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    1. Looking for My Husband

      by , 07-17-2016 at 08:58 PM
      I checked into a hotel where I knew my husband had a room already. It was late and dark inside the hotel. It was closed for the night. A night clerk said they had 6 rooms left and asked me what kind I wanted. I went upstairs to let myself into my husband’s room while they were getting my room ready. Husband wasn’t in his room so I went back downstairs.

      I was standing outside the hotel waiting for Mom to fly in to town. I saw a plane crash and land on it’s wing, then it tipped over upside down. I heard people screaming inside plane. I was worried my Mom was on that flight. Then I heard her screaming. I started running towards the plane and then saw that she was coming from the hotel and she was ok.
    2. Creepy Hotel Manger, Iridescent Ocean Animals, and Car Breakdown

      by , 07-09-2016 at 05:49 PM
      My husband and I were on a vacation together, staying in a hotel that had a creepy manger. He was our age or older, and had a thick head of bushy brown hair and giant dark piercing eyes.
      He was acting inappropriately towards me, in a very threatening way when no one else could see.
      At one point I had to go back into the room with a key, to get additional clothing, headphones or earbuds, and [my?] wallet and the creepy manager was there, and I couldn’t find all of the things I needed before I felt like I needed to escape.

      It was hazy and darkish and I was walking down a small alley/road with my dog and saw I saw another dog behind a fence that looked like her only a different color. I knew they had once known each other, or were siblings, and I wondered if they recognized each other; they seemed to.

      My husband, creepy manger, one other guy and I were sitting on lawn chairs facing the ocean
      It was sunny and warm
      We were watching strange crustaceans and cuttlefish on shore, interacting with one another.
      At first just one, but then all, began changing colors. Beautiful iridescent sparkling colors that faded into one another. I became lucid when I thought about how strange it was. The dream quality diminished instead of enhancing. The background with the animals froze, and things were dimmer all around. The people around me were still talking. I felt hesitant to fly or do anything too intense because it felt like I was about to wake up. I tried to interact with one and soon either woke up or lost lucidity.

      I was driving a car with my brother in the passenger seat. The car started sputtering, and my brother gave me a look that said this happens all the time.
      I pulled over near someones house and parked haphazardly.
      People came out of the house an accused me of ruining some of their lawn ornaments. I apologized, and a younger woman asked me if I wanted coffee or tea or anything.

      The hotel part is similar to another dream Ive had recently—having to go back into the hotel rom with a key to get additional items while trying to avoid/not trusting the manger. Hmm. I need things, from an area that is supervised by someone I don't trust. I'll have to think more on this. Im not sure what ocean animals signify...perhaps deep-seated memories or creative ideas? And finally, I am in the drivers seat, although my car breaks down. Of course. I don't feel like the best example for my younger brother perhaps?

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    3. Angry Brother, Angry Dog, WILD and more Family Stuff

      by , 06-20-2016 at 06:37 PM
      I went to bed early last night on 3 glasses of wine (yeah I know) and mild depression. I woke up around 2am with memories of a dream where my brother was very angry with me. I have these dreams fairly regularly, where either my brother, my mom, or my husband really seem to hate me and I can't figure out what it is that I have done that has made them feel this way, or to this extreme. I also had memories of being near a black dog -maybe a lab/mastiff mix?- who was viciously defending her puppy from my dog Cayna and I. I was trying to slowly back away and keep my dog from interacting with the angry dog mama, and my fingers were very nearly bitten off several times. When I woke up with these dreams still on hand, I felt too sick and too apathetic to write them down.

      I read for about an hour before I laid back down to attempt sleep. WILDs were on my mind, they almost always are in the early morning hours because I've had so many in these circumstances. I usually know I have to lie on my back and remain very still until I feel myself getting sleepy, then the buzzing/synthesizer noises come and then I feel myself push out of my body and float away from the bed. I tossed and turned and slept for minutes at a time until I returned to lying on my back and feeling really sleepy. I heard loud discordant crashing sounds instead of the more usual buzzing/synth sounds. I felt myself rise out of my body, and I floated to my right and up until I was against the wall. Where my face was touching the wall, I could see an Iggy Pop poster hanging there in the darkness. I don't actually have this poster or any poster hanging there, but I didn't think much of this, and I continued to float, but towards the ground at the foot of my bed. My dog's bed is there, and when I landed I saw her; her face slightly distorted like it has been in other lucid dreams, sort of snarling and scared. I tell her it's ok, I'm dreaming. As usual, I worry if I am really at the foot of my bed and talking out loud. I get up and try to fly. It works, and I start wondering around my house. The clarity wasn't the best I've had. My house was dim, somethings were normal, and others weren't. As I approached my front door I thought, 'Wait! I should experiment here. Should I meditate? (I've done this before with strange effects) Then I decided I would try to reinvent the interior of my home, because as I was trying to fall asleep earlier in the night I have visualized a fantastic treehouse/hobbit-hole house in a forest of giant trees. I closed my eyes and told my self that when I opened them, my house would be amazing. It didn't really work. My kitchen had expanded and looked different, but my old rotten house was still mostly there. From here I lost lucidity or my memory of what happened next.

      New dream: I was with my Mom and Step-Dad in an upscale department store/hotel. They were trying to exit the store by climbing up some rocks that were part of a display, and I was trying to explain that all they had to do was walk through a couple of hallways back to the hotel and exit from there. They didn't seem convinced, and anyway, had already managed to mostly slip through a crack in the wall to the outside sidewalk above.

      Then I was with my brother in McDonalds (!!! I haven't eaten fast food in a long time). We each had our laptops and it seemed like we were having a meeting. I was just going to order some coffee. At first we were trying to squeeze into a booth with 4 other people, and then I noticed all of the other empty booths around and suggested we use one of those. The dream gets even less cohesive here—my brother's wife was there, then we were either at their house or my Mom's. Dialogue happened but I can't remember much of what we talked about. A portion was about Shepherd puppies, and people breeding them, and how one guy had a web-cam on his to help sell them. I was trying to share my knowledge of Shepherds but no one wanted to listen.

      Then I was in a car, maybe in the backseat but someone else was definitely driving. My mom and her husband were saying things about me that I found really out-of-touch, like laughing about how I love certain things/celebrities that I haven't been into since i was a teenager. I tried to correct them but they just smiled like they knew better. Then my Dad called. (he passed away last year) He told me Happy Birthday (not my birthday, but maybe I was thinking of Father's Day?) and was his usual excited and goofy self. He also joked about me liking a certain celebrity and things I used to like when I was a teenager. I turned to the woman driving, who I could now see (and I seemed to be in the front passenger seat now) and I knew she was my dad's girlfriend(dream only, not IRL). I tried to tell her that I wasn't the same person they thought I was, and she seemed to pay more attention, but still didn't really believe me.

      Last, I was walking and talking to a vague someone and explaining to them how it seems that I must come off as stupid to everyone because it seems like everyone treats me that way. The look on their face told me that they also thought I was stupid, but was trying to placate me.

      I gave a lot of exposition throughout, so there isn't much extra to add. I think I have self esteem issues, anxiety, and guilt over not seeing my family much nor feeling very connected to them.

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    4. [06-05-2016]

      by , 06-05-2016 at 10:22 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      For several days, I was driving by car to school. Once when I came back home, there was an utter mess inside. My family has visitors and everyone was preparing for brother's wedding. I saw that my pal looked like a known actor and wanted to make a photo with him, but I had to find something first. I took out a police officer suit and gave him. Mother wanted to make us a photo with a palm of her hand. Next day I was driving to school on a bike.

      Second dream

      It was a dark, rainy night. I was a vampire lord on a huge and wealthy, though a little rundown castle. I saw myself from third perspective - I had dark gray arms length hair, slightly gray skin and red eyes. I was wearing a purple-red nobleman suit. I was sitting in my study, when I sensed visitors. To remove suspicion I made a hotel in my castle. I went down a spiral staircase and saw a young couple. A man was taking their luggage while woman went to book a room. Then she told her partner to take luggage to their room.

      I waited until he goes away and ran up to her. She was a tall blonde woman, wearing casual clothes. I could see from first person as it surely wasn't original part of dream plot. I caught her by arms, she tried to free herself. "Do you love him?" I asked and she said that yes. "Would you like to surprise him? I know a shortcut through this castle!" She agreed and I took her to another part of the castle, going through wealthy furnished chambers and dark corridors. I took her to a tower and opened a wardrobe, saying that it has power to bring her to her room.

      She walked merrily inside. Darkness in the wardrobe was truly ominous, I laughed maniacally - flames shot from the wardrobe and demonic screams could be heard. After a while I said to myself "Just kidding..." She safely ended in her room. Going back through dark corridors I thought that they need more light. With my thoughts I invoked light. Each invocation sounded like I was burning up a torch. I tired to light a torch by shooting fire from my hands, which I did successfully.

      I finally got to castles courtyard. Again I saw from third perspective. I looked at the sky and screamed, raising my hands a little. I summoned a thunderstorm, thunders stroke as I screamed. In the rain I ran towards main entrance and hid under cloaks hanging on the wall. I was crying, a butler came to say that I must go to my chamber. On the way I met another vampire and my mood got better. Together we entered my chamber, where vampire hunters were waiting for me. Together we unleashed our horrible powers against them, avoiding their holy magic. They got disintegrated, but my companion got destroyed in the end.
    5. Finding the center DILD

      by , 05-23-2016 at 10:08 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in a classroom with one of my teammates at the job I'm working at. He appears to be lifting some sort've equipment. The head of HR comes in to meet him and my manager gives each of us a white card in the classroom. I open my card but I didn't bother to read it and toss it out of my hands. I then walk out of the classroom and greeted the of head of HR. I notice her appearance in face look much different from how I remember it. I went outside which it is night and threw out some old boxes. I came back in the hotel and notice one of my captains silhouette through one of the doors window. I became lucid and realize I am unconsciously thinking about him. I open the door and appear to be at the hotel restaurant. It look a lot weirder but still decent. I grab some food and tried to dodge some of the servers. After that I went outside again and the environment had change. It was sunny with a clear blue sky. Short grass with a wide field, with only one 1 slightly tall skinny tree in the middle with hardly any leaves on it. I sat down near it and poke at the two cucumbers I had gotten. Thinking about what I am dreaming about and how long I'll be lucid.
      Tags: classroom, hotel, tree
    6. [23-02-2016]

      by , 02-23-2016 at 09:45 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was at the road surrounded by fields of wheat. I was there with the black dudes, we were stopping any car that would drive there and take money from them. It was a really hot afternoon. Received money we spent in an exclusive hotel. There was a huge swimming pool.
    7. 22/2/2016

      by , 02-22-2016 at 08:20 AM
      I have so many dream fragments I remember this morning. I can remember a lot of detail about what I saw in my dreams, the plots remain quite vague.

      1) I'm in bed. there are two other men with me one of them is famous. A woman is telling us that we need to practice our routine (for some sort of show?). I offer to get the vegetables ready and walk over to a sink where there is a bag of greens to chop up, they look a bit yellow. I start chopping and realise that most of them are mouldy and there are insects all over them. I show it to the woman. I have to go to the shop to get more vegetables. I remember in detail the path up to the shop, I'm running, jumping past other people and their dogs, over some rocks I see my feet landong on the rocks and lots of stones on the ground. I get to the top of the path and there's a GP surgery there I try to get in but it's the wrong side and I have to go around to the front. then I'm back in the hotel room, it gets a bit sexual for a while, then I have to go back out to the shop (can't remember why). I'm in the hotel lobby and I have a conversation with one of the staff. then I'm back out on the path. I have to cross the road.

      2) At some sort of large holiday complex. I can't remember the order of events exactly. I'm outside and I start tieing my shoelaces, a child sits down beside me, then an official looking woman comes up to me and starts telling in French that I should not ask a child to sit next to me. I tell her I can't speak French, then we have an argument in English and I tell her that the child came and sat next to me, we agree to disagree. I'm inside with a group of people a childrens's entertainer is setting up, he tells us that everyone on camp has a 'routine' and I tell the group that I've seen it before and I'm going outside. I take a long time sorting out what I need to take with me from my coat. I step outsode and look across at the mountains they are covered in snow I can see it extends right down to just a short way away. There are 2 main ski runs down the side of the main mountaintop, they look quite scary near a ledge and very tight turns, I tell my wife I'm going for a walk but I'm going to fly so I won't be long, and tell her I'm going up to look at the snow. I stand a bit longer and watch some people skiing down another run.

      3) I'm in a room with a window looking out onto a snowy scene. Then I'm with a young girl and we are watching something happen outside, I think she was a bit frightened and I made her feel better.

      4) In some sort of spy film. I'm on the phone saying that I can help with a mission, looking at some sort of advert. The man on the end of the phone suddenly becomes unwell and has to go. Vague recollection of the rest of the dream, something about walking around a large vehicle.
    8. Elevator Ball

      by , 02-10-2016 at 04:10 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I used an "elevator ball." It's an elevator but shaped like a ball and it drops down (or floats up?) to its destination. I was in a hotel with some people. Friends?

      I was in an outdoor gym doing parkour with friends. A non-parkour colleague was leading the QM. I smelled/saw burnt food. I was in Crossing in our hometown. There was a memory of Animorphs.
    9. Rhino-Alligators

      by , 02-02-2016 at 02:54 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I had precognition ability. I was in a forest. There's a rhino-alligator. There ARE rhino-alligators. One tried to chase me. I jumped on a tree stump. It didn't chase me there. I think I tried to fly.

      I was in school. I was flying around but only on roof level. Sis and Nimz were there.

      Night. I was traveling with friends. I was in Bacolod. The jeepney dropped us along Lacson St near Ramos. We had to go down and take a trisikad (bike with sidecar). We ate somewhere. Outdoors. We walked. We were going home. We walked out (?) of the hotel to the street. There were cars. I think we were going to take a cab.
    10. Iowa Trip Fragments

      by , 01-20-2016 at 12:31 AM (My Dream Journal)
      My family and I are going on one of our trips to Iowa. We're on a dock on a lake, just sitting there and enjoying ourselves. Then my mom comes and tells us that someone had been shot at just now. We are all very surprised and interested.
      We are still on the Iowa trip, this time on an off ramp on a Freeway. We stop at a Pick 'n save parking lot to go to use the bathrooms. All of us get out of the car, and when we walk in, I remember seeing a sort of pharmacy place on the left. My sister and I walk to the back of the store, into the girl's bathroom. It is not a normal bathroom, though. It is a sort of hallway, and the way to lock it is by pressing down a switch in replacement of the doorknob. I hear my sister leaving when, you know, I'm doing my stuff, and I yell to her something about CDs and disks.
      Ok, STILL in Iowa, same trip except for just with me, my brother and my dad. We are driving around in a small town, looking for a Pizza Ranch to go to.
      Stilllll in Iowa. My mom and I are on a beach, and I'm attempting to do handstands. It then transforms into my yard, and we are having a snowball fight. I remember noticing that half of the yard didn't even have snow. RC (I wish.)
      Stilllll in Iowa. I walk into a hotel room and see two maids there. That's all I remember.
      There was something else I remember. It was something about a man who is strong. I THINK it was my Uncle, not completely sure.
    11. Hotel and Camping

      by , 01-07-2016 at 10:10 AM
      I was with my boyfriend in a fancy hotel that had a private patio with a table and an outside sofa bed thing near the doorway that led to the private patio. In the hotel me and my boyfriend got drunk I think. Then I started drinking lots of soda and flavored bottled tea drinks. And there was a vending machine in the room. When given a light tap, it would dispense a free drink. I kept on drinking the drinks because I was so thirsty and the drinks were so refreshing.

      Then me and my boyfriend were on a college campus in the campus store. A boy with yellow hair was reaching up to get some aqua colored party cups from the top shelf and my boyfriend grabbed one down to show me and he thought the boy was getting the last of those colored cups. He knew I liked that color and didn't want the boy to get the last of them. There were many different colors of party cups but they cost $1.38 each and I thought we can just use the glasses we already have and we don't need expensive aqua colored plastic party cups.

      Then I went into a restaurant that had glass walls. I was to meet my boyfriend there but he hadn't arrived yet. The waiter came and got my drink order. I tried to order a diet Dr. Pepper but I don't think the waiter heard the diet part because he was like "Dr. Pepper, ok." and walked off so I thought to myself whatever I will just drink the regular soda. Then I noticed that there were frogs and bugs on the tables. That was kind of disgusting and made me not want to eat there. The frogs were in a unnatural frog position, standing on their back legs like they were frozen but their eyes were still moving and it was very weird seeing that.

      Then I was camping in a camper with a bunch of my family members but people were not in the camper for the majority of the time and I had my own space and liked it. My space was at the back of the camper and every night I pumped up an inflatable mattress though sometime during the dream a full bed appeared and I never actually saw any of the people I supposedly was camping with.

      I can't remember what I was dreaming about when I decided to do a reality check and I counted my fingers. On my left hand I had five fingers and on my right hand I had seven fingers and I realized I was dreaming so I was like "What do I want to do?" but I couldn't decide and I was disappointed because I felt like I was about to wake up because I could feel the bed under me. Then I saw a black and white cartoon image of a girl praying that looked like it might be an illustration from a children's book. Then I lost lucidity and may have had other dreams that I don't remember. But IRL I was at my boyfriend's mom's house and I had a false awakening where I heard the door open and it was my boyfriend's mom opening the door and I lay back down and pretended to be asleep. That may have actually happened IRL but I am not sure.
      false awakening
    12. Car in the Hotel

      by , 12-31-2015 at 06:44 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was riding a car. There was a driver. A friend, M, was beside me instead of his usual position beside the driver. We were leading the driver to go to a certain place inside a hotel. It gets tricky because some areas are very narrow. We were about to go through a narrow area, with M on the wheel this time, when the guards and hotel personnel caught our attention. They were making signs of not going through. Instead of panicking, which I sometimes do in dreams, I acknowledged them and asked for directions. There was a sudden change in the atmosphere, from frustration to assistance (or something). They helpfully led us to the correct path and even "carried" the car, which has changed to a small object, something sphere-like, being carried by four men. I tried to help but they signaled they can handle it.



      - Slept around 3-4 am
      - Woke up around 9 am
      - Read the last part of The Golden Compass before sleeping, which has a scene with a narrow path
      - I did not take
      Tags: assistance, car, hotel
    13. Plant Research

      by , 12-05-2015 at 04:30 PM
      I was staying in a chain hotel in Colorado. The hotel was surrounded by woods. I stayed for a few weeks and went outside each day to a place between two large trees. There was a religious statue of a man with his hands in the air. There was a human size doll with brown hair and a brown beard propped up against a tree. There was some snow that eventually melted. I had collected the things during my stay.

      In the woods there is a family of a man, woman, boy, and girl. The girl has prepared for the family some kind of brown alcoholic drink that is in large mason jars in a tub of water over a fire. The boy questions whether or not there is enough alcohol in it to get them drunk. The girl shrugs.

      I am in my car, a rental, and there is a fat woman in my car that I don't know and I don't know why she is in there but she reaches into the back seat and starts reading a paper. I am annoyed because I think she is reading my personal medical document so I take the paper and look at it. It's ok because it is just the stapled blue papers with the results of my research in the woods. There are several pages of blue paper with tables of chemical symbols and descriptions of different plant chemicals.
    14. #29: Mind your language / Running / Hotel / London

      by , 11-10-2015 at 09:12 AM
      Mind your language
      I'm at my grandma's house, in her living room. There's a salmon/light brown couch, which is standing somewhere where it doesn't belong in reality. I'm with my mom, aunt, girlfriend and 2 cousins of 1 y/o and 4 y/o. My mom and aunt are sitting on the couch, on the left side. It feels as if we all slept on the couch. My mom starts asking me questions about the way my girlfriend rested her head on the couch. I have a suspicion that my mom is asking because of a dent in the couch. I become annoyed, because she's purposefully asking the questions in Dutch so that my girlfriend won't understand, instead of asking my girlfriend directly in English. Because I don't know the answers to my mom's questions I ask my girlfriend in Indonesian. My 1 y/o cousin comes close to us. My girlfriend is an enormous fan of little kids and starts playing with my cousin. I think at one point he stood on the coffee table as well.

      I'm walking in a massive hall. The type you would find in a public building. I don't recall there being anyone else. I start going faster and faster and suddenly realise something is wrong with the gravity. I'm running by making very big steps and coming of the ground for a short moment during each step. With every consecutive step I stay airborne a bit longer. I instantly realise that I'm dreaming. By now I'm already flying. I remember that I told myself that I would look at my hands to stabilise, which I do. I raise my hands in front of my face and I can feel them going up. The sensation is so strong that it feels as if I'm raising my hands in reality as well.* I have my eyes closed, but at the same time I can see my hands moving into my field of vision.° I don't feel the dream becoming any more stable. I alternate between enjoying the fact that I'm flying and trying to stabilise, because I know the dream will be over soon. I make peace with the fact that it's going to destabilise.

      *My sense of touch is often lacking in dreams. I've even been electrocuted without feeling a thing.
      °I read an article a while back that said you are able to 'see' your hands, even if it is completely dark.

      This dream is not gonna make sense to anyone reading it. Sorry about that
      I'm outside during the day I believe, at a sort of tribune together with my girlfriend. I was far away enough from her that I seriously thought that it was weird that she managed to touch me with her foot. We were messing with each other a bit. Eventually I decide it's time for me to go take a shower.

      Now I'm in a big hotel. There are some massive open spaces about. The details aren't clear to me anymore. The hotel is quite dimly lit. It seems everyone is here for the same event, though the event doesn't become important until later. The only persons I distinctively recall are my 20 y/o male cousin and later on a German classmate.

      I find a shower somewhere that says it's mixed: men, women and transgenders. I go in and there are at least 2 shower cabines with glass doors, both unoccupied. I think I put something down and then walk out again because I didn't bring the stuff I needed. I walk out a glass door which has a T on it, I assume for transgender.

      I've been to some different places in this massive hotel. I think I might've seen a swimming pool as well. I cannot for the life of my find the shower again though. Only a women's shower. At some point I'm walking along a corridor and to the left of me I see what might be a shower. Nope.. just 3 Indonesian toilets. They're dirty as well. At some point I still haven't showered and check the time. I think this is almost around the same time as that I see my German classmate. I have an analogue watch on my wrist.* There's about 40 minutes left until it's 7 pm and the wedding starts. I need to be ready by then. But we also have an exam at 7 pm. Both are in the hotel. Damn, I'm never gonna make it. I still need to study as well.

      It's dark outside and I'm in the tram in the middle of the city. I'm trying to get back to the hotel. I believe I'm travelling with someone. We have no clue how to get back to the hotel. We can't even remember the name. We ask someone if that person knows how to get there and we start pondering on the name. Sounds like... no not that.. we think hard about it.

      *The last time I wore a watch was months ago.

      This dream feels so related (like a sequel) to the previous dream that I'm not sure this was a new dream or if it continued.
      I know that I'm in London, though I can't recall how I know this for sure. I'm outside during daytime. I don't believe I'm alone, though I don't know who I'm together with. I start negotiating with a man on the price for renting a moped. This feels very Indonesian to me. We're sitting on a tram while doing so. In the mean time I call one of my classmates. I ask him something about where he is and about our campus. This is somehow relevant to whether I want to rent this moped and how desperate I am. For a moment the scene switches and I'm able to see him talking on the phone to me, as well as the setting he is in. He is with at least 1 of our classmates, perhaps even more. The scene switches back. We're at my stop and I quickly need to get out. I have a big travel backpack with me, in which I've stowed another bag. There's another bag on the floor. I wonder if it's the moped guy's bag or mine. I exit the tram, together with a different German classmate I think. I haven't paid the fare.

      I enter a different tram. I feel guilty for not paying the fare and I want to. There's a PSA about paying fares and about being an ass if you don't pay it. I'm standing in the tram. I'm with 1 or 2 persons who are seated. I'm standing near the cabin of the conductor. I think there are two. One of them is a white woman who is about to start checking for tickets. I mess around my wallet looking for €2,-. I uncover a big amount of candy though and offer her some. We end up talking in a fencing kind of way. We make snappy comments and try to best each other, but it's a lot of fun.
    15. Runaway Experiment

      by , 11-07-2015 at 05:23 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      A mix of zombie and scientific experiment.

      I was in a hotel? Condominium?

      I was escaping.

      I was with a guy I tried to court before. For some reason, I treated him to an ice cream (?) but then had to leave. It was inside a mall. I was looking for the way out, or to go to the other side of the mall without going out, but I didn't know how so I went outside.

      I was escaping from something or someone. I was an experiment. For some reason, I returned. I got another friend/experiment who looks like a monster. The other one with me died but I only recall him from memory, not experience.

      Parkour. I was in/near a hotel.
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