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    1. Magic Carpet School

      by , 03-18-2014 at 04:47 PM
      Yet another near miss on Task of the Year! I really need to work on learning to close these. Lots of fun though!

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #193: Magic Carpet School

      Iím part of a large parenting group thatís exploring a gloomy cavern illuminated by translucent pools of water. After quietly exploring this place for a while, we all wind up back at one of the momís houses. Somebody suggests that we do a group hug, and we all awkwardly move toward the middle of the room.

      I notice that Andy Bernard from The Office is part of the group. He looks sweaty and awkward and I think, ďHey that guy who plays Andy Bernard sure looks sweaty and awkward in person.Ē I do a quick mental check to see whether this is a dream and decide that
      yes, it definitely is.

      I walk out of this living room into an elementary school classroom thatís in the middle of some kind of lesson. I pass through without interacting with any of the dream characters, wanting to get outside for a Task of the Year attempt. (The Aladdinís lamp task with a magic carpet and three wishes.)

      Leaving this classroom takes me to a second classroom and I start worrying that Iíll spend this whole lucid wandering through an endless series of grade school classes. I head for a wall, announcing that ďThis is a phase outside,Ē before plunging right through. I wind up in the void, but my hands and forearms are still brightly illuminated and clearly visible.

      I rub my hands together and slowly the void becomes filled with a swirling field of stars. This fades into a scene from the Matrix that has the Youtube logo and controls underneath it, and I see that I am watching a video whose length is ď0:98Ē. I briefly wonder if I went to bed wearing VR goggles or something and that the images are penetrating my eyelids. Scenes from The Matrix flash by and the image slowly rotates.

      Now thereís a crackling sound and my vision fills with a series of strange characters that I canít identify. I feel a sharp tug backward and I wait for the new scene to form. My vision reforms intoÖ another elementary school classroom, this one a little bigger with an adjacent windowed playroom. I head immediately for the exit and Iím pleased to find myself in an entrance area. I bolt through a set of glass doors and now Iím outside.

      Immediately I start attempting the lamp summon by ďfindingĒ it behind my back, but my hand just keeps coming back empty. After three failures, Iím really frustrated by this. On the last attempt my hand comes back with some little piece of dirty, wooden-looking junk about the size of a sugar cube. This time I pretend that this is the lamp but itís just way too small. ďBiggerÖ biggerÖĒ and do a little magician-esque gesture. It plumps up nicely into a real magic lamp! Itís way too light to be realistic, but who cares, next step!

      I rub the lamp, wishing for the magic carpet. I decide to be really specific, saying, ďA magic carpet. Make it rolled up.Ē A simple little rolled-up rug appears on the ground. I immediately think, Whyíd you ask for it rolled up? Thatís just a pain in the ass. I expect the magic carpet to unroll and it does, so I quickly sit down. As I do, it lifts me up into the air and starts flying leisurely forward.

      For my second wish, I quickly say ďDelicious cookie!Ē and a tiny little sliver of cookie appears in my hand, like someone had already eaten most of it. I find this awfully stingy for a magic lamp but I stuff it in my mouth. Itís chocolate chip, not bad at all.

      I think about how close I am to completing the task and the excitement gets the best of me. I get one last look at the roof of a one-story building as I float over it before
      the dream ends.

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    2. Matrix, Inception and Almost There!

      by , 11-13-2013 at 02:11 PM (iBranko's Dream Journey)
      12.11.2013 2/2

      Uma mistura de Matrix com Inception. Lembro apenas de eu estar na Avenida dos Autonomistas, me vendo em 3™ pessoa, parece que com roupas no estilo Neo, perto do banco Safra, indo a algum lugar pois precisava salvar alguťm. Uma mulher(acho que no sonho era minha ajudante) me dizia que isso era perigoso pois eu podia descobrir a verdade... que eu estava sonhando. Seria isso uma mensagem do meu subconsciente tentando me despertar no sonho ou era apenas parte do plot do sonho?
    3. Natural LDs

      by , 10-01-2013 at 03:23 PM (The Dream Adventures of [email protected])
      Dream 1 - I was Namu wearing silk silver hanbok from a hanbok vendor(?). It had black flower patterns. It was pretty. The texture feeling of it was vivid. I sat down and a guy seemed approaching me. I don't really remember the reason behind, but I said 'maybe you're special' pushing thin books into the cabinet near me.

      LD 1 - I was in a car with my dad and brother, and for the first time I started doubting this place. 'why am I here?' I thought, with weird feeling inside. 'I shouldn't be here.'
      I tried to remember what I did before (RRC) and I couldn't remember further. 'oh wait...this is a dream?' So I started testing it. I controlled my dad to see if it's a dream.
      He's gonna reach the cabinet on the ceiling. He did.
      He's gonna put his hand on the wheel. He did.

      It's a dream!
      I opened the door and got out of the car. A guy who looked like a special agent with black suit came to me to hand me a gun. I heard shooting outside, and the agents were covering behind the cars. 'Yay, the Matrix footage. Awesome!' The agent gave me a sound-suppressed barrel and the gun. I put the barrel on it and loaded. *ka-chak* I started shooting. pew pew pew. Some guys collapsed.

      I went to some kind of help desk but I don't remember what I did.

      LD 2 - I was in a cozy house party at night and I got lucid right away. I was wearing usual casual clothes. I wanted to morph into Erin but my skin didn't turn into white. I kept lifting my arms up and down but it didn't work. Well at least I believed that my face was Erin's.

      I tried to look for Drake. Everyone was scattered in the house, enjoying their own conversation in cliques. The house looked really nice. It was made of orange wood and it was not too small or big. The peach couch looked comfy.

      I looked in a room, no Drake. I called out 'Drake!' and 'Eric(?)' for some reasons... I think I was confused with the name.
      I looked in another room to imagine him sleeping in the bed, and someone was sleeping on it. Drake. I called out, but the guy in the bed was my dad
      I went out, and met a guy at the veranda door. He looked a little douche but seemed nice. He had curly bobbed orange hair and a bit of beard. He was kinda chubby with big jacket and black T-shirt.

      "Hey, can you find Drake? I'll give you small amount of weed."
      "Oh hell yeah, anything with weed I can do any favor. Follow me."

      I reached both of my jean pockets but I couldn't find any weed piece. Rather I grabbed a pinch of weed dust... I gave him anyway and he had weird face expression looking 'that's kinda smaller than I thought' but for some reasons he gave me a small weed ball(?) too.

      He opened the veranda door and I followed him. It was really dark outside. I think there was a thin smog in the air. Bunch of young guys were lurking at the wooden porch, and as I turned around to the left, he pointed at a guy who was sitting in a chair "that's Drake."

      I was kinda surprised. He looked similar to my original character, but he looked way more handsome and he had blond hair (but he had dark eyebrows and goatee). Also when he stood up he was enormously tall and skinny. His blond hair was well brushed over the back and it looked really softly smooth. I felt a little eerie because of his different look. Anyway, I grabbed his hand to go inside the house. "Hey Drake, let's go. Why are you here?" I think some kids went ooh! around us.

      When Drake and I were inside the house, somehow I couldn't feels his physical form. He tried to stay behind me all the time, not on the side with me. (damn, I just realized my horrible interpretation from this.) At some point I fell on floor (I saw couple of kids sitting on the floor) and Drake grabbed my hand. Here now I finally got the chance as I stood up, and I could see his form. His sharp eyes and vivid eyebrows left strong impression. He was wearing red shirt and awkward purple wool vest, but it weirdly suit him anyway. Then he suddenly grabbed my waist against the wall and kissed me, haha. We laughed and went to some other place.

      At some point I lost my lucidity and the scene jumped to my old high school. I was with bunch of unfamiliar friends. We were walking in the hall way and this girl said she got good grades in a class, and other girl said with body language "she's 100 in school, and 0 in home" I loled.

      Scene jumped again and I was chatting with my friend on skype. He was bluffing about how he's gonna marry his gf after going out almost 2 years, and I said 'well think again because marriage is not the same with dating. Living together is completely different subject you asshole lol'

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    4. LD+dream goal achieved :D

      , 12-21-2012 at 11:26 AM
      I'm walking through a hallway with elevators, and I think I might be dreaming. So I look at my hands (my standard reality check) and I see that I am. I just remembered I had a dream goal to fight like Neo (Matrix) and that this would be a great time to do so. I fought some Agen Smith clones, coming from the elevators, like in the later movies and it was a lot of fun. I also dodged bullets. Then I got a false awakening during 'sleep walking' while staying over at a friend's house, in a big room with large windows. I find it rather emberrasing that I have been sleep walking, especially since the entire town was able to see me through the large windows. I might have become lucid again at some point, but my recall isn't very good. My control was very, very bad during tonights lucid dreams, though.
    5. All Gun's A Blazing!

      by , 05-18-2012 at 09:17 PM (My Dream Records)
      Black means non lucid
      Orange means semi lucid
      Blue means lucid
      Red means dream characters talking
      Purple means possible shared dreaming person
      Green means notes

      Got it? Great! Now sit back, and enjoy reading my dreams.

      Dream #1 Blaze.

      Im in my first home in my room reading something out a magazine. Out of nowhere i become semi lucid and start meditating in the center of my room. I dive out my body and now make a portal near my wall and dive thru it. I end up at some underground arena where there are women fighting eachother. I reach in my pocket and grab my hawk coin totem, and start rubbing it to stabilize the dream more. I flipping my coin in the air, and catching it when one hand. Im noticing that the one girl who is fighting is brutally hurting the other girl so bad, One guy had to break it up. The other girl was dragged off of the floor and treated immediately for any injuries that she had.

      The woman looked like the woman in the pic, she had long dark black hair and reminded me of Natalia in a way. She walked off to a locker room somewhere i suppose to change, i waited outside for her. She now comes out and i speak to her about her fight and tell her she did great. Her exact words were..

      "Ah, thats nothing. You should see me with a gun."

      (She starts reaching in her jacket for some cigarettes)

      "You smoke?"

      "Oh im sorry, i don't smoke anymore. I did'nt catch your name by the way?"

      "Its Blaze."

      "Nice name. Im Q, A.K.A. The Dreamprofessor with an E before the R.

      "Why that way?"

      "I don't know, i wanna be unique in a way. Why is your name Blaze?"

      "Im either blazing up a cigarette, or blazing a gun."

      "I see."

      We talk more, and i ask her if she would like to be my personal bodyguard. She accepts, and i wake up.

      Dream #2 Training potentials.
      Spoiler for Theme Of The Dream:

      Im in some huge warehouse, and there is a gym, and a shooting range. I spot Natalia giving sparring lesson to a few potentials. I see Blaze hitting a punching bag and kicking it, and kneeing it, with a few knee strikes. She is wearing some short black and red shorts, barefoot with tape around her ankles, and wearing a black sports bra. She is grunting and getting more angry as she is hitting the bag. It starts to echoe thruout the entire warehouse, sounding like thunder. Everyone is now staring at her destroy the bag. I walk over to her and get a closer look at the bag. She has punched and kicked at the bag with so much force, it starts spilling sand out. But she continues grunting and striking at the bag until she finishes it off with a powerful kick, and it goes flying across the room and almost hitting a girl nearby. I suddenly dive thru a wall now back at my 1st home. I start meditating again, and dive out my body and decide to make another portal. I make another one near the same spot as last time and dive thru it.

      The Aquarium.

      I end up at some huge Aquarium, staring at the a tank. Someone from the warehouse is there with me. Its a guy, and i take it he is a potential student of mine. We are walking thru this labyrinth sized Aquarium, trying to find a way out. We eventually see some doors and exit the Aquarium.

      Labyrinth Stairs

      We are now walking down some spiral stairs, but ended up getting nowhere. I tell my partner no, we must go this way. We ended up getting frustrated and i tell him to fall backwards and meet me at the warehouse. We both fall backwards and end up at the warehouse.

      We meet with the others and talk for a bit, then i wake up.

      WILD - Dream #3 Beautiful But Deadly.

      Im walking with Blaze thru a huge corporate building. We are moving very stealth like, and hiding behind desks, and against the wall from these guards. Blaze sees a guard coming near where we are. She jumps from under the desk, and jumps on top of the guard and starts putting him in a chokehold until the guy passes out. We are now walking near another area, i hide behind a wall a notice a guard coming and grab him when he gets near my corner and headbutt him and start kneeing him in the stomach and elbow him in the face. He falls to the ground and me and Blaze make our next move.

      We peep around a corner to notice a guard guarding a door. Blaze pulls out her silencer and aims it at the guys head, and he falls to the ground. We make our way to this door that says...


      We start creeping in the door very silently, hearing machines and generators. We start walking thru the factory hall and looking around us at the same time.

      Natalia calls me on my celphone and asks me how things are going, i tell her that we should be near the door right now. Some men spot me and Blaze, and we start running towards the door. We enter the door and Blaze locks it, and im looking in different cabinets searching for a file. Blaze tells me to check the bottom drawer. I open it up to find a top secret file.

      I become lucid right here and take the file and tell Blaze open the door. She nods and opens up the door. The men are pointing guns at us and asking us to get out of the room one man tells me to drop the file. I look at Blaze, and everything moves in slow motion. I drop the file and pull out two guns and start shooting at the men. Blaze starts taking out her guns and shooting at the men too. We hear alarms going off and i pick up the file, and me and Blaze start running exiting the factory building she tells me we should split up and meet back at the hideout. I nod and tell her be careful, she tells me to be careful too.

      Dogs are chasing me and im shooting at the dogs running and decide to dive thru a nearby bush. The bush brings me back to my 1st home where i still have the file i set it underneath my pillow on my bed, and fall backwards and wake up.

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    6. 17 May: Early beginnings of the Matrix crew

      by , 05-18-2012 at 12:56 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I am on a bus or tram and I spot Morpheus in jeans and jacket, talking to some guy, both standing on the corridor (larger than in real life buses or trams). They end up discussing and fighting and people on the tram freak out, running away from them. The tram stops and people get out in panic.
      I sense that agents are coming and I warn Morpheus that he must go. The other guy was not on the side of the agents, because he also runs away as fast as he can. I help Morpheus, by guiding him through the streets that I seem to know well. Then a large grayish van cuts across our path, the door slides and Morpheus hops in and invites me along. Inside it there is one guy driving and one guy on the back that welcomes us. They take us to their headquarters.
      The van parks at some garage and they welcome me to the facilities. Outside the van, a girl passes by, wearing a denim jumpsuit and a red/black checker shirt and short hair and I recognize her to be Trinity. She talks briefly with Morpheus, informing him of the results of her latest assignment and she doesn't seem very happy about it. He says something like an ok and tries to encourage her. Then he tells me to go with her.
      I accidentally hear the two other guys mocking her because of her tomboy looks. I am amazed by their silly behavior and think that one day they'll regret it.
      She enters a locker room to shower and change and lets me know that she heard their comments. She was already upset she didn't get much success on her mission and on top of that she confesses she has no self-esteem and finds herself skinny and unattractive. I tell her that one day she will be a great looked-after warrior and she will wear really cool vinyl outfits and be the object of fantasy of all those men who now look down on her. She doesn't believe me and she smirks. Then she enters the shower.
      While she is showering, I write an encouraging message to her on the steamy mirror and I go outside.
    7. 30 Apr: The power to create worlds with rainbow light

      by , 05-01-2012 at 11:00 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I am at some large empty building with many other people. There is a huge window with view over a large river that seems to flow to underneath the building. The flow increases and it seems that the water will break the window and flood the building, but instead it creates vertical twirls with the seven colours of the rainbow, side by side, in front of this large window.
      Then someone says that now we have the power to create anything we want with the rainbow lights we can shoot from our hands.
      I make a beautiful dance with my arms and hands and spread a trail of rainbow light behind me in the empty space of this white building. Others are more creative and give rise to dragons, fishes and all sorts of animals, floating in the air like colourful metallic balloons.
      Slowly the white building gives place to all sorts of objects and places created with rainbow light.
      I meet a guy for whom I feel instant attraction. He is dressed in black and suggests that I join him in a Matrix-like character and together we create a Matrix-like scenario. I try, but all I manage is a cowgirl look, I don't know why. He laughs and decides to become a cowboy and join me instead. We have a minute of fun in a western like scenario, but then I see a wooden bridge to a zen garden and a japanese temple and probably sensing my sudden interest on it, he runs and disappears into it, teasing me to join him there. I decide to follow him, but before I met him again, I try to recreate my character, hoping this time to be successful. I dress myself with an olive green and orange kimono, but for some reason I have trouble in creating an obi to tie it up. While I struggle with it, he reappears in front of me, already wearing a kimono. Very silently, he slightly opens my kimono in a very provocative erotic move, slowly and barely touching my skin and even more slowly he closes it magically with an obi he creates with his rainbow hands. Then we walk in the garden, immersed in that erotic tingling sensation that fills us beyond our bodies.

      My lover is gone. I am now alone in this world of dream-like creations. Some of the creations become out of control. Two giant knights made of black smoke get involved in an epic sword fight, crushing under their feet many of the other colourful creations and nobody seems to be able to stop them. When all hope is lost, my love comes back. He fights with the knights to, but he also can't stop them. Tired, he lays in my arms. I feel his exhaustion and I cry with the sadness of all the worlds.
      I wake up sobbing and with tears in my eyes.

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    8. Dream #3 [LUCID] - Tsunami, Morpheus and tasting some food

      by , 04-07-2012 at 02:27 PM
      7. 4. 2012 - Tsunami, Morpheus and tasting some food
      Background info: This was probably WILD or DEILD after waking up in the morning.

      I'm walking in some kind of city and for some reason, I know there's Robert Schumann's house. So, I ask a DC if he knows about it. He keeps walking, but when I mention Schumann, he turns around and gives me weird look. He says there isn't any. That leaves me puzzled, because he turned around when I mentioned Schumann, well... whatever. The next thing I see is gigantic tsunami wave about to flood the city (the tsunami was very, very huge, about the size of regular skycrapper) That moment, I realize I'm lucid. I didn't even do reality check. I fly up on the nearest skycrapper (which wasn't in the city a moment ago) and stand on the highest point facing the tsunami. It looks very dramatic. The scene reminded me of one of the trailer screens for movie 2012.

      I decided to fly through the wave rather than running away for it. (actually, I didn't think about running for a single moment, it was a no-brainer for me) So, as I'm flying through the wave, the dreams feels kind of slowmo. Surprisingly, I stay dry all the time.

      I find myself in some sort of underground carpark with Morpheus beside me. The lights and everything is a bit dull, kinda like from movie matrix. (thus Morpheus?) He's talking to me, but I can't remember what was he telling me. We have some sort of brief case and we're running away with it. (I was still lucid at this point, but I can't really remember what happened) We're hiding behind some car and then I suddenly remember I wanted to taste something if I became lucid. So I turn away and imagine plate of dumplings with sheep cheese on car's trunk and when I turn around, it is there! So, I grab a fork (which I have no idea how I came to) and start eating the meal. IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! All the new tastes! Just wow! I'd never imagine some sweet tastes would go so well with this. Unforgettable experience. Morpheus is just looking as I'm eating and he isn't really surprised, when he sees random plate of meal appear on car.

      Morpheus might be my dream guide? (He appeared in my previous dream, aswell?) That would be badass!

      As I'm eating I have a feeling like we are being surrounded by some evil people. So I just decide to fly away from the carpark through the walls. I do that, but I can't remember what happened next. I probably woke up.
    9. Sparring 6 people and Tranformers

      by , 09-08-2011 at 12:01 PM
      It was quite an eventful night...

      Dream 1

      I was in my boxing gym and I was sparring six round with six different guys. The gym wasn't as it usually looked and I could see rain out of windows where I normally wouldn't since the real windows are painted on.

      After I sparred the 6 rounds I couldn't do any ground work as I was so tired and sore. So i just left and went home I imagine. Later on I went back and my coach said "You're back, get on the "hang-up". He pointed to a construction site within the gym and it had people pulling themselves up to a platform.

      Dream 2

      I was in a casino but it was more like a film. A decepticon was trying to steal something from a shelf of stuff I think it was the Matrix but when he did find it. There was a huge fight in space and the Autobots fought the Decepticons. Megatron went on a rant to Optimus Prime but HotShot came in and shot Megatron so he's dead.

      It was really awesome but I don't remember that much which sucks so much.


      I was lucid in one dream. I flew aswell so not bad.
    10. Frazzled Musicians and the Matrix Blonde

      by , 07-17-2011 at 01:11 AM (Torra)

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    11. 01/23/2011 - "Financial Aid"

      by , 02-01-2011 at 01:52 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Financial Aid"

      I was friends with LS, and back in my old neighborhood. Her little brother was there. Apparently, they were getting money from a sick family member or something, and there was another character who was stealing the money right from under them. I don't exactly remember the details, but I somehow ended up helping this person double-cross them. (The Matrix movie was looping, while I slept. After this dream, I woke up right at Cypher's double-cross. Seeing as how screwing LS over like that is something I never would have done in waking life, I'm wondering if being so in-tuned with the movie is what created this scenario, in the dream.) I was with the main villain as he was talking to the liaison, trying to get the money. I actually wasn't supposed to be there, but the liaison had shown up unexpectedly. I couldn't get out of sight fast enough to go unnoticed, so I pretended to just be a friend of the family, who was simply visiting; feigning sleep while the two talked. LS came home, just as the deliverer was leaving, and saw me laying there. Before she was able to ask too many questions, the crook, apparently someone she trusted to handle things, ushered her out.

      The next day came. LS and her brother were really sad. Not having really thought about my actions as being "all that bad," I listened to her tell me about how her and her brother were really struggling - that there was no one to help them out, and the money she was supposed to be getting for support had been stolen. It was only then that it actually hit me. What had I done? This girl was my friend, and obviously in trouble, and I had just helped someone steal from her. The realization hit me in the chest, as if I'd been completely oblivious to what was going on, before that moment. Above all else, I knew I had to come clean, and confess to what I had done. I brought LS and her brother outside my house, and they took a seat in the grass. Reluctantly, I laid it all out for them, letting them know of my involvement, and about how I had no idea how bad they were hurting for money. Having to verbalize my actions, I was just as surprised with myself as I knew she had to be, and I wanted nothing more than for her to forgive me. She didn't. In fact, she hated me for it. She got up and screamed at me, telling me about how much they'd lost - not just from the money that was skimmed, but because of how much more they were going to lose, because of bills that wouldn't get paid and whatnot. She thought that I was just using the money to blow, but that wasn't the case. I had been struggling myself, and was skimming money to help pay for my essentials. Had I have known what I was doing to them, there is no way I would have gone through with it. She wasn't hearing it, though. I could only watch as she stormed off, refusing to talk to me. Her little brother slowly got up, staring at me as he followed her, muttering a sarcastic "thanks a lot," under his breath.

      I pleaded with LS to hear me out, and told her that I didn't really understand the gravity of what I was doing. I tried to rationalize to her, why I had needed the money, as if it were any excuse. They completely ignored me, though, and simply walked away.

      As if on cue, I woke up...feeling like the scum of the Earth...

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    12. MATRIX DREAM - I'm Neo

      by , 12-22-2010 at 01:00 PM (Eonnn's Akashic Records)
      I was Neo in the matrix, and trinity was with me. We were going up in a lift, and we made out while going up hehe. We got out the lift, and we were in this square room that had a big ramp going all the way back down similar to how a stair case would. There was no one around so we assumed we were in the wrong place. The room had a big gap in the middle of all the ramps so i could see the bottom. We were several stories up and we needed to find the agents/bad guys. So I jumped straight down the middle of the room inbetween all the ramps leading down. I was freefalling for quite some time then just before i hit the bottom I flew up like a plane taking a nosedive, I flew outside of the building then thats where i saw the agents. We started fighting, and the amazing thing was that I was fighting like I'd been practicing martial arts all my life, like a was a master at all types, I was fighting just like Neo from the matrix, I couldn't believe it, I had no idea how I was able to pull off all these awesome moves. Anyway, Trinity came running out to help me, and an agent shot at her, I slowed down time, ran towards her, then jump kicked the bullet and made it bounce back towards the agent, I put time back to its normal speed then the bullet killed the agent. I grabbed Trinity and we flew off to safety.
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    13. MATRIX DREAM - Stopping a bullet

      by , 12-22-2010 at 01:00 PM (Eonnn's Akashic Records)
      Last night I was having a normal dream, I was fighting with 2 other people, then we started using weapons like whatever we could find around on the ground. The 2 of them were ganging up on me, and they were right next to me about to stab me from either side with these metal poles that forked out at the end. Thats when I became lucid, as i could tell this wasn't something that normally happens IRL. There wasn't anytime to stop them so instead I just let them stab me. Before they did it though, I thought to myself, "ok, im dreaming, this is my dream body and if i just stand my ground without any fear and just let them stab me as if im not going to feel a thing, then it shouldn't hurt at all". These spiked metal things went into me on either side, and i didn't feel a thing, I pulled them out and then threw them back at them, and managed to get one of the guys straight through their chest. I then started manifesting objects, I like to manifest objects in my back pocket because its usually quite easy and then i can just reach into it and pull out whatever it was i manifested. So i manifested a grenade, threw it at them but they ran away too quickly. I began to manifest a gun but it was taking too long and one of the other guys had manifested their own gun and shot at me. Then like Neo from the Matrix, I thought to myself, "no! i've had enough, im not going to allow this bullet to go anywhere" and just like that the bullet stopped a few inches from my hand and hovered there in mid-air. The other guys were just like "woah! holy shit!", I picked the bullet out of mid-air and had a look at it, it looked very realistic, I threw the bullet away and then started showing off making plasma shields then the dream ended.
      Tags: matrix
    14. The Perfect Storm

      by , 11-11-2010 at 10:19 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      My cousin was at my house, or we were at his. Our houses looked very similar. He was attempting to grow a tree in a pot, but it was dieing. He drenched it with water and then put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. He took it out, and the bark on the little tree was sizzling like a roasting marshmallow.

      Someone that was at our house announced that there would be a heavy storm tonight. They wanted to take cover in Memphis, but needed someone to stay behind and guard the house. I volunteered to do so, and they left.

      The scene changes and now I am seeing them at a party/bar. They are discussing how tonight we will see if I am the 'chosen one'.

      I am now Neo from the Matrix, or at least that is who I feel like. Trinity is with me and we are aware that Agent Smith is somewhere in the house. We hear his footsteps creaking the upstairs floorboard. We try to secure our surroundings for full protection, but suddenly he is behind us!

      We start running through the house and jumping through walls as if they are liquid. After we jump through the wall, we lock the door behind us so that he cannot get in. We think that we are safe from him...But he walks through the wall too!

      Instead of running, we begin to engage in a fight to the death. He shoots Trinity through the eye and she collapses on the floor. I'm so pissed off now that I don't even need a gun. I begin attacking him with bizarre karate moves that could only exist in a dream. I walk up into the air and kick his face several times, so fast that my feet break the sound barrier. When I jump above him I can see something remarkable - He's not Agent Smith!

      "You don't look like Agent Smith," I say while attacking him.

      "That's because I'm not." He says, and smiles creepily.

      I manage to eventually take him out, and he collapses on the floor.

      I walk into the din where Trinity is to see if she's still alive. She isn't moving nor does she have a pulse. I hear a scraping sound...

      I look to my left and see 'Agent Smith' dragging his bloody body across the floor. Before I can take in exactly what has happened, he points the gun at me and shoots.
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    15. 9 Sep: encounters with friends, hacking a building and groceries

      by , 09-10-2010 at 04:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:50 GMT Ė Sleep

      Lucid imagery and tasting words
      The first sleep is always hard to recall but when I woke up from this I knew for sure I had been lucid. I think I fell asleep focused on the hypnagogic imagery and didnít really enter a dream, was just staying lucid observing the sequence of images and then I tasted words. [Iíve heard of people tasting colours, but this was new for me]. Unfortunately I can only recall this but not describe the actual sensation.

      2:20 GMT

      Library encounter
      I am at this roundabout close to my momís home and I discover a new library opened right there. I recall when I was in high school and spent so much good time in the municipal library and decided to go inside check the conditions and maybe start coming frequently. I check the novelties shelf in the entrance, I pick some book and sit on a couch. I notice this guy JF, whom I know from college and havenít seen in a while (although we communicate by email), but decide not to go to him and wait to see if he sees me. He comes to say hi, we talk a bit and then he asks me if Iím staying longer, because he is leaving and could give me a ride.
      I say Iím still staying as I just arrived, but then he ask if I came on foot and points out that it is starting to rain and Iím not prepared for rain. I look down and Iím wearing skirt and sabrinas and the weather is definitely becoming nastier. So I say, ok youíre right, I accept the ride.
      But when I looked down I also saw I had pantyhose on one leg but not on the other and they were also quite dirty. What the hell! So as we leave the building, I first sneak behind the entry desk and try to take off the pantyhose. He comes back looking for me and finds me with skirt up, pantyhose down and trying to adjust my underwear who also got out of place with this tricky move. Embarrassing, but he just does his best to ignore and tells me I forgot money on a table in front of the couch I was sitting on. I did? So I go back and find a lot of coins on the table. Think it was not so much and shouldnít really care about it, but he says that it doesnít matter, it is my money, I should take it. Ok, ok. As I start putting it in my purse, the coins transformed into pieces of fruit and in the end my purse was full of fruit salad.

      Hacking a building
      Thereís an announcement about the day with no cars (happens every year) and immediately I see the roads with no cars and a family cycling around the neighbourhood. They go up a ramp and I follow them Ė until now I was just watching but now I materialize. On top of this ramp is actually a dead end so I wonder where they disappeared into. When I turn back, this is no longer a street but actually a closed precinct, like the backrooms of some public or governmental facility. Then I find myself with 2 other friends and we make a challenge to each other Ė break in, do the tour of the building and leave without a trace. There are vigilance cameras everywhere, so it wonít be easy. As soon as I leave this room, the hallway has a camera and I know it is just a matter of time until a guard appears. I just have enough time to break in the door at the end of the hallway, my friends follow me and we close and block the door when the guard is about to catch us. Now we face a new challenge as this room has no other exit. We decide to go through a vent and get out on the control room, where the guards should be, but since they are still trying to break in the first room we blocked, now we can hack their computers and tapes and delete all recordings about our little adventure. As my two others friends are deleting the files, my attention goes to a corner where there is a basket full of teddy bears. I wonder what they are doing there and canít resist to go through them, looking for one that is cuter and eventually take it with me, but in the end, they are all cute but none really stands out so I leave them, wondering why guards need teddy bears.
      The door of this control room is locked electronically Ė so nobody enters or exits, while the guards are out Ė but my friends broke in the code and tell me a sequence weíll need to insert on this door and a next door we will find. But hey, Iím distracted with toys, so I donít recall the numbers. Fortunately my friends are better concentrated and remember it for me. When we unlock all the doors, we find ourselves moving to an entrance lobby with visitors and a kid notices weíre coming out of a restricted access area and asks us if we should be there. I smile at her and tell her no, that weíre hackers but we didnít do any harm, we were just having a bit of fun and ask her to keep a secret.

      Buddha Neo
      Someone tells me ďDid you know thereís a secret short movie that is a crossover of Little Buddha and Matrix?Ē No, I donít know about that!!! So then Iím showed this amazing film with Keanu Reeves playing Neo (of course) and then he finds the truth inside the truth and becomes the Buddha (he also played Little Buddha) and the Buddha hacks the Matrix and kicks some asses, but also sits to meditate as Neo. Weird stuff but awesomely cool. I would love to see that movie!

      4:45 GMT

      A very quiet friend
      I am at a lobby of some building with my dad, close to a desk. Weíre waiting for someone or something, but itís totally deserted. He makes some remarks how he feels uncomfortable with these places, especially when some weird people comes by Ė better beware of your purse - like... for example this guy that is coming in now! I wonder why he says that, itís just my good friend H.L. from Estonia, whom I donít see for a few years. I donít mention this to him and simply go to my friend, also to scare my dad a little. He recognizes me and smiles but when I hug him he is distant and not really replying the hug. Then a blond girl with a kid appears and I wonder if they are together. Ok, but thatís no reason to be cold towards a friend. The girl finds this corner for kids, with a little castle for kids to play inside, and she leaves the kid there. I try to break the ice by saying how I would have loved to have one of those when I was a kid, but all I had was chairs, blankets and a lot of imagination. But she also doesnít reply.

      Sharing memories from Brussels
      Iím in the middle of the street opening a letter that just arrived in my mailbox and Iím surprised to see itís a renewal card for going to the cinema with discount, in Brussels! I donít live in Brussels for more than 3 years and I also wonder how they got my new address.
      Coincidentally, I see this lady which I know from tv, she is an actress and I know she lived in Brussels to and misses it a lot. So I start talking to her showing her the card and asking if she knows whatís about. She was totally surprised and didnít first understand what I wanted. But as she looks closer to the card, she knows what I mean and makes a big smile. I tell her I also lived in Brussels and we start walking together exchanging stories about this city. Itís so rare to find someone who lived there and actually loved it, everybody always complains about the weather. As we walk we pass by this abandoned lot and I notice a lot of garbage, a few vegetable gardens and 2 dogs who soon start fighting. When I look again to my way, we encounter a friend of hers whoís waiting her with a car, we say goodbye and she leaves.

      Buying groceries
      Iím shopping on this little town grocery shop some food for me and taking to some group Iím hosting. I buy some tomatoes, eggs and I see these amazing carrots that are labelled organic but cost only 90 cts/kg. I find too cheap and ask the grocer if these are locally produced, by some villager or so. He confirms and goes about saying how amazing these carrots are, delicious and that he misses when all vegetables were so tasty and not these plastic chemical-filled things we eat nowadays. He starts talking about the wonders of organic farming and I smile. I want to tell him he his preaching to a converted, but he is now turning to some other clients, some villagers who are asking something about his ham. The grocer goes to the backroom and comes back with a piece of ham. He cuts bits for others to taste. But first he tastes it itself in a very ritualised manner and I realise the guy is a gourmet an totally obsessed about quality food. Before he also offers me some ham and then I have to explain why Iím vegetarian I turn away and pretend to shop some more stuff.

      7:10 GMT Ė Wake up

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