other three males are (even though it would have made more sense to keep going around the corner to the other longer side of the pond to search for a space to fish). After a short time, that longer side of the pond I had just walked back along seems clear (though there is neither a memory nor enough time implied to have passed for the men to have actually reeled it all in or to have gathered up their equipment). There are only a couple areas where bobbers and line are still visible on that side. For a short time, I walk in midair above the water (not on the water as in certain past dreams) to get past a corner. I do this without thinking it to be unusual.

      I sit down to fish. I have a soft plastic jig body (shad-style soft plastic lure) and slide it onto a hook. An unknown male to my right tells me that I am not doing it by the proper standards. I take it off and slowly put it back onto the hook and he seems satisfied. “You know the fish in here aren’t that big?” he asks me. I nod, regardless of not knowing anything about the area. Still, when I look into the water, I can clearly see under the surface. There are several very large walleye and carp. I intend on catching a walleye.

      After I cast my line, I see that I am almost immediately snagged on something. It looks like a large Ragdoll cat swimming under the water. I try to get the hook disentangled from its fur, which is along the side of its body near the middle. An unfamiliar boy of about ten wades out and is eventually able to take the hook out. I am not sure if the cat belongs to him or if he is there to perform a service (as an actual parks and recreation employee). The cat remains swimming in the water. I notice the boy seems to be dressed as a boy scout or parks employee, so may actually work here.

      I ask the male who is still to my right about the “other area to fish” with the pretense of me being familiar with the area. I hint at it being a place beginning with “m” and pretending not to remember the full name. He asks me if I mean K-Mart, and I tentatively nod. I then ask him if it is legal to fish there presently. It seems it is.

      • Fishing, a common dream event for me since early childhood, represents the subliminal desire of the limited dream self to bring the emergent consciousness to the surface in order to wake or at least increase awareness. Water symbolizes sleep and a fish on the line is the downgraded conscious self identity developing coherence (often increasing in size and strength) when being caught.
      • This is more specifically confirmed as a self-initiated waking precursor due to the behavior of the personified preconscious. Typically, the preconscious is only hostile when the personified subconscious (dream self) does not want to wake or (metaphorically) initiate waking. As fishing is an act of deliberately seeking the emergent consciousness, the preconscious is passive here. He even helps me continue my task without aggressiveness or treating me strangely.
      • This is more specifically confirmed as a self-initiated waking precursor due to the behavior of the personified preconscious. Typically, the preconscious is only hostile when the personified subconscious (dream self) does not want to wake or (metaphorically) initiate waking. As fishing is an act of deliberately seeking the emergent consciousness, the preconscious is passive here. He even helps me continue my task without aggressiveness or treating me strangely.
      • The cat in the water is a factor of the circadian rhythms of nighttime (and the dream state during a particular sleep cycle) and has also appeared as the final waking prompt in past dreams though is underwater here based on the time of my dream (after sunrise). Catching the cat would be akin to enhancing the essence of night (or night-based thoughts), in contrast to the “correct” waking goal.
      • The reference to K-Mart is a mixed waking prompt and dream sign, since I associate K-Mart with clothes and getting up and getting dressed.

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    10. Post apocalyptic shopping

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:32 PM
      I am by myself searching through a desolate city scape, very grey and cold. I see a woman going into some shops and think she must know where some food is, but also i am wary for her safety.
      I follow after her down into the basement of a store. There are aisles of boxes stacked high and debris strewn everywhere. One section has a long greenhouse, abandoned, for some reason.
      However as the woman disappears off I cannot follow her as a large wild cat is now between the two of us.
      It's about the size of a large dog, with grey matted fur and its eyes are scarred out. Although it is blind I feel its gaze burning into me.
      I move but as I do it moves closer still. I pick up a rock and through it, it has no effect. I am petrified. I throw another as hard as I can at its temple but it just bounces off. Now i'm a bit more scared.
      Then I remember that I said I would go back to my practise of hugging DCs rather than killing them.
      I make protective gloves and padding appear but I dont really think this will be enough. As the cat must be seriously pissed off and has wicked looking claws. I am lucid at this point.
      I then materialise my titanium wings and go in for a big hug. I am eyeball to blind eyeball with the cat and it does try to claw me.
      There are lots of pinging noises as its claws rake against my wings and some white sparks.
      But I get a hug in there lol. I wake up.

      I go back into the dream but am not lucid. There is a guy cleaning up plants and weeds into a big bundle he puts in a wheel barrow, next to the old greenhouse. He is an old Jamaican guy with a cap who talks to me. My daughters phone has fallen into some water nearby and I go to rescue it but the water is toxic and it has melted the gold on the back of the phone. As when I wipe it clean it just comes apart. I go to a workshop to try and get it fixed, the workshop has loads of stuff in it, I have seen it in another dream I think.

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    11. Unexpected Cat

      by , 12-13-2016 at 03:39 AM
      Last night I was up reading in my living room & Meesha Cat was in one of the dining room chairs where I could see her & in comes another animal just about 7 feet from me. I ran & got a baseball bat thinking it was another damn opossum encounter like this summer. I ran into my room & woke up Mike but nothing was there. He tells me we have had a black cat coming in Meesha's door so we were pretty certain it was that cat. Then today Meesha comes in & is insistent that I get up & low & behold there is the black cat in my house. It wasn't even freaked out by me but I told it to get out. I thought it was weird Meesha was eating so much. She is eating more for winter but this was a whole lot more. So now I have no dreams to write down.
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    12. Enlightening event w/ my parents!- Last night of Spellbee's Spooky comp night 21

      by , 11-06-2016 at 11:23 PM
      Last night of comp was a bust. I had to deal w/ life & kept waking up via Meesha cat every hour on the hour. She has grown increasingly hungry because her body is storing up for winter & the mice, birds & rabbits are becoming more scarce. I'd love to just put out more dry food but she isn't buying that. She needs a combo of wet, dry & snacks. She is also in the last phase for a female Mainecoon cats cycle to reach her full growth. They are notorious for being extremely large but she is a female so she won't get as big as the males but she has already exceeded the low end of the scale for or a female of her breed so she is basically having her final growth spurt. I just have to weather this time of less sleep. During the week Mike will give her more wet & dry before his early departure to work. I had to deal w/ my parents regarding my grandmother Daisy. Mind you, I have not had to challenge them like this in my adult life so this hurt me quite a lot by things that were said & asked of me. But not only did we make up but it opened the door for me to tell them all about my lucid dreaming, me being a emotional em-path, being in contact w/ my mom's dad who passed away 24 yrs ago. My parents have been atheists for a long time & just assumed I was a Christian & not what I am which is a spiritualist. I found out that they aren't so much atheists but have a lot of the same understanding as I do to different dimensions & parallel worlds. I cried while telling them all of this stuff & they were so understanding & interested even. They shared their views of things that helped too. It was quite an enlightening event. I'm very happy w/ the results. I now have an even better relationship w/ them than before.
    13. Kitten!

      by , 10-31-2016 at 07:16 AM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      The people from my university and my parents were traveling together in what was either a big long-haul plane, a train, or Howl's Moving Castle. We made our stop somewhere and I didn't remember most of the trip, just that I picked up a tiny stray kitten. It was a bengal, I think.i manage to convince the supervisors that I can keep it, and later I also convinced my parents.

      The kitten explored the plane-train for a bit, which had the architecture of my parents' house but with longer hallways. It made its way to the kitchen and my parents' cats were also there. The three seemed to get along.
      Tags: cat, parents, plane, train, trip
    14. Life of a Monk, Virtual Wandering, Backpack Cat, and Duelyst

      by , 10-29-2016 at 01:37 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I felt like these were separate dreams, but since I didn't wake up I'll record them in a single entry.

      I was a monk, or something of sort. We were at war with another monastery. Me and another person infiltrated the rival monastery. There were nobody present, and we snooped around, and we found a cellar which had some broken things in there. As we looked around I doubled over in pain and thought that somebody teleported a tack into my stomach. Yikes.

      I don't quite remember how that situation was resolved, or it might have just transitioned, but I found myself going to sleep in the temple.

      My dream transitioned to me going on Mapcrunch and messing around on a random street in Germany. I find myself bodily transported there at night. It was cold, but I was undaunted and I explored.

      I found a coffee shop and drank coffee with somebody I thought I knew. My parent's orange shorthair exotic cat was with me all along and was following me. He was as shy and skittish as he was in waking life, though, even if he kept within the general vicinity of me. He kept wandering around the coffee shop and I was worried he'd get lost, so I put him inside my backpack. He did not seem to mind this, although he did tense and hiss if I tried to pet him.

      My dream transitioned to me playing a round of Duelyst, but instead of playing with my own deck and faction, I got backfilled for someone else. They were in a terrible position, my general was a young man in a lab coat, and my enemy's general was an armored woman (or she might just be Faie) and we both seemed pretty Vanar-themed. THe map is also pretty icy, and there was a blizzard filter. I had only one health left, but my enemy only got one minion that can reach me, and it can deal 2 damage, so I played a card that healed me for two damage. Then I replaced my useless spellcards for any minions to tip the balance. The next turn, some kind of event happened that gave us both 20 health on top. The game went on, I start summoning a bunch of minions and trying not to die. It must've been infuriating for my enemy.
    15. A Rape, a pillage of a house & flying hospital

      by , 09-27-2016 at 06:52 PM
      D1: Non-lucid nightmare: I was being held down & raped by some man I didn't know. It was so intense I woke up.

      I tried to go back in to get a lucid out of it to do the TOTM but no dice.

      D2: Non-Lucid: I was with a big group of ppl & we were pillaging a house for random stuff. We were lost & just came across it. The family was the Duggar Family from the show 19 kids & counting, (Was weird cuz I quit watching that show some time ago) The father got really angry & was trying to make us leave.

      D3: Non-Lucid: I was in a flying hospital. Yup, I flying hospital indeed, lol. I needed to get medical attention for something but never new why. I had 2 female friends w/ me. I was trying to find my husband (not any husband I've had in this lifetime) I didn't look like me. Both mine & his appearance kept changing. It was really weird. And our genders kept changing too! Finally I found him & we closed the curtain on an open ER Room w/ the curtain but it wouldn't close all the way around. A couple of my friends, both women whom I seemed to be really good friends w/ were saying "GO for it!" And watched us have sex, lol.

      About an hour before I went to bed my husband & I had an intense conversation about how we met & a revelation I had during the day. We both feel that some other force kept pulling us together no matter what we did. He pursued me for 3 yrs before I gave in. It was an intense 3 yrs. We also both married other ppl briefly but it just wasn't right. He would always turn up behind me at work & freak me out, lol. But I would anticipate him & he would make my heart about jump out of my chest each time w/ attraction. I was always afraid he was a coke/meth addict because he is tall & slim & has a lot of energy. I was afraid because I used to be an IV drug user in my twenties & I don't want anything or anyone like that around me. But then it turned out I should've just asked him earlier & believed him. Everyone we know was like "It's about time!" in the end. We still till this day call him my stalker, lol. But ironically we both believe we were supposed to marry to the ppl in between all of this, because they both died during the year following our marriage (also 3 yrs later, I made him wait again, lol). But before they died they both changed in some ways. My ex was always very bitter & angry. He was dying from liver & kidney failure & turned to God in his final months & Mike's ex was never bitter towards me & actually liked seeing us happy together, she died in a fire... Ironically my marriage to this man ended because of his health. I told him he was going to die & had to change his eating habits & I refused to sit back & drag my kids down this road of slowly watching him kill himself in such a way. I new w/o a doubt he would die. He then went back to live w/ his mother & sister whom he had lived w/ many yrs before he was w/ me so he was never alone... Anyway I think that's where my dreams from tonight came from. Except the first one. I think that was because Meesha Cat was mauling my head to get up & feed her & it triggered that rape dream cuz he kept grabbing my hair. Of course I'm sure some of what we talked about that I didn't mention here was helpful w/ that dream. We had a pretty in-depth conversation./COLOR]
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