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    1. 07/07/10 Party at the Everchanging House

      by , 07-10-2010 at 01:49 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Note: I once again used my WILD to do some more training with Vegeta. My goals after that included finding the dragon man I epic failed to heal the last time I saw him. A party is going on at MoSh's, where there will no doubt be lots of people, drinks, food, some colorful art, and a lot of fun. Pablo needed a ride, so I picked him up on the way to MoSh's house. I planned on stopping by Walms' world, too, as I have yet to meet his kid, also named Walms, who is part feline, or so I've heard. After waking up from the training dream, I used my iPod without the light / sound machine to slip into another WILD…

      When I entered my WILD I was in my kitchen. Without really thinking about what I was doing, I opened the fridge and rummaged through it until I found a thick slice of chocolate cake… my favorite. I was effectively distracted by eating the chocolate cake, and it wasn't until I was just about finished that I remembered I was supposed to be doing something. I opened a portal to Pablo's inner world and went through it into a beautiful forest.

      There was a gentle breeze blowing through the trees as I stepped out of the portal. I took a moment to enjoy the songs of the birds and the smell of the trees. Fresh air is something there isn't nearly enough of in my home dimension. I focused on completing the task of locating Pablo. As if my decision to look for Pablo was a cue, a bunny hopped through an open area between a couple of trees followed closely by a fox. There was no doubt in my mind that the fox was Pablo.

      So it looked like I would have to chase him down since he didn't seem to be lucid. No problem there, I transformed into a bobcat and pursued the fox into the forest bushes. In the form of a bobcat I found my senses of smell and hearing were greatly enhanced. I followed the sounds and the scent of the fox as it chased the bunny through the trees. When I was close enough to Pablo, I leapt forward and pounced on him, causing both of us to tumble over each other on the grassy forest floor. The sight of a fox and a bobcat playfully rolling around must have been a cute one.

      I transformed back into my human form and asked Pablo if he was lucid. He just looked at me with big brown fox eyes and a look on his face that made it impossible to resist petting him. He made a soft purring sound when I scratched him behind the ears. I said I didn't know if he was lucid or not, but I would take him to the party at MoSh's as I had promised. I scooped the fox up into my arms as I opened another portal. At the last minute I remembered my intention to go see Walms and his kid Walms, so I redirected the portal to Walms' inner world. I carried Pablo through the portal.

      Now I found that I was in yet another beautiful forest, though it felt significantly different from the one I had just left. The same breeze was blowing, I could smell the same fresh air; the difference wasn't something tangible, just a feeling I got. I uses a telepathic scan to search the area for Walms. I didn't see any trace of him there. I wondered if maybe he had already gone to MoSh's party. Perhaps he had spent as long as he wanted to waste here waiting for me and had decided to move on. That was ok, though, as I could meet Walms Jr. just as easily after the party as before it. Still cradling a soft and cuddly fox in my arms, I opened a portal to MoSh's inner world.

      The first thing I noticed upon arriving at MoSh's inner world was that his house looked significantly different than I remembered it from earlier dreams. It was so much larger… before it had been a nice home, but pretty normal looking. The house that stood before me now looked more like a hotel than a single family home. For a brief instant I wondered if I was in the right place at all. I went to the door of the house and knocked. The door opened and MoSh welcomed me into the house. I set Pablo down as I looked around the room. I asked MoSh when he had moved into a mansion. MoSh stopped, turned and looked at me, asking me what I was talking about. I said his house looked completely different than it had on my last visit. MoSh looked around the house and said it was exactly the same as it had been. I looked around as well, absolutely certain that I had never seen MoSh's house like this before. It didn't seem to matter that I convince MoSh of that, however, I figured he was probably just not lucid. MoSh was smiling, he pointed out where there were snacks, drinks, and said the murals were down a specific hall. He said he had other guests to tend to. MoSh disappeared into a bustling crowd of people, most of whom I didn't recognize. Were they real people? Or just illusionary dream characters created to inhabit MoSh's inner world? For all of them to be real people would make this one of the largest shared dream in history.

      After watching MoSh disappear into the crowd I turned towards the drink stand and went over there. Tall ears were visible over the rest of the crowd. I got closer to get a better look, and while I still didn't get a really good look, I could see someone was dressed as a giant bunny. That was no doubt Nomad. Chuckling to myself over the bunny costume, I went over and grabbed a strawberry cooler from an ice chest. Taking a drink of the sweet liquid, I headed towards the hall where MoSh had indicated there was a mural.

      While the main room was practically packed with people, the hall with the mural had very few people in it. Pablo, still in the form of a cute little fox, was sitting on the ground observing the mural in a very interested manner. I looked at the paintings on the wall. They were very nicely done, different parts of the mural depicted various people I know, including me, in various scenes. There were action scenes, scenes of us having fun together, scenes with just one or two of us, scenes with all of us… The scenes lined up to form a sort of story progressing over time. The first scenes depicted Nomad, MoSh, and I followed by ones where Asuka was added. A bit later Tigress and Silver joined the group; Pablo and Loaf made appearances throughout the scenes. It was a bit closer to the end that I saw a figure surrounded by a dark aura, and I saw that was Walms. Some of the later scenes also depicted me with a dark aura surrounding me as well. The scenes also depicted many of the enemies that all of us have faced. I picked up the cute little fox in the hall and started petting him as I held him in my arms. Pablo started purring again as I was absent mindedly stroking. I was still petting the fox when everything faded around me and I woke.
    2. Soapstone and sushi store

      by , 05-25-2010 at 07:13 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with some friends of mine from highschool and I wandering into a craft store. There are many crafts that are made by or influenced by Native American art and mythology, but I find some sculptures carved out og soapstone that are inspired by ancient Egyptian and Greek mythos.

      My friend Becky wants to go to a sushi resturant that is attached to the craft store and we all get a seat that overlooks a ski hill through a larg window. For some reason the resturant will only let six people sit per table and our group gets split up.

      When are first order arrives some of the dishes are mixed up or are completely wrong and instead of rectifying the situation the waiters get angry and threaten to kick us out of the store. My friend Becky somehow manages to talk to the waiters and straighten things out, but when our second round of food comes, many of them are also the wrong order.

      Many in our group get up and try to leave out of anger, not wanting to pay the bill, but the owner comes out and tries to convince us to stay. Menawhile, Becky notices that their order sheets and reciepts are outdated and from 2008 but I say that it doesn't matter or something like that.

      I cannot remember any more of this dream.
    3. The Obsidian Cave

      by , 05-18-2010 at 05:11 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      Dream starts off with me living back at home with my parents. They are bugging me to find a program to do over the summer or get a job. There are several artist's groups listed in the community newspaper but I am reluctant to apply because I don't think I am good enough. My parents take me to an intake session for one of the groups and I bring along a soapstone carving that I made, which looks like a mermaid sitting on a rock. The meeting takes place in a cave in a remote mountain range for some reason. The room we are in is chisled from black obsidian and is dome shaped.

      The judges like my carving and one of them says that carving soapstone is really hard (even though in real life it is not) and ask me to step into the middle of the room. There are camera's planted throughout the room and they want to take my picture in the nude. I refuse, even after all the men are aked to leave, but somehow my mom convinces me that it is for the best. After the pictures are done my father and brother Ryan want to see them and I become upset and try to destroy the pictures because I don't want them to see me naked.

      As this is happening the judges and my family leave and some archeologists come in carrying some old bones. They place them on the platform in the middle of the room and start taking pictures. A white wisp of smoke emerges from the bones and transforms into a ghost of a man from about a century ago. He is angry and flies around the room wildly. I am the only person who can see him and when he realizes he can talk to me he tells me that he was murdered and that his killer is still roaming free. I try to explain that is impossible because many decades have past and his killer is probably dead now but the ghost will not believe me.

      The archeologist's take the bones away and bring in a partially decomposed body of a child. When they take pictures of it the spirit of the dead child awakens and tells me that she was murdered by a pedophile. I feel bad but don't really know what to say and the ghost child goes on to tell me that the murderer has proof of the crime on their computer and she wants me to find it. I try to explain that would be impossible but the ghost evaporates before I can finish speaking.

      The body is taken away and I am left alone in the obsidian cave as the doors are locked and lights shut off. When night has fallen the walls of the cave suddenly show that I am deep under water (though still in a cave) and a variety of sea life is circling the dome as if I were in an underwater observatory or something. Not just normal sea creatures but mermaids and weird looking sea monsters swim by as well. I go up to one side of the dome and find that I am slip through it as if walking through a thin layer of jello and I am now out in the water. I can breath despite being underwater and I start swimming around the cave trying to find my way out.

      There is a faint glow of light out of a narrow shaft that leads upwards and I follow it until I surface in a small cennote. There is a redheaded woman standing on the side and she helps me out and I find myself near the top of a mountain. On one side there is an ocean and the other side is a flat life-less plain that goes off to another mountain range in the horizon. The redheaded women tells me that the old mountain range was crushed underneath the new mountain and that this one will suffer the same fate when a new mountain appears.

      The dream ends there.
    4. Phil Guerrero and my brother

      by , 09-13-2009 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      Had this dream early this morning (September 13th, 2009).

      I dreamed I was back at my parent's house, watching t.v in the living room. Even though the dream takes place in the present, former host Phil Guerrero was back working for YTV. He was doing some art projects or something which he was promoting on the channel and briefly joked about the recession and times being so tough that he had to back to work.

      One of the projects was a medieval knights tale which Phil said Marvel Comics was interested in. The panels he was presenting were crudely drawn storyboards for either introduction stories for the main characters, of which there were four, or segments of a pilot episode. The last panel Phil showed was very dynamic and had the main characters in a vertical line, with their knightly powers represented in colours that surrounded them as an aura, and with golden wings which sprang from their armor. The colour sequence from top to bottom was yellow, orange, red, and green.

      The program ends and I turn off the t.v and sit in the dark for a while. I get up and go into the kitchen and in the dark (all the lights are off and it is night) I walk into a racing bicycle sitting in the middle of the floor. I recognize the bike as belong to one of my brothers and I begin to search the house because I previously believed I was alone in the house.

      I head towards the bedrooms and see the younger of my older brothers walking out of my old bedroom. I am kind of suspicious but instead of confronting him I just ask if he had just came home from work. He replies that he has been here for a while but I am still under the impression that he is up to no good because I know that he has no business in my bedroom.

      I still don't know how to confront him and I go into mom and dad's bedroom and fall asleep on their bed. The dream ends there.
    5. Two paintings

      by , 05-21-2008 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I dreamed I was in some sort of classroom, and it appears that it is situated in a basement. The walls were concrete and painted a pale blue, with three windows near the ceiling along the north wall. Flourescent lights provided most of the illumination. There were many students in the room but I cannot remember any specific details about them. I cannot remember exactly what it was about them but I knew that I did not like them because they were bullies and stuff. I was relieved when they all left when the bell rang. I do not know what time it is and what the bell was for as I am busy painting on two canvases. I can clearly remember every step I took and every stroke I made with the paintbrush and it felt like I was engaged in this activity for hours.

      There were no clocks for me to look at but the daylight did not change from what I could see and it was unusually quiet for a school. It felt like everything outside of me was frozen in time. As I finished the second painting, however, the group of students who left at the beginning of the dream returned. They surrounded me to see what I was doing but I ignored them because I do not like bugging me when I am painting and I assumed that they were just going to bully and harass me like they always did.

      I cannot remember anymore of this dream.

      This dream is not the first in which I have created art but it is frustrating because my dream art skill level is always much higher than my skill in waking life and I can almost never recreated the images that I see in my dreams anyway. The two abstract paintings I made in the dream are still fairly clear in my mind, and I want to try and paint them for real. The first painting was made with the colours blue, green and purple, while the second painting was made with the colours red, orange and yellow. The second painting also had three distinct curved strokes, painted in red, in the lower left quarter of the image. I have tried quick sketches with pencils but they are colourless and insufficient.
    6. School sleepover, brought to you by the number 7.

      by , 12-07-2007 at 01:17 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream takes place in my grade 7 classroom at my old public school. While architectually the same, the teacher's desk is in the south side of the room, rather than the north, and a large chalkboard hangs on the east wall. The class has many students in it, but everyone is in their late teens and much too old to be attending public school. I do not recognize anyone in the dream from waking life. The teacher is not my grade 7 teacher, Ms. A.J. but an aging lady that looks very much like the librarian from the 1984 Ghostbusters movie, played by Alice Drummond, though she is short in stature and condesending in attitude.

      The students are scattered about the classroom, or sitting outside in the courtyard, reading books. The teacher is going through papers on her desk and ignoring the students. I am sitting outside, away from the other students, under the large tree in the courtyard, enjoying the bright sun and warm breeze. While every other student seems to be reading fiction novels, I think I am the only student to have a non-fiction book (something about nature, but I cannot recall about what exactly). A young woman with long, dark brown hair sits beside me under the tree. She asks what I am reading and when I tell her she becomes elated because she has a book on the same subject. We discover that we have a lot in common. I am very happy to have a new friend, as I seem to not be able to get along with the other students, and the two of us talk for a long time.

      The sky turns orange as the sun begins to set and the warm breeze suddenly carries an uncomfortable chill. The students in the courtyard are called inside and told, along with the rest of the class, that we are going to spend the night in school. The students are divided up into groups and put in different classrooms for the night. I am put in the group that gets to stay in the grade 7 classroom and I am happy to learn that my new friend is also in my group. I never learn her name in the dream but she looks exactly like Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7 so that is what I will call her from now on.

      There are seven people in our group; three female students, three male students, and the teacher. Buy the time we move the tables to the south end of the room it is dark outside and we are instructed to go to sleep. I place my dark blue sleeping bag along the west wall, so that I may tilt my head back slightly and gaze at the stars through the window, and Tifa takes a spot on my left. The other female student places her sleeping bag on my right, while the boys line their gear along the east wall. The teacher sets up her stuff near the door, in the northeastern corner of the classroom. While everyone has flannel pajamas, the only night clothing I can find in my backpack are a bright red, short-sleeved t-shirt and a pair of white panties. I crawl into my sleeping bag and change clothes under the covers, much too embarassed to expose any skin in front of the others in the room. I am feeling extremely self-conscious and not only zip up my sleeping bag all the way, but pull the covers over my head. I eventually fall asleep.

      I do not know what time it is when I am awakened by Tifa leaning up against me. I think nothing of it because I know that many people kick and flop around in their sleep, so I roll over on my right side and try to go back to sleep. An arm wraps itself around my waist underneath the covers and I am surprised and confused because I am positive that I completely zipped up my sleeping bag before falling asleep. I roll over on my back, to see if I can push Tifa in the direction of her spot, and it is only then that I realize my t-shirt and panties are missing and I am naked. Feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness flood back and I am paralyzed with anxiety. I am aware that Tifa is awake at this point, because she discreetly slips into my sleeping bag with me. Though it is pitch black and I cannot see anything, my other senses are picking up on everything that my eyes fail to catch in the dark.

      The following portion of this dream becomes very sexually explicit - and some parts have been... watered down, so to speak - because I do not wish to be banned from DV for obscenity. It has also been hidden just in case. Please do not click the "Show" button if you are offended by sexual situations.

      Spoiler for mature content. (Not actually a spoiler, I just found this option convienient for masking mature content.):

      That was a mistake, because several of the other people in the room stir. Tifa and I both panic. She scrambles off me and dives back into her sleeping bag. Feelings of self-conscious anxiety and fear of embarrassment threaten to paralyze me once again, but I am able to move my arms around in a desperate attempt to locate my missing night clothes. I cannot find them, as it is far too dark, and instead bury myself in my sleeping bag. I cannot sleep because anxiety keeps me awake and I instead wait for the crack of dawn to lighten the classroom, at which time I dig my day clothes out from my backpack and fully dress myself in a heavy sweater and jeans. Even several hours after the panic of being caught set in, I am still feeling expremely nervous, as well as feeling worn out after spending those many waking hours berating myself for being a fool. I am fully convinced that not only were the other people in the room awake, but they had been listening to Tifa and I the whole time and knew exactly what had been going on. I had no idea how I was going to face the embarrassment of the on coming school day.

      I eventually fall asleep again and when I wake up the first thing I do is look at the clock on the south wall. It is exactly 7 a.m. The teacher rouses the students not long after that and my 8 a.m. the sleeping gear has been put away and the classroom returned to normal. Though no one said anything to us, I got the impression that some of the students either knew or suspected something because I caught several of them throwing glaces in my direction or snickering when I waked by. I was hoping to draw some comfort from Tifa, but she, just as embarrassed as I, distanced herself and sat on the opposite side of the classroom as I, though she did throw me the occassional sympathetic glace. I was not angry with the way Tifa chose to deal with the situation, though I was feeling a little hurt (though I probably should not have been feeling so, since it is unfair to expect emotional reliance from someone I just met).

      The teacher brought out art and craft supplies and told us to make something reflecting how we were feeling that day. I wasn't sure what I was feeling, though I knew I was upset, I just did not know how to express it. The teacher also put on a movie for us to watch while we worked on our craft projects. It was the old black and white film, the Seven Samurai, by Akira Kurosawa. The teacher than glared at me for a moment, before leaving the classroom to do whatever she had to do. I was not interested in either the craft project, or the movie, and just sat their for the whole time staring out the window. I still felt embarrassed about the night before, though it was occuring to me that the likelihood of people knowing what happened was very slim and I was just being paranoid.

      When the film credits were rolling, a man of about thirty years of age, carrying a clip board and wearing thick, black framed glasses, came into the classromm and asked Tifa and I to join him in his office. As we got up to leave the rest of the students began jeering at us openly. At the man's office on the otherside of the school, he got right to the point and asked each of us if we were sexually active with each other, or anyone else in the school. Tifa and I blurted out our answers at the same time: she confirming it, and I denying it. The man then sarted asking us details of what was done and though he said it was for our health's sake, my suspicion that he was just getting off on listening to our encounter was confirmed when he asked us to demonstrate. Tifa seems prepared to do so, but I felt uncomfortable and unsafe and ran out of the office before anxiety could overwhelm me again.

      The dream ends there. This is the most vivid dream I have ever had. I tried to get as much detail in without being too "wordy." I have major body issues and sexuality has always been a huge source of anxiety and insecurity for me, so it is unusual for me to have not only a sexually explicit dream, but one that was so vivid. Though they are far and few between, all of my conscious sexual fantasies have involved men, as I have never found myself sexually attracted to women, so I do not know why I was comfortable with feeling sexual towards a woman in the dream.

      I did not realize it while in the dream, but the number 7 seems to appear quite a bit throughout. I have no idea what to think of this dream, let alone how to interpret it.
    7. Ms. V and the death of Robbie Ritchie

      by , 10-10-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      The dream starts off with me walking down a road, clasping a beige canvas bag tightly to my chest. It feels as if there are books or stacks of paper in the bag. I am about 12 years old and wearing a light blue sweater over a white shirt, a grey skirt, and black dress shoes. I know that I am on my way to my art teacher's house but the neighbourhood I am walking through is unfamiliar and I do not recognize it as any place I know in waking life. The sky is clear and the air light, but there are no people on the streets and I do not see any cars on the road.

      I walk past a small house that has an open window on the ground floor. Through the window I can see a television set and there is a local news station reporting the death of a man named Robbie Ritchie. A photograph of the man is displayed and he has dark brown hair and eyes, is slightly tanned and has a stubbly chin. The dead man seems vaguely familiar. I continue walking for a few blocks more until I come to my art teacher's house and brush lucidity with the thought that it looks nothing like her house in waking life (I do not become lucid however). It is a three story townhouse with blue wood panelling and an enclosed garage (with dark brown paneling) to one side.

      As I approach the cement stairs that lead up to the front door, a man who is crying comes rushing out of the apartment and quickly turns towards the garage and disappears inside. The man looks exactly like the dead man on t.v except that he has sandy blond hair and is clean shaven. I walk up the stairs and into the apartment. My art teacher, Ms. V, looks exactly as she currently appears in walking life. There is a young, thin, blond woman sitting at the same table. I do not recognize her as anyone I know. The young woman appears to be about 16 or 17 years old and is wearing a white sweater over a light blue shirt and a long black skirt. Ms. V and Blondie are sitting at a white table doing arts and crafts. The white table intersects another table that contains a pile of towels and more craft supplies. Blondie is knitting something with dark blue yarn and Ms. V is sorting bits and peices of fabric into several small bins.

      I put my canvas bag down on a clear space on the long white table and ask Ms. V who the man rushing out of her apartment is. She says that his name is Sean before turning her full attention back to sorting. I then ask her if she knows anyone by the name of Robbie Ritchie. Ms. V continues to sort the fabric bits and gives me a peculiar stare, but says nothing. The young blond woman says that Sean is Robbie's younger brother and is upset because he just found out about Robbie's death. I heard what the young blond girl said, but I did not respond. I do not know exactly what, but there was something about the blond girl that annoyed me and I wanted nothing to do with her.

      I started looking over the many art and craft supplies on the tables when Ms. V rose suddenly and started to leave. She said something about talking to Sean before she disappeared out the front door. I was not thrilled at being left alone with the blond girl whom I did not know and did not like. She started talking to me about something and for the most part I pretended to listen and did not respond beyond nodding my head at irregular intervals, so I cannot remember now what she said. I am sure that it was nothing important anyway.

      I needed a cloth for something and started looking through the pile of towels on the far table for one. I mistook the dishtowel on the top as a cloth and was confused when I picked it up and discovered what it really was. I cannot remember now why I wanted a cloth, but I do recall becoming very frantic because I could not find one.

      The dream ends there. I do not know anyone named Robbie (or Sean) Ritchie and I do not know what the significance of learning about his death in my dream is.
    8. Dream in the Middle East

      by , 07-18-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream take place somewhere in a middle eastern country but I do not know which one. The area was very poor and all the buildings were made of local materials, like mud bricks.

      I am about quarter of a kilometer outside of a small poor city. It is about midday and very hot. The atmosphere is arid and no vegetation of any kind can be seen. Clusters of people in varying degrees of Islamic or Western clothing surround me. Some people are sitting, some laying down, some standing, but no one moves very much or talks loudly. Everyone is of Middle Eastern decent except for a small group of people with whom I am following. I do not recognize anyone at first and they slowly make their way towards the city in the distance.

      Several men from outside the group are staring at me with angry or contemptuous expressions and I uncomfortably look around to try an figure out why. I soon realize that all the women I see are covered up with burkas or hijabs, save for the two or three non-Middle Eastern women in the group I am with. I get the impression that I am the only one being stared at and I lower my gaze though I am angry and frustrated that people are staring at me.

      When the group of people I am with are nearing the small city, someone from behind me says that we should avoid going there because American soldiers are about to initiate a fight with some insurgents. I cannot see who said that and the group of people continue on their way, even when I hesitate. Some tall building near the center of the city suddenly explode and sand and debris flys everywhere. I can hear bombs and gunfire but am not scared. I remember feeling more annoyed then anything.

      I head back out into the desert where the dream started and suddenly it is nighttime and I am back with the group of people I had been following before. This time however, my mom and dad are with the group and we are being lead by a tour guide somewhere. The group stops for a moment under a large wooden frame, on the egde of what looks like a dry creek bed. There is a wooden billboard that is half standing and half collapsed and a young boy in a white shirt and red baseball cap that is climbing over it. Tangled barbed wire fence separates the group I am with from the creek bed, but I find a spot that I can jump over without getting caught or cut on the barbs.

      I start toward whats left of the billboard because I want to climb too, but my mom stops me and tells me that I have to stop acting out and behave or I am going to get kicked out of the group. I reluctantly and begrudgingly rejoin them just as the tour guide leads us between some more indescernable wooden structures until we reached a tall, elaborate building with a large tower in the center. I get the impression that it was a mosque or something but I am not sure.

      The tour is stopped and everyone is interrogated one by one by several men in clerics robes. I cannot remember why we were being questioned or what the questions were, but if we answered "correctly" then we were allowed to continue on with the tour. When I was being questioned I kept my head down and did not make eye contact with anyone. I figured that there was no way these men would allow me to continue on because my face was uncovered and every man in the room was staring at me because of it.

      They did let me go on, however, and I immediately led up the narrow spiralling staircase of the central tower. The stair went up about six or seven stories and the entire way was intricately handpainted with natural scenes. At the very top of the stairs was a circular room that looked like an art store. There were display cases containing paintbrushes all around the outside and a Middle Eastern woman in the center giving away free art supplies. She was uncovered, dressed in blue, very pleasant and greeted my parents warmly. I noticed at this point that no one else in the group had been let into the tower. I was intrigued with an elaborate painting that encircled the entire room and studied it intently as my parents and the woman in blue talked. When the woman tried to offer my father some paintbrushes, he told her to give them to me because I was the artist in the family.

      I do not remember anymore because I woke up.
    9. The Artistic Princess

      by , 10-07-2006 at 06:23 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      (There is a "trigger warning" on the content of this dream.)

      This dream is so long and detailed that I cannot believe that I have remembered so much of it. It takes place in a large castle that sit in the middle of a huge field. The landscape is mostly flat plains with a few hilly areas and small forests scattered about. There is a shallow river that runs behind the castle and a dirt road that runs almost parallel to the river, but in front of the castle instead of behind. The castle is also surround by huge stone walls (which in turn sorround a small moat) and has some areas within the yard that are "forbidden" and closed off for some reason.

      When the dream starts I am the King's youngest child and only daughter. I have long flaxen colored hair and wear a white and blue dress and a dark blue cape. I am betrothed to be married to a prince and he short with medium length black hair and a fierce temperment. Prince Rolgan, as I think he was called, was living with us in the castle until we marry, but he all but ignores me and kisses ass to my father. As the princess I was not allowed to venture outside the castle walls alone (as it is "dangerous" in the outside world) so I spent a portion of my time trying to figure out ways to break into the sealed off "forbidden" areas, as I was curious to see what they contain before I have to leave when I marry.

      As I am crossing the main bridge that goes over the moat in the front of the castle when I run into some children from a nearby village. They beg me to teach them how to paint. They each give me a small bundle of fine-quality paint brushes and I accept these modest gifts happily. I spend a few hours with the children teaching brushstroke techniques (something I have been practicing myslef in waking life), until the sun hangs low in the sky. Before it starts to get dark I call for my personal carriage and tell the driver to take the children home. As the carriage leaves there is a window of opportunity for me to climb over the fence of one of the forbidden areas. The guards were busy seeing the carriage out the front gate and did not notice me jump onto a vine and climb over.

      The small closed off area on the inside was strewn with garbage and debris. Part of the moat went through the area but there was no bridge leading to the other side where I could see some sort of fort or hut made out of sticks and peices of fabric. The water was very cold and dirty, but shallow enough for me to walk across. As I walked through the water my dress caught on something. At first I though was a caught on a stick but when I yanked hard enough to free my dress, a long white bone floated to surface. I stared at it in shock for a moment, before I quickly ran to the other side. It was only then that I noticed there were bones and skulls all over the place as well as garbage. The inside of the little hut had skeletons piled upon each other and most of them were skewered with weapons that the King's soldiers used.

      I had seen enough and wanted to leave, but I could not get back over by way of the vine as it seemed to have disappeared. It was getting dark now and the only way out was by slipping under the fence where it went over the moat - but first I had to move garbage and bones out of the way. On the other side the water was warm and clean and dipped down a little in a mini waterfall sort of thing. I was almost directly underneath the main castle bridge that went over the moat. At the edge of the small waterwall, standing waist deep in the moat was a young girl who seemed to be looking for something.

      As I approached the young girl she looked up at me. It was then that I saw a man with a long flowing cloak standing against the side of the main bridge, looking in my direction. I ignored him and asked the young girl who she was. She said her name was "Galia" (or something like that) and I asked if she had a sister, as the named seemed somewhat familiar to me. The young girl said yes, that her sister's name was "Egalia" (or something like that. I am not sure if I am remembering the exact names but I do know that they rhymed) and that she had been at the castle earlier. Galia then lifted something out of the water and offered it to me. It was a bundle of paint brushes, but unlike the brushes the other children gave me they were not fine-quality. Instead they seemed very old and worn, but I accepted them anyway as the young girl had a very hopeful look on her face. The man leaning against the bridge called out that the brushes were not any good, but I just ignored him because I was annoyed that he was eavedropping. Galia said that she knew the brushes were not good but they were the only things she had to offer. I tell her that I can reuse the handles and make new brushes from them, which seems to make her happy.

      I take Galia by the hand and we wade to the shore. The man with the cloak approaches and helps us out of the water. Even though it is almost dark I can see his face now and he is very handsome. He has long blond hair, deep blue eyes and elf ears. (He looks exactly like Legolas as protrayed by Orlando Bloom from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films.) He tells me that every guard in the castle is looking for me. I blush and hurriedly thank him for his help and take off towards the main castle gate, with poor Galia in bewildered tow. I am rushed to the throne room where my father, the King, lectures me about going off on my own and how worried he was about me, all the while I am still holding onto Galia for some reason. My fiance, Prince Rolgan, and my brothers all stand beside the throne and glare at me disapprovingly, but I am unnaffected because I do not care what they think. Just then a guard comes in and announces the arrival of an elf prince. While the king and princes recieve the Legolas clone I stalk off to my private chamber, promising Galia that I would take her home tomorrow and that she could sleep in my room for the night.

      Later that night there is some sort of dinner reception going on and I have to attend, which would not bother me except that I have to face the elf-prince again. I try to ignore him and fawn over my fiance but as usual he is ignoring me and kissing ass to the king. I do care for Rolgan at this point in the dream, but only because it seems so far that I have no choice because marrying him is my only option for the future. At some point during the socializing, the elf prince corners me and asks me what I was doing in the moat and what I think of my future husband. Before I can answer (but not before I blush again) Prince Rolgan comes over and says that we are retiring for the night, before leading me to my chamber. He doesn't say a word to me (or even look at me), drops me off at my chamber door and heads to his own.

      When he dissapears I hear a smash from down the hall. I run towards the sound and I find that a servant has broken something in the dinning room. There is broken glass all over the floor underneath a small table with a yellow tablecloth. I kneel down to assist the servant cleaning up the mess, but something I cannot see pushes me from behind and I fall forward onto the pile of broken glass. I put my arms out in front of me to break my fall but I cut my hands severely. I panic and run to Prince Rolgan's chamber, crying and covered in blood, but when he opens the door he just scoffs at me and calls for the castle doctor. He lets it be known that his is not pleased that I have interupted him and shows no concern what-so-ever for my well-being. When he is speaking with a guard I glance into his room and see a woman I do not know laying naked on his bed. She just sneers at me and stretches out, flaunting how confortable she is on my future husbands bed.

      The doctors come and take me to the windowless medical room where they remove the glass and bandage my hands. Rolgan just goes back into his room, not knowing that I have seen his secret lover. No one comes to visit me in the room and I am told to stay there even when the doctors leave. Overwhelmed by everything that has happened that day (finding the skeletons in the forbidden place, cutting up my hands, and realizing that Rolgan doesn't care for me) I start sobbing uncontrollably. I hear the door open and someone wraps there arms around me. At first I though it was Galia or the King but when I open my eyes in turns out to be the elf prince. He doesn't say anything but just lets me cry on his shoulder. At some point I fall asleep on the lone, small cot in the medical room.

      I have a dream (a dream within a dream!) of sneaking out of the castle and riding a horse along the river that runs behind the castle. It's a beautiful clear blue day and I run into the elf prince. He finds my "escape" amusing and calls me daring and brave. There is a bit more to this dream-within-a-dream but I cannot recall anymore at this time.

      The next day I find out that the elf prince has gone home. I tell the King about Rolgan's apathy towards me and the woman I saw in his room and, to my surprise, the King breaks off the engagement and throws Rolgan out of the castle. I am somewhat relieved that I do not have to marry anymore, but new anxieties about my future arise. I pass the day trying to show Galia how to reuse paint brush handles and make new brushes, but it is all but impossible with my bandaged hands. Later in the day I call for my personal carriage and go with Galia to take her home. I am hoping that getting off of the castle grounds will help alleviate some of my anxieties.

      After seeing Galia home my carriage is surround by heavily armoured men on black horses on the road back to the castle. They kill the driver and my guards and drag me to a black carriage that has stopped just behind mine. I get thrown in and land at the feet of Rolgan, who sexually abuses me while on route back to his castle. I get thrown into a tower cell that is empty except for a small narrow window and an old dirty matress on the floor. Left without food and water for what seemed like a forever I was crying when Prince Rolgan returned and raped me and I cannot defend myself at all because of my disabled hands. He eventually leaves and drops a small morsel of food on the floor.

      I don't eat, I just cry and give into despair. I do not know how long I am trapped in the tower when I feel someone lift me up and begin to carry me. In my half-unconscious, half-starved daze I cannot tell who it is. There are the bodies of the heavily amoured men laying all about and I snap to full consciousness when whoever is carrying me passes the bloodied body of Prince Rolgan. He is so freshly dead that his blood is still steaming. When we finally exist the castle I can get a clear look at my rescuer - it's the elf prince! Woo hoo! He just smiles softly at me.

      The dream becomes fuzzy here as I struggle against consciousness but alas I fail and awaken. And I was hoping for some steamy elven sexual healing, dammit.

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    10. Muslim Art Class

      by , 06-11-2006 at 11:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I was inside a small store and I was a dressed as a Muslim with a hijab. There were some other people there I know from waking life who are actually Muslim and we were doing art projects or something and discussing morality and the such. I cannot remember most of the dream but a lot of it was me running around trying to do my thing without upsetting or offending them.

      I specifically remember an older gentlemen and a woman offering me alcohol. Even though I do drink the stuff in real life I refused in the dream. The old man was saying something that intoxication was a sin, not the drink itself or something.

      There is a lot more to the dream but it slipped from my mind before I could get it down. At the end of the dream the group of people were sitting around a table drawing in sketchbooks. I specifically remember the old man was drawing hotdogs in charcoal and many other people doing similar still-life subjects in pencil crayon or watercolour paints.

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    11. Art School Basement Imprisonment

      by , 06-01-2006 at 10:50 AM (Visions in the Dark)

      I was in some sort of boarding school for the arts. I do not remember any specific details of what the above ground levels looked like, but I do remember that the teachers were very strict and for the most part downright cruel. It was private, and not one designated a Christian school, yet strict Christian values were the rules of the school. Since I am not Christian I kept my spiritual designation a secret and went on with my studies (much like I do in waking life actually, because it is nobodies business but mine). I do not remember much of the classes but near the beginning of the dream I got caught by the head mistress of the school when the pentacle I wore under my shirt slipped out.

      The head mistress was old and wore a black victorian dress and had a perpetual scowl on her face. Her greying black hair was always up in a bun and she wore a large silver cross around her neck. As soon as she saw my pentacle she grabbed me roughly by the shoulder and started dragging me along, yelling that I was an "un-godly child" and heathens like me do not have the right to make art, or something like that. She took me to the far end of the school and pushed me through an old door, which she promtly locked behind her.

      I stumbled down some stairs in the dark and found myself in the decrepid lower levels of the school. It was not like a traditional basement in that it had many little rooms and a long spiralling hallway, (more like a bunker?) I quickly discovered that the lights and plumbling still worked. Each of the little bedrooms I explored had two beds and a dresser, and there were personal items from the previous occupants lying about, though everything was covered in dust or falling apart because it seemed that no one had been down there for a long time. One things that caught my attention was that each and every bed had an afgan blanket on it and they were all different by colour and pattern.

      At first I was alone and upset in that place but I occupied my mind by exploring the rooms and going through the personal belongs. I realized at some point that a lot of the items I went through belonged to teachers I have had (most were actually teachers I have had in waking life), and I got the sense that they had been imprisoned in that basement-bunker too.

      Then I discovered a room that I shall call "the Pit." It was like a second basement because it was lower than the bedrooms and it was more diamond shaped than square. There were no stairs down, the entire Pit was illuminated by a light source that I could not see, and there was water gushing down all sides of the bare concrete walls and draining into a small drain in the center of the room. Up until this point I had been alone in the basement, but near the center of the Pit, on his hands and knees, was George Stroumboulopoulous.

      He was on his hands and knees pushing a stream of water into the drain. He looked up at me and said something (but I cannot remember what now) and then he went back to directing the water (which wasn't really necessary because the water was going into the drain anyway). He made not plea to be rescued, or make any attempt to more from were he was, so I left him alone and explored some more bedrooms.

      I came across one room that kind of startled me because the dresser seemed to contain artwork that I had done in the past (in the dream - there was nothing I recognized having done in waking life). The art was really good and it seemed to be past the artistic skill I have now, but I checked signatures and writing styles and the art was definately mine. I also found indications of my past teacher who had overseen the creation of this art I discovered - but it was no one I recognize from the dream or in real life. He looked sort of like DJ Carl Cox, though that description might be a bit off because the dream becomes a bit fuzzy at this point.

      When I was done exploring that room I walked out into the hall and ran into my father. I was surprised and not really happy to see him and I knew the feelings were mutual. He started talking to me about something and we got into an argument (Ha! Just like real life!) and twice he had to restrain himself from exploding into a rage (something he does a lot in waking life too).

      There is a little bit more of the dream with some other people showing up while my father and I are fighting, and something more about the Pit but I cannot remember more than this.
    12. Adventures with Becky

      by , 05-15-2006 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am at my parent's trailer park at Lake Whittaker, in late fall. It is cold and everyone has to dress warmly. Despite the fact that the park should be closed this time year, it is busy and there are people everywhere. In the center of the park lays a large parking lot and it is lined with row after row of picnic tables at which hundreds of students have been shuttled in, by old fashioned taxi cabs, for some art lessons. My friend Becky was with me and I showed her around the trailer park when we got there. I spent a lot of time reminiscing about "how the park use to be," because in waking life there have been many drastic changes since I used to go there as a kid.

      Outside the parking lot and lurking in the forests beyond it was dangerous because monsters like orcs and oversized owls and bats where lurking around. Occasionally the students where attacked and everyone had to take shelter unter the picnic tables or in gazebos nearby. My friend Becky and I had a trailer in the northern most part of the park and when we went there we found a variety store and gun shop where the playground used to be.

      The frequency and brutality of the monster attacks suddenly increased but Becky and I somehow had magic powers that we hid from everyone else that allowed us to make the orcs or giant owls disappear. I do not remember how or why we had these powers. There was one time when a group of students went to hide in the variety store to escape a monster attack. A giant owl perched on the small building's roof and began pecking away at building with it's giant sharp claws. The building was stronger than it looked however and the giant bird eventually gave up and flew away.

      Soon after a band of orcs attacked some students taking art lessons in the large central parking lot, but by now most students had acquired fire arms from the gun shop and they made short work of the spear and sword weilding monsters. Only a small number of students were injured or killed. The art lessons continued and because of the commotion some seats had been moved around, including mine. I was no longer able to sit beside Becky and I was upset but there was nothing I could do about it. Some of the people there gathered the bodies of the dead orcs, threw them in a large green trashcan and set the whole mess on fire. The stench was horrible.

      The students sitting at the picnic tables were given giant sheets of paper to draw on but I forgot something (my pencil?) and I had to venture back to my trailer to get it. I had to go alone because all of the other students had all of their supplies and could start their project right away. I cut through the southern end of the park (called the tenting area because only tents are allowed there) for a short cut and at first forgot that trailers where not allowed in that part of the park. There were a hole bunch of "weekenders" in the tenting area and most of them had small trailers. I wandered around in a confused daze, before I remembered where, I was because I was trying to find my trailer admidst the weekenders trailers and I could not understand at first why I could not find it.

      As I continued through the tenting are and up to the seasonal area in the northern end of the park I passed by many people, one of whom was my uncle Alex. I thought I said something to him as I passed but he ignored me and disappeared amoung the gatherings of people in the tenting area. I arrived at my trailer but instead of going inside I entered a small tent that had appeared just outside of it. Though the tent had just suddenly appeared I acted as if it had been there the whole time. Some people I knew in the park when I was a kid suddenly show up. They are twin boys I used to play with but I can no longer remember their names, though I know their father's name, Kerry, and I refer to the twins as "Kerry's twins."

      One of the boys almost literally dives into the tent as I exit, while the other twin paces back and forth between trailers trying to look inconspicuous. An older man with an artificial leg comes hobbling down the road towards the Kerry's twins and I. He is the variety store owner and when the twins see him they try to hide by lying still. When the older man has completely passed by the twin hiding in the tent reveals that the sweater he is wearing is full of stolen goods from the variety store, but the boy swears he didn't mean to steal anything. He said he was gathering things to purchase when a giant bat attacked the store and instead of dropping the items, he shoved them in his sweater. After telling me their story the boys walk away and head towards the tenting area in the southern end of the park. I do not see them again in this dream.

      As I walked back towards the art lessons going on in the central parking lot I walked along the main road (rather than take a short cut through the tenting area) and noticed large cube shaped indentations in the road. Some people where digging these large brick shaped sections of road to improve their own trailer areas for some reason. Doing this made the road all but impossible to drive and and very difficult to walk on and I ended up walking alongside the road rather than on it.

      Back at the art lessons, Becky and I completed our project and were told that we were now allowed to leave. It suddenly became very cold and it started snowing. This caused a mass exodus of students to begin leaving the park, but rather than wait for the old taxi cabs, the students opted to walk. Instead of heading towards the trailer park's exit, I asked Becky to follow me down to the lake, where the old taxi cabs and a bunch of other cars were parked. I broke into one car that was painted dark red on its front and sides but bright yellow on the back.

      Since I don't know how to drive I let Becky get into the driver's seat but something went wrong and she almost drove off the dock and into the lake at first. I can't remember what had caused the near miss but both Becky and I had a good laugh about it. We drove towards the camp's exit and along the way many students tried to flag us down for a ride but we ignored them all.

      Becky started driving faster, going 45 MPH in a 15 MPH zone and I told her several time to slow down because I was afraid that we would hit one or more of the students walking along the road. The closer we got to the gatehouse the more crowded the road became and Becky was forced to slow down. The large groups of students trying to leave the park were running into large groups of people trying to get into the park, and strangely, all of the new arrivals seemed to be mothers with babies or toddlers.

      Because of all the snow on the road the car we were in acted more like a skidoo and we had fun to fishtails and spinouts and stuff on our way back to the city. The closer we came to our destination the more that scenery changed from that of a rural Ontario winter highway to that of an alternate reality where everything had a purple or blue-ish hue and the snow disappeard to be replaced with strangely oversized tropical plants. Becky and I had to remove our winter layers of clothing because we became overheated.

      I wanted to find a way back to the cold Ontario highway we had just left but there wasn't anyway back that I could see and for some reason it was physically impossible to turn our half dark-red, half yellow taxi cab around. We drove for some time and came to the edge of a futuristic looking city that had many twisting roadways and neon lights.

      The people walking the streets and driving around in this neon city looked like normals humans except for the fact that their skin tones matched the blue and purple hues found in the tropical plants outside of the city. Becky pulled the cab over and I tried asking several people how to get back to London Ontario (our hometown) but no one in the neon city knew what we were talking about because they had never heard of such a place. Becky and I were also the recipient of a lot of strange stares, I'm guessing because of our different coloured skin to that of everyone else in the neon city. For some reason we picked up a blue skinned man and a violet skinned woman and let them sit in the back of our taxi cab. For some reason they too wanted to find a way out of the futuristic neon city as well, though I did not ask why.

      I started having anxiety attacks from being lost in the strange alternate reality city, and greatly feared not being able to find our way home. We came to an intersection in the center of the city and two normal skinned men, dressed in black suits, stopped us and somehow knew that Becky and I were lost and they said they that they could help us but did not say how they would do so. The two men were of middle age and dressed in black suits, like MiBs or something. Indeed, one looked exactly like Tommy Lee Jones while the other man looked like Agent Smith from the Matrix trilogy (played by Hugo Weaving).

      The blue and purple couple in the back of the cab were spooked by the men in black and quickly departed. Becky and I were a little perplexed but said nothing as the men sat themselves in the back of our multicoloured cab. We drove around the neon city in silence for a while before the man in black who looked like Tommy Lee Jones suddenly exited the vehicle at a stop light and disappeared into the night. That left the man who looked like Hugo Weaving and though I did not learn his name in the dream, I will refer to him as "Mr. Smith" anyway.

      We drove around some more before Becky suggested getting something to eat. We pulled into a neon-sign adorned coffee shop and Becky and Mr. Smith went inside while I waited in the car. When they returned Mr. Smith had bought me a tea and despite never having met before, he knew exactly how I liked it (Earl Grey, one milk, bag in). I didn't say anything about it and neither did he.

      We ate/drank in the taxi cab but when we wanted to get going again, the three of us started walking down the neon sign lined street rather than drive. We came to a series of darkend alleyways and Mr. Smith insisted that we try to find our way through them. We walked for a while and came to a dead end where Mr. Smith cornered us. He said that he could not let us change the future and that he had to stop us. Becky and I had no idea what the heck he was talking about.

      Mr. Smith pulled a black hand gun on us and raised the weapon to shoot, but before he could fire a misty blue hazy dropped down on him from somewhere above and he dissolved into nothing with a terrible scream. Becky and I quickly found our way back to the main streets which were now glowing neon like the signs, partly because it had started to rain and there was lots of reflections, but also because some parts of the road seemed to have absorbed the neon signs or something and the pavement was glowing brightly as if it was made of coloured gas (neon lights).

      We eventually came to a neon tunnel in the side of a large building and started walking through. Becky said she could not hear anything when I asked, but I swore I could hear Mr. Smith's voice talking to us even though he was nowhere to be seen. I cannot remember what he was saying now but it was making me nervous and I was trying my best to hurry Becky along.

      There is a bit more to the dream; something about a maze and a bunch of doors or something and getting back to our multicoloured cab and finding our way out of the neon city and back into the wintery Ontario landscape. At the end of the dream we didn't get back home but ended up stuck in a snow drift or something? I cannot remember anymore of this dream.
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