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    1. Spirit of the Wolf

      by , 06-06-2011 at 01:08 AM (Torra)

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      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Challenging with my friend (For some Reason) , Pater, Girls & Swim

      by , 05-30-2011 at 07:11 PM (. - ~ = * [ |{(Welcome to my Weird Dream World)}| ] * = ~ - .)
      Well that was like 10 dreams i had i've sleept like 15 hours lol....

      so i forgot the some dreams and i remember like 3 of them which were the last i can say..

      it was so that i was with my close friend outside and we were walking he wanted to walk me somewhere , and in 1 moment we found a hole ,big hole that u can build anything lol.
      so my friend did something with that hole he took a plastic paper or so and put it everywhere at the top of the hole so u cant fall down lol..
      then we were playing with the nails we wanted to make it more secure and so .. and litle sand or a rock fall down and we hear there is water ..
      aha ok he said to me look we can jump and swim or something lol..

      i told him will u jump?
      he took a ciggaret he smokes and he jumps.
      here is a picture example where he jumped.

      after jumping he told me that
      "Man i jumped and felt down with my Tongue !" Loooooool.
      i laughed and told him ok lets go lol ..
      then we walked outside dont know where.. cus the pool build was inside a long wall.

      and i dont know how.. but m friend was so crazy that he found or had a bucket full of water and he throw all the water at like 5th stock appartment Balcon and the windows and everything went wet ...

      then i told him lol lets go to other site .. he went to the side of the appartment and was walking so i jumped from the wall to the other side cus i saw 2 guys coming which were the owners of the appartment .
      and i met together again with my friend after like 20 secs and told him hey man whats up bla bla.. so those ppl dont understand that we did throw that bucket..
      and we walked somewhere else but they came somehjow and they were talking to us something ... we went to buy ciggarets [ i had all the time in my mind ,Lucky Strike" ] i wanted those cigs lol. i wanted luck so those ppl dont get us or something..
      .. and they said in 1 moment some fuckers throw us a full bucket with water at our balcon and its all messed up ..

      i asked my friend we buy lucky strike right?.. and went to buy.. then i wkoe up and writed that dream .. just few words that i dont forget .
      [btw i knew this place. it was in Cyprus there was/is a Big Pool and big appartment's that i remember and also the ciggaret shop near it..]

      so i sleept again ..and i went alone somewhere and i was walking ... then i figured out where i was and wanted to walk home..
      then i saw a House from a Pater who i knew in cyprus when i was young like 11-14 i was going to him very oft and was talking to him..
      then i said .. lets go in
      i looked from the window and so [door was closed]
      and he looked me at 1 moment he was excited so was i and the door opened it self and walked in..
      he watched me he didnt recognize me good that i was the boy who was visiting him alot.
      then i told him my name i am .. he got excited i went inside.. we sitted we talked about few things , where was i wht i was doing and so i told him .. then i hear something at the other room and i see 1 hot girl..
      woot.. anyways continued talking and somehow he hurts his hand with a nail it made a hole at his hand and then more 2 mans come and 3 girls from other rooms and trying to help him.. i was like wow????
      i told him relax relax it will get better put paper to avoid the blood etc..
      he said yaya..
      i told him dont loose ur blood u need it pater.
      then somehow he made the blood stop.

      and what was strange.. was that he opened or someone else opened the TV and there was PORN... and the pater started taking Photos? with his Phone..

      i was like woota??
      then i dont remember what happened with him but i rememeber that i moved to otherplace somehow with these girls and friends.. it was a weird dream.. there was a river and everytime i see it its like a TV and the river has some weird monsters inside that if u swim u will get hurt so much that u wont walk again
      cant find an image of it cus its not onlinit was like too 20 feet and head then at the end 1 boy comes out from the water and screams with his bluh face...

      so i said " i won't swim again in a river "Isar" isar is a river here where i live ^^"

      so then i had to go to school i thing or something and i went to the doctor with 2 Glasses? wtf????
      1 glass with my piss 1 glass with a proof why i am sick and i dont wanna go to school it was a flying pet a small one.. and that wasnt my doctor it was my teacher .. she said we are closed its 2:35 or something.. i said i am waiting like 10 mins here and it says at 2:28 its the last chance
      she called somewhere and explained then she took that small flying pet and i told her it was in my stomach.. then she ate it and she tho it will come out from mouth ..
      i told her it wont u ate it it will die inside..

      also then she gave me the paper to show in school and i left.. oh damn finally..

      then again continued dream with my close friend..
      the thing we were challenging was we were going in places and everywhere everyone was watching us.
      at the building he throwed the bucket those ppl was watching us and few more.. also i told him to come on the place where my Pater was and explain him abit..
      we climbed in like 2-3 feet Rock and seat there. and it was just next to the window of the house of pater..
      i started explaining him.. " it is very strange, weird and different that 3 -4 years ago when i came to pater he was different that i seat and we talk about interesting stuff and it was warm and everything ...
      then he told me hmm is he in the room now or something?
      i didnt knew and the lights got ON.
      that was in middle room Lights.
      then the lights of that window which was next to us got ON too and it was the Pater with 1 Woman doing something on Computer or writing i dont know i just climbed down quick that he dont see us and my friend aswell .. lollll

      ok then he told me . now i take u to a place. [ like it was my turn to challenge u xD]

      i saw a Big Pool. he said now we must go to pool.
      we went to pool we were inside there was aloooot of ppl. like 30 swimmin and 10 siitng.

      what i saw was That guy from twilight "Robert" with 1 Lady and 1 Other guy friend of him with other Lady.
      my friend says...
      now u go to 1 lady and take her and jump with her in pool and swim and do it with her, ill go with the other lady..

      woot i went and i did that i jumped with 1 lady and the man was jacking of before that and i swimmed with her i tried to do something and my friend aswell and i see the 2 guys jumping inside and trying to catch us.. lol it was fulll of funny ..

      somehow my brother was there and he was tripping with the 1 girl and my friend also
      the 1 guy catched me and he blocked my hands or feed so i cant move.. but somehow i jumped and moved and also continued with that girl i did it and my brother too and my friend also and when i did it .. they all thumb up for me lol , it was like i won..

      that was all i remember ... thats my weird dreamy..
      15 hours dream no Lucid tried to when i woke up severalt times but no chance.

      Thanks for reading .

    3. dream control

      by , 05-29-2011 at 12:52 AM
      every time i try to control a dream or i think i am in control, it takes a dark turn. it will already be taking a dark turn and when i try to change it it gets even worse. ask me about some of my worst dreams.
    4. Lucid Dream 228: Origin of the Muskox

      by , 05-24-2011 at 07:31 PM (KingYoshi's Dream Journal...My World is Different)
      May 5, 2011
      Lucid Dream 228: Origin of the Muskox
      Series: Land of Dreams, Episode 12
      around 5:00am

      There was a group of us standing around a camp fire. We seemed to be in an extreme northern climate. It was cold, I could see snow covered mountains in the background, and very few trees/plants around the area. The ground was covered in a very light skiff of snow that seemed more frost-like than actual snow. Jacob Black (from the Twilight series) was there at the campfire along with several other DCs I did not recognize. We had tents set up and I was looking for the bottle of vodka I had brought. After searching for a bit, I randomly became lucid.

      I stepped out of the tent and looked around. The environment was incredible. Suddenly, Jacob ran up to me with an excited look on his face. He said, "Dude, lets go throw some spears!" I was now curious, so I followed him over to a large area. There was now a Muskox with us and another guy with blonde hair. There were a pile of spears laying on the ground. I saw Jacob pick up a spear and throw it. It stuck a good distance out in front of us. The blonde guy threw his spear and it landed several feet short of Jacob's. I watched as the muskox grabbed a spear, stood up like a human and launched it. It was a really shitty throw. It was very wobbly and started curving to the right. The spear spiraled down and stuck right into Jacob's shoulder. He hit the ground and I started laughing at the situation.

      I threw my spear, but it disappeared off into the distance. I decided to throw another one and try not to cheat with my lucidity as much. It landed in the same general area as the first two throws. I walked over to Jacob and saw that he had removed the spear. His arm had a huge gash and was bleeding badly. I could see muscle and bone in the deep wound. He shook it off and we walked to the next tee box. It was set up just like a golf course, only we were throwing spears. Jacob threw a very short throw with his mangled arm. The blonde kid had a decent throw and then I threw and landed right on the flag stick. I then watched intently as the muskox threw. He launched another horrible spear that wobbled and curved way off course. This time I saw the spear flying toward the blonde kid. The spear was spinning around in a circle and sliced the kid clean in half. It looked like a mortal kombat fatality. I thought, "Holy shit!" Everyone just ignored that this happened and we continued to the next tee box. On my way to the next tee box, I walked by the pile of body parts and blood that once was the blonde kid.

      Once we got up to the next tee box, Jacob cried out in pain and clutched his shoulder. Suddenly, he collapsed and a muskox climbed out of his shoulder wound. I heard a strange noise and turned around. Another muskox emerged from the bloody pile that was once the blonde kid. The muskox gathered in front of me and started all throwing spears. They were all terrible throws and some curved backwards right for me. I realized that they were trying to birth another muskox using me as the victim. I took flight and started dodging the flying spears with ease. I caught one of the spears and then swooped down at one of the muskox. I sliced it in half and it burst 100 tiny muskox. These tiny muskox attacked the other two full grown ones and started eating them alive. I thought to myself, "This has got to be one of the strangest sights ever..."

      The tiny muskox army devoured the two larger ones in seconds. They then started running for the campsite. I flew over to the campsite and could hear screaming from the tents. After a few moments the muskox had devoured everyone at the campsite as well as the tents, sleeping bags, and whatnot. They all jumped into the campfire one after the other and seemed to be sacrificing themselves. I awoke as I watched this strange event.

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    5. Monday Morning 5/16/11

      by , 05-16-2011 at 11:40 AM
      I'm Jasmine from Aladdin. And, I'm with another guy. We're going through some rooms trying to make our way through the zombies. It's kind of dark, and I don't have a gun so I'm following the dude with the rifle and we get to a doorway (one without a door attached), and a zombie tries grabbing me. The guy shoots it and I escape. Then, I lose the guy and the dream cuts a bit. Now I am with a different guy in a haunted house type thing.. he tells me all about what not to do there so I don't get sprayed by blood. There was this alter in a long dark tunnel where a medusa head and some hands were. He said don't touch the medusa hand. Now I cut back to the zombie dream. Daphne (yep, from Scooby Doo) is hiding in the pantry and her cell rings for some advertisement. I see the zombie rounding the corner, trying to follow the sound. Somehow she just appears next to me and we try to escape. I tell her we should go find the dude with the rifle,whatever way he went. But, she says no and leads me down to the basement. I remember something about going down there before and there were orphans there, but not what happened. Then it got creepy The stairs to the basement were blocked, and two orphans were waiting on the flight of stairs under the barricade. Me and Daphne talked to them, telling them everything was going to be alright. The little boy with the weird cleft lip said something like 'yes, ;et us be one with them' (the zombies). Daphne said they didn't need to and she and I multiplied our bodies and told them they could eat our copies. The kids got a creepy look on their faces and agreed as they made their way downstairs. All the while, I had a creepy feeling, like the orphans were going to end up ambushing us.. But Daphne, why'd I trust Daphne anyways lol.
    6. Franstien, Phatom of the Opera, Draucla

      by , 05-15-2011 at 06:07 PM
      had this dream I was well taken by someone to this house (Note: the period is 2011). A unknown person said I was suppose to go into one of the rooms and put on a dress. I asked what would happen if I didn't. And the voice said to look in the coffins. I guessed female vampires were in it. I also mention not to send Frankenstein's monster after me.

      But when I looked in to a mirror, I noticed the man speaking had a mask on and I said "You're Eric, the Phantom of the Opera of the Paris Opera House". Eric was a bit surprised but got over it. After singing some songs I knew off the top of my head. I talked to him nicely. And he kind of let me go (but somehow when I was in the house I went back into the 19th century.) and the person outside was a bit surprised. But we got on/in the coach. I got myself some food for Frankenstein monster and I also got some vials out and pricked myself (I bet vampires would be surprise to have someone freely give them blood and when the person's awake too). First thing I did is when I noticed Frankenstien's monster coming, I hopped out of the coach and started talking to him like he was an ordinarily person. I gave him a name "Peri Frankenstein" and gave him the food I got ready for him. (The coach people thought I was nuts)

      Than he acted a lot nicer and left. Just a few seconds later female vampires appeared. I gave them the vials of blood. "Dracula would have been here but he's too ashamed of being someone's else's 'servant'." one of the female vamps said. After they left I collapsed? fainted? onto the sidewalk (but not because of any corset).

      When I was collapsed two people come into the town. One was Dr.Frankenstein who was very surprised at how his monster's behaviour had changed. The other man was Johnathan Harker. They both find me collapsed on the street. They take me to a friend's mansion (don't know whose). I wake up a couple of days later and find the two men in my "room" at the mansion.

      But I acted like I was fully dressed and they were both surprised to see I knew who they were. After chatting with them a bit I looked out a window next to my bed and saw people with torches (and I mean ACTUALLY torches, not the British word for flashlights) and signs saying "Kill the witch" (the witch I think preferred to me). I told the two men get out of the house. I somehow summoned rain which put out the fires on the torches.
    7. Killing my teacher

      , 03-29-2011 at 06:27 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I am in high school, in my class room.
      The class room is currently on break, but the teacher is there for some reason.
      I hate her, she's always teasing me because I'm a bit of a geek.
      She often makes fun of me in front of the class.

      (This teacher really existed, she was a bitch and the hardest challenge I had to overcome in high school)

      Someone is trying to bully me, he asks me to give him all my money.
      I tell him to go fuck himself.
      I know I don't stand a chance in a fight, but I know that letting yourself get bullied in high school
      has much worse consequences than getting beaten up once.

      We're fighting, the teacher doesn't give a shit.
      She looks at us, makes sure that I am loosing and smiles at the situation and keeps working on something.
      What a bitch, I hate her so much.
      The bully is pushing me against the wall and punches me into the stomach a few times.

      I notice it doesn't hurt the way it should.
      Then I see that he is wearing a holster with a gun? Why would he do that?
      I realize that I am dreaming, but I don't have the time to think about what is happening properly.

      Realizing that this is a dream I immediately understand that the bully can't hurt me.
      I punch him in the throat with my elbow and he lets go of me.
      I am overcome with rage at this point, but not at the bully.
      He's just a stupid high schooler, he can't help being an idiot.
      It's the fucking teacher, the way she turns going to school into hell for me,
      the way she enjoys seeing me getting beaten up, the fact that she wants to intervene now that I
      am not the one getting beaten up anymore.

      That's right, she stands up and wants to punish me for punching the bully in the throat.
      She starts talking in her extremely arrogant voice, but I am too furious to listen to her.
      I grab the gun from the bully and remove the safety.
      The teacher finally shuts up and looks scared.

      I point the gun at her face. I am so furious, so full of rage, I know that I am going to kill her.
      I can feel the adrenaline in my body. I'm about to shoot her.

      "I'm sorry..."

      I pull the trigger and feel the recoil of the gun. I can't see for a split second.
      My teacher is falling backwards to the ground. The wall behind her is splattered with blood.
      Her dead body drops to the ground and blood starts spilling over the ground.

      Fuck, I didn't expect it to be this realistic.
      Ah well, it's not like I really killed her, I just wanted to see what it would feel like to let myself be controlled by all this anger.
      It felt quite satisfying.

      I am a bit surprised.
      This dream must mean that she's still on my mind, even after 10 years. Wow, I really hated that bitch.
      I wonder what the reaction of the other DC's is and look around.

      The bully looks at me quite surprised.

      "Bitch had it coming..."

      He smiles in agreement.
      I hand the gun back to him, he can't hurt me when I'm lucid anyways.
      The rest of the class seems to celebrate the death of the teacher.
      I find this absolutely hilarious. I know that everyone hated her, but damn, they're actually celebrating!

      Something happened after this which I cannot recall properly...

      Note: Yes, I really hated that teacher. No, I would never kill or hurt anyone.

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      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Strange Dream Character Intervention

      by , 03-25-2011 at 03:41 PM
      1. I'm looking after a classroom of children, but we are not in a classroom. Two of the boys get in a fight, and the smaller, scrawnier one ends up on top with his foot on the other boy's neck. He is stepping down as hard as he can, and I realize that he is trying to kill him. I am shocked at this behavior from such young children. I break up the fight, and I grab the scrawny boy and push him into the hallway. I scold him furiously but he seems to have no remorse for his actions. His head is covered by a tightly fitting glass dome.

      2. I'm looking at this magical board that is covered in numbers. I have to find the right numbers for a certain task. I am inside some sort of strange shop. I get the feeling that I work here. There is another woman nearby, and I think that she works in the shop as well. She reaches for something on one of the shelves, and pulls off another board like the one I am using. I try to warn her against using that board, because I remember that bad things have happened to others who have used it. Before I can fully explain to her the dangers, she passes out and hits the floor with a sickening thud. I run over to her and see that there is blood seeping from her ear.

      3. I'm skateboarding around town, and for once I can actually stay on the board.

      4. I'm lying on a floor, unable to get up or speak. There is a dream character standing over me, and he keeps saying things about how he wants to save me. I get the feeling that I am dead or dying, and that is why I am unable to communicate. The dream character says he wants to give me a healthy perspective on life and fix all the distortions in my thinking. He leans closer to me, and I notice that there is some words or symbols tattooed on his chest that have started to glow. They glow brighter and brighter as he comes closer to me until everything disappears in a flash of white.
    9. 02/10/2011 - Fragment

      by , 03-18-2011 at 10:18 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I was in a small, concrete building. I believe it was a rest stop, out in the sticks, somewhere. There was a zombie apocalypse going on, and this rest stop was crawling with them. In the restrooms, there was blood, feces and all other types of bodily fluids, splattered all over the stalls, walls and floors. At one point, a zombie had knocked me down, and toppled down on top of me, trying like hell to bite me. Really, I'm not too certain, but I don't think it ever bit me.

      Later in the dream, I was with a group of survivors, riding around town. There was a lot of conversation that went on here, but the only thing I can really remember was talking about how and why the zombies came into existence.
      dream fragment
    10. in-dream datura delirium

      by , 03-03-2011 at 09:55 PM (Wandering in Dream Debris.)
      Pre-dream: I had just received my datura ferox seeds and valerian root from an online vendor yesterday, so I decided to see what effects they might have if I were to consume some and take a nap. I meditated and asked the spirit of the plants that they guide me in the dream world, I gave them my respect and sent them energy. I crushed two datura seeds and brewed them in a tea and drank it whilst my valerian root was brewing. Before I began drinking the valerian I already felt a strange head pressure, almost a headache, and a very deep sedating effect. I proceeded to take the valerian tea but by the time I finished I felt very heavy and was feeling slight delirium in my thought process.

      I laid down and watched my hypnagogic imagery and was promptly shown an eye that was in the center of my vision, staring at me. Unlike other times I believe I've seen my third eye, I think it was lady datura this time because it was glaring at me and promptly after I fell asleep and had a few disturbing dreams.

      I had various fragments of random visions including taking care of some kids I didn't know that were vomiting water and I kept panicking not knowing how to deal with the problem, running up and down a mountain trying to avoid jaguars and shadow people, and lastly being cornered in front of my sister's house by a pitch black grizzly bear. The dream with the bear was the most memorable probably because it was the last one before waking up. It would morph into a cub to seem less sinister and would approach me but then it would morph into a huge black grizzly and try to attack me, I'd randomly find pointy but short objects like daggers or forks to defend myself with and I'd proceed to stab it whenever I could, trying to survive.

      What happened next was the disturbing part though because I had stabbed it numerous times and it was on the floor choking on its own blood and it was no longer the menacing bear but instead an innocent little puppy. At this point I thought "Oh my god I took datura and now I'm delirious and just killed an innocent puppy and was hallucinating. I have to hide it's body. Did anyone see me? It's broad daylight. What have I done?!" I never noticed I had fallen asleep or was now miles away from home at my sisters house for no apparent reason. I saw the poor animal gasping for air and I couldn't stand it so I tore (yeah, tore, with a fork thing, because I had no knives) its throat open so it would die instantly and stop suffering. It was very grotesque and detailed, I hated every second of it. I had blood all over my hands and felt like a psychopath, how could my life ever be the same after this?

      I woke up soon after with a few false awakenings and imagining seeing myself doing random things like ironing clothes, taking bread out of the toaster, and pouring myself a glass of water, only to find myself back in bed.

      I would never go to waking life delirum doses of datura but I do plan on continuing to take 2-3 seed doses for oneiric purposes. I feel that Lady Datura is testing me but I'm not giving up that easily, I'm gonna fight off the night terrors until I become lucid so I may speak to her and find out why she tries to invoke fear in her users.
    11. dreamBirthday Party + Fragments

      by , 02-28-2011 at 01:13 PM (the Dream Almanac)
      dreamBirthday Party

      I’m in the car with Pehry. He’s driving pretty recklessly with someone else in the front seat telling him to slow down. We take a sharp turn into my dad’s auto shop. The parking lot is full of tiny cars for children but exact versions of their bigger counterparts. I keep saying I want one, and then remember that I “have” one, a tiny tan minivan. It’s parked out back.

      We get out and go into my dad’s shop. It’s a party inside; it’s my birthday! My family and friends are all inside. No one pays too much attention to me, but in my dream world this isn’t strange and I am content just walking around looking at the things in the shop.

      I walk over to my Nana who is sitting around a turntable. There are old nursery rhyme records all stacked on it. I go through it and each one is colored and decorated with story elements: one is green with a frog, one is red with a pony, one is blue with a bear, etc.

      My mom comes over to me and gives me a little ticket. It says “dunk house” and I interpret this as a ticket for me to go into one of those dunk booths at the fair. I quickly give it back to her, and she explains that my Nana is in the dunk house at the fair this year and with this ticket I can dunk her no matter if I hit the target or not.

      Everyone keeps doing their thing at this mini-party and Autumn comes in from somewhere. She has her school bag, and I “know” that the door behind me connects to a few classrooms. Because she’s really big, everyone gets nervous and kind of moves towards the middle of the room to make room for her (she’s not THAT big).

      She comes over to me and talks about missing a certain project that she’ll have to re-do.

      “What? No, that project was that we had to listen to records in class. Why would you have to do that out of school? It’s so easy and dumb,” I say. She has her usual bad attitude and just shrugs her shoulders and says mean shit about everyone around us.
      Someone outside is driving a specially-made car.

      “Isn’t that the car Marty made that runs off blood instead of gasoline?” I say.

      “Yeah I know about Marty,” Autumn retorts as if it’s “cool” to know Marty and she wanted to make sure I knew that she knew about him. We talk about how the problem with the car is that the blood soaks through the seats and stuff so your clothes get bloody and you can’t keep papers on the seats and stuff like that.


      I walk into a really small classroom. There’s a substitute teacher (who is an actual teacher at a school I went to) and a chocolate cake sitting on the only table in the room.

      “Fuck yeah!” I say as I come in and sit down. The kids behind me are excited too: cake and a substitute. I have déjà vu (or perhaps I dreamed this before, or perhaps a dream memory) that I had been to this class and had cake before.

      I get a little embarrassed because I don’t know how to sit without being too close to anyone. Kate (a…friend of mine) is here. We all take big slices of cake and talk about dumb things.

      We have a project to do in class: listen to a few certain records. The teacher changes from the substitute to my old U.S. History teacher.


      Jack, Heather and I are looking through a big dumpster of metal scraps, looking for good pieces to put into a trash compactor. We are having a lot of fun doing this.

      Fragments of Fragments
      • A room made of zebra print. Not painted over or wallpapered, but the structure is the patterns of zebras.
      • I check a letter written to Morpheus, looking for a response. I go through sheet after sheet, looking for markings.
      • I go downstairs and make myself toast.

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    12. Resident Evil Meets Vampires

      by , 01-21-2011 at 10:41 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Wow. I remembered about 90% of this movie-like dream upon awakening, but I quickly lost about 80% more before I even had the chance to think about it.

      1- The Second End

      Our Future

      We have suffered an apocalypse under the vampires. After a long and epic struggle, Alice, Claire, and I have managed to kill off a good majority of them. Unfortunately, they've also managed to kill off most of our convoy and nearly all of my fellow werewolves.

      We think the hard part is over, that we can begin to rebuild. But Fate strikes us down as Claire begins to speak a prophecy that has suddenly been delivered to her. "The future of humanity depends upon the T where blood flows." ((Oh. Ohhhhh! I just realized that it was talking about Alice! Duh!))

      "What the hell does that mean?" I ask, somewhat worried.

      "I don't know. But it doesn't sound good."

      She also receives a scrambled word: n-g-e-i-t-a

      "Eating," Alice says, before I even process it. Wow, she's quick.

      "We're not out of the clear yet, apparently. Don't let your guards down," I say. As if they ever would.

      The Ship
      Something is definitely not right aboard this ship. The crew seem nice, but I sense something off about them. My suspicions are confirmed just as I am searching for Alice and Claire to warn them of the danger I feel sure that we're in. One of our convoy members is sedated and dragged into a secret room as I watch from the shadows. I put my ear to the door and listen while crew discusses chopping her up and preparing her as tonight's meal. "Eating," I whisper to myself with realization and horror. This ship--- it's a trap. And we fell right into it.

      My haste to find Alice and Claire has grown exponentially, but they are walking with several crew members (Umbrella operatives, I now realize) when I come across them. One of the men leads Alice, Claire, Carlos, an unknown woman from our convoy, and myself into a small room and locks us in. "Great," I mutter. "I was just coming to warn you, but I guess I was too late."

      Suddenly a chute opens up in one of the walls, and two vampires frozen with sedatives fall into the room. The chute closes, leaving us trapped, weaponless, with the monsters.

      The female vamp animates almost immediately, killing the helpless woman and sinking her teeth deep into my arm before I can stop her. The virus quickly works it's way into my system, and....

      ...I switch to Alice's point of view. I can only watch as my werewolf friend kills off the she-vamp before succumbing to the virus herself. F*cking Umbrella Corp, I think with fury, After all we've done to get rid of the virus, and now they're SPREADING it? There is no time for such thoughts, however. My once-comrade is now coming at me with a hungry look in her eyes, her werewolf genes making the effect of the virus that much more powerful.

      I am taken aback by how quickly she moves, by how quickly her sharp teeth sink into my flesh. No... How did it come to this?

      I kick her off me, watching as my hands become the clawed hands of the very monster I lived to destroy. But wait. I still have my thoughts... All hope might not be lost.

      I look up to see Claire and Carlos backed up against the wall as the newly turned vampire stalks up to them. No. I can't bear for them to die, too. With a feral snarl, I slam my monstrous hand into Hazel's head, and am somewhat surprised when it flies off her shoulders and lands on the floor with a sickening squelch. This power... it's too much.

      At that moment, the dark-skinned male vamp snaps to life beside me. "Don't be alarmed," he says hastily, sensing that he is about to share the same fate as my now headless comrade. "You're going to need my help." That accent... I realize immediately that this must be one of the living Vampires from legend, a race of immortals unrelated to our hellish virus.

      He tells me that Umbrella has had him frozen for quite some time, so I give him a quick debriefing of current events. "We had the werewolves fighting for us," I say, drawing my story to a close, "but they're all dead now." I look down at Hazel's body with remorse. What a cruel fate...

      The Shooting
      *3rd Person*

      Four Umbrella operatives are standing on deck, peering into the small room from their vantage point at the top level. "Okay, boys," one of them, their commander, begins in a decisive tone, "it's been long enough. Open fire."

      The three gunmen begin shooting, each unloading their entire supply of bullets into the small room in what, for any other group of people, would seem like overkill. "There's no way they could have survived that," one of the young men says proudly.

      Little do they know that below deck, crawling through the leaking pipes steadily toward them, a Vampire and his newfound companions are-----

      "MEOW! MEEEOOOW" My cat lets me know, LOUDLY, how displeased she is at being locked out of my room. GAH! I want to find out what happened!
    13. Time Dilation

      by , 01-20-2011 at 09:52 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Really long lucid last night. I know that I only had 45 minutes left to sleep, yet the dream felt like it was around 2 or 3 hours. Time dilation was obviously involved.

      1- I Attempt to Visit the Antechamber of Insanity
      ((There is a lot that happened prior to this point, in which I am non-lucid, but I can't recall what it is. Something about packing to go on some sort of vacation. I make a point of packing my laptop in case the hotel offers free internet. Somewhere along the line, I become lucid. I think of my goals, and decide to visit the Antechamber of Insanity. I wonder how to get there.... A portal might be useful, but there's no guarantee I can even make one, and I have limited time. Instead, I stand on a chair and climb through the ceiling (I've learned my lesson about flying headfirst into solid objects), willing myself to end up in the AoI.

      When I pull myself through, I feel that I am on a wooden floor. However, it is too dark to see anything. "Does this mean my mind is filled with empty darkness?" I ask myself, half-jokingly. I think I sense Madison nearby, which is a good indication that I'm in the right place, but it doesn't count if I can't see. Madison tells me something, but I can't hear her.

      Suddenly, I'm on a shelf above my future step-mother's kitchen, looking down on her and my dad while they're cooking. I feel like a ninja.

      Jilda looks up and spots me, nearly dropping the pot she's holding and letting out a startled shriek. Without a word, I drop down and go outside.

      As I'm walking, I pass by a dog that is in a cage, yelling at me. (Not barking, yelling.) Wanting to test out my dream control, I point to the dog and tell it to turn into a human. It changes from a quadruped to a biped, but retains all of it's dog-like features. Interesting. I tell the dog it's stupid for not being able to transform, and show it how easily I can turn into a wolf. I begin to run, forgetting about the dog and taking joy in being a wolf, when the dog (who is now completely human) jumps on me and starts attacking me.

      I instantly turn back into a human as the dog boy painfully rips my stomach open. I feel blood begin to pour out of me. Angered, I pin the boy to the ground and start tearing at his throat and stomach. Although he is bleeding profusely, he's laughing as if this is just a play fight.

      I stand up and examine my wound. It has already healed completely, but my stomach is still red with blood. I wipe it off...

      ...and have a false awakening. I am in the back of a truck with my dad and brother. We seem to be going on that same vacation from earlier in the dream. However, I begin to notice that some things are a bit... off. First I see some things that I KNOW were in my dream, then I see islands floating in the sky. It seems normal, but a part of me says that it's not.

      I begin to read the signs as we pass, to see if they change or say strange things. A sign that should say "speed limit" instead reads "cookie monster." Okay, that's definitely not normal. I examine some billboards, and find that I'm having trouble reading them. That's strike two against reality; time to RC.

      I become lucid with a nose pinch RC and exit the truck. I go off exploring, but most of that is lost in memory.

      Non-lucid again. My brother is watching a video on YouTube. "What are you watching?" I ask.

      "This really cool thing with Justin Bieber in it!" he exclaims and shows me.

      "Justin Bieber?" I burst into laughter. "Why are you watching THAT?"

      "'Cause he's a really awesome singer! Uhh... just don't tell anyone I told you that."

      My mom walks up and I become lucid again. I am trying to prove to her that this is a dream, but even though I stick my finger through my palm she doesn't believe me. Stupid DC...

      Later, yet ANOTHER false awakening. My brother is still going on about that Bieber kid. "I thought that was a dream," I mutter to myself, confused. I am contemplating telling my friends about his strange behavior, or saving it for when I need dirt on him.
    14. kitties beating up Padme

      by , 01-18-2011 at 11:14 PM
      non-dream dream lucid

      dream 1: I was at my house looking out the back door (its a glass sliding door) and I noticed that my kitten, Padme (yes after Padme Amidala from Star Wars!!) was sitting around just sitting there. Suddenly, all of the other cats started attacking her, mostly biting her neck and drawing blood. She kept screeching and meowing for help, so I opened the door and grabbed her from our largest cat, who is also her father, because he looked ready to kill her; as did the others. She looked ragged and helpess and I sat her on the table. Her green/grey eyes looked at me sadly. I could almost literally feel the pain. There was red blood on her neck where her father had bitten her, and multiple scratches all over her from the others. I cleaned her off and she settled down to sleep. Then I looked back outside and next thing I knew, the cats were attacking "Sherby", our new kitty who I found in a tree a few months ago. She was meowing in agony and I kicked the cat attacking her, Padme's father and her brother "Ragz", in the side to get them to leave her alone. I then brought her inside so I could take care of them. Then I woke up.

      DREAM 2 I somehow already knew that I was dreaming. I just pinched my nose and breathed to be sure. I was by the sliding glass door again and my mother walked up to me. I said to her, "Mom, we're dreaming!! Look at your hands! They're disfigured like mine, and we can breathe through pinched noses!!" She looked at me, confused then she looked at her hands, "Oh my gosh, my fingers are broke!! Are we really dreaming??" so I told her yes. She ran into our living room and she said loudly, "This is a dream, this is a dream!!" Then I think I woke up. pretty weird eh? I'm gonna ask my mom what she dreamed about last night. I'm just curious if she might have had the same dream as me. We've had similar dreams before, so it's a possibility that she may have had a similar dream.
    15. Health Care Lesson From Tupac

      by , 01-07-2011 at 09:35 PM (Dreamjumper)
      Health Care Lesson From Tupac

      I stood in a crowded bar, watching people, but without any type of drink. The energy was high and the dream characters seemed to be having a good time. The energy shifted drastically when Tupac Shakur arrived at the scene. All of a sudden Tupac pulled out two hand-held pistols and shot the place up. Now, I don't know if Tupac was there specifically to shoot me or to settle the score with someone else, nonetheless I had been caught in the crossfire. 7 bullets lodged into my body, as I felt the pressure twist me around. I felt each bullet inside of me. One in my chest just below the clavicle, one in my right bicep, two in the groin area of my inner thighs, one in my left leg in the quad, and a bullet went through each of my calves. I fell against the bar, and panic erupted in the bar.

      I stumbled out of the bar, intent on living. I wasn't in pain as-so-much as shock. I wasn't afraid that I would just drop dead, I was mostly afraid that Tupac would exit the bar and finish the job. Bleeding, my only intent was to make my way to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible. Luckily, the hospital was only a dream block away. So I shuffled my way to the hospital, feeling every bullet in me as I walked.

      I quickly arrived upon the hospital and shuffled into the ER lobby. I had bled profusely everywhere I went, but the receptionist didn't even seem to notice. She simply shoved a clipboard towards me and told me to have a seat and fill out some paperwork. I remember saying, incredulously, "Seriously!?" before accepting this and sitting down. I was uncomfortable because I was bleeding on the chair, the table next to me, the clipboard and the floor, and I didn't want to bleed on the other people in in the lobby.

      So I stepped backoutside and leaned against the wall next to the automatic sliding doors of the hospital. I tried my best to fill out the paperwork, but I couldn't concentrate, I had lost too much blood and energy. That's when I grew dizzy from blood-loss and threw up on the exterior of the hospital's walls, before I woke up.
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