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    1. September 30, 2010

      by , 09-30-2010 at 06:07 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Water Square (non-lucid)

      I am an older man with a wife. We live in a glass house at the bottom of the ocean. One room is filled with water and reflects the contents of the room to create wild art. We enter this room dressed in astronaut suits and talk with walkies. It is my job to send waves through the room, and time it correctly so another wave of increased intensity begins as the other ends. The third wave is too powerful and knocks my wife unconscious but eventually she talks through the walkie..."haha...I am joking...I am fine".

      We exit the house and a scene change. I am driving with D and we go and pick up some pizza.


      1. I do come dream drugz outside of a pharmacy and I am able to run really fast and teleport to my house.

      2. I am riding a bike and a cop hits me. It turns out he is crooked and both of us are involved in some kind of deal at a church.
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    2. #156. The Demon Boy

      by , 09-27-2010 at 05:33 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)


      If my hair keeps changing colour in the pictures, it's because that's what it tends to do IRL.


      Fragment about going to my (late) grandma's church for a Halloween party. There were some really cool decorations. A distinct lack of alcohol, however.

      I'm in the front entrance to our house. Everything seems normal, and I do a routine reality check just because. I count my fingers. Onetwothreefour... new ones start sprouting. Well, that's weird. It's almost like I'm dreaming or something.

      I try again, and I get to seven before I give up. Obviously I am dreaming. So... Nomad's task. I need to get to a forest. I jump out the nearest window into the front yard. My brother is there, hanging out with a DC from the Halloween party. Definitely dreaming, then, and whoa...

      The dream is destabilizing. The entire world tilts on its axis, and white lines start running parallel to every object in the scene, as they do in Assassin's Creed. I stop to take a breath, keeping my eyes open, and I start touching the objects around me. I kneel down and touch the grass, the concrete driveway, a metal railing, and I'm back.

      I decide that the best way to get there is to run in a straight line. There's a forest directly to the south, I convince myself. I cross the street at a run, hit the wall with one foot, and leap onto the brown-shingled roof.

      I don't stop. From the first house, I jump onto the roof of the next. Keep moving. I land on some kind of antennae, and the structure sways dangerously as I make the jump to the next structure.

      I'm on a scaffold. The next building - a warehouse - is an impossible distance away, several feet higher than the platform I'm jumping from, and twenty feet away. I jump the gap, and I'm suspended in the air.

      I pull at my momentum, bending the dream to allow me a few more meters in height - and I grasp the edge of the roof. I pull myself up near the chimney. On the other side of the warehouse is a big camping tent set up in someone's backyard. I jump. I land on the tent, and it cushions my fall, billowing out around me. My vision is filled with yellow and red, and I think hard, imagining the demon boy I'm supposed to rescue, and the dark thing that's after him...

      The forest is oppressively quiet. I can smell the pine, feel the hot mugginess created by a recent rain. Fully immersed in my character, I stand in the center of a huge clearing, waiting.

      A flash of red goes zooming by. I've found Nomad's demon boy. I'm slightly disappointed. I was hoping I could use this opportunity to discover Amon's origin (a DC I've apparently mentored throughout his life). Instead, it's just a regular demon.

      He's being chased by a wolf. I recognize the creature as an entity from my childhood nightmares. It's back, and I'll have to deal with that eventually. For now, I allow the demon child to distract it.

      I spot a piece of paper on the ground near a pond. Picking it up, I skim the text. Instructions from Nomad on what to do next.

      Did you save the demon boy? Y/N

      I look up across the clearing. The demon is running as fast as he can, frantically trying to get away from my nightmare creature. The wolf is gleefully giving chase. I'm not sure whether he's actually any danger, or if he's just toying with the demon. Either way, I have no interest in rescuing the child.

      Did you propose to the barmaid? Y/N

      I look at the paper, and blink. And blink again. No, WakingNomad, I did not propose to the barmaid. Although, I should pay a visit to Denn sometime in the near future.

      Scare Factor: 3

      Also, this result amused me.

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    3. Rice candy should never taste like fake chicken

      by , 09-24-2010 at 08:22 PM (Amen, the thunderbolt in the dark void....)
      I am going to some country in Africa. Apparently Mt. Everest is there. I am in a room of people who seem to be celebrating something, I have the feeling that it has nothing to do with me. I feel like we're probably talking about mt kilimanjaro but I just roll with it. It's time for me to go so.. I am instantly zapped there, of course.

      Upon arrival there is a sort of carnival/festival thing going on that is also somewhat reminiscent of a renaissance fair. I was wandering around and looking at things for sale. There were a lot of fireworks and children gathered around. They all started spinning on the ground and then exploded into huge bursts of color.

      There is a woman selling big boxes of rice candies. You know, the kind that have the rice paper over them and there's always a sticker or something in every box. Those. We had a long conversation about them and she gave me a big box of all of them. Upon tasting them though they tasted like the boca/veggie chicken nuggets with chocolate all over them, which, isn't very tasty, at least in dreams.... I haven't tried that in waking life.

      Anyway, I ended up somehow getting a memo that I had to go back to Oregon, so I did. Upon arrival I was somewhat bitter that I had to leave so soon. After some conversations it was decided that I could go back and possibly choose another place to visit.. So, I went back, and I think I was meeting my mom there. Because when I got there I was in the middle of a huge plains where there were monkeys and rhino's and in the distance I saw a huge lurking lion. I knew that there were things that I should not take my chances with so, I jumped into what was, er, a weird buggy-golf cart thing that had a bubble of glass over it. It felt safer in there, anyway. I began calling my moms name and wondering where she could have gone off to.

      I found a school that had a fenced gate and went inside, there was a giant monkey who was chasing me, and those things can get violent. We were both pulling back and forth on the gate to the school until it seemed to be more of a dance than anything else. My mom came out of nowhere and the monkey rested his head on her shoulder and went to sleep. She said she had to go.

      I turned back to the school which was only one or two rooms and looked pretty dingy. I could hear the faint sound of drums echoing from inside so I ventured nearer. D came walking out holding some drum sticks, smiling. He said he just got out of band practice and that things had gone really well. I told him that was awesome and kissed him on the cheek. We started walking away holding hands, and then we heard music coming from back inside of the school. D got pretty upset at this, saying how they were all loading their instruments up when he left, and now he could hear another drummer in there. We went back to Oregon.

      Dream changed/completely different dream

      I decided to go to Eugene, OR. I'm not precisely sure why. I think I decided to move and go to school there at some point during this dream. It started out that I was visiting, then changed to I lived there and it also resembled San Francisco (hills where all the houses were all squished and mushed up against each other).

      I'm walking up a hill that is san francisco-esque, when I start looking at a window in one of the houses. There is lots of art work and weird hieroglyphic writing. Someone calls my name and I turn around, it's some tall guy who is blonde and looks oddly disproportionate. There's someone in there that I'm supposed to see, but I don't know who they are. I begin painting a piece of glass for some reason, and the tall blonde guy comes over and takes it from me, "what are you doing? That is not how you paint, you do it like this," and he begins taking globs of paint and just sort of throwing it onto the piece of glass. "You see, I am a genius, watch as I make masterpiece."

      I shrugged this off and he just gave me a nasty smirk. Some people came in and said that we were going to X (not sure where). We all walked outside together. Blonde guy began putting paint all over his face and chest as we walked, and he started talking about how great he is. I think I said something along the lines of, "you're not all that great, and you've never made a masterpiece in your life."

      He smiled and turned to me and said, "I like you, because you are right. I only do these things because it fits the strange persona that I would like to convey to other people. Teachers think I am great because I can just do something completely weird and off the wall that they don't understand and they think it's brilliant, while you see that I am just a regular boy who wants people to pay attention to me."

      I think the dream ended around here.

      Oh yeah, at some point during the dream I was walking around with a video camera and making music videos. Lots of songs kept playing over and over in my head, all different ones.
    4. 11 Sep: Burning stuff, detachment and harassment

      by , 09-23-2010 at 09:48 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      I have been sick, which totally knocked out my dream recollection for almost a week. Then I had to travel to Belgium and slowly recovered my dreams but had no possibility to write them down on dreamviews. Still, I have a lot to tell: I accomplished the monthly tasks of September, among other personal achievements. Will try to publish these past 10 days' dreams in slots, not to spam the DJ page.

      23:45 GMT – Sleep

      I save a lady twice. First someone puts her on a truck over some train tracks and I just get her out at the last minute. Later we’re on a boat and I see a guy approaching her with a gun on his hand. He’s someone she knows and she trust him but I sound the alarm and just avert another murder attempt.

      Incinerating a landscape
      I’m hovering some natural landscape with a big lake or sea and there’s some nasty stuff contaminating the waters. I’m shooting beams from my hands into land and water that blow up the whole thing. I see it catching fire, feel very disturbed with this destruction but I know that it’s for a greater good.

      5:30 GMT

      Burning attachments
      My house was on top of some cliff and there was really bad storm going on, landslides and so on. The house broke into pieces, little by little and we lost everything. First I cried for the loss, but then I focused on the fact that we (me and family) were still alive and that was the most precious possession, so I started feeling this comfy feeling of peace of mind and liberation.
      I walk to a nearby house that is still standing, with the few possessions I managed to rescue and inside I find this guy watching TV as if nothing happened. I feel he is responsible for what happened, I ask him why and despite already having felt inner peace, right now I feel an anger arising and I attack him. He is totally unaffected as if my punches don’t even touch him. At the same time I feel this mix of anger and attraction to him. He finally speaks and with much sorrow in his eyes he says my pain and anger are destroying him and then he transforms into a kind of androgynous fairy in dark clothes which slowly freezes like a block of ice. I realise my anger is killing him and I then feel compassion and love and slowly it unfreezes from that state. I then feel immerse in a sea of loving kindness and detachment, I transform. I now have a helmet and flamethrowers in my hands and with a bizarre floating dance, we both throw fire at the rest of this house and possessions saved and feel totally liberated as I watch them burn.

      6:30 GMT

      Artistic kid
      I see these amazing drawings of a kid – he makes beautiful nudes – and I want to know more about him. Then I see his life from above (as a movie) and see him in highschool, hanging around with his friends. Nothing really interesting, he’s just a kid with talent – and I think, there are so many out there!

      I am taking a shower at my mom’s place and as I come out of the bathtub my uncle C. enters the bathroom. I feel a bit surprised and upset, I just had time to pull a towel and cover myself. What is he doing here? He is wearing a monk’s robes but he is also hitting on me. I try to avoid him but it’s not easy, he corners me. Luckily my aunt also comes and gives me an opportunity to escape. Then there’s a shift in the dream. I pass into a city landscape and think I’m now in another dream and got rid of him, but he followed me here. He is just behind me, trying to catch me again but by then I am lucid and decide to fly away to leave him behind. I fly a little bit and see this gorgeous cityscape – really lovely, large sidewalks, monumental buildings and bridges, a long garden with red flower carpet. As I hover the flower carpet I lose the dream and wake up.

      7:45 GMT – wake up

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    5. #152. Vampires & Unicorns

      by , 09-23-2010 at 05:06 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      Actors are running amok in my dreeeeaaaaams.


      Don't leave your distractions up to me. Things will get dark.

      I'm leaning over the stone railing of the balcony, stretched out under afternoon sunlight. The balcony overlooks the city below, with its clay tile rooftops and climbing ivy. This place is teeming with life, and I allow myself to bask in its positive energy. Looking at the roads below, I can see -


      "Is that guy riding a unicorn?" I ask.

      The soldier standing next to me, dressed in forest green camo, puts a hand above his eyes and squints. "Oh, yeah. That's the pizza guy."

      "The pizza guy." I repeat flatly. "Of course."

      The pizza guy has convinced his unicorn to go up a flight of steps. As he turns the corner, I see his face. I bury my head in my hands.

      I appear outside next to him. "Really, Misha?" I say, "You know what'll happen if they catch you?"

      He says something.

      I shake my head. "The stage is set." I make a grand gesture with a sweep of my arm. "Your distraction is ready."

      How many pizzas would you need to feed a platoon of soldiers, anyway?


      The girl looks maybe thirteen years old. She's quiet and sullen, and thirty vampires are following her through the darkness.

      She didn't mean to turn them. Well, not all of them. As their sire, she's responsible for them, and needs to keep them under control.

      I really need to kill a few, she thinks.

      She keeps three.

      "Rosie," she says, "It doesn't have to be this way." She's staring at the animated corpse of her friend. She turned Rosie into a vampire to save her life.

      Rosie laughs, trapped as she is within the circle. Still grinning, she'll speak the words that will damn her friend forever.


      This is the girl vampire's past. She's still human, up in the building that I just left, protected by a platoon of pizza-ordering soldiers in forest green.

      The soldiers are all dead, attacked by vampires. The girl is injured, bleeding. There is one soldier left, a recurring character. He turns around to reassure her, tell her they'll be all right. He lowers his weapon.

      "Look," I say gleefully. "You can see the precise moment that she turns."

      She's a vampire now. She kills the soldier.

      Scare Factor: 3/10
      Rating: 4/10

      I realize this was probably confusing. I've got nothing.

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    6. #150. Aliens

      by , 09-20-2010 at 06:04 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      "No! No! Stop!" she shouts at the bizarre figures. She's the character from last night's dream, the roommate who looks like a younger Halle Berry. The girl struggles, tries to pull away, but she's strapped into the machine by strong hands holding her down.

      The black tendrils bury into her wrists and she screams. Sizzling with dark energy and blue sparks, the wires grate against every nerve, causing her pain beyond what she's ever imagined. (I feel the echo.)

      She's suspended horizontally, supported only by the wires on her wrists and ankles, which string her tightly over the laboratory floor. It's pure agony.

      "You should be quiet." Says one of the aliens. "If you keep screaming, we'll put you in the chambers."

      Images of coffin-sized capsules, each containing a human being. The capsules are filled with a liquid which burns ("like lava," whispers one of the victims) and seems to eat away at the person inside. It's a stable chemical reaction which will last for an eternity, providing power for the alien conquerors to sustain their society.

      ("This is hell.")

      "Nonononono..." whispers the girl, trying to ignore the pain. "I'll be quiet, please! Don't put me in there, I can be quiet!"

      I come back to myself. I'm sitting cross-legged on the cold floor, and my arms are suspended by the same tendrils that are causing the other girl such pain. The wires dig into my wrists, and the blue energy sizzles through my arms. I breathe out and sink into a meditation.

      "Is it broken?" One of the aliens asks, curiously.

      I open my eyes. The two aliens are talking quietly amongst themselves. It's unheard of for a human to be able to withstand this particular torture for so long. It's been at least twenty-four hours since I've been put into it, and the two beings in front of me seem to think that it's broken my mind.

      I'm not, of course, human.

      My possible futures flash before me. In one, I collaborate with the aliens and facilitate the destruction of the human race. Eventually, I'll destroy the conquering civilization itself, and move on to the rest of the galaxy. In a few futures, I'll lead humanity in a rebellion, with varying degrees of success.

      I don't pick one. Instead, I play through each of them, living through each possibility until the point that all life in the universe is destroyed.

      It never takes long.

      Scare Factor: 5/10
      Rating: 6/10

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    7. Amongst the painted clouds

      by , 08-30-2010 at 01:53 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream starts off with me watching Peter Jackson's rendition of the Lord of the Rings movie, the Fellowship of the Rings. Everything seems like it is in virtual reality or 3D and I am viewing the movie from the inside. I can move myself around and view everything from any angle I want but I am invisible to the characters in the film.

      The part of the film taking place is when Gandalf is imprisoned atop the Tower of Orthanc in Isengard and he looks over the edge to view the destruction of the trees and the beginning of Saruman's war industry. Everything feels very real like I am really there and watching a real event take place, even though paradoxically it feels as if my body is laying down on a bed.

      As the scene progresses a thick fog rolls in enveloping the top of the tower and making it impossible to see the things occuring on the ground below. Gandalf disappears and there is suddenly quiet, and along the edges of the tower's platform many standing easels appear with painting canvases on them, all facing towards the center where I am. At first the canvases are blank but as the fog swirls around them streaks of grey colour slowly start to appear, as if the fog was being imprinted on canvas or if the fog was doing the painting. The images look like rouge renditions of clouds or of the fog itself.

      I can feel the fog as it swirls all around and it is cold and damp, like sheets of cold silk being pulled across my skin, and at first I fear that I am being painted on too but when I look down I cannot see my body because it is either not there or invisible.

      The scene changes and I am in a painting studio somewhere in Renaissance Italy. It is nighttime and the room is dimly lit by a few candles and is filled with the thick fog from the previous scene. Men of various ages start entering the room from a door on the west side of the room but it is too dark to see there faces. They all sit or stand at canvases around the room and begin painting in the dim candle light despite the thick fog.

      A large window on the east side of the room begins to light up as the sun begins to rise and as it does so I can see the men's faces and what they are painting. The men are all famous painters throughout history, from the late medieval period to the late 19th Century and even though they are dressed according to their specific time period, they are all painting pictures of clouds, under the direction of a man dressed in black Renaissance style clothing whom I think is Leonardo daVinci.

      I am in awe of all the painters and am entralled to be able to watch them work. As the sun rises further the fog dissipates even more and almost disappears completely. There are all different sorts of clouds being painted: there are thick, dark storm clouds; fluffy white clouds lit by bright sunlight; clouds lit my the moon, and so on. One of the painters is even trying to paint the fog in the room.

      The painting they are creating are incredibly beautiful and I remember thinking to myself "I wish I could paint like that." Everything still feels very real and even though I still feel like I am laying down, I can move about the room to get a closer look at some of the paintings. At one point I stretch out my arm and touch one of the canvases and I can feel the wet paint on my fingers, though I cannot see it because my body is still invisible. (Through all of this I still had the sensation that my body was laying on a bed. I know it is contradictory, but I felt I was both laying down and moving around as if free from my body. I don't know really how to explain it.)

      The day seems to go by too quickly and the sun begins to fade and the room begins to darken. The fog returns and becomes thick again as the sun goes down. The scene changes yet again and I am now indeed laying on my bed in my apartment and I can see my body. The images of famous painters creating images of clouds in a foggy room is still before my eyes, projected on the far wall of my bedroom as if it were a vision or hallucination.

      My room is suddenly full of the clouds they are painting, lit by the setting sun, and I am again entralled by the beauty of it, though my body lays motionless upon my bed as if paralyzed. As the sun sets and the room becomes darker, the painters themselves disappear though the images on the canvases continue as if painted by invisible hands or creating themselves. The beautiful oranges, pinks and purples on the clouds fades to a dull grey and soon I can no longer differentiate the clouds from the fog because it is too dark.

      The light fades competely and everything goes black. The dream ends there because I wake up.

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    8. Night of August 17th. Job hunt, Dresses, Friends.

      by , 08-19-2010 at 03:33 AM
      Went job hunting in the city with Julie and Emily. First stop is H&M. The employees tell us to just stay so we can be interviewed there. I did not see any clothes there, but I recall employees doing people’s hair like a salon. This was not your average H&M, it looked very majestic with gold trimming, high ceilings, and paintings everywhere. While we waited for the boss, me, em, and ju went to the backroom where there were clothes. All of the clothes on the racks were dresses, I remember specifically one with polka dots, and one with stripes and a bow on the front of it. I almost got mad at Emily because I thought she chose to try on the same dress as me, but she assured me that she didn’t.

      By the time I picked everything I wanted to try on, it was my turn for an interview. I might have said something like “Shoot, I can’t try my stuff on.” Julie replies by saying “ It’s okay, I didn’t like those clothes anyway.” In my defense I say, “Well, I’m STILL gonna try them on.”

      I don’t recall the interview, but I do remember thinking I was going to get hired when the boss called everyone into this huge beautiful room. The boss, me and this other girl sat on a couch, while a lot of other employees surround us on the floor. The boss says “We should find a better way to do this, but we all decided to hire Brownie!” All I could think was, who the heck is Brownie?

      After he says her name, people start smiling and chit chatting, and I over hear stories of this Brownie girl and how funny she is, and how she talks about Africa all the time.

      Amongst the chatter, I notice that me and the young boss had our arms intermingled. It seemed to be intentional.

      Then something WEIRD happened. Everyone stops their chit chatting once we all notice a family walk through the doors. A dad, a mom, and two daughters. They pay no attention to the huge amount of young people sitting on the floor. They go straight to the walls and stare and touch them in amazement. This is the first time any of us notice there is art all around us. The walls are painted thoroughly with lamp posts and book shelves. The family is yelling back and forth to each other “Look at this one!” While we sit there and stare at the family in amazement.
    9. From work, to Halloween, to the eighteenth century...

      by , 08-01-2010 at 02:21 PM (Purple Trees and Zombies: Trippy Dreams of an Artist/Writer)
      I'm at a table at work, making a sign for the employees, something about encouragement. Char, one of my co-workers is annoying me, but I never remember why. I'm trying to find space on this poster board for what my manager, Brian wants. I think I ask Arayna, the day baker, if making a checklist for the employee's achievements is okay to conserve space.

      Then it's Halloween and I'm putting on makeup. I don't remember the details, but my mom is there and we are in my old kitchen in the trailer I grew up in. I'm dressed in white, but the costume details are fuzzy. I'm waiting for my friend, Mark to come. I think he'll be impressed by my makeup job. I grab my orange pumpkin pail and head out.

      Cut to a woman's house. It's down a dirt road, in the country. I remember white siding and a screened porch. I'm still dressed for Halloween and I think Mark is still with me. The woman gives me these old books instead of candy. They look like picture books from the 50's. I look over to her pile and see two art books on dragons. I ask if I can have one. She gives me one, but then I know the other has more techniques on "how" to draw the pictures inside. Mine just has the pictures. I ask for the other, but she refuses, says it's not for sale. She'll let me look though. This isn't enough and I wonder if I should steal it. The art inside is by Luis Royo, a Spanish (and my favorite) artist. I do remember some of the pictures, most of them had females, blond hair. (There's that blond hair again).

      Then Mark is gone, and I'm inside this old mansion. I think I'm babysitting this boy, dark haired and around 12 years old. His mother is sleeping. Another fragment invades this dream and I'm unsure if it's context or where it truly fits. I'm outside in a red snowsuit, covered from head to toe, sitting in the snow. I'm warm and I'm burying myself inside the snow drift. it's sunny outside and I'm right outside my parent's window at their house.

      Back to the babysitting, the boy runs away and I have to find him. Joey (friend from work) is there and opens one of those books the Halloween lady gave me. It's newer this time, looks like a travel book. He says the boy might have went to a place inside the book. I have to hurry before the mother wakes and realizes her son is gone. I go outside, cobblestone road under my feet, and there's all these alleys I pass, "hallways" from inside the house. Their walls were wooden, but the floor was the road. One at the end had a cabinet filled with glass tubes and bottles, like a lab. Others had storage cubbies and doors. I see a woman poking around, she has reddish hair and dressed in eighteenth century garb. I wonder what she's up to, but don't investigate at this time.

      I go outside and into a marketplace. It's something out of the renaissance, but with goth people dressed in black instead of the renaissance clothing. I look down and realize, I'm dressed in a black dress myself, out of the eighteenth century, but my feet have gray socks, no shoes. I seemed unconcerned, even proud of this for some reason as I walk down the road.

      I wander around and forget about the boy. Jewelry stands are everywhere, glittering with every type of jewelry I love. I reach for my purse, but have none. I wonder where Jenny and Adam are, my best friend and her husband. I know they are there, somewhere. I go back to get some money from the mansion, and realize the woman poking around earlier has my money. I see her dart between the hall/alleys and chase her down. I push her around a little, angry and she doesn't fight back. Hugh Jackman, dressed in the same style clothing I have gives me a sickle and says "You know what to do." I ask should I cut the woman's head off, and he laughs, says the sickle isn't sharp enough. So I angle it and slit her throat. She doesn't struggle the entire time, and I feel nothing when I do this.

      Once dead, Hugh searches her body and gives me three pouches, one maroon, and two dark green. There's money inside, but I'm not sure how much. I know she robbed the mother while she slept, and apparently someone else besides me. I keep all three purses.


      The last dream was one I had right before waking, therefore, all the details were still quite vivid. No lucid. Which is, again, annoying, but I'm starting to notice a few themes I haven't before. The blonds are now looking dubious to me. Why the hell am I dreaming about blonds? Every night so far has had blond females. The art books are kinda self-explanatory as I wish to get back into drawing again, but I'm not sure of my skill level. Halloween is my favorite holiday...and Mark in RL is a makeup artist, among other things so yes, I would be interested to see what he thought of my makeup. Snow and the snowsuit...have no clue. A memory invading? I never owned a red snowsuit though. The jewelry and the whole renaissance bit is also simple. I love those type of necklaces and Ren fest is coming up this month. I'm afraid I won't have the money to buy anything. Not sure on my clothing or lack of shoes. Not sure about the boy and the sleeping mother, or what was going on with killing the thief. As for the work part of the first dream, not sure either. Maybe because things have been tense with the managers and district manager lately.
    10. 12/28/08

      by , 07-21-2010 at 01:21 PM
      12/28/2009 Saturday night/ Sunday morning

      I'm at school. I know I'm in college for some reason. I'm at work, but on a break. I'm in a building looking at different art exhibits. It's student art and I'm looking at students actually painting stuff. It's kind of like a science fair. I feel like I was judging these exhibits. I looked at and immediately hated the first thing I saw and I don't even know what the art looked like. It just rubbed me the wrong way. The next exhibit wasn't that good, either. I was talking to the guy who was painting. I went to another room and saw this girl painting and whatever she was doing was spectacular. I just wanted to stay there and talk with her about art like all day. Then the guy who I was just talking to and wasn't impressed with came in. I was kind of upset that he was there. I wanted him to leave.
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    11. Chun-li and Vince - gang members and double agents

      by , 07-14-2010 at 04:59 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      One of the main characters is my dream incarnation Chun-li, who is a Chinese lady with long black hair, though in this dream her hair is done up in a bun with copsticks holding it in place. The other is a tall, muscular man with dark brown hair who sometimes appears in my dreams to help Chun-li or is her love interest. I have decided to name him Vince, though his previous names have appeared randomly as Brent, Charles or Robbie. The setting is a small town overrun with rival gang factions who own most of the local businesses and often compete for control of and support from the local population.

      It starts off with Vince arriving in town, looking for work. He is a biker but has left his gang for some reason and has become a mercenary of sorts, for any gang that will have him. He finds employment at a seedy bar at first, part bouncer part janitor, but meets a local and wealthy Chinese business man who is a part of the local Triad gang and who agrees to introduce Vince to the Triad boss.

      The Triad boss is an old Chinese man in a dark grey business suit and he hires Vince to work at a resturant, but doing the same jobs at the bar, namely clean up crew and security during the night. The resturant has a huge dining hall and during many of the nights lower status Triads members have parties and then leave a huge mess for Vince to clean up before the morning comes. Despite the lack of respect Vince is treated with he keeps his mouth shut and does his work.

      One night after a party the Triad boss suddenly shows up and discovers the dining hall in disarray and questions Vince about it. Vince is relunctant to rat out the bosses own gang members but eventually explains what has been happening. Instead of getting angry the Triad boss decides he needs Vince's skills elsewhere and reassigns him to work at a hotel across town. It is at this hotel that Vince meets Chun-li, who workis park time as a barista in the hotel's lounge and part time as a dentist in an office next door to the hotel. Vince's jobs again include janitorial and security work, but also as a body guard for several of the people working at the hotel, including Chun-li who often infiltrates rival gang's business as a double agent.

      One night members of the gang try to infiltrate a record and clothing store owned by a rival biker gang that is located on the other side of the dental office. While they manage to get inside, they cannot access the backroom because the door has been locked shut and painted over to hide it. After unsealing the paint around the door's edges, Chun-li asks for three sewing needles with which she can force the lock open. She and two Triad members wait in the store while Vince and the others head back to the hotel to look for some needles.

      Just then the owner of the store arrives unexpectedly. Chun-li and the other two hide in a storage closet behind the cash register when they notice his presence. The store owner discovers the break-in and alerts the leader of the biker gang, who shows up not long after. Vince and the other Triads come out of the hotel and see that there are two bikers outside of the store and stand back at first to watch what will happen next, trying not to let on that they where part of the initial break in.

      When the two bikers pull out handguns and start to make their way into the store, Vince tries to distract them by pretending to be a concerned citizen passing by. When he is threatened by the bikers, Vince greets the two men with his old biker gang's greeting and the bikers then think that he is a fellow biker let their guard down. While this is happening, Chun-li and the Triad members to escape out the back door.

      When the store is secured the bikers try to recruit Vince as a member of their gang but he only pretends to, confesses that he works as a security guard at the nearby hotel and convinces the bikers that he will be a double agent for them. This satisfies the bikers and they leave. Vince returns to the hotel and calls up the Triad boss and details everything that just happened, including the fake promise to be a double agent for the bikers. The Triad boss is pleased with this, is impressed with he way Vince has handled the situation and frees Vince from janitorial duties at the hotel so he can concentrate working as a double agent with Chun-li.

      The next day the biker gang leader comes to Chun-li's dentristy office, needing some work done on his molars. He doesn't recognize Chun-li but suspects she is a Triad because she is Chinese and working next to a hotel known to be run by the Triads. The biker gang leader changes his mind about needing work done on his teeth and leaves suddenly, bumping into Vince who was on his way to check up on Chun-li. The biker leader thinks that Vince is going to get some dental work done and warns him that the office is propably owned by the Triads and that they should not patronize it. Vince makes up a convincing lie about having a terrible tooth ache and not being able to make any sooner appointments with other dental offices across town. The biker leader makes a plan to rob the dental office that night, after Vince has his work done, but Vince warns Chun-li about the biker gang leader's plan and she shuts closes the office after the biker leader leaves and has anything of value removed and hidden at the hotel next door.

      Some time passes and Chunli and Vince are relaxing in the hotel's lounge. Someone brings out some paints and some reference material and start painting. Chun-li wants to paint too but doesn't know how and Vince says that he will show her. They are playing with the paints and creating psychedelic abstracts when the dream suddenly ends.

      The dream never really explains why Vince stays loyal to the Triads even though he initially comes from a biker gang.

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    12. 07/07/10 Party at the Everchanging House

      by , 07-10-2010 at 01:49 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I once again used my WILD to do some more training with Vegeta. My goals after that included finding the dragon man I epic failed to heal the last time I saw him. A party is going on at MoSh's, where there will no doubt be lots of people, drinks, food, some colorful art, and a lot of fun. Pablo needed a ride, so I picked him up on the way to MoSh's house. I planned on stopping by Walms' world, too, as I have yet to meet his kid, also named Walms, who is part feline, or so I've heard. After waking up from the training dream, I used my iPod without the light / sound machine to slip into another WILD…

      When I entered my WILD I was in my kitchen. Without really thinking about what I was doing, I opened the fridge and rummaged through it until I found a thick slice of chocolate cake… my favorite. I was effectively distracted by eating the chocolate cake, and it wasn't until I was just about finished that I remembered I was supposed to be doing something. I opened a portal to Pablo's inner world and went through it into a beautiful forest.

      There was a gentle breeze blowing through the trees as I stepped out of the portal. I took a moment to enjoy the songs of the birds and the smell of the trees. Fresh air is something there isn't nearly enough of in my home dimension. I focused on completing the task of locating Pablo. As if my decision to look for Pablo was a cue, a bunny hopped through an open area between a couple of trees followed closely by a fox. There was no doubt in my mind that the fox was Pablo.

      So it looked like I would have to chase him down since he didn't seem to be lucid. No problem there, I transformed into a bobcat and pursued the fox into the forest bushes. In the form of a bobcat I found my senses of smell and hearing were greatly enhanced. I followed the sounds and the scent of the fox as it chased the bunny through the trees. When I was close enough to Pablo, I leapt forward and pounced on him, causing both of us to tumble over each other on the grassy forest floor. The sight of a fox and a bobcat playfully rolling around must have been a cute one.

      I transformed back into my human form and asked Pablo if he was lucid. He just looked at me with big brown fox eyes and a look on his face that made it impossible to resist petting him. He made a soft purring sound when I scratched him behind the ears. I said I didn't know if he was lucid or not, but I would take him to the party at MoSh's as I had promised. I scooped the fox up into my arms as I opened another portal. At the last minute I remembered my intention to go see Walms and his kid Walms, so I redirected the portal to Walms' inner world. I carried Pablo through the portal.

      Now I found that I was in yet another beautiful forest, though it felt significantly different from the one I had just left. The same breeze was blowing, I could smell the same fresh air; the difference wasn't something tangible, just a feeling I got. I uses a telepathic scan to search the area for Walms. I didn't see any trace of him there. I wondered if maybe he had already gone to MoSh's party. Perhaps he had spent as long as he wanted to waste here waiting for me and had decided to move on. That was ok, though, as I could meet Walms Jr. just as easily after the party as before it. Still cradling a soft and cuddly fox in my arms, I opened a portal to MoSh's inner world.

      The first thing I noticed upon arriving at MoSh's inner world was that his house looked significantly different than I remembered it from earlier dreams. It was so much larger… before it had been a nice home, but pretty normal looking. The house that stood before me now looked more like a hotel than a single family home. For a brief instant I wondered if I was in the right place at all. I went to the door of the house and knocked. The door opened and MoSh welcomed me into the house. I set Pablo down as I looked around the room. I asked MoSh when he had moved into a mansion. MoSh stopped, turned and looked at me, asking me what I was talking about. I said his house looked completely different than it had on my last visit. MoSh looked around the house and said it was exactly the same as it had been. I looked around as well, absolutely certain that I had never seen MoSh's house like this before. It didn't seem to matter that I convince MoSh of that, however, I figured he was probably just not lucid. MoSh was smiling, he pointed out where there were snacks, drinks, and said the murals were down a specific hall. He said he had other guests to tend to. MoSh disappeared into a bustling crowd of people, most of whom I didn't recognize. Were they real people? Or just illusionary dream characters created to inhabit MoSh's inner world? For all of them to be real people would make this one of the largest shared dream in history.

      After watching MoSh disappear into the crowd I turned towards the drink stand and went over there. Tall ears were visible over the rest of the crowd. I got closer to get a better look, and while I still didn't get a really good look, I could see someone was dressed as a giant bunny. That was no doubt Nomad. Chuckling to myself over the bunny costume, I went over and grabbed a strawberry cooler from an ice chest. Taking a drink of the sweet liquid, I headed towards the hall where MoSh had indicated there was a mural.

      While the main room was practically packed with people, the hall with the mural had very few people in it. Pablo, still in the form of a cute little fox, was sitting on the ground observing the mural in a very interested manner. I looked at the paintings on the wall. They were very nicely done, different parts of the mural depicted various people I know, including me, in various scenes. There were action scenes, scenes of us having fun together, scenes with just one or two of us, scenes with all of us… The scenes lined up to form a sort of story progressing over time. The first scenes depicted Nomad, MoSh, and I followed by ones where Asuka was added. A bit later Tigress and Silver joined the group; Pablo and Loaf made appearances throughout the scenes. It was a bit closer to the end that I saw a figure surrounded by a dark aura, and I saw that was Walms. Some of the later scenes also depicted me with a dark aura surrounding me as well. The scenes also depicted many of the enemies that all of us have faced. I picked up the cute little fox in the hall and started petting him as I held him in my arms. Pablo started purring again as I was absent mindedly stroking. I was still petting the fox when everything faded around me and I woke.
    13. Soapstone and sushi store

      by , 05-25-2010 at 07:13 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with some friends of mine from highschool and I wandering into a craft store. There are many crafts that are made by or influenced by Native American art and mythology, but I find some sculptures carved out og soapstone that are inspired by ancient Egyptian and Greek mythos.

      My friend Becky wants to go to a sushi resturant that is attached to the craft store and we all get a seat that overlooks a ski hill through a larg window. For some reason the resturant will only let six people sit per table and our group gets split up.

      When are first order arrives some of the dishes are mixed up or are completely wrong and instead of rectifying the situation the waiters get angry and threaten to kick us out of the store. My friend Becky somehow manages to talk to the waiters and straighten things out, but when our second round of food comes, many of them are also the wrong order.

      Many in our group get up and try to leave out of anger, not wanting to pay the bill, but the owner comes out and tries to convince us to stay. Menawhile, Becky notices that their order sheets and reciepts are outdated and from 2008 but I say that it doesn't matter or something like that.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    14. The Obsidian Cave

      by , 05-18-2010 at 05:11 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with me living back at home with my parents. They are bugging me to find a program to do over the summer or get a job. There are several artist's groups listed in the community newspaper but I am reluctant to apply because I don't think I am good enough. My parents take me to an intake session for one of the groups and I bring along a soapstone carving that I made, which looks like a mermaid sitting on a rock. The meeting takes place in a cave in a remote mountain range for some reason. The room we are in is chisled from black obsidian and is dome shaped.

      The judges like my carving and one of them says that carving soapstone is really hard (even though in real life it is not) and ask me to step into the middle of the room. There are camera's planted throughout the room and they want to take my picture in the nude. I refuse, even after all the men are aked to leave, but somehow my mom convinces me that it is for the best. After the pictures are done my father and brother Ryan want to see them and I become upset and try to destroy the pictures because I don't want them to see me naked.

      As this is happening the judges and my family leave and some archeologists come in carrying some old bones. They place them on the platform in the middle of the room and start taking pictures. A white wisp of smoke emerges from the bones and transforms into a ghost of a man from about a century ago. He is angry and flies around the room wildly. I am the only person who can see him and when he realizes he can talk to me he tells me that he was murdered and that his killer is still roaming free. I try to explain that is impossible because many decades have past and his killer is probably dead now but the ghost will not believe me.

      The archeologist's take the bones away and bring in a partially decomposed body of a child. When they take pictures of it the spirit of the dead child awakens and tells me that she was murdered by a pedophile. I feel bad but don't really know what to say and the ghost child goes on to tell me that the murderer has proof of the crime on their computer and she wants me to find it. I try to explain that would be impossible but the ghost evaporates before I can finish speaking.

      The body is taken away and I am left alone in the obsidian cave as the doors are locked and lights shut off. When night has fallen the walls of the cave suddenly show that I am deep under water (though still in a cave) and a variety of sea life is circling the dome as if I were in an underwater observatory or something. Not just normal sea creatures but mermaids and weird looking sea monsters swim by as well. I go up to one side of the dome and find that I am slip through it as if walking through a thin layer of jello and I am now out in the water. I can breath despite being underwater and I start swimming around the cave trying to find my way out.

      There is a faint glow of light out of a narrow shaft that leads upwards and I follow it until I surface in a small cennote. There is a redheaded woman standing on the side and she helps me out and I find myself near the top of a mountain. On one side there is an ocean and the other side is a flat life-less plain that goes off to another mountain range in the horizon. The redheaded women tells me that the old mountain range was crushed underneath the new mountain and that this one will suffer the same fate when a new mountain appears.

      The dream ends there.
    15. Phil Guerrero and my brother

      by , 09-13-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Had this dream early this morning (September 13th, 2009).

      I dreamed I was back at my parent's house, watching t.v in the living room. Even though the dream takes place in the present, former host Phil Guerrero was back working for YTV. He was doing some art projects or something which he was promoting on the channel and briefly joked about the recession and times being so tough that he had to back to work.

      One of the projects was a medieval knights tale which Phil said Marvel Comics was interested in. The panels he was presenting were crudely drawn storyboards for either introduction stories for the main characters, of which there were four, or segments of a pilot episode. The last panel Phil showed was very dynamic and had the main characters in a vertical line, with their knightly powers represented in colours that surrounded them as an aura, and with golden wings which sprang from their armor. The colour sequence from top to bottom was yellow, orange, red, and green.

      The program ends and I turn off the t.v and sit in the dark for a while. I get up and go into the kitchen and in the dark (all the lights are off and it is night) I walk into a racing bicycle sitting in the middle of the floor. I recognize the bike as belong to one of my brothers and I begin to search the house because I previously believed I was alone in the house.

      I head towards the bedrooms and see the younger of my older brothers walking out of my old bedroom. I am kind of suspicious but instead of confronting him I just ask if he had just came home from work. He replies that he has been here for a while but I am still under the impression that he is up to no good because I know that he has no business in my bedroom.

      I still don't know how to confront him and I go into mom and dad's bedroom and fall asleep on their bed. The dream ends there.
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