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    1. Shortcut through trash/air vent, beer can/bottle

      by , 08-24-2011 at 11:17 AM
      24-08-11 I am Going to a swimming stadium, though I am not taking the planned route. The planned route would be swinging by Stonehenge, about a 5 km drive.

      Instead I go through some sort of air vent in a large building. The passageways are really narrow, dirty and dark.

      It takes about 5 minutes to get there.

      I hang about in the swimming pool for a while, it is dusk time and there are some other kids there. I decide to take off and walk over to the wall.

      In order for me to get to the vent I will have to remove some of the panelling, not only that but I will have to stand on the exposed piece of wood that was holding the panel, which is screwed into the wall.

      There isn't much space, but I seem to recall having done it before. I finally get the door open to the shaft.

      Before I can go through I must put a hand into the shaft and empty it for trash. The trash is some black stuff from farming I think, as Henrik can explain how it is made. Seems like a mixture between coal and dust.

      It just falls into the water, but I have a feeling it will be OK and it isn't exactly a new procedure I am doing.

      A woman, might be my aunt asks me if it is worth it. I ask her if she has to take the 5 km route past Stonehenge, she confirms and I tell her it will take me 5 minutes to get back.

      When most of the trash is out, it seems to take longer than it had before, I am looking out over a horizontal window as an access point, which I remember thinking is a bit weird.

      Sitting at a coffee table with a beer. It is a beer can, but there is a bottle inside prodding up out of the hole of the can.

      I sit and marvel a bit, how the fuck could anyone get that bottle down there without removing the top of the can.

      Then a person on my right explains that there they are fairly rare and if you manage to collect 9 of them, you would win 9 k DKK.

      “Ah then I shouldn't have given the last 3 to ….”

      Something about time travel in order to make sure to obtain the right ingredients for a particularly tasty meal.

      Physical time travel (done by placing hands on top of each others) means that you get a fraction of your dream powers with you to the physical realm though (WEIRDNESS!)
    2. Sneaky Beaks 10/05/2010

      by , 07-11-2011 at 03:33 AM
      1:20 pm
      note: My mom has never had a drink in her "god" given life.

      In a car full of guys headed to a party that happened to be in a house that is normally not there. My mom was there and was seeming to get more sober the more she drank. She was also quite normal by comparison. There were these small, furry, monkey/hedgehog/bird like creatures. They were really colorful and their beaks were long thick and curved. Anyway, they kept sneaking up on me and secretly latching onto my fingers and such. I wouldn't notice them for a while but when I did my finger would be so numb with pain. I started to get mad because though I yanked them off and kicked them away they kept coming back. I finally lost my temper and started choking one of the birds with both hands. My Mom calmly said to me "Ok.. you've gone far enough"
    3. MMA Fights

      by , 05-16-2011 at 06:50 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      MMA Fights (DILD)


      I was in some place about fighting, possibly the MMA or some boxing place. The place was huge. There were big locks and chains. There were some training devices that were like videogames.

      The screen was about 50 inches and it had several cameras. You had to fight (for real) with a guy and the device would say how good or bad you performed. I realized I am not a fighter but a more spiritual person. However, I wanted to give it a shot.

      Some slender guy who was taller than me approached and got read to fight me. I was not afraid as I knew how to deal with tall people. This guy threw me a kick so I grabbed his leg and swept his other leg. As he fell to the ground, I fell on him, elbows first to do extra damage on his face, however, for some reason I hit his ribs. I started to punch his face, right, left, fight, left... His face was not damaged, but he fainted due the pain.

      I was excited because I was going to be respected if I won two fights in a row. A friend congratulated me and told me my next opponent was coming up. Another male, who was African American approached at me. He looked very strong and sharp. My friend told me, "This one does not talk! Watch out!"

      The fight was more like an MMA fight, the both of us got hit. Suddenly, this video game beeped indicating that we both were about to loose. I started to hit him stronger, but he blocked all my attacks when he hit me once. I was up for more, but the system told I lost. I could see some status indicating our damage. The other guy was 99% damaged. I was a little pissed as I almost won, but ended up loosing.

      I went outside and told about this to a friend. My friend told me it was a strong one and that it was very good for me that I almost beat him.

      I had a FA in my room and went ahead to write the dream now. The clock of the microwave was blue instea of its regular color.
      I turned lucid and decided to go for a flight. I got out from home and started to fly, however, I realized that my previous dream was too long to start a new one, so I wanted to wake myself up to write it down and then, induce a LD.

      I had another FA in my room. I went to my microwave and instead of the time it had └■ [COLOR="#DC143C"]I felt a little annoyed because I did want to wake up, and opened the microwave assuming it would not lit up, it did not. I woke myself up again.

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    4. Anxiety/evil kid/maya

      by , 04-26-2011 at 06:05 AM (Trial and Error)
      I was is an a extreme state of anxiety and could find no relief. I was offered a beer, I told them that I do not drink (and I don't irl) but I ended up drinking it anyway . Slowly as I was drinking I felt my stress leave me. I was so happy to finally be free of my anxiety, but I started to feel guilty that I had drank since I was under age, plus a conversation I had with S irl. I get another drink and sneak around with it trying to find a place to drink it where no one can see me, until I accidentally leave it in an elevator, and when it reopens it is gone. I turn to the people I had been drinking with and say "I just made someones day" and we all laugh. I left the dream just feeling horrible to resorting to drinking to fix my problems, knowing that it would just make them worse.

      I was some evil little boy trying to kill someone. The dream was mixed with me modeling in maya. I was using the maya tools to aim my blasts at him.
      There was more to this I just don't remember.

      (my recall has sucked lately )
    5. Beer pregnancy?

      , 04-05-2011 at 02:18 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      Usually I don't post these short non-lucid ones on DV, but this one was so hilarious.

      I'm at an outdoor party, during the middle of a sunny day.
      There's a few people I know (not in waking life), and we're having beers.
      Some girl points at my belly and asks me if I'm pregnant.
      I look down at my belly and it's indeed swollen, as if I was pregnant.

      "Holy shit? How did that happen?"

      A friend approaches.

      "Dude, you've just been drinking too much beer, that's all."
      "What? The beer got me pregnant?"
      "Bro, didn't you know? You get a big belly from drinking too much beer."

      Oh yeah, that's true, you get a potbelly from drinking too much beer.

      "Let me help you out."

      He takes a big beer glass and holds it in front of my bellybutton.
      He then presses against my belly with his index finger and beer pours out form my bellybutton into his glass.
      Everyone approaches me and looks intrigued at what is happening.

      Some dude walks past:

      "Sweeeet, belly beer!"

      And gets in line to pour one next.

      I mean, seriously, what the fuck?
      When I woke up I had to laugh uncontrollably for a few seconds.
    6. Beauty

      , 03-16-2011 at 03:27 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      Still kinda stressed with school, my dream recall is pretty bad, but I still remember occasional lucids.
      Dreams are usually either short or not very vivid though.

      … I’m sitting at a table with 3 girls. They’re all wearing fancy dresses.
      We’re finishing our beers and waiting for a specific event so we can leave.
      We are going to drive somewhere, I know where. I notice the girl on the other side of the table is insanely beautiful.
      She has immensely detailed and bright green eyes, I can’t keep my eyes of them.
      She obviously notices me staring at her, but she seems to like it.
      She makes it very clear that she’s interested in me with very subtle signs.
      I contemplate asking her to go for a walk until we’re ready to leave.

      Then I finally realize what’s happening. She’s “perfect”.
      And perfection exists in only one place: the dream world.

      But this perfection intrigues me...
      What is perfect? Why does she appear perfect? I want to find out and look at her very carefully.
      The truth is, apart from maybe her eyes, she looks kinda normal.
      I can’t find anything specific that gives me this feeling of perfection.
      Maybe it is the way she smiles? This pure and innocent smile, something you’d never see in waking life?
      I finish my beer, stand up and hold my hand out to her. “Let’s go.”
      There is no need to bother with an explanation for the other 2 girls, I’m lucid, I’m in control,
      I don’t want them to ask questions, so they won’t.
      She gets up and we leave the room…
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Belgian Beer, Dutch Girl

      by , 03-14-2011 at 05:38 PM (Soups Dreams)

      I was at a rock-cafe in the city I often go on a night out. It was around noon however and the place was more or less empty apart from one man sitting at the bar and the bargirl. I was obviously waiting for someone.
      Since we were the only ones there the girl behind the bar asked if i would like a beer.

      'Yes' I answered and she asked what kind.
      'Oh doesn't matter, as long as it's...'
      -'Belgian beer' the man at the bar finished my sentence and smiled at me. (I sure do love Belgian beer)

      We laughed and talked about what not. He was probably waiting for someone as well.
      Suddenly a girl was standing behind him, she tapped his shoulder and he politely kissed her on the cheeks. I realised that same girl was the one I was waiting for when I turned around. It was the girl I fell in love with the year before. My very first love even. She hadn't noticed me yet. I jumped up and cried out. She was surprised to see me and smiled, I hugged her tightly.
      We fell to the floor and lied there for minutes for I wouldn't let her go and she wouldn't let me go.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
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    8. 03/13/11 Going Clubbing

      by , 03-14-2011 at 05:44 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I am in a place I don't recognize, but somehow it doesn't seem strange that I'm there. I am sitting at a bar and drinking a beer. This is odd since I don't even like the taste of beer, but again, this strangeness doesn't seem out of place to me at the time. The bartender comes over and starts hitting on me, and I am able to milk his interest enough to get a free beer out of it. A little flattery, a bit of flirting... I am drinking this second beer when I do something else I never do in my waking life. I bum a cigarette off of a guy sitting near me at the bar and then I bum a light off of him as well and I start smoking. I have never smoked in my life! So there I am at a bar I don't recognize drinking beer which I don't like and smoking a cigarette when I never smoke, and it doesn't occur to me to do a reality check. As I am sitting there, I hear a bit of an argument going on. I am unable to hear exactly what is being said, but when I look over I see a couple of women getting into it with each other. It quickly escalates with one of them throwing something at the other, and the other breaks out with some karate moves. One man looks like he's going to go over and interfere, but a second man blocks his path but physically and with a plaintive whining argument, "But it's a girl fight! You never break up a girl fight!"
    9. Strange video, more finals anxiety

      by , 01-17-2011 at 08:52 PM (Insights from Id)
      I am making a video for a school assignment, when suddenly I am in the screen and the video is actually happening.
      I am sitting cross-legged on the floor of a classroom with a final exam on a board in my lap. I am anxious. The exam is for my writing class, but the questions are all very silly, with equally silly answers. I consider each question carefully before selecting an answer, and wonder why I thought this exam would be so hard. A puppet frog (similar to Kermit but not exactly the same, smaller) keeps trying to distract me. I answer the last question, then raise my hand to get the teacher's attention.
      Suddenly, everything changes into a commercial for a brand of beer called Happy Birthday. Everyone, myself included, is drinking beer and singing Weird Al's Happy Birthday song. It's a huge party. Someone spills beer on me, but I don't care.
      The screen changes again and I am in a soap opera. Someone brings in a tray with the frog from before in it, but it is dead and has a bent hypodermic needle sticking out of its back. "Who would do such a thing?" the guy holding the tray says, and somewhere, a woman starts crying. I am angry. I killed the frog because it would not leave me alone, but I cannot tell them that. I know if I keep my mouth shut, I can get away with it.
      Now I am out of the screen and watching again. Adam Sandler comes on the screen, then looks directly at me (or the camera, however you want to see it) and asks, "Will you drink a Happy Birthday with me?" I realize that there is a beer in my hand, and I drink, celebrating that finals are over.
    10. Undercover cops, bar zombies, female dance class, and infusing movement with feeling

      by , 08-05-2010 at 01:41 PM

      I'm walking down the street across from where I work, it's night. Some girl, mid 20s, black hair, wearing a professional navy colored suit, is handing out cans of beer - like how some people hand out promotional flyers to everyone who passes by, except it's cans of beer half as tall as a normal can. I take it even though I don't drink. The top is already open when she hands it to me.

      I continue down the road and these two older guys start following me, late 30s, one has very light blond hair, almost white, especially his eyebrows, mostly bald... reminds me of Hank from the show Breaking Bad. Don't remember anything about the other guy.

      They keep within my personal space, and somehow I figure they must be undercover cops. I look at the Hank guy and call it out, "so, you must be..." He pretends not to know what I'm getting at. I say "nevermind" and cross the street toward work, they follow me.

      When we get to the other side, they reveal their identity and ask about the beer, if I've been drinking or plan to. I say that I hadn't drank any and have no intentions of doing so, which is true. They hear the sincerity and conviction in my voice, believe me, and leave me be.


      The thing that stands out most to me is my conviction when I told them I wasn't going to drink, and the fact that they believed me.

      Perhaps a message about the importance of sincerity.

      - - -


      I go to a bar with my dad. There are couches... all of the patrons are sitting silently, staring off awkwardly. Men and women in their 40s, at least some of them are dad's family. I realize that they're just there because they don't want to be alone.

      There was a much more complex storyline involving dad as well, but can't remember...


      I think the important part of this one was the realization that they just didn't want to be alone.

      It makes me think of how people will lower their standards in relationships (romantic or otherwise) just to avoid loneliness.

      I was feeling oddly lonely yesterday and spoke to someone who I'd previously dismissed as too irritatingly trivial to interact with, just to talk to someone, anyone. I did so more on my own terms than before, however, not changing the way I acted to match theirs. Instead, they changed to match mine. It actually did make me feel better.

      - - -


      I'm in a dance class meant for females. I can't do the movement properly for some reason, I keep swaying back and forth with my arms, but it's not correct. When the session ends, I do a backward roll over my left shoulder.

      Teacher is in mid to late 40s, neck length brown hair, taught face with some wrinkles.


      I generally consider myself fairly feminine in certain ways.

      I'm not sure what would trigger that sense of not being able to "get it right," however.

      Except perhaps losing repetitively as Zerg in Starcraft, but that seems a bit of a stretch. Oh well, I always try to come up with at least one possibility for each part.

      - - -


      I think this is the same class as the one above.

      A male teacher - 40s, quite fat, longer hair (ponytail?) - challenged by a student that they "can't paint," demonstrates in front of the class by making 2 simple marks of a dark blue. They're very slow and deliberate, he twists the brush to make two marks each conveying movement into the other, like a yin yang. I can see he's infusing much feeling into the movements.

      I'm able to recognize it because this is something I do naturally. I allow the feeling to take over my hands. I remember clearly the feeling of my arms moving involuntarily with the brush in the air.


      The feeling or lack there of conveyed in movement is something I notice in people at all times.

      Perhaps this theme of feeling in movement was the result of being quite focused on the sensation of swaying my arms in the previous part.

      In fact, thinking about it now, I was really quite aware of it in the moment. I think this may be the first sign of greater dream awareness. It makes sense that it would begin kinesthetically for me. Focusing on body awareness first in dreams may be my personal key to achieving lucidity.

      I feel that this is a very important discovery. Progress!

      - - -


      Walking down a street, cars and shops, downtown in some city, night. Someone is impersonating Immortal Technique, one of their lines ends with "poke them in the eye," I think this is weak and not something they would say.


      Possibly triggered by a post I made on here mentioning IT.

      When I first woke up, I thought I would have no dreams to report today. It seems to take some time for me to recall.

      For me it's not a matter of "getting it all onto paper quickly before I forget," it's more "keep waiting around until some random thought triggers a memory, which triggers another one..." and so on.

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    11. Three syringes and two pints of Guinness.

      by , 07-16-2010 at 09:29 PM
      Everything is a bit unclear because my dream recall isn't that good yet.
      At some point in the dream I found out that I was diabetic or something. So I had to inject three syringes in order to survive.

      So started doing intramuscular injections (these are not usually self-administered) and for each injection I would pull back a little when the needle was inside, so a bit of blood went into the syringe (this is usually done when checking if you'd hit a vein, but I was injecting into a muscle).

      When I had injected three needles I got three scars that kinda looked like small pimples.
      Suddenly a car arrived and I got into the backseat. In the backseat there a box full of syringes, but I couldn't find anywhere to inject them, because It suddenly started hurting.

      After a while I arrived at my house. I went inside and straight into my bed room where this random guy was sitting. On my table there was a pint glass and two cans of Guinness.

      I poured half of the can of the stout and threw the rest away. I then poured some water to fill the glass. I drank it all, it tasted like warm water.

      I took the other can and emptied it completely into the glass, but there was a lack of foam. Suddenly the other guy in the room started talking about how awesome it was.

      Then after a bit It faded away and I woke up.
    12. Bear Beer

      by , 12-10-1977 at 06:00 AM
      Night of December 10, 1967. Sunday.

      This is another early childhood dream that I had recorded years ago that came again to me around the same time last night as the Christmas-themed “Cold Hands, Warm Heart”. Again, I am not sure why, perhaps because of my desire to work with any and all previously documented dreams and resolve any mysteries.

      In this fairly vivid dream (not lucid), even though I am a child, I seem to have some sort of adult role with regard to being a manager or making decisions relative to a brewery I inherited. Neither of my parents drank beer but we did live near G. Heileman Brewing Company at one point (which apparently stopped operating in 1996, about two years after I moved to Australia). The location, though, seems to be near the Chipmunk Coulee region and near a mostly wooded, elevated area. It is a fictional, or at least unfamiliar, area. Added note: I consider this dream long-term precognitive at a subtle layer, as I did work there in real life years later, though only as a cleaner.

      For the most part, I remain outside across a bridge (made of logs laid horizontally) from the actual brewery. There is a moat-like area around the building, but not filled with water; just mostly ice and snow and parts of bushes, sticks, and logs. There are not many people around outside - I guess they are mostly working.

      In the last part of my dream, there is supposedly a bear running around inside the brewery and causing problems, perhaps even eating people. I am not sure how to deal with that - though I guess it is my job to get rid of the bear somehow. I go closer near the beginning of the bridge that leads across the moat-like area but never cross the bridge or go inside the building to see what is going on. It is not really a nightmare, though, as I never see the bear. There are vague “The Prisoner” references (which I must have seen just prior to this dream, as there are also hammer and anvil references regarding how the beer is supposedly made, but not realistically feasible - according to IMDb, it was broadcast on December 10th, 1967).

      There is a vague idea that the bear may be a pet that escaped from its owner, but that is not all that clear an idea. Not much drama ensues. I mostly just want to leave the region and find myself wandering around in the woods hoping the bear does not leave the building. There is a bit of relief in the thought that it would have to know how to open doors - but even so - how had it gotten in in the first place? Thus, I actually feel safer outside in the wild, as the bear is in the building (the opposite of other dreams with similar themes, especially with cougars and bulls).

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